Martin and the Glory Hole

Martin had become addicted to post orgasmic cock torture.

That’s what he called it anyway. Right after he had an orgasm, his cock became very sensitive to any sort of stimulation. Having it touched was uncomfortable. Having it stroked was painful. Having it pumped was excruciating. But he needed it. When it was being done to him, he wasn’t physically thrilled about it. And yet, he was psychologically thrilled. Some need of his was being fed.

Therefore, he had constantly begged Miss Paget for new experiences in this area. In the past, Miss Paget had devised several ingenious devices to do so, but Martin had been given to a new Mistress, Miss Beth. Miss Beth was an excellent Mistress, but she soon ran out of fresh ideas for cock torment. So she turned to their mutual good friend, Molly, and explained the situation.

I’ve got an idea that I think might work,” Molly stated. “Let me check in with a friend of mine. I’ll get back with you.” Before she left, Molly took a tape measure and recorded several measurements of Martin’s body.

Molly was as good as her word. A few weeks later, at 7 AM, Molly picked up Martin from Miss Beth’s place. He’d been told to wear only a T-shirt, shorts, shoes and socks. Martin was both excited and scared. He remembered how creative Miss Molly could be, and trembled as he climbed into the car. Molly drove them both downtown, and parked in a parking garage attached to one of the many ritzy Galleria shopping malls that had sprung up in major cities across the US. These malls were known for their many exclusive boutiques.

Molly led Martin to one of the boutiques that sold women’s clothing. It was too early for it to be open for business, but she tapped on the glass door and in moments a lovely smiling woman opened the door for them, and locked it behind them. The woman, Monique, and Molly were old friends and greeted each other warmly, with hugs and kisses. Turning and pointing at Martin, Molly said, “Monique, this is the slut boy I told you about.” She didn’t even bother to mention Martin’s name, as if he was not important enough to warrant it.

Hello, slut boy,” Monique said with a grin. She was obviously enjoying the look of discomfiture on Martin’s face.

Martin didn’t know how to reply, given the situation, so he just nodded. His cheeks reddened with embarrassment at being put on the spot. What Miss Molly had planned for him was a complete mystery. Why they were in a women’s clothing shop he couldn’t fathom. The gentle scent of some sort of perfume heightened his anxiety for some reason.

I’d better get him set up,” Molly told her friend. “I know you have to get ready to open the shop.”

You go right ahead,” Monique said. “I’ll be along in a little while to see if you need any help.”

Molly led Martin back into the area of the dressing rooms. There were six rooms, three on each side of the corridor. Rather than curtains over their doorways, these rooms had actual doors. Molly took Martin to the farthest door on the left. The door had a sign saying ‘Under construction – Sorry for the inconvenience’ on it. “In here, slut boy,” Molly commanded. Once they’d entered, Molly closed the door to the corridor.

Before Martin had much of a chance to look at the bewildering layout of the room, Molly ordered him, “Look directly at me, and stand up straight.” As Martin did so, Molly continued, “Take off your T-shirt and shorts, but leave your shoes and socks on.”

With an audible gulp, Martin quickly stripped. Once he was naked, Molly took a cock ring, and attached it to Martin’s genitals. The ring was designed to allow blood to enter Martin’s penis, but restrict the flow of blood from it. It only took a minute or two before his cock was fully turgid. Even fully erect, his foreskin continued covering the head of his cock.

While Martin’s dick was engorging, Molly lubricated a butt plug and inserted it into Martin’s ass hole. Taking several lengths of medical tape, she used them to securely fasten the butt plug in place. “We can’t take the risk of having you defecate in this lovely room, Martin,” she explained. “Plugging up your ass should do the trick.”

The butt plug was humiliating, as well as strangely stimulating. If he shifted his weight, the tip of the butt plug nudged his prostate gland. He wondered if people would see him on display with his ass plugged like this. He was only partly right.

Using Martin’s cock as a handle, Molly dragged him over to the wall that separated this dressing room from the one adjacent to it. There was a hole here. The hole was about 5 to 6 inches in diameter, and it was positioned in height perfectly. Molly had carefully measured the distance from the floor when she created this hole, based on the height of Martin’s crotch. Therefore, when she pressed his belly against the wall, his cock and balls protruded through the opening, as she’d planned. She’d carefully lined the opening with a rubbery gasket-like ring for protection.

Martin was shocked! This was a sort of glory hole! He WAS on display – but only his genitals. “How many people are in the room next door?” he wondered. “Are there women there? Men?” flashed across his mind until he realized the store wasn’t open… yet.

There were several belt-like straps attached to the wall. Molly pulled the first belt straight across Martin’s ass cheeks, securing it to the other side, and snugging it up. This insured that Martin couldn’t move his pelvis back away from the opening. “There are handles screwed into the wall above your head, Martin,” Molly said. “Can you see them?”

Martin tilted his head back away from the wall to look up. “Yes, Miss Molly. I see them,” he answered.

Good. Grab hold of them,” she instructed him. “They’ll help hold you up, keeping you from sagging.” Once Martin had grasped the handles, Molly applied several more straps – across his arms, upper back, lower back, and thighs. Martin was now firmly affixed to the wall, and even if all of his muscles went limp, the straps would still hold him into place. Molly was smiling, quite pleased with her work in setting this up.

Inserting an ear bud into Martin’s ear, Molly explained, “With this device, I’ll be able to whisper into your ear, if I need to do so.” As she attached a throat mike, she stated, “Any sounds you make will be audible in the next room, so be careful what you say, slut boy.” She secured a bottle onto a hook near Martin’s armpit, and ran a thin tube up from it, clipping to to the wall near his mouth. “You’re going to be here for a while, so you can suck on this tube for fluids to keep from dehydrating. We’ll start with water, but if you want a sugary drink for energy, just let me know.”

Martin’s cheeks flamed red as he had a thought. “Miss Molly, what if I have to pee?”

If you do, make certain you give me ample warning. We don’t want you pissing on the floor of the next dressing room,” she answered. “I’ll be right back.”

Molly went out into the corridor and into the room next door. She grinned as she saw Martin’s cock and balls on prominent display. She hung a large sign that stated: ‘This cock and these balls are here for your enjoyment. You can ignore them, examine them, touch them, fondle them, slap them, kiss, lick, suck – pretty much anything you’d like, except no permanent damage, please’ in a clear bold, font. She hung a smaller sign near a push button on the wall that read: ‘Please press for ice, if desired, or maintenance, if necessary’ in a more restrained font.

She checked the camera placement and sound pickups before leaving the room. She had a camera pointing at the door, to catch a person’s expression when they entered. Another camera looked down on the glory hole from above. A third camera was positioned at the height of the hole, giving an angled view of it.

Out in the hallway, she attached a final sign on the door to this special dressing room. The words read ‘Adult dressing room – Security cameras in use’ so that no one using the room could complain about an invasion of their privacy. Monique approached at this time.

How are things going, Molly?” she asked.

Great, Monique. I think I’m all set. Would you take a test run as a ‘customer’ after I go back into my room? You know… go in… see him… talk… interact a bit. Then you can come into our room and see the setup.”

Be happy to,” Monique replied. She waited until Molly had been back in her room for about a minute, then turned the handle, and entered the Adult dressing room.

Molly saw Monique enter, and could easily see her friend’s eyes widen in surprise as she caught sight of Martin’s manhood, poking through the opening. Her gasp was audible on the speaker near Molly’s monitor. Molly adjusted the sound downward, so there was even less chance it would carry back through the substantially soundproofed walls. Martin’s body, up against the gasket, blocked sound from passing through the hole, of course.

My, my. What have we here?” Monique roleplayed. “An uncircumcised cock? How rare!” Her voice came through the speaker, audible to both Molly and Martin. Martin tensed, hearing Monique’s voice and knowing that she was in the room next door now. Monique read the signs aloud.

Martin gulped at hearing what strangers were being invited to do with his vulnerable manhood. Unlike a normal glory hole, where the guy inserted his cock, had his orgasm, and left, here the opposite was true. The customers would enter, do whatever they felt like, and then leave, and Martin was stuck in place. His mind reeled at Molly’s depraved idea. Reeled, and marveled at it.

While he was pondering this, Monique grasped Martin’s cock and squeezed it gently. He jumped in surprise at being touched unexpectedly, but the restraints held him fast. Monique pressed the button, and a small light flashed on Molly’s desk, as planned. Everything was working fine.

Monique left the Adult dressing room and joined Molly in the end room. Upon entering, she burst out laughing, seeing a now nude Martin hanging tightly against the wall. He could clearly hear her laughter, since she was now in the room with him. His flush of embarrassment stained his neck red. “You’ve got him trussed up like a turkey, Molly!” she chortled. “And four monitors, I see. Three for the room, and, oh wow! One in here, so you can watch his face!”

Yes, I expect his expressions throughout the day to be priceless,” Molly answered with a grin. “Is the store about to open?”

Monique checked her watch. “Yes. Actually, we opened a minute or two ago. My two sales assistants are handling things, but I’d better join them. I’ll also try to steer a customer in your direction. See you later.”

It took about 10 minutes. Molly watched on the monitor as the door to the Adult dressing room opened and a well-dressed, middle-aged woman entered, carrying a dress on a hanger. She closed the door, and hung the garment on a wall hook, then turned to set her purse down on the counter. That must’ve been the moment she spotted Martin’s cock apparently sprouting from the wall. Her body language signaled a startled reaction, but she quickly regained her composure. She took a while reading the sign on the wall. Molly whispered into Martin’s ear piece, “You have your first visitor, slut boy. She’s reading that statement about the availability of your sexual equipment.” Martin’s body went tense, and he gripped the handles tighter, his knuckles whitening.

After she finished reading the sign perhaps twice, the woman went to the door of the dressing room, opened it, and called out, “Monique?” with an imperious note to her query. Moments later, Monique joined her in the dressing room, and its door was again closed.

Is this some sort of joke, Monique?” the woman asked, her tone of voice indicating she would not take kindly to being the butt of some prank. Her conversation came through on the voice pickups, clearly audible to Molly and Martin.

Absolutely not, Madam,” Monique replied, sounding a bit obsequious. It was obvious that this was an important customer. “As the sign says, this penis is being provided for your enjoyment, Madam.”

But, but what am I supposed to do with it?” the woman almost sputtered.

Monique smiled as she replied, “Well, Madam, it depends on what you feel like doing with it. For instance, you could stroke it like this.” Her fingers whispered along the cock, making Martin moan quietly. “Or you could slap it like this.” The flat of her palm whacked the side of the cock, making it bounce. This time, both women could hear Martin groan on the other side of the wall, so it was obvious this was not a fake cock. “His ball sack is also here, so you could scoop it up in your fingertips like this. and then juggle his balls by moving your fingers.” She demonstrated. They could see his testicles bouncing up and down on her fingertips.

The woman bit her lip, thinking, before speaking, “Could I…” she hesitated, blushing. Then spoke in a rush to get out the words, “Could I make him… you know… spurt?” She flushed a deeper red.

Of course, Madam,” Monique assured her. “Madam will notice that we have these disposable cups, in case you wish to catch it, and there are tissues over here in case any gets on your hands. And please don’t worry if some gets on the floor. This is treated hardwood. It will not bother it one bit. Just press the button and someone will attend to the clean up. Any other questions, Madam?”

The woman nervously licked her lips. “No, Monique. Thank you for the explanation. That will be all.” Closing the door behind the departing Monique, the woman pressed the button on the door handle, latching it to ensure privacy. Molly wasn’t worried about that, because she’d been given the tool to override the latch, if things got out of hand. And she could always easily remove Martin’s butt belt, pulling his cock back out of the hole. She doubted that such a refined clientele would cause any problems anyway.

Molly watched the woman approach Martin’s cock again. Her hand came out to gently explore it, as if making certain it truly existed. Martin’s ass muscles tensed up as he felt her strange, cool hand touching his intimate areas. He had no idea who this woman was – no idea of her age, no idea of what she looked like. That, in and of itself, was exciting to him. “Does she look like a model? A crone? A stout matron? I’ll never know!” he thought.

The woman grasped Martin’s scrotum, and squeezed it gently several times. She smiled broadly when she heard the resultant moans of pleasure he gasped. She brought her other hand to the shaft of the cock, and pumped it several times. Martin’s arousal was obvious, since the head of his cock leaked precum from its slit as she pumped. Obviously pleased, the woman let go of his scrotum and used a fingertip to smear the precum around and around the glans of the penis, making Martin quiver in his restraints. She kept pumping and smearing. Once the glans was fully coated with glistening precum, she took both her hands away, and Martin groaned in frustration.

Molly watched the woman delicately sniff the precum on her finger, but, rather than tasting it, she went and grabbed a tissue and wiped her finger clean. While there, she picked up a disposable cup with a determined look on her face. Molly licked her lips in anticipation. There seemed to be only one reason the woman would return to the swollen, throbbing cock while carrying the cup.

Sure enough, the woman began pumping Martin’s dick hard and fast! The onslaught caught him by surprise as his sudden gasp caused him to aspirate a bit of saliva, making him cough loudly. The woman paid no attention, focused on her task. Maybe it had been a long while since she’d had a cock in her hands, or maybe she was just naturally rough in handling them. Whatever the reason, Martin was groaning loudly in a blend of pleasure and pain as the woman forced him into ejaculation, gleefully grinning as his semen spewed into the cup she was holding.

Even after his spurts ceased, she kept up the harsh pumping, as if ascertaining if anything remained. Maybe the fact that his cock refused to go limp confused her – she may have had no experience with cock rings, after all. Whatever the reason, Martin was getting his first taste of post orgasmic cock torture, and he was howling in physical dismay. The woman finished playing with his dick, tossed the cup into the trash receptacle and cleaned her hands carefully.

While she tried on the dress she’d brought into the room, the woman glanced at Martin’s penis several times, as if checking to see if it had gone limp yet. Each time she looked, Molly whispered into Martin’s ear bud, “It looks like she might grab your dick again, slut boy.” And each time she told him, Martin’s muscles bunched up, as if he was trying to pull his dick back out of the hole, since it was still sensitive.

Finally, the woman left, discretely leaving the dressing room door slightly ajar behind her, so others would know it was now unoccupied. That made Molly wonder what chaos might ensue if the door was left wide open, leaving Martin’s cock on display for everyone passing by in the corridor. She mentally shrugged, knowing there was little she could do about that.

Within a minute or two, an elderly woman entered, carrying hangers with two dresses. She closed and latched the door, but immediately noticed the male appendage thrust through the wall opening. Placing the hangers on wall hooks, she shuffled over with a disgusted look on her face. After reading the signs, she gave Martin’s dick two strong slaps with her hand, saying, “Pervert!” Martin winced, his face registering shock, with each slap. His dick was so sensitive that he gave out a stifled howl.

Hearing that, the elderly woman smiled, satisfied that she’d made her point. However, during the time she tried on the two dresses, Molly counted that she also returned to the cock to slap it harshly five more times! The last slap was accompanied with the statement, “That should teach you, you damned pervert!” She left.

Molly whispered to Martin, “She sure seemed to have some issues.”

Martin moaned piteously in agreement. It was becoming obvious that this would not be a day of unrelenting pleasure at all. “I’ve never felt more helpless,” Martin mentally whimpered. “Blind and vulnerable!”

The next woman was middle aged, and looked like a tired housewife. Perhaps she was splurging, giving herself a treat by browsing in the various boutiques. When she saw the penis sticking through the wall, she giggled. After reading both signs, she pressed the button, muttering, “Having some ice could be fun.”

Molly scooped a few ice cubes from a cooler into a Styrofoam cup and went into the corridor, where the woman was waiting with her door open. “You wished to have some ice, Madam?” Molly asked.

Yes. Thank you,” the woman replied, accepting the cup and closing the door.

Molly went back to the monitors, where she watched the woman take an ice cube into her fingers and raise it slowly toward Martin’s dangling balls. She giggled merrily as the balls began rising, shifting, apparently trying to avoid the cold. Martin hissed as the ice touched here and there on his scrotum. The woman shifted her tactics, touching the ice at random places along his cock shaft. She laughed aloud as she heard the sounds Martin made as she pressed the ice firmly against the head of his cock. Martin squirmed and squirmed, but there was nothing he could do about this.

Playfully, the woman slipped her warm lips around the cold dick head. Martin sighed in relief. Then she applied the ice again. He shrieked. Then her lips again. She switched the ice to her other hand and used her now freed dominant hand to start pumping his cock. Ice. Warmth. Ice. Warmth. Constant pumping. The woman added suction to the times her lips wrapped around his cock head. This was obvious by the hollowing of her cheeks as she sucked.

Martin moaned out a throaty warning, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum.” His throat mike conveyed his statement into the adjacent room.

Hearing that, the woman removed her lips from his dick, still pumping. But as his first jerk of muscular spasm began, she removed her hand, and shoved the ice against his ball sack. Martin screamed a mixture of surprise and dismay as he experienced what is known as a ‘ruined orgasm’ at her hands. His semen dribbled from his cock as he strained to pump it out unaided. The woman removed the ice cube and just watched, eyes gleaming with excitement. When his dribbles stopped. She pumped him again vigorously, just long enough to start a secondary orgasm, which she also allowed to be ruined. Martin now could be heard whimpering piteously. The woman left him like that, now trying on the clothing she’d brought to the dressing room. She left with a satisfied grin on her face.

As Molly went next door to clean Martin’s dribbles off the floor and his cock, she wondered how many women today might be ‘working out their issues’ on Martin’s vulnerable equipment. She smiled as she considered whether she and Monique might need to charge the customers for these therapy sessions. Since several hours had now passed, Molly pulled off the cock ring, squeezing the trapped blood out of the cock, letting it go limp. Thus having prevented serious damage, she reattached the ring again, letting the cock stiffen anew. She made a mental note to do this at least every 4 hours.

Going back out into the corridor, she encountered Monique, who was obviously coming to see her. “Word is spreading, Molly,” Monique said, excitedly. “More and more women are coming to my boutique. Rather than having a long line of women waiting their turns for the special dressing room, I’ve issued numbered tickets, dictating their order for its usage. Meanwhile, they’re browsing more than ever, waiting for their number to be called. The other dressing rooms are also in great demand, and sales are going through the roof! This is amazing boost to my business! We may have to do this again, if that’s all right with you.”

Molly replied, “Maybe in the future, we could change the layout, placing a cubicle within the room, with a willing male trapped inside it. That way, all six dressing rooms could be back in action. Martin, or several of my other male submissives, might be game to try this. We’d probably have to have a female observer present in each room, for assistance and maintenance.” Monique’s eyes were bright with joy, thinking of the possibilities.

Oh yes,” Monique continued, “my two adorable sales assistants asked if they could have a turn in the special dressing room. I said that I was sorry – that all these customers are keeping us so busy that I couldn’t spare their time off the sales floor. The girls looked disappointed, pouting a bit, and I couldn’t blame them. I said that, once we close the store at 8 PM, if they wanted to stay after for a little while, they can have their turn then. Both girls beamed smiles, immediately perking up, and went back to work with a will. Is that OK with you?”

Certainly, Monique,” Molly replied. “That only seems fair to them. What shape Martin will be in by that point… well, your guess is as good as mine.” Molly grinned. They hugged, and each went back to her proper location.

Next, two 20-something girls entered. “OMG!” the brunette exclaimed. “A cock with a foreskin! I’ve never seen one in the flesh, before!” She pressed the skin of the cock shaft downward, and they both watched the foreskin peel backward, exposing his glans. “Wow!” she said, gleefully, covering and uncovering the head of his cock several times, fascinated.

They got out their cell phones and started taking pictures. Unsurprisingly, they took selfies with the cock, both with the foreskin in place, and also with it retracted. They dared each other to pump it, then took pictures pretending to stick it in their mouth, then while actually sticking it in their mouth. Next they had to wrap their bare breasts around it, which was a bit tricky, with the wall in the way.

Molly was informing Martin, using his ear bud, “You lucked out, slut boy. These two young women, a blonde and a brunette, could be fashion models. You should see their tits – so firm and perky! They just got done tit-fucking your dick, you know.”

Martin’s mind conjured up images of the two most perfect women he could imagine. That was one advantage to not being able to see them – he could visualize them in any manner he chose.

Finally, the brunette challenged the blonde to back up into it, letting the cock head poke into the opening of her pussy. But when that young woman took on the challenge, she found that it felt so good, she decided to start bucking her ass against the wall, fucking the cock while her girlfriend made a video of it. “I don’t want him to cum in me,” she said, as she pulled her pussy away from the penis, leaving it vibrating in the air, smeared with her fresh pussy juices.

Oh gee!” the brunette exclaimed. “We probably shouldn’t leave him like that, since you got him all excited now.” The blonde giggled, and nodded mischievously in agreement. The brunette continued, “You had your fun, so I guess it’s my turn.” She started pumping Martin’s cock with her hand, while her friend started massaging his balls. Martin was moaning and pulling at the handles with his hands, trying to arch his back, trying to push his penis even further into the hole as his excitement built. Soon he started spurting, catching the girls by surprise.

It’s getting on the floor!” the blond shouted. Acting quickly, the brunette planted her lips over the head of the cock, letting the rest of the spurts fill her mouth. Then, rather than swallowing it, she drooled it into one of the disposable cups, and wiped her lips with a tissue. The two girls didn’t bother to wipe Martin’s cock, though. They just left.

Before the door was pulled shut behind them, another woman quickly entered and said to no one in particular, “I heard there was a cock in here to play with, but I won’t believe it till I see it with my own eyes.” She walked over to the wall. “Here it is. And it looks like it’s still dripping cum. Those randy girls must’ve used it well,” she muttered to herself. “I used to make my husband cum several times in a row. I wonder if I still have the skill?”

This woman was a quite attractive middle-aged strawberry blonde, but Molly whispered to Martin something very different. “Oh my, slut boy,” she started, trying to put dismay into her voice, “what a hideous crone of a woman I’m seeing. I bet your cock would shrivel if you saw her.”

The woman took hold of the cum-smeared cock and started pumping it. Martin started groaning and whimpering, but the woman was determined. She pumped and pumped, switching hands when one got tired. A little sweat was breaking out on her brow as she worked and worked the cock in her hands. Martin’s groaning transformed into a moaning sound. Encouraged, the woman pumped him even harder! Martin’s face was screwed up into a display of pain mixed with pleasure. Molly’s eyes were darting from the monitor of Martin’s face to the one showing the woman pumping his cock. Finally the cock jerked and spat a glob of semen several feet, as Martin gave off a guttural grunting sound from the effort of his ejaculation.

Molly thought the woman would be satisfied at her success, but was wrong. The woman spoke, as if to the cock itself, “You’re still stiff, even though that’s probably two for you. Now give me a third.” She put about half the cock into her mouth and started sucking it hard, her cheeks hollowing. One of her hands was pumping the base of its shaft, and her other hand was busy mashing his testicles up against his crotch. Molly imagined the woman’s tongue was stimulating the cock near its crown.

Martin’s post-orgasmic moans changed into a loud keening sound. His eyes were screwed shut, his teeth were clenched, and sweat was pouring down his body from the heat generated by his tightened muscles. His face registered agony as his cock received this intense stimulation. He gasped, and cried out, “Nooo… I can’t!”

The woman must’ve heard him, because she pulled her head back off his cock only long enough to say, “Yes, you can, stud! I want a mouthful of cum, and you’re gonna give it to me!” She went back to sucking, pumping, and mashing, redoubling her efforts.

Martin’s knuckles were white as he gripped the handles tightly. He whimpered, writhed, and strained. Each time his ass muscles clenched, they drove the tip of the butt plug firmly against his prostate gland, sending shock waves of sensation through it. After several minutes of this loving torture, his head went back slowly, and he moaned, “OMG! Take it!”

Watching the monitor, Molly saw the woman stop pumping. Maybe she imagined it, but Molly thought she saw Martin’s cock make several rippling movements, as if someone was stripping it from its base toward the woman’s lips. When Martin stopped spewing, and slumped against the wall, the strawberry blonde tightened her lips as her head moved back and off his cock. She was careful not to spill what was in her mouth, tilting her head back. Molly saw her throat muscles act, as she swallowed Martin’s cum. Smiling happily, she started licking Martin’s now very reddened cock clean, her tongue lapping it all over. Molly grinned as she thought of Martin, imagining his dick was being licked by a ‘hideous crone’ of a woman.

After that woman left there was a lull. Checking the clock, Molly noticed it was about 3 PM. Maybe this would be a good time to remove the cock ring, briefly.

Just then, though, Martin whispered, “Miss Molly, I need to pee. I’m not sure I can hold it much longer, especially after that last release. Please help me.”

Molly picked up a bucket, and went to the Adult dressing room door, starting to put a sign on it which stated ‘Closed for maintenance’. But before she could enter the room, a woman with hair the color of ebony, and violet colored eyes, walked up exuding a cloud of delicate expensive perfume, and said to her, “A sales woman told me that there’s a… male sex part… in this room that I could play with? I waited so long for my turn. Why’s it being closed for maintenance?” She sounded very disappointed.

It’s OK, Madam,” Molly whispered. “You’ll be able to play with it soon. It’s just that he has to urinate. That’s why I’m going in to do the maintenance.”

The woman looked slightly startled, but then said, “Call me Bianca, please. Can I watch, if I’m quiet?”

Certainly Bianca. Come with me,” Molly answered graciously. Molly undid the cock ring and pointed Martin’s penis into the bucket. She knew he could feel her hand wrapped around his cock, and that he could hear her say, “OK, slut boy. Time to piss. It’s safe, so let loose. Oh, and by the way, another woman is in here with me, watching.”

Martin had been about to pee when what Molly said registered. Some stranger was in there, staring at his cock? Peeing is such a private act! His urge to piss warring with his desire for privacy, it took Martin perhaps two minutes to work the complicated internal magic of opening his sphincter. Finally, he let loose, sighing, as his dark yellow stream hissed into the bucket.

The woman started out with a slight look of repulsion on her face, but that changed into fascination as she watched the penis performing one of it’s two primary functions. By the time he was finished, Martin’s cock had gone limp again. Molly squeezed the last drops of urine out of it into the bucket and even wiped the slit at the end of the cock with tissues. “There you are, Bianca. All yours now,” Molly informed her. Seeing the look of disappointment on the woman’s face, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bianca replied, “Now it’s all limp and shriveled. To be honest, it doesn’t look like much fun.”

Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to put this back on,” Molly told her, holding up the cock ring.

What’s that? What’s it for?” Bianca inquired.

It’s a cock ring. It will help him get and keep an erection.” Molly demonstrated this fact by slipping it into place on Martin’s cock. The two women watched his dick inflate. Laughing, Bianca whispered conspiratorially, “I may have to get one of those for my husband. He’s been having a harder and harder time keeping it up.”

Molly chuckled and left Bianca to play with her toy. Martin was sweating and howling by the time Bianca had finished wringing two orgasms from his dick. That woman had demonstrated the skills of a dominatrix, making him perform. Molly wondered if she’d truly never seen a cock ring before, or was merely playing the innocent.

The afternoon grew into evening, with occasional lulls in the action, to Martin’s relief. Martin’s fluid bottle had to be replenished, as he quenched his thirst from so much sweating and the loss of other bodily fluids. Molly watched many more women interacting with his male genitalia throughout the day.

Some women examined it closely, without touching it, as if touching it might contaminate them in some manner. One woman used a golden pen rather than her fingers to lift his cock up farther for a better look at his testicles. Some briefly touched his equipment, apparently seeking a thrill, judging by the sounds they made as they did this. Some slapped his cock, or tormented it and/or his balls with more ice – they may have been acting out something that they wished they could do to their husbands, but had repressed – Molly couldn’t tell. But none hit him hard enough to really harm him in any manner. But when the slaps occurred after another of his many orgasms, they were especially excruciating, she was sure. Painful as they were, they must’ve been feeding Martin’s needs, because he never safeworded.

Some women commented aloud about his genitals – their size, or shape, or texture, or smell. Many had never seen a cock with a foreskin before, so they spent a good deal of time peeling it back, exposing his glans, commenting to a friend how differently the texture of this glans felt, compared to their husband’s or boyfriend’s. Martin endured all this stoically, although Molly had never seen him blush so deeply before. He had no idea what all these strangers looked like, as they critiqued the appearance of his manhood.

One woman pulled the dress she’d brought into the dressing room off its hanger, and then hooked the empty hanger over Martin’s erect dick while she tried on the dress. Molly’d never thought about a penis as being used as a wall furnishing.

One notable event was a mother deciding to educate her daughter about sex. She virtually dragged the young thing into the dressing room. “Come on, girl. This is my chance to explain a few things to you,” the dark haired woman said.

Oh, Mother!” her daughter stated, with a drawn-out tone of exasperation.

Molly whispered into Martin’s ear, “Oh dear! Slut boy, it’s too bad you can’t see these two people. It’s a mother and daughter. The daughter is delectable – long dark hair, pert tits straining at her blouse, a short skirt that goes barely to mid thigh, and lovely legs that you’d love to have wrapped around you. And her mother looks good enough to eat, as well. You’re missing it all.”

Martin’s flesh quivered as he created his own picture of the two females now in the room with his penile display. His hands grasped the wall handles reflexively.

Don’t be like that,” the mother chided her daughter. “You’ve only gone to that all girl high school for four years, where they neglected to give you any sex education. You haven’t dated. You don’t have any boyfriends. And you’ve assured me that you’re not a lesbian, having played with a girl or two experimentally.”

Hearing that, the girl’s face turned crimson. “Mother, please!” she hissed. “You don’t have to blab about my personal life! Who knows who can hear you?”

Hush,” the mother rebutted. “You’re going off to college in a few weeks, and there’ll be boys there. If you’re a normal, healthy girl, you’ll be interested. You’ll want to experiment with them. I’m well aware of what hormones can do. I accept that fact, and that’s why you’re on the pill now. I’ve seen videos online of wild sex parties at colleges. If you try any of that, make certain you’re having safe sex, with condoms. Sex is one thing, and diseases are something else.”

The crimson deepened on the daughter’s cheeks and neck, as her mother pulled her over to where Martin’s erect cock thrust through the wall opening. The daughter averted her gaze, frantically, trying to pull away.

Stop fussing, and take a look, dear. It won’t bite you,” the mother demanded.

When the daughter caught sight of the penis, she made a strange, strangled sound, as her sharp intake of breath to gasp caused her to aspirate some of her saliva. She had a brief fit of coughing, resulting in watery eyes. Her mother turned her, to help pat her back. When the daughter’s vision cleared, she found herself facing the displayed male equipment from a distance of about one foot. Her pupils dilated in shock or fear, staring at the rod and sack of flesh. But she didn’t look away.

Strange looking, isn’t it?” her mother asked. The girl nodded slowly. “This is why I wanted to give you a lesson about it. Suppose a boy you like finally showed you his penis, and upon seeing it, you froze, like you just did. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?”

I suppose so,” the daughter answered reluctantly, still staring.

Then let me explain,” her mother continued. “I want to point out that this penis is not circumcised, but I expect most of them you may encounter will be. You see that the tip or head of this penis is covered in a wrinkly flesh?” Molly saw Martin’s face take on an expression of mortification, hearing his cock described in such bald words. “That’s the foreskin, rather like the hood that covers your clitoris. If I press the shaft’s skin down, like this, the foreskin peels back, revealing a smooth and sort of purplish head, or glans section. I’m guessing that most boys that you’ll meet will have the glans of their penis completely uncovered, because their foreskin, was surgically removed.”

A doctor cuts part of their penis off?” the daughter asked, incredulous.

Only the covering over the glans,” her mother clarified. “Some males will still have it, like this one, so if you occasionally see a glans covered with skin, don’t panic. That’s normal, as well, but it’s so rare to find around here that you may be caught off guard. If the boy has a foreskin, and you grasp the shaft of his cock and press down toward his cock base, like I just did, you can watch the foreskin peel back. That can be quite fun to play with, too, and many boys would find it arousing to have a girl doing that. Just keep an open mind about it.”

Like any modern young lady, the daughter pulled out her smart phone, and entered ‘foreskin’ into Google images. Mom looked over her shoulder, and pointed out a couple of good pictures of intact foreskins. The daughter then switched over to YouTube, and quickly found ‘A Woman’s Guide To Men’s Foreskins’ and bookmarked it for later study.

Her mother continued, “This penis is fully erect – standing up all stiff like this. If it wasn’t it would probably look all shriveled, and be hanging limply down on his scrotum. That’s this part,” the mother explained, lifting Martin’s ball sack to draw her daughter’s attention to the right location.

Feeling his balls being handled caused Martin to emit a pleased moaning sound, which must’ve carried to the women, because the girl startled visibly. The mother noticed.

Yes, there’s a real person attached to this – this is not a plastic lab model. His reactions will help indicate if we’re doing things he likes, a good thing to keep in mind. Now, about this scrotum. This one is hairless, so he must shave it like you shave your legs. Don’t be surprised if you encounter ones covered in bushy pubic hair similar to what covers your pussy. Inside here there are usually two testicles – his balls – kind of oval structures that make the sperm. Here, feel them,” she said.

The daughter shook her head so quickly that her dark hair whipped about. But her mother took her hand and pulled it until that hand cradled the ball sack. At this point, Molly could tell the daughter was becoming interested, because she stopped struggling. She could also see that Martin’s muscles tensed even more, feeling a different hand touching him.

It’s soft and warm!” the girl whispered.

Yes, it should be,” her mother agreed. “Can you feel his balls?”

Impulsively, the girl closed her hand – too fast and too hard! Martin screeched in response, and the girl quickly released his scrotum and pulled her hand back. “I hurt him,” she groaned.

It’s OK, sweetie,” her mother reassured her. “You didn’t do any permanent damage. But I’m glad you didn’t do that to a potential boyfriend,” she said, smiling. “Try again, but more gently.”

As the daughter began a careful tactile exploration of Martin’s sack, she reported, “Oh yes! I feel two things inside now. They feel like they’re moving around. Is that normal?”

Yes, they move in response to temperature and stimulation. So now you’ve found one sensitive area on the man. Since it’s so sensitive, it’s a nice place to give him pleasure, with your hand or mouth.”

With my…” the daughter snatched her hand away. “Mouth?”

Her mother smiled. “Certainly, watch.” She leaned forward, opening her mouth. Her tongue emerged and began licking Martin’s sack. The daughter covered both her eyes with her hands, but soon parted her fingers, peeking from curiosity. Meanwhile, her mother had advanced to sucking one of Martin’s balls into her mouth, humming and sucking, stretching it out a small amount. Martin’s moans of pleasure were clearly audible to them both.

Mother,” the girl whispered urgently. “Isn’t that a naughty, obscene thing to do? I mean, using your mouth on him seems so… perverted.”

Her mother let Martin’s ball pop free from her mouth with a wet sound. “Not at all, sweetie. Mouths and tongues are usually used in foreplay, helping the partners get ready for actual intercourse. Sometimes the oral action is the main event, like in fellatio and cunnilingus.”

Like in what?” the girl asked, confused by the strange sounding words.

Fellatio is when the woman sucks on the man’s dick, and cunnilingus is when the man uses his mouth on the woman’s pussy,” her mother explained. The girl’s cheeks, which had lost their flush of embarrassment, colored again as she thought about such acts. “Now it’s your turn,” her mother continued. “Try licking and sucking his balls, and see if you can get him to make happy sounds.

With much less reluctance than Molly expected, the daughter leaned in and carefully, softly licked Martin’s scrotum, and carefully mimicked how her mother had sucked on his ball. Martin guessed from the dialogue that he was being sucked by a young, very attractive, college-aged girl. His pleasure sounds rang out, and he gripped the handles more tightly.

The girl released the testicle from her mouth, smiling with a sense of achievement. “That wasn’t bad at all,” she reported. “It tasted a little salty, and…” she paused, swallowing nervously before admitting, “… and I liked how he smelled.”

Mom hugged daughter, pleased. “Excellent. Now let’s talk about the penis itself, which should be referred to by the more non-clinical words like ‘cock’ or ‘dick’, but it has a lot of other euphemistic names. In fact, many men give their cocks pet names, as if they’re a separate entity.”

Her daughter giggled, shaking her head at the foolishness of men.

Mother continued with her daughter’s training. Peeling the foreskin back, she pointed at the urethral orifice in the top of the glans, and said, “This slit is where his piss comes out, and also where his semen comes out.”

Both from the same hole? Euuuww!” the daughter exclaimed.

Yes. But not at the same time. If his cock is erect from sexual stimulation, it’s quite unlikely he’d be able to pee. Or even want to do so. And this tiny raised lip of tissue around that opening is quite sensitive also. Usually even more sensitive when the glans is protected by a foreskin.” Wetting her finger, the woman tapped gently directly on Martin’s slit, causing him to moan and writhe against the wall. “See?”

The daughter immediately moistened her own finger, and rubbed the area softly rather than tapping it. Martin’s moans intensified, and clear fluid began leaking, oozing onto the girl’s finger. “Oops,” she said. “Am I making him pee?”

Does it smell like pee?” her mother asked. The girl sniffed carefully, and shook her head. “It’s not,” her mother explained. “It’s called precum, and it’s a sort of lubricant. It lubricates his internal plumbing, preparing his tubes for ejaculation. It can also lubricate his glans, somewhat, and even your vaginal passage. Smear it all over his glans, and then suck your finger clean.” When her daughter looked at her with an expression of disbelief, the mother swiped some precum onto her own finger and sucked at it. “It’s safe.”

The daughter did as she was told, rubbing the glans. and soon had Martin’s cock head glistening. Then, screwing up her face in disgust, she tentatively stuck her finger into her mouth. After sucking a moment or two, her expression softened, and she even had a second taste. “It’s not bad at all, Mom,” she stated.

I’m glad you’re keeping an open mind about this, dear,” the mother complimented. “This region, where the shaft meets the glans is the crown. Lots of wonderful nerve endings here for stimulation, but especially this region.” She pointed at the underside of the crown. “This little triangle of whitish tissue is called his frenulum, and it’s probably the most sensitive area of all. Gentle rubbing here with almost anything warm and moist may drive him to orgasm.”

The girl moved her head so that Martin’s frenulum was perhaps 2 inches from her eye, studying it intently. “Got it, Mom,” she asserted.

Good. Moving on to the topic of safe sex, this is a condom,” Mom explained pulling a small packet from her purse and opening it. “Your pill might help prevent pregnancy, but it won’t protect you from a sexually transmitted disease. Condoms help with that protection. Here’s how you put it on him.”

The mother demonstrated, unrolling it. Then she rolled it back up and handed it to her daughter, who carefully applied it in the manner she’d been shown.

If a boy refuses to wear one, you may want to experiment with someone else,” the mother advised her daughter. “You’re using tampons for your periods, so I know your hymen is gone, dear. Take off your skirt and panties now.”

The girl’s pupils dilated very wide. “You mean you want me to…” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

You may as well find out what it feels like. We have a nice specimen here, all wrapped and safe now. I’ll even help you get it inside. The first few times can be awkward. We don’t want you fumbling around when trying this with someone important in your life. He may be inexperienced, as well, and need your help.”

Almost as if in a trance, the daughter stripped off her skirt and her panties, revealing her bush of pubic hair.

Pointing at her daughter’s pubes, she said kindly, “Your pubic hair is lovely, dear. But if you want to learn to shave that, we can have a lesson about that as well, sometime. For now, use your fingers to spread your pussy lips open.” She helped her daughter bend over and back up into the cock, easing it inside.

Molly clearly heard the daughter gasp as her cunt was filled with an actual cock for the first time. Molly mused, “Why couldn’t I have had a great mother like this one? She’s really helping her daughter climb the learning curve astronomically! I doubt she’ll have many awkward moments when it comes to sex, after all this.”

Does it feel like a tampon?” the mother asked her now impaled daughter, grinning.

OMG, no, Mom! Warm, pliable, and bigger! Much better,” the daughter reported.

Good. Go ahead and ride it a bit. It’s OK to touch yourself, on your breasts… on your mound… and near or on your clit. If you’re going to have sex, you may as well enjoy it to the fullest. Brace yourself on my shoulder with one hand,” the mother instructed.

The mother directly watched her daughter bucking back onto Martin’s dick, while Molly watched indirectly via the monitor. As the daughter got really aroused, her mother touched her also, helping her have her first orgasm from intercourse. After the daughter stopped shaking, and managed to catch her breath, she got onto her knees and hugged her mother tightly.

Thanks, Mom,” she whispered hoarsely. “That was wonderful!”

Now watch,” her mother advised. She rolled the condom off Martin’s cock, and started sucking on it. The girl watched, owl-eyed with surprise, as her mother demonstrated sucking and pumping a cock at the same time. For the sounds coming through the wall from Martin, her mother was showing great expertise at fellatio.

The mother stopped, pulling her mouth free, and said, “OK. Finish him off. You may as well see what semen looks like, feels like, smells like… even tastes like. Because guys may want hand jobs and blow jobs. By the way, during a blow job, you suck, you don’t blow. I was demonstrating a blow job. A hand job just involves the pumping action – no mouth. Go ahead – peel his foreskin back, and suck him until he cums, then let his semen drool from your mouth onto my hand. I’ve gotten him close, so this shouldn’t take long.”

The girl hardly hesitated. She wrapped her lips about half way down Martin’s dick, started sucking, and pumped the portion of his shaft not inside her mouth. Martin’s moans intensified to a near howl. Suddenly, the daughter did something different – she’d remembered about the frenulum, and used her tongue tip to rub it. It was obvious that this drove Martin over the edge, because he gave off a high pitched keening noise, and the girl’s cheeks bulged with his semen! She paused, feeling his spasms, holding his seed in her mouth. When it was clear he was done, she pulled her head back, leaving her lips forming a small ‘o’ as an opening.

Mother had her palm ready, under her daughter’s mouth. The white fluid flowed out and pooled in the center of her palm. Mother and daughter spent several minutes studying the semen, feeling its silky stickiness, inhaling its characteristic aroma, and tasting it off their fingers. Finally, the mother sucked up and swallowed half of it, and generously let her daughter drink what remained. Mother gave Martin’s cock a tender kiss while her daughter dressed again. They both said the words ‘Thank you’ loudly to the unknown man on the other side of the wall.

After the store closed for the day, Molly joined Monique and the two sales girls in the special dressing room. Molly was pleased to see Miss Beth also in the room. She’d entered the store right at closing time, as planned, so she could collect Martin and take him home.

Martin’s cock was still stiff, but it looked a little red and raw. Martin was in agony and ecstasy. Agony from so many people playing with his sensitive tissues all day, and ecstasy because this was exactly the sort of post orgasmic cock torture that he craved.

So girls,” Molly said. “There’s the cock you’ve been hearing about all day. What do you want to do with it?”

They both blushed a delicate shade of red and giggled softly. Huddling, they whispered to each other and then nodded. The blonde with the golden highlights boldly announced, “We want to fuck that cock until we cum.” Martin groaned loudly hearing this, uncertain he could bear it. The girl continued, “We’re willing to help one another, to make it go faster.” Saying that, they both stripped off their clothes, unabashedly getting naked in front of Molly, Beth, and Monique.

Molly wondered if she should lubricate Martin’s cock, but glancing at the girls’ pussies realized that they’d been thinking about this all day, and they were well lubricated already. The blonde went first, backing up and guiding Martin’s cock into her pussy. Her friend knelt in front of her so the blonde could brace her arms on the friend’s shoulders for support as she started rocking back and forth against the wall. Meanwhile, her friend reached up and caressed the blonde’s tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. She seemed to know her friend’s body very well, because it only took about 5 min. before the blonde shrieked in orgasm!

She pulled herself free from Martin’s cock and knelt down by her friend giving her kisses and thanks, and she whispered, “Your turn.” The auburn haired sales girl mimicked what her friend had done. She backed up, guided the cock into her pussy, and leaned on her friend’s shoulders. The blonde diddled her friend’s pussy and tweaked and rolled and tugged her nipples as she rocked back and forth on the cock. She too exploded in orgasm, perhaps taking a minute or two longer than her friend had – certainly not longer than that.

Monique told them, “I think you should thank Molly here for bringing you this playmate.”

The girls were dressing but they turned to Molly and said, “Thank you, Molly” in unison. The blonde added, “That was fantastic. I hope we can do it again sometime!”

As the two sales girls left, Molly turned to Monique and asked, “Before I let him loose, do you want to do anything?”

Monique licked her lips. “I want to see if I can manage to suck him off after he had all those orgasms today. It should be quite a challenge,” she said with a smile.

Be my guest,” Molly grinned.

Monique exhibited exemplary skill in fellatio. Her busy mouth, tongue and hands had Martin gasping and panting loudly into his throat mike. With a long, drawn-out growl, he released his seed into the shop owner’s mouth. Monique showed Molly and Beth his load on her tongue before swallowing it noisily.

When Monique finished with Martin, his cock looked even more red and raw from the day-long usage. But Beth whispered to Molly, “No one mentioned that I’m here. I want to see if I can force one final orgasm from that ravaged cock of his.”

Monique and Molly watched, mesmerized, as Beth took control of Martin’s manhood. She manipulated his balls, spat on his cock as a quick lubricant, and started pumping.

No! No! Please, no more! I can’t!” Martin pleaded, his throat mike picking up all the nuances of desperation in his tone of voice.

Molly called out, “I know you’re in agony, Martin, but you’d better find it in yourself to cum one more time, no matter how painful the orgasm is, and no matter how little fluid you can muster up. For your own good, trust me on this. Scream if you have to, but cum!”

Martin’s sobs turned into moans – moans turned into howls as his pain rose – howls turned into screams. Through the hole in the wall, the portion of his groin that was visible was shaking and quivering with effort. Miss Beth pumped her slut boy relentlessly.

Martin must’ve released the handles and was pounding his fists on the wall as his muscles bunched and strained. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he screamed, as his cock started jerking. “I’m cumming,” he gasped, not sounding thrilled about it at all. His cock spat a tiny dribble of semen, which clung to his glans. That was all he had left.

Beth knelt down and sucked that semen into her mouth. That contact made Martin shriek, but with no force left to give the shriek any intensity of volume. He slumped into a faint.

The three women went into the last dressing room. Beth viewed how Martin was trussed, noting that even though he was currently unconscious, the binding held him fast in place. Coming around, Martin stirred and moaned as he took stock of his body’s aches and pains, as Molly and Beth removed his bindings, along with the throat mike, ear bud, and cock ring as they took him down from the wall.

I think I’ll have to have a dinner party with all of my closest female friends over, and have most of Martin in another room. You can guess what part of him will be in the room with us, and what we’ll be doing to him,” Beth chuckled.

Make sure you invite me,” Molly laughed. The two Dominants hugged. Molly covered the wall opening temporarily with a locking plug, and helped Beth dress Martin. Beth had decided he’d wear the butt plug taped into his ass all the way home.

Monique locked up the store behind them as they went out, and gave Molly and Beth hugs, whispering to Molly, “Don’t forget about setting up more of these events, please. Let me know if you want to redesign the dressing rooms – the women, for the most part, were ecstatic about playing with this living toy. And we had our best day of sales of the entire year! I’ll have to restock!”

Molly promised Monique that she’d return early the next morning to put the dressing rooms back in order for the time being. She then helped Beth as they assisted Martin’s exhausted body out to Beth’s car. He was asleep in the car seat before his Mistress even buckled his seat belt – but the smile on his face as he dreamed was one of pure bliss.


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