The Jewelers

Molly had taken on a new submissive male, who had what seemed to her to be, a strange need.

Kneeling before her, Robyn explained his desires. “Please, Miss. Cage my cock so you’ll be completely in control of my sexuality. It can even be permanent chastity for me, if you wish it.”

Now the normally lusty (OK, let’s face it – the ABnormally lusty) Miss Molly felt that a caged cock was a wasted cock. They were way too much fun to play with, and ride, and suck on. And they gave her the most delicious cream. But Miss Molly decided to take this on as a personal challenge, so she searched for a suitable cage.

She measured Robyn’s cock when limp, and started her internet search. As luck would have it, after perusing several websites featuring devious devices, she found a lovely stainless steel cage. The fly in the ointment was that the cock rings came in several sizes. One size was slightly too small for Robyn, and the other was slightly too big. She determined this by trial and error, having purchased both sizes. The small one pinched, making him grimace, which would have been fine, but after a while his cock and balls began to turn purple. The large one gradually worked its way off the cock and balls, due to gravity. Tying it in place ruined the aesthetics.

What to do? What to do?

Then Molly had an inspiration! “A jeweler!” she cried, startling Robyn, who at that moment was licking cunt juice from Molly’s pussy, causing him to lift his head away. She grabbed him by the back of his head and mashed his face back into her cunt, stating, “I didn’t tell you to stop, worm! Your cock may be temporarily taped to your thigh, in lieu of a proper cage, but your tongue is still available. Get busy!”

Robyn went hurriedly back to his greedy munching at her sex, while Molly started looking up nearby jewelers. She had two body contorting orgasms before she felt relaxed enough – or was it keyed up enough – to start calling. She decided the best ice-breaking approach would be, “Hello. Do you know what a cock ring is?” The first jeweler slammed the phone down. The second had to have ‘cock ring’ explained, whereupon he hemmed and hawed, and Molly could swear she could feel the heat of his blush through the phone, before he politely explained he wasn’t interested in her business. Molly was beginning to feel discouraged.

The third jeweler, however, upon hearing her query, replied, “Oui.”

Molly sucked in a breath and said, “Oui? That means ‘yes’ you do know what a cock ring is?”

The patient voice replied, “Yes Mademoiselle. I’m quite familiar with them. My name is Pierre, by the way, Mademoiselle. We used to run our shop in Canada, rather than this – how you say? – Puritanical country. Don’t get me wrong, Mademoiselle. We love it here in the United States, but we cannot understand why you people fear seeing breasts on your TVs, or the actual depiction of intercourse. These are natural, biological facts. But I digress. Forgive me.” Molly could hear the strong French Canadian accent in his voice as he blustered.

Oh, that’s quite all right,” Molly said, letting her smile color her voice. “So would it be possible for you to adjust the fit of a stainless steel cock ring, so it could be worn permanently, while causing no tissue damage, Pierre?”

I assume Mademoiselle is not the one who’ll be wearing it?” Pierre intoned, with a twinge of Gallic humor.

Your assumption is correct, Monsieur,” Molly dredged up the appellation from her high school French. “It’s to be fitted on the cock of my male submissive. I actually bought two rings. One is too large, and the other is too small.”

I understand perfectly, Mademoiselle,” Pierre assured her. “Please to bring him and both the rings and their cages to our store, and I’ll give you an estimate. We’re open until 9 pm today, if you wish immediate action on this matter.”

Excellent, Pierre. We’ll be there soon,” Molly assured him. Turning to Robyn, who was busy licking and polishing her boots to a brilliant leathery shine, she said, “Apply lipstick and a bit of rouge. Put on a pretty skirt, bra and blouse, slut boy. No panties. We’re going for a cock ring fitting.” The bra was necessary because her sissy’s breasts had responded nicely to the drug and hormone treatments, and had grown to a cup size between C and D. Yes, even fitting a bra on Robyn was a bit of an ordeal. Molly suspected he played with his new tits a lot, when she wasn’t looking.

They drove to the jewelers, Molly instructing Robyn not to speak unless a question was spoken. Pierre turned out to be a fine figure of a man, with his dark hair and eyes, and a charming mustache that looked right at home on his face. He was gracious in his greeting of Molly, first kissing the back of her hand, and then shrugging and placing both hands on her shoulders. He proceeded to enthusiastically kiss both of her cheeks in a continental way. Her cheeks tingled, both from his kisses and the soft contact of his mustache. Truth be told, as he pulled back slightly, still holding her shoulders as he expressed his delight at meeting her, a different portion of her anatomy began to tingle slightly.

She introduced them both, “My name is Molly, and this is my sissy boy Robyn.” She held up the two cock rings and their cages, adding, “These are the items in question.” Pierre smiled and bowed, and led them back into his private work room, after introducing his assistant, Florian, who was manning the counter. “So the two of you run this store, Pierre?” Molly inquired.

Oui, Mademoiselle. Except for busy times around the holidays, when we bring in some temporary workers. Now, if I may see what we are dealing with?” he replied.

Take off your skirt, Robyn,” Molly commanded.

Robyn blushed a delicate pink, but did as he was told, revealing his small, limp dick, placing his skirt carefully on a chair.

Pierre held the rings, one after the other, against the place where Robyn’s cock and scrotum sprouted from his pelvis. He held the cage next to its ring. He made French-sounding noises of exasperation that originated somewhere in his teeth. Sounds it would be difficult for English speakers to duplicate.

What’s wrong, Monsieur?” Molly asked.

Alas, Mademoiselle Molly. The solution is complicated. To make this work, I would have to open up the smaller ring into two halves, and add a hinge to rejoin them. Then a tiny hasp and staple would have to be installed at the top, to hold the halves together and allow a tiny lock to secure everything in place. Only then could the lock be removed, the cage attached, and the lock be secured once again. In such a manner, the ring could be worn permanently, whether the cock is caged, or not.”

That sounds like a perfect solution, Pierre. You’re a genius!” Molly felt flattery would be beneficial. “So why do I hear hesitation in your voice? What’s the problem?”

Mademoiselle, all that work, those modifications, would take many, many hours of work. And I charge $350 per hour when creating such commissioned pieces,” Pierre said, sadly. “It would probably not be worth your while to spend so much, I think.”

Molly looked crestfallen. She really wanted to see this chastity device fitted to her little sissy. Then she noticed a very subtle clue. Pierre subconsciously wet his lips with a brief flash of his tongue. Smiling inwardly, Molly took a deeper breath than normal, while at the same time acting as if she was smoothing down her blouse. The combined effect caused her breasts to rise while her blouse material dipped, and the top of Molly’s frilly bra peeked into view.

Pierre’s eyes lit up, and he made a sort of hemming noise as if trying to clear his throat. He coughed delicately, covering his mouth with the back of his hand.

Yes, Monsieur? You’re trying to tell me something?” Molly asked.

Pierre himself blushed delicately, as he nodded. Gathering himself, he began, “Please understand, Mademoiselle Molly, that I have no wish to offend.”

I assure you, Monsieur, that I don’t offend easily. Please speak freely,” she countered.

Very well, Mademoiselle. I am, in my personal life – how you say? – ah, ‘kinky’ – yes, that is the word.” He paused.

And you wish to propose something kinky, in partial or full payment for your services in this matter? Am I understanding your thoughts, Pierre?” Molly asked.

Why yes, Miss Molly. Précisément – you have the right of it!” Pierre exclaimed.

Molly looked at the suave, handsome gentleman and stated, “Pierre, I assure you that I and my little sissy sub are very open to kinkiness with you. Tell me clearly what you wish today.”

Pierre rubbed his chin with his hand, considering, eyeing both Molly and Robyn. Reaching a conclusion, he said, “I have seen Robyn’s penis, but not those amazing breasts. First, I would like to see them, and then have him kneel and suck my cock to firmness. I don’t want you to feel excluded, Mademoiselle, so I would then like to let your lovely fragrant pussy lubricate my cock with your juices, making it quite slippery. And finally, bend Robyn over, and play with those lovely breasts as I perform anal sex on the – how you say? – sissy.”

So to summarize, you want Robyn’s mouth briefly, then my cunt, briefly, then Robyn’s ass, to conclusion?” Molly summed up.

Pierre nodded. “In return, there will be no charge for the extensive measurements, and the preliminary design of your needed solution.”

Sounds wonderful to me,” Molly replied, thinking this a very fair payment for Pierre’s work, and fun for all three of them. “Robyn, remove your blouse and bra for this lovely man.” Robyn did so, letting Pierre have an eyeful of those now amazing tits. As he was gazing, Pierre was opening his trousers, and freeing his cock and balls. When Pierre nodded at Molly, she pressed gently on Robyn’s shoulder, and the sissy sank gracefully to his knees and began sucking Pierre’s cock. At first, Molly grabbed Robyn’s hair in her fist with one hand, and placed her other hand against Pierre’s sacrum. She used her hand to shove Robyn’s face forward and back, using Robyn’s mouth as if she were using her hand to jack off the jeweler’s cock. Her eyes gleamed with pleasure, using her sissy like this.

Molly watched that cock stiffening nicely, so she let go of Robyn’s hair and walked over to a desk. Leaning there, she slipped her panties out from under her short skirt. Pulling up the front of her skirt, she began fingering her pussy, watching and listening to Robyn’s impassioned fellatio. Pierre groaned and gently freed his cock from the suction of Robyn’s mouth.

Molly leaned back against the desk, spreading her thighs apart. “Excusez-moi,” Pierre murmured as he worked his very erect dick into the wet tightness of her pussy. “Magnifique!” he exclaimed as he slid in and out of her velvety sheath several times.

It certainly is,” Molly agreed, rather disappointed that Pierre only want to fuck her briefly. She consoled herself that perhaps in their next encounter, she could convince him otherwise. She did her part for this time, however. Her vaginal fluids covered Pierre’s cock with a glistening, slippery coating when he withdrew. Robyn knew what was expected of him, and he was already bent over, spreading his ass cheeks with both hands, presenting his backside to the jeweler.

Pierre wasted no time in skewering his dick into Robyn’s tight, tight ass hole. They groaned in unison as that dick disappeared from sight. Pierre reached beneath Robyn’s torso, and began toying with those tits he admired so much. Soon the two of them were grinding together in a hedonistic dance, as Molly watched and unabashedly fingered herself to a quiet orgasm. Quiet, because she didn’t want to draw attention to herself and away from the coupling pair.

Pierre gasped something in French, and pulled hard at Robyn’s hips, burying his dick as deep as possible. Robyn gasped something unintelligible, being flooded at that moment with both a load of semen, and sensations. Like a good little sissy, he held his pose until Pierre finished grunting and pulling, and slid out of his ass. Without being told, Robyn turned and knelt down, carefully cleaning off Pierre’s cock. Molly stuffed a wad of tissues into Robyn’s ass, so he wouldn’t leak semen all over the place.

Bien,” Pierre whispered, tucking away his cock and balls. As Molly watched, fascinated, Pierre spent more than an hour meticulously measuring Robyn’s sexual equipment, in various stages of engorgement, jotting figures on a notepad. Circumferences of various regions seemed specially important. Arrangements were made for their next meeting, and Molly took Robyn home.

Several days later, Molly took Robyn back to the jewelers. Pierre was delighted to see them. Indeed, the front of his trousers was slightly tented. It was not too noticeable in the dark material, but Molly was looking for it. As before, they were led into the work room and negotiated the payment before Pierre revealed his progress. The kinky deal was struck.

Robyn, strip, and get down on your hands and knees,” Molly instructed her sissy. When he was in position, Molly seized his ass cheeks and spread them, spitting several times into his ass crack and onto his anus. Grinning happily, she worked her spittle into his anal opening with her fingers. She had to speak up to be heard over Robyn’s moaning when she commanded, “Come on, slut boy. Relax this. Don’t keep the nice man waiting.”

This time, Pierre removed his trousers and underwear, and straddled Robyn’s ass, planting a foot on either side of his knees. Deftly he screwed his cock into the sissy’s bowels, and began fucking him vigorously. Pierre had only one hand braced on the small of Robyn’s back, because his other hand was busy fingering Molly’s cunt. She’d removed her skirt – no panties this trip – and was standing, straddling Robyn’s back, facing Pierre. His sensuous fingering of her pussy was causing her to leak, dripping onto Robyn’s back.

From time to time Pierre used his fingers inside Molly to gently pull her closer, so he could lick the top of her furrow, her pee hole, and her clit. She almost giggled as the wisps from his mustache whispered against her sensitive skin. Everything was building to a crescendo when Pierre suddenly removed his fingers from Molly, and his cock from the sissy’s ass. Standing and pumping his cock, he stepped up to Robyn’s head, lifted the sissy’s chin, and commanded, “Open!”

Robyn open his mouth just as the first arc of semen spurted from the jeweler’s cock. Most of the semen landed in Robyn’s mouth and on his quickly extended tongue, but several splats hit his forehead and nose. Molly, watching this over her shoulder, used her own fingers to reach her peak, and her cum rained down on Robyn’s back. The sissy had a lot of cock and pussy to clean.

As they rested, Pierre showed Molly a cunning prototype of the proposed cock ring, done in plastic. It hinged at the bottom, and had the hasp and staple apparatus at the top. There was no lock, as of yet.

It’s lovely, Pierre,” Molly complimented. “But why is it plastic?”

Plastic is much easier to use in making prototypes, Miss Molly,” he explained. “Once everything works perfectly, I can duplicate it in metal with much less effort.” He was fitting it to Robyn as he spoke, and Robyn’s wince indicated that it was still a tad small. “Bien,” Pierre said. “The mechanism works as we wish, but it needs to be a… what is the word… skosh bigger.” Pierre beamed, pleased to be able to use this obscure word for a small change in size.

On their third visit to the store, Molly got her wish. Pierre had decided that this time he wanted to fuck her pussy, and also her mouth. All three of them got naked, and once again Robyn’s mouth was used to bring Pierre’s cock to rampant hardness. There was a bench now in the center of the room. It resembled a sawhorse, with 4 angled feet and a crossbeam between them, but the top was well padded.

Please to lie face down on this, Miss Molly,” Pierre indicated. As Molly, smiling, complied, Pierre said, “Open her with your tongue, sissy boy.” Moments later, Robyn’s tongue began lapping along Molly’s labia, parting them with long, wet strokes. Molly closed her eyes in pleasure, gripping the front legs of the sawhorse.

Bon. Get under this bench, and caress her tits while I fuck her,” Pierre told Robyn. Molly’s head was hanging over the end of the sawhorse, so she was able to see her sissy sit beneath her and reach his hands up to her dangling breasts and begin stroking them. Pierre was rubbing his firm glans up and down Molly’s vulva, nudging her clit, pee hole and vaginal ring with his smooth flesh. It felt heavenly, like a silky smooth caress. Her cunt juices were starting to leak, anointing his cock.

Pierre had one hand on Molly’s hip, so she guessed his other was aiming his cock now. She wasn’t mistaken. She groaned/sighed as his swollen cock head penetrated her vaginal ring as it entered her. Her sigh became a moan as he planted the full length of his lovely cock inside her. His pelvis touched her ass cheeks, and she knew she had all of him. But not for long, as he pulled back and back. Paused. Then plunged back in with a fast thrust, making his pelvis smack her ass, and his ball sack swing forward to slap her clit.

OMG, Yes!” Molly cried out. Pleasure sensations were flooding her core from not only her cunt, but also from her tits. She held onto the sawhorse legs tightly, almost as tightly as Pierre was holding her hips. He thrust into her rhythmically, and Molly was determined to experience an orgasm caused by Pierre, this time. So she let go of her control completely, surrendering to the vigorous, wonderful fucking and the tit caresses. Pierre ravished her pussy with abandon.

It wasn’t long before Molly shrieked and her orgasm claimed her body.

Sacré bleu!” Pierre exclaimed, as he felt Molly’s cum gush over his ball sack, and her inner muscles squeezing his dick. The extra friction caused by the tightening sent the jeweler over his edge. He planted his cock deeply for the first spurt, and then fucked Molly even faster as spurt after spurt left his cock, his semen being packed deep inside her with each thrust.

Both he and Molly were panting as he pulled his cock free from her cunt. As he walked to the head of the sawhorse, he nudged Robyn with his foot and told him, “Go clean your Mistress’ pussy.” Completing his walk to Molly’s head, he slid his slightly softened cock into her acceptant mouth. Molly began sucking, tasting the mixture of their cums, and her sucking accelerated as she felt Robyn’s hands on her ass and his lips against her cunt.

Molly’s now fervent sucking on Pierre’s cock had the desired effect. It stiffened to fullness once again, and he began fucking her mouth. Robyn was eagerly sucking cum from the depths of her pussy. Mouth full with the jeweler’s cock, Molly could only signal her happiness by humming, deep in her throat. The humming got very loud because Pierre placed his hands over Molly’s ears as he grabbed her head and fucked her mouth with passion. Molly kept her teeth well out of the way and constricted her lips firmly to increase his pleasure. Pierre was so deep into her mouth and throat that his testicles slapped her chin over and over. She was glad he was fucking fast, because it enabled her to gasp breaths of air through her nose in the brief moments his cock head pulled free from her throat.

Pierre vibrated as his cock erupted a surprising load into Molly’s mouth and throat. He screamed, “Nom d’un nom!” loudly enough that she heard it clearly, even with his hands clamped over her ears. She was busy swallowing, though, savoring his delivery of that wonderful cock cream. As he slowly withdrew his softening cock, she tightened her lips extra firmly, stripping the final semen from its tubing. She was still smacking her lips with satisfaction as he assisted her to her feet.

All three of them remaining nude, Pierre tested the revised plastic model on Robyn’s sexual area. It fit perfectly and functioned perfectly. It was even obvious how the cock cage could be added or removed from the cock ring, if the proposed lock were removed from the hasp and staple region. Molly gave Pierre a huge kiss of delight, rubbing their naked bodies together during the embrace.

Pierre said, “I can now craft the metal version, Miss Molly. Please give me a week. If it takes any longer, I will call you to reschedule.” Thankfully, Molly and Robyn remembered to put their clothes back on before leaving Pierre’s work room. It was touch and go, because Molly was focused on the tinglings and taste in her cunt and mouth, and Robyn was visualizing being on his knees, sucking cum from her luscious cunt. Robyn hugged Pierre before they left, and managed to whisper something quietly to him.

A week later, Molly and Robyn entered the shop, in an aroused state of anticipation – most definitely an aroused state, anyway. Pierre had a gleam in his eyes. He knew exactly what he wanted from this negotiation. He waited until they were ensconced privately in his work room, and fully undressed, before stating his desires.

Miss Molly,” he began, “for this session I wish to use your ass, if that is acceptable to you.”

Molly shivered with excitement, hearing this. She’d watched him ass fuck Robyn during their first encounter, and had been a little envious at that time. “I assure you, Pierre, that is most acceptable. I assume you wish me face down on the bench, like last time? Oh! I see you’ve changed it a little.” Indeed, the head area of the sawhorse remained the same, but there was now an extension at the other end. Two flared padded rods lengthened it, and another pair of support legs angled downward and outward from the ends of those rods.

Experimentally, Molly placed herself face down on the bench, and found this new configuration left her pelvis fully supported, but her entire pubic area was now uncovered. “Very ingenious, Monsieur,” she praised. “You should manufacture a sideline in kinky sex devices.”

Praise from you is praise indeed, Mademoiselle,” he said gallantly. Holding up lengths of soft-looking ropes, he inquired, “Am I right in thinking that being tied to this device as I fuck you would heighten your pleasure?”

Molly felt an erotic twitch deep in her belly, and she involuntarily grabbed the front uprights of the sawhorse. She had to take a breath or two before her suddenly leaping heart could be forced back down where it belonged in her chest before she could answer. “OMG! Yes! How perceptive of you!” Little did she know that this concept – having her tied to the bench while being ass fucked was what Robyn had whispered to Pierre as they left the week before.

Pierre decided to take credit for the idea, merely smiling and smoothing a finger across his mustache. Having received her consent, he first looped a rope across the small of her back, and snugged her belly firmly to the padding beneath it. Next, loops of rope secured her arms to the front legs of the sawhorse, running from her wrists to her elbows. Small rope segments running between the join of the sawhorse’s front legs to the crossbeam snugged her shoulders down. Molly’s legs, from her ankles to her mid-thighs, were then tied to the extension’s support legs. Pierre deemed it unnecessary to secure any ropes near her hips or ass, because he’d be using his hands to hold that portion of her anatomy.

Are you quite comfortable, Mademoiselle?” he asked, almost formally.

I feel wonderful, Pierre – very comfortable,” she replied, aware that her sissy and the jeweler were probably ogling her now. “Please be aware that, tied as I am, I may protest and struggle as you use me anally, to enhance my enjoyment. It’s all part of the game. But if I really need you to stop, I will say the word ‘red’ over and over again.” She heard rummaging sounds, and some metallic clicks as Pierre fetched something from his shelves.

I understand perfectly. That will be your safeword. And perhaps these will also add to your enjoyment, Miss Molly?” he inquired, holding up a lovely, delicate set of nipple clamps. Well, the chain was delicate – the clamp jaws looked formidable.

Molly considered how her breasts were dangling down on either side of the crossbeam. She imagined Pierre’s refined fingers squeezing and plumping her nipples into engorgement, and then clamping them. She shuddered with anticipation, and felt her nipples swelling into rigidity before any contact had been made. “Yes,” she moaned. They will.”

Pierre leaned down and tested the plumpness of each nipple before applying the clamp to it. Molly groaned and shook slightly as her nipple reported the delicious pain as the jaws closed. But, as with most clamps, the pain faded and numbness set in. She knew, however, that the eventual removal of the clamps would be even more painful, as sensations returned to her delicate tissues. Even though she was not a pain slut, she looked forward to those feelings, as well.

Your sissy boy will now anoint your anus with his tongue, to aid us in our coupling,” Pierre shared. So even though she could not look back over her shoulder well enough to see, she knew that the tongue that began lapping her ass crack was Robyn’s. Someone’s hands – maybe there were four of them – were spreading her ass wide open, and the tongue even began digging its way inward, penetrating her anal ring, opening her tight puckered hole.

I know you cannot see, Miss Molly, but my swollen cock is resting on top of your sissy’s head. I’m amused how his slobbering attack on your ass hole is making my cock bounce up and down, nested in his hair,” Pierre informed her. “Perhaps you feel some wetness higher in your ass crack? Those are drops of my precum, dripping on you. That is how eager my cock is to enter you.”

The licking and obscene inward drilling of Robyn’s tongue continued for a while. It ceased when Pierre stated, “Bien. Now lick my cock and get it slippery, sissy boy, while I use my fingers to widen that opening more.”

Robyn began licking Pierre’s cock so eagerly that Molly heard the slap of his wet tongue on Pierre’s fleshy rod. But her attention was quickly focused on the sudden widening of her anal opening! Pierre must’ve slipped both his dampened index fingers into her hole, and was pulling them sideways. Her anal ring protested this abrupt dilation, trying to clench, as Molly moaned, “No! Stop!” But she didn’t mean it, they all knew. She took a deep, shuddering breath, and relaxed that sphincter, allowing it to open even more.

When Pierre decided that his dick was sufficiently slick with Robyn’s saliva, and Molly’s rosebud was wide enough, he pressed Robyn’s head downward, commanding, “Now, sissy boy, lick, tongue and suck your Mistress’ cunt,” giving himself clear access to Molly’s ass.

Molly moaned and pulled at the restricting ropes as she felt Robyn’s mouth latch onto her sex, and Pierre’s glans touching the entrance to her ass. Pierre began pressing. Molly’s moan became a groan as his swollen cock head sought entrance, stretching her opening wider. Pierre, holding his cock with one hand, sank his fingers into Molly’s ass cheek for leverage and pressed even harder.

Molly screamed, “Ow! No! Don’t fuck me there!” and shook her head as she tugged hard on her restraints. Robyn’s tongue lightly flicked the sides of her clit, trying to help the pleasure relax her body, and her rosebud.

Pierre himself groaned loudly as her ass finally gave way to his urgent pressure. Molly gasped, her head thrown up and back, as she felt his cock head and shaft slip inside her ass.

OMFG! STOP! Is that a baseball bat in my ass?” Molly cried rhetorically, trying to lift her body forward, away from the invading cock.

Robyn had the temerity to giggle into Molly’s pussy, knowing full well how it felt to have that cock in his ass. He was pleased with himself for suggesting this to Pierre. Pierre and Molly were stationary at this moment, both panting loudly as they adjusted to this highly intimate coupling.

After a minute or so, Pierre asked almost solicitously, “Shall I proceed, Mademoiselle?”

Molly lowered her head again, licked her lips, and nodded her acceptance.

Pierre began a slight in and out movement, groaning, “Magnifique, Miss Molly.” He increased the depths of his strokes. “I love fucking your ass.” He slapped her ass cheeks, one after the other. “Take my cock! Take it all,” he crooned. As he thrust in and out of her, he took delight in a slow grinding motion, his balls slapping at the top of the sissy’s head with each stroke.

Molly’s fists were clenched, and her body shuddered as the well-endowed Frenchman used her anally. Naked, tied, and being ravished in this manner triggered her submissive energies. Her cunt began lubricating, causing Robyn to suck harder at it. Her lubrication went into overdrive as his lips suckled her throbbing, swollen clit, smearing his face with her cunt juices. Her heart rate accelerated, her breathing deepened. “Fuck me,” she moaned.

Pierre could feel the changes taking place in the woman he was fucking. He felt her ass creating a more perfect sheath for his dick, no longer fighting to expel him. He pressed on Robyn’s head, telling the sissy, “Use your fingers, you little slut! I need to take her harder.”

Robyn slipped down farther, changing his angle, and pressed 3 fingers into Molly’s sopping pussy. The jeweler began to speed up his thrusts, the slap, slap, slap sounds echoing in the jeweler’s work room as his pelvis buffeted Molly’s ass cheeks. She was taking his entire length easily now, to their mutual delight. Robyn’s other hand was free, so he found the delicate chain connecting the nipple clamps, and gave it a gentle tug.

Molly felt an almost electric shock at her formerly numb nipples, and instinctively tried to arch her shoulders up – the ropes prevented that. “Pull off those nipple clamps, and milk my tits, slut boy!” she demanded. Other than that statement, she was moaning incessantly, straining at the ropes that held her, making them creak as her muscles bunched with their efforts.

Still finger-fucking his Mistress’ cunt with one hand, the sissy carefully undid the jaws from one nipple, and then the other, letting the clamps fall to the floor. Molly shrieked as renewed sensations flooded her freed nipples, making her ass cheeks quiver in a most arousing fashion on Pierre’s pistoning cock. Molly felt pain in her nipples at first, but that quickly transformed into pleasure as Robyn’s fingers gently massaged and caressed them, and then began the milking action that she’d demanded. His hand at her cunt was getting soaked. His thumb was teasing her stiffened clit.

Pierre was now pounding Molly’s ass with abandon, his dick engorged now to its fullest. His hands had seized her ass cheeks and stretched them apart, so he could watch his cock flashing in and out of her rear tunnel. From time to time he spat at her ass hole, letting his cock carry his spittle inward as further lubricant. He was slamming into Molly’s ass, reveling in his control over her, forcing her to cum.

And cum she did.

With a loud shriek, Molly achieved orgasm. Her body literally vibrated in the ropes as her cunt began spewing her cum. Caught by surprise, because he was busy looking at Molly’s tits as he was playing with them, Robyn swiveled his head around in time to be splashed full in his face. He opened his mouth to catch the fluids, and at the same time fucked her rippling cunt harder with his fingers, feeling Pierre’s cock rubbing on them through the thin wall that separated cunt from ass.

Feeling the more intense sensations inside her cunt, Molly howled and continued a prolonged climax, screaming unintelligible syllables of delight.

Hearing, seeing and feeling Molly cumming, Pierre could hold back no longer. He planted his cock as deeply into her ass as possible, grunted something in French, stopped humping and began hosing her rectum with hot semen.

Hearing the jeweler starting to climax, Robyn pulled his pussy juice soaked hand out of Molly’s cunt, and smeared her intimate wetness on the jeweler’s balls. The sissy’s mouth quickly covered Molly’s cunt, drinking her cascade of cum. He could feel the jeweler’s balls throbbing and shifting around inside his scrotum as he unleashed his load.

The wet massage of his ball sack caused Pierre to press even harder into Molly’s ass, grinding his pelvis against her, unloading a prodigious amount of his seed. There was so much now that it spilled out of her ass hole, and oozed down toward her cunt, touching Robyn’s lip. The sissy shifted his mouth and now consumed both pussy juices and their mixed cums.

Pierre stayed joined to Molly, listening to her panting and gabbling in post orgasmic bliss, grasping and kneading her dangling tits. Addressing Robyn, he said, “Lick the under side of my cock as I slide it out of her ass.” He pulled slowly out of the happily groaning Molly, feeling the sissy’s tongue cleaning the bottom of his cock. When he was all the way out, he fed his cum coated cock to Robyn for a brief cleaning. “Now move, sissy. I’m taking her cunt as well, today. I like to be thorough.”

As Robyn moved forward, out of the way, Pierre parted Molly’s labia with his fingers and guided his cock into her wet, pulsating cunt. He plunged in, and fucked her so hard, it was a good thing she was bound tightly to the bench, or his enthusiasm might have driven her across the room.

Molly experienced that intense, passionate fucking, along with Pierre’s pelvis grinding against her ass, in between strokes that made his balls pummel her labia and clit. Robyn latched his lips firmly onto her nipples in an alternating rhythm, suckling each until it tingled, before switching again. Molly, still stirred up from her earlier climax, cried out in orgasm soon thereafter.

Pierre felt her cunt grasping his cock with a milking cyclicity, and smiled, happy to have brought her to her peak once again. Now it was his turn, and he reached up and grasped her shoulders, leaning over to change his angle slightly, and fucked her until his cock delivered another ejaculation, smaller in volume than his first, but quite satisfying.

After she was untied, Molly had to sit down. Her legs were too shaky after those intense orgasms to stand upon right away. Pierre produced the cunning stainless steel cock ring. It fit perfectly, and worked perfectly, opening and closing securely, with no discomfort or ill effects to Robyn. Molly was pleased, but a little saddened that this adventure was now drawing to a close. “So we are all finished, Pierre?” she inquired, trying not to sound too wistful.

Ah, mais non,” Pierre replied, grinning.

No?” Molly said, trying to keep her dawning glee under control.

This hasp and staple,” Pierre began, pointing, “they will require a special miniature lock and key, Miss Molly.

So we will have to have yet another negotiation and payment?” Molly retorted with mock exasperation, her arms akimbo, with fists pressed onto the tops of her hips. She held the pose perhaps 5 seconds, then burst out laughing, “Thank goodness! Yayyy!” Her eyes twinkled with delight, and Pierre smiled a lustful smile that made her catch her breath.

Bon,” Pierre stated, and he took many final finicky measurements, carefully recording the data. Some of the measurements made no sense to Molly, but he was the master craftsman, so she left this process completely to his judgment.

She and Robyn had to wait more than two full weeks – two weeks spent on tenterhooks – waiting for their next appointment. Pierre asked them to come on a Sunday. The store was usually closed on Sundays, but Florian unlocked the door to admit them when they arrived. Pierre escorted them again into his workroom, but he surprised them by saying, “Before we negotiate, let me show you the results, Miss Molly. Let us all disrobe.” Another first – seeing the product before negotiating the price. Clothes were quickly discarded.

Pierre affixed the cock ring to Robyn’s genitals, along with the cock cage. The tiny lock and key that he’d created were as lovely as they were functional – a tribute to the jeweler’s mastery. Everything fit beautifully, but on closer inspection, Molly saw that the bottom hinge of the cock ring had been modified slightly. She pointed at it with a delicate finger. “Why is this different, Monsieur?”

Pierre’s eyes lit up, and he stroked his thin mustache with a fingertip. “You’re amazingly perceptive, Mademoiselle. I altered it to accommodate this.” So saying, he held up a gleaming, stainless steel butt plug, with a long, thin slightly curved connecting rod.

Molly’s pupils dilated as she gasped, “Does that do what I think it does?”

If you think it can secure this butt plug into your sissy’s ass as well as cage his cock whenever you wish, then yes, it does,” Pierre chuckled. “Let me show you. Here, sissy. Wet this.” He held the base of the butt plug as Robyn wet it with his saliva. “Good. Bend over and spread your ass cheeks, slut boy,” Pierre commanded.

Robyn’s face turned scarlet as he did as he was told. Pierre worked the butt plug into Robyn’s ass, stretching his hole enough to make the sissy grunt. Pierre then showed Molly how to secure the connecting rod to the cock ring. “As you can see, the butt plug can be added and removed as needed, without removing the cage from his cock. I understand that sometimes the prostate of sissies such as this one need to be milked from time to time, to maintain health. Is this not so?”

It is so,” Molly confirmed. “And this is an unexpected, amazing, almost mind-blowing addition to my request. Such an elegant device! I hope that in our negotiations your reward will be commensurate with the value of this creation.”

I’m glad you feel this way, Miss Molly, because let me reveal that, while I created the device, it was actually Florian’s idea and design that inspired it.”

Florian? That lovely man who’s your assistant?” Molly asked.

The very same, Mademoiselle,” Pierre confirmed.

The store is closed, but I see that he is here today,” Molly observed. “I hope that’s so I can thank him properly?”

Oui, Miss Molly. He is most anxious to see if you approve of this addition,” Pierre confided.

Please ask him to join us, Pierre,” Molly begged.

Moments later, Florian was in the room with them. If their nudity bothered him, he hid the fact well. He stood his ground as Molly rushed over to him and embraced him firmly.

Florian, your idea was absolutely wonderful!” Molly gushed. She kissed him on both his cheeks, and then, even more enthusiastically, directly on his lips.

Florian’s ears reddened with shy, bashful pleasure at being so lionized. Chests pressed together, Molly could feel his heart beating faster as he stammered, “I… I’m glad it pleases you, Mademoiselle.”

It does – immensely. Speaking of pleasing, tell me honestly, Florian. Does my body turn you on? I mean, do you find me arousing?” Molly asked, eyes twinkling mischievously.

Florian swallowed hard several times before he was able to croak out, “Certainly, Mademoiselle. You’re quite, quite lovely.”

Molly turned to look at Pierre. “In that case, perhaps you will allow me to propose the terms of our negotiations, this time, Pierre?” she asked.

Pierre’s smile widened, thinking his friend and assistant was about to be rewarded. He was only partially correct. “Please feel free to proceed, Miss Molly. What do you have in mind?”

I propose that you once again tie me to your lovely bench. And this time, both you and Florian make use of my mouth, pussy and ass – any one of them, or all of them – to your heart’s content, or until I safeword. My sissy Robyn will remain in chastity and butt plugged, only being used orally for your arousal, if you wish, and any cleanup, if you require it,” Molly suggested. “Does this seem adequate payment?”

Both Frenchmen were elated, hearing this, and quickly nodded their agreement. Pierre tied Molly to the bench as before, as Florian undressed. Molly’s cunt was already seeping cunt juices, she was so excited. The air in the room was perfumed with her scent of arousal, mixed with the musky scents of excited males. Robyn was called upon to tongue both jewelers, acting as a sort of ‘fluffer’ in the porn movie sense. He licked their cocks, balls, and even their ass holes until both of them stood with glistening, rampant cocks.

Florian was impatient to sample Molly’s pussy, so he claimed a sort of ‘droit du seigneur’ – the right to be the first to have carnal knowledge of her cunt. Pierre graciously moved to Molly’s mouth. Soon she was being fucked at both ends by the randy males. By tacit agreement, they changed ends of her body at intervals. Whoever was at the bottom end of the bench might use her cunt, or might decide to use her ass. Sometimes they even did several strokes in one hole and smoothly did several more in the other. Whoever was at the top end of the table, mouth fucking her, also could easily play with her tits, and did so, caressing, massaging, using rolling grasps on her areolae as if milking her nipples – generally teasing them magnificently.

Molly had never been so thoroughly fucked in her entire life. The men held back their orgasms, for the most part, wanting this ‘payment’ to last a long time. Molly, trussed up and secured to the bench, had no such luxury. The unceasing plunging, pounding, sheathing and unsheathing of their cocks in her holes, plus the extended tit play and the slapping of ball sacks against her sex, forced her into one orgasm after another. It was a good thing the store was closed because Molly got very vocal, eventually yowling like a cat in heat. Those vocalizations were mesmerizing to the men, causing them to redouble their efforts, to make her cries louder and longer.

From time to time, Molly felt the men spurt semen into her ass or cunt, and when they came in her mouth, she certainly tasted it, before swallowing their gifts. But these ejaculations didn’t seem to deter them in the least. They just continued fucking her, the mental arousal and physical sensations of friction on their cocks, and the warm, smooth receptive skin of a horny, rutting female under their hands kept them engorged for hours.

Robyn could only kneel and watch as the two ravished Molly incessantly. The sissy’s butt was stretched and stuffed by the plug, and whenever his cock tried to engorge, the cage painfully nipped his erection in the bud. He spent the afternoon in delicious agony.

Molly herself was exhausted, and somewhat raw in her pussy and ass before the Frenchmen gave her their final injections of semen, and withdrew from her holes, replete. They collapsed onto chairs, permitting the sissy to clean the mixtures of sweat, male semen, and female cum from their genitals.

Now go clean your Mistress’ openings, while she rests,” Pierre instructed Robyn. The sissy slut spent a good deal of time at this task, because as soon as he cleaned semen from her cunt or ass hole, she’d shudder, and internal muscle contractions would disgorge another glob of whitish, sticky, spunk. Once he inadvertently lapped too hard and long on her clit, and without warning, she climaxed anew, splattering his face. The Frenchmen laughed so loudly at this that their sounds almost drowned out Molly’s surprised howl. She was shocked that her body was able to cum yet again!

Finally cleaned, Molly was carefully untied by both men, who had moved their chairs side by side so they could cuddle her nude form across both their laps, letting them all catch their breaths as their minds worked on processing what they’d just experienced. Processing, and reliving it mentally, as was obvious by the huge Cheshire cat-type smiles they wore. Robyn stretched out flat on the floor, acting as a footrest to help keep the jewelers’ feet warm.

After a lengthy period of contemplation, Pierre addressed Molly, observing her facial expression. “Perhaps Mademoiselle has some other items or jewelry she’s like us to design for her – for similar compensation, of course?” Florian’s body tensed slightly as he also awaited her answer.

Starry eyed, Molly responded, “Mais oui.”


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