The Golf Widows

Marcia, Rainbow, and Helen were happily cuddled together in a naked tangle of sweaty flesh.

That was pretty damned amazing,” Helen panted.

It was far out, that’s for sure,” Rainbow opined, her choice of words an echoing of the way her hippie parents still talked.

The only thing missing was a cock, or two, or even three,” Marcia ventured. “Don’t get me wrong. I love having your mouths all over my body, and your fingers and toys exploring me. But don’t you both wish we could add our husbands’ cocks to the mix?”

Of course I do,” Helen agreed. “But they’re always so busy playing golf every free moment. And when they’re not playing it, they’re talking about playing, or thinking about it.”

Mine used to hump me every chance he got,” Rainbow stated. Then he got hooked into that golfing threesome with your guys. We hardly ever fuck now,” she concluded, sadly.

Then let’s do something about it,” Helen decided. “I just had a thought. But before I explain it, are either of you jealous about the idea of your husband fucking either one or both of the other of us?”

Marcia and Rainbow looked at each other quizzically, then back at Helen. “You mean,” Rainbow started, “would I be jealous if my Doug fucked you or Marcia?”

Yes, that’s what I’m asking,” Helen confirmed.

You mean like swinging? Like taking one of you into another room and screwing?” Rainbow asked.

No, we’d all be in the same room,” Helen corrected her. “My concept is only half-formed so far, which is why I’m asking.”

Marcia had been thinking about it. “If my Sam wasn’t sneaking off someplace with one of you, I think I’d be OK with it, especially if somehow it means I get fucked by someone, as well.”

Rainbow nodded. “Yes, count me in. I wouldn’t mind having sex with Sam, or your hubby Frank, Helen. It sounds like you’re forming a plan in which we all get some action. So spill the beans.”

OK. Here’s the basic idea,” Helen began. “They all live and breathe golf. Let’s make a sort of sex game based on golf! We each have three holes, so with all three of us participating, that makes nine holes. Many’s the time I’ve heard Frank saying as he rushed out the door that the three of them were going to play a quick nine holes.”

Marcia laughed. “He meant half of a golf course – either the front nine, or the back nine.”

Well, I mean OUR nine,” Helen giggled.

So how do we do this?” Rainbow asked, getting intrigued.

I think we need to gear the game toward golfing terms,” Helen explained. “For instance, being ‘caught in the bunker’ might mean the guy’s cock is trapped between these.” As she said this, she pressed Rainbow’s generous tits together, while the three of them imagined a husband tit fucking her.

Mmmm,” Rainbow commented. “Nice. I see what you mean. We’d better look up some more terms, and see if we can somehow work them in, too.”

Thus, the planning of the game began. And a week later, the game was ready for a beta test. Luckily, it was a nasty, rainy day with no chance of the men running to the golf course. The three couples gathered at Helen and Frank’s house.

The men had thoughtful expressions on their faces. They knew something was up, because during the week, each wife had sounded out her husband on the idea of playing a sexy golf game. The wives had hinted that during the game, a man might be called upon to have sex with a wife of one of the other guys. Being men, they’d seized on the idea of having permission to fuck someone new. Maybe they hadn’t even considered that someone else might be doing their wife while they watched. Or maybe they had, and decided that, since they were all good buddies, sharing wives might not be all that bad an experience. Whatever the reason, no one had said ‘no’ and all were present.

The women left the room to ‘get ready’ for the game. The men were uncharacteristically silent as they waited. They didn’t even analyze their most recent golf game together. They sat around, glancing over and over at the door that had closed behind the women. The eternity that they waited was about 10 minutes.

The door opened, and the three lovely women emerged – stark naked! Three pairs of male eyes bulged in their sockets. Each man studied the unfamiliar forms of the two women married to his buddies. His own wife’s form was very familiar of course, and pleasing, but this was new territory to study!

The women set down what they carried into the room, perhaps deliberately bending over in such ways as to give the best view of their various assets to the onlooking men. If the men had been paying attention to the female hands, they might have noticed 4 dice, two stacks of index cards, and a tube of lubricant. They weren’t.

Each woman approached a man who was not her husband – Marcia to Frank, Helen to Doug, Rainbow to Sam – they’d agreed on this matching ahead of time, to do this smoothly. Helen announced, “On this golf course, we have strict requirements about apparel. There mustn’t be any,” she chuckled. The women started unbuttoning shirts, unbuckling belts, unzipping flies, and tugging at clothing until all three men were as naked as they were.

The women regarded the hunky male bodies in front of them – each woman might have spent more time perusing the more unfamiliar bodies of her husband’s friends. Apparently, the men were getting enough exercise to keep trim. The women were quite pleased to find their husbands already at ‘half mast’ just by seeing naked women and being naked themselves. “Now what?” Frank asked.

Now dear,” Helen began, holding up one die, “I will roll this.” Rainbow was placing a poster board against the wall that read as follows:


1 or 6 = Marcia, 2 or 5 = Helen, 3 or 4 = Rainbow


1 or 6 = Sam, 2 or 5 = Frank, 3 or 4 = Doug

Look at the chart for an explanation,” Helen continued. She rolled. It came up 2. “I’m the first hole.” She rolled again. It was a 5. “Nope, me again.” Another roll. This time it came up 1. “Marcia is the second hole, so therefore Rainbow is hole number 3.” Rainbow pouted a bit at being last. Helen smiled, saying, “Don’t fret. We’ll make you a par 5.” Rainbow’s answering smile was dazzling.

And now for the men,” Helen stated. Her first roll was a 6. Looking at the chart, she said, “Sam has first honors.” Rolling again, she got a 3. “Doug has second honors, and therefore Frank tees off last.”

OK. You three men are at the first tee. Let’s check the par for this hole,” Helen added. She rolled a 3. “When we’re establishing par, we’ll only count rolls of 3, 4 or 5. I’m a par 3.” Getting down on her knees, she pointed at her open mouth. “Gentlemen, here is the first hole.”

HOLE 1 – PAR 3

Not fully comprehending what was going on, Sam asked, “Why are there 4 dice?”

Marcia took over the explanation, since Helen was now the field of play. “Roll all 4 of the dice, Sam,” she told him.

He scooped them up, shook them in both his hands, and dropped them onto the coffee table. They totaled 12.

Take your ‘club’ in your hands, Sam, and give that first hole 12 strokes,” Marcia said with a grin, pointing at Helen’s mouth.

You mean stick my dick into Helen’s mouth 12 times?” Sam asked. All three women nodded encouragingly. This was the moment of truth. Helen was mentally crossing her fingers, and thinking, “Come on, Sam. Just do it. Break the ice.” She deliberately didn’t make eye contact with her husband.

Frank, who was about to see his wife’s mouth fucked by his buddy cleared his throat. Everyone looked at him, wondering if he was going to bring the game to an abrupt halt, now that it was clearer how it was going to be played. But he just looked at Sam and asked, “What grip are you planning to use, buddy?”

Everyone laughed in relief.

I think this calls for an unorthodox single handed grip,” Sam laughed. Grasping his cock near its base, he guided it into the warm opening between Helen’s lips. She tightened them on his shaft as he began pumping. The remaining two women counted his strokes from one to twelve.

Marcia handed the dice to Doug, who also rolled a 12. He grinned as he pumped his cock 12 times into Helen’s mouth.

Frank’s turn to tee off,” Marcia announced. He rolled an 18! Helen’s eyes widened in surprise as her husband fucked her mouth rather forcefully 18 times.

That’s some driver you’ve got there,” Doug commented, eliciting giggles and chuckles from the group.

She’s a par 3, so I’m guessing I roll again?” Sam asked.

Yes,” Marcia confirmed. “But first, draw a card from the ‘F’ stack. That stands for fairway.”

Sam drew a card. He read it aloud, “Your shot put you into a bunker.”

Yayy!” Rainbow cried out. “Roll the dice!” Obeying, Sam rolled a 16.

Kneeling in front of Sam, Rainbow spit on his dick and wrapped her tits around it. “You have to use 16 strokes to get out of this bunker.”

Laughing, Sam began his thrusts into that warm, smooth tunnel Rainbow was providing. His laughs turned into moans of delight as she bent her chin down and let the head of his cock slip into her mouth each time it peeked up from between her tits. “Geez,” Sam thought, “I’m tit-fucking her while her husband and my wife both watch me do it! This is unbelievable!” Everyone watched closely. Rainbow’s blue eyes twinkled with delight at feeling his passionate friction.

For their second ‘shots’ both Doug and Frank drew cards that just said ‘play on’ and they rolled a 19 and a 21, respectively. As Frank was mouth fucking his wife those 21 strokes, Doug decided to ask, “What if we cum?”

Rainbow answered him. “Honey, if you cum, that’s fine. But you’ll be asked if you’re able to continue play. If not, the others will ‘play through’ while you watch from the gallery.” She smiled, having mastered some of their lingo.

Doug gave her a tender kiss.

Marcia announced, “Since Helen is a par 3 hole, you’re all now on the green. Before you roll the dice, draw a card from the ‘G’ stack.”

All three men drew cards that merely said ‘play the hole’ so they each gave Helen’s mouth the required number of strokes. It was now time for the second hole, Marcia. She rolled a 3, and announced, “Hole 2, a par 3.” Getting onto her knees, she opened her mouth expectantly.

HOLE 2 – PAR 3

Her husband was up first. Teeing off, Sam fucked her mouth the 14 times the dice indicated, and found it just as enjoyable as using Helen’s mouth. Doug and Frank teed off into her mouth 19 and 13 times, respectively.

For his second turn at this hole, Sam rolled a 15, and drew a card, read it, and looked confused. This card says, “You whiffed the ball.” He looked at Helen. “What does this mean?”

In answer, Helen pushed Sam’s thighs far apart, and used her hand to hold his cock up out of the way. His scrotum dangled free beneath his cock. “Ladies, you know what to do,” Helen said.

Marcia reached forward and swatted at her husband’s balls, deliberately missing them. Sam flinched, feeling the rush of air on his balls, but could not move much because of Helen’s grip on his dick. Rainbow also swatted at his balls and missed, as did Helen. Seeing the look of apprehension still on Sam’s face, she smiled and reassured him,”Don’t worry. We all whiffed, as the card demanded.” Everyone, including Sam, chuckled, comprehension dawning. Sam then took his 15 strokes into his wife’s warm, wet mouth.

Doug’s card read ‘play on’ and he was thrilled to roll a 21 for his second shot. Slipping his cock in and out of Marcia’s eager mouth was quite a turn on, especially with Sam watching and approving.

Frank drew his card. He grinned after reading it carefully and announced, “It says I should use the ball washer.”

Giggling, Marcia shuffled forward on her knees, lifted his cock, and enthusiastically sucked his balls into her mouth, one at a time, over and over. Her slurping sounds were so loud that everyone else crowded in and leaned over, getting a great look at Frank’s balls popping in and out of her lips. “Oh fuck, her mouth feels terrific,” Frank thought. “She’s sucking my balls like there’s no tomorrow! Sam’s a lucky guy!”

Finally satisfied that the balls were sparkling clean, Marcia shuffled back and opened her mouth, waiting. Frank’s balls gleamed wetly as they swung beneath his crotch. He’d only rolled an 11, which was probably to his benefit – too many strokes and he might have blown his load, perhaps having to step out of play.

Now ‘on the green’, Sam drew a ‘G’ card and looked crestfallen. Sadly, he read aloud, “Bogey – lose a turn.” He stepped aside.

Doug and Frank both drew ‘play the hole’ cards. Doug gave Marcia’s mouth 13 strokes, and Frank gave her 11 of them.

Her hole finished, Marcia made room for Rainbow, telling her, “They’re finally starting to leak precum, you lucky girl.” Rainbow smiled as she knelt down in front of Sam.

Helen reminded the men, “We’ve already determined that she’s a par 5.”

HOLE 3 – PAR 5

The men knew this was going to be a long, tough hole, and they needed to pace themselves. Sam teed off with 10 strokes into the curvaceous blonde’s mouth. Her husband, Doug, followed that with 18 strokes, but at least he was familiar with this hole. Frank’s tee off was comprised of a mere 12 strokes, but seeing those blue eyes staring up at him almost made him cum, anyway.

During this second shot, all the fairway cards that the men drew said ‘play on’ so there were no side diversions. Each took his strokes into Rainbow’s mouth. The fact that they had five rounds doing this actually made them hope they’d roll smaller number for the strokes, rather than too many. No one wanted to cum yet, and possibly be out of the game.

Between the players using her mouth, Rainbow reported, “You’re right, Marcia! Their cocks are streaming precum like mad, now!” She took it upon herself to suck hard on each dick as it moved in and out of her mouth, swallowing the secretions. The men groaned sounds of pleasure mixed with dismay at her oral expertise.

Finally, they’d reached the green, and were grateful to draw the simple ‘play the hole’ cards. Rainbow’s mouth received their final strokes, and the hole was complete.

The men were standing with red-tinged, stiff cocks, waiting for the fourth hole. Helen had brought an air mattress into the room, which she placed on the narrow but sturdy coffee table, and covered it with a soft blanket. She rolled one of the dice, and announced, “A par 4 hole.”

She climbed onto the bedding on the coffee table, placing herself on her back, and spread her smoothly shaven labia apart. Pointing at her vaginal opening, she explained, “Here’s the hole in question.”

HOLE 4 – PAR 4

The men had actually been rather concentrating on the mechanics of the game, trying to remember its rules, and understand the cards they were drawing. Now it dawned on them that they were actually going to fuck each other’s wives – for real! They stared at one another, looking for any signs of discomfort about this concept. But secretly, each was eager to experience this freedom, and felt certain that they were the best lover in the group anyway. So after a bit of eye contact, each nodded.

Then Frank’s eyes lit up with comprehension. Looking right into Helen’s eyes, since she was the obvious organizer of this game, he asked her an important question. “Helen, if the first three holes were your mouths, and the second three holes are apparently your cunts, does that mean…” his voiced faded. He swallowed. “Does that mean that the last three holes are… your asses?”

All three women laughed. Rainbow clapped her hands with merriment. Helen answered, “A very astute observation, Frank. Or should I say ‘ASS-tute’? Yes. Those are the final three holes in this game.”

There’s something about anal sex that really makes most men wild. Maybe because it feels so naughty and forbidden. Maybe because that tunnel is so nice and tight and gives amazing friction. Maybe because there’s no chance of pregnancy. Each man was thinking something along these lines, “OMG! I’m going to get to fuck the asses of all three of these gorgeous women! They want it!”

But first they had to get through the ‘ordeal’ of fucking all these pussies. Well, not really an ordeal, of course. Having sex is always fun. But there was that frisson of worry about cumming too soon. On the other hand, maybe the novelty of this game would give them enough excitement to get stiff again, even after cumming. They could only play on, and hope.

Sam teed off with a roll of 18. Helen’s cunt was sopping wet already. In fact, all three women were lubricating like mad. They were having sex with these three handsome studs, two of whom were not their husband. Marcia and Rainbow couldn’t wait to take Helen’s place on the coffee table. They watched Sam slide his dick into Helen’s depths and start pumping. They counted his strokes. Even the other two guys counted out loud now, really getting into the game.

Doug rolled a 21. As he started fucking Helen, Sam commented, “Lucky bastard!” But his tone of voice was congratulatory, not resentful. Doug’s dick made squishing and sucking sounds as it moved in and out of the warm wet embrace of Helen’s cunt. Doug was a bit stunned, thinking, “I’m actually fucking a woman I’ve lusted after for a long time, right here in her home, with her husband watching!” That thought was so arousing that his cock was threatening to spew as he pulled it out after the twenty-first stroke. If he’d rolled a 22, he might have been undone.

Frank teed off into his wife with 17 strokes. As they screwed, he leaned down and kissed her lips passionately. He was really turned on by this whole situation. He whispered, “You’ve never looked more lovely, sweetheart.” She returned his kiss, wrapping her arms around his neck to prolong it.

For Sam’s second shot, he rolled a 16 and drew a card that read ‘ask for advice as to how to play this hole’ which made him laugh. Turning to Frank, he said, “You really know this one well, buddy. How should I play it?”

Frank scratched his chin a few times, smiling, and replied, “If I were you, I’d grab a ‘bunker’ in each hand, and drive the ball as hard as I could.”

Nodding, Sam inserted the head of his penis just inside the entrance to Helen’s vaginal tunnel. Each of his hands took a firm grip on Helen’s tits, and began fucking her as hard as he could. Everyone watched Helen’s eyes fly open with pleasure and heard her loud gasp of delight. When Sam finished his 16 strokes, he pulled his glistening dick free and gave Frank a high five in thanks for his advice.

Doug drew a ‘play on’ card and rolled a 14. He also partially entered Helen’s cunt, and took hold of her breasts. Acting as if he was trying to get a proper grip, he massaged her tits and thumbed her nipples vigorously, making Helen purr with delight. He made their pelvises slap together as he gave her his 14 strokes. Helen was moaning loudly as he finished.

Also drawing a ‘play on’ card, Frank rolled a 23. He emulated his two buddies, playing with his wife’s tits as he banged her hard. Helen began cumming at stroke number 8, and was still writhing in orgasm when Frank reached stroke 23. He kept his dick deep inside her until she stopped shaking.

Sam quickly drew a card. Told to ‘play on’ he rolled an 18. He lifted Helen’s legs to hook them over his shoulders. Shoving his cock into what felt like a bubbling inferno, he plowed her pussy hard and deep, wanting her to cum again. She did, starting her climax at stroke 16. Sam stopped at 18, observing the rules of the game, but stayed inside her, enjoying the feel of her cunt muscles rippling on him.

Doug rolled a 15, and his card told him to ‘adjust your stance’ causing him to look quizzically at Marcia and Rainbow. The two women snuggled up on either side of him, touching him all over. They adjusted the bend in his knees, the tilt of his head, the angle of his cock, the position of his balls, the placement of his hands on Helen’s breasts – they even tweaked Doug’s nipples to make them perky. Satisfied, the women patted his ass and said, “Play on.” Either Helen was still in orgasm, or she was still highly aroused, because she also had an orgasm as Doug fucked her.

Having rolled a 12, Frank drew a card. He read it aloud, “Apply the shag bag.” Giggling, Rainbow romped over to a table and returned with a leather pouch. Kneeling in front of Frank, she carefully pressed his testicles into the pouch through its drawstring opening. Once they were inside, she pulled the drawstring gently to snug it up, and then tied a bow. Gamely, Frank fucked his wife the requisite 12 times, feeling the strange sensation of his leather clad balls slapping against her labia.

Now that the three men had reached the ‘green’ for this hole, Rainbow carefully removed the shag bag from Frank. Once she had freed his testicles, she gave each of them a sweet kiss. This was not, strictly speaking, a requirement of the game. But Frank offered no protest.

Sam drew ‘play the hole’ with a 6. Helen, sweating on top of the coffee table looked spent for the moment, so Sam stroked her slowly and gently 6 times with his cock.

On Doug’s turn, he rolled a 13, and drew a ‘G’ card that said ‘find the sweet spot’. He said aloud, “I know what this means in golf, but what am I supposed to do for this game?”

Rainbow handed him one of the dice, saying, “Roll it.”

Doug rolled a 6.

Consulting the chart, Rainbow explained, “A 6 means Marcia. Find her sweet spot with your fingertip. You have to do this before you can ‘hole out’ with your 13 and Helen.”

Doug stepped over to the nude, grinning Marcia. “How will I know when I’ve found it?”

I’ll tell you,” Marcia promised.

Doug started exploring her with his fingertip. Everyone watched closely. Surprisingly, he started nowhere near her sexual region. Instead he explored her earlobes, her nose, her lips, and her neck. She smiled, delighted, but made no comment. His fingertip brushed along her clavicles, all over her breasts, and down her tummy to her navel. Judging from the heaving movements of her chest, Marcia was enjoying all this, but still made no comment.

Kneeling, Doug’s fingertip whispered over her toes, up her calves, across the back of her knees, and up her thighs and across her buttocks. Marcia was wriggling slightly, eyes closed, focused on the sensations. Everyone in the room was breathing faster and deeper, watching this erotic display. “OMG,” Marcia thought, “Doug’s turning my whole body into a gigantic erogenous zone! Rainbow never mentioned that he can be this sensual!”

Doug’s fingertip parted Marcia’s labia now, and disappeared up inside her. From the changing angle of Doug’s wrist, it was obvious he was carefully exploring everywhere on the walls of her vaginal tunnel.

Marcia was panting and murmuring, “Oh, so close.” She was so aroused that the head of her clit was peeking forward from its hood.

Doug withdrew his finger, damp with her pussy juices, and carefully touched its tip to the very head of Marcia’s clit. Her body vibrated as she uttered a soft moan. Moving his fingertip off the clit head, he gently pushed the clit’s hood backward, causing his fingertip to touch the side of the clit’s shaft.

There! OMG! There,” Marcia moaned, her toes curling visibly. As Doug slowly stroked the side of her clit, Marcia braced herself by placing both of her hands on Doug’s head, and cried out, “I’m cumming!” Everyone watched, transfixed and amazingly aroused, as her cum juices streamed down her thigh.

Having found the sweet spot, Doug caught some of Marcia’s cum, and anointed his cock with it. Straddling Helen, he slipped his dick into her warm, welcoming cunt, and wrapped his arms around her neck as he pressed his chest down against her breasts. He began thrusting. At thrust number 8, he groaned loudly and began ejaculating, spurting his semen. After his 13 strokes, he stopped moving, but his cock was still jerking inside her.

Helen took Doug’s head in her hands and brought his lips to hers, kissing him intently, her body still quivering in post-orgasmic aftershocks. Aware of what had just occurred, the gallery erupted in applause.

Frank rolled a 17, and drew a ‘play the hole’ card. He inserted his cock into the unfamiliar sensation of his wife’s cunt lubricated with another man’s semen. It was an unfamiliar sensation, but a sexy one. His cock glided through what felt like silk as he gave her the 17 strokes. As he finished, he embraced her, kissed her, and whispered, “I love you.”

Helen whispered back, “I love you too.” Frank helped her up off the coffee table. The two of them embraced as Marcia took Helen’s place.

Marcia had rolled a 5, so she announced, “Par 5, gentlemen. And draw an ‘F’ card before you tee off, please.” It was her prerogative whether or not to demand the drawing of an ‘F’ card on tee off. She parted her outer labia, covered with their fine, dark brown pelt of pubic hair, and revealed the pinkness of the hole that awaited their attentions.

HOLE 5 – PAR 5

Sam, drawing a ‘play on’ card, teed off into his wife’s cunt with 13 strokes.

Doug’s cock was still limp from his orgasm with Helen. He was afraid that he was going to have to tell Frank to play through, but first he had to draw a card from the ‘F’ deck. To his surprise, this card was exactly what he needed at this moment. With a happy grin, he related its contents. “Penalty stroke. Roll to pick another guy to use the hole.” He rolled a 1. The chart indicated that a 1 selected Sam.

Sam wasn’t required to draw card at this point, so he rolled the dice, scoring a 15. Marcia gratefully received another 15 strokes from her husband’s cock, and then it was Frank’s turn.

With a ‘play on’ card, and a roll of 16, Frank teed off into Marcia’s pussy.

Each golfer drew ‘play on’ cards for their second shots. Sam rolled a 9, which was just as well, since he’d recently given Marcia 28 thrusts. Doug rolled a 14, and managed to stuff his now semi-erect cock into Marcia’s pussy. After his 14 careful strokes, his cock emerged looking a bit stiffer – he was recovering. Frank rolled the highest score for this shot, a 20. Marcia was freely creaming on his dick after receiving those strokes.

For his third shot, Sam rolled a 19, but the ‘F’ card he drew said, mysteriously, ‘Air Shot. Yell FORE!’, so he turned to Helen for an explanation.

Don’t overthink it, Sam. First, give your wife the 19 strokes, and make them really good ones. Then Rainbow and I will help you with the rest,” she instructed him.

Still looking confused, Sam mounted his wife, hugged her close, and gave her 19, deep vigorous fucking movements. Then he pulled out and stood up, his swollen cock gleaming wetly. Helen and Rainbow pressed against either side of him, and Rainbow started pumping his dick merrily, while Helen tickled his balls and his ass hole. Within a few minutes, Sam’s hips started bucking, and he was panting and wheezing, almost ready to cum.

Helen said, “Now, give us a lovely air shot of semen, Sam. Rainbow, aim his cock at Marcia’s tits. And Sam, when you’re about to cum, yell ‘FORE!’ – understand?”

Sam nodded, saving his breath to be able to yell. Doug and Frank stood with their arms folded, watching their buddy being jacked off onto his wife. They were grinning like fools.

The veins on Sam’s neck stood out as he tried to hold back his release, but the hands of the two women working on him were both insistent and persuasive! “FORE!” he screamed. With a mighty spurt, his cock head jerked and spat a load of semen that arced up briefly, and then splatted down on Marcia’s left tit. Rainbow moved her hand slightly, so that the next several spurts painted a line of his seed over onto her right tit, as well. Cheers went up from the gallery. Marcia toyed with the sticky goo, beaming a smile at her husband.

Tasked with ‘play on’ and 14, Doug laid his chest down against Marcia as he fucked her, and both of them found that the semen coating her chest made a slippery interface that was very pleasurable. As Doug stood up, he told Frank, “You gotta try that. Her tits slip and slide around on your chest as you move.”

Frank did so, following his roll of a 9, and a ‘play on’ card. He could only take 9 strokes, but he made them slow and sensuous. The two of them were groaning happily as he finished.

Time for their fourth shots for this hole, and everyone was concerned, since Sam was still quite limp, and had rolled an 11. But the card he drew from the ‘F’ stack stated, ‘Pick someone to do the ball roundness gauge’ so he had to roll one of the dice to pick the woman. He rolled a 4, which selected Rainbow.

The gorgeous blonde woman promptly dropped to her knees, and lifted Sam’s dick, pressing it against his belly. She began manipulating Sam’s testicles carefully, checking his balls for roundness, as indicated. Of course they weren’t round at all, testicles being rather oval. But that didn’t keep Rainbow from giving them a gentle, yet very, very thorough examination. “When I feel them like this, they do feel rather round,” she reported, having felt in a circle around what would be their equator. “But when I feel them like this, they feel more oblong.”

Her face was practically in Sam’s crotch. He could feel her warm breath on his balls, and her silky blonde hair was brushing his sensitive inner thighs. Her other hand was still pressing his cock up against his belly, and it was slowly engorging as she checked his ball roundness several times. When she finally decided she was done, Sam’s cock was firm enough to enter his wife’s pussy for her 11 strokes. Everyone congratulated Sam, and told Rainbow she’d saved the game. She blushed, pleased.

Doug rolled a 16, and drew a ‘play on’ card, and his cock was rigid and vibrating as he fucked Marcia.

The dice came up 13 for Frank, and his card puzzled him. He read it to the group, “This is a blind hole.”

Helen grinned, and fetched a blindfold, explaining, “It means you have to work blind for this shot.” She made Frank stand back from the table as she carefully tied his blindfold into place. “Can you see anything?” she asked. “Be honest.”

It’s pitch black now,” he replied, smiling. He was smiling because standing naked, blindfolded, with a hard-on in a room full of naked people was a mind-blowing experience. With his hands weaving the air out in front of him, he sidled slowly in the direction of the table. His exploratory hands finally made contact with Marcia – specifically, with Marcia’s tit. He spent what seemed to be a good amount of time exploring her chest with his roving hands, perhaps determining in which direction her head must be, or maybe making sure that she only had two breasts.

His hands roamed blindly up her neck to her face, where they traced her lips rather sensuously. They then moved down into the region of her armpits and the sides of her torso, making her giggle. Moving down her torso, his hands missed her crotch entirely, feeling their way down the side of her hip, thigh and leg to her feet. He fondled her toes carefully, evoking another giggle as his fingertips stroked the underside of each delicate foot.

He’s really getting the lay of the land,” Doug muttered, which made the others chuckle.

It’s important to do this on a blind hole,” Frank rebutted, grinning. Finally, he straddled the table by her feet, placed his chest on her knees, and slowly worked his way up to her sex, sniffing as he went. Nothing in the ‘rule book’ forbid these actions, so Helen stayed quiet, watching. When Frank’s nose bumped against Marcia’s clit, she gasped.

Having found the region of the hole, Frank inserted two index fingers into Marcia’s vaginal opening as he brought his torso back to vertical. Threading his cock between his hands, his glans found the space between his fingers and eased into Marcia’s now dripping sheath. Triumphant, he gave her the required 13 thrusts, his senses completely focused on the velvety grip enclosing his dick. He made a mental note to try fucking Helen like this sometime soon. His fourth shot complete, Frank removed the blindfold, and smiled at the petite, brown-eyed woman in whom his cock still resided. “Thank you,” he told her.

She reached up and pulled his head to hers, giving him a long kiss, concluding it by stating, “And thank you, for a very sensuous experience, Frank.”

Sam’s roll resulted in a 13, as well. He drew a ‘G’ card and read, “Back door entry.” Turning to the ladies, he said, “That’s when the ball goes around the lip of the cup, and drops in from the far side, But in this game it means?” His tone of voice indicated a question.

It means what you guess it means, my dear,” Marcia laughed as she turned herself over and spread her ass cheeks. “Put your dick where the sun don’t shine.” The gallery roared with mirth.

Sam spat on his dick, smearing saliva on it, and also spat on Marcia’s ass hole, working the spittle inside her puckered ring, dilating her a bit with his finger. Then, as everyone watched closely, he slowly, carefully penetrated her with his now fully recovered erection. Every time she groaned, he paused, letting her ass adjust. When his pelvis touched her ass cheeks, he asked, “Shall we count that as number 1?”

Don’t you dare,” Marcia moaned. “I want all 13 of them. And I want hard, full strokes, mind you!” she demanded. Sam obliged his wife, ramming his dick into her ass a full 13 times. It appeared that Marcia had reached underneath herself, to play with her pussy as he did this, but no one called a foul. Sam slipped his dick back out, giving the gallery a look into the depths of her ass through the still dilated opening.

That’s a sneak preview of holes seven through nine, gentlemen,” Helen announced as Marcia turned face up once again. Interestingly, all three of the men’s cocks bobbed up and down when she made this pronouncement.

Doug rolled a 7, and drew a card that read ‘your lie is on the apron’ so he turned to Helen with an eyebrow raised in question.

Helen took hold of Doug’s cock and had him straddle Marcia high up on her thighs. She lowered his cock, placing it amid the short, trimmed thatch of Marcia’s dark brown pubic hairs. “There’s the apron, Sir,” she said with a grin. “You do your strokes here.”

After a few moments of thought, Doug angled himself so that his thrusts across Marcia’s pubic pelt would at least make his ball sack slap the region of her clit and upper labia. The gallery applauded, after hearing the 7 slaps against Marcia’s flesh. “Actually, fucking your pussy hair felt really nice,” he told Marcia, resulting in her cheeks blushing a gentle pink with pleasure.

Frank drew ‘play the hole’ and rolled a 15. Marcia’s pussy tingled as his cock slid in and out those 15 times.

Eagerly, Rainbow took Marcia’s place, and rolled a 3, which caused her to display disappointment. Placing herself face up, she commented, “Hole 6 is a par 3. Make it good, guys! Don’t bother with ‘F’ cards for your tee off.”

HOLE 6 – PAR 3

Sam teed off with a 12, and gave Rainbow’s pussy 12 vigorous strokes. The welling up of her cunt juices made her bush of golden fleece begin to gleam wetly.

Doug rolled a 22, to Rainbow’s delight. Her husband entered her and angled himself for her maximum pleasure. By the time the 22 strokes were completed, Rainbow was writhing, moaning, and gripping the edges of the table. “Hurry, Frank!” she pleaded. “I’m so fucking close I’m about to explode,” she thought. “Frank’s dick in my mouth tasted great, but I want to feel it stretch and fill my pussy! And with everyone watching!” She had a streak of exhibitionism, and was really stoked.

The dice read 16 for Frank’s roll. Placing his glans at her hole, he tried to duplicate the angle that Doug had used. He must’ve been successful, because by his eighth stroke, Rainbow cried out, “Yes! That’s it! I’m cumming!” She wrapped her legs up around Frank’s waist and used her feet to urge his last 8 strokes to go as deep as possible into her churning cunt.

To his dismay, Sam rolled a mediocre 12, but he drew a card that said, ‘Mulligan – play the hole over’ so he rolled again and got a 16. Gleefully, he plunged his dick 28 times into Rainbow’s still rippling cunt, triggering a secondary orgasm for her, indicated by her again wrapping her legs around the hips of the man fucking her, urging him deep.

Doug’s dice roll was a 13, and his card told him ‘your shot put you into a bunker’ so he scooted up to his wife’s chest. She wrapped her 38C tits lovingly around his dick, and licked his cock head all 13 times it poked forward from between them.

Rolling the dice, Frank got a very nice 17. Reading his card with a confused look on his face, he said, “Over clubbing.”

OMG!” Rainbow cried. “For a par 3 hole, I’m sure getting a lot of action!” she bubbled. “Roll one of the dice, Frank. You must do that until you get a number indicating a guy other than yourself.”

Frank shook a die in his hand, and rolled a 4. Looking at the chart, he said, “Doug.”

Great!” Rainbow said, getting off the table. “Doug, honey, take my place, face up.”

What?” Doug said, incredulous, looking at Frank, and then at Rainbow. “You know I don’t swing that way, sweetheart,” he pleaded.

Do as I say, and trust me,” Rainbow grinned. Warily, Doug got onto his back. Rainbow promptly straddled his waist facing his feet, and reached down and guided his cock into her cunt. “Doug, grab me near my armpits, and Frank, help me lean back toward Doug,” she requested. When she was in position, she looked Frank in the eye and said, “The two of you are going to over club me. That means get both of your dicks inside my cunt at the same time. I’m ready. Get your dick inside me, Frank.”

Helen and Marcia were watching this with eyes so wide open they looked like owls, observing. Their heads were close to either side of Doug’s hips, staring at the visible base of his cock. They were breathing faster as Frank’s cock began poking and pushing its way into Rainbow’s pussy. Rainbow herself was looking down at her cunt, hyperventilating as she watched with fascination. Her face registered fleeting moments of pain as the second cock worked its way inside her. Finally, both cocks were seated in her cunt. If the two men had any qualms about their dicks touching each other, they stifled them, thrilled to be taking part in this unique double penetration.

Wonderful,” Rainbow groaned. “Now either Frank alone can give me the 17 thrusts, or the two of you can cooperate, and raise and lower my torso so I am fucked by both dicks at the same time.”

The men looked at each other. Coming to a silent agreement, they both nodded. Frank grabbed Rainbow near her waist, and both men lifted her slightly, judging the distance by how much of their cocks remained inside her. They then pulled her down hard onto their stiff, swollen organs, making Rainbow whoosh out a breath of air.

OMG,” she groaned, “sixteen more to go! I wish it was thirty! Do me, guys! Do me!”

They did.

Sixteen more times they raised Rainbow up until their cocks threatened to spring free. And sixteen more times they dragged her back down, forcing their dicks as deep as possible into her cunt. Rainbow had never felt this filled before, and the sheer excitement of the act caused her to peak at thrust 9. She climaxed, and convulsed on their joined cocks for the remaining 8 strokes!

After the men pulled her up off their cocks, and Doug got off the table, helping Rainbow onto her back in his place, Helen and Marcia moved close to Rainbow’s head. “How was that?” Helen whispered.

It was fuckingly, mind-blowingly, absolutely fuckingly amazing!” Rainbow panted, still catching her breath. “I hope you both get to experience it, sometime.” Helen began thinking of ways to perhaps make this game a little less random, maybe by stacking the card decks.

The men were all now ‘on the green’ with regards to this hole.

Sam and Doug both got ‘play the hole’ cards. Sam rolled a 22, and Doug rolled a 14. So Rainbow’s pussy received a total of 36 strokes before it was Frank’s turn.

Frank rolled a 9, but drew a card that read ‘Birdie – roll again’ so he rolled a 14, for a total of 23. He happily fucked the sopping cunt of the lovely, responsive blonde 23 times. Rainbow sighed happily as she got up off the table.

For her turn, Helen rolled a 3, and announced, “Hole 7, gentlemen. I’m a par 3.”

HOLE 7 – PAR 3

The men were almost drooling now. They were at the start of the ‘anal sex’ holes, and they were excited. All three sported thick, throbbing dicks. They watched Helen place herself face down on the table top. Marcia got her a pillow, placing it under her pelvis to raise up her ass. Rainbow got the lube, and lubed Helen’s ass hole liberally, inside and out, as well as lubing Sam’s erection.

Sam teed off with a respectable 17. Helen was moaning joyously as his dick plunged in and out of her back passage. Barriers were down now. Inhibitions were down, as well. The onlookers in the gallery took to fraternizing as they watched. That means that while one pair of the group was fucking, the remaining four people were paired up, always male and female but otherwise indiscriminate of partner choice. Hugging, touching, fondling and kissing whatever partner was at hand as they watched the action.

Rainbow lubed Doug’s cock as he rolled a rather disappointing 10. “Better luck next time, buddy,” Frank told his friend, as the friend in question fucked his wife anally 10 times.

Frank himself got an 11 for his tee off count. He was somewhat mollified by the fact that Rainbow seemed to spend a little more time fondling his dick as she lubed it. She winked at him suggestively, and pointed at her own ass, reminding him her turn would come soon.

Rolling a 16, Sam’s smile dimmed as he read the words on the ‘F’ card he drew, “You sliced into the rough.” He stood there, awaiting an explanation.

Rainbow beckoned him over to where she stood. When he reached her she raised her arm, revealing her armpit. A true child of hippies, Rainbow didn’t shave her golden armpit hair. “This is the rough,” she informed him. Kneeling, and facing the same direction he was facing, she clamped her armpit over his cock. “It will take your 16 strokes to get out of the rough.” Looking up into his face, she added, “If it’s any compensation, you can hold onto these for leverage.” She lifted her tits in illustration.

Smiling now, Sam leaned over and sank his hands into Rainbow’s generous tit flesh, and began fucking her armpit. The others watched the head of his dick peek out from between her arm and tit with each stroke. When he finished, and she freed his cock, he announced, “That was quite rough on my big guy down here.” He rubbed his cock a little sorrowfully, and the others laughed as Rainbow turned and gave his cock sweet kisses to make it feel better.

Doug got a 15, and a card that read simply ‘Backswing’, but had no understanding of how it applied to the game.

Helen got up off the table, removed the pillow, and told Doug, “Take my place, but face up.” As he got into position, Rainbow added a bit of lube to his cock, and Helen straddled him and guided his cock into her ass. Sighing as she felt him stretch and fill her nether passage, she asked, “How many strokes was it?”

It was 15,” Marcia answered. Nodding, Helen raised and lowered herself until Doug’s cock had fucked her ass 15 times. “That’s a backswing,” Marcia informed Doug and the other men, after the fact.

Rolling a 17, Frank’s ‘F’ card read ‘Narrow fairway’ so he looked at Marcia, since Helen was once again face down with a pillow under her hips.

Marcia understood Frank’s unspoken question. “Straddle her knees, Frank,” she told him. Pointing to a place about halfway down Helen’s clenched thighs, she said, “Fuck her here.”

Frank asked for Rainbow to again lube his cock, glad for an excuse to feel her hands on him again. Once his cock was nice and slippery, he shoved it into the slit indicated, and fucked his wife’s thighs a vigorous 17 times.

Sam, who now rolled a 23, got a ‘G’ card that read ‘salute the gallery’ and he knew just what to do, especially with 23 strokes! Helen’s ass hole was still partially dilated from Doug’s cock, so Sam had no problem working his lubed cock into her depths. He started ass fucking her with abandon, both of his hands gripping her by her hips.

Helen gasped and moaned loudly, feeling his passion. “OMG, Sam!” she cried out. “That feels so good! Please cum in me! Fill my ass!” She was clenching the edges of the table, her torso lifting up as her back arched involuntarily. Her tits were wobbling from his impacts, and her erect nipples stood out like pencil erasers!

Sam didn’t waste his breath speaking – he needed it to power his muscles. At stroke 19, he felt the telltale warning of orgasm. At stroke 21, he began spewing his seed into Helen’s rectum. After stroke 23, he went motionless, but his cock was still jerking deep inside her.

Her torso still arched up and back, Helen turned her face to look over her shoulder. Sam’s face was close enough. They kissed. “Mmmmmm,” Helen hummed happily. “Thank you.”

My pleasure,” Sam answered, his eyes twinkling as he looked into hers. “Now I must fulfill what the card demanded.” He eased his cock from her ass hole, and it emerged slimy with his semen. He held his cum-covered ‘club’ by the base of its shaft with one hand, and raised his other hand in triumph, saluting the onlooking gallery. They cheered appropriately.

Doug, along with his roll of a 10, drew a ‘G’ card – ‘read the green’ it instructed him. After reading its contents aloud, he said, “Helen, please turn onto your side.” As she did so, he lifted her top leg up, and turned to Frank and Sam. “Guys, please support this leg for her.” They were glad to assist. Now Helen’s entire sexual area was fully visible to everyone, since the other ladies crowded in to see what Doug was doing.

He was studying everything intently, head low, reading the green. His gaze traveled from her smooth mons, along her shaven labia, and across her perineum. He studied her all the way to her ass hole, which, due to the stretch created by her spread thighs, was beginning to ooze out Sam’s cum in a sticky, white stream. Running his index finger along Helen’s puffy labia, he muttered, “Looks like the green has two tiny hillocks, here and here. And there’s a shallow depression between them, along here.” His finger was tracing Helen’s slit at that point. “I think I’ll make my approach from here,” he decided aloud, tracing the crack of her buttocks towards her ass hole. “This green gets very wet at the hole,” he added, dipping his finger into the cum. “So I’ll have to drive the putt with a lot of force.”

The reading of the green completed, the other men let go of Helen’s leg, and she re-positioned herself face down, ass up. Doug straddled her, aligning his dick with her gaping, cum filled ass hole. With a hard, forceful hip movement, he slammed the full length of his cock into her. The ‘slap’ sound was a very wet one, as dislodged cum splatted between her ass and his pelvis. He gave her 9 more intense fucking strokes, both of them gasping for breath as he finished.

As Doug pulled his cum smeared dick out of Helen, Rainbow rushed over to him, knelt down, and licked and sucked him, cleaning his ‘club’ for him like a thoughtful caddie should. The game paused until she finished her task, since everyone wanted to watch.

Frank’s roll of a 14 was accompanied with a ‘play the hole’ card, so he gleefully fucked his wife’s ass hole the required 14 times. His dick slid in and out quite easily, because Doug had opened the hole so well, and Sam’s semen still lubed it nicely.

Marcia helped Helen stand up, and took her place – face down on the table, ass raised up by the pillow under her hips. She’d rolled a 3, so she announced, “Hole 8. Par 3. My ass is your fairway grass.” The men had a chuckle about that.

HOLE 8 – PAR 3

Sam rolled a 13. He’d already had a taste of fucking Marcia’s ass during the fifth hole. But this time, rather than spit, his cock was liberally lubed by a grinning Rainbow. She even held his cock near his base to help aim him into Marcia’s anus.

Come on, big boy!” Marcia encouraged, looking back over her shoulder. “Ream my ass good! Show these other women what a stud I married!”

Sam did.

His cock shot into her ass, disappearing from sight in the blink of an eye. “YES!” Marcia screamed. For each of Sam’s next 12 thrusts, Marcia cried out, “Yes!” for each one.

Eager to get at Marcia’s ass, Doug had rolled a 14 while Sam was still drilling her. As Sam stepped away, Doug immediately took his place, stuffing his swollen cock into her ass.

OMG!” Marcia groaned. “Another stud must be in me now!” She looked back. “Oh, hi Doug,” she said as she winked suggestively. “You know what to do, don’t you?”

Doug certainly did, plowing her ass hard 14 times. Marcia’s ass muscles were quivering now as Doug pulled free. Marcia’s hand had sneaked down to her cunt, and she was fingering her pussy. Everyone noticed her doing this, and no one stopped her, since the sight was so arousing.

Frank rolled a 19 for his tee off. Somehow, Marcia was working some internal muscles, making her anal opening dilate and constrict, over and over. It looked like a mouth wanting to suck on a straw, and Frank’s cock was to be that straw. The ever helpful Rainbow lubed Frank’s cock so vigorously that she was actually pumping his dick with her hand, all the way up until the time he rammed it home into Marcia’s ass.

Her ass started rippling. Frank started bucking in a frenzy. At about stroke 10, Frank groaned, “Oh fuck! I’m cumming!”

Marcia could actually feel his warm seed spurting now as he thrust. She stabbed her fingers deep into her cunt, and with her fingertips felt his cock pulsating as it spewed. She shrieked her excitement, and joined him in orgasm.

After performing his 19 thrusts, Frank lowered his torso, stretching out along Marcia’s back, as they both panted, catching their breaths. His penis stayed snuggled in her ass as long as possible.

For Sam’s second ‘shot’, he rolled a 16, and drew an ‘F’ card. He read it to the gallery, saying, “You’re in a water hazard.”

Marcia, hearing that, got up off the table and took Sam’s hand in hers. “Come along with me, honey,” she requested. She led him to the bathroom, the rest of the gallery following the player. Turning on the shower and adjusting the water, Marcia said, “This is the water hazard. You have to fuck my ass in here.”

Sam beamed a grin to the gallery as he climbed into the shower with Marcia. Bending her over under the warm spray, he wormed his dick into her ass. Marcia braced herself against the shower wall as the gallery counted out her husband’s 16 thrusts into her back door. Once his task was complete, Sam pulled out, turned Marcia, and kissed her deeply, before they climbed out and toweled off.

When Marcia was back in position on the table, Doug got a value of 12, and his card told him to ‘examine the swale’, so he set the card down. He walked to the head of the table, bent low and gazed down along Marcia’s spine, looking across the back of her head and her shoulders.

Moving to the level of her waist, he rested the side of his head on the top of one of her buttocks, and looked up her torso toward her head. At this point, he ran his hand softly over the contours of her shoulder blades and the bumps along her spine. His fingers even dipped into her prominent sacral dimples.

Turning his head to look the other way, he peered down her thighs and calves, again softly stroking her skin to feel her topography. His hand climbed up her thigh and his fingertips dipped into the valley between her upper thighs, touching her labia. Marcia obligingly shifted her thighs apart more, granting him more access. Doug moved his head to rest his cheek on her upper thighs, and stared intently at Marcia’s sexual region, exploring with his fingers.

That’s the most thorough examination of swale I’ve ever seen,” Frank whispered.

Yes, dammit,” Rainbow whispered back. “Why couldn’t that have happened for one of MY holes?” she said, with mock exasperation. The gallery tittered.

Finally satisfied, Doug mounted Marcia and fucked her ass 12 times.

It was Frank’s turn again, but his dick was still limp. Still, he rolled the dice. They came up 16. Sighing sadly, holding his limp dick in his hand, he drew an ‘F” card, and looked confused. “You’re in the deep rough,” he read. “The rough was Rainbow’s armpit, I remember. How is the deep rough any different?” he asked.

Marcia was moving off the table, taking the pillow with her. Rainbow climbed on, placing herself face up, and spoke to Frank, “Straddle me, just below my hips.” As she said this, she was fluffing out her healthy bush of blonde pubic hair. “This is the deep rough,” she explained. “Place your dick into it.”

He did, inserting his still fairly flaccid penis into her pubic hairs, where it practically disappeared from sight. But Rainbow pressed her hands down over her bush and his cock, trapping them against her labia and mound. “Now do your best to get out of this deep rough. Fuck me here 16 times, Frank,” she pleaded.

He looked down at the gorgeous, smiling blonde, demanding to be fucked. Her tits were magnificent – tipped with generous areolae, crinkled with desire, making her nipples perk up, practically begging to be suckled. He felt the warmth of her body and her hands cupping his cock into the silky embrace of her pubes. He began rocking his hips.

After about 4 thrusts, Rainbow murmured, “I see you licking your lips, staring at my nipples. You want to suckle them, don’t you?” When he swallowed hard and nodded, she purred, “Come on. Lean over and suck my tits as you fuck my bush.”

Frank’s cock surged with new life as he heard her suggestion. He braced himself on his hands, and leaned down to capture a nipple in his lips, sucking it, and the entire areola around it into his mouth and lapping at her sensitive tissues with his tongue. When she began moaning, his cock stiffened as if by magic. He made certain to suck both tits before his 16 strokes were completed. What emerged from Rainbow’s bush was a cock engorged with new vigor. The gallery gasped, then burst into applause.

Rainbow got up, took a bow, and helped Marcia get back into position on her pillow, ass raised up and available. Sam rolled a 10, and drew a ‘play the hole’ card. Since he feared that Marcia may have ‘cooled down’ during her time off the table, he gave her ass good, hard thrusts, making her groan with happiness. He left her ass hole well dilated for Doug’s use.

Doug’s dice roll came up 14, but his ‘G’ card read ‘Eagle – roll the dice a total of 3 times’. Smiling, he rolled again, and got an 11. His third roll was an 8, but all four of the dice showed a 2. Helen informed him that his count of 8 was therefore quadrupled to 32! All told, Doug was awarded 52 strokes for his eagle! And he was going to use them to fuck the ass of this lovely, petite, dark brown haired woman! He could barely contain his excitement as he mounted her.

Marcia, hearing that Doug was going to ass fuck her 52 times, looked over her shoulder at him and said, “You’re going to make me cum, you know.” She winked at him. “I’m already dripping with excitement, and I’m going to use my fingers in my pussy as you fuck me. When I cum, I bet my ass muscles are going to suck so hard on your dick that you’ll have to unload those fantastic balls of yours.”

Her words were inciting Doug into a sexual frenzy, which was her aim. He grabbed her hips in a vice-like grip and began ramming his cock into her nether tunnel. Marcia shrieked with ardor, responding to his passion. Her fingers were whipping her pussy juices into a froth. Everyone watched, almost slack jawed at the intensity being displayed. Only Helen remained cool enough to count Doug’s strokes for him.

Judging from the shaking, quivering, and unintelligible sounds Marcia and Doug were making, he started cumming into her ass somewhere in the high 20s or low 30s of his awarded strokes. After that, he was grunting and wheezing with each successive thrust, almost as if he was trying to stuff all of his cock and most of his scrotum into Marcia’s ass hole. She’d used her free hand to yank one of her ass cheeks sideways, trying to let Doug go even deeper. He’s dumped so much cum into her ass that some of that white, creamy goo was already leaking out around his pistoning dick!

Sweating profusely, Doug halted, and leaned down to kiss the back of Marcia’s neck before dismounting. Great gobs of his semen welled up and out from her gaping ass hole.

Frank drew a ‘play the hole’ card, after rolling a rather disappointing 9. His cock got quite messy as he gave Marcia’s ass those 9 strokes. Her ass muscles were still quivering in post-orgasmic aftershocks, so it almost felt like she was wrapping a vibrator around his dick. Rainbow, without being bidden, licked Frank’s cock clean. It was becoming quite obvious that she was looking forward to feeling him use her ass.

While Marcia was gathering enough strength to stand up again, Rainbow rolled a 4. She announced, “I’m hole number 9, guys, and I’m a par 4.”

HOLE 9 – PAR 4

Helen took over lubrication duty, making sure that Rainbow’s ass hole was quite slippery, as well as the cocks before they came into play.

Sam teed off with a 15, giving Rainbow’s back door healthy thrusts. Doug also rolled a 15, mounted his wife, and stroked in and out of her ass vigorously 15 times. Amazingly, Frank’s roll also totaled 15, and he got to experience the wonderful feel of Rainbow’s ass sheathing his cock, before dismounting again.

Before Sam could roll again, Helen announced, “All three golfers have the same lie. Ladies, we have our first triple!”

Marcia muttered, “Rats! Why couldn’t it have happened with me?”

Rising, Rainbow clapped her hands with delight! “Doug honey, get on the table face up.” When he’d done so, she climbed on top of him, facing him, and slipped his cock into her cunt. “Sam, stand next to my head and stick your cock in my mouth.” He didn’t have to be begged.

Helen told Frank, “Your roll created the triple, so roll again.” He did so, and the dice showed 16. “OK, Frank. Stick your dick back into Rainbow’s ass. A triple means a triple penetration. And you all can try to fuck her 16 more times.”

Frank grasped Rainbow’s luscious hips and lifted her up slightly, giving Doug room to raise and lower his hips to better fuck her cunt. Sam fucked her mouth, and Frank reamed her ass, all of them giving her 16 thrusts.

OMG, that was heavenly,” Rainbow exclaimed, once her 3 orifices were vacant again. “We need more of that sort of action.”

For his second shot, Sam rolled an 11, and his ‘F’ card said ‘handicap – no use of hands this hole’ which caused him to groan. Ever the good sport, he laced his fingers together, hands behind his head, as he straddled Rainbow. “Thank goodness her ass hole is still gaping open,” he informed no one in particular. His cock was poking upwards too much, and his antics were a bit comical as he scraped his dick along her inner thighs, trying to get friction to bend it to the correct angle. Finally after many failed attempts, his glans happened to get caught on the far side of the puckered rim. Sinking downward by bending his knees, he managed to lodge the glans fully into the opening. Once that happened, he had no problems screwing her ass energetically, earning him a round of applause from the onlooking gallery.

Doug drew ‘play on’ to go along with his roll of 11. After he fucked his wife’s ass 11 hearty strokes, he handed the dice to Frank. Both players this hole had rolled an 11 – would Frank roll it also, giving them another triple?

Frank rolled an 18, though, and drew a ‘play on’ card. Still, even though there was no triple, he enjoyed being coupled to Rainbow’s ass as he fucked her. His hands were on her shoulders so he could lever himself as deeply into her as possible. She was sighing happily, only groaning when he had to pull out.

Sam’s third ‘shot’ was a 9, along with a ‘play on’ card. He tried to make those 9 strokes as memorable as possible for Rainbow, holding her ass cheeks stretched apart as he plowed into her. His hands were enjoying being able to hold onto her flesh this time, rather than having them restricted, as in his previous turn.

Doug’s dice roll totaled 12, and he read aloud the ‘F’ card he’d drawn, saying, “Your club needs to be waggled – roll one die.” He rolled a 2 – Helen. Helen walked over to him, grinning, and stood by his left side, her right hip pressed against his left, both of them facing the other players. Helen grasped the base of Doug’s dick firmly with her hand, and started shaking it side to side.

Frank called out, “Sweetheart, we usually waggle slower than that, preparing our arms to properly align the shot.”

Helen slowed her hand down in response, and the dick waggling got very sensuous. A little bit of pumping may have crept into her movements, but again, no one objected. Then Helen even led Doug over to Rainbow, and helped aim his cock into her ass hole. She stepped away as he humped her ass 12 times.

Frank drew a ‘play on’ card, and rolled a 14. By the time he finished, Rainbow was sweating and writhing as her arousal climbed.

The golfers were now on the green of this wonderful par 4 hole. Sam drew a ‘play the hole’ card to go along with his roll of 14. Once his dick was seated in Rainbow’s ass, he stretched his torso down along her spine, and reached under her to cradle her tits as he kissed the back of her neck and humped her. It was too bad he’d only rolled a 14, because Rainbow was getting quite excited by this.

Doug rolled a 15, but his ‘G’ card said ‘you rimmed’, so he complained, “Does this mean I missed the hole?”

Helen smiled impishly at him, telling him, “You can either miss your turn at the hole – or – you can rim her hole with your tongue first, then fuck her ass.”

There was no doubt which one Doug would select. His hands parted her ass cheeks and everyone watched intently as his tongue ran around her ass hole, teasing the puckered rim and even darting inside, which made Rainbow squeal delightedly. He then mounted his wife, and fucked her hard, while she moaned and started playing with her pussy. But she hadn’t quite reached her climax when his 15 thrusts were completed. As he dismounted from her, he told Frank, “Last hole, last chance. Try to make her cum, buddy. Roll a good number.”

Frank shook the four dice and tossed them down. Three sixes and a five! 23! He was thrilled. But he still had to draw a ‘G’ card. Would it negate his luck? He read it silently. Then he read it again.

Well, what does it say?” Helen asked.

It says ‘extra swings – double the strokes’ – look!” he answered. Sure enough, there it was, in black and white.

OK, Frank,” Helen agreed. “Give her 46 strokes.”

It was the moment he’d been waiting for. The vivacious blonde was propped up, offering him her ass. Her hands were busy at her cunt, and he could smell her juices as they dripped from her fingers. She was moaning and pleading, “Please, Frank. Fuck my ass! Grab my tits and hump me! I need to cum so badly now. I want to feel your dick spurting deep inside my ass! You know you want to do it!”

And he did, more than anything at the moment. He glanced at his wife, and saw her smiling and nodding her encouragement. She and Marcia approached, and almost ceremoniously they both smeared a little lube on his dick. They took hold of its rigid shaft, and guided his glans into Rainbow’s rear opening. He leaned forward, and felt the smooth warmth envelope his cock as it sank into her rectum.

Laying himself along Rainbow’s back, his hands went to her tits as his mouth went to her nape. He kissed her neck passionately, and began caressing and squeezing her breasts as his cock started moving in and out with long thrusts.

OMG! Yes! Like that!” Rainbow cried. “Pinch my nipples and roll them as you fuck my ass! Yes! Yes!”

Frank felt Rainbow’s nipples throbbing as he pinched them. He humped her ass hard now, his balls wetly slapping her pussy lips next to her probing fingers. They were both making sounds of pleasure and passion as they fucked. Rainbow’s orgasm had its onset at about stroke 22. Her entire body was shaking, and she had stuffed three of her fingers into her cunt. She was shrieking as she came, whipping her blonde hair back and forth. Frank was nibbling at the back of her neck, so her hair was not flailing at his face. He had to hold onto her tits tightly, lest she buck him out of her ass.

Fuck, Rainbow,” Frank groaned. “Your ass muscles are milking my cock! It feels like they’re trying to suck my cum right out of my balls!”

This comment only heightened Rainbow’s orgasm. She shook harder, bucked harder, and her ass muscles rippled tighter. “Yes!” she screamed. “I want your fucking cum! Dammit! Give me that cum!” she demanded.

Frank held out as long as he could, wanting the pleasure to last for them both. But at stroke 37 or so, he lost control. “Shit! Here it comes!” he warned the blonde beneath him. “Take it! Take it all!” He actually stopped humping, so that they both could feel his dick jerking deep inside her ass, hosing her rear tunnel with gush after gush of hot, sticky semen. They were locked together in this timeless moment, oblivious to the onlookers.

After their spasms subsided, Frank needed to move to keep his cock stiff. He drew back and thrust.

38!” Helen called out. The entire group of watchers took up the chant, “39! 40!…” all the way to the final cry of “46!” Spontaneous applause broke out at this successful conclusion to the golf game. Frank stayed in close embrace with Rainbow until his dick softened enough that her ass muscles pushed his limp rod free, pressing it out of her ass with a liquid squelch of air and semen.

The round of nine holes completed, all participants retired to the clubhouse for drinks. That is, they all plopped onto the floor of the living room onto towels that Helen had spread around. Wives now cuddled with their husbands as they sipped the excellent wine that Helen served.

The women were sated and satisfied – they’d gotten the fucking that they’d longed for, in spades. But they remained alert, watching for any discomfort the men might be exhibiting, now that the haze of lust was fading from their eyes. Would they resent anything that they’d done, or had seen their wife do? Would jealousy now arise?

The men seemed to be in silent communication with one another, feeling each other out. They sipped wine. The women took up the bulk of the conversation, chatting with each other about inconsequential things, making small talk, not wanting to be sitting in total silence. Helen was about to voice, “So, what did you guys all think about this? Was it a good game?” She never got the chance.

Doug said, “I hope it rains next weekend.”

Rainbow looked up at him, and asked, “Why?”

He laughed. “Because playing 18 holes is always more satisfying than just playing 9 holes.”

Sam voiced his concurrence. “This was the front nine. Next week, can we play the back nine? And maybe add a stroke multiplier of some kind?”

Frank chimed in, “If these lovely ladies are up for getting the course all laid out once again, I’m game.”

In answer, each woman climbed into her husband’s lap, facing him, and gave him the deepest, most passionate kiss that he’d received in a long, long time. This was not a request for sex, since everyone was rather exhausted at the moment. It was an expression of deep affection.

When they came up for air, Frank suggested, “You know, guys, our wonderful wives put a lot of thought and effort into creating this wonderfully sexy golf game for us. I think we should take them out for a fabulous dinner as a way of saying thanks.”

Hear, hear,” Sam agreed. “Perhaps we can discuss some other golf terms they might like to incorporate – ‘hitter’, ‘group lesson’, and ’round robin’ come to mind.”

Doug chuckled, “Don’t forget concepts like ‘scramble play’, ‘Calcutta’ and ‘come over the top’ in your considerations. Everyone grinned, pondering those words.

Before they dressed to leave for dinner, Rainbow looked down at her lovely 38C tits, and mused, “Come over the top, huh? Sounds delightful.”



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  2. Pingback: Beginnings – TheEnigmaBlog

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