The Dog-Napping Adventure

(Please note: This story is an amalgam of the thoughts, feelings, and reactions of the three participants, painstakingly pieced together after the adventure.)

Angie was in her bed, thinking. “God, this idea is incredibly sexy. I can’t get it out of my mind. Find a strange dog we’ve never interacted with in any way, lure it into my van, and drive him to our home. All of us have sex with it, and when were done, drop him off at his house again, hopefully his owner none the wiser.” She’d been daydreaming about this for more than a week.

Misty, dozing in bed next to her, felt her squirm, fantasizing. She knew Angie was cooking something up, probably something naughty, but knew better than to pry. When Angie was ready, she’d tell her.

Meanwhile, Angie was imagining for the umpteenth time how the girls would act, given the opportunity. Ideally, there’d be some moonlight, and Misty’d be on her knees, her pale freckled skin almost glowing in the silvery light. Her copper hair’d be flowing across the grass as the powerful dog mounted her slim, 5’6”, 120 lb body. Angie visualized the way her lover’s pussy would swell when the knot sets. She could almost heard the sensual moans as Misty climaxed while the dog stood rampant above her.

Then sweet Shania, the woman in a girl’s body, who at 5’9″ seemed to be all arms and legs, could have her turn. Angie imagined her ebony eyes screwed shut, long dark hair cascading across her face as the dog rutted and thrust deep inside her.

Finally after long deliberation, Angie felt she’d formulated all the angles, and decided to broach the subject after dinner.

Supper began normally.

Shania had laid the table after she finished her homework, placing out knives, forks, spoons and table mats. Misty, who usually took the role of housewife to the trio, called everyone to the table. “Tonight we’re having Shania’s favorite, Sloppy Joes,” she announced, as if the smells wafting from the kitchen hadn’t already informed the rest of the group.

Shania poured a glass of cider for Angie, and milk for herself and Misty, and sat waiting. Angie wheeled herself up to her position at the head of the rectangular table, while Misty sat opposite the younger woman.

Shania was never certain how Misty did it. She seemed always perfect! Even when doing something depraved, she’d be serene and beautiful, her perfect skin sprinkled with youthful freckles. Her hair was the colour of bright new copper, and it cascaded down to the base of her spine. Her eyes were the colour of a spring meadow: lush and green with tiny flecks of gold. Her face displayed tranquility, with the innate beauty only someone who has done it all can exude. Her body was taut and her legs seem to begin just under her arms – a lean, clean, loving machine. Shania thought to herself yet again, “I’m so glad she loves me!”

Shania turned to the head of the table, looking at the woman there, pondering, “Angie’s beautiful in a different way entirely. Her dark hair might be cut almost boyishly short, but the first thing anyone notices are her huge eyes. They’re the colour of the sky, and just as luminous. Her jaw juts determinedly forward, and, woman that she is, her neck is not feminine, and neither are her arms and shoulders. She sits very lazily in an athletic wheelchair almost slouching, but it’s a ruse. Her mind is like a razor, and her upper body’s stronger than most men’s.”

Shania sighed quietly, still regarding Angie. “All of this is neatly packaged in one paraplegic who has no self pity, and runs her life and ours with self reliance, and is the most disciplined person I know,” she thought. Rubbing her butt and suppressing a giggle, Shania knew full well that Angie had no problems dispensing that discipline, sometimes with her hand, paddle, whip or mouth. “Angie isn’t your average woman in a wheel chair, and quiet honestly, once you get over the fact she’s disabled, you forget she’s even chair bound,” she summarized. “I’m so glad she loves me, too,” she mouthed to herself. Of course, that very same mouth was watering, since she was famished. They dug in.

As the meal neared its conclusion, Angie began explaining her plan. Caught by surprise with a mouthful of food, to Shania it seemed surreal, her mind not fully grasping the concept.

Misty stared at Angie as if she’d just asked her to kill someone, her green eyes flashing, sudden colour blossoming in her cheeks. She shook her head in denial, making her hair float around her face like a halo of reddened gold. “You’re joking, right?” she asked Angie in a highly argumentative tone of voice.

“No I’m serious,” Angie replied. “I think it will be the most exciting thing we’ve ever done!” she continued, using her even, natural inflections. She looked across the table at Shania, giving the younger woman a reassuring smile, as if inviting her to a great adventure.

Sensing a storm brewing, Shania tried to placate everybody, saying to Angie, “I think, if you think we should, then I’ll do it.” To be honest, she was not exactly sure what she was agreeing to, while looking directly at first Angie, then Misty. She loved them both equally and without any reservation, and just wanted them to get along.

Misty looked across at Shania scornfully, and up the table at Angie. “I think that you are both fricken crazy. Anyway, Shania always agrees with everything you say. What if we get caught? How can we explain stealing a dog? Do you for one second think that the cops will believe whatever bullshit explanation you try and give them, Angie? We’ll all go to jail!” she almost yelled.

Angie brooked no gainsaying, and her retort was brash. She rolled her head and lifted her chin defiantly. “You’ll do as you’re told! Don’t take that tone with me! Do you understand, girl?”

Shania had never seen Misty fail to defer to Angie, and this time was no exception. She canted her head to one side, almost like a wolf baring its neck in submission, and hoarsely whispered as if spitting blood, “Yes, Mistress. However, my objection stands.” One could almost hear her teeth grinding.

Shania looked at the two women she loved. Angie’s hackles were rising, and Misty’s eyes had morphed into a truculent, stormy gray. She gulped, and tried to pour oil on troubled waters. “When are we going to look for our victim?” she asked, with false cheerfulness. She did, however, bounce up and down in her chair as she asked, trying to convey excitement, to placate her Mistress.

Angie reversed her chair from the table, stating, “Nothing wrong with the present time. Let’s go!” she ordered.

Shania followed Angie and Misty to Angie’s minivan. Unaided, Angie swung herself into the driver’s seat. Shania slid into the middle seat, and Misty stiffly sat in the front passenger seat, her posture still one of disapproval, as she clarified, “This is only a scouting mission, right?” and received a terse nod from Angie.

They drove for almost an hour through a darkening suburb. They saw a lot of dogs, but Misty seemed unimpressed with every dog or house they saw, finding faults or problems, and nay-saying them left and right. Angie was obviously growing increasingly frustrated with those objections and that attitude. Shania began cringing at each interaction between the two.

They started down a dark street. Half way along this dark road, Angie spotted a huge, impressive Rottweiler lazing on a stoop of a rundown looking bungalow. She pointed. “What about him?” she asked.

The sullen redhead responded sarcastically, “I bet it’s a girl.”

It was almost as if the dog had heard her. The van’s headlights making the dog’s eyes look like tiny flashlights, he lurched onto his huge paws and lifted his head and looked directly at them. He proceeded to lift his rear leg and sent a stream of urine against the wall next to him. “I’m certain girl dogs don’t pee like that, Misty,” Shania pointed out.

“Then he’s probably been neutered, and I’m not going to feel his balls to confirm either way. I like my hands in one piece,” Misty answered, blowing across her perfectly manicured and varnished finger nails.

As the debate raged back and forth in the front of the van, Shania knew she had to do something. She slid open her door, and sprang from the slow moving van, lurching off balance into the dirty and broken fence.

At her soft whistle, the dog began charging the fence full of bravado, but switched to approaching with caution and half inquisitive snarls, in between warning barks.

Shania showed no fear, leaning over the fence and teasing his floppy ears, cooing softly. The dog lost all aggression, because she showed no threat to him, or his home and owner. She teased his ears with her left hand while her right was reaching over the fence and blindly moving across his back and then feeling under his belly for the presence of his shaft. Her fingers encountered his knot. At that contact, it almost automatically quivered and swelled, and his balls began to pulse. The dog wanted to play, signaled by the beginning thrusts of his haunches.

Shania smiled sadly, whispering, “Sorry boy. You’re going to have to wait.” He whined as she turned and quickly got back into her seat. “He’s got balls and they’re massive,” she reported.

“Any more objections, Ms. Sourpuss?” Angie asked with a sneer.

Misty began, “I still don’t…”

“Oh shut up!” Angie commanded her.

They drove home, with Angie carefully noting the route and measuring the distance with the van’s odometer. Angie decided their raid would take place on the first clear Saturday night. She suspected that Misty was performing rain dances on a regular basis, to hold things off.

Soon there was an absolutely beautiful Saturday, and the three women prepared for their adventure. First, Misty submitted to both of their own dogs. Shania had to wait her turn, but found that the wait was well worth it, because she had two or three blissful orgasms as, one after the other, those same dogs thrust into her waiting, wet cunt with their characteristic expertise. Both Misty and Shania now exuded that musky, inky scent only dog fucking females can generate.

When they were smelly enough to suit Angie, she placed herself across a portable pool, while one of those dogs covered her, rutting and filling her wide cunt with his seed. Yes, dogs can be insatiable. All three women now reeked of musk and dog sex. Slipping on sweaters and leggings, they climbed into the van, and began their journey.

It was just before midnight on the van’s dash clock when Angie stopped the van about a hundred yards from the Rottweiler’s house, switching the van lights off for stealth. Angie noted that now there was no hesitation from Misty. Both she and Shania were eager and excited, their eyes dancing in the faint light from the dash.

They waited for the better part of an hour, watching, making sure no one was around and no lights sprang on. Finally, Angie whispered, “We’re really gonna do this.” All three of them giggled nervously.

Misty jumped out of the van, pulling off her sweater and leggings. Shania followed Misty’s example and pulled off her clothing as well. They tossed their clothes into the van, and stood naked next to it.

It was a warm and lovely night – the moon a sliver in the sky, the sky itself made luminous by a million billion stars above them. During the wait, their eyes had grown accustomed to the dark, allowing them to see the Rottweiler on his stoop.

Angie reversed the van back to the corner, while her girls walked purposely toward the house. She watched in the dark van while Misty and Shania whistled quietly, attracting the dog’s attention.

When they got to his yard, they could hear movement on the other side of his fence. He was breathing hard and making terse almost-growls as he looked at them through the wooden slats of the fence. Misty was certain he was smelling them, but trying to figure out why two human girls smelled of dog cum. He was moving along the fence keeping pace with them as they looked for a way to get him out.

Misty looked at Shania – her eyes were wide and she was breathing fast. Her nipples were really hard. In the starlight, they saw the dog run ahead. They saw the fence move and sway. He’d crawled through the less than sturdy wooden picket fence. Once he was on the sidewalk he walked towards them. Misty dipped one hand between her legs, and offered her hand, palm down, for the dog to lick. The dog’s tongue slurped, and without as much as a wag of his stubby tail, his nose angled instinctively towards Misty’s crotch. He sniffed and sniffed before licking a few times. She rubbed his ears and told him quietly, “Good boy.” He sniffed again, then moved to Shania, and licked her, his stumpy tail and butt really wriggling now.

Misty thought, “How will Shania and I deal with his cock and knot? Her pussy’s really, really loose but I’m a lot tighter. When I looked at him from the road during our original search, I thought he’d rip me apart if I let him knot me. Shania’s had more experience with large dogs, so I know how loose her pussy is. She should be able to take his knot really easily, but she’s younger than I. If she gets scared, I’ll let him take me first.”

Misty whispered to Shania, “We’d better get headed back to the van before he got too excited.” They started to walk quickly back, and he followed right behind them. The two women held hands as they almost skipped back to the van, trailed by the dog. The dog seemed to be sniffing Misty the whole way, his nose bumping against her taunt ass cheeks as they walked. Shania chuckled softly.

They made it to the van and as Shania swung up onto the center seat, the dog followed. Misty climbed in, and closed the sliding door behind them as Angie put the van into gear. Angie glanced into the rear view mirror, saying, “OMG. He’s so big!” She began moving down the street.

“Switch the lights on before we get stopped by the cops,” Misty hissed. She sighed in relief as the headlights again illuminated the road. Angie tried to concentrate, the lights now on, and they cruised towards our home, driving slowly and totally within the law.

Misty was gingerly manipulating the dog’s penis, while Shania looked on, licking her lips.

Angie asked, “Shania, are you okay with this?”

Shania was pretty worked up, so she nodded her head eagerly, replying, “Yes. I am.”

Misty kept masturbating the dog, who seemed totally at ease, his penis thickening and hardening, starting to poke from its sheath. It was massive. He lazily licked Misty, as she manipulated him. The Rottie continued to sniff and lick her pussy as they drove home. Misty knew there might be a problem getting him interested in Shania’s pussy.

When they reached home, Angie drove up the drive, and told the other two women, “Stay in the van.” She quickly swung out of the van into her waiting chair, and wheeled into the house, calling out for our two dogs. They eagerly followed her to the bedroom, where Angie closed the door, trapping them. Their barks and whines protested, “Hey! Unfair!” as only dogs can do. Their displeasure was probably heightened by the foreign canine scent in the air.

During her absence, Misty was trying to get the Rottie interested in Shania, also. She told Shania to spread her legs. Misty then pushed the dog’s head away from her own crotch, and pulled him over to Shania by his collar, pushing his face into her pussy. Unfortunately, he just sat there not doing anything. Misty moved herself so she and Shania were kind of pussy to pussy, with him in-between. Misty told Shania, “Hold onto my leg,” while Misty held onto hers. Misty wiped her pussy juices onto Shania hoping some of her scent would transfer. The dog finally began to lick Shania. This position actually felt really good, and Misty heard Shania moan a couple of times. Misty stroked the dog behind his soft knot and his cock began growing larger.

Angie came back outside, rejoining the others and reporting, “The dogs are very unhappy to be locked away.” By now, Misty had gotten the dog hard. His penis stood stick-like and stiff. Misty swore that Angie’s eyes got really wide as she stared at the dog’s massive cock, showing from its sheath.

Misty separated herself from Shania, and told her, “Get out of the van, find some soft grass and get onto all fours.”

Shania clambered out of the van. Misty got out the other side, holding the Rottie by his collar and pushed Angie in her wheelchair. Misty helped Shania get into the right position, on her knees, in the cool, fragrant, damp grass, her head and shoulders pressing her breasts into the lawn. The young woman arched her back and widened the distance between her knees, offering herself. She was now on the grass with her ass high and her soaking wet pussy fully exposed. The Rottie followed the mixed scents right to her.

When his tongue darted out and licked her from asshole to clit with one long swipe, she moaned and shivered. Shania couldn’t resist having a hot, wet, rough tongue lapping away at her cunt. His warm, wet nose occasionally bumped against her clit as his tongue swiped across and into her hole to get at the juice only a human bitch in heat can produce. She quivered with sensations.

The young woman thrashed, twitching under his swirling, talented tongue for several minutes. She spread her legs almost unnaturally wide. After several hot minutes of licking, he suddenly stopped and lurched up over her with his front paws on either side of her hips. He crowded in closer and she could feel his cock sliding over her thigh as he tried to wrap his paws around her waist. She could barely hold his weight as he moved his hard cock, searching for the entrance. The dog was breathing hard, and he was eagerly trying to mount, but Shania’s long legs were making the connection difficult.

Misty could see from his actions that he was ready, so, taking control, she moved onto her knees behind the humping dog. She gave his cock a quick rub till he began humping and tried to guide him. This was really difficult, because he was humping like crazy. She kept hold of him, moving Shania’s body into position to meet his wild animal thrusts. She pressed Shania down, and used her left hand to guide his fast moving penis. His hips were humping desperately and futilely. Misty pulled at Shania’s ass, while pushing the dog into her. Misty managed to move him to one side, albeit after a few painful scratches. Her sure hand guided his hard cock into the waiting woman. The dog found his bitch open and wet, and he thrust into her wet hole, finally achieving his mount.

As soon as his penis touched her wet hole, his hips flexed. He started humping in earnest, half springing forward with his rear paws standing on Shania’s outstretched calves. Her pussy swallowed up about half his cock. She was yelling, “He’s so big!”

Misty cooed, telling her, “Just relax. He hasn’t even got to the knot yet.”

Shania was lifting her ass and matching the beast’s fast, wild thrusts. Behind her, Misty lowered her own face, lifting her ass, and watched as the dog fucked her friend, his penis driving into her, his knot thickening and slapping at her wet pussy lips.

Shania was past any reluctance. She was ready to be fucked hard this time. She craved that dog dick in her cunt. Her body ached for intercourse. She wanted to feel his knot slap her sloppy vaginal lips, and expand into her and fill her cunt with his cum. He was humping wildly, the only way he knew how.

Some of his movements briefly pulled his cock free from her opening. She tried scooting her hips closer to him, but he couldn’t control himself. His dick was incredibly hot and stiff and he humped like a jackhammer. Little spurts of pre-cum spurted everywhere, getting on the grass, her back, her ass cheeks and thighs. Gradually, more and more of his cock was going up inside her. He was half growling and panting and so was Shania. He was humping fast, deep, deep inside her, his knot slapping her outer lips harder, and she began pussy-farting.

Later, Shania reported, “I’ve had many different human and dog cocks inside my pussy before, but nothing prepared me for the ultimate feeling that this dog’s cock filling my fuckhole gave me.” Unashamed, she shunted back, now meeting his thrusts as he continued roughly stuffing his cock into her all the way to the base of his growing knot. After an eternity (at least 5 seconds), her tight cunt automatically softened, and gaped wide open, offering to take his massive knot for the first time.

Misty was on all fours, trying to help Shania spread her pussy more and shoving the dog’s ass, urging him forward. It looked impossible, and Misty wondered if he would look like that when he mounted her. Shania rubbed her clit as he pushed again. Then suddenly the knot disappeared into her entrance and they were knotted. He quit humping and stood still. Her body clenched, trapping that magnificent knot, which began to swell and pulse.

Shania was breathing hard but said, “I can feel him swelling inside me. Oh god! I don’t know if I can take it.”

Misty gasped, swearing something like, “His knot is the size of a small melon, and getting bigger!”

The dog’s shaft softened inside her tunnel, and began to pump his cum with every beat of his massive heart. Each heartbeat squirted gobs of his cum into her waiting pussy. He’d stopped moving altogether. Shania knelt and crouched stoically under him, his warmth comforting, his soft fur keeping her from shivering. She turned her head slowly, and looked at Misty and Angie. She hissed softly, “I can feel him flooding me!”

The hot cum quickly filled her, while the size of his fully engorged knot jammed into her stopped it from leaking out. More and more was spurting from his flattened tip and it had only one path still open, her womb! She could feel his dog cum flooding her uterus. She imagined her belly must be swelling slightly from the fluid pressure.

Angie’s attention momentarily focused on Misty, who knelt with her ass still well up in the air. Misty was totally hypnotized, seeing the dog’s cock buried deep inside her friend’s pussy. She’d forgotten about Angie. That is, right up to the moment when she felt Angie’s hands on her ass. Angie had wheeled silently up behind the preoccupied woman. Misty was in a very exposed position and Angie decided to take advantage of it, unable to resist stroking that wet, exposed pussy. Misty was so horny that she made no protest. Not that Misty felt like protesting – she just wanted to get fucked. Angie started to poke all four fingers in and out of her pussy. Misty’s body responded, her thighs widening and offered herself to the woman behind her. While Angie was trying to fist Misty, Misty couldn’t keep her eyes off the incredibly sensual mating of Shania and their dog-napping victim.

Shania looked back at Misty and Angie as the dog stood rampant over her, his bitch. Misty was on all fours, and Angie was caressing Misty’s ass. Misty was open and defenseless, and Angie’s hand was deep inside her slit. Misty’s expression was one Shania could only later describe as love and lust for Angie.

Angie managed to put four fingers into Misty, who also wriggled her ass, trying to move more of it onto that woman’s hand. Shania herself had stopped moving. The dog covered her, his forelegs gripping her flanks, his penis and knot buried in her cunt. Angie could see his balls vibrating in time with his noisy labored breathing. Shania was moaning softly.

Angie was moving all four fingers in and out of Misty’s pussy. Both of them were watching Shania, and their new playmate. Time seemed to stand still. The sensual coupling took about ten or fifteen minutes, Shania trying to keep him in. But after a time, he began moving. His movements were gentle backpedaling reverse thrusts, his softening knot still wedged in Shania’s cloying cum filled cunt, still too big to slide free, forcing her to scoot backwards whimpering as he tried to dismount.

Unfortunately, human girls do not have a girl dog’s ability to truly clamp down on a knot, and he pulled free with a soggy ‘plop’, followed by embarrassing echoing pussy farts from her cunt. She gushed dog cum and the air compressed by his frantic humping, and then sank down onto the grass. The dog’s penis hung down. It was still massive and Angie doubted whether she’d be able to take him. Angie was still stroking Misty when the dog pulled free of Shania. The sight of her friend’s gaping pussy, and the scent of their mingled juices filling Misty’s nostrils, took Misty over the edge. She came hard on Angie’s hand.

For a while it was quiet. Shania was moaning softly while laying on her belly on the grass, Misty’s breathing had slowed to some semblance of normal. The Rottweiler sat on his haunches and began to lick himself, his knot slowly subsiding. He then stretched lazily, and ambled over and began to lick his cum from Shania’s gaping, leaking cunt. Her mind reeled, her body convulsed and her final orgasm hit, leaving her a dog cum filled mess of a body, quivering on the grass.

When the dog plopped down and looked at his dog-nappers in a bored fashion, Misty moved forward and began stroking Shania, softly asking, “Are you OK? Did you enjoy it?”

Shania turned and looked up, blushing in the starlight. She smiled weakly and said, “Yes, it was fantastic.”

Misty turned to ask Angie, “Did you enjoy me?” She giggled, saying, “God, I’m so turned on.” Misty looked at the dog, who’d begun licking himself again while watching us. He looked fully recovered from his time with Shania. Everyone’s breathing settled. There wasn’t a lot of talking but there was still an air of excitement. Misty guessed the smell of sex in the air had him excited again, because she saw once again the tip of his cock poking out of his sheath.

When she noticed the dog showing his penis again, Angie giggled, joking, “I bet to him we all smell like we’re in heat.”

Shania watched, panting, while Misty turned, moving away from Angie’s chair. Misty rubbed his ears and reversed her position towards the dog. She lifted her ass to the dog’s face, and a trickle of urine spurted from her, sprinkling down her inner thighs. Immediately he began to lick, and everyone heard a low growl from him. Angie and Shania began kissing and fondling each other, observing.

Misty raised her ass higher, presenting her greedy pussy, spreading her thighs wide apart. He sniffed her and licked at that wet pussy. With little warning, he reared up, gripping her flanks with his front paws and began thrusting blindly, his stubby cock lengthening. His penis was half out of its sheath, and poking stick-like at Misty’s asshole.

Misty lifted herself slightly, snaked her arm across her belly and somehow managed to get a hold of his fast moving cock which was rapidly hardening. Gripping him, she guided him away from where he was poking at her asshole, and toward her wet pussy. She lowered herself slightly, then half tugged, and suddenly the dog was fucking her! Misty felt him humping, then her cunt was invaded by an incredibly big, thick, hot, cock! He was thrusting wildly, his back paws scratching and scraping the grass behind them, his forepaws gripping her waist tight, while ramming home his massive cock into her waiting wet hole. Misty heard Shania gasp, and figured, “They must be watching me.”

A dog only knows one way to fuck, and it’s not subtle! He humped fast, oblivious to anything other than breeding this new bitch. His pumping action caused her wet cunt to expel air in lewd pussy farts around their tightening connection. Everyone giggled.

Yes!” Misty thought triumphantly. “I can take him!” But it was still a really tight fit. His cock was about the same length as their dogs’ but much hotter and way, way thicker. He didn’t waste time, banging frantic thrusts in and out of her cunt, his cock slightly softening as the fist size knot at its base began to swell.

Misty was whimpering a little, her eyes screwed closed and rolling her hips and thrusting back trying to keep him inside. She was enjoying being taken by this beast. She had a little pain, but so much more pleasure that it was well worth it. She was panting like a bitch in heat, trying to catch her breath, which was coming in short gasps, keeping time with his hard thrusts. Her tits were swaying like meaty pendulums with every breath she took.

Shania noted that Misty’s movements were subtle, delicate and intimate, keeping him hard and attentive in her obscenely swollen cunt. She watched closely – it was stretched and distended, the reddish section behind his knot bending slightly, giving her a great view of their coupling.

Trying to get a closer view of Misty, Shania was still recumbent on the grass, with her legs wide, and her pussy dilated, leaking dog cum that was coating her thighs. Angie glanced down at Shania, noting her availability. While the young woman was watching Misty, Angie thrust her whole hand into Shania’s wet, leaking fuckhole.

Shania mewed softly, gasping, surprised at the ferocity of that unrestrained action! She closed her eyes as Angie’s hand twirled inside her, while folding itself into a fist. Angie began pumping her wrist, slow and steady, in time with Misty’s and the Rottweiler’s panting breaths. They both watched the dog’s balls and stumpy tail quivering as he pumped his seed into Misty’s womb.

When Misty opened her eyes, she saw Shania down on her belly with Angie behind her, fucking her with her hand. The young girl’s pussy was still full of the dog’s load and making squishing sounds as Angie fisted her, but Misty didn’t care. All her attention returned to the dog fucking her when she felt his knot slap her cunt’s lips. She knew it would hurt going in, but Misty wanted it. She had to have it. He kept humping and Misty moved, matching his movement. Misty arched and bowed her back, her knees sliding wider and wider on the damp, dew-covered grass, as the dog’s humping got frantic.

It felt like a man’s fist smacking her insatiable, wet cunt. Each time he thrust, Misty felt her body absorbing it little by little. But it still took her by surprise when suddenly her cunt just seemed to open. They slowed, her cunt absorbing, and stretching. The knot still wasn’t as big as it was going to get, and Misty knew that there was no way he was going to pull out of her now. He was determined to breed her. His cock pumped slowly, his knot sliding into her and setting under her clit. Misty held her breath and bore down and suddenly it slotted home. There was an almost a soft sighing sound when this occurred. Angie watched, enthralled, as the colossal dog stood upright, with Misty under him. Shania watched, just as fascinated, grinding slightly on the fist within her.

The dog and Misty were dead still, waiting for the seal to be complete. Misty could feel him getting bigger as her vaginal walls enveloped his iron hard knot. The end of his cock was pressed up tightly against her cervix. It was softening a bit, still hard, but far more flexible. Misty could feel that monster cock vibrating deep inside her. Suddenly her cunt was flooded with hot cum, far hotter than a human male ever gives. The dog must have held back with Shania. His knot grew and grew inside her until it felt like a watermelon, and his balls vibrated in time with his soft growls as he filled her with his seed.

Misty was almost grunting with pure pleasure, her hips twitching as she exploded in orgasm. It was incredibly sensual to watch, and the air around everyone was full of the inky scent of their coupling. The dog growled softly and contentedly as his seed now flooded Misty’s womb and uterus.

As the dog pumped her full, Misty could hear Angie and Shania still going at it. Angie was really pumping Shania, her hand in Shania’s sloppy cunt and Shania was asking for more. Misty thought she heard her say something but Misty couldn’t quite make it out. Angie shoved her fist even deeper inside Shania. Shania’s pussy was leaking a mixture of her cum juices and the dog’s cum. Angie was talking dirty now, and whispered urgently to Shania, “Cum for me, bitch!!”

In response, the young woman shuddered, conditioned to that voice. Her body reacted. Hips twitching, eyes rolling back, the young woman experienced an orgasm, crashing through her in a wave of blue ecstasy, fulfilling her owner’s command willingly and lovingly. Satisfied, Angie eased her fist out of the hot, quivering cunt.

This tying with Misty was much longer than the Rottie’s time with Shania. Misty used subtle, slight hip twitches in a way that kept her lover tightly in her swollen cunt. His knot had expanded fully and her cunt was attractively stretched and distended. The dog continued a soft, contented growl as his seed now invaded Misty’s waiting womb. In the dim light, Angie and Shania swore they could see her belly swell. The dog held perfectly still above her.

Misty said later, “It felt like an hour while the dog gripped me, rampant and fully in command. My belly ached, it felt so very full of his cum. Finally I felt that he was starting to shrink, but the bond was still tight. His pulsing knot was pressing on my spongy G-spot, and I couldn’t help cumming again! The bliss of that orgasm made staying still for him impossible.”

When that orgasm hit, Misty’s pussy spasms actually began to expel that magnificent organ out of her. The dog was back pedaling, and the contracting knot suddenly managed to pull free. The pair separated with a wet gush of dog cum. Misty sank onto the grass onto her belly, panting, oozing his cum out onto the grass.

The dog licked himself briefly, his massive penis sliding back into its sheath. Then he lowered his face to Misty’s wet, dilated cunt. His tongue swiped and curled into her swollen lips, as Misty tried to catch her breath, difficult with that tongue incessantly stimulating her.

As the last dribbles pooled onto the grass between her legs, the dog stood and shook, scratching himself with his back paw. He circled Angie, sniffing at her sticky hands, as she gazed lustily at the magnificent animal. He circled the pooled mixture of his cum and Misty’s vaginal secretions sinking into the grass, and while locking eyes with Angie, lifted a leg and sent a long stream of hissing piss at it. It appeared he was telling Angie, “I’m the alpha here, and you better know it – all of you.” Then he seemed content to lay down and watch us – proud, virile, but satisfied.

They were quite a sight by this point – all naked in their back yard, Misty and Shania sitting on the grass, sweating, while Angie sat in her wheelchair. Finally, the dog yawned before trotting towards the van, as if to say, “Thanks ladies. Enough for tonight, but I need to get home.”

Angie glanced at her watch. It was late morning, and the temperature was dropping fast. In a few hours it would be dawn, and they needed to get the dog back to his house. Angie pulled a sweater over her head, but the other two women stayed naked, both shivering in the cool air. As they stood up, Misty kissed both Shania and Angie, before Angie wheeled herself to the van.

Misty opened the sliding door and the dog hopped into the van, his stubby tail wagging happily. Shania and Misty sat close together, sharing body warmth, next to a very sated dog. Angie drove them back towards the dog’s house, The ride seemed over in minutes, their silence totally natural. Angie stopped the van on the dark road about 25 yards from his house. Misty slid the door open and their ‘victim’ – their new lover – hopped out, heading home. Without a backward look, he clambered back through the rickety fence. Angie glanced in the rear view mirror at her two naked girls sitting prettily in the back seat.

“Did anyone see if he had a name on his collar?” Angie asked. We all looked at each other, a bit dumbfounded, and giggled merrily all the way home.


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