Molly and the New Editor, pt. 03

A dazed Molly looked up at the people clustered around her.

She was naked – they were clothed.

She was on her back atop a waist high padded bench – they were standing around it.

She was trussed up – they were not.

Gwen, her editor and dominatrix, had tied a sort of rope bra on her. One rope crossed her chest above her breasts, while another one crossed below them, leaving them completely exposed. The bra had shoulder straps that passed on either side of her neck.

Down by her waist, Gwen had taken two sets of multi-stranded ropes and tied them into loose loops. She’d also tied similar sets of ropes into loose loops around Molly’s thighs just above her knees. The waist ropes were joined, one to each thigh rope, and then sent up at angles through iron rings in the ceiling. This placement forced Molly’s knees apart, and bent them up slightly toward her chest.

Gwen had added ropes that ran from the bra shoulder straps up to the supporting ropes, completing the suspension arrangement. A couple of the stronger onlookers had helped pull up the ropes a tiny bit and secure them. Therefore, Molly was resting lightly on her wrists, which were tied together behind her back, beneath her. She’d been like this for perhaps half an hour to an hour. There were no clocks that she could see.

Her pussy lips flanked a hole that was rather raw looking, and bright red. It was still slightly opened, since a cock had recently been pulled out of it. The owner of the cock had deposited his load before withdrawing, evidenced by the white, sticky semen oozing from Molly’s ravaged hole. His semen had blended with cum from the other three guys that had fucked her in this position, each using her hard and fast, focused on getting their rocks off inside her, with no regard for her pleasure.

She was here for their pleasure.

She was a gift, a ‘party favor’ provided by Gwen. Her ‘job’ today was to be a plaything – entertainment – for the people present, men and women. Maybe naively, she’d agreed to this when Gwen had asked her. They’d met to discuss how Molly’s newest stories, ones involving bondage and submission, were being received. During the current respite, Molly cast her mind back to that meeting. She and Gwen were alone in Gwen’s office at that time.

People are giving me glowing reports about your new works, Molly,” Gwen had said, congratulating her. “You’ve really started capturing the essence of these experiences. How has it influenced the way you write?” she’d asked.

Molly misunderstood the question. She blushed and answered, “Now I take off all my clothes before I start writing, to mimic that session with you and Eric. I can tie my legs and thighs to my chair, so I can feel the restraints, too.” She hesitated. Then in a softer voice, she confided, “I bought a butt plug, and often have that inside me as I work.”

Gwen listened to all this with a wry grin. “You really are a slut at heart, aren’t you Molly?” She laughed. “What I meant was, does the writing flow more easily, or are you bogged down as you add all the new details?”

Molly turned crimson. “Oh! It flows much more easily, since I can call up things from memory as I go,” she blurted.

Excellent. So, what’s to be your next project?” Gwen inquired.

Well,” Molly started. Her stomach lurched as she contemplated what she wanted to say. Inside her, fear struggled with desire. She looked down at the floor, avoiding Gwen’s eyes, and scuffed her toe nervously on the carpet. “I think I’d like the story to… well… to be about a gang-bang, Gwen. Once that idea got into my mind, I can’t seem to drive it away.”

Gwen sat silently, waiting for Molly to look up and meet her eyes. “Are you asking me to arrange a gang-bang for you, slut girl?” She asked, using a very different voice, a more imperious one.

Molly’s throat rippled as she frantically swallowed. “Yes, Miss,” she responded automatically, using a very shy voice.

Should you be sitting comfortably when you ask me for such a favor, slut?” Gwen asked, eyes flashing as her demeanor changed.

Hastily slipping off her chair, Molly crawled around the side of Gwen’s desk to enter her line of sight. Sitting back onto her heels, she raised her palms in supplication. “Please, Miss,” she begged. “Would you do this for me?” she asked, humbly.

Gwen stared down at the kneeling woman. There was a calculating look on her face, as time dragged on. Molly could not tell if her editor was actually offended by the request, and thinking how best to berate her. Or maybe she was considering it, and going through a mental list of possible participants. Gwen’s body language wasn’t revealing a thing. Gwen’s next statements caught Molly by surprise.

In their essence, gang-bangs usually involve humiliation of the female, sometimes with violent physical rape. Is this what you want?” Gwen asked, in a straightforward, matter-of-fact manner. “Be honest.”

Molly hemmed and hawed, rocking on her heels, feeling her body quiver in reflexive fear, with that word ‘violent’ hanging in the air. Finally, she shared, “I’m worried about the term ‘violent’, Miss. I’m scared of injury.”

It’s interesting that you didn’t take exception to the word ‘rape’ in my definition,” Gwen said with a grin. “But of course, rape indicates lack of consent on your part, and you’d be a willing participant if we do this. So let’s focus on the concept of violent behavior. It’s true that sometimes when several men gather to make sexual use of a woman, a sort of mob mentality can set in. After a while, one sees another doing something extreme, sees him get away with it, and tries to outdo him with something even more extreme. That’s what can lead to injury.”

Gwen reached out to stroke Molly’s hair. “But I would be there with you, my slut girl. I’d keep things within your limits, and under control if we do this. But what about the aspect of being embarrassed and humiliated in front of a group of people?”

Molly hated to reveal what she was going to say next. “Miss, remember when you and Eric had me tied to that mattress, and those three strangers walked in?” Gwen nodded for her to continue. “There I was, tied and exposed in that obscene manner, with cum oozing out of me. And they walked right up and made all those rude, suggestive observations and comments. I was afraid they’d… well, that they’d… ummm… take advantage of my vulnerability. I was mortified to be seen like that, and yet… and yet… I was half hoping they’d do something to me, and half dreading it. The humiliation of being ‘caught’ like that…” She paused a moment, gathering her courage to take the verbal plunge, lowered her eyes and face, then finished, “… it actually excited me.”

Gwen’s hand went from Molly’s hair to her chin. She raised the writer’s face to look into her eyes. “Your ambivalence about it is promising, girl. Wanting and dreading warring within you. And being restrained and helpless like that. That’s a heady mix. You can plead. You can whimper. You can scream. All as others watch. You could safeword, of course, if you feel things are getting too intense. I wonder if you will.”

At that moment, Molly realized that things were moving from abstract speculation to actual planning. Miss Gwen was going to make this happen. Molly realized that her panties were damp, just thinking about it. Gwen removed her shoe, telling Molly, “Lick my foot, top and bottom, slut. Don’t forget to suckle each toe, too.” Molly did a thorough job, so that sealed the deal. There would be a gang-bang.

That was weeks ago.

On the appointed day, Molly was again picked up in Gwen’s town car. As she climbed into the rear seat, she found that it was occupied by Gwen, as expected. But Gwen’s associate editor, Thomas, was also present. He made Molly sit between the two of them. Gwen asked bluntly, “Did you empty your bladder just before we arrived, as you were told to do?”

Molly, threw a quick glance at Thomas, her face coloring. Looking back at Gwen, she answered meekly,“Yes, Miss.”

As the car started moving, Molly had a moment of panic. When this had been discussed in Gwen’s office, it was kind of an intellectual exercise to Molly – a fantasy – a pipe-dream. But now they were actually, physically going toward a location where Molly would permit herself to be used and violated by a group of strangers. The reality was causing a visceral reaction, invoking the primitive ‘fight or flight’ mode. Her breathing accelerated, and sweat beads started forming on her brow.

Gwen pressed a button which caused an opaque partition to rise up between them and the chauffeur, giving the three of them privacy as they traveled. Gwen held up a skimpy white bikini, and a dark leather collar. “Take off every stitch of your clothing, girl, and put these on.” Her tone of voice indicated that she wouldn’t take kindly to any balking or refusal.

Molly felt the first tingling of embarrassment as she wiggled on that rear seat, trying to get out of her clothing, sandwiched between the two editors. They stared at her as her breasts came into view, and continued to stare as she slipped off her panties to complete her disrobing. They watched, but did not touch her, as she stepped into the bikini bottoms, and slid them up her legs, scooping them under her butt, and into place. She was moving fast, not wanting to remain naked too long, since cars were passing them on either side, and the rear windows were not tinted very much. In fact, she covered her breasts with her hands as a car passed, and the faces of two curious women peered in, briefly. Ducking her head into the neck loop of the bikini top, Molly leaned forward to tie its spaghetti strings behind her back. She brought the leather collar to her neck, and blindly worked its tongue through its buckle, securing it.

Thomas clipped a short dog leash onto the metal ring of the collar, and let the rest of the leash dangle between Molly’s tits. Gwen pressed the button again, and the opaque partition slid down out of sight, allowing the driver to see Molly’s image in the rear view mirror. As he did so, he caught sight of what had formerly been a fully dressed woman, now sitting wearing only a bikini, with a dog leash attached to a collar around her neck. Molly wasn’t positive, but she thought that the surprised driver might’ve allowed the car to swerve slightly at that moment.

When they reached the nondescript building where the festivities were to take place, Molly feared that she’d be required to walk from the car to the building barefoot, dressed only in a bikini. As it turned out, she did have to walk barefoot, but at the last moment, Gwen provided Molly with a full-length trench coat to wear during that brief journey. However, before the two editors helped her into the trench coat, Thomas secured Molly’s wrists behind her using a plastic zip tie. He then put the coat around her and buttoned it to keep it from sliding off her shoulders.

Eric opened the building’s door, as before, in answer to their ring. As soon as they were all inside, Thomas unbuttoned and removed Molly’s trench coat, while Gwen took control of the dog leash attached to her collar. She held Molly in position, as Thomas knelt down and attached a rope between Molly’s knees. Tying her knees close together like this hobbled her, allowing her to only take short, mincing steps as she tried to move forward. Thomas followed behind them both as Gwen triumphantly led Molly by her leash out of the dimly lit entryway and into the brightly lit room beyond.

To Molly’s dazzled eyes, there seem to be quite a few people in the room. She felt goosebumps forming on her arms from a blend of fear, mixed with a tiny bit of excitement. Gwen stopped her in the center of the room, turned to face her, and said, “Eric will free your wrists now.” There was a loud ‘snip’ sound, and the zip tie fell to the floor. “Shake out your wrists, and return circulation to them,” Gwen continued. Gratefully, Molly did so, looking down at the floor as she shook her hands down on either side of her hips. After a few minutes, Gwen said to her loudly, “Everything here is voluntary. If you want to experience what we’ve discussed, demonstrate your consent by placing your hands behind your back, where they’ll be bound again.”

The room was so quiet at that moment, you could hear the proverbial ‘pin drop’. Molly knew all eyes were on her, seeing what she would do. Her moment of decision – the moment of truth. Fear built up within her, since she now had some idea of the number of onlookers. And would they all participate, or would some only watch? She didn’t know. She thought about how she’d feel if she passed up this opportunity, though. She trusted Gwen, and she sort of trusted Thomas. Slowly she moved her hands behind herself, and felt the first loops of rope being applied as the crowd signaled their approval. Once her wrists were sturdily tied together, Gwen pulled on the leash and started making Molly walk, placing her on display for the people present.

And most, if not all of them, erupted into catcalls as they saw her led around the periphery of the room. The bawdy comments made her want to shrink from sight. This small journey took quite some time, walking with such careful, tiny steps. As they completed the first circuit, Thomas used a device like a seltzer dispenser to spray cold water onto all three parts of the bikini. Molly felt her nipples instantly harden from the shock of the cold water. Shivering slightly, she glanced downward at them, and was stunned to see that the water had also turned the bikini material virtually transparent. Her nipples were on display through the cloth, and she had no doubt that her pussy was similarly visible.

This was confirmed as Gwen paraded Molly around the room a second time. This time, the rude, raucous comments got even more personal as people share their opinions about her tits and cunt. Molly looked mainly at the floor and Gwen’s back, not wanting to see the facial expressions of these strangers. She tried hard to keep her breathing under control, and concentrated on not falling down.

When that trip was completed, Eric was given the honor of snipping off Molly’s bikini top. During this topless walk around the room, Gwen stopped Molly every few feet, to give the crowd the opportunity to fondle and otherwise test the firmness of Molly’s tits. Everyone, male and female alike, seemed eager to do so. Now Molly was virtually forced to make eye contact as she was pawed by the men and women. “Oh, we’re really gonna have fun with this one!” one guy chortled.

As they return to the starting point, Gwen herself wielded the scissors at the side panels of Molly’s bikini bottoms, allowing the damp cloth to fall away. Molly swallowed hard in dismay. With her wrists tied behind her back, she couldn’t cover her most intimate of areas, even though every instinct in her body told her that she should. As she was led around, once again all of the onlookers were given the opportunity to fondle the area that had been freshly revealed – her crotch. However, tied together as her knees were, her thighs were pressed together so tightly that people could only superficially ‘cop a feel’ down there. That was soon to change.

Gwen pulled on Molly’s leash, and led her submissive slut over to a rectangular padded table whose top was about waist high. She pushed Molly into a position that resulted in her being bent over the table, and held her there as someone untied her knees. Her left leg was lifted sideways until it was stretched out along the top of the table. Her ankle was seized, and Molly looked left and watched Eric tie her ankle in that position, the rope disappearing off the left edge of the table. She was now awkwardly balanced on her right leg, with her hands still secured behind her back. Ropes soon tied her right leg into place beneath her, stabilizing her.

Her torso was lifted by her shoulders enough to allow Thomas to apply plastic tubes, one to each nipple. The tubes had the air pumped out of them by a metallic squeeze pump, which he operated by hand. The suction was strong enough that it drew her entire areola, plus its central nipple, well up into the barrel of the tube. Molly watched the strange deformation of the shape of her tit as the strong suction caused a small but definite pain. When the pump had been detached, cords were attached to loops at the tip of each tube, and tied over the forward edge of the table so that Molly’s tits and torso were stretched out atop the table, making lifting her body next to impossible.

Molly took stock of her current situation. Naked. Securely tied to the table. Nipples on her tits being sucked by the plastic tubes. Pussy and ass lewdly open and defenseless on one side of the table. Her head practically hanging off the other side. And the people then… left her like that!

They seemingly ignored her, heading for snacks and drinks, leaving her on display. Time passed. Maybe 15 minutes. Maybe half an hour. Molly rested on the table top as best she could, trying to take the strain off her legs. She could lift her head, but not for long, and no one was in her field of view in that direction. Everyone was behind her. She wasn’t sure if anyone was even looking at her, but she imagined they were. She imagined they were planning what to do with her. Her mind raced at the possibilities. In spite of her uncomfortable position, her pussy drooled slightly.

Molly became alert when Gwen approached, her arrival signaled by her unique scent. “A present for you, slut,” she whispered, slipping a blindfold over Molly’s eyes and securing it to the back of her head. Molly was in total darkness as she heard the shuffling of feet, some coming closer. The anticipation was thrilling agony.

She heard voices close behind her. “Look how engorged her pussy lips are now. She must like being on display!”, “See? I told you she was wet!”, “What a nasty whore, trussed up like that!”, “Smell that cunt of hers.” She could tell their faces were close to her pussy, because she could feel the puffed air from their breath, feel the touch of their hair on her thighs, and was aware of the heat radiated by their faces. In her life, very few people had ever seen her naked, and now a whole crowd of strangers were getting intimate looks at her sexual region! She almost fainted from shame, her heart pumping so fast that it made her dizzy.

Comments continued, but now people were actually touching her. Their hands were at her hair, her back, and her ass cheeks. People were fingering her labia, commenting on their texture, puffiness, stretch-ability, and smell. Fingers entered her pussy, exploring, checking her depth, gathering fluids, murmuring comments like, “Look how sticky her pussy juice is!”, “It’s so easy to get a finger-full – see?”, “Are you tasting that?”, “Feed me some.” She couldn’t tell really if the fingers belonged to men or women, but comments were uttered by both sexes.

When someone unexpectedly touched her sensitive ass hole, Molly jerked up, and the suction tubes pulled painfully on her tits, making her wince and whimper. Gwen’s voice sounded in her ear, “What’s the matter, slut? Don’t want your ass hole touched?”

Molly whispered into the darkness, “They can touch it, Miss. I was just startled.”

Gwen retorted, “Well, my little bitch, if you want them to play with your ass hole, tell them! Speak up! Tell them why you’re here today!”

Molly mentally moaned with dismay. But she knew why she was there. She didn’t want to voice it explicitly, but she was now required to do so. Her throat went dry, and she had to swallow several times to speak. “I’m a gift from Miss Gwen,” she squeaked. “I’m here for you to play with, and use for your pleasure. All…” her voice dried up to a whisper. She swallowed again, and spoke into the darkness, “All three of my holes are available for your use. Miss Gwen specifically brought me here to experience a gang-bang.” Heart fluttering, she was proud that her voice solidified at the end.

Fantastic!” a gruff male voice stated nearby, as he brought the flat of his palm against Molly’s ass cheek with a loud slap. She yelped, both from the pain at her ass, and the pain at her tits as she jerked. But lips and a tongue soothed the slapped skin almost immediately. Fingers entered her anew, and with more vigor. Her ass was spanked intermittently. One or more men started playfully slapping her face with their stiffened cocks. The suction devices on her nipples were pried sideways off them with subtle ‘pop’ sounds. People flicked and fingered her now fully engorged and exposed nipples. The sensations those actions produced on her sensitive tissues ranged from sharp pains to moaning ecstasy.

Molly cried out in surprise as someone skewered his dick into her velvet tunnel, grabbed her hips, and started pumping. Tied and blindfolded, she had no idea who was fucking her. His cock was sliding in and out, with his hairy ball sack brushing her pussy lips with each firm stroke. She was focused on those sensations when something wet pressed against her lips, and she tasted precum. Someone else was pushing his manhood against her lips, silently demanding she open her mouth. She did so, drawing her teeth out of the way as the cock claimed her mouth. As the double fucking at pussy and mouth continued, she wondered if she was going to remain in blindfolded darkness for her entire ordeal.

She had only become mildly aroused when the guy behind her grunted, held his cock deep inside her, and unloaded his seed. After giving her several squirts, he pulled out, wiped his gooey dick on her butt, and moved away. The mouth fucking continued, with the cock in her mouth fully engorged and streaming precum. As Molly was drinking that precum, the blindfold was pulled off her head. Angling her neck slightly sideways, and rolling her eyeballs up to see whose cock was in her mouth, she caught sight of Thomas, grinning down at her.

I remembered how delightful your mouth is, slut girl. So I had to have it again,” he chuckled. “But I’m not going to spew down your throat this time. This time, I get to fuck your cunt,” he stated gleefully. As he pulled his cock from her mouth to walk around behind her, he was told by the onlookers to ‘fuck that bitch’ and ‘drill her pussy real good’ and other such encouragements. This renewed Molly’s awareness of how publicly she was being used, as Thomas jabbed his cock into her cunt and pumped hard and fast.

Come on, Thomas! Hurry up! There’s a line forming!” someone laughed. Molly couldn’t look back over her shoulder to see if this was true, or was just being said to humiliate her. Thomas must’ve been really aroused by Molly’s mouth again, because in two or three minutes, he moaned and began cumming inside her. He kept pumping as he came, and made sounds of appreciation as he continued thrusting into her for a short while afterward.

As Thomas stepped away, Molly felt a different sensation. Cool plastic slid into her cunt, dainty hands grabbed her hips, and warm breasts pressed against her back. She was being fucked by a woman with a strap-on! “Do her, Sandy,” a woman called out as many people laughed.

Sandy hissed into Molly’s ear, “Warn me when you’re about to cum, little bitch.” The woman’s hands pinned Molly’s hips in position, and her pelvis slammed forward and back, fucking Molly fiercely. Molly groaned, moaned, and howled as her cunt was ravished by the dildo attached to the strap-on.

She felt the telltale ball of energy forming in her core, slowly expanding, about to take control of her body. “OMG!” Molly cried. “I’m going to cum!”

Oh no, you’re not!” Sandy laughed, yanking the strap-on free from Molly’s cunt. People with the proper line of sight could see her vaginal muscles working, rippling, vainly attempting to trigger her orgasm. But Sandy’d timed it perfectly, ceasing the stimulation just short of triggering the bound woman’s climax. Molly whimpered in frustration and dismay. The audience loved it.

Let’s give this slut a breather as we adjust her restraints,” Gwen announced, tacitly informing Molly she wasn’t going to get a chance to cum like this. Gwen untied Molly from the table top, and, assisted by the large, muscular Eric, applied the rope bra described earlier. Then she and Eric put Molly on her back on the top of the nearby padded bench, and added the ropes that completed Molly’s suspension above the bench.

Men and women did indeed line up to fuck her like that. She was ‘raped’ by cock after cock and dildo after dildo as the men and women played with her. Most of the men fucked her almost ritually, not attempting to cum yet. It was almost as if they fucked her enough to be able to brag that they’d ‘used’ her. The men also played with her tits as they fucked her, mostly squeezing them roughly, or flicking her nipples to watch them bounce. On the other hand, women, as they used a strap-on in her, tended to toy with Molly’s pussy lips and clit. She was grateful that they used discretion as they tugged, rolled, and squeezed her down there, obviously much more aware of how sensitive those places are.

No one let her cum, though.

Gwen stepped up to a now whimpering, sweating, fairly exasperated Molly, saying loudly enough for people to hear, “What’s wrong, bitch? You don’t look very happy.”

Molly felt sullen, and was afraid to answer.

Come on, girl. I asked a question, and I want an honest answer,” Gwen told her. “Speak freely.”

Molly came to the conclusion that she may as well tell her, even though her sullenness was changing to shyness as she tried to figure out what to say. Finally, she licked her lips, and not making eye contact with anyone, murmured, “Miss, so many people have used me, but I haven’t cum even once yet.” She flushed a deep red as she heard those words coming out of her mouth.

Since most of you probably couldn’t hear my slut’s response, I’ll relay her answer. She’s upset that we haven’t made her cum yet,” Gwen proclaimed.

There were loud guffaws, as someone called out, “Did she forget she’s here for our pleasure, and not hers?” More laughter followed this. Molly was mortified.

True,” Gwen agreed. “And yet… and yet maybe you’ll get some entertainment as I try something with my little slut, here. Watch closely.” With Eric stabilizing Molly’s shoulders, Gwen fetched a powerful Hitachi vibrator, switched it on, and pressed it to Molly’s mound. At the same time, she slid two fingers into Molly’s pussy, hooked them slightly. Kneeling and keeping her wrist low, she began fingering the bound naked woman intently. “Let’s see what nectar I can get out of this whore’s honey pot,” she proclaimed.

Molly stiffened and screamed, her bound hands trying to claw at the padded bench she rested lightly upon. “OMG!” she cried. “Fuck. Fuck, FUCK!” she yelled. Her muscles bunched up, quivering. Her toes curled under as her pleasure built and built. The veins in her neck bulged as she strained and strained, her neck and cheeks crimson. Gwen knew just how to play her like a finely tuned instrument, taking her to the brink, edging her there, then nudging her even higher. Gwen applied the vibrator near Molly’s clit. Molly felt like the top of her head wanted to come off from the joyous sensations. She strained at the ropes, feeling like she was going to explode.

She did explode.

She had an orgasm so intense that she squirted. Squirting was an understatement, though. Her cum erupted from her in a spray that hit several of the onlookers who were sitting several feet away. She howled in bliss as Gwen kept fingering her cunt and vibrating her mound and clit, forcing several more squirts, although they didn’t travel as far as the first one had. The people that had been sprayed were being licked clean by those nearby them. Spontaneous applause filled the room as Gwen stepped away from a shaking, quivering Molly.

For the next half hour or so, several men moved in, one of whom was Eric, determined to fuck her hot, wet, quivering vaginal tunnel. They didn’t hold back, pumping fast, using her to get themselves off, wanting to dump semen inside her while she was still twitching in the aftershocks of her massive orgasm. As was described earlier, this left Molly with a red, raw looking cunt hole, oozing with cum.

Gwen looked down at her and said, “Ready for the gang-bang, girl?”

Molly’s jaw dropped open. She wanted to stammer, “Y… y… you mean we haven’t done it yet, Gwen?” But she wisely closed her mouth without saying a word, and just nodded weakly.

Wonderful,” Gwen announced. “Let’s move the bench out from under her now.” Many people joined in to help, and within a short while, Molly was swinging freely in suspension in the manner described earlier. Moreover, her wrists were untied, and she was permitted to shake her arms, forearms, and wrists, easing away any muscle cramps. “Being taken in rapid succession by several people is one type of gang-bang, slut. But being used simultaneously by a group is even more intense.”

Gwen then chose four men from the crowd and choreographed their positions. Soon she had Molly reaching out to her sides to pump a dick in each hand. A third man was fucking her cunt, while Gwen had Molly tilt her head back so a fourth could fuck her mouth. Four men using her at the same time! The novelty of the situation gave Molly renewed vigor! Her mind was desperately trying to cope with the sensory overload!

The crowd erupted with more ribald comments, such as, “Fuck that bitch!”, “Shove your cock down her throat to her stomach!”, “Look at how that whore loves taking on all of them!” and “She really is a talented slut – she’s found her true calling!” Molly heard the comments, and felt her belly churn with mortification. But at the same time, a tiny corner of her mind was nodding – she did like taking them all on – even in front of an audience.

The guy using her cunt cried out something like, “Fuck! Her cunt is sucking at my dick so hard now! She really wants it!” Soon he was the first to cum, pulling out at the last second to spew his semen on her mound and belly. Molly was blindly pumping the cock in her right hand, since the guy using her mouth had his ball sack slapping against her eyes as he thrust. Therefore, she couldn’t see the strained expression on the guy’s face on her right when her vigorous hand job sent him over the edge. He moaned something unintelligible as his cock started jerking in her hands, and ended up hosing Molly’s torso from her right tit to her hip.

She wasn’t as skilled with her left hand, so that guy used his own hand to finish jacking off on her, complaining, “We haven’t got all day, slut! You need more practice with your left hand. Here’s how you jack off a cock!” His spunk struck her left tit, and sprayed up on her neck and chin. She was aware of those hot wet splats as they began, but then the cock in her mouth shot a wad of cum down her throat. That was only its first spurt. The rest of them coated her forehead and face as the guy pulled back and out to give her a facial. When his spurts turned into a dribble, he wiped off his dick with a handful of Molly’s hair.

She was a bit of a mess as the men stepped away. Several women stepped in close and made it worse, smearing the still warm, sticky white goo all over the front of her body and partway up her thighs. One woman started eating her out and continued even when Molly began cumming, while others knelt down to spank her ass, or stood alongside her to give her tits squishy sounding slaps, before they all stepped back, leaving her gently swaying in her ropes, quivering in orgasmic after-shocks.

One more hole needs serious attention, I think,” Gwen announced. She used a thick lube on Molly’s ass hole, stuffing some of it inside, past her anal ring. “This slutty whore’s ass hole has been fucked by Eric, so I’m sure she can take on anyone that wants to try using this nasty entry of hers.” People looked at the size of Eric’s manhood, eyes boggling.

A trio of men decided they’d take advantage of this offer. They worked as a team, two of them bracing Molly at each of her shoulders, while the third screwed her ass. As each finished, giving her rectum a creampie, they rotated their positions. The ones doing the bracing also amused themselves by slapping Molly’s face and tits from time to time, tell her what a slutty fuck hole she was, and playing with her cunt as she gradually let arousal wash through her. There was always a moment of sharp pain as the bulbous head of the cock forced its way past her anal ring. But after that, she enjoyed the sensations produced by the movement of the cock along her rear tunnel.

Even though she was receiving pleasure at her cunt and ass, Molly was humiliated by the slaps she was receiving, and horribly embarrassed by the number of people watching this violation of her rectum, by this succession of men. However, somehow the humiliation and embarrassment created a level of titillation that she’d never experienced prior to this. With so many people watching, her self-esteem vacillated between that of a nasty fuck toy and a that of a star performer. She was getting rather giddy by the time her ass dripped with the third man’s white goo.

The last person to step up to use Molly’s ass was a woman named Greta. A naked woman with a strap-on. A naked woman with an overly large strap-on, which she lubed liberally. Even so, as she slowly stuffed it up inside Molly’s nether hole, Molly shrieked and shook in the ropes. “OMFG!” she gasped. “Are you sure that’s not a traffic cone you’re using?”

Greta merely grinned, grabbing Molly’s tits as handles, and started fucking her ass with smooth strokes. With her hands rhythmically massaging Molly’s breasts, and her index fingers toying with Molly’s fully engorged nipples, the woman soon had her relaxing, and opening. Molly reached up to grab the suspension ropes, changing the angle of her ass slightly.

I can’t believe this,” Molly moaned. “That actually feels good, now. In fact, could you go a little faster, please?” Molly licked her lips, suggestively. She didn’t care a whit that the people were watching anymore – she just wanted her ass fucked by this woman.

Be glad to, because this strap-on has a dildo inserted in my cunt, and a clit stimulator, so I’m actually fucking us both,” Greta replied. “I’m fucking your ass, and fucking my cunt at the same time.” She smiled, and sped up her thrusts.

Everyone’s attention was glued to the two women as their skin started beading with drops of perspiration. The sheen of sweat seemed to make them glow in the lights of the room. As their muscles worked, their skin turned pink as blood surfaced to dump the heat being generated by their efforts. Because Molly was no longer passive – she’d brought her feet behind the woman’s shoulders, obviously trying to use them to drive the strap-on even deeper. Her hands were busy, too. One hand was stroking the woman’s tits and belly, the other was busy at Molly’s pussy, diddling her clit and plunging fingers into her cunt.

The women strained, gasping and grunting as their pleasure built. People were spellbound, unconsciously holding their breath. The entire group of onlookers gasped in unison as Greta keened, “I’m cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh! Oh shit!” Her muscles were shivering all over her body as her climax hit.

Seeing and hearing that, Molly lost control. With a guttural howl, she came. Her fingers were hooked deep inside her pussy, so her hand was in the way when she started spurting. She apparently didn’t have much fluid to shoot this time, and it deflected partially off her hand, getting one of her thighs wet, and dampening one side of the woman’s lower belly and hip. Greta leaned forward, bringing her torso down onto Molly’s, who winced as the angle of the strap-on shifted inside her ass. The wince was replaced by a smile of satisfaction as the two women kissed. The audience murmured their approval.

After Greta pulled the strap-on free, several people assisted Gwen in untying Molly from her suspension, and lowering her to the floor. Someone removed the rope bra from Molly’s chest, leaving clear marks on her skin where the ropes had dug in. “Again, shake any cramps out of your arms and legs, girl. Then get on your hands and knees,” Gwen instructed Molly.

Shortly thereafter, Molly was on the floor, on her hands and knees, with Gwen beside her. Gwen took hold of Molly’s hand. “What a dainty hand,” she commented. Looking at Molly’s butt, she observed, “What a gaping ass hole. Bring your hand back here, slut,” she commanded. Dragging Molly’s hand around behind her, Gwen pressed the fingers on that hand together forming them into the shape of a wedge. She smeared a big glob of lubricant on the wedge, and pressed its fingertips into the center of Molly’s ass hole.

Molly gasped. “What are you doing, Miss?” she asked. She felt the bizarre double sensation of someone’s fingertips being pushed into her ass, and at the same time felt the wet warmth enveloping her own fingertips. Her mind didn’t want to accept the fact that she was invading herself with her own hand.

But Gwen was quite insistent. She pushed harder, causing the wedge of fingers to move inward until Molly’s knuckles were bumping against the stretched opening. “Move your knuckles, slut girl. Press your thumb closer to the center of your fingers. Work your knuckles,” she demanded as she forced Molly’s hand even deeper.

The people watching joined in verbally. “Work your knuckles! Work your knuckles!” they called out over and over.

Practically sobbing with humiliation, Molly started moving her hand as directed. Her slippery knuckles rippled against the tightly stretched opening of her anal ring. The onlookers cheered as the first knuckle finally disappeared from sight. Once it had gained entrance, the rest of the hand slid inward relatively easily. Molly’s fist had completely disappeared into her ass!

As Molly was trying to come to grips with the weird sensations of her hand being wrapped in a warm, tight tunnel (her ass) and her ass being stretched and filled by a fist (her own), she heard a ripping sound. Looking over her shoulder, she saw Thomas tearing long pieces of duct tape from a roll, and felt him applying them to her body. He was taping her arm and hand to prevent her from pulling her fist back out of her ass!

Gwen had the now completely naked crowd pull their chairs into a circle with Molly in the center. “Crawl around and service each dick and each pussy, you nasty slut,” she commanded.

Molly crawled on one hand and two knees to the nearest person. His dick was limp, so she was able to suck the whole thing into her mouth, tasting him as her tongue washed his organ. The next cock she crawled to was fairly flaccid, also. She’d apparently done a good job of wearing out several of the men.

She hobbled on one hand and both knees to the next lap. Long, shapely legs led up to a smoothly shaven cunt. “It’s about time I got some pleasure from you, you little bitch,” the woman stated. “Eat my pussy. Make me cum.” Several of the other women agreed that the men had had lots of fun with this ‘crawling sperm bucket’ and now it was their turn to get off.

Molly had only one hand free, so she rested her head on the woman’s hot thigh, allowing her to reach up and open the woman’s cunt. Fluids and a strong scent poured out. Obviously, this woman had gotten quite excited by Molly’s performance. As Molly’s fingers slid upward to clear a path for her mouth to reach the woman’s pussy, they encountered her grossly swollen clit. Molly trapped that clit between two fingers as her lips covered the vaginal opening and her tongue lapped inward. Hissing with pleasure, the woman grabbed the back of Molly’s hair to mash her face tighter into her cunt. Molly made scissoring motions with her fingers on the trapped clit, and sucked as her tongue probed the depths of this strong tasting cunt. Minutes later the woman was screaming and bucking her hips as her orgasm made her lose control.

The rest of the women, seeing this, lost any inhibitions they may have had. Some of them even used her mouth and tongue as toys with which they could masturbate, making Molly just stick out her tongue, and then rubbing against it until they came. As they came, they demanded she open her mouth and drink their juices. But the humiliation continued. Molly was slapped on her ass, tits and face. Her tits were pinched. Some people spat on her face or even into her mouth. She was called lots of filthy demeaning names. And, for some strange reason, she submissively reveled in all these actions.

After Molly performed some vigorous fellatio on him, Eric recovered enough to ejaculate a fairly good load onto her back. She got two of the men aroused enough for them to jack off, shooting their cum on her face and hair, where it mixed with the dried semen that was already matted there.

By the time Molly had serviced each person once like this, she was so exhausted that she collapsed on the floor. She was barely aware of the duct tape being removed, and her hand being eased from her ass hole. Thomas had to roll her onto the trench coat to dress her, and carry her out to the car. She fell asleep during the car ride home. She remained asleep as someone carried her to her bed, removed the trench coat, and tucked her in. Probably the same person or persons folded her clothes and placed them on a chair, put her purse and keys on her dresser, and left.

Molly woke up the next morning, naked, stiff and sore. Caked with dried semen, she took a long hot shower, and scrubbed herself as clean as possible, shampooing her hair twice. Donning a soft bath robe, she ate a hearty breakfast, and launched into the creation of stories based on her latest adventure, sure that some readers would believe them to be pure fiction. As she worked, she wondered what other experiences Gwen might be able to provide. Her eyes dilated when the thought occurred that maybe Gwen had other writers that needed a submissive female to work out some story lines. Maybe she should volunteer?


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