The Game of Sardines

It started out as a way to relieve stress, and get creative.

Bill was in an extremely stressful job with a large company that had undergone quite a bit of downsizing. The workers had to come up with advertising campaigns, slogans, jingles, and designs.

Bill was great at his job, but the pressures were building, since having less workers meant they had to produce even more ideas per person than before. Sweating bullets, desperate to come up with a concept, Bill was pacing the corridors and offices of the now completely deserted 4th floor.

It sort of looked like a ghost town. The central area held cubicles, each with shelves and chairs. The offices along the periphery also held shelves, chairs and wastebaskets, along with sturdy, albeit empty desks. Strangely out of place, a nearly full box of tissues sat atop the desk in one of the rooms. Bill looked closer.

He expected it to have a film of dust on it, from long abandonment, but it seemed relatively clean. He plucked a tissue from the box and stared at it. “Clean and fresh,” he mused. “Can I build an idea around those words?”

The tactile sensation of the soft tissue in his hand triggered a different idea. “I haven’t had sex in more than a week. Maybe that’s contributing to my mental block?” He wondered if he was just rationalizing an excuse, but his cock was stirring inside his trousers, anyway. Feeling rather naughty, he quietly closed the door to this office, ensuring even more privacy on this empty floor.

He placed the tissue on top of the desk as he sat in the chair next to it. With a racing heart, and slightly trembling hands, he undid his belt and pants, and scooted his pants and underpants down his ass far enough to free his cock and balls. His cock was already fairly stiff, and his balls were shifting and rising in his scrotum.

Imagining the last woman he’d had sex with, he began stroking and pumping his dick. “I remember how her pussy felt as her hand guided me into her,” he thought. “And that look of desire and need on her face as she urged me to fuck her. How her tits bounced and wobbled with my thrusts. Her legs and feet locking around my waist. Man, she was amazing!” His mental image flicked from her face to her tits to her pussy. He groaned, virtually feeling her legs pulling him deep inside her as his cock erupted!

He’d hurried his orgasm, since what he was doing felt forbidden, and he hadn’t given much thought to where he should be aiming. Luckily most of his sticky white cum splatted on his thigh, although some went onto the tile floor next to the chair. The smell of his semen soon permeated the room. Relaxing in the afterglow, his mind clicked, and formulated a great idea for his current project! It worked! Smiling, Bill used tissues to wipe his thigh and the floor, wrapped them in another tissue, and shoved the resultant wad into his pockets as he dressed again.

Leaving the office door open, he hurried back to his actual work space to capture the idea.

A few days later, he was back at the deserted office, masturbating once again. And the next day. And two days after that. After all, some of his co-workers took regular breaks for smoking outside, so he felt entitled to having breaks of his own. Sure, sometimes he was trying to free his mind for new concepts in ad campaigns. But it also just plain felt good to give himself orgasms on a regular basis. The thrill of doing it at work added a special risque touch to it.

Rather than risk getting semen on his pants, he’d taken to removing them completely, so his cum could squirt onto the tile floor between his legs. His hand was flailing away on his cock, and he was building up what was promising to be a very satisfying cum, when the office door opened. He looked up and saw Loretta standing there with a shocked expression on her face. But he’d just passed the point of no return, and he couldn’t stop the jet of semen that launched itself from the head of his cock!

That white glob of semen arced up and then plummeted down, even as Bill shoved his still spurting cock down between his thighs in an attempt to hide it from Loretta. The result was a trail of semen that started about 3 feet in front of his chair, and ended up beneath where he sat. Bill’s face went crimson, burning with shame and humiliation at being caught.

Loretta was silent, standing stock still, one hand on the doorknob, and wearing an expression similar to a deer staring into headlights in the dark of night. Neither of them spoke, clearly at a loss for words.

Bill feared that this might jeopardize his career with the firm. There was nothing in the company rules and regulations that covered masturbation at work, he was sure. But even though he was doing this in what could be perceived as the company’s interests – freeing his mind to come up with innovative ideas – he wasn’t certain that senior management would condone it. Would Loretta scream and run from the room, once her shock wore off? Would she blab about what she’d discovered?

His mind was mulling over such questions when Loretta swallowed visibly and broke her silence. “So, you’re the one who’s been using my tissues,” she chuckled, her expression settling into a grin.

Flabbergasted, Bill’s mouth opened and closed like a goldfish gulping air, trying desperately to come up with a response. Of all the things that Loretta might’ve said in this circumstance, he never expected that statement. His mind finally caught some traction, and he sputtered, “Y… you’re tissues?” Meanwhile, he dropped to his knees, trying to furtively wipe up his semen, while still concealing his cock from her eyes.

She laughed, her blue eyes twinkling. “It’s no use trying to hide your penis, you know, Bill. I had a good look at it as I entered. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of, from what I saw. And yes, that’s my box of tissues.”

Bill’s cheeks got even hotter, hearing her frankly discussing his dick the way she had. But he let go of it, now using both his hands to clean the floor. He decided to try to show some sensitivity to her, hoping to mollify her against reporting him. “So you come to this office to use the tissues to – I don’t know – have a good cry, when the work stresses get to be too much, Loretta?”

Loretta’s voice became tinged with mirth. “No, silly. I come here to masturbate, just like you were doing. I find it frees my mental processes if I have a nice orgasm. Sort of jump starts my creative thinking, as I sit in a state of post-orgasmic bliss. Why do you do it? Simply horny?”

No,” Bill protested. “Exactly the same reason.” Seeing her expression turning skeptical, he continued, “Honestly. The job pressures were getting to me, with the constant stress of trying to pound out new ideas constantly. So I tried jacking off, and it seems to be working.”

Loretta giggled, her soft, auburn hair rippling with her body movements. “So pounding your pud also pounds out new ideas?”

Bill’s flush had faded somewhat, but he looked bashful as he mumbled, “Something like that. Yes.” He’d put his cock back away under his clothing, and stuffed the semen soaked tissues into a small plastic bag he had in his pocket for that purpose. “I’ll buy you a fresh box of tissues, to replace what I’ve used,” he promised. “Thanks for being understanding.” He prepared to leave.

Well, in my case, putting my fingers on my ‘stuff’ seems to help me put a new finger on an idea,” Loretta confirmed. “Want to watch?”

You want me to stay?” Bill asked, one hand on the office door knob. “I was going to give you some privacy.”

The way I see it, I had a good look at your equipment as you were cumming,” Loretta said, amused. “It only seems fair to let you do the same. Besides, having you watch me might make me even more inspired. Pull up a chair in front of mine, if you want.”

Bill thought it would be highly insulting to refuse to watch her playing with herself. At least, that’s what he used as an excuse. In reality, being a normal male with a healthy libido, the very thought that a beautiful woman wanted him to see her pussy, even if he wouldn’t be permitted to touch it, made him giddy with desire. He lifted a chair from across the office, and settled it where she’d indicated.

Before she sat down, Loretta reached empty hands up under her skirt. They re-emerged, dragging down a rosy-pink pair of panties, which Loretta placed on top of the desk. “I have to be careful not to get my skirt or panties wet, as you can imagine,” she explained. So saying, she lifted her skirt up out of the way, displaying what seemed to Bill to be an absolutely gorgeous pussy. She let him have a good look before sitting on the chair, moving her thighs apart slightly.

Her mound was covered with what looked like a well trimmed, downy mat of soft looking auburn pubic hair, shaped almost like a heart, whose point drew his attention to her clitoris. Yes, the head of her clit was visible up where her cleanly shaven pussy lips joined. Those pussy lips flanked her vertical slit, which descended and disappeared under the curve of her body. Bill thought it was one of the most erotic sights he’d ever seen. His breath caught. No wonder Loretta was proud to let him see it.

Keeping her skirt out from under her ass, Loretta sat, perched on the front edge of the chair, with her thighs opened wide, and her pussy hanging out in the space in front of the chair. “I have to sit like this, so my pussy fluids fall on the floor, instead of pooling under me on the chair,” she explained. “You’re lucky. You can make sure your cum flies far away from you. You can even aim it,” she added, gleefully.

Bill heard her words, but his attention was riveted on Loretta’s cunt, because she was using her hands on her labia to open herself at this point. His eyes drank in the sight of the wet pinkness being revealed between those now puffy folds. Her vaginal opening was glistening with her fluids. The stretch of her labia was drawing back her clit hood even more, revealing some of the rod beneath its head. He fancied he could see the rod pulsating with her heartbeat. As she pulled her labia sideways to their maximum stretch, he was close enough that he could make out the tiny hole between clit and vagina – the hole she used for peeing. She was certainly giving him a detailed look.

Loretta knew what she was doing, displaying herself like this. She was somewhat of an exhibitionist at heart, and showing herself to Bill like this was immensely arousing. Letting go of her labia, she ran her hand along her inner thighs, starting near her knees, and gliding up to almost touch her pussy. She was pleased to see Bill staring intently, subconsciously licking his lips. Maybe sometime she’d see what that tongue felt like, licking her, but not today.

Cupping her sex with her hand, Loretta moved her palm in slow circles, closing her eyes to focus on the sensations. Her palm was instantly wet. Being watched was bringing her up fast! Spreading her thighs even wider, she plunged two fingers into her cunt and began finger fucking herself. She moaned softly at that delicious feeling. Using a single finger from her other hand, she stroked alongside her clit, barely nudging it with each stroke. Her clit engorged even more, as if by enlarging it would ensure even more contact. Her strokes sped up, brushing her clit more firmly.

Bill watched, spellbound, as Loretta’s fingers worked their magic. He watched as the fingers moving in her cunt dislodged pussy juices, which were now dripping on the floor in front of the chair. He could see a look of concentration on her face, eyes closed, beads of sweat appearing on her forehead. The finger she was using near her clit started stroking directly on its shaft. Loretta shuddered, and gasped.

Close to her orgasm, Loretta opened her eyes and saw Bill staring at her, his eyes traveling from her face to her cunt. Awareness of being so exposed to his gaze triggered her climax! She shoved her fingers as deep as possible into her cunt, feeling its walls gripping them. At the same time, she mashed her throbbing clit hard with her fingertip, her hips bucking against its pressure. Her cum juices soaked her hand, and drizzled from it. As her contractions ebbed, she brought that hand to her mouth and began licking her wetness from it. Catching Bill’s eye and hoping she hadn’t shocked him, she asked, “So what do you think?”

Bill realized he’d been holding his breath. He swallowed, to wet his dry throat before he could answer. “Loretta, I’ll be honest with you. You look absolutely magnificent when you cum! Thank you for letting me watch – it was fantastic!” Grabbing a few tissues, he asked, “May I have the honor of cleaning up your juices?”

Loretta was sprawled open, leaning against the chair back, catching her breath. Her vaginal opening was still somewhat dilated from her fingers, and was slightly contracting and relaxing as post-orgasmic aftershocks rippled through her. She didn’t feel like moving a muscle at that moment, so the offer of having someone else wipe the floor for her was quite attractive. “Be my guest, Bill. And thank you,” she answered, gratefully.

To her surprise, Bill started by dabbing her mound, clit, and cunt with a soft tissue. Inwardly, she giggled, realizing that neither of them had been specific as to what juices needed to be cleaned. She noted that he was very fastidious in his actions, never letting his flesh touch hers, only blotting her with the tissues. Mentally, she was a bit disappointed that he was being so careful.

For his part, Bill was thrilled to have his hand so close to Loretta’s intimate parts. He inhaled deeply as he leaned close to her fragrant cunt, bending down to wipe the floor dry. Her scent was earthy and erotic, making him wonder how she would taste. But he felt that to be too bold might be off-putting to this enchanting woman. He saw her eyes widen in astonishment and wondered why. Then he realized he was stuffing the tissues soaked with her juices into the same plastic bag that held the tissues with his semen. Their fluids were mixing, at least symbolically. He felt his cheeks redden with heat, as if he’d done something naughty. But Loretta’s lips curved into a sensuous smile.

Before leaving, Bill cleared his throat so his voice wouldn’t squeak before saying, “I really enjoyed this. I hope your creativity was stimulated, Loretta. And I hope we meet here again sometime.”

I’m sure we shall,” she purred back. “I think I’ll need another creativity session tomorrow about this time,” she chuckled.

Mind whirling happily, Bill attacked his ad campaign with newfound purpose, generating a well-received design for it. Needless to say, he was back at the special creativity room the very next day, only to find Loretta had beaten him there. She’d taken her skirt off completely, this time, and was sitting back in the chair, legs crossed demurely. Demurely, that is, with regard to her pussy, which was out of view between her thighs – her lovely patch of pubic hair was fully on display.

Ah, there you are,” she greeted Bill with a smile. “I haven’t been here too long, and I’ve been waiting for you before I got down to business.”

Thanks for waiting,” he grinned back. “You look lovely, like that.”

Oh? I do?” she asked, almost coquettishly. “Thank you. But do I look better like this?” she asked, as she uncrossed her legs, spreading her thighs, revealing her sex. The dampness between her thighs and her labia caused the latter to stick to the former, so this movement also opened her furrow, bringing her vaginal opening into clear view.

OMG!” Bill moaned. “Much better! Much, much better!” He felt his stiffening cock pressing his trousers into a tent in front of his groin.

Loretta’s eyes lit up with delight. “I’m glad you think so, Bill. I have a question for you, and I don’t want to embarrass you or make you angry or anything. So please feel free to just say ‘no’ if that’s how you feel about what I want to ask.”

Intrigued, Bill nodded, stating, “OK. I’m prepared. Ask away.”

Loretta watched his expression as she continued, “Yesterday, you blotted me clean without actually touching me, which was quite gallant, given the situation. But would you be all right with the idea of helping me with my creative stimulation… by fingering me today? I mean, using your fingers inside my pussy, of course.”

Bill was stunned. Loretta was actually inviting him to touch her intimately – finger her cunt! He quickly stammered, “Y… y… yes. I’d love to do that. Are you sure you want that, though?”

Give me your hand, please,” Loretta told him. As he stepped closer and extended his hand to her, she took it in both of hers, and folded his thumb and fingers inward until only two of his fingers remained protruding from his fist. Without a word, she pulled his hand down to her cunt, and pressed his fingers into her vagina.

Bill felt the walls of her vaginal tunnel – warm, wet, creamy walls – conform to his fingers, almost sucking them inward. As they sank deeper, Loretta closed her eyes, and leaned her head back, sighing deeply with satisfaction. Bill almost came in his pants, feeling her cunt tissues clasping his fingers.

Please finger fuck me, Bill,” Loretta whispered.

Recalling how he’d seen Loretta do this to herself the day before, Bill began a slow movement, letting his fingers glide in and out of her wet, velvety cunt. He watched Loretta grip the arms of the chair with both her hands, keeping her eyes closed and her head lolling against the top edge of the chair. He could tell she was fully focused on the sensations he was generating deep in her vaginal recess. He explored her rippling walls, turning his wrist to touch each quadrant, gauging her reactions.

At a certain point, Loretta gasped and her pelvis quivered. “Yes. Yes. Right there,” she said. “And gently on my clit now, please,” she added.

Bill didn’t mind being given directions one bit. He wanted to feel her cum on his fingers more than anything at that moment. Carefully, he wet his fingertip and whispered it lightly along the sides of her clit, as he’d observed her do. She moaned. He stroked again, with a little more contact, and a tiny increase in pressure. She moaned again, a longer moan this time. Soon she began quivering.

I’m… almost… there,” she gasped. “Do me hard now! Please! Hard!”

Bill began hammering his fingers fast and hard into her sopping cunt, his knuckles slapping her labia with each deep thrust. Wetting his finger in her slippery cunt juices, he began rubbing it in firm circles right on the head of her clit. Loretta sucked a deep breath of air as he did this, bucked several times against his hand and finger, and rocketed into an amazing orgasm! Her own knuckles went white as she gripped the chair arms in a virtual death grip, keeping herself from bucking completely off the chair seat as her body convulsed. She didn’t scream or cry out, probably because she feared being heard by people several floors away!

Bill felt a change in her muscles – a sort of softening – so he stopped the movements of his hands, but kept the two fingers inside her, and the fingertip just touching her clit. He didn’t want to break contact too quickly.

When she’d recovered slightly, Loretta looked at him, and panted, “That was the best orgasm I’ve had in years. OMG! I’m still shaking. Thank you, Bill! It’s OK for you to stop now.” She felt his fingers slip out of her still churning cunt, and the pressure leave her clit. She was pleased to see him licking her cunt juices off his hand. Clearly, this was a guy that didn’t fear cunnilingus. She filed that thought away for future possibilities.

OK, mister, get those pants off. Your turn for me to help you,” she said in a sexy voice dripping with promise. “Oh!” she exclaimed. “Maybe I’m taking too much for granted. Do you want me to help you like you helped me?”

Bill was busy undoing his belt and zipper, stepping out of his pants, and then trying to untangle his raging erection from his underwear. He was trying to look suave, cool, and dignified, but he was failing miserably at it. He was nodding vigorously, indicating he certainly wanted her to help him get off. Finally his cock sprang free, and he plopped down into his own chair, his dick poking up like a flagpole. In a voice made almost gravelly with need, he choked out, “Yes. Oh lord yes! I want to feel your hands on me, Loretta. Please. But seeing and feeling you cum like that, I don’t think I’ll be able to last very long.”

Grinning, Loretta levered herself up out of her chair, and stepped over to kneel next to his. Her face was near his knee, and she stared for a moment at his erection. She almost laughed when her proximity and rapt attention seemed to make his cock dance up and down, tiny clear drops oozing from the slit in its head. It was almost as if the cock was waving desperately to get her tactile attention. Heart accelerating, Loretta reached out and grasped it firmly by its shaft.

Oh my!” she exclaimed. “It’s so hot! I love it!” She began pumping it, fairly vigorously. Bill moaned. Loretta continued pumping, but with her other hand began rubbing her palm around and around on top of the cock’s head. That palm became quite slippery as his leaking precum coated it, so she was soon smearing his fluids in a polishing motion all over his glans.

Bill gritted his teeth, clutching the arms of the chair, crying out, “OMG! That’s so…” He never got a chance to finish, because his cock began spewing his hot, sticky semen up against Loretta’s rubbing palm. Her motions caused it to pour down every side of his shaft, first pooling against her pumping hand, coating that hand, then dripping down onto his ball sack.

Loretta was elated to feel his seed on her hands. The characteristic scent of male ejaculate wafted into her nostrils. She rubbed and pumped until she could no longer feel any spasms jerking his cock in her hands.

Bill pleaded, “Please stop now! It’s too sensitive.” Obligingly, Loretta stopped pumping and took her palm off the top of his cock. Bill sagged and slumped in the chair, closing his eyes in ecstasy. If he’d kept his eyes opened, he would’ve seen Loretta licking his cum off her hands. Once they were relatively clean, she grabbed tissues and gently wiped his cock and balls clean. She even lifted his balls to check the chair seat beneath them, getting any that had drizzled under there.

After resting briefly, they both dressed. It didn’t seem right to merely say a curt ‘goodbye’ at this point, so they hugged before leaving. Their next couple of encounters fairly paralleled this one, and were just as mutually satisfying and sparked wonderful creativity.

But one day, Bill entered their ‘special office’ to find another person present. She was a blonde he didn’t know, possibly a friend of Loretta’s. He assumed she must be, because the blonde woman was standing, bent over and languidly fingering Loretta’s pussy with one hand, while her other hand was out of sight inside Loretta’s blouse.

Loretta noticed that Bill had joined them, so she performed the introductions. “Bill, this is my friend Julie. Julie, this is Bill, the guy I was telling you about.”

Recovering his composure, Bill said, “Hello, Julie. Nice to meet you. I’d offer to shake hands, but I see yours are quite busy,” he chuckled.

Julie giggled, only blushing slightly at having a stranger walk in and see her doing this to her friend. “Hi, Bill,” she said, shyly.

Loretta explained, “Julie noticed two things. My increase in productivity, and the fact that I was walking around with a huge grin on my face. We’ve been friends a long time, so I felt it safe to share our secret with her. She immediately asked if she could join us. We even decided to make a game of this, something like the ‘sardines’ game.”

Bill’s brow furrowed in confusion. “What’s that?” he asked.

Loretta’s reply was delayed by a gasp and a soft moan as Julie did something interesting to her. Catching her breath again, Loretta explained, “In this game, one person gets to this special room first. When the next person arrives, they have to sort of ‘attach’ onto the first person, in a place and manner specified by that person. The newcomer can, if they wish, ask for another place and manner of attachment, if they’re uncomfortable with what’s being requested. Does this make any sense?”

I think so,” Bill answered. “If I’m understanding it, Julie got here after you, so you told her to finger your pussy and play with your tits. Since I’m now the newcomer, Julie gets to tell me how to attach to the growing group of sardines. Is that right?”

Yes. Exactly. So tell Bill what you want, Julie,” Loretta said.

Julie blushed a very deep red, obviously feeling timid about stating it out loud. Finally, after a pause, she practically whispered, “Loretta said you had a wonderful way with moving your fingers inside her. I’d like you to finger me… ummmm… down there, too. Would you?”

I’d be thrilled, Julie. Honestly. Do you want to take your skirt off, or do you want me to?” Bill asked gently, understanding she felt hesitant. To hopefully put her more at ease, he was removing his own clothes as he asked.

Julie gave off a quiet giggle. “My hands are both occupied, so would you mind doing it?”

Nude now, Bill didn’t bother answering. His hands unhooked her waistband, and unzipped her skirt. Lowering it to the floor, he helped her step free. “Panties, too?” he whispered.

Julie nodded, face so scarlet he thought he could feel its heat. Hooking his hands at the top of her panties, he lowered them slowly, savoring the gradual appearance of her pussy. Other than a wispy patch of blonde hair on her mound, Julie was clean shaven today. Clean shaven and very, very wet, either from the excitement of playing with Loretta, or the thought of him fingering her, or both.

Loretta was starting to cum from Julie’s actions, as Bill inserted his fingers into Julie’s snatch. Julie’s moans from being fingered blended with Loretta’s vocalizations. Julie actually started humping Bill’s fingers, obviously wanting to join her friend in orgasm, if possible.

Bill, will you please suck my clit?” Julie begged, as she spread her thighs wider apart. “Please?”

Bill knelt down. It was an awkward angle, but he managed to get his lips on Julie’s clit, and started sucking. He used the fingers he had inside her cunt to hold her pussy against his lips, twisting his wrist back and forth to move his fingers in a sort of drilling action deep inside her.

Julie began bouncing up and down with rapid tiny movements before she pulled her hands away from Loretta and used them to hold Bill’s face against her pussy as she straightened up and moaned, “I’m cumming! Please don’t stop! Please, please please! Eeeeeeeee!” Her cum juices streamed down his hand, wrist and forearm as she writhed on his fingers and against his mouth.

Loretta’s breathing was returning to normal as she watched her friend cumming so magnificently. Her attention switched to Bill, kneeling in front of Julie’s spread legs. She noticed his cock, fully turgid, and jerking up and down with his excitement at sucking and fingering Julie. On an impulse, Loretta scooted around behind Julie, and came forward on her hands and knees between her friend’s legs. This brought her mouth into alignment with Bill’s dick.

Bill was still blissfully performing a gentle suction on Julie’s clit, and listening to her appreciative sounds when he felt a warm mouth engulf the head of his cock. His happy moan was muffled by Julie’s cunt. His moan intensified when a soft hand began playing with his testicles as the mouth began sucking his cock in earnest. Reflexively, his fingers began moving in and out of Julie’s vaginal tunnel, catching her by surprise.

Julie thought her orgasm was finished when Bill’s fingers began stroking again, hard, fast, and insistent! Her head went back, and her body arched, almost offering her cunt to those magic fingers. Still aroused from her recent climax, it only took a few minutes for her to start cumming again! “OMFG!” she cried out, and began to spasm.

Julie’s cry inspired Loretta to suck even harder on Bill’s cock, and her hand at his ball sack pressed, rubbed, and caressed. Her actions were demanding that he cum, and cum now! She wanted to taste his semen, fresh from its original container this time, rather than just licking it off her hands. She began bobbing her head fast, simulating a mouth fuck.

Bill couldn’t hold out for long, with one gorgeous woman writhing and cumming against his face, and another one sucking his dick like she was dying of thirst! His pelvis shifted forward, giving Loretta even better access to the length of his cock.

He came.

His whole body convulsed, driven by the biological imperative to propel his seed as deeply into the recipient as possible. His body didn’t care that it was Loretta’s mouth, rather than her cunt. His seed had to be launched! His balls pressed so hard up against his crotch that it felt like they too wanted to be spurted into Loretta’s greedy mouth.

Loretta, hearing Bill’s muffled sounds, had known he was about to cum, but she’d had no idea how hard or voluminous his orgasm would be. So much semen jetted into her mouth that she momentarily choked and coughed, driving some of his sticky fluids up and out of her nostrils! Recovering quickly, she began swallowing as fast as possible, handling the subsequent surges. As she took swallow after swallow, she thought to herself, “Just how much cum does this guy have?” The moment was so erotic that Loretta felt the telltale signs in her own core, and joined both Bill and Julie in an orgasm of her own, albeit a less intense one that Julie had given her.

This tableau lasted for an indeterminate time, before Loretta slipped her mouth off Bill’s now drooping dick, and Julie stopped pressing Bill’s head to her cunt and began gratefully stroking his hair. Bill eased his fingers out of Julie’s pussy, and took the time to lick her labia clean. Then all of them collapsed onto chairs, grinning.

I figured out what was wrong with the ‘sardine’ approach,” Loretta explained. “The last person to arrive wouldn’t have anyone to help with their… ummm… creativity release,” she grinned. “So we’ll have to have it wrap around so the first person satisfies the last to arrive, if necessary. Agreed?”

Bill and Julie both nodded, silly grins still plastered on their faces. Bill spoke up. “I think we don’t want this to grow too big. We can’t have too many people out of the office at the same time, although we may work on different floors. But I’d like to add one more guy to the mix, if that’s OK with you both.”

Who did you have in mind?” Loretta asked.

I was thinking of inviting my buddy Jim to be another sardine,” Bill replied. “I’ve known him a long time, and trust him implicitly.” Bill was happy to see both women not only nod agreement, but lick their lips in anticipation.

The next afternoon, when Bill opened the door to the special room, he found both Jim and Julie already present. They were stark naked, with Jim on his back on the floor, and Julie kneeling, straddling him at his waist and happily bouncing up and down on his stiff cock.

Bill considered their arrangement, and guessed, “So Jim got here first, and decided he wanted you to ride him, Julie?”

Julie grinned, still bouncing merrily. “No, I got here first, and told Jim how I wanted him to join today’s sardine school.”

So that means Jim gets to tell me how to join the school?” Bill asked, slightly confused, but also relieved that he might not have to join directly to Jim, who’d arrived second.

Yes,” Julie confirmed. “It’ll be even more fun this way, we thought.”

OK. I’m in. Jim, what’s it to be?” Bill asked, removing all his clothes as this discussion occurred.

Julie, lean way forward and bring your tits to my chest, spreading your ass cheeks apart. You told me you’ve dreamed about getting a double penetration, so this is your big chance. Bill, get behind her, open her ass gently and carefully with your finger and a lot of spit. Then slowly enter and fuck her ass,” Jim directed. “This OK with you, Julie?”

Julie, blushing fiercely, was already leaned over and spreading her ass cheeks, so she was clearly agreeing.

Bill started working on the cute little pink puckered hole she was offering him. It looked and smelled so fresh and clean that he knelt down across Jim’s legs, bent over, placing his own hands on Julie’s, and began licking her ass hole. His hot, wet tongue bathed that sensitive opening.

Julie gasped, and uttered, “Oh wow!” as she felt what Bill was doing. Her instinct was to tighten that little sphincter, but she fought the impulse, willing that muscle to relax. Her efforts were rewarded as she felt Bill working first one finger, then two, into her ass. He was spit-lubing them as he opened her, and to her amazement, it felt good, in a very naughty way. “Your fingers feel great in there, Bill,” she informed him.

Bill shuffled forward, raising her hips up higher. Jim took advantage of Julie’s new pelvis elevation by beginning to raise and lower his hips, bucking up into her cunt to fuck her more easily. Pulling his fingers out of her now well dilated anus, Bill positioned the head of his cock at its opening, after dropping a huge glob of spit on it. “If my fingers felt that good inside you, let’s see what you think about my cock taking their place,” Bill whispered.

Without giving her time to start getting worried and tense up, he worked the glans of his cock easily past her anal ring. He felt her tight rear tunnel take possession of his dick. Julie moaned rather loudly, so he stopped moving. “Is this OK, Julie?” he asked.

Julie took several deep, calming breaths before answering, “Yes. More please.” Her ass hole loosened slightly, as if inviting him in.

Smearing more saliva on the visible part of his cock shaft, Bill pressed forward. All three of them – Julie, Bill, and even Jim – felt Bill’s cock slowly penetrate Julie’s nether tunnel until it was sheathed to the hilt. Jim felt its movement through the thin wall between her cunt and rectum. Julie felt its movement as her walls were pressed outward by the girth of his member – it briefly gave her the sensation of needing to evacuate her bowels, but that urge faded. Bill felt its movement as more and more of his shaft was warmed by the walls that were engulfing it. His pubic hair touched Julie’s ass cheeks.

Ready to be fucked up your ass now?” These were the words, spoken by Bill, that Loretta heard as she opened the door and entered the room. She took in the sight. Jim, under Julie, fucking vigorously up into her cunt. Julie, bent forward atop Jim, tits pressed against him. Bill, behind Julie with his dick obviously buried in her ass. They were so preoccupied that they didn’t notice Loretta at first.

Julie answered Bill’s question, “Yes, Bill. But begin slowly please. I’ve never felt so stuffed before! It’s wonderful, if a bit scary!”

Bill began moving as requested. Loretta watched, silently removing her own clothing. All three of her friends had their eyes closed at that moment, fucking and being fucked. It was an amazingly erotic, perverted sight. After letting them fuck a while, Loretta broke her silence, saying and asking, “Hello, friends. Who came in last before me?”

Mildly startled, they all looked her, but to their credit, the men continued fucking Julie in the sandwich they created. All three said ‘hi’ back to her, and Bill added, “I came in last, so I get to direct how you join this school of sardines.” He smiled roguishly.

Loretta grinned at him, standing fully nude with her arms akimbo. “And just what decision has arisen in your devious mind, Sir?” she asked with a voice tinged with submission.

Straddle Julie’s ass and press your delicious pussy against my lips, woman,” Bill intoned, playing along to her submissive gambit. “I want to tongue fuck you until you squirt into my mouth.”

Loretta’s heart fluttered, hearing that, and her knees weakened enough to create a slight wobble as she hurried into the position that Bill was demanding. In place, she spread her pussy lips wide apart, and brought her cunt to his waiting mouth. A loud groan erupted from her throat as she felt his tongue spear deeply into her honey pot, and began flipping around madly inside her.

A few minutes later, Loretta was pressing and grinding herself against Bill’s face, bracing herself by gripping the back of his head with her hands. Julie was feeling both men’s cocks moving in and out of her holes like pistons in a race car engine. She was howling and shuddering, overcome with the sensations those cocks were generating. Both men were panting with effort, thrilled to be double teaming such a receptive partner. Bill’s panting was making Loretta’s pussy lips flutter maddeningly. All of them were gleaming with sweat, and approaching their respective climaxes.

Julie was the first to peak.

Oh fuck!” she cried. “I’m cumming. Oooooo! I’m cumming!” Her cunt walls rippled and gushed. The rippling action sucked at Jim’s cock, while her fluids soaked his ball sack.

Jim grunted, planted his cock deep, stopped thrusting, and began ejaculating into Julie’s demanding cunt. “My pussy!” Julie moaned. “He’s filling my pussy! I feel his cock jerking!”

Bill, buried in Julie’s ass, also felt the spasms coursing along Jim’s dick – a very novel sensation. The sheer titillation of feeling his buddy cumming like that triggered his own orgasm. He shoved his cock to the hilt and began spewing his seed. “And now my ass!” Julie groaned. “His hot load is being emptied into my ass! OMG!” Her following sounds were completely unintelligible as her climax either intensified or was triggered anew.

Loretta heard all this. Everyone was connected, and all the others were cumming. Bill was tonguing her like a demon, sucking at her cunt, her clit being mashed and mauled by his upper lip in a manner that demanded that she cum, also.

She obliged.

Hanging onto the back of Bill’s head, lest her weakening legs let her collapse down onto Julie, Loretta screamed, “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck! Take it! Here’s my cum, Bill! Drink it!” With that, her cunt ejected a copious amount of cum fluids, most of which Bill managed to swallow without choking, though some splashed onto his neck and chest. Four bodies shook and quivered with delight.

Ultimately, Jim had to lower his hips flat down onto the floor again, taking Julie forward and down with him, his softening cock still wedged in her cunt for the moment. This pulled Julie off of Bill’s dick, which emerged with a soft, liquidy ‘plop’ sound. Bill rocked backward and sideways until his butt touched the floor, keeping Loretta’s pussy to his face as long as possible. He then helped her down alongside him until they were both stretched out on their sides in a warm embrace.

As they relaxed and recharged, they all marveled at the various ways that four people can connect in this strange variant of the ‘sardines’ game they’d concocted. Variants that they tested out over subsequent days and weeks. Things were going swimmingly in their school of sardines – until the day the boss found out.

Bill, come into my office,” she said over the phone, her tone of voice betraying a hint of anger. With a heavy heart, he walked the considerable distance, feeling somewhat like a condemned man walking his last mile. He delayed the inevitable briefly by taking a long, cool drink at the water fountain.

Reaching her door, he tapped softly, and heard her call out ‘enter’ from within. He obeyed. He shut the door behind him, and turned to face her wrath.

Her flaming red hair seemed to blaze even hotter, intensified by the expression of fury on her face. “Don’t bother to sit down,” she snapped. She crossed her arms across her generous D-cup breasts – breasts that in the past he’d secretly coveted during staff meetings. She was clearly finalizing her thoughts about what to say to him.

Bill stood there, on the carpet both literally and figuratively. He was mentally preparing to clean out his desk, and exit quietly, rather than being hustled out by security, once she was done berating him.

She cleared her throat and began, “It’s come to my attention by whispers through the office grapevine that you and several co-workers have been sneaking down to a currently unoccupied floor to participate in sex games, supposedly to boost your creativity.” She snorted. “Is any of this true?”

Bill hemmed and hawed, face scarlet, wishing he could disappear under the rug he was standing on. “Should I try to deny it?” he thought. “Maybe she has proof. Maybe someone’s installed a tiny security camera somewhere in the room, and we’ve all been monitored and recorded. Should I try to justify it? I really feel that all of our creativity has improved, thereby benefiting the company. But what if that’s just rationalization for participating in our… our office orgies? Because that’s how the boss probably sees it – orgies.” All these thoughts flashed through his mind in an instant. At a loss for words, Bill merely dropped his eyes and nodded slowly in answer to her question.

Perhaps a minute ticked off the clock, the boss silently glaring at him, when she said, “Why the hell wasn’t I included? I need to be a creative thinker, too, you know!”

Bill’s chin flopped up and down like a fish out of water as he stood, amazed.

Bill learned four things that afternoon. First, his boss is a true redhead, top and bottom. Second, her pussy is absolutely the sweetest one that he’s ever tasted. Third, his boss loves anal, and his cock fit that opening of hers brilliantly, to their mutual satisfaction. And fourth, Bill was now promoted to MOBCM – Manager of Operations to Boost Company Morale.