The Hostess and the Master’s Girl

Darling, are you certain this is a good idea? We don’t want our guests to be disappointed, after all,” the Hostess asked, standing in her robe as she looked through clothing selections.

I understand, sweetheart. But the Master assured me that the submissive he’s bringing along is very obedient, and desires nothing more than to please him,” was the answer her spouse gave her. He was toweling his hair dry, his waist wrapped with another towel.

The Hostess fiddled with her necklace, fretting. “But still, my love. An untried female.”

Sweetheart, you know that Rex and Domino are the perfect dogs for this. They took to their training amazingly well. We tested them with both Helen and Stephanie, and they never balked,” her husband reminded her.

Well, if you say so. But if anything goes wrong, you’ll have to do the apologies, and I get to say ‘I told you so’ loudly and clearly,” she said with a fond, teasing grin. “And, I suppose I’d better be prepared to take on the dogs if the girl bolts, or something.”

As if that would be a burden for you, my love,” he teased.

You know that your loving teasing does things to me, husband. Wonderful things.”

Oh? Whatever do you mean?” he countered.

Sighing as if she was performing an onerous task, the Hostess opened the robe she was wearing, tilted her pelvis in his direction, and spread her labia apart, revealing the glistening, juicy treasure between them. “I mean this,” she said, with twinkling eyes.

Oh my,” he chuckled. “And you know what that display of yours does to me, jewel of my life.”

I think I know,” she laughed happily. “But please confirm my suspicions.”

Very well. If I must, I must,” he said with mock resignation. He unfastened the towel at his waist, letting it drop to the floor. His cock was more than three quarters turgid, and rising slowly to fullness.

The Hostess’ eyes lit up with happiness, seeing the effect she had on her spouse. She looked at the wall clock. “We have plenty of time, I think, before the Master and his girl arrive,” she stated. Shrugging her robe off her shoulders, she stepped to the bed, and placed herself on her back. Holding her knees up and apart with her hands, she looked down her naked torso and begged, “Please help me relieve some of my nervous tension, my love. I’m fully ready for you to take me.”

Her husband grinned. With a few quick strides he was between her thighs. With a long smooth thrust his cock claimed her cunt. Placing his hands on her shoulders and his mouth on her breasts, he proceeded to help her relieve her tensions. His warm lips and his supple tongue sent waves of ecstasy rolling through her. She freed her hands by wrapping her legs around his muscular torso, allowing her to stroke his head with caresses conveying her enjoyment.

She added verbal encouragement to her caresses, confessing, “That feels fantastic, my darling! You fuck me so well! I want to feel your balls slapping my ass!”

He increased the power of his thrusts, egged on by her words. His balls were now striking her rhythmically as her moans and groans filled their bedroom. With her legs hooked behind his back, she was lifting her pelvis, fucking him back, expressing her need.

Their mutual passion was like a feedback loop, each iteration magnifying the effect. Gasping, she whispered, “I’m… almost… there… love. Please, please, bite my nipples.”

From long experience, he knew exactly how hard to bite them – really a strong nibbling action, accompanied by almost animalistic growls. That did it. The Hostess howled as her orgasm took control of her body. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” Her howl had almost stopped when she heard her husband’s special sound that usually accompanied his climax. She felt his cock twitching inside her and the subsequent injection of his warm seed, flooding her. She shuddered with delight, and her pussy reacted with another, albeit smaller, orgasm that helped milk his cock empty.

He stayed inside her, atop her, embracing her as she lowered her legs to the bed. They relaxed, murmuring post-orgasmic words of endearment, enjoying the moment. Each knew that they had the perfect mate in their arms, and cherished the day they’d met.

Afterward, they didn’t bother to clean up before dressing, since the scent of sex hanging about them would be perfect for this evening. The Hostess did put on a pair of panties, to prevent the semen that would be leaking from her for a while from staining her dress. She didn’t don her leather corset, knowing that even if she was called upon to service the dogs that evening, they would be leather booted, to protect the skin of Master’s girl. It took her quite some time to work her hair into some semblance of order, after being so lovingly ravished by her husband.

It was a difficult decision, with so many dresses to choose from, but the Hostess finally decided on a slit dress in vivid red. Its top was held up, covering her breasts, by a single strap that looped over her right shoulder. Sleeveless, both sides of its top were open from her armpit to her waist, giving fleeting glimpses of the sides of her breasts as she moved. A soft, rounded cord of the same red material encircled her slender waist, and soft, shimmering folds of material cascaded from there to her ankles. A daring slit rose from the right side of its hem all the way up to the cord at her waist, revealing her leg and all of her thigh, and, truth be told, occasional peeks at her smooth labia. The red Manolo Blahnik suede ankle-tie d’Orsay pumps completed her outfit in a striking manner, adding several inches of height to her petite frame.

A servant appeared, and discretely announced the arrival of the Master and his girl, so the Hostess discarded her panties, which had absorbed the majority of her leakage by now. She and her husband descended the stairs to enter the sitting room. The Hostess’ husband said, “Ah! There you are, old friend,” as he gave the Master a warm handshake and a semi-embrace.

The Master was a tall, imposing figure of a man, impeccably turned out for this occasion. His tailored suit covered a white dress shirt, adorned with a golden power tie. This clothing encased a frame that was not bulky, but rather lithe, with fluid movements. The black hair on his head extended down into short sideburns that framed a smooth-shaven face with a rakish smile. His body language expressed confidence. His gray eyes flashed in appreciation as they took in the sight of the Hostess in her revealing red dress, as they were introduced.

I’d like you both to meet my girl, Shelley,” he stated, indicating the woman standing next to him. She was petite, a shade more petite than the Hostess, almost waif-like. She stood with her head and eyes lowered, and her hands folded perhaps nervously and protectively in front of her lower belly. Shelley wore a simple, but elegant, black V neck dress with cap sleeves. The dress descended far enough to cover her sex, unless she were to bend her body over. As the Master had her execute a turn, they noticed that the dress had a zipper down its back to the approximate location of the top of the girl’s ass crack.

You may greet them in the proper manner, girl,” the Master prompted.

Without a word, Shelley gracefully lowered herself to her knees, and crawled the brief distance to the feet of the Hostess’ husband. There, she raised her torso and embraced the man’s upper thighs with both arms, as she turned her head and rested her cheek against his thighs, close to his groin. He petted her head gently in acknowledgment.

Shelley then crawled sideways to the feet of the Hostess. Remaining with head humbly low, she covered one of the Hostess’ feet with soft, warm kisses everywhere that her footwear would permit this. The Hostess leaned well over, and stroked the girl’s short auburn hair. Shelley stood and returned to the Master, now looking straight ahead. When she raised her face, they could see her expertly applied makeup, and her intelligent green eyes, sparkling with vitality. Her mouth, however, signaled uncertainty and nervousness.

Attuned to his girl’s moods, the Master let her sit on a couch next to him, cuddled against his side, as they all took seats for refreshments and discussion.

Have you told your girl what to expect tonight?” the Hostess asked the Master.

The Master began, “Only in the most general terms. She knows she’s to be fucked in front of a crowd, little else. I believe you said she’d be performing a blow job, along with being fucked, for your guests’ amusement.” The girl blushed prettily, hearing this.

He continued, “As per your instructions, she has not been allowed to shower for 2 days, but since she is generally naked in my home, her overall scent is clean. Of course she’s not wearing any perfumes or deodorants. She also knows her limits will be tested this evening. You should be aware that she professes to have no limits, other than mutilation and death. But still she knows she can safeword if she feels she cannot truly handle what is happening, but she never yet has safeworded with me. Right girl?”

Shelley looked up at him, her nervousness blended with feelings of adoration for her Master. “That’s correct, Master. I only hope to please you in all things. You make me feel safe and secure, so I gladly cede my control to you.”

Well spoken,” he replied, giving her a gentle hug.

I’d like the opportunity to examine your girl’s body,” the Hostess said. Her husband nodded his similar desire. “Will you show us how you plan to present her to the crowd?”

Gladly,” the Master answered. “Up, girl,” he commanded, as they both got to their feet. “I’d like to place her, facing your guests, like this,” he began, turning Shelley to face her hosts directly as they sat in their chairs, watching. “Since this dress caps her shoulders, it’ll be best if her arms are down by her sides. About here,” he continued. He placed her arms down, with her hands perhaps 4 inches from her hips, out to either side.

I’d like to stand behind her,” he stated, stepping into position. “Watch as I merely lower the zipper.” They heard the characteristic sound of an opening zipper, but it was being done very slowly and dramatically. The ‘V’ at her neck slowly opened, as the material that had been capping her shoulders, released by the opening zipper, began sliding laterally off her shoulders.

The creamy skin at the tops of her breasts appeared as the dress material covering them slid downward. More sounds of unzipping. The roseate surfaces of her areolae seemed to be rising into view, perhaps aided by a subtle arching of Shelley’s back as she proudly straightened. The Hostess and her husband learned moments later why her stature was so proud.

As the dress material lowered even farther, it fairly leaped off of the magnificent breasts it had been concealing. Shelley’s tits may in reality have been large C-cups, but on her petite frame they gave the appearance of being D-sized, at least. Her nipples protruded more than half an inch forward, and looked as if they were begging to be touched and fondled.

The shoulder caps slid down to Shelley’s elbows, letting the central dress part reveal her toned abdomen, softly moving out and in with each inhalation and exhalation. The cap material reached Shelly’s wrists, and the Master’s hand was almost down to the level of her ass crack. Just as the unzipping sound stopped, the cloth cleared Shelley’s hands and the dress material quickly cascaded to her feet, dramatically uncovering her sex. Her auburn colored pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a heart shaped patch, which had a secondary effect of acting as a pointer to her clit and labial slit.

The Hostess and her husband both began applauding at how this presentation had been performed, plus their appreciation of Shelley’s captivating loveliness. “Bravo! Well done! Beautiful!” the Hostess exclaimed. Privately, she was hoping that Shelley could have such a presence and demeanor when faced with a much larger crowd of strangers.

May we examine her more closely?” the Hostess inquired of the Master.

Certainly,” he replied. Speaking to Shelley, he told her, “Girl, while we are guests here this evening, you will obey the commands of these people, your hosts, as if the words came out of my mouth. Do you understand?”

Yes, Master,” she answered, humbly. “I will obey them as I would obey you.”

Wonderful,” the Hostess said. “Come closer to us, and bend slightly, offering us your tits.”

Shelley promptly stepped forward, and bent her waist toward them while bringing her elbows tight against her hips. Her arms pushed her breasts forward, almost into their faces. Her scent was that of an unwashed, but clean woman – the essence of femininity. Both hosts reached up to explore the warmth and textures of Shelley’s tits. As their hands touched her, and began exploratory caresses, the young woman sighed with happiness. Her nipples stiffened even more.

Shelley’s skin was glowing when the Hostess said, “Very good, girl. Now show us your cunt.”

May I get on the floor to do this, Miss?” she inquired.

Yes, you may. And please just call me Hostess, girl. I prefer that,” the Hostess instructed her.

Thank you for correcting me, Hostess,” Shelley said, humbly. She promptly went down onto the floor on her back, and planted her feet more than shoulder width apart. Reaching down, she opened herself to their gaze. Her vestibule was a lovely shade of pink, and glimmered with moistness. Her finger slowly retracted her clit hood, letting that rod of firm flesh emerge. Releasing that, she used both her hands, slipping both her index and middle fingers into her vaginal opening, and pulled her hands sideways. Obviously, she wasn’t shy about displaying herself in this manner.

The Hostess’ husband spoke to the recumbent female. “This evening, you’ll be sucking an unfamiliar cock, and after that, you’ll be fucked by an unfamiliar cock. All of this will take place in front of a large group of our guests at this dinner party. Do you have any hesitations about doing this?”

I’ve never been used in front of a large group of people before, Sir,” she answered. “But my Master wishes me to do this, and I want nothing more in the world than to please him. I’ll do my best not to disappoint him, or you, my hosts. I’m ready to try.”

The Hostess’ husband unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. “Here’s an unfamiliar cock. Show me how well you can suck it.”

The naked submissive rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled up to where he was seated. She parted her ruby lips, placed them around the crown of his cock, and inhaled, drawing the full length of his semi-turgid cock into her mouth. She’d shown no reluctance in these actions whatsoever, the Hostess noted.

Since Shelley was already on all fours, the Hostess moved behind her, to visualize how she’d be presented to the guests. Her ass was beautiful, creamy pink with arresting tan lines defining it. Her labia poked out slightly between her relatively closed thighs. The Hostess grasped her knees to move them apart, and the girl immediately shuffled herself into a more open posture, still sucking enthusiastically on the cock in her mouth.

With the girl’s thighs apart, her sex was much more visible. The Hostess again parted those now slightly swollen labia, revealing the damp pinkness between them. Inserting first one finger, then two, the Hostess dilated her vaginal opening, causing the girl to emit a happy sound from deep in her throat, somewhat muted by her currently full mouth.

Withdrawing her fingers, the Hostess noted with satisfaction that the girl’s vaginal tunnel stayed partly open, creating an amazingly erotic display. Turning to the Master, she said, “Perfect. The crowd will love seeing this view. We’ll make sure they see her backside when she’s on her hands and knees.” She winked at the Master, conveying that the girl would be presented to the dogs like this, also.

Looking toward her grinning husband, the Hostess said, “Darling, I think you should try out this cunt of hers. She can get the feel of your unfamiliar cock inside her, as a prelude to the evening.”

Excellent suggestion, my love,” he answered. “Turn around, girl,” he commanded.

Shelley let his cock escape from her mouth with a wet, popping sound, and then shuffled into an 180 degree turn, presenting her ass to him. He rose up from the chair, straddled her from behind, and guided his cock into her warm, receptive fuck hole.

The Hostess watched from the girl’s front, noting her expressions of not only acceptance, but also satisfaction, as her cunt was filled by that stiff cock. “Arch your back just a little more, girl,” she advised her. To the two men, she opined, “This girl apparently loves being on display, naked, and being fucked.”

Shelley blushed, but also smiled like a Cheshire cat, and remained silent, arching her back more and bracing herself against the carnal thrusts of that cock occupying her cunt. Her change in pose displayed her magnificent tits bouncing forward and back with each shuddering impact. It was a memorable sight. The guests should be thrilled to witness it.

The husband used the girl for his pleasure, fucking her fast, not wanting the girl to actually orgasm before the night’s event. Consequently, his actions brought him to his climax in just a few minutes. Ever thoughtful of his wife, he pulled out of the girl’s cunt to ejaculate his semen all over the top of her ass and lower back. “All yours, my dear,” he told his wife, panting and smiling.

The Hostess grinned, and stepped to the girl’s side. In order to kneel next to her, the Hostess had to open the side slit on her dress, pulling it to one side so it wouldn’t get caught under her knees. This exposed her cunt to the Master’s view, of course. She was glad to see the gleam of appreciation that appeared in his eyes as he looked. Turning her attention to the various splats of cum on the girl, the Hostess lapped and sucked up every bit of her husband’s offering. The salty taste of the girl’s sweat enhanced its favor, and the heat of her body kept the fluids nicely warm until they could all be consumed.

Rising and sitting on a chair, the Hostess told Shelley, “Get up now, girl, and sit here on my lap.” The Hostess kept her dress material out of the way, so the girl would press the bare flesh of her ass against the Hostess’ bare thighs and mound. She toyed gently with the compliant naked girl in her lap as they chatted over more refreshments, She wanted to keep the girl in a mildly aroused state, so that later, the dogs would be excited by the scent of this new bitch in heat. A servant discretely announced that the first guests were arriving, and being escorted to their places at the tables set up outdoors.

Let us know, as usual, when all have arrived, so we can make our entrance at that time. In the meanwhile, see to their needs concerning appetizers and drinks,” she instructed the servant. She bowed her understanding, and left the room.

It will not be long now, girl,” the Hostess said. “Are you excited?”

I have to admit I’m still nervous, Hostess,” the girl answered honestly. “You have such a grand house, I imagine your guests will be prominent people, expecting some sort of amazing performance for their entertainment. Merely seeing me suck a cock and be publicly fucked…” her voice trailed off as she pondered that. She concluded, “It seems rather tame. I hope I don’t disappoint things tonight. Your touches have me simmering, though, so I feel like I’m ready to take on a whole forest of cocks of strangers. Will they be wearing masks, or something?”

The Hostess laughed merrily. “No dear. No masks, or anything like that. Don’t worry. Your fresh beauty and enthusiasm will be quite gratifying. I’ve no worries about that at all.” Secretly, she was worried that the girl might freak out and balk when she learned the cocks in question would be attached to dogs, but that was what was making this event fascinating to see unfold.

The servant announced that all the invited guests were present.

Stand up, and put your dress back on, girl,” the Hostess told Shelley.

The men made certain that the ladies’ dresses looked perfect. With great composure, the Hostess entered the midst of the guests on the arm of her spouse. The Master and Shelley followed several steps behind them. After politely greeting the guests and thanking them for coming, the Hostess bade them to be seated.

Her husband directed the Master and his girl to the steps leading up onto the sturdy table that would act as the stage for this event. The Hostess watched the Master take his girl by the hand, and lead her up the steps. The girl was aware of all the eyes looking at her, so she squared her shoulders and kept her chin level as they rose to the top surface.

The Master turned her to face the crowd. “Good evening,” he said. “I have been asked by your gracious hosts to bring my girl to act as your entertainment for this gathering. This lovely creature is my submissive. I’ve had the honor to be her Master for almost a year now. During this time, she has shown herself to be obedient, responsive, and trustworthy. Working together, we have freed her inner slut.”

Hearing this, the girl blushed, smiled, and lowered her eyes. She was obviously both pleased and embarrassed to be so publicly praised. Her hands were shaking nervously at her side, so she clasped them together in front of her belly.

The Master continued, “Even though she has never performed in front of such a large group before, we have high hopes that her innate sensuality and, for lack of a better word, horniness, will allow her to do her best. I might add that she has only the broadest concept of what her performance tonight entails. Nevertheless, she accompanied me here willingly. Is that not so, girl?”

Shelley had been scanning all the faces, perhaps slightly mesmerized by their stares. For a brief moment, she appeared startled since she was not expecting to be called upon to talk. Recovering her composure, she straightened her spine, smiled, and replied, “Yes, Master. I’m here of my own free will, and to serve you. I want nothing more than to please you in all things. I always do my best to carry out your commands.”

There was a polite spattering of applause at the conclusion of her statement, which made the girl shyly lower her eyes. The Hostess was enchanted by her, and hoped she had the same effect upon her guests.

Now I think it’s time for me to reveal the splendor of this treasure of mine,” stated the Master. As he stepped behind her, she placed her hands out away from her waist in the same position she had taken during her earlier disrobing. Once again, the Master grasped her zipper and began slowly, very slowly, lowering it.

This time, the Hostess was more interested in seeing the reactions of her guests than in watching the dress slip down Shelley’s body. Everyone’s attention was riveted to the stage. People’s eyes seemed to dilate with excitement as the ‘V’ at the front of the girl’s dress opened. The Hostess heard soft exclamations of “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” as the dress fell away from her tits. A few people subconsciously licked their lips.

Everyone must have been holding their breath as the zipper reached its final few teeth. Their parting seemed abnormally loud in the still air. Then there was a whisper of cloth as the dress plummeted to the girl’s feet. As she stood there, her nude body fully revealed, the crowd broke out in thunderous applause, showing their approval. Shelley flushed scarlet down to the top of her breasts, but held her pose.

Various comments emerged from the guests: “She’s fantastic!”, “I would never have guessed that she possessed such mammaries!”, “Marvelous!”, “I wish I had a body like that!”, “Don’t we all?”, and so on. For his part, the Master spent this time enhancing Shelley’s display, by lifting her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples, running his hand down her taut belly, and even prodding her labia.

On your hands and knees now, girl,” the Master whispered. Still facing the crowd, she did as she was told. Once she was in that position, her ample breasts were framed by her arms in a most enticing fashion. The Master reached down and jiggled them with his fingertips, producing an involuntary giggle from the girl. “Hold your mouth open,” he whispered.

As Shelley opened her mouth, he ran his finger tip around her upper and lower lips, drawing everyone’s attention there. “Soon this pretty mouth of hers will be sucking hard on a dick as you watch.” Shelley’s body quivered slightly as he said this.

Placing a hand on her shoulder and hip, the Master pushed softly, maneuvering her slowly around until her ass faced one end of the seated area. He parted her thighs and then her labia fully, revealing the pink treasure that they concealed. “And soon thereafter, this gorgeous cunt of hers is going to be skewered repeatedly by a cock that she has never felt before. All for your entertainment,” he announced.

The Hostess was positioned so that she could see Shelley’s face at this point. The girl had screwed her eyes shut at this point. The Hostess could sympathize with her, knowing that a few minutes ago Shelley was standing like any other guest, and beautifully dressed, but now she was naked, on her knees, with her ass and cunt being shown to all these strangers.

She was considering stepping up and saying something to reassure the girl, but that proved to be unnecessary. In tune with his submissive, the Master became aware of her discomfort, and went down on one knee in front of her. With a soft, gentle voice, he said, “Open your eyes, my pet. You know you’re precious to me, and I’m here for you.” Everyone could see how much he adored his submissive.

Shelley opened her eyes, looked up into his face, and holding his gaze, began shuffling her knees sideways, slowly turning her body, and keeping her thighs wide apart. These movements treated the rest of the audience to an unrestricted view of her sex. She beamed a happy smile at her Master, seeing the look of pleasure and approval on his face as she obeyed.

He nodded, and since everyone had had a good look at her cunt, he turned her to once again face the guests. The crucial moment had arrived. The Hostess walked over to the steps and slowly ascended. Each step that she took opened the slit on the side of her red dress, giving an excellent view of her shapely legs and an occasional flash of her pussy.

When she reached the center of the stage, she stood on one side of the submissive girl, while the Master stood on the other. The Hostess signaled a servant, and Domino, a good-sized mostly brown bulldog, was led, trotting proudly, to the steps. His tongue lolled out of one side of his mouth, an area where his brown fur was interrupted with splotches of white and black. His wide set brown eyes sparkled with health, and his impressive testicles swung in and out of view between his rear legs as he moved.

Shelley’s face registered confusion, as she tried to comprehend why the gathering was being interrupted by the appearance of this animal. The Hostess gestured, and the well-trained dog climbed the steps and came over to sit at her feet, where he was petted and praised.

The audience watched Shelley’s face as comprehension dawned and the reality of her situation began to sink in. Her look of horror was priceless. It was patently obvious that the idea of an animal being involved in her performance had never crossed her mind. Her head swiveled from looking at the dog to looking at her Master. She didn’t speak, but her eyes were pleading with him. It was almost as if she was saying, “No. Please, Master. You can’t be serious. Suck on a dog? An animal? I want to please you, but this?”

The guests were fascinated, watching the submissive girl waging an inner battle. It was obvious she was torn between a knee-jerk reaction of revulsion to this idea, but also a deep desire to please her Master. Her emotions were heightened by the fact that she was being asked to do this in a public venue, rather than some intimate, private place.

Her Master merely looked down at her with a mild expression of inquiry. He knew that if this was too much for his girl – if she decided that this was a hard limit – she could invoke her safeword. If she did so, it would be the very first time. He was genuinely curious to see if she would take this step. Tension built. Finally, he knelt close to her and spoke so quietly that only she heard his words. “If you can’t bring yourself to do this, don’t worry. The Hostess will do it in your place.”

Shelley’s heart was pumping so hard and fast that she could hear and feel it. She looked at this man she trusted and adored, and felt relieved that he was giving her permission to opt out. Somehow, that knowledge transformed her feelings about the situation. She was not being forced to suck that dog’s cock – she was being given a choice. Another emotion rose up within her. It was a feeling that if that elegant woman, the Hostess, could and would put a dog’s cock in her mouth in front of all these people, well then, so could she.

Gathering her resolve, Shelley smiled at her Master, causing a murmur to stir among the onlookers. Turning her head, she smiled up at the Hostess, and nodded.

Comprehending the girl’s acquiescence, the Hostess pointed at a spot in front of Shelley and said, “Domino. Back.” The bulldog quickly rose up, trotted a few steps, and plopped himself on his back right beneath Shelley’s face. That simple command had a lot of Pavlovian conditioning behind it. In reaction to both the command and his current posture, the bulldog’s cock emerged from its furred sheath as if by magic.

Shelley’s pupils dilated visibly at the sight of that swollen pinkish rod with its deep red patterning of blood vessels. Its strangely pointed tip already had beads of moisture forming at its tiny opening. The pungent scent of dog wafted into Shelley’s nostrils, and began spreading out into the nearby crowd.

Mentally short-circuiting to prevent herself from dwelling on what she was about to do, Shelley opened her mouth, dipped her head, and engulfed the head of the cock. Hollowing her cheeks with suction, she let about half the shaft enter her mouth. A full third of the onlookers sympathetically sucked in lungfuls of air, while the rest, after a pregnant pause, burst into enthusiastic applause.

People quieted down thereafter, listening to the slurping sounds that Shelley was making as she bobbed her head up and down on the dog’s penis. Domino remained on his back, basking in the thrilling sensations the girl was creating at his undercarriage. He waved a paw from time to time, and his stubby, docked tail thumped on the stage intermittently. He made happy whining vocalizations, as if encouraging the girl.

For her part, the girl was amazed at the steady stream of salty precum emerging from the tip of his cock as she suckled. If it was anything like human precum, she couldn’t tell, because no man had ever filled her mouth with it like this dog was doing. She was swallowing continuously as she sucked and bobbed.

The dog began making a strange, different sound – sort of a deep rumble from his barrel-like chest. Slightly confused, the girl was caught off guard as the dog’s cock suddenly erupted like a garden hose turned on full! Her cheeks ballooned to their maximum extent in the twinkling of an eye, causing exclamations of surprise, and even some of sympathetic discomfort from the onlookers.

The force and volume of the cum blast made her choke and cough, forcing some cum to jet out of her nose. It’s doubtful that anyone noticed that, because as she starting coughing, she pulled her mouth free from his still ejaculating cock. Cum sprayed her entire face and neck. Fearing her Master and the Hostess might be displeased, she quickly reclaimed the cock tip, and, her face streaming with dog semen, managed to suck and swallow as fast as the fluid emerged now.

Shelley had consumed lots of her Master’s semen during the course of their relationship, so she couldn’t help but compared its taste to that of the dog’s. To her surprise, this canine’s semen tasted marginally better. It had an edge of sweetness to it, although its scent was strange. The scent had a quality that her mind could only label as ‘inky’ smelling, so the fact that it tasted this good didn’t exactly make sense.

As the flood of semen gradually ebbed, becoming a mere trickle before ceasing altogether, Shelley became aware of the audience once again. She’d been so closely focused on dealing with the dog’s ejaculation, she’d quite forgotten that a whole lot of wide-eyed people were watching her suck off a dog. She felt her face heat up with embarrassment as a wave of humiliation swept through her.

But after a few moments, she realized that the onlookers were not castigating her at all. Their murmurs were those of fascination, wonder, and amazement. Perhaps this was the first time any of them had seen this done in person. Some of those statements being made took a turn toward envy, because at that moment the Hostess hiked up the hem of her long dress all the way to her waist to facilitate kneeling next to Shelley. This briefly exposed her gorgeous pussy and ass to her guests, prompting good natured comments about what a ‘lucky bastard’ her husband was.

Placing her hand behind Shelley’s head to control its positioning, the Hostess proceeded to lick the dog semen off Shelley’s face and neck. The submissive felt her heart throbbing almost painfully inside her chest as that elegant woman performed this intimate act, uncaring about anyone watching it being done. That delicious tongue carefully bathed every bit of semen from the young woman’s face and neck, leaving her quivering in bliss.

Thank you, Hostess,” the woman whispered fervently.

My pleasure, my dear,” the Hostess replied, eyes twinkling. “We certainly couldn’t let that lovely stuff go to waste, now could we?” she asked, rhetorically. She nodded to her husband, who signaled Domino to follow him back to the house, and the waiting servant.

Now, girl, are you ready to be fucked while my guests watch?” the Hostess whispered.

Shelley didn’t immediately reply one way or the other. Her facial expressions telegraphed that she wanted to say something, or ask something, but felt uncertain that she’d be permitted to do so.

The Hostess intuited her discomfort in speaking, so she encouraged her, “Yes, dear? You obviously want to say something. Speak freely. What is it?”

Shelley started speaking so quietly that the Hostess had to place her ear right next to the girl’s mouth. “Hostess… Will I… I mean… the fucking… will it be by a man? Or…” Her voice squeaked slightly at this point. “Or by a dog?”

The Hostess graced her with a tender smile, answering, “A dog, of course, girl.”

Will it… can it… hurt?” the girl gasped out, trembling nervously.

I’ll be honest with you, girl,” the Hostess began. “There can be some momentary pain, because a dog’s cock is like a stick, and if he’s poking that stick against your ass flesh, seeking to find your hole, that can be uncomfortable. But I plan to guide his cock quickly to the right place to prevent most of that. Also, their claws can scratch us if we don’t take precautions, but this has already been done for tonight.”

The guests were patiently watching this interaction, this almost silent conversation. After all, Shelley was still on all fours, with her dangling tits still on full display. The men especially seemed mesmerized as they stared at them gently swaying whenever the girl spoke.

This dog’s cock is built so that your pussy will probably feel more filled than it ever has before, once he gets it inside. Dog’s fuck hard and fast, too, with much more stamina than I’ve encountered with most males. And your cunt opening will possibly be stretched more than you’ve ever felt before, as well,” the Hostess continued.

Stretched?” the girl said, with a voice tinged with both caution and curiosity. “Will it stretch me so out of shape that my Master will no longer find pleasure there?” she asked with all seriousness.

Grinning, the kneeling Hostess changed her position so that she was sitting, dress still hiked up to her waist, her thighs now opened, giving everyone – girl and guest – a good look at her cunt. Using fingers to splay her labia open, she informed the girl, “I fuck my dogs all the time. Does it look like my pussy is so distorted that men will find no pleasure here?” The guests were certainly finding pleasure looking at it. Everyone’s attention had snapped from Shelley’s tits to the Hostess’ cunt.

Shelley’s face took on an abashed smile. “No, Hostess. You have an absolutely gorgeous pussy into which any sane man would love to sink his cock,” she answered, frankly. She paused, then continued, “I really want to please my Master – not to disappoint him or you. I’m ready to be fucked, Hostess, but please help me. I’m still a bundle of nerves. This is so unknown to me that I’m afraid.”

Good girl,” the Hostess complimented her. “I adore honest answers. I’ll help you get ready, then. First, I think I’ll dilate your pussy with my fingers. Let me position you.”

The Hostess stood, allowing her dress to once again envelope her charms. An audible sigh arose from the guests as her pussy and legs disappeared from sight, making her smile. She turned the girl so that her ass again faced the center area for the guests, then shuffled her into a turn of about 45 degrees. In this manner, the guests at one end of the area had a direct view of the girl’s ass, while those at the other end saw her from her side. She lifted her dress only above her knees this time to kneel partially behind the girl. No one complained about either view.

The Hostess sucked two of her fingers, and eased them into the girl’s pussy. She was pleased that they slid inward with little restriction, indicating that the girl’s nervousness hadn’t dried her vaginal tunnel too much. The tunnel began getting wetter as the Hostess started fingering it, occasionally brushing or rubbing the girl’s clit. She even rubbed her own cheeks softly against the girl’s pert ass cheeks, all to aid in the girl’s arousal. During this, she gave Shelley quiet tips about being mounted. “Keep your ass up high, but lower your shoulders so that your tits press against or at least touch the surface under them,” she whispered.

While this was being done, three large screens above and behind the stage lit up. The various feeds from three cameras appeared. One screen showed the girl directly from her front, giving a good look at her face. The second showed a tight side shot of her kneeling body. The third was a closeup of her ass and cunt, seen from behind. Now all guests could see everything from whatever angle(s) they wished.

The Hostess’ husband also quietly informed the guests, “Feel free to leave your seats from time to time to see the actual performance more closely, as long as you don’t block the cameras.” He indicated their positions. “We’ll be recording this part of the event, and playing it back when we’re seated for dinner.”

By now, the Hostess had a wedge of 4 fingers inserted into the girl’s cunt. Her fingers were glistening wetly as she twisted her wrist left and right. The scent of the girl’s juices drifted into the area around the guests. The Hostess caught her husband’s attention, nodding that it was time to have Rex brought out.

Pulling her hand free, which gave the guests a lovely view into the girl’s gleaming depths, the Hostess whispered, “Oh yes. There is a doggy protocol you need to observe. Our dog Rex will be here in a few moments, and he will probably sniff your ass loudly. Then I expect he will come up to your head, and back into your face, so you can sniff his ass in return. This is a form of greeting, so please sniff loudly.”

A bit stunned, the girl nodded her understanding, but the redness was creeping back into her face. The face view screen showed it clearly. The thought of publicly sniffing a dog’s ass was sinking her into a deeper state of submission – ‘sub space’ – which she actually enjoyed. And somehow, the very fact that this was all so taboo in general society, and yet she was going to participate voluntarily, well, that added a further frisson of excitement.

A nervous titter ran through the crowd as Rex trotted into view. He was a magnificent Golden Retriever, covered in long golden red hair. He waved his tail proudly behind him as he pranced toward the stage. The dark black pools of his eyes glittered, and his dark nose, alive with movement as he scented the air, gleamed with moist health. His claws did not click on the ground, because leather booties, color coordinated with his dark gold coat, covered all four of his paws.

Pavlovian-type conditioning had taught Rex that when his booties were on, some bitch would be presented to him for breeding. His keen sense of smell guided him up the steps onto the stage and over to where Shelley knelt. The girl couldn’t see his approach because the Hostess’ placement blocked her view. The leather booties made it difficult to even tell how close he might be.

Consequently, when the dog inhaled with several loud sniffs, actually touching his cool, wet nose right against Shelley’s ass hole, her face registered wide-eyed shock, priceless to behold. The girl managed to stifle her shriek into a sound resembling ‘eeeep’ as she contracted her muscles to try to stabilize her pose. Seconds later, as he came around in front of her, Shelley’s facial expression morphed from surprise when she saw the size of the dog that appeared in her view, to one of mild disgust just before it was obscured by Rex shoving his ass into her face.

You could’ve heard a pin drop as the guests held their breath. Obediently, Shelley sniffed loudly not once, but twice. Rex let loose with a joyful bark, spun around, and licked her full on her face, before moving behind her once again. Blinking her eyes, she looked up at her Master, who’d moved on the stage to a point where he could see her face directly. This caused her to notice the three screens, and she realized how thoroughly all the onlookers would be able to observe her act of submission.

Curiously, time seemed to slow to a drag as the dog moved out of her field of view. She had ample time to visualize the obscene way she was posed. How her ass and cunt must be salaciously presented to all those people. Her mind was whirling with that inner turmoil of wanting to do anything to please her Master, battling with the fear of the possible pain, and overshadowed with the notions that sex with animals was a nasty thing, that only the sluttiest of the sluts might do.

With a snap, she realized she didn’t have to visualize her pose – she could see it if she looked up at the screen. “OMG,” she thought. “The Hostess really opened my cunt with her hands. I’ve never seen that deeply into myself before.” But she only had a moment to glance at that image, because Rex was now behind her, partially blocking that view.

Her face displayed startled apprehension as Rex flicked his long wet tongue the full length of her sensitive, exposed, sexual region. The tongue slithered all the way from her clit to her ass hole. He lapped several times, never letting his sharp teeth touch her delicate membranes. As her fear abated, Shelley’s face began radiating pleasure. She closed her eyes, with a huge smile on her face, as Rex continued a spirited cunnilingus on her, lapping merrily at the juices she was beginning to spill out of her cunt.

The audience was nearly breathless, so the sounds of the lapping dog, and the gradual utterance of soft moans from the submissive were clearly audible. One woman stated, apparently to no one in particular, “He’s licking her so forcefully.” Was there a tone of envy in her voice?

Writhing with pleasure now in response to the dog’s oral attentions, Shelley never noticed the collective gasp emerging from the guests. Her mind even had trouble piecing together the statements being made. “Look! Look at that,” one man said. A female voice said, “It’s enormous!” Another female voice choked out, “She’s never going to be able to handle that!” They were referring, of course, to Rex’s cock. His cunt lapping had aroused him to a prodigious, if not yet full, erection. The weirdly pointed tip on his scarlet, pulsating member was actually starting to spray precum onto the stage between the girl’s knees.

Things clicked into place in Shelley’s mind when the Hostess leaned in and whispered into her ear, “He’s about ready, girl. Are you ready to feel him enter you?”

Enter me?” she thought. The girl shuddered, since the moment of truth was upon her. “Should I do this? Master said I didn’t have to, if I chose not to. He said the Hostess would take my place,” went her inner dialogue. She flicked a glance at the side view screen. On it, she could only see her body, on all fours, and Rex’s head back by her ass, still licking her furiously. She couldn’t see the rest of his body. “Will Master be upset with me if I back out? Will the Hostess?” the girl asked herself. All this was flashing through her mind in an instant.

Finally, she asked herself the most important questions. “Will I be upset with myself if I don’t do this? Will I always wonder and regret passing up this chance?” She wasn’t even thinking about the many, many people watching, any longer. She just resolved that she had to find out what this was like. Especially if an elegant woman such as the Hostess had no qualms about this behavior.

She decided she’d better tell everyone her decision, so, trying to keep the quavering out of her voice, declared very loudly and clearly, “Yes, Hostess! I want the dog to fuck me! Please help me!”

Smiling, the Hostess gave the girl’s auburn hair a loving stroke, before positioning herself near the girl’s hips and grasping Rex’s cock with a firm guiding hand. Instinctively, Rex stopped lapping at his new bitch’s cunt, reared up, and planted his booted paws on her back. Shelley felt some air whoosh out of her lungs as the weight of the dog mashed her tits harder down onto the stage. She felt two other things: the Hostess’ fingers holding her cunt open, and a sort of wet poking sensation at the back of her thigh.

She looked up at the side view screen and was momentarily spellbound at the sight there. The Golden Retriever was partially atop her, and he was moving his haunches forward and back, rapidly. She could also see the hand of the Hostess wrapped around what looked like a gigantic cock, trying to control and aim it. The expression on the Hostess’ face was one of intense concentration. But that cock! Surely that cock wouldn’t fit inside her. She began to have second thoughts.

But she had no time to act on them.

At that moment, the tip of Rex’s cock found the yielding wetness of the girl’s fuck hole. His front paws angled, sliding down to lodge themselves on the shelf of the girl’s hips, giving him purchase. With a hard lunge, he buried the full length of his dick into her vagina. Before she could blink, the girl was stuffed full. She might not have been able to blink, but she did scream an incoherent, “AAAHHHHHhhhhh!!”

My god!” a male voice cried out from the audience. “He’s taken her!”

Rex wasted no time in beginning his thrusts. As with all dogs, he fucked her with the only speed he ever used – full speed. The force of his impacts threatened to shove Shelley across the stage, but her upper torso, mashed firmly against the surface beneath her, plus her braced arms and palms, anchored her well enough.

But she had never been fucked this violently! It was like being fucked like an animal, by an animal. Because that’s really what was happening. Her pupils were dilated as her sympathetic nervous system tried to help her cope with this furious assault. The face view screen zoomed in to catch that expression. The side view screen showed her body trembling and shaking with each massive thrust. The rear view screen was angled enough to see Rex’s soaking wet cock flashing in and out of the girl’s now puffy and red labia.

I’ve never been fucked that intensely,” one woman opined, talking almost half-distractedly to herself. Her voice was indeed tinged with envy and awe.

The rapid movements of the dog’s dick in and out of Shelley’s cunt pressed a great deal of air into her vaginal passage. As the pressure got too great, it exploded back outward in ‘pussy farts’, some like small ‘queef’ sounds, and others loud blasts of compressed air. She could feel the vibrations in her vaginal ring produced by this escaping air. Farting at the crowd like this was extremely mortifying, but there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

The lewd performance, continued, and now Shelley’s body was accommodating to the violent coupling, and responding. Miraculously, she felt an orgasm growing inside her. She needed her Master’s permission to cum, though. Loud enough for him to hear, she cried out, “Master, may I cum?”

Smiling, he crossed his arms. He knew his girl, and although she was aroused, he knew she could do better. “No, girl,” he replied. “Let it build.”

Groaning, she held back, but her body became even more insistent. She begged, “Oh god! Please, Master please!” She gulped air, head shaking.

No girl, I know you can hold out longer,” he replied. The audience was spellbound.

Finally Shelley squealed, “Please, Master! I can’t hold it any longer! I beg you!”

He quietly answered, “Yes my pet. Cum for me now.”

His words registered, and her muscles contracted as she writhed in orgasm beneath the beast. Oblivious to her climax, the dog kept hammering her cunt, his swollen knot banging at her opening. His tongue lolled from his mouth, dripping saliva on the girl’s back as he panted to cool himself. The Hostess looked at her guests. Almost everyone was bug-eyed with concentration, and about half of the jaws were slack with shock, mouths hanging open. As the girl climaxed, loud gasps erupted among the onlookers.

Even though many of her limb muscles were contracting violently from her orgasm, conversely, her vaginal ring slackened at the same time. Animal instinct took over for Rex as he felt that opening yielding to his knot. Bracing his front paws at the girl’s hips, he thrust his cock forward with a powerful lunge, and his knot penetrated her vaginal opening, sealing it. She screamed as she felt her cunt opening stretched wider than ever before in her life. She began panting away the pain.

Now that he’d knotted his bitch, Rex stopped thrusting, but his knot swelled even more, ensuring a tighter seal. Shelley cried out, “It’s getting bigger!” before continuing in a weeping babble of nonsense. She was dimly aware that the stick-like nature of the front of his cock was softening deep inside her vagina. The pointed tip gently brushed against her cervix, making her shiver.

There was a pause.

Then the dog’s cock began spewing. And spewing. And spewing. Shelley’s babble turned into coherent sounds. “Fuck! He’s cumming!” she cried. “Shit! Damn! It’s like a hot water faucet…” her voice trailed off. The huge canine cock continued its copious spurting of the lava which was the dog’s hot semen. Shelley became barely coherent now. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk oh god Master… haaaaaaa oh please… cumminggggggggggggggggg!” Once again, her body convulsed in a massive orgasm as the trapped semen forced its way through her cervix, and flooded her womb, filling it beyond capacity. Dog semen forced its way into her uterine tubes, a sensation completely novel to the climaxing girl. She screamed, “He’s still cumming!”

The face view screen showed her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

People’s eyes were flitting from the live scene in front of them, to the screen showing the girls face, to the side view, to the rear view. The face view showed a woman almost swooning in ecstasy. The side view showed her body vibrating, thrumming, covered by the Golden Retriever now pressing his belly along her back. Her tits shook from her orgasmic convulsions. Her lower belly seemed to be swelling as the semen occupied it. The rear view showed her cunt opening, grossly distended, but sealed by the dog’s knot. The knot rippled with each new ejaculation into his bitch.

Time stood still. The audience was silent, barely breathing as they watched this amazing spectacle. They heard a whisper from the girl, too soft to be intelligible. She whispered again. People tried to read her lips, watching the closeup of her face. The lips curled into a smile. She whispered louder, this time audibly. She was repeating, “So good… so good,” over and over again. Soft murmurs spread through the guests as they informed one another what she was saying.

After a short while, Rex began back pedaling, trying to detach from his bitch, now that she’d been fully bred. Both the girl and the dog whimpered quietly from the pain this caused them both, but Rex was determined, and his knot was deflating. With a weird squelching sound, he pulled clear and trotted to the Hostess’ husband, where he plopped down and began licking his cock.

Some of the guests, most of them female, watched him doing this, looking aghast at the size of his cock, even as it was deflating. The rest were staring at the gaping hole between Shelley’s labia. Her cunt was disgorging copious amounts of dog cum and air – pussy farts blended with dog semen. Her cunt was actually blowing sticky, slimy bubbles of dog cum, as she remained on all fours, head now pillowed on her arms since she no longer had to brace herself against the canine thrusts.

When she had recovered enough to speak coherently, she crawled to her Master’s feet. Embracing his knees, she looked up into his face, stating, “My god. Master… I loved it! If it pleases you, may we get a dog please?”

The guests roared with appreciation, applauding, hearing her words.

When the uproar died down, the Master asked, “You mean you want to be fucked by a dog on a regular basis, girl?”

Shelley’s face blossomed in a pretty pink blush, but her voice was steady when she answered, “If that would please you, Master… yes.” Her gaze traveled from his face down his torso to his crotch. She saw he had a raging erection, because his cock was tenting his pants so forcefully that the material threatened to rip. Her eyes lit up. “Oooo, Master! May I please suck your cock? I really, really want it in my mouth, if you desire that.”

Grinning, the Master opened his trousers, and freed his magnificent cock, which was indeed rampant, with its opening oozing his precum. “Then suck me, my dear pet. Let all these people watch you worship my cock.”

Shelley was still so turned on by her encounter with the dog that, without a hint of shame, she began to greedily suck on his offered cock. Her head bobbed, her hands pumped his shaft and caressed his balls. She quite lost herself in servicing her Master.

The Hostess studied her guests. Everyone seemed to be intently watching this act of worshipful fellatio. Whispered comments like, “I want you to do that when we get home”, “Damn, he’s a lucky man”, “I need a cock in my mouth right now, too”, “I can’t help it – I’m playing with myself” rippled through the crowd. The Hostess smiled happily, glad her guests were enjoying themselves.

Shelley could tell her Master was about to cum, so she took her mouth off his cock only long enough to ask, “Do you want me to swallow it all, Master?” and then returned to sucking him hard and deep.

His grunted response was, “No, Girl. I’m going to paint you with it… Now!”, whereupon he yanked his cock free from her mouth. It emerged with a hollow sound of a wet piece of flesh being pulled out of a vacuum, and began to spew. Both he and his submissive cried, “Ahhhhhh” as his semen spurted onto her face, and into her hair. Splat after splat of white, sticky cum struck and painted her. There was so much that Shelley began giggling softly, making her torso shake gently, causing many guests’ eyes to focus on her lovely, jiggling tits.

His painting of her face had spared her eyes. Still clinging to his knees as he tucked his now drooping cock back into his clothing, the girl looked into his face, beaming emotions of love and adoration. His own body quivering now in post-orgasmic aftershocks, the Master flatly declared, “If dog-fucking turns you on THAT much, girl, we’ll certainly consult our Hostess for which breed would be best for you.” Shelley wrapped her arms tightly around his thighs, whooping with joy. The guests applauded anew, and began louder discussions of all that had transpired.

The Hostess got everyone’s attention. As they quieted, she said, “I want to thank the Master, and especially his girl, for their fantastic performance this evening. I also want to thank all of you for attending this event, and being so attentive and respectful. As you can tell, it was this girl’s very first time with a dog. Even though she was not expecting it, and had no such experience, she was brave enough to rise to the challenge. We should congratulate her.”

The guests did so, even giving her a standing ovation. At first, Shelley blushed shyly, with downcast eyes. But gradually, as the recognition of her outstanding performance continued, she looked up, and scanned the crowd, allowing herself to accept their compliments. Even though her face and hair were still spattered with her Master’s cum, she radiated beauty.

As her guests gradually settled, the Hostess added, “I have high hopes that our next gathering will also be extra special.” Murmurs of speculation abounded, after this pronouncement. “It’s now time we all had our dinner. Please be seated. The Master and his girl will sit here, at the places of honor.”

As they dined on the scrumptious food, the guests also circulated, many coming up to Shelley and asking what that all felt like, and telling her how impressed they were with her, and how much they admired her. She felt like quite a celebrity, especially since the scenes of her interaction with Rex were being replayed on the large screens. Shelley was fascinated to see herself being mounted by the lovely animal, and looked wide-eyed at how it appeared from different angles. When her screen image went into orgasm, Shelley felt her cunt spasm again in a sympathetic reflex, remembering the intensity of that orgasm.

The Hostess too got her fair share of questions. Some people were trying to guess what the next event would be like. But the majority of the women were hinting to her that they might like, sometime, privately, to try… ummmm… and then they would blush and stammer, unable to actually articulate their request.

At this point, the Hostess would graciously assist them by whispering, “I think you’re asking if you can try being fucked by a dog.” This made them flush with embarrassment mixed with desire and curiosity, and they would nod.

Winking, the Hostess then answered, “Just give us a call, if you’re serious.”

A few of the men present were Doms. When they asked the Hostess if their girls could try a dog, like Shelley did, the Hostess would flash an enigmatic smile, and answer gently and teasingly, “Yes. Perhaps, if I deem them fit for our dogs.”


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