Storm Time

Storm was restless. She walked around her apartment, trying to take her mind off of it. She did the dishes. She straightened up things, and vacuumed, and dusted. She cleaned the bathroom. Sure, her apartment was getting the benefit of all this – it was soon sparkling. But Storm was still restless.

I haven’t had a dog in over three weeks,” she thought. Then she clarified that thought. “I haven’t been fucked by a dog in over three weeks! It’s driving me crazy!” She touched herself, and moaned, but her own touch just wouldn’t do it, this time. She had to have a dog!

Desperately horny now, she decided she had to call the farm. The farm with the kennel. The farm where the owner had used her many times in his ‘shows’ which let a lot of people watch her as she was mounted by several of his dogs. But the weather was experiencing a cold spell, and the barn was too cold for such shows.

Cold or not, Storm wanted to feel a dog’s warm belly and fur along her back, while his stiff, hot dick hammered her pussy. Surely she could endure a little cold to get what she needed. She was so horny that she felt ready to get down on all fours in the snow, if it meant she’d get mounted by a randy dog or two!

She dialed the phone, praying he’d be there… praying he’d answer the phone… praying he’d say ‘yes’ to her request. After all, she was a good slut. And she drew a good audience for him. He’d never said anything about money, but she was pretty certain he charged an admission fee for people to watch her perform. She’d never gotten any money from the shows, but that was OK. She got the two things she needed – orgasms and humiliation. Both of those were important to her, and she knew it.

Actually, the humiliation aspect might’ve even been more important to her than the orgasms. It was difficult to tell, because when she experienced extreme humiliation, the embarrassment itself could make her cum. So they were actually tied hand in hand. When she was performing, she was treated like a canine bitch, there only for breeding. The audience always saw her collared and leashed, shuffling around on her hands and knees, and being made to bark – not talk at all.

Sometimes her collar was tied to two stakes in the dirt floor of the barn, minimizing her movements. Or she might be tied to a special ‘breeding bench’ – immobilized for impregnation, like it was sometimes done to the larger farm animals like cows and mares. Being restrained like that was acutely humiliating, making her less than human. An object for the dogs to use to empty their balls. And sometimes their bladders… pissing on her, to mark her. Or coming around to her head to hump her mouth, shoving their cocks into her mouth. She might taste precum, or dog semen, or urine, depending on the state of the dog.

Storm shivered as she thought about those shows, rubbing her aching cunt, giving him time to answer the phone. “Come on! Come on!” she whispered frantically. “Answer the phone!” She was almost weeping with frustration, and about to hang up, when she heard his gruff voice say, “Hello!”

Now that she had him on the line, her heart was racing. What if he said ‘no’ to her request? Her mouth went dry with worry, so her voice sounded strange as she said, “Rudy? Hello… it’s me. Storm.”

His voice dripped with disdain as he spoke. “Oh. Storm. What do you want? You know I’ve got no shows scheduled. It’s too fucking cold out there! Why are you bothering me?”

Storm swallowed hard from nervousness. “I… I know, Rudy. And I’m sorry to bother you. But… but…” her voice broke, and she was almost crying as she continued. “I… I need a dog’s cock in me. I’m so horny, Rudy, I can barely stand it! I want to be fucked by a dog! Please. Please help me.”

The pause on the phone line made Storm’s heart sink. He hadn’t immediately said ‘yes’ as she’d hoped. Maybe he was just getting angry. Maybe he’d slam the phone down. Maybe…

Can you be here in 30 minutes, slut?” Rudy asked.

Yes… oh yes… yes I can! Thank you, Rudy!” But he never heard her say ‘thank you’ because he’d hung up without a word, once he’d heard her say that she could.

It was only going to be a fifteen minute drive or so, so Storm had a few minutes to get ready. It wouldn’t even take that long. She knew she didn’t have to bathe, since dogs prefer the ‘earthy’ smell of a female in heat. She stripped off the clothes she’d been wearing for cleaning her house, and looked at herself, naked, in the mirror. There was already wetness at her upper inner thighs, but she didn’t touch herself. She just needed to select what to wear.

She chose a simple dress that had a zipper down its front from her neck to below her navel. It would be her only garment for the car trip – no bra and no panties. This dress would be quick and easy to discard, once she reached the farm. Her car heater and her feverish need for a dog would keep her warm enough on that short journey. She slipped her feet into sandals, and buckled her leather dog collar around her neck. She was ready to go.

When she reached Rudy’s house, she ran to his front door, shivering in open air, so very cold in contrast to the warmth inside her car. She could smell wood smoke, since Rudy heated his home with a fireplace and several wood stoves. Thankfully, he was expecting her, and didn’t make her wait out in the cold. Opening the door, he beckoned her inside.

The moment Storm entered the heated house, she stepped out of her sandals as she unzipped and discarded her dress. From long habit, she knew she must be naked in his presence, without being told. Also without being told, she dropped down onto her hands and knees, like the well trained little bitch she was.

Grinning, Rudy snapped a leash to her collar, and walked her, crawling, into his living room. Storm was looking where she placed her hands as she crawled, so she was well into the living room before she realized that she and Rudy were not alone! There were two men present that were complete strangers to her!

Victor, Josef… this is the little bitch I was telling you about,” Rudy told them. “She’s a needy dog slut in heat.”

Startled, Storm reacted properly, barking at the unexpected men. She pulled back on the leash and scooted behind Rudy’s legs, peering around them at the strangers.

Storm! Behave!” Rudy demanded. “These are my friends. Friends… understand?” He tugged at her leash. “Now come out from behind me and greet them like a good little bitch. Come on!”

Storm actually was a bit scared, since she only expected Rudy to be home. But she was naked, and on humiliating display in front of two strangers. The humiliation transformed into the first stirrings of arousal in what seemed to be moments. She crawled, with stiffened tentative movements to the two men, who were grinning as they held out the back of their hands for her to sniff.

She sniffed cautiously, and tilted her head from side to side, studying their faces. Then she gave each one’s hand a tentative lick and retreated behind Rudy’s legs again, as if her courage had evaporated. The men guffawed at her actions, making her cheeks blush. She was aware that in moving away from them, she’d put her hindquarters and sexual area on display as she moved.

Now, none of that, dog slut!” Rudy commanded. “Come over here and stand still. Josef has nowhere to place his coffee cup.”

Storm, staying on all fours like the bitch she was, was led to stay sideways to the two men, while Josef placed his warm coffee cup on her back. She knew she’d better stay perfectly still, lest the coffee spill and perhaps the cup smash on the floor if it fell off. Her humiliation grew as the men discussed her, eyeing her body.

She’s a scrawny little bitch, isn’t she?” Victor said.

Yes,” Rudy agreed. “But that just makes her tits look bigger on her small frame.”

Storm’s cheeks turned red, hearing her breasts being judged.

And she really loves dog cock?” Josef asked. “She really likes being mounted by even a cur?”

She needs dog cock so badly that she even calls me to beg for it,” Rudy assured him.

Storm’s cheeks turned scarlet, and she shivered, thinking how badly she needed to be fucked. “Yes,” she thought. “If I found some mongrel in an alleyway, scrounging for food in the garbage cans, I’d still get on my hands and knees and bare my cunt for him.”

No!” Josef rebutted. “That can’t be true. She actually phoned you up?”

I’ll prove it,” Rudy said. “Storm, you may answer using human speech. You called me today. What exactly did you say over the phone?”

I said ‘Rudy, I want to be fucked by a dog’ on the phone,” she murmured.

What? I don’t think my friends could hear that. Louder, bitch!”

Mortified, Storm shouted, “I want to be fucked by a dog!”

All three men laughed uproariously, hearing that. Storm’s embarrassment rippled from her mind through her body, leaving her even more horny than before. She felt like her cunt was wide open, and her arousal scent was wafting from that opening. The heat from the blush on her face was warming her shoulders. She feared that if she got much more humiliation as she acted like a table, that her body might warm Josef’s coffee to boiling!

Josef finally finished his coffee, handing the cup to Rudy. “I think it would be fun to see this bitch moving around the room, showing us what a good little doggy she is,” he said.

That would be fun,” Rudy agreed. “Crawl around, bitch, and bark for us.”

Swallowing her pride, Storm began creeping around the room, barking halfheartedly.

Such poor barking,” Victor remarked. “She must not want to be mounted very badly.”

Storm couldn’t stop herself. She turned her head to lock eyes with him and growled, then broke into furious barking. She barked so hard that her dangling tits swung back and forth beneath her torso, wobbling and bouncing against one another.

Look at what her tits are doing!” Josef laughed. “Keep barking loud, bitch!”

As Storm obeyed she became very aware of the movements of her breasts. And the room rang with loud merriment sounds from the men. They were really enjoying seeing a naked woman acting like a dog!

Here, Victor. Take this,” Rudy said, handing his friend a long wax candle. “If she’s as horny as she seems, you should have no trouble making her cum with this.” Turning to Storm, he commanded, “Back up near his leg, bitch.”

Shamefacedly, Storm crawled backward, well aware of what was about to happen. Sure enough, the candle was thrust into her cunt – and not very gently. The men made ribald comments about how her pussy was making wet, squishy noises as the candle moved in and out. Much to her chagrin, Victor stopped moving the candle dildo. After a moment, Storm’s horniness demanded more, so she began bumping her hips forward and back, fucking herself on the candle in a desperate attempt to climax! The men hooted and hollered about what a randy bitch she was.

The abject humiliation of her situation was making Storm so horny that when Victor changed the angle of the candle, causing more pressure on her G-spot and indirectly on her clit via her labia as he sawed the candle rapidly in and out, Storm made a shrill sound in her throat and started to orgasm!

Victor exclaimed, “Wow! This bitch is cumming so hard that her cunt is gripping the candle so tightly that it’s almost being yanked out of my hands!” He let go of it, and the men gleefully watched the part of the candle sticking out of her pussy vibrating from her inner muscular contractions.

Rudy attached the leash and dragged her around the room a little. She was having trouble crawling because her body was shaking so. When she calmed down a little, and her panting lessened, he told her, “Okay, bitch. You had your orgasm, so you can go home now.”

Storm was dumbfounded. Still on her hands and knees, she looked up at him, an expression of incredulity on her face. “What? No dog?”

He folded his arms across his chest. “Just how badly do you want that dog?”

Storm’s heart seemed to be in her throat as she answered. “Very badly. I’ll do about anything and everything for a dog cock.”

Rudy turned to his friends. “What do you think, guys? What should we have her do to earn that dog cock?”

I think we should all fuck her nasty little whore mouth,” Josef suggested. Victor nodded his agreement.

Rudy looked at her. “You want all three of us to fuck your mouth to earn that dog cock, bitch?”

Storm looked at the men. She knew from their words and actions that Rudy’s friends would use her roughly, if she agreed, so the thought was scary. Weirdly, that fright actually aroused her a bit more. She didn’t know why, but being a little afraid was turning her on. “Yes. I’ll do it,” she answered.

Josef stepped up to her, opening his pants enough to free his cock and balls. The candle was still sticking out of Storm’s pussy. “Fuck your cunt with that candle as I fuck your mouth, dog slut!” he demanded. Balancing on her knees and one hand, with her other hand awkwardly starting to move the candle in and out, Storm felt him grab her head painfully by her hair, which at least helped her keep from falling over. She barely had time to open her mouth before his fat cock was shoved in so far that she gagged. With no finesse whatsoever, he started fast deep thrusts, with his swollen ball sack rudely slapping her chin. Oblivious to any discomfort he might be causing her, he pumped and pumped. Unfortunately, he didn’t cum quickly. He fucked her mouth for what felt like an eternity. Storm’s scalp seemed to be on fire, tears were blurring her vision, and her mouth was sore by the time he grunted and his cock spewed a thick stream of semen down her throat.

She was a little dazed, and didn’t even have time to wipe a thin stream of his cum off her chin before Victor took his place, grabbing her head with both hands. Victor fucked her like a demon – like a madman! She was busy still swallowing Josef’s load, and trying to breathe. Her swallowing actions massaged the head of Victor’s cock each time it entered her throat. He howled with glee at those erotic sensations. He was already keyed up from seeing Storm cum earlier, and then watching her get face-fucked by Josef. It wasn’t long before he rammed his thankfully smaller diameter cock fully into her mouth as he cried out, “I’m cumming! Swallow it all, bitch!”

Storm needed no such coaching. If she hadn’t swallowed fast, she might’ve choked. It was like drinking from a water hose, if that hose was spraying hot cum, that is. With a couple of final thrusts to make sure he’d released all the seed he could, Victor pulled out.

Storm was catching her breath, and still working the candle in her cunt as Rudy stepped into view. He’d used her mouth a few times in the past, so the smell of his manhood was at least familiar. Rather than grabbing her head and fucking her hard, he just presented his dick to her mouth and said, “Make me cum, if you want that dog, bitch.”

The vision of finally being mounted was all the incentive she needed. She gripped his shaft firmly with her lips and began bobbing her head back and forth. She planted her free hand between his feet for better balance, and worked the candle vigorously in her pussy. Even though she’d already swallowed two loads of cum, she was still so horny that she was eager for a third. Her mouth movements betrayed that eagerness, and Rudy reaped the benefits. He felt like his dick was plunging in and out of a warm, wet pussy, which had a built in suction motor. Storm started quivering as she suckled him harder, ignoring the soreness in her mouth.

That slut bitch is cumming again, Rudy!” Victor proclaimed. “She’s gobbling your cock like there’s no tomorrow!”

Rudy didn’t respond. His eyes were closed, his hips were forward and his balls were tightening. He gritted his teeth, trying to hold out a little longer, but he felt Storm’s lips trembling on his shaft. He opened his eyes and looked down. Her whole body was vibrating as she convulsed in orgasm. Seeing her ass muscles rippling was such an erotic sight that he lost his control. “Oh fuck!” he groaned. “Fuck, fuck fuck!” For the third time, Storm’s mouth was flooded with spurt after spurt of semen. Her tummy was feeling rather full by this point, working on her liquid meal.

Panting slightly, Rudy put his now limp penis back into his pants. He attached the leash to her collar again, and pulled the candle out of her cunt. He handed the leash to Josef, saying, “Make this bitch crawl around the room barking while I fetch a dog. If she’s not barking or moving well enough, use the other end of the leash on her ass.” He left the room.

Josef took great delight in making a naked woman crawl and bark. Especially when he was allowed to flick the leash on her unprotected butt and make her emit startled yips.

After a bit of time, Victor spoke up. “Enough with the barking! Tell us over and over that you’re a dog slut, bitch!” Josef laughed in agreement.

I’m a dog slut! A dog slut! I’m a dog slut!” Storm vocalized as she crawled. She was so frigging horny for a dog that she was beside herself. Finally Rudy re-entered the room.

He was leading a large German Shepherd, also known as an Alsatian. Storm’s reaction was complicated. On the one hand, she was always a bit scared of this breed of dog. But on the other hand, she could smell his canine maleness and her body ached for him to mount her and her cunt longed to be stretched and filled by his cock.

This dog knew well what to do with a bitch – canine or human – it was all the same to him. Released from his lead, he moved behind Storm, sniffed her cunt, gave it a couple of cursory licks, and then quickly mounted her. His cock flashed from its sheath and buried itself inside her receptive pussy. Rudy’s friends gasped at how quickly it happened. One moment the dog was sniffing, and the next he was atop her, humping hard!

The dog’s hips were almost a blur as he hammered Storm’s cunt mercilessly. His sole purpose at this moment was to breed the bitch beneath him. Storm was moaning and howling from the sudden onslaught, her body finally receiving the fucking she’d sought. She had to brace herself, to keep from being pushed across the floor by his insistent thrusts. She also had to push hard down into the floor to support his heavy weight, but the pleasure from her cunt was her primary focus. She felt the dog’s knot, only partially inflated, pressing at her vaginal ring with each of his pushes.

The men were laughing, seeing a dog slut in action like this. She was getting drooled on by the dog’s saliva with his tongue lolling as he panted from his efforts. His front paws were leaving red streaks from his claws at her shoulders. His cock could easily be seen flashing in and out of her cunt in a rapid, determined action. Victor called out encouragement to the dog. “Fuck her, boy! Fuck her hard! Use that little slut bitch!”

Josef yelled, “Start barking, bitch! You’re a dog – his bitch – so bark to let him know it!”

It’s a good thing he yelled that, because Storm was so preoccupied with the glorious sensations coming from her cunt that she might not have noticed. But she obeyed. She started barking, and that extra humiliation sent her over her peak. She started cumming so hard that she could barely breathe for a moment, so those barks as she shuddered were rather weak. The dog paid no attention. He didn’t care whether or not the bitch received any pleasure from his actions. He just kept moving his hips and rubbing his cock inside the tight canal.

Weakened by the aftermath of her climax, Storm’s elbows buckled, and her shoulders and tits pressed against the floor. Perhaps because she was shuddering, or the angle of her torso had changed, the front paws of the Shepherd slid down her back and lodged between her hip and thigh.

With the better leverage his grip now gave him, the Shepherd gave a savage thrust, forcing his knot inside the entrance to Storm’s cunt. She moaned as she felt the added stretch and the feeling of extra fullness. Instinctively, now that the knot had fully entered the bitch, it began to inflate as extra blood rushed into it. Its purpose was to seal the bitch’s opening, preventing the escape of his seed. Storm’s moan changed to a scream as the huge knot forming inside her felt like it might tear her open.

However, two things happened. As the knot swelled, the dog stopped his humping, because such movements would’ve been painful to him, and possibly damaging. Second, the stiff tip of his cock, deep inside Storm’s vagina, softened as a prelude to his ejaculation.

Seeing the dog stop moving, Victor asked, “Why isn’t he humping her anymore?”

Rudy explained, “He’s got his knot inside her now. It’s like a bulb at the base of his cock. Once its inside her, it expands even more, locking them together. They’re now knotted or tied, as we say. Since their flesh is locked tightly, he can’t move at this point. But there is one thing he can do.” He paused dramatically and grinned broadly.

Storm, partially focused on the throbbing pain at the entrance to her vagina, suddenly felt a new sensation. The dog’s cock started a rhythmic pulsation as he began pumping his seed into the bitch. Storm gasped loudly as she felt it erupt deep inside her intimate tunnel, literally hosing her with his hot semen. Her gasp became a shriek as the hot flood triggered another intense orgasm that shook her frame and curled her toes.

He’s cumming now,” Rudy told his friends. “All that heavy load of dog cum being injected into the bitch! That’s why she’s shrieking right now.” He chuckled. “And since her hole is sealed, it actually fills her vagina, and then forces his sperm right up inside her womb! It’s a very efficient way to increase the chance of pregnancy.” Rudy’s friends erupted into ribald laughter at hearing this explanation, and made several lewd comments and suggestions about the character of women that subjected themselves to such acts.

Storm heard their mortifying statements, and writhed on the dog’s cock as the added humiliation drove her into a prolonged multiple orgasm. Her uterus was distending from the fluid pressure of the dog’s ejaculate. Her belly was still filled with the men’s semen. She was in bliss. Her eyes were shut as she savored the feelings and emotions generated by their coupling.

Rudy told his friends, “Watch this.” He lifted the upper torso of the Shepherd off Storm’s back and turned the dog until he faced away from Storm’s ass, and then lowered his front paws to the floor. Victor and Josef’s eyes bulged as they saw the dog and the naked woman now ass to ass! It was obvious that the dog’s cock was still firmly planted inside her vagina, so that cock must be pointed backward between his hind legs!

Their astonishment turned to side-splitting laughter, though, as the dog took a few tentative steps forward. Storm emitted a painful sound and had to crawl backward to follow the dog’s movements! The dog reacted to the laughter by wagging his tail, which brushed back and forth over Storm’s back and ass cheeks. He then took several more steps forward, and Storm, wincing, had to scoot backwards quickly to keep pace with him. She was pretty certain that with each of his steps his cock throbbed and squirted another small amount of his cum inside her. One of the men choked out, “I’ve never seen anything that funny before!”

The humiliation of that comment, their combined laughter, and knowing how she must look, knotted on the dog’s cock and crawling backward, hit Storm like a punch in the belly. The shock waves of that ‘punch’ sent her into yet another gut-wrenching orgasm, and those muscular contractions forced even more hot semen into her womb. She was certain that if they darkened the room, her womb would be glowing from the heat of the canine’s seed. She felt stuffed, in more ways than one.

During the ten minutes or so that Storm was knotted to the dog, the men never took their eyes off her naked form. Josef even grabbed her hair to lift her head and spit into her face, saying, “You’re a sick dog slut. You know that? What you do is disgusting!” He slapped her cheek.

Storm felt the spittle on her face, and the heat from his slap. Little did Josef know how exciting his humiliating acts and words were to her. She smiled inwardly, thinking, “If it’s so disgusting, why can’t you take your eyes off me?” But she kept a contrite expression on her face, accepting his comments.

Finally, the dog’s knot deflated sufficiently for his cock to pull out of his bitch with a loud, wet, sucking sound. He walked away, but Rudy held Storm’s hips to keep her from moving while his friends had a good look at what the dog’s cock had done to her cunt. It was gaping – very dilated – and great globs of dog semen began spilling out, giving off its characteristic, strong, peculiar aroma.

After his friends had a good look, both of them gasping with surprise, Rudy gave Storm’s butt a slap, saying, “Now get your dress on and leave, bitch.”

She obeyed, crawling to where she’d left her dress near the front door, shakily rising to her feet, and putting the dress back on. During her drive home, the dog cum kept leaking from her pussy. By the time her drive was over, the back of her dress was all matted with dog semen.

The next day, as she was washing her dress, Rudy called.

Hello Storm. I just wanted to check up on you today. My friends were pretty rough with you, and I wasn’t sure how you felt about that.”

She smiled to hear his concern. “Actually, I loved it. The slaps, the spitting, the remarks – all were good. I was really horny, and I got what I needed. Actually, to be honest, I got even more turned on by the roughness and being a little afraid, since I didn’t know them, or what they might do. I might like more of that.”

She could hear Rudy hum in thought. Then he said, “If you want a little more, maybe we can do that, but playing with fear has to be carefully done. If not controlled, it can easily go too far. I’ll watch carefully, and step in if things ever head that way.”

I appreciate that,” she replied. “You know I have a safeword that I can use with you. The problem is, I love losing control and being ‘in the zone’ so much that I stop thinking clearly. I think I’d forget to even use that safeword.”

I understand,” he told her. “I’ll do my best to watch out for you at all times.”

Thank you,” Storm said.

Actually, if you really want to thank me, you can do me a favor,” Rudy responded.

Oh? What’s that?”

My nephew – my sister’s son – is an Explorer Scout, and he needs some help for a merit badge, and I don’t have time to help him. Will you?”

I guess I could try. I’m not sure how helpful I’ll be, though. I was never in the scouts.”

I’m sure you’ll do fine,” Rudy assured her. They made arrangements that his nephew, Finn, would drop by her apartment the next week.

To be honest, as the week went by, Storm had almost forgotten about the appointment until there was a knock at her door. She opened it to find a smiling young man, dressed in a scouting uniform. “Hello, Storm,” he said in greeting. “I’m Finn, Rudy’s nephew.” He stepped slightly aside, and gestured with his hand. Three other scouts stepped into Storm’s view. “This is Thomas, Jesse, and Max,” Finn said, by way of introduction. They all looked so official, with their uniforms and knapsacks.

Oh! I was only expecting you, Finn. But please, everyone come in and have a seat.”

When they were settled, Storm looked at Finn. “Your uncle said something about you working toward your merit badge. Is that right?”

Yes,” Finn responded. “It involves knot tying, but it’s actually a teaching merit badge. I have to teach knots to these other three scouts. Then, if they show proficiency in doing them, they get that merit badge, while I get mine for teaching.”

Wow,” Storm said. “That sounds like fun. I never knew they had teaching badges. Your uncle’s a nice man, and I’m happy to help you in any way I can, of course. What do you need?”

Finn pulled out a sheet of paper with a list of names. “They need to learn a square knot, the clove hitch, two half hitches, the timber hitch, the sheet bend, the taut line hitch, the rolling hitch, and the bowline.”

Gosh, that sounds like a lot of things. No wonder your uncle didn’t have enough time to help, since he has all that farm work to do. Okay, how do we start?” she asked.

Well, almost all of these require the rope to be tied to a straight, firm structure,” Finn answered. He eyed her long sleeved blouse and slacks, and blushed slightly. He stammered out uncertainly, “It… it would really help if we could practice on your bare arms and legs. Would… would you mind removing your blouse and slacks?”

Storm giggled softly, both at his quavering request, and how cute he looked asking. She suspected that if these young men saw her in just her bra and panties, they wouldn’t mind that one bit. The idea of posing for them sounded intriguing, and even a little exciting. “Sure. I guess that would be all right,” she assured him. Her hands went to the top button of her blouse.

Finn gulped so hard that his Adam’s apple bobbed in his throat. “Thanks,” he said, his blush deepening. Perhaps he’d expected her to refuse outright. “Okay, guys. While she’s getting ready, get out your ropes, and watch how I make a square knot. This is a very basic knot.” They opened their knapsacks, and dumped piles of ropes near their feet. They watched Finn intently as he carefully demonstrated the tying of a square knot.

As intently as possible, that is, with their eyes occasionally darting over to where Storm was peeling off her blouse, and shimmying out of her slacks. Even Finn stole a glance or two. Storm pretended she wasn’t aware of them eyeing her, but she was enjoying herself as she partially stripped. She was glad she had on a pretty bra and matching panties.

When everyone was tying a square knot to Finn’s satisfaction, he said, “Fine. Now we’ll move on to the clove hitch. This is a really fast knot to tie. Storm, perhaps you can sit on the sofa, so both your arms and legs will be accessible. Is that OK?”

Uh-huh,” she said, nodding and sitting down in the middle. Finn demonstrated the knot on her right forearm, while the other three watched. Then he did it again, slowly, as the others mimicked his movements, Jesse at her other forearm, and Thomas and Max at her legs. They moved carefully, almost gingerly, as if afraid to make contact with her skin. She found it adorably amusing.

Next, we’ll do two half hitches,” Finn instructed. “This is really a variant of the clove hitch.” He demonstrated. “See? Now you all do it.” They set to work, and quickly got the concept.

Watch this carefully, but don’t start until you see me untie mine,” Finn warned them. “This is the taut line hitch. Once you’ve tied it, if you pull on it, it gets tighter on the post.” As he pulled, Storm felt the rope grip her skin almost uncomfortably. Finn quickly undid the pressure. “If we pull too hard with this one, you’ll cut off her circulation. So just notice how it tightens, and then immediately remove it.” A bit scared and owl-eyed, his three students were extra careful, but did master the knot.

Storm, would you take this piece of rope with an end in each hand?” She did so. “Now please hold it out horizontally and tight in front of you.” She stretched it out and held it firmly in place. With her arms stretched forward, her chest muscles made her bra top slacken a little, but no one remarked about that. Finn went on to say, “This is the rolling hitch. It’s used to attach a rope to another line, like if you’re going to hang a sack of food on a clothesline, up off the ground. Storm’s rope is the clothesline, and we’ll all hang our rolling hitches down from it, like this.”

After he demonstrated the knot, they all made theirs, side by side. “Now, check that they’ll hold,” Finn said. “Tug down on them.” They all did, asynchronously, and Storm had to brace herself so she wouldn’t be tugged either forward or downward. The tugging action made her torso move, which made her tits bounce, and one tit popped upward, and came to rest on her bra cup with its nipple clearly showing! All four scouts gasped!

Ooops. Sorry!” Finn said with a shocked tone of voice. “I guess we tugged too hard!”

It’s fine,” Storm giggled. “I doubt this is the first breast you’ve ever seen in your life. Can I let go of this rope now?

Oh… yes… yes… of course,” Finn blurted out, cheeks crimson. “Their knots were all perfect.”

A smiling Storm casually tucked her tit back away into her bra cup. Not a single scout looked away as she did this. She thought she detected some expressions of regret on their faces when the breast went out of sight again.

All the scouts were clearing their throats nervously as Finn explained the timber hitch. “This is another knot that can be used to get a quick grip on things like branches and logs when clearing the campsite. He showed them how it was done. This time, when they practiced on Storm’s arms and legs, they were less hesitant about actually touching her skin, perhaps since the ‘ice had been broken’ by her nonchalant attitude toward her earlier tit display.

Finn consulted his sheet. “We only have two left. The sheet bend is a knot you use if your rope is too short, so you need to tie two together. They can even be different diameters, and it’s sort of like a square knot. Watch.” He didn’t have to use Storm’s body to show this one, and she was actually disappointed. Having those eight warm hands on her skin had felt quite nice.

Finally, you need to learn the bowline. This knot is different from the others because it creates a loop at the end of the rope that doesn’t change diameter. If done correctly, it doesn’t tighten or loosen if pulled on. I’ll show you.” Happily for Storm, he took hold of her arm. And she felt his wonderful hands touching her once again. He tied the rope just above her elbow, while his students watched closely.

Max asked, “Does this knot work only with medium sized loops, like you just showed?”

Oh no. Any size loop is possible. Tell you what. You and Thomas tie it with big loops, right about here.” He touched Storm’s thighs, just above her knees. “While Jesse and I tie much smaller ones – maybe here.” He touched Storm’s arm close to her wrist. The four scouts set to work. Finn quickly finished his knot and watched and offered suggestions to the other three scouts.

Ultimately, it appeared that all four bowline knots met his satisfaction. “I think we’re ready now,” he told his fellows scouts. Working as a team, they pulled Storm to the low coffee table, forcing her to kneel at one end. Thomas and Max quickly secured their thigh ropes to the table legs, while Finn and Jesse held theirs to keep her wrists from moving.

Shocked, it took Storm a few moments to find her voice. “What… what are you doing?” she demanded.

Following Uncle Rudy’s orders,” Finn informed her.

She heard the words, but they didn’t seem to make sense. She was about to ask, “What orders?” when Max, who’d finished tying off his rope reached up and unsnapped her bra. Her eyes bulged with surprise as the cloth fell forward and revealed both her tits. She was gaping down at them as Finn and Jesse pulled the straps down her arms and off her wrists before taking another firm grip on the wrist ropes.

Thomas was now finished tying his rope, so Finn told him, “We’ll finish up here. Go now.” Thomas promptly left the apartment. “Max, apply sheet bends to my rope and Jesse’s. We need more rope to reach the far legs of this table.” As Max did as he was instructed, Finn and Jesse pressed down on Storm’s shoulder blades, bending her at her waist to bring her torso to the table top, and stretching her arms out toward the far corners. Max secured the wrist lines. As a final measure, Finn ran a rope across the small of Storm’s back, and tied it under the table. The still dazed woman had no idea what sort of knot he used, nor did she care.

Storm was a little frightened, since she didn’t know their intentions, but the scouts weren’t hurting her in any way. They were just rendering her helpless. Being topless and tied in this vulnerable position was doing things to her body, though. Her nipples stiffened, pressing against the wooden table top, and her pussy started building up moisture.

Just when she thought things couldn’t get any more weird, the apartment door opened again. Turning her head to look back over her shoulder, she saw Thomas re-entering. He was holding the door, and five more scouts were entering, and three of them were women scouts! Storm felt her heart start racing, pumping hot blood to her face and cheeks. Here she was, half naked and trussed up, with five more strangers in the room. The door was still open, and in walked Rudy, leading one of his dogs – a large black Labrador Retriever!

Hi Uncle Rudy,” Finn said. “Did we do it right?”

Rudy told the well behaved dog, “Sit.” Then he walked around the table, checking the ropes. “It looks perfect,” he complimented his nephew. “You guys did a great job. Did you really learn those knots?” They all nodded eagerly. “Excellent. So I guess Finn will indeed get his merit badge.”

Storm finally found her voice. “So this wasn’t some elaborate trick just to get me helpless?”

Oh no,” Rudy assured her. “Finn did have to teach them. But then I got to thinking how you asked to have a little more controlled fear, and how much you love humiliation. So I thought this would be a perfect opportunity. I’m furnishing you with an unexpected scenario, plus an audience of strangers. And I brought along your favorite dog, Blackie.”

Storm’s expression was one of incredulity. “You mean… you couldn’t… I can’t… they can’t…” she sputtered, looking at all the young faces in the room. She was thinking, “He’s going to have these young people all see me used by a dog? He can’t! They’re too young!”

He could read her face like a book. “I know what you’re thinking, dog slut.” He laughed as she winced, hearing him call her that in front of these young strangers. “You’re thinking they’re too young to see this. That they don’t know about sex, or anything.” He turned to one of the newcomers, and asked, “When did you first have sex?”

The young man said, “Two years ago,” and grinned broadly.

And you?” Rudy asked one of the young women at random.

She giggled. “Four years ago. And lots of times since then. I love having sex!”

See?” Rudy said. “No shock value for them. Maybe they’ve never seen a woman being used like a bitch by a dog, but that’s about to change. No one was forced to come today, right?”

All of them chorused, “Right!”

One of the young women spoke up. “It looks like she’s even getting turned on, even though nothing has happened yet. Her panties look almost as wet as mine!” With no hesitation whatsoever, she lifted her skirt and showed her sopping panties to everyone, and the aroma of her musk became perceptible.

Before Blackie does what he does best with this bitch, I think you should all inspect her carefully. You’ll want to compare the state of her body before he uses her, with what she looks like afterward. Finn, get her panties down out of the way.”

Finn struggled a bit, tugging them downward, because her spread thighs made them stretch to their limit, only partway descended. Rudy asked Storm, “Is it okay if we ruin those panties? I’ll give you whatever you need to replace them.”

Storm wet her lips, knowing her cunt was partially on display already anyway. She felt her arousal building as she answered, “It’s okay. Ruin them, Finn.”

Finn almost gloated as he grasped the flimsy material in his fist and ripped it off her body! A couple of people in the room jumped as they heard the cloth tearing! Now Storm was fully naked, tied to the low table. And her labia were distinctly puffy – she could tell.

Everyone don’t just stand around,” Rudy intoned. “Examine her.”

Very quickly hands started touching her. Touching her feet, legs, and thighs, as if working up the courage to approach her sexual region. Unabashed, Max and Jesse lifted Storm’s shoulders enough to scoop her tits out sideways from under her torso. Their hands, and others, prodded her nipples and areola curiously, feeling their textures and whispering comments about them.

Rudy was stroking her arms, watching her expressions. Someone was playing with her hair and tickling her ear. Suddenly some relatively strong hands grasped her ass cheeks and pried them apart, fully exposing her ass hole. Several of the people behind her tittered when this happened, and Storm’s face flamed scarlet, imagining what they were looking at. Something damp touched the ass hole itself, and she couldn’t tell if it was a finger or a tongue… the touch was too transitory to determine what had done it. But several people laughed. The mortification triggered by the laughter made her cunt lubricate faster.

Look! Her cunt is drooling! Even more than mine is,” a female voice asserted.

Let me look,” a strange male voice said. “Now show me yours again,” he demanded. The female in question laughed, but probably complied, because he said, “You’re right!”

More hands were touching her sex now, parting her labia, opening her for close inspection. Fingers were probing deep into her vaginal canal, feeling her juiciness. Other fingers were smearing her fluids over her ass hole, and cautiously prodding that puckered opening. The hands at her tits were kneading, pulling, and tugging at them. Her nipples were being pinched and rolled. Her arousal smell permeated the room. She was very close to cumming.

Rudy commanded their attention. “I think you’ve all had a good look now.” He chuckled. “And a good feel. My dog Blackie has been patiently waiting for his turn at this nasty little bitch. You can see how his pointed dick is sliding forth from its furry sheath. Those dark red lines on it are blood vessels, dilating with his erection, and the fine spray from its tip is some of his precum. Oh yes! He’s really ready. See that swollen part at the base of his penis? That’s what’s called his ‘knot’ and its only partially inflated.” There were subtle gasps at this announcement, and a pause, obviously so everyone could get a good look.

Now, before we start, does anyone want to put their hand in the spray, and taste some of that dog precum?” There were sounds of ‘eeeeuuuuwww’ from many of the scouts. “No takers? Okay, fine. But I assure you that I’ve seen this bitch on her back with her head under his belly, sucking on that cock and drinking his precum like she was dying of thirst!” There was a lot of laughter about that, and Storm’s level of humiliation rose to a new height, as she heard the scouts calling her a ‘slut’, ‘whore’, ‘bitch’, ‘cocksucker’ and worse.

Stand clear,” Rudy advised them. “Blackie. Good boy. Mount,” he commanded.

Growling, Blackie burst into action. His paws clacked on the floor as he skittered forward, ramming his snout into Storm’s cunt. Snorting, his tongue lashed out and he lapped hungrily at all the fluids painted on and around her labia and asshole. That same tongue dug deeply into her vagina, drawing out even more. The scouts stood in stunned silence, watching, so the sounds of his lapping seemed abnormally loud. With a final sneezing snort, Blackie reared up, planting his front paws on Storm’s shoulder blades as his cock accurately stabbed into her pussy.

Contact having been made, the huge dog began humping hard and fast, and Storm shrieked – her shriek signaled surprise, shock, pain, and triumph! Her cunt was being ravaged by the beast, and she loved it! She was being claimed by the dog as his bitch, and she loved it. She was being fucked by the dog while a bunch of wide-eyed scouts witnessed the event, and she loved it! She was naked, bound, helpless and vulnerable – an offering for canine lust – and she loved it!

Blackie’s hind paws inched him forward as he thrust hard into her, and the heavy table held her pinned in place for him. He looked down at the bitch he was fucking, starting to pant, tongue lolling, saliva drooling onto her. His front paws moved up her back with his body’s forward progress until they lodged into the space between her neck and her outstretched arms. Now he had leverage, and he hammered his knot against her vaginal opening.

Storm felt the assault by that swollen sphere of flesh at her entrance as it slapped and slapped, demanding entrance. It felt like it was too big – that it would be impossible for it to work its way inward. But Blackie seemed determined – acting on pure instinct, he was going to plug this bitch’s hole, and then unleash his seed. Scouts were watching closely, fascinated by the apparent disparity of size between the cock base and the tiny vaginal opening. The watching females were subconsciously pressing their thighs protectively together.

It happened suddenly. One moment the knot was banging against her opening, and the next it was buried inside her, with only its very base showing at her hugely stretched entrance! Storm gave off a gasping scream as the knot entered her, stuffed just inside her opening. She grunted, moaned and winced as Blackie gave a couple more tentative thrusts, as if making certain the knot was properly seated. Then his body automatically pumped even more blood into the knot, to inflate it fully.

Holy shit!” one scout cried out. “Look! It’s getting even bigger and redder!” He was obviously referring to what they could see of the knot at her opening. The women moaned sympathetically, imagining what Storm must be feeling.

Storm was hyperventilating, feeling the dog truly claim her. She knew was was about to happen, as the tip of Blackie’s cock softened inside her, and his thrusts stopped. The dog was panting rapidly, almost matching the rhythm of Storm’s breathing.

Rudy whispered in her ear, “Tell these people what’s happening inside you. They only see a motionless dog now.”

She barely had time to register what he’d said when she felt the first gush of semen flood her pussy. “He’s cumming now! Ooooo fuck! He’s cumming!” She sucked a huge amount of air, feeling the hot semen surging inside her. “His cock is pumping his load into me, and I’m… I’m…” Her voice broke off as she began convulsing in orgasm as her body reported the flow of hot canine seed now being forced into her womb! Her muscular contractions forced even more semen into her uterus, and as fast as it did so, his cock spewed even more of his hot jizz into her vagina.

Locked together, dog and woman came simultaneously. The dog was relatively motionless, while the woman jerked and writhed beneath him, held in place by the creaking ropes.

He’s really cumming?” one curious female voice asked. “I don’t see any of his stuff down there.”

That’s the beauty of the knot on his cock,” Rudy explained patiently. “By sealing the opening tightly, his seed can’t leak out easily. Instead, once the small space remaining in her vagina is filled with semen, the pressure forces it directly into her womb or uterus. This helps guarantee that the bitch has nice, large litters of pups. Lots of seed to fertilize lots of eggs.”

Too bad this bitch can’t have puppies,” Max said, laughing.

No, she can’t, Rudy agreed. “She only serves as a bucket for him to squirt into!” Storm was oblivious to this comment, still caught up in the throes of her climax, but she heard the raucous laughter it created. As the laughter quieted, Rudy stated, “Okay. We have a little time to wait, since he’s tied to her. They can’t be separated while she’s knotted.”

Finn said, “By the way, this is a knot you won’t find in your scouting handbook. It’s called ‘canine knotting of his bitch’ and they’re stuck together until the knot on his cock deflates.” Turning to the women present he said, “So don’t engage in dog sex unless you have the whole afternoon available… just in case,” and he winked. They tittered their amusement.

Thankfully, it was only seven or eight minutes of waiting before Blackie started back pedaling, trying to pull free. Storm whimpered at the brief tugging pain, but she was stuck where she was, unable to back pedal with him. Semen started leaking around his deflating knot as Blackie finally pulled free with a loud, obscene sound of disengagement, and went to a corner to lick his cock and balls clean.

The scouts quickly bunched up to stare at Storm’s now grotesquely dilated vaginal opening. As they stared, a wet, cummy fart of air blew a semen bubble that quickly popped, followed by a gush of strong smelling dog semen.

It’s all leaking out!” a scout groaned with dismay.

Oh no!” Rudy assured him. “That’s only a tiny fraction of what he’s injected into her. After this, when she walks, she’ll probably feel all his fluid sloshing around inside her womb for days.” He looked at them. “Judging from the way I see your own cocks ‘pitching tents’ inside your pants, I think this demonstration has gotten you guys all worked up. Am I right?” There must’ve been a lot of nods of agreement. “Well then, why don’t we all jack off onto the bitch’s back? And you women can feel free to finger yourselves, and if you can get any of your cum on her, go ahead. She won’t mind at all.”

Storm heard those words. Looking at the people she could see, she saw them pulling out stiff cocks, or stripping off panties and lifting skirt hems. Men started jacking off, and women started fingering. The heady smell of sex filled the room. Storm didn’t have to wait long before she heard a grunt, and cum started splatting on her back. Other splats struck her ass. One woman sprayed one of her tits. One guy shot his load onto her hair and the side of her face. She was getting a hot cum bath, and she delighted in it. She lost track of the grunts, moans and splats.

Ultimately, the room settled down, and Rudy asked her, “Do you want anything before we untie you, slut?

Storm looked around, still keyed up and horny from being ejaculated on, and eyed Finn’s dick, which was already stiffening again with the quick recovery of youth. “Would Finn fuck my ass hole, please?” she asked. She knew how degrading this would be, seen by this group, and thrill after thrill ran through her as she asked.

What do you all think?” Rudy asked. “Should Finn fuck this slut up her ass?”

Anal sex! Anal sex! Anal sex!” they chanted.

One masculine voice said, “Only if Maria spanks her ass first, for being such a slut!”

Storm thought a spanking from a petite woman would be no big deal. But Maria obviously had some muscular development. The first swat stung so hard that Storm’s eyes crossed briefly from the pain. Several more harsh swats followed until her ass felt like it was on fire.

Enough,” Rudy said, maintaining control.

Let me wet that for you, Finn,” some woman said.

Storm heard rather lewd slobbering sounds as the woman used her mouth on Finn’s dick.

The fire on the surface of her ass was quickly forgotten as the hot, slippery cock penetrated her ass hole and opened her. The momentary pain was quickly replaced by pleasure. Pleasure from the delicious friction and the slapping of his balls on her labia and clit, which splashed some oozing dog semen around. And pleasure from having a bunch of people watching her ass being fucked. The ropes bound to her wrists creaked as she pulled on them gasping when another orgasm shot through her body.

After perhaps five minutes of hard, determined pumping, Finn unloaded a bubbling stream of semen into her rectum. He pulled out, and Blackie gave her ass a cursory sniff, apparently satisfied that the human had not defiled the more important hole on his bitch with nasty human sperm.

Rudy took the rest of the onlookers away, ushering them and the dog out, as the original scouts untied her. As she stood up, they were treated to a lovely view of the front of her now thoroughly fucked and sated nude body. If they’d looked behind her, they might’ve seen all the splats of cum streaming down her back, and Finn’s semen oozing out of her wonderfully defiled ass hole. Full of gratitude, Storm gave each of them an enthusiastic hug and a kiss. Before they left, she told Finn, “Perhaps you’ll need to hold more classes about knot tying in the future. I’m willing to help you again, any time.”