Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

A week ago, Monique had called Molly. “Molly, please come by and see how I’ve arranged your space. I think you’ll like how it turned out, and I can’t tell you how many customers are asking when we’ll be offering our ‘special service’ again. I hope we can do it very soon, because that last event made our sales go through the roof!”

Of course, Monique was referring to the time that Molly had brought Martin to Monique’s boutique, and made his sexual equipment available to Monique’s customers, by tying him against a wall with a special glory hole. Molly and she had discussed how improvements could be made, and Monique was all too glad to make internal alterations to her space to accommodate them. Molly had hurried over, viewed the results, and approved them wholeheartedly, with one final suggestion for an addition, because she knew she had three volunteers, rather than two.

And now the day of the event had arrived. Molly, wheeling a good-sized suitcase behind her, appeared at the store a full hour before it was due to open. Accompanying her were her three friends, Martin, Pete, and Rush. All three men were submissives, but only Martin, who was again on loan from his Mistress Beth, thought he knew what they were truly about to experience. He expected something similar to his earlier glory hole adventure. He should’ve known that Molly was not about to merely repeat something that had been done before.

Monique greeted Molly with a huge smile and an enthusiastic hug and a kiss. When their embrace ended, Molly whispered into Monique’s ear, “Slip off one of your shoes, dear friend.”

Monique looked puzzled, but easily slid her foot free from one of her shoes.

Molly reminded Monique, “You’ve already met Martin, here.” Turning to him, she commanded, “Slut boy, get down on your knees and kiss this lovely woman’s foot.”

Martin turned a delicate pink, but he grinned and did as he was bid. His lips kissed Monique’s foot firmly, after which he sank back onto his heels, looked up, and said, “Wonderful to see you again, Miss Monique.” He then shuffled sideways, clearing the area in front of her, remaining sitting on his heels.

Monique replied, “So you have a name, Martin. I never learned it the last time you were here. Welcome back.”

Molly turned to Pete. Pointing at him, she said to Monique, “This is my slut boy Pete.” Addressing him, she ordered, “Greet Miss Monique as Martin did.”

Pete looked as he’d been caught off guard, and blinked several times. Ultimately, he lowered himself slowly to his knees where he stood. Too late, he realized he was too far from Monique’s offered foot, so he shamefacedly had to crawl forward until he could press his lips to her instep. He shuffled over next to Martin, who subtly nudged him. Pete looked confused for a split instant, but then said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Monique.” His face darkened with embarrassment at being slow on the uptake.

Molly continued, “And this slut boy of mine is Rush. Rush, you know what’s expected of you.”

Rush was almost like an eager puppy. He dropped onto his hands and knees, and crawled quickly forward to Monique’s foot. He took her foot in his hands and kissed it several times, covering its entire upper surface, and then the tip of each toe. His enthusiasm made Monique giggle. She was blushing a little herself as Rush looked up and exclaimed, “I’m thrilled to be here and to meet you, Miss Monique.”

Monique gently reclaimed her foot from his hands, and re-inserted it back into her shoe. “You’re all very welcome here,” she directed to the men. “Shall we all head to the room now?” she asked Molly.

Yes, we should get changed and set up,” Molly agreed. Turning to the submissives, she said, “It’s a good distance, so you may all walk behind us.” She and Monique set out together, Molly not bothering to look back, confident that she’d be obeyed. The familiar gentle scent of some sort of perfume, characteristic of this boutique, wafted into Molly’s nostrils, triggering vivid memories of the first time she’d brought Martin here. She wondered if the aroma had a similar effect on him.

They came to the door of the modified dressing room. It displayed a charming sign that proclaimed that this was an adult-themed, communal dressing room. It advised patrons that they must speak to the owner before attempting to enter. This was for the benefit of any newcomers who were not privy to the activities that had taken place several weeks ago. Of course, most of Monique’s regular customers not only knew what had transpired – they were the ones clamoring for even more.

Monique led them into the well-lit room. Her boutique dressing rooms had been spacious before, but now two such rooms had been combined into one large room, by the removal of the intervening wall. At the far wall were two booths or closets. Near the left wall was a large, sturdy table. The walls had mirrors and clothing hooks, typical of a changing room. The lighting was indirect, and there were a few comfortable chairs here and there. It was a charming room.

It’s lovely, Monique!” Molly gushed. “It turned out even better than I expected.”

Monique blushed again, smiling. “I’m glad you like it. Do you need any help getting set up?”

Molly’s expression turned impish, her eyes twinkling. “Yes. You can supervise my slut boys as they strip naked, while I change. It shouldn’t take them long, since they’re only wearing minimal clothing. Oh, one other thing. Here are their cock rings. If you have any trouble applying them, I’m sure the slut boys will teach you how it’s done.”

Four sets of eyes widened in owlish surprise – Monique’s, staring at the three nonplussed men, who stared back at her.

Molly ignored them, whipping off the simple dress she was wearing, and bending naked to open her suitcase. In the back of her mind, she acknowledged that if the men saw her naked ass and pussy between her thighs, it might get their erections started. It worked, even though she didn’t look over her shoulder to check the results. She did hear the rustle of their clothing, and the sounds of shoes quietly going ‘thunk’ on the floor.

Ignoring that, Molly hooked a slender, black, lacy garter belt above her hips, and sat on the edge of a chair to draw netted stockings slowly and carefully up her shapely legs. After hooking the stockings to the garter belt, she stood and shimmied into a tight, black leather skirt that clung smoothly to her hips and hung just low enough to cover her sex.

Checking its fit and placement in the mirror, she then picked up a black leather bustier that zipped up its front. Holding the left edge against her tummy, She reached behind herself and caught the right edge, drawing it to the front. Joining the zipper ends together, she slowly and carefully zipped upwards, inhaling at the proper moments to ease the zipper’s movements. It was a tight fit. The zipper ended, centered, near the under-curve of her breasts. Pulling at the edge of each leather breast cup, she used her other hand to carefully stuff her tit into the cup. She managed to just barely work each areola out of sight, but a generous amount of tit flesh still bulged above the top edge of the cups, making it look like Molly had increased from a B cup to a C cup.

It’s a good thing the breast cups held firmly, because Molly had to lean over to step into supple black leather boots that zipped up to her mid thighs. Straightening, she completed her ensemble with a black leather long-sleeved shrug, whose connecting panel barely covered her back from her neck to just above her shoulder blades. From behind, her torso was bare from below the shrug to where the bustier crossed her mid-back. Satisfied that everything was in place, Molly turned to look at Monique and the trio of men.

Monique was dressed. The men were naked. But all four of them were staring, slack-jawed at Molly. What effect she might be having on Monique was not apparent, but she was pleased to see all three men had firm erections. Molly laughed. “What? Haven’t you ever seen a Dominatrix before?” she asked, but ended in a fit of giggling. “We’re creating an illusion here, you know.”

She walked closer to them, and noticed Monique was still holding the three cock rings in her hands. Taking one from the apparently dazed Monique, she said, “Here. Let me show you how this goes on.” Monique shook herself, and paid careful attention as Molly trapped Martin’s cock in the cock ring. “See? Just like that. You do Pete, while I do Rush. We still have to get them situated.”

Quickly, the other two cock rings were put into place. Molly led Pete and Rush to the area of the new closets. Each had a good sized hole at groin level, obviously there to allow their cocks and balls to protrude out into the room. What was less obvious was a central, vertical slit, starting near what would be head height, and going upward for 8 or 10 inches.

Looking at her watch, Molly said to Monique, “We need to speed this up a bit. You take Rush over to the other closet, and get him strapped in as best you can. I’ll check him after I secure Pete in this one.” Monique nodded, and beckoned Rush to have him follow her. Molly was secretly pleased that her friend was taking a more active part in working with these naked submissives.

Placing Pete up against the glory hole, Molly eased his cleanly shaven cock and balls through the opening. Unlike the other two cocks in the room, Pete’s was circumcised, so his smooth, naked glans formed a bulb at the top of his shaft. Straps were already secured on the wall, so Molly was able to speedily bind Pete up against it. First, she had him grab the handles set to either side of his head. Then she began securing the straps. Straps went across his ass cheeks, and across his arms, upper back, lower back, and thighs. The idea was that even if his muscles gave out, he’d not fall.

Molly knew that the cock ring should keep him turgid for hours, but she still lubed a butt plug and Pete’s ass hole liberally, and listened to him grunt as the plug stretched his hole, before its bulbous section passed through his anal ring, and seated itself in his depths. She’d found that the stimulations caused by a butt plug in a guy’s ass, either from its mere presence, or from its presses on his prostate gland whenever he shifted his hips seemed to help him maintain an erection. She examined the outside front of the booth, and noted the two sturdy handles, positioned so a woman could easily hold her pussy against the erect cock, if she chose to do so.

Leaving Pete and his booth for a moment, Molly went to see how Monique was doing. She saw that Monique had lined up Rush’s cock and balls with the hole perfectly. His uncircumcised cock topped a ball sack covered in soft, light brown pubic hairs. Molly couldn’t help running her fingers across his furry ball sack. She then checked inside the booth. Other than a loose strap across Rush’s upper back, which Molly tightened more securely, Monique had done an excellent job. “Great work, honey,” Molly congratulated her. “Now, do you want to lube up his ass, and put in his butt plug?”

Monique’s face turned crimson, and Molly could feel the heat from that influx of blood as Monique quickly shook her head, answering, “No, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.” But after a pause, she added in a choked whisper, “But I’ll watch you do it.”

Giggling quietly, Molly showed her friend how the lube was applied to the plug, and how she used her fingers to place lubricant all around Rush’s anal ring, and then used those same fingers to stuff the lubricant deeply into his tightly puckered hole. Rush moaned quietly as he felt those fingers, and moaned even louder as his ass was stuffed by the plug. Molly watched her friend’s blush deepen when she suggested, “Maybe you’ll want to try that with your boyfriend, if you want to spice up the bedroom action.”

Monique laughed and playfully swatted the leather stretched tightly over Molly’s ass.

Now the funnels. I’ll need your help with these,” she instructed Monique. Molly picked up a plastic funnel, with a plastic tube, mouthpiece and harness attached to it. The plastic of the funnel and tube she held was transparent. Together, she and Monique attached the apparatus to Rush. From outside the closet, the end of the tube with the mouthpiece was inserted through the vertical slit, and into Rush’s mouth. Molly held things in place as Monique attached the harness to the back of Rush’s head. Then Monique held the funnel high as Molly carefully placed strips of tape across the outside of the slit, from the bottom upward, until only the top inch or two was still open. Finally, she taped the funnel securely into place.

During this ordeal, you might get a bit dehydrated, Rush,” she informed him. “The funnel will allow us to give you things to drink.” She took a small cup of water. “If you rotate your eyes upward, you can see me pouring in this water, I hope. So you won’t be shocked when it trickles into your mouth. Start swallowing as soon as you see me pour. We don’t want you choking.” She poured in a small amount of water.

Monique reported, “I can see that he’s swallowing. Everything looks OK.” She was poised to quickly undo the harness if anything went wrong.

Molly also told him, “I think you’ll be able to speak through the funnel, also. Try saying something like, ‘I understand you, Miss’ through the tube, Rush.

What they heard was his voice saying, “Ahh unnershaand yaahu, isss.”

Close enough,” Molly giggled. She tickled his cock and balls, smiling and listening to the inarticulate noises that emerged from the funnel as she did so. “One more thing. With that funnel in place, it’ll be difficult for you to safeword. But there’s a buzzer you can reach with your hand. If things get to be too much, press the buzzer. Go ahead and test the buzzer now.” The harsh sound of the buzzer gave a brief blast. “Perfect,” Molly stated. Then she and Monique repeated the funnel attachment, instructions, and testing with Pete.

I’ll finish up with Martin,” Molly told Monique. “Even though your assistants are getting the rest of the store ready, I know you have some things you need to do, also. This is the signal switch, here?” she asked, pointing to what looked like a switch plate for a light.

Yes,” Monique answered. “It lights up a bulb I can see from anywhere in the store. As long as you have it on, I know I’m free to let more people enter this room. If it’s getting too crowded, just flip the light off, until you’re ready for the next wave.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the women act when there’s more than one of them in this room at a time. They have three slut boys to choose from, so we should at least be able to handle groups of three, if not more,” Molly mentioned.

As Monique left, Molly led Martin to the area of the table. “Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for me, slut boy,” she commanded him. After a quick but generous lubing, Martin’s ass hole was also filled with a butt plug. Molly spread out a soft blanket on top of the table. “Get up here, on your back, Martin,” she commanded. As he did so, she started placing a black leather hood over his head.

What’s this for, Miss?” he asked, with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

Molly laughed. “In case you haven’t thought about it, Martin, you’re not hidden behind a wall. This is to help you remain anonymous.” He gave no further protest as she slid it down over his head, and zipped it up the back. His nose emerged from one hole in its front, and the other hole ended up by his lips. It had no holes for his eyes, though, so he was plunged into darkness.

Try sticking your tongue out, Martin,” she told him. His tongue slid easily into view. “Excellent. So you can breathe easily through the nose hole, and you’ll be able to lick things, if called upon to do so,” she pointed out, grinning. She wasn’t certain, but it looked like Martin’s cock jerked slightly when she mentioned ‘licking’ things. Quickly she strapped him down, firmly securing him into place on the table top. Caught on his back as he was, his rigid cock was sticking up like a flag pole. It was time for final instructions.

You can all hear me, I’m sure. During this session, I’ll be removing your cock rings from time to time, to prevent the blood from stagnating. During that time of removal, as your cock goes limp, if you have the urge to pee, let me know, and I’ll hold a jar for you to piss in,” Molly informed her submissives.

Unlike the first time she’d brought Martin here, no sound system or cameras were needed. And no signs to instruct the visitors. This time, Molly would be available to assist and answer questions. She checked the contents of a small ‘toy chest’ that was out of sight behind her chair, which was placed between the two closets. Satisfied that all was ready, Molly flipped the light switch, and settled herself into her chair, to await their first visitor.

Within perhaps two minutes, the first person of the day entered the room. Molly wasn’t surprised by the prompt arrival, since apparently so many of the customers had been clamoring for another event. She was surprised, however, by who the visitor was. It was the very same well-dressed, middle-aged woman that had been the first person to visit with Martin the last time Molly had brought him here. Unlike that first time, when the woman had thought it might be some sort of joke, this time she was fully aware of what was being offered.

After smiling at Molly, and scanning the room, the woman exclaimed, “My, my! We have a plethora to choose from this time, don’t we?” She wasn’t carrying any clothes on hangers this time, so Molly knew what she was after. She went to Pete’s cock, studied it and fondled it, stroking its shaft and lifting and gently kneading the balls, listening to the rather strange sounds issued from the funnel. “He’s speaking from that?” the woman asked Molly, pointing at the plastic funnel and tube.

Grinning, Molly answered, “Yes, Madam. The mouthpiece makes his words a little garbled, but I don’t think your actions were eliciting any words, anyway. Those were more like noises of pleasure.”

The two women smiled conspiratorially, and the woman walked over to Rush’s closet. She repeated her actions on his cock and balls, causing more sounds of pleasure to be voiced from his funnel. She proceeded to the table upon which Martin was bound. “This is new and different,” she stated, looking toward Molly.

Molly arose from her chair and approached. “Indeed it is, Madam. A little variety in our presentation, this time.”

The woman was idly pumping Martin’s erect dick, her hand moving up and down, given his current position. Martin’s entire body was showing his reaction to her touch. His muscles were visibly contracting beneath his skin as the straps holding him down creaked from strain. Neither woman could see Martin’s facial expression, masked as he was, but his gasps were clearly audible from his mouth slit.

I’m not certain I could identify a man merely by his genitals,” the woman confided to Molly. “Are any of these three the same person as the last time?”

Yes, Madam,” Molly answered. “The one you’re currently touching was the plaything last time.”

Ah. Then I wish to try a different one this time,” the woman whispered, giving Martin’s cock a final squeeze. “Perhaps this one over here,” she stated, walking over to Pete’s booth. “Do you have any of those cups, my dear?”

Certainly, Madam. Here you are,” Molly replied, handing the woman a clear plastic cup. “If you wish, you may return the cup to me when you’re done with it. And there are boxes of tissues at several places around the room.” As she said this, two younger girls entered the room together.

Molly glanced in their direction, then did a double take. One of them was that same young girl who’d been dragged into the room last time for some real sex education by her mother. Molly recognized her face, framed by her long dark hair. Her form was memorable, also, with those lovely legs, traveling up to an even shorter skirt than last time. This time, the girl was wearing a T-shirt with nothing under it, judging by the way her pert tits wobbled gently as she walked, and the way her nipples were poking tiny, raised mounds of it’s material forward.

She was pulling at her friend’s hand, saying, “Come on, Liz! See? I wasn’t kidding.” She pointed at Pete’s booth, where the middle-aged woman was pumping his firm shaft. “A real cock, to learn about.” But as she scanned the room, she stopped in her tracks. “OMG! Three cocks this time! Look!” She pointed at Rush’s booth, and at Martin on his table. “We have to see this one over here!” She dragged her friend over to Martin.

Liz said, “He looks really creepy with that thing over his head, Jen.”

What? He has something on his head?” Jen asked, tearing her gaze away from Martin’s engorged cock. “Oh. I hadn’t noticed. Ignore it, and come down here. This is your chance to see and play with a real penis.”

As Liz moved down to join Jen as Martin’s waist, she stammered, “P… p… play with it? You mean actually touch it?”

Yes, and probably more,” Jen replied with a grin. Molly watched as Jen began giving Liz a lesson in male anatomy, very similar to the one she’d received from her mother, at Martin’s earlier visit. She listened as Jen explained about the foreskin that some men have, and showed her friend how that peels back to uncover the glans. Since they were peers, the two women quickly got lost in the lesson, evincing very little shyness. Molly was amazed at how fully Jen remembered all that her mother had taught her, and how clearly she was now teaching her friend. They’d reached the part of the lesson where Jen was showing Liz how to carefully play with Martin’s balls.

Checking the room, Molly saw the well-dressed woman still slowly pumping Pete’s dick, apparently in no hurry this time. Looking at Rush’s booth, Molly was surprised to see a woman with flaming red hair holding his cock between thumb and index finger, and bending it this way and that, examining it closely. Perhaps she was fascinated by seeing a cock that lacked circumcision, since they’re relatively uncommon these days. Molly returned her attention to the two young girls.

Jen was coaxing her friend to use her mouth on Martin’s penis, so she’d taste it, along with his now streaming precum. Martin was obviously aware that two young women were examining and touching his cock, and even though he couldn’t see them, he was straining at his bonds, highly aroused. Molly heard his moans clearly as Liz finally started sucking his dick. She heard Jen explaining the word ‘fellatio’ to Liz.

When Liz removed her mouth, taking a breather, Molly saw that Jen was holding the cock so that its glans was fully uncovered, its purplish head glistening with Liz’s saliva. They’d apparently gotten to the part about actually feeling the sensations of fucking, because Jen asked Liz, “So, are you ready to climb up and ride this penis?” Hearing this, Martin jerked, his cock twitching in Jen’s grip.

Liz blushed a fetching shade of pink, blinked several times, and finally nodded. But she turned to Molly, feeling the urge to ask permission. “Is it OK if I do that, Miss?” she asked.

Absolutely. These cocks are here for your enjoyment. If you want to ride it, go ahead. But do you need a condom for it?” Molly inquired.

Jen opened her purse, and pulled one out. “I came prepared, Miss. My Mom wants me to carry a few at all times, just in case.” She grinned a very impish grin, which made Molly think she’d probably already used several of them with some lucky boyfriends.

With big, luminous eyes, Liz watched as Jen opened the condom package, and skillfully placed the latex sleeve atop the glans, and rolled it all the way down the length of the cock. “Take your panties off, Liz,” she suggested. “In fact, why not strip all the way down, so you can play with your tits as you ride? You’ll enjoy it more.”

Me? Be naked in this room, with all these other people milling about?” Liz whispered. “I don’t think I can.”

But Jen was already removing her own clothes. “You won’t be alone… I’ll be naked too. Come on! Strip! Don’t be a fraidy-cat!”

Liz laughed aloud, hearing that childish challenge. But she too peeled her clothes off, until both friends stood naked alongside the table. “Now what?” Liz asked.

Climb up on this chair, and then onto the table, and straddle his hips,” Jen advised. Martin’s cock was practically vibrating as he heard all this. He couldn’t see, but he was clearly listening intently and visualizing. Jen helped Liz scramble atop the table. From where she stood, Molly could see how puffy Liz’s labia had become from her anticipation.

Now hold your pussy lips apart as you stoop down,” Jen ordered. “I’ll help guide him into you.” She watched, her head sideways, holding Martin’s dick, as Liz lowered her hips over him.

Liz’s gasp as a cock entered her virginal pussy was echoed by the red-haired woman at Rush’s booth. She was watching the two young girls, and pumping Rush’s dick faster and faster as her excitement mimicked theirs. Rush was groaning through his funnel, about to spew his load.

Molly quickly gave the redhead a cup, murmuring, “Just in case.” The redhead thanked her absentmindedly, still watching Liz as Jen encouraged her to kneel next to Martin’s pelvis, so she could rock up and down more easily. Molly walked back to the table.

Addressing Jen, Molly said, “You’re doing a terrific job, explaining things and helping your friend learn.” Jen flushed and smiled, hearing such praise. Liz was wide-eyed, her hands braced on Martin’s chest as she rocked up and down. Her cunt was emitting her feminine scent, and making tiny squishing/sucking sounds as she moved. Still looking at Jen, Molly continued, “I think you deserve a reward. Why not climb up and straddle his face?”

Jen’s stunned look was priceless. “You mean… you mean…” Her voice dropped to an intimate whisper. “You mean let him lick me… down there?” She pointed at her pussy for emphasis.

Sure,” Molly confirmed with a smile. “You and Liz have sucked his dick. He’d love to return the favor, I’m sure.” Leaning close to Martin’s head, Molly said clearly, “Slut boy. If you want to lick this young lady’s pussy, stick out your tongue.”

Jen was shocked at the alacrity with which Martin shoved his tongue up, poking it out of the mouth slit in the hood. The three of them could hear Martin’s breath, accelerating and wheezing from his nostrils, poking up out of the nose hole. He wanted that pussy very badly, it was clear. Getting the message, Jen climbed onto the table and gingerly lowered her opened pussy over his tongue.

Molly watched as Martin blindly flipped and scooped his tongue along Jen’s vulva. Moaning, Jen moved her hips in tiny adjustments, forward and back, until the tongue was right where she wanted it. Looking at Liz, who was now vigorously bouncing on Martin’s dick, she groaned, “This feels better than I ever could have guessed, Liz! Are you close to cumming?”

Liz was sweating and straining now. Molly could tell she was close, but not quite able to trigger her orgasm. Molly whispered to Jen, “Remember how your Mom helped you to cum?”

Jen looked confused, then thoughtful, remembering, then her eyes grew huge. “Oh yes!” she whispered back. “I hope Liz doesn’t mind me doing this.” She wet her finger, and carefully placed her palm on Liz’s upper, inner thigh, so that it moved up and down in rhythm synchronous with Liz’s bounces. Her damp fingertip began gently stroking the region near Liz’s pulsating clit.

OMG!” Liz cried. “Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop!” She bounced several more times, and then soundlessly experienced her first such orgasm. She slammed her cunt down hard, swallowing Martin’s dick fully, and shook and shook, her tits dancing on her torso as the climax ripped through her. She’d been silent because the orgasm hit right as she’d exhaled, so she had no breath to scream. But finally she had to draw a breath, and it was a deep one, and then she was able to howl, which brought on a second wave of shaking.

Perhaps without thinking, Liz reached out with one wide open hand and found Jen’s dangling breast. Her palm pressed against the nipple, and her spread fingertips began scooping together along the smooth mound of tissue until they converged on the edges of the breast’s areola. Instinctively, they dug in, grasping the darker colored tissue, bunching it, and trapping Jen’s swollen nipple in the center. The fingers began tugging and rolling the sensitive, captive flesh.

Martin’s tongue was deep inside Jen’s cunt, spearing and swirling. She’d angled her pelvis so that her clit was pressed against the underside of his tongue, receiving stimulation with every tongue movement. Jen had her eyes closed in concentration, so she only became aware of Liz’s hand when it actually made contact. Never opening her eyes, Jen bleated a long, drawn out, “Yessss!” as Liz tugged and rolled her trapped nipple. Jen’s orgasm triggered, and Martin’s face was drenched by her cum. Braced on one hand, Jen brought her other hand up to the back of Liz’s neck, and drew her forward for a deep kiss. The sight was fantastic.

After admiring the two friends’ intimacy, Molly turned her attention to Rush and Pete. She’d forgotten about switching the entry light off, so Monique had permitted more women to enter. Molly was surprised to see three women around Pete’s booth, and two over by Rush’s. The women seemed to be getting along, so Molly sauntered closer, to observe.

The redhead seemed determined to make Rush cum, since she was pumping his dick so intently. Her companion was watching, mesmerized, and holding a cup near the end of Rush’s dick, ready to catch his ejaculate.

At Pete’s booth, the well-dressed woman was apparently holding a mini-workshop on how to keep a man at his edge. She was pumping Pete’s dick very slowly, and stopping at certain points. Molly heard her say, “See? He’s about to cum. I can tell by his sounds and movements. So I pause, like this. Hear that moan of frustration?” The other two women nodded. “If you keep a man like this for hours, when he finally orgasms, it’s spectacular.” She looked at her watch. “Unfortunately, I can’t stay for hours. In fact, I was having so much fun that I lost track of the time.” She stopped pumping, and gave Pete’s cock a playful slap. “Would either of you like to take over?”

Both women eagerly reached out at the same time. All three women laughed merrily, and the well-dressed woman took her leave. The remaining two started playing with Pete’s hairless equipment. They took turns, one pumping while the other fondled his balls, and then switching. The stimulation was so intense, that Pete was crying out a warning, distorted by the funnel and tubing. But the women got the message, and one quickly positioned a cup to catch Pete’s semen as the other woman pumped and aimed. Spurt after gooey spurt splashed into the cup.

When they were certain Pete was done, the woman holding the cup looked at Molly, asking, “What should we do with this?”

Molly grinned. “If neither of you want it, I’ll be happy to recycle it.”

The women stared at her quizzically, handing her the cup. Molly went up on tiptoes, and carefully poured Pete’s semen into his funnel. “Here comes a drink,” Molly warned him.

The women were enthralled as they watched the white fluid streaming down the tube. “You mean that leads to his mouth?” one asked. Molly nodded. The woman whispered, “Does he like drinking his own cum?”

Through the funnel, the three of them heard sounds of dismay. “I guess not,” Molly answered with a smile. “I guess not everyone feels that recycling is the right thing to do. But he’ll get used to it. After all, we have all day.” The two women chuckled, thanked Molly, and left. Another woman was waiting her turn to get at Pete’s cock.

One of the women that had been playing with Rush’s cock approached Molly and tapped her on the shoulder. “We just pumped this out of that uncircumcised cock at our booth,” she explained, showing Molly semen in the cup she held. “Can we feed it into his funnel?”

Sure, but warn him to get ready to drink,” Molly answered, grinning and walking back with her to Rush’s booth. The other woman was stooped down, licking the tip of his cock, which made Rush moan eerily out of the tube and funnel.

We’re pouring you a drink,” the woman holding the cup stated. After a moment’s pause, she tipped the glob of semen into the funnel, and they watched it slide down and disappear out of sight as Rush sucked it down and swallowed.

Molly went back to the young ladies playing with Martin. “Did he cum yet?” she asked them. She knew the answer, because the condom being unrolled and removed from his cock was empty.

Not yet, Miss. I was going to let Liz discover what semen tastes like. It’s her turn to find out, and she’s willing.” Liz’s flush of embarrassment spread to her collarbones.

Let me wipe him off first,” Molly advised. “You probably don’t need to taste any residual latex.” Looking at Jen, she added, “Your Mom got rid of that taste with her mouth when she was teaching you, I recall.” She ran a warm, damp washcloth over the twitching male appendage waving in the air. “There. That should do it. Go ahead.”

Liz had sucked on the cock earlier, so she didn’t hesitate putting her mouth over it and started to suck. Jen began pumping the shaft of Martin’s cock, and scratching his balls lightly. Martin started bellowing almost at once. The earlier feel of Liz’s pussy contracting in orgasm on his dick, plus the taste of Jen’s cum on his lips must’ve been driving him crazy. In a very short time, Liz’s eyes dilated as her cheeks suddenly bulged! Martin had shot a massive load, instantly filling her mouth!

Liz lifted her head, pursing her lips tightly together, and started frantically flapping her hands at her wrists.

I think she’s wondering what to do with the semen in her mouth,” Molly interpreted for Jen.

Liz, just start swallowing slowly, It’s OK. In fact, when it’s about half gone, press your lips to mine and feed me some, please,” Jen begged her friend.

They watched as Liz cautiously worked her throat muscles, swallowing, eyes still dilated in surprise. Soon she beckoned Jen with her fingers, and the two young women pressed lips together in what looked like a kiss, but was actually a feeding. Molly watched Jen’s throat muscles begin working, accepting her friend’s offering.

Another woman was stripping as she waited next to the table, getting ready to ride Martin’s cock – this time bareback – no condom. Jen and Liz dressed and left, chattering excitedly about their adventure. Other women had entered and gone to play with Rush’s cock and Pete’s cock. The smell of semen filled the room.

Since they’d just ejaculated, Martin, Rush and Pete were all groaning loudly, vocalizing a mixture of excitement, pleasure, and pain from having their cocks played with right after orgasm. Martin was twitching on his table. The booths that contained Pete and Rush were vibrating as the bound males jerked inside them, trying to pull their aching dicks away from the women fondling them.

There were six women in the room at this point, two at each station. Molly flipped the switch to turn the light off, preventing any more entry for a while. She walked over to Martin’s table. Two slightly overweight women were now making good use of him, one sitting on his tongue, the other impaled on his cock. Martin was groaning quietly as he licked the sopping pussy covering his tongue, since the riding woman was doing her best to pump a second load from his partially depleted balls.

At Rush’s booth, two women were playing with his cock and balls. His male equipment gleamed with lubricant, which the women must have applied lavishly. Their hands were pumping his cock, and slowly stretching his balls until the lubricant made them slip free from their hands. Judging from the sounds being emitted from the funnel, Rush was in agony and ecstasy from their actions.

A woman coming from Pete’s booth approached Molly. Blushing, she asked, “Would you happen to have a condom I could use? I want to try out that smoothly shaved cock and balls,” she said, pointing at Pete’s displayed manhood, which the other woman was tickling and jerking. “It feels so silky smooth to my touch – I want to feel it in me!”

Chuckling, Molly handed her a condom packet. “Be our guest,” she said. She watched the woman practically romp back to Pete, in her excitement, tearing open the packet. The second woman helped her roll the condom onto Pete’s dick, and helped aim it as the first woman ditched her skirt and panties and grabbed the handles. Soon the second woman was helping the first to fuck herself on Pete’s cock, by helping to push her hips forward and back. The woman holding the handles was arched back a little, getting maximum stimulation from each thrust. Molly hoped her friend would support her if her orgasm caused her knees to buckle. (She did, and after a brief rest, they switched positions, leaving the condom in place. When they finished and pulled it off, its end sagged with a load of semen.)

Meanwhile, the heavyset women using Martin had switched positions. Molly noted that as he tongued the pussy now positioned over his face, he was digging his own semen out of her cunt. Martin also moaned in pain as his latest ejaculation was virtually sucked out of his cock by the woman now riding his dick. She was very determined to not go home dry, apparently. Molly smiled, knowing that Martin reveled in such post-orgasmic stimulation, and went back to Rush.

The women there were wiping their hands clean of the lubricant they’d used. One showed Molly a collection cup, with a small pool of Rush’s seed at its bottom. “It took a lot of pumping, but we finally managed to get this out of him,” she reported. “You should’ve heard his pleading, garbled by that funnel system. All sorts of gasps and cries.”

Looking at the raw redness of his dick, I’m guessing he was in some pain from that draining,” Molly concurred. “But not to worry – he never sounded his buzzer, so he must’ve gotten enjoyment out of it. Do you want me to dispose of his seed?”

The two women flushed and stammered, clearly embarrassed, but also determined. Finally, one blurted out, “We’d already made a pact that if we got some semen out of a guy, we’d anoint each other’s chests with it, as a souvenir.” Their faces heated even more once this had been articulated.

That sounds like fun,” Molly giggled. “Go ahead. Unless you’d like me to apply it?”

With a pleased shock on their faces, the women whispered to each other quickly, then nodded. “How about if you do one tit on each of us, while we do the other?” one asked.

Sounds like a plan,” Molly laughed merrily. The women quickly bared their breasts – neither was wearing a bra. Dipping fingers into Rush’s ejaculate, Molly and one woman polished the breasts of the other. The flesh felt smooth and warm in Molly’s hand, and virtually fondling this stranger’s breast was highly erotic. This pattern was repeated until the tits of both women glistened with Rush’s cum. The smell of fresh semen was redolent now as the women buttoned up their blouses and departed.

The room was emptying, so Molly flipped the switch to signal readiness for more guests, and the festivities continued. Unlike the first time with Martin, these women were expecting cocks to play with. This time, none tortured any dick, crying out words like ‘pervert’ as they struck. But there was some cock slapping and ball slapping, but always done playfully. Of course the men could not foresee the slaps, so they cried out through a hood slit or funnels every time this happened, causing general merriment.

Several women were amazed at the sustained erections, so Molly had to explain about the use of the cock rings, and more than one woman asked where she could buy one. Molly made a mental note to tell Monique to lay in a supply of cock rings behind her counter, since there seemed to be a good demand for them. Women watched as Molly helped the men quench their thirst with sips of water fed down their funnels. Martin had to drink from a straw, unable to sit up.

Looking at her watch, Molly made an announcement. “Ladies, it’s time for these men to have their 4 hour break. I need to release the blood trapped in their cocks, to prevent permanent damage. I expect they’ll go limp, and also probably need to urinate. If you’d like, I can call you back into this room when this has been accomplished.”

One gray-haired, almost mannish woman caught Molly’s attention, saying, “Is there any reason we have to leave during this? I, for one, would be fascinated to watch.” This statement was followed by general murmurs of agreement around the room. It appeared that everyone wanted to witness this event.

Her friend spoke up, “You’re right, Hetty. I’ve never seen a man pee. They’re so secretive about it around women, it seems.”

Molly considered for a moment, then asked Hetty, “Would you like to lend a hand? I could use a couple of people to hold the bottles in place.” She held up a couple of empty, clear, one liter bottles with their tops lopped off to create a larger hole.

Hetty grinned, and reached for a bottle. A curvaceous blonde woman grabbed the other before anyone else could. Molly gave a merry, tinkling laugh and led them both to Pete’s booth. She told Pete, “I’m going to pull off your cock ring, to let your cock go limp. All the woman are watching, and eager to see you piss into a bottle. One of them will hold a bottle in place and tell you when it’s safe to empty your bladder. Understand?”

Yethh Mittthhh,” emerged, a bit garbled, from the funnel. Molly gently stripped off the cock ring, and the gray-haired woman positioned the bottle. Pete’s cock was already losing its trapped blood, and sinking.

Molly and the blonde started toward Rush’s booth. Behind them, they heard Hetty calling out, “OK, stud. It’s safe. You can piss now.” The women in the room went still, except for Molly and the blonde, who gathered around Rush’s red, pulsating dick, sticking out of its hole.

Molly repeated the situation and instructions to Rush, and got a garbled acknowledgment that he understood, followed by syllables that sounded like ‘thnnk’ ‘oo’ ‘ayy’ ‘eed’ ‘oo’ ‘isssh’ ‘aahd’ which Molly translated into her head that Rush needed to piss very badly. She told the blonde, “When I get his cock ring off, you’d better grab his dick and aim it into the bottle. He might start pissing immediately.”

The blonde nodded, and placed her hand right above the base of Rush’s cock as Molly worked the cock ring off it. The moment Molly’s hands were clear of the cock, the blonde seized it, pressing downward, and shoved it’s head into the bottle opening. And not a moment too soon. Even though his cock was still turgid, Rush’s urgency overrode what would normally have prevented him from urination. A stream of hot yellow piss started hissing into the depths of the bottle. The women sighed appreciative ‘ahhh’ sounds.

Pete started urinating also, and the women clustered around both booths, watching the sight. Molly moved over to Martin’s table, stripped off his cock ring, and quickly bent his cock from its pole-like ninety degree angle to an angle of about 30 degrees, aiming its head into a third bottle she’d picked up from beneath the table. Speaking loudly, so Martin would hear with his ears blocked by the hood, she said, “Safe to piss now, Martin.”

Martin’s voice arose, distorted only slightly through the hood’s mouth slit, saying, “Thank goodness. I feel like I’m about to burst.” His cock vibrated in Molly’s hand as the urine raced through its tube, splashing into the bottle. She also felt it softening as he relieved himself.

Looking around the room, Molly saw that the other two men were about done urinating, and their cocks were shrinking and softening. Hetty gave Pete’s cock a final shake and a squeeze, and handed the bottle to a woman standing nearby. She shocked the women by then engulfing Pete’s dick with her mouth, and obviously washing it with her tongue and lips. They fell speechless.

Finally, one of them piped up, “Won’t you be getting urine in your mouth, doing that?”

Hetty let Pete’s cock, glistening now with saliva, pop free from her lips, and smiled, saying, “A little pee never hurt anyone. I’m just cleaning him off. Besides, I like being able to get all of a soft cock into my mouth. I figure a bit of mouth massage will help his dick get right as rain, and this way, he’ll be ready for more fun, sooner.”

Hearing that, a woman with hair black as night, standing near Rush, shrugged and dropped to her knees. She sucked his shriveled cock completely into her mouth, and from movements at her cheeks, it was obvious she was sucking, while completely exploring it with her tongue. No one was at Martin’s table at the moment, so Molly herself suckled his cock until it was squeaky clean. Job done, she reattached the cock ring and watched its restriction of blood flow cause his dick to inflate rapidly to full erection again.

A brunette wandered over, and shyly asked Molly, “Ummm… if we play here, do we have to actually ride his cock? That’s what I saw the others doing.”

Oh no, Ma’am! Not at all!” Molly replied. “He’s here to be your plaything. If you want to pump him off, and watch his spunk shoot up like a fountain, go ahead. If you merely want to give him a good dick-slapping, be my guest, but don’t hurt him too much. If you just want to sit on his face, and have his tongue lick your pussy or your ass, that’s fine, too.”

The woman’s eyes bulged. “My ass? You mean he’d stick his tongue up my ass?” she choked out.

Certainly! If you’ve never tried that, this is your chance, Ma’am. He can’t see who you are. He’ll always wonder whose sweet ass he speared with his tongue,” Molly answered, giggling mischievously. “Stick out your tongue, slut boy,” Molly commanded, tapping Martin.

Looking almost dazed by this idea, the woman reached under her skirt, and dragged off her panties. Climbing up onto the table, she draped her skirt with decorum around Martin’s head as she lowered herself toward his extended tongue. Her skirt prevented Molly from seeing exactly what she placed on Martin’s tongue, but Molly heard him start to slurp as the woman made tiny adjustments to her placement. Her mouth formed silently into an ‘O’ shape as the tongue found whatever target she was offering. Her breathing accelerated rapidly.

Molly left her to her new-found ecstasy, and checked on Rush and Pete. It was time they had their cock rings attached again, and the onlookers watched Molly’s technique carefully. More women were entering the room, since Molly hadn’t turned off the entry light. She was amazed how the room took on the atmosphere of a party. Women were chattering, watching each other play with the cocks and balls. They exchanged ideas. They shared. One woman might be sucking, or pumping, or even impaling herself on a stiff dick, while someone else at the same booth or table massaged its balls, or sucked on them, or plucked at and twisted them playfully.

In this orgy-like setting, women were loudly comparing the cocks on display to those of husbands or boyfriends, or men they’d known in the past. There was a lot of mirth, sharing stories of male inadequacy in the bedroom. Some were fascinated by Rush’s foreskin – few of them had ever seen a real one before. It was drawn forward and back, forward and back, by lots of warm, feminine hands. There was some discussion comparing tastes, too. Tastes of the men’s precum, and tastes of their ejaculate. Molly wondered how much of this her three submissives were hearing. She also wondered if they could keep their minds focused on these discussions as their male equipment was constantly toyed with. She doubted it.

The cocks spit semen from time to time. The men attached to them moaned, groaned, cried, pleaded for them to stop, and begged to be allowed to rest. But none of them used their buzzer, or in Martin’s case, his safeword. Even though their cocks might be in painful agony, as more and more semen was demanded by the lusty women, Pete, Rush, and Martin were apparently coasting in ‘sub space’ with overwhelming bliss mixing with that pain. After all, their dicks were getting more action in this one afternoon than perhaps they’d had in years! And action from a bevy of laughing, chattering women! Molly guessed that the men were visualizing the most tantalizing females their minds could dredge up, and seeing naked pussies, tits, and asses in their mind’s eye, along with ruby lips and pink tongues.

The room was a sea of sex and sensuality.

One woman pointed at Rush’s dick and said to Molly, “His dick looks almost inflamed.”

In response, Molly fetched some ice from her ice chest, and handed the woman a piece of it. “Massage his tissues with this, but don’t leave it in one place too long,” she advised the woman. She watched as the woman first applied the ice to the dick itself, listening to Rush’s garbled comments as he felt the chill. Then she experimented with gently touching his scrotum with the ice. Everyone watching laughed to see Rush’s balls rise, trying to evade the cold.

Of course, everyone wanted to play the ice game for a while, so the three men got a respite from ejaculating for a while, although they had to endure the cold shocks as the women giggled and laughed.

Ultimately, the day drew to its end, the women leaving the room and departing the store. Molly unbound the sweaty shaking bodies of Rush and Pete, and let them sit and drink water for a rest. She untied Martin from the table, and removed his hood so he could see and join the other two men, for a rest and a drink. They still wore their cock rings, and Molly left them like that, to have a brief chat with Monique.

When she returned, she put Martin’s hood back on his head, covering his eyes once again. She also put similar hoods on Pete and Rush, surprising them, but they remained submissive and accepting. She was applying condoms to each rampant dick as the door opened. Monique and her two best saleswomen, the ones from the earlier adventure, strolled in, licking their lips.

Molly whispered to the trio to strip and get on their hands and knees. They were expecting this suggestion, and quickly complied. Molly let Monique have first pick, and she, as fascinated as the earlier women, picked Rush, with his uncircumcised penis. After all, she’d experienced Martin during his previous visit. Rush was new to her. The other two women quickly indicated their choices between Pete and Martin – there was no squabbling.

Molly smeared a small amount of water-based lubricant on Rush’s condom, and led him blindly to kneel between Monique’s legs. She guided his dick into her cunt, and his hands onto her hips. Monique sighed happily as his dick slid into the depths of her warm, snug tunnel. “Stay as you are,” Molly ordered Rush.

Molly performed the same actions with the two saleswomen, and their chosen studs. When all three men were cock deep in those receptive vaginas, Molly said loudly, “All right guys! Last fuck of the day! You get to screw these lovely ladies until they cum. You might not be able to cum again today, but at least you get to fuck them doggy style, instead of being tied down.”

She watched the men take firmer grips, hands sinking into the women’s hips. The hips of the men started moving forward and back, slowly at first, perhaps because they couldn’t see. But they found the angles and the rhythm, and picked up the pace. Soon they were pounding the pussies that they could only feel, panting for breath through their nose and mouths. The women were moaning and demanding loudly that they be fucked harder as their excitement built. The slapping sounds of ball sacks striking wet labia were loud in the room.

The saleswomen were bracing themselves with hands planted on the floor in front of their shoulders and were bucking back into the men’s thrusts in a counterpoint rhythm, working themselves into a frenzy. The men couldn’t see that raw sensuality now on display, but they could smell it, and feel the women’s muscles contracting – hip muscles as they helped impale themselves on the flashing cocks, and cunt muscles, starting to ripple.

The saleswoman with Martin finally cried out, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! I’m cumming!” and she vibrated and shook as she climaxed. He moaned and moaned, obviously trying to join her in orgasm. The sounds triggered the other saleswoman, and her cunt also rippled and sucked at Pete’s dick as she rammed her hips back hard against his pelvis and quivered. Pete’s body responded by sucking his balls tight up against his torso, in attempt to launch semen into the cunt its cock was filling.

Monique had changed the angle of her body, keeping her ass raised, but lowering her shoulders to the floor, and turning her head sideways to suck air. This posture freed her hands, and she was playing with her tits and clit as Rush fucked her with swift, deep strokes. His hands must’ve reported the change in angle of her pelvis, because, unseeing, he changed from kneeling to a position straddling her knees, with his feet now flat on the floor.

The new angle and freedom of hip movement permitted Rush to start fucking Monique very intensely. She shrieked with joy and rubbed herself with abandon, as everyone else in the room watched, riveted. They coupled in a frenzy for several minutes, and then Monique squirted hard as she came. Her howls were just that – howls. No words. Just raw emotion. Rush responded in kind.

Each woman savored the cock filling her cunt for a while, grinning with eyes closed. When they felt replete, they moved their hips forward, sliding free of the still stiffened dicks. Molly eased each man back onto his heels, and removed the condoms and cock rings. Martin’s and Pete’s condoms were dry, although they swore later that they’d achieved orgasm during the doggy style fucking – their balls were thoroughly drained.

Rush’s condom showed a tiny pool of semen at its tip. Monique’s cries and motions had been exciting enough that Rush’s balls had found some tiny, scant remaining amount of semen to launch, but it was obvious that was the last he had.

The women dressed, and hugged and kissed Molly in thanks. The two saleswomen left discretely, never letting the men see their faces. After they were gone, Molly and Monique removed the men’s hoods, and set them to work, wearily cleaning up the room. Still naked, with shriveled cocks that drooped, they looked absolutely exhausted. However, sheepish smiles kept rippling across their faces as they thought over all they’d experienced. They were quite grateful when Molly finally pulled out their butt plugs, and let them dress.

Molly addressed them. “You went through a lot today, and none of you used your safeword. I know you’re completely knackered now, but if we gave you a few weeks to recover, who’d like to return, and do something like this again?”

The hands of all three men immediately shot up. One even waved enthusiastically.



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