Martin’s Torment – pt. 03 – A month later.

(a month after part 2)

Martin arrived at the warehouse at the time designated.

Paget had been very specific as to when he was to arrive, and what he was to do while waiting. His cock was already semi-erect, because she had told him the group had something special in mind for today. The group consisted of Paget, Cindy, and Sally (his wife), plus the two young blondes, Samantha and Monica. Everyone was now trusted, and knew the warehouse location, because everything that happened here was completely voluntary.

Martin was thrilled to be a submissive to these women. His life was much more satisfying, being at their whim. The month since his first visit here seemed to fly by. His life revolved now around being of service to them.

In his mind, he heard Paget say, “As soon as you’re inside the door, undress, and fold your clothes neatly.” Off came his shoes, socks, shirt, pants and underpants. He noticed a small damp patch on the underpants where his cock head had rested.

Paget’s next words of instruction were, “Put on the black leather collar you’ll find by the door, and attach the leash to it. Kneel next to the door, holding the end of the leash in your upturned palms, ready to offer it to us.” The collar and leash were where she said they’d be. Buckling the collar around his neck, he found its metal ring by touch, and snapped the dog leash to it. When he went down into kneeling position, he found it most comfortable to scoop his scrotum upward, and let his balls rest on his closed thighs. His cock waved in the air above his balls, tip still moistened.

He positioned the leash end in his palms, and waited, staring straight ahead, trying to calm himself. The problem was that his mind kept flitting to memories of what the women liked to do to him in this place, and those memories were anything but calming. They were erotically stimulating.

Struggling to regain his composure, he lost track of the time. He was startled out of his reverie by the sound of a car pulling up. Being near the door, he could not only hear the car, he could also hear the happy chattering of the women as they climbed out of it. All of them had come in the same car. Hearing their voices made his cock jerk in anticipation.

The door opened, and the women filed in, all dressed in normal looking dresses, still conversing with one another. But as they entered, almost as a ritual, each woman lifted her skirt in front of his face. None were wearing panties. He knew he was to lick each one for as long as she offered her cunt to him. Each woman had a unique taste and scent, and he loved them all. He made a bet to himself that even blindfolded, he could tell them apart, as long as he could sniff and lick them.

During this process, Martin’s cock stiffened to full attention. Monica remarked, “Looks like he’s very happy to see us. And doesn’t his ball sack look cute like that, nestled on his thighs?”

Martin blushed as the women giggled at Monica’s remark. As he knelt at rigid attention, the women leaned or knelt down to touch, stroke, and pinch his cock and balls. His heart rate accelerated during these attentions, and he had to take deeper breaths to keep up with it.

Finally, Paget picked the leash out of his hands, and commanded, “Come, Martin. Crawl beside me.” She started walking languidly toward the inner, main room, giving him time to shuffle along on hands and knees beside her lovely legs. Her dress swished gently against his shoulder. The other women walked behind them both, making comments like, “Look how he has to keep his thighs apart to prevent squishing his balls,” and “His balls look like they’re pretty swollen. I think he’s got a nice load in their for us.” This caused laughter, while Martin silently acknowledged that his balls were indeed full.

As they entered the main room, Martin saw a large, sturdy table set with a white table cloth that covered just its surface, leaving its corner legs in full sight. At first, from the end, it looked like a normal table. But as they neared it, he saw that the center section had about an 8 to 10 inch gap.

Get onto the table, and place yourself face down, Martin. I want your genitals dangling through that center opening,” Paget informed him.

With a little careful wiggling, Martin was soon placed as she’d ordered. The women set to work, looping ropes under his armpits, and attaching those ropes to hooks on the short end of the table near his head. Other women were busy tying his ankles together, using another rope to secure them to a hook at the short end of the table near his feet. Someone took his wrists into the small of his back, and deftly tied them together. Unable to support himself now with his hands, Martin turned his head to one side, resting his cheek on the tablecloth.

Paget tapped his shoulder. “OK, Martin, struggle a bit for us. How well can you move?”

He couldn’t use his hands for purchase on the table top, so he arched his back, successfully pulling his torso upward a few inches, but the armpit ropes prevented any further movement. He tried moving his feet, but he could barely budge them. He tried rocking his body side to side. This was the most motion he could achieve, rolling almost up on to one hip, and then the other. “I can’t move very much, Miss,” he reported, rotating his head to face her.

While he was watching, Paget handed Sally a long cord, about the thickness of a shoelace. “You do the honors,” she told Sally.

Sally climbed under the table. Martin felt her hands touching his scrotum. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but from the sensations, thought she must be wrapping the cord several times around the place where his scrotum hung beneath his cock. The cord was isolating his ball sack from his cock, making the skin of his scrotum tighten and smooth out.

From under the table, Sally asked, “Where should I secure this?”

Paget looked under and pointed, “That tiny screw eye right there.”

Oh yes,” Sally remarked. “I see it now.”

Martin felt tension as his ball sack was pulled towards his feet as Sally tied off the cord.

As Sally emerged from under the table, Paget instructed Martin, “Now try to rock like before, Martin.”

He obediently started a tiny rocking movement, and immediately winced with pain as the movement yanked at his ball sack. “I cannot, Miss,” he said, hoping she would not demand he try harder.

Perfect,” Paget purred. “You’re ready.”

Trussed up, helpless, unable to move much, Martin found that he was very aroused at this point.

Cindy patted his butt. “Now you be a good boy as we finish our set up.”

He was answering “Yes, Miss,” when someone slipped a sleep mask over his eyes, blindfolding him. He was left in darkness as the women bustled around, doing unknown things. He heard the scraping of metal on the floor, and the rustling sounds as the women changed their clothes. He thought he smelled some sort of food nearby.

His blindfold was removed. His head was resting on his right cheek, so he was looking sideways to his left. All the women were standing there, on display. His eyes first focused on Paget, since she was a little closer to him.

Paget was wearing thin black lingerie. A black webbing covered her tits like a see thru tube top. Straps from her waist and her hips converged to hold a diamond shaped piece of that same netting against her mound and cunt. He lifted his head off the table to change his sideways view to a vertical one. After letting him get a good look at her front, she executed a slow turn, and his heart almost stopped. Her ass was virtually bare, with only a strap crossing her hip line, and a wisp of black transparent material hugging the very bottom of her ass cheeks. Her ass crack was completely exposed! He moaned longingly, and rested his head on his cheek again.

Monica stepped forward, getting his attention. She had on a bright yellow top with thin shoulder straps that were holding up a bra, whose breast cups left the top half of her tits uncovered. Transparent panels of yellow material cascaded down from the cups in a curving sideways path that stopped at her hips. Her belly was fully exposed, and so were the thin panties that barely concealed her sex. He again lifted his head for a better look, before resting it again.

It was Sally’s turn. Martin had never seen her look that sexy. Her purple outfit started with a ring held between her tits with purple strands that descended from the sides of her neck and forked to lovingly follow the upper curve of her breasts. One strand went to the center ring, the other strand went to the outer edge of her breast, just below her armpit. That outer strand, plus the ring, stretched a thin purple band of material horizontally across her tits. The narrow width of this material permitted both the top and bottom curves of her breasts to bulge into view. The thinness of the material allowed the dark shadow of her areolae to show through. Another panel of thin purple material traveled from the center ring down over her navel – also visible through the panel – to some sexy purple G-string panties.

Martin wondered if these women were having some sort of contest to see who could dress the sexiest, because now Cindy stepped forward, wearing a bright red sleeveless one piece garment that covered her from neck to crotch – but it looked like it had been sprayed on her! Nipples, areolae, navel, tiny strip of dark pubic hair, valley between her outer labia – all of it was clearly visible – a delight to his eye.

Samantha had opted for a blue corset. Her narrow waist was built for this garment, fitting her like a glove. Her ample breasts threatened to spill out over its top. And her panties… Martin’s eyes bulged from their sockets… she wasn’t wearing any! In the front, her pussy lips pouted between her graceful thighs. She turned and gave him a long, lascivious look at her completely bare ass, grinning over her shoulder.

Martin realized at that moment that all the women had a clear view of his fully engorged cock, hanging beneath the table. The women went behind the table on Martin’s right side, and took their seats. With his head still looking to his left, he noticed a camera and a monitor. The image on the monitor was a tight shot of his cock, from the side.

Swiveling his head to his right, he saw Paget sitting there, with a plate of food in front of her – fruits, vegetables and dip. She had a remote control for the camera. Grinning, she manipulated the controls, nodding that he should look back to his left.

Turning his head, he saw the same view that the women could see as they sat on their side of the table, looking over Martin’s naked body at the video monitor. Paget had zoomed back, showing the length of the underside of the table now. Clearly visible were 5 pairs of lovely feminine legs. Those legs were open, and all 5 pussies were exhibited. As he stared at them, Paget was zooming in, and panning the camera from one gorgeous cunt to the next. His cock was thrumming underneath him, its bulbous head swinging like a metronome. His mouth went dry with excitement.

Lift your head, Martin, and look straight ahead,” Paget told him.

Doing so, he saw a camera and monitor that gave a view down the long axis of the table, with only a side view of their legs, and his cock pointing toward the camera at an oblique angle. It took him a lot of effort to lift his head like that. Neck hurting, he put his head back down. He couldn’t see why that camera and monitor were placed where they were.

OK, we’re all set now. Martin, in case you haven’t figured it out, we women are going to dine on some delicious tidbits and watch as we play with you. To take turns, we’re going to cut cards. The high card wins,” Paget explained.

He heard cards shuffled, and one by one, the women cut the deck, showing the others her card. None spoke, leaving Martin in suspense.

Samantha crowed with joy, “I win!”

You lucky girl. You’ll probably get the biggest load,” Cindy spoke in mock complaint.

Everyone, even Martin, watched as Samantha crawled under table. He had a heart throbbing moment as she had her naked ass pointed at the camera before she settled herself in place.

Martin felt a hand at his balls, then another at his shaft. Watching in the monitor, he saw Samantha’s face move toward his cock as he felt her warm mouth engulf its head. Paget had zoomed in, so the monitor had a wonderful view of Samantha sucking his cock.

She seemed hungry and eager. She pumped him fast, sucking hard, playing with his balls. He wanted to hold back, but there wasn’t any way he could control it. In a remarkably short period of time, her ravenous mouth claimed his first load. The other women watched his buttocks contract and relax, and knew he was using his muscles to help propel his semen from his dick.

A few minutes later Samantha came out from under the table, her eyes wide, her cheeks bulging like a chipmunk.

Are you holding that load?” Monica asked, rather incredulously.

Samantha nodded.

All of it?” Sally asked.

She nodded again, coming around the table toward them.

Oh… I think she wants to share. Do you?” Cindy asked, with a happy tone of voice.

Samantha nodded vigorously. She kissed each of her friends, one after the other, drizzling fresh cum from her mouth into theirs. Martin could only guess what that looked like, because the monitor only showed his dangling cock, still fairly turgid, gleaming with Samantha’s saliva and a pearl of his cum at its tip.

Everyone having received a share of that fresh load of cum, Samantha swallowed what remained in her mouth and sat down. The cards were shuffled again, and this time Sally won. As she climbed under the table, she remarked, “Watch closely, ladies. I know this cock very well.” She carefully peeled back his foreskin, as Paget brought the camera image to a tight closeup. They all watched, riveted, as Sally started rubbing his frenulum area softly with a dampened finger, just gentle teasing whispers of contact. “This drives him crazy,” she said with a smile.

Soon Martin’s face was strained, although they were not looking at it, and he was making a strange keening sound, very audible in the quiet room. Sally lifted a small bowl into camera view, holding it beneath his cock head. Grasping his shaft, she proceeded to milk his semen into the bowl. When his spurting, huffing and puffing died away, she crawled back out from under the table and announced, “Now we have another dip for our fruits and vegetables!”

The other four women applauded merrily. “Great idea!” Cindy chortled. Paget zoomed the camera well back, so Martin could watch. They all took either a small piece of vegetable or fruit into their hand, dipped it in his cum, and sampled it. There was a uniform consensus that this enhanced the flavor. Soon they were dipping pieces of food and feeding each other in such erotic ways that Martin’s cock showed no signs of going limp. He was enjoying the view too much.

It’s a good thing his cock stayed stiff, because this time, when they cut the cards, Monica exclaimed, “I win! There! Finally! I’ve been on the pill since we first started playing here. It’s safe now for me to actually get fucked. And I’m going to!” She walked around the table, standing where Martin could see both her and the monitor. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Martin saw her do this from the front, and also from behind, as his eyes darted from here to the monitor and back. The filmy yellow side panels were attached to the bra, so now she was completely topless.

Mischievously hooking her thumbs into her panties’ waistband, she slid them down, bending as she did this. Martin watched her pussy fully appear in front, and, as she bent over, the glorious globes of her ass in the monitor. He was mesmerized, because he heard what she said she wanted.

Stark naked, Monica asked, “Paget, will you help me?”

Sure, sweetie,” she replied.

With Paget guiding her, Monica went under the table, facing the same direction as Martin, got on her hands and knees, and lifted her ass up. The rest of the women watched the monitor avidly as Paget maneuvered Monica’s cunt into position. Opening the young blonde’s labia, Paget held Martin’s cock steady as Monica backed onto it.

As she felt her cunt being stretched and filled, Monica emitted a long sigh of satisfaction. “Mmmmm. This feels so good! Better than I guessed it would!” She started slowly rocking her pelvis forward and back. But that jarring against Martin’s manhood made the cord on his balls yank harshly at them, causing hisses of pain to escape his lips.

Paget realized instantly what the problem was. Quickly, she untied the cord from around Martin’s scrotum. Now his masculine equipment could bump forward and back freely. She moved out from under the table, and moved close to Martin’s head. “Martin, look at the forward monitor,” she whispered.

Martin lifted his head, straining his neck to see. As he did so, Paget put a small pillow under his chin to help him remain like that. In the monitor, he saw Monica’s face, smiling, her tits dangling and swaying as she moved, making him slide in and out of her pussy. Now he could watch her fuck herself on his dick. He even saw his face when he raised it up off the table, so he was aware that Monica could see him, as well.

Paget spoke a little louder, for everyone’s benefit, “I untied your balls for now. You still can’t move much, I know. But do your best to fuck her. Remember, yours is the first cock that has been inside her pussy. Make sure she enjoys it.” The last sentence was said with a fond smile, and a pat on his head.

Encouraged, and to be honest, with a heart swelling with pride, Martin started rocking his pelvis, tilting it forward and back. This drove his cock more firmly into Monica, who gasped with pleasure, feeling the cock become more alive inside her.

She responded, driving back harder, matching his rhythm.

You go, girl!” Samantha cried out, clapping her hands.

Make your pussy swallow that cock,” Cindy said, voice filled with inspiration.

I bet if you cum, he’ll start to spurt, too!” Sally advised her. “Tell him when your cumming!”

The now quieted room was filled with the slapping sounds of flesh impacting flesh as they fucked. Other sounds could be heard, like Monica moaning with pleasure as her cunt was finally being used in the manner intended by nature. Martin, still with his hands tied behind his back, and roped to the table by his armpits and ankles, was grunting as he frantically arched his back and rocked his pelvis as much as possible to make his hips move. He was watching the monitor, feeling and knowing his cock was buried in the cunt of the lovely girl who was smiling at him. When her eyes were open, she looked at his face. When particularly powerful stimulations rippled through her body, she squeezed her eyes shut to focus on them.

She began bucking faster.

OMG!” she cried. “I’m gonna…” She sucked air. “Oh, FUCK!” she screamed. “AAAAAAAAHHHH!” she bellowed as she started cumming. Grabbing another lungful of air, and bearing down on the dick skewering her cunt, she gasped out, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming hard!”

Martin emitted an incoherent shriek, with sweat pouring from his forehead into his eyes. He stopped rocking, his body arched as his cock injected a load of his seed into her vaginal embrace. Both he and Monica froze in position, holding their pose, as his warm fluids bathed her intimate recesses for the first time. Monica’s face, eyes closed, had a glorious expression of bliss. All the women smiled fondly as they witnessed this act of consummation. Samantha and Cindy instinctively closed in on Monica’s torso from either side, and gently supported her, lest her knees buckle. Martin settled back down flat on the table surface, panting from exertion.

After Monica recovered and let Martin’s cock slip from the warm embrace of her cunt, Sally put the leather harness on his cock and balls to prevent him from going limp. The women helped Monica out from under the table, and Paget told the girl, “Sit on the edge of the table near Martin’s hip, but on this side, toward the camera. Monica moved into that position. “Now spread your thighs apart, and hold your knees to keep your legs up,” Paget said. As Monica went into this pose, Paget spoke to Samantha, “Go spread your friend’s pussy lips wide open, dear. We want to capture this moment for her.”

Samantha didn’t hesitate to do as she was told. The two friends weren’t strangers when it came to touching each other intimately. She gently stretched and spread Monica’s labia wide apart, and pressed them to her inner thighs, where sweat help secure them in place. Monica’s vaginal opening was now fully visible, and in seconds, Martin’s semen appeared at that opening, and that white goo began drooling out, seeping downward toward her ass crack. Paget adjusted the camera to get a closeup of Monica’s dripping cunt, and Martin’s glistening, stiff cock hanging beneath the table, seemingly between Monica’s spread legs.

Everyone, except Martin, complimented the image. Martin seemed to be dozing. But when Samantha said, “The first time Martin actually fucks me, I want a picture like this, too!” Martin’s eyes opened wide, and he smiled wearily. “But not today,” Samantha continued. “I want him fresh and vigorous for my first fucking.” Martin smiled wider, nodded, and then dozed again.

Monica dried herself off, and put her pretty yellow outfit back on. The women went back to snacking, rousing Martin enough to feed him a small amount. The main thing he wanted was water, which was provided with a long straw. Of course, drinking water made Martin aware that he had to pee, so Monica kindly held a bottle under his penis. He didn’t hesitate to urinate into it as the women watched – he was getting used to them seeing this.

When the women were ready to cut cards again, only Paget and Cindy hadn’t yet had their turn with him. Cindy looked sad when she unhappily drew a four. But Paget drew a two, so Cindy’s frown turned into a big smile when she realized she’d actually won. “I’m glad you showed us that technique that drives him crazy,” she told Sally. “It’s going to be handy for what I plan to do to him. I’m going to teach Monica and Samantha how to give a guy what’s known as a ruined orgasm.”

Samantha and Monica looked at her quizzically. Samantha asked, “How can an orgasm be ruined? That doesn’t seem to make sense.”

You’ll see,” Cindy answered as all three of them went beneath the table. Martin’s cock was still at full attention, due to the leather harness. They were positioned behind the cock, with regard to the camera, so Paget and Sally could watch from where they sat.

Cindy gave Martin’s cock and balls a light, gentle stroke with the palm of her hand. The young blonde girls watched closely, eager to learn. The look of concentration on their faces was cute to see. Paget hugged Sally, expressing her happiness at how this group had become a family.

Meanwhile, Cindy had carefully, slowly pulled back Martin’s foreskin. As it retracted, she drew the girls’ attention to the underside of the cock, right where the glans met the shaft. They could see how the foreskin seemed to attach here in an almost triangular fold of lighter skin. “This area is called the frenulum of the penis,” she explained. The blondes could be seen silently mouthing the word, as if committing it to memory. “This is what Sally was rubbing. Right, Sally?” she called up to the woman seated behind her.

Yes, that’s the spot,” Sally confirmed. “He’s so sensitive there, I barely have to make contact with it.”

Cindy wet her finger and began a feathery caress on the spot she’d indicated. Martin’s cock reflexively jerked up from the contact. “See how it reacted?” Cindy asked. The blondes nodded, almost owl-eyed with fascination. “Now, you remember the sounds he made earlier, just as he was about to cum when Sally rubbed there?” Again both blondes nodded. Those were unusual sounds indeed – very impressive. “Well, at that point Sally grabbed his cock and pumped him over the edge, catching his cum in that bowl. We’re going to do something different. Watch.”

She placed one hand on the top of Martin’s cock, to prevent it from jerking upward, and started performing more feathery, whispering touches to his frenulum with a dampened fingertip. Everyone listened to Martin’s breathing as the stimulation from his cock flooded his senses. He moaned happily as his cock received such wonderful attention.

After a few minutes, his moans were replaced once again by the strange keening noise, and his breathing deepened. “Now we know he’s about to cum, right?” Cindy asked her ‘class’ of avid observers. Samantha and Monica both answered, “Yes,” almost simultaneously. “This is the point at which Sally pumped his cock hard. But instead of that, I’m going to take him to the point of no return, when his body is fully engaged in the start of his ejaculation… about… now!”

Cindy suddenly removed her hands from Martin’s cock. His keening sound changed to a cry of “Nooooo!” His cock jerked, bounced, as if it was seeking contact with something, anything! But it hung in space before their eyes. Finally, it gave off a dribbling sort of spurt of cum. Martin’s muscles jerked his cock harder, fighting to make him finish his orgasm. The cock gave off another feeble squirt of cum, with so little force behind it that it just clung to the tiny hole from which it had emerged, hanging down in a 4 inch sticky stream of white goo. Further futile jerks of his cock produced no more cum, they just made the suspended cum swing back and forth before the astonished eyes of the young blonde girls.

He sort of… half came,” Monica whispered in amazement.

That’s right,” Cindy agreed with a smile. “He had an orgasm, but it was ruined, because the stimulation he needed for a full launch was withdrawn at a critical moment.”

Everyone crawled out from under the table. No one bothered to wipe the hanging goo away. The camera got a lovely closeup of Martin’s ruined orgasm’s results. Samantha went close to Martin’s head to ask him curiously, “How did that feel, Martin?”

Martin was groaning with frustration, but composed himself to try to answer her honestly. “It’s hard to describe, Miss,” he began. “It’s like being held on the edge of orgasm, but with no real relief. I could tell my cum was leaving my cock, but my muscles weren’t working right somehow, so it felt like it only dribbled out. Overall, it was very frustrating, Miss.”

Your cum did dribble out, a bit,” she confirmed. “It looked ludicrous. I have never seen a cock shoot so poorly like that,” she added with a grin. Martin blushed red with shame and groaned with frustration some more.

Paget gave Martin’s bare ass a slap with her hand. The surprise of that made him twitch, causing the string of cum to finally flip off the end of his cock. That same twitch caused the cord to yank his ball sack, and he yelped.

Don’t worry, slut boy,” Paget said. It’s finally my turn, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a complete orgasm this time.”

Thank you, Miss,” Martin said, humbly. “I’m your slut boy, here for your pleasure.” He meant these words. There was something about Paget’s mannerisms that made him sink into a calm state of submission. He wondered what she had in mind, though. Each woman, so far, had used him in different ways.

Unbeknownst to him, and out of his line of sight, Paget was busy putting on a strap-on cock – a very lifelike one – attaching it with straps that encircled her thighs and waist. She had removed the wisp of clothing that had covered her mound and pussy. This strap-on had a dildo that was inserted into the wearer’s pussy to help stabilize it, and also to pleasure the wearer herself. Its base plate pressed against her clit perfectly. She lubed it liberally, while the other four women watched her with excitement gleaming in their eyes. Wiping her hands on a towel, she also pulled off the thin, black webbing of a tube top that had contained her tits. She was now naked, except for the strap-on.

Martin’s first inkling of what was about to happen occurred when he felt a cold liquid drizzling on his ass crack and ass hole. He swiveled his head to look at the monitor and saw what looked like a naked Paget standing behind the table at his waist level, tilting a bottle of lubricant above his ass. She had zoomed the camera back to give him a better view. Placing the bottle down, she used her fingers to smear the lube around and around his ass hole, holding his ass cheeks apart with her free hand.

Her finger pressed its way through his tight anal ring.

His body’s instinct was to clench that muscle to prevent what could be perceived as a rude invasion. But this finger belong to his Miss, and he knew he needed to submit. Actually, he wanted to submit. Therefore, even though he involuntarily groaned as the finger entered him, he also sent messages to his anal muscles to relax. As Paget poked deeper, forcing lubricant into his nether tunnel, Martin took several slow deep breaths, trying to relax his ass muscles with each long groaning exhalation.

Good boy,” Paget praised. She could feel him opening himself for her. She added another finger, spreading Martin’s ass opening wide enough to pour lubricant directly into it. Martin felt the strange sensations of cool liquid moving the wrong way in that back passage. He then realized that everyone in the room was seeing his ass opened, either directly, or on the monitor. He blushed with perverted pleasure at this thought. “Oh, yes. Monica, please untie his balls at this point,” Paget said. Monica did so, quickly and efficiently.

Paget was now easily able to corkscrew three of her fingers left and right in Martin’s ass. “You’re ready,” she told him. “See how ready he is, ladies? His ass is virtually begging to be fucked.”

Martin heard the word ‘fucked’ and shivered. Paget was going to fuck him? He looked at the monitor and saw her climbing onto the table, naked except for the cock-like dildo poking forward from her sex. His heart beat faster as he saw and felt her thighs straddling his. He held his breath as she aimed her ‘cock’ at his well lubed ass hole. He felt it touch his opening, and tried to prepare himself. But when Paget leaned forward, skewering her ‘cock’ into his rectum, Martin gasped loudly.

The watching women giggled and chuckled. They applauded as Paget began rhythmically fucking Martin’s ass. As he accommodated, she fucked him harder, and even a little deeper. At first, she was kneeling and bending over him, braced on her hands. But after a while, she stretched herself sensuously out along his back. He felt her weight on him, and adored that feeling. Her warm breath cascaded onto the back of his neck. Her bare breasts snuggled warmly against his back. Her body pressed against his low back and ass. She was rocking her hips to thrust her ‘cock’ in and out of his ass. He was breathing hard now, and gasped out between breaths, “OMG! Yes! Please fuck my ass, Miss!”

Paget made no reply to this plea, but she kissed the back of his neck passionately. After that, she called out, “OK ladies, you know what to do.”

Laughing merrily, the other four women scrambled under the table. One of them removed the leather harness. With his cock completely available to them now, all four of them began caressing it. They fondled his balls, licked, stroked and sucked all of his dangling sexual parts. Only one or two faces could be pressed in close at the same time, so they took turns. But hands were always present, stimulating him.

Martin was having his ass fucked by the beautiful woman atop him, while four other lovely beauties caressed his penis and testicles. Looking into the monitor, he could see it all happening. He was in heaven. He honestly tried to hold back his orgasm as long as he could, but it was terribly difficult to do so, given his circumstances. He didn’t know that as Paget was fucking him with that strap-on, the device was also fucking her cunt and pressing and rubbing her clit. All he knew was that her ‘cock’ was rooting back and forth inside him, a very heady sensation.

As she neared her own orgasm, Paget reached under Martin’s chest and found his nipples. She placed her palms so these hard little nubs of his pressed into their centers as she clung tightly to him. Bucking her hips harder and faster, she began shuddering. Since she was pressed tightly against him, Martin clearly felt her body quivering. He knew she was about to cum, and so was he. The women beneath him were doing amazing things to his cock and balls. He heard them chanting under the table, “Cum… cum… cum… we want your cum!” But still he held back.

Paget released. She screamed, “I’m cumming!” and shook, clinging tightly to him. The juices from her cum escape from around the base plate of the strap-on, and anointed his ass and thighs. But it was her vocal announcement of her orgasm that triggered his. He joined her in orgasmic ecstasy. Below the table, the women shrieked as his cock suddenly let fly with spasm after spasm of cum! Since they were tugging his cock every which way, his semen flew every which way. The women giggled as globs of cum splattered against their faces.

Paget rested atop Martin until her breathing returned to normal. She kissed the back of his sweaty neck, and eased the strap-on out of his ass, which to him felt strangely empty now. That feeling persisted for quite some time. Despite the fact that he had just ejaculated a hefty amount of cum, his dick didn’t go limp, because one woman or another suckled on it, until it could be re-harnessed.

He put his head down, and closed his eyes, somewhat exhausted. While he was resting, the women cleaned up, part of which involved carefully licking their friends’ faces free of dripping semen. They changed back into the ‘normal’ dresses that they had worn in the first place.

Martin felt two things that happened almost simultaneously. His hands were untied, and at the same time something was slipped over his dangling, still fully erect cock. The ‘something’ turned out to be the sleeve of the milking machine, which was then activated. He groaned a happy groan as the machine began that wondrous alternate sucking action on his dick. Still tied to the table by his armpits and ankles, he brought his freed hands under his cheek to pillow his head, eyes closed.

He smelled the familiar scent of Paget’s perfume as she leaned in close to his head. “Martin,” she said. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. “We’re going out for a couple of hours.” He now noticed that they were all dressed again. “Here is the switch that can shut off the milking machine,” she continued, placing a remote control under one of his hands. “Leave that machine milking you for as long as you can stand it. If you switch it off, the milking tube will fall off your cock, so don’t switch it off until you absolutely have to, understand?”

Yes, Miss,” he answered with a groan, since the machine’s insistent sucking was once again driving him toward an orgasm.

Keep track of the number of times you think you cum,” Paget instructed. “We want to hear the count when we get back, and we’ll check how much semen you actually gave us.” With that, each woman gave him a loving kiss as they filed out. The door closed.

Martin was left, tied to the table, with the machine rhythmically sucking at his cock. His first orgasm was building. His cock was threatening to spew its fluids into the sucking maw of the milking machine tube. The urge built and built. Ultimately, he came, his balls aching from their efforts to expel more of his seed. “One,” he moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure, keeping count. He felt the controller for the machine under his hand. Faced with being like this for ‘a couple of hours’, he wondered how long he could last, before switching it off. The tube continued sucking at his dick. He felt the twinges of another orgasm come into being, and wept from pleasure.


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