Selena’s Story

She was caught.

How did this happen?

As with most things, little by little.

Selena was a high-priced, influential lawyer. At 29, she was the youngest person to become a partner at one of the most prestigious law firms in Phoenix. Her looks didn’t hurt her chances any – her striking blue eyes twinkled with intelligence. Her hair, always stylishly coiffed, shone with its bright natural blonde tones. Her body, encased in the professional business attire that she habitually wore, couldn’t hide the curves generated by her hips, and her generous 36C breasts. But in actuality, she’d achieved the milestone of partnership through hard work – lots of it. She’d put in many 60+ hour work weeks in reaching this position, and the pressures of her job were finally getting to her.

One particularly stressful day, she drove home to her house, fuming. When she got inside, she literally ripped her business clothes off of her body, screaming in anger. Nude, she smashed a vase she’d never really liked much. Knowing she’d have to clean up any mess she made, she took to throwing pillows from her sofa around the room, picking them up again, and slamming them against the wall.

She finally calmed down, and strode purposefully into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of wine. As she sipped it, she glanced down at her body, registering the fact that she was fully naked. She’d really not been thinking all that rationally when she tore off her clothes, so her nudity actually came as a shock.

Sipping again, she became aware of slight currents of air, generated by the air conditioning, washing over her body. “It feels good to be naked,” she told herself. “It’s so liberating being out of those ‘power clothes’ for a change! I should do this more often, for my sanity.”

Thus, Selena started spending more and more time naked when home. During the drive home, she’d open a button or two on her blouse in anticipation. Once she was inside the door, she’d quickly undress. Her attitude was improving, so she removed her clothes without damaging them, unlike the first time.

The availability of her skin sort of made it inevitable that she’d start touching herself. She was single, and hadn’t had a serious lover in years – her work load and hours made keeping such a relationship virtually impossible. At first, she felt embarrassed by doing this, thinking it somehow ‘wrong’ to be feeling herself up. But the pleasure it invoked was like a drug, sending teasing sensations into her brain, lighting up areas there long neglected.

In the beginning, her hands moved over her neck, and her tummy, and her thighs, relatively ‘safe’ areas, and yet very erogenous. In retrospect, she wondered why her former lovers had not spent much time caressing her in these places. As she got braver, her hands wandered around to her butt cheeks. If she moved her hands up and down there, it was reminiscent of the way former lovers’ thighs would brush against her as they had doggy style sex. That triggered some wonderful memories.

When she made the decision to fondle her breasts, she went to a mirror. She looked at the naked woman in the mirror, watching as her hands crept up her torso. But just as those hands reached the underside curves, she closed her eyes, unwilling to observe such ‘depravity’ the first time it occurred. Blindly, her hands explored the tender, sensitive flesh covering her mammaries. She actually gasped when her fingers encountered and explored her areolae. And she hissed with pleasure as her fingertips nudged her rapidly engorging nipples. Keeping her eyes closed, she imagined a lover toying with her there, gently pinching and tugging.

As she felt a strange sensation between her thighs, she quickly removed her hands and opened her eyes. A tiny patch of fluid was visible on her inner left thigh, evidence of how aroused she’d made herself. She wanted to stop, but she also wanted more. She closed her eyes again, and cupped her sex with one hand, slowly moving the wrist of that hand up and down, as her fingers and palm rubbed against herself. Her hand got wetter and wetter as her natural lubrication emerged from her depths.

This is masturbation,” she thought in dismay. “I really shouldn’t be doing this,” she whispered. But she found she couldn’t, or wouldn’t, stop. It felt too good. She managed to refrain from the ‘obscene act’ of penetrating herself with her finger. But she had no need. The friction of her hand on her labia, and gradually on her engorging, stiffening, and now partially exposed clitoris was enough to drive her over the edge. With a low moan, Selena came, removing her hands the moment her orgasm manifested.

She collapsed on top of her bed, and, lying there, realized that she felt better than she had in months, her stress levels plummeting. Rationalization set in. “What I just did can’t be all bad,” she mused dreamily. “The way I feel right now, I think I can deal with whatever my work throws at me,” she told herself. A small look of worry appeared on her face. “But I can’t let it get out of control – I can’t do it too often.” That’s what she promised herself. But the very next evening, she masturbated again, this time even allowing a finger to disappear into the hot, wet hole between her labia. Her orgasm this time shook her to her very core.

She was hooked.

Selena purchased a dildo and a vibrator from a very discrete internet site. When she played with them, she couldn’t decide which she liked better. The vibrator’s buzzing certainly stimulated her wonderfully, especially near her nipples and clit. But with the dildo, there was the sensation of her cunt being stretched open and filled, and a truer feeling of being fucked as she moved it around inside her. She found that if she walked her feet up the wall at the back of her sofa, it raised and tilted her pussy in such a manner that she could watch the dildo as she plunged it in and out. Seeing it get more and more coated and slimy with her cunt juices as she played, excited her visually, as well. When she came like that, her cum drizzle from her cunt along her torso to the underside of her tits.

She started fantasizing about being seen as she played. For some reason, rather than being abhorrent, these mental images aroused her even more, because she’d always been a rather prudish person, fully business-driven and focused due to her profession.

One day, on a whim, naked, she walked by her window with the shade drawn up. There was no one nearby outside that window, of course. But Selena could imagine there was, or might be. After a few such experiments, she put on some dance club-type music, and actually danced naked by a window. After the song ended, she raced to her bed and fucked herself long and hard with her dildo, immensely turned on.

When she learned about World Naked Gardening Day (the first Saturday of May), she thought, “Oh, why not?” She thought it a wonderful excuse for being naked outside. Her back yard was quite secluded, anyway. When she went to the nursery to purchase some flats of flowers hardy enough to handle the climate in Phoenix, she was amazed at the several colorful varieties available to her. But, since this was only a few days before World Naked Gardening Day, she knew she was blushing fiercely as the clerk rang up her purchases, certain that he was guessing she’d be naked as she planted them. She had to stop herself from dashing out of the place, like a criminal fleeing the scene of her crime.

When that Saturday arrived, sunny as usual, Selena stepped outside wearing only a sun hat, sunglasses, and gardening gloves. Feeling like eyes were looking at her naked body from all directions, she nervously carried her flats of flowers to the bed she’d prepared. Every time she bent over, she felt gravity pulling her generous tits, making them swing freely forward, and the warm sun run down her back and over her ass. Both sensations were delicious. If she squatted near the edge of the bed, like as not, leaves of grass would reach up and tickle her cunt and ass. It didn’t take long for her nervousness to dissipate, and a feeling of ‘naturalness’ to set in. She found being nude in her garden to be quite soothing.

On a few occasions thereafter, Selena found the courage to masturbate outside, on her back porch. Even though her yard was secluded, she always remained within range of the door to the house, so she could escape quickly inside if something unexpected happened. Still, she found being outside to stimulate herself in this naughty fashion was thrilling, but lacked the courage to tempt fate too many times.

Selena’s frequency of masturbation increased to a couple of times in an evening, and several more over the weekend. Her work didn’t suffer from this. In fact, she became more confident, focused, and efficient in her performance at the office and in court. Her colleagues noticed the difference, and a couple asked what her secret was. She’d always answer with the word ‘meditation’ – this was only belied by the fact that her cheeks reddened slightly when she said it.

Her sensuality having been unleashed, Selena began looking on the internet for videos of other women pleasuring themselves. She bought some more play toys, such as nipple clamps, a speculum, a medical device with a tiny wheel festooned with thin, sharp spines (for testing the neurological action of her skin sensors), and – she blushed furiously as she confirmed this order, but just had to have it – a butt plug.

Thereafter in her play, her nipples experienced the sharp bite and sting of the clamps, followed by the numbing, followed by the shocking sensations of the clamps being removed. But it felt so wonderful when she softly rubbed them once they were freed. She’d lost the feeling of shyness about looking at her own body, evidenced by the fact that she had no shame about inserting the speculum, and viewing her vaginal tunnel with a mirror and flashlight. The sight of her cervix amazed her, and, curious, she carefully used a Q-tip to touch it, and gasped aloud at the resultant excitation.

At first, she had difficulty inserting the butt plug, but she was determined to succeed. Lubing it more freely, pressing and twisting it, hyperventilating slightly from the perceived pain of that tight opening being stretched wider and longer than it had ever been before – she finally felt it settle into place. She smiled triumphantly, and wore it for a full hour, that first time.

Selena found all this self-play very liberating.

The sharp tines on the medical device looked intimidating when she actually held it in her own hand, rather than seeing it used in a video. “Do I really want to do this?” she asked herself. But her pragmatic side replied, “You won’t know, until you actually try it.” So she did. Oh so carefully she touched it to her skin, and with minimal pressure, started it rolling. Not unpleasant prickles were reported, everywhere it touched, and as it rolled, a series of goosebumps formed in its wake. In the videos, other people were in control of this toy, often with the helpless ‘victim’ tied or restrained in some fashion. She wondered what that would be like – trusting another person to use it on her skin.

Taking the concept of being helpless and vulnerable a step or two farther, She purchased a set of police handcuffs from online, and bought a length of soft, sturdy red rope at the hardware store. For her next session of self-play, she used the rope, looping it around and around the base of one tit until the flesh of that tit protruded forward obscenely. She repeated the looping on the other tit, and tied off the rope. She’d tested the action of the handcuffs several times, and was sure she could free herself from them with the key. So, without any qualms, she snapped them onto her wrists.

She walked to the mirror, and looked at herself. Her tits didn’t look like her own, the ropes were distorting them so much. The steel at her wrists gleamed, drawing her eyes. She experimentally tugged at the cuffs, feeling how they restricted and controlled her arms. Her imagination fed her a scenario of someone else having grabbed her, handcuffed her, and roughly tied her tits like this. She got so excited, she tried to rub her cunt against nearby surfaces, which proved arousing, but not satisfying. Racing to her bedroom, she grabbed her vibrator, switched it on, and buzzed it over her nipples. Since her breasts were tied, the vibrations felt oddly different than usual. But when she pressed the vibrator along the side of her clit, it had the desired effect – she came hard, the jingle of the chains connecting the handcuffs blending with her shriek of orgasm.

A week later, Selena was browsing online stores, looking for an even bigger dildo – something at least thicker than her current one. Her eyes dilated with surprise and pleasure with what she found. The dildo was both big and long, with a swollen section at its base. The caption said it was modeled after the cock of a Great Dane. A dog’s cock! Something chimed deep inside her – she had to have it. She even paid for expedited shipping.

Two days later, a plain looking package was waiting on her doorstep. She rushed it inside, tore it open, and found the huge dog dildo, as seen in the ad. Hurriedly, Selena stripped, washed the dildo with soap and warm water, dried it off, and lubed it. Propped up on her bed, with pillows behind her shoulders, she looked down at her spread labia as she worked the dog cock dildo between them. She groaned loudly as her cunt walls finally relaxed enough to let it slide inward. Her eyes wanted to roll back in their sockets as the sensation of being completely filled emanated from her pussy. It only took about ten strokes for her to spiral into a fantastic orgasm!

Purchase of that dildo must have signaled something, because Selena began receiving links to videos of women having sex with dogs. At first, disgusted, she immediately deleted such links. But eventually, even though beastiality was illegal in Arizona, her curiosity got the better of her. She watched a couple of these grainy, poorly made videos, seeing women take on dogs as sex partners. Selena herself was not turned on by the idea of such sex acts. But during subsequent sessions with her new dildo, she began to take it ‘doggy style’ on her hands and knees, reaching behind herself to shove it in and out. It seemed only fitting to use a ‘doggy cock’ in this manner, as if she was a bitch, being bred. The fantasy alone was completely satisfying.

Her masturbation ultimately became commonplace, so Selena decided she needed a bigger thrill. The front door opening to her house had two doors. The inner door was steel, but the outer door was a full length glass storm door. The front of her house faced her long driveway and the street beyond. The enhanced thrill occurred as Selena used her dog cock dildo with the inner door wide open. She’d get on hands and knees looking away from the glass door, with her ass facing the driveway and street. In this position, she couldn’t see if anyone was passing by in the street, or even coming into her driveway. This was low risk, because no one ever visited her. But still, the visions of passersby seeing her like that, head and shoulders pressed to the floor, ass held up high, dog dildo squishing in and out of her dripping cunt, filled her mind. This drove her to some impressive, earthshaking orgasms, especially when she tried to shove the swollen ‘knot’ portion of the ‘cock’ all the way inside her vaginal ring.

Months passed, and Selena got complacent. One Saturday, she was using her dog dildo at her front door, taking her time, edging herself – that is, bringing herself close to orgasm, then backing off, letting her body simmer with excitement. She was so lost in her inner world of blissful haze that she never heard the well-maintained Tesla as it eased quietly into her driveway.

Selena only became aware of the presence of the car’s driver when there was a quiet tap on her storm door. Shocked, she flopped onto her side, the dildo still lodged in her pussy, and looked up through the glass door. There, grinning lasciviously, was Lewis, another partner at the law firm! She saw he was carrying a briefcase in his left hand, but failed to notice that his cell phone was in his right hand, held down by his thigh. Selena scrambled to her feet, yanking the dildo from her cunt. She hunched over and desperately tried to cover her breasts with one hand, and her crotch with the other hand, which also held the dog cock dildo, now sideways. She failed in both attempts. Calling over her shoulder, “I’ll be right back!” she raced to her bedroom, which gave Lewis a great view of her uncovered ass as she departed.

Her face and neck were crimson when she returned to the front door minutes later, wrapped in her opulent white microfiber bathrobe. She unlocked the glass door, opened it slightly and tried to keep her composure as she asked, “Yes, Lewis? What is it?” This might’ve worked, if her voice hadn’t squeaked from nervousness.

Hi Selena. Sorry to disturb you at home,” he began, his tone of voice belying his supposed sorrow. “You explicitly stated that the moment we received these documents, they had to be whisked into your hands without delay.” He held up the briefcase. “They arrived by special courier today, and, since it was not too much out of my way, I offered to take them to you.”

She reached for the briefcase through the door opening, saying, “That was thoughtful of you. Thank you very much.”

But Lewis pulled the briefcase back from her reach, and continued, “I had no idea that, by doing this errand, I’d be presented with such a delightful treat, I must say.”

Selena’s first instinct, of course, was to deny. “Why, whatever are you talking about? What treat?”

Lewis chuckled. “This one.” He set the briefcase behind himself, and held up his cell phone. There on the display was a clear image, shot through the glass, of Selena’s ass and thighs, with the dildo halfway buried in her cunt.

That?” Selena murmured. “That could be anyone.”

True,” Lewis agreed. “But watch.” Saying this, he started flicking the display. To her horror, Selena realized that Lewis must’ve stood at her door for quite some time before tapping on it. He had image after image of her reaching back to fuck her cunt. Sometimes the dildo was buried all the way inside her, at other times it was almost all the way out, strands of her stickier cunt juices clinging to it. There was even evidence of a bubbly froth around her cunt entrance in a few.

Selena was about to repeat that the images could be anyone, when the series continued. Lewis had also captured image after image of Selena after he’d tapped and made his presence known. The subsequent series showed Selena flopping onto her side – with a lovely side view of her tits, the shocked expression on her face, and her scramble to her feet, holding the dog cock, trying to conceal her nudity. He had clear images of her ass as she raced toward her bedroom. There was no doubt about her identity. She was caught. Her gradual escalations of libidinous behavior had led to this. She’d have to hope he was reasonable.

Lewis, have your laugh, but please erase those,” Selena begged. “I’d be the laughingstock of the office if those were seen.” She opened the door, allowing him entry as she pleaded.

Laughingstock?” he echoed. “Oh, I think it’d be worse than that, Selena. It would ruin your credibility, and in turn tarnish the reputation of the entire firm. I doubt that the other partners would allow that to happen. I’d sure hate to see you go, though.”

There was something in his tone of voice that suggested she need to understand that he was only mildly threatening to reveal her actions to the staid, elderly, puritanical partners – especially the managing partner, who, they both knew, would view this as moral depravity, regardless of the fact that the majority of the population masturbated at one time or another. Perhaps it was the obscene image of the fake dog cock that was the most egregious item of all. Selena was a sharp attorney, and she could smell the subtle offer of a deal.

She sighed. “What do you want for their destruction, Lewis? Money?”

Money?” He laughed. “No, Selena. That’s not what I had in mind at all. Ever since you made partner, you been acting all high and mighty at the office – lording it over the associates and clerks, throwing your weight around. It’s time you showed some humility. You can start by taking off that robe.”

Selena’s jaw fell open. “Take off my robe? You can’t be serious.” But she feared he was deadly serious.

Do it!” he ordered.

She thought furiously, weighing the pros and cons. Finally, she told herself, “He’s already seen my body once. Compliance might appease him.” She untied the belt of the robe, slipped it off, and placed it on a nearby chair. Standing naked before him, she looked him in the eye and asked, “Satisfied?”

Lewis took his time, looking her up and down. His stare was so focused and intense that Selena flushed with embarrassment from her cheeks to the tops of her breasts. “It’s a start,” he agreed. “But I’m sure you can do better. Tell you what. I’ll wait here in your living room. Get down on your hands and knees and crawl to wherever you stashed that strange dildo of yours. Crawl back to me, carrying it in your mouth.”

Selena’s eyes widened in shock. “You’re joking!” she exclaimed.

Do I look like I’m joking? Down on your hands and knees and start crawling!” He held up his cell phone and shook it to get her attention, reminding her what was on it.

Heart sinking in defeat, Selena slowly dropped to her knees, and, head lowered, started crawling toward her bedroom. Lewis watched appreciatively as her ass muscles flexed and relaxed as she moved away from him. As he settled himself in a comfortable chair, he reflected on the fact that all the photos he took had already been automatically backed up into the cloud for storage. Even if he deleted them from his phone, he still had them. He smiled in a wolfish manner. He was going to have some fun with this bitch.

Meanwhile, Selena had reached her bedroom. During her crawl, she considered her options. Overpowering him to grab his phone was risky, and probably futile. She had no real friends to call for help. She thought about calling the police – perhaps accusing him of forced entry, or voyeurism, or stalking. But that would only make this whole sordid thing public – very public. She loved her career, and didn’t want to jeopardize it.

Resigned, she put the dog cock dildo into her mouth, and began crawling back to the living room.

As she entered the room, crawling slowly toward Lewis, a strange thing happened. She saw him sitting there, looking confident, composed and certain of himself, as if he was in command. Something altered in Selena’s mindset. She felt shy as she moved toward him. But she felt something else. She felt like she was letting go of the rigid control of her life that she’d maintained for years. It felt something like a relief to be crawling naked toward a person who obviously wanted to take charge. Perhaps Selena’d be able to let go, at least for a while. Her heart thumped faster. And maybe pleasing him would make him less likely to disgrace her.

When she reached him, she lifted her head as if offering the dildo in her mouth to him. She wasn’t sure this was what he wanted, and was actually pleased when he took it out of her mouth.

Wow!” Lewis said. “This thing is massive! I’m impressed!” He looked down at her. “Turn sideways,” he instructed her. She moved as directed without even thinking about it. He scanned her body. “Your body is even more lovely than I imagined,” he praised. “Your tits are magnificent,” he continued, as Selena’s cheeks blazed red hot at being evaluated.

After a pause, Lewis said, “I believe I interrupted your orgasm by tapping on your door. Here, take this dildo and go ahead and finish,” he told her, holding out the dildo.

Instinctively, Selena grasped the offered dildo, but her hand was shaking with emotion. “Please don’t make me do this, Lewis,” she begged. “This is humiliating,” she moaned.

He locked eyes with her, saying nothing, reading her expression. After a brief pause, he stated, “I think you really want to do this, in spite of your protests. I’ll make you a deal, Selena. Show me your pussy. If it’s dry, you don’t have to do this – but if it’s wet, you must bring yourself to orgasm as I watch. Come on. Show me.”

Selena’s mind created a mental image of herself, naked in front of him, shoving the dildo in and out of her cunt – performing for him. Her stomach was filled with butterflies, and her breath became ragged. He was demanding that she spread her legs, and spread her pussy lips, as well. He might’ve glimpsed her cunt earlier, but this wouldn’t be a glimpse – this would be a careful examination. The worst part was, she knew she was wet – she could feel it. Actually, the truly worst part was, she realized that she wanted to obey him. She wanted him to take control and give her orders, so she could finally let go of that rigid control she’d thought about earlier.

Making up her mind, Selena turned to face him and sat back onto her butt. Bracing herself on one hand, she leaned her torso backward as she spread her thighs widely apart. She found she couldn’t maintain eye contact with him at this point, so she looked down at her pussy as her other hand slid two fingers into her slit and forced her labia apart. She was wet, all right. She was so wet that a large drop of pussy juice gathered at the base of her intimate opening, and dripped onto the floor.

Lewis made a wordless sound of appreciation. Up until that moment, he hadn’t been certain that Selena would comply. But there she was, sprawled in front of him, displaying her sopping cunt. He hadn’t realized what an erotic, sensual creature she was, having only seen her no-nonsense behavior at the office. He tore his eyes away from the salacious view of her cunt, and looked upward, past her downy tuft of blonde pubic hair, her flat, muscular tummy’s rhythmic movements with her breathing, her glorious perky breasts that barely wobbled as they rose and fell, and gazed on her down-turned face. Her demure placement of her head contrasted with the bold revelation of her womanhood. He noted that she was gently biting her lower lip, either with nervousness or with passion.

You’re definitely wet, Selena. You know what you have to do,” he intoned. He wondered if she’d argue.

But Selena only nodded slowly, letting go of her labia, so she could reach for the dildo. Her pussy lips stayed lewdly apart, so she had no trouble touching the tip of the dildo into her vaginal opening. She twisted the dildo back and forth, pressing inward. Her juices lubed it as it rotated, and her cunt lips jerked up and down in alternating directions as the head and shaft of the dildo screwed their way into her receptive depths.

Lewis watched, mouth agape, as her cunt slowly swallowed the huge dildo.

Selena sighed, as she felt it strike the bottom of her honey pot, nudging against her cervix. As she drew it almost all the way out, her cunt gave off a subtle sucking sound, which was followed by a sort of a squish as she plunged it back in. As she moved it in and out, she closed her eyes, concentrating on the sensations. As pleasure began to build, she smiled broadly, and tilted her head back, the muscular cords standing out on her exposed neck.

Lewis was mesmerized by her now wanton display of eroticism. He looked at her widely separated thighs, hiding nothing from his gaze. He delighted in watching the dildo emerge, glistening with her cunt juices. Her breasts rose and fell with each of her deep breaths, bobbing up and down faster and faster as she began to pant.

As Selena’s hand movement accelerated, intensifying her pleasure, she planted her feet and lifted her hips upward. It was almost like she was offering her cunt to him. Like she was offering her sexuality to him. His own heart rate accelerated. He guessed she was close to cumming.

Open your eyes as you cum, and look at me,” he demanded, quietly, but firmly.

Moments later, almost as if his command had triggered her, she came. He saw her face distort into that lovely agony of her climax, as her eyes locked with his. Even though she was staring right into his face, it was obvious that her eyes were going out of focus, as her orgasm crashed through her. Lewis almost came himself, seeing her release like this! She’d been fucking herself furiously, but as she went into orgasm, she shoved the dildo deep and held it there. Lewis could see the musculature around her vaginal opening clenching and relaxing as if sucking at the dildo, trying to suck semen from it.

For that timeless eternity, Selena’s body shook, balanced on one hand and both feet, as she sweated and gasped. Then, with a long moan, she sank back to sitting on the floor, and slowly drew the dildo free from her cunt. She marveled at the submissive feelings washing through her, realizing that she’d obeyed Lewis’ commands, and freely allowed him to witness. Witness something she’d never let anyone else see before – not even the few lovers she’d had.

She felt very vulnerable, still very submissive, but somehow incomplete. Her clever mind set itself to this issue – this problem – of lack of completion. Her eye happened to glance at Lewis’ crotch, and she saw the bulge in his trousers, evidence of the effect her performance had caused in him. This emboldened her. She licked her lips, which had dried from her vigorous panting. With a quivering voice, she whispered, “Lewis, may I please give you a blow job? Please? I think I really need to suck your cock right now. Please? Before I lose my nerve?”

Lewis’ pupils dilated with surprise, both from her actual request, and from the pleading tone of voice she’d used. He’d never have believed that this was the same, self-assured person he’d known prior to this. She sounded like she feared he might deny her. She seemed to be getting off on being told what to do, at least for the moment. It only took him moments to decide, and to command, “Get over here! Be quick about it! Pull off my pants, and suck and pump my cock until I cum, and show me how much you love doing it!”

Selena reeled back for a moment, almost as if his words had slapped her. Then her eyes sparkled and she scooted forward, and eagerly but carefully pulled his pants and underpants free from his body. As he parted his thighs, she moved between them, rising into a high kneel, and quickly engulfed his dick with her warm, wet mouth.

Her hands went to his balls and the base of his shaft. As she bobbed her head up and down, sucking, she pumped his shaft and kneaded his ball sack. He’d had fellatio before in his life, but never like this – she was sucking him like there was no tomorrow!

Selena herself was amazed at how her body was acting. It was as if some carnal switch had been thrown, giving her free rein to let her inner slut manifest. She didn’t really try to analyze it. She was too caught up in the feel of his cock and balls in her mouth and hands. She was highly aware of his spicy, musky man scent, and the taste of his precum, which her suction was drawing from the depths of his cock. She swallowed lustily and pumped and sucked hard for even more. He’d ordered her to show how much she loved serving him like this, and she was instinctively doing her best to obey.

The only sounds in the room were the obscene slurping sounds she was making on his dick, and his ragged, rasping breathing in response to her actions. Selena couldn’t see it, but Lewis was now gripping the arms of the chair so tightly with his hands that his knuckles were turning white. Suddenly his pelvic muscles went into action, lifting his hips in a rapid rocking motion as if trying to make him fuck her mouth.

Correspondingly, Selena stopped bobbing her head, content to let him drive his dick in and out of her lips, but continued sucking. In the past, when she’d performed a blow job, she’d pulled the guy’s cock out of her mouth just before he started to cum, and let him spill his semen on her tits or belly. But today, for some inexplicable reason, she wanted to drink Lewis’ cum – every drop of it. She wanted to feel his dick jerk and spurt in her mouth. She wanted to swallow his warm seed and feel it course down her throat into her stomach. She sucked harder as his mouth-fucking sped up. She had to have that cum of his.

He gave it to her.

With an eerie keening sound in his throat, Lewis lifted his hips up off the chair, leaving his cock snug in the embrace of Selena’s lips, and felt the ripples of muscular contraction begin. His ball sack elevated, pressing his balls against his groin. Muscular contractions seem to start there, traveling along the intricate internal tubes and glands of his male anatomy, mixing the mystic potion of semen, and then jetting the results into her mouth. His body shivered from the intensity of his orgasm, such that his arms and legs wobbled.

Selena reacted by reaching under his butt and grabbing both of his ass cheeks in her palms, holding him up, and keeping his cock firmly in her mouth as she drank spasm after spasm of what seemed to her to be the most delicious drink in the world. She accepted every bit of what shot from his dick, and even wished there were more. Later, she’d blush as she recalled how wildly ravenous she’d felt at that moment, but for now what she did just felt right and natural.

As Lewis, moaning softly with delight, let his hips lower to the chair seat once again, Selena pulled her hands out from under him. Her hands went to the base of his rapidly softening dick, one hand holding the shaft as the other hand’s fingers stroked up in a stripping action, causing a tiny drop of semen to emerge from the slit in the head of his cock. Smiling, she darted her tongue out and swiped that final drop into her mouth. Her throat rippled as she swallowed it.

Without choosing his words carefully, Lewis uttered, “Gosh, Selena, I had no idea you were such a slut.” Almost at once, he regretted saying it that way.

Selena heard the word ‘slut’ and rather than taking offense, which would have been her normal reaction any day prior to this, found that the word echoed and resonated in her mind, and then pinged its way down into her heart and gut. She realized that the moment she’d crawled into this room, dildo in her mouth, that was exactly how she’d acted. Moreover, her behavior somehow seemed fitting for such a label. So, keeping her eyes submissively downcast, she murmured quietly, “And did this slut please you, Sir?”

Lewis was flabbergasted. Either Selena was an outstanding actress, or she was revealing something very intimate to him. He decided to play along, to try to figure out which it was. “Come sit on my lap, slut, and let me show you,” he ordered.

Selena visibly shook as she rose to her feet and climbed into his lap. He embraced her, and said, “You pleased me immensely. I told you to show me how much you loved doing that, and I’ve never been more convinced.” With that, he kissed her lips. She stiffened momentarily, but then seemed to melt against him, and the kiss became so passionate that it surprised them both.

Selena remained in his lap, cuddled against him, as they discussed what had just happened. Tentatively, she shared how being commanded by him had touched something in her core of which she’d been unaware. She explained how her act of submission to him, of letting him take control, had temporarily freed her from her load of job related stress. He in turn, felt his stresses abate by taking charge of her. They agreed that this interaction would not carry over into the workplace – that would complicate things too much.

But they settled on the fact that Lewis would visit her home, or she would visit his, and when they were alone together, he would dominate her. If either of them found the arrangement unsatisfactory, it would end, with no repercussions. He offered to delete the images he had of her. To his surprise, Selena asked to see them again, and only had him delete the ones in which she felt she looked bad. She wanted him to keep the good ones, but only for his own pleasure. He resolved to do as she asked, making a mental note to clean up what he’d uploaded, too.

Together, they scheduled a get together for the following Saturday. And, during the intervening week, they did find that the routine of the work day was sufficient to allow them to interact in a normal business manner. Both felt refreshed and renewed, and turned those energies into productive work.

During her evenings, however, Selena was looking forward to Saturday, still amazed at how much she wanted to submit to him. Her body craved doing naughty things to him, or even just being slutty while he watched and commented. The days went by OK, at work, but time seemed to crawl during her evenings. Prone to being analytically active, she found the difference between her feelings of power at work versus her feelings of neediness at home to be fascinating.

When Saturday finally arrived, Selena put on her sluttiest outfit, which consisted of a V-neck t-shirt, whose opening dipped almost to her navel exposing the inner sides of her breasts, and a pair of crotch-less panties that she’d purchased on a whim. Shyness again overtook her, as she imagined him seeing her like this. But she was also aroused, feeling her erect nipples poking at the thin shirt material, and her slowly engorging labia poking through the opening in her panties. Last week, she’d given him a blow job. She wondered if this week he might fuck her. But whatever happened, she wanted him to take control again.

When Lewis was due to arrive, Selena positioned herself so she could see her driveway. Dressed as she was, she didn’t want to have to answer the door to anyone unexpected, such as a UPS driver. She’d told Lewis that she was leaving her door unlocked, and that he should feel free to let himself in. As his car entered her driveway, she knelt down in view of the front door, thighs apart, backs of her hands on her thighs, and gazed humbly down at the floor. She was the very picture of submission.

Lewis entered, closing the door behind himself. His eyes dilated in surprise. On the drive over, he wasn’t certain how he’d be greeted. Selena had seemed her normal self all week at work. To be honest, Lewis was half convinced that she might’ve had a change of heart. That their interaction last weekend was an aberration, never to be repeated. He’d feared she might greet him with anger or accusations. But this display of hers – this display could only mean that she enjoyed, or maybe even needed what had happened. She was indicating she was ready for, and wanted, more of the same. He decided to verbally test the waters. She’d not taken offense to the word ‘slut’ last weekend, so he tried the word again.

So, I see my slut has dressed herself in appropriate garments,” he stated.

Selena’s cheeks flushed a delicate, lovely pink. She needed to respond, but her mouth had gone dry with emotion. She swallowed, and with a trembling voice asked, “Do you approve, Sir?”

On first glance, yes, I think. But stand up and let me check more closely,” he ordered.

Selena’s chest rose and fell quickly as excitement accelerated her breathing. She tried to be as graceful as possible as she arose. She stood, hands at her sides, uncertain as to how to pose.

Stand up straight, hands behind your head, feet shoulder width apart,” Lewis told her.

She was grateful that he was so explicit in what he wanted. She quickly posed as he’d instructed. As Lewis stepped closer to her, she inhaled his scent, amazed that it was so different than what she noticed in the office. Perhaps this was the scent of an aroused alpha male. She wasn’t sure, but she knew she liked it. A gentle smile formed on her lips.

Lewis took his time examining her, instinctively knowing that this was also something she needed. He ran his fingers through her hair, noting its silkiness. His hands whispered gently over her face and ears, as if he was memorizing her appearance by touch. As his hands stroked her neck, shivers of excitement coursed through her body – he’d found an erogenous zone she’d never realized she had. He stroked out along her collarbones, and then along her arms to her hands, raising goosebumps where he touched. They were both breathing a little faster.

Lewis’ hands traveled down the sides of her torso, skimming the outer edges of her breasts. He smiled as he saw her nipples poke forward even more firmly into her T-shirt material. He gently thumbed her nipples through the cloth, saying, “It appears that these are struggling to be freed.” Selena moaned softly with need as his hands pulled at the V-neck, dragging the stretchy material down and sideways until both her breasts were fully exposed. The edge of the V-neck ended up caught at the underside curve of her tits.

That’s better, don’t you think?” Lewis asked her, toying with the sensitive tissues of her areolae and nipples with fingertip pads.

Oh my god… yes!” Selena gasped, struggling to hold still as waves of pleasure rippled through her body. Her tummy fluttered as he ran his hands smoothly across it, on his way to kneeling in front of her.

Lewis looked at her labia, poking through the opening in her crotch-less panties, but his hands went to the sides of her hips, and began stroking down the outsides of her thighs. He knew that anticipation was making her wild. He caressed her legs and feet, and reached around her to stroke up her calves, the back of her thighs, and buttocks. The only thing he’d not touched was her sex, and they both knew it. Selena’s thighs were quivering as she waited.

Kneeling this close to Selena’s crotch, Lewis could smell that lovely scent that emerged from her pussy. Her labia were so puffy now that they had pulled apart from each other a small amount, opening her slit. Wetness coated their inner surfaces – wetness leaking from her cunt. He glanced up. Selena was staring straight ahead, rather than daring to look down at what he was doing. Her hands were still behind her head, but her elbows were shaking. He watched her face as he reached out to let his finger gather some wetness from her slit, and then slowly sink into the depths of her warm, warm pussy.

Selena thought she was prepared for him touching her intimate region. She was wrong. She was completely unprepared for the intensity of her body’s reaction to the probing of his finger into her vaginal tunnel. She’d been so keyed up by all the erogenous sensations generated by his tactile, detailed examination of her entire body that, the moment his finger sank inward, she climaxed!

Aaaaahhhhh!” she cried, as an orgasmic shock wave ripped through her core.

Lewis was astounded! In his mind, he’d only touched her pussy with a finger, and she was cumming? He hadn’t processed that all of his earlier touches and caresses had created a cumulative effect. He didn’t really care, to be honest. He just reveled in watching Selena cum, her hands still behind her head, her feet still shoulder width apart as she moved her pelvis in short up and down thrusts, actually fucking herself on his finger to prolong her orgasm.

After her breathing returned to normal, and her thrusting movements ceased, she flushed with embarrassment at this overt display of her utter need for his attentions. “Thank you, Sir,” she managed to articulate.

You’re welcome,” he replied, grinning. They made eye contact. “It’s quite all right for you to give in to your inner slut when you’re with me, Selena. I gathered that’s what these ‘sessions’ are all about.” He thought a moment. “From what I saw last week, I think you like being naked, don’t you? Answer truthfully.”

Selena, swallowed hard, steadying herself, and told him, “Actually, I adore being naked, Sir. I love the feeling of air on all my body.”

Lewis smiled. “So, have you ever been naked outside?” he asked.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of World Naked Gardening Day. But this year, I decided to participate. I was completely naked as I planted those flowers in my garden out back, other than wearing a sun hat, sunglasses, and gloves,” she told him.

Put your arms down, slut, and show me this garden,” he commanded.

Selena led him into the back yard to her flower bed. “Here it is, Sir. These are my flowers.”

I see. And very pretty they are. But look at all those weeds. Give me your T-shirt and panties, and get busy weeding,” he instructed her.

Selena stripped off the scant clothing she’d been wearing, handing them to Lewis, and bent to her task. Lewis went back to her house and sat on the back porch, watching her work. It may have been his imagination, but it seemed that while she was busy pulling out the weeds, Selena found positions to display herself to him. He was treated to lovely views of her ass and spine when she faced away from him – and a few times her thighs were far enough apart to show him both her ass hole and cunt lips. When she faced him, she often stooped down, thighs apart, giving him full view of her cunt. Her magnificent breasts were on display anytime she faced him or was turned sideways. He wasn’t bored, watching.

After she’d finished, he asked, “Do you have anything cool we can drink?”

Yes Sir. I have freshly made lemonade in my refrigerator, if that would please you.”

That sounds perfect. Fetch us each a glass,” he said.

As she passed by him, he gave her bare ass cheek a playful spank, which actually made her titter with delight.

They sipped their lemonade on the back porch, he clothed, and she naked. Selena glowed with pleasure at being nude, being outdoors, and being with him. Everything he was doing seemed somehow to be exactly what she craved.

I now know you’ve done naked gardening – I’ve seen it with my own eyes. What other naughtiness have you done?” Lewis asked.

She decided to tell him what she perceived to be the most perverted first, to get it out of the way. She hemmed and hawed a bit, before answering, “I bought a butt plug.” His eyebrows rose, but he said nothing, so she continued, “I also got nipple clamps, a neurological wheel, and a speculum. You already know about the dildos, and you probably can guess I have a vibrator. Oh. And I’ve danced naked by my windows, for time to time.” Her cheeks radiated heat by the time she’d finished.

After a lengthy pause, she added, “I almost forgot. I also purchased handcuffs, and a good amount of some very nice, soft rope.”

This news made Lewis’ pupils dilate. Selena held her breath momentarily as he mulled this new information over in his mind. She hoped that she was not coming across as a truly perverted freak. Maybe she’d shared too much information. She was now breathing slow, shallow breaths, afraid to make another sound until he spoke.

Finally, Lewis broke the silence. “It sounds to me that you’re gradually attempting to find more and more ways to stimulate yourself. Have you also been watching bondage videos? The handcuffs and rope seem to indicate that.”

Selena nodded, shyly, in confirmation.

I can see you handcuffing yourself, but what did you do with the rope, all alone?” he asked, quite curious.

Selena swallowed nervously, and looked downward. “I tied my breasts with the rope,” she confessed.

All right. I think we can do better than that. Go and get those handcuffs, the rope, a vibrator, and a pillow from your bed, and meet me in your living room.”

Selena jerked slightly in her seat, with her eyes flying wide open. “I think I know what he has in mind,” she told herself silently. “Do I really want this?” reverberated in her mind. The decision was almost instantaneous. She trusted him, and imagined he was just planning to satisfy another craving of hers. She got up and went to get what he required.

As she entered the living room, carrying everything, she saw him standing next to her sturdy coffee table. He took the pillow from her, and placed it on top of the table. Since he was unfamiliar with handcuffs, she showed him how to double lock them, which would prevent them from closing too tightly on her wrists, if she braced herself on them, and also how to unlock them. He tested their action on her wrists a few times, locking them and unlocking them.

OK. Kneel next to the coffee table, and place yourself face down on the pillow, my little slut,” he commanded.

Heart fluttering, and butterflies doing their best to wing their way out of her stomach, Selena felt the carpet on her knees as she knelt down, and the softness of the pillow on her tummy and chest as she stretched out. As Lewis stepped near her wrists, she held them up, to be cuffed. They both heard the ratcheting sounds as the cuffs closed. Selena was so excited that muscles were quivering along her spine, thighs, and calves.

Lewis took the rope, doubled it against itself, and tied it around Selena’s lower thigh, near her knee, making sure it was not so tight that it might cut off her circulation. Then he secured the loose ends of that rope section to a coffee table leg. Selena had to inch her knee sideways to permit this. Lewis repeated his actions at Selena’s other thigh. When he was finished, she was secured with her thighs wide open, and the ropes prevented them from more than a tiny bit of movement.

He had lots of rope left, so he took it to the other corners of the table, tied it between them, and then extended a length from the center of that cross rope, up to Selena’s handcuffs. He looped it through the chain that connected them, and then shortened the rope until Selena was stretched out along the pillow, her wrists above her head, reaching toward the other end of the table. She turned her head sideways on top of the pillow, her eyes betraying a tiny amount of fear.

Lewis noticed. “If you want me to untie you, Selena, just say so. I’m not doing this against your will. I’m trying to see if this is where you want to go,” he said, his tone of voice gentle and soothing.

Selena visibly relaxed, hearing that. “No. Please. I’m fine. It feels strange being tied to this table, and I feel very vulnerable, I must confess. But its also quite exciting at the same time. If I start to freak out, and want to be freed, I’ll tell you.”

Lewis said, “It’s important that we trust, and the trust has to go both ways. You trust that I’ll not intentionally do anything harmful to you. And I trust that you’ll be honest and tell me if things are not to your liking. I’ve heard that people playing like this usually have a safeword – a word that means ‘I really want you to stop and let me go’ and it’s not ambiguous at all. Should we have one?”

Selena was familiar with the concept, so she smiled, thinking about where she was bound, and said, “That’s a good idea, Sir. My safeword will be ‘coffee’ if that’s OK with you.”

Lewis laughed. “You imp!” he said, giving her butt a spank.

Selena shrieked as her ass experienced that sudden sting, but broke into laughter herself. She was starting to enjoy being restrained.

Now, my dear slut,” Lewis began, as he ran his fingers over her well exposed labia, delighting in seeing her squirm as he did this, “you have two options. I can fuck you with the vibrator you brought me, or…” He stopped talking.

Selena’s heart was leaping around in her chest like it had forgotten its proper location. She couldn’t wait to hear the alternative, but Lewis was teasing her with silence. Finally, she groaned, “Or what, Sir?” Both of them were a little startled at the husky and lusty tone of voice she put into those three words.

Lewis answered her. “As I was saying, I can fuck you with the vibrator you brought me, or… I can fuck you.”

Selena gasped loudly. There it was. His offer to actually fuck her. Every evening during the week, her thought had gone to having his cock in her cunt, rather than just in her mouth. She took a breath, and whispered, “Please fuck me.”

Lewis heard her, but said, “What? What did you say? I couldn’t hear.”

Again hot blood flooded Selena’s cheeks. She’d never begged a man to fuck her, as far as she could remember – they’d always begged her. But she wanted him, and humiliating as it was to beg, she was going to do so. Turning her head to look at him, she said loudly and clearly, “Please fuck my cunt, Sir. Please take your lovely dick and shove it into my naughty pussy. Please fuck me hard – use me.” She swallowed hard to make certain the rest was clearly understood. “You don’t have to worry about a condom, either. I’m safe. If you wish to spurt your semen into my wet little pussy, I’d love that too.”

Lewis almost ejaculated into his pants, hearing her earnest plea. Controlling himself, he said, “Very well. Prepare to be fucked, slut.” He began taking off his clothes.

By the time he was naked, Selena’s cunt was sopping wet, oozing cunt juices. Tied as she was, with one of her fantasies about to come true, she could barely contain her excitement. She was almost afraid that she was going to orgasm before his cock even touched her. As it was, when he finally straddled her, and slid his cock slowly into the hot, wet sheath she’d prepared for him, she did cum, writhing against the pillow and biting it as she shrieked. Again, Lewis almost lost control and joined her in orgasm, but he held back. He really wanted the pleasure of fucking her like this.

He kept his cock motionless in her depths until she’d recovered from her climax, and then grabbed her hips and began pumping in and out of her. Selena’s loud sounds from her panting blended with the wet liquidy squishing noises and gentle pussy farts emerging from her cunt as Lewis fucked her. They both lost track of time as he used her body now for his pleasure.

Highly excited, Selena pulled at the ropes that bound her thighs, and tugged her wrists at the handcuffs and the rope that held them in place as her muscles convulsed time after time. Being restrained and vulnerable like this actually heightened her arousal, precisely because she felt his lust as he used her, without her being able to do a thing about it. This was her submission to him again. Letting him use her for his pleasure. And even though she was not focused on trying to receive pleasure herself, the sheer aspect of this situation brought her to peak after peak. Some of her orgasms were silent – others were quite vocal. She lost count of them.

Lewis was aware of at least a few of those orgasms, and was thrilled she was enjoying being like this. Since he was closely paying attention to her body reactions, it actually delayed his own orgasm much longer than he’d ever experienced before. But suddenly, almost unexpectedly, his own arousal peaked, and his cock started spewing hot semen into her depths. After several spurts with his cock motionless, he pumped it in and out a couple of times, and it shot out a few more surges of cum, before he finally felt drained.

By this point, Selena believed herself too exhausted to cum again, but when she felt Lewis’ cock twitching and jerking deep inside her, she knew he was releasing his seed, and that thought sent her cascading into another glorious orgasm.

Fully spent, Lewis briefly stretched out on top of her, applying his sweaty warmth to her sweaty warmth, and kissing the nape of her neck, which caused her to moan with delight. After resting to allow them to catch their breaths, he unlocked and removed the cuffs from her wrists, and untied her thighs. Surprisingly, Selena remained draped on the pillow for quite some time, perhaps unconsciously wanting to give him more time to look at her naked, glowing body. When Lewis noticed that her still dilated cunt was threatening to spill his semen on the floor, he strategically placed his underpants to catch the drips.

After a while, as Selena started to move, Lewis handed her a couple of tissues from a nearby box saying, “You might need these. I’m not sure how long you’ll be dripping.”

As Selena applied the tissues to her cunt, she noticed the globs of semen that had landed on his underpants, and chuckled. “You sure do shoot one hell of a load, Sir!” she commented. Then she climbed into his lap, and accepted the ‘aftercare’ that he instinctively provided.

Thus, the two of them established a pattern that pleased them both. Weekends were devoted to hedonistic pleasures. Lewis got adept at tying up Selena, and using her toys on her to give them both pleasure. They bought a few more toys, too, and on rare occasions even played outside, careful to not be observed or heard by the neighbors. But Selena shared that being tied to the coffee table and fucked by him was still her very favorite thing to experience.

However, that was soon to change.

On that memorable Saturday, Selena was again cuffed and tied very securely to the coffee table. New ropes had been added over the months, one passing across the small of her back, and tied under the table – others tied to one elbow, passed under the table, and secured to the other elbow. Selena had found that the more she was immobilized, the better she liked it. So she was trussed up, and quite unable to move much at all, when Lewis went back out to his car.

Selena barely had time to wonder where he was going, when he returned, carrying a small blanket, and leading a good-sized German Shepherd on a leash! “Slut, meet Thunder. Since he’s purebred, when I bought him, I had some vague idea of renting him out for stud services, so I never had him fixed.” He walked the dog closer and turned him in a circle. “See those lovely balls of his? You can’t see his cock, really, because its still in its sheath.”

Selena’s pupils were so dilated that he could barely see her irises. “Sir,” she began, her voice squeaking, “are you planning what I think your planning?”

He smiled at her. “Remember the first time I saw you, slut? You were fucking yourself with a dog cock dildo. I thought that maybe you’d like to find out what a real one feels like. Or do you want to safeword?” He looked at the dog. “Sit, Thunder.” As the dog sat on his haunches, facing Selena, perhaps he caught a whiff of her pussy scent, because the pink, pointed tip of his cock peeked a little from the end of his furry sheath. His tongue lolled as he panted.

In an internal dialogue, Selena argued with herself. “No! You can’t! It’s nasty and filthy and perverted!” one voice said. The other voice rebutted, “It’s a cock, and the dog won’t be forced! I’ve seen videos of women mounted by dogs, and they looked like they were in ecstasy!” The first voice shot back, “You’ll hate yourself – go ahead and safeword!” The second voice won out, though, saying, “I’ll really hate myself if I pass up this opportunity to experience this firsthand. Lewis won’t let anything bad happen – he never has – so shut up!”

Aloud, Selena said, “I’m willing to try, Sir, as long as the dog is not coerced in any way. But I don’t want to be scratched by those paws of his, please.”

That’s what this blanket is for,” Lewis explained. He draped it over Selena’s body from the base of her neck to the top edge of her butt cheeks. “And certainly, no coercion. I’ll just lead Thunder to your cunt. I think that he’ll lick you for certain. Whether he gets so aroused that he wants to mount you – well, that’s his decision. You just hold still like a good little bitch, and try to convince him you’re in heat.” He spread towels on the floor around the base of the table, in case this got a bit messy.

Selena actually giggled. “Sir, around you, I’m always in heat. I’ve proved that month after month,” she teased. Her giggles were cut off abruptly as she shrieked loudly. Thunder had silently sniffed her cunt once or twice as she was talking, and then slathered his long tongue along her cunt. He’d started low, down by her clit, and gone all the way up and past her ass hole. Selena’s shrieks continued as Thunder licked the entire length of her cunt several more times.

Her shrieks went up an octave or two when the dog decided that her vaginal tunnel was the main source of her enticing taste and smell. He dug his tongue inward in a scooping action and lapped her internal walls, turning his long snout side to side to scour their sides and roof. A dog’s tongue is usually quite long, so at the correct angle, its tip lapped and poked the extremely sensitive tissue of her cervix. The more he lapped, the more excited Selena got. The more excited she got, the more lubrication she made. The more lubrication she made, the more he lapped.

Lewis was watching as Selena experienced her first orgasm from being licked by a dog. She cried out unintelligible syllables,and she shook so hard the coffee table shifted slightly. He could see that Thunder was excited, as well. The dog’s long, darkly veined penis had slid fully out of its protective sheath, and was emitting a fine mist of canine precum from its pointed tip.

His cock is out, slut,” Lewis informed her, as he snapped a picture of it with his cell phone. He wanted Selena to be able later to see what he could see from his viewpoint. “Listen to his whining. That’s the sound he makes before he climbs onto his bitch. I think he wants to breed with you now – to make you his bitch. If he shifts position to climb onto you, I’ll just hold your pussy lips open, so he doesn’t miss his target.”

Sure enough, moments later Thunder made a deep warning growl in his throat. It didn’t sound menacing – it sounded like he was saying, “Look out bitch. I’m going to fuck you now.” She felt Lewis’ fingers parting her labia, and an unusual, wet, stabbing sensation as Thunder’s misting cock poked her tissues a few times as he blindly sought to connect with her.

And then he connected.

His cock found her vaginal opening, and with absolutely no finesse whatsoever, he rammed his cock inward and started humping her – hard and fast! At seemed that one second he was not inside her, and the next, he was fucking her with complete abandon. Dogs have one focus – one set of procedures, First, mount the bitch. Second, get the cock into her hole. Third, pump until you get that cock deep enough that the knot section at its base works its way inward past her vaginal ring. Fourth, inflate the knot to firmly seal her cunt opening. And fifth, spurt as much semen in as possible, giving the sperm impetus into her womb, ensuring the best chance at impregnation. Of course, these procedures are not written out anywhere – they’re instinctive.

Thunder’s front paws were pushed into the blanket covering the shelf of Selena’s hips, pressing so he could drive his dick into her as deeply as possible. He was following his instincts, claiming this new bitch as his own. He didn’t care if the bitch was being pleasured by his actions. He didn’t care if she was cumming. He was breeding her, pure and simple.

However, Selena was experiencing one of the most intense fuckings of her life! Her conscious mind was interpreting this intensity as passion – as lust. And her body reacted to that intense passion. During the original onslaught of pumping, she came so hard that her eyeballs rolled back in their sockets, and she sucked a deep breath so she could scream her release. And still Thunder hammered away at her cunt, his swollen ball sack beating against her labia and clit.

Then Selena felt a new sensation. It was right near the entrance of her cunt. It felt like a balloon was being inflated, stretching her tissues prodigiously. She cried out, “What’s happening down there!?”

That’s just his knot, Selena,” Lewis explained, reassuringly. “Part of his cock swells, sealing the bitch’s opening. It’s so his semen is less likely to leak out.”

Selena heard the word ‘semen’ and again groaned in orgasm. “Oh fuck!” she thought. “He’s gonna shoot dog sperm into me! Live dog sperm swimming inside my pussy!”

Thunder stopped humping as he felt his knot inflate, because any further movement, once tied to his bitch, could damage both of them. He didn’t need to move. His internal mechanisms kicked him into ejaculation mode, and his penis tip softened slightly as it began shooting his semen into the bitch. Like a heavy pressure fire hose, whipping back and forth, Thunder’s cock tip actually vibrated inside Selena as he spewed his seed into her. And it was a lot of seed.

Selena felt that curious vibration, as she also experienced a palpable flow of hot semen flooding her vagina. The flow continued, and the pressure built up. The knot sealed the vaginal entrance, so the rising flood had only one direction to go – through her cervix and into her womb itself. Selena had never felt a hot flow of fluid going into her womb before. True, once a month there was a flow coming out, but it didn’t feel like this at all. More semen emerged from the canine cock, and her womb was filled to overflowing. Semen was being forced even into her Fallopian tubes and abdomen.

Having a side view, Lewis fancied he could see her belly pooch out a trifle from all that semen. He’d been documenting what he could with his camera. Thunder’s tongue was lolling and dripping saliva as he panted, dumping the body heat generated by his muscles’ contractions. Some drooled onto Selena’s neck. He lowered his muzzle and lapped his saliva up. That erotic sensation sent Selena into quivering, but she was too exhausted to cum again.

The dog and his new bitch remained knotted for about 12 minutes. During that time, Lewis knelt level with Selena’s head and stroked her hair soothingly. “How are you feeling?” he asked quietly.

It’s so hard to describe,” she murmured, obviously in a sort of blissful doze. “I feel his warm fur all along my back through this blanket. I feel his belly press against me with each of his panting breaths. His spittle rains down on my neck from time to time, but he laps it up with his wonderful tongue, sending waves of erogenous sensation through me.”

Yes,” Lewis concurred. “That makes sense. But can you tell that he’s knotted you?”

Oh lord, yes. My cunt entrance feels like there’s a bowling ball blocking it. It hurt at first, but now it only hurts if he tries to move.” She winced as the German Shepherd shifted positions slightly, causing the dog to whine briefly. “See? He’s testing, to see if he can back out of me yet, I guess. Not only is the entrance stretched, but he shot so much cum into me that I feel bloated. It’s like I ate too much of a delicious meal.” She smiled, a satisfied, sated expression on her face.

When Thunder’s knot deflated enough that he was finally able to dismount from Selena, his cock made a rather noisy, obscene squelching sound as it pulled free from her cunt. As the dog bent his head to lick his cock clean, Lewis took a couple of pictures of Selena’s grossly dilated vaginal opening, with glob after glob of dog semen oozing out of it.

Then Thunder started licking Selena’s cunt. At first, Lewis thought the dog was cleaning her off. But then he noticed the wily canine was actually vigorously licking her labia closed. He was making them close and stick together, probably to keep his semen bottled up inside his bitch. Again, this is an adaptation to help ensure impregnation. Of course, this works better if the female remains on all fours. But once Lewis untied Selena, and helped her to stand up, gravity forced the semen to slide downward and out between her pussy lips.

Selena quickly reached down, cupping her hands, to try and stop the fluid from spilling all over the floor. Most of it remained in her womb, so her hands were able to adequately capture what spilled out. Ever curious, she sniffed the dog semen. It had a strange, but not unpleasant, inky sort of smell. She touched her tongue to it, tasting it. “Hmmm. This semen actually tastes sweeter than yours, Sir,” she reported.

Lewis knew what his own semen tasted like – he’d sampled it from Selena’s mouth and lips many times. Since she’d braved tasting the dog semen, his manhood demanded that he do the same. He cautiously dipped his own tongue into the pool in her hands. Judiciously rolling it around in his mouth, his wary expression cleared. “Not bad at all,” he agreed. “Maybe sometime I’ll have you give Thunder a blow job,” he added with a grin.

Selena smiled in response. “Then I’d better get used to the taste.” So saying, she sucked the pool of dog semen out of her palms, swallowed it, and proceeded to lick her palms clean. “But its smell is very pervasive. I really need to shower this off. I hope the smell goes away before Monday – I can’t go to the office smelling like this,” she declared.

Thunder will behave himself. He’s snoozing already. I think his new bitch tuckered him out,” Lewis chuckled. “So I’ll join you and make sure you’re squeaky clean.”

In the shower together, they had a fun-filled time soaping each other off, and working fingers into various openings to clean the internal surfaces as much as possible. The two of them even fucked under the cascading water, and Lewis deposited his own load of semen into her cunt, which pleased them both.

After drying off, they cuddled on the sofa, and Lewis showed her the pictures he’d taken. Selena marveled at the images, seeing the size and shape of Thunder’s cock just before he mounted her. Another image showed him on top of her, as he humped the bound woman. Lewis had taken a closeup view of the dog’s fully inflated knot, sealing Selena’s cunt. Selena blushed when he showed her the pictures of her cunt once Thunder had dismounted. She gasped at how much it gaped from being so stretched, and also the amount of cum being disgorged from it. She giggled as she recalled the feeling of Thunder licking her pussy lips closed to seal her as she viewed those final images.

Is my cunt ruined now?” Selena asked in mocking tone. They both knew, from their wonderful sex in the shower, that it was not, But Selena demanded that Lewis examine it closely to make certain. Which he was all too happy to do – visually, digitally, and orally – which led to more agreeable play.

When they were cooling down, Selena stated, “I hope you won’t be mad, Sir. But being tied to the coffee table like that, and being fucked by Thunder is my new favorite thing for experiencing raw passion. And I hope we do more of that.” Lewis’ face took on an expression of concern. But he became mollified when she continued, “But serving you, submitting to you, obeying you, and having sex with you, is more satisfying to my whole gamut of cravings – something a dog can never replace. You’re fulfilling needs I never knew I had.” Lewis kissed her, and the kiss was both passionate and tender.

So now Selena was fully a slut to the man, and a bitch to his dog.

She was caught.

And she loved it.


Second Life Meets Real Life

Rachel opened her laptop at the appointed time. She was due to meet a friend in Second Life for some sexy play, and she could really use it. She’d been horny all day, dreaming about some fun with him, online. The problem was, even though she normally had privacy at this time of day, on this particular day, she did not! Her uncle was there to let in the painters, since Rachel’s parents were unavailable. And her uncle didn’t want to be bored, so he had some friends over, too. She was 23 years old, and still lacked privacy when she wanted it! It was maddening!

Rachel quickly dashed off an instant message to her waiting friend. “I can’t play in Second Life now. I’m not alone. My uncle is here, with a few friends. I’ll try to contact you in maybe an hour, and if you’re not there, I’ll understand. Sorry!” She quickly logged out before anyone might notice. Her pussy ached for attention, so she clenched her thighs tightly together, trying to ease the discomfort.

An hour later, the boisterous men showed no signs of breaking up their impromptu ‘party’ so Rachel took her laptop to her bedroom, and closed the door. She logged on.

I’m back. But those people are still around!” she typed.

Her online friend and Dominant, Bootstrap, was still there. He typed, “You don’t have privacy?”

A bit,” Rachel answered. “I took my laptop to my room, but they’ve been drinking, and having fun, and roaming, so I’m not sure if they’ll respect my privacy. Also, I should mention, the house is having some of its rooms painted, so there are two painters here as well. That’s why my uncle is visiting.”

Come and join me anyway,” her Dom commanded. He issued a teleport command, and Rachel’s collar whisked her into his presence. He noted how her avatar was dressed. “It’s much nicer chatting with you when our avatars are together and I can see you. Your avatar is dressed in a red sweater and gray skirt. You often match your avatar’s clothes to your outfit in real life. Is this how you’re dressed today?”

Yes, Sir,” she answered humbly. “In real life, I also have on a red sweater and gray skirt – the biggest difference is that my Second Life avatar has on a white blouse under the sweater, but in real life my blouse is gray.”

Hmmm, then I think you’re giving your uncle and the others there a hard time, because that skirt comes above your knees. So I imagine you’re giving them some excellent looks at your long, shapely legs. They may even be getting glimpses of your panties. A very arousing sight!”

Rachel giggled. “Yes. I think I might’ve made it a bit difficult for them. I wore this outfit because I was scheduled to see you, and I’m terribly horny in real life! I was hoping that our play would quench this fire between my thighs!”

Bootstrap’s avatar walked closer to Rachel’s on the computer screen. She saw his words appearing. “Walking up to you, I raise my hand and trail a fingertip over the skin of your arm, starting near your wrist, and traveling upwards.” Reading, Rachel felt goosebumps rippling up her arm. She licked her lips, waiting for more.

When my finger reaches your shoulder, I carefully brush back your long, silky blonde hair, to get a better look at your pretty face.” Subconsciously, Rachel brushed her real life hair off her shoulder, baring the side of her face and neck. She continued reading, “I gaze at your lovely collar – so erotic in its design – a symbol of your submission to me. I touch it, and open its menu. In seconds, I’ve hooked a leash to that collar.”

Rachel was so beguiled now that she could swear she felt a collar around her neck, and the tug of that leash.

So, you still have people around?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes, Sir. They’re still here, drinking. I can hear them.”

Can they see you?”

No, Sir.”

He invoked the command to make her avatar stand upright, legs apart, hands behind her head, as for inspection. “Excellent. I now trail my fingertip from your shoulder downwards, gliding it lightly down your chest, letting it climb the swell of your gorgeous breast, so palpable even through the sweater, blouse and bra.”

Rachel gulped at that scene, and quickly typed a fuller answer to his question. “I’m upstairs in my bedroom, with the door shut. I said I had some work that I had to get done. I was glad to leave the room, because they were getting a little too ‘friendly’ with me.”

Bootstrap replied, “I can imagine how they looked at you, with the alcohol lowering their inhibitions. They were probably undressing you with their eyes.”

Rachel laughed softly, and typed, “Yes. A couple of them were sure doing that.”

Bootstrap expanded on his thought. “They were imagining their hands on you. Not on that sweater or blouse or skirt, but on your bare skin… feeling you… exploring your body.”

Rachel shivered. “I suppose they were doing that, all right. That’s why I left them downstairs.” But even as she typed that, her pussy clenched again, as if it wanted something to grab onto – something to fill it. And not just virtually. Really. She wondered why she’d moved upstairs so precipitously, when she had such needs building inside her.

Bootstrap’s words now broke into her reverie. “Do you think that in their heads they were imagining having sex with you?”

She looked down at her outfit, and answered, “They might’ve had such thoughts, seeing what I’m wearing. The skirt is short, as you mentioned, and the sweater is rather tight, hugging my curves.” After typing that, she ran both her hands over her tightly confined tits, feeling her nipples respond to that touch.

How does that make you feel, guessing they’re having lewd thoughts about you, Rachel?”

She couldn’t bring herself to directly answer that question, because she was having mixed, confusing thoughts about it. Instead, she typed, “They all might be a lot more forward with me, if they saw what we’re talking about here in Second Life, and saw me leashed and standing for inspection like this.”

Bootstrap typed, “Grinning, I trail my fingers more firmly over the form of your other firm breast. Do you feel what I’m doing?”

Rachel was mimicking what he’d typed by running her own hand over her breast in real life. “Yes,” she answered.

Stay right where you are,” he ordered her. Lengthening her leash, he walked over to the couch and sat down to observe her. After a pause, he typed, “You are perfect! You look magnificent! I want to see more of your avatar’s fantastic body, which I’m so sure looks like your real life one. Same long blond hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, luscious breasts, and long, lovely legs. So now take off your clothes. Also take off something in real life – your panties, for example – to make this more erotic.”

Before she had time to strip her avatar, he pulled her body close and had his avatar gently fingering her crotch.

Rachel typed, “Okay… I’ve… oops!” (a knock at my door!)

Quick, change your screen!”

There was a pause, while Bootstrap waited to hear what transpired. Then Rachel typed, “I couldn’t change my screen! I had no time!”

Bootstrap laughed. “They saw us?”


What did they say?” he asked.

They want to know what game this is,” she replied.

Good thing we weren’t already fucking. What did you tell them?” he typed. Then suddenly, he continued, “Wait! Want? Not wanted? They’re still there?” he asked, seeking clarification.

I explained it’s a chat game,” she answered. “And yes, they’re still here.”

Are you feeling embarrassed?” he wanted to know.

Yes. I think my face is all red and hot. They want to see more, and they’re also looking around my bedroom!”

They’re looking now?! There… in your bedroom? Come on… throw them out!”

I can’t. One is the painter, and my room needs to be redone, so he has to check it. And the other came along, not wanting me to be alone with him. Apparently my uncle had to make a quick run to the shops, so his friends stayed, waiting for his return.”

And the painter and other are around now?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes. And they want to know who is my friend on the screen right now. When I told them your name is ‘Bootstrap’ they laughed, and asked what sort of name that is. I told them it’s just a screen name.”

So they’re watching closely. I guess this pose isn’t very appropriate now, is it?” he asked.

Maybe change to a cuddle pose?” she suggested.

Okay.” He made the change of pose, placing them both on the sofa. Then he typed, “I like this. So… the painter can see us?”

Yes, Sir,” she answered. “He’s looking, as is the other guy. Is this okay with you?”

It’s not a problem for me, Rachel. But how does it make you feel?”

Secretly, once her initial shock of being discovered had faded, Rachel’s horniness was manifesting itself again. She saw her avatar on the screen, remembered Bootstrap fondling her crotch, and imagined the men in the room were wishing they could do that to her in real life. Her pussy and clit throbbed, thinking about it. But she tried to be nonchalant as she typed, “I don’t mind. The painter’s ‘oldish’ – probably over 50, as is the other guy. They’re standing behind me, and they just want to watch a little while.”

Bootstrap had a naughty impulse, so he typed, “This would be a good moment for me to remove the sweater from your avatar.”

Rachel’s eyes felt like they bulged a little when she read that. She typed, “You’re going to do that?”

Bootstrap responded, “If you don’t want me to do something like that, tell me to stop now.” He paused, giving her a chance to demand he not do it. When she didn’t, he typed, “Hmmm. I knew you were a daring girl. I’m helping you remove your sweater here. If you had nobody in your room with you, I’d ask you to take off your sweater in real life at the same time.”

After a moment, Rachel reported, “One of the guys is asking what game this is. He read that you’re commanding me to do things, and he said I should obey, and take off my real sweater, too.”

Seeing this, Bootstrap laughed and typed, “Are they reading what’s on your screen?”

She responded, “Well, one of them saw you removing my sweater in the game, and yes, they noticed your command. We can stop, Sir, if you want to do so.”

Bootstrap typed again, for clarification, “They’re actually reading my lines?”

Rachel answered, “Yes, they’re standing very close.”

Bootstrap pondered that for a moment. Then he typed very carefully, “I’d like to strip you naked, here in the game. But I don’t want to compromise you there, in real life. But if you don’t stop me, I’ll continue.”

He saw her type, “Now they’re both saying I should take off my sweater here.”

Meanwhile, Bootstrap had typed the emote, “Bootstrap opens the buttons of your blouse, now that the sweater is gone. Once it’s fully opened, he pulls it off. He quickly unfastens the bra and discards it.” He used her collar to make the blouse and bra vanish, leaving her avatar topless now.

Rachel typed, “And they’re watching closely what you’re doing.” She added a smiley face indicator.

Bootstrap asked her seriously, “DO you like the idea of taking off your real sweater?” He actually felt his heartbeat speeding up while he waited to see how she’d answer. He thought the idea might be turning her on, but he wanted to be sure. He wanted her honest reaction.

Her words appeared on his screen. “Do you command me to remove my sweater in real life, Sir?”

By using the words ‘command’ and ‘Sir’ she was signaling her willingness to submit to him in this matter. That was a pretty clear signal that the idea was arousing. But he wanted to be sure about something. He typed, using the special out-of-character indicator, “((are you safe… I mean… they can’t harm you?))” After all, he had no clear understanding of her real life situation, there in her bedroom.

She responded, “((it’s OK))”

Satisfied, Bootstrap typed, “Then take your sweater off in real life. I want you to do that for me!” He waited about 30 seconds, and followed up with, “Sweater off now?”

She responded, “Yes, Sir. I took it off.”

He asked, “What were you wearing under it?”

A shirt, Sir. Not as sexy as the one you see in Second Life.” There was a pause. She added, “They say that they like the bed.” Hopefully, she was referring to the bed they saw on the computer screen. She may have been blushing, because she had an idea of why they’d made that remark.

Who is in your room with you right now?” Bootstrap asked.

She answered, “They’re both still here. And they want to see more action on the screen they say.”

Bootstrap prompted, “The painter and…?”

She responded, “The painter and the other guy, Brian. They say they like my breasts in Second Life.” She was thinking, “Trust men to bring the discussion to tits!” She clicked the ‘stand’ button to move up out of the embrace of Bootstrap’s avatar to better show what her avatar looked like.

Bootstrap typed, “Hmmm. I like that they’re seeing your sexy avatar like this. And I like that you dared to show them a better view of your avatar. That’s why you stood up, right?”

She replied, “Yes. Also because I think they want me to sit on your bed.”

It was obvious to Bootstrap that Rachel was feeling okay with the way their roleplay was developing. He emoted, “Bootstrap reaches for your skirt… and removes it.” He used the RLV command in her collar, and her avatar’s skirt vanished, leaving her wearing only panties.

She typed, “They’re asking what’s on my neck.” They both knew she meant on her avatar’s neck.

He started to type, “Tell them…”

But she had already typed, “I told them that it’s a collar, worn by a submissive.” It must’ve been either obvious to the men what that meant, or else she explained it more fully, without bothering to type about it.

Bootstrap grinned, and moved his avatar to join Rachel’s, on the bed. He chose a pose where his avatar was stroking hers. The screen showed his hands caressing her, with only her panties preventing her from being fully naked.

He emoted, “I’m sliding my hands over your smooth young body… feeling your warm skin under my fingertips. I bend over and caress your breast with my lips… and start licking your nipple.”

Rachel was falling under the spell of the scene, becoming immersed with her avatar – feeling Bootstrap’s hands and lips on her. Her pussy was dampening, and her nipples were pressing hard against the material of her bra and blouse. Even her breath was quickening as she watched and read. The men in the room with her may or may not have noticed her reactions, but they wanted to get Bootstrap’s attention.

He saw her typed words, “They both say hello to you.”

He found it interesting, even exciting, that she had two men watching the interplay of their avatars. So he typed a friendly reply. “Hello back!” which indicated he knew they were watching, and was fine with it, if Rachel was.

Then Bootstrap typed, “I want you naked now.” Rachel gasped quietly, almost daring to believe he was commanding her to get naked in real life. But then she noticed the panties on her avatar disappear as Bootstrap removed them. She breathed a soft sigh of relief, but with her current level of horniness, she was experiencing complex emotions. She almost was hoping and praying he’d tell her to strip in real life, and maybe play with herself, regardless of the men present. But she also wondered if he did command that, would she have the courage to obey?

Meanwhile, Bootstrap had typed, “This is such a turn on… seeing you naked beside me. I take your hand and we both slide it between your thighs… together, we touch your soft folds… we gently tease your clit…”

Rachel knew that if she’d been alone, she’d indeed be touching herself like that. Her panties were quite wet now, and she blushed a deeper red, wondering if the men standing so close could smell the fragrance of her released pussy juices. She could tell they were breathing heavier, but that reaction might’ve been due more to what they were seeing on the screen, rather than an awareness of her aroma.

Bootstrap had changed the pose, after removing his avatar’s clothes, and revealing a stiff erection. His avatar began fucking hers there on the bed. But then he saw Rachel type, “Brian would like to chat with you.”

Bootstrap sighed, because he’d really been getting into the roleplay. So much so that he’d been stroking his real life erection as he watched the avatars fucking. He typed back, “What would he like to say?”

I don’t know, Sir. Can he sit down and write to you directly?”

Bootstrap laughed at the situation which was becoming slightly surreal. “Sure! Let him!”

Hello,” appeared on Bootstrap’s screen.

He typed back, “Hiya.”

This is not her,” appeared next.

I understand,” Bootstrap assured him.

I do not want to disturb your game,” the stranger typed.

But Bootstrap saw this as an opportunity to gather some information. He typed, “Is Rachel as pretty in real life as she is on the computer screen?”

The man replied, “She’s a cutey… yeah! And you’re fucking her now on the screen, I see.”

Bootstrap grinned as he typed, “Yes. On the screen… in this game… she has a very naughty side. You must know that!”

Show us more,” the man typed.

But Bootstrap was already typing something, because he wanted the man to understand Rachel even better. “She likes to read erotic stories. Did you know that?”

Their messages crossed, because the man was also typing, saying, “Maybe we can do the same here.”

Slightly confused, Bootstrap asked, “More what?”

The man typed back, “Show more positions… because we’d like to do them to her here.”

Bootstrap asked, “Does Rachel want to be fucked now?”

The stranger replied, “I would, and my friend, Tom, too.”

Bootstrap typed, “Hmmm. A threesome? I think that’s one of her fantasies! Many girls dream about having a threesome.”

Perhaps the man didn’t quite understand that, because he typed, “Yes. We’ll take her in turns. I’m enjoying watching you do this on the screen already.”

Oh? Would you like to have sex with her in this position? Ask Rachel which poses are her favorites.” He figured if he asked that, Rachel would have a chance to either state positions she wanted, or stop this line of possibility completely. Bootstrap was not quite certain that Rachel was consenting to have sex with those men, after all.

Are you going to use the bench, Rachel says,” Brian typed.

Since the bench was probably not on their screen right then, this was a good indication that Rachel had actually asked for the bench. Which happened to be a bondage type bench, with restrained poses. He moved her avatar there, as he typed, “Those are her favorites? I’ll have a look.” After re-positioning Rachel’s avatar, he said, “Okay. I’ve got her on tied the bench now. Do you see it?”

Awesome,” came the reply. “My friend is getting her undressed right now.”

Bootstrap could hardly believe what he was ‘hearing’ from Rachel’s computer. He typed, “You’re taking off her clothes in real life?”

Yes, Tom’s doing that.”

Is her blouse off?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes,” was the tantalizing reply.

Bra off? And skirt too?” Bootstrap asked, subconsciously licking his lips.


Does she want this?” Bootstrap asked, thinking how hot this was getting!

The stranger typed, “You go ahead and give her a good fucking, there on that bench.”

But Bootstrap was now caught up in Rachel’s situation, imagining what was happening – needing to know what was occurring in real life, so he typed, “It’s now more interesting what’s happening where you are. Tell me what you’re doing!” His mind was screaming, “Please! I want details!”

Since Rachel’s avatar was tied to the bondage bench, it must’ve prompted this statement, “My friend wants her tied to the bed too.”

Bootstrap was thinking, “Tied to the bed? Does he mean her own bed in real life?” But first he had to ask, “Is she naked in real life now, there with you?”

Only her panties are on right now. Shall we tie her to the bed here?”

Bootstrap was thinking, “Oh my god. They mean to really tie her down, I think.” He wanted absolute verification. “Tie her to her bed in real life, you mean? It would be great if she wants that.”

The man must’ve taken that as a virtual command, because he typed, “Okay. I’ll tell my friend what has to be done.”

Bootstrap was curious about the ropes, though. “Where are you getting ropes to tie her with?” And, as an afterthought, he added, “And put her panties in her mouth,” thinking that Rachel might want the sexy taste of her panties, she might want a muffling gag if she had an orgasm, and finally, it would make certain that the men stripped her completely naked. He had to admit to himself that he was having lecherous impulses.

Okay. And she says she has the ropes here in her room, because sometimes when you tie her up in the game, she binds herself as best she can to feel the same.”

Bootstrap wished he was present in the room with those men, and seeing what they were doing. Acting on an impulse, he said, “When she’s tied to the bed, make a photo of it. She knows later how she can show it to me.” He figured if she didn’t want to share the picture, she could ‘lose’ it.

Okay,” the man typed.

After waiting a few minutes, Bootstrap typed, “I have her totally naked here on my bench. How do you have her there?”

She’s still in panties. He’s just finishing tying her wrists.”

Bootstrap figured they were keeping her panties on until just before tying her ankles… letting her have a little modesty until the final moments. He decided to ask, “Who will fuck her first?”

Tom will.”

That’s only fair, since its sounds like he’s doing most of the work tying her. How old is he?” Why Bootstrap wanted to know this was anyone’s guess.

He’s 57.”

Hmmm. Has he ever fucked such a pretty young girl before?” Bootstrap asked.

His question was not answered, because the man typed, “Her uncle has just gotten back from the shops. He’d run out of drinks.”

Does he want to fuck her too?” Bootstrap asked, feeling almost as horny now as Rachel did.

No,” the man typed, although that was obviously only his opinion – he’d not had time to ask the man. “And he’s calling for us. What should we do? You know best. Any ideas?”

Ask Rachel,” Bootstrap quickly typed.

We won’t say anything,” the man typed.

What does Rachel say?” Bootstrap wanted to know.

She says we shouldn’t say anything. She’s still on her bed, tied down. Helpless. So good! Tied there, naked!”

I’d love to see that!” Bootstrap typed, heart racing. “You can finger her, maybe!”

I have to get going now, since her uncle wants us. But we’ll try to sneak back up here if he’s distracted again. We’ll make sure she’s freed before we leave.”

Bootstrap was on pins and needles, watching his screen. Waiting. Imagining his horny submissive. Tied. Naked. Vulnerable. Maybe with her panties in her mouth. Maybe struggling with the ropes. Would the painter and the other guy return?

Time passed.

Then words appeared on his screen. “Hello there.”

Heart in his throat, Bootstrap typed, “Rachel?”

No. She’s still tied on her bed. I’m Tom, the painter. She’s sure a good fuck!”

You fucked her?” Bootstrap typed.

Yeah. I had my turn. Now Brian has his.”

Did she cum when you fucked her? Do you know?”

I’ll ask.” After a pause, the next words appeared. “I asked her, and she nodded hard.”

Good! I hope your friend makes her cum, too.”

He’s certainly trying hard. It’s good the panties are in her mouth, because she wants to make a lot of noise as she’s fucked.”

I can imagine,” Bootstrap agreed. “She’s always seemed to be a vocal, horny slut when we play.” He waited for more comments, but minutes went by. Finally, he typed, “Hello? Are you there?”

Moment,” came the reply.

After a very lengthy pause, finally new words appeared on Bootstrap’s screen. “Hello. This is Brian, again.”

Oh. Hello again. So, are you done with your turn fucking Rachel?”

Yes,” he typed. “She bucked and bucked on my cock, cumming and cumming, and managed to drain me dry. It was the best fuck I’ve had in years.”

That makes me happy, for both you and for Rachel. So, she’s untied now? Coming back to the computer?” Bootstrap asked.

Well not exactly,” the guy typed. “You see… with all that bucking, the bed was making noise, and her uncle came up to investigate!”

Oh no!” Bootstrap exclaimed.

Yes. I didn’t even know he’d opened the door and was seeing me. It was just as I was climbing off her. He accused me of rape! So I told him she asked us to do this.”

Did he believe you?”

Not really. He went to Rachel, and pulled the panties out of her mouth and asked her directly.”

What did she say?”

She was blushing beet red, and looked very ashamed. She would probably have tried to hide her breasts and pussy, but tied as she was, all was very visible. She whispered that she had indeed asked to be tied up and fucked by us. That she’d been very horny, and she is an adult, and can have sex with anyone she wants. I felt so relieved when she told him that!”

How did he take it?” Bootstrap wanted to know.

He saw the semen leaking out of her cunt, and asked if she was at least using birth control. She told him that of course she was. He scooped up some semen, and smeared it on her tits and belly, asking her if she liked having that done.”

He actually touched her cunt and breasts?” Bootstrap typed, incredulous.

Yes. And Rachel didn’t flinch. She even moaned with delight. And then said yes – that was exciting. Her uncle stated that if she was such a slut, maybe he should invite all his friends downstairs to come up and use her!”

Bootstrap’s mouth went dry, imagining her hearing that question. Before he could ask her answer, more words appeared. “She actually whispered yes – she’d like that. Her uncle’s face went red, and he asked if she wanted him to fuck her, as well. To my surprise, the horny little slut told him that yes, she wanted him, too!”

So…” Bootstrap typed.

So right now, Rachel has her uncle fucking her pussy. The panties are out of her mouth, because one of her uncle’s friends is kneeling by her head, feeding his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Rachel has formed her thumbs and fingers into ‘sleeves’ as other guys have spit on them, and are rubbing their cocks in those sleeves.”

She’s servicing 4 men at the same time?” Bootstrap asked, his mind spinning.

Yes. Well.. 3 now. One guy just came in her mouth and climbed off. But the two guys fucking her hands plan to use her pussy, after her uncle finishes. Everyone is quite horny now, so I think I’ll be untying Rachel within the next half hour or so, if you want to wait to hear from her.”

Thank you. I’d like that. I’ll wait. Keep her safe, please.”

I will, Bootstrap. And thanks for showing us this game.”

Bootstrap waited, having taken Rachel’s avatar back to his Second Life bed to cuddle her there. It was more like 45 minutes, before his screen displayed, “Hi Bootstrap. It’s Rachel again.”

How are you?” he immediately asked.

She giggled. “Thoroughly fucked, and exhausted. I took a quick shower after the men all finished, and I’m wrapped in a warm bathrobe.”

So you’re all right? The men didn’t harm you or anything?”

No! They were all so thrilled to use me that they were careful not to hurt me at all. I do have rope marks on my wrists and ankles, but that’s my fault for pulling so hard each time I came.”

Wow! How many times did you cum?”

Bootstrap… I have no idea… I really lost count! I’ve never had so many, intense orgasms! It was amazing!”

So, all in all, you’re glad you did it?” Bootstrap asked.

Rachel typed, “It was so enjoyable that we’ve made arrangements to get together at my uncle’s place next weekend. He said he has a padded bench to tie me on, and this time I can be face down, if I want.”

Bootstrap’s jaw fell open in real life. He was completely speechless, for once in his life.

Zoe Goes After a Story

Zoe, was inquisitive… so much so that some people applied the label ‘snoopy’ to her. This didn’t bother her, because her nature made her a good freelance investigative reporter. She was always secretive about her projects, so that no one could outflank her, and steal her story. When she was triumphant, she could then sell her scoop to the highest bidder, which gave her a very comfortable lifestyle.

Her latest project began when she got wind of some rumors that a mega-corporation’s dairy farm was using AI in its production process. If this was true, it represented some sort of a breakthrough, since such uses might spread to other industries, threatening the jobs and livelihoods of thousands, even millions, of workers.

Scoping out the lay of the land of the massive facility, Zoe discovered that the security was tight – maybe tighter than a military installation. Not scores and scores of guards, of course. But barriers of high walls, electrified fencing, and razor wire, with only a couple of closely guarded access points with a handful of vigilant personnel. Zoe thought about soaring over the walls with an ultralight aircraft, or even parachuting inside, but both such approaches she eventually deemed infeasible, since she’d be easily spotted during her approach.

Finally, she decided to fall back on a much simpler approach – bribing a guy that drove a delivery truck to sneak her inside. She studied the various vehicles for several weeks, and began cultivating a friendship with the most likely one, ‘accidentally’ meeting him at a cafe, when she inadvertently bumped into his chair hard enough to make him spill his drink.

Oh gosh!” Zoe exclaimed. “I’m so sorry! I tripped over something – maybe my own foot.” She grabbed some napkins and helped him mop up the spill before it got onto his clothes or the floor. “I ruined your drink. I’ll get you another.” She hurried off, preventing him from possibly telling her not to do so.

When she returned with his drink, she smiled and said, “Here you are.” As he took the drink, she added, “I’m Zoe.”

Thank you, Zoe,” he responded. “I’m Jim. But you didn’t have to replace my drink. It was an accident, and accidents happen.” He noticed her still standing at his table, shifting from one foot to the other and mentally chided himself. “Where are my manners?” he said. “Please, Zoe, would you like to sit down and join me?”

She accepted his offer, and they enjoyed a nice chat after that. Jim was pleasantly surprised that Zoe seemed to frequent this same cafe, and they met several times over the next week, each time sharing a table, and learning more about one another. They found they had similar tastes in several areas, such as music and movies.

Gradually, Zoe skillfully maneuvered their conversation around to his delivery work. It helped that Jim was currently low on cash, because when Zoe originally proposed to have Jim smuggle her into the complex, he wasn’t too keen on the idea. But when she mentioned the amount of cash she was willing to pay for his help, his eyes took on a certain glow. He permitted the fallacy that he was willing to help her because of her expressed concern that the animals inside were being mistreated, but she could almost see the dollar signs swirling around in his brain.

On the appointed day, Zoe waited alongside the road about 5 miles from the farm. Jim had mentioned that there was a small parking area there where he often paused to eat his lunch. Therefore, if his truck happened to be seen stopped in that area, no one should think twice about it. Having walked there from the crossroads where the taxi had dropped her off, and waiting in the warm sun, she was glad she was wearing only a light colored sun dress and sandals. She was clutching an envelope in her hand, since she’d decided not to carry a purse or any other form of identification. Before long, she saw Jim’s rig approach, pull in, and come to a halt.

Hi, Jim,” Zoe greeted him, as she climbed up into his passenger seat. “Thanks for doing this. Here’s the money I promised you.” She handed him a large envelope, thick with bills.

Jim held the envelope in his hands for a moment. Then, with a sigh, he handed it back, saying, “Sorry, Zoe. I know I agreed to do this for you, but you’d better take back your money. I’ve thought it over, and it feels too risky. I might get fired if anyone discovers I’ve helped you break into the place. After I make my delivery, I’ll come back this way and drive you back into town.”

Zoe sat, holding the envelope in her hand, not setting it down, trying to quell her surge of disappointment. “C’mon, Jim,” she urged. “You know that if they catch me, I’ll swear I sneaked myself onto your truck without your knowledge. You’ll be held blameless. And you really need the money.” She held out her hand again. She saw him wavering. Time to try to clinch the deal. “Maybe I could sweeten the offer a little?” she suggested, smoothing the thin dress material over her breasts. She saw his eyes drawn there, and knew he could clearly see her areolae and nipples through the cloth.

You mean…” Jim choked out, gulping nervously as his eyes bulged. “You mean I could… that you’d…?”

Zoe looked suggestively at the truck cab sleeper area behind their seats, nodding. “Yes, Jim. Any way you want me, if you’ll smuggle me into that place. Me… and the money. What do you say?”

Jim didn’t hesitate for long. “Climb back there,” he commanded, pressing the door locks, to prevent anyone from entering.

Zoe left the money envelope on the seat as she moved to the small bed and sat on it. Jim was probably uncertain that she really meant it, because he didn’t start undressing. As he sat on the edge of the same bed, he unzipped his pants, pulled out his cock, and, voice squeaking slightly, said, “You can start by sucking on this.”

With no hesitation whatsoever, Zoe knelt down in front of him, and sucked his still softened member fully into her mouth. Applying a little suction, she let her tongue explore his manhood, tapping, poking, and swirling. She loved feeling it respond, slowly engorging and stiffening inside her mouth. Jim was obviously enjoying this, judging from his quiet moans and gasps.

Soon the head of his cock was tickling the back of Zoe’s throat. “Get naked,” he rasped out, his voice hoarse with growing lust.

Zoe reached back and tugged off her sandals, still sucking at his dick. Then she let it pop free from her mouth as she knelt back on her heels, grabbed the hem of her sun dress, and easily lifted it free from her body. Jim’s eyes bulged even more as he saw that she didn’t even wear panties under it! That swift movement rendered her fully naked. The ceiling of the truck cab was too low to have her stand up, but he wanted to drink in the full sight of her nudity. “Get onto the bed on your back, and show yourself to me,” he instructed her.

Smiling, Zoe nestled herself on the soft bed covers, parted her thighs, and spread her labia open, unabashedly giving him a lewd view of her intimate region. Jim stared like he’d never seen a naked woman before. Maybe he hadn’t, at least not in broad daylight on his truck’s bed. His perusal started up by her head, drawn there by her sparkling green eyes, and her face framed by her short, textured black brown hair with its neat bangs, and soft natural curls that came down just below her ears. Her luscious lips still showed moisture from contact with his cock.

Next he gazed at the full globes of her breasts, which looked to be about a good C cup in size. Tanned, they showed not a hint of tan lines, indicating that Zoe must spend a good portion of her time topless, at least. What was most remarkable was the size of her fully erect nipples. Most women, in his experience, had nipples like the nubs of pencil erasers. Zoe’s looked to be all of triple that size! They were remarkable! Truly magnificent! And he couldn’t wait to get his hands on them. But there was more to see.

Zoe’s torso sported a trim waist, and a flat tummy that led down to her smooth, pink mound and outer labia, which were still being held open by her fingers. Jim was astonished to see not a trace of hair on her mound or labia – everything was perfectly smooth and glistening with the lubrication being produced inside her depths, clear evidence that she was getting turned on just showing herself off to him in this manner.

It must be admitted that Jim didn’t look very much at Zoe’s legs. For one thing, he’d seen them already, several times before. For another, he hoped they’d be wrapped around his torso soon. But at this moment, he felt he had to see how those liquids welling up from Zoe’s pussy tasted. He’d never had a great inclination to perform cunnilingus on the other women he’d known, but there was something about Zoe – something undefinable. As he started bending forward, her hands let go of her labia, so she could start to caress her breasts.

As his face neared her sex, her scent wafted into his nose. Perhaps it was a pheromone. Whatever it was, it acted like an aphrodisiac! Jim started eating out Zoe’s cunt like a man dying of thirst! He lapped and sucked and drilled for more, drinking as she moaned loudly and started grinding her pussy on his mouth. His cock got so stiff that it was almost painful. Never taking his mouth off of Zoe, Jim unbuckled his pants and struggled blindly free from them, along with his shoes, socks, and underpants. By this point, Zoe was pleading, “Please fuck me! I want to feel your dick inside me!”

Rearing up, Jim whipped off his shirt. Now fully naked, he used one hand to press her labia sideways, so that the beautiful pink opening between them was stretched receptively. He used his other hand to aim his cock, briefly rubbing its head in her seeping wetness to lube it. As he pressed against her opening, Zoe was pinching her nipples erotically, murmuring, “Yes… Yes… I need it. Give it to me. All of it. Don’t hold back.”

Jim watched as his cock sank into the buttery grip of her cunt. He groaned inarticulately as he felt her body accept and sheathe his manhood in the most delicious manner he’d ever experienced. With the echoes of her entreaty ‘don’t hold back’ still ringing in his ears, he started fucking her with long passionate strokes. He braced his hands on either side of her body, holding himself up so that he could look at the expression of lust on her face, and watch her hands pleasuring her tits.

After what seemed to be only a few minutes, Zoe cried out, “I’m going to cum! I’m close!” She opened her arms in invitation. “Please. Don’t stop fucking, but I want to feel you closer to me!” In response, Jim lowered himself until his chest pressed against her breasts. Still humping her with deep thrusts, he felt her arms and legs embrace his neck and hips. With a howl that caused the truck cab to reverberate, Zoe began to climax! As she did so, she bucked her hips up against his pelvis so vigorously that he had to slip his hands under her back to hang on.

When her very gratifying orgasm ebbed, Zoe kissed him, whispering, “Thank you. That was amazing. Maybe you can tell it’s been quite a long time since I’ve done this.” She kissed him again, and with a twinkle in her eye, said, “It’s your turn, I believe.”

It was true that Jim hadn’t cum yet. And he knew it wouldn’t take long – not with this lovely woman. There was something that he’d always wanted to try, but never had the courage to ask for. This seemed like the perfect opportunity, although he couldn’t quite make eye contact with Zoe as he spoke. “Z… Z… Zoe – you know how you said that I could have you any way that I wanted?” he stammered. “D… d… does that mean that I can… that you’ll…” His voice faltered.

Zoe giggled beneath him, sending delicious ways of sensation along his torso and also around his cock still buried deeply inside her pussy. “Jim, are you asking if it’s okay for you to fuck me in my ass?” He nodded sheepishly and prepared to apologize. But before he could, she laughed merrily, and assured him, “I promised that you could have me in any manner that you wished, and I meant it. My ass is yours to fuck.”

Jim’s heart started pounding so hard that it felt like it either wanted to poke out of his chest, or leap up into his throat. “How… how should we do it?” he asked.

Hearing that question, Zoe realized that Jim was a novice when it came to anal sex. She decided that she’d teach him the way she liked it best, but also explain it wasn’t the only way. “Well,” she began, “I could grab the back of my knees and tilt my pelvis to give you access while I’m face up. But there’s a different way – one that I prefer. Shall we do it like that?”

Yes. Please. Tell me what you like,” he responded. “I certainly want you to enjoy it, also.”

She gave him a happy kiss, saying, “Wonderful. Let me get onto my hands and knees, then.” As she did so, Jim watched as she lowered her shoulders to the bed, turning her head to one side. Once she was in position, she reached back with both hands and spread her ass cheeks apart. Her puckered anal opening looked like a tiny pink rosebud. “It helps if you first open me with a finger,” she informed him. “Use your fingers to scoop up some of my pussy juices and smear them all around and over my ass hole. Be generous – the more lube, the better.”

Jim did as he was instructed, feeling very naughty as his fingers touched that ‘forbidden’ opening. “You’re doing great, Jim,” she said, reassuringly. “Now use your lubed finger to push that slipperiness inside my hole. I’ll try to spread it open even more as you work your finger in. After it accepts one finger, work in a second one.”

Before long, Jim was easily finger fucking her ass hole with two fingers. “I’ve got two inside you now, Zoe. Are you doing okay?”

Zoe groaned a happy, throaty groan. “Oh my god, yes. I can’t wait to feel your cock in there now. I can’t see your erection like this – is it still nice and stiff for me?”

Zoe, this is so exciting that my cock is so stiff that I feel like I could pound nails with it!” he exclaimed.

She giggled. “Then I think you’d better pound me with it, instead. Squat over me with your feet on either side of my knees. That should give you a good angle to stuff it inside. Smear the head and shaft of your cock with either pussy juices or spit first. Then push it in slowly, giving me a chance to adjust to the stretch. Once you start penetrating me, it’ll be too awkward to try to grab more pussy juice, so feel free to spit on your cock and my anus all you want.”

Zoe was pulling hard on her ass cheeks, helping to keep her anal opening dilated as Jim got into position, squatting over her. He was so excited that he was hyperventilating, and slightly dizzy. His heart was still leaping around inside his chest as he felt the head of his cock touch the center of her partially opened rosebud. He pushed slowly. He watched her anal ring stretch even more as the bulbous head of his cock sought entry. “Is this OK, Zoe?” he asked, his voice tinged with concern.

It’s more than OK – it’s great!” she moaned. “Keep up that steady pressure. Stuff my ass full with that delightful hunk of man meat!” She winced slightly as the head of his cock popped its girth through her anal ring, and then sighed happily as the narrower shaft began following it inward. She could swear that she knew exactly how far inside her that cock head was at any moment – it was like a plunger filling her rear canal. She moaned and moaned, “More… yes… more… it’s OK… feed it into me!”

Following her directions, Jim suddenly realized that his pubic hair was pressed against her ass cheeks, and his ball sack was making contact with her damp labia. He was all the way in! He felt so giddy that he wanted to laugh! He was finally fucking a woman’s ass. And what a woman! He looked at the side of her lovely face, pressed on top of his bed. At this moment, her eyes were closed, and she had an enigmatic smile on her lips.

He must’ve been lost in this reverie, body not moving, just enjoying the tight, warm sheath gripping his cock in such an amazing fashion for long enough for Zoe to notice, and decide he needed a little more instruction. Her eyelid rose, and her almost hypnotic green eye focused on his face. “You made it!” she praised. “All the way in!” She winked. “Now you can get down to some serious backdoor fucking, Jim. As you ease your cock out most of the way, be sure to spit on it again to keep it lubed. But, other than that, just grab my hips – or my tits, if you’re feeling extra limber – and go to town, fucking me with as much lust as you feel. This is your turn to cum, and I want you to enjoy it!”

He needed no further encouragement. Grabbing her by her waist, he slid his cock back out until he felt its head just inside her ring, spat a generous wad of spittle on it, and shoved it back inward, hard! Zoe gave off a satisfying grunt as his balls slapped her pussy. And then he started fucking her with abandon! He’d never felt such glorious friction during a fuck before! The truck cab rang with the sound of his balls slapping her rapidly swelling labia. Other sounds were also present – Jim’s panting from his vigorous exertions, and Zoe’s keening sounds as her excitement intensified. She was diddling her clit with one hand, and clutching the bed covers in a tight fist with the other. Both of them were slippery with sweat, and the air around them smelled like sex.

Zoe was edging herself, close to orgasm, but holding back. She wanted to feel Jim’s cock twitch inside her ass, and then spew its hot load there. She knew the novelty of this act would bring him to orgasm pretty quickly, especially as her arousal caused her ass cheek muscles to contract rhythmically, producing even more sensations on his pistoning dick. Sure enough, she heard his breath catch, and then he started a series of rapid, deep, short thrusts, crying out an inarticulate sound as he started cumming.

Zoe felt the heat of his spurts, and let herself join him in orgasm. Her fingers rubbed her clit fast as she called out, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming! And I feel you cumming in my ass! Yes! Give me that hot load! Ahhhhh! Yes! I want it, Jim! Keep fucking my ass!” He did. He fucked her until his cock started going limp, and slipped out of her ass. Her anal ring closed, and it was tight enough that very little of his semen leaked out.

They both knew they didn’t have much time to loll about, though – much as they might want to do so. Jim had to make his delivery. They took time to kiss, and assure each other that it had been totally wonderful. Zoe said, “Jim, after I gather my information, I often withdraw to some secluded location, so I can analyze and write. So I may drop out of sight for a while. It’s just the way I work. But once I resurface, I’d like to see you again.” She winked saucily. “And do more of this, if you’re interested.” The look of joy on his face was answer enough.

After toweling off her sweat with one of Jim’s towels, Zoe got dressed again, as Jim outlined what would happen at the facility. “We’ll hide you in the storage space here under the bed,” he began, easily pivoting the mattress up to show her the empty, roomy storage area beneath it. “When I get there, and the guard gives me the go-ahead, I go to the warehouse, make a wide turn, and then back toward the unloading dock. Before I reach it, I stop the truck, leaving it idling, as I get out to swing open the rear doors like huge wings that stick out to each side. Then I climb back in, and back up a little more, until I almost touch the building. I have to leave room so I can go past the truck doors and up onto the dock. Clear so far?”

Zoe nodded, concentrating and visualizing.

I then shut off the truck engine, and go back to unload. A ramp slides out from the dock to make contact with the truck floor. With the engine off, you might be able to hear that. I’ll leave my driver’s side door open, so you can sneak out from under the mattress, and get out that door silently. I suggest you then slip under my truck trailer, and decide which direction you want to go from there. As an added measure, I’ll spill something as I unload, making as much of a distraction as I can. After that, I’m afraid you’re on your own. And remember, if they catch you, you sneaked onto my truck early this morning when I stopped at my usual diner for coffee.”

I understand, Jim. I really appreciate your efforts in doing this. You won’t be blamed – honest. But I’m hoping not to be caught. At least not until I’m ready to leave. If I can sneak out, perhaps at night, so much the better. But if I make it look like I’m trying to barge in with questions, I’m betting they’ll just throw me out, never realizing I’ve seen their operation.” With that, she hid herself under the mattress, and Jim started his truck, heading for the facility.

Their plan went off perfectly. As Jim was making his commotion, Zoe quietly scampered away from the truck, plastering her body against the warehouse wall, eyes darting around, heart pounding like mad from excitement and fear of being seen and caught. She lived for this stuff!

She scampered around, and spotted several tall barn like structures, but made from durable concrete blocks, rather than wood. As she got close to one, she thought she could hear cows inside. But the doors were tightly secured! She spotted windows high up on the wall, open for ventilation. Sleuthing a bit, Zoe found one section where weathering had resulted in some cracks and chinks. She kicked off her sandals.

At the cost of a couple of broken fingernails, and a stubbed toe or two, she scrambled up the wall, nervous that she’d be spotted by some passerby. The window was more narrow than it looked from down below, but she was determined to try to get through it. She squirmed and squirmed, feeling like a spelunker trying to worm her way through an extremely tight section of a cave. Little by little she managed to make forward progress, often having to exhale and twist her body to continue.

Unfortunately, as her center of gravity shifted to the inside of the building, her dress snagged! She tugged and wriggled, blindly trying to unhook it from whatever it was caught on. With a sickening ripping sound, the dress tore free from her body! She plummeted to the concrete floor, banging her head, and was knocked out! Her limp body ended up face down, backwards in a stall. Fortunately, if there was anything fortunate about her situation, that particular stall was currently unoccupied.

With a soft mechanical whirring sound, a robot glided on its treads through the central area between the stalls. It was performing its regular scan of the activity of the cows. This robot, designated YJ17, noticed that one cow had fallen flat on the floor. Of course, it didn’t panic about this unusual occurrence, since provisions had been made. After noting that the animal’s temperature was in the normal range, and it was therefore neither sick nor dead, it beamed a command to a ceiling hoist. The hoist lowered a sling, and the robot worked the sling under the cow.

With the cow now hooked into the sling, the robot activated the hoist, raising her back onto her rather short legs. With extra ropes from its on-board tool compartment, it bound the cow securely into place, carefully tying torso and limbs to the side railings of the stall, lest it hurt itself by thrashing around as it regained consciousness. As an added precaution, it administered a mild tranquilizer, to keep the beast docile.

As the robot proceeded with the task of attaching the milking nozzles, it found only two teats hanging from this cow’s udder. Wirelessly consulting the central database, it noted that cow udders, which usually have 4 teats, did have some variability. Its heuristic programming made learning adjustments, and it closed off two milking nozzles, and attached the remaining two to the two dangling teats, and activated them. It then continued going about its duties.

After several patient minutes of normal duties, YJ17 received a report from the milking machine that the cow in stall #821 had no flow of milk, although the alternating suction was adequate, and the seal was good. Fortunately, the dairy had developed a pharmacological answer to such problems, consisting of a micro-injection of a compound that, via gene therapy, greatly enhanced the clusters of milk producing cells in the udders to gear up their production.

Gliding to stall #821, the robot noted it was the short legged cow with the less than normal number of teats. Since there were two teats present, the robot ‘reasoned’ that this would indicate two sections to this unusual udder, so each region received its micro-injection.

More minutes passed, and the milking machine reported a satisfactory outcome. Milk production had begun, and was being harvested. If YJ17 could nod it’s pleasure at having solved a problem, it would have done so. Since the cow was now producing, protocol indicated that nourishment might not only help the cow recover faster, it would supply the added nutrients to benefit good milk production.

YJ17 signaled for the descent of the feeding tube, and carefully plugged it into the round orifice on what it assumed was the front end of the ‘cow’ which, of course was a still unconscious Zoe, and the opening was actually her ass hole. The tube slid in rather easily, since the semen in Zoe’s ass acted as a lubricant. Sensors indicated that the opening was not actively sucking the nutrient, but gravity feed was at least introducing some nourishment to the cow. Satisfied for the moment, the robot continued on its rounds, furnishing data to the central computer, giving it a low priority flag.

The central computer, tasked with running the entire complex smoothly, performed its hourly processing check of any low priority data supplied by the scores of worker robots. When it reached the report from robot YJ17, it noted that this occurrence required more data. It sent a message to YJ17 to check the identity of the cow in question, and report back.

Zoe had come awake, but was very disoriented. Her vision was still fuzzy or foggy, and she found herself on her hands and knees. There was a strange sensation at her chest. It was like some lover was mouthing and playing with her tits, suckling them. Even stranger, it felt like a fluid was being pulled out of them. Even though the sensation was unexpected, it felt marvelous, so she didn’t question it for the moment. She enjoyed it, closing her eyes to focus on the building ecstasy, her cunt lubricating happily in response.

The robot YJ17 was being tasked to scan the cow’s lip tattoo, and in so doing, encountered yet another alteration on this strange cow. If the feeding tube was in its mouth, the lips should flank that area. But these lips were below that opening! Not only that, they had the wrong orientation, being vertically placed, rather than horizontally! The cow was certainly not on its side – the position of its udder and teats attested to that fact.

If a robot could scratch its head in confusion, YJ17 would’ve done that. Of course, it didn’t even have what could be considered a head. And confusion is a human concept. Its AI did lightning calculations, came to a conclusion, which, in a human would have been displayed as a shrug of acceptance, and acted. Its delicate appendages took careful hold of what had to be the lips and pulled them slightly outward, rolling them back to examine their inner surfaces, looking for the tattoo.

No numbers were sensed, but the robot noted that this cow was drooling heavily, as evidenced by the stream of what had to be its saliva oozing from its mouth opening, and drizzling on the concrete floor. This combination of data was sent to the central computer, and flagged for immediate processing. Ecstasy or no, Zoe couldn’t ignore the fact that someone was pulling at her labia, and that’s when she discovered that she was bound firmly in place, unable to escape that prodding at her intimate region! She started squirming and complaining loudly, “Where am I? What’s going on? Let me go! Untie me!” She tried turning her head side to side to see what was probing her pussy. Unfortunately, robots like YJ17 weren’t equipped with audio sensors, since they’d been deemed an unnecessary expense.

The central computer interrupted its processing momentarily to handle the priority data from YJ17. In response, it sent instructions to immediately check the pupil diameter of the bovine in question. YJ17 searched for eyes… and found none! This stream of data flashed to the central computer. In milliseconds, YJ17 was commanded to thoroughly inspect all aspects of the cow.

The robot began a slow circling, and found eyes on the other end of the cow! Robots cannot feel surprise, or YJ17 might have rocked backwards at this discovery. Instead, it dispassionately noted that the cow’s eyes showed pupil dilation, which might indicate shock. Also, its head was thrashing back and forth with its mouth rapidly opening and closing. Consequently, YJ17 couldn’t check for the cow’s lip number. It administered a stronger sedative to calm the animal. The desired effect was soon achieved – the eyelids closed and the head stopped thrashing.

YJ17 now easily rolled back both lips, and found no identifying number. The central computer promptly issued number 32098747, and the robot dutifully tattooed it inside Zoe’s lower lip. Now that the orientation of the new cow had been established, YJ17 removed the feeding tube from what was obviously not its mouth. It removed the creature’s bindings, and caused the sling to orient the cow correctly, facing the central aisle, like the other cows. Since this new cow was highly sedated, it again attached binding ropes from her to the stall railings, ensuring her security.

The worker robot reinserted the feeding tube into the cow’s actual mouth, and was ‘gratified’ – if this could be said about a mechanical device – to see the mouth start to work, suckling the tube, and obtaining sustenance.

A quick, automatic blood work was performed, and it was determined that this cow was obviously not pregnant. Consequently, YJ17 inserted the stimulant/impregnation wand into the beast’s vaginal opening, and switched it on. Research had shown that such stimulation made the cow much more fertile, with a secondary effect on enhanced milk production. For good measure, each of the cow’s teats was again given a milk production gene therapy micro-injection to enhance udder growth.

This time, as Zoe emerged from the dreamy haze of the sedative, her body was experiencing an orgasm! The muscles throughout her body were contracting as she shook and trembled, her heart was racing, and she was getting inadequate air, since it was only able to whistle through her nose. She spat out the feeding tube, and gratefully sucked air as her body continued convulsing from the deliciously erotic sensations being generated by some device in her pussy. Confined as she was, she couldn’t look to see what it was, nor did she actually care at that moment. Her eyes were squeezed tightly shut as she rode those waves of ecstasy.

Added to the almost electrical arousal emanating from her cunt were the delicious sensations of the erotic sucking actions alternating at her tits. She didn’t even care when something warm gushed into her vagina, with enough volume to flood into her womb. Somehow, those spurts added to the thrills she was experiencing. If she’d known it was bull semen, she might’ve felt differently about it, of course.

Now that impregnation had been accomplished, TJ17 removed the wand from the cow’s vagina. As it performed a tactile check that the milking nozzles were still properly placed, Zoe recovered enough to open her eyes. As they focused, she finally saw the robot! Like the investigative reporter she was, her first thought was, “Aha! I was right! They’re using AI in this place, and there’s the proof!” Her second thought was, “He’s fooling around with my tits! How dare he!”

She looked down, as best she could, and her eyes protruded with shock and confusion. “Those can’t be my tits! I’m a ‘C’ on a good day, but those are…” She sputtered. “Those must be… they must be GG sized!” She blinked. “And I’m being milked? Like a cow? What the fuck is going on!” she yelled. Addressing the robot, she shouted, “Hey, tin man! Get me out of this! Untie me! Get a person down here, now!” Her tirade continued, unabated.

TJ17 ignored her completely, since it didn’t hear any sounds. Well, it didn’t completely ignore her. It noted that her feeding tube had been displaced, so it carefully inserted it back into her mouth, during one of her rants. Zoe’s eyes flew wide open as the liquid nutrient filled her mouth, and the robot glided away on its rounds. She instinctively swallowed, rather than choke, and as the nutrient entered her stomach, her body gratefully accepted and processed it. The demands of milk production, piled atop Zoe’s efforts to struggle free of the restraints, created a need for both fluids and nutrients.

Time passed, as Zoe accepted nutrition, and watched for some sign of a human being she could try to communicate with. All she saw was patrolling worker robots, and the other cows in their stalls, passively being fed and milked. The milkers never stopped, which surprised her. She didn’t know that they were programmed to withdraw the milk at the same rate that the enhanced udders could produce it. She’d found that the mild action, sucking at one teat (nipple) and then the other, over and over, was creating a low level of erotic stimulation. Vaguely, she wished that some robot would inert that device into her pussy again, just to see if the orgasms it produced were as amazing as she remembered.

Eventually, she had the urge to urinate. She held it as long as she could, not wanting to soil herself. But when her bladder felt like it wanted to burst, red-faced, she pissed. The heated stream of urine shot out from between her labia, and cascaded down her thighs to puddle by her knees. The warm fluid actually felt better on her skin than she’d ever imagined. Soon after she finished, a device hidden on the floor of the stall emerged, and sprayed her undercarriage and legs with a cleansing torrent, and then emitted a warm rush of air that dried both her and the floor beneath her. It was extremely efficient. Given that she was being fed only liquids, she had no urge to defecate, but she guessed that if she did, the cleaning procedure would deal with it.

She dozed.

While she slept, another robot, RD25, went down the row of stalls, inserting stimulation wands into the cows’ vaginas. The cows, including Zoe, woke up, bellowing happy sounds as the wands brought them to a series of climaxes. Those that were still not pregnant, which also included Zoe, also got their dose of bull semen. Zoe was finding these orgasms just as incredible as the first time, and she even guessed that she might be receiving bovine sperm in her womb, but the bliss was so intense she didn’t care one bit. She only whimpered a little when the wand was removed and the stimulation stopped.

More time, milking, orgasms, and impregnation attempts passed.

The central computer received a milk analysis report, flagged as an item to investigate. Milk production from cow 32098747 was aberrant – the protein components were off significantly, with unexpected proteins appearing in the fluid. Worker robots were not equipped to deal with this so, perhaps grudgingly, if a machine can be said to have such a concept, it displaced *shudder* a human to investigate.

Marc Randle was happy to get off his chair, and out of the cramped tiny office that he sat in all day, usually reading books, since there was nothing to do. The worker robots did all the care and maintenance. He was sort of a ‘token human’ at the site, rarely called upon to do anything during his shift. He was certain that if the ‘powers that be’ had any other recourse, he’d be let go within a blink of an eye. He strolled, whistling, into the cow bay where cow 32098747 was stalled. “Let’s see,” he said to himself, “stall #821 should be right about… about… about…”

He was repeating himself because his mind sort of locked up. He was expecting to see a cow, and instead found a naked woman on her hands and knees. Her eyes were closed, and she was shaking, with her breath rasping in and out of her flared nostrils, since her mouth was closed around a feeding tube. Her dangling tits were alternately bouncing up and down as the milking nozzles sucked at them – first left, then right, then left, and so on. Not only that, but she was bound into place with a webbing of ropes, and her torso was being held up by a regular cow support sling.

Marc rushed to the woman’s side, and carefully shut down the suction on the milking nozzles, and eased them free from her breasts. As her nipples popped into view, he marveled at how distended those pink, pebbled cylinders had become. With the suction removed, milk still dribbled from them.

Even though Zoe was shaking in bliss from yet another orgasm being induced by the stimulation wand lodged inside her pussy, she noticed the change at her tits when the milkers were removed. Her eyelids flew up, and she was staring into the face of a kindly looking black man, whose expression was one of deep concern. She spat out the feeding tube and started clearing her mouth and throat for speech.

Meanwhile, Marc was saying, “Ma’am… Ma’am… how’d you get into this fix? Let me get you out of all these ropes, then we can talk.” He bent to the task of untying the intricate webbing of ropes.

Th… th… th…” she croaked, trying to make her voice work again. She had no idea how long it’d been since she’d spoken. “Thank you,” she managed to squeak out with a raspy whisper.

He was working close to the side of her body, and couldn’t help but ogle her swaying tits, and her lovely ass. Her body exuded the aroma of an aroused woman – a lusty, aroma of sex and need. His cock stiffened involuntarily inside his pants. He was a man, after all, and it’d been quite some time since he’d had the opportunity for any sexual relief other than his hand. A few minutes later, Marc said, “That’s the last rope, Ma’am. I just need to get you out of that sling, and you’ll be freed.”

As he said those words, Zoe felt another climax building in her core. “Wait… wait…” she gasped. “I want to be freed, but please do me a favor, first.” She gasped and shook. “Please… I need to be fucked! I need to feel human hands on me as I’m fucked! Please, I beg you!”

Marc swallowed hard, hearing her plea and the tone of her voice. His cock voted very strongly in favor of giving her what she was begging to get. He saw the wand sticking out of her cunt. He swallowed again, and choked out, “You want me to pull that thing out of your pussy first?”

Nooo!” she moaned. “Not yet! Not yet! But you can fuck my ass while that probe stays in me, can’t you?” She groaned and quivered, her orgasm fast approaching.

Marc blushed. “Ma’am, I don’t like to brag, but I doubt that your ass hole can handle my hunk of man meat.” He was already opening his pants, perhaps to show her just how long and wide his now fully erect cock actually was.

She took a deep breath and blurted out, “I don’t care how big it is, dammit! I need it in me, and I need it now! Do me! Please! Hurry!”

He shook his head disbelievingly, thinking, “She’ll change her tune when she feels this trying to get in.” Nonetheless, he spat on his hands and rubbed slippery saliva all along its length, making sure the shiny head was especially coated. He positioned that head against her quivering anal opening.

Yes, yes yes!” Zoe urged. “I’m so close! But I want you in me before I cum… please hurry!”

Marc pressed forward and watched her pretty pink puckered opening stretching… opening around his contrasting deep brown glans, with its purplish undertones. He was amazed that the woman didn’t scream and demand he stop. Instead, her ass just vibrated faster, the more he pressed and stretched her open. Suddenly, with an almost audible popping motion, his glans disappeared inside her pinkness! He groaned with delight as the rest of his cock slowly sank into her, stuffing her rear tunnel full!

Oh my fucking god! That’s it! That’s what I…” was all Zoe uttered before what looked like every muscle in her body contracted in an amazing orgasm! Marc was holding her hips, fascinated by the strength of her climax, as he started pumping – fucking her ass. It was perhaps only twenty seconds or so before he noticed the odd tingling sensation occurring along the length of his cock, with a special concentration at its most sensitive region – the underside where its head met its shaft!

He hadn’t realized that the stimulation emanating from the wand inside Zoe’s cunt would penetrate her inner wall and reach her rectum – but it did! It felt marvelous! Within another thirty seconds or so, his balls contracted, and he spewed a hefty load of his semen into Zoe’s rear tunnel! To his amazement, after those 5 or 6 spurts ended, his cock stayed rock hard, so he kept fucking.

Meanwhile, Zoe’d cried out, “Fuuuck! I felt that! It felt like a fire hose spraying heated water into my ass! It’s fucking great! Please keep fucking me… I feel another big ‘O’ coming!”

Galvanized by the magic produced by the wand, they fucked like bunnies! They fucked like demons! They fucked like there was no tomorrow!

Marc eventually injected Zoe’s ass 3 times with his cum before they both were sated enough to stop. He pulled out his cock, and pulled out the wand. After they panted quietly for about ten minutes, he helped Zoe out of the sling, and tried to help her to her feet. When she wobbled, and threatened to collapse, he scooped her up into his muscular arms, and carried her to his office, to learn about how she managed to get into that situation. He was also instrumental in getting some clothes for her, and helping her deal with the upper management.

A few weeks later, Zoe met Jim at the cafe.

He looked up when she tapped his shoulder, and gave her a delighted smile. “Hi Zoe!” He stood up and they embraced and kissed. When they both sat down, he continued, “I saw your story about the use of AI at that dairy facility. I also saw that you gave it a favorable slant.”

Yes, they were quite happy with the way I praised their operation,” she said, grinning. “Their slogan ‘milk from contented cows’ I know to be true – first hand. She slipped the dark coat she’d been wearing off her shoulders and onto the back of her chair.

Oh my god!” Jim exclaimed, his eyes bulging. “What happened to you, Zoe? Did you have breast augmentation surgery or something? Those are… those are…”

Zoe stroked her tits through her blouse. “Oh, these are mine, all right. I’m planning to give you a look and feel of them really soon, if you’re interested.”

Jim licked his lips and nodded so hard he almost gave himself whiplash! Once he got control of his lolling tongue, he asked, “So what happened in there?”

I’m glad you asked. I wrote this up.” She placed an article titled ‘My weeks as a cow’ in front of him. “I’m actually not going to publish it. Given how you helped me, I just wanted you to have a chance to read it. After.”

After? After what?” he asked, puzzled.

After you take me to bed, and fuck my ass like you did in the truck, of course,” she giggled.

Jim almost tore his pants, rushing to get his wallet out. He quickly paid for their coffees, and hurried her out to his car, to drive them to his place.

During the ride, Zoe gave him a quick summary of what had occurred. When she’d finished, Jim said, “But if they turned you into a cow – held you against your will – created mental anguish. Ummm. Aren’t you planning to sue them, or something?”

No! Not at all. We came to an agreement, and I was compensated handsomely.”

You got lots of money?” he asked.

No, something much better. I think you’ll agree in a few minutes.” She reached into her purse and pulled out one of the stimulation/impregnation wands. “They gave me one of these, for my personal use!”

The Abduction

Topaz, wearing a thin nightdress, gratefully climbed into her bed after a long day working in her farmhouse studio. It was a warm summer night in Nebraska, so she only pulled the sheet up to cover herself. She’d decided to leave the window wide open for ventilation, also. There wasn’t very much wind, so the fields of ripe wheat that surrounded her house made only gentle whispering sounds as their heads brushed against each other. Out in the fields, crickets chirped their nighttime communications. That susurration was quite soothing and Topaz quickly slipped into slumber.

Sometime later, the crickets hushed their melody, reacting to some stimulus.

The craft descended from the sky and silently aligned itself with Topaz’s bedroom window. Sensors probed the interior of the room. A dim beam struck the sheet covering Topaz, whereupon it gracefully and soundlessly folded itself to the foot of the bed. No one saw the beam, since Topaz was sound asleep and there was not another farmhouse for miles. That same beam then scanned up and down her recumbent form several times, as if measuring or calculating something. The beam vanished, and there was a long interval.

A slightly brighter beam of a different wavelength emerged from the craft and enveloped Topaz completely. Bathed in its eerie luminescence, she didn’t awaken. Perhaps some property of the beam even deepened her state of sleep. Therefore, she didn’t swim her way back to consciousness, even as the beam lifted her gently up above her bed. As the width of the beam decreased, Topaz rotated in the air until her head was pointed at the open window.

Careful now, Grendel. Don’t let her bump against the window,” Matrix said.

I’ve got it. I can handle this. I’m not an idiot, you know,” Grendel complained.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that their names were not Grendel and Matrix. But that’s as close as we can get to the strange sound patterns of their actual designations. Also, strictly speaking, they weren’t talking to each other using vocal speech. They were communicating in a manner that we humans would call mental telepathy. But it seems easier, for the purposes of the story, to act as if they were talking. Oh yes, in case you hadn’t figured it out by now – these two were aliens.

Grendel deftly maneuvered Topaz through the window and in through the open hatch of the craft. The hatch closed without a sound, and the craft lifted skyward. “See? I got her in just fine – not a scratch on her.”

Okay, okay! Can you rotate her vertically now?” The beam moved, activated by the controls being manipulated by Grendel. Topaz inverted into a head down position. “I meant the other way, stupid,” Matrix complained.

Well, you didn’t say!” Grendel rebutted. But careful manipulations of the beam followed, and soon Topaz was floating, head upwards. “There! Happy now?”

Yes, I think so. Now put those things… ummm… earthlings call them ‘feet’ I think… against the deck for balance and then carefully narrow your beam upward until it only covers the top part of her.”

You mean her head, don’t you? You may as well practice the correct designations.”

Yes, yes! Till the beam just holds her head, Grendel. You can be such a ojiwetz, at times, you know!”

Grendel controlled his anger at being called a ‘ojiwetz’ like that, because he needed to have a delicate touch on the beam controls. When its luminescence only covered Topaz’s head, he paused, feeling a bit drained, but triumphant. “Now what?”

Now I use this,” Matrix replied. Again the dim beam sprang to life and move to Topaz’s shoulders. The cloth of her nightdress started into motion, slipping slowly off her shoulders and moving downward. The smooth pink skin between her neck and shoulders was revealed, as was the skin over her collarbones. The beam slid lower, and the top of the nightdress followed it downward.

When the nightdress top reached the region of Topaz’s areolae, it seemed to snag. Matrix had to gently jiggle the beam until the cloth finally slid free of her nipples. Similarly, it took a little jiggling to work the material free when its sleeves reached her wrists and hands. Finally, the nightdress rippled down to the floor, leaving Topaz fully naked. Matrix used the beam to move her nightdress to a nearby bench.

OK,” Matrix said. “Can you get her onto the examination table?”

Piece of utzka,” Grendel said, confidently.

Well, if it’s so easy, then get on with it, instead of bragging about your prowess,” Matrix complained.

Grendel held his rebuttal, and concentrated on enveloping Topaz with the beam again, lifting her, rotating her, and floating her to land softly on top of the table. The beam vanished for the most part, leaving only a tiny spot on her forehead to keep her sedated, and they both gathered around their specimen.

They started methodically at the top, examining Topaz’s flame red hair, which fell in soft waves almost to her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, and they left them like that for the moment. Her nose, ears and mouth seemed to conform to the manual they were studying as they examined her.

This specimen seems to have excellent mammary glands,” Matrix remarked, pushing them gently from side to side.

Oh?” Grendel sort of mentally grunted. “And what are those for again?”

The manual says they’re for nourishing the young. They give off some form of liquid.” He scanned down the page. “A footnote says they also contain pleasure sensors, perhaps to insure that she spends enough time feeding her offspring.”

Grendel gave one of Topaz’s tits a firm, but careful squeeze. “I don’t see any fluid,” he complained.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe she has no young that she’s nourishing?” Matrix said, with overtones of smugness.

Grendel failed to rise to the challenge. He continued his examination down her torso, giving a cursory look at the curious indentation in the center of her abdomen, and moving lower. “Aha!” he almost crowed. “You picked a defective specimen!” He couldn’t help but sound both gleeful and disappointed.

What do you mean?” Matrix asked, a tinge of worry coloring his mental communication.

Look down here,” Grendel said, indicating Topaz’s rather untamed pubic bush. “This one lacks a sexual opening. See?” He practically shoved the manual at Matrix. “Right here on the diagram. It shows a sexual slot. This specimen has none! Crap! We wasted the trip! We’ll be a laughingstock.”

Matrix examined the area, covered with the matted flame colored hairs. He produced a couple of tools rather equivalent to forceps, except they were glowing bands of hardened light. Prodding extra delicately in the pubic forest, he said, “Wait… wait. Look. Look here. If I pull these back, like this… there! There’s her slit! It’s just concealed!”

Then why does it look so different on the diagram?” Grendel almost whined.

Maybe that’s why this craft comes equipped with the solution rack. Did you ever think of that?” Matrix offered. He carefully snipped off a few of the pubic hairs, collecting them. He also brushed off several flakes of her nearby skin. “Let’s test these samples.”

Grendel placed a hair, and some skin cells on a reaction plate, and added a drop of solution with the equivalent of the symbols ‘KHE32’ on its label. They waited. Nothing happened.

On another reaction plate, Matrix used a new hair and skin cells, and tried solution KHE65. In seconds, both the hair and the skin cells dissolved completely.

Too strong, idiot,” Grendel complained. He harvested some more pubic hairs, and skin, and tested them with solution KHE51. To their delight, it worked perfectly! The hair dissolved completely, but the skin cells were totally unharmed. “Yes! This is the right one! Make a note, Matrix.” A suction device snaked up from under the table and was placed close to Topaz’s sexual region. Grendel carefully sprayed the area with more KHE51, and, as the hairs dissolved in it, the resultant fluid was briskly sucked away. He then flushed the region with water, which also whisked into the vacuum.

With the suction device retracted, Matrix compared the diagram in the manual to the place where Topaz’s thighs met. The depilatory solution had performed perfectly – her sexual region was now fully exposed, and met all the proper criteria. Grendel was still holding the spray device. “Should we use this solution elsewhere? Like up here? Or in here?” First, he pointed at Topaz’s head, and then at her armpit.

Matrix did the equivalent of hemming and hawing. “I don’t really see any reason to make alterations at those places. Listen. We can’t keep her unconscious for much longer. Let’s do the rest of the initial inspection before we bring her out of it. Otherwise she might be squirming around or something.” Grendel indicated his agreement.

Strangely enough, as eager as they’d seemed to be to uncover Topaz’s sexual area, they both acted reticent to start looking there. Instead, they got magnification devices, and looked into her ears, nose, and mouth. They lifted her breasts in all directions, as if expecting to find something under them. They inspected the strange depression in the center of her abdomen, but remained clueless as to its purpose. They spent an inordinate amount of time examining her toes.

Finally, Grendel said, “What are we waiting for? You know what we really want to study!” He sounded a little exasperated, either with Matrix, or perhaps even with his own hesitation.

Matrix sighed mentally. “You’re right. You take that limb, and I’ll take this one. Let’s separate them for a better view.” He took hold of Topaz’s thigh and leg on one side, while Grendel lifted those on the other. As if the young woman was some fragile piece of fragulim, they gently pulled the limbs a little sideways, and lifted them up at the same time. This also caused Topaz’s pelvis to tilt towards her tummy.

It was probably a good thing that Topaz was unconscious. She’d probably have been mortified to have two perfect strangers staring at her most intimate area as it was thus revealed. The tilting of her pelvis brought her pinkish-brown ass hole into view. And the separation of her thighs had caused her labia to part, opening her slit.

Oh, Feiksowej! We’re breaking her!” Grendel exclaimed, seeing what looked like her flesh splitting open.

Language, Grendel! There’s no need to use such a swear word!” Matrix chastised him. “If you’d spent more time studying the manual, you wouldn’t be panicking. That opening is normal.”

Really? They come apart… or… I mean… they come open like that?” Grendel sounded astonished.

Matrix tried to keep a tone of smugness out of his communication. “Yes, yes. That’s the whole reason we came to this place. Look at it carefully.”

Grendel studied Topaz’s crotch. “Well, if I ignore the fact that it’s so… so… such a hideous pink color, it looks kind of nice, I guess. It’ll take some getting used to, though.” He looked closer. “I wasn’t expecting three openings. Why three?”

Matrix glanced at the open manual. “It says that this highly constricted one is for the release of solid wastes.” He indicated Topaz’s anus. She puts food into her mouth up there, and, after processing and assimilation, what’s left emerges from that opening down there. Similarly, this very tiny opening – right here – that’s for the release of liquid wastes.” He was, of course, indicating Topaz’s pee hole at that point.

OK, I get it, I think,” Grendel commented. “That leaves this larger one. So that’s the one where the offspring emerge?”

That’s correct,” Matrix agreed. “And it’ll be the focus of our experimentation. But let’s not forget – she also has sensors here, here, and especially here that we need to keep in mind.” He’d indicated, respectively, her mouth, anus, and clitoris.

That little thing? That’s important?” Grendel scoffed. “You can barely see it, almost covered by that yucky pink flesh.”

Don’t worry… you’ll learn soon enough,” Matrix said. “Now, we’re about ready to wake her up. Remember what the manual says about first encounters. We can’t let her see our true form – not right away. We’ll do this gradually, in steps. First we can look like humans.”

Right, right,” Grendel said, almost signaling boredom at this lecture. “Once she figures out she’s in a spacecraft, we’ll get a mental image from her of what she expects aliens to look like and then we’ll assume that form for a while. And once she acclimates to that, we’ll let her see what we really look like. But we might have to sedate her again at that point.”

Very good,” Matrix praised him. “So you were paying attention, at least to that part. I’m turning off the sedative beam, and putting her in a stasis field. I think having her upright will help her feel less panicked.” As, using a beam, he manipulated Topaz up against a bulkhead, the air around the two aliens shimmered, and their forms took on the appearance of two men in white lab coats.

Topaz blinked a few times as the fog in her mind lifted. “This isn’t my bedroom,” was her first clear thought. She seemed to be in a bright room with metal walls. Strange equipment was visible, here and there, and unusual sounds could be heard – sort of electronic sounds. The air seemed very fresh, almost like a Spring morning. There were two men in the room, and she was about to speak with them when she spotted something very familiar. Her nightdress. Over on a bench. She looked down. “Oh my god, I’m naked!” she choked out, covering herself with her hands.

The men moved closer, a look of concern on their faces. “Calm down, please. Everything is fine. You’re safe.”

Somehow, Topaz didn’t feel safe at all. She felt naked and vulnerable. She was so distraught that she didn’t immediately notice the loss of her pubic hair. She was too concerned as to why she was here, and who these men were. So she called out, “Who are you? Where am I? What do you want with me? And why am I naked!” Her tone of voice was a mixture of anger and hysteria.

The taller man spoke. “It’s OK, Miss. Really it is. We’re a scientific survey, and we’ve selected you as a specimen.”

Topaz’s eyelids flew up out of sight. “What? A specimen? Like for dissection?” Her voice was now filled with panic.

No, no! Nothing like that! I assure you. We’re just going to do some measurements.” He made a sound like he was clearing his throat. “Umm, and that’s why we had to remove that lower hair, in case you were wondering.”

She instinctively cupped her sex, and her touch reported how bald and smooth it felt. It was actually rather nice. But nice as it felt, it didn’t distract her from the key word he’d said. “Measurements?” Her hands dropped to her sides as she looked around the room more carefully. “Say, wait a minute. This isn’t some laboratory. When I went to sleep I was in my own bed. And there couldn’t be a laboratory like this for hundreds of miles. This is… this must be… a spaceship? And you must be aliens?!” She sounded actually curious now.

Meanwhile, Matrix and Grendel were getting strong mental pictures from Topaz about her assumptions of what aliens looked like. “Oh no,” Matrix groaned mentally, “not the big head idea – that looks so gross.”

Grendel sighed back, “It’s what she wants – what she expects. At least they’re green. Ready for transformation?”

Matrix thought back at him, “Yes, let’s do it.” To Topaz he said, “Yes, Miss. You saw through our ruse. It’s no sense hiding anymore.” The air around the two men shimmered, and they now looked smaller – alien – green skinned, large domed heads, skinny legs, and long prehensile fingers and toes. “Please don’t be frightened. We mean you no harm.”

Topaz was, of course, hearing his words in her mind. But the clarity of the communication was such that she didn’t even notice that only she was speaking aloud. “And you want to perform some measurements. And then I’ll be released, unharmed?”

That is precisely correct, Miss.”

You know, I’ve heard about these alien abductions, but I didn’t believe in them,” Topaz stated. “But I guess they’re true, though.”

They could tell she was relaxing, so they moved slowly forward and began running their fingers along her body. They were careful to touch her gently, because at first she was as skittish as a newborn filly, shivering wherever their fingers made contact. They were intrigued when goosebumps formed near their fingertips. Topaz might have been thinking they were measuring her, but they were actually feeling her up, and enjoying it greatly, now that she was alert and cooperating.

Her heart rate and breathing rate slowed as she calmed down. She liked the way her hair was being stroked. Those gentle tugs at her scalp sent soothing waves through her nervous system. And when one of them stroked the back of her neck, she almost purred with delight. Gradually, she felt caresses on her buttocks, thighs, calves, tummy, hips, flanks, neck and breasts. She was no longer thinking about measurements – she was awash in pleasure.

As her excitement grew, her breathing accelerated, as did the pumping of her heart. Her nipples engorged, stiffening, and the areolae that encircled their bases became all crinkled and pebbled, creating a fascinating texture. Grendel focused his attention there, exploring seemingly each and every one of those tiny pebbles with delicate fingertips, before grasping her nipples and tentatively squeezing them with a mild pressure. Topaz gasped and nodded.

Meanwhile, Matrix had become intrigued by her labia as they also engorged and became puffy. As he ran his fingertips along them, they reacted by opening of their own accord. A thin fluid began leaking out of her largest opening down there, and it gave off a mesmerizing scent. He knew he’d have to sample that fluid, sometime soon. It might prove to be the very essence of this being. But his attention was diverted at that point. Almost as if by magic, Topaz’s clitoris had slid into view, dark pink, swollen with hot blood, and visibly throbbing with each beat of her heart.

Even though it was pink, Matrix didn’t let that bother him. It was enchanting. Without really thinking about it, he took his fingertip and slowly stroked the clit’s shaft from its base to its tip. Topaz groaned loudly and shook. Worried, Matrix looked up and said, “Sorry, Miss. Did that hurt?”

Oh my god, no!” she exclaimed. “It felt wonderful. You guys may be aliens, but you’re really making me horny, touching me like this! Please measure that part again!”

Matrix obligingly stroked her clit again. After all, they were experimenting and gathering data. He learned that it took six more strokes like that before Topaz stiffened, and then started shaking uncontrollably, voicing strange syllables with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. They were seeing their first earthling in orgasm, and mentally sharing in her sensations – these novel thrills were exhilarating to the aliens. Her violent shaking made the nipples on her chest vibrate against Grendel’s fingertips in a most pleasing manner, he also learned.

After Topaz seemed to get her breathing back under control, Matrix said, “That takes care of the external measurements, I think.”

Topaz was getting her eyes back into focus. “The external ones?” she echoed. “Oh I suppose now comes the anal probe, I’ve heard about. Honestly, I don’t know what aliens find is so fascinating with our poop chute!”

Well, it’s not exactly an anal probe,” Matrix stated, manipulating the field that held her so that it bent her over at her waist. His garments dissolved like magic, and Topaz found herself faced with a pretty nice looking cock jutting from his loins. It looked like it was fully erect, and a perfect size, even if it was green.”

Topaz was still feeling blissful from her lovely climax, so she murmured, “Oh! It’s anal sex! Well, I guess I can’t stop you.” She actually giggled. “Now I know why those big macho guys that were abducted called it an anal probe! They didn’t want to admit to being buggered up their asses!”

Matrix decided he’d better humor her about the anal sex thing, even though the cock he was displaying was actually a prosthetic, as was the one Grendel was displaying. He dipped his cock briefly into her copious discharge of fluids, to make it slick, and then gingerly pressed it against her anal opening. He pressed softly, not having a clue as to how to work it through the tight opening.

Sensing his hesitancy, Topaz looked back and assured him, “I’ve been fucked in that hole lots of times. It don’t hurt me any. In fact, I like it. So grab a double handful of my ass cheeks and just poke it in hard!”

Matrix followed her explicit directions, and was gratified to hear her happy grunt as his cock drilled into her depths. He started pumping it in and out, wishing it had some sensation for his nervous system. But hopefully, that would come, soon.

Meanwhile, Topaz spotted Grendel just standing there with his stiff cock in his hand and graciously made an offer. “Say, little fellah. While you’re waiting for your turn at my backside, how about letting me suck on that for a while?”

This is exactly what we’d hoped for,” Matrix mentally communicated to Grendel. “Is it coated?”

Grendel thought back, “Yes. Not only is there a thin layer of the recommended solution coating it – I’ve also got it’s inner receptacle filled with more, and I can inject it into her mouth as she sucks!” Matrix sent the mental equivalent of a smiley face. They were ready.

The moment Grendel’s ‘cock’ touched her lips, a highly aroused Topaz started sucking eagerly on it. The taste was unusual – even alien – but she found she liked it. And the alien behind her was thrusting and thrusting, driving her toward yet another orgasm. She sucked harder, and fluid began filling her mouth. She swallowed it and wanted more, thinking, “I wish all the blow jobs I’ve given were as nice as this.” The solution was taking effect.

They could tell from her thought processes that Topaz was becoming contented and tractable from the solution she’d ingested. This was the moment of truth. “OK, Grendel,” Matrix thought. “Let’s allow her to see us as we truly are. If she freaks out, turn on the unconsciousness beam.”

Again the air shimmered around the aliens as they discarded the prosthetic cocks. Gone were the big heads with the bulging eyes. Gone were the arms and legs with their prehensile fingers and toes. The aliens were still green, but their main body mass was globular. Rising up from the body mass were three stalks with eyes atop each. Other than that, emerging from the body mass was a forest of tentacles! Long, sinuous, snake-like tentacles, moving in a satisfying weaving pattern through the air, never seeming to hold still, shifting and realigning.

Topaz blinked several times as her eyes took in the changes. Way, way back, shoved to the rear of her mind was some atavistic fear, but the solution was dampening it, suppressing it. Gradually, the weaving tentacles, strange as they were, took on a scintilla of beauty, which slowly magnified. Finally, Topaz got a lazy smile on her face. “Well, ain’t you the cutest little things I’ve ever seen?” she cooed. She focused on the ends of the tentacles. “Why some of them things you got look like they end in cocks, and others look like they end in mouths! Don’t that beat all!” She stroked one of Grendel’s tentacles, making him shiver with delight. “I sure hope we’re not done with those internal measurements, or whatever you call them, because I darn well wanna screw some more!”

She’s taking this even better than we’d dreamed,” Grendel thought at Matrix. “I’m going in!” One of his cock tentacles undulated over toward Topaz’s crotch. She smiled as she gripped it and guided it into her pussy. The thought waves of carnal joy that Grendel’s mind blasted into the ether as his true body extension was engulfed by that warm, buttery tunnel rocked Matrix on his supporting tentacles!

It’s really that good?” Matrix beamed at his brother.

Bet… bet… better,” Grendel mentally grunted, as his cock tentacle plunged happily in and out with deep, smooth strokes. He wrapped two prehensile tentacles around her waist for greater leverage. “Get in here, brother! She’s opening more, so there’s room for both of us. You won’t believe it until you feel it for yourself.”

Matrix eagerly complied. He was standing alongside Topaz, but angles didn’t matter one bit with their fluid sinuous tentacle movements. Two of his prehensile tentacles gripped her arms as one of his cock tentacles slithered over her dewy labia several times and then plunged inside her. The myriad sensors in his tentacle practically screamed with ecstasy as they reported their magnificent friction against Topaz’s tunnel wall. And that wall was alive and in motion, gripping and rippling! The two brother’s mental waves harmonized in a newfound rapture!

Topaz felt the strong grip of the tentacles at her arms and waist, but her focus was on the delicious sensation of the weird double fucking she was receiving inside her quivering pussy! “Ooohh!” she moaned. “You sure do know how to pleasure a gal! More! More! I’m almost there! Please don’t stop! No, no, don’t stop!” She groaned loudly. “My ass! Don’t forget my ass!”

The brothers did her bidding. Other tentacles gripped her legs, thighs, and elbows, while a cock tentacle from each brother squirmed their way forcibly through her anal ring and plunged farther up her rectum than any human cock had ever penetrated. Topaz’s eyes stared at infinity as this quadruple fucking rocketed her to a breathtaking orgasm! She was still in the throes of that orgasm when she managed to take a huge lungful of air and began to howl her release!

Matrix and Grendel, mentally connected with Topaz, shared and experienced that massive orgasm as their own! It was amazing! Their own seed spurted from the cock tentacles, conveyed in a warm yellow fluid that had the consistency of honey. Their emissions flooded her ass and womb, making her gasp and pant with delight. The fluid gushing into her pussy displaced much of Topaz’s cum, forcing it to drizzle out of her opening. Some of their mouth tentacles went down to the fluids escaping from her pussy, where they began sampling her juices. They found she was an acquired taste, and they quickly acquired it. Grendel remembered the way her nipples had engorged, so he sent a mouth tentacle to suck on a nipple. Matrix followed suit. The mouth tentacles also had tiny tongues, and those tongues got busy lapping at the very tip of each nipple as they sucked wetly.

Topaz’s mind was spinning out of control with lust from the overwhelming stimulation! She still felt the four tentacles fucking her pussy and ass, and the tiny tongues lapping at her labia. But now her nipples were being sucked and licked at the same time! She was arching and writhing with pleasure, moving so much that other tentacles wrapped around her body and limbs to let the aliens ravish her even more!

Being a traditional gal, she’d never experienced bondage before. True, these weren’t ropes binding her, but somehow being bound by their living ‘ropes’ was even more sexy! Since she was being rendered helpless like this, she found that she had to let go of any attempt at controlling her body, which allowed her to focus completely on their welcome, salacious assault. Mouth tentacles began lapping at her nape… down her spine… along her ass crack! She screamed joyously as another orgasm tore through her core! Again the aliens climaxed with her, injecting her with more of their semen.

Her scream reminded Grendel of the way in which Topaz had sucked at his prosthetic cock. He was in his own haze of bliss, but the notion entered his mind that maybe she’d want to suck on a cock tentacle, too. He tentatively presented one, touching it gently to her lips. Topaz focused for a moment and then greedily sucked the ‘cock’ into her mouth, washing it with fervent strokes of her tongue, pressing her lips on its shaft to give him better friction as he started moving it back and forth.

Matrix became aware of Topaz’s oral attention to his brother, since they were sharing her mental transmissions of arousal and pleasure. The more Topaz came, the more the aliens were treated to their equivalent of that experience. Matrix had mouth tentacles lapping at Topaz’s tummy, including that strange depression, but he diverted two downward, one to lap at her pee hole, and the other heading to her clit. Adjusting the latter’s diameter perfectly, he sheathed her swollen, throbbing clit with the tentacle mouth and started moving it forward and back. The effect was almost like her clit being a tiny cock, with his tentacle mouth as a receptive pussy. While doing this, he also let the tongue on that tentacle start to flutter on the very tip of her clit.

Topaz’s body experienced a new definition of ecstasy! Raw, undiluted ecstasy! Her brain became overloaded, with pleasure signals flooding every section. Neurons fired all over the place, and her body started shaking like she was having a seizure! In a way, she was afraid of such complete loss of control, but it felt so wonderful… so complete… that she also never wanted it to stop! She was having multiple orgasms, strung together explosively like the grand finale of a fireworks display.

Luckily, before any serious damage could occur, both Matrix and Grendel also went into fits of release, blinding in their intensity. This caused them to do the equivalent of fainting, which resulted in all of their tentacles going slack, and falling out of, and away from Topaz’s body. Their yellowish ejaculate began a slow oozing action, emerging from her mouth, pussy, and ass.

Since they were no longer entwined around her, holding her up, Topaz’s convulsing body started to go slack, and she would have fallen heavily to the floor, still trembling from her successive orgasms. But she didn’t, because a much larger tentacle wrapped itself around her waist, and prevented her from falling. She slumped like a rag doll in the embrace of that tentacle. She didn’t see any of this, because her eyes had rolled up in their sockets from the fantastic sensory overload.

The alien with the larger tentacle waited patiently for the trio to recover. Interestingly, Topaz was the first to regain her focus. She saw another alien was supporting her, similar in shape to Matrix and Grendel, but at least four times their size. Since she’d not been harmed in any manner, except perhaps for being ruined from ever finding sex with male humans being adequate, she wasn’t scared by this new being.

Hello,” Topaz said, smiling. “Have you been here all along?”

This alien had a deeper, more booming ‘voice’ as he answered, “No. My craft located this one and docked with it. Everyone seemed too preoccupied to notice my arrival and entry.”

Preoccupied,” Topaz echoed. She giggled, making her tits wobble enticingly as she made a fanning motion at her face with her hand. “Wooeee! I guess you could say that, all right! They were ‘preoccupying’ my brains out!”

During this chat, Matrix and Grendel raised their eye-stalks and blinked several times. When they saw the larger alien, their body color turned a deeper shade of green.

The larger alien said, “Hello boys. What’re you doing?”

Both smaller aliens diverted two of their eyes away from him, and they scraped their supporting tentacles on the deck in a movement that looked rather shy to Topaz. Matrix spoke in a mental mumble, “Just having a little fun, Dad.”

Playing with an earthling, I see. Well, you must’ve followed the manual pretty well, since she’s not screaming. But I guess you’d better put her back, now.”

Grendel sort of whined, “Awww, do we have to?”

Grendel,” his father replied, “judging by the amount of goo that I see dripping from her various orifices, it looks like you’ve had plenty of fun with her already.” His eye-stalks weaved around, scanning Topaz from various angles. “But she’s a very good specimen, I must admit.” He made a decision. “In fact, you don’t have time to return her, because you’ve got school tomorrow. I’ve pulled her home coordinates from your drive, so I’ll put her back while you two scoot home to your mother.”

It looked as if the boys were going to protest, so Rexstun held up a warning tentacle. “No protests, no arguments. Head for home – now!” He scooped up Topaz’s nightdress, and took it and her into his craft, sealing the hatch. He watched on a display to make sure his kids were obeying. Their craft zipped out of range, aimed accurately at their home planet.

He turned to Topaz and said rather apologetically, “I hope you don’t mind, Miss. Boys will be boys, you know. They’re the equivalent of what you might call ‘teenagers’ and their just having a little fun, sowing their wild gurnays, as most kids must, sooner or later. I’ll have you home in a jiffy, as you say.”

Topaz looked him over, eyeing his large tentacles, with their larger cock tips, and mouth tips. Her mouth, pussy and ass tingled just looking at them. “Ummm… are you in a real hurry, Mister?”

Well, no. Not really. This craft is a newer, more powerful model, so I could even get home well before they do. Why?”

Topaz blushed a little. “Well, I was just wondering… I mean… is it only young boys that need to sow their wild – whajacallem – gurnays? I mean… do you have any gurnays left in you that need sowing?” She blushed even more deeply.

Rexstun’s tentacles curled suggestively, and very soon Topaz found her pussy and ass impaled on his larger cock tentacles, while she suckled on the tip of another, pumping its gleaming length with both her hands. They copulated with lewd abandon. Several of his mouth tentacles were licking at her most erogenous locations, which included not only those that the boys had found, but also her toes and the backs of her knees. Before long she was writhing as a group of earth-moving, mind-shattering climaxes exploded inside her!

As she came, so did Rexstun, and his larger cock tentacles actually produced a series of ripples, almost like peristaltic waves, as he came. Each wave signaled a spurt of his hot, honey-thick semen being unloaded into her mouth, or ass, or pussy. What entered her mouth, she swallowed lustily. What entered her pussy forced its way into her womb. What entered her ass made its way deep up inside her, bathing her with an inner warmth. When he finally slipped free of her openings, he cradled her carefully with the gentle embrace of what felt like scores of tentacles.

Topaz had never felt so completely satisfied before, and Rexstun shared in that emotion of satisfaction. When they reached Topaz’s home, dawn was beginning to break, so Rexstun activated the craft’s cloaking device, even though there was little chance of anyone being nearby. Rather than using a beam to move her inside, he reached across the gap with his longer tentacles, and eased them both into her bedroom. Topaz was glad she didn’t have to walk, because, filled with so much alien semen, she was sure she’d make sloshing noises if she tried to move.

After setting her down gently, Rexstun held out some tentacles bearing a gold nugget, a good sized diamond and an egg-shaped ruby. “As a gift,” he began, “you can have any or all of these if you wish. They’re rather common on our planet, but I think people here on earth like them, and find them valuable. It’s my way of saying thanks for being so understanding about my boys.”

Thank you,” she said, accepting the gifts. She made a sound in her throat, “But…” She fell silent.

Yes?” he prompted.

She blushed. “Ummm is there any way…”

Is there any way, what?” he asked curiously.

Her blush deepened. She faced him. “Is there any way that I could signal either you or the boys to come and visit again? After all, they might need more practice… and… and… you might like to teach by example.”

Minutes later, she was at her window, watching his spacecraft flitting skyward. In her hand, she was clutching that precious signaling device, which he’d told her would glow with a yellow glow anytime it wasn’t a school night.

Trying to Get More Organized

OK, I admit it. I have ADD, or ADHD, or something… I can never stay focused long enough to determine the difference. And it damages my ability to stay on task. Thank goodness I don’t work for someone else, but if I don’t complete my personal projects on time, it hurts my pocketbook. I have a long distance Mistress in Second Life, and she noticed my bouts of inattention, and discussed it with me. She’s in the United States, and I’m in Belgium, so about all she can do to me is berate me, and humiliate me verbally in an attempt to get me to ‘toe the line’ as they say. By the way, I actually get aroused by humiliation, but I don’t act up on purpose to receive her torments. I botch things up very naturally.

We discussed my problem, and she came up with a possible solution. Belgium is a lot more lenient and worldly than the U.S. and we both knew that. “I want you to find a person nearby that can also act as your Mistress. She can chastise you physically if you don’t keep on task.”

I had some misgivings about ‘going public’ with my problems, and also worried that such services might be too costly, and the potential Mistress might be too harsh or demanding. But I wasn’t completely adverse to the idea, and actually, when I was honest with myself, mentally found the possible interactions to be exciting. So I gave it careful thought. I knew a woman or two in the so called ‘red light district’ in nearby Antwerp. I’d even sat in one friend’s booth, observing her negotiations with her clients, but never going into the back room with them when she was actually performing sexually. I thought about them as potential sources of information, if nothing else.

Finally, I took what felt like the safest route and shared my problem and ideas with a trusted friend, Tamara. I’d first met her when she was a PhD student of mine when I was still at the university. Once I left there and she’d graduated, she and I had been ‘friends with benefits’ for years, and I knew I could trust her discretion and judgment. To my delight, and the delight of my Second Life Mistress, Tamara found this idea intriguing, and agreed to try to arrange something for me. She was as good as her word. Within a week or two, she told me she’d made arrangements for a first session within the next few days. Maybe she didn’t want to give me too much time to think about it, and worry.

Tam also hinted with obvious glee that the person she had in mind might have lots of ‘interesting’ ideas on how to keep ‘Miss Professor’ (me) in line. Knowing me and my habits well, she knew perfectly well that sooner or later I’m bound to fail, and would reap the ‘benefits’ of being punished. She probably hoped to observed some of the chastisements I was sure to receive.

Early in the afternoon of the day in question, Tamara arrived at my house, as planned. She, closet Domme that she is, immediately told me to strip. Once I was naked, she blindfolded me, and gagged me, then looked through my closet for various things appropriate for me to wear for my session. She dressed me in something – no underwear, of course – added a dog collar with a thin chain leash, and put my converse sneakers on my feet. I heard her pick up my steel handcuffs, which I’d left on my bedside table, as instructed. She had me take hold of her elbow, so she could guide me down the stairs and out of my house. Stumbling along blindly, my dependence on her at this point began tapping into my submissive energy.

Removing my blindfold, Tamara bundled me into her car, and drove us to the red light district. As we left the car, she grabbed my leash and started leading me along the street. I kept my head bent, not looking at passersby, only glancing sideways at the walls and windows. Every time I slowed down, I felt the tug of the leash at my collar, which fitted snugly around my neck but had been securely locked since before we left home. Sometimes I felt its cold lock bouncing against my skin.

A soft hand on my chest stopped me and I looked up into the smiling face of Tamara, who was pleased at my compliance, and my blush of embarrassment. She’d brought me to this sex district after confirming that the party we sought was ready to receive me that day. The phone call that she’d made was actually to another friend of mine, who worked in this red light district, behind one of the many windows. In fact, it was the friend that I’d ‘observed’ that earlier time!

Tamara turned me by my shoulders towards the nearest window and I recognized my friend Pat immediately, even with the heavy make-up and flashy Lycra bikini she wore. Smiling, I nodded at her to signal my recognition. But she remained dead-serious, merely standing up and opening her window for us. Tamara stood back and pushed me forward, and I stepped over the threshold.

Tamara whispered into my ear, “Well, sweetie, I hope Pat will send you back out later, once she has started you on your journey to an existence with a lot more willpower. But this will take quite some time, so I’m not going to wait for it.” Then she handed the leash to Pat, slipped a blindfold over my eyes and gave me a soft kiss on my neck before departing.

I heard the window close behind me, and then the curtains were drawn shut. My leash was pulled softly and I took some careful steps forward. I heard the click of a carabiner, and assumed my leash had been attached to one of the rings that I knew were set in the wall. My friend Pat started to explain. “Well, you’re not the only one who’s asked for some ‘coaching’ from me. Normally I charge for this, but you’re my friend and I’ve decided to deal with you in a different manner. First you’ll strip, but keep your blindfold on.”

As I hesitated and opened my mouth to discuss and maybe protest, I got a hard slap on my cheek and yelped in surprise. Pat told me, “I said strip,” her voice level and serious.

I pulled my coat off my shoulders and took my shoes off, and I lifted my top and dropped my skirt, ashamed that I wore no underwear, although that was how Tamara had dressed me.

Once I was fully naked, my hands were pulled behind my back, and soft leather cuffs encircled them, locking my wrists together. The same thing was done to my ankles – they were cuffed with a short chain between them. “Open your mouth,” Pat said, and I felt her push a ball gag into my mouth.

I moved my head, still in the dark, hoping I was right in believing that the curtains were still closed, so the public passing by would not see my nudity.

Pat explained, “Tamara called me to ask if I knew a strict Mistress who could coach you to correct your lack of willpower. Someone able to inflict some punishments if you don’t follow the agreements you make with her. Well, I think that I myself can function as your Mistress, and can combine that coaching with the work I do here. But I want and need to work, and cannot lose customers because of it.”

I tried to say I’d gladly pay her for the effort but the sounds that came out were not understandable at all. Pat laughed. “I know you’re trying to say you want to pay me but it’s not necessary. There’s a good way for me to give you what you need, and even get more customers with it!”

She barely gave me a moment to think on that. “Just to demonstrate what can happen if you don’t listen, I’ll give you a trial run today. Then you’ll go back home, follow some simple instructions and get back to me in a week or two, as we agree. But first, let’s give you a safeword. Three quick ‘mmmm’ sounds in succession will cause me to stop what’s happening to you and check on you further.”

Once we’d tested my safeword, she dragged me over and made me bend forward onto a low table with a cushion on it. A belt was tightened over me and there I was… butt in the air, stark naked, gagged and blindfolded. My hands were drawn up behind my back a bit with a chain connected from the leather wrist cuffs to my collar, making my ass even more vulnerable.

Then she explained further. “You’re quite a sight, which should please and arouse my customers, once they enter this room. Here’s what’s going to happen. One day a while ago, you visited here out of curiosity to see how my work went, so you know I get a lot of customers each afternoon and evening. Most are very nice. But if I tell them a girl needs to be punished, that my arms are tired, and I ask their help, they most likely will agree to use a paddle or hand or flogger on you. You’ll need to be obedient and push your butt higher if that happens. I’ll check that no harm befalls you, and you will as yet not be penetrated – although….” and here, she felt my cunt with her fingers and rubbed it “…you seem to be excited like the real slut you are. And aw! I felt that! Your cunt clenched around my fingers upon hearing that. Well now, any questions? Or can I go on with my work?”

As I shook my head indicating I had no questions, she tightened the belt, rubbed my pussy some more, which almost gave me an orgasm, given the situation I was now in. She then put isolating earbuds with nice music in my ears so that I heard nothing in her room anymore.

There I was… waiting and tied down in a most humiliating position, blindfolded, ears plugged, gagged and pushing my ass up as high as I could, per command from Pat. And I was wet like a bitch in heat, and deeply ashamed this would be seen – and smelled, which only made me wetter. I tried to breathe steadily, calm down and not cum yet, since it would be clearly visible to Pat’s clients whenever I might orgasm. However, as time passed I was becoming more nervous, which dampened my lust somewhat.

I seemed to wait a long time, and then suddenly a hand groped my swollen cunt and grasping around it, cupped it and massaged it. I moaned hard, despite my shameful position, and then I got to smell my juices and taste myself, as the hand offered those fingers to my lips. In spite of the ball gag, I managed to lick the fingers clean, but I suddenly received a hard slap on my behind, clearly with one of the paddles I knew was present in the room. I yelped loudly in surprise and was glad the ball gag was muffling my sounds.

But it went on… slap after slap, until I lay whimpering in my bonds, tears in my eyes under the blindfold. I was trying to move my butt to avoid the swats until a plug was pulled out of my ear and I got clear instructions from Pat, “Don’t move! Stick your ass up, as a good slut should.” I clearly heard a man laugh in the background.

Then Pat said into my ear, “We’re going into the room nearby, for me to finish with this customer. But if any problems occur, make some sounds and I will come back – the rooms are not very soundproof.” And the plug was put back in my ear, as I realized that in all probability I had just been paddled gleefully by some stranger.

I laid there, feeling my ass already burning, wondering how long I was going to be restrained. I was praying I’d be able to really, really follow the instructions I’d get when leaving, since I now had some notion of the possible consequences if I failed to follow Pat’s orders.

Several times Pat loosened the earplugs and commented to some guy things like, “Look how wet she gets from this.” And he would laugh and not say much but I felt those eyes of his on me.

All in all, I was restrained on that table for an eternity – about 3 hours. I figured that in that time, at least 10 to 20 guys must’ve ogled me and swatted me. Later, I learned that Pat only had a total of five customers. My time bound to the table was not continuous. Pat very nicely gave me a break for some tea and a chance to use the bathroom. During that time, she took my blindfold off, removed the ball gag, and freed my hands. But she left my ankles still cuffed, still impeding my movements as I went to and from the bathroom. She commented that it was a good thing that I had been very obedient, or she’d have made me piss down my legs when I had to urinate. She might’ve been kidding, but her tone of voice made that doubtful.

After that break, rather than using the blindfold and gag again, Pat pulled a Lycra hood down over my head. I could see through it only dimly, but there wasn’t much to look at other than the table top, as she bent me over it, using my handcuffs to secure my wrists behind me, and then binding me down with the strap once again. The hood would assure my anonymity as long as I didn’t say very much. I didn’t have any trouble breathing through it, but its confinement produced a slight feeling of claustrophobia. Wearing it felt kinky and ‘hot’ – in both meanings of that last word.

As humiliating and embarrassing and exciting as this ordeal was, I didn’t quite manage to achieve an orgasm. During most of the time, I was quite tense, and always trying to figure out what would come next and whether anyone was nearby. When I was spanked or paddled, most of the clients didn’t paddle me long enough. It turns out that very few of her customers are interested in BDSM, so those people hit me softly, if at all. But near the end, I received a very intense and painful paddling, which I suspect was performed by one of the exceedingly muscular security guards, under Pat’s directions.

But at the very end of the evening, I was sufficiently relaxed to allow myself to cum. That last person paddled me quite sensuously. I hope it was Pat, because after several swats, the handle of the paddle was slowly inserted into my pussy. This was performed in a manner that made it clear that refusal was not an option. If the handle met resistance, a slight but unrelenting pressure was applied. The person merely waited until I opened more and let the handle slide further in. It probably didn’t go very deep, but it was a flattened piece of wood, which felt very odd inside me.

Once the handle was well seated inside my cunt, it wasn’t moved in and out, but turned back and forth around its own axis. That produced an amazing amount of stimulation, which made me cum very quickly! As my orgasm subsided, I could feel that the inside of my legs were drenched by the fluids ejected by my pussy. I couldn’t help but wonder if anyone other than Pat was watching this.

I was still moaning into the hood as I felt my feet being lifted, one by one, and my skirt sliding up my legs, and pulled up to my middle, covering my butt. Next, a hand reached up under my skirt, and lathered my pussy with a coating of Tiger balm, which I recognized by its characteristic scent. More of the ointment was rubbed onto my nipples. At that point, I was completely freed from the handcuffs, hood, and the strap that had bound me to the table top.

Pat allowed me to stand up, and gave me a towel so that I could wipe myself wherever I wanted. But, by then it was too late. The balm had started working, with its initial sensations of cooling already transforming into heat. I knew I’d be in for a stimulating half-hour as its tingling and itching sensations achieved their full effect. So, I was squirming in my seat as Pat – I was beginning to think of her as ‘Mistress Pat’ now – ordered a taxi, and began changing her clothes to leave.

We had to walk together quite some distance through the red light district to reach the place where the taxis can pick up the workers. During our walk, Pat gave me the instructions of the things she required me to do until the next time I saw her. I listened very carefully, trying to ignore the leering passersby and their ribald comments. I had to give Pat’s voice my focus, and hoped I’d remember her requirements clearly when I got home.

As we rode together in the taxi, Pat commented loudly, relating some things she’d observed about my actions. She said, “You know how I told you to push your naked ass up higher when someone was near you, offering it to be paddled or spanked? That was quite a sight, let me tell you!” she crowed.

Since he’d picked us up at the red light district, the taxi driver knew full well what sort of display I’d been giving. He looked at me in his mirror and gave me a salacious wink! I was mortified! It was even more humiliating, because I remembered how I’d stuck my ass up a few times and waited as nothing happened, and ultimately, because of fatigue, I had to lower it back down again.

She continued, still loudly, for the benefit of the driver, “Yes, you looked like… like a bitch in heat, wagging her tail to make the dog come and breed her!”

I must’ve turned scarlet, because I knew it was true. To my own surprise, on those occasions, I really pushed back… trying to get something to touch my sopping cunt. At first I did it without hearing anything because I’d felt some air flow or some vibrations (those earplugs muted everything). Knowing some customer was around, or thinking that one was, I was sticking up my butt and cunt trying to touch his paddle or hand. My cunt was dripping, anticipating a touch or a slap. It really brought home to me what a slut I was. I was glad that Pat had the taxi driver drop me off at the end of the main street that led, farther down the road, to the side street where my house was located. I didn’t really want that driver to know exactly where I live!

Thus, in that one afternoon and evening session, Pat clearly demonstrated some of the punishments she might give me if I don’t follow her orders. I had to put a soft cushion on my desk chair for days afterward. For several days following that, the bruises and swat images were still clearly visible on my buttocks.

Each day, I’m required to take lipstick and draw several circles on my body. Two of them encircle the bases of my breasts, and two more go around the edges of my areolae. A final two large ones are drawn on my buttocks – difficult to do, staring over my shoulder into a mirror. In addition to the circles, I have to paint lipstick lines along the edges of my smoothly shaved labia and also paint it on my clit. Once the lipstick is applied, I smear the areas with auto tanning cream, and have to stay standing naked for an hour or so before I can clean it all off.

Doing this is one of the ways that Mistress Pat is teaching me some discipline. She’ll be able to inspect my tan whenever she wishes, and expects to see bright white tan lines where the lipstick prevented the tanning cream from reaching my skin. To add to my arousing embarrassment, she hinted that she might ask Tamara to do the inspection from time to time, and report if I’m being disobedient.

I’m also required to keep a journal, which, in the past, I’ve never succeeded in doing. She’ll go through it with me, or ask Tam to do it. So the days that I don’t accomplish much I’ll now see, and then we can correct or adjust my behavior. No coach has ever succeeded in having me keep one. I didn’t have any bad intent – I’d just forgot to do it. But now there is some uh… motivation… But it also turns me on – both the thought of sharing some intimate details of my personal life with Pat and Tamara, and also the possible consequences of slipping up. I’ve no idea what ‘evil’ things they might do to me, but they are actually very friendly and joyful people, so I am confident it will all be for my good. Being a very good friend, Tamara has a key to my house, and can drop in at any time.

I’m hoping to get my life organized again, so keeping track of what I get done, how efficiently it’s done, and how often I get distracted from my task is important. The journal is the first step in gathering such information.

Consequently, I’ve tried hard to maintain this journal. It’s an act of submission, in a way, and I’ve always found doing submissive things to be attractive. And Pat not only wants a record of how I’m spending my time doing work, she also wants details of every time I pleasure myself – method used, toys involved, physical location, intensity and duration of orgasm(s), etc. The humiliation of doing this is compounded by the fact that my Second Life Mistress often gives me tasks of a raunchy nature, like making me press my tits against one of the windows of my house as I masturbate, or making me stand on my head while I bring myself to orgasm, or even pissing on myself in my bathtub! Pat and Tamara may know I’m kinky, but some of this may be eye-openers for them! Learning this, they might feel more free to escalate the obscene things they’ll have me do. That’s my fear – or is it my hope?

Molly and the New Editor

Molly was feeling apprehensive.

Her former editor, Charlie, had retired early so he could live his dream of sailing around the world. Her relationship with him over the years had been wonderful. He praised her erotic short stories, telling her how great they were. Telling her how little he needed to do to them, since they were so polished. Okay, maybe some of that praise from him was generated by his desire to get into her pants. He’d even asked her if she wanted to sail with him on his retirement venture. She liked him – a lot – but not quite that much.

So now she had a new editor, Gwendolyn, a.k.a. Gwen. Molly’d submitted her latest story collection in the usual manner. In the past, Charlie would make his minor corrections to it, and send it back to her for her final write up. Visits to the office were confined to discussions of Molly’s upcoming projects. But this time, Molly received a call from Gwen directly, rather than getting her manuscript back.

Molly? This is Gwen,” she’d said. “We need to talk. Can you be in my office by 3 pm today?” The way she’d said it sounded more like a command than a request. And, in Molly’s experience, any time a person said the words ‘we need to talk’ it was bad news. Therefore Molly was apprehensive as she rode the elevator up to the floor where Gwen’s office was located.

It was Charlie’s old office, so Molly knew right where to go. And she was well known enough to the staff that no one stopped her from walking back – mostly, they said ‘hello’ and ‘hello Molly’ as she passed. The door to Charlie’s office was closed when Molly reached it, and that was unusual, in and of itself. It was just 3 pm, so Molly tapped on the door.

Come in,” Gwen called out.

As Molly entered, Gwen said, “Ah, Molly. Right on time. Close the door. Have a seat.” All this was spoken in a flat monotone, with no lilt of greeting. Gwen didn’t rise, didn’t smile, and didn’t offer her hand.

Molly looked at the stern-faced woman behind the desk, with her closely-cropped black hair, her dark irises, her lack of makeup other than a smear of lipstick. Her first impression was that Gwen was what might loosely be called a ‘butch’ in her general orientation, and maybe also a ‘bitch’ in personality, judging from her lack of warmth. The meeting was off to a very bad start.

It got worse when Gwen opened a desk drawer, pulled out Molly’s manuscript, and tossed it onto the center of her desk. “This,” Gwen pronounced, “is tripe, Molly. I’ve read all your collections, and each one seems as trite as the last. Your work seems to lack a true feeling for the subject matter.”

Molly’s jaw dropped. Charlie had never spoken to her like this.

Your writing seems to be mechanical and hackneyed, rather than visceral,” Gwen continued. “It’s almost like you don’t have any ‘skin in the game’ as they say. You write about sex and bondage as if you’ve never experienced them.”

Molly’s heart sank, hearing those words. The problem was that Gwen was deadly accurate in her assumptions. Molly had been writing about things she imagined. Charlie had never called her on this – was he just being kind? Had he been jollying her along, hoping to get her into bed sometime? Were people laughing behind her back? The thing is, Molly enjoyed writing. And she enjoyed writing in this genre, because it gave her a vicarious thrill, imagining the situations she described. She was crestfallen to think that this path of emotional release was being closed. And if Gwen thought her writing was this bad, would she be able to find another publishing house that would take her?

Gwen interrupted her train of thought, asking, “When was the last time you got laid, Molly?”

Her mouth opening and closing like a fish gasping for air, Molly was shocked by such a direct, personal question.

How many hand jobs have you given? Blow jobs? How often do you have anal sex? When was the last time you had your pussy eaten? Do you yourself like going down on women?” Gwen kept hammering her with questions.

As far as bondage goes, how many times have you ever been tied up during sex? Have you ever felt the bite of nipple clamps? How about spanking, flogging, caning, whipping – any experience with those?” Gwen was relentless in her inquiries.

Molly sagged in her chair, then slumped. She was having a difficult time holding back her tears. It had been years since she’d even had vanilla sex, missionary position, with an ex-boyfriend. She’d never had the opportunity to experiment sexually with another woman. She fantasized about bondage scenarios, and liked fantasizing about them, which is why such elements kept creeping into her stories. But she had no real experience with such things. Gwen was baldly exposing her inadequacies. Despair overwhelmed her, and she started weeping.

Gwen revealed her first scintilla of concern when she saw Molly’s tears. She arose from her chair, and came around her desk to kneel next to Molly, asking, “What’s wrong?”

Molly sucked in a breath of air and blubbered, “But I like writing these sorts of stories. Now I don’t know what I’m going to do.”

Gwen stroked Molly’s hair in a manner designed to soothe. “Honey, I wasn’t saying that you had to stop writing. I’m just trying to get to the heart of the problem. I can tell that you’re a good writer, and by good, I mean you have a good grammatical style, and attention to details, and you attempt to invoke many of the readers senses. This publishing house has a strong bent towards erotica, whether the stories deal with bondage or not. We feel the stories work out best when they’re based upon at least an iota of experience. That’s why I was questioning your experiences.”

I don’t seem to have much experience,” Molly confessed. “All those questions you asked me. I just heard myself mentally answering ‘none’ to almost all of them. But what can I do about it?”

We don’t want to lose you as a writer, Molly. Far from it. Most of the manuscripts that I have to read look like they were written by people that never finished the fourth grade. Yours are an editorial pleasure to read, by comparison. But we have to help you develop your intimate knowledge of the subject matter,” Gwen explained.

Molly’s tears had stopped flowing, and she wiped her eyes and blew her nose with tissues that she pulled from her purse. “You think you can help me? How? In what way? I don’t want to read other people’s stories. I’m afraid certain phrases will stick in my mind, leading to plagiarism, so I’ve avoided doing that, Gwen. So what’s left? What can I do?” Molly’s questions tumbled out, as if she was flailing around in deep water, unable to swim, desperate to reach the life ring nearby.

Gwen grinned. “It’s so obvious, I’m surprised a clever woman like you hasn’t thought of it already.” She took Molly’s hand. “Come with me.”

She led the mystified Molly down the hall to another office. Hearing ‘come in’ in answer to her tap, Gwen opened the door, and led Molly in, closing the door behind them. She spoke to the good-looking, dark-haired man behind the desk. “Thomas, this is Molly, the writer we discussed. Molly, meet Thomas, an Associate Editor here.”

Molly’s heart flip-flopped in her chest. Was Gwen passing her off to an underling editor? Nevertheless, she plastered a smile on her face and said, “I’m pleased to meet you, Thomas.”

Thomas looked her up and down, smiling. “The feeling is mutual, I’m sure, Molly.”

Still willing, Thomas?” Gwen asked him. He grinned and nodded. “Excellent,” Gwen continued. Turning to Molly, she said, “OK, Molly. Give Thomas a blow job.”

Molly froze, refusing to believe what she’d just heard. “Do what?” she queried, voice cracking.

You must’ve heard me, Molly. Give Thomas a blow job,” Gwen repeated.

Molly stared at Gwen, then at Thomas, and stated, “You must be joking. You can’t be serious.” But Thomas had swiveled his chair sideways from his desk, tacitly giving her access to his lap.

I’m very serious, Molly,” Gwen rebutted. “I want you to kneel down between his legs and do it. But not just a quickie, mind you. While you’re doing it, use all your senses, and tell me what you’re aware of and what you’re feeling. You need experience, we both agree, and I want you to be mindfully present as you gain fresh knowledge.”

It took Molly a minute or so to process what Gwen was saying. Strange as this situation seemed, it appeared that Gwen and Thomas were really trying to help her make her writings more realistic, by giving her personal knowledge to draw upon. And Thomas appeared to be warm and inviting, and he certainly was good looking. She found herself wondering what his cock would feel like in her hands – it had been so long since she’d held one. This was her chance. But Gwen would be watching, and Molly, perpetually shy, wasn’t much of an exhibitionist.

She was still mentally warring within herself when her body apparently moved of its own volition. She certainly didn’t think she’d decided to do this. But her body stepped around the corner of Thomas’ desk, and its knees bent, and she found herself nestled between his legs, looking up into his face!

Remembering that Gwen had instructed her to report information, Molly began, “I’m aware of Thomas’ deep brown eyes, and the way they sparkle. Of his lips, curved into a smile of invitation. I can see the blood vessel in his neck pulsing, showing me how his heart rate is increasing as he sees me between his legs. His chest is moving up and down, as his breathing deepens. It looks like he’s gripping the chair arms more tightly in anticipation of what I’m about to do.”

Yes, very good. Keep going,” Gwen encouraged.

Molly placed her hands on Thomas’ thighs. “The warmth of his clothing under my hands feels wonderful.” She moved her hands up and down his thighs slowly. “The texture of the material is smooth and pleasing. I think I can see him stirring under his trousers as I speak and describe these things.”

Gathering her courage, Molly placed her hand gently on his crotch. “Yes… there is subtle movement here, where I’m touching.” Her hands moved to his belt. “I’m aware of the smell and the feel of the leather of his belt as I tug it loose, like this.” Having undone the belt, Molly tilted the top edge of his trousers forward, looking inside. “Inside the top front of his trousers is a hook, reminiscent of a hook on the back of my bra.” She unhooked it, and took hold of the tab on his zipper. Slowly dragging the zipper downward, she reported, “My fingers are vibrating as I unzip his fly, and the ‘zzzzzt’ of the zipper is clearly audible in the quiet of this room. Quiet, that is, except for the heavier breathing of the three people present in the room.”

Molly moved her hands out of sight into the space behind Thomas, between his body and the chair. “I’m blindly hooking my fingers under his waistband near the small of his back, and I’m well aware that my fingers are finally in direct contact with his flesh, because I’m grasping both his trousers and his underpants. Now I’m encouraging him to lift his butt a small amount as I pull at his clothing, because I want him naked from his waist down, with his clothing pooled at his ankles.” Her actions suited her words.

She paused, her hands resting on his naked thighs, and gazed at his exposed manhood. “This is my first look at Thomas’ cock, and I hope he’ll not be offended if I describe it as ‘cute’ looking. It’s resting atop his furry ball sack, cradled between two prominent, oval-shaped testicles. Seeing the size of those testicles gives me hope that this man can deliver a nice sized load. His cock is still rather limp, but I hope to change that soon.”

Molly turned her head towards Gwen, and then tilted it until her cheek softly rested on Thomas’ cock and balls. “I like the feel of his manly package against my cheek.” She moved her head in small circles, nuzzling against him. “His skin feels warm, and the fur on his scrotum tickles my cheek as it caresses it. In this position, his earthly, spicy scent fills my nostrils. I’m enjoying it. Oh – I think I’m getting a response now. His cock is pressing more firmly against my cheek.”

Thomas was indeed responding, feeling Molly touching him in this manner, and hearing her describe her perceptions. He looked over at Gwen and winked as he nodded.

As Molly raised her cheek upward, Thomas’ cock stuck to her skin briefly, then came free. Partially engorged now, it hovered in the air, arched over his ball sack. “Since this was trapped in his clothing all day, I imagine it got a bit sweaty,” Molly mused, taking the crown of his penis delicately between her thumb and index finger. “Let’s find out,” she murmured, bringing her lips close to its shaft.

Gwen and Thomas both watched intently as Molly poked out her tongue and began licking the entire surface of the cock’s shaft. If she licked it hesitantly at first, she quickly overcame her shyness, and began tongue bathing it with obvious relish. “Mmmmm, yes,” she purred. “Quite salty and delicious.” Under her oral ministrations, the cock soon became fully erect. Its purplish glans swelled like a mushroom cap at its peak. Perhaps Thomas was working some internal musculature, but for some reason the glans seem to surge and ebb, as if begging for Molly’s mouth.

But Molly was fully into savoring this experience by this point, so she scooped up Thomas’ testicles, one in each hand. Giving each individual attention, she carefully sucked it into her mouth, and thoroughly washed it with an eager tongue. As the second one popped free of her lips, Molly commented, “It felt fantastic having his balls in my mouth. I loved sucking on them, and from the moaning sounds that Thomas is making, I think he liked it too.”

OMG, yes!” Thomas confirmed. His cock was now jerking up and down as his body expressed his excitement. The tiny slit in the head of his cock was oozing a clear fluid, droplets of which were being flung into the air by its motions. One arced through the air, and struck Molly right on the tip of her nose, making her giggle.

That must be his precum that he’s tossing all over the place,” she chuckled. “Can’t have that getting on everything, now can we?” To Thomas’ immense relief, she took control of his errant member with her hand, leaned forward, pursed her lips, and swiftly engulfed its head with her warm mouth, sucking.

Oh, fuck! That feels so good!” Thomas groaned.

Molly took her mouth off of his cock long enough to look him in the eye and promise, “It’s going to feel a lot better very soon, Sir. Your precum tastes delightful, by the way. Now I want to discover what your cum tastes like.” Molly was learning that, even though it had been a long time since she’d given a blow job, just like riding a bicycle, the body stores memories of how things are done.

Gwen nodded approvingly as she watched Molly not only return to sucking on the head of Thomas’ cock, but also add several actions designed to intensify his pleasure. Molly was bobbing her head up and down rapidly, while one of her hands pumped the base of his dick, and her other hand caressed his balls. Gwen had hoped that Molly could put aside her shyness, and embrace passion. It was now obvious that she could. Gwen judged that nothing else in the world existed for Molly at this moment other than Thomas’ cock. She was watching Molly give one of the most heartfelt blow jobs that she’d ever seen.

Thomas, gripping the arms of his chair, was slowly arching his back, raising his pelvis in offering to Molly’s ravenous mouth. “Shit, shit, shit!” he cried. “I’m trying to hold back, but I can’t!” His whole body shuddered as he began spurting.

Molly continued her head bobbing, cock pumping, and ball caressing as Thomas started his orgasm. The only new thing that she added was swallowing, drinking his semen as fast as he could spurt it. She’d almost forgotten how good semen tasted to her. She quenched her thirst as well as she could, consuming whatever Thomas could give her. When he stopped shuddering, and slumped back down onto his chair, she used her hands to strip whatever cum remained in his cock’s shaft up to its head, and into her mouth.

She settled back onto her heels, still holding his deflating dick in her hand, and smiled up at Gwen. “His cum has a very piquant flavor, Gwen. I wouldn’t mind having more of it in the future. I couldn’t relate any details with my mouth full, but as I sucked on him, it felt like his cock swelled even more in my mouth. I was fully focused on what was in my mouth and hands, and only vaguely aware of his moans, groans, and ragged breathing. I wasn’t aware of you being in the room at all, I’m afraid. When his hips rose toward my face, and he cried out, within a second or two I felt his cock began to twitch as spasms rippled along it. After that, it was all I could do to swallow his load fast enough to keep myself from choking.” Lifting Thomas’ scrotum to call attention to it, she continued, “These balls of his really can deliver a massive load, as I’d hoped.”

On impulse, Molly rose up and kissed Thomas gratefully. Angling herself so that she could see both Gwen and Thomas, Molly asked them, “Is that what you had in mind when you told me to give Thomas a blow job?”

Gwen answered for the two of them, because Thomas was still panting, trying to catch his breath. “Molly, that was spectacular! I’ve never seen it done better. But the big question is, do you think that you can incorporate all those details, all that passion, into your writing?”

In answer, Molly closed her eyes, and briefly relived what she’d done, remembering the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures, along with the feelings that arose in her. With a happy smile, she replied, “Yes, Gwen. I think I can. I think I can weave a rich tapestry, given what just happened in this room. Thank you.”

I don’t think we’re done for today, though,” Gwen said. “You’ve proven you’re accomplished at fellatio, but how about cunnilingus?”

Molly’s face colored with embarrassment. “I’ve never had the chance, Gwen. I told you my sex life was very vanilla.”

Well, dear, there’s no time like the present,” Gwen stated, eyes gleaming. She sat down in one of the other office chairs.

Gwen, do you mean…” Molly’s voice trailed off as her mouth went dry.

Yes, Molly. Do me – right here, right now. And yes, with Thomas watching.”

I’ve… I’ve always wanted to try, but to be honest, I feel very shy right now.”

Why?” Gwen asked her.

Molly thought for a moment. “The unknown, I guess. But I’m willing to try.” Even though Molly said that aloud, her heart was still filled with trepidation. In the distant past, she had given lovers blow jobs, but she had never ever gone down on a woman. As Molly walked over to Gwen’s chair, she felt her legs starting to shake, so she quickly knelt down. Her hands betrayed her fear and uncertainty, because they were shaking as she reached out towards Gwen’s legs.

Gwen sat there and looked down with a bemused expression at the woman kneeling between her legs. “She’s a virgin at doing this. This should be very interesting,” she thought. Speaking to Molly she said, “Don’t forget to narrate what you’re doing and feeling.”

Molly nodded her understanding, and began, “My body apparently wants to hyperventilate, so I’m deliberately forcing myself to take slow, deep breaths. As I kneel here, I’m feeling rather submissive for some reason – I didn’t feel that way in front of Thomas.” Molly didn’t say it out loud, but she felt that Gwen exuded an aura of power, which was quite palpable to her.

Looking at your skirt, I’m aware that it ends with its hem just above your knees,” Molly continued. She placed her hands on Gwen’s bare knees, pleased that the firm contact helped keep them from shaking further. “The skin that I’m feeling is very smooth, unlike Thomas’ – and it’s even more warm than his was.”

Molly began moving her hands up Gwen’s thighs, bunching the edge of her skirt upward. More and more of Gwen’s thighs came into view. When Molly’s hands reached Gwen’s hips, she gasped audibly. “I’m slightly shocked to see that you’re not wearing panties, Gwen. But I’m even more shocked by the fact that I’m looking at the bald labia of your smoothly shaven pussy!”

Molly moved her head a little closer, inhaling. “Your scent is so different from a man’s scent, Gwen. Not so spicy – more, I don’t know, flowery?” Molly took the skirt hem that was beneath Gwen’s thighs and scooped it so that it ended up behind the woman’s butt. But in this position, the front part of the hem kept threatening to fall back in the way. Sighing with a little bit of frustration, Molly rotated the skirt to get at its button and zipper. Opening them both, she tugged the skirt downward, and with Gwen’s assistance, pulled it completely off.

Still feeling a little awkward at staring at the woman’s pussy, Molly leaned way over, trying to kiss her mound. She could barely press her lips there, though, because the angle was all wrong. Mentally, Molly decided, “Oh, what the heck.” She scooped her hands beneath Gwen’s ass cheeks, and pulled her pelvis all the way to the front edge of the chair. She was so focused on this task, that she didn’t look up to see Gwen nodding her approval, as she was able to spread her thighs even wider apart now.

Molly began kissing Gwen’s inner thighs, gathering her courage to eventually explore the area between them. “I’m amazed at how hot these inner thighs of yours are, Gwen.” She paused in her kissing to rub her cheeks against the woman’s thighs, meanwhile sneaking peeks at her smooth pussy. She began kissing again, and even gave that thigh flesh several licks. “This skin is ultra smooth, and has a slight salty taste,” she reported.

Molly couldn’t delay the inevitable any longer. She decided to get the ‘lay of the land’, so to speak. She used her fingers to delicately part the smooth outer labia on Gwen’s pussy. “I’m opening you now,” Molly informed the woman, unnecessarily. “What I see inside is a little more pink, and glistening. Your scent is intensified, but pleasantly intriguing. I feel my heart speeding up and my breath coming quicker. I’m beginning to wonder what you’ll taste like.” She felt Gwen’s body give a delicate shiver in reaction to those words, and smiled.

Touching Gwen’s inner labia with her fingertips, Molly said, “These inner lips are thinner, and more delicate – their pink coloration is slightly tinged with brown at their very edges.” She pulled carefully at them. “As I try to separate them, I find that their moisture makes them stick together slightly, with some fluid leaking from their lower edge. This may be similar to the precum I saw leaking earlier from Thomas’ cock. Do you agree, Thomas?” Molly glanced up at him, to include him.

Thomas was eyeing the tableau with great interest. “Yes, I think its the female equivalent,” he agreed.

Finally getting Gwen’s inner labia to separate from each other, Molly’s attention was immediately drawn to the vaginal opening. “My pulling action on your labia has stretched your vagina open a little bit, Gwen,” Molly reported. “I can see part way down into your pink tunnel. Its edges look like they have thin, delicate fingers like a fringe along part of its length. They’re in motion, swaying as the muscles in the walls sort of ripple. This is both lovely and fascinating! It’s my first closeup look at a real cunt! I’ve only seen pictures of them, or my own, distantly, in a mirror.”

Molly leaned in and kissed Gwen’s mound, still a little uncertain about putting her mouth directly on the woman’s cunt. “Thank you for sharing… for giving me this opportunity, Gwen,” she whispered.

It’s wonderful hearing you give a detailed description of what you’re observing about me, and about yourself, Molly. Please continue,” Gwen instructed her.

Tearing her focus away from the woman’s intriguing vagina, Molly looked upward. “That must be the hole where urine emerges,” she stated.

Oh, please, Molly. No need to be clinical. It’s the hole where I piss, right?” Gwen asked, chuckling.

Molly blushed. “Yes. It’s your pee hole. Maybe…” Molly paused. She took a breath, then blurted out, “Maybe sometime you’ll let me watch you piss?” Her vocal tone rose at the end of the sentence, indicating it was a question.

If you want me to, Molly,” Gwen promised. “If you ever want to write about golden showers, you’d probably better watch me pee, and Thomas too.” Thomas nodded as Molly glanced up at him again.

Hearing that makes me feel both scared and elated, Gwen,” Molly told her. She pressed Gwen’s inner labia a little farther apart, examining the top area where they joined. “OMG!” she blurted out. “There’s your clit, Gwen! I see its head peeking out from its hood! It’s much bigger than I’d have guessed. Mine feels so small when I touch it.”

Are you sure you’re looking at the right thing, Molly? Wet a finger and touch what you think is my clit. Let’s make sure.”

Molly suspected that Gwen was trying to accomplish two things: getting Molly to finally touch a very intimate area of her sex, and, getting Molly to finally give her some pleasure, after such a lengthy examination. But Molly was less afraid now, caught up in the learning process. She wet the tip of her index finger in her mouth, and gently prodded the head of the clit. “Right… here,” she related. She used her other hand to press back the hood even farther, so her finger could caress the sides of the clit’s shaft, as well. She was instinctively diddling Gwen the way she played with her own clit, and it was working.

Gwen gave out a gasping moan. “Oh yes! You’re right on target, Molly. Now that you know where everything is, what are you going to do?” Gwen was already quite excited, having a woman who’d never tasted pussy about to go down on her. Her juices were weeping from her pussy, trickling around the curve of her ass cheek.

This was the moment of truth for Molly. Her big chance to taste a woman other than herself. Inexperienced as she was, she still wanted to do a good job. “Well, I started out by licking Thomas, and that went well,” she thought to herself. “Let’s see if Gwen reacts in a similar manner. Besides, from what I can remember, when men went down on me, they used a lot of tongue, before fingering and/or sucking me.”

Gwen had asked what sounded like a rhetorical question, so Molly didn’t answer verbally. She started licking Gwen’s inner labia, tasting the woman’s salty fluids. She licked and licked, first one, and then the other, listening to Gwen’s breathing catch, and then accelerate. She didn’t have to look up at Gwen’s expression – her pattern of breathing was confirmation enough that she was enjoying this.

The inner surfaces of both labia were now wet with Molly’s saliva. The textures of those soft folds were so inviting that Molly actually sucked one of the inner labia into her mouth, in a fashion similar to the way she’d sucked in one of Thomas’ balls. Gwen gasped loudly, and pressed her knees against Molly’s shoulders, not pushing her away, but embracing her. Gratified, Molly turned her oral attentions to the other of the labia, hearing Gwen start to purr with pleasure.

Again using her fingers to keep the labia spread wide open, Molly lowered her face, so her tongue could swipe through the fluids trickling from Gwen’s cunt. Gathering a good sample, she curled her tongue back into her mouth and tasted. Tasted and savored. It was similar to Thomas’ precum, but subtly, and wonderfully – different. And Molly liked it. It didn’t even taste like her own pussy juices did. It was a unique ‘Gwen flavor’ and delightful. Molly hoped Gwen’s cum tasted at least as good.

Her tongue was now busy licking the rim of Gwen’s vaginal opening, tasting and enjoying. Her fingers were busy holding the area wide open for clear access. As Gwen became more excited, her scent became more musky, which Molly found enchanting. She inhaled deeply as her tongue went around and around Gwen’s hole.

Gwen was gripping the chair arms, murmuring, “Yes, yes. Oh god, yes. There. There. More. Please more.”

Molly realized that her hands were in the way for what she desperately wanted to do next, so she let go of the labia, keeping them open with brief sideways swipes of her still circling tongue. Her hands slid under Gwen’s ass cheeks, so Molly now had control of the woman’s hips and pelvis. Now she could do it. With a swift, sudden plunge, she jabbed her tongue as deeply as possible into Gwen’s cunt, and began rapidly flipping her tongue tip against the sensitive tunnel walls.

Gwen screamed with pleasure when she felt Molly’s tongue wriggling in her depths. Her scream became a shriek when Molly’s lips now sealed her vaginal opening as she started sucking and swallowing. “OMFG! That’s… That’s… I’m gonna… Fuck!” was all that Gwen could gasp out before her body was convulsing with a sudden orgasm!

Molly’s sucking drew Gwen’s cum up into her mouth. At first, she was too busy keeping up with the flow, swallowing it rapidly, to pay much attention to its taste. But as the initial surge ebbed, Molly had a chance to learn that the cum was subtly different in quality and flavor, having a spicier overtone. Molly wanted more.

Gwen had stopped thrashing, so Molly withdrew her tongue and lapped briefly directly on Gwen’s pee hole. Gwen made a sound like ‘unghh’ and clamped her knees more firmly on Molly shoulders. Apparently that spot was quite sensitive, but Gwen wasn’t pushing Molly away. The editor’s inner labia had puffed up, engorging with hot blood. Molly felt their wet warmth caressing her cheeks. She hooked the tip of her tongue under the lip of one of them and dragged it upwards. When it barely brushed Gwen’s clit, Mollie repeated the action on the other side.

Gwen let go of the chair arms, and used her index fingers to fully pull back the hood over her clit. “Please, please, do my clit,” she begged. That hot pink rod of flesh looked like it was pulsating before Molly’s eyes.

Remembering what had been done to her in the past, Molly slipped two fingers into Gwen’s vagina, positioning them against its front wall, deep to the woman’s clit. Applying a hooking action to her fingers, Molly was both amazed and gratified to watch the clit lift into a erect stance that made it jut forward proudly. Turning her head from side to side, Molly licked the entire surface of its shaft, listening to Gwen’s screeches of pleasure. Molly used her free hand to press against the woman’s mound, controlling her pelvis.

After subjecting Gwen’s clit to this enjoyable torture for several minutes, she finally sucked the entire rod into her soft warm lips. She continued a light suction as her agile tongue tip began a gentle flicking over and over on the trapped head of the clit. Her fingers inside of Gwen’s cunt started stroking the inner wall beneath the throbbing clit.

Gwen’s hands slammed back onto the arms of the chair, as she threw her head back and began howling and vocalizing unintelligible sounds as a fantastic climax erupted from her core. Molly’s hand at her pussy got quite soaked with a fresh load of cum. Molly kept pressing, sucking, and stroking until Gwen’s hands came to the sides of her head, and gently pushed, signaling a silent plea for her to stop.

Removing her mouth from the woman’s sex, Molly eased her fingers out of the cunt, and began sucking and licking the cum off her hand. As she did so, she looked up first at Gwen’s sweating neck and heaving torso as the woman sucked deep lungfuls of air, trying to catch her breath.

Thomas, who’d been silently observing, commented, “Holy crap, Molly! You made her eyeballs roll back in their sockets!”

Indeed, it took Gwen several minutes to get her eyes back into focus, and her breathing more normal. During this time, Molly decided that it would be good manners to clean up the woman’s sopping cunt. At least, that’s what she rationalized. In reality, she just wanted to drink more of the woman’s juices. She applied the cleanup daintily, though, not really wanting to drive Gwen towards yet another orgasm.

Regaining control of her body, Gwen beamed a smile down at Molly, still kneeling between her legs. “My heavens, Molly! I hope you will start putting that sort of passion into your writing! That was truly remarkable! I’ve never had better!” She glanced over at Thomas, and added, “No offense, Thomas.”

He grinned back at her, and responded, “None taken, my dear. In my opinion, Molly’d sure be a difficult act to follow.”

I discovered several things, Gwen,” Molly said. “First of all, I like eating pussy – well, at least I like eating your pussy. Pussy juice and female cum taste different, just as male precum and male cum taste different. I loved how your pussy lips felt in my mouth – I could enjoy sucking on them for a long time. Let’s see… what else? Oh yes, I wish I had a longer tongue, so I could stick it even deeper into your cunt.” She blushed a delicate pink, confessing that. “And sucking and licking your clit excited me almost as much as it excited you! I could feel your heartbeat reflected in its pulsations!”

After Molly’s debriefing, she and Gwen stood up, and embraced. Gwen said to her, “It might be best if you head home and jot down or record your observations of this experience while it’s all fresh in your mind.” Molly nodded eagerly. “However,” Gwen continued, “you probably need a fresh reminder about what it feels like to be fucked, or to receive cunnilingus. So we might have to schedule a session about that.” Molly’s pupils dilated with surprise, hearing that. “And,” Gwen added with a grin, “since you seem to like to write about bondage in your stories, I might have to arrange some experiences along those lines for you, if you want your stories to sound plausible.”

Her pupils dilating from a blend of surprise, shock, and frissons of fear with regard to what Gwen was hinting, Molly’s irises were barely visible as she gathered her things and stumbled out of the publisher’s offices. Her heart pounded in her chest so hard it felt like it was bashing against the inside of her rib cage. Would she find the courage to return to her new editor, and those proposed experiences?

Molly and the New Editor, pt. 02

Molly was trying to reach a decision, and was on pins and needles about it.

A while ago, she’d met her new editor, Gwen. Gwen had implied that the only way that Molly’s writing would improve enough to be publishable would be for her to experience firsthand the situations that she loved to describe in her stories. To that end, Gwen had Molly perform fellatio on an associate editor, Thomas. Molly also had to perform cunnilingus on Gwen herself. Both of those individuals had praised Molly’s abilities, even though she’d felt rusty about giving a blow job, and had never eaten another woman’s pussy before.

At Gwen’s suggestion, Molly had hurried home and jotted down extensive notes about her experience. She’d done so, and then written a couple of new short stories, incorporating those elements. She drew upon the tastes, smells, sounds, and textures that she’d encountered, plus the feelings that doing those things evoked in her. After she’d submitted those new works to Gwen, the editor called her several days later and said, “Get dressed up. I’m taking you to a dinner party.”

What? When? Where? Why?” Molly blurted out, surprised.

Gwen laughed. “All you missed was ‘how’ – and the answer to that is ‘in my car’ – be ready in two hours.”

Molly was miffed, but excited. Miffed, that Gwen assumed Molly’d be at her beck and call, with no previous plans. Excited, because something so mysterious was titillating, compared to her normal, humdrum daily life. She showered, did her hair and makeup, and put on her best dress, all with 15 minutes to spare.

Gwen did pick her up – in a lovely town car driven by a chauffeur. As they sat, chatting, in the rear seats, it was all Molly could do to keep from bouncing up and down with excitement. Eventually, they arrived at a large private home, more like a mansion. All of its windows were lit up, and they could hear soft music coming from inside as they approached the door.

Once they were admitted, Molly was shocked to learn that she and Gwen were guests at this dinner party, attended by the Board of Directors of the publishing firm. During the course of the evening, a dazzled Molly learned their opinions of her prior efforts in comparison with her latest writings. There seemed to be a consensus – many things were said, and they could be summarized by what one woman member of the board said to her.

My dear. What an improvement! Prior to this, your writings were so banal. I hate to put that so bluntly. But Charlie insisted that you had potential. You were sort of a ‘pet project’ of his, I gather, so we tolerated it. Apparently, it took a woman like Gwen to give you the proper direction and motivation for your talent to finally blossom. This is why she is being fêted tonight as well.” After a brief pause, the woman confided, “Your latest efforts got me quite aroused, I must admit.” She finished with a whisper, “And my husband reaped the benefits later in our bed. He got quite inspired himself.”

Molly left the dinner party flushed with success. That feeling of success was tempered with the humility of realizing how one-dimensional her writings had apparently been before Gwen’s intervention. The members of the board were in agreement that her latest stories seemed to be much more alive and real. So, it looked like Gwen certainly had the right idea in trying to broaden her horizons. Also, the dinner party brought Molly to the realization that Gwen’s success was at least partly tied to Molly’s success, so maybe the woman could be trusted to be acting in Molly’s best interests, in the long run.

To that end, Gwen wanted her to subject herself to more sessions like the one she’d had, suggesting that she probably needed to be fucked, and have her pussy eaten, too, and hinted she could provide these things to Molly. “I’d loved to be fucked by some handsome, lusty man, and have his mouth at my cunt,” Molly admitted to herself, mentally. “But come to think of it, Gwen didn’t specify whether the fucking would be oral, vaginal or anal.” Even though she’d given blow jobs in the past, she didn’t think any of them would qualify as a mouth fucking. And she’d never had anal sex, although she loved fantasizing about it in her stories.

Another thought occurred to her. “Gwen never said a man would be the one giving me cunnilingus. What if it’s a woman? What if it’s Gwen herself?” Even though she’d enjoyed eating Gwen’s pussy, she wasn’t sure she was ready to have a woman’s face at her cunt yet.

But the thing that was really making Molly hesitate was Gwen’s statement about bondage. She’d said something like, “Since you seem to like to write about bondage in your stories, I might have to arrange some experiences along those lines for you, if you want your stories to sound plausible.” Molly remembered her first impression about Gwen. She recalled the cold cruelty she felt when she first met the woman. Her ‘butch-like’ appearance, and the aura of power that she radiated.

Molly was perhaps justifiably apprehensive about what such a woman might feel would be an appropriate bondage session. To what sort of ‘training’ she might have in mind for her. Molly had tried to get some ideas by calling Gwen, and asking who she had in mind to fuck her and eat her cunt, and asking her what sort of bondage experience Gwen could provide.

Gwen said, “Well, Molly, you’ll just have to show up and find out. Anticipation and mystery are powerful stimulants, you know.”

Being honest with herself, Molly had no problem with the idea of being fucked, even by a stranger. It’d been too long since she’d experienced that. And having someone dine on her cunt – well, that could be heavenly. Molly pressed her thighs together when she imagine that happening. She pressed them together even harder if she thought that a woman might be doing it, now that she was growing accustomed to the idea.

But the idea of putting herself into someone else’s power – of being bound, perhaps by a stranger – that was scary. But Gwen was insistent that Molly experience all three things. “This is not a menu, where you select things à la carte. You’re either up for this experience, or not. Didn’t your first experience with us enhance your writing?”

Molly sighed. “Yes, Gwen, it did.”

Well then, think of the boost your writing will get after this,” the editor purred seductively.

But Gwen, let me be honest with you. The idea of being tied up or chained, helpless, scares me, because I’ve seen videos of horrible things being done to people, even if it was with their consent. They were whipped or caned until they bled. Some had needles put in places I never even want to think about! I never wrote about that sort of bondage play. It doesn’t appeal to me at all!”

Molly dear, I don’t want you to worry. I don’t have anything extreme like that in mind for you. Let’s state your limits. I propose them to be: no blood, no scat play, and more focus on orgasm than on pain. Plus, you’ll have a safeword like ‘red’, which, if you invoke it, will cause everything to stop immediately. To that end, I promise no gagging, so you can speak clearly. How does all that sound?”

Molly considered what she’d heard. “I guess that does make me feel somewhat relieved, Gwen. I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

Good,” Gwen replied. “If you think of any more limits, perhaps by watching some more videos, just let me know.”

Molly agonized over her decision for about a week, and then called Gwen back. “OK. I’ll do it,” she told her editor.

Excellent,” Gwen purred, and told Molly where and when to meet.

You mean I’m not coming to your office?”

No dear, not for this. We have a special place for these activities. Our personnel also find that refreshers help them do their jobs better, and the office is not the best location for the props needed.” Gwen recalled that Molly had confessed no experience with anal sex, so she added, “By the way, you’ll need to cleanse yourself, Molly. Take at least two enemas right before you leave.”

Gwen couldn’t see the startled look in Molly’s eyes when she heard that instruction, but she could hear the way her breath caught. After a moment’s consideration, Molly replied, “That makes good sense, I guess, Gwen. Thanks for the suggestion.” She flushed a deep shade of scarlet as she thought what might happen if she forgot such a precaution. Mentally, she said, “Euuuuww!”

On the day specified, and as a precaution, Molly called a good friend, Violet, and told her she was going to a meeting with her editor, Gwen. She mentioned the address, and the time of the meeting.

Do you need a ride or something?” Violet asked.

No thanks. I just wanted you to know where I was going and with whom… Just in case. Please write the information down.” And Molly repeated it as her friend made a note.

This sounds very mysterious Molly. Is it dangerous or something?” Violet asked in a concerned tone of voice.

I don’t think so. Not really. I’m doing some research for my writing. I just don’t know this person very well, nor do I know that part of town very well. So I felt it better safe than sorry, that’s all.”

I see. OK. I have it all written down. Please be careful. And call me, maybe by the end of the day?” Violet said.

I will. Thanks again,” Molly told her, before hanging up and climbing into her car. Her GPS took her to a nondescript building in the downtown area. There were no windows at its lower levels, just a cement wall with a battered looking brown door set into an overhang. Molly pressed the button next to the door and waited as patiently as she could, keyed up as she was. As she stood there, she noticed a small surveillance camera set high in the overhang, obviously letting the inhabitants know who was outside.

After a moment or two, during which time Molly’s heart was thumping so hard and fast that she feared it was audible, the door opened. A large man stood there in the shadowy entrance. Molly saw his face break into a smile, as he stated, “I’m Eric. You must be Molly. Gwen described you well. Please come in… she’s waiting inside.”

It was fortunate that he’d mentioned Gwen being inside – otherwise Molly might’ve bolted for her car. The sheer bulk of the stranger was intimidating. He stepped politely aside, letting Molly enter into the dimness. As her eyes adjusted to the lighting, she spotted Gwen sitting in a high backed chair across the room.

She no longer looked like an editor.

Her closely-cropped black hair and dark irises were the same, of course. She still lacked makeup other than that smear of crimson lipstick, which seemed to glow red in the dim of the room. But what she was wearing made Molly stop in her tracks. She was clad in form-fitting black leather from her chest to her boots. The corset or bustier pinched in the woman’s waist, and apparently shoved upward enough to make her breasts threaten to spill out over its top. Her feet were covered in shiny black boots that almost reached her knees. Molly’d never seen boots with spike heels before, but those on Gwen’s boots looked at least four inches long.

Gwen watched Molly scanning her outfit, and remarked, “Quite a difference from my normal working clothes, huh, Molly?”

Molly swallowed nervously, trying to wet her throat before answering, “Yes, it is, Gwen.”

Gwen’s eyes flashed with disapproval. “Molly, you aren’t getting into the proper mood for this. You need to address me as ‘Miss’ when we’re together in this room. Failure to show proper respect will merit punishment. Do you understand?”

Molly’s eyes bulged as she processed what Gwen had said. The aura of power that she’d felt emanating from Gwen in her editor’s office was trivial compared to this. Molly’s knees quivered as she replied, “Yes… Miss. I understand.” Her mind was filled with a heady mixture of awe and fear at this point.

You’ve cleansed yourself, as I directed?” Gwen queried.

Yes, Miss,” Molly said, a delicate flush coming to her cheeks as she thought of Eric knowing what was being discussed.

Good. Now let’s make sure your bladder is empty. Eric, show her where the toilet is.”

Eric silently escorted her to the restroom, and waited outside as Molly went inside, closed the door, and sat to pee. She tried to pee silently, very aware of a man standing on the other side of the door. When she was done, she wiped and flushed. Rinsing and drying her hands, she emerged, and Eric led her back into Gwen’s presence.

What you’re wearing is pretty, girl,” Gwen told her, eyeing her up and down. “But not suitable for what I have in mind. Eric, give her what I’ve picked out.”

Yes, Miss Gwen,” the huge man said, respectfully. He brought Molly a handful of clothing.

I think you will find those will fit well enough, girl. Go behind that screen over there. Take off everything, including your shoes, and put those things on,” Gwen instructed her.

Once again Molly found her body obeying the woman’s command without her actually reaching a decision mentally. As Molly hastened behind the screen, and started stripping, she wondered how Gwen could project such verbal control. Obviously, this woman had a lot of practice giving orders and expecting them to be obeyed. Stepping out of her shoes, Molly removed her own dress, bra and pantyhose.

As she was sliding off her panties, out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed a mirror. She sucked in a breath as the reflection in the mirror revealed Gwen sitting in her chair and watching Molly with gleaming eyes. The mirror and the chair had been carefully positioned to give Gwen a clear view of Molly undressing. She felt a hot wave of embarrassment reddening her cheeks and neck, but there was little she could do about it – she was already naked.

Quickly sorting through the clothing she’d been given, Molly yanked on a flimsy pair of panties, and a bra shaped like a sports bra, but constructed from the same flimsy material as the panties. The bra obviously offered little support. The remaining article of clothing was a sort of baby-doll dress, with a plunging ‘V’ neckline, and a strip of elastic that made it hug her torso just below her breasts. The bottom of the dress was short – so short that it barely covered her pubic area. It too was thin and translucent.

As Molly positioned herself for a quick glance at her own image in the mirror, she could clearly see the darkened areas of her areolae around her nipples, and her small, well trimmed patch of pubic hair. Even though she was clothed, it almost looked more obscene than if she’d been standing there naked. Her embarrassment was now mixed with a feeling of naughtiness as she stepped out from behind the screen, knowing that Eric could now also see her like this.

Shyly, Molly glanced in his direction. While she’d changed, he’d also changed. He’d stripped down to a simple loincloth. She gaped at his muscular torso and thighs. She was more than surprised to see such an obviously powerful man ceding his control to Gwen. She turned back to her editor, subconsciously covering her breasts with one arm and her pubic area with her other hand, and asked, “What happens now, Gwen?”

An instant later, she knew she’d made a mistake as Gwen’s expression turned to one of disappointment. Too late, she realized she’d use the woman’s name after having been told explicitly not to do so.

Eric, the paddle. One swat,” Gwen commanded him. Making no comment, the man strode over to a rack on the wall, unhooked the paddle, and moved to Molly’s side. Given the novelty of the situation, Molly’s mind was uncharacteristically slow on the uptake. She didn’t move when Eric drew back his arm and brought the paddle forward with a solid ‘thwack’ right across her buttocks.

The sting of the impact made Molly take a small step forward as her hands instinctively flew back to protect her now smarting ass cheeks. She also articulated a sound similar to, “Ouch!”

You know why I commanded that, don’t you girl?” Gwen hissed.

Yes, Miss. Because I used your name. I’m sorry, Miss,” Molly said contritely.

Get down and kiss my boot to demonstrate your sorrow, girl,” Gwen ordered her.

Molly could’ve said, “No.” She could’ve left at that point. She could have defiantly change back into her own clothes, and slammed the door behind her. Those thoughts did skitter across her mind as she contemplated the humiliation of having this woman and this man see her get onto her hands and knees to crawl forward and press her lips to the offered boot.

Perhaps it was something in Gwen’s tone of voice. Maybe it was just the fact that this domineering woman was so confident that any command that she gave would be instantly obeyed. It’s possible that something clicked in Molly’s mind – the realization that such things often happened in her fantasies, and she now had the chance to make such a fantasy become reality. Whatever it was, Molly stooped down until her hands touched the floor, and rolled her knees forward until they touched. The hem on the front of her dress brushed the floor as she crawled forward to Gwen’s boot. She tasted and smelled the leather as she gave the boot a careful kiss.

You’d better be noting your feelings and sensations carefully as you participate in this session, girl,” Gwen reminded her. “I don’t demand you vocalize each thing aloud, but feel free to volunteer whatever information you wish.”

Very well, Miss,” Molly whispered to her boot, remaining as she was, for fear that changing position without being told might displease Gwen, and earn her another stroke of the paddle. “The scent of leather is in my nose, and its taste is still upon my lips. I’m abashed to think that Eric is probably staring at my exposed ass – which still stings, since these panties offer very little protection. To be honest, Miss, I feel a bit silly, being down on the floor in this position. But I’m also a bit frightened of both you and Eric.”

Do you remember what I said about your safeword, girl?” Gwen asked, looking at Molly’s back.

I think you said that ‘red’ is my safeword, Miss. Is that right?”

Yes, girl. And if you feel that you must say that word, everything stops immediately, your session ends, and you may leave us,” Gwen intoned. “But let me add another word for you. If you say the word ‘yellow’, that will act as a signal that you wish us to slow down or pause. It will not end the session, but it will give you a breather, so to speak. It signals that what we are doing is approaching your perceived need to safeword, but allows us to make adjustments, so that the session isn’t ruined.”

But Miss,” Molly began, “why don’t I just say ‘stop’ or ‘no’ or words like that?”

This is your first true bondage experience, Molly,” Gwen reminded her. “I think you will find that saying those words comes naturally when you’re experiencing things, and it gives you a relief to say them ‘in the moment’ – it may even add to your overall enjoyment of the experience. But in hindsight, you may discover that even though you say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ or even plead with us, in one part of your mind you know you don’t truly want things to end, so such words become ambiguous when said and heard. The safewords are not ambiguous at all. If we hear them, we know you’re serious. Does this answer your question?”

Molly swallowed hard, trying to swallow her fear. Gwen was implying that she and Eric would be doing things to her that would make her instinctively beg them to stop! That one hard swat with the paddle had already begun the process of showing her the difference between dreaming about being paddled, and actually experiencing it. Her voice quavered a bit as she replied, “Yes, Miss. Thank you for your clear explanation. I will remember ‘yellow’ and ‘red’ as important words.”

Good. Eric, take her to the bar and secure her,” Gwen said, nonchalantly.

Eric took a handful of Molly’s hair and pulled upward. “Up, girl, and come with me,” he ordered with his gravelly voice. Molly winced, a tear or two forming in her eyes, as he led her by her hair over to a waist high horizontal metal bar, secured to the floor via two vertical poles perhaps eight feet apart. Ducking Molly’s head so that the horizontal bar touched the back of her neck near its base, he commanded, “Stay right there.”

A few seconds later, Eric looped a rope under her right armpit, securing her shoulder to the bar. While she was focused on that sensation, he quickly secured her left shoulder in a similar manner. Molly attempted moving forward and back, but she was already trapped against the bar, bent forward at her waist. Many times she’d written about her female characters being tied up by a big, strong man. Her characters usually found some sort of pleasure, since Molly was fantasizing about such ordeals. This reality was scary though, and she said so.

Miss? This is frightening!” Molly called out.

I imagine it is,” Gwen agreed.

My body wants to escape, Miss!” Molly reported, as she tugged harder and harder at the ropes that bound her to the bar. During this time, Eric had moved swiftly, dragging her arms up underneath the bar, and tying them in place with ropes at her elbows, and then at her wrists.

Molly’s instinctive fears at being trapped flooded her mind as she tried to free her arms. Her hands were free, but useless. She could only easily look down at the floor beneath her – lifting her head to look straight ahead was difficult, and her neck muscles tired quickly. She could not see what Eric was doing behind her, and she could not look over to where she assumed Gwen was still sitting. Looking down, she could see her bare feet, but the forward hang of her dress hem obscured the view of her legs. She reported to Gwen what she was doing and seeing, how restrictive it all felt, and how it made her heart race and her breathing deepen.

Is it anything similar to the descriptions in your stories, girl?” Gwen asked.

Molly was mortified, comparing her erstwhile stories to this experience. She stammered a few times, before finally saying, “Not at all, Miss.”

Good. It sounds like you’re learning,” her editor chuckled. But the chuckle had no warmth or mirth in it. It was not a reassuring chuckle at all.

As Molly was looking downward, Eric’s hands came into view at her right foot. She gasped loudly as he tied a rope to her right ankle, and then pulled her foot sideways as he tied its other end to the vertical pole on the right. Moments later, Molly’s left ankle was secured to the left vertical pole, too. This dragged her thighs apart into what might have been a quite uncomfortable angle, had her body weight not been supported by the bar she was tied against. She’d never felt more vulnerable. The most maddening thing was that Gwen and Eric were behind her – out of sight. She had no idea what they were doing back there. No idea of their plans. Back there. With this pose making her ass so accessible.

This was nothing like what she’d envisioned. Her body wanted freedom. The little trust she’d had in Gwen was rapidly dissipating. These two people could do whatever they wanted to her, and she couldn’t stop them. This was a solid building in a relatively deserted neighborhood. If she screamed for help, she doubted anyone would hear. And they could just gag her, if she made a commotion.

Molly stared at the floor as she took stock of her body. She had a fluttering feeling in her stomach, her lower tummy felt like it had knots in it, her heart rate had slowed a little but was still faster than normal, and she was taking deeper than normal breaths. There was a tiny trickle of sweat running along her forehead, and she could feel dampness at her exposed armpits. Her mouth and throat were dry, because she was so nervous.

There was no way for her to tell how much time had passed when suddenly, unexpectedly, strong hands grasped the top of her dress and tore it down her back in one quick movement. Her cry of shock blended with the loud ripping sound of the material. In a flash, Molly was clothed only in those flimsy panties and bra. Her feeling of vulnerability intensified.

Gwen sauntered into sight, that is, her boots came into view. “How are you feeling, girl?” she asked. “Give me three words.”

Molly wet her lips, and choked out, “Scared. Vulnerable.” She hesitated, then added, “Nervous.”

She wondered if she should also say ‘Miss’, but Gwen had asked for only three words, so Molly risked silence.

It’s interesting that you didn’t say words like ‘excited’ or ‘aroused’ – I seem to remember your characters always using words like that the moment they were bound. Your reactions are quite normal when you don’t know the intentions of your captors. Let’s see if we can make you feel even more vulnerable.”

Gwen must’ve given some sign to Eric, who was still behind Molly. Unseen hands took hold of Molly’s panties and slid them down far enough to expose her ass cheeks. The position of her legs precluded lowering them much further, but it was far enough. From the air striking her exposed skin, Molly had a good idea of what he could now see. Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment.

Gwen’s hands came into view, reaching beneath her torso. Fingertips grabbed the lower edge of the bra, pulling up towards Molly’s neck. Molly could feel her tits pop free from the clingy material, and then wobble a bit as they dangled beneath her bent torso. The red flush of embarrassment crept all the way down Molly’s neck.

How do you feel now?” Gwen asked.

Very embarrassed, Miss,” Molly whispered.

You and I are not strangers, Molly,” Gwen pointed out. “However, you now have a virtual stranger – Eric – staring at your ass, pussy, and tits. Do you feel anything other than embarrassment? Be honest.”

Molly tried visualizing the scene from Eric’s viewpoint, staring at a helpless female on such obscene display. She tried to get into his mind – what he might be thinking, and planning. Yes, he seemed to be obeying Gwen’s commands thus far. But did he have his own agenda? Something critical was missing that she needed to know. She asked Gwen, “Miss? May I ask Eric a question?”

Gwen gave her permission. “Go ahead.”

Eric, please tell me. When you look at my body like this, do you find me arousing, disappointing, disgusting, or do you feel complete indifference toward me?”

Eric’s gruff voice sounded from behind her. “You look quite fuckable to me.”

Molly waited to see if he had anything else to say. When it was obvious that he was a man of few words, she returned to answering Gwen’s question. “Miss, other than embarrassment, I now feel the first tinglings of excitement.”

And why do you think that is?” Gwen inquired.

Because I now feel that Eric may have lustful feelings towards me, Miss,” Molly answered in a very shy voice. “M… M… Maybe you’ll have him fuck me like this,” she stammered.

You would want that? To have a virtual stranger fuck you while you’re tied and helpless like this?” Gwen asked, with a tone of merriment.

To be honest, Miss, since I’m in his power…” Molly quickly amended what she’d said. “Since I’m in your power, and in his power by extension, I’d do anything to try to please him, so he wouldn’t feel inclined to hurt me.” Thinking about what she’d just confessed, she added, “My desire to please him is intertwined with the fact that I’m scared.” Her voice was tinged with the wonder of revelation.

Gwen pressed this train of thought, “So, even if you found him abhorrent, you’d still do your best to please the stranger?”

To keep from being grievously injured… yes, Miss. I would. Not that I find you abhorrent, Eric,” Molly added, just to be on the safe side. She hoped he’d grin at that, but she couldn’t see him.

Gwen walked away, and then came back. She was holding a large pair of very sharp looking scissors. Molly swallowed hard, and pulled back away from her as much as the ropes would allow, which was virtually nothing. She wasn’t sure that merely telling Violet where she was going and who she was meeting would do her much good right now.

Molly, you know that you’ll not experience grievous injury, as you put it. Your limits involve no blood, and no real focus on pain. Eric knows that, as well as I. But I think you’ll find that a judicious application of pain can enhance the experience. And you always have your safewords, remember that,” Gwen said. After saying that, she used the scissors. There was a ‘snip’ and one shoulder strap of the sports bra parted. Another ‘snip’ and both strands hung free. A tug at her back, and a series of scissoring sounds, and the sports bra drifted to the floor, severed. Molly was now topless.

Eric, remove the rest,” Gwen commanded. Eric’s hand hooked into the dangling panties, and yanked. The material parted easily, and came away. Gwen watched Eric sniff the torn panties, then toss them aside. Molly felt air all over her skin now, emphasizing the fact that she was completely naked. Her fears flooded back into her mind, as her body reported no protective coverings now. It amazed her to realize how comforting a few layers of clothing can be, when placed in a position of vulnerability.

Gwen seemed to sense Molly’s new feeling of insecurity. She walked out of sight behind the bar. Moments later, there was a disturbance of air behind Molly – a sort of ‘whooshing’ sound – followed by a stinging sensation on her bare ass cheeks. “Ouch!” she gasped. “What was that?”

Gwen’s voice went a little icy. “What was that… what?” she asked the bound woman.

Molly was confused. She examined Gwen’s question frantically, and mentally told herself, “Oh!” Then she spoke aloud, “What was that, please, Miss?”

Much better,” Gwen purred. “This is a flogger, girl. One of the milder ones with wider straps. Let’s warm your butt a little. The whistling of the flogger straps and the stinging sensation began anew.

Ow! No! Stop!” Molly cried as the flogger whistled again and again against her butt. She knew she could safeword, but chose not to do so. Maybe this was because one part of her brain was telling her, “Shut up and take your flogging, wimp. She may be hurting you, but she’s not harming you!” Therefore, after her initial outbursts, other than a gasp or two and some involuntary twitches of her pelvis in reaction to the impacts, Molly remained silent as Gwen used the flogger to paint her ass a delicate shade of red. Rather than get worse, what was being done to her seemed to get more tolerable. Her ass flesh seemed to radiate heat when Gwen ceased.

It’s nice to warm my hands on your ass,” Gwen told her, suiting her actions to her words. Molly felt Gwen gliding her palms all over her bare buttocks. Gwen’s hands felt relatively cool, compared to the hot blood that had risen to the surface of Molly’s skin. And all her nerve endings in the area seemed to have awakened, somehow. Molly was exquisitely aware of Gwen’s caresses. She was so aware of those caresses that she felt some liquid inching its way down her inner thigh, and smelled the familiar scent of her cunt juice.

I think she liked something I just did, Eric,” Gwen relayed to him. Her hand came upward between Molly’s thighs and whispered along her pussy lips. The hand departed. “See? She’s wet now, and her cunt lips feel hot and puffy. Remove your loincloth. You know what to do.”

With hardly any delay, Molly felt fingers parting her labia, and what must’ve been Eric’s cock head poking at her entrance. It found its target, his hands went to her hips, gripping her there, and his cock slid its full length into her slippery tunnel with a single thrust! Her throat emitted a sound blended of a gasp and a moan as she felt herself filled so suddenly. His bush of pubic hair mashed up against her ass flesh. He began pumping his dick in and out of her cunt.

She was being fucked, but it was unlike any other sex she’d had. She had no emotional attachment to Eric, and he had none to her. Normally, she’d be active during sex, humping her partner with enthusiasm – an equal partner in building pleasure. Bound as she was, she couldn’t do that. She couldn’t move. She was being fucked like an inanimate object – a warm piece of meat! It seemed so bizarre, so surreal.

But after the first few minutes, Molly’s mind began paying more attention to the sensory data being sent by her body. Eric’s cock felt good as it slid back and forth along her vaginal walls. Every once in a while, his cock’s head nudged her delicate cervix, making her bite her lip and/or moan. His pubic hair brushed against her sensitive ass each time his cock ‘bottomed out’ inside her cunt. As his thrusts became more lustful, more frantic, his ball sack slapped her clit during its forward swing. Molly’s clit engorged, providing an even better target, and enhancing her pleasure.

Suddenly, Eric’s hands dug into her hips, as he pressed his cock as deep into her cunt as possible, and held it there. She could feel ripples coursing along his cock as his muscles worked to spew his seed into her. With each spasm, he pulled at her hips, as if trying to drive his cock a little deeper. His incoherent sounds were further proof that he was cumming. He only pulled his cock free once it began to soften. As he pulled out, Molly could tell her cunt was left gaping, feeling air currents touching her inside for a while. She moaned in frustration, because she hadn’t cum at all. Eric had used her as a thing to fuck and unload in, with no regard for her pleasure.

Her fertile mind filed this information, these feelings, away for future consideration. She even imagined other men stepping up to take Eric’s place, each one emptying into her, and walking away, leaving her unfulfilled. Those thoughts stirred up mixed emotions inside her. Some of them were quite perverted, since just being the object of so much lust was weirdly attractive. Molly wondered if she might ask – no, beg – Gwen for such an experience. Maybe invite a bunch of premature ejaculators, to make certain they would cum inside her, with no chance of driving her to orgasm! Molly shivered, toying with this concept.

Gwen broke the spell, coming into view under Molly’s head with something in her hands. Strange metallic things joined by a chain. They were vaguely oval, ending in points that came together in a manner sort of like jaws. Gwen squeezed the sides of one of the ovals, and the jaws widened. “These are clover clamps,” Gwen informed her, at the same time tugging and rolling one of Molly’s nipples to fully engorge it. “You’ll feel a big pinch. Yell if you like,” she said.

Molly couldn’t see the jaws close on her nipple, but she sure felt it. “Owwww!” she yelled as the jaws bit into that tender flesh. She could barely shake her torso, trying to dislodge the clamp to stop the pain. The shaking actually made it worse, so she held still, panting. Gwen’s hand went to her other nipple, again tugging and rolling. Molly decided to be stoic this time – after all, she knew what was coming. But as the jaws closed on her other nipple, she cried out a second time, anyway. Gwen let go of the chain, and its weight dragged downward on Molly’s trapped nipples. She winced, and moaned pitifully.

But soon, her nipples went numb, other than a dull throbbing that occurred from time to time, maybe due to an extra deep breath. Molly tried breathing very shallowly, holding her torso quite still. Gwen was out of sight behind her again. Given her situation, Molly’s hearing had become very acute. She heard sounds of preparation behind her – a drawer opening, rustlings, the sound of something – a long cord? – being dragged along the floor.

She felt Gwen’s hair brush her thigh, and her warm breath puffed up against Molly’s cunt, so she knew Gwen was seated on the floor, beneath her somewhere. Something slid into Molly’s cunt. Not Eric’s cock – this was too small. A finger?

This was confirmed when Molly heard Gwen say, “I’ve been looking forward to fingering this cunt for quite some time.” The finger moved in and out several times. A second finger must’ve been added, since Molly felt her cunt walls pushed open even more. “You left a sticky mess of semen inside her, Eric. Well done,” Gwen congratulated him. The fingers came out of Molly’s cunt and pressed against her lips. “Here, taste it, slut,” Gwen ordered her. Molly had no choice but to suck Gwen’s fingers clean, consuming gobs of semen mixed with cunt juice. For some reason, the fact that she had no choice in the matter made it somewhat erotic to obey.

Gwen’s fingers re-entered her cunt. As Gwen began finger fucking her, Molly heard a buzzing sound start. She tried to jump as a powerful vibrator was suddenly pressed against her mound and clit. The movement of her torso reminded her that her nipples were clamped, as pain briefly flared there. The fingering and the vibrating were relentless! Molly tugged at the restraints on her arms and legs, trying to alter what was happening, trying to lessen the sensations somewhat. She couldn’t. She was now Gwen’s toy. And Gwen was gleefully playing with her cunt and clit.

Eric’s fucking had only given Molly the mere onset of an orgasm. Gwen was building on that, rapidly. Molly’s excitement built, and built, and built. Somehow, pulling at the ropes that held her fast let her orgasm build higher than she’d ever experienced before! Her heart was pounding madly, her ragged breathing was loud in her own ears. Her straining muscles were generating heat. Her sweat glands were in high gear, trying to dissipate that heat. Molly’s cunt began to feel like a volcano, about to erupt!

And she erupted!

OMG! We’ve got a squirter!” Gwen chortled, as Molly began ejaculating! She could feel a long jet of fluid shoot out of the region of her pussy! It didn’t feel like it was coming out of her cunt, since Gwen’s fingers were in the way. It had to be coming from her pee hole! Was she pissing? Pissing all over Gwen and herself, since the fluid was hitting the palm of Gwen’s hand, and spraying in several directions? She was experiencing immense relief from her climax, and deep mortification that she might be peeing all over them both. And Eric was probably watching this moment of humiliation. Gwen only stopped fingering Molly’s cunt and turned off the vibrator when it was obvious that she’d stopped squirting.

Gwen let Molly hang there from the bar for several minutes, the bound woman’s mind awhirl from her heady sensations of orgasm and release. And she was indeed hanging, because her knees had buckled, which put her into a sort of squat, ankles still held out by the ropes, and arms still bound to the crossbar. This brought her torso more vertical, and the chain of the clover clamps came to rest on the top of Molly’s belly. The weight of the clamps was dragging the tips of her breasts down toward her feet.

Gwen stooped down and removed the clover clamps in quick succession. Molly bucked and shrieked, “AAAAAIIIIEEE!!!!” as an intense pain flared up in her nipples. The nerve endings, suddenly awakened by the removal of the clamps, experienced worse pain than when they were clamped!

Don’t you wish you could rub them, girl?” Gwen asked with fake concern. “If you could, it would feel like this.” She gently rubbed the circulation back into one breast, while leaving the other one untouched. The contrast between the pleasure in one tit and the pain in the other was stark. As shockingly painful as the clamp removal had been, Molly took some pride in the fact that she’d never been tempted to safeword.

At Gwen’s command, Eric untied Molly from the bar, easing her down onto the floor. “Can you crawl, slut?” Gwen asked her.

Molly shook her arms briefly to wiggle the cramps out of them, and got onto hands and knees. “Yes, Miss. I think so.”

Very good. Crawl over to this bed,” Gwen ordered as she walked to a bed with short brass bedposts flanking box springs. Atop the box springs was a bare, stained mattress. The long edge of the bed faced the center of the room.

Nude, Molly crawled over to Gwen, acutely aware that her naked body, going through this humble action was being watched by Gwen, and probably leered at by Eric. She didn’t even question being told to crawl like an animal. Now she knew what it felt like to be submissive. Now she knew what it felt like to be dominated. The lesson was being wired into her very core. She’d not forget these feelings. What was once pure intellectual speculation was being transformed into true physical and emotional experiences.

Molly reached the bed.

Get up on it, and get onto your back, with your head away from the center of the room, and your feet toward it,” Gwen commanded.

A non-submissive Molly might’ve recoiled from placing her body on the stains on the mattress top caused by who knows what secretions. The submissive Molly did as she was told, without a murmur of protest.

Signaled by Gwen, Eric came over with ropes and got busy tying Molly to the bed. First, he tied a rope around her right wrist, and trailed it over to the bedpost at the 8 o’clock position, and another to her left wrist, trailing that to the one at the 4 o’clock position, as the bed would be seen from the room’s center. Her arms were now stretched out and down, flat along the bed surface.

Next, he formed loops that encircled her knees without biting into them. He folded Molly’s knees up toward her chest, and then tied her right knee to the bedpost at the 10 o’clock position, and her left knee to the one at the 2 o’clock position. He stepped back, and he and Gwen both admired his work.

If Molly had felt exposed and vulnerable tied to the bar, those feelings were exacerbated by this new position. Gwen summed it up nicely, as if making sure Molly knew how she looked like this. “We can see both your tits perfectly, slut, since Eric made sure your knees were drawn sideways enough to leave them uncovered. Your cunt, with its wet, puffy, raw-looking pussy lips is fully on display. And having your knees drawn back like that also tilts your pelvis enough that we have a great view of your puckered little ass hole. I promised you anal sex, and Eric just loves anal sex, don’t you Eric?”

Yes, Miss,” he answered. “I’m not sure that tiny thing will open up enough for my dick, though.”

Molly looked at Eric’s cock, which had partially recovered to semi-rigidity. It looked almost as thick as her forearm near her wrist, and she shuddered reflexively, imagining it trying to force its way into her ass hole.

Gwen noted the shudder, and interpreted it correctly. “I’m sure it will be fine, Eric. Especially if I open up her ass with my fist, ahead of time. She laughed as she saw Molly wince at that suggestion. “But first, I made our little slut a promise, and I always keep my promises.” Gwen knelt on the edge of the bed, and lowered her face to Molly’s cunt, beginning to give her cunnilingus. She was no slouch at it. She licked and sucked and teased and munched with careful teeth. As Molly’s cunt began welling with fresh juices, she dipped her tongue into the well. As the juices threatened to overflow, she vacuumed them into her eager mouth.

At first, Molly felt shy about Eric watching her cunt being eaten like this. But as Gwen intensified her actions, Molly’s focus went entirely to her pussy. A brass band could probably have marched through the room, and Molly would have been oblivious. Once again, being restrained as she was – tied and helpless – let her let go of attempts to control her body. She was Gwen’s, to be used as Gwen saw fit. Gwen was using only her mouth – lips, tongue, and teeth – no hands. And she was tacitly demanding that Molly cum again. When her teeth finally gently raked along Molly’s throbbing clit, Molly howled out her orgasm as her body convulsed on the mattress. Gwen let the juices bathe her face, and then stepped back, leaving Molly’s private parts sopping.

Molly was still shaking, vibrating with orgasmic aftershocks, when Gwen took the powered vibrator that Eric handed her, and ran it from Molly’s ass hole to the top of her mound. Slipping two fingers into Molly’s cunt, Gwen pressed upward from inside her to make Molly’s clit stand up even more proudly. She trapped the clit between the buzzing vibrator and her fingers. Molly shrieked with joy and squirmed in the ropes.

Go to the other side of the bed, and play with her tits, Eric. I want to see if she’ll squirt for us one more time,” Gwen told the large, naked man. “Besides, I think your cock will stiffen even more as you toy with her there. And we want it nice and stiff to fuck her ass.”

Those words fanned the flames of lust inside Molly. Eric’s hands were expertly working a sort of magic on the nerve endings in her breasts. Those nerves were firing messages right into Molly’s cunt. Gwen was again finger fucking her hard and deep, teasing her mound and clit with the vibrator. When Gwen could tell the sweating, straining Molly was again about to peak, she pressed the vibrator firmly in place, ramming two fingers in and out of the bound woman’s pussy, making sure she was rubbing the squishy tissues of her G-spot.

Molly cried out, “Shit, shit SHIT!” and bucked as best she could as a stream of fluid spewed out of her urethra! Gwen quickly snatched the vibrator away when she saw the squirt start. Because Gwen’s hand was between Molly’s thighs, out of the way, and because Molly’s pelvis was tilted, the ejaculate this time arced toward the bound woman’s head! It splashed on her chest, right between her tits! The splatting fluid instantly covered Molly’s face, neck, breasts and upper tummy. A second, lesser spurt ended up drenching Molly’s lower tummy. Inhaling, she noted it didn’t smell at all like urine, so she risked a taste from what was covering her lips. The fluid had a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, and looked a little milky. Molly was relieved she probably hadn’t pissed on Gwen earlier.

Molly was still feeling her body shaking from the intensity of that orgasm, and processing the fact that she had the ability to squirt when super excited when Eric came around the bed to face her. His cock had indeed stiffened. Molly’s lips formed to make the shape of an ‘O’ when she stared at it. That thing had been inside her cunt? She was amazed. Still giddy from her orgasm, she’d forgotten Gwen’s promise of anal sex.

She was quickly reminded, though, as Gwen said, “I think that climax loosened her up enough. Go ahead, Eric.”

Eric squirted lube directly on her ass hole. Grinning, he smeared the lube around and around her little puckered rosebud. Torn between the pleasurable sensations his finger was causing and her fear of having him try to shove his large cock into her tight ass hole, Molly jerked in the rope restraints and made little sounds that most closely resembled the ‘yips’ of a little dog. Gwen smiled, watching.

Eric added more lube and began working his finger inward, opening Molly’s anal ring. He must’ve done this many times in the past, because he didn’t rush it – he let the tissues warily accept his entry to a certain point before proceeding deeper. Molly found the sensations somehow ‘wrong’ – things were not supposed to move through that opening in an inward direction. Earlier, she’d also had a little difficulty getting the enema tubes inserted, when she was cleaning herself out. She was almost hyperventilating from excitement and fright.

Slow your breathing, girl,” Gwen advised her. “Eric knows what he’s doing. I can see some training with butt plugs may be needed in your future.”

Molly tried valiantly to do as Gwen directed, taking slower and deeper breaths. She gasped aloud as Eric added a second well-lubricated finger, opening her anus even more. He spread his fingers apart slightly, and squirted more of the rather thick lube directly into her rear tunnel. There was a brief sensation of coolness as the chilly liquid entered, but her inner walls warmed it quickly. Her tissues were gradually getting used to the idea of relaxing and dilating.

After Eric managed to use three fingers as he finger fucked her ass, he seemed satisfied. Molly watched, wide eyed, as he smeared his cock with lubricant. It looked even bigger when it gleamed in the lights of the room. She swallowed nervously as Gwen leaned in and used her hands near the anus to retain some of the stretch that Eric had achieved. Raising her head more off the mattress, Molly could look down her torso and see the pinkness inside her anal ring as it was held open by Gwen. She made a weird sound as she swallowed in the midst of a groan, feeling the head of his cock touch her opening. Instinctively, she clenched her muscles. “No! Stop!” she cried. “You’re too big! I’ll tear!” she blubbered.

Gwen felt her contraction through her hands on Molly’s ass. “Don’t try to squeeze your ass shut, girl,” she snapped. “It will only cause pain. As he enters, work your muscles as if you’re trying to poop.”

That didn’t seem right to Molly. She didn’t want to poop on his cock, or on the mattress. But she didn’t want pain, either. Deciding to trust Gwen’s wisdom, she bore down on her pelvic muscles. As she did so, Eric pressed forward, and the large head of his cock popped inward past her anal ring. There was a sudden, sharp pain – thankfully brief – hardly enough time for Molly to cry out, although a tiny tear trickled from the corner of her eye down her cheek.

Eric entered her now, perhaps an inch at a time, pausing between movements to let Molly’s rectum accommodate to this novel invasion. Molly let her head fall back onto the mattress, focusing inwardly at what was happening. She was grateful that he was taking it slowly. Finally his pubic hair touched her. She raised her head again, and saw only the very base of that massive dick at her opening. Her stuffed, stretched bowels were sending signals to her brain similar to those that informed her that she had to poop badly. Her head sank back onto the mattress. As Eric slowly withdrew, Molly experienced surprise. Many times, when she had to go to the toilet badly, and was finally able to do it, she’d felt pleasure when she was able to empty her bowels. His cock sliding out gave her a similar feeling of pleasure.

Gwen must’ve applied more lubricant to the exposed shaft of Eric’s dick, because when he pressed it inward again, it felt briefly cool, and it entered more easily. Now that Molly’s ass hole was fully opened, he began fucking her with abandon. Trussed up as she was, there was nothing Molly could do about being used in this manner. The ropes held her spread open, offering her ass hole to him. It was a tight, warm, slippery fuck hole for him. Therefore, confined, she’d become a tight, warm, slippery fuck hole – there for his use. She grunted as she felt the discomfort of each inward thrust. She moaned as she felt the pleasure each time he withdrew, learning what anal sex could feel like.

Gradually, Eric bent forward, changing the angle between them. He brought his mouth to Molly’s breasts, and began sucking and biting them gently. At first, Molly thought he was trying to get her more excited. But from the sounds he was making, and the motions of his body, it became obvious that he was doing this to get himself more aroused. Sweat from his forehead dripped onto her chest. The muskiness of his excitement flooded her nostrils. He began bucking frantically as he felt himself nearing ejaculation. These faster, deeper thrusts made his pelvis rub and buffet against Molly’s clit. The muscles of her limbs contracted, pulling taut the ropes that were tied to her. A keening sound began to emerge from deep in her throat.

Just then, Eric planted his dick fully into her ass, and stopped moving. His cock began to jerk and pulsate as he began to inject his seed into her virginal ass hole. He arched his back and grunted and groaned as he strained to unload himself completely. Molly’s mind was absorbing the sensations produced by this bout of anal sex, culminated by his cumming in her depths. Frustration built within her – she was close to orgasm, but he’d stopped stimulating her just before it was triggered.

After about half a minute, Eric pulled out. Molly lifted her head and shoulders off the mattress to look at her ravaged, gaping anus. The view she had of the raw, red tissue inside her anal ring only lasted a moment. The change in angle of her torso applied more pressure on her abdomen, which caused her to expel the air pumped into her ass by Eric’s thrusts in a long fart! The first few moments of the fart were only air, but the last portion of it brought some of his semen bubbling out of her opening! She was mortified, both by the fart, and by the fact that her anus and the mattress under it were sullied with goopy cum. Her humiliation deepened when both Gwen and Eric started laughing, looking at her.

Eric turned to Gwen, knelt down, and placed both of his hands on one of her knees in gratitude. “Thank you for giving me the honor of taking her ass cherry, Miss Gwen,” he said.

You did a good and proper job of it, Eric,” the editor praised. “I’m very pleased. But it looks like our little slut is not so pleased. I’m not sure what that look on her face signifies. Distress? What’s going on, girl?” she asked Molly.

Molly was writhing on the mattress, trying desperately to stimulate herself to climax. But she was tied so well that she couldn’t make anything touch or rub where she needed it. “I was so close to cumming, Miss. Please, please, may I cum?” she pleaded.

Gwen grinned, stood up, and retrieved the flogger that she’d used earlier. The area around Molly’s sex was even messier, since her wriggling had disgorged more semen. Gwen scooped the majority of it up with her hand, and smeared it all over Molly’s tits. The smell of Eric’s cum permeated Molly’s consciousness as Gwen applied a judicious stroke of the flogger onto her cunt. Molly shrieked and jerked, trying to escape from the unexpected slap. Her mind was operating on the assumption that being hit there would hurt. But moments later her body reported quite the opposite. Gwen was skilled, and Molly’s pussy was opening like a flower. Her clit was engorging, erecting, demanding just a little bit more of that stimulation. Gwen continued carefully flogging Molly’s pussy and clit.

Perhaps a minute later, Molly shrieked again, but this time to vocalize the onset of her orgasm. “OMG! Fuck! I’m cumming!” she cried as her shaking body made her bounce on the mattress. Gwen flogged her until it was apparent that Molly’s climax had run its course. She hadn’t squirted this time, but nonetheless her orgasm was very satisfying. As Gwen put away the flogger, Molly panted, catching her breath. Her mind was whirling. She now had quite a good idea of what it felt like to be dominated, bound, fucked, and used. The fear in becoming powerless, helpless, subject to the whim of others. The escape of submission and acceptance. This experience alone had given her an abundance of concepts she could mine for future stories. Would Gwen give her more experiences? She thought about other fantasies that she’d wrote about, with no real knowledge of them – only uninformed speculation.

As she was pondering this, Eric was opening the door to the street, letting in 3 people, two men and a woman. Spotting her, they walked up to the bed for a closer look. In moments, Molly was the object of derision.

Looks like you got your ass fucked, slut!” one guy chortled. “They got you trussed up good and proper. Maybe your Miss will bring you to one of our parties, and make you service everyone.”

Her ass and pussy are so raw and open now!” The woman exclaimed. “And she stinks of cum!”

Well, just look at that mess at her tits and ass! Look at her sweaty, matted hair! No wonder there’s a stench in this room!” the other man laughed. “I hope someone hoses her down.”

Molly wondered if a person could die from humiliation. They jeered at her, and made other rude comments and suggestions. Tied and helpless, Molly cringed, wondering if they planned to take advantage of her situation. But, having thoroughly enjoyed teasing her and making her face and neck turn scarlet from this public abasement, they left the room. Eric went with them, leaving Molly alone with Gwen.

Are your muscles cramping, slut?” Gwen asked her.

Molly did a mental check of the state of her limbs. “Not really, Miss. It feels now like the ropes are just cradling me,” she reported, sighing as she recalled how she’d been used and forced to cum.

Gwen left her like that – naked, tied, and exposed – for a good 15 minutes. Molly had ample time to catalog her feelings about this session. After untying first Molly’s knees, and then her wrists, Gwen told her, “Get up, walk about, and stretch, girl.”

Heedless of her nudity and cum-smeared body, Molly did just that. One of her joints made a soft, welcome, popping sound during an extra big stretch. Molly felt euphoric. Gwen had moved back to her chair. On an impulse, Molly dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to where Gwen sat. Moving in close, Molly encircled Gwen’s waist with her arms, and cradled her cheek on Gwen’s thigh, murmuring, “Thank you, Miss. That was completely wonderful.”

Gwen stroked her hair. “You did well, girl,” she stated. “Leave the cum on you the rest of the day, so you’ll smell it as a reminder. Get dressed, and go home and write.”

Before she moved to obey, Molly looked up into her eyes, obviously wanting to ask something.

Yes, girl? What is it?” Gwen inquired.

Molly wet her lips so that she could speak clearly. “Miss, would you… could you… would it please you to… teach me more?”

The piercing look that Gwen gave her made Molly quiver. “Think about this for two weeks, girl. Then we’ll see if you still desire more.”

After Molly left, Gwen took out her cell phone and called Thomas. “Thomas? That writer slut, Molly, actually showed up.” She listened briefly, then answered, “Yes, she did all those things. I think she really has potential.” She paused again to listen, then responded, “Oh! You’re talking about her potential as a writer. Well, I guess she might have that, too. But that’s not the potential I had in mind.” Careful observers might have thought they detected a hint of malice in her sparkling eyes as she disconnected the call.