Martin Meets Molly

Martin was happy to meet Molly.

Paget introduced her to him. Paget, who’d become Martin’s dominatrix, had to leave town for several weeks. She didn’t want her little submissive slut boy to get bored or sloppy, so she called upon the dark brown-haired Molly to fill in for her.

Getting to know one another was a fun time for them both. Molly craved sex a lot, so Martin was called upon to attempt to fill her almost insatiable desires. After teasing Martin’s cock to full, rampant turgidity, Molly would mount him and ride him, rocking her pelvis and undulating her torso, giving herself one orgasm after another. Martin especially liked it when she undulated, because it made her pert 34B (on a good day, maybe 34C) tits wobble enticingly.

Sometimes, Molly was greedy for several orgasms, regardless of whether Martin had cum or not. He was expected to keep his dick as stiff as possible, and let her ride it, even though his post-orgasmic cock flesh was so sensitive that sometimes he wept from the intense sensations. For some reason, Molly started really enjoying seeing Martin’s expressions and sounds during these times, so she did them more often, and longer – much longer.

One day, she tied Martin face up on the bed, naked, arms stretched straight up to the headboard, feet stretched straight down together toward the foot of the bed. This allowed her to easily straddle his hips. He, in turn, was so aroused that his cock stood straight up like a flag pole. Inserting his dick into her wet pussy, Molly rode him until she’d had 3 orgasms. Martin himself had ejaculated into her demanding cunt during her second orgasm, so he moaned and groaned all during the time she pounded herself into her third climax.

As she dismounted, Martin heaved a sigh of relief, but that proved premature. “I’ve had three delicious orgasms,” Molly reported with an impish grin. “It doesn’t seem fair that you’ve only had one. We’ll have to get you caught up,” she giggled.

He blurted out, “No, that’s fine, Miss. You don’t have to bother.”

Oh, it’s no bother at all,” she retorted, grasping his cock firmly. She began to pump it. “Come on. I’m sure you find my hand exciting. Let’s have your second load.”

Martin’s face contorted with mixed expressions of pleasure and pain as Molly worked his dick. Her other hand caressed what little of his inner thighs she could access in his trussed up state, plus his fully accessible ball sack. Martin moaned, groaned, wept, and bucked, his face turning red with effort as Molly manipulated his cock to greater, fuller turgidity. It took about 10 minutes of intense pumping, but finally Martin, raising his hips upward by arching his back, spurted a reasonable amount of semen onto his belly. Some dribbled onto Molly’s hand, as she clutched his reddened cock shaft.

Never one to let good semen go to waste, Molly leaned down and began licking the puddle on Martin’s belly. Lifting his head, he stared down his torso, watching her pink tongue lapping along his skin. Each time her tongue gathered a dollop of his cum, it disappeared back into her mouth, carrying its ‘treasure’ out of sight. He could see her lips closing in a contented smile each time. He sighed happily, glad that he’d provided her with what she sought.

When Molly’d finished licking his tummy clean, she sucked the cum dribbles off her fingers. Holding Martin’s cock upright with a firm grip on its base, her tongue traveled from her hand upward to his cock head, turning her head and shoulders to get all of its surface clean. Martin’s eyes were drawn to Molly’s breasts as she did this, because the turning of her torso made them bob and sway in an beguiling manner.

He was smiling, still watching those amazing breasts, when they began bobbing faster. At the same moment, Molly’s head began bobbing up and down, and Martin felt her soft lips and warm mouth engulf his still highly sensitive penis. He moaned loudly and pulled at the ropes restraining his wrists and ankles as Molly began a gentle suction on his tortured, throbbing flesh.

As her fellatio continued, Molly felt Martin’s cock once again stiffen to its full engorgement, despite his groans and strange vocalizations. Letting go of the base of the cock, both of her hands were free. With one, she began massaging Martin’s scrotum, playing gently with his testicles. She managed to work the other hand underneath him, between his butt and the bed, and let her fingers begin exploring the furrow between his ass cheeks. As she did this, Martin arched up so violently that his cock was driven into the back of her throat. Rather than choke or gag, Molly merely began making swallowing motions, which created a strange sensation on his cock head.

That’s when her finger managed to part his ass cheeks enough that it slid over his clenched anal ring, sending an explosion of sensation into his core. Her finger pried gently at Martin’s anal ring, seeking entrance. Her touch on that highly erogenous tissue, combined with the sucking, swallowing action at his cock head proved too much for Martin to hold back any more. His cock twitched in an agonizing orgasmic release. It didn’t deliver much fluid into Molly’s throat, but his telltale scream, plus the vertical pumping of his hips as he came, satisfied her.

Waiting until his pumping and twitching stopped, she kept a vacuum in her mouth as she let his cock shaft slowly emerge, glistening, from her now ascending face. Sweating and shaking, Martin watched, fascinated, as his partially limp dick finally popped free from her mouth, and plopped in a collapse onto his tightly cropped nest of pubic hair.

There,” Molly grinned. “We’re even now. I knew you could catch up with me.” Taking his shriveled dick between her thumb and index finger, she waggled it like a limp noodle. “Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit before we can have any more fun with this, though,” she giggled.

She placed her naked body alongside his, embracing him. “Am I being too tough on you, Martin?” she asked solicitously. “You sounded like you were in real pain.”

He thought a moment, figuring out how to answer. Finally, he began, “I admit there’s pain, having my cock handled right after I come like that.” He blushed, and stammered a bit, “B… b… but I like it. I have this deep need inside me to endure post orgasmic cock torture, Molly. I don’t really understand why, but it’s real.” He paused, then continued, “I’ll probably beg you to stop while its occurring, but in my heart, I don’t really want you to stop, if that makes sense.”

It makes sense, if that’s essential to fulfilling this need of yours,” she replied. He nodded vigorously. “But I need to have some way of knowing if it ever really becomes too much for you, so we need to agree on a safeword. If you say ‘red’ to me, or ‘redred’ or any string of that word, it means that you seriously need me to cease what I’m doing. Agreed?”

I understand, Miss, and I do agree,” Martin assured her. “But I hope I never have to use it. I want to experience as much of this as you can give me.”

You may think otherwise in the future, slut boy,” Molly stated with an impish grin. Lifting his still limp cock in her hands, she went on, “I can be quite ingenious in finding ways to ‘torture’ this little appendage of yours.”

Martin blushed, but he also smiled.

He was still smiling, two days and twelve orgasms later, although his cock was looking a bit red and raw, even though Molly smeared it with soothing ointment after particularly strenuous ordeals.

Today, Martin found himself face down on a lightly padded table surface. The table had a hole for his face, so he could look at the floor below him. It had another hole at his groin, through which his genitals dangled. He was held there by a series of straps that pinned his entire body to the surface, and his hands to his sides. He felt quite helpless.

After securing him in place, Molly left the room. Martin wondered what she had planned for today. The fact that his sexual equipment was so available was a good indication. A door opened, and the displaced air currents moved over his skin. He heard more than one pair of footsteps entering the room. Curiosity got the better of him, so he raised his face from the hole, craning his neck to see who was present.

His breath stalled. Strolling in, along with Molly, were Monica and Samantha! As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, all three women were dressed in the sexiest lingerie he’d ever seen! His eyes bulged, and the veins in his neck stood out as he drank in the sight. The lingerie was virtually transparent – everything naughty was covered, from tits to pussy – but everything was also fully on display. Erect nipples poked thin material forward. Darker areolae shifted beneath the material as breasts bobbed with each step they took. Focusing his concentration, Martin could swear he could see the crinkles in each areola.

Shifting his gaze downwards, each woman’s trimmed patch of pubic hair showed through the wisps they wore as panties. Molly’s dark brown patch contrasted with the shining blonde patch at Monica’s sex. Samantha’s pubes were a dirty blonde, intermediate in coloration from the other two. Subconsciously, Martin was drooling by now, and his cock had engorged enough to point down and forward in its fleshy curve beneath the table.

Monica and Samantha tittered, “Glad to see us?” almost in unison.

Molly pointed at Martin’s cock, saying, “Does that answer your question?” All three women laughed merrily. Martin’s neck was complaining, so he finally had to lower his head, with his face looking through the hole. He wasn’t certain if his revelation to Molly earlier in the week, about how much women in lingerie turned him on, was a good idea or not. Three lovely women, dressed in such a manner, boded torture, indeed.

The women spread a blanket on the floor beneath the table, and Samantha crawled onto it, placing herself on her back, giving him a fantastic view. Molly spoke, apparently to Monica, “I’ll hold this glass under him to catch his semen when he cums. Your job is to milk him into it. Try to give me some warning when you think he’s close.”

Martin felt Monica’s hands on his cock and balls, and the process of milking him began, while Molly positioned the glass. Meanwhile, Samantha began playing with herself, giving Martin a live erotic show. Her hands traced the edges of her areolae, while she planted her feet, allowing her to raise and lower her hips suggestively. Getting turned on herself, she pushed her panties to one side, letting her fingers dart in and out of her wet folds. She managed to free one tit from its material, and pulled and rolled her taut nipple, wetting her lips with her tongue.

Monica’s hands were pumping his cock insistently, and Samantha turned her head in such a fashion that Martin was certain she was staring at his dangling cock. He started moaning a warning.

Monica told Molly, “Get ready. I think he’s about to blow his load.”

And blow his load he did! Straining at the straps, Martin’s body vibrated as his cock gushed a respectful volume of semen. Molly managed to catch it all, even scraping a hanging drop off the slit in his cock head. Monica used her hands to perform a stripping action from his cock base to its tip, making sure she had every bit out.

OK, I’ll take over his cock. Monica, you climb under the table now, and Samantha, come and hold this glass.” The girls quickly moved into position, as Martin felt Molly’s hands grasping his semi-turgid dick. Those hands started a milking action, and a delicious agony rippled through Martin’s body.

No! Please, no! It’s too sensitive now,” he cried.

Molly ignored his pleas, focused on her rhythmic stroking of his shaft. She applied some oil to her hands, and started mimicking the stripping action that Monica had done, starting one hand at his cock base the moment the other slipped off his cock’s head. It was almost like some erotic machine was manipulating his fleshy rod. It stiffened.

Martin was looking down at Monica, who was impishly flashing her downy, glowing blonde pubic hair at him. She then lowered her wispy panties to her knees, and opened her labia, showing her delicate pink tunnel. Wetting her fingers, she inserted two inside her cunt, moving them in and out and around, Within minutes, she had four fingers inside and her thumb tucked into her fist, and it looked like she was trying desperately to fist her own cunt! Her hips were raised high, and as she opened her thighs wider to try to press her knuckles through her vaginal opening, her panties tore off one knee, dangling now from the other.

Monica was panting hard, sweat plastering her hair to her head, tits heaving with each deep inhalation and gasp. Unconsciously, Martin was panting with the same rhythm, synchronized with her. He was barely aware of Molly’s hands working his throbbing penis. But when Monica screamed as her orgasm crashed though her, his cock spurted in sympathy. Molly and Samantha were caught off guard, but the glass Samantha was holding was fortunately in the right position. More of Martin’s spunk joined his first emission.

Monica was slumped, babbling happily in her post-orgasmic tremors. Martin was post-orgasmic as well, but Molly was still pumping and tugging on his cock, which sent pleasurably painful sensations rippling from his crotch to his brain. “OMG! It hurts, Miss! Please stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Still pumping him, Molly leaned close to his ear and murmured questioningly, “Red?’

Martin flushed and groaned. “No, Miss. Owwww. I didn’t mean it.”

It was amazing to hear him moaning in pain, and yet not really asking her to stop. She marveled at his need to be treated like this, and fortunately, there was one woman left to help out. “Samantha, your turn to get a load out of him. Monica, come and hold the glass. My turn to put on a show.” They changed positions.

Samantha grabbed Martin’s reddened, raw-looking cock, and stretched it out. Holding it like that, she started rubbing his up-till-now neglected balls. Molly got onto the blanket, placing two realistic looking penis dildos next to her. She began undulating her body on the blanket, performing a horizontal strip tease beneath Martin’s face. Soon she was fully naked, her skin glowing as she writhed sensuously.

Despite the pain, Martin’s cock had stiffened again, and Samantha, rarely delicate in her actions, was pumping it forcefully with a well lubricated hand as she played with his ball sack. He was mewling piteously as she worked on his privates. But his eyes were glued to Molly’s body because she was displaying her tits, ass, and cunt, locking her gaze on his face. Her cunt was glistening as it dripped her juices, and more juices were displaced as she pressed a dildo deep inside and worked it around.

When the dildo was well lubed, putting herself on her side, she felt blindly for the pink, puckered opening of her ass hole. When her finger touched it, she moaned quietly, and used her other hand to position the cock head at her tight back door. She didn’t stifle a loud groan as she pushed the dildo deep into her ass. Not stopping, she shoved the second dildo into her cunt, giving Martin a great view of both of her holes, now in use.

Eying him in almost a challenging fashion, she started fucking both her openings in a sexy manner. Her eyes almost seemed to be saying, “I bet I can make myself cum before you do.”

Seeing this display, Martin wanted to cum, he really did. But his cock hurt so much now, and after two loads, his testicles must surely be depleted. Samantha was still pumping him in an insistent manner – she didn’t want to be the only one to fail to get a load out of him. Tears in his eyes, Martin blubbered, “I want to cum, Miss, but I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” His body shivered on the table top.

Molly ignored his pitiful confession, working her body toward what promised to be a glorious orgasm, given the double penetration she was experiencing. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat, and her side-lying position allowed her top boob to sway in several directions as her body shook, splitting Martin’s attention between her chest and pussy/ass.

Molly began howling as her orgasm claimed her. Martin was straining his pelvis hard down on the table, as if he was trying to fuck the woman writhing beneath him. Samantha was tugging his cock. Monica was holding the glass poised, just in case. Suddenly, Samantha thrust her long index finger deep into her own sopping cunt, getting it quite slippery. Then without warning, she shoved it into Martin’s ass hole. Feeling her fingertip press against his prostate gland, she started rubbing it.

Martin’s howl drowned out Molly’s as his ass cheeks contracted hard on Samantha’s finger and his cock spewed such a load of cum that both Samantha and Monica felt their eyes bulge in surprise. Martin gasped, squirmed, sputtered and spurted, flailing under the straps like a fish out of water. When his ejaculation finally came to an end, his cock went completely limp in Samantha’s hands. Molly’s eyes came back into focus, and she laughed as she saw Samantha flipping the flesh colored shriveled noodle hanging from Martin’s crotch in a back and forth fashion.

Climbing out from under the table, Molly said to Monica, “Let me see how much cum we collected.” She smiled when Monica handed her the glass, seeing the copious amount it contained. “Keep holding his cock,” she told Samantha, as she handed the glass and a small paint brush to Monica. “Monica, start painting the back of his body with his cum,” she instructed the blonde woman.

But before she let the brush dip into the whitish, sticky fluid, Molly dipped her index finger in, getting a good sized, gooey glob. Going under the table by Martin’s face, she pinched his nose tightly shut with her free hand. When he opened his mouth to breathe, she inserted her semen coated finger, letting go of his nose, saying, “Suck my finger clean, slut boy.”

Martin could tell by the smell what it was. He made a face, but started sucking his cum off of Molly’s finger. While he did this, Monica started painting. “Feel that brush moving over the back of your body, Martin?” she asked.

He nodded, still sucking. “Monica is painting you with your fresh loads of semen. Smearing that sticky goo on your neck, back, ass, and legs. Making your skin shine with your cum loads.”

Samantha gasped. Molly looked at her, asking, “What?”

His cock is stiffening. Something is turning him on right now,” Samantha reported.

Molly looked into Martin’s eyes. “I wonder what it might be? The taste of your cum? The feathery feel of the brush bristles? The fact that your body is being covered with your semen?”

It twitched again, Miss,” Samantha informed her. “Right when you mentioned his semen going onto his body.” All three women giggled.

He’s pretty well covered now, Miss,” Monica told Molly. “And there’s still about half of it left.”

I have an idea,” Molly stated, pulling her now clean finger out of Martin’s mouth. Fetching a plastic funnel, she told Monica, “Help me spread these,” as she pulled one of Martin’s ass cheeks sideways. Monica pulled the other aside, and Martin’s ass hole was partially opened as his ass cheeks parted. Molly wet the funnel tip with her spit, and then eased it into his anus. Once it was fully seated, she poured the rest of Martin’s cum into the funnel. It slowly drained inward.

Molly went back to where she could see Martin’s face. “That’s your own cum you can feel drizzling into your ass now, Martin. You’re inseminating yourself.”

Martin’s eyes bulged when he heard this, and he try to shift his pelvis, but that only let the semen drain faster into his rectum. Martin’s actions might have been trying to signal distaste for what was happening, but his cock told a different story. “OMG!” Samantha cried. “He’s fully erect again!”

“So, slut boy. You like cum in your ass, huh?” Molly chortled. “Maybe next time it’ll be some other guy, delivering it in its original container.” Martin moaned, whether in displeasure, humiliation, or excitement, or in a mixture of all three, it was difficult to tell.

Since he’s hard again, Samantha, you and Monica may as well jack him off again. No need to catch the cum this time. Either let it go onto the floor, or your tits, or your mouths – your choice.”

Tittering merrily, the two younger women went under the table beneath Martin’s groin. Soon he was groaning, and whimpering as four soft hands worked on his manhood, trying to make him cum yet again. “Noooo!” he cried. “Please. It hurts! I can’t cum again! I can’t!” he complained. But he didn’t invoke his safeword. He endured about 15 minutes of painful pleasure while Molly watched, amused.

Finally, with an incoherent stream of sounds, Martin contracted his ass cheeks as his cock dribbled out his fourth load of this session. Monica’s mouth happened to be in position to catch his seed. Samantha worked at getting every last drop from his reddened, raw, rod of flesh, stripping it into Monica’s waiting mouth. After Samantha stripped the last drop from Martin’s rapidly deflating cock, she and Monica kissed deeply. Molly saw both of their throats working as they swallowed the shared load of semen.

She could taste Martin on their lips as they gave her a goodbye kiss before leaving. Molly let Martin stay strapped to the table for more than an hour, letting him rest.

The next afternoon, Martin was upright, bound spreadeagled to a St Andrew’s cross. A thick belt across the top of his pelvis immobilized him against the padding behind his upper ass and lower back. Molly wanted his genitalia nice and smooth, so she’d lathered his crotch and carefully shaved every hair away from the base of his cock, his scrotum, anal area, and his pubic area. Toweling him off, she ran her hands all over the surfaces, checking for stubble. There was none. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom, as they say,” she reported, smiling.

Martin’s cock was slightly engorged from her handling, she found, as she proceeded to step two of today’s ordeal. This consisted of smearing a generous amount of olive oil all over his genitals. Martin watched, interested, wondering what she had planned.

Molly then produced an ‘Original Powerbox’ along with various leads and attachments.

Martin swallowed hard enough that Molly heard it. “What’s that, Miss Molly?” he asked, meekly.

Have you heard of e-stim, Martin? Electrical stimulation?” she asked. His pupils enlarged as he nodded. “Good. Well, this is the power supply. This is a cock ring. And this is a cock head cap. They should suffice for today’s session. The cock ring goes here,” she continued, strapping it all the way around both his cock base and scrotum. That pressure and confinement made the wrinkles in his scrotum surface smooth out completely.

As she attached the cock head cap, she felt no explanation was necessary – its name said it all. She attached the electrodes to the power box, and left the device, inert, as she went to change. This also gave Martin time to anticipate what was going to happen to him. He’d never experienced e-stim, so he could only speculate.

After about 10 minutes, she returned, wearing a black negligee that was so visually stimulating that his cock danced. She spread out a towel and pillow on the floor in front of him, and sat down comfortably, taking the power box into her hands. “I wore black for a good reason, my little slut boy, as you will hopefully see.”

With that cryptic statement, she switched on the power and adjusted some knobs. Martin gasped, because it felt like a swarm of bees were starting to sting his cock, but with velvet stingers! His cock slowly engorged, stretching out in front of him to its fullest length. It felt sort of like the nicest vibrator in the world was buzzing his cock. It was exciting, but as the minutes wore on, Martin realized the stimulation was not quite enough to make him cum, though mentally, looking down at Molly, he desperately wanted to do so.

He moaned, “I can’t cum, Miss. Please help me to cum.” He tugged at the restraints that bound him, but couldn’t even move his hips much, although his cock bobbed up and down, the electric current running from his balls to the very tip of his cock.

Don’t worry, boy. You’ll cum all right. When I want you to. This is called ‘edging’ – keeping you close to the brink,” Molly explained, grinning impishly.

Time passed, maybe 20 or 30 minutes like this. Martin’s whole attention was now focused on his cock. The sensations were exquisite, but maddening. Therefore, he didn’t notice Molly twist a dial on the power box. In moments, with a loud shriek, he ejaculated strongly, his cum flying from the tip of his cock into an arc that rained down on Molly beneath him. The first splat hit her square on her left tit. She giggled as splat after splat struck her, hitting her face, belly, and thighs.

Martin had closed his eyes from the intensity of his internal contractions as he launched his seed. When he opened them and looked down, he understood why Molly had chosen black for her sexy outfit. His white blobs of semen showed up well against the dark material. He could see it dripping off her tit. On her up-tilted thigh, the white goo oozed until it pooled on the black wisp of panties that barely concealed her pussy. He imagined his minuscule sperm thrashing their way through that material and into her vaginal tunnel, starting their long journey. Molly made no move to wipe anything away.

Martin had forgotten that his cock was still wired to the power box. The vehement climax he’d experienced had rendered his tissues down there numb. But when Molly switched the impulses to a lower frequency, the numbness vanished. It felt like tiny needles were jabbing his newly awakened cock flesh. He whimpered, but his cock stiffened anew. Molly let the post-orgasmic agony continue for the eternity of 5 minutes or so, then switched the frequency again.

Martin barely had time to moan joyfully before his cock twitched, bobbed, and once again spewed semen down onto Molly. She was leaning back more this time, letting his cum bathe most of her torso. Again the numbness struck, and again the frequency was changed to painfully awaken his cock to fullness. The torment went on for a deliciously long time, with only short breaks to re-anoint his genitals with olive oil. “The oil assures a good electrical contact,” Molly explained as she poured and rubbed it on.

Martin was beginning to wonder if Molly would ever tire of the cum shower she was receiving. It certainly looked like there weren’t any non-spattered areas left on the front of her body, from her hair to her toes. He’d lost count of his orgasms, but he was aware that the last two times that the feeling of a climax coursed through his body, his cock throbbed, but no fluid emerged.

Molly noticed, also. “You’re completely drained, I see. Time to send you home to rest and recover. You’ve got a big day the day after tomorrow. I need tomorrow to prepare for it.” She undid the cock cap and cock ring. Martin sagged in relief. But Molly seized his sore cock, pumping it to make certain she had his undivided attention. “No masturbation tomorrow.” She grabbed his scrotum. “I want this fully reloaded for my enjoyment. Understand?” she almost growled.

Martin gasped and winced, replying, “Yes, Miss. I’ll only eat and rest all day. I want to please you.”

She gave him a tender kiss, whispering, “Good boy.”

He could taste his semen on her lips, and smell it everywhere as her body heat caused its more aromatic components to waft into the air around them. Wearing that black negligee that was now rendered virtually transparent by the fluids soaking it, and dripping with his seed, Molly looked to him like the most erotic woman in the world. His libido tried to make his cock stiffen, but it was a feeble attempt, at best. He dressed and hobbled out the door.

Two days later, Martin was trussed up, naked, in a standing position, bound to a vertical board behind him. In front of him were display screens, darkened at the moment. He was wearing headphones, currently silent. Molly had already applied a generous amount of olive oil to his crotch, and attached the e-stim cock ring around his cock base and scrotum. But she attached a slightly different looking electrical connection to his cock itself. This encircled the cock’s ‘crown’ – the space between the top of his shaft and the base of his glans. This also had a slender metal electrode that pointed straight up as Molly held his cock out horizontally.

Molly fondled Martin’s balls, perineum and ass crack enough to get him fully aroused. His cock now stood up at an angle. She positioned a stand, holding another electrode in such a manner that the vertical cock electrode pressed firmly against it. Martin watched, still mystified.

Seeing his expression, Molly broke into an explanation. “Two days ago, you learned the power of e-stim, Martin. Today’s setup is very similar, except the stimulation will only take place when you’re erect. If your cock is limp, it will dangle down, and no contact will be made. When you stiffen, and the two electrodes touch, the current will flow.” She stated all this with a dreamy smile on her lips, mentally beginning to enjoy his upcoming anguish. Even though he was wearing those headphones, he could hear her clearly.

Martin’s mouth went dry. He licked his lips, trying to moisten them. Then he croaked, “But, Miss. When the current flows, that stimulation will continue giving me an erection, won’t it?”

Yes, Martin. That’s the beauty of this setup. Your own arousal will continue to torment you, while I, and possibly others, watch.”

P… P… Possibly others?” he stammered.

Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. For this special occasion, I’ve invited several of my friends to join us here. In fact, I think I hear their car now,” she laughed. Martin’s cock began to droop as Molly left to answer the door. She returned with five other women, none of whom Martin knew. “See? I promised you a good show. Here’s Martin, my little slut boy for the moment,” Molly informed them, gesturing at him. He felt acutely embarrassed as they looked over at him. After all, he was bound stark naked to the board behind him, with his oiled up genitals strapped with those strange e-stim devices.

Not shy at all, the strangers clustered close around him, as Molly explained the apparatus. Their various scents – some natural, some enhanced by judicious applications of perfume, played havoc with his libido. He tried to take deep calming breaths, but he could feel his cock stiffening and rising. Several strange hands were touching him. Those hands whispered over his chest, arms, thighs, legs and feet. Some touched the sides of his butt. One very forthright woman actually lifted and rolled each of his balls, causing him to try to rise up onto his toes.

The electrode on his rising cock finally made contact with the electrode on the stand, and… nothing happened. His inquisitive gaze swung to look into Molly’s eyes. She was chuckling, because she knew what Martin was silently asking. “I haven’t switched on the power box yet, my silly little slut boy.” The other women tittered at this appellation. Martin’s cheeks heated as a deep red flush spread across them.

Let’s allow him to calm down before the show begins, my friends,” Molly told the other women. In agreement, they settled down to refreshments and chatting. During this time, Martin relaxed, since no one seemed to be looking at him, and his cock slowly deflated. He was half dozing when he became aware that the women had surrounded him again. Molly was placing a large funnel under him, telling him, “No matter whether you spurt, or dribble, we’ll catch every bit of your spunk.”

I’ll turn on the power box now,” Molly stated. “I guess I should tell you what gets Martin aroused. He gets turned on easily by women wearing sexy lingerie and underwear, especially if they display their ass.” Seeing one of her friends from England make a confused face, she amended, “In your case, it would be sexy knickers and showing your bum.”

Comprehension dawned. Her friend said, “Oh, you mean like this?” and turned and raised her skirt high, showing Martin a wonderfully pert ass, covered with a filmy wisp of purple cloth. He groaned, and his cock twitched upward.

Molly laughed, “Yes, exactly like that.”

Another friend asked, “Does wearing a thong qualify?” She promptly displayed her thong, nestled into the crack of her ass – an ass so perfect that Martin’s mouth started watering as he imagined biting and licking it. His cock twitched even higher.

Judging from the reaction of his ‘peter meter’ I’d say yes, it qualifies. But he also likes seeing women spanked. May I?” Molly asked.

The woman in the thong held her skirt a little higher and bent over. “All in a good cause, Molly. Be my guest.”

Giggling, Molly began spanking her bare ass cheeks with merry slaps of her palms. Martin didn’t want to watch, but of course he did, his cock swelling more… rising more. The friend’s ass cheeks reddened and warmed before Molly stopped.

Of course, one thing my slut boy can’t resist is seeing a woman tied up and forced to orgasm,” Molly chuckled.

Before she’d quite finished making that statement, an attractive brunette shot her hand up, saying, “Me! Me! Please, me! I haven’t had a good cum in days!” To emphasize her willingness, she was already unzipping and stepping out of her dress, ending up in bra and panties that made Martin’s eyes bulge with desire. Molly fetched some rope and a spreader bar. She attached the bar to her friend’s ankles, and locked her thighs open.

As Molly was tying the woman’s wrists together in the small of her back, the other women slid her bra down her chest, exposing her luscious tits, and her panties down her thighs far enough to expose her pussy. They turned their ‘victim’ so that her back was to Martin, and then a little more, so he would also see the side of her torso. Molly looped a long rope across the back of her friend’s neck, and tied it to a ring in the center of the spreader bar, forcing her to bend over enough to display both her ass hole and pussy to Martin’s gaze.

Then all five women went to work on the helpless volunteer.

They kissed, licked, nipped, fondled, spanked, and suckled her. Where? Her lips, neck, arms, hands, tits, ass, and thighs. They caressed. They fingered. When her cunt got sopping wet, one of them even started fisting her. They had to support her to keep her from falling down as she began to convulse and shake.

Her orgasmic screams were so loud that they missed Martin’s cry as the electrode on his rapidly stiffening cock finally made contact with the other electrode, completing the circuit. The frequency was set at the height of edging, and he began thrashing in his restraints. One woman noticed, and nudged the others. Molly released her panting, glowing, satisfied friend from the ropes and spreader, and they all moved closer to him to watch.

Now that the electric current was sending sensations of pleasure through his cock and balls, Martin was no longer embarrassed or shy. He looked down at his rampant erection rather proudly. He didn’t suppress his vocalizations, either, moaning and making keening noises as his climax approached. At first, a clear sort of goo emerged from his cock slit, typical of prostate fluid. Minutes later, a whiter fluid drooled out – either precum, or a little bit of cum. His glans was quite swollen, and the women stared at it, mesmerized, some of them rubbing themselves with excitement.

Martin gasped and strained. His cock began a series of jerks as it began expelling jet after jet of semen. He was cumming, and cumming hard! “Oh fuck!” he cried. “Fuck, fuck fuck,” he moaned with each subsequent spurt. When the woman overcame their initial shock at witnessing this, they broke into spontaneous applause. Martin’s seed, caught by the funnel, drained slowly into the collecting jar under it. His cock, a bit numb now, sagged, and the electrodes lost contact. He panted to catch his breath during this respite.

Is that it, then?” one woman asked. “One shot and he’s done?”

No, I certainly hope not,” Molly assured her. She walked over and activated the screens in front of Martin. They sprang to life, displaying a series of erotic images. One screen was devoted to women wearing sexy lingerie in a variety of poses. Another showed women who were bound with ropes in various ways, and being either spanked or manipulated into obvious orgasms. The third screen showed a series of rather more personal images. Pictures of Monica, Samantha, Cindy, Sally, and Paget making Martin cum during earlier sessions, and subjecting his cock to post-orgasmic torture. And now added were images of Molly doing similar things to him.

As soon as he saw all those images, Martin’s cock quickly engorged, the electrodes made contact once again, and current began coursing through his post-orgasmic sensitive tissues. He moaned, but this moan was tinged with pain. He shut his eyes, but the electrical stimulation was enough that his cock remained turgid. It took longer than the first time, but once again his cock spewed semen into the funnel. And this time, with all those visually stimulating images before his eyes, Martin’s cock failed to sag, and the electrical buzzing continued its stinging sensations through his genitals.

Seeing the naked, bound male moaning and straining his way toward yet another climax, the British woman commented, “Randy little bugger, isn’t he?” The rest laughed their agreement. “But what if he just shuts his eyes?”

I’m glad you asked,” Molly replied. “See the headphones he’s wearing? When I switched on the display, those activated as well. Martin’s listening to the sounds of sex, not just the splatting, squishing sounds of intercourse, but the sounds of turned on women, and also some demanding women. The demanding women are jeering at him, commanding him to cum from time to time. The auditory stimulation alone is enough to keep him aroused.”

It was true. Molly left Martin connected to the e-stim apparatus for about two hours. For Martin, it was an eternity. His cock would spasm as he ejaculated, go numb for a minute or two, and then the painful prickling would start. He’d grit his teeth, enduring this torture, until it gradually transformed through painful pleasure, to pure pleasure, to another orgasm. All that time, he was subjected to the visual and auditory stimulation that Molly had provided.

At the onset, Molly’s guests couldn’t get enough of watching Martin’s cock in action, gasping and commenting about each ejaculation. But they gradually lost interest, especially when he seemed to run out of semen to expel. He’d shout, “I’m cumming!” and his cock would jerk, but no fluid emerged. He really was experiencing orgasms, but his body had no more semen to provide, try as it might. His balls looked shriveled.

The women settled back to their chatting and refreshments for maybe an hour, then thanked Molly for a wonderful show, and departed. One of them gave Martin a sensual kiss and ran her tongue across his lips before she left. He moaned and panted as she broke off the kiss.

After her friends left, Molly curled up in her chair, reading a book as Martin completed the second hour of this ordeal. Checking her watch, Molly got up, and switched off the display screens, the earphones sounds, and the power box to the electrodes. She moved the electrode stand aside, and removed the cock ring and the electrode attached near his glans. Every touch to his manhood was painful. His cock felt like it had been put through a wringer.

As Molly was freeing Martin from his bonds, Paget walked in, just in time. Molly was finding that Martin was too exhausted to hold himself upright as the bonds came loose. Paget helped her get him to the bed.

With an amused tone of voice, Paget stroked him, asking, “Has Miss Molly been keeping you busy, slut boy?”

Beyond my wildest dreams, Miss Paget,” he managed to wheeze out.

Both women stripped naked and cuddled against his sides in the bed. Martin drifted off to sleep with a blissful expression on his face as the two women carefully and lovingly rubbed a soothing ointment onto his cock and balls. His dreams dealt with the decision of whether or not to ask Miss Paget if Miss Molly could visit them more often.


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