Kate’s Session

Kate was worried.

No, that wasn’t the right word. She was anxious. Yes, anxious was closer to the truth.

Her Mistress had summoned her. There was nothing unusual in that. At this point, they’d been meeting for a couple of years.

Come to my house, slut,” she had said over the phone. “Wear something simple. As little as possible,” and stated the date and time she wanted her to arrive.

That was her Mistress’ way of saying that she should probably only wear a dress, easy to take off and put back on, with no underwear. Again, not an unusual command.

What made Kate anxious was the timing.

Some of her sessions with her Mistress were ‘cuddle’ sessions. Others were ‘humiliation’ sessions. Her Mistress was pretty good about balancing the amounts of these, because she seldom, if ever, cuddled or comforted Kate directly after a humiliation session. Indeed, at such sessions, other people were usually present, and her Mistress didn’t like showing affection in front of others. But during the cuddling sessions, her Mistress would share her evening and her bed with Kate, keeping her overnight. They would pleasure each other, although, for the most part, Kate would usually please her Mistress more.

Sometimes a month would pass between summons, sometimes less – it all depended on Mistress’ whims and desires. The cuddling sessions were set up more easily, whereas the humiliation sessions usually took a lot longer to arrange. Her Mistress could take perhaps several months to plan such sessions. And this interval was three months, so, unless her Mistress was just extremely busy, in all probability, this session would focus on humiliation.

Being honest with herself, Kate knew that she thrived on both: the humiliation and the affection. But when it came to humiliation, she never knew what would happen. She didn’t fret about it – much – because her Mistress never let it get out of hand. Whatever it was might push her limits, but not to the point she couldn’t handle it. That was part of the thrill – feeling her limits being carefully stretched, but never broken.

Casting her mind back to previous sessions, Kate pondered what she felt might be the most outrageous humiliation she’d ever experienced. Being verbally humiliated by being called things like ‘slut’, ‘bitch’, whore’, and ‘worthless’ Kate now took more or less in stride, although hearing herself called these in front of complete strangers did make her shiver. That windy day when Mistress walked her in the park wearing only a silken sundress with a flared skirt that reached her mid-thighs was memorable. Mainly because Mistress made her interlace her fingers in front of her navel to prevent her from trying to control the skirt’s hem each time it flew up. She kept her chin down, never daring to make eye contact with the passersby, but she heard several lewd comments and suggestions. Some men even doubled back in the hopes of catching more glimpses of her pussy.

Unlike some of the other Dominants they’d met, her Mistress had never made her drink water from a dog bowl. But Kate had to watch other submissives do this. Lately, her Mistress was examining some extreme forms of porn on the internet in Kate’s presence, almost as if watching her reactions, and taking mental notes. Some of them even involved women having sex with dogs. Kate swallowed hard, visualizing being called upon to do such a thing.

But thus far, the truly most humiliating event was the time the Mistress took her to a small, intimate gathering of Dominants, male and female, plus their submissives. Kate’s job was to make certain that she pleasured everyone in the room, but in return, she received no pleasure from anyone else. As if she was the lowest of the low, and undeserving of any physical delight at all. That was an evening whose memory still made her face and neck flush a deep scarlet.

Mentally shaking herself, Kate glanced into the back seat, making certain that her ’emergency clothes’ were still there. She always carried spare clothing when visiting her Mistress, for the simple fact that she never knew if the clothes she arrived in would be usable when she left. Sometimes her garments were ripped off by the rough hands of strangers; at other times they might be carefully cut away with scissors. If that occurred, the sweatpants and sweatshirt would do nicely if it was cold, and the T-shirt and shorts, if the day was warm.

Idly, she wondered if her husband suspected anything about these sessions. His long absences from home, driving his truck across country, gave Kate ample opportunities to be at the beck and call of her Mistress. The discrete code words that her Mistress had worked out with her, so she could signal her unavailability for a given date, should that occur, had never been used yet.

As she pulled into the driveway of her Mistress’ secluded house, she glanced at her dashboard clock, and gasped in dismay. She was late! Instinctively, her mind tried to come up with a plausible excuse, but she brought that to a halt – her Mistress would brook no explanations. Kate just hoped she was in a good mood.

On the doorstep, Kate rang the bell, not automatically letting herself in, since she never knew if her Mistress might have a guest or two. Those guests always parked their cars well out of sight, giving no clue as to their presence. Kate tried to wait patiently, her normally sparkling blue eyes clouded a stormier gray with concern. She carefully patted her shoulder length brown hair into a semblance of order after it had been jostled by the air currents blasting through her car.

After a pause, the door was opened by a naked male stranger. His collar proclaimed silently that he was obviously a submissive, sent to answer the door. Following protocol, he uttered not a word of greeting to her, just shut the door behind her and motioned her toward the room where her Mistress awaited her arrival.

As Kate entered the room, she saw not only her Mistress, but also three other female Dominants, along with their corresponding male subs. She vaguely recognized only one Dominant and her sub, having met them only once or twice before. Her heart sank. What a day to be late, embarrassing her Mistress in front of all these guests. She stood, uncertain if her Mistress might want her to bow, or kiss her feet in greeting.

The fact that her Mistress was annoyed by her tardiness was instantly apparent in the frown on her face, and the stern tone of her voice. “Strip and kneel in the center of the room and wait, you worthless slut,” she intoned without a hint of sweetness. “You made us wait, so now you can wait.”

Sometimes Kate would strip slowly and sensuously, to please her Mistress. But she could tell this was not one of those times. Hurrying to the room’s center, she slipped her dress off fast, flinging it to the side as she quickly knelt, facing her Mistress. Given the mood in the room, Kate felt extra shy about being naked around all these strangers, so she pressed her thighs together to cover her sex, and brought her hands to the center of her lap, letting her arms partially cover her tits. She could tell from the heat in her cheeks that she was blushing a bright red.

Her Mistress commented to one of her Dominant friends, “Look at her, Julia. Deliberately trying to hide her breasts from my sight.” She sounded somewhat exasperated. Kate straightened and separated her arms, placing them now alongside her breasts, subtly forcing them forward, even though she’d not been directly addressed. Her Mistress’ foreboding expression didn’t change.

Julia made a disapproving sound, “Tsk, tsk. If mine ever acted like that,” she said, using her foot to nudge the male kneeling near her, “he’d merit a beating.” Kate quivered slightly, but kept her facial expression quite neutral.

Suzie and Paget appear to agree with you,” Kate’s Mistress stated. Indeed, the other two female Dommes were nodding their heads knowingly.

Miss Suzie related, “My slut boy is basically a hot head. Never towards me, of course. But towards others – always getting into arguments. He’s very opinionated and prejudiced, and never seems to see the other person’s viewpoint. I beat him a lot for it, and I guess I keep him around because I enjoy tormenting his body in various ways.” The male sub in question sort of clenched his jaw, hearing this, almost grinding his teeth.

Interesting,” Miss Paget said. “Mine is most amusing right after he’s cum. I really enjoy having extra orgasms milked out of him at that point. I even have a milking machine that I can place him on for an hour or two. Hearing his cries of how sensitive his cock is, and his pleas for mercy is always so satisfying.” Her male sub’s face flushed a color that was almost purple, and he squirmed where he knelt.

Well, I keep mine for his milk and his tongue,” Miss Julia offered.

For his tongue, I can understand,” Miss Suzie acknowledged. “But his milk? You mean his cum?”

Miss Julia smiled as she answered, amusement in her voice. “Yes, his semen. I have my other subs milk him several times a day. We’ve a special platform for it, and he’s milked like a cow with a single teat.” Her sub hazarded a weak smile. “At first, he only gave a few teaspoonfuls. But with regular milking, some hormones, and a special diet, his balls can now yield almost half a cup of semen, on a good day. When he cums, its an amusing sight.” These last statements were spoken with pride.

Miss Julia’s sub was in Kate’s field of view, so she could study him without seeming to do so. Like the other two naked male subs in the room, his body was average – unremarkable – certainly not calendar material. He was bald, either naturally, or by having his head shaved. She assumed the latter, because she could not see any hair anywhere on his body. Certainly not in the region of his crotch, which he kept fully on display for his Mistress and the other Dominants. Perhaps Miss Julia had a fetish about hairless bodies.

Since her Mistress seemed distracted by this discussion, Kate focused her attention on the sexual equipment of the submissive being discussed. His penis was not circumcised, one of the few she’s ever seen like that. Since he wasn’t aroused, the diminutive, wrinkly rod looked like a tiny, foreshortened elephant’s trunk. Its small size was emphasized by the huge scrotal sack the cock lay limply atop. That sack displayed two grossly swollen testicles, one on either side of the resting penis.

Lulled into slight complacency by the Mistresses’ discussion of their males, Kate was startled when her Mistress said, “At least yours are good for something. Mine just kneels there like a worthless lump.” Kate bit her lip and looked ashamed at hearing this criticism. But at the same time, her heart started pounding harder, knowing all eyes were now on her. Her blend of anxiousness and excitement intensified.

It’s good to make her wait. Let her wonder what you plan to do to her,” Miss Suzie said.

I certainly wouldn’t let a tardy slut like that anywhere near my cunt,” Miss Paget chimed in.

Probably, if you made her a fuck toy, she’d lie on the floor, an inert blob,” Miss Julia added.

She’s not worth fucking,” Kate’s Mistress declared. “I’ll show you what meager talent she possesses.” Addressing Kate, she commanded, “Listen up, you filthy whore. Stay exactly where you are and don’t change your position.” Her Mistress nodded at Miss Suzie.

Miss Suzie spoke to her submissive. “Slut boy. Go over and let that slut’s mouth service you. And stand so you don’t block our view.” With a nod of understanding, the male stood up, walked over to Kate, and stood with his limp dick near her mouth.

As Kate opened her mouth to accept the cock, her Mistress added, “And don’t you dare waste a single drop of cum by swallowing it, bitch. I want every bit of it on your body where we can see it – not inside you. Swallow any, and your punishment will be severe. Let them each empty on you. If we decide to have two males by you, you may use your hands as well as your mouth. Now get busy!”

Hesitating, Kate stared a moment at the flaccid lump of meat dangling in front of her. “I said ‘get busy’ didn’t I?” her Mistress scolded her. “What a slow, worthless waste of space you are,” she concluded with a sigh.

Blushing furiously, and wishing she could shrink from the sight of the four Dommes, Kate sucked the limp penis into her mouth, clamping her lips firmly on its shaft, and hollowing her cheeks as she sucked. The taste was pretty bad. She wasn’t sure when the last time was that this guy had bathed. She bobbed her head, salivating, and the taste gradually improved. She felt the cock stiffening.

Suddenly, Miss Paget’s sub was standing at her other side, obviously sent there by his Mistress. Kate reached up and took hold of his dangling member, and started pumping it. She dared not pull the current cock from her mouth to spit on the cock she was stroking. That sub would just have to deal with any abrasion pain from dry humping her hand. Both cocks were responding, though. And so were the Dommes.

Intently watching the show that Kate was putting on, the four women moved closer together. Hands tugged at clothing. Tits and pussies came into view. Mouths kissed between stealing glances at Kate’s actions. Hands fondled breasts. They slipped into wet, receptive cunts. Sounds of arousal filled the room.

The males were getting quite turned on by the scents and sounds. The penis in Kate’s hand was rampant, hot, and throbbing. She hoped he’d be able to hold off until the first guy finished, because her Mistress’ command was that she use her mouth on every dick. Distracted and concerned, Kate missed the warning twitches given off by the cock in her mouth. Before she knew it, it started spurting! She immediately stopped sucking, because to do so would force her to swallow the mouthful of cum she now had.

Pulling the still spurting dick from her mouth, she yanked it downward, so its final spasms sprayed on her upper belly. Kate kept her mouth open, and her chin tilted down, letting the cum drizzle out, so her Mistress could see she was obeying by not swallowing any of it. As the sub stepped back to kneel by his Mistress, Kate lifted her tits in her hands and drooled hot cum over their upper slopes and areolae.

At least she listened to me,” Kate’s Mistress commented, seeing her dump the cum out of her mouth onto herself. “Maybe she’s worth something after all, but that seems unlikely.” The other Dommes all laughed.

Now Miss Paget’s sub had his cock in her mouth. Trying to please her Mistress, Kate sucked him very hard. Miss Julia cried out loudly as her body shook in orgasm, the two Dommes flanking her both fingering her cunt at the same time, while one rubbed her clit and the other rubbed her tits.

Kate caught the telltale warning sign this time. As the cock in her mouth swelled slightly, and started a twitching sort of vibration, she yanked it free and pointed it at her tits. Three sticky arcs of semen splatted against her naked flesh. Before he could step away, Miss Paget called out, “Make that one come again. You’ll have to use your hands, and pump him really hard.”

Kate heard a groan from the submissive. She knew that a man’s cock is very sensitive right after an ejaculation, so this would be unpleasant for him. Mentally shrugging, because there was nothing else she could do, she obediently grabbed his cock and started pumping it fast.

He moaned, he groaned, he pleaded with her to stop. But she could not. She mashed his balls up against his groin as his cock reversed its course of action from drooping to painfully stand erect again. Unseen by the Dommes, the finger of the hand she was using to press against his scrotum found and poked its way into his ass hole. The added humiliating stimulation sent him over the edge.

He screamed in a mixture of agony and triumph as his gooey cum hit her on her ear and hair. As he came, Kate kept pumping until his last feeble dribbles fell on her bare shoulder. Her consciousness registered another orgasmic vocalization at almost the same time. This came from Miss Paget, who apparently received gratification at seeing her sub yield to that cock and ball torture. Almost in a chain reaction, Miss Suzie and Kate’s Mistress climaxed together, rubbing their sopping pussies together in a scissoring action of their legs. The smell of sex perfumed the room. Kate’s pussy was leaking now, forming a puddle still hidden beneath her as she knelt.

Miss Paget’s sub staggered on wobbly legs back to his place by his Mistress. Miss Julia signaled her sub, and he quickly approached Kate, offering his dick, which still resembled an elephant’s trunk, with its head covered by that strange wrinkled foreskin. But now it was semi-erect, and an appreciable length. “Fuck her mouth,” Miss Julia commanded her sub. “But turn her head so we can see.”

The male grabbed Kate’s head by her temples and turned it partially sideways. She opened her mouth in anticipation, and he thrust inward. Instinctively, her lips closed on the partially flaccid shaft, to help keep it from falling out of her mouth every time he pulled back.

Meanwhile, Miss Suzie, somewhat recovered, untangled her legs from those of Kate’s Mistress, and dragged her sub around behind the girl. “Raise your ass up, girl,” she hissed. As Kate lifted her ass up off her heels, Miss Suzie told her sub, “Get down there and tongue her ass hole.”

There was a shuffling sound behind her, followed by the sensation of a warm, wet tongue swiping over her tightly puckered nether hole. “I didn’t say lick it, slut boy! I said tongue fuck that ass hole. Pull her ass cheeks apart! I want to see your whole tongue inside her!” Miss Suzie shouted. With her ass being lifted and pulled, Kate had to shuffle her thighs apart for balance, putting her pussy on full view of the Dommes. It was completely devoid of pubic hair, just the way her Mistress preferred it, and her swollen labia were clearly visible.

Kate moaned loudly around the cock fucking her mouth as she felt her ass invaded by and drilled by a stiffened fleshy tongue. The tongue plunged amazingly deep into her rear tunnel, triggering wild sensations that spread through her whole sexual region. Her repetitive moans were vibrating the cock skewering her mouth and tickling her throat. That cock was fully turgid now, and pistoning in and out of her lips rapidly. The obscenely swollen ball sack and testicles that dangled beneath it swung like a pair of fleshy wrecking balls, slapping Kate’s chin.

Kate lost track of time, kneeling naked and on display as the two men ravaged her at either end. Suddenly, the guy mouth fucking her groaned a strange sound deep in his throat. Kate felt his cock starting to jerk. His Mistress knew that sound. “Don’t cum in her mouth!” she yelled. “Paint her with your cum.” Miss Suzie came around front again, to watch.

Just in time, he pulled himself clear of her mouth. The intense fucking, plus the now swollen size of his cock head, had rolled his foreskin back off his glans. Kate had a momentary peek at that huge purplish glans, with its elongated slit before a long stream of semen jetted from that slit, striking her squarely in her forehead, and spraying up into her hair. She quickly closed her eyes. That was a good idea, because the next wave of semen struck her eyes and nose, drenching that area of her face.

The watching Dommes, other than Miss Julia, who expected this, gasped in amazement at the massive load being fired from that jerking, pulsating cock. Another torrent coated Kate’s mouth and neck. Blast after blast struck her tits, belly, thighs and exposed cunt. Before he finished ejaculating, he had covered virtually the entire front of her body, from her head to her knees.

Julia, I hope you’ll share the secret of that special diet and hormones with me,” Miss Paget said. I’d love to milk my slut boy and get such amazing amounts of semen. Imagine the volume possible if he’s tied, with a machine milking him each day for hours,” she said, almost wistfully.

I’d be glad to,” Julia replied. “We could bring this girl over, perhaps, and dump those loads milked out of him onto her head, while others watch.”

I have a better idea,” Kate’s Mistress said. “We could tie her upside down, naked and spreadeagled, and tape her cunt open. Then we pour his semen into her open cunt, filling it to overflowing, and let the remainder cascade down her torso to her head. We’d make her a human cum bucket. That would be a sight to behold. Wipe your eyes and open them now, slut,” she instructed Kate.

Miss Suzie commanded her sub, “Get your tongue out of her ass hole now, and come over here.” As he did so, the Dommes positioned their subs so that all seven people in the room were staring right at Kate. Easing slowly back down onto her original pose, she knew she’d better not move unless her Mistress commanded it.

She knelt there, mortified, as everyone watched the cum slowly drizzling down her body, leaving in its wake slime covered trails on her bare skin. She’d never had this much cum on her before. It became strangely erotic. Even the various comments about how nasty she looked faded as her mind registered the images of billions of microscopic sperm swimming all over her face, neck, tits and belly. All those tiny little tails of theirs flipping back and forth, ineffectually trying to seek out her egg.

Her reverie was broken when Miss Julia whispered a question into the ear of Kate’s Mistress. Her Mistress pondered a moment, and then nodded. Miss Julia told her sub, “Slide on your back between her knees and start eating her cunt.” To Kate, she said, “Your Mistress gives you permission to cum, slut.” Kate looked quickly at her Mistress for confirmation, but that person was not looking at her – rather she was studying her manicure, as if Kate was completely unimportant.

The sub did as he was told, lifting Kate’s pelvis slightly before getting into position and lowering her cunt back down over his face. She had a hard time seeing how he was not being smothered. He must have been breathing through his mouth as he began performing cunnilingus. His own semen trickled down over her mound and onto her clit as his tongue flashed into sight, lapping it away. Her clit was visibly swelling.

Not to be outdone, Miss Paget sent her sub behind Kate to lick, kiss and nibble her ass. Kate felt her nipples stiffening as her body reacted to the twin areas of stimulation. The nipple erection caused some of the dried semen coating them to crack and flake away, an event noticed and remarked on by the observant Dommes.

She can be a responsive little bitch, can’t she?” Miss Paget observed.

I suppose so. On very rare occasions,” Kate’s Mistress commented, nonchalantly.

Kate had not been told to remain silent, so she moaned loudly. Even though her thighs were blocking the sub’s ears, he could hear her moans transmitted through her body itself. She dared not touch herself, and kept her hands down on her thighs as she rode the sub’s mouth. The Dommes began caressing one another again as they watched and listened.

Miss Suzie gave her sub a kick to get his attention, since his bulging eyes were riveted on Kate’s body. “Go play with her tits, slut boy,” she commanded. “Be careful not to block our view.” As he moved to comply, her hands went to Miss Julia’s ample breasts, thumbing their nipples. At this point, all five females in the room were moaning and sighing as their excitement rose.

Kate closed her eyes, feeling hot hands tugging and rolling her nipples, a tongue and teeth exploring her ass cheeks, and lips sealing her cunt, applying suction as a long, stiff tongue fucked deeply into her sopping honey pot. She felt her muscles starting to bunch up as a golden ball of energy formed in her core, expanding. Her orgasm was imminent. She wanted to bounce up and down on the face that was doing such amazing things to her cunt.

Unbidden, a litany started issuing from her mouth, softly at first, but growing in volume as it was repeated. “omg… omg… Omg… Omg… OMG… OMG!” Her eyes flew open as her orgasm hit, but they were out of focus, staring into the infinity of bliss that rushed through her being. Her breath caught for a moment, then she sucked a deep inhalation, and screamed her climax aloud. The sub latched onto her clit with soft lips and suckled. Her orgasm intensified and prolonged, her cunt spewed her cum juices all over his face. The other two subs maintained their acts of stimulation until her shaking stopped.

The Dommes called their subs back to kneel close to them, facing Kate again. All the Dommes were writhing and sweating, obviously close to another orgasm themselves. Kate’s Mistress gasped to her, “Use your fingers, whore. Get yourself off again while we all watch.”

Kate’s flush of embarrassment spread its heat from her face, down her neck, and across the tops of her breasts. She was sweating, her hair matted with cum and sweat, kneeling in a pool of mixed cums. Her naked body was still cum-spattered, her tits and cunt fully on display. Her labia were so puffy that they protruded lewdly, flanking her open, drooling, dripping cunt. Her clit was so swollen that the observers could see it throb with each beat of her heart. She was acutely aware of the stench formed by the combination of her body’s arousal and the masculine semen that had been dumped on her.

Seven pairs of eyes – 4 female, and 3 male – were locked on her, awaiting her performance. The Dommes continued caressing, fingering, and grinding against one another erotically as Kate’s fingers entered her still molten cunt. She used her other hand to splay her labia farther apart. Tilting her pelvis back, she offered a better view of her fingers moving in and out of her vaginal opening. Every thrust created an obscene ‘squish’ sound. She forked her fingers into an upside down ‘V’ so that she could glide them on either side of her clit as they plunged in and out of her hole. Her tits shook and wobbled with the motions of her arms and her ragged breathing.

One by one, the Dommes began erupting in orgasm as they watched. Two of them actually did erupt, their cunts gushing a spray that struck the backs of their subs, kneeling in front of them. Loud sounds filled the room as the orgasmic orgy spread amongst the Dommes. Kate, already excited from her earlier orgasm, couldn’t hold back another moment, even though she tried and tried. With a shriek of, “I’m cummming!!!” she peaked, her body convulsing, her cunt sucking at the three fingers she had shoved as deep inside it as possible. Her other hand was thrumming her clit frantically. Her orgasm was so intense that she almost fell over. With a supreme effort, she managed to stay kneeling upright, panting like mad.

With her heart still pounding like mad inside her chest, and her lungs’ heaving making her tits ripple and sway, Kate heard her Mistress say, “”We’re done with you, bitch… get out!”

Mind spinning, Kate did what she could, hastening to obey. Her trembling knees refused to let her stand upright, so she had to crawl to where her dress had been tossed. Her Mistress had said nothing about dressing, just ‘get out’, and Kate still found she couldn’t stand up, so she anchored the dress in her teeth, flipped the rest up onto her back, and crawled across the room. She was well aware of the amused expressions on all seven observers as she crawled before them, tits dangling.

Look at her. Crawling like a little bitch,” her Mistress chuckled. The others, even the males, laughed at her predicament.

When she reached the hallway to leave the room, which turned her hindquarters toward them, the observers had one final look at her naked ass cheeks rippling with each contraction of her movements.

And look! Her gaping cunt is still drooling!” her Mistress chortled. The sound of laughter intensified her feeling of abject mortification. Perversely, Kate reveled in that moment.

By the time she reached the doorway, she was able to finally stand again. She checked on her dress, and found it relatively unscathed, since her back hadn’t been drenched in semen. She decided to wear the clothes that were waiting in her car, so she walked naked from the house to the car, comfortable in the seclusion of the area.

Opting to wear the semen home, she didn’t wipe off – she just pulled on her sweat-clothes, and slipped into sandals. She began heading home, driving extra carefully so she wouldn’t get stopped. It might be difficult to explain to the police why her body was covered in cum like it was.

Caught in a rare moment of self-analysis, she realized that such sessions with her Mistress were a relief from her otherwise humdrum existence. These bouts of submission were actually quite liberating – a vacation from her normally ‘vanilla’ lifestyle. They represented an opportunity for Kate to allow the slut woman that was inside her to manifest herself. She felt humiliation, yes – but no guilt. Her freedom from guilt was due to the fact that in these sessions, she was merely obeying her Mistress, like a good submissive.

Kate was tired, but felt good. She liked being covered with cum, truth be told. And she was smiling, elated with herself for doing what she felt had been a good job this evening. Her next cuddle session with Mistress would verify if her Mistress felt the same.


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