Molly and the New Editor, pt. 02

Molly was trying to reach a decision, and was on pins and needles about it.

A while ago, she’d met her new editor, Gwen. Gwen had implied that the only way that Molly’s writing would improve enough to be publishable would be for her to experience firsthand the situations that she loved to describe in her stories. To that end, Gwen had Molly perform fellatio on an associate editor, Thomas. Molly also had to perform cunnilingus on Gwen herself. Both of those individuals had praised Molly’s abilities, even though she’d felt rusty about giving a blow job, and had never eaten another woman’s pussy before.

At Gwen’s suggestion, Molly had hurried home and jotted down extensive notes about her experience. She’d done so, and then written a couple of new short stories, incorporating those elements. She drew upon the tastes, smells, sounds, and textures that she’d encountered, plus the feelings that doing those things evoked in her. After she’d submitted those new works to Gwen, the editor called her several days later and said, “Get dressed up. I’m taking you to a dinner party.”

What? When? Where? Why?” Molly blurted out, surprised.

Gwen laughed. “All you missed was ‘how’ – and the answer to that is ‘in my car’ – be ready in two hours.”

Molly was miffed, but excited. Miffed, that Gwen assumed Molly’d be at her beck and call, with no previous plans. Excited, because something so mysterious was titillating, compared to her normal, humdrum daily life. She showered, did her hair and makeup, and put on her best dress, all with 15 minutes to spare.

Gwen did pick her up – in a lovely town car driven by a chauffeur. As they sat, chatting, in the rear seats, it was all Molly could do to keep from bouncing up and down with excitement. Eventually, they arrived at a large private home, more like a mansion. All of its windows were lit up, and they could hear soft music coming from inside as they approached the door.

Once they were admitted, Molly was shocked to learn that she and Gwen were guests at this dinner party, attended by the Board of Directors of the publishing firm. During the course of the evening, a dazzled Molly learned their opinions of her prior efforts in comparison with her latest writings. There seemed to be a consensus – many things were said, and they could be summarized by what one woman member of the board said to her.

My dear. What an improvement! Prior to this, your writings were so banal. I hate to put that so bluntly. But Charlie insisted that you had potential. You were sort of a ‘pet project’ of his, I gather, so we tolerated it. Apparently, it took a woman like Gwen to give you the proper direction and motivation for your talent to finally blossom. This is why she is being fêted tonight as well.” After a brief pause, the woman confided, “Your latest efforts got me quite aroused, I must admit.” She finished with a whisper, “And my husband reaped the benefits later in our bed. He got quite inspired himself.”

Molly left the dinner party flushed with success. That feeling of success was tempered with the humility of realizing how one-dimensional her writings had apparently been before Gwen’s intervention. The members of the board were in agreement that her latest stories seemed to be much more alive and real. So, it looked like Gwen certainly had the right idea in trying to broaden her horizons. Also, the dinner party brought Molly to the realization that Gwen’s success was at least partly tied to Molly’s success, so maybe the woman could be trusted to be acting in Molly’s best interests, in the long run.

To that end, Gwen wanted her to subject herself to more sessions like the one she’d had, suggesting that she probably needed to be fucked, and have her pussy eaten, too, and hinted she could provide these things to Molly. “I’d loved to be fucked by some handsome, lusty man, and have his mouth at my cunt,” Molly admitted to herself, mentally. “But come to think of it, Gwen didn’t specify whether the fucking would be oral, vaginal or anal.” Even though she’d given blow jobs in the past, she didn’t think any of them would qualify as a mouth fucking. And she’d never had anal sex, although she loved fantasizing about it in her stories.

Another thought occurred to her. “Gwen never said a man would be the one giving me cunnilingus. What if it’s a woman? What if it’s Gwen herself?” Even though she’d enjoyed eating Gwen’s pussy, she wasn’t sure she was ready to have a woman’s face at her cunt yet.

But the thing that was really making Molly hesitate was Gwen’s statement about bondage. She’d said something like, “Since you seem to like to write about bondage in your stories, I might have to arrange some experiences along those lines for you, if you want your stories to sound plausible.” Molly remembered her first impression about Gwen. She recalled the cold cruelty she felt when she first met the woman. Her ‘butch-like’ appearance, and the aura of power that she radiated.

Molly was perhaps justifiably apprehensive about what such a woman might feel would be an appropriate bondage session. To what sort of ‘training’ she might have in mind for her. Molly had tried to get some ideas by calling Gwen, and asking who she had in mind to fuck her and eat her cunt, and asking her what sort of bondage experience Gwen could provide.

Gwen said, “Well, Molly, you’ll just have to show up and find out. Anticipation and mystery are powerful stimulants, you know.”

Being honest with herself, Molly had no problem with the idea of being fucked, even by a stranger. It’d been too long since she’d experienced that. And having someone dine on her cunt – well, that could be heavenly. Molly pressed her thighs together when she imagine that happening. She pressed them together even harder if she thought that a woman might be doing it, now that she was growing accustomed to the idea.

But the idea of putting herself into someone else’s power – of being bound, perhaps by a stranger – that was scary. But Gwen was insistent that Molly experience all three things. “This is not a menu, where you select things à la carte. You’re either up for this experience, or not. Didn’t your first experience with us enhance your writing?”

Molly sighed. “Yes, Gwen, it did.”

Well then, think of the boost your writing will get after this,” the editor purred seductively.

But Gwen, let me be honest with you. The idea of being tied up or chained, helpless, scares me, because I’ve seen videos of horrible things being done to people, even if it was with their consent. They were whipped or caned until they bled. Some had needles put in places I never even want to think about! I never wrote about that sort of bondage play. It doesn’t appeal to me at all!”

Molly dear, I don’t want you to worry. I don’t have anything extreme like that in mind for you. Let’s state your limits. I propose them to be: no blood, no scat play, and more focus on orgasm than on pain. Plus, you’ll have a safeword like ‘red’, which, if you invoke it, will cause everything to stop immediately. To that end, I promise no gagging, so you can speak clearly. How does all that sound?”

Molly considered what she’d heard. “I guess that does make me feel somewhat relieved, Gwen. I’ll think about it and get back to you.”

Good,” Gwen replied. “If you think of any more limits, perhaps by watching some more videos, just let me know.”

Molly agonized over her decision for about a week, and then called Gwen back. “OK. I’ll do it,” she told her editor.

Excellent,” Gwen purred, and told Molly where and when to meet.

You mean I’m not coming to your office?”

No dear, not for this. We have a special place for these activities. Our personnel also find that refreshers help them do their jobs better, and the office is not the best location for the props needed.” Gwen recalled that Molly had confessed no experience with anal sex, so she added, “By the way, you’ll need to cleanse yourself, Molly. Take at least two enemas right before you leave.”

Gwen couldn’t see the startled look in Molly’s eyes when she heard that instruction, but she could hear the way her breath caught. After a moment’s consideration, Molly replied, “That makes good sense, I guess, Gwen. Thanks for the suggestion.” She flushed a deep shade of scarlet as she thought what might happen if she forgot such a precaution. Mentally, she said, “Euuuuww!”

On the day specified, and as a precaution, Molly called a good friend, Violet, and told her she was going to a meeting with her editor, Gwen. She mentioned the address, and the time of the meeting.

Do you need a ride or something?” Violet asked.

No thanks. I just wanted you to know where I was going and with whom… Just in case. Please write the information down.” And Molly repeated it as her friend made a note.

This sounds very mysterious Molly. Is it dangerous or something?” Violet asked in a concerned tone of voice.

I don’t think so. Not really. I’m doing some research for my writing. I just don’t know this person very well, nor do I know that part of town very well. So I felt it better safe than sorry, that’s all.”

I see. OK. I have it all written down. Please be careful. And call me, maybe by the end of the day?” Violet said.

I will. Thanks again,” Molly told her, before hanging up and climbing into her car. Her GPS took her to a nondescript building in the downtown area. There were no windows at its lower levels, just a cement wall with a battered looking brown door set into an overhang. Molly pressed the button next to the door and waited as patiently as she could, keyed up as she was. As she stood there, she noticed a small surveillance camera set high in the overhang, obviously letting the inhabitants know who was outside.

After a moment or two, during which time Molly’s heart was thumping so hard and fast that she feared it was audible, the door opened. A large man stood there in the shadowy entrance. Molly saw his face break into a smile, as he stated, “I’m Eric. You must be Molly. Gwen described you well. Please come in… she’s waiting inside.”

It was fortunate that he’d mentioned Gwen being inside – otherwise Molly might’ve bolted for her car. The sheer bulk of the stranger was intimidating. He stepped politely aside, letting Molly enter into the dimness. As her eyes adjusted to the lighting, she spotted Gwen sitting in a high backed chair across the room.

She no longer looked like an editor.

Her closely-cropped black hair and dark irises were the same, of course. She still lacked makeup other than that smear of crimson lipstick, which seemed to glow red in the dim of the room. But what she was wearing made Molly stop in her tracks. She was clad in form-fitting black leather from her chest to her boots. The corset or bustier pinched in the woman’s waist, and apparently shoved upward enough to make her breasts threaten to spill out over its top. Her feet were covered in shiny black boots that almost reached her knees. Molly’d never seen boots with spike heels before, but those on Gwen’s boots looked at least four inches long.

Gwen watched Molly scanning her outfit, and remarked, “Quite a difference from my normal working clothes, huh, Molly?”

Molly swallowed nervously, trying to wet her throat before answering, “Yes, it is, Gwen.”

Gwen’s eyes flashed with disapproval. “Molly, you aren’t getting into the proper mood for this. You need to address me as ‘Miss’ when we’re together in this room. Failure to show proper respect will merit punishment. Do you understand?”

Molly’s eyes bulged as she processed what Gwen had said. The aura of power that she’d felt emanating from Gwen in her editor’s office was trivial compared to this. Molly’s knees quivered as she replied, “Yes… Miss. I understand.” Her mind was filled with a heady mixture of awe and fear at this point.

You’ve cleansed yourself, as I directed?” Gwen queried.

Yes, Miss,” Molly said, a delicate flush coming to her cheeks as she thought of Eric knowing what was being discussed.

Good. Now let’s make sure your bladder is empty. Eric, show her where the toilet is.”

Eric silently escorted her to the restroom, and waited outside as Molly went inside, closed the door, and sat to pee. She tried to pee silently, very aware of a man standing on the other side of the door. When she was done, she wiped and flushed. Rinsing and drying her hands, she emerged, and Eric led her back into Gwen’s presence.

What you’re wearing is pretty, girl,” Gwen told her, eyeing her up and down. “But not suitable for what I have in mind. Eric, give her what I’ve picked out.”

Yes, Miss Gwen,” the huge man said, respectfully. He brought Molly a handful of clothing.

I think you will find those will fit well enough, girl. Go behind that screen over there. Take off everything, including your shoes, and put those things on,” Gwen instructed her.

Once again Molly found her body obeying the woman’s command without her actually reaching a decision mentally. As Molly hastened behind the screen, and started stripping, she wondered how Gwen could project such verbal control. Obviously, this woman had a lot of practice giving orders and expecting them to be obeyed. Stepping out of her shoes, Molly removed her own dress, bra and pantyhose.

As she was sliding off her panties, out of the corner of her eye she glimpsed a mirror. She sucked in a breath as the reflection in the mirror revealed Gwen sitting in her chair and watching Molly with gleaming eyes. The mirror and the chair had been carefully positioned to give Gwen a clear view of Molly undressing. She felt a hot wave of embarrassment reddening her cheeks and neck, but there was little she could do about it – she was already naked.

Quickly sorting through the clothing she’d been given, Molly yanked on a flimsy pair of panties, and a bra shaped like a sports bra, but constructed from the same flimsy material as the panties. The bra obviously offered little support. The remaining article of clothing was a sort of baby-doll dress, with a plunging ‘V’ neckline, and a strip of elastic that made it hug her torso just below her breasts. The bottom of the dress was short – so short that it barely covered her pubic area. It too was thin and translucent.

As Molly positioned herself for a quick glance at her own image in the mirror, she could clearly see the darkened areas of her areolae around her nipples, and her small, well trimmed patch of pubic hair. Even though she was clothed, it almost looked more obscene than if she’d been standing there naked. Her embarrassment was now mixed with a feeling of naughtiness as she stepped out from behind the screen, knowing that Eric could now also see her like this.

Shyly, Molly glanced in his direction. While she’d changed, he’d also changed. He’d stripped down to a simple loincloth. She gaped at his muscular torso and thighs. She was more than surprised to see such an obviously powerful man ceding his control to Gwen. She turned back to her editor, subconsciously covering her breasts with one arm and her pubic area with her other hand, and asked, “What happens now, Gwen?”

An instant later, she knew she’d made a mistake as Gwen’s expression turned to one of disappointment. Too late, she realized she’d use the woman’s name after having been told explicitly not to do so.

Eric, the paddle. One swat,” Gwen commanded him. Making no comment, the man strode over to a rack on the wall, unhooked the paddle, and moved to Molly’s side. Given the novelty of the situation, Molly’s mind was uncharacteristically slow on the uptake. She didn’t move when Eric drew back his arm and brought the paddle forward with a solid ‘thwack’ right across her buttocks.

The sting of the impact made Molly take a small step forward as her hands instinctively flew back to protect her now smarting ass cheeks. She also articulated a sound similar to, “Ouch!”

You know why I commanded that, don’t you girl?” Gwen hissed.

Yes, Miss. Because I used your name. I’m sorry, Miss,” Molly said contritely.

Get down and kiss my boot to demonstrate your sorrow, girl,” Gwen ordered her.

Molly could’ve said, “No.” She could’ve left at that point. She could have defiantly change back into her own clothes, and slammed the door behind her. Those thoughts did skitter across her mind as she contemplated the humiliation of having this woman and this man see her get onto her hands and knees to crawl forward and press her lips to the offered boot.

Perhaps it was something in Gwen’s tone of voice. Maybe it was just the fact that this domineering woman was so confident that any command that she gave would be instantly obeyed. It’s possible that something clicked in Molly’s mind – the realization that such things often happened in her fantasies, and she now had the chance to make such a fantasy become reality. Whatever it was, Molly stooped down until her hands touched the floor, and rolled her knees forward until they touched. The hem on the front of her dress brushed the floor as she crawled forward to Gwen’s boot. She tasted and smelled the leather as she gave the boot a careful kiss.

You’d better be noting your feelings and sensations carefully as you participate in this session, girl,” Gwen reminded her. “I don’t demand you vocalize each thing aloud, but feel free to volunteer whatever information you wish.”

Very well, Miss,” Molly whispered to her boot, remaining as she was, for fear that changing position without being told might displease Gwen, and earn her another stroke of the paddle. “The scent of leather is in my nose, and its taste is still upon my lips. I’m abashed to think that Eric is probably staring at my exposed ass – which still stings, since these panties offer very little protection. To be honest, Miss, I feel a bit silly, being down on the floor in this position. But I’m also a bit frightened of both you and Eric.”

Do you remember what I said about your safeword, girl?” Gwen asked, looking at Molly’s back.

I think you said that ‘red’ is my safeword, Miss. Is that right?”

Yes, girl. And if you feel that you must say that word, everything stops immediately, your session ends, and you may leave us,” Gwen intoned. “But let me add another word for you. If you say the word ‘yellow’, that will act as a signal that you wish us to slow down or pause. It will not end the session, but it will give you a breather, so to speak. It signals that what we are doing is approaching your perceived need to safeword, but allows us to make adjustments, so that the session isn’t ruined.”

But Miss,” Molly began, “why don’t I just say ‘stop’ or ‘no’ or words like that?”

This is your first true bondage experience, Molly,” Gwen reminded her. “I think you will find that saying those words comes naturally when you’re experiencing things, and it gives you a relief to say them ‘in the moment’ – it may even add to your overall enjoyment of the experience. But in hindsight, you may discover that even though you say ‘no’ or ‘stop’ or even plead with us, in one part of your mind you know you don’t truly want things to end, so such words become ambiguous when said and heard. The safewords are not ambiguous at all. If we hear them, we know you’re serious. Does this answer your question?”

Molly swallowed hard, trying to swallow her fear. Gwen was implying that she and Eric would be doing things to her that would make her instinctively beg them to stop! That one hard swat with the paddle had already begun the process of showing her the difference between dreaming about being paddled, and actually experiencing it. Her voice quavered a bit as she replied, “Yes, Miss. Thank you for your clear explanation. I will remember ‘yellow’ and ‘red’ as important words.”

Good. Eric, take her to the bar and secure her,” Gwen said, nonchalantly.

Eric took a handful of Molly’s hair and pulled upward. “Up, girl, and come with me,” he ordered with his gravelly voice. Molly winced, a tear or two forming in her eyes, as he led her by her hair over to a waist high horizontal metal bar, secured to the floor via two vertical poles perhaps eight feet apart. Ducking Molly’s head so that the horizontal bar touched the back of her neck near its base, he commanded, “Stay right there.”

A few seconds later, Eric looped a rope under her right armpit, securing her shoulder to the bar. While she was focused on that sensation, he quickly secured her left shoulder in a similar manner. Molly attempted moving forward and back, but she was already trapped against the bar, bent forward at her waist. Many times she’d written about her female characters being tied up by a big, strong man. Her characters usually found some sort of pleasure, since Molly was fantasizing about such ordeals. This reality was scary though, and she said so.

Miss? This is frightening!” Molly called out.

I imagine it is,” Gwen agreed.

My body wants to escape, Miss!” Molly reported, as she tugged harder and harder at the ropes that bound her to the bar. During this time, Eric had moved swiftly, dragging her arms up underneath the bar, and tying them in place with ropes at her elbows, and then at her wrists.

Molly’s instinctive fears at being trapped flooded her mind as she tried to free her arms. Her hands were free, but useless. She could only easily look down at the floor beneath her – lifting her head to look straight ahead was difficult, and her neck muscles tired quickly. She could not see what Eric was doing behind her, and she could not look over to where she assumed Gwen was still sitting. Looking down, she could see her bare feet, but the forward hang of her dress hem obscured the view of her legs. She reported to Gwen what she was doing and seeing, how restrictive it all felt, and how it made her heart race and her breathing deepen.

Is it anything similar to the descriptions in your stories, girl?” Gwen asked.

Molly was mortified, comparing her erstwhile stories to this experience. She stammered a few times, before finally saying, “Not at all, Miss.”

Good. It sounds like you’re learning,” her editor chuckled. But the chuckle had no warmth or mirth in it. It was not a reassuring chuckle at all.

As Molly was looking downward, Eric’s hands came into view at her right foot. She gasped loudly as he tied a rope to her right ankle, and then pulled her foot sideways as he tied its other end to the vertical pole on the right. Moments later, Molly’s left ankle was secured to the left vertical pole, too. This dragged her thighs apart into what might have been a quite uncomfortable angle, had her body weight not been supported by the bar she was tied against. She’d never felt more vulnerable. The most maddening thing was that Gwen and Eric were behind her – out of sight. She had no idea what they were doing back there. No idea of their plans. Back there. With this pose making her ass so accessible.

This was nothing like what she’d envisioned. Her body wanted freedom. The little trust she’d had in Gwen was rapidly dissipating. These two people could do whatever they wanted to her, and she couldn’t stop them. This was a solid building in a relatively deserted neighborhood. If she screamed for help, she doubted anyone would hear. And they could just gag her, if she made a commotion.

Molly stared at the floor as she took stock of her body. She had a fluttering feeling in her stomach, her lower tummy felt like it had knots in it, her heart rate had slowed a little but was still faster than normal, and she was taking deeper than normal breaths. There was a tiny trickle of sweat running along her forehead, and she could feel dampness at her exposed armpits. Her mouth and throat were dry, because she was so nervous.

There was no way for her to tell how much time had passed when suddenly, unexpectedly, strong hands grasped the top of her dress and tore it down her back in one quick movement. Her cry of shock blended with the loud ripping sound of the material. In a flash, Molly was clothed only in those flimsy panties and bra. Her feeling of vulnerability intensified.

Gwen sauntered into sight, that is, her boots came into view. “How are you feeling, girl?” she asked. “Give me three words.”

Molly wet her lips, and choked out, “Scared. Vulnerable.” She hesitated, then added, “Nervous.”

She wondered if she should also say ‘Miss’, but Gwen had asked for only three words, so Molly risked silence.

It’s interesting that you didn’t say words like ‘excited’ or ‘aroused’ – I seem to remember your characters always using words like that the moment they were bound. Your reactions are quite normal when you don’t know the intentions of your captors. Let’s see if we can make you feel even more vulnerable.”

Gwen must’ve given some sign to Eric, who was still behind Molly. Unseen hands took hold of Molly’s panties and slid them down far enough to expose her ass cheeks. The position of her legs precluded lowering them much further, but it was far enough. From the air striking her exposed skin, Molly had a good idea of what he could now see. Her cheeks reddened with embarrassment.

Gwen’s hands came into view, reaching beneath her torso. Fingertips grabbed the lower edge of the bra, pulling up towards Molly’s neck. Molly could feel her tits pop free from the clingy material, and then wobble a bit as they dangled beneath her bent torso. The red flush of embarrassment crept all the way down Molly’s neck.

How do you feel now?” Gwen asked.

Very embarrassed, Miss,” Molly whispered.

You and I are not strangers, Molly,” Gwen pointed out. “However, you now have a virtual stranger – Eric – staring at your ass, pussy, and tits. Do you feel anything other than embarrassment? Be honest.”

Molly tried visualizing the scene from Eric’s viewpoint, staring at a helpless female on such obscene display. She tried to get into his mind – what he might be thinking, and planning. Yes, he seemed to be obeying Gwen’s commands thus far. But did he have his own agenda? Something critical was missing that she needed to know. She asked Gwen, “Miss? May I ask Eric a question?”

Gwen gave her permission. “Go ahead.”

Eric, please tell me. When you look at my body like this, do you find me arousing, disappointing, disgusting, or do you feel complete indifference toward me?”

Eric’s gruff voice sounded from behind her. “You look quite fuckable to me.”

Molly waited to see if he had anything else to say. When it was obvious that he was a man of few words, she returned to answering Gwen’s question. “Miss, other than embarrassment, I now feel the first tinglings of excitement.”

And why do you think that is?” Gwen inquired.

Because I now feel that Eric may have lustful feelings towards me, Miss,” Molly answered in a very shy voice. “M… M… Maybe you’ll have him fuck me like this,” she stammered.

You would want that? To have a virtual stranger fuck you while you’re tied and helpless like this?” Gwen asked, with a tone of merriment.

To be honest, Miss, since I’m in his power…” Molly quickly amended what she’d said. “Since I’m in your power, and in his power by extension, I’d do anything to try to please him, so he wouldn’t feel inclined to hurt me.” Thinking about what she’d just confessed, she added, “My desire to please him is intertwined with the fact that I’m scared.” Her voice was tinged with the wonder of revelation.

Gwen pressed this train of thought, “So, even if you found him abhorrent, you’d still do your best to please the stranger?”

To keep from being grievously injured… yes, Miss. I would. Not that I find you abhorrent, Eric,” Molly added, just to be on the safe side. She hoped he’d grin at that, but she couldn’t see him.

Gwen walked away, and then came back. She was holding a large pair of very sharp looking scissors. Molly swallowed hard, and pulled back away from her as much as the ropes would allow, which was virtually nothing. She wasn’t sure that merely telling Violet where she was going and who she was meeting would do her much good right now.

Molly, you know that you’ll not experience grievous injury, as you put it. Your limits involve no blood, and no real focus on pain. Eric knows that, as well as I. But I think you’ll find that a judicious application of pain can enhance the experience. And you always have your safewords, remember that,” Gwen said. After saying that, she used the scissors. There was a ‘snip’ and one shoulder strap of the sports bra parted. Another ‘snip’ and both strands hung free. A tug at her back, and a series of scissoring sounds, and the sports bra drifted to the floor, severed. Molly was now topless.

Eric, remove the rest,” Gwen commanded. Eric’s hand hooked into the dangling panties, and yanked. The material parted easily, and came away. Gwen watched Eric sniff the torn panties, then toss them aside. Molly felt air all over her skin now, emphasizing the fact that she was completely naked. Her fears flooded back into her mind, as her body reported no protective coverings now. It amazed her to realize how comforting a few layers of clothing can be, when placed in a position of vulnerability.

Gwen seemed to sense Molly’s new feeling of insecurity. She walked out of sight behind the bar. Moments later, there was a disturbance of air behind Molly – a sort of ‘whooshing’ sound – followed by a stinging sensation on her bare ass cheeks. “Ouch!” she gasped. “What was that?”

Gwen’s voice went a little icy. “What was that… what?” she asked the bound woman.

Molly was confused. She examined Gwen’s question frantically, and mentally told herself, “Oh!” Then she spoke aloud, “What was that, please, Miss?”

Much better,” Gwen purred. “This is a flogger, girl. One of the milder ones with wider straps. Let’s warm your butt a little. The whistling of the flogger straps and the stinging sensation began anew.

Ow! No! Stop!” Molly cried as the flogger whistled again and again against her butt. She knew she could safeword, but chose not to do so. Maybe this was because one part of her brain was telling her, “Shut up and take your flogging, wimp. She may be hurting you, but she’s not harming you!” Therefore, after her initial outbursts, other than a gasp or two and some involuntary twitches of her pelvis in reaction to the impacts, Molly remained silent as Gwen used the flogger to paint her ass a delicate shade of red. Rather than get worse, what was being done to her seemed to get more tolerable. Her ass flesh seemed to radiate heat when Gwen ceased.

It’s nice to warm my hands on your ass,” Gwen told her, suiting her actions to her words. Molly felt Gwen gliding her palms all over her bare buttocks. Gwen’s hands felt relatively cool, compared to the hot blood that had risen to the surface of Molly’s skin. And all her nerve endings in the area seemed to have awakened, somehow. Molly was exquisitely aware of Gwen’s caresses. She was so aware of those caresses that she felt some liquid inching its way down her inner thigh, and smelled the familiar scent of her cunt juice.

I think she liked something I just did, Eric,” Gwen relayed to him. Her hand came upward between Molly’s thighs and whispered along her pussy lips. The hand departed. “See? She’s wet now, and her cunt lips feel hot and puffy. Remove your loincloth. You know what to do.”

With hardly any delay, Molly felt fingers parting her labia, and what must’ve been Eric’s cock head poking at her entrance. It found its target, his hands went to her hips, gripping her there, and his cock slid its full length into her slippery tunnel with a single thrust! Her throat emitted a sound blended of a gasp and a moan as she felt herself filled so suddenly. His bush of pubic hair mashed up against her ass flesh. He began pumping his dick in and out of her cunt.

She was being fucked, but it was unlike any other sex she’d had. She had no emotional attachment to Eric, and he had none to her. Normally, she’d be active during sex, humping her partner with enthusiasm – an equal partner in building pleasure. Bound as she was, she couldn’t do that. She couldn’t move. She was being fucked like an inanimate object – a warm piece of meat! It seemed so bizarre, so surreal.

But after the first few minutes, Molly’s mind began paying more attention to the sensory data being sent by her body. Eric’s cock felt good as it slid back and forth along her vaginal walls. Every once in a while, his cock’s head nudged her delicate cervix, making her bite her lip and/or moan. His pubic hair brushed against her sensitive ass each time his cock ‘bottomed out’ inside her cunt. As his thrusts became more lustful, more frantic, his ball sack slapped her clit during its forward swing. Molly’s clit engorged, providing an even better target, and enhancing her pleasure.

Suddenly, Eric’s hands dug into her hips, as he pressed his cock as deep into her cunt as possible, and held it there. She could feel ripples coursing along his cock as his muscles worked to spew his seed into her. With each spasm, he pulled at her hips, as if trying to drive his cock a little deeper. His incoherent sounds were further proof that he was cumming. He only pulled his cock free once it began to soften. As he pulled out, Molly could tell her cunt was left gaping, feeling air currents touching her inside for a while. She moaned in frustration, because she hadn’t cum at all. Eric had used her as a thing to fuck and unload in, with no regard for her pleasure.

Her fertile mind filed this information, these feelings, away for future consideration. She even imagined other men stepping up to take Eric’s place, each one emptying into her, and walking away, leaving her unfulfilled. Those thoughts stirred up mixed emotions inside her. Some of them were quite perverted, since just being the object of so much lust was weirdly attractive. Molly wondered if she might ask – no, beg – Gwen for such an experience. Maybe invite a bunch of premature ejaculators, to make certain they would cum inside her, with no chance of driving her to orgasm! Molly shivered, toying with this concept.

Gwen broke the spell, coming into view under Molly’s head with something in her hands. Strange metallic things joined by a chain. They were vaguely oval, ending in points that came together in a manner sort of like jaws. Gwen squeezed the sides of one of the ovals, and the jaws widened. “These are clover clamps,” Gwen informed her, at the same time tugging and rolling one of Molly’s nipples to fully engorge it. “You’ll feel a big pinch. Yell if you like,” she said.

Molly couldn’t see the jaws close on her nipple, but she sure felt it. “Owwww!” she yelled as the jaws bit into that tender flesh. She could barely shake her torso, trying to dislodge the clamp to stop the pain. The shaking actually made it worse, so she held still, panting. Gwen’s hand went to her other nipple, again tugging and rolling. Molly decided to be stoic this time – after all, she knew what was coming. But as the jaws closed on her other nipple, she cried out a second time, anyway. Gwen let go of the chain, and its weight dragged downward on Molly’s trapped nipples. She winced, and moaned pitifully.

But soon, her nipples went numb, other than a dull throbbing that occurred from time to time, maybe due to an extra deep breath. Molly tried breathing very shallowly, holding her torso quite still. Gwen was out of sight behind her again. Given her situation, Molly’s hearing had become very acute. She heard sounds of preparation behind her – a drawer opening, rustlings, the sound of something – a long cord? – being dragged along the floor.

She felt Gwen’s hair brush her thigh, and her warm breath puffed up against Molly’s cunt, so she knew Gwen was seated on the floor, beneath her somewhere. Something slid into Molly’s cunt. Not Eric’s cock – this was too small. A finger?

This was confirmed when Molly heard Gwen say, “I’ve been looking forward to fingering this cunt for quite some time.” The finger moved in and out several times. A second finger must’ve been added, since Molly felt her cunt walls pushed open even more. “You left a sticky mess of semen inside her, Eric. Well done,” Gwen congratulated him. The fingers came out of Molly’s cunt and pressed against her lips. “Here, taste it, slut,” Gwen ordered her. Molly had no choice but to suck Gwen’s fingers clean, consuming gobs of semen mixed with cunt juice. For some reason, the fact that she had no choice in the matter made it somewhat erotic to obey.

Gwen’s fingers re-entered her cunt. As Gwen began finger fucking her, Molly heard a buzzing sound start. She tried to jump as a powerful vibrator was suddenly pressed against her mound and clit. The movement of her torso reminded her that her nipples were clamped, as pain briefly flared there. The fingering and the vibrating were relentless! Molly tugged at the restraints on her arms and legs, trying to alter what was happening, trying to lessen the sensations somewhat. She couldn’t. She was now Gwen’s toy. And Gwen was gleefully playing with her cunt and clit.

Eric’s fucking had only given Molly the mere onset of an orgasm. Gwen was building on that, rapidly. Molly’s excitement built, and built, and built. Somehow, pulling at the ropes that held her fast let her orgasm build higher than she’d ever experienced before! Her heart was pounding madly, her ragged breathing was loud in her own ears. Her straining muscles were generating heat. Her sweat glands were in high gear, trying to dissipate that heat. Molly’s cunt began to feel like a volcano, about to erupt!

And she erupted!

OMG! We’ve got a squirter!” Gwen chortled, as Molly began ejaculating! She could feel a long jet of fluid shoot out of the region of her pussy! It didn’t feel like it was coming out of her cunt, since Gwen’s fingers were in the way. It had to be coming from her pee hole! Was she pissing? Pissing all over Gwen and herself, since the fluid was hitting the palm of Gwen’s hand, and spraying in several directions? She was experiencing immense relief from her climax, and deep mortification that she might be peeing all over them both. And Eric was probably watching this moment of humiliation. Gwen only stopped fingering Molly’s cunt and turned off the vibrator when it was obvious that she’d stopped squirting.

Gwen let Molly hang there from the bar for several minutes, the bound woman’s mind awhirl from her heady sensations of orgasm and release. And she was indeed hanging, because her knees had buckled, which put her into a sort of squat, ankles still held out by the ropes, and arms still bound to the crossbar. This brought her torso more vertical, and the chain of the clover clamps came to rest on the top of Molly’s belly. The weight of the clamps was dragging the tips of her breasts down toward her feet.

Gwen stooped down and removed the clover clamps in quick succession. Molly bucked and shrieked, “AAAAAIIIIEEE!!!!” as an intense pain flared up in her nipples. The nerve endings, suddenly awakened by the removal of the clamps, experienced worse pain than when they were clamped!

Don’t you wish you could rub them, girl?” Gwen asked with fake concern. “If you could, it would feel like this.” She gently rubbed the circulation back into one breast, while leaving the other one untouched. The contrast between the pleasure in one tit and the pain in the other was stark. As shockingly painful as the clamp removal had been, Molly took some pride in the fact that she’d never been tempted to safeword.

At Gwen’s command, Eric untied Molly from the bar, easing her down onto the floor. “Can you crawl, slut?” Gwen asked her.

Molly shook her arms briefly to wiggle the cramps out of them, and got onto hands and knees. “Yes, Miss. I think so.”

Very good. Crawl over to this bed,” Gwen ordered as she walked to a bed with short brass bedposts flanking box springs. Atop the box springs was a bare, stained mattress. The long edge of the bed faced the center of the room.

Nude, Molly crawled over to Gwen, acutely aware that her naked body, going through this humble action was being watched by Gwen, and probably leered at by Eric. She didn’t even question being told to crawl like an animal. Now she knew what it felt like to be submissive. Now she knew what it felt like to be dominated. The lesson was being wired into her very core. She’d not forget these feelings. What was once pure intellectual speculation was being transformed into true physical and emotional experiences.

Molly reached the bed.

Get up on it, and get onto your back, with your head away from the center of the room, and your feet toward it,” Gwen commanded.

A non-submissive Molly might’ve recoiled from placing her body on the stains on the mattress top caused by who knows what secretions. The submissive Molly did as she was told, without a murmur of protest.

Signaled by Gwen, Eric came over with ropes and got busy tying Molly to the bed. First, he tied a rope around her right wrist, and trailed it over to the bedpost at the 8 o’clock position, and another to her left wrist, trailing that to the one at the 4 o’clock position, as the bed would be seen from the room’s center. Her arms were now stretched out and down, flat along the bed surface.

Next, he formed loops that encircled her knees without biting into them. He folded Molly’s knees up toward her chest, and then tied her right knee to the bedpost at the 10 o’clock position, and her left knee to the one at the 2 o’clock position. He stepped back, and he and Gwen both admired his work.

If Molly had felt exposed and vulnerable tied to the bar, those feelings were exacerbated by this new position. Gwen summed it up nicely, as if making sure Molly knew how she looked like this. “We can see both your tits perfectly, slut, since Eric made sure your knees were drawn sideways enough to leave them uncovered. Your cunt, with its wet, puffy, raw-looking pussy lips is fully on display. And having your knees drawn back like that also tilts your pelvis enough that we have a great view of your puckered little ass hole. I promised you anal sex, and Eric just loves anal sex, don’t you Eric?”

Yes, Miss,” he answered. “I’m not sure that tiny thing will open up enough for my dick, though.”

Molly looked at Eric’s cock, which had partially recovered to semi-rigidity. It looked almost as thick as her forearm near her wrist, and she shuddered reflexively, imagining it trying to force its way into her ass hole.

Gwen noted the shudder, and interpreted it correctly. “I’m sure it will be fine, Eric. Especially if I open up her ass with my fist, ahead of time. She laughed as she saw Molly wince at that suggestion. “But first, I made our little slut a promise, and I always keep my promises.” Gwen knelt on the edge of the bed, and lowered her face to Molly’s cunt, beginning to give her cunnilingus. She was no slouch at it. She licked and sucked and teased and munched with careful teeth. As Molly’s cunt began welling with fresh juices, she dipped her tongue into the well. As the juices threatened to overflow, she vacuumed them into her eager mouth.

At first, Molly felt shy about Eric watching her cunt being eaten like this. But as Gwen intensified her actions, Molly’s focus went entirely to her pussy. A brass band could probably have marched through the room, and Molly would have been oblivious. Once again, being restrained as she was – tied and helpless – let her let go of attempts to control her body. She was Gwen’s, to be used as Gwen saw fit. Gwen was using only her mouth – lips, tongue, and teeth – no hands. And she was tacitly demanding that Molly cum again. When her teeth finally gently raked along Molly’s throbbing clit, Molly howled out her orgasm as her body convulsed on the mattress. Gwen let the juices bathe her face, and then stepped back, leaving Molly’s private parts sopping.

Molly was still shaking, vibrating with orgasmic aftershocks, when Gwen took the powered vibrator that Eric handed her, and ran it from Molly’s ass hole to the top of her mound. Slipping two fingers into Molly’s cunt, Gwen pressed upward from inside her to make Molly’s clit stand up even more proudly. She trapped the clit between the buzzing vibrator and her fingers. Molly shrieked with joy and squirmed in the ropes.

Go to the other side of the bed, and play with her tits, Eric. I want to see if she’ll squirt for us one more time,” Gwen told the large, naked man. “Besides, I think your cock will stiffen even more as you toy with her there. And we want it nice and stiff to fuck her ass.”

Those words fanned the flames of lust inside Molly. Eric’s hands were expertly working a sort of magic on the nerve endings in her breasts. Those nerves were firing messages right into Molly’s cunt. Gwen was again finger fucking her hard and deep, teasing her mound and clit with the vibrator. When Gwen could tell the sweating, straining Molly was again about to peak, she pressed the vibrator firmly in place, ramming two fingers in and out of the bound woman’s pussy, making sure she was rubbing the squishy tissues of her G-spot.

Molly cried out, “Shit, shit SHIT!” and bucked as best she could as a stream of fluid spewed out of her urethra! Gwen quickly snatched the vibrator away when she saw the squirt start. Because Gwen’s hand was between Molly’s thighs, out of the way, and because Molly’s pelvis was tilted, the ejaculate this time arced toward the bound woman’s head! It splashed on her chest, right between her tits! The splatting fluid instantly covered Molly’s face, neck, breasts and upper tummy. A second, lesser spurt ended up drenching Molly’s lower tummy. Inhaling, she noted it didn’t smell at all like urine, so she risked a taste from what was covering her lips. The fluid had a pleasant, slightly sweet taste, and looked a little milky. Molly was relieved she probably hadn’t pissed on Gwen earlier.

Molly was still feeling her body shaking from the intensity of that orgasm, and processing the fact that she had the ability to squirt when super excited when Eric came around the bed to face her. His cock had indeed stiffened. Molly’s lips formed to make the shape of an ‘O’ when she stared at it. That thing had been inside her cunt? She was amazed. Still giddy from her orgasm, she’d forgotten Gwen’s promise of anal sex.

She was quickly reminded, though, as Gwen said, “I think that climax loosened her up enough. Go ahead, Eric.”

Eric squirted lube directly on her ass hole. Grinning, he smeared the lube around and around her little puckered rosebud. Torn between the pleasurable sensations his finger was causing and her fear of having him try to shove his large cock into her tight ass hole, Molly jerked in the rope restraints and made little sounds that most closely resembled the ‘yips’ of a little dog. Gwen smiled, watching.

Eric added more lube and began working his finger inward, opening Molly’s anal ring. He must’ve done this many times in the past, because he didn’t rush it – he let the tissues warily accept his entry to a certain point before proceeding deeper. Molly found the sensations somehow ‘wrong’ – things were not supposed to move through that opening in an inward direction. Earlier, she’d also had a little difficulty getting the enema tubes inserted, when she was cleaning herself out. She was almost hyperventilating from excitement and fright.

Slow your breathing, girl,” Gwen advised her. “Eric knows what he’s doing. I can see some training with butt plugs may be needed in your future.”

Molly tried valiantly to do as Gwen directed, taking slower and deeper breaths. She gasped aloud as Eric added a second well-lubricated finger, opening her anus even more. He spread his fingers apart slightly, and squirted more of the rather thick lube directly into her rear tunnel. There was a brief sensation of coolness as the chilly liquid entered, but her inner walls warmed it quickly. Her tissues were gradually getting used to the idea of relaxing and dilating.

After Eric managed to use three fingers as he finger fucked her ass, he seemed satisfied. Molly watched, wide eyed, as he smeared his cock with lubricant. It looked even bigger when it gleamed in the lights of the room. She swallowed nervously as Gwen leaned in and used her hands near the anus to retain some of the stretch that Eric had achieved. Raising her head more off the mattress, Molly could look down her torso and see the pinkness inside her anal ring as it was held open by Gwen. She made a weird sound as she swallowed in the midst of a groan, feeling the head of his cock touch her opening. Instinctively, she clenched her muscles. “No! Stop!” she cried. “You’re too big! I’ll tear!” she blubbered.

Gwen felt her contraction through her hands on Molly’s ass. “Don’t try to squeeze your ass shut, girl,” she snapped. “It will only cause pain. As he enters, work your muscles as if you’re trying to poop.”

That didn’t seem right to Molly. She didn’t want to poop on his cock, or on the mattress. But she didn’t want pain, either. Deciding to trust Gwen’s wisdom, she bore down on her pelvic muscles. As she did so, Eric pressed forward, and the large head of his cock popped inward past her anal ring. There was a sudden, sharp pain – thankfully brief – hardly enough time for Molly to cry out, although a tiny tear trickled from the corner of her eye down her cheek.

Eric entered her now, perhaps an inch at a time, pausing between movements to let Molly’s rectum accommodate to this novel invasion. Molly let her head fall back onto the mattress, focusing inwardly at what was happening. She was grateful that he was taking it slowly. Finally his pubic hair touched her. She raised her head again, and saw only the very base of that massive dick at her opening. Her stuffed, stretched bowels were sending signals to her brain similar to those that informed her that she had to poop badly. Her head sank back onto the mattress. As Eric slowly withdrew, Molly experienced surprise. Many times, when she had to go to the toilet badly, and was finally able to do it, she’d felt pleasure when she was able to empty her bowels. His cock sliding out gave her a similar feeling of pleasure.

Gwen must’ve applied more lubricant to the exposed shaft of Eric’s dick, because when he pressed it inward again, it felt briefly cool, and it entered more easily. Now that Molly’s ass hole was fully opened, he began fucking her with abandon. Trussed up as she was, there was nothing Molly could do about being used in this manner. The ropes held her spread open, offering her ass hole to him. It was a tight, warm, slippery fuck hole for him. Therefore, confined, she’d become a tight, warm, slippery fuck hole – there for his use. She grunted as she felt the discomfort of each inward thrust. She moaned as she felt the pleasure each time he withdrew, learning what anal sex could feel like.

Gradually, Eric bent forward, changing the angle between them. He brought his mouth to Molly’s breasts, and began sucking and biting them gently. At first, Molly thought he was trying to get her more excited. But from the sounds he was making, and the motions of his body, it became obvious that he was doing this to get himself more aroused. Sweat from his forehead dripped onto her chest. The muskiness of his excitement flooded her nostrils. He began bucking frantically as he felt himself nearing ejaculation. These faster, deeper thrusts made his pelvis rub and buffet against Molly’s clit. The muscles of her limbs contracted, pulling taut the ropes that were tied to her. A keening sound began to emerge from deep in her throat.

Just then, Eric planted his dick fully into her ass, and stopped moving. His cock began to jerk and pulsate as he began to inject his seed into her virginal ass hole. He arched his back and grunted and groaned as he strained to unload himself completely. Molly’s mind was absorbing the sensations produced by this bout of anal sex, culminated by his cumming in her depths. Frustration built within her – she was close to orgasm, but he’d stopped stimulating her just before it was triggered.

After about half a minute, Eric pulled out. Molly lifted her head and shoulders off the mattress to look at her ravaged, gaping anus. The view she had of the raw, red tissue inside her anal ring only lasted a moment. The change in angle of her torso applied more pressure on her abdomen, which caused her to expel the air pumped into her ass by Eric’s thrusts in a long fart! The first few moments of the fart were only air, but the last portion of it brought some of his semen bubbling out of her opening! She was mortified, both by the fart, and by the fact that her anus and the mattress under it were sullied with goopy cum. Her humiliation deepened when both Gwen and Eric started laughing, looking at her.

Eric turned to Gwen, knelt down, and placed both of his hands on one of her knees in gratitude. “Thank you for giving me the honor of taking her ass cherry, Miss Gwen,” he said.

You did a good and proper job of it, Eric,” the editor praised. “I’m very pleased. But it looks like our little slut is not so pleased. I’m not sure what that look on her face signifies. Distress? What’s going on, girl?” she asked Molly.

Molly was writhing on the mattress, trying desperately to stimulate herself to climax. But she was tied so well that she couldn’t make anything touch or rub where she needed it. “I was so close to cumming, Miss. Please, please, may I cum?” she pleaded.

Gwen grinned, stood up, and retrieved the flogger that she’d used earlier. The area around Molly’s sex was even messier, since her wriggling had disgorged more semen. Gwen scooped the majority of it up with her hand, and smeared it all over Molly’s tits. The smell of Eric’s cum permeated Molly’s consciousness as Gwen applied a judicious stroke of the flogger onto her cunt. Molly shrieked and jerked, trying to escape from the unexpected slap. Her mind was operating on the assumption that being hit there would hurt. But moments later her body reported quite the opposite. Gwen was skilled, and Molly’s pussy was opening like a flower. Her clit was engorging, erecting, demanding just a little bit more of that stimulation. Gwen continued carefully flogging Molly’s pussy and clit.

Perhaps a minute later, Molly shrieked again, but this time to vocalize the onset of her orgasm. “OMG! Fuck! I’m cumming!” she cried as her shaking body made her bounce on the mattress. Gwen flogged her until it was apparent that Molly’s climax had run its course. She hadn’t squirted this time, but nonetheless her orgasm was very satisfying. As Gwen put away the flogger, Molly panted, catching her breath. Her mind was whirling. She now had quite a good idea of what it felt like to be dominated, bound, fucked, and used. The fear in becoming powerless, helpless, subject to the whim of others. The escape of submission and acceptance. This experience alone had given her an abundance of concepts she could mine for future stories. Would Gwen give her more experiences? She thought about other fantasies that she’d wrote about, with no real knowledge of them – only uninformed speculation.

As she was pondering this, Eric was opening the door to the street, letting in 3 people, two men and a woman. Spotting her, they walked up to the bed for a closer look. In moments, Molly was the object of derision.

Looks like you got your ass fucked, slut!” one guy chortled. “They got you trussed up good and proper. Maybe your Miss will bring you to one of our parties, and make you service everyone.”

Her ass and pussy are so raw and open now!” The woman exclaimed. “And she stinks of cum!”

Well, just look at that mess at her tits and ass! Look at her sweaty, matted hair! No wonder there’s a stench in this room!” the other man laughed. “I hope someone hoses her down.”

Molly wondered if a person could die from humiliation. They jeered at her, and made other rude comments and suggestions. Tied and helpless, Molly cringed, wondering if they planned to take advantage of her situation. But, having thoroughly enjoyed teasing her and making her face and neck turn scarlet from this public abasement, they left the room. Eric went with them, leaving Molly alone with Gwen.

Are your muscles cramping, slut?” Gwen asked her.

Molly did a mental check of the state of her limbs. “Not really, Miss. It feels now like the ropes are just cradling me,” she reported, sighing as she recalled how she’d been used and forced to cum.

Gwen left her like that – naked, tied, and exposed – for a good 15 minutes. Molly had ample time to catalog her feelings about this session. After untying first Molly’s knees, and then her wrists, Gwen told her, “Get up, walk about, and stretch, girl.”

Heedless of her nudity and cum-smeared body, Molly did just that. One of her joints made a soft, welcome, popping sound during an extra big stretch. Molly felt euphoric. Gwen had moved back to her chair. On an impulse, Molly dropped to her hands and knees and crawled over to where Gwen sat. Moving in close, Molly encircled Gwen’s waist with her arms, and cradled her cheek on Gwen’s thigh, murmuring, “Thank you, Miss. That was completely wonderful.”

Gwen stroked her hair. “You did well, girl,” she stated. “Leave the cum on you the rest of the day, so you’ll smell it as a reminder. Get dressed, and go home and write.”

Before she moved to obey, Molly looked up into her eyes, obviously wanting to ask something.

Yes, girl? What is it?” Gwen inquired.

Molly wet her lips so that she could speak clearly. “Miss, would you… could you… would it please you to… teach me more?”

The piercing look that Gwen gave her made Molly quiver. “Think about this for two weeks, girl. Then we’ll see if you still desire more.”

After Molly left, Gwen took out her cell phone and called Thomas. “Thomas? That writer slut, Molly, actually showed up.” She listened briefly, then answered, “Yes, she did all those things. I think she really has potential.” She paused again to listen, then responded, “Oh! You’re talking about her potential as a writer. Well, I guess she might have that, too. But that’s not the potential I had in mind.” Careful observers might have thought they detected a hint of malice in her sparkling eyes as she disconnected the call.


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