The Lawyer and Her Assistant

Every workday, she and her assistant arrive in her town car at the offices of the Chicago law firm. Pulling the car to the curb, the chauffeur hurries around to open the rear door. The assistant emerges first, and turns to help the lawyer out.

The lawyer is Rosemary Sutton, of the wealthy Sutton clan, who own a sizable chunk of the better sections of Chicago and its nearby suburbs. Born to wealth, Rosemary had no real need to work. But her keen mind needed constant challenges and sharpening, and she discovered she had both a knack and a love of the law. That love, plus her considerable resources, soon had her occupying the position of Senior Partner in the law firm.

Impeccably dressed, immaculately coiffed, she emerges. The revelation of a portion of her thigh as she does so each day counts as a healthy bonus to the otherwise lucrative remuneration the chauffeur receives for his efforts.

Blessed by genetics, Rosemary is a gorgeous woman, and knows it. Her golden tresses shine in the sunlight. What nature had given her was no doubt enhanced by frequent visits to the finest hair salon in the city, which catered to those who could afford its exorbitant prices. There was much silent speculation around the office that any hair that Rosemary had below her navel was treated to the exact same shade.

Her sparkling blue eyes flashed imperiously above her perfect nose – again more speculation as to whether or not that was the nose she was born with – above a pair of lips that rarely curved into a smile. Many an underling had watch those lips form into a grimace as they stood wavering before her desk, experiencing her displeasure.

Rosemary’s dress for success business apparel was tailored perfectly to fit her frame, clinging to her generous 38C or D breasts, narrowing nicely at her waist and flaring just enough to draw attention to her buttocks, sheathed in her aforementioned skirt that ended well above her knees. As she walked away from people, they were torn as to whether to stare at her ass muscles rippling beneath her skirt or her long shapely calves as they propelled her forward.

Rosemary’s assistant, Tanya Romanoff, was a study in contrasts. Petite in bone structure, with raven black hair that cascaded to her shoulders, she had smoldering dark brown eyes, a pert nose, and thin lips that seemed perpetually clenched in a straight line across her face. She habitually wore a dark pantsuit that allowed her to move like a dancer around the office. She had a ballerina’s height, perhaps 2 inches taller than Rosemary, and breasts that were 34B, or were bound in some fashion under her clothing to give that appearance. She had a slim waist, slim hips, and no one had ever seen her legs on display.

Tanya was rather a woman of mystery, refusing to participate in office gossip, and forming no friendships. She was not unfriendly – just soft-spoken and distant. The biggest mystery was why she put up with Miss Sutton’s behavior. People had observed the lawyer frequently acting as a harridan to her assistant.

Take the day in question as an example. “This coffee is too cold!” Rosemary complains during the morning briefing, right after Tanya serves her. “Can’t you do anything right?” she asks, rhetorically, as Tanya scrambles to get her a fresh cup.

Get me the Willard contract,” Rosemary tells Tanya during the staff meeting. When her assistant returns with the folder, Rosemary looks at it. “You idiot!” she rants. “This is the Willard contract! I told you to get me the Wilford contract! Why do I even bother paying you?” she shouts to the woman’s back as a red-faced Tanya hastens away. Others in the room make eye contact with each other, knowing what Miss Sutton said in the first place. But everyone is to cowed to comment or clarify, and all remain silent.

Later, a secretary happens to be passing Rosemary’s office and glances through the open door. At that moment, Tanya is walking away from Rosemary, alongside her desk. The secretary sees Rosemary deliberately poke a large stack of papers right next to Tanya’s hip, making them cascade off the desk and onto the floor. Rosemary’s voice rises in indignation, clearly audible to a good section of the office. “You clumsy cow! Look at the mess you made! Get down on your knees and clean those up! And make certain you collate them properly, if you’ve finally managed to master the intricacies of the alphabet!”

The secretary approaches a small gathering of her coworkers, and confides using a voice pitched so soft and low that she’s confident that Rosemary will not overhear, “She deliberately knocked those papers off, by herself.” Eyes roll in silent acknowledgment of the indignities being heaped upon Tanya today. But the assistant is so distant in her behavior, no one feels like offering a comforting shoulder for her to cry on.

Word spreads to others in the office. “Why does she put up with that?” is the common question, referring to Tanya. But no one can or will voice their concerns to Miss Sutton, lest they catch her wrath, as well.

Finally, the work day comes to its end. The town car is summoned, and Rosemary and Tanya are driven back home. When the car pulls to a halt, the chauffeur opens the rear door, and watches Tanya scramble up to the front door of the house. The assistant opens it obsequiously for Rosemary, and lets her pass through. Following her, Tanya closes the door behind them both. Swiftly, the assistant aims a very hard crack of the palm of her hand on Rosemary’s ass!

Rosemary yelps, “Owww!” and instinctively covers her ass with both hands.

Put those hands on top of your head!” Tanya hisses.

Rosemary gulps loudly, and complies. She cries out as she receives another hard swat on the same, unprotected, ass cheek.

On second thought, lower your hands and strip,” Tanya growls.

Soon Rosemary stands, naked and trembling – a red hand imprint is clearly visible on one of her ass cheeks.

Get on your hands and knees and crawl to the basement, you worm!” Tanya commands. “Once there, fetch me a riding crop, but only use your mouth. And you’d better be kneeling with it in your mouth when I arrive.” Once Rosemary is on her hands and knees, Tanya gives her a swift kick in her ass to encourage her to scoot toward the steps that lead down into the basement.

Tanya takes her time, letting Rosemary anticipate what she will do. The extremely well paid household staff – who all are aware of the strange relationship between Tanya and Rosemary, and are sworn to binding non-disclosure agreements – accept Tanya’s detailed instructions about dinner arrangements. She then goes to her room to change clothes. The transformation is, as usual, astonishing. A black leather bustier fits her like a glove and presses her tit flesh in such a manner that an onlooker might guess her cup size is at least a C. Her roseate areolae peek over the top of the garment enticingly. Her height is enhanced by the dark boots that zip from her ankles to her mid thighs. Tight briefs cover her sex and barely conceal her ass crack. Tanya has not decided whether Rosemary will be permitted to even view her pussy, let alone taste it.

She muses in front of the mirror. “My little slut was horrible today, heaping all that abuse on me. She must be craving harsh punishment this evening. Well, if it’s strict she needs, it’s strict she will receive.” Smiling, she proceeds to the basement.

Arriving, Tanya finds Rosemary kneeling near corner of the room, facing its center. Her knees are apart, her buttocks rest on her heels, and her hands are palm down on the center of her thighs, as is proper. The center of the riding crop is clenched in her pearly white teeth. Her chin is tilted downward, and her eyes are staring at the center of the floor, not daring to glance up at Miss Tanya as she enters the room. Rosemary’s pussy lips, dangling under her golden patch of pubic hair, are slightly puffy, probably due to the thoughts racing through her head about what Miss Tanya might do. Her chest is rising and falling faster than normal, betraying her nervousness. This makes her nipples bob up and down in an eye-catching manner. If only the other employees at the law firm could see their tyrannical Senior Partner like this! Something skitters across Tanya’s mind, but she doesn’t focus on it at the moment.

Placing her hand, palm up, under Rosemary’s chin, Tanya signals the naked blonde woman to open her mouth and release the crop into that waiting hand. The central section has delicate teeth marks from all the prior times that Rosemary has held it for Miss Tanya in this manner.

Crawl to the center of the room, remaining on your hands and knees, you useless piece of shit,” Miss Tanya hisses at her submissive.

Whimpering quietly, Rosemary creeps forward, guessing what is to come.

Miss Tanya takes a position alongside the woman’s torso, and begins to use the crop. She strikes lightly at first, getting the rhythm, hitting Rosemary’s back and ass. Stoically, Rosemary silently accepts the blows. But as Tanya warms to the action, and increases the force of each swat, Rosemary grimaces, and finally cries out. Once her silence is broken, the blonde vocalizes her pain from each successive blow, as Miss Tanya reddens her flesh. The goal is to inflict the pain and degradation that the submissive craves, but not to create welts, or even bruising that will show in public.

Miss Tanya runs her hand over the beet red skin, reveling in its quivering, and its warmth. She sees tears dropping from Rosemary’s eyes, forming a small puddle on the basement floor. The concrete has felt many such tears in the past, and will feel many more in the years to come, she is sure.

Moving behind the blonde, Miss Tanya orders, “Fetch your leather wrist cuffs, bitch,” nudging Rosemary’s ass crack with the toe of her boot. The submissive dare not stand without permission, so she crawls as quickly as possible to the drawer, careful not to scrape her knees on the smooth concrete. She removes the cuffs from the drawer with her hands, but grasps them in her teeth for the return crawl to Miss Tanya.

Wrists,” Miss Tanya utters, and Rosemary sinks to her haunches and holds up both forearms. The cuffs are lined, so that they can be firmly attached, without the danger of cutting off circulation to the hands. Cuffs in place, Miss Tanya says, “Get up, and come over here.” The two women walk to a spot near one of the basement walls. Undoing a rope from a cleat on the wall, Miss Tanya lowers a hook suspended from an overhead pulley. The cuffs on Rosemary’s wrists each have a large steel ring, so it’s easy for the hook to be threaded through both at the same time. Rosemary is breathing even faster as she guesses what’s coming.

Miss Tanya pulls slowly on the rope, raising the hook. Rosemary’s wrists, out in front of her, rise up, first to shoulder height, then face height, and finally above her head, until Rosemary must stand on tiptoe to have any contact with the floor. Miss Tanya secures the rope though the cleat and studies the naked, helpless and vulnerable form before her.

Suddenly, with a swift strike, the crop cracks across Rosemary’s left tit. The suspended woman’s feet leave the ground as she tries to bring her knees up to her chest protectively, but the crop has already done its work. Miss Tanya waits until the blonde’s scream dies down before stating, “Your coffee was too cold, huh?” She waits until Rosemary’s feet descend back to the concrete floor.

Backhanding the crop, Miss Tanya gives a similar painful swat to the submissive’s right tit. Again her knees fly up – too late – and the basement echoes with her scream of pain. Soundproofing on the ceiling and the upper parts of the walls absorbs the noise, so the household staff will not be disconcerted by these activities. When she’s sure she has Rosemary’s attention, she intones, “Deliberately giving me the wrong name of the file for the meeting, huh?”

Both of the submissive’s breasts are reddening now, as Miss Tanya continues with the chastisement that Rosemary had signaled that she desperately needs, by her actions at work all day. If the blonde manages to get her knees up high enough to instinctively block access to her smarting mammary glands, Miss Tanya merely delivers painful blows to the soles of the woman’s feet. Tears are streaming down Rosemary’s face as Miss Tanya relents, and lowers her enough that her feet are firmly on the concrete floor again. Tears are streaming, yes, but the blonde is smiling, perversely enjoying this harsh treatment. She’s enjoying the ceding of her control to the raven haired woman. Driven so hard by the demands of work, Rosemary needs to relinquish her control, and they both know it.

However, Rosemary’s smile turns to an expression of dismay as Miss Tanya jeers, “So, you thought deliberately knocking those papers off your desk, and making me crawl around gathering them was fun, did you? It took me over an hour to collate them properly again! Spread your thighs apart!” she demands.

OMG! Please, Miss! No!” Rosemary pleads. But she is not safewording, her thighs are wet with cunt juices, and there is a gleam of excitement in her eyes.

The crop slaps her tummy as Rosemary hears Miss Tanya bark, “That ‘no’ of yours just earned your cunt an extra swat! Now spread those fucking thighs, slut!”

Flesh quivering in dreadful anticipation, Rosemary walks her feet sideways until her cunt is completely exposed. The first stroke of the crop against her pussy makes a sound like ‘splat’ before it’s drowned by the shriek that rips from Rosemary’s throat. Her eyes water so hard that her vision is blurred as she sobs.

Miss Tanya waits patiently for the blonde to regain enough composure to walk her feet apart again, since they both are aware the punishment is two strokes, not one. Miss Tanya feints with the crop several times, making no contact, but watching Rosemary flinch. Finally, she delivers the second splatting blow onto the sopping, fleshy labia. While Rosemary is still shrieking and moaning, Miss Tanya again raises the hook to make the weeping woman stand on tiptoes. Leaving her like that, Miss Tanya goes upstairs to eat her dinner, apparently oblivious to the smile of gratitude now on the lawyer’s face.

Tanya eats in a leisurely fashion, a small smile on her face as she thinks of Rosemary dangling from her wrists, bracing herself up on her toes, tears drying along the trails from her eyes, down her neck, and up onto the mounds of her tits. She imagines the submissive’s tears are drying now, certainly, but her pussy juices are probably trickling along her thighs, knowing that Miss Tanya is not done with her yet.

After finishing her dinner, Tanya descends again into the basement, carrying Rosemary’s dinner in a dog dish. She also brings along her digital camera. Placing the dog dish aside, she aims the camera, framing a full-length frontal nude shot of Rosemary in her current compromising position. The first flash catches the startled, wide-eyed expression on the woman’s face. The second one catches her look of dismay. The third reveals the pleading aspect now visible on her countenance. All of them capture the glaring crimson patches on her tits. Unfortunately, stretched out as she is, Rosemary’s pussy is hidden between her thighs.

Turn around, bitch!” Miss Tanya commands.

Please, Miss,” Rosemary begs. “No. Please. I look like a miserable wretch like this.”

That’s because you are a miserable wretch, you filthy slut!” Miss Tanya growls. “Now turn around, or I’ll get the cane.”

Rosemary’s eyes look owlish as the fear of the cane floods her face. With tiny pushes of her tiptoes, she manages to swing her back to face Miss Tanya, whimpering. The rear of her body, from her shoulder blades to the bottom of her ass cheeks is still quite red, and the camera records the images vividly.

Miss Tanya works the pulley, and lowers Rosemary so her feet have solid purchase on the basement floor. “Turn and face me,” she orders. As Rosemary shuffles in a half circle, wrists still above her head, Miss Tanya glares at her. “I suppose you think you need to eat dinner?” she asks.

Please, Miss. If that’s all right with you, I’d like to do so. I’m hungry,” the woman whispers.

Without commenting, Miss Tanya approaches her with a set of clover clamps. Rosemary bites her lips, knowing what’s about to happen. She winces, but utters no sound of protest as Miss Tanya clamps each of her nipples in the jaws of the clovers. Lowering the pulley farther, she frees Rosemary’s wrists from the hook, and then pulls the chain that connects the two clover clamps to each other, and starts walking.

Rosemary quickly follows, lest the pain at her tits increase. The two approach a small cleat anchored to the floor. “Get on your hands and knees, like the little bitch dog that you are,” Miss Tanya commands the naked woman. As her submissive does so, she takes the chain she’s holding and loops it around the cleat. Next, she places the dog dish in a strategic position on the floor, along with a water bowl. “Eat and drink, slut,” she says with a smile.

Rosemary knows she must eat without using her hands, only with her mouth, like a dog. Fortunately, the meal is cut into bite sized pieces, easy to wolf up. Unfortunately, the dish is placed far enough from the cleat that the chains snug up and pull on the clover clamps, which in turn pull Rosemary’s nipples toward her belly. Eating dinner is painful, with those tugs on her sensitive teats. But drinking water is worse, because she must lap at it, pressing it against the farthest side of the water bowl with her tongue to scoop it into her mouth. Each mouthful costs her pain, but she’s too dehydrated to complain or stop.

Adding to Rosemary’s humiliation, Miss Tanya is photographing her as she eats and drinks. Documenting the high and mighty lawyer acting like a naked animal. Miss Tanya makes certain to get closeups of Rosemary’s distorted nipples, and her ass hole and cunt, which are clearly visible between the lawyer’s inflamed ass cheeks.

Just think of the uproar at the office if these pictures are ever seen, cunt,” Miss Tanya gloats.

Rosemary moans in dismay, the sound muffled by the mouthful of food she’s chewing at that moment. A cascade of mortification races through her mind as she imagines all those people – her underlings – seeing her strung up, naked and cropped. Or seeing her clamped and eating like an animal off the floor. Her gut twists with thoughts of derision and shame. The disrespect, the ridicule she’d be subjected to by all those laughing lawyers and staff! She’d have to move to another state, changing her name in the process.

When Rosemary finishes her dinner, Miss Tanya kneels next to her and quickly removes the clover clamps, causing Rosemary to shriek as her numbed nipples suddenly awake and are flooded with pain. While the shrieks are still echoing, Miss Tanya reaches beneath her slut’s torso, grabs both nipples and tugs them up and down rapidly, as if milking a cow’s udders. But the milking action soon turns more sensuous.

As Rosemary begins to moan, Miss Tanya tells her, “You’ve been a good, obedient girl this evening, so I’m giving you permission to cum now.” Picking up the nearby crop, Miss Tanya begins using its handle to fuck Rosemary’s sopping pussy, bringing her free hand to the swollen clit dangling just below the woman’s golden pelt of pubic hair.

Still on her hands and knees, Rosemary gasps as the pleasure builds, spreading her thighs wider apart in acceptance. Tossing the crop aside, Miss Tanya inserts two fingers easily into the bubbling heat of Rosemary’s cunt, and finger fucks her furiously, diddling her throbbing clit at the same time. Rosemary groans, shudders, and then shakes with the intensity of the orgasm being forced from her depths! She throws her head back and howls as her juices coat Miss Tanya’s hand, then wrist, then forearm. Miss Tanya keeps fingering her slut until the howls diminish to a whimper of satisfied completion.

Withdrawing her fingers, and wiping her hand on a towel, Miss Tanya says to Rosemary, “I expect you need to piss after such a thorough release. Go squat over the floor drain and piss into it. Be sure that you give me a good view of your pee hole as you do.”

Blushing scarlet, Rosemary scoots over to the drain, positioning herself in a squat just past it. Facing Miss Tanya, the blonde lawyer obediently spreads her thighs wide apart, and pulls and holds her labia fully open. Her pee hole is clearly visible between her clit and her pussy. As the steaming yellow stream spurts from that tiny hole, and splashes on the drain plate, Miss Tanya takes several pictures of the urinating woman. One of the closeups clearly details the submissive’s still engorged clit, and the cum juices leaking from her cunt.

When Rosemary is done peeing, Miss Tanya instructs her, “Stand up, and put your hands behind your head.” She watches the woman get up, and interlace her fingers across the blonde hair at the back of her head. “Good. Now walk in front of me, up to our bathroom.” Watching Rosemary climb the stairs in front of her gives Miss Tanya an excellent look at her ass muscles clenching and releasing as she climbs. Miss Tanya can’t resist – she smacks the lawyer’s ass cheeks with the flat of her palm from time to time. Each time she does, Rosemary actually giggles, since she’s still giddy from her orgasm.

Reaching the bathroom, Miss Tanya says, “Just stand like that as I shower, slut.” She then takes a long, hot shower, filling the bath room with steam. Stepping out of the tub, she commands, “Towel me off now, girl.” Rosemary submissively hurries to obey, drying her Mistress carefully from head to toe. Afterward, Miss Tanya tells Rosemary, “Shower off yourself, now. But be quick about it – I don’t have all night.” To ensure that the lawyer hurries, Miss Tanya sets the shower controls to the ‘cold’ setting, ignoring the scream of surprise from inside the shower. Minutes later, a cold, but clean, Rosemary emerges, and is permitted to towel dry quickly.

Soon the two women are in bed together, naked and cuddling. Heads close together, they’re both looking at the pictures Miss Tanya took this evening. Both are smiling at the sexy, albeit degrading, images of Rosemary’s latest ordeal.

Rosemary looks into her Mistress’ eyes. She murmurs lovingly, “Thank you for that session, Miss. It was just what I needed. I can’t tell you how much I love you for doing these things for me and to me.”

Miss Tanya gets a twinkle in her eye. “You can’t tell me how much you love me, huh?” she intones with an arched eyebrow. Her expression turns sensuously erotic as she smiles and points at her pussy. “Then use your mouth there and show me. It’s my turn to cum now.”

Rosemary slides down into position. Resting her head against her Mistress’ thigh, she pauses, looking at her lovely, smoothly shaven labia. Labia that fairly beg to be licked and worshiped. Rosemary’s tongue extends, and her loving worship begins. The first taste is salt, but already the scent of Miss Tanya’s arousal is wafting into her nostrils. She inhales deeply, savoring that scent. Stiffening her tongue, she uses it to plow the smooth labia apart, laying open the treasure that they conceal.

Rosemary only glances at the gleaming pink wetness, because she’s impatient now to fully taste the juices starting to spill from their source. Her tongue first catches the escaping droplets, and then plunges into the warm, welcoming tunnel. Her Mistress tastes divine. Rosemary seals her cunt opening and sucks, gently at first, as the fluids are drawn forth. She feels the hand of her Mistress caressing her hair as she suckles at her cunt, drinking.

Oh, yes! That’s it, my slut girl. That feels wonderful, but suck a little harder,” Miss Tanya whispers.

As Rosemary sucks harder, spearing the depths with her tongue, curling its tip, and then flipping that tip up into her mouth again, she’s actually scooping up Miss Tanya’s juices. The curled tongue tip also streaks along the softer, squishier tissues that line the front wall of the vaginal tunnel, just deep to the location of the now fully erect clit.

Great minds think alike. Just as Rosemary’s desire to be allowed to touch Miss Tanya’s clit forms in her mind, her Mistress says, “Touch my clit, girl. Touch my ass hole, too.”

Rosemary slides one hand alongside her face, letting her index finger softly stroke the firm rod that pokes out between the join of Miss Tanya’s labia. She also slides her other hand down past her own tit and then up underneath Miss Tanya’s butt, feeling for her ass crack.

Fuck, yes,” Miss Tanya moans as she feels the finger starting to gently diddle her clit. “Keep sucking! Don’t stop! Find my ass hole!” Rosemary’s finger slides down Miss Tanya’s ass crack, pressing inward until she feels the tight puckered ring. She teases it. Miss Tanya starts bucking, humping her mouth and tongue.

OMG! I’m… I’m… gonna… flood your mouth!” Miss Tanya gasps. She bucks again several times, holding herself open to Rosemary’s mouth and fingers. A keening noise sounds deep in her throat. Rosemary cannot see Miss Tanya’s hands clenching the bed sheets, but she hears them scrabbling and prepares herself. Still, the eruption of cunt juice as Miss Tanya wails out her orgasm surprises her by its sheer volume! She swallows without interruption, handling the surges as best she can.

As Miss Tanya’s muscles finally relax, Rosemary patiently licks her cunt and thighs clean. Her Mistress pulls her up by her side, wraps her in a loving embrace, and they both drift off to a peaceful sleep, deepened by the release of stress due to their wonderful climaxes.

The next day, the lawyer and her assistant arrive at the law firm offices, just like any other workday. The chauffeur opens the rear door, and Tanya emerges, turning to help Rosemary out. As they enter the building, several people call out ‘Good morning, Miss Sutton’ as she passes. Hardly anyone acknowledges Tanya, walking behind her.

No one seems to notice that, even though Miss Sutton again looks stunning – hair, makeup, style sense in her wardrobe – she’s walking a little differently. Her gait is shorter in step, and she’s walking with subtly clenched muscles in her buttocks. Only Tanya knows that ‘Miss Tanya’ has decreed that Rosemary will spend the day holding a butt plug in her ass.

Miss Sutton cannot stroll around the office, as is her habit, given the secret hidden beneath her skirt. “Judy,” she says to her secretary, “I’m feeling a bit under the weather today. Tell people the morning staff meeting will take place in my office, rather than the conference room.”

If Judy thinks this an odd request, she gives no indication so. “Yes, Miss Sutton.”

After everyone crowds into Miss Sutton’s office, some seated on what chairs are present, others standing patiently for the meeting to start, Rosemary calls out loudly, “Tanya!”

Yes, Miss Sutton?”

Fetch the staff meeting agendas and notes from the conference room, you dolt! We need them here, of course. Do I have to think of everything?” Rosemary growls. Face coloring with shame, Tanya rushes to the conference room and back, and starts distributing the papers. During this process, a handful of the sheets slip from her hands, and flop onto the floor.

Clumsy fool!” Rosemary chides her. “Pick those up and be quick about it!” Looking at the staff, Miss Sutton mutters, “Why do I put up with her incompetence?”

Since her back is turned to Miss Sutton as she gathers the papers, only a few of the staff notice Tanya biting on her lip as a tear trickles down her cheek. None of them know that, as a good actress, Tanya can cry when she wills it. Their hearts go out to this misused, exploited woman, but no one speaks up, of course.

As the meeting is underway, Rosemary says, almost pleasantly, “Tanya, I’m ready for my coffee now. I told you this morning to have it here during the meeting. Did you forget again?”

Hearing this, Tanya inhales deeply, blushing, and races out of the room, her heels clicking on the hard floor. People are subtly shaking their heads in sympathy for the poor, put upon assistant as the meeting continues.

After a short period of time, Tanya returns with the coffee in an elegant cup. Rosemary takes a sip and sputters loudly, “W… What is this?”

It’s your macchiato, Miss Sutton,” Tanya squeaks in fear.

I specifically asked for a caramel macchiato, you fool! What a worthless waste of space you are! Get me another one, and get it right, this time!” Rosemary shouts, as the staff cringes.

When Tanya returns, Rosemary sips daintily, nods, and says, “Finally. But it took you two tries and the meeting’s almost complete, so I didn’t get to enjoy it at the proper time, did I? Go stand in the corner, facing away from us all. No one wants to see your face.”

Tanya strides to the corner, facing it, as her shoulders slump. People notice a slight movement in those shoulders. Is Tanya sobbing? No one dares try to comfort her. They start filing out. When they’re out of earshot, one person mumbles quietly to a co-worker, “Why does Miss Sutton put up with Tanya’s incompetence, she asked us, rhetorically. I can answer that. Because no one else I know would allow herself to be treated that badly, that’s why.” The co-worker nods agreement, saying nothing.

In her corner, though, Tanya’s shoulders are indeed shaking up and down subtly – but that’s because she’s laughing silently to herself. She enjoys this game as much as Rosemary does. She thinks to herself, “Apparently Rosemary craves an even more harsh time in her basement tonight, and I’ll be happy to supply it. I guess the stresses here in the office are especially harsh lately. The poor woman needs to let go of the reins and submit again tonight.”

She ponders what Rosemary might be needing, compared to last night. She muses, “Maybe I’ll have that big, powerful gardener of hers fuck her in the ass tonight as she’s bound to a table. The butt plug worn all day will certainly have loosened up her hole well enough. I think I’ll flog her back as he does so, and perhaps I’ll invite the maid to slap her face, and cheer on the gardener. Maybe I’ll take the maid to bed after that, and make Rosemary sleep on the floor at the foot of the bed, naked and handcuffed all night. I’ll just have to see what more indignities ‘Miss Sutton’ heaps on me today to decide.”


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