Teasing Daddy

It started when she was 14.

I thought the first time was an accident.

I suppose I wasn’t supposed to know my daughter Lucy was on the pill. Nor that she was sexually active with boys. Her mother handled all the discussions about menses, safe sex, and all that. I knew she was precocious – her body filled out earlier than most girls, with her breasts and hips signaling young womanhood. No wonder the boys flocked around.

If I offered my opinion that perhaps Lucy’s skirt was too short, or maybe that the belly shirt she had on was too revealing and provocative, she’d say, “Oh Daddy!” in an exasperated tone.

My wife would back her up, telling me, “It’s what kids wear nowadays. Don’t be such an old-fashioned fuddy-duddy,” and that would be the end of the discussion. It was two against one, and maybe my ideas of female fashion were sadly out of date, so I dropped it.

When Lucy was a baby, I’d helped my wife change her diapers, bathe her, and so on. That stopped, of course, when she was a little girl, and modesty set in. She was still quite affectionate with me, giving me hugs and goodnight kisses. But she was becoming independent, as is natural. She was also developing a slightly wild streak, but that too seemed normal for a teenager.

One evening, I was walking down the hallway that led to our bedrooms, and passed Lucy’s room. Her door was open, and I got a glimpse of her pulling a T-shirt on. At that split instant, her arms were up and the material was covering her head, so unless she heard me walking by, she was unaware I was passing. With her arms up like that, her back was slightly arched and her breasts were being shoved firmly forward against the bra that covered them. I hastily averted my eyes, embarrassed to have seen Lucy partially undressed.

But as I walked onward, the vision of her tits encased in that frilly pink bra floated on my mental retina. I was actually amazed at how developed my little girl had become. I work from home, and can set my own hours, so taking care of Lucy in the afternoon to early evenings fell on my shoulders. Sometimes I’d be taking a nap, and Lucy would come and snuggle with me, claiming, “I’m too cold, Daddy.” And she’d press her body against mine for warmth. She always smelled so good when she held me close. Maybe it was her shampoo, maybe it was her skin lotion, or maybe it was just her natural scent, but it always thrilled me.

Perhaps a month or two later, I was walking in that same hallway, and again Lucy’s door was open. As I passed, she was bent over away from me, rummaging around in the bottom drawer of her dresser for something. I couldn’t tell what she may or may not have been wearing up top, but the glance I had took in the entire lower half of her body. Barefooted, her heels were slightly raised, with her contracted calf muscles making her legs quite shapely. Her long, graceful legs and thighs rose up to her hips. Her butt was partially covered by a brief pair of pale blue panties, and those panties were being pulled into her ass crack and groin by her bent-over posture.

Again I hastily moved onward, feeling a bit like a voyeuristic pervert. Seeing my own daughter that way! And having a difficult time erasing the image from my brain!

These ‘accidental’ viewings continued for years, occurring at random intervals, but with increasing frequency, or so it seemed to me. My blonde, blue-eyed daughter had become a real ‘looker’ and not just in my opinion. My wife pointed it out from time to time, too, proud that our daughter was so popular and smart. Lucy didn’t rely on looks alone to get by in the world – she applied herself to her school work, and usually brought home ‘A’s on her report cards. She was also active in sports, which gave her body a defined feminine musculature.

I saw a little of that musculature one day when Lucy was coming out of the bathroom after a shower. We were approaching one another in the hallway, and the towel she had wrapped around her was low enough to just barely cover her sex, which gave me a look at her legs and thighs in motion. Lucy didn’t seem shocked that I was walking towards her – she was smiling and strolling very calmly, holding the upper part of the towel against her chest.

However, one of the throw rugs in the hall had a bunched up edge, and Lucy stumbled over it, and threw out her hands for balance. I took a quick half step forward and caught her hands to steady her, successfully. But she’d let go of the top of the towel and her 36C breasts tumbled into view. Only for a moment, because when she had her balance again, Lucy grabbed the towel and pulled it back up into place, saying, “Thanks Dad. I might’ve hurt myself if you hadn’t been here.”

I’m glad you’re OK, Lucy,” I responded. “I’d better smooth out that rug.” As I did so, Lucy disappeared into her room, shutting the door. And I was left with a rug in my hands as a vision of firm, bobbing tits with dark pink/red areolae and pert nipples danced in my mind.

These ‘accidental’ exposures continued over four long years, increasing in frequency, as I said. More and more, Lucy left her bedroom door open when she was in there. Often she’d be standing, wearing only panties, as she’d be brushing her hair, putting on makeup, or laying out clothes as she decided what to wear. On the weekends, if the days were really hot, she’d spend most of the day wearing just panties, even if she was heading to the kitchen to raid the refrigerator. I tried not to stare.

Sometimes after showering, she’d walk between the bathroom and her room in only panties, perhaps with a towel wrapped only around her wet hair. Her blonde bush of pubic hair might also be wet, and the fronts of those thin panties would be translucent with moisture. I wondered if our little sexpot loved teasing the boys her age as much as she seemed to love teasing me.

She appeared to be at an age where she was confident of how lovely her body looked, and didn’t seem to care if people – even her parents – saw it. I began to wonder if we were raising a nudist. I didn’t offer any complaints about her showing off, because – I’ll admit it – I’m a man. A man that loves seeing naked or partially naked women, even if one of them is my own daughter.

In fact, with an increasing frequency, when I masturbated… yes, I masturbated… if you survey men, you’ll learn that about 80% of them admit to masturbating, and the other 20% are liars. So, when I masturbated, images of Lucy in various stages of undress filled my mind. Sometimes I’d even be thinking about how her body felt and smelled when we snuggled in bed together, which, surprisingly, she still did, even now that she was over 18.

That fateful day, I was in my bedroom, with the door closed, naked on my bed giving in to the strong urge to jack off. I had a box of tissues close at hand, and put some lubricant on my cock. Thinking of how Lucy looked, and smelled, and felt, I was using one hand to pump my dick, while my other hand massaged my balls. I felt my orgasm building, and building, and it was going to be a strong one. Just before it hit, I closed my eyes and pictured Lucy standing facing me, wearing only thin blue panties, with wisps of blonde pubic hair escaping from them. In my mind’s eye, both her hands were up as she brushed her hair. Her breasts were jiggling softly as her arms moved, her nipples so erect that her areolae were crinkled, as if she was aroused.

As my cock began to spurt, I quietly moaned, “Lucy…” I felt my hot semen splatting on my belly as it arced out of my dick Even though I’m over 40, I still make a good load, since my wife and I have sex on a fairly regular basis. I rested a few moments, enjoying my climax, and then opened my eyes. Shocked to my core, I saw Lucy peeking around the edge of my bedroom door!

What… what do you want Lucy?” I asked, feeling my cheeks flaming with embarrassment, and trying to hide my cock with my hands.

I came to ask you a question, Daddy,” she answered, smiling.

How long have you been there?” I choked out, my throat tight and dry now.

She giggled. “Long enough to see you pounding your pud, shooting your jizz, and hearing you say my name,” she replied. “Were you thinking about me as you were jacking off, Daddy?”

I was caught red handed and red faced, so I could hardly deny it. “Y… y… yes,” I stammered. “I’m sorry. Please don’t tell your Mom.”

Lucy opened the door fully and stepped into the room, closing the door behind her. She looked at me with a strange expression. I was watching for anger or disgust, but it didn’t look like either of those.

So,” she began, with an unusual tone in her voice, “you like looking at these?” She raised her T-shirt up, and her breasts sprang into view, since she wasn’t wearing a bra.

I almost swallowed my tongue, staring. Since I couldn’t articulate anything, I nodded. There were her fantastic tits, boldly on display. She even shimmied her shoulders a bit, making them wobble enticingly. I managed to blurt out, “I like that.”

Lucy locked eyes with me, and asked, “What else do you like looking at, Daddy?”

I gulped, mortified as I felt my semen oozing down my stomach into my pubic hair. I felt I had to answer her or she might tattle to her mother, so I choked out, “Your… your ass.”

Hearing that, Lucy turned her back to me, looking at me over her shoulder. Her hands did something to the front of her shorts, and then pushed them slowly downward. Her butt was revealed, partially concealed by a pink, satiny pair of panties. Watching my face, Lucy asked, “You mean this?” and flexed and relaxed her ass muscles several times, making her ass cheeks jiggle pertly.

I couldn’t help myself. I moaned. I felt my cock starting to stiffen under my hands. Even though my heart was hammering madly in my chest, I could barely breathe. My little sexpot was teasing me shamelessly.

Lucy grinned at me, probably reveling in the control she sensed she had over me. She dropped her shorts, and stepped out of them. “But Daddy,” she said, turning to face me and coloring her voice with a tone of innocence, “you haven’t said you liked looking at something very important, you know.”

What… what do you mean?” I gasped, trying to sink out of sight into my bed covers.

My pussy, of course,” she laughed. With that, she pushed her panties down and off, and straightened back up, brazenly showing me her pubic region. Fluffing out her blond thatch of pubic hair, she continued, “Don’t you like looking at this, too, Daddy?” She ran her fingertips in lazy circles on her labia as she spoke, and even dipped one fingertip out of sight into her furrow between them.

I groaned and whimpered, sweat beading on my forehead.

Would you like a closer look, Daddy? A really close look?” she questioned, playfully.

I absolutely, positively did. I wanted it badly. “But she’s my daughter,” I berated myself. Gathering some shreds of dignity, I pursed my lips and shook my head ‘no’ slowly. But my staring eyes betrayed me.

Oh, I think I see,” Lucy chortled. “You want it, but you think you should say no, because in your mind it’s somehow wrong. I have an idea. Be right back.” She scampered away, obviously to her room.

I didn’t move, dazzled by the flashing sight of my naked daughter’s ass and legs as she had turned to leave my bedroom. My daze was reinforced when she returned, because now my attention was focused on her pussy and tits as she moved toward me. My mind barely registered the presence of the handcuffs she was carrying in one hand.

Moving to the top of my bed, she demanded, “Give me your hands, Daddy.”

My hands were still attempting to conceal my current erection.

Lucy understood, and whispered, “I’ve already seen your dick, you know. There’s no sense pretending I didn’t, and trying to hide it anymore.” She grabbed one of my wrists and pulled it up toward the metal bars that formed the bed’s head board.

Grudgingly, I permitted her to do so, wondering what she had in mind. I felt the metal encircle my wrist as I heard the cuff ratchet shut. I probably shouldn’t have allowed her to do this, but given my mental state at the time, I felt I had no choice. I didn’t even ask why she had handcuffs, or where she’d gotten them. She pulled my second wrist up above my head, and secured it with the other cuff. I was stretched out now, cuffed to the bed’s head board.

See? Now you’re helpless, so you can’t be blamed for anything that might happen,” Lucy explained, using impeccable logic, if you overlooked wondering how I came to be handcuffed in the first place. But I was not about to complain. In the back of my mind I was calculating that if I let Lucy play this game of teasing me, she’d be less likely to tattle on me. Also, in the front of my mind, I was mentally jumping for joy, because Lucy had promised me a good look at her very mature pussy.

She was as good as her word, smiling fondly at me, she planted her feet just outside either of my armpits, straddling my torso. Holding onto the head board with one hand, Lucy squatted, thighs wide open, and parted her labia with her other hand, completely exposing her sex to my view.

In a mighty attempt to forget it was my daughter’s cunt on display, I absorbed the sight before my eyes. Her clit was partially hooded, with a cute little pink head peeking out of its folds. Below that, her pee hole was encircled by a delicate raised ridge of tissue. But my eyes were drawn to the large opening below both of those – the entrance to her vagina! It was a deeper shade of red, glistening with wetness. I don’t know if Lucy was doing something intentionally or not, but its opening alternately dilated and constricted, offering glimpses down into her intimate depths.

Look real close, Daddy,” Lucy murmured. “I want you to.”

She lowered herself even closer to my face. Her cunt filled my field of vision. Her heavenly musky scent perfumed the air around me, and invaded my nostrils. I inhaled deeply in appreciation as I gazed. A drop of her pussy juice fell onto my upper lip, and without thinking, I licked that area clean with my tongue, and smiled.

Lucy had spotted me doing that, and cooed, “Oooo, Daddy. You want to see how I taste?”

Without giving me a chance to respond, my little minx lowered her pussy against my lips. I gasped as that warm, smooth, wet flesh touched my lips, which caused my mouth to open. Her juices entered and the wonderful sensation of the essence of Lucy blossomed on my taste buds! I instantly wanted more! My tongue speared up into her, and began scooping and flipping inside her cunt.

In seconds, Lucy was moaning and grinding her cunt against my face. She was deliberately rubbing and brushing her clit against my nose as I ate her pussy. I’d have grabbed her hips in an effort to drive my tongue even deeper up inside her, but my wrists were immobilized by the handcuffs.

I don’t know how long that session of cunnilingus lasted – my mind was reeling, focused only on consuming the delicious juices she was feeding me. But when Lucy shivered against my face, emitting delicate shrieks, I knew she was about to cum, so I prepared myself to be drenched. My daughter didn’t disappoint me.

With an inarticulate cry, she came.

Her cunt flooded my mouth, and I drank her cum like I’d just arrived, parched from a day spent in the desert without any water. I drank her greedily, and she shook and fed me until she sort of toppled sideways, pulling her cunt free from my lips, and momentarily slumped next to my head. Momentarily, because Lucy scooted down the bed, stretching herself out beside me. She snuggled against me as was her habit when cold, with two differences. First of all, we were both naked. Second, my arms were up above my head, still handcuffed to that bar in the head board.

Lucy didn’t seem to care, embracing me, and pressing herself against my side. Actually, there was a third difference, because my raging erection was waving like a flagpole sprouting from my groin. I was trying to will it to settle down and go soft, but that never works. It wasn’t long before Lucy took notice of my state of arousal.

Without a word, her hand slid down my body, and, for the first time in our lives, she took hold of the shaft of my cock. Lucy looped one of her legs over my thighs, effectively pinning me in place on the bed. Nuzzling my chest with her face and lips, her hand explored my manhood, touching and stroking the entirety of my cock and balls. My cock surged and strained to her touch. It felt heavenly, but I thought I’d better protest.

Lucy, I don’t really think it’s appropriate for you to be handling me like this,” I advised her, trying to sound authoritative.

No, Daddy? OK,” she acquiesced, suspiciously quickly. Removing her hand from my cock, she slid down the bed and atop my legs in a smooth movement. I didn’t want to speculate what portions of her anatomy were now pressed against my thighs, knees, and legs. Whatever parts they were, I was covered in warmth from my thighs downward.

And very soon thereafter, I felt warm air circulating near my groin. I raised my head to look, and saw Lucy’s face poised just above my stiff cock, her hot breath cascading over it. She was waiting for me to notice her location, I’m sure. Because as we made eye contact, she grinned and opened her mouth, forming her lips into the shape of an ‘O’ that was just slightly smaller than the girth of my cock. Her head lowered as I watched, mesmerized. My daughter was taking my cock into her mouth. I whimpered in a strangled voice, both wanting her not to do it and begging her to continue.

She engulfed the head and about half the shaft of my dick, sucking softly and swirling her tongue around. As she came up for air, smacking her lips, she stated, “Since you tasted me, it’s only fair that I get to taste you, too,” as if it was the most logical thing in the world. “I’ve wondered for years what you taste like, Daddy,” she added.

I hated to ask it, but I felt compelled to do so. “And what are you discovering, Lucy?”

That you taste better than all those boys I’ve sucked off, Daddy,” she answered, laughing merrily. She put my cock back into her mouth, and continued sucking at my precum. She had no hesitation at all, which indicated to me that she’d had a lot of practice doing this. Her enthusiasm bespoke an enjoyment of this activity as well. We’d raised a fantastic little cock-sucker. And I was reaping the benefits of her oral attentions.

It wasn’t long before I felt the telltale signs that preceded my ejaculations. I doubted that Lucy’d want me to explode in her mouth, so I warned her, “Honey, I’m getting close. You’d better stop.”

To my dismay, she immediately pulled her mouth away from my cock, hearing that. “I’m so glad you warned me, Daddy! Thank you!” she told me.

I was practically grinding my teeth in frustration though. Almost rebuking myself for pulling the plug on what might’ve been a remarkable orgasm.

As I was mentally beating myself up, I felt the pressures on my legs changing as Lucy seemed to be climbing off me. But then I felt her hand grasp my cock again, and her thighs touching my hips. I raised my head to look, and was treated to the sight of Lucy holding her cunt open over the head of my dick, as she aimed it dead center toward her vaginal opening. Before I could even react, she sank down, taking the entire length of my cock into the depths of her wet, slick pussy!

Lucy, you shouldn’t,” I whispered, but my voice lacked very much conviction.

Relax, Daddy! I’m on the pill, you know. I’d rather have your cum in my pussy than in my mouth – this time,” she said, giving the suggestion there might be other times. “There’s nothing you can do about this, so you’d better lie back and enjoy it,” she giggled. When she giggled, her tits moved erotically, and her giggles made her cunt squeeze my dick in an extra sensuous manner.

I groaned and made a half-hearted attempt to buck her off me, but that only succeeded in driving my dick more firmly up into her cunt, making her gasp with pleasure and brace herself with her hands on my chest.

Ooooo, Daddy,” she moaned. “Yes. Yes. Fuck me, please!” But without waiting, she began a rapid rising and falling movement of her pelvis that slapped her cunt against the base of my cock, over and over. Having me under her control must’ve been a powerful aphrodisiac for her, because after what felt like very few strokes, she bent over, plastering her luscious body along the front of mine and clung to me as her orgasm ripped through her. She went off like a string of firecrackers, gasping and moaning.

I was so fascinated, watching and feeling her, that it took the edge off my impending orgasm. I didn’t mind that very much, because it felt so good being joined together with her like this, after all those years of being teased.

When she calmed down somewhat, Lucy lifted her torso off me, placing her feet now next to my hips, and gripped the tops of my hip bones with her hands. In this deep squatting position, she could lift herself up and down in small movements, riding my cock. Looking down my torso, I watched my cock disappear into her each time she lowered herself, and her labia gripping my reappearing cock each time she rose up. It was a sight to behold! Both of us were making sounds now – grunts, groans, moans, and unintelligible syllables of pleasure.

We were so caught up in what we were doing, and making so much of a commotion, that we missed hearing the door to the house open. We missed hearing the footsteps in the hallway. We even missed hearing the door to the bedroom open as my wife walked into the room!

To say that the expression on my wife’s face was one of shock would be the understatement of the year. “OMG!” she yelled. Lucy looked over her shoulder and spotted her mother. My wife yelled, “Dammit!”

I was so horrified at being caught like this that I immediately lost my erection! My shriveled penis plopped out of Lucy’s cunt and practically buried itself in my matted pubic hair. I stammered nonsense, trying to think of what to say.

I was stupefied when Lucy said, “Dammit, Mom! You made him lose his erection.”

My wife sighed, saying in a resigned voice, “That’s OK. I saw he was inside you before he noticed me.” She was reaching into her purse. My stupefaction was blended with confusion when my wife counted out $50, and handed it to Lucy.

Lucy said, “Thanks, Mom,” in a calm, matter-of-fact voice. Turning to face me, she explained, “I had a bet with Mom that sooner or later I’d seduce you, Daddy.” She looked back at her mother and added, “Aren’t you forgetting something, Mom?”

My wife grinned. “I’d hoped you’d forgotten that part.” As Lucy held out her hand, her mother counted out yet another $50 into it. Seeing my expression of total confusion now, my wife explained, “We had another bet about whether or not Lucy could handcuff you to the bed.” Both women laughed together.

You… you’re not angry?” I choked out, still on my back, naked, under our daughter.

Darling,” my wife chuckled, “it was only a matter of time. Lucy told me years ago how smitten she is with you, and how she wanted you. I admit I was shocked, at first, thinking it was just a phase, and she’d grow out of it. But gradually, as she matured, and experimented with boys, it just solidified her desires for you, and I see no harm in it. It’s not like she’s going to have children with you. She and I have always been very open with each other, sexually.”

Lucy climbed off me, and went into her mother’s arms, and the two of them kissed, deeply. “I love you, Mom,” Lucy whispered.

And I love you, too,” her mother responded. “Now, what are we going to do about your father?” As she was saying this, my wife began to undress. Soon there were two naked women in the room with me.

Well, first, I think we’d better restore life to this fantastic cock of his,” Lucy giggled, holding my softened dick at its base and making it flop back and forth limply.

Excellent idea,” my wife said, trapping my cock in her warm lips and starting to suckle me, as Lucy stroked and fondled my balls.

As the reality of my situation sank in – not only was no one mad at me, both these women wanted to have sex with me – my cock grew and grew until it was bigger and stiffer than I’d ever felt it before.

My wife claimed the right to ride me first, saying, “OMG! I’ve never seen him so inspired. I’ve got to see how that feels.” She straddled me and lowered her cunt onto my cock, which was being aimed by my daughter’s hand. My dick snugged home into the warm, wet embrace of her pussy, and she started moving up and down on it.

Meanwhile, Lucy scrambled up over my face, and turned toward her mother. I saw my daughter reach for my wife’s tits as the two of them leaned together in a kiss, just before Lucy’s cunt blocked my view. Her fragrant pussy pressed against my lips suggestively. I needed no prompting. My tongue penetrated her cunt, lapping and probing. My lower lip rubbed against her pulsating clit. Even though my ears were partially covered by Lucy’s thighs, I could hear both women moaning loudly.

I wasn’t sure what Lucy was doing to her mother – perhaps kissing her, or kneading, sucking, licking her breasts, or even teasing her clit – whatever it was, I felt my wife’s cunt begin to spasm on my cock as she shrieked loudly in orgasm. Lucy’s cunt was soaking my face – whether in an orgasm of her own, or just her natural flow of pussy juices from being aroused, I didn’t know. Having that pussy to eat probably distracted me enough that it saved me from shooting off into my wife’s rippling cunt as she came.

Both women climbed off me for a moment. It felt strange not being in contact with warm flesh. But they were only switching places. My wife licked Lucy’s juices off my face, and Lucy sucked and licked her mother’s cum off my cock and balls. Then my wife aimed my now aching, rampant erection into Lucy’s pussy as she straddled my hips to ride me again. Her cunt felt like warm, soft butter as my cock was sheathed in it.

Before she climbed up over my face, my wife knelt by my waist and bent over to caress and suckle Lucy’s magnificent breasts. What a sight! Lucy closed her eyes in ecstasy, holding her mother’s head against her tits as she rocked on my dick. It was obvious that this was not the first time that Lucy’d been suckled like this. When my wife stopped sucking Lucy, she held our daughter’s tits, kneading them masterfully, while straddling my face, and planting her cunt against my lips.

Once again I got to feast on cunt juices. This time, the target of my cunnilingus was my wife. I mentally compared her taste to that of Lucy, and decided that, though different in flavor, they were both delicious! I almost laughed as I imagined their two cunts stacked, one atop the other, allowing me to dine up and down on a continuous smorgasbord of pussy! Lucy was pumping herself up and down on my erection, probably being fondled lovingly by my wife. Maybe reaching forward to caress my wife’s tits – I couldn’t see.

Suddenly, my wife grabbed the sides of my chest with both her hands, to gain leverage. Howling, she came hard, mashing her gushing cunt against my mouth, smearing whatever cum I was unable to swallow all over my face. When her shivers and shakes quieted, she dismounted from my head. Once again, I was treated to the sight of what I’d been feeling – my daughter happily bouncing up and down, riding my cock. The motions of her tits as she bounced were riveting! I wished I could play with them, but my wrists were still cuffed to the head board.

Please help Daddy cum inside me, Mom!” she pleaded. “I want to feel his cock unloading in my pussy!”

With a knowing smile, my wife moved behind Lucy, and assisted my legs in moving apart from each other. She then climbed onto the bed down between my feet. Moments later, I felt her tongue lapping at my ball sack, a very, very arousing sensation. That hot, wet tongue of hers lifting and dropping my balls inside their sack made me whimper with excitement.

Lucy looked back behind herself. “Mommy is licking your balls, Daddy,” she informed me, unnecessarily. “Ooo! She’s also licking my ass crack, Daddy!” Lucy moaned, eyes squeezed tightly shut with pleasure. Hearing what my wife was doing to our daughter’s ass, visualizing it, combined with the lewdly erotic look on Lucy’s face, plus her cunt muscles rippling on my cock, sent me over the edge.

I’m cumming! Oh my god, I’m cumming!” I yelled, pressing my pelvis hard up off the bed to drive my cock as deep as I could into Lucy’s pussy as I ejaculated.

Oh fuck!” Lucy screamed. “I feel it! I feel it! He’s shooting off into me!” Her body began shaking with emotion. I was still spurting into her depths when she sucked a huge lungful of air and cried out, :

I’m cumming, Mommy!” and her cunt felt like it was sucking hard on my dick!

Lucy was bucking down onto me in the throes of her orgasm as my wife appeared behind her, and embraced her. My wife’s arms came around to grasp and knead Lucy’s areolae and nipples, and she pressed herself against Lucy’s back, humping her ass and my groin. All three of us may have been in orgasm at the same time. I’m still not sure, but I know the bed sheets were soaked with women’s juices and cum.

Slumping, I fell into a partial daze as Lucy lifted herself free from my blissfully deflated dick. Lucy stretched out next to me on her back and opened her thighs. “Want to eat Daddy’s cum, Mom?” she whispered. Quickly, my wife moved between her legs and I heard lusty slurping sounds as she sucked out as much of my semen as she could. Sated, my wife stretched out on my other side and the two women held me, close and warm, as we all dozed off for a while.

The next time the three of us had sex, two days later, no handcuffs were necessary. I even got to dine on the pussy smorgasbord.


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