Molly and the New Editor, pt 04

Molly was taking a break from writing when her cell phone rang.

Looking at the caller ID, she felt her heart accelerate. It was her editor, Gwen, calling. Not only her editor though – Gwen had also become a sort of Dominatrix to Molly, in an effort to give her some real life experience, thereby enhancing the veracity and accuracy of her stories. Molly had no idea which of Gwen’s personas was calling at the moment.

Hello, Gwen,” Molly said, after answering.

You mean hello, Miss, don’t you, you silly slut? Get on your knees while speaking with me,” Gwen growled, her voice displaying her banked anger.

Reflexively, Molly tumbled off her chair, knees thumping on the floor. “Yes, Miss. Sorry Miss. I’m on my knees now, Miss,” Molly blurted out, her face heating up.

Good. It’s best if you remember your manners,” Gwen stated, sounding more pleased. “I know you wish to have new experiences, so you can draw upon them for components of your stories. A new opportunity has presented itself.” She paused, perhaps to see how Molly would comment.

For her part, Molly’s heart began thumping so hard in her chest that she saw it making her tit bounce. She was, as was now her custom, naked as she wrote, so her tit was fully visible to her eyes. If she was being completely honest with herself, she’d acknowledge that submitting to Miss Gwen’s whims was becoming even more important than the actual writing. But she dare not admit that – Miss Gwen needed her more as an author than as a submissive slut, or so she thought.

May I ask what it is, Miss?” Molly asked, her voice full of shyness at being so bold.

You may not,” Miss Gwen answered patiently. “By now, I feel we know each other well enough that you can trust it will not violate your limits. Correct?”

Yes, Miss. As long as you are with me, I know you’ll keep me safe,” Molly answered politely.

Very well. Then I want you ready on this Saturday. I’ll pick you up. Make certain that your hygiene is complete,” Miss Gwen said. She told Molly what to wear, and when to expect her.

Molly knew that the phrase ‘hygiene is complete’ meant she should be thoroughly washed, and have a clean pussy and ass hole. This raised the possibility of anal sex, which was both exciting and scary. “If it’s going to be a huge cock, like Eric’s, I sure hope the guy has as much finesse as Eric has, when doing it.” She shuddered, not without smidgens of delight as she remembered Eric fucking her back door.

As the days passed, Molly couldn’t help but speculate what plans Miss Gwen might have for her. Would she make Molly star in a porno? Molly imagined the cameras recording her body from every angle, as one man after another railed her holes. Or would Miss Gwen make her prostitute her body? She imagined her clients fucking her to get their rocks off, uncaring if Molly herself was getting any pleasure from it. Then dropping money on the twisted sheets of the bed as they stalked out of the room, without looking back.

Perhaps she’d be a model for a workshop on shibari. Naked, her body would be crisscrossed with elaborate designs of ropes as an audience watched. Sometimes the tied person was then suspended, dangling and helpless. No matter what, she’d have her tits and cunt exposed and vulnerable, and the bindings would prevent her from evading anything that the onlookers might be permitted to do. These feverish thoughts were so exciting, so compelling, that Molly had to change her panties several times a day. If she failed to wear panties, she’d leave drips and puddles everywhere she went.

After an agonizing week, the day finally arrived. Molly scrubbed herself thoroughly, douched, and flushed her colon with a special shower wand attachment until her back passage was as squeaky clean as her front one. She wouldn’t embarrass Miss Gwen by any lack of hygiene, that’s for sure.

In the late afternoon, she was bouncing up and down on her heels with excitement, watching for Miss Gwen’s town car to arrive. As directed, she was wearing a simple black dress with a short skirt, and slippers – no bra, no stockings, no panties. When the car arrived, instead of rushing across the sidewalk to it, like some eager school girl, Molly strolled. Unfortunately, a gust of wind suddenly lifted her skirt, raising its hem, front and back, almost level with her tits. Passersby got a very good look at either her pussy, or her ass, depending upon their angle of approach.

Molly hastily shoved her hem down, but not before a burst of whistles and catcalls assaulted her ears. She was blushing a deep red as she climbed into the rear of the car, alongside Miss Gwen.

Giving everyone a show?” Miss Gwen asked, with an arched eyebrow, but there was a smile playing across her lips.

Inadvertently, Miss,” Molly whispered, head down and a bit mortified, as the car smoothly accelerated.

There are a few places where you can give a public show outdoors like that and not risk getting arrested,” Miss Gwen commented. “I’ll file that thought away for some future time. Such exposure makes you look quite fetching, you know.”

Molly swallowed, and whispered, “Thank you, Miss.” Her mind was whirling, still wondering what was in store for her this evening. Since Miss Gwen made no remark about her clothing, Molly took it for granted that she approved. After all, Miss Gwen could see the dress and the slippers, and knew full well Molly lacked any panties. In addition, Molly’s perky nipples were pressing the dress material into well defined bumps, giving evidence of the lack of a bra.

After a lengthy drive, they arrived at a large, mansion-like home, situated on well landscaped grounds. Whoever owned it exhibited both wealth and taste, by the manner it was being maintained. The town car pulled around to the back of the dwelling, and Miss Gwen escorted Molly through one of its rear doors.

They entered a kitchen. Cooks and assistants were working efficiently, with skill and precision. Surfaces and utensils gleamed. A man approached them, possibly a waiter, and smiled and beckoned. They must’ve been expected, because neither Miss Gwen or the waiter said anything as he led the way through the kitchen and into a large dining room. The large double doors that provided the other entrance to the room were closed. Beyond them, Molly fancied she was possibly hearing the muted murmur of people’s voices in conversation. Soothing paintings hung in their frames along the walls. Overhead, crystal chandeliers sparkled. The pure white tablecloth reflected their brilliance. Strangely, the chairs were well off to the sides, not pulled up against the edges of the dining table.

Remove your clothing, girl,” Miss Gwen ordered in a quiet voice.

Molly was aware that the waiter was still standing in the room with them. She felt a little bashful as she slipped the dress up and over her head and off. In a moment, she stood naked, in her slippers. The waiter’s lips curled into a broad smile, and his eyes twinkled as he studied her form. “Slippers, too, Miss?” Molly asked.

I’m sure this floor is immaculately clean,” Miss Gwen responded. “But let Andre give you a boost up onto the table, first.”

Andre stepped up, and without so much as a ‘by-your-leave’ his hands came to Molly’s waist, grasping and lifting. A second later, her butt was on the white tablecloth, and Andre reached down and gently removed her slippers.

You want me up here on the table, Miss?” Molly asked quizzically.

Yes, my dear slut girl. You’re going to be the table centerpiece for this party. Get to the center, and stretch out on your back. Andre, a small pillow, I think,” Miss Gwen instructed.

Weird sensations and thoughts romped through Molly’s mind as she carefully scooted to the center of the table, and lowered herself onto her back. The wooden surface under the tablecloth was hard against the back of her head, but Andre quickly slipped a soft pillow into place. Molly stared up at the ceiling, which seemed to be covered in a delicate parquet of interlacing wooden shapes in muted browns and golds. It was a very restful view, and the chandeliers were not directly overhead, so Molly wasn’t staring into a glare of light. Still, she was naked, in a dining room. The thought of people sitting nearby, eating, while her face, tits, belly, pussy, and legs were on display like this made her feel like her innards were twisted into knots, which was just as well, because otherwise the butterflies flapping around in there might escape into the room.

In a heightened state of anxiety now, Molly almost jumped when the door to the kitchen flew open and several people entered, carrying trays. To her amazement, no one commented on seeing a naked woman atop the table. They all fell to work. Taking fruit off the trays, they began decorating Molly’s body with them. Molly could not help but wonder if the servers were shocked or uncomfortable doing this. But their faces displayed nothing but concentration. Apparently, this was not the first time they’d performed these actions.

Stay very still, girl,” Miss Gwen whispered. “We don’t want the fruit arrangement falling off. Take shallow breaths, too.”

Looking down her body, since the pillow under her head gave her a vantage point, Molly saw the servers carefully placing small clusters of grapes, various types of berries, cherries, artfully formed apple slices, and slices of ripe pear. None of it was messy, and all of it was cold as it was placed on her skin. But her body warmth soon heated the pieces of fruit, until she was barely aware of them, other then a slight pressure. As her body heated the fruit, their various aromas wafted into her nostrils, even with the careful shallow breaths she was employing.

The main scents were from the berries. The smell of ripe strawberries, blackberries, and raspberries predominated. There was an undertone scent of ripe apple and pear. That was before two pineapple rings were carefully placed, one at the top of each of her tits. The pineapple smell took command, claiming her attention. As Molly peered down at the rings, she could see the tips of her engorged nipples, peeking up out of the center of each ring.

Miss Gwen’s face came into her peripheral vision. “Hold quite still, girl,” she advised Molly. “I’m about to part your labia.”

Molly was glad she’d been warned. Otherwise, she might’ve twitched when she felt those unseen hands opening her intimate folds. Glancing down, she saw a female server delicately placing a series of stemmed cherries along her now open furrow. One cherry was even inserted into Molly’s vaginal opening. She gasped quietly as she felt the coolness of its penetration.

Miss Gwen stepped back for a final appraisal. “Perfect,” she stated. All the servers but two went back into the kitchen. “You may let the guests enter,” she instructed those remaining servers. The two men opened the double doors. Nothing was placed on Molly’s head or neck, so she was able to pivot her head a few degrees toward the door, and stare out of the corner of her eyes as it was opened.

The chatting people who entered were ‘dressed to the nines’ as they say. The men were wearing their formal black tuxedos, white shirts, and black ties. The only splash of color came from the occasional cummerbund that obviously coordinated with the color of the outfit worn by the woman on his arm. Molly’s jaw dropped slightly as she regarded what must be the floor length gowns the women were wearing. Colorful as beams snatched from a rainbow, the women’s gowns were accentuated by the jewels they wore. Bare shoulders or spaghetti straps revealed flawless skin. Subtle, expensive perfumes drifted from the ladies as everyone gathered around the table, chatting.

Molly suddenly became aware that in stark contrast to those elegant women, she herself was on naked display before them. No one made overt reference to her presence at first. In fact, they helped themselves to the fruit on her body in a desultory fashion, plucking up bits daintily in their fingers as they chatted. All the fruits were finger food, and fine linens and small plates were located here and there, for the discrete wiping of fingers, and the disposal of pits and stems.

Molly was busy observing her reactions to being the centerpiece, and the emotions that warred within her. When she’d been naked, among a group of naked people, it was possible for her to feel a measure of comfort, since she could imagine she wasn’t being singled out. But now she was the only naked person in the room, and her placement, plus the exquisite manner of dress of the people around her, heightened the contrast between them. On the other hand, Molly had to admit being aroused by the chance that people were gazing at her nudity with appraisal, and hopefully approval.

Little by little, more and more of Molly’s anatomy was revealed as the fruits were consumed. The guests chattered about this and that, in a quiet cacophony of many people talking simultaneously, to which Molly paid no attention. She was focused on maintaining her composure, and keeping her breath under control, trying not to move a muscle. Miss Gwen came into her field of view from time to time, consuming some fruit and chatting with the others, virtually ignoring Molly.

Ultimately, all that was left were the two pineapple rings, and the lone cherry that was still inserted in Molly’s cunt. One woman approached the table, leaning slightly over Molly’s right breast, but looking across the table. Speaking to her friend across the table, the woman said, “Barbara, why don’t you give that pineapple ring to George, while I give this one to Alan? Then you and I can lick up whatever juice they leave behind.”

The woman named Barbara must’ve agreed, because Molly saw their hands lift the pineapple rings off her breasts, baring them fully to everyone’s view. After a moment’s pause, the women leaned in and started licking Molly’s breasts, starting low along her curves, and working their way slowly up toward her nipples. Warm pink tongues lapped and lapped, gradually ascending the mounds of her tits. Molly’s view was partially blocked by their heads, but the faces she could see in the room appeared to be riveted to watching the women licking and sensuously sucking at her flesh.

The cherry inside her cunt was partially blocking Molly’s cunt juices from flowing out, but as the stimulation from the tit sucking grew more intense, some small amount finally worked its way free. As she felt it trickle along her labia and down into her ass crack, she was certain she heard soft mutterings as people drew each other’s attention to her arousal. The women had reached the edges of her areolae by now, and in silent coordination, each engulfed her entire areola with soft lips and suckled the entire region surrounding her nipples. Tongues were also flicking those nipples, making them even more engorged. When the women withdrew their mouths, Molly’s formerly roseate nipples appeared flame red with all that fresh blood in them. There was polite applause around the room.

Looking down her body, Molly could see a solitary cherry stem, poking up out of her cunt opening. That was all she was wearing now – a single cherry. But not for long. One elderly but distinguished gentleman – probably the host – leaned in over Molly’s pussy, and seized the cherry stem with pearly white teeth. He raised his head slowly. Molly could feel the trapped cherry being pulled upward. Her vaginal ring’s resilience tried to prevent the cherry from escaping, but her copious lubrication made it quite slippery. The man could’ve tugged it free quite easily, in fact. But he was prolonging the moment, partially for dramatic effect, and partially to spend more time close to Molly’s exposed sex.

Finally, the cherry pulled free, and more polite applause erupted when the host turned, still holding the cherry by its stem, and let his partner take it into her mouth. Everyone knew it was coated with Molly’s pussy juices. The woman pulled the cherry off its stem, her partner discarded the stem from his mouth, and the two of them kissed before the woman actually ate the cherry, discretely discarding its pit.

Meanwhile, many, if not all, of the remaining eyes were focused on Molly’s vaginal opening. It was still partially distended from the cherry’s removal, and drooling cunt juices. Molly was vaguely aware of how badly she was leaking, but couldn’t do a thing to stem the flow. Now not only naked, but displaying her raw sensuality, Molly found her mood changing. Her shyness was evaporating as her innate streak of exhibitionism was taking hold. She was almost disappointed as the party guests wandered out of the dining area, and back into the other room. Servers re-entered from the kitchen, and two of them quietly closed the double doors. Only Miss Gwen remained behind.

As the Dominatrix approached Molly’s head, Molly asked her, “Are we done, Miss?”

Miss Gwen smiled down at her. “No, silly,” she answered with a lilt in her voice. “That was only the first course.” From her tone of voice, Molly judged that Miss Gwen was quite pleased with her performance.

Servers, both male and female, came up to Molly with warm, damp wash cloths and thoroughly cleaned her body of any remaining traces of the fruits, wiping it dry with fluffy cloths as well. Molly recognized Andre as he applied a wash cloth diligently between her thighs. He washed and wiped her labia, inside and out, and even screwed a corner of the cloth into her vaginal opening. Molly almost giggled from the strange sensation of the fluffy material brushing against her sensitive clit, which was still partially puffy with her arousal.

Shall we change the tablecloth, Madam?” Andre asked Miss Gwen, pointing at the dampened region beneath Molly’s pussy.

No, Andre. I think the guests appreciate seeing how lusty my little slut is. That’s liquid evidence of the fact.” The two smiled at each other as Molly’s cheeks and neck flushed red with a surge of humiliation. She wondered how big a stain she was leaving down there, but couldn’t tell.

The bridge now, Andre,” Miss Gwen told him. As he went to fetch it, she said to Molly, “Turn over, my dear little slut. Face down on the center of the table.”

Molly carefully turned and wiggled until she was positioned, pillowing her head on her crossed arms.

Press down with your hands and arch your torso up off the table,” Miss Gwen commanded her.

As Molly did so, Miss Gwen and Andre maneuvered a cunning device underneath her. Its base sat flush with the top of the table. Rising up from that base were two curved side rails that ultimately ran alongside Molly’s torso, ending their curve at her armpit/collarbone region. From there, it went forward to form a padded platform, on which she could rest her head, sideways. Her tits dangled freely beneath her, easily seen between the table top and the curved rails. Miss Gwen had Molly stretch her arms forward along the table surface, palms up.

Someone applied a damp washcloth to Molly’s butt, removing any traces of her cunt juices that had leaked beneath her when she was on her back. The area was dried with a fluffy towel again, making Molly grin. Now everyone would see her backside, she imagined. Something, some kind of bowl, was placed between Molly’s knees, forcing her to shift her thighs sideways a bit. She realized this would bring her ass hole and cunt into full view. That thought pleased her, since now a mood of exhibitionism was predominant in her mind.

She felt things being placed on her palms. Carefully lifting and turning her head, she saw… sushi. The main course would consist of sushi, which could be finger food, or could be eaten with chopsticks. Unlike the cold fruit, the sushi pieces were neutral in temperature. She turned her head and rested her cheek on the padding, smiling. She had to admit – being the center of attention was turning out to be quite fun. Her main regret was that in this position, she’d have very little idea what the final display would look like.

More sushi was being placed along Molly’s shoulders and back, as Miss Gwen leaned in close, looking her in the face. “You’re going to feel a sensation at your ass hole, girl. Don’t flinch.”

Molly was glad she’d been warned, because a warm fluid drizzled onto her puckered rear opening, and a finger started smearing and massaging the sensitive tissues there. Miss Gwen’s arms were in clear view, so Molly knew some stranger was taking the liberty of playing with her anal opening. The caresses and massages were delicate, but Molly couldn’t tell if the finger belonged to a male or a female. To be honest, the slut inside her didn’t actually care. She just knew what was happening felt good, even when the finger wormed its way inward past her anal ring, and opened her even more.

Her body was till being decorated with sushi, but Molly’s mental focus was on her ass. As far as she could tell, a second finger had been inserted, whether from the same person’s hand, or other hand, or even a finger from a second, different person’s hand. Maybe a whole group of servers was standing behind her, watching her ass hole being dilated. But she doubted that, since there seemed to be too much bustle to and from the kitchen as more and more sushi was brought out and arranged.

Hold very, very still now, slut girl,” Miss Gwen whispered to her. This was followed by a strange sensation at Molly’s ass that started at the surface and went inward, into her rectum. It was not unpleasant, but very unusual in nature.

May I ask what’s happening down there, Miss?” Molly whispered.

What you’re feeling is the stem of a lovely cluster of delicate orchid flowers being inserted, girl,” Miss Gwen replied. “They’re purely decorative, and their beauty helps to draw the onlooker’s eye to your ass and cunt.” Her body moved out of sight for a moment, then returned. She chuckled quietly. “I see you’re enjoying these attentions. Your labia are bright pink and puffy, and you’re leaking cunt juices again.”

Molly felt heat in her cheeks, imagining the sight she was providing. Suddenly the air was filled with the scent of fresh ginger. Molly inhaled deeply but slowly, taking care not to shift her back too much. “That smells wonderful, Miss. But why is the scent so strong?”

The servers have placed two shallow bowls of pickled ginger, directly beneath your breasts,” Miss Gwen explained. “I expect people will try to retrieve pieces with their chopsticks, but I’ll tell them it’s perfectly acceptable for them to press your tits out of the way, if they need better access.” This statement sent a subtle wave of excitement through Molly, because she liked having her breasts touched, by men and women alike. Again, she fell into introspection about her feelings and her body’s responses to this situation. She was so preoccupied, she hadn’t noticed the double doors being opened again. But the increased volume of the verbal interplay between the guests made her fully aware that the room was filling up again. She heard exclamations of delight. People ‘ooo’d and ‘aaahh’d at the display.

Molly heard the soft clinking of plates and the clicks of chopsticks. With her head turned to one side as it was, she could only see people standing close to her head on that side. After a few minutes, she became aware of small areas of her skin reporting a lowering sensation of pressure – evidence that small pieces of sushi were being lifted off of her.

Look at where that orchid decoration is anchored!” a deep male voice exclaimed. A moment later, titters of feminine merriment erupted from down near Molly’s feet. The heat on her cheeks proclaimed that, as much as an exhibitionist as she was, having people look at an orchid sprouting from her ass hole was still embarrassing. To heighten that embarrassment, she could feel her labia being plucked at with chopsticks, whether by males or females or both, she couldn’t guess.

She heard Miss Gwen’s voice, stating, “If you wish any pickled ginger, the bowls are under here.” Molly looked, and saw Miss Gwen bending over in front of her face, and her hand lifting her tit on that side. “I’m afraid you’ll have to move her breasts out of the way to easily get some, though.”

Now isn’t that a shame?” Molly heard a different male’s voice issued from a point behind her head, immediately followed by a slightly rougher hand cupping and lifting her tit on that side. His hand slid partially back, but that allowed his finger and thumb to find her nipple. The stranger’s hand fondled her. Molly gasped quietly, not daring to move, lest she displace all the food arrayed along her body.

Miss Gwen moved out of Molly’s line of sight, and another woman stepped into view. Her cool, smooth hand lifted Molly’s breast, as her other hand manipulated chop sticks and retrieved some pickled ginger to her plate. It seemed that suddenly everyone craved pickled ginger. Hand after hand lifted Molly’s tits, most of them pausing to caress and manipulate her swollen nipples and crinkled areolae. Molly had to draw upon her reserves to prevent herself from squirming due to these delightful stimulations. She found that voicing her growing arousal actually helped keep her body still. Her moans grew in volume, until she was certain that everyone in the room could hear them.

Her flesh heated as hot blood rose into her skin. She felt like she was being slowly roasted over a low grade fire. It didn’t cool her ardor one bit as people began plucking at her now oozing and gooey labia. Her cunt was working overtime, generating its nectar, its muscular ripples forcing the fluids out of her now dilated vaginal opening. She couldn’t see what people were doing down there, of course, but it felt like some were scraping the seaweed-wrapped sushi pieces along her furrow, using cunt juice like soy sauce. It also felt like fingers were being used to sample her, perhaps by people more inept with chop sticks, so they had to take matters into their own hands, so to speak.

Gradually, the food was plucked from Molly’s body, and conversations in the room abated as people drifted out of the dining area and back into the other room. One of the few remaining people decided to claim the orchid as a souvenir, pulling it free from Molly’s ass hole. She wondered if the flower would end up in some man’s button hole, or pinned to one of those lovely gowns.

Miss Gwen remained, as before, whispering as the double doors were closed, “It’s safe to move your head again, girl.” As Molly lifted her head and swiveled it to a neutral position, she winced from the cramp of keeping it rotated to one side for so long. Surprisingly, Miss Gwen gently massaged her neck in a caring manner, easing out the cramp. As she did this, the servers removed the bowls, and began bathing Molly’s skin, removing any final traces of the sushi.

Cleansed and dried, Molly lifted herself enough to allow the bridge to be removed, while four or five hands helped turn her over onto her back once again. Andre replaced the soft pillow beneath her head. Looking at him, Molly said, “Let me guess. Dessert time?”

Andre gave no reply, but his lips twitched into a smile.

Hoping dessert would not involve ice cream, Molly settled her limbs into a more comfortable position. Out from the kitchen came an amazing assortment of petits fours, small cakes, tarts, cookies, brownies, tiny delicate cupcakes, meringues – even some flat-bottomed truffles, which Molly hoped wouldn’t melt from her body heat. Soon she was completely covered in vibrant colors. To emphasize her breasts, chains of meringues were festooned along their under-curves. Andre even eyed her swollen nipples closely, and carefully carved out hollows in the underside of two petit fours, snugging the nipples into those cavities to anchor the delicacies in place. The fragrances of coffee and teas wafted from carafes on tables along a side wall.

As what felt like the final dessert pieces were put into place, Molly was feeling a little letdown that her pussy was neglected this time. She should have known better. As a final touch, Andre emerged from the kitchen with a gloriously-colored candy-wrapped pretzel stick, letting Molly get a good look at it. The diameter of the stick was impressive enough that Molly’s eyes bulged slightly, before Andre stepped out of her sight at the foot of the table. She felt his fingers gently pry her labia open. There was a slight stinging as the salty end of the pretzel stick was inserted into her vaginal tunnel, leaving the candy section apparently sprouting from her honey pot. Now all was ready.

Molly felt somewhat regal as the double doors opened anew, and people caught sight of her latest display. People burst into spontaneous applause, complimenting the host for such a dazzling event. With perhaps less decorum than earlier, people began divesting Molly’s nude form of the food items. Inhibitions were definitely abated. Some people took a piece of dessert off Molly’s body hands-free, using only their lips. If some icing, or crumbs, or melted chocolate remained, like as not, they licked her skin clean. The women that claimed the ‘nipple petit fours’ used their hands to pluck up the treats, but then spent a few minutes sucking at Molly’s nipples, perhaps making sure that no traces of icing were lodged in the delicate valleys of her areolae.

Being face up, Molly was able to swivel her head to view various parts of the room. The party was taking on a more orgy-like feel. A man pulled the pretzel out of Molly’s cunt, and held it while his partner demonstrated her skill at deep-throating it. Men’s tuxedo jackets and cummerbunds were removed. The tops of gowns were lowered enough to free luscious breasts from their prior entrapment. As the revelry built, trousers were opened, and cocks sprang free. Men reached up under gowns, and their hands often re-emerged with wispy panties in tow. And the skirts they reached under were not necessarily those belonging to their partner.

Molly’d never witnessed an orgy before, but she was seeing the onset of one now. Wide-eyed, she watched as clothing was removed, and genitalia of all shapes, sizes, colors and ages came into view. Pubic hairs, when present, ranged from deepest black to pure white, with shades of red, brown and blonde also represented. And not all crotches were furred. Several, both male and female, were shaved bald. Soon, everyone was naked. Molly’s arousal engorged her labia and clit to the point that they felt like they might burst with the throbbing pulsations of her frantically hammering heart!

Being a centerpiece was all well and good, but Molly, seeing all the eroticism exploding around her, wanted desperately to be fucked! All the food was gone from her body, so she clenched her thighs together, shifting and rocking her hips. Seeing this, the host announced, “Our lovely centerpiece has come to life! James, you won the first silent auction. Take her, she’s yours!”

The group cheered as a medium sized, middle aged man with a bit of a paunch, and thinning brown hair climbed onto the table, and moved between Molly’s knees, as other guests helped her to open her thighs. At this point, Molly didn’t care who fucked her. She grabbed his moderately-sized dick, gave it several quick pumps, and spread her labia as she guided his cock’s head to her entrance.

Gleefully, James began thrusting in and out of the receptive cunt Molly was offering. His cock may have lacked a little volume, but he made up for it in dexterity. Angling himself expertly, he managed to undulate his fleshy rod along her most sensitive internal tissues.

OMG!” Molly cried. “That’s fantastic!… That’s perfect!… Right there!… I’m loosing it!… I’m loosing it!… I’m…” Her voice broke off. People watched her sexual flush spread down her neck to stain the upper parts of her breasts as she stiffened, screamed, and began cumming hard on James’ still plunging dick. She didn’t stifle her howls of ecstasy. She released them as she herself achieved release. The tensions of arousal from being on display and fondled evaporated as Molly’s body glowed in orgasm. She bucked her hips hard, wanting James to join her in orgasm. He did. His howl of release harmonized with hers, and cords stood out in his neck as he jetted his seed into her depths.

The room was silent, the people motionless, observing the two bodies, joined in this intimate dance.

Finally, Molly and James paused, needing to suck air, and James let his head lower to place his lips on Molly’s heaving breasts, panting as much as she was panting. The onlookers came to life again – talking, touching, fondling. Some began imitating what they’d just witnessed, beginning to couple vertically, rather than horizontally, but still cocks were thrusting in and out of cunts, regardless.

Giving Molly’s breasts and lips a final kiss and whispering, “Thank you,” a perspiring James climbed off Molly, and off the table. Molly’s glistening, sweating body was admired as she gulped air, making her tits heave up and down.

Miss Gwen approached with a somewhat larger pillow than the one under Molly’s head, and quietly ordered her submissive, “Turn over, slut, and place this under your hips. You’ve got one more hole to offer up to this group.”

Molly’s eyes dilated, as she realized what this meant, but she gave no protest. As she flipped over and raised her pelvis, placing the pillow under it to keep her ass up high, she even reached back and grasped both of her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. This produced a wanton display of her ass hole, which she knew was due to be used by someone, while the rest watched.

Sure enough, the host announced, “Chadsworth, you are the winner of the second silent auction, with a quite remarkable bid! You must want to use her back door very badly, so have at it, my good man! And do we have a couple of female volunteers to help get her ready?” Two fully nude women quickly stepped forward, huge grins on their faces. Others laughed good-naturedly at their eagerness.

Molly looked back at the man who’d won the right to use her ass, noting he was blonde-haired, muscular, and was sprouting a more than average size cock. She was in for a real experience, perhaps more than Eric had given her. She continued watching over her shoulder, still holding her ass cheeks wide open as the two women volunteers dipped their fingers in lubricant provided by the host. Moments later, Molly felt cool, wet fingers smearing lube on her puckered anal ring, and probing inward. The women worked in unison. Their fingers poked and pried, gradually dilating Molly’s ass hole. Molly glanced over her shoulder and observed their smiles – they apparently enjoyed this task immensely.

Molly cooperated as much as she could, knowing that she’d better allow her anus to relax and open if she didn’t want to be injured by Chadsworth’s dick. She herself couldn’t tell how much had been accomplished, but maybe it was almost enough, because one woman stepped back, allowing the other to take over, now using the fingers of both her hands in Molly’s nether hole. Those fingers slid in deeply, and the woman had enough leverage like this to pull sideways so much that there were soft gasps from the onlookers.

Molly experienced a little pain from being stretched so much, but was breathing into the pain. The other woman dropped to her knees to give Chadsworth some fellatio to make his cock wet and slippery. Actually, she probably just wanted to get a taste of his dick, because she soon stood up and liberally greased it with the lubricant they’d been working into Molly’s hole. She also shoved another glob right into Molly’s exposed rectal tunnel.

The moment of truth arrived. Chadsworth climbed on top of the table, and placed his feet on either side of Molly’s thighs. “Let me guide you, Chad,” said the woman that had sucked on his cock. She must’ve grasped that slippery rod and guided its head squarely into the hole being held open by her friend’s fingers. Molly felt the warm glans of the cock touch the tissues of her anal ring, and braced herself, trying not to tense up.

Take that little slut, Chad!” some male voice called out, encouraging him. But he needed very little coaxing. Chad’s warm hands gripped Molly’s hips, and he levered his cock into her dilated ass hole with very little resistance, because the fingers prying her open didn’t leave until his cock was almost half way in. The head of his dick pressed the lubricant glob ahead of itself, ‘greasing the skids’ as it went. Molly was surprised to feel Chad’s pubic bush press against her ass cheeks – he was fully planted! She’d never had a guy just shove his cock fully into her ass before. When Eric had done it, he’d entered little by little, giving her time to adjust.

The preliminary manual stretching, the copious lubrication, the correct angle – it was magical. Molly sighed loudly at the wonderful sensation of fullness she was now experiencing. She knew everyone was looking at her, ass lifting in offering as Chad skewered her, and she reveled in it.

Ready to be ass fucked, fuck toy?” Chad asked loudly.

You can’t believe how ready I am, Sir!” Molly proclaimed. “Fuck me! Fuck me, please! I want to feel your dick using and claiming my ass hole!”

Even though we have a roomful of people watching?” Chad asked, a mischievous lilt to his voice.

Especially because we have an audience!” Molly cried, her exhibitionist, submissive, slutty nature taking full precedence now. “I want them all to watch closely as you drive your dick in and out of me! I want them to fondle or fuck each other as they watch! I want everyone as aroused as I am! And Sir – please cum inside my ass! I want them to watch as your semen leaks from it, just like semen is still leaking from my cunt!” Molly couldn’t believe she was saying all these things out loud! Was she possessed?

Chad made no reply. He just started fucking her ass hard, with long, deep strokes. He grunted happy grunts with his efforts. It was obvious to him that Molly needed no foreplay, no teasing, no buildup. She seemed so aroused that he wondered if he could make her cum just from anal sex. He was determined to find out. Her ass tunnel was so tight on his dick that he guessed that he could cum, and still stay firm enough to continue fucking her for quite some time.

Molly was pinned down onto the pillow, unable to move much, even though she wished she could push back into his thrusts. But perversely, the very fact that she could not move actually heightened her excitement. She was having her ‘forbidden’ hole used publicly, graphically. The man fucking her had ‘won’ her in an auction. He was using her for his pleasure. She couldn’t tell if he was trying to excite her, or was just using her tight ass tunnel as a sleeve for his personal gratification.

Glancing over her shoulder, she saw his squatting stance, and it was clear that it wasn’t covering the location where they were joined at all. Everyone who wished it had a clear view of his dick sliding in and out of her ass! They could probably see her anal ring being shoved inward as he thrust, and dragged almost inside out each time he withdrew! Scanning the onlookers that were in her lines of sight, she saw them also coupling, sweaty bodies joined and writhing. Some women were being fucked face to face, others were bent over, being taken from behind. But most of the men and women were staring at Chad, stooped above her, and hammering his cock into her ass.

Suddenly, Chad made a strange sound, and planted his dick deep inside her, holding it there. Molly felt his dick execute a sort of throbbing motion, and then an unusual sense of hot wetness near its deepest end. Chad was cumming inside her ass! She shrieked with realization! “I feel him cumming!” she screamed to the watching throng. “Oh fuck! He’s spurting and spurting!” He may not have been the only one – several of the coupling sets of onlookers also reached climax, triggered by Molly’s screams.

Chad’s strange, strangled sounds continued, as he strove to empty himself into the ass offered up by the woman beneath him. But he instinctively knew from the tone of her cries that she was close to orgasm herself. So, he pulled his dick part way out, dragging some of his sticky white cum with it. He plunged in again, leaving a ring of semen on Molly’s anal ring. His subsequent thrusts began whipping it into frothy bubbles, fascinating to observe. His scrotum began drumming against Molly’s clit. Her clit reacted by swelling and elongating, turning hot and red. In a positive feedback loop, its swollen length received even greater impacts from his balls, causing even more swelling and sensitivity.

Molly began beating on the table top with tiny fists as her body was wracked with an amazingly intense orgasm! Perhaps Miss Gwen had forgotten to warn people that under the proper amount of stimulation, Molly was prone to squirt. Her body’s convulsions caused her urethra to jet a spray of liquid that caught several of the people standing down in line with her feet by surprise. It was a good thing they were all naked. Her ejaculate washed easily off their skin afterward, that is, if it wasn’t avidly licked away beforehand. Her straining muscles also shoved a good amount of James’ sperm from her cunt, and it splatted on Chad’s scrotum, and drooled down her labia and onto the pillow beneath her.

Chad held her, as they both panted to catch their breath. Molly had her eyes closed, savoring the rapid orgasmic aftershocks that rippled through her. When Chad had recovered enough to slide his dick out of Molly’s ass, he announced, “She came so hard that the contractions of her ass almost tore my dick off!” But he was grinning, showing that he was exaggerating for effect. As he climbed off the table, people gathered closer to stare at Molly’s gaping ass hole. Chad’s thick cock had certainly stretched her opening wide. As they watched, the first whitish gobs of his seminal deposit began emerging from that hole, and drizzling down to join that still seeping from her cunt. Her ass and cunt were an exquisite mess! Murmurs of wonder and appreciation filled the room.

When Molly finally came out of her reverie, all the guests had departed, as if they’d never been there. They and their clothes were gone. The room was being cleared by the servers, two of which began applying warm wash cloths to Molly’s private parts.

Miss Gwen came into view. “Where is everyone, Miss?” Molly asked, puzzled. “The room was filled a moment ago.”

Miss Gwen actually laughed. “A moment ago?” She checked her watch. “Girl, you’ve been unconscious for about 20 minutes! That must’ve been some orgasm you had.”

Molly looked abashed, but couldn’t deny it. She nodded, as Miss Gwen helped her off the table. As her editor handed it to her, Molly put her black dress back on, and worked the slippers back onto her feet. The ever-present Andre escorted them through the kitchen and back to the door they’d originally entered. Outside, the town car was waiting.

As they drove back to Molly’s place, Miss Gwen quizzed her about her impressions and feelings about what had occurred. She wanted to be certain that Molly was storing these things as further material for her stories.

My only regret, Miss, was that I couldn’t see how I looked on display as the centerpiece, nor could I see myself as the people were seeing me as the two men used me like that,” Molly shared.

Miss Gwen’s face broke into a pleased smile. Taking a laptop off the seat next to her, She inserted a memory stick from her digital camera, and began giving Molly a short slide show. She’d taken pictures of Molly covered in fruit, and then covered in sushi, and finally covered by the tasty treats of dessert. Molly ‘ooo’d and ‘aww’d at the artistry of the presentations, hardly believing that her body had been the canvas for these.

Then came the pictures of Molly’s cunt, being fucked so thoroughly by James, followed by images of Molly’s exposed ass as the women worked to open her nether hole, and Chad straddling and fucking her so hard. There was even a blurry image of Molly’s ejaculate, spraying a bit too fast for a clear image as it arced toward the people behind her. And finally, there were several shots of Molly’s gaping ass hole, and her puffy cunt, as both openings discharged streams of semen. Many of these shots must’ve been done while she was in her state of post-orgasmic oblivion, because in a couple of them, someone’s fingers – Andre? – were holding her labia wide open for a better view of her semen stained pussy.

Molly was delighted when Miss Gwen said, “I’ll send you a full set of these, of course.” She was even more delighted when Miss Gwen added, “While you were unconscious, several of those important people asked me if I’d lend you to them for other ‘dinner parties’ – not necessarily as an immobile table centerpiece. I assured them you’d be thrilled to be of such use.” Molly’s delight peaked, however, when they reached her home, and Miss Gwen drew her into her arms for a long, lingering, passionate kiss, and murmured, “I’m so very proud of you, my lovely slut.” Molly almost floated in a blissful cloud all the way inside, already looking forward to Miss Gwen’s next thrilling idea about exposing her to new experiences.



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