The Hostess – Stephanie’s story

(from Stephanie’s viewpoint, the morning after the dinner party)

Dragging my ass out of bed, I gave myself a quick wash, dressed, and rushed over to Helen’s apartment, hoping she was still speaking to me. I didn’t even eat breakfast or put on makeup.

From the glare that she gave me as she opened her door, I knew she was pissed. I put up my hands in a placating gesture, blurting out, “First Hels, I’m sorry I couldn’t call last night. I was warned that they took everyone’s phones and cameras at these events. Evidently, no photos or records of any kind are allowed to be kept. So I didn’t even have my phone with me. Later, when your brother George dropped me off, I was so exhausted I just collapsed into bed. I rushed over this morning as quickly as I could.”

Helen had her arms crossed and was tapping her foot as she listened to me, but her glare softened somewhat. “Come into my bedroom, Steph. I want to show you something,” she said, beckoning with her finger.

We sat down side-by-side on her bed as she reached into the drawer of her nightstand. Pulling out her diary, she opened it to the latest entry. “Here. Read this out loud,” she demanded.

Clearing my throat, I began. “Dear diary, why do these things always happen to me? George had, after about a year of trying, managed to get an invitation to one of the Hostess’ special dinner parties. Just my rotten luck to get sick this morning. George still wanted to go, even without me. He claimed that not to show up would be insulting, and we’d probably never get another chance.”

I stopped reading for a moment, and looked up at Helen. “That’s probably very true, you know.”

I know,” Helen replied in a resigned voice. “But it still didn’t make me happy to miss the party. Keep reading.”

So George asked Stephanie, my BFF, to go with him, and she needed no persuasion to accompany him in my place. I’ve been waiting all evening to hear something. Here, alone in my bedroom, I must have checked my phone 300 times since they left. I’m distracted and nervous, and having a stuffed nose and headache doesn’t help.”

I looked up and Helen again, “Are you feeling better now?”

Yes, thanks,” she answered, with most of the glare gone. Apparently, this sharing of her emotions last night was calming her down.

Since she wasn’t stopping me, I continued reading aloud .”Just before 9 PM my phone chirped. I almost tripped over my shoes in my haste to get to it. SHIT! No! I did not need double glazed and nitrogen filled windows! Get the hell off my line, idiot, and how did you get my number? CLICK! This silence is deadly. I’m going to lay back on my bed and watch TV.”

Helen held out her hand for her diary, saying, “I honestly don’t remember watching anything. It was a necessary distraction, and I finally fell asleep. Now tell me before I burst, how did it go?”

Didn’t George fill you in?” I teased. When Helen responded by smacking me with her pillow, I held up my hands in surrender, “OK, OK. I’ll talk,” I said, giggling.

It’s about time,” Helen complained, leaning toward me. “I want so many details that I’ll be able to visualize myself as being there. Her voice was finally low and sexy as usual, and I could hear and feel her excitement.

Gosh, the place was huge, and I felt seriously under-dressed, Hels. The men were all so handsome in tuxedos and dinner jackets and the women’s gowns were so opulent. The Hostess – you should have seen her. She’s so beautiful. She has huge, translucent blue eyes, and her skin is like alabaster and her hair was done up in a gorgeous chignon. She wore a gown of deepest purple, almost black, that was strapless. We didn’t know it at the time, but underneath that gown she wore a leather corset, with red and gold vertical stripes. I guess she’s in her early 30s, and even though she’s not tall, standing there in her open toed Jimmy Choo shoes, she could easily pass as a supermodel.”

Helen was practically vibrating, awash with envy and impatience, “So what happened?” she tried to ask casually.

I decided to tease my friend a little longer. “Oh,the appetizers were amazing, the meal was delicious,” I answered. “There were servers everywhere, and they catered to everyone. It was like something from the Great Gatsby, with your handsome brother George as Gatsby.”

“Stoppit bitch! Tell me what happened!” Helen demanded, all pretense of nonchalance gone.

“Well,” I drew a theatrical breath, “after the hors d’oeuvres and drinks, our attention was drawn to a dais-like table. The Hostess was led up onto it by her husband. He unzipped her gown, and it fell to her feet. She was naked, except for her corset and shoes. As she stood there with her arms raised to let us view her body, she looked almost like Xena, except way sexier.

One of the servants led in a dog. He was magnificent, kinda brown, and looked like a Boxer but without a squished face and he was on a leash and collar. His claws clicked on the marble floor as he strutted – seriously, he strutted – to the husband, who took off the leash and brought him over to the Hostess. When he got there, I swear, Hels, the dog began to lick her and panted, and her knees moved wider and wider apart, and then his tongue was right in her pussy! You could see how wet she was and how she enjoyed it. Her tits looked like they swelled and her nipples got so stiff.”

Helen bit her lower lip. “Dammit. What a time to be sick!” she exclaimed.

“Anyhow, I was sitting with George,” I chatted on gaily, “and his hand slid under my skirt. As the dog licked the Hostess’ pussy, he began to finger me, I sat there watching this stunningly beautiful woman getting her pussy licked. I swear my own pussy was drooling, Hels. Your brother’s finger got very wet.”

Hmmm. That makes me wonder,” Helen mused. “If I’d been sitting next to George, would he have done that to me?”

I looked her straight in the eye. “Helen, the whole thing was such a turn on, I’ve no doubt about it. His finger would’ve been in you, and you would’ve ridden it hard. Because next, the Hostess got onto her side, slid partway under the dog, and fingered his cock and then started sucking it.”

Helen’s eyes widened with shock. “She sucked the dog’s cock with everyone watching?”

Yes. Like it was the most natural thing in the world to do,” I answered. “As she did it, his cock seemed to get larger and longer. My heart was in my throat, and my mouth was drooling almost as much as my pussy. I couldn’t help but wonder what that dog’s cock would feel like and taste like in my mouth. I almost fainted when the dog started humping her mouth.”

Helen was staring at me, hanging on my every word.

Her husband said something to her, and she got down on her hands and knees. She was like on all fours, and she still looked like a queen. Her ass and pussy were open and the lighting kind of drew attention to the fact that she was naked except for the corset. She held her ass up high, and lowered her tits and shoulders down onto the surface. She kept her face turned towards us, not hiding it like she was ashamed of what was happening.”

Helen’s eyes were focused on a point far off in space, almost as if she was looking across time and distance, seeing the Hostess kneeling in front of that dog. “Then suddenly the dog reared up and I saw his cock was sticking way out and at least 6″ long, if not longer. Her husband helped the dog aim his cock into her cunt, and the dog began to fuck her. It was almost primal! He was thrusting like crazy, and the Hostess was bracing herself, and she began cumming.”

I looked apologetically at Helen. “Please don’t hate me. But at that moment, I unzipped George’s pants, pulled out his cock, which was stiff as a board, and sat on his lap.” I blushed. “We weren’t the only couple fucking at that moment. Everyone was so turned on! I’m getting turned on again, just telling you about this.”

I don’t hate you, Steph,” Helen stated, her voice choked with emotion. “I’m just sorry that I couldn’t have been there. And I’m getting turned on, hearing all this.” She took my hand, and moved it up under her skirt until I was touching her panties. They were soaking wet.

Getting her message, I slid my fingers up, around behind her waistband, and then down again until they entered the slippery valley between her labia. As I did so, Helen yanked her dress out from under her butt, and up off of her body, tossing it across the room with abandon. She wasn’t wearing a bra, and her nipples looked so engorged that they appeared to pulsate with her heartbeat. I wasted no time in stripping her panties down and off her legs.

Please keep telling me about the party,” Helen implored.

I started fingering her cunt with two fingers as I continued with my description. “So the Hostess was up on the dais, her pussy being hammered fast and hard by that dog. I’m bouncing on George’s cock, with it skewering in and out of my cunt. Other people around us are playing with tits and cocks, but all eyes are on the Hostess. Then I saw it.”

Helen had been lying on her back, eyes closed and thighs wide open, letting my fingers squish in and out of her sopping honey tunnel. She opened her eyes, looking at me, and asked, “Saw what?”

At the base of a dog’s cock, there’s an enlargement. They call it his ‘knot’ because the dog uses it to tie himself to his bitch.” I pulled my two fingers out of Helen’s cunt, which made her pout in that fashion that makes my heart go all melty/gooey. “Look,” I said, holding my hand up, with the two fingers sticking out, and the rest curled into a fist with my thumb. “Suppose my fingers are the dog’s cock. The rest of this is his knot.” Using my other hand to simulate a vaginal opening, I moved my fingers in and out briefly and then shoved the knot part hard against the opening.

When the knot goes in, it seals the bitch’s opening. That’s when he starts pumping his semen into her. It can’t escape, so it floods inward, all the better to impregnate her. And that’s why mating dogs are sometimes stuck together – tied together – for 10 or 15 min. Got the idea?” I asked her, as I put my two fingers back into her vagina and started finger fucking her again.

Helen’s eyes were slightly glazed as she absorbed this information, but she nodded. “And did he… did the dog… I mean, the dog was fucking the Hostess. And you saw the dog’s knot… so did he?”

She didn’t exactly finish her sentence, but I understood what Helen wanted to know. “The Hostess was on her hands and knees, offering her cunt to that dog. The dog had his claws up on her back, hooked into the leather of her corset, pulling her back harder and harder onto his cock. His huge knot was bumping against her labia over and over.” I bumped my curled fist against Helen’s labia in a similar manner now as I fingered her. Her cunt juices were all over my hand. Her own hands were clawing the bed covers, her body virtually vibrating with arousal.

George’s cock was plowing my cunt deeply as we watched. I myself was almost climaxing, spellbound by what I was watching, waiting for something, and not knowing exactly what. That’s when we saw the dog plant that huge knot into – actually into – the Hostess’ cunt opening!” I shoved my juice-soaked fist hard against Helen’s vaginal entrance. Her labia sucked at my knuckles as I felt her cunt muscles rippling against my fingers deep inside her. Helen convulsed in orgasm, screaming her release.

She started thrashing on the bed, so I used my free arm to pin her hips in place, keeping my fist pressed hard against her cunt, moving my fingers inside her to prolong her ecstasy. Her thrashing and panting made her luscious tits weave and bob in a fantastic manner. I could tell when her orgasm was complete, because she gently pulled my fingers free from her pussy, and brought them up to her mouth to suck and lick them clean.

Get your clothes off, Steph, lie back, and continue with your story,” Helen commanded, smiling with relief. I didn’t need to be told twice. In the blink of an eye, I was naked and on my back, and Helen was kneeling between my knees.

Where was I, Hels?” I muttered. Helen inspired my memory by leaning down and using her mouth and fingers on my swollen labia and clit. “Oh yes. The dog knotted the Hostess, and stopped humping her. Her husband explained that the dog was now spurting his seed, which would fill not only her vagina to capacity, but also flood her womb. He mentioned that if we looked closely, we could see her lower belly distend from the volume of fluid being pumped into her.”

Helen was licking, sucking, nibbling and fingering me in a most distracting manner as I was describing this. My voice was getting rather breathy. I was lifting my pelvis up off of her bed, shoving it into her face as I gasped out, “That’s when I came on George’s cock. Imagining being under that dog, and feeling his hot semen squirting into me. And my orgasm triggered George’s. His cock throbbed each time it spurted, and my naughty pussy sucked hard, draining every drop out of it.”

Hearing this, Helen shoved several of her fingers into my cunt, wiggling and swirling them as she planted her lips on my clit, and suckled it. I lost control. Shrieking unintelligible syllables, I felt my internal muscles grab her fingers as my juices shot out and spattered her face and neck. While I was cumming, Helen shifted her body sideways, placing her dripping pussy against my leg, and started rubbing it up and down.

OMG!” I cried. “That’s so… I’m gonna… Oh fuck, Helen, you’re…” I was having a hard time breathing, with her mouth and fingers still busy at my sex, and her pussy erotically rubbing against my leg.

Helen moaned, the sound muffled by her lips being pressed against my cunt. She started shaking and I felt her pussy erupt on my leg. Her orgasm triggered another one for me, and I held her head against me as we quivered as a single unit, joined together.

An eternity later, or at least a few minutes later, we came up for air. Helen flopped down beside me on the bed, and we entwined arms and legs, kissing gently. As we gradually settled into a warm embrace, Helen whispered, “So what happened next?”

Next, we were invited up onto the stage for a closer look at how the Hostess and the dog were joined together,” I answered. “We were allowed… no, actually we were invited to touch, explore, and caress the Hostess. As much as we wanted. She seemed to revel in it. Her composure was astounding. When the dog’s knot shrank enough that he could pull his dick out of her, someone put a glass under her pussy, to catch some of the dog’s semen as it poured out of her, in huge globs. During the remainder of the dinner, she sipped from that glass.”

Helen looked at me disbelievingly. “She drank dog cum from a glass?”

Oh yes,” I assured her. “She not only drank it, she claimed that it tastes better than any cum you can get from a man.”

Wow,” Helen exclaimed. “Did you taste any?”

I could have. Other people did,” I replied. “But I was trying to get my courage up to ask her that question you wanted me to ask her.”

Trying? You mean you didn’t?” Helen asked.

Helen, you didn’t see how savagely that dog used her,” I rebutted. “I couldn’t understand how she could look so submissively accepting and serene while that was being done to her. It took me most of the evening, battling with myself, fearing she would look at me like I was crazy, and refuse. She might’ve even embarrassed me in front of everyone. But.”

Yes?” Helen said. “But,” she echoed.

But I did it. I asked her quietly, and I asked her not to let anybody know what I was asking. And she nodded her acceptance of our request. We need to call her soon – maybe today – and make detailed arrangements.”

OMG!” Helen choked out. “She will? We can? That’s fantastic! Can we call now? Can we?”

Her enthusiasm was contagious. I looked at the clock and saw that now it was a reasonable time of the morning to make such a call. Sitting on the edge of the bed, with Helen pressing her naked front against my naked back, leaning her head close to my phone so she could hear too, I called the Hostess.

Good morning Ma’am. I hope that this is not too early to call,” I stated. “Do you remember me from the party last night? Oh, and thank you. I had a marvelous time,” I babbled.

I could hear the Hostess chuckling as she answered, “It’s a fine time to call, dear. I remember you well, and you’re quite welcome. We had a marvelous time also. You’re calling to arrange a session, are you not?”

Yes, Ma’am, I am. But not just for me, if it’s OK with you. My best friend, Helen, is here with me now. She was supposed to attend your party last night, but was ill, so her brother asked me to go in her place. I told her how fantastic everything was, and she’s very sorry that she missed it. And if it’s not too much to ask, we’d both like to have a session.”

I see,” the Hostess replied. “She’s there with you now? Can she hear me?”

Helen answered, “Yes, Ma’am. I’m here, and we can both hear you.”

Excellent. For your information, I prefer to be addressed as ‘Hostess’ rather than Ma’am, or anything else. Now, I have a few rules about these training sessions which I need you to hear and to which you must agree. First, during the training you will be completely nude, and my husband and our servants may see you like that. Second, anything I tell you to do, you must do without hesitation and that includes touching a dog’s penis with your hands or mouth, and being mounted by him. After all, these are the experiences that you say you’re seeking. Take a moment to think this over.”

Helen and I looked at each other, watching for one of us to start shaking her head. Neither of us did. I answered for both of us, “Yes, Hostess. We agree to your rules. Is there anything else?”

We’ve not discussed payment yet,” the Hostess replied.

My heart skipped a beat. This was a very wealthy woman. Could we possibly scrape together enough funds to make a payment that she would not find ludicrous? “What payment do you require, Hostess?” I asked, trying to keep a tremble out of my voice. “I’ll be quite honest with you – neither Helen nor I have well-paying jobs.”

Oh, my dear. You misunderstand me. The payment wouldn’t involve any funds coming from you. Rather it involves you freely allowing my husband and myself to use you sexually while you’re here, if we wish it. In addition, if you interact well with the dogs, we’d want to have you give a performance in front of a chosen group of people in a manner similar to what I did last night. As part of this performance, and as a special treat for our guests, we’d auctioned off the clothes that you’d be wearing to the highest bidder. The proceeds from the auction will go to my husband and myself.”

I swallowed hard, looking at Helen. Her eyes looked huge, either from surprise, or fear, or both. “P… p… perform?” she stuttered. “Au… au… auction?” she sputtered. I noticed she said nothing about the possibility of being used sexually by the Hostess and/or her husband. I could understand her fear, though. She hadn’t been at the party, and she hadn’t seen how the guests behaved.

I knew the Hostess was listening on the phone. “Helen,” I started, “I wish you’d been at the party last night. The Hostess’ guests were amazingly dignified and respectful. I’m sure she’d never let any other kind of person attend her gatherings. And she didn’t say we were being auctioned – just our clothes. Apparently, we would be starting out dressed, as she was last night, and then the auctioning would make us naked. Is that right, Hostess?”

Yes, Stephanie. That’s quite perceptive of you. You have a quick mind, and a good nature. I’m pleased George brought you last night. And I’m very pleased that you wish to experience my dogs.”

The Hostess’ voice was quite soothing. Helen’s expression softened. She was still wary. I know my friend well. “Tell you what, Hels. Let’s set up an appointment with her, and you and I can discuss this further. If you decide you really don’t want to do this, then I’ll meet with the Hostess by myself. Is that OK with you, Hostess?”

That sounds like a wonderful idea, Stephanie. Here are some possible days,” she replied.

So, we settled on the day and time, and said goodbye to the Hostess. My heart was thumping hard, now that we’d taken that step. Over the next few days, Helen and I discussed it, listing pros and cons about the agreement. Both of us loved sex, so that wasn’t the issue. And we had a streak of exhibitionism, so other people seeing us naked felt OK, too.

But the real unknown, what really got us nervous, was what it would be like to have a dog mount us like that. But I kept seeing the serenity on the face of the Hostess during that dinner party, and trying to have Helen visualize it, as well. I hoped that deep down inside of me was some of that serenity. It helped that Helen finally agreed to at least go with me to the appointment.

We arrived with about 5 minutes to spare. As we drove up to the house in Helen’s car, she said, “Holy shit, Steph! You weren’t kidding about this place! It’s like a mansion! My two year old Toyota looks definitely out of place here.”

As we parked the car, we admired the magnificent house set in its beautifully manicured grounds and overlooking the large bay of a nearby lake. The view was spectacular. The night of the dinner party, I had been too dazzled and intimidated by the other people to have a proper look at the place, so I was almost as amazed as Helen. Also, I was nervous. I admit it. I mean – sex with a dog? My curiosity was driving me forward. “Let’s try this,” it was telling me. “I have to know what it’s like,” it was saying. But my rational mind was saying, “Are you crazy? You’re going to get on your hands and knees, and open your cunt to a dog’s prick? It’s wrong! It’s nasty!” My knees wobbled as we walked to the door.

The door opened as we knocked, a smiling servant ushering us into the presence of the Hostess. My gaze was once again immediately drawn to her eyes – huge and the color of the sky. As I’d described to Helen, “She’s beautiful, with dark brown hair, classic high cheekbones, and a delicate neck. Her shoulders and upper arms are slightly muscular, perhaps from handling her larger dogs. She has large, C cup breasts, a slim waist, and for her size, the appearance of long elegant legs.”

On this day, she was dressed casually. As we were given a polite embrace, I noticed she exuded a slightly inkish scent, which seemed out of character with the rest of her elegance. We only learned later why this was.

We sat in an elegant salon and a servant served tea. Both Helen and I sat transfixed as this gorgeous woman chatted to us. I mainly remember the Hostess making certain that Helen and I remembered her rules about our potential training, and that we understood and agreed to them. I could see Helen becoming more comfortable with the idea, the more she heard and saw. The Hostess had such an open, charming manner that it felt like she wove a spell of security over and around us.

Still, I took a deep breath and my heart began pounding hard when she said, “Let us begin. Please undress.” I kicked my Manolo Blahnik heels to one side. I felt a bit awkward pulling my blouse over my head, and letting my skirt pool around my ankles. I purposely hadn’t worn any underwear, so I was naked a few moments before Helen was, as she struggled with her bra and panties.

I remember looking down at my soft carpet of red pubic hair and asking the Hostess if I needed to shave it off. She indicated it was my choice, merely to keep it well groomed if I wished to retain it. But I’m sure I blushed when she told me that she enjoyed looking at my color there, while staring at it. She gave Helen’s blond pubic patch a similar scrutiny.

Being told to follow, we padded naked after our Hostess down a passage to a large windowless room. We were met by a man who could have stepped out of a center spread of English Country Life Magazine. Tall, lean, and distinguished, he rose courteously as we entered. I knew him to be the husband of the Hostess, having met him at the dinner party. Helen was introduced to him.

We were invited to sit in two very strange looking chairs, which had holes in their upright backs, and seemed to be missing a section of the front of their seats. The moment I sat, I realized the missing seat section was to make my entire vulva available, hanging free in front of the chair. Whether for human access, dog access, or both, I wasn’t sure. I’m saw her husband was checking out what Helen and I were putting on display. Enjoying showing off for him, I smiled and spread my knees a little wider apart, exhibiting my slutty side.

But I had a sudden jolt of fear when the Hostess picked up two sets of handcuffs. I’m believe I stammered when I asked, “Wha.. wha… what are those for?” Once again, the Hostess’ soothing voice and manner calmed me, as she explained that the chairs were designed to secure us in position as we met the dogs, so we wouldn’t make any sudden moves to frighten or discourage them.

She said something like, “No one is keeping you here, Stephanie. If you want to leave, you may. And if you tell us to uncuff you later, we will do so, the moment we move the dogs away from you.” It only took me a few calming deep breaths to settle myself, and place my arms through the holes in the seat backs. But hearing the ratcheting sounds from the cuffs, and feeling the steel close on my wrists, brought up almost an atavistic fear, that I had to mentally fight.

By the time the Hostess asked us to try to move forward and back in the chair, I had more or less regained my composure. It’s amazing what we can get used to, if we try. The arm holes and cuffs held my torso firmly in place. Subconsciously, I had protectively brought my knees together as I struggled with my arms. The Hostess, holding some ropes, touched my knees and asked me to open them again, so she could tie me that way.

A little dazed, I obeyed, realizing that I might have clamped my knees onto a dog’s muzzle without meaning to do so. “Would he have bitten me, if I did that?” I asked myself, mentally. I was still scared as the Hostess gently but firmly tied my knees and legs to parts of the chair front. I tried to keep my thigh muscles from quivering, but I think the Hostess saw them shake, because she gave me another reassuring smile.

She asked me something like, “Can you close your legs now?” I tried, straining, but wasn’t able to budge them. My mouth was too dry at that moment to speak, so I just shook my head in answer to her question. She seemed pleased. Her husband walked over to us, perhaps to see how she was doing. I looked over at Helen, tied to her chair, and gave her what I hoped was an encouraging smile, but it felt weak. My heart was racing, and I was trying to breathe faster, to keep up with it, but I was feeling a little faint.

The Hostess said something that I didn’t catch, because my attention was focused internally, feeling the butterflies dancing in my stomach. Moments later, her husband knelt in front of my chair and his hands went to my sex. That sure got my attention. I looked down and saw the hands of this relative stranger grasping my labia. An almost electric shock of sensation beamed from them into my core as his fingers started rubbing.

Nervous as I was, my cunt still knew how to react. Fresh, hot blood cascaded into my labia which visibly puffed out, engorging. His fingers tugged softly, and rolled my delicate tissues back and forth. At his first contact, my knees had strained at the ropes, trying to close off my intimate area. But as his caresses continued, sending wave after wave of lovely sensations to my brain, my knees tried to go the other way – open farther – inviting his hands to play. Fluids began seeping from me, which might have made me blush, if I’d been fully objective about the situation.

I was not being objective. I was sinking into a state of submission to this man. My body was offering him my intimate fluids, letting them anoint his hands, and then drip onto the floor beneath me, as I slowly twisted my head back and forth, moaning. My nipples felt like they were about to explode, but I don’t think he noticed. His attention was focused on my now sopping cunt.

The Hostess murmured something, and I moaned louder, this time in frustration, because his hands left me as he stood up. I heard a door opening, and the sounds of panting, frisking dogs entering the room. My heart almost stopped when I saw the huge Rottweiler and a nearly-as-large Akita being brought into the room.

The dogs were given a proper introduction. “This is Benny,” the Hostess said, indicating the Rottweiler, who was eagerly straining at the end of a leash held by the husband. The dog was scanning back and forth between Helen and me, and licking his chops like we were his dinner. “And this is Sky,” the Hostess continued, pointing at the Akita whose leash she held. The Akita was not pulling at his leash. He seemed to be waiting patiently. That’s when Helen and I learned that Benny was the pack leader, and got to choose first, while Sky would hold back until it was his turn.

Wide eyed, I stared at the Rottweiler, thinking, “Not me, please. Please, not me.” When he was unleashed, he trotted straight for Helen, much to my relief. I watched as he shoved his snout into Helen’s unprotected cunt, causing her to shriek. But then he backed out, and turned towards me. Heart in my throat, I couldn’t move as he came between my thighs, snorting, and sneezing. Fearfully, I wondered what this powerful animal might do down there.

The Hostess spoke softly, “I should have explained this to you before, ladies. Dogs have an incredible sense of smell. They detest the smell of most soaps and perfumes, so in the future do not bathe or use deodorant or any kind of scent for at least two days before your next training. Trust me, your dog will be appreciative. Your odor will become one of the indicators that you are receptive to his talents.” I admit that I had to have the Hostess repeat this all to me afterward, because all my attention was focused on the dog’s muzzle at that moment.

Even though he hadn’t hurt me, I sighed in relief as Benny trotted back to Helen. This time I could hear him licking her cunt region. Lifting my head slightly, I could peer over Helen’s thigh and see his long, long tongue lapping everywhere in between her thighs. Helen was staring at him and I saw – desire! She liked what he was doing! My body reacted to that sight with an internal cry of “Me too! Lick me like that!” I could feel my labia opening, and smell the scent I’ve learned to associate with my arousal.

Benny seemed to sniff vigorously, then broke off licking Helen and romped back to me. His tongue flashed out and slobbered its way from my asshole to my clit. I jerked in my restraints. My mind instinctively was saying, “No! Bad dog! Get away!” But my body was reacting to the amazing sensations coming from my privates, involuntarily making me moan with appreciation. In a few minutes, I knew firsthand why Helen enjoyed what he’d done to her. “You lovely, lovely beast,” I quietly murmured between my clenched teeth. Benny lapped my dripping cunt, the tip of his tongue sometimes entering me deeply and curling while inside, creating within me a unique new sense experience.

I knew everyone was watching, but Benny showed no signs of leaving me. His lapping was focused now. My breathing accelerated, my chest heaving up and down with my deepening breaths as the dog began to repeatedly drill his tongue into my gaping fuck hole. I was dimly aware of the Akita trotting over to Helen, and starting his canine cunnilingus on her. Since she’s my dear friend, I hoped that Sky was as good as Benny at doing this.

I squirmed and squirmed under this fantastic oral attack on my cunt, clamping my mouth shut because I didn’t know if the dog would startle if I made a sudden noise. The sounds of the dogs’ tongues and breathing as they virtually consumed our pussies was loud and I blushed at being on such wanton display. My mind was trying to yammer at me, “You’re letting a dog lick your cunt, you nasty slut!” But my body was yelling back at it, “Shut the fuck up! A tongue is a tongue is a tongue! And this is an amazing tongue!”

I imagine the Hostess perceived why Helen and I were being so quiet, because she said something like, “You don’t have to be quiet. The dogs enjoy hearing a reaction, so scream, groan, say whatever you want.”

In response, Helen cried out, “OMG! This is fantastic!” Sky’s tongue was noisily lapping at her. I could hear it.

My eyes seemed to be out of focus. The Hostess told me later that I called out something like, “Oh shit! I’ve had men eat my pussy before, but it’s never been this intense! It’s… I’m gonna…” That’s when I stopped, took a deep breath, and screamed. I think everyone in a ten mile radius could tell I was cumming, because even though my legs were tied open, my scream volume was set at my highest level, and I felt my toes digging into the floor as they curled under. My tits were shaking so hard they bashed against each other. I came so hard I even peed a little. Benny lapped, licked, and teased like the pussy connoisseur he was, wolfing down all my expelled fluids. “I just came”, I said almost lamely while looking at Helen. “How are you doing?” I asked.

Helen didn’t answer. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as if she was trying to lift something very heavy. Suddenly her eyes flew open, and, secured as she was to the chair, her hips began a rapid forward and backward rocking as her cum began spurting into Sky’s eager mouth. “I’m… I’m… I’m… cumming… oh… God… I’m… cumming!” she exclaimed, with each rock of her hips. Sky didn’t let much of her cum hit the floor beneath her.

The dogs kept licking, sometimes between our asses and pussies, then our clits, or lapping our fuck holes, or asses. At other times their tongues disappeared deeply into us, the tips of those tongues were flicking and curling, creating exquisite sensations that no human tongue or penis could duplicate. I think over the next twenty minutes I came three times.

We were untied but even fully freed, I just sat mentally processing what had just occurred. Benny and Sky sat on their haunches like good boys. Both dogs were aroused, with their pointed, veined cocks poking up out of their furry sheathes. With their butts on the floor, their swollen ball sacks were flattened out on the surface under them, one large testicle to either side of the sheath.

Come here to your dogs, ladies,” Hostess commanded. We got up, stretched, and padded over bare footed on wobbly legs.

Kneel in front of your dog, and pet his head, praising him,” we were instructed. We did so, giggling when the dogs reacted by licking us on our lips with doggy kisses.

Excellent.” The Hostess pointed at the dogs. “Now gently touch the dog’s cock. Use just the tip of your index finger, to get used to the texture.” We were on our hands and knees before those two noble looking dogs. My hand was trembling as I reached out to make contact with this forbidden portion of the dog’s anatomy. I began stroking the warm, pulsating cock.

Very good. You may now grasp the cock in your hand, and start slowly pumping it. Listen to the sound the dog makes – that will guide you into the proper pressure and speed,” we were informed. Looking at one another for reassurance, we began a slow, rhythmic manipulation of the now turgid genitals. My face was now close to the dog’s cock, and I inhaled Benny’s exotic, musky scent. It was unusual, but not unpleasant.

Other than the cock’s shape and coloration (and the fact that it stuck out of a very furry sheath), its texture was not all that different from giving a guy a hand job. As their tails started thumping on the floor, the dogs made whining sounds and their cocks began emitting tiny streams of fluid, almost as fine as a vapor. I exclaimed, “Oh!” but continued pumping.

That’s right, Stephanie. You’re doing fine. Benny is starting to give you some of his precum.” I was told. “He’s pleased with what you’re doing. Oh, and there goes Sky, Helen. He’s starting too. Go ahead and aim those streams at your tits, ladies. I think you’ll find that sensation quite erotic.”

Our giggles started at once, and within minutes our tits were glistening with precum. “You like that?” Hostess asked. We both nodded, still carefully pumping our dog’s cock. “OK, bend in closer and open your mouths. Aim the spray so you can taste some.”

Helen looked at me with an expression of shock, but she saw that I was obeying, so she shrugged and complied.

Not too bad, is it?” the Hostess asked her.

It just tastes salty, Hostess,” Helen answered. “It was only the thought of letting it enter my mouth that was scary. This seems so forbidden,” she concluded with a smile. She immediately went back to letting the spray enter her mouth.

There sure is a lot of it,” I remarked, smiling up at the Hostess. “Is this normal?” I asked, again opening my mouth to accept more of the spray.

Very normal. They seem to be able to generate quite a bit of it,” the Hostess agreed. Her husband had been quietly setting up the apparatus for the final part of today’s training session. “OK, ladies, please stop pumping and stand up.” Reluctantly we stood.

The Hostess snapped her fingers and both dogs eagerly ran up the training ramps and stood patiently over the holes in the sturdy shelves to which the ramps led. We two trainees were led to a pair of adjustable stools that were placed beneath those holes.

Have a seat while my husband and I adjust the stools to the proper height,” we were told. As we sat on the stools, our heads rose up out of the holes, ending up under the dogs’ bellies. Tilting my head only slightly, I felt the soft underfur caress my forehead. I could see Helen to my right, sitting on her stool under Sky.

You want us to suck their cocks, right?” I asked.

Yes, dear. That’s correct. The hole is large enough for you to keep pumping the cocks as you suck, if you wish. Or you can just suck.” Curious to see how different it would feel in my mouth, I had already opened my mouth and sucked the pointed tip of the cock inward. I did this fast, so my yammering mind would not have a chance to stop me. “If you just want to suck, let as much of the cock into your mouth as possible. Your goal is to learn the difference between the taste of precum and the taste of cum.”

As she said this last statement, I swiveled my head slightly, my eyes on her face as I arched a single brow inquiringly. But I kept Benny’s cock in my mouth, and continued pumping it near the base.

Yes, Stephanie, you heard me correctly. We want you to make your dog cum, and we want you to taste that cum. You don’t have to swallow it all if you don’t want to do so. But notice the difference in tastes.”

I nodded, not wanting to speak with my mouth full, and turned back in line with Benny’s body. My hand pumped the dog’s cock with a gradually increasing speed while I sucked, twirling my tongue as I bobbed my mouth on the head of his cock. Helen was not pumping Sky’s cock. Both of her hands had come up through the opening to stroke the fur on the dog’s sides in a loving manner. His entire cock was inside her mouth, and I watched her cheeks rhythmically hollowing as she sucked the length of his cock.

Soon the dogs were not only wagging their tails – they were panting loudly and whining happily. Sky began humping his hips, fucking Helen’s mouth. Sure enough, Helen’s cheeks suddenly bulged with the first blast of Sky’s semen. A tiny bit dribbled from the corner of her mouth as her throat tried to keep pace with the dog’s spurts. She took it all, and pursed her lips as she eased her head back, stripping the final fluids from within Sky’s cock.

She looked quite pleased with herself. Sky twisted and began to lick his privates clean. “That was delicious!” she said, her voice filled with amazement. “I thought it’d be nasty, coming from an animal, but…” she paused, choosing her words. “But, it actually tasted better than any semen a man has ever shot into my mouth,” she concluded, grinning impishly. “Has Steph gotten hers yet?”

I was sucking hard on Benny’s dick, no longer pumping, but I held my thumb and fingers in a ring shape around the base of Benny’s penis so his knot would bump it. I didn’t have to pump at all, because Benny was now actively humping, fucking both my hand and mouth.

Go for it, Steph,” Helen encouraged softly. “You’ll love the taste, I bet. I did,” she enthused.

The Rottweiler began a rumbling howl, and started cumming. His first massive spurt was so voluminous that my mouth could not hold it all. My eyes flew wide open as cum surged out around the edges of my lips and spilled down onto my chin and chest. A small amount even trickled from my nostrils! I started swallowing frantically, trying to keep up with his spurts. Finally I’d managed to swallow most of his inky-tasting, salty cum. His movements stilled, and I let his cock slip from my mouth. Benny’s dick jerked once more, causing a splat of semen to strike me in the face, tendrils soaking into my hair. Now I fully recognized the inky scent that had emanated from the Hostess earlier – the scent of dog semen.

As the dogs were led away, my sweet friend Helen came over and started licking dog semen off my neck and chest. To my surprise, the Hostess started licking it from my forehead. I’m not positive, but I think she was rubbing her cunt as she did so, obviously turned on.

Next, the Hostess asked Helen and me to get on our hands and knees, while her husband took some measurements. They offered no explanation, and I think we were too dazed by our orgasms and these strange new activities to even question why – we just obeyed. After that, we returned to the sitting room, where we dressed again, and went through a sort of debriefing, as we chatted and snacked.

When asked if we had any questions, the only one I could think of was about the dogs’ claws. I’d now seen them closely, and feared injury. No one mentioned that Helen and I would be fitted with leather corsets, as I’d seen the Hostess wear. “Don’t worry, dear,” she answered me. “There are other protective measures we can take.” She said we were ready for the second step of our training, if we wished it, and gave us two days to think it over. We thanked both her and her husband, and left.

During those two days, Helen and I debated whether we should return. We were ambivalent, to say the least. Perhaps Helen was, more than I, since she’d not seen a dog in action with the Hostess. My fear of the unknown, mixed with our societal fiats that this stuff was taboo was warring with my curiosity about what it truly would feel like. Sometimes we felt we were crazy to consider it. Other times we felt we’d hate ourselves if we passed up the opportunity.

Two things won me over. The memory of the smell and taste of Benny’s canine semen, so unlike any cum I’d ever tasted before, and the memory of the look of serene ecstasy on the Hostess’ face as she serviced that dog. My summary to Helen was, “I have to know, Hels. I just have to find out what it’s like. You don’t have to do it, but I have to go.”

Helen blushed a deep shade of red, and confessed to me, “I’ve been dreaming about Sky both nights, and daydreaming about him several times each day. I need to see him again. I’m hooked.” I gave her a long, warm hug. It was decided.

The Hostess laughed merrily when we entered her home at the allotted time, because Helen and I eagerly stripped without her even asking us. She wasted no time in leading us into the training room again. The chairs were gone, but now the room held two low padded benches. “For us?” I asked.

Yes, Stephanie,” the Hostess answered. “These will hold you up until you get used to the weight of the dog on your back.”

My heart almost stopped as I heard those words. I was going to let a dog climb on my back. I was going to let that dog stick his cock into me. I was going to let an animal fuck me! That yammering censoring voice shrieked in my head, “You’re crazy! Stop this! It’s wrong!” But my emotional voice countered with, “You saw the Hostess do this. Did it look wrong? Did it? She was thrilled to do it, in front of all those people. No one forced either her or the dog to do it. So shut up! I need to concentrate.”

I got onto my bench before I lost my nerve. Helen mimicked my action. During the first lesson, she and I had been bound into those strange chairs, so I was not surprised when the Hostess and her husband began binding us to the benches, starting with a large leather strap that went across the small of my back, pinning me down. I made a nervous joke about preventing me from running away, but I knew that if I told them to stop and release me, they would.

After a few more minutes, Helen and I were bound such that we were actually on our hands and knees, each bench designed to be the perfect height for its occupant. Our wrists were bound in position for bracing ourselves, and our knees were bound apart, leaving our cunts fully vulnerable. My heart was thudding hard and fast in my chest, and my mouth was dry – I feared my cunt might be dry, also. Almost as if they read my mind, the Hostess and her husband used their hands to part our labia and probe gently for wetness.

It’s as I expected,” the Hostess said. “You’re damp, but not really wet.” Then she did something I never would have anticipated – she held a cloth to my nose, instructing me to “Inhale deeply.” As I did, the scent of Benny, MY Benny, flooded my nostrils. I knew it was his scent, and my body reacted! I could feel a ripple go along my cunt, followed by a trickling sensation down one of my thighs! The bitch in me was going into heat, and the dog wasn’t even in the room yet.

The Hostess was holding my labia apart when I heard the door open, and the loud panting of excited dogs. As they crossed the floor toward us, I heard no clacking of claws on the floor. I looked over at Helen, and as Sky moved behind her, I saw he had on leather booties. I would have guessed that Benny was dressed the same way, but that thought never had a chance to form, because Benny’s wonderful tongue was now lapping at my cunt!

Maybe it was this new position, but his oral attentions seemed even better than the first time. His tongue not only did a through job on my cunt, it also sent the sensory receptors around my ass hole into spasms of joy. My body raced towards its first orgasm, but Helen beat me to it, almost yodeling as Sky made her cum. Looking over at her glowing, shaking body triggered my orgasm, and my outcry was probably louder than hers. I don’t know how much of my cum Benny managed to lap up with that versatile tongue of his.

I was sucking air greedily, recovering, when I heard Helen call to me, “Steph! He’s mounting me!” But when I looked, Sky was jumping off her. I heard the Hostess tell Helen that sometimes the dog needs to make a few attempts before getting a good connection. Sure enough, Sky went back into position, the Hostess’ husband guided Sky’s cock, and I was treated to the sight of my girlfriend being vigorously fucked by her dog.

I closed my eyes, fear trying to take over, seeing how intensely Sky was pounding Helen. “Should I stop this right now?” I asked myself. “It’s not too late.” That’s when I heard the Hostess asking if I was ready for Benny. Was I? This was the moment of truth. If I hesitated too long, my internal censor might bring things to a halt, and then I’d not only always wonder what it would’ve been like – I’d also feel like I betrayed my friend, getting her to do something that I wouldn’t do.

I nodded.

The Hostess may have perceived my hesitance. “If you want Benny to fuck you, Stephanie, you’ll have to encourage him,” she said.

Something seemed to snap inside me. I tried to turn my head and look at Benny, calling out words resembling, “Come on, boy. Fuck me. Make me your bitch.” My voice was quavering, but it got stronger as I begged the dog to mount me. In moments, I felt him plant his front paws on my back, and something stick-like poked my labium once, until the Hostess adjusted the position of his cock.

The feeling was indescribable. Unlike anything that had ever entered my vagina before. For one thing, it was hot – very hot. And big, stretching me. And sudden. One moment, my cunt was empty, and the next it was completely filled. And fast! No man had ever, ever, ever fucked me that fast! It was like one of those fucking machines I’d seen in videos, set at high speed! If I hadn’t been secured on that bench, I might have started crawling forward – rapidly – to try to escape the brunt of that hammering.

His precum was copious, lubricating my tunnel, and pouring out of its opening and down my thighs. His padded paws exerted pressure in a downward angle on my back, as if he was trying to drag me further down onto his cock. I heard and felt wet slapping sounds as he fucked me, with my cunt making a burping sound from time to time as trapped air sought escape from it. I braced my hands on the floor as best I could, feeling his weight on me, his belly fur along my back.

About all I could move was my head, tied as I was. My red hair often blocked my vision as my head movement flipped it forward over my face. I looked over at Helen, who had her eyes closed and was biting hard on her lower lip as Sky, tongue lolling, pummeled her cunt. This gave me a mental image of what I must look like, tied naked to this bench, tits flattened down on its padded surface, as a huge Rottweiler fucked my spread open cunt. The room went fuzzy as my body was wracked with another powerful orgasm. I tried to say something, but only a string of meaningless syllables seemed to stream from my throat.

Benny didn’t seem to take any notice of what my body was doing. He just kept fucking me with that same, relentless rhythm. I could hear him panting loudly near my ear as drops of what I assume was his spittle fell upon the back of my neck. All thoughts of this being taboo were driven to oblivion as my body reveled in accepting the best fucking it had ever received. Bound to the bench as I was, I could only either ask to be released, or accept what was being done to me.

I chose acceptance, and opened myself fully to Benny, relaxing my cunt muscles as much as I could. He took full advantage of my submission, planting his paws and shoving his hips forward hard. That’s when his knot entered, lodged itself, and sealed the opening to my vagina. I couldn’t see what was happening, but it was like having my cunt fisted, but with a larger fist than I’d ever had prior to this. I know I screamed out something about its size as I was knotted. Thankfully, Benny stopped humping, because each movement of that knot against my sensitive skin caused me to yip with pain.

The Hostess knelt by me, whispering reassurances that the knot wasn’t damaging me, because I was babbling fears about that. “What else do you feel?” she asked.

Taking deep breaths and focusing, I answered, “His cock had felt like a strong stick, but it seems to feel softer now. Is that possible?”

As the Hostess began telling me that such a change was normal, I interrupted her, because Benny started spewing his cum inside me. I never expected it to feel like this. “He’s cumming inside me!” I cried. “It’s a gush like a fire hose has been rammed into my cunt!” I felt his knot pulsating with either his heartbeat or his spurts. And his hot fluid filled me quickly, forced into my womb because it couldn’t escape around that wedged knot.

I almost fainted when that flood of hot cum streaked through my extremely sensitive cervical opening. But my body decided to react by shoving me into one of the hardest, headiest, longest orgasms I’d ever experienced. Dimly, I was aware that my legs and wrists hurt from the way my contracting muscles were yanking at the ropes that bound me to the bench. I babbled things that I can’t recall any more – I was too caught up in the sensations.

When Benny finally stopped cumming, my entire tummy felt bloated, like I’d overeaten. He stretched out along my spine, resting the warm fur of his belly against my sweaty back. Even his tiny shifting movements made us both whimper in the pain generated by our locked genitals. I shook in my post-orgasmic aftershocks, as we both panted, our warm breaths swirling together, since his muzzle was by my ear. From time to time, Benny licked the salt from my neck, and that erotic contact made me shiver anew. I have no idea how long we were tied together like that. Wearily, I looked over at Helen, who had Sky lying atop her back. I was sort of drifting, my mind half registering what an adventure she and I were sharing.

After some period of time, Sky’s paws made scrabbling sounds, so I looked in that direction. He managed to work his cock out of Helen’s cunt as I watched. Unplugged, her cunt disgorged a glob of dog cum, and the room was flooded with its characteristic slightly inky smell. The Hostess’ husband took a picture or two of Helen’s cunt at this point, which I hadn’t expected. But what really surprised me was seeing the Hostess herself kneel behind Helen and being sucking at her cunt.

From her head movements, I guessed that she was sucking hard at Helen’s cunt, vacuuming dog semen from its depths. Helen was moaning happy sounds like, “God that feels good,” and “OMG! Don’t stop!” which made me smile at my wonderful friend, glad she was enjoying herself. When they were finished, the Hostess removed the ropes binding Helen to her bench, and helped her to sit. I was still pinned under and knotted with Benny.

Time passed as they all looked at me. Then Benny dismounted, sort of. Still knotted to me, he slid sideways off my back, twisted, and ended up with his ass pressed against mine, but his cock still lodged in my cunt! We both yelped as this maneuver shot pain through our locked tissues. But Benny seemed determined to get free from me now. I heard his paws scraping the floor, and felt the pressure at my vaginal ring as he applied a pulling force. Maybe he sensed his knot was deflating – I’m not sure. After a tug or two, I felt seepage escaping from me and then heard a loud embarrassing sound as his cock wetly disengaged from my flesh.

It felt like a streaming cascade of dog semen ran down my thighs. The inky smell of dog cum intensified. In my heart, I knew that smelling that scent would make my cunt open invitingly in the future. I was hooked on dog sex. It was simply amazing! Later, the Hostess showed me the pictures her husband took of my vastly dilated cunt opening. I was shocked at its size! The Hostess now untied me, and began working the circulation back into my wrists.

If I thought I was done, she dissuaded me of that idea, whispering, “Please get onto your back, dear. My husband is so turned on, he wants to fuck you. If that’s OK, please let him know.”

I’d felt his appeal since I first met him, so being fucked by him with her approval would be wonderful. But my cunt felt so loose, I asked, “Can he do that? I’d love to be fucked by him, but how can he get any friction with my cunt so stretched?” Even so, I was turning over, positioning myself on my back on the bench, and spreading my thighs wantonly for him.

The Hostess answered something like, “Men can always figure out a way to cum in our cunts,” so I smiled up at him and spread my arms open in invitation. I figured spread open arms and thighs should surely signal my acceptance.

He’d removed all his clothes, and I stared at his firm, muscular body with its jutting, rampant cock. He was sure turned on – of that I had no doubt. He straddled my body near the top of my thighs and slid that lovely cock into my honey pot. Great gobs of dog semen were displaced as his cock moved deeper. The semen lubed his cock so well it felt silky/velvety as it began sliding in and out.

Helen and the Hostess were watching. The Hostess was even taking pictures as her husband changed his angle and rubbed his cock along the extra sensitive tissues in my vagina, just deep to my clit. Thrilled, I brought my thighs together, which tightened my internal grip on his probing cock. I was so aroused now that I grabbed my tits and pinched my nipples enough to make me shudder. I played with them, offering them teasingly towards him as he began fucking with more intensity.

When he groaned loudly and his cock began twitching, I knew his cum was blending with Benny’s inside me. I had a vision of both canine and human sperm swimming side by side, blindly hoping to find my egg. This made me shake in a relatively minor, but still very emotionally satisfying, climax.

When his tiny bucking movements ceased, indicating he’d unloaded as much of his cum as he could, he stretched his warm flesh out along me, torso to torso. Without thinking, I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling his lips to mine in a passionate kiss. Since the Hostess didn’t mind him fucking me, I sure hoped she’d not mind me kissing him in thanks. She didn’t mind.

Partially, she didn’t mind because she’d removed all her clothes, too, and stood naked as Helen knelt in front of her and ate her cunt. Helen sounded ravenous, holding the Hostess’ hips and mashing her face against that fragrant cunt. Soon the Hostess cried out and drenched Helen’s face with her cum. Helen drank most of it, from what I could tell.

All of us were sated for the moment, as far as sex was concerned. Naked, we plodded a bit wearily into the sitting room for rest and refreshments. The Hostess beamed at Helen, and then at me. “You both did a fantastic job today. I’m extremely pleased with you, and I want you to know it. Do you want to proceed with plans for a luncheon party, complete with a clothing auction, and being bred by the dogs for the enjoyment of the guests?”

Helen looked at me, starry eyed. I must have looked the same, since my body was still quaking and quivering with sensations of bliss. I wanted Benny again. I knew it. And I didn’t care who watched, as long as they weren’t going to be disapproving about it. I nodded at Helen, and she nodded back at me. We both turned to the Hostess, grinned huge grins, and chorused with great enthusiasm, “Yes, Hostess!”


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