A Special Cuckolding

Adelle promised me ‘something special’ and I was intrigued.

A year or so back, I’d finally gotten her to fulfill my fantasy. For some reason I couldn’t explain, I wanted to watch her have sex with another man. I knew she was my wife, and we loved each other dearly. And I loved having sex with her. But I wanted to see my luscious woman having sex, and I wanted to see it from a different perspective – from across the room.

She was reluctant, at first. Maybe she thought I was kidding, or testing her.

But we had many honest discussions about this strange need that was building within me. She finally believed I was being forthright about it. I saw a change in her behavior. When we went to parties, or the bar, or even shopping, I saw her eyeing the men around us, evaluating them. When I saw how she was considering whether she wanted to take one of them to bed, I got aroused.

She became more flirtatious, sort of testing the waters. Not only did I approve of her behavior, I often had to subtly adjust my cock in my pants, untangling my raging hard-on from my underwear. I held my breath each time she leaned close to another man’s face, wondering if she was going to give him an inviting kiss, or whisper some suggestion into his ear.

It was sweet torture, wondering if and when and where it might happen. I wasn’t thinking too clearly when I wondered things like, “Will she follow him into the men’s room, and have sex in a stall?” or “Will she go to his car, and fuck him there in the parking lot?” or “Will they leave the group here at the party, and sneak upstairs into a bedroom?” I wasn’t thinking clearly, as I said, because in those scenarios it would have been difficult for me to watch, and she knew that such a tryst wouldn’t make my fantasy come true.

We were in a bar one evening when Adelle caught me off guard. She’d been drinking, flirting and dancing with several of the men present, and I was lost in my own reveries. Suddenly she walked up to me, towing a guy along by his hand. The guy was about my build, maybe a little more muscular, with sandy brown hair and dark brown eyes. He had a bemused expression on his face as we were introduced.

Honey,” Adelle said, “this is Lance.” Turning to Lance, she told him, “Go ahead. Ask him for yourself.”

Lance grinned at her, and replied, “OK. I’ll go along with your little joke.” Facing me, he said, “This lovely woman tells me she’s your wife.”

That’s right,” I confirmed.

She also said,” he paused, and moved closer and lowered his voice. “This is really probably a joke on her part, so please don’t get mad at me. But she said that the two of you are looking for someone to have sex with her while you watch.” Saying this, he leaned back, perhaps fearing I might take a swing at him or something.

My heart leaped into my throat, and I had to swallow hard, trying to force it back down to its proper place in my chest. She’d chosen someone! And he was standing right in front of me. This was it. The moment when I either say that it’s an elaborate joke and laugh it off, or confirm that statement, actually giving the two of them permission to do this. My mind was swirling with desires and misgivings. Cheating can destroy a marriage. But is it cheating if you give her permission to do it? Why did I want this to happen so much? The fact that I did was reflected in my body’s visceral reaction – my penis was suddenly erect, straining against my underwear. All this happened in an instant as his statement hung in the air.

I couldn’t trust myself to speak, fearing my voice might crack, trying to escape my dry mouth. So I nodded, plastering a smile on my face. Looking Lance straight in the eye, I saw his pupils dilate in surprise.

He looked back at Adelle. It might have been my imagination, but it appeared that his expression, formerly one of admiration, changed into a more predatory one. He seemed to be undressing her with his eyes. Adelle may have caught the heat of his expression, because she actually blushed, from her cheeks down her neck. I hoped that no one else caught that exchange between them.

Lance looked back at me with the single word query, “When?”

I looked at Adelle, willing her to answer for us. We’d been married long enough that such silent communications often worked. She spoke her answer, “Now.” My breath stalled. We were going to do this. He was going to follow us to our home, driving his own car, so we left the bar.

As I drove us homeward, I glanced at Adelle, asking, “Are you OK with this?”

I know how much you want this,” she answered. “And now I want it too. I want him.” Her voice had turned husky. I noticed she was rubbing herself, thighs parted. She was really aroused! She wanted him! I got a sick feeling in my stomach, concerned with what was about to happen. But I almost exploded in my pants, imagining that very same thing. I had to concentrate on my driving, though, to get us home safely.

Lance pulled into our driveway right behind us. I unlocked our front door, as Adelle went to his car, and took him by his hand, leading him into our house. Lance barely glanced at his surroundings, his eyes devouring my wife’s form. She put her arm around his waist, and he reciprocated, and she led him upstairs to our bedroom. I trailed along, feeling like I’d been forgotten.

But when they entered the bedroom, Lance turned, his arm still possessively around my wife’s waist, and asked, “Is this going to be a threesome?”

I was a bit shocked when Adelle, lightly grasping his chin, turned his face to look directly at her, and answered, “No, it will not. He’s going to sit in a chair, fully clothed, and just watch.” Her eyes swiveled to look in my direction as she continued, “He’s not going to speak, or interfere in any manner, or he’ll have to leave the room.” I was amazed at her imperious tone of voice, and meekly sat in the chair that gave the best view of the bed.

With a more seductive tone of voice, she said, “Lance, I want you to undress me, please.”

He took his time, savoring each portion of her body as he removed her clothes, piece by piece. His hands caressed her bare skin wherever it was exposed. His lips tasted her neck, shoulders, and belly as she stood in bra and panties. Her face was glowing with delight as this stranger worshiped her body. I sat, my eyes glued to the scene, unable to move, even though my engorged cock was painfully tangled in my underwear. Actually I feared moving, lest I break the spell, or worse – be sent from the room. I felt very submissive to my wife now.

Soon, Lance had her completely naked. She was on display before his glowing eyes. My wife’s body was being seen and enjoyed by another man. I was alternating between trying to breathe and hyperventilating. Probably because a desire to stop this was warring within me with a desire to plead with them to hurry up and consummate this encounter. Adding to my angst/pleasure was the fact that I could actually smell how aroused my wife was. Her engorged labia were parting, letting her ‘fuck me’ pussy scent flood the room.

Still touching and caressing my wife, Lance said, “Your turn. Undress me.”

My wife’s hands trembled as she fumbled with the buttons on his shirt, but when they reached his belt, she eagerly yanked it open, unzipping his pants carefully over his bulge. She knelt down to undo his shoe laces, and took off his shoes and socks. Reaching up, her arms almost signaling supplication, she grasped his pants and reverently lowered them, helping him step free. I couldn’t believe the size of the bulge I saw in his underwear! When Adelle pulled his waistband forward and down, freeing his cock, to my amazement I saw that not only was his cock bigger than mine, it was not yet fully erect!

Adelle’s eyes widened in surprise as she stared up. “OMG!” she moaned. She’d been kneeling with her butt on her heels, but now she rose up fully onto her knees, bringing her face close to his manhood. I saw her lips forming an ‘O’ shape of astonishment and wonder as she stared. My heart was sinking as I saw how avidly she was gazing at that rod of flesh.

Suck me erect. I want to fuck you so hard and deep that you’ll shriek with pleasure,” Lance commanded her.

Adelle didn’t mind oral sex. She’d often given me blow jobs, even without me asking. But she’d never eaten my dick with the enthusiasm that she now displayed when she tried to engulf Lance’s cock. Her mouth took in its semi-erect head, and she bobbed her head almost frantically as her hands pumped its base. She couldn’t get it all in her mouth, try as she might. She choked and gagged in the attempt, but didn’t look dismayed. She looked feverish. The sounds of her intense sucking were loud in our bedroom.

Perhaps five minutes later, Lance said, “Good. Get on your back on the bed. With your hands, grab the back of your knees and pull them up toward your chest, but out to the sides far enough so I can still see your tits.” She obeyed with alacrity, eyes glowing with eagerness.

Lance stared down at her, then looked over at me. “This won’t quite do,” he decided. “He needs a better view,” he said, meaning me. He scooped his hands under Adele’s ass, lifting and rotating her enough that I now had a good view of her vulva. Her labia were a bright pink, swollen with blood. Her clit was so engorged that I could clearly see its head peeking out of its hood. Her vaginal opening, dripping with pussy juice, seemed to be winking as her churning muscles alternately opened and closed that entrance. I’m sure my jaw dropped when I saw how her body was signaling how much she wanted this man.

Do you want me to go down on you?” Lance asked her.

She shook her head quickly side to side, almost whimpering, “No! No! I can’t wait! I want you to fuck me! Now!”

Perhaps on an impulse, Lance asked, “Do you want your husband to fuck you, instead?”

She looked shocked. She swiveled her head to stare into my face, and said, “No. Not him.” She looked back at Lance and pleaded, “I want you to fuck me! Please! Fuck me with that big, gorgeous cock of yours! I want your cock inside me! Please!”

I felt the sweet sting of rejection. My wife was pleading with this other man to fuck her with his massive cock, right before my eyes. And, at that moment, she wanted him, not me, and said so, right to my face. When I’d fantasized about her being pleasured by another, the thought that in doing so, she’d be rejecting me, never crossed my mind. But I said it was a sweet sting, because it touched a chord within me of which I’d been unaware. Hearing her choose another man for sex, rather than me, gave me a perverted thrill of some kind. Humbling me. Humiliating me. And it felt… proper.

Lance seemed to enjoy hearing her beg and plead, so he teased her, merely rubbing the smooth head of his cock up and down in the furrow between her wet, puffy labia.

Adelle moaned and whimpered, rocking her ass upward off the bed, as if trying to force her impalement on Lance’s cock. I was mentally pleading too, chanting, “Do it! Do it!” I thought I was ready to see him fuck her. I was wrong.

He started pressing his cock inward. In what seemed like slow motion I saw every millimeter of his rampant erection disappearing into the shining wetness of my wife’s cunt. I saw the expression on her face as her cunt was stretched and filled like never before. She was staring down her torso with a dazed look, eyes bulging, jaw dropped open, as she watched that new cock, that huge cock, penetrate her depths. When he bottomed out, his ball sack touching her ass cheeks, her breasts seemed to inflate as she drew a deep breath. The deep breath allowed her to shout, “Fuck! That feels so fucking good! It’s never felt this good before!”

My heart plummeted. She was saying he was pleasuring her more than I ever had, and he hadn’t even started pumping yet. I wanted to stop them right then, but I couldn’t. I had to watch. I had to see this. He started fucking her with long, smooth strokes. She began moaning, howling and babbling in response. She was so turned on, she couldn’t even speak clearly. She was holding herself open for him like some wanton whore, shaking her tits with arousal.

He was watching her body language as his cock slid in and out of her vaginal tunnel. After what seemed like a hour, but was really much, much less, he commanded, “Cum for me, you little bitch!”

She made a sort of mewling sound, and arched her back, maybe to take him in a fraction deeper. Moments later, her eyes rolled back in their sockets, and she erupted in a spectacular climax on that huge dick of his. He smiled in satisfaction, and still pumping in and out of her now slicker cunt, winked at me. He was clearly enjoying making a cuckold out of me. He understood our game now, and played his next card.

After her eyes came back into focus, and her ragged breathing calmed enough that she could be coherent, Lance asked, “Is this my pussy now?” I held my breath, hearing that question. Adelle was biting her lip, obviously torn as to what to answer. Lance fucked her more intensely, letting his lust show on his face. “Is this my pussy now?” he repeated. Adelle’s face contorted with lust that matched his and cried out, “Yes! Yes! It’s your pussy!” I sucked in a deep breath, but it felt like my gut had been punched.

Good,” Lance said, pulling his long cock free. “Kneel at the end of the bed on your hands and knees, and offer me what’s mine now!” he barked.

Adelle released her knees, rolled over, and quickly got onto her hands and knees, thrusting her butt back toward him. “Not bad,” he commented. “But if you want my cock to cum in that hungry pussy, you’d better lower your shoulders and face down on the bed, but keep your ass up high!” he growled. Without hesitation, Adelle dropped into that lewd, sexy, submissive pose, presenting her sex for him to fuck. And he planned to cum inside her! And she wanted it! In a sick way, so did I!

She was already slick and gaping, so Lance placed his cock head into her opening, grabbed her hips, and slammed his cock to the hilt, fully taking her. She screamed in delight. Her face was turned in my direction, and I saw that she had her eyes closed, lost in the sensation of Lance’s fucking. Her hands were clenched in the bed covers as he hammered himself into her, obviously intent now on getting his rocks off.

She felt his passion, and responded by cumming again for him, shrieking, “I’m cumming! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” He grinned, sweat shining on his body now, as he pulled and pushed on her hips, adding her motions to his own. Minutes later, I heard him grunt, as he stopped pumping and planted his dick as deeply into my wife as he could, holding her there.

She moaned, “OMG! You’re cumming! I can feel your cock twitching as you spurt!” She was unable to move forward and back, because of his grip, so she tilted her pelvis back and forth, instinctively trying to milk out more of his seed with her cunt. This action triggered her third orgasm, and both of them howled in the pleasure of the moment. When I heard the fact that he was spewing his semen into her, I came in my pants, without touching myself. My semen started leaking through the crotch of my pants. I sat, dumbfounded.

When they’d calmed down, Lance told my wife, “I’m going to pull out of you now. I don’t want you to move. Keep your ass up high so my semen stays inside you while I dress, and your husband sees me out. Understand?”

Her answer was a little bit muffled by her face in the covers, but she replied dreamily, “Keep my ass up. Yes. Thank you.”

He gave her a playful slap on her ass, saying, “You’re welcome.” He slid his cock out, and a little trickle of semen leaked from her cunt opening. He dragged her knees and feet together and the drips fell on her feet and calves. Dressing himself, he looked at me and gestured toward the bedroom door. I got up and, moving like some wind-up doll, escorted him to our front door. When we got there, he handed me his business card saying, “Looks like you enjoyed that.” He glanced down at my crotch, where the wet spot was making my ‘enjoyment’ obvious. “Call me if you want to set something up again,” he continued. “Your wife is a fantastic fuck! You’re a lucky man!” He then left.

I went back to the bedroom, and saw my wife holding her pose, as she’d been ordered to do. I saw his semen on her feet and calves, and the pool at her vaginal opening. Obeying some primeval instinct, I wanted to replace his semen with my own. Consequently, I quickly undressed, and licked the semen off my wife’s feet and legs. She made contented sounds when she felt my tongue on her skin.

The quality of her sounds changed when I fastened my lips over her labia and started tonguing and sucking Lance’s semen from her cunt. She began moaning with delight. I lowered her ass so she was virtually squatting at the edge of the bed – squatting into my mouth. As I sucked hard, swallowing the cum, she began some internal muscle contractions that pressed the semen outward, actually feeding me Lance’s cum. When I could only taste her familiar pussy juices, I raised her back up, and helped her forward, until she was stretched out, face down on the bed – her favorite position.

My cock had fully recovered from my earlier spontaneous emission, and was now stiffened. Adelle raised her hips slightly as I straddled her thighs, giving me access to her pussy. I slid my dick inward, and stretched out atop her, and began fucking. My dick might not have been as large as Lance’s, but I knew how to use it. I bucked into her velvety tightness, my pelvis drumming against her firm buttocks. I reached under her chest and cupped and teased her breasts as I fucked her.

She, in turn, was bucking enthusiastically upward into my thrusts, so we were truly fucking each other. She may have still been aroused by what had happened with Lance, because she came rather fast, moaning in that way that always makes me smile. I knew she could have at least one more orgasm, given the way her ass was moving on my cock. She used her cunt to stroke me to a glorious ejaculation, and as my sperm shot into her depths, she joined me, climaxing beneath me as I clung to her.

Sexually spent, we got onto our sides, face to face, bodies closely entwined, and discussed what had happened. I confessed that seeing another man cum in her had made me cum. I also confessed that I actually liked cleaning the semen from her ‘lover’ out of her cunt. We both wanted reassurance that we still loved one another, and that everything was OK. And we did. And it was. But.

But, having sampled that ‘forbidden fruit’ we both actually wanted more of it. Not so often that it would become routine, boring and blasé. Not always with Lance. We did invite him over once again, and once again, it worked out well. The first time Adelle selected a black man for our cuckold fetish game, I was a little intimidated. Not because of his skin color. Because I was under the stereotypical assumption that they were hung like a horse. But Raymond’s cock was only slightly larger than Lance’s, and he was wonderfully attentive to Adelle’s needs. We had him over a few more times. His semen tasted a little better than Lance’s had, for some reason. I felt a little weird, realizing I was becoming a connoisseur of semen, comparing what I sucked out of Adelle’s pussy – mine and deposits from her various lovers.

Each time Adelle was being fucked, she always made eye contact with me, telling me how great this guy’s cock felt – how she only wanted him to fuck her, not me – how he made her feel like a real woman. This was all designed to feed that need in me for being tortured with sweet angst. To make me feel submissive and humiliated. I loved/hated those feelings. I had to have them, and I loved my wife even more for helping me fulfill these needs. And she got some amazing sex, in the bargain.

So that’s how we got to this moment. The moment when Adelle promised me ‘something special’ and I couldn’t imagine what it might be – unless an entire football team was going to use her while I watched, or something like that. But I was eager to find out.

We were in our bedroom, fully clothed. Adelle motioned me to a chair, and produced some ropes.

What are the ropes for?” I asked.

I’m going to tie you to the chair, so you definitely cannot interfere with your surprise,” she answered.

Interfere? You know I only watch. I don’t barge in on your fun. And besides, I can’t see the bed very well from way over here.” I was very confused.

Trust me,” she retorted. “I have this all planned out. But if you won’t agree to be tied to this seat, I’ll just call the whole thing off.”

I certainly didn’t want her to call it off. If she did, I’d never know what she’d planned. So I agreed. Grudgingly, true. But agreed. And Adelle did a thorough job of securing me to that heavy chair. When she’d finished, I could move my head and breathe, but I couldn’t move my arms, legs, or torso. Whatever was going to happen, I was going to be a passive, maybe vocal, observer. Vocal, if she didn’t gag me for some reason.

She left me like that and went downstairs. I heard the TV going, so she was obviously waiting for someone to arrive. I was straining my ears, wondering if I heard a car arriving. The TV was switched off and I heard muffled voices from downstairs. A few minutes later, Adelle entered the bedroom, accompanied by… a woman? She was going to cuckold me with a woman? She’d never shared any fantasies about wanting a woman, and we’d shared our fantasies pretty openly, I thought.

Darling, this is Celestra. Celestra, this is my husband,” Adelle said, by way of introductions.

Celestra laughed, saying, “Nice to meet you. Don’t get up on my account.” She was certainly a fetching creature, with her long blond hair and sparkling blue eyes. I could see why my wife might be attracted to her.

Glad to meet you too, Celestra,” I said politely. “I’d give you a welcoming hug,” I added. “But it seems like my wife has other plans.”

Indeed she does,” Celestra agreed. “This figures to be a very special night.”

I wondered when they were going to undress, and how they were going to actually start their interaction, when my wife got a rather shy, but impish expression on her face. She stated, “The introductions are not done yet.”

Celestra opened the bedroom door and said, “Ace. Come.” I gaped as a large German Shepherd trotted into the room. “Ace. Sit.” The dog promptly plopped onto his haunches, facing me. I couldn’t help but notice his large testicles, resting now on the floor alongside a fur covered tube along his underbelly. “This is Ace,” she told me, unnecessarily.

I couldn’t believe my eyes. I looked at my wife, stuttering, “Is.. Is… Is Ace… You don’t mean to… Are you thinking of…” my voice died down.

Yes dear. Ace is a very special dog, well trained by Celestra,” my wife informed me. “She’s going to teach me how to enjoy a dog, and you’re going to watch.”

But you can’t… I mean… You shouldn’t… How could you ever think to…” I found myself unable to finish a rational sentence.

I can. I want to. And I plan to,” she stated in a no-nonsense tone of voice. “And if you’re going to interfere verbally, I’ll gag you. I need to concentrate on Celestra’s instructions,” she finished.

The initial shock was fading, being replaced by a perverse arousal. My wife planned to cuckold me with… an animal. The humiliation was so intense that it was the sweetest I’d ever experienced. I couldn’t believe how excited I was becoming. I never thought my wife would do something this perverted, this kinky! My cock surged and strained. “I’ll be quiet,” I said, meekly. “But can I make one request?” I begged.

What is it?” my wife said, with a trace of suspicion, in case I was trying to derail her plans.

Could you,” I started. I swallowed, and tried again, “Could you free my cock? It’s caught painfully in my clothes.”

Adelle looked at Celestra. Celestra nodded her agreement. Adelle got a mischievous grin on her face and said, “Celestra, would you care to do the honors?”

Celestra’s chuckle was loud, as she replied, “I’d be happy to oblige.” She walked over to my chair and bent forward. The subtle perfume in her blond hair permeated my nostrils as I felt her hands at my zipper. I heard and felt the “zzzz” sound as this lovely stranger opened my fly. Her hair caressed my face as she turned to tell Adelle, “Guess I have to open everything to fish it out.” Smiling briefly into my face, she again bent to her task. She unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants, and opened them.

Grasping the top of my underwear, she pried upward, outward, and downward, letting my cock spring into view. She didn’t stop there. Tugging and partially lifting my butt, she worked my pants and underpants to my mid-thigh. I now sat with my cock sticking up like a bent flagpole, and my balls resting in their sack in full view atop my upper thighs. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, she took hold of my cock, and tilted it left and right and up and down, examining it carefully. “He’s got a very nice peter,” she informed Adelle. “Not up to par with Ace’s, mind you. But quite nice, all the same. I could have some real fun with this.”

I almost came on Celestra’s hand when Adelle replied, “Tell you what. You’re lending me your dog’s cock for some fun. It’s only fair for me to lend you my husband’s to play with, if you really want it.”

OOO, lovely,” Celestra cooed. She gave me a quick kiss while she squeezed my cock a bit possessively, and whispered, “Be a good boy, now. Just watch and enjoy. You’ll get a nice treat later if you behave.” She sounded like she was training another dog – me. I sort of liked the sound of that.

Ready to start, Adelle?” Celestra asked. Adelle licked her lips and nodded. “It’ll be sexier if your naked,” she advised. “Your husband has half a boner already. Give him some visual.”

Adelle performed a strip tease to some music playing in her head. Soon her tits were flashing as her torso undulated. She started wiggling her hips as she lowered her slacks. She wore no underwear. Celestra was watching from alongside my chair, her hand idly toying with my stiffening cock. Ace eyed Adelle with his tongue lolling, but obediently stayed where he was. Finally Adelle was nude, with her arms upraised, and her thighs slightly parted. She looked magnificent, and her eyes glowed with excitement.

Excellent,” Celestra praised her. Looking at the dog, she commanded, “Ace. Back.” The dog went over onto his back, his paws up in the air. “Kneel behind him, Adelle,” Celestra said. “We want your hubby to have a good viewpoint.”

As Adelle knelt down, she asked tentatively, “How do I start?”

Celestra knelt by Ace’s head, stroking his face reassuringly. “Run your hands gently along his sheath. When he’s in this pose, he already has some idea of what’s expected of him.”

Sure enough, as my wife started stroking the dog’s furry sheath, a point of pink appeared at its end. I realized it was the tip of his cock, and she was coaxing it out. I had a hard time breathing as I watched. “Oooo, it’s so cute!” my wife exclaimed, obviously pleased that her hands were creating the proper effect.

More and more of a pink rod, streaked with dark red lines emerged. It grew so long and thick that I swallowed reflexively. It wasn’t quite as long as Lance’s cock, but shaped quite differently. Instead of a bulbous glans, its head was rather pointed, and its base had a strange swelling. I’d never paid attention to a dog’s cock before, never having an opportunity to see one up close like this.

You can stroke the pink part now, Adelle,” Celestra told her.

She started fondling the dog’s cock, giggling from nervousness. “I feel really naughty, touching this,” she reported. The cock stiffened even more, and I could see a fine spray of fluid emerging from the pointed tip. “It’s getting wet,” Adelle said.

That’s his precum,” Celestra explained. “Dogs make a lot of that. Go ahead and taste it. It won’t hurt you.” Since Adelle seemed to be doing well, Celestra moved back near me.

Adelle lifted the cock slightly and stared at the tip more closely, deciding. My heart was racing now, and my mind struggling to take this all in. “She’s going to give that dog a blow job?” I muttered quietly.

Celestra heard me. She looked into my eyes, moved her lips close to my ear and purred, “She’s going to do more than that, honey.” I gasped.

Meanwhile, Adelle had taken the tip of the cock into her mouth, and I could see her cheeks alternately bulging and hollowing as she sucked and swallowed the dog’s precum. Ace was making sounds of contentment, and waving his paws in a desultory fashion.

After a few minutes, Celestra asked, “How does it taste?”

Adelle removed the cock from her mouth to answer and laughed as the spray dampened her face. “Not bad at all. Just sort of salty.”

Is doing this getting you turned on?” Celestra asked her.

Adelle smiled and parted her thighs, showing glistening wetness from the juices leaking from her cunt. “Sure does,” she confirmed. “Sucking off a dog is even naughtier than giving him a hand job.”

But you told me you wanted to do even more,” Celestra stated with a smile. She stopped playing with my cock, telling me, “Hang in there, honey. I’ve got to help Ace mount and claim his new bitch.”

My breathing and heartbeat seemed to stop. My mind was unable to process that statement for a moment. Wide-eyed I watched Celestra help Adelle get into what she called ‘proper breeding’ position! Adelle got on her hands and knees, and then lowered her shoulders until her elbows reached the floor. Braced on her forearms, she had her ass held up high, and her knees about shoulder width apart.

Celestra parted Adelle’s pussy lips, and held her open with one hand. She then said, “Ace. Mount.” The dog quickly got to his feet, trotted behind my wife, and moved his snout to her crotch. I saw his long tongue lap her pussy several times, the loud slurping sounds mingling with exclamations of pleasure from my wife’s lips. The dog’s cock seemed to be pulsating with his heartbeat, and his precum was spraying the floor between Adelle’s legs. I found that I was straining against the ropes that tied me to the chair, my body wanting somehow to act. It was a good thing Adelle had tied me up, after all.

Apparently satisfied that his bitch was receptive, Ace reared up, placing his paws on her back, and scooted forward. Celestra expertly grasped his cock and guided it into Adelle’s waiting pussy. The moment the dog’s cock found the hole, he humped, thrusting it deeply inward. Adelle shrieked, throwing her head back, as she experienced her first canine penetration. I watched, slack jawed, as the dog seemed to grasp her waist with his paws and then began fucking her rapidly. I was being cuckolded by a dog!

Adelle seemed to be gasping for air as Ace fucked her like a jackhammer. Ace’s tongue was hanging sideways from his mouth as he panted, his wet tongue dripping drool onto my wife’s back. She probably didn’t even notice. At times her eyes were closed, and at others they flew wide open in surprise.

My breathing got ragged as I watched that animal fuck my wife. Celestra had come back to my side, and I could hear her rapid breathing as she watched the coupling before us, but I couldn’t tear my eyes away to look at her. She whispered in my ear, “Look at your wife, being a bitch for that dog. Listen to her sounds. She loves that cock moving in her like that. Your cock could never do that, you know. You could never be as good as that dog. Oh look, she’s cumming!”

Everything she said was true. I could tell Adelle loved the fucking she was getting. I could see her shaking in orgasm under the beast. I knew I could never compete with what I was seeing, and the shame flooded me, feeding that perverse desire and need I had for humiliation. My own cock would have sagged, but Celestra had started playing with it again, obviously wanting to keep me edging.

Ace was bucking against Adelle’s cunt harder, more frantically. That weird swelling at his cock’s base was slapping hard on her pussy lips. Suddenly one of them moved – I could swear it was Adelle, shoving backward – and the swelling disappeared from sight. Adelle gave out a loud sound, combining an outcry with a grunt, and Ace stopped humping.

Celestra whispered to me, “Ace has now knotted his bitch. His cock knot is lodged into the opening of her cunt. It will now inflate even more, sealing her completely. That’s when he’ll start spurting his seed into her.”

Judging from Adelle’s expression and sounds, that knot was stretching her painfully. She had her eyes closed, and was taking panting breaths to ease that pain, making her dangling tits dance wildly with the movement of her rib cage. Then she inhaled sharply, eyes flying open. “OMG!” she screamed. “He’s cumming in me!” She flung her head back and forth. Ace was gripping her tightly, not seeming to move. But his cock must’ve been busy inside Adelle’s pussy, because she cried out, “He’s still cumming! I can even feel my uterus being filled, because my belly is swelling!”

Celestra and I both looked at Adelle’s lower belly. Maybe it was an optical illusion, or the power of suggestion, but I really think I could see her belly distending! “You see that?” Celestra whispered to me. I nodded, speechless and beyond dumbfounded.

Adelle had lowered her upper body all the way to the floor. She had to do this carefully, because if her pelvis moved, she’d wince and Ace would whimper. Celestra explained, “Since your wife is now knotted, neither she nor the dog can move. They’re stuck together until his knot deflates. If they tried to separate prematurely, there’ll be painful damage. Do you understand?” Gulping, I nodded.

Adelle was looking at us now. Making firm eye contact with me, she said, “I’ve never felt so much cum from any man, let alone you. It feels like I ate just a little too much of a delicious meal. You’ll never be able to satisfy me like this dog just did. I’m his bitch now, and he can fuck me whenever he wants. And you can watch, and then clean me up afterwords, you useless thing.” Again, I felt like I’d been gut punched. In a kinky, twisted way, it felt good. Good to know I was so low on her choice of fuck mates. Amazed to know a dog had taken first place on her list.

Celestra, assured I knew it would be dangerous to interfere with the knotted couple, untied me, and undressed me completely. “Oh, I doubt he’s completely useless, Adelle,” she said, smiling. “His cock may be a little small, but I’m going to find out if he knows how to use it.” She’d stripped completely as she was speaking, and now got down in the same position that Adelle had assumed. Her thighs were parted, her ass was high, and she was resting on one forearm as her other hand went to her pussy to part her sopping pussy lips.

Come. Mount,” she commanded me. I actually crawled between her legs, and licked her open pussy with as much tongue as I could extend from my mouth. Celestra giggled when she felt that, but Adelle and Ace seemed oblivious, caught up in their enforced, but blissful, union.

After many such licks, I placed my hands on Celestra’s back, and planted my feet on either side of her knees, squatting right behind her butt. I felt her hand guiding the tip of my cock to her slippery hole. When my glans found the opening, I grabbed her waist, and shoved in my dick as hard and deep as I could. I immediately started pounding her pussy as fast as I could, imitating what I’d seen the dog do to my wife.

This must’ve been what Celestra wanted, because she howled with delight and tossed her long blond hair side to side. Her howl caught the attention of the knotted couple – both their faces turned toward us. I held Celestra’s hips so firmly that she couldn’t move, allowing me to plow my cock in and out of her cunt as quickly as possible. I had to suck air through my mouth, and later Adelle told me that unconsciously, I was letting my tongue loll from my mouth as I did so, although I didn’t drool as much as Ace had.

I was determined to make Celestra cum, at least once, so I kept up that furious fucking until I felt her start trembling in my hands. I felt her cunt contract on my cock, and then start rippling along its shaft. She was cumming! I felt her wetness splash on my balls, but I kept fucking her hard, wanting to prolong her orgasm as much as possible. I loved the keening noises she was making as she climaxed.

The friction and rippling culminated in the telltale warning that I feel just before I cum. I couldn’t knot Celestra, but when I came, I pressed my pelvis so hard against her ass that no semen leaked from her cunt. I held us together tightly, to further produce the idea of being tied together. When Celestra sank to the floor, I went down with her, stretching out along her back. I kissed the back of her neck.

She murmured, “Use your teeth gently there. Sometimes dogs take the scruff of the neck of the bitch in their teeth.”

I applied my teeth carefully to the back of her neck, closing my jaws slowly until I heard her gasp, and felt her cunt contract on my cock, just as it was beginning to soften. Her contraction pushed my cock out, along with a trickle of our mixed cums. I got off her, and we sat side by side on the floor, embracing as we looked at Adelle and Ace. Adelle’s eyes still had a blissful, faraway look.

Soon I heard the sound of paws scrabbling on the floor, as Ace began back pedaling. Adelle moaned as Ace’s deflating knot pulled free with an obscene squishing gush. Fluids fell from her gaping fuck hole as Ace moved away to plop down and lick his cock and balls clean. His cock was still impressive in size as his tongue lapped at it.

Just when I was starting to feel good about myself as a man, having given Celestra an acceptable orgasm, my wife looked at me and said, “Well, what are you waiting for? Clean me up!”

Humbled once again, and under the watchful eyes of Celestra and Ace, I crawled with my now shriveled and dangling cock to a place between my wife’s legs. As female and canine eyes registered my humiliation, I tasted dog cum for the first time! But I was certain it wouldn’t be the last. Adelle had taken my cuckolding to an entirely new level!


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  2. Pingback: Beginnings – TheEnigmaBlog

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