Beastiality 05 – The Visit

(author’s note: inspired by my good friend R.J. – you know who you are )

Mistress was acting very mysteriously.

It was a Saturday morning, and she had told me to finish my chores quickly. Completing them, I knelt naked at her feet, with my head bowed, awaiting her instructions.

Dress in your simple blue short skirt, and your translucent white blouse. For your feet, those lovely blue slippers I bought for you. And of course, wear no bra or panties.”

I hastened to comply, now realizing that she must be planning to take us someplace.

As we stepped outside our front door, I felt the breeze press my blouse against my chest, making my darker areolae quite obvious through the thin material. My breasts are very sensitive, and my erotic display was enhanced as my nipples felt the warmth of the sun on them and stiffened. I looked down to see their prominent bumps at the center of each dark circle.

Grab the hem of your skirt on both sides and raise it to your waistline,” Mistress commanded.

Still standing by the front door, I did as I was told. Drawing the skirt upward completely exposed my pussy and my ass.

Nodding her approval, Mistress said, “Walk ahead of me to the car. I want to watch your ass as you move.”

Preceding her, my exhibitionist nature took over, and I exaggerated my hip movements slightly as I sashayed to the car. Reaching it, I looked back over my shoulder and saw her eyes twinkling and she smiled at me.

I do not want the back of your skirt soaking wet by the time we reach our destination, so keep it up around your waist, and sit on the towel that covers the seat.”

Our journey did not take long, and soon we pulled into the driveway of an unfamiliar house.

I do not know this neighborhood very well,” Mistress explained. “As you get out of the car, let your skirt fall.”

It was a good thing that I did, because as we were walking towards the front door of the house, another car pulled into the driveway behind ours. We waited as the driver, a lovely brunette with striking green eyes, shoulder length slightly curly hair, long delicate fingers tipped with bright red polish, breasts slightly larger than mine, amazingly shapely legs, and an aura of utter self-assurance emerged. Before she joined us, she opened the rear door of her car, and after a moment led a magnificent black Labrador toward us by his leash.

Although I had never met this woman before, Mistress knew her. “Helen, this is my girl, the one I have mentioned so often. Girl, this is my very good friend. You will address her as Miss Helen.”

I bowed my head, saying, “It is good to meet you, Miss Helen. You have a lovely dog there.”

Thank you, girl. His name is Jake.” Jake immediately pricked up his ears, recognizing his name. Our trio, plus dog, finished the walk to the front door, and Mistress rang the doorbell.

After a short delay, the door opened, and I am sure my mouth fell open as I saw our hostess. We were greeted by a tall woman whose long blond hair was drawn back into a ponytail. I could tell she was a natural blond because she greeted us wearing not a stitch of clothing – and the color of her pubic hair exactly matched that upon her head. Of course, there was always the possibility that she meticulously dyed her pubic hair that same shade.

As I looked more closely – OK, as I stared intently at her pussy – I could not help but notice the hair there was a bit matted with moisture. Later we learned she had been playing with herself, awaiting our arrival. When I could finally tear my eyes away from what I was so focused upon, I found her strangely hypnotic gray eyes looking directly at me. Her luscious red lips curved into a look of amusement, as my cheeks heated red hot from embarrassment at being caught staring. My embarrassment did not, however, prevent me from stealing a glance at her equally luscious breasts, and I felt my mouth – and possibly another part of my body – begin to water.

Again Mistress introduced me. “Girl, this is Miss Stephanie, who was kind enough to invite us over. Stephanie, this is the cute little subbe that I mentioned.”

Welcome to you all. And especially to you, Jake,” she said, kneeling to give him welcoming pets. This got his tail thumping with happiness. “Thank you so much for bringing him along, Helen.” She turned and opened a door. “This front hall closet has hangers for your clothes.” She eyed me carefully. “All of them,” she said with a smile.

As I was removing my blouse and skirt, and watching my Mistress, and Miss Helen peel away the layers that clung to their lush figures, I could not help but feel that as the only submissive present I was in for quite a workout. It turned out that I was both correct and incorrect.

Jake whined briefly as his sensitive nose was flooded with the scent of the newly uncovered pussies – even I was aware of them. Miss Helen leaned over and gave him a reassuring pat on his head, scratched him behind his ears, and murmured something inaudible to us, but which calmed him.

Miss Stephanie led us all into her living room.

While Miss Helen settled Jake in a comfortable corner, I  glanced all around the room, admiring the tasteful way in which it had been decorated. Done mostly in earth tones, with rich wood paneling, colorful artwork, and comfortable furniture, the room had much eye appeal. It actually took me a few moments to notice the coffee table. The coffee table occupying the center of the room. The coffee table with the naked man tied to it!

He was kneeling at one end of the table, with his knees bound firmly to the legs at that end. His chest was flat against the table surface, as was his right cheek as he turned his head to look in our direction. His arms were stretched out toward the other corners of the table, with his wrists secured by longer ropes to the legs at those corners.

After my initial shock of catching sight of him, my eyes traveled from his wrists down his arms across his face, back, and buttocks, coming to rest at the space between his open thighs. Dangling there were a pair of nicely proportioned balls and a semi erect cock. From where I stood, I saw no evidence of hair on his ball sack. My reverie was interrupted by the sound of laughter coming from Miss Helen and Mistress as they too noticed the restrained male. I could not help myself – I burst out laughing as well.

Ladies, this is my little slut boy, Doug.” Doug flushed a deep red upon hearing himself introduced in this manner. I got the impression that he was either not used to being tied naked to a coffee table, or not used to being seen by strangers like this. Especially female strangers. Especially naked female strangers.

I have been playing with myself sitting in this armchair while I was waiting for you all to arrive,” she continued. “It has been a leisurely morning, just keeping myself simmering.”

I looked where Miss Stephanie was pointing and observed two things. The armchair had on its seat a towel displaying a wet spot. Doug was positioned so that he had an excellent view of that seat. Watching Miss Stephanie play with herself without being able to do anything about it must have been a sweet torment for him.

Miss Stephanie turned to me. “I saw you eying my cunt at the doorway. Come here.” She pulled me to the armchair, sat down, and opened her thighs. “Kneel down and eat it like a good girl.”

I knelt down so quickly and eagerly that my knees thumped loudly on the floor, which made Miss Stephanie laugh merrily. But her laughing quickly turned to happy moans as my tongue and lips went to work on her labia. Soon she was gripping the arms of the chair, mashing her pelvis against my face, gasping out instructions. “Put your tongue inside me. Tug and roll my pussy lips. Fuck me with two fingers. Lick my pee hole. Now lick my clit. Now suck it!” Ultimately, she anointed my face with her cum juices as she shuddered with her first orgasm.

Licking and sucking her fragrant cunt clean, I became aware of other sounds in the room. Mistress was noisily feasting on Miss Helen’s cunt nearby. And Doug was making his torment audible with whimpers from his mouth, and thrumming creaks from the ropes holding his wrists. I realized that, while my head and Mistress’ head blocked his view of the pussies being eaten, our kneeling positions gave him an excellent view of our own buttocks, surely displaying our cunts and ass holes to his gaze.

When their eyes were not closed in ecstasy, Miss Helen and Miss Stephanie were watching his reaction to the show. When their mouths were not gasping for air, they were taunting him about his helplessness.

What’s the matter, Doug? Wish you could bury your aching cock in our hot, juicy pussies?”

Getting a good eyeful of our show, slut boy? I bet you’d like to be untied, wouldn’t you?”

Miss Stephanie gave me a gentle push. “Be a dear, girl. Scoot under the table and suck Doug’s cock for a while. But don’t let him cum. If that happens, you’ll be punished.”

Still tasting Miss Stephanie on my tongue, I slid under the coffee table and quickly inserted Doug’s cock into my mouth. It’s tip was covered with pre-cum, and more drizzled into my mouth as I began sucking. Doug immediately groaned loudly, and made vain attempts to rock his pelvis. He was trying to fuck my mouth, but he was too tightly restrained to achieve much motion. All three of the other women laughed and chortled, commenting on the look of dismay on his face.

Nonetheless, my sucking action was having quite an effect on his genitals. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw his scrotum crinkling up, forcing his balls higher – a sign that he was about to cum. Remembering Miss Stephanie’s instruction, I reached up and grabbed his ball sack firmly. I let his dick slip from my mouth, and at the same time pulled down on his balls, ruining his impending orgasm.

Please! Please let me cum!” he begged Miss Stephanie.

Not yet,” she replied. “You still don’t want it badly enough.

Girl, continue licking his cock – but no sucking this time. You don’t have to worry about him cumming. That will be our responsibility now.”

As I began licking Doug’s still swollen penis, the three women gathered around the coffee table. From my vantage point I could not tell who was where. But I saw one hand reach under and seize Doug’s scrotum, pulling down on it. Someone else began spanking his ass with the palm of her hand. From the sound of it, she was not being very gentle.

I heard Miss Stephanie say, “That’s a good idea, Helen. Rub your tits on his back. That will sensitize it nicely for the flogger.”

Doug was now the center of attention, although I’m not sure how much he appreciated it. The licking, ball stretching, spanking and flogging went on for quite some time.

Concentrating on the cock at the end of my tongue, I almost banged my head on the underside of the coffee table when a sloppy long wet tongue suddenly lapped at my cunt! Someone had led Jake over to where I was sprawled on the floor, and guided his muzzle right to my pussy. That dog was a fantastic cunt licker! In seconds, his tongue snaked between my puffy sensitized labia, and speared its way deeply into my tunnel. Excited as I was from eating Miss Stephanie’s cunt and sucking and licking Doug’s dick, Jake had me cumming in minutes, my juices feeding his ravenous hunger.

Mistress patted me on my leg, saying, “When you have caught your breath, come out from under there and take hold of Jake’s collar.”

I gave myself a minute or two to recover. Easing myself from beneath the table, I grasped Jake’s collar, petting him on the head, praising him. “Thank you for such a fantastic orgasm, boy! I love being forced to cum like that!”

Miss Helen said, “It’s our turn now, girl. Move Jake over here and help him to lick us.”

I looked, and saw all three lovely naked women sitting with their thighs wide open. They were even tugging on their pussy lips to hold their cunts wide open as well. What a sight! Doug could see everything clearly from his vantage point. His eyes beamed lustful agony.

All it took was a gentle tug on Jake’s collar in their direction. He needed no further encouragement, practically dragging me over to them. As Mistress and Miss Stephanie watched, I aimed Jake’s muzzle between Miss Helen’s thighs. Eagerly, his tongue flashed out and slithered through the entire valley Miss Helen was presenting to him. She even had her pelvis tilted enough that the tip of his tongue slathered over her tiny pink puckered ass hole. Her moans of ecstasy soon echoed through the room. As he brought Miss Helen to a mighty climax, it was clear that Jake was very familiar with this cunt, and what was expected of him. I guessed that he had  had a lot of practice.

Jake was a big powerful dog. I tried to pull him away from Helen’s crotch, but he resisted. It took a lot of my arm strength to pull him even a short distance away. When he realized that instead of denying him that pussy, I was really guiding him to his next meal – Mistress’ cunt – he yanked me sideways so suddenly that I almost toppled over.

Soon Jake was lapping furiously at his new source of pussy juice. As I watched, I saw this time he was positioning his muzzle tip barely a quarter of an inch from Mistress’ vaginal opening, and spearing his tongue deeply into her tunnel. Sometimes the tongue remained inside her for such a long period of time, that I was convinced it’s tip must’ve been curling and uncurling within her depths. Whatever he was doing, Mistress loved it! “Oh yes! Right there! Don’t stop! Don’t let him stop!” she cried.

I was leaned over, holding Jake’s head in position, and her hand reached up and seized my dangling tit. She massaged it faster and faster as her excitement grew and finally blossomed into a toe curling orgasmic release!

Her excitement was contagious. I felt Miss Helen’s hand caressing my sopping cunt lips, easily accessible to her since my bent over posture practically placed my buttocks in her face. I know my hips started churning as I tried to rub myself on that caressing hand. But it was now Miss Stephanie’s turn. I pulled Jake away from Mistress, and toward the next pussy that awaited his attentions.

Miss Stephanie was quite ready. She sat with her thighs wide open and her hands kneading and pulling at her tits. As I guided Jake’s head to her drooling cunt, he practically lunged out of my hands, diving muzzle first into this new feast. He lapped hard and fast, making sounds like a dog at his water dish. Already aroused before he even reached her, Stephanie raised her hips, shoving herself into his face. When his tongue dove out of sight into her depths, she shrieked, “Yessssssssssss!!!!” and pulled so hard at her nipples that I was afraid she was going to tear them off, and her body shook as she came. She humped Jake’s muzzle so hard that his nose even slipped inside her cunt once or twice, making him snort and sneeze. But it did not deter his interest in her pussy.

Jake was now so excited that his hindquarters started making humping motions. I bent over farther to look beneath him and saw that his strangely shaped cock had slipped forward out of its furry sheath. Leaning in for a closer look at his glistening rod covered with scarlet lines, I saw that the head of it was very unlike a human penis, having a soft prong at its tip rather than a bulb. I inhaled deeply as I became aware of a scent unlike any that I’d ever encountered before – gamey and musky – but not unpleasant.

My knees almost buckled when Mistress’ hand began fingering my pussy, which admittedly was almost in her face, given my current position. Her familiarity with my body was obvious in the fact that in mere moments she had me crying out her name as my orgasm took hold, erupting from my core,  hearing the other two women applauding as they watched.

When I regained my senses, I realized that I was leaning on Jake so that I would not fall over.

By this point, Miss Helen had recovered sufficiently to join me in holding Jake’s collar. “Such a good boy,” she said, scratching his ears. “I see you need to fuck some lucky bitch, and I know who that should be. Girl,” she said, looking at me, “come over here with me.”

I obeyed, but with some trepidation – Jake was a large, powerful dog. Also, Miss Stephanie, Miss Helen, and even Doug would be watching, and I did not know these people very well. But I knew that Mistress would not be pleased if I was disobedient, and letting a dog fuck me was certainly not beyond my limits.

Miss Helen led us over to the space behind where Doug was secured to the coffee table. “Get on your hands and knees, girl,” she commanded. I glanced over at Mistress to see her encouraging nod. I dropped to my knees and leaned forward onto my hands.

Seeing this posture of mine, Jake started pulling and straining at his collar, his hips making violent humping actions in the air. I expected Miss Helen to drag him behind me, but I was surprised at her next command.

Start licking Doug’s ass hole like a good girl. Get it nice and wet, and even work a wet finger or two into it. Help him open it up.

Doug,” she continued, “you’d better relax your anal ring as much as possible, if you know what’s good for you.”

Hearing this, Doug’s face immediately turned beet red, and he swiveled his head to look at his Mistress Stephanie, probably with a pleading expression. But instead of issuing any contradictory instructions, Miss Stephanie merely leaned forward in her seat, watching closely. I could see the gleam of excitement in her eyes as she anticipated what was about to occur. “Do as Helen tells you, slut boy.”

That gleam of excitement was the last thing I saw of the room for a while as I bent my face in close to Doug’s ass, and started licking intently at his puckered opening. At first, I had to pry his ass cheeks far apart to gain access. I felt his ass muscles clenching each time my tongue washed over his rear opening.

Gradually he relaxed, which freed up my hands. Wetting a finger thoroughly, I started working it into his butt hole, hearing a quiet grunt from him each time it entered. It might have been slightly off-putting to be fingering a virtual stranger’s ass. But I quickly got lost in the sensation of my finger gliding in and out of the warm embrace of that snug tunnel. I admit it – I am a slut at heart, and I enjoy feeling warm smooth skin under my hands, as well as the softer, squishier tissues found in the more intimate parts of a person’s body.

As Doug opened more and more for me, I added a second finger, and even a third, spitting on my fingers and into his hole to lubricate him thoroughly, pressing my saliva as deeply into him as my fingers could reach. During this process Doug’s grunts transformed into moans.

I felt a hand at my shoulder as Miss Helen said, “You did a great job, girl. Jake is going nuts – he can’t wait any longer. Please move aside.”

Scooting sideways on my knees I watched Miss Helen aiding Jake in placing his forepaws up onto the coffee table on either side of Doug’s back. I was fascinated, seeing Jake’s gleaming, dripping cock smearing his doggy wetness onto Doug’s ass cheeks as he danced with small side to side movements, blindly seeking an opening.

Knowledgeable about Jake’s problem, Miss Helen instructed me, “Reach in there, girl, and guide Jake’s cock into Doug.”

It was easy to pull Doug’s ass cheek toward me enough to see his still dilated anus. It was harder to get a grasp on Jake’s cock, given that it was flying back and forth with his rapid humping actions. But I did ultimately grip it, and the pressure of my hand wrapping around that warm wet rod caused Jake to momentarily stop his frantic motions, giving me enough time to place its tip at its target.

Several things happened at once.

Jake started thrusting forward, trying to bury that fantastic penis into the hole that was there to receive it. His paws made loud scrabbling noises on the coffee table as he tried to drag himself forward.

Miss Helen was straining, trying to hold him in place, saying, “Easy, Jake. Your bitch is not going anywhere.”

Doug was howling, “Please, No! He’s tearing my ass open!” as he felt his ass hole being stretched so suddenly by a cock that was certainly larger in diameter than my three fingers had been.

My hand was briefly caught between Jake and Doug as I tried to make certain that Jake’s cock was firmly placed where it needed to be.

As I finally pulled my hand free, and moved back a bit, I was treated to the sight of that huge magnificent black Labrador hammering his cock deep into the bowels of the naked man bound to the table.

Miss Helen had both of her hands firmly grasping Jake’s collar, keeping him in position to fuck the helpless man incessantly.

The hands of the other two women in the room were also quite busy. Turned on by this display, they were fingering themselves, and running their hands all over their nude bodies. My own body also demanded stimulation, so, kneeling as I was, I formed the fingers of one hand into a wedge and placed it on the floor beneath my cunt and started riding it. My other hand stroked and rubbed whatever it could reach, paying special attention to my very sensitive areolae and nipples.

Miss Helen, seeing that I was busy playing with myself, gave me a job to do. “Girl, look at the base of Jake’s cock. Do you see a large swelling there – his knot?”

Oh yes, Miss! It’s quite swollen!”

Place your hands around the cock’s shaft just in front of it, and do not let Jake shove that into Doug.”

Carefully reaching under the humping dog, I planted my hands around Doug’s ass hole, so the dog’s knot banged now against my clenched hands. It was so erotic, that, in my kneeling position, I began shifting my hips from side to side, rubbing my clit and pussy lips between my clenched thighs. I saw beads of sweat creating a sheen on Miss Helen’s forehead and upper lip, and noticed that she too had her thighs pressed tightly together as she shifted her weight slowly from side to side.

Orgasms began exploding among us women in a sort of chain reaction. Somewhere in there Doug cried out, “OMG!! He’s pissing in me!”

Miss Helen groaned out, “Foolish boy! He’s cumming inside you!”

Miss Stephanie chortled, “Doug is now Jake’s bitch!”

Mistress smiled and chanted, “Bitch boy! Bitch boy!”

Miss Helen leaned over close to Doug’s ear, but whispered loud enough for us to hear, “You are such a good bitch for my lovely Jake that I will let him breed you several times over the next 2 days.”

Doug gasped and shook, hearing this, pulling hard on the ropes that held him, but said nothing.

My hands were now slimy with the dog cum leaking from Doug’s ass. They got covered with even more cum as Jake, helped by Miss Helen, slid his cock out of Doug’s ass, using his huge paws to scramble off the coffee table. Without being told to, I started licking and sucking the dog cum from my hands. I actually think it tastes slightly better than human semen. Jake apparently agreed with me, as he laid on the floor licking his own genitals clean.

After a brief respite, a new problem surfaced.

Doug began pleading with Miss Stephanie. “Please Mistress! I need to pee! I can’t hold it much longer!”

In answer, Miss Stephanie handed me a clear glass jar with a rather wide mouth. “Here girl. Collect his piss in this. But don’t you dare let a drop of urine land on my clean floor.” I guessed that she felt dog cum was perfectly acceptable on her floor, but not pee.

Scooting back under the table on my belly, I easily inserted Doug’s penis into the jar. I touched his balls to get his attention and said, “Okay Doug. Go ahead and pee.” Within a few moments, his cock started releasing a stream of warm yellow piss into the jar. As the level of urine rose in the jar, I lowered it to keep the head of his cock above the fluid.

That was when I realized I had a dilemma. I knew from experience with golden showers that when men finish peeing, they shake their cock to force the last few drops from its length. I would not be able to do that with Doug’s cock, since the mouth of the jar was not wide enough.  I certainly could not shake the combined jar and cock from side to side because the urine would likely slosh out. And Miss Stephanie had warned me that she wanted not a single drop to hit her floor.

So, as Doug gave the final muscular squirt of piss, I slipped the head of his cock out of the jar and quickly inserted it into my mouth before it could leak. Setting the jar carefully aside, I use my hands to milk the remaining drops of urine into the suction of my mouth. I did a thorough job.

I did such a thorough job that Doug’s penis rapidly engorged and stiffened, throbbing and jerking within my embracing lips. Through the tabletop I heard him implore Miss Stephanie, “Oh, please Mistress! I’ve been a good boy! Please let me cum!”

I felt Miss Stephanie’s foot nudge me gently. “How about it, girl? Do you want his cum?”

I could not easily answer her from that position. Snagging a nearby small pillow with a free hand, I placed it under my head as I rolled onto my back, managing to keep Doug’s cock in my mouth the entire time. This caused the watching women to break out laughing and I heard a couple of claps of applause. Catching Miss Stephanie’s eye, I held Doug’s turgid rod hovering over my mouth as I answered, “Yes Miss. I would like that very much.”

Smiling, she said, “Go ahead then. Make him cum.

Slut boy, I expect you to give her a nice big load.”

The women watched as I wriggled up a little closer to Doug’s balls. This location and angle allowed me to easily move my head up and down the length of his cock, even letting the tip of it enter my throat as I sucked on it with swallowing motions. When it was not deep in my throat, I let my tongue flutter over its more sensitive areas, while my hands massaged his balls. I was enjoying myself immensely – I love the smell, taste, and feel of cocks, especially when given free rein to play with them. Oh, and the sounds that men make when I’m doing it – the moans of their heightening arousal, their gasps, how they beg me not to stop. I admit it – at times like this, the power that I feel is quite a turn on.

With a loud cry and struggles that made the coffee table vibrate, Doug yelled, “I’m cumming!” and unleashed such a flood of semen that I almost choked. I had to swallow rapidly to keep up with what spewed into my throat. The flood became a trickle; the trickle gradually ceased. But to Doug’s dismay, I did not stop playing with his balls and suckling his now semi-limp dick. If I am giving men a blow job, once they cum they usually shove me away, claiming they are now too sensitive down there. But Doug could not push me away, and I was feeling impish.

The women found it quite amusing, hearing Doug pleas, “Please stop! Please make her stop! It hurts now!” and so on. Rather than telling me to have mercy on the guy, Miss Stephanie insisted, “Make him cum a second time.”

Mistress added, “And hold the ‘evidence’ in your mouth for us all to see.”

With hands, lips, tongue and teeth, in my efforts to get Doug to squirt in my mouth again, I used most of the tricks I had learned over the years. He was screeching and hollering like someone was trying to kill him, poor fellow. What finally worked was bobbing my tightened lips on his shaft, while my fingernails clawed at his scrotum rather roughly. His cock gave several feeble spurts – not a lot of volume – but from the taste I knew it was cum.

Extracting myself out from under the table, and being careful not to reflexively swallow, I knelt before the three women. I tilted my head back slightly and opened my mouth wide, lifting my tongue into the light. Each woman looked closely at the meager offering Doug had provided this time. I’m sure my eyes widened in surprise as Miss Stephanie leaned close to my ear and whispered an instruction.

Rising to my feet, I went to the far side of the table, and leaned over Doug’s head, which was resting on its side, so he could face his Mistress. Opening my mouth, I let his cum drizzle down onto his face! Once he realize what fluid was hitting him, he shrieked and turned his face away, causing the remainder to flow into his hair. The women rocked with laughter at his avoidance behavior.

When Doug moaned, “My cock is so sore now,” Miss Stephanie clapped an ice pack on his crotch. He shrieked anew! There is just no pleasing some slut boys, I guess.

Jake fucked Doug once more that first evening with my hands again encircling the man’s anus to act as a buffer against Jake’s knot. Miss Stephanie finally allowed him to be untied, so that he could shit, shower, and eat before sleeping at the foot of her bed. I got to sleep at the foot of the bed shared by Mistress and Miss Helen, and their interaction did not keep me awake very long, I was so exhausted.

The next day Doug was again tied to the coffee table. From this position he observed all four of us, sublimely naked, eating and fingering each other. At one point I was straddling the corner of the table, my pussy inches from his face as Miss Stephanie fingered me to a fantastic orgasm. That entire weekend, in spite of the fact that there were four lovely cunts within arms length of him, his cock never got to bury itself even once in any of them.

In fact, Doug only got to cum twice. The first time was the blow job that I gave him. Come to think of it, he came twice during that, so he actually came three times. The third time occurred down in Miss Stephanie’s basement – her formal playroom, if someone likes to play in a dungeon.

Doug was partially suspended from a rope that descended from a hook in the ceiling, passed under one of his armpits, across his chest, under the other armpit and back up to the hook. His wrists were cuffed behind his back. His ankles were secured back behind him to a ring in the floor. This arrangement held his body at about a 45° angle. Beneath him on the floor was a thin mat. Mistress had me lie down on the mat so that my naked body was fully on display for Doug, my feet under the area of his knees.

This was to be a sort of game. Miss Stephanie knelt beside my hips, and reached in to grasp and pull my labia wide to either side, completely exposing my vaginal tunnel. Doug took a long, hard look. I giggled as I saw his cock give a reflexive jerk at the sight. Meanwhile, Miss Helen tied a blindfold over the eyes of my Mistress, guiding her hands to Doug’s semi-turgid penis. Mistress started giving Doug a hand job as Miss Helen amused herself by playing with Doug’s balls and ass. The object of the game was for Mistress to blindly aim Doug’s cock so that his semen would hit the target – my cunt.

Doug was not blindfolded. He had a great view of me tugging, rolling and otherwise manipulating my perky breasts. Looking more towards my feet he could see his nude Mistress using her fingers to not only hold my pussy lips open; she was also rubbing them sensuously and making them get very swollen and puffy. Looking sideways, he could watch the gorgeous breasts of my Mistress bob and sway as she moved her arms. If he looked straight down his torso he could watch my Mistress’ hands squeezing and pumping his cock. He could not actually see Miss Helen, who was standing behind him, but he was surely aware of her hands tickling his balls, stroking and spanking his ass cheeks, and probably fingering his ass hole.

It did not take Doug long to reach orgasm.

Blindfolded, Mistress was not aware when the very first spurt erupted from his cock. She had been pumping hard with it aimed much too high. Consequently that first jet of semen struck one of my breasts and splashed slightly into my face. Alerted by Doug’s orgasmic grunt and the exclamations from the other three of us, Mistress quickly depressed his cock as it continued jerking in her hands. This caused splat after splat of warm cum to strike locations lower and lower along my torso. The under curve of my tit, my belly, my mound – all received a sticky anointment. The amount of cum was prodigious, testifying to the fact that Doug had built up quite a bit during his period of enforced abstinence. It was astonishing that Mistress was able to keep the head of his cock pointed near my midline, given that Doug’s body was thrashing around as he spewed. The final main surge deluged my clit and oozed into my gaping tunnel. I was so aroused at this point that as the other two women were congratulating Mistress on her marksmanship, I reached down and plunged my fingers into my cunt. They were instantly lubricated by Doug’s cum, and in moments my cum gushed from me, blending with his.

Doug indeed became Jake’s bitch that weekend, several times. The final time Doug was not tied to the coffee table. Miss Stephanie told him to kneel and lean over it in the same position and to hang on to the side edges of the tabletop as Jake mounted him. He did so and the still randy dog quickly clawed his forepaws up onto the table and began humping Doug’s ass. This time Miss Helen decided not to restrain Jake by holding him back by his collar. She let Jake knot his new bitch. We watched in amazement as the knot banged over and over against the tight opening. With a mighty lunge, Jake finally succeeded in ramming that huge swelling through Doug’s anal ring. This caused both Doug and Jake to howl loudly. They were locked together! Jake stopped humping, and voiced the strange sounds he makes as he cums, so we knew he was filling Doug’s anal tunnel with a nice load of dog sperm. Not a drop leaked out. The knot did its job of sealing the opening tightly. I cannot imagine what that combination felt like to Doug – the simultaneous stretch in his rectum, and the hot fluids filling him beyond that point.

After Jake fully unloaded into Doug, he dismounted. Since no one was holding his collar, he turned sideways to do so, and in a moment was faced away from Doug, their asses touching. Jake started walking away, still knotted to Doug and Doug cried out with pain and quickly scrambled backward off the table and onto his hands and knees. There they “stood” ass to ass, both panting. What a ludicrous sight! Chortles and guffaws erupted around the room, much to Doug’s embarrassment. Jake tried to move again and both slut boy and dog whimpered in pain. Miss Helen hurried to grab Jake’s collar. Turning to me, she said, “Hold Jake in place, girl. We must wait until his knot recedes naturally.”

Jake remained knotted to Doug for about 15 minutes. As his cock slid out of Doug’s ass hole with a squishy plop, we were treated to the sight of that dilated hole disgorging gout after goopy gout of dog sperm. Doug had to crawl to get towels to clean up the mess, his tiny, quite limp cock dangling under him as he moved. The memory of him moving like that will stay with me for a long time.

As Mistress and I were dressing and saying our goodbyes to Miss Helen and Miss Stephanie, thanking them for a wonderful weekend, Miss Helen took hold of my chin. Looking deep into my eyes to watch my reaction she remarked, “Next time, girl, it will be you that is knotted by my lovely dog.”

I followed Mistress to our car wondering, “Will she let him knot my pussy, or my ass?” Only time will tell.


Beastiality 11 – Convinced By A Friend

Darlene was conflicted.

She loved sex with her Great Dane.

Her former Master had introduced her to the world of dog sex, making her the bitch to this magnificent animal. Her Master had gone so far as to take her to the vet, naked, crawling on all fours, where she was examined like any other dog. The vet even implanted an identification chip under her skin, as is done to valuable pets. It identified her as a fawn-colored Great Dane bitch.

So, having sex with a dog was not the issue. It was the idea of doing it in front of other people.

Her friend Christine put on such performances, and apparently enjoyed doing them. Her Mistress had her doing so both in their home, and at a farm upstate. Christine gave her glowing reports of how much fun it was to be the center of attention at these things.

Hearing this touched a need deep inside Darlene. She was a natural submissive, but now without a Master or Mistress. She enjoyed when a Dominant pressed her boundaries a bit, encouraging her to try new experiences that she lacked the courage to attempt on her own. Especially experiences that humiliated her, since her mind/body somehow transmuted the humiliation into excitement, pleasure, and a strange sense of satisfaction.

Christine told Darlene that an event was coming up, and that her Mistress told her to specifically find out if ‘bitch Darlene’ was interested in joining them. Darlene met with Christine at a tea shop, to learn more about these performances. When she and Christine were acting as bitches in the Mistress’ home, they were not allowed to speak human words, only to bark in response to questions. If they ever slipped up and spoke, they were punished.

As they sat sipping tea in an isolated corner, they were able to have a candid, albeit quiet, conversation.

When Mistress first takes a bitch to these shows, it’s to evaluate her,” Christine whispered. “She cannot tell ahead of time how the new one will behave, so she’s not there to be fucked, that first time. I can guarantee that if you participate, you will not be fucked by anyone or anything.”

So I’d just be presented to the audience?” Darlene asked.

Oh no. She said it would be more than that. She mentioned that the experience will be very intense for you,” she replied.

Very intense, but no fucking involved,” Darlene pondered quietly. “I wonder what it could possible involve. But it’s obvious her Mistress wants to keep it as a surprise.” She spoke aloud, “So she’s trying to hook me by arousing my curiosity, isn’t she?”

Christine didn’t have to reply to such a rhetorical question. She just smiled knowingly, with a twinkle in her eye.

Darlene had arrived at this meeting already half convinced that she wanted to try something new. To test her limits. Her curiosity pushed her over the edge. After all, if she didn’t agree to try this, she’d never know what she’d missed. “All right. I’m hooked. I’m willing to give it a try.”

Excellent. Mistress has high hopes for you, she said,” Christine shared. She went on to ask, “You’re still lactating, right? Mistress milks me every day for her coffee.” Indeed, Christine had very large breasts that sagged and swayed from years of milk production.

Yes, my milk’s still flowing. I pump every day and give my milk to my dog. He seems to love it,” Darlene confirmed.

Great, then I was told to give you these instructions. The next show is this Saturday. You’ll attend it, along with me. Mistress commands that you not pump any milk between now and then. As part of your performance, you’ll be milked on stage.”

Darlene opened her eyes very wide. “Milked, in front of an audience?” She felt the first shivers of fright mixed with excitement. “Who’ll milk me?”

Christine merely replied, “She wouldn’t tell me. Just be ready at 6 pm. Our car will come for you,” telling Darlene just enough to leave her in delicious mystery.

As they parted, Darlene thought to herself, “Today’s Wednesday. Two days without pumping! My udders – yes, her Master had trained her to think of her breasts as udders, and her nipples as teats – will be achingly engorged by then!”

The intervening hours and minutes leading up to Saturday evening crawled by at a snail’s pace, and yet were gone in the blink of an eye.

Obedient as only a submissive can be, she had refrained from pumping her milk, following the Mistress’ instructions as relayed by Christine. She estimated that her udders had grown at least another cup size during this time. She dared not even touch them, even though they were achingly sore, lest her milk start flowing. She dressed in a simple T-shirt, skirt and black flats, no bra or panties, since she knew she wouldn’t be wearing clothes for most of the evening. She prayed that the contact of the shirt fabric on her teats wouldn’t start her leaking through it.

The chauffeur driven car arrived precisely at 6 pm. Darlene was relieved to see her friend Christine waiting inside it. Together, holding hands – perhaps mainly to comfort Darlene, who was visibly trembling – they were driven to the Mistress’ house.

They knew what was expected of them. As they entered the foyer, they were met by not only Christine’s Mistress, but also a woman Darlene had met briefly twice previously – Miss Malvasia. Darlene and Christine quickly removed all their clothing, put on their collars, and got down on all fours, after attaching little rubber pads with adhesive backing onto their knees. From this moment on, they knew they’d be treated like animals.

This process of transforming herself into an animal caused a range of emotions to course through Darlene. She basically surrendered her humanity at this point, debasing herself. This created a deep feeling of submission – of letting go. The combination, the feeling of doing something forbidden, created a surge of excitement that heightened her senses. When Miss Malvasia attached a leash to her collar, its click almost made her bounce with excitement.

Christine was leashed in a similar manner, and one of Christine’s dogs wandered into the foyer to see who had arrived. In typical dog fashion, he sniffed each of their butts in his process of identification. The women, now bitches, were required to sniff his butt in return as he presented it to each of their faces, following dog protocol.

Look at my bitch,” Christine’s Mistress exclaimed. “It’s cunt is already wide open, begging for a breeding,” causing Christine to smile rather proudly, sticking her ass up higher on display.

I see what you mean,” Miss Malvasia concurred. “And its udders are hanging so low,” she said, referring to Christine’s, which were so pendulous they almost touched the floor. “My bitch, even though it has smaller udders, looks completely engorged. I have never seen its udders so full, bulging like that.” Being referred to in such a manner was very humiliating to Darlene, and yet she got nervous shivers of excitement from hearing her body discussed like this.

The bitches were led crawling naked into the sitting room, to wait sitting on dog mats as Christine’s Mistress took Miss Malvasia out of the room on some errand.

Darlene felt the hot flush that had stained her cheeks when she’d undressed in the foyer, her naked body fully on display to everyone, including the chauffeur, gradually fade away. She dared not talk to Christine now. Bitches do not talk, and she didn’t want to risk punishment.

After an interminable amount of time, the two Dominants returned. Both bitches became instantly alert as the Dominants re-entered the room and approached them. While she was still far across the room, Darlene’s curiosity compelled her to study Miss Malvasia’s appearance. The woman was very tall and slender, her height emphasized by the heels she was wearing. Rather pale, with a perfect complexion, she was dressed elegantly in a black dress that hugged her curvaceous body. Her long, sexy legs flashed forward and back as she strode. Her jet black hair caressed her shoulders. She held herself regally, and regarded Darlene with piercing blue eyes, as if she was examining an interesting specimen.

Miss Malvasia was so close that her perfume was in Darlene’s nostrils now. A bit mesmerized by this striking Dominant, Darlene gazed longingly at the woman, scanning her from her feet to her hair, and locking eyes with her.

Christine’s Mistress noticed this behavior, and flicked Darlene’s naked ass with a thin cane she was carrying. Darlene yelped, and quickly lowered her eyes.

Handing Miss Malvasia the cane, the Mistress said, “Do that, if it looks at you again.”

Darlene, awash with feelings of that recent pain, blending with her current humiliation at being referred to as ‘it’ and her excitement about the upcoming evening, sat as still as a statue.

The Mistress said, “We are going to the vet’s and then to a showing.” She was addressing Miss Malvasia, but it was clear that she was doing so to let the bitches overhear, but still allow herself to treat them as dumb animals. “The new bitch, which you will be handling, isn’t ready to be fucked in front of an audience, but the evening will still be quite intense for it. I’ll evaluate its performance during this introduction to these activities.”

Miss Malvasia was apparently permitted to address bitches directly, as long as her tone and manner was appropriate to their current animal status. She knelt down in front of Darlene, and speaking as if to a loved pet, asked, “Well bitch, what do you think? Are you up for a ride in the car, and an intense new experience? If so, speak.” Her slight accent was very alluring. As she asked, she petted Darlene’s hair, and chucked her gently under her chin.

Darlene was carefully keeping her gaze downwards, not daring to make eye contact. She was still very nervous about going, not having a clue what ‘intense’ meant. But she knew she’d regret it if she passed on this opportunity. It was doubtful it would be offered again. Miss Malvasia was seeking her final assent, making sure that Darlene was submitting voluntarily. Darlene, took a deep breath to attempt to calm herself before ‘speaking’ – she gave out a sharp but tremulous ‘yip’ of agreement.

Satisfied, the two Dominants led their leashed pets to a van waiting outside. The bitches were placed into small pet carriers, with just enough room to fit their crouching bodies. There was a water bottle attached to each carrier cage, with a feeder tube that ended in the shape of a penis. The bitches would have to suck this cock dildo if they wished to drink – a creative touch of further humiliation. They could see each other through the bars of their cages on their short journey to the vet’s office.

The van backed up to a deserted loading dock, and the bitches were unloaded. Thankfully, the loading dock was deserted at this moment. Led by their leashes, they crawled to a waiting room. After about a five minute wait, the Mistress took Christine out of the room. Darlene waited patiently at the end of Miss Malvasia’s leash for her turn.

Eventually, the vet came into the waiting room, and walked up to Darlene to pet her head, saying, “Relax, bitch. I’ll be looking out for you.” Darlene did relax, because she liked the vet, and trusted him. This wasn’t her first visit to his office.

Taking her leash, the vet led her back to the examination room. Its center was dominated by a stainless steel table with a bright overhead light. Stooping down, the vet hoisted Darlene onto the table, just as he would with any large beast. Miss Malvasia held the leash in one hand, and with the other stroked Darlene’s back soothingly, helping to control her.

The vet scanned the chip embedded in Darlene’s neck, to confirm he was dealing with the correct animal. He proceeded to give Darlene a quick examination. He inserted a speculum into her cunt, and he and Miss Malvasia both looked inside. “You can see that this bitch isn’t receptive at the moment,” he pointed out to Miss Malvasia. “It’s not in its heat cycle. But look at how its cunt has a healthy pink coloration, even though it’s larger than average now.”

Darlene, kneeling on all fours on the examination table, flushed scarlet at this comment. It was true that servicing her Great Dane was gradually stretching her cunt wider and wider. She feared that it would eventually get so large that men wouldn’t get any pleasure attempting to get friction there when trying to fuck her. Her embarrassment intensified as the vet described to Miss Malvasia ‘this bitch’s recent sexual history’ – how frequently she had been mounted by dogs and bred by them. “It has been very active,” he concluded. “This dilation of its cunt will increase over time,” he declared, confirming her fears.

The vet moved his hands to Darlene’s udders, cupping them gently, as if weighing them to estimate the amount of milk they might contain. “Its udders are completely full,” he noted. She smiled gratefully. Her udders hadn’t ever been this achingly engorged before, and it felt wonderful when he lifted them, removing some of the strain produced by their dangling beneath her.

It felt so good, in fact, that Darlene’s pussy began secreting and rippling, and soon her cunt juices were streaming down her thighs. She was a bit mortified. The two people examining her had to be aware of the sight and scent of those fluids. They had to know that she was an aroused little bitch. They made no comment about it, however, as the vet made an unexpected proposal to Darlene.

We would like to pierce your right ear, up high, about here,” he said, indicating by touch the top area of her right ear. “It won’t be a large hole – just enough for a small earring. It’ll hurt, but not for long. If you agree to this, scratch your left paw on the table top.”

Darlene froze in place. “An ear piercing? Whatever for?” she thought furiously. But, as an animal, she could not vocalize this question. Her heart pounded hard and fast as she considered. She had two other piercings, but always in soft flesh – never in the upper cartilages of her ear. Her body trembled nervously as she considered her response.

The vet had been watching her closely, and sensed her hesitancy. “If you hesitate, I know that your answer is ‘no’, which is fine,” he said kindly.

Something about his tone of voice settled her emotions. She knew him, liked him, and trusted him. She felt he wouldn’t let her come to any real harm, and perhaps an ear stud there would be attractive in the long run. She dragged her left paw over the steel surface beneath her.

Good bitch,” the vet said soothingly, and patted her rump. He cleaned her ear surface, and applied something that caused a topical freezing action on the tissues, numbing them. But not enough. As he pierced her ear, the sudden pain was so unexpectedly intense that Darlene squealed and jerked involuntarily. Both the vet and Miss Malvasia were holding her in place, so no harm was done, and they both stroked and comforted her, to calm her back down.

After her watering eyes cleared, Darlene looked down into her reflection on the shiny table surface. Turning her head slightly, she could see a fuzzy reflection of a little stud in her ear. “If it really hurts badly, bark once, bitch, and I’ll give you something for the pain,” the vet offered. But the pain had diminished already to a dull ache, so Darlene didn’t bark.

After waiting a moment for her response, the vet scooped Darlene into his arms to lower her safely to the floor. Once she was on the floor, the vet offered her a small, cheese-flavored dog biscuit on his palm. Without much ambivalence, she licked it from his palm and chewed it as he patted her head approvingly.

Miss Malvasia pulled on her leash, and Darlene was led back to the van, where Christine was already waiting in her cage. The van sped off into the darkness, and traveled quite some distance, it seemed to Darlene. Christine had been to this location many times before, so she knew they had time to whisper to one another. They had to whisper, of course, to avoid being punished. The van was noisy enough that there was little chance the riders in the front would hear them.

Mistress discussed the evening with the vet, so I know a little bit more about tonight’s performance,” Christine murmured. “I’m going to be fucked by 2 dogs. One will be my own, and the other will be a dog owned by one of the members of the audience.”

What about me?” Darlene whispered.

I only know you’re going to be milked on stage, and that you’ll not be fucked,” she replied very quietly.

This was both good news and bad news to Darlene. Good, because she was nervous about performing in front of the audience, but also bad, because she was very horny at this point.

Finally, the van was parked, the rear doors were opened and the two bitches were let out. They were unable to make out anything about the house, which was shrouded in darkness by this point. Their respective Dominants led them by their leashes to a grassy area. Christine’s Mistress commanded, “Pee.” Her commands were kept simple, so that her animal could understand.

As the bitches crawled slowly through the grass, seeking a good spot to piss, people were walking by, some as couples. If Darlene tried to glance at these people, her leash would be sharply tugged to get her to concentrate on her task. She quickly gave up and tried hard to urinate. Tried, but it was very difficult to pee like a bitch, in unfamiliar surroundings, with strangers strolling by, making comments.

One woman said to her partner, “It’s so exciting being here! I’m really anxious to see a breeding!”

The man with her replied, “I believe there will be more than one breeding tonight.”

Another man informed the couple, “Those are two of the bitches from tonight’s show – right there near you.”

Darlene was finding it near impossible to pee by this point. Shame, blended with the desired not to soil herself, was causing her to seize up. Luckily, Christine started peeing loudly in the grass next to her. The sound and smell of that urine stream triggered a reflex in Darlene, and she finally was able to squat and piss. When she lifted one thigh away from the other, the changes that had taken place in the shape of her cunt caused her labia to draw apart from each other. She was pleased that she only got a small dribble on herself which quickly dried as they were led away from the grassy area toward a large barn like structure.

The bitches were taken through a small side door that led into a long corridor along one side of the structure. The floor was made of cement, but there was a rubber runner running down the corridor for them to crawl on. There were small stalls on each side of the corridor. Darlene could hear lots of animals nearby, some apparently in the stalls, but the doors were solid so she couldn’t see what they were. She did, however, hear the sound of sheep and at least one dog barking. The smell of animals was very strong.

As Darlene was led into one stall by Miss Malvasia, she noted that Christine was being led into the stall next door by her Mistress. Miss Malvasia then left her alone. The solid walls between the stalls were only the height of a person, so Darlene could hear Christine’s Mistress speaking to her. “Now I want you to be a good little bitch, and make me proud,” she said, as one speaks to one’s pet. “I know that one of the dogs will be new to you, so I’m not sure how this will go. But I know you’ll do your best,” she said soothingly. She added, “If you perform well, I’ll let you watch your little friend’s part in tonight’s showing.”

A moment later, the door to Darlene’s stall opened and Christine’s Mistress entered. Patting Darlene on her head, she murmured, “Be quiet and rest, cunt. I’ll get things started and then send for you. I’ll allow you into the show area as long as you don’t make a fuss or speak. Don’t be nervous. Try to relax.” That Mistress always referred to Darlene and Christine as ‘it’, or ‘bitch’, or ‘cunt’ – never anything indicating they were other than dumb animals.

Going back to Christine’s stall, she said, “Come.” Darlene thought she could hear Christine shuffling away down the rubber mat. Darlene tried to rest. Her neck hurt from bending it up during her long crawls. And her calves hurt from constantly contracting them as she crawled to try to prevent her toes from bumping or scraping the ground.

Just a few minutes later, Miss Malvasia came into Darlene’s stall. She carried a large rubber band that fit snugly around Darlene’s forehead. Before Darlene had a chance to wonder why this was being done, Miss Malvasia inserted nose hooks into her nostrils. She ran their thin wire up under the rubber band at the center of her forehead and fidgeted with them, getting the tip of Darlene’s nose lifted upward. Darlene found that while the hooks did not exactly hurt, they were certainly not comfortable either.

The stall door was opened again, and the vet came in. he fitted a little pink mask over Darlene’s eyes and adjusted its position so that she could see perfectly well. It gave her some comfort to realize that with such a mask on, she could not be recognized by members of the audience. He knelt down close to her, cupped one of her udders in his hand and murmured, “You will have to be a sow tonight,” causing Darlene to tremble in confusion. Sensing her tension, he again reassured her, “Don’t worry. As promised, no one and no thing will fuck you. I’ll be right there with you.”

He rubbed Darlene’s back to help her relax a bit. She felt a tug at her ear as he removed the stud and replaced it with something that was lighter, and hung down, brushing her ear. Miss Malvasia took her leash, and led her out of the stall, and down the hallway past many more stalls. Again Darlene heard the movement of many animals and inhaled their strange foreign smells.

They reached a doorway. Someone opened it, and Miss Malvasia led Darlene to a carpeted area at the end of a stage, and commanded, “Sit.” She didn’t chide Darlene for looking around, probably allowing her to get accustomed to this new environment. Darlene saw a woman up on the stage being fucked by a dog that looked like a gorgeous fluffy Akita. Two rows of chairs filled with people faced the stage. They were so focused on the woman on the stage, that it was doubtful that any of them had noticed Darlene’s entrance.

Taking out some rubber bands, Miss Malvasia put Darlene’s hair into pigtails. Oblivious to this, Darlene sat riveted by the view of the dog and his bitch. The Akita stopped humping, and the woman moaned loudly. Darlene knew that the dog was spewing his cum into her. As he dismounted, she saw him pull his glistening cock out of the woman’s cunt, knot and all. Her cunt must’ve been stretched out big enough that the knot couldn’t hold its seal. A lot of cum ran out of her gaping hole as she was led away, bringing a ripple of applause from the audience.

Christine was led to the center of the stage by her Mistress. Speaking to the audience, her Mistress proclaimed, “My bitch is going to receive a new mating, with a dog brought in just for this purpose tonight. This dog has never met this bitch before, so we will see how he behaves.” Christine was on all fours, posed in ‘heat position’ – her shoulders a little down, her ass up nice and high.

A man appeared at the side of the stage leading an English sheep dog. Darlene was surprised at how big this dog was, perhaps the largest she had ever seen of that breed. He was so hairy that it was difficult to make out any of his facial features other than his large black nose. He walked right over to Christine and used that nose to scent her. He spent a few minutes sniffing and walking all around her, inspecting her. He also licked up some of the cum that had dribbled on the floor from the previous performance. This apparently aroused him, because his enormous cock slid forward out of its furry sheath. Darlene heard audible gasps from the audience at this point.

With no warning, he mounted Christine, and thrust. His cock might’ve hit her ass with that thrust, because she grunted loudly and pulled away. Undaunted, he remounted and this time his cock found the correct opening. He began humping hard and fast. Christine became very noisy, making encouraging yips, barks, squeals and gibberish as she was being bred. She appeared to be having the time of her life, bracing herself against his powerful hip action.

The man who had brought the dog was exhorting, “Get her good, Captain! Nail your new bitch!”

The dog fucked Christine for a long time. Then he stopped humping and it was obvious he was cumming in her. He remained still for perhaps 5 minutes, his belly along Christine’s back. When he turned to dismount, Christine gave a little shriek, since they were still knotted together. Darlene knew exactly what that felt like. The pain can bring tears that blur your vision.

The sheep dog and his bitch remained tied for about 10 minutes. During this time, Darlene became fidgety because her nose was getting so uncomfortable. Ever observant, Miss Malvasia adjusted the hooks a bit, and gave her some relief. Darlene blinked her eyes in gratitude.

Ultimately, the sheep dog pulled his cock free from Christine with a loud popping sound. People could now come up on the stage and look closely at the state of Christine’s cunt. A lot of comments were made about how large it was, and many marveled at how raw it looked after that intense fucking. As Christine endured their inspection, waiting on her hands and knees, her huge pendulous udders practically brushed the stage. A few people began playing with those udders, pushing them to make them swing back and forth.

One woman especially thought doing that was great fun, laughing as she played with them. She discovered that Christine was lactating, so after watching the udder sway, she then gave it a squeeze to make it drip. Several people chuckled, seeing this.

As the crowd returned to their seats, someone brought Christine a bowl of water. She had sweated quite heavily from her breeding, so she lapped at the water gratefully.

Her Mistress brought in Christine’s Great Dane. She announced to the audience, “This is the dog that broke Christine into the world of dog sex.” Without further ado, she just let him go. He bounded over to his very familiar bitch and smoothly and easily mounted her. They began what was very obviously a joyous session of fucking. Darlene could tell from Christine’s facial expressions and happy yipping sounds that she was extremely pleased to be fucking her own dog.

Darlene was getting quite turned on, watching Christine’s extremely hot and erotic performance with her dog. But a disquieting thought worked it way into her mind. When Christine was done, it would very probably be Darlene’s turn up on the stage. Crawling up there, naked, for all the audience to gawk at. She began to see a few people looking over to where she sat, eying her. Her nervousness grew and grew.

The vet sensed something was troubling her. He knelt down beside her and whispered, “Just relax. Nothing will hurt you. All will be fine.”

But no words could dispel her tension now. She tried to relax, but it was impossible.

Christine’s performance ended. Her Mistress led her over to where Darlene sat. Taking hold of Darlene’s leash, Miss Malvasia led her out onto the stage. She crawled stiffly, barely believing this was happening. The vet followed behind the two of them. Miss Malvasia led Darlene to the very center of the stage. Darlene barely noticed the pools of cum she was crawling through.

Miss Malvasia adjusted Darlene’s mask, which had come askew, so that she could see better, and sat her down. But Christine’s Mistress instructed Miss Malvasia, “Walk the new bitch around the edge of the stage, so the audience can get a good look at her.”

Darlene crawled mechanically, pulled by the leash attached to the collar on her neck. She wasn’t thinking about crawling. She was acutely aware of all the eyes staring at her, like they had fires gleaming in their pupils. She was flushed and warm, incredibly nervous, and her breathing had become very ragged. Tons of adrenaline surged through her. She was trembling so hard that she forgot the discomfort of the nose hooks. In some small corner of her mind, she took a tiny bit of comfort that the mask she was wearing made her anonymous. She was led back to center stage.

The vet spoke to the audience, saying, “This is a real treat for you, a bitch that has never been on stage before. This bitch is owned by a Harlequin Great Dane. You all can see how pretty it is, and how full its udders are. It’s not here as the feature attraction, but just an added value. Tonight it will demonstrate for you its abilities as a sow.”

Darlene almost fainted, hearing this. Her state of mind was so conflicted and confused that she thought he meant that she would be fucked by a boar – right there on stage! The thought was brief though, because she remembered his promise that she would not be fucked tonight by anyone or anything.

The vet patted her head, and whispered, “Lie down on your side, in front of me, with the front of your body facing the audience.”

As Darlene complied with his command, Miss Malvasia left the stage.

The vet played with Darlene’s udders a bit, in full view of the audience, that was now watching with rapt attention. His manipulations of her udders was a bit uncomfortable because they were so full and aching. He then lifted the object that he had attached to the piercing in her ear.

It turned out to be a tag of some sort, and he read what it said out loud to the audience. “This is a young sow, named Bluebell. She is really a gilt.” He paused, to explain to them, “A gilt is a female pig that has never been bred to a boar – has never been pregnant.” He turned back to reading the tag, finishing with, “However, this gilt is lactating, having been prepared for this demonstration.”

At this point, Miss Malvasia stepped forward and brought him a tray. The tray had on it a large baster, like a turkey baster, and a large glass flask filled with a milky fluid. Darlene could smell the fluid. It had a distinctive smell, and she knew immediately what it was – pig cum. Her former Master had made her drink the cum of many animals as part of her training – dog, horse, bull and pig. Pig cum was the worst of them all. She hated that smell. The nose hooks opened her nostrils so wide that the smell flooded her senses.

The vet took some mentholatum ointment from a small tube and smeared it above Darlene’s upper lip, under her nose. That helped her deal with the smell. He then filled the turkey baster with pig cum from the flask. Turning to the audience, he explained, “This is the procedure to break in a sow – to prepare it for its ultimate breeding task. This flask contains pig semen. The young sow needs to become familiar with it.”

So saying, he knelt and put the tip of the baster into Darlene’s mouth, and squeezed the bulb. Darlene got a huge mouthful of the vile stuff. It was thick, and sour tasting. She had to start swallowing in an attempt to get the taste out of her mouth, and to prevent choking on it. She could hear the women in audience reacting. Many gasped. Some made sounds of dismay. Some men and women made twittering sounds and nervous laughter, probably relieved that Darlene was being subjected to this, rather than they themselves.

Darlene couldn’t focus on the audience at this point. She was too busy trying to swallow. Three more squeezes of the baster’s bulb, and it was finally empty. She had swallowed about a pint of nasty pig semen, with very little spillage from her mouth. She thought to her herself, “Thank God that’s over. And I did not choke or spit it up.”

The vet stood up. Darlene let out a mental sigh of relief, “OK, we are done,” and sat up from her reclining position. Miss Malvasia snapped her leash hard making her get back down as she had been. When someone has a leash to a collar on your neck, you tend to do what they want.

The vet pushed Darlene back into position, on her side, facing the onlooking crowd of people, and knelt down behind her. Miss Malvasia brought a little red cushion to put under Darlene’s head, and left the stage again. To ensure the watchers had a good view of everything, the vet lifted Darlene’s upper leg up high, exposing her cunt fully, and whispered, “Keep your leg up.” Reaching over her, and cupping Darlene’s udders, the vet addressed the audience. “Even though this sow has rather small udders, it’s a good milk producer.” He moved her udders back and forth, displaying them fully and carefully to the crowd, drawing their attention.

Miss Malvasia came back onto the stage, carrying 2 piglets. These were small white piglets with pink spots, weighing perhaps 5 pounds each. She handed one, a female, to the vet. He squeezed one of Darlene’s teats firmly enough to express some of her milk, and placed the snout of the piglet at that teat. The little beast sniffed and snuffled, sensing the milk, and latched onto her teat. She began sucking hard! Darlene squealed in shock!

Darlene tried not to yelp, sometimes unsuccessfully, as the creature greedily clamped down on her teat and began moving its head forward and back. This alternately stretched the teat away from her body, and then relaxed it back, only to pull it out again, all the time suckling hard. It pressed its little pig feet into the under curve of her udder for leverage, dragging her teat painfully toward the audience as it nursed.

She felt her milk let down and start to flow into the piglet’s gullet. The second piglet, a male, was placed alongside the first, and it butted its head against her udder, perhaps incited by the sounds the first piglet was making as it fed. Each head butt was painful on her swollen udder. Finally the second piglet found her upper teat and also latched on, planted its feet and began tugging, pulling the udder both downward toward the stage and outward toward the crowd. The painful suckling doubled now, and Darlene yelped again and again, though she tried to control her vocalizations. She had never felt a sensation like this on her tender teats before!

She looked down and saw 4 little black, beady eyes staring into hers. She could not believe that such small creatures could suck so hard. She was not paying attention to the crowd at this point, but Christine later told her that several people let their jaws drop open in surprise as they watched. Perhaps they had never before seen someone nurse piglets. And in case Darlene had not already guessed, also told her that the nose hooks had distorted her nose into the semblance of a pig’s snout, adding to the surreality of the illusion of a human turned into a sow.

The effort to hold still while the piglets nursed was taxing her energy. Her upper leg began to shake and waver. Seeing this, Christine’s Mistress announced loudly, “The trainer will assist the sow.” Miss Malvasia walked behind Darlene’s legs and grasped the upper one to help her hold it up. Darlene sent her a mental message of gratitude.

While the piglets fed, the vet refilled the baster with another large load of pig cum. The crowd already knew what that milky fluid was, so he didn’t reiterate its contents. He pressed Darlene’s cunt lips wide apart, and inserted the baster into her cunt, and with years of experience, expertly lined up its tip with the hole in the center of her cervix. Darlene felt the tip bump against that sensitive opening deep inside her. He now explained, “When the boar inserts its penis into the sow, the design of its penis allows it to insert its tip right into the opening of her cervix, as I have done with this baster. Therefore, when he ejaculates, his semen does not deposit into her vagina. His semen floods directly into her womb, providing maximum insurance that his sperm will easily find her oviducts, and fertilize her eggs.”

He paused to let this concept sink in, watching the eyes of the audience for comprehension. The women may have caught on faster, knowing female anatomy better than the men did. He saw their pupils dilate in surprise as they visualized a direct deposit of semen into that secret inner chamber. Smiling, he started squeezing the bulb. The audience broke out in loud exclamations of surprise. He was injecting pig semen directly into this ‘sow’ right before their eyes!

At first, Darlene could not actually feel the flow of cum into her womb – she couldn’t really feel much of anything other than the piglets pulling on her teats. She looked over at Christine, who was watching the show intently. Christine was carefully mouthing words, but making no sound. Darlene could tell she was saying ‘good girl’ over and over.

By the time the baster was empty, Darlene did become aware of a sensation. She felt a bit ‘full’ – like she had eaten too much food. It was not a totally unpleasant feeling. Still holding the baster inside her, plugging her cervical opening, the vet began rubbing her belly softly, which eased the sensation a tiny bit. The audience was spellbound.

One woman, who was watching everything very avidly, and was obviously highly turned on by what she was seeing, said to her friend, “We should get her.” Darlene had no idea what the woman meant by that.

The vet announced, “This sow now has a full pint of pig semen inside its uterus. The pig sperm are swimming around, seeking its eggs, determined to fertilize them.” As he spoke, Miss Malvasia handed him an inflatable dildo with a detachable pump. He slipped the baster out of Darlene’s cunt, and smoothly slipped the inflatable into her pussy. He pumped it up to where it just started to hurt her a bit. “This inflatable now fills its vaginal canal, sealing the cervical opening, ensuring that the sperm will not leak out. Are there any questions?”

The piglets continued suckling Darlene’s teats as the vet fielded questions from the audience. Darlene was not consciously aware of many of the questions. Her mind was in a shattered state from sensory overload. There were so many sensations flooding in all at once, and there is a limit to what the brain can process.

A few of the questions did stick into her consciousness. A woman asked in all seriousness, “Can she get pregnant from what you just did?”

Hearing this question, Darlene glanced up at the vet. With his face momentarily turned away from the audience, she saw him roll his eyes in amusement. But he turned his face to the questioner, and told her seriously, “No. That is not possible.”

A man asked, “Will she actually get bred to a boar someday? Will notices be sent out about such a show?”

The vet answered, “We shall see about that.”

Another woman suggested, “Maybe one of the piglets that is nursing on her right now will grow up to fuck her someday.” This generated a roar of laughter that echoed around the room.

When she heard that statement, Darlene blushed a very deep shade of red and felt quite feverish. She realized that she was curious how it would feel to have one of these piglets, once full-grown, try to mount her and breed with her. When she realized what she was being curious about, she also realized that the thought also horrified her, sending a wash of shame through her.

The piglets had drained her udders by this point, but they kept suckling. The vet started to take them off, but the piglets refused to let go – they held on tight. As he lifted each piglet up away from her body, her teats stretched her udders up to a painful height before snapping free of the piglet’s mouth.

Miss Malvasia helped Darlene back onto her hands and knees and began leading her off of the stage. The stage edge wasn’t high off the ground – perhaps a foot or a foot and a half. But Darlene was so drained, both physically and emotionally, that she started to fall. Miss Malvasia alertly caught Darlene, preventing her from injuring herself. She led the now exhausted bitch slowly back toward the door to the hallway of stalls. As they reached the door, Christine’s Mistress murmured praise to Miss Malvasia as they passed, “I saw you save it from that fall. That’s good work.”

After what seemed to Darlene like an eternity of crawling, they reached her stall. She collapsed onto the straw. Miss Malvasia carefully removed the mask, nose hooks and the elastic band. She examined Darlene’s udders, which were not very big at all now. Her touch there felt good, but when she touched the teats, Darlene winced. Miss Malvasia produced from her purse an aloe lotion, and began gently dabbing at the tender area. Darlene gave a heavy sigh of grateful relief. She was left resting in the stall for about 30 minutes. She could not tell if the show was continuing with other performances, or if the people were socializing.

After this time of rest, the vet entered her stall and checked her inflatable. He removed the tag from her ear, replacing it with the stainless steel stud. “You were a very good sow,” he said approvingly, petting her head fondly before he left.

Miss Malvasia, along with Christine and her Mistress appeared, and the two bitches were led back to the van and loaded into their carriers for the trip back to the city. There were no whispered conversations between the bitches during this journey, because Darlene fell into a doze. It seemed like moments later they were back at the Mistress’ house.

The tired bitches were unloaded and led into the house. Christine’s Mistress came close to Darlene, leaned down, and kissed her softly on her cheek. Turning to the chauffeur, she said, “Take it home now.” Tired as she was, Darlene still managed a gentle smile at still being referred to as ‘it’.

In the foyer, Darlene transformed back into a woman, wearily pulling on a T-shirt and her skirt, and allowed herself to be driven home.

By the time she arrived at home, the mentholatum had worn off and she could smell clearly again. She discovered that the horrible stink that she was smelling was her body. She didn’t think she’d be able to sleep, smelling like that, so she climbed into her shower. Once inside it, she carefully pulled the inflatable out of her cunt, and began cleaning herself. But now that her vaginal passage was unblocked, the pig semen began drooling out of her, intensifying the stench, and there was indeed a lot of it. It took quite a while to drain, during which she soaped and lathered and rinsed several times. Darlene felt quite filthy, with pig cum in her. But when she thought about it, drinking it was a much grosser thing by far.

She climbed out of the shower, and sniffed herself, relieved that things seemed normal again. But when she pressed her hand against her crotch, she could still detect the smell of pig on that hand. Douching with a blast of Summer’s Eve douche helped dispel that awful smell. She collapsed into her bed, and slept deeply until late morning.

As she was having her breakfast, Christine called. “Are you OK?” her friend asked.

Touching her udders to check, Darlene answered, “I’m fine, although my teats still ache from those piglets.”

OMG!” her friend exclaimed. “That was so hot! Seeing you do all that! My cunt was creaming the whole time! I wanted to finger myself as I watched!”

Darlene smiled at hearing her enthusiasm. “I’m glad it turned you on. Seeing you take that huge sheep dog did it for me, too.”

Would you do it again?” Christine asked.

I don’t know,” Darlene answered truthfully. “It felt good, having my udders drained. I’ve never had them that full before. But those piglets were so rough. They really pulled hard on my teats. And those nose hooks were very uncomfortable – dreadful.”

Oh Darlene! You couldn’t see it from the viewpoint of the people watching. The nose hooks completed the illusion of a sow nursing her piglets. I’ve never seen anything so hot! I hope you and I can give more performances together. Please think about it,” Christine pleaded.

I will,” Darlene promised. After they made arrangements to get together for some shopping and having dinner, they hung up.

Darlene reflected on the events of the previous evening. Thoughts chased one another as she pondered. “My teats hurt, but Miss Malvasia did soothe them, and they already feel a tiny bit better today. Drinking pig cum isn’t pleasant at all, but I really think the vet did that for shock value. I think I heard some women in the crowd gagging at the thought of being made to do that.” She smiled to herself, and felt a perverse sense of courage for doing something they could not.

She continued her mental analysis. “The evening totally exhausted me, not from the physical work, although there was a lot of crawling involved, but mostly from the tension I felt about the situation. The biggest hurdle was the audience, especially an audience who really thinks of you as an animal, performing for them.” The flow of thoughts paused as the vision of herself led on a leash, crawling naked back and forth on the stage in front of a group of perfect strangers made her flush crimson in humiliation. Humiliation that fed some deep inner craving inside her.

She mentally summarized, “Last night, I was lying on a stage, looking down at two piglets suckling on me. I was hearing all those noises and comments from that audience of onlookers. My cunt was full of pig semen. And I was not unhappy at all. In fact, I was very turned on!” She had confronted her needs and fears.

Yes, Christine,” she stated aloud to her absent friend. “I would do it again.”

The Dog-Napping Adventure

(Please note: This story is an amalgam of the thoughts, feelings, and reactions of the three participants, painstakingly pieced together after the adventure.)

Angie was in her bed, thinking. “God, this idea is incredibly sexy. I can’t get it out of my mind. Find a strange dog we’ve never interacted with in any way, lure it into my van, and drive him to our home. All of us have sex with it, and when were done, drop him off at his house again, hopefully his owner none the wiser.” She’d been daydreaming about this for more than a week.

Misty, dozing in bed next to her, felt her squirm, fantasizing. She knew Angie was cooking something up, probably something naughty, but knew better than to pry. When Angie was ready, she’d tell her.

Meanwhile, Angie was imagining for the umpteenth time how the girls would act, given the opportunity. Ideally, there’d be some moonlight, and Misty’d be on her knees, her pale freckled skin almost glowing in the silvery light. Her copper hair’d be flowing across the grass as the powerful dog mounted her slim, 5’6”, 120 lb body. Angie visualized the way her lover’s pussy would swell when the knot sets. She could almost heard the sensual moans as Misty climaxed while the dog stood rampant above her.

Then sweet Shania, the woman in a girl’s body, who at 5’9″ seemed to be all arms and legs, could have her turn. Angie imagined her ebony eyes screwed shut, long dark hair cascading across her face as the dog rutted and thrust deep inside her.

Finally after long deliberation, Angie felt she’d formulated all the angles, and decided to broach the subject after dinner.

Supper began normally.

Shania had laid the table after she finished her homework, placing out knives, forks, spoons and table mats. Misty, who usually took the role of housewife to the trio, called everyone to the table. “Tonight we’re having Shania’s favorite, Sloppy Joes,” she announced, as if the smells wafting from the kitchen hadn’t already informed the rest of the group.

Shania poured a glass of cider for Angie, and milk for herself and Misty, and sat waiting. Angie wheeled herself up to her position at the head of the rectangular table, while Misty sat opposite the younger woman.

Shania was never certain how Misty did it. She seemed always perfect! Even when doing something depraved, she’d be serene and beautiful, her perfect skin sprinkled with youthful freckles. Her hair was the colour of bright new copper, and it cascaded down to the base of her spine. Her eyes were the colour of a spring meadow: lush and green with tiny flecks of gold. Her face displayed tranquility, with the innate beauty only someone who has done it all can exude. Her body was taut and her legs seem to begin just under her arms – a lean, clean, loving machine. Shania thought to herself yet again, “I’m so glad she loves me!”

Shania turned to the head of the table, looking at the woman there, pondering, “Angie’s beautiful in a different way entirely. Her dark hair might be cut almost boyishly short, but the first thing anyone notices are her huge eyes. They’re the colour of the sky, and just as luminous. Her jaw juts determinedly forward, and, woman that she is, her neck is not feminine, and neither are her arms and shoulders. She sits very lazily in an athletic wheelchair almost slouching, but it’s a ruse. Her mind is like a razor, and her upper body’s stronger than most men’s.”

Shania sighed quietly, still regarding Angie. “All of this is neatly packaged in one paraplegic who has no self pity, and runs her life and ours with self reliance, and is the most disciplined person I know,” she thought. Rubbing her butt and suppressing a giggle, Shania knew full well that Angie had no problems dispensing that discipline, sometimes with her hand, paddle, whip or mouth. “Angie isn’t your average woman in a wheel chair, and quiet honestly, once you get over the fact she’s disabled, you forget she’s even chair bound,” she summarized. “I’m so glad she loves me, too,” she mouthed to herself. Of course, that very same mouth was watering, since she was famished. They dug in.

As the meal neared its conclusion, Angie began explaining her plan. Caught by surprise with a mouthful of food, to Shania it seemed surreal, her mind not fully grasping the concept.

Misty stared at Angie as if she’d just asked her to kill someone, her green eyes flashing, sudden colour blossoming in her cheeks. She shook her head in denial, making her hair float around her face like a halo of reddened gold. “You’re joking, right?” she asked Angie in a highly argumentative tone of voice.

“No I’m serious,” Angie replied. “I think it will be the most exciting thing we’ve ever done!” she continued, using her even, natural inflections. She looked across the table at Shania, giving the younger woman a reassuring smile, as if inviting her to a great adventure.

Sensing a storm brewing, Shania tried to placate everybody, saying to Angie, “I think, if you think we should, then I’ll do it.” To be honest, she was not exactly sure what she was agreeing to, while looking directly at first Angie, then Misty. She loved them both equally and without any reservation, and just wanted them to get along.

Misty looked across at Shania scornfully, and up the table at Angie. “I think that you are both fricken crazy. Anyway, Shania always agrees with everything you say. What if we get caught? How can we explain stealing a dog? Do you for one second think that the cops will believe whatever bullshit explanation you try and give them, Angie? We’ll all go to jail!” she almost yelled.

Angie brooked no gainsaying, and her retort was brash. She rolled her head and lifted her chin defiantly. “You’ll do as you’re told! Don’t take that tone with me! Do you understand, girl?”

Shania had never seen Misty fail to defer to Angie, and this time was no exception. She canted her head to one side, almost like a wolf baring its neck in submission, and hoarsely whispered as if spitting blood, “Yes, Mistress. However, my objection stands.” One could almost hear her teeth grinding.

Shania looked at the two women she loved. Angie’s hackles were rising, and Misty’s eyes had morphed into a truculent, stormy gray. She gulped, and tried to pour oil on troubled waters. “When are we going to look for our victim?” she asked, with false cheerfulness. She did, however, bounce up and down in her chair as she asked, trying to convey excitement, to placate her Mistress.

Angie reversed her chair from the table, stating, “Nothing wrong with the present time. Let’s go!” she ordered.

Shania followed Angie and Misty to Angie’s minivan. Unaided, Angie swung herself into the driver’s seat. Shania slid into the middle seat, and Misty stiffly sat in the front passenger seat, her posture still one of disapproval, as she clarified, “This is only a scouting mission, right?” and received a terse nod from Angie.

They drove for almost an hour through a darkening suburb. They saw a lot of dogs, but Misty seemed unimpressed with every dog or house they saw, finding faults or problems, and nay-saying them left and right. Angie was obviously growing increasingly frustrated with those objections and that attitude. Shania began cringing at each interaction between the two.

They started down a dark street. Half way along this dark road, Angie spotted a huge, impressive Rottweiler lazing on a stoop of a rundown looking bungalow. She pointed. “What about him?” she asked.

The sullen redhead responded sarcastically, “I bet it’s a girl.”

It was almost as if the dog had heard her. The van’s headlights making the dog’s eyes look like tiny flashlights, he lurched onto his huge paws and lifted his head and looked directly at them. He proceeded to lift his rear leg and sent a stream of urine against the wall next to him. “I’m certain girl dogs don’t pee like that, Misty,” Shania pointed out.

“Then he’s probably been neutered, and I’m not going to feel his balls to confirm either way. I like my hands in one piece,” Misty answered, blowing across her perfectly manicured and varnished finger nails.

As the debate raged back and forth in the front of the van, Shania knew she had to do something. She slid open her door, and sprang from the slow moving van, lurching off balance into the dirty and broken fence.

At her soft whistle, the dog began charging the fence full of bravado, but switched to approaching with caution and half inquisitive snarls, in between warning barks.

Shania showed no fear, leaning over the fence and teasing his floppy ears, cooing softly. The dog lost all aggression, because she showed no threat to him, or his home and owner. She teased his ears with her left hand while her right was reaching over the fence and blindly moving across his back and then feeling under his belly for the presence of his shaft. Her fingers encountered his knot. At that contact, it almost automatically quivered and swelled, and his balls began to pulse. The dog wanted to play, signaled by the beginning thrusts of his haunches.

Shania smiled sadly, whispering, “Sorry boy. You’re going to have to wait.” He whined as she turned and quickly got back into her seat. “He’s got balls and they’re massive,” she reported.

“Any more objections, Ms. Sourpuss?” Angie asked with a sneer.

Misty began, “I still don’t…”

“Oh shut up!” Angie commanded her.

They drove home, with Angie carefully noting the route and measuring the distance with the van’s odometer. Angie decided their raid would take place on the first clear Saturday night. She suspected that Misty was performing rain dances on a regular basis, to hold things off.

Soon there was an absolutely beautiful Saturday, and the three women prepared for their adventure. First, Misty submitted to both of their own dogs. Shania had to wait her turn, but found that the wait was well worth it, because she had two or three blissful orgasms as, one after the other, those same dogs thrust into her waiting, wet cunt with their characteristic expertise. Both Misty and Shania now exuded that musky, inky scent only dog fucking females can generate.

When they were smelly enough to suit Angie, she placed herself across a portable pool, while one of those dogs covered her, rutting and filling her wide cunt with his seed. Yes, dogs can be insatiable. All three women now reeked of musk and dog sex. Slipping on sweaters and leggings, they climbed into the van, and began their journey.

It was just before midnight on the van’s dash clock when Angie stopped the van about a hundred yards from the Rottweiler’s house, switching the van lights off for stealth. Angie noted that now there was no hesitation from Misty. Both she and Shania were eager and excited, their eyes dancing in the faint light from the dash.

They waited for the better part of an hour, watching, making sure no one was around and no lights sprang on. Finally, Angie whispered, “We’re really gonna do this.” All three of them giggled nervously.

Misty jumped out of the van, pulling off her sweater and leggings. Shania followed Misty’s example and pulled off her clothing as well. They tossed their clothes into the van, and stood naked next to it.

It was a warm and lovely night – the moon a sliver in the sky, the sky itself made luminous by a million billion stars above them. During the wait, their eyes had grown accustomed to the dark, allowing them to see the Rottweiler on his stoop.

Angie reversed the van back to the corner, while her girls walked purposely toward the house. She watched in the dark van while Misty and Shania whistled quietly, attracting the dog’s attention.

When they got to his yard, they could hear movement on the other side of his fence. He was breathing hard and making terse almost-growls as he looked at them through the wooden slats of the fence. Misty was certain he was smelling them, but trying to figure out why two human girls smelled of dog cum. He was moving along the fence keeping pace with them as they looked for a way to get him out.

Misty looked at Shania – her eyes were wide and she was breathing fast. Her nipples were really hard. In the starlight, they saw the dog run ahead. They saw the fence move and sway. He’d crawled through the less than sturdy wooden picket fence. Once he was on the sidewalk he walked towards them. Misty dipped one hand between her legs, and offered her hand, palm down, for the dog to lick. The dog’s tongue slurped, and without as much as a wag of his stubby tail, his nose angled instinctively towards Misty’s crotch. He sniffed and sniffed before licking a few times. She rubbed his ears and told him quietly, “Good boy.” He sniffed again, then moved to Shania, and licked her, his stumpy tail and butt really wriggling now.

Misty thought, “How will Shania and I deal with his cock and knot? Her pussy’s really, really loose but I’m a lot tighter. When I looked at him from the road during our original search, I thought he’d rip me apart if I let him knot me. Shania’s had more experience with large dogs, so I know how loose her pussy is. She should be able to take his knot really easily, but she’s younger than I. If she gets scared, I’ll let him take me first.”

Misty whispered to Shania, “We’d better get headed back to the van before he got too excited.” They started to walk quickly back, and he followed right behind them. The two women held hands as they almost skipped back to the van, trailed by the dog. The dog seemed to be sniffing Misty the whole way, his nose bumping against her taunt ass cheeks as they walked. Shania chuckled softly.

They made it to the van and as Shania swung up onto the center seat, the dog followed. Misty climbed in, and closed the sliding door behind them as Angie put the van into gear. Angie glanced into the rear view mirror, saying, “OMG. He’s so big!” She began moving down the street.

“Switch the lights on before we get stopped by the cops,” Misty hissed. She sighed in relief as the headlights again illuminated the road. Angie tried to concentrate, the lights now on, and they cruised towards our home, driving slowly and totally within the law.

Misty was gingerly manipulating the dog’s penis, while Shania looked on, licking her lips.

Angie asked, “Shania, are you okay with this?”

Shania was pretty worked up, so she nodded her head eagerly, replying, “Yes. I am.”

Misty kept masturbating the dog, who seemed totally at ease, his penis thickening and hardening, starting to poke from its sheath. It was massive. He lazily licked Misty, as she manipulated him. The Rottie continued to sniff and lick her pussy as they drove home. Misty knew there might be a problem getting him interested in Shania’s pussy.

When they reached home, Angie drove up the drive, and told the other two women, “Stay in the van.” She quickly swung out of the van into her waiting chair, and wheeled into the house, calling out for our two dogs. They eagerly followed her to the bedroom, where Angie closed the door, trapping them. Their barks and whines protested, “Hey! Unfair!” as only dogs can do. Their displeasure was probably heightened by the foreign canine scent in the air.

During her absence, Misty was trying to get the Rottie interested in Shania, also. She told Shania to spread her legs. Misty then pushed the dog’s head away from her own crotch, and pulled him over to Shania by his collar, pushing his face into her pussy. Unfortunately, he just sat there not doing anything. Misty moved herself so she and Shania were kind of pussy to pussy, with him in-between. Misty told Shania, “Hold onto my leg,” while Misty held onto hers. Misty wiped her pussy juices onto Shania hoping some of her scent would transfer. The dog finally began to lick Shania. This position actually felt really good, and Misty heard Shania moan a couple of times. Misty stroked the dog behind his soft knot and his cock began growing larger.

Angie came back outside, rejoining the others and reporting, “The dogs are very unhappy to be locked away.” By now, Misty had gotten the dog hard. His penis stood stick-like and stiff. Misty swore that Angie’s eyes got really wide as she stared at the dog’s massive cock, showing from its sheath.

Misty separated herself from Shania, and told her, “Get out of the van, find some soft grass and get onto all fours.”

Shania clambered out of the van. Misty got out the other side, holding the Rottie by his collar and pushed Angie in her wheelchair. Misty helped Shania get into the right position, on her knees, in the cool, fragrant, damp grass, her head and shoulders pressing her breasts into the lawn. The young woman arched her back and widened the distance between her knees, offering herself. She was now on the grass with her ass high and her soaking wet pussy fully exposed. The Rottie followed the mixed scents right to her.

When his tongue darted out and licked her from asshole to clit with one long swipe, she moaned and shivered. Shania couldn’t resist having a hot, wet, rough tongue lapping away at her cunt. His warm, wet nose occasionally bumped against her clit as his tongue swiped across and into her hole to get at the juice only a human bitch in heat can produce. She quivered with sensations.

The young woman thrashed, twitching under his swirling, talented tongue for several minutes. She spread her legs almost unnaturally wide. After several hot minutes of licking, he suddenly stopped and lurched up over her with his front paws on either side of her hips. He crowded in closer and she could feel his cock sliding over her thigh as he tried to wrap his paws around her waist. She could barely hold his weight as he moved his hard cock, searching for the entrance. The dog was breathing hard, and he was eagerly trying to mount, but Shania’s long legs were making the connection difficult.

Misty could see from his actions that he was ready, so, taking control, she moved onto her knees behind the humping dog. She gave his cock a quick rub till he began humping and tried to guide him. This was really difficult, because he was humping like crazy. She kept hold of him, moving Shania’s body into position to meet his wild animal thrusts. She pressed Shania down, and used her left hand to guide his fast moving penis. His hips were humping desperately and futilely. Misty pulled at Shania’s ass, while pushing the dog into her. Misty managed to move him to one side, albeit after a few painful scratches. Her sure hand guided his hard cock into the waiting woman. The dog found his bitch open and wet, and he thrust into her wet hole, finally achieving his mount.

As soon as his penis touched her wet hole, his hips flexed. He started humping in earnest, half springing forward with his rear paws standing on Shania’s outstretched calves. Her pussy swallowed up about half his cock. She was yelling, “He’s so big!”

Misty cooed, telling her, “Just relax. He hasn’t even got to the knot yet.”

Shania was lifting her ass and matching the beast’s fast, wild thrusts. Behind her, Misty lowered her own face, lifting her ass, and watched as the dog fucked her friend, his penis driving into her, his knot thickening and slapping at her wet pussy lips.

Shania was past any reluctance. She was ready to be fucked hard this time. She craved that dog dick in her cunt. Her body ached for intercourse. She wanted to feel his knot slap her sloppy vaginal lips, and expand into her and fill her cunt with his cum. He was humping wildly, the only way he knew how.

Some of his movements briefly pulled his cock free from her opening. She tried scooting her hips closer to him, but he couldn’t control himself. His dick was incredibly hot and stiff and he humped like a jackhammer. Little spurts of pre-cum spurted everywhere, getting on the grass, her back, her ass cheeks and thighs. Gradually, more and more of his cock was going up inside her. He was half growling and panting and so was Shania. He was humping fast, deep, deep inside her, his knot slapping her outer lips harder, and she began pussy-farting.

Later, Shania reported, “I’ve had many different human and dog cocks inside my pussy before, but nothing prepared me for the ultimate feeling that this dog’s cock filling my fuckhole gave me.” Unashamed, she shunted back, now meeting his thrusts as he continued roughly stuffing his cock into her all the way to the base of his growing knot. After an eternity (at least 5 seconds), her tight cunt automatically softened, and gaped wide open, offering to take his massive knot for the first time.

Misty was on all fours, trying to help Shania spread her pussy more and shoving the dog’s ass, urging him forward. It looked impossible, and Misty wondered if he would look like that when he mounted her. Shania rubbed her clit as he pushed again. Then suddenly the knot disappeared into her entrance and they were knotted. He quit humping and stood still. Her body clenched, trapping that magnificent knot, which began to swell and pulse.

Shania was breathing hard but said, “I can feel him swelling inside me. Oh god! I don’t know if I can take it.”

Misty gasped, swearing something like, “His knot is the size of a small melon, and getting bigger!”

The dog’s shaft softened inside her tunnel, and began to pump his cum with every beat of his massive heart. Each heartbeat squirted gobs of his cum into her waiting pussy. He’d stopped moving altogether. Shania knelt and crouched stoically under him, his warmth comforting, his soft fur keeping her from shivering. She turned her head slowly, and looked at Misty and Angie. She hissed softly, “I can feel him flooding me!”

The hot cum quickly filled her, while the size of his fully engorged knot jammed into her stopped it from leaking out. More and more was spurting from his flattened tip and it had only one path still open, her womb! She could feel his dog cum flooding her uterus. She imagined her belly must be swelling slightly from the fluid pressure.

Angie’s attention momentarily focused on Misty, who knelt with her ass still well up in the air. Misty was totally hypnotized, seeing the dog’s cock buried deep inside her friend’s pussy. She’d forgotten about Angie. That is, right up to the moment when she felt Angie’s hands on her ass. Angie had wheeled silently up behind the preoccupied woman. Misty was in a very exposed position and Angie decided to take advantage of it, unable to resist stroking that wet, exposed pussy. Misty was so horny that she made no protest. Not that Misty felt like protesting – she just wanted to get fucked. Angie started to poke all four fingers in and out of her pussy. Misty’s body responded, her thighs widening and offered herself to the woman behind her. While Angie was trying to fist Misty, Misty couldn’t keep her eyes off the incredibly sensual mating of Shania and their dog-napping victim.

Shania looked back at Misty and Angie as the dog stood rampant over her, his bitch. Misty was on all fours, and Angie was caressing Misty’s ass. Misty was open and defenseless, and Angie’s hand was deep inside her slit. Misty’s expression was one Shania could only later describe as love and lust for Angie.

Angie managed to put four fingers into Misty, who also wriggled her ass, trying to move more of it onto that woman’s hand. Shania herself had stopped moving. The dog covered her, his forelegs gripping her flanks, his penis and knot buried in her cunt. Angie could see his balls vibrating in time with his noisy labored breathing. Shania was moaning softly.

Angie was moving all four fingers in and out of Misty’s pussy. Both of them were watching Shania, and their new playmate. Time seemed to stand still. The sensual coupling took about ten or fifteen minutes, Shania trying to keep him in. But after a time, he began moving. His movements were gentle backpedaling reverse thrusts, his softening knot still wedged in Shania’s cloying cum filled cunt, still too big to slide free, forcing her to scoot backwards whimpering as he tried to dismount.

Unfortunately, human girls do not have a girl dog’s ability to truly clamp down on a knot, and he pulled free with a soggy ‘plop’, followed by embarrassing echoing pussy farts from her cunt. She gushed dog cum and the air compressed by his frantic humping, and then sank down onto the grass. The dog’s penis hung down. It was still massive and Angie doubted whether she’d be able to take him. Angie was still stroking Misty when the dog pulled free of Shania. The sight of her friend’s gaping pussy, and the scent of their mingled juices filling Misty’s nostrils, took Misty over the edge. She came hard on Angie’s hand.

For a while it was quiet. Shania was moaning softly while laying on her belly on the grass, Misty’s breathing had slowed to some semblance of normal. The Rottweiler sat on his haunches and began to lick himself, his knot slowly subsiding. He then stretched lazily, and ambled over and began to lick his cum from Shania’s gaping, leaking cunt. Her mind reeled, her body convulsed and her final orgasm hit, leaving her a dog cum filled mess of a body, quivering on the grass.

When the dog plopped down and looked at his dog-nappers in a bored fashion, Misty moved forward and began stroking Shania, softly asking, “Are you OK? Did you enjoy it?”

Shania turned and looked up, blushing in the starlight. She smiled weakly and said, “Yes, it was fantastic.”

Misty turned to ask Angie, “Did you enjoy me?” She giggled, saying, “God, I’m so turned on.” Misty looked at the dog, who’d begun licking himself again while watching us. He looked fully recovered from his time with Shania. Everyone’s breathing settled. There wasn’t a lot of talking but there was still an air of excitement. Misty guessed the smell of sex in the air had him excited again, because she saw once again the tip of his cock poking out of his sheath.

When she noticed the dog showing his penis again, Angie giggled, joking, “I bet to him we all smell like we’re in heat.”

Shania watched, panting, while Misty turned, moving away from Angie’s chair. Misty rubbed his ears and reversed her position towards the dog. She lifted her ass to the dog’s face, and a trickle of urine spurted from her, sprinkling down her inner thighs. Immediately he began to lick, and everyone heard a low growl from him. Angie and Shania began kissing and fondling each other, observing.

Misty raised her ass higher, presenting her greedy pussy, spreading her thighs wide apart. He sniffed her and licked at that wet pussy. With little warning, he reared up, gripping her flanks with his front paws and began thrusting blindly, his stubby cock lengthening. His penis was half out of its sheath, and poking stick-like at Misty’s asshole.

Misty lifted herself slightly, snaked her arm across her belly and somehow managed to get a hold of his fast moving cock which was rapidly hardening. Gripping him, she guided him away from where he was poking at her asshole, and toward her wet pussy. She lowered herself slightly, then half tugged, and suddenly the dog was fucking her! Misty felt him humping, then her cunt was invaded by an incredibly big, thick, hot, cock! He was thrusting wildly, his back paws scratching and scraping the grass behind them, his forepaws gripping her waist tight, while ramming home his massive cock into her waiting wet hole. Misty heard Shania gasp, and figured, “They must be watching me.”

A dog only knows one way to fuck, and it’s not subtle! He humped fast, oblivious to anything other than breeding this new bitch. His pumping action caused her wet cunt to expel air in lewd pussy farts around their tightening connection. Everyone giggled.

Yes!” Misty thought triumphantly. “I can take him!” But it was still a really tight fit. His cock was about the same length as their dogs’ but much hotter and way, way thicker. He didn’t waste time, banging frantic thrusts in and out of her cunt, his cock slightly softening as the fist size knot at its base began to swell.

Misty was whimpering a little, her eyes screwed closed and rolling her hips and thrusting back trying to keep him inside. She was enjoying being taken by this beast. She had a little pain, but so much more pleasure that it was well worth it. She was panting like a bitch in heat, trying to catch her breath, which was coming in short gasps, keeping time with his hard thrusts. Her tits were swaying like meaty pendulums with every breath she took.

Shania noted that Misty’s movements were subtle, delicate and intimate, keeping him hard and attentive in her obscenely swollen cunt. She watched closely – it was stretched and distended, the reddish section behind his knot bending slightly, giving her a great view of their coupling.

Trying to get a closer view of Misty, Shania was still recumbent on the grass, with her legs wide, and her pussy dilated, leaking dog cum that was coating her thighs. Angie glanced down at Shania, noting her availability. While the young woman was watching Misty, Angie thrust her whole hand into Shania’s wet, leaking fuckhole.

Shania mewed softly, gasping, surprised at the ferocity of that unrestrained action! She closed her eyes as Angie’s hand twirled inside her, while folding itself into a fist. Angie began pumping her wrist, slow and steady, in time with Misty’s and the Rottweiler’s panting breaths. They both watched the dog’s balls and stumpy tail quivering as he pumped his seed into Misty’s womb.

When Misty opened her eyes, she saw Shania down on her belly with Angie behind her, fucking her with her hand. The young girl’s pussy was still full of the dog’s load and making squishing sounds as Angie fisted her, but Misty didn’t care. All her attention returned to the dog fucking her when she felt his knot slap her cunt’s lips. She knew it would hurt going in, but Misty wanted it. She had to have it. He kept humping and Misty moved, matching his movement. Misty arched and bowed her back, her knees sliding wider and wider on the damp, dew-covered grass, as the dog’s humping got frantic.

It felt like a man’s fist smacking her insatiable, wet cunt. Each time he thrust, Misty felt her body absorbing it little by little. But it still took her by surprise when suddenly her cunt just seemed to open. They slowed, her cunt absorbing, and stretching. The knot still wasn’t as big as it was going to get, and Misty knew that there was no way he was going to pull out of her now. He was determined to breed her. His cock pumped slowly, his knot sliding into her and setting under her clit. Misty held her breath and bore down and suddenly it slotted home. There was an almost a soft sighing sound when this occurred. Angie watched, enthralled, as the colossal dog stood upright, with Misty under him. Shania watched, just as fascinated, grinding slightly on the fist within her.

The dog and Misty were dead still, waiting for the seal to be complete. Misty could feel him getting bigger as her vaginal walls enveloped his iron hard knot. The end of his cock was pressed up tightly against her cervix. It was softening a bit, still hard, but far more flexible. Misty could feel that monster cock vibrating deep inside her. Suddenly her cunt was flooded with hot cum, far hotter than a human male ever gives. The dog must have held back with Shania. His knot grew and grew inside her until it felt like a watermelon, and his balls vibrated in time with his soft growls as he filled her with his seed.

Misty was almost grunting with pure pleasure, her hips twitching as she exploded in orgasm. It was incredibly sensual to watch, and the air around everyone was full of the inky scent of their coupling. The dog growled softly and contentedly as his seed now flooded Misty’s womb and uterus.

As the dog pumped her full, Misty could hear Angie and Shania still going at it. Angie was really pumping Shania, her hand in Shania’s sloppy cunt and Shania was asking for more. Misty thought she heard her say something but Misty couldn’t quite make it out. Angie shoved her fist even deeper inside Shania. Shania’s pussy was leaking a mixture of her cum juices and the dog’s cum. Angie was talking dirty now, and whispered urgently to Shania, “Cum for me, bitch!!”

In response, the young woman shuddered, conditioned to that voice. Her body reacted. Hips twitching, eyes rolling back, the young woman experienced an orgasm, crashing through her in a wave of blue ecstasy, fulfilling her owner’s command willingly and lovingly. Satisfied, Angie eased her fist out of the hot, quivering cunt.

This tying with Misty was much longer than the Rottie’s time with Shania. Misty used subtle, slight hip twitches in a way that kept her lover tightly in her swollen cunt. His knot had expanded fully and her cunt was attractively stretched and distended. The dog continued a soft, contented growl as his seed now invaded Misty’s waiting womb. In the dim light, Angie and Shania swore they could see her belly swell. The dog held perfectly still above her.

Misty said later, “It felt like an hour while the dog gripped me, rampant and fully in command. My belly ached, it felt so very full of his cum. Finally I felt that he was starting to shrink, but the bond was still tight. His pulsing knot was pressing on my spongy G-spot, and I couldn’t help cumming again! The bliss of that orgasm made staying still for him impossible.”

When that orgasm hit, Misty’s pussy spasms actually began to expel that magnificent organ out of her. The dog was back pedaling, and the contracting knot suddenly managed to pull free. The pair separated with a wet gush of dog cum. Misty sank onto the grass onto her belly, panting, oozing his cum out onto the grass.

The dog licked himself briefly, his massive penis sliding back into its sheath. Then he lowered his face to Misty’s wet, dilated cunt. His tongue swiped and curled into her swollen lips, as Misty tried to catch her breath, difficult with that tongue incessantly stimulating her.

As the last dribbles pooled onto the grass between her legs, the dog stood and shook, scratching himself with his back paw. He circled Angie, sniffing at her sticky hands, as she gazed lustily at the magnificent animal. He circled the pooled mixture of his cum and Misty’s vaginal secretions sinking into the grass, and while locking eyes with Angie, lifted a leg and sent a long stream of hissing piss at it. It appeared he was telling Angie, “I’m the alpha here, and you better know it – all of you.” Then he seemed content to lay down and watch us – proud, virile, but satisfied.

They were quite a sight by this point – all naked in their back yard, Misty and Shania sitting on the grass, sweating, while Angie sat in her wheelchair. Finally, the dog yawned before trotting towards the van, as if to say, “Thanks ladies. Enough for tonight, but I need to get home.”

Angie glanced at her watch. It was late morning, and the temperature was dropping fast. In a few hours it would be dawn, and they needed to get the dog back to his house. Angie pulled a sweater over her head, but the other two women stayed naked, both shivering in the cool air. As they stood up, Misty kissed both Shania and Angie, before Angie wheeled herself to the van.

Misty opened the sliding door and the dog hopped into the van, his stubby tail wagging happily. Shania and Misty sat close together, sharing body warmth, next to a very sated dog. Angie drove them back towards the dog’s house, The ride seemed over in minutes, their silence totally natural. Angie stopped the van on the dark road about 25 yards from his house. Misty slid the door open and their ‘victim’ – their new lover – hopped out, heading home. Without a backward look, he clambered back through the rickety fence. Angie glanced in the rear view mirror at her two naked girls sitting prettily in the back seat.

“Did anyone see if he had a name on his collar?” Angie asked. We all looked at each other, a bit dumbfounded, and giggled merrily all the way home.