A Dom Submits

My life used to be so uncomplicated.

I was a Dominant, and many submissives had served me over the years. Part of the reason they liked me, I feel, was because on rare occasions in my life I’d submitted to others. I was not truly a switch – I was almost a pure Dominant. But I’d mainly submitted because it allowed an escape for me, and a way to better understand the other side of the relationship.

A year ago, Salope came into my life. I thought her parents must’ve had a strange sense of humor. Or maybe they had no idea that ‘salope’ was French for ‘slut’. Maybe they just thought it sounded nice.

I was never sure why she chose to submit to me. Even though all her bones were submissive ones, she didn’t submit willy-nilly. She wasn’t a doormat. She was quite selective. And she picked me.

As a good Dominant, I interviewed her thoroughly, learning her thoughts, desires, and limits before agreeing to take her on. She was 100% submissive, all right, and lived it. But her limits were her limits. The obvious limits, changes to her body like branding and piercing, blood, scat – harmful things – were mutually agreeable, of course.

I was disappointed, I admit, by a few of Salope’s limits. For instance, anal sex was off the table. So were golden showers. I could live with those restrictions, although I really loved anal sex. Sure, that opening is tighter than any vagina, so the friction is very pleasurable to me. But there was something more. When a woman offers me her ass, it feels like an act of total submission. Naughty and erotic with a little humiliation thrown in for the woman. Golden showers are similar. Urine isn’t harmful, but having a woman let me urinate on her indicates abject submission. But Salope said ‘no’, and I honored her limits.

She also forbade me to use crops, belts, and whips to chastise her, although spanking by hand was acceptable as a punishment if she displeased me in any manner. So she was a little difficult to deal with as I reminded my self to not violate her limits.

Salope made up for it, though, by her obvious devotion to me, seeing to my needs and serving me. And the sex was fantastic. She was an enthusiastic, imaginative lover, eager to try any position I might desire. She didn’t remain passive – she fucked me back vigorously when we coupled. Her mouth gave me amazing blow jobs, and she swallowed as much of my semen as possible when I climaxed. Her hands milked me dry whenever I indicated I wanted that. Sex was heightened if I tied her up so she was helpless when I used her, using her mouth and cunt freely as receptacles for my seed.

I didn’t demand that Salope attend to me 24/7 – she was free to come and go as she pleased, since she was a submissive, serving me by choice, and not my slave. She might contact me every day – she might go missing for a week. If I summoned her, she got to me as quickly as she could. I loved having her as my submissive. I loved taking her to our bondage club, and showing her off to the other members. I could see in their eyes that they knew I had a treasure, even though her shyness around other people required that I at least keep a bra and panties on her in such a public venue.

One day, I was resting alone in the lovely gardens that were part of the property belonging to our bondage club. I found the feel of the breeze and the sound of the birds in the nearby trees to be soothing. It was an elixir to my soul. The sunlight was muted by thin clouds, and the temperature was perfect.

I was almost dozing when I saw the approach of a woman. From a distance, her blonde hair formed a glowing halo around her head. She was sheathed in a colorful garment or tunic that clung to her curves and whose edges fluttered around her shapely thighs. Her feet were clad in leather boots that started near the tops of her calves and ended in firm soles and spiked heels.

Where I was sitting, there was a second chair across the table from me. Gesturing at that chair, she said, “Hello, my name is Tamis. Mind if I join you?”

Not at all,” I replied. “Please join me.”

She sat, obviously aware that I was studying her body, and making no effort to hide anything from my gaze. The neckline of the tunic plunged nicely, giving me a pleasing view of her cleavage. Her waist was narrow and flared into hips that seemed to beg to be held. An enticing creature indeed.

I politely made eye contact and we struck up a conversation. I was immediately dazzled by her intelligence. As time passed, I was entranced by her demeanor, her rhythm as she spoke, her tone of voice. She radiated confidence. A trust formed between us. Our conversation was lively, with bursts of spontaneity.

After about an hour, Tamis raised one of her booted feet and placed it on the table between us, flexing her toes up toward her knee. She looked into my eyes and articulated, “You want to suck the heel of my boot, don’t you?”

My mind was spinning at this question. “No,” came out of my lips, but it wasn’t a firm ‘No’ – it had no force, no stability – it was almost a whisper.

Tamis didn’t flinch, or move her leg or foot. Instead, she calmly stated, “You don’t have too. But you know it would be nice if you did.”

After a few moments, she added, “Put your hands flat on the table.”

Without thinking I did it. Perhaps subconsciously I was calculating that it was a way to be submissive without having to meet her first demand.

Tamis leaned back a bit, pushing her heel higher into the air and closer to the center of the table.

I was asking myself, “Why am I breathing hard? Why is my heart getting out of control?” I knew I was a Dominant, and I wasn’t there to find some fling.

Tamis looked into my eyes and told me, “Lean forward.”

I felt like someone was behind me pushing my head firmly forward. The aura this woman was generating was amazing. My head was saying ‘no’ while my body was already saying ‘yes’ and reacting. And Tamis knew it. I could feel the pleasure she was getting from bending my will.

“Just a little bit,” she said, seductively.

I started turning my head slightly toward her face as I leaned forward.

Tamis softly commanded, “No. Keep your head straight ahead.”

As I did so, the sole of her boot touched my forehead.

Tamis whispered, “Now wrap your lips around the spike.”

As I complied to her command, my mind blew up. I knew she had me.

After I wrapped my lips around the tip, Tamis suggested, “You really want to take it deeper. To be fully worthy of my praise, you should feel that heel spike in the back of your throat.”

I had to lean out of my chair to do it, arching my back and tilting my face up as I moved forward. Tamis didn’t care if anyone else walked up. She was waiting, I could tell. She wanted to hear my gag reflex.

And she got it.

The spell Tamis had generated was remarkable. I was feeling submissive – genuinely submissive. It’s something I don’t feel often, and it was a rush. After I gagged, sucking on the heel of her boot, she said, “Good boy. You can sit back again.”

As I did so, she stood up, informing me, “You can follow me into the building, if you walk bent from your waist, keeping your head about two feet behind my ass.” She spoke as if granting me a favor.

As she slowly began walking, I stood up, somewhat dazzled. My body bent forward and my arms moved back behind either hip to counterbalance me. I trailed along behind her, mesmerized. Moving like that was awkward, and after a while it was making my back ache, and I probably looked ludicrous to any observers. But I didn’t give a thought to any of that, because as she walked, Tamis raised the hem of the back of her tunic. Like a curtain being raised on a great drama, the cloth moved upward, and I saw that Tamis wore no undergarments at all. The muscles of her nude buttocks contracted and relaxed as she strolled, and the sight made my heart race.

All pain was ignored, all shame was forgotten, as I moved along, bewitched, watching the sway of her luscious ass as she led us in procession into the building. I don’t even know if she looked back over her shoulder to see if I was obeying, I was so focused on the sight in front of me. Maybe she was now so confident in her power over me that she felt it unnecessary to check.

We entered the large room with its bondage devices and she led me to a padded wooden cross shaped like a large ‘X’ in the nearest corner of the room. Pausing, she murmured, “You’d probably be more comfortable with your clothes off.” That’s all. No demanding. Just a suggestion.

Hypnotically, my hands went to my various buttons and zipper and laces, and in what seemed like a blink of an eye, I was naked.

I think you want me to tie you to the cross, don’t you?” she asked quietly.

My mouth was too dry to speak, so I merely pressed my back against the padding, spread my legs apart and raised my arms, mimicking the shape of the cross behind me. Smiling, Tamis took her time tying me thoroughly in place. I tried to keep her in sight as much as possible, loving the elegant way her body moved. As the ropes snugged against me, the feeling was almost like erotic kisses on my flesh. By the time she finished, I was half-erect, and to my knowledge she’d never even looked at my genitals, let alone made contact with them.

She stood so close to my side that I could feel the heat radiating from her body. Holding a ball gag before my eyes, she whispered into my ear, “Open.”

I not only opened my mouth to accept that ball, I tilted my head forward, away from the cross, to make it easier for her to tie it into place. Somewhere deep in my mind a thought skittered around, “What will she do to me?” The first bit of drool escaped from around the ball gag and dripped onto my bare chest. I thought I was prepared for what she might do next.

I was wrong.

Instead of addressing me, touching me, or beating me in some manner, Tamis turned her attention to a far corner of the large room. “Come here now, pet,” she called out.

To my befuddlement, a naked woman, wearing only a collar, came out of the distant gloom, padding on her bare feet. It was Salope! She obediently came directly up to Tamis, and, without uttering a sound, sank to her knees and leaned down to kiss the Domme’s booted foot reverently.

To say I was surprised to see Salope here would be correct. To say that I was embarrassed to be seen gagged, and bound naked to the cross in front of her would be an understatement. She barely gave me a glance though, attentive to and focused on Tamis. “How may I serve you, Miss Tamis?” she inquired sweetly.

Let’s see how well you can crawl after me, pet,” Tamis stated. With that, she began strolling around the room, with Salope crawling on her hands and knees behind her. As she had done with me, Tamis lifted the hem of her tunic as she walked, giving Salope a view of her ass in motion. I admit my attention was riveted on those ass cheeks as well. But when Tamis turned back in my direction, I was treated to the sight of her pussy, covered with a well trimmed carpet of golden pubic hair. The drool leaking from my mouth increased in volume.

Tamis came to a halt in front of me, and let go of her tunic edge, which drifted down enough to conceal her treasures once again. Turning to Salope, she said, “Fetch me a drink of cool water, pet.”

Certainly, Miss. It will be my pleasure to do so. Shall I crawl or walk?” Salope asked.

You’d better walk, pet. I don’t want you trying to hold the glass in your teeth,” Tamis replied, her voice tinged with amusement.

I was shocked when Salope stood up, fully naked, and walked out of the room into the club area where drinks were served. I knew that room was always crowded with people, and yet Salope was entering it, even though she lacked her usual bra and panties. She returned a few minutes later with flushed red cheeks, but a proud smile on her face as she handed Tamis the tall glass of water she was carrying, and then sank to her knees again. She had walked undressed through a crowd to please Tamis!

The Domme in question drained the entire glass of water. She must’ve been quite thirsty. Handing the empty glass back to Salope, she said, “Put this back where you got it, pet. And tell Arthur I want him here with us.”

Salope’s flush deepened, but she accepted the glass without protest and once again braved the ordeal of the crowded room. When she returned, she was accompanied by a man wearing only a loincloth and a collar, obviously another submissive. I assumed he was Arthur. Both he and Salope knelt down in front of Tamis. Arthur did not offer to kiss Tamis’ foot, though, although he bowed, so I assumed he might be on loan from another Dominant. Tamis merely nodded a greeting to him, in return to his bow.

Pet, that water seems to have gone right through me, but I don’t want to leave this room. Shall I have you fetch a bucket for me?” Tamis asked Salope.

May I speak freely, Miss?” Salope asked her in return.

Of course, dear. What is it?” Tamis inquired.

Then words came out of Salope’s mouth that I never expected to hear. “Please, Miss. I’d love to feel your warm piss all over my body and even in my mouth. I could position myself over that floor drain to take care of the runoff, Miss,” she spoke fervently, gesturing at a nearby drain.

You really want that, pet?” Tamis questioned her carefully.

Salope nodded eagerly. “Yes, Miss. It’s so erotic when it touches me. Please let me do this.”

Very well. Get into position,” Tamis said with a smile, noting the incredulity on my face. I was mumbling through the gag, trying to say, “No. Don’t do this! Salope hates golden showers,” but, of course, it came out as garbled gibberish. I watched, astonished, as my girl compliantly moved over the drain, onto her back, and held both her cunt and her mouth open.

Tamis straddled the woman’s torso at the level of her hips, facing her head. Lifting her tunic up out of the way, the Domme reached down and spread her golden furred labia to the sides, opening the area of her vulva. She was close enough that her pee hole was faintly visible between her cunt and clit.

I actually pulled hard at the ropes that restrained me, trying to get to Salope, maybe to protect her, as I saw the golden stream begin to flow. Tamis’ first splashes hit Salope’s breastbone, but as the Domme tilted her hips downward, the stream traveled across Salope’s belly and mound until it struck her cunt. Then the Domme reversed her tilt, letting the splashes travel up Salope’s supine body, covering her tits, neck, and finally arcing into her open mouth. When that mouth was filled, the final spurts of urine bounced onto Salope’s face and into her hair.

Tamis stepped away from the target of her urination, and Salope sat up and let the urine still in her mouth trickle sensuously down over her body. When her mouth was finally empty, she beamed a smile and said, “Thank you, Miss Tamis.” Arthur watched all this with a vague smile on his face.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. This was the woman who steadfastly, adamantly demanded ‘no golden showers’ during this year with me, and here she was, actively seeking them with Tamis! I wanted to ask her why – to ask her how Tamis brought her to this state, but I could only mumble things no one could understand.

Arthur, stand up, and let this pet get your cock nice and stiff with her mouth,” Tamis virtually cooed.

Arthur got quickly to his feet, removing his loincloth as Salope scrambled over to him. If the sight or smell of the rapidly drying urine bothered him, he gave no sign of it. I knew the magic that Salope’s mouth could work on a cock, and he seemed eager to find out. She took the whole length of his limp organ into her mouth, and I could see her cheeks hollowing as she sucked, and the movements of her tongue stood out against her cheeks as she used it on him.

Soon his cock was ballooning in length and girth, and she couldn’t easily contain it all any longer. Its base emerged from between her lips, smeared with her saliva, as she had to shift her suckling attentions to what remained in her mouth. From Arthur’s loud groans, it became obvious that Salope’s tongue tip was stimulating him amazingly. Both he and Salope had their hands behind their backs, since Tamis had said she was to use her mouth on him, and he’d not been told to touch her in any manner.

Enough, pet,” Tamis told her. The submissive pulled her head back, freeing Arthur’s quite engorged cock. “Now, my dear,” Tamis continued, “you’ve been very good. Where should Arthur fuck you with his lovely, stiff dick?”

Salope shivered with delight, obviously pleased to be offered a choice. I knew how much she loved it when her pussy was stuffed with my cock. She mulled it over only a very brief period of time, and then looked up with a pleading expression. “Please, Miss Tamis. May I have my ass fucked by Arthur’s cock?”

If my mouth hadn’t been stuffed with the ball gag, I might have swallowed my tongue in astonishment! My girl was begging for anal sex? Another of her hard limits gone? Was Tamis a witch or something? I was shaking in the ropes, in an emotional blend of dismay and indignation.

Of course you may, you little slut,” Tamis answered, with voice and body language indicating complete approval of that choice. “Turn this way a little bit, and spread your ass cheeks wide apart for the nice man,” she instructed the kneeling woman. She placed Salope so I’d have a good view of her ass hole as she made it dilate with the pulling action of her hands.

I watched as Arthur knelt down behind her, spitting into her ass hole and also onto his cock. As one of his hands smeared his spittle on his rigid dick, his other hand was fingering and opening her anus even wider as he lubricated it with his saliva. My breath caught as he poised his glans against her nether hole. And Salope… Salope actually pushed back against his cock, causing her anal ring to stretch and stretch around his cock head until the lip of that mushroom shaped head finally popped past that tight barrier.

Once it had cleared that obstacle, the rest of the cock slid into the depths of Salope’s ass in what looked like one long, smooth, relatively effortless plunge. Salope threw her head back and screamed, but it wasn’t a scream of pain or humiliation. It was a scream of triumph! The two of them began fucking with abandon! Salope was relishing getting her ass fucked, if her moans and happy howls were any indication. I was rather upset that Arthur was receiving the pleasure of using that tight sleeve, instead of me. As I said, I loved anal sex, but Salope had always denied me it. I might’ve been upset, but perversely, my cock engorged as I watched. Tamis noticed and looked quite pleased and amused.

Soon Arthur grabbed Salope’s hips and rammed his dick deep into her ass, making lewd grunting sounds. He was unloading his semen into her rectum. He might’ve been grunting, but Salope was crowing, “He’s cumming! He’s cumming! Mmmmm. I feel it!”

Sure enough, when Arthur pulled his dick out, semen dribbled from Salope’s dilated ass hole. Tamis gently lifted the submissive woman’s chin and asked, “Did you cum, girl?”

Salope was shuddering gently as she replied, “Almost, Miss. I was quite close.”

Awww, you poor thing,” Tamis commiserated. “Go and fetch George, then. And remove his loincloth, and start pumping his dick as you tell him we need him in here. Keep pumping it as you walk him back here to us.” Turning to Arthur she commanded, “Manipulate your dick to keep it stiff.”

Salope’s blush of embarrassment put a fetching shade of red into her cheeks, but her eyes were bright and twinkling with amusement as she accepted this latest task by responding to Tamis, “Yes, Miss.”

My eyes must’ve been bulging as I watched Salope again walk away naked, destined for that crowded room. But this time, her dilated ass, dripping with semen, proclaimed that she’d just been fucked up the ass! Not only that – she was going to walk up to some submissive male, undress him, and start playing with his dick, all while people watched her. I could see it all in my mind’s eye, but I had a difficult time reconciling this behavior with the Salope I knew.

Obedient to a fault, Salope returned with another male. As they walked toward us, I could see she was bent forward slightly, with her left arm around his waist for support, and her right hand pumping his already firm cock.

Tamis orchestrated the pose she wished for the trio. Arthur was placed on his back, his cock jutting upward. Salope was placed straddling him, lowering her cunt to engulf his dick. And the newcomer George squatted behind Salope, and easily slid his cock into her ass hole, still slimy with Arthur’s jizz. Salope was receiving a double penetration! Tamis told the men, “Your job is to make this slut cum, at least once, several times, if possible. After she’s done so, you may plant your seed in her, but not before.”

The men started a slow rhythm at the start, getting used to one another’s movements in her two closely adjacent holes. Salope was obviously bracing herself up off of Arthur, to some extent, so he could raise and lower his hips to fuck her cunt. Apparently, what worked best was having one dick sliding in as the other slid out. When they were fucking her in earnest, George had his hands holding Salope’s shoulders, so he could thrust hard up into her ass, while Arthur amused himself by fondling her tits as he fucked her cunt.

Salope’s eyes were closed, and her mouth was open to gasp deep breaths of air between moans and shrieks of pleasure. She probably experienced her first orgasm within five minutes after the more rapid strokes commenced. That was only her first. She had several more in quick succession, or maybe it was only a couple of long, drawn out climaxes. Whatever it was, she was vibrating, convulsing, and shrieking as her cunt expelled her fluids down onto Arthur’s dick and balls. The scent of sweat and cunt and semen became overpowering. The highly aroused men finally ejaculated into her holes, anointing her womb and ass with their hot, sticky semen. The three of them slumped into a close embrace, still joined.

Tamis allowed them to rest, briefly. When their breathing had returned to near normal, she dismissed the men, who left the room with huge grins on their faces. Tamis, standing near me, beckoned Salope to come closer. Pointing at my bobbing, swollen cock, Tamis told Salope, “You’d better at least drain his prostate, pet. Use some of that semen dripping from you as a lubricant.”

Smiling impishly, Salope collected some gobs of semen on her fingers and reached behind me, watching my face. My butt hole was not blocked by the cross, so her fingers easily found my ass crack and anal sphincter. I made sounds of protest into the ball gag as I felt her press the semen into my ass. It was mortifying to think of some guy’s sperm swimming inside my rectum. But moments later, Salope’s fingertips delicately swept over the slightly squishy doughnut that constituted my prostate gland.

My groan of excitement was muffled by the ball gag, but my cock jerked up and down as my body shivered. Salope began making firm pressure strokes with such confidence that I was beginning to wonder how many men she’d used for practice in the past. But I didn’t dwell on that thought, because I became too busy trying to breathe through my nose to keep up with the vocalizations of pleasure I was trying to force around the ball gag. I looked down at my straining penis, and saw a ribbon of clear, viscous fluid seeping from its opening. My prostate was emptying.

Salope must’ve taken Tamis’ statement of ‘at least drain his prostate’ at face value, realizing she’d been given permission to do more. Her free hand began massaging my balls and the place where they attached to the base of my cock. I’m not sure what nerve endings reside there, but in just a few minutes she had me rising up on my feet with my toes digging into the floor as I curled them under. My cock jerked up and down hard, first flinging off the remaining clear fluid, and then spurting my whitish semen in lazy arcs that rose briefly, and then splatted onto the floor in front of the cross.

Tamis laughed and applauded. “Well done, pet,” she complimented.

Salope withdrew her finger from my ass, leaving me with a strange empty sensation in my rear tunnel. I was almost wishing to be filled there again, maybe by more than a mere finger, but I quickly slammed the door on that thought.

Tamis saw something in Salope’s expression that prompted her to ask, “Yes, pet? Is there anything else we need to do to make this a perfect session? Feel free to tell me or show me.”

Jumping to her feet, Salope ran to a distant part of the room and returned with… a riding crop! I cringed a bit, imagining it cracking against my unprotected flesh.

Oh!” Tamis gasped. “You want me to use this on him?” she chuckled.

Salope shook her head. “No, Miss. If it would please you, I’d like you to use it on me.”

I almost fainted, hearing her asking to be cropped.

Very well, pet, since you ask so sweetly,” Tamis said. “Show me where you want it.”

Salope turned her back and leaned over, presenting her ass. Tamis drew her arm back, and whacked Salope’s ass cheeks several times fairly hard, pausing between strokes to see if the woman had had enough yet.

When Salope’s ass cheeks were warm and red, she straightened up, turned to face Tamis, and lifted her tits in offering. Bemused, Tamis slapped those tits with the crop several times, but with less force than she’d used on the tougher ass flesh. Salope was wincing, but also groaning in delight from what was being done to her. It was obvious she was getting quite turned on.

When Salope removed her supporting hands, her tits were pink with that influx of hot blood, and her nipples stood out like pencil erasers. Tamis stopped striking the moment the tits were no longer being offered.

Anything else?” Tamis asked.

Biting her lip with excitement, Salope nodded and spread her legs apart. She hooked her hands behind them, into the space where her ass became her legs. Pressing forward with her hands in that position, she was presenting her cunt to the Domme.

You’re sure?” Tamis inquired.

Salope couldn’t bring herself to speak. She nodded vigorously. Her chest was heaving with excitement. It looked like she was close to cumming.

Tamis brought the crop up between Salope’s thighs slowly, making gentle contact with her sex. After rubbing the crop against Salope’s pussy lips, getting it quite wet with the juices streaming from her sopping cunt, she rubbed it against the woman’s clit.

Salope whimpered and shuddered, gasping, “Please, Miss.”

Tamis struck her cunt carefully, adjusting the force of the blow to the delicacy of the tissues there. It took four hits before Salope’s knees buckled as the orgasm took control of her body. Tamis caught her before her knees could harshly bang on the hard floor, and lowered her carefully. Salope wrapped her arms around Tamis’ legs in a worshipful embrace.

When the submissive’s eyes came back into focus, she looked at me, still tied to the cross, naked and vulnerable. Clearing her throat, she wet her lips and stated, “Miss Tamis has been showing me all that I’ve been missing. She explained things in a manner that made sense to me. I wanted to please her so much that I allowed her to expand my experiences, gradually discarding some of my limits. I’m her’s now, here to please her.” She let that sink in, then added, “And from the looks of things, so are you.”

Miss Tamis. Was I now hers? I wasn’t sure I wanted to be. But the beguiling pull of that woman – her pull was so very strong!


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