The Hostess – pt. 03

(continued from part 2)

Much to my surprise, three days later, Helen called, asking if she could come over.

Of course, dear,” I replied. “We’re not doing anything special this afternoon, so come right over.” I was concerned that perhaps she’d changed her mind about the auction and performing. If she wanted to be freed from her bargain, I was prepared to do so, since we wouldn’t want a reluctant participant.

When she arrived, I greeted her at the door, and escorted her into the sitting room. Once we were settled, I asked, “What’s on your mind?”

She blushed hotly as she answered, “I want to practice more, Hostess. You said you wanted us poised, serene and confident at the luncheon party. But I think I need more experience to actually feel that way.”

Oh, what a wonderfully clever girl you are,” I complimented. “That makes perfect sense. You’re certainly welcome to fuck the dogs several times prior to the event. However, you’ve only serviced Sky. Do you realize that you’d have to submit to Benny, the alpha male, before Sky could mount you again? When Stephanie was here, Benny was distracted by her, but this isn’t the case now.”

Helen swallowed visibly, thinking about our powerful Rottweiler, and how he looked as he ravished Stephanie. “I’m… I’m willing to try him,” she stammered. “Would Sky use me after that?”

I’m sure my eyes showed my surprise. “You want to take on both dogs, in succession?” I tried to ask this in a neutral tone of voice.

If anything, Helen’s flush of embarrassment deepened in color. “I’m willing to try, if you’ll watch over me, Hostess. When can I try?”

Well, you’re here now, and the dogs are always ready for a receptive bitch. Do you want to try it right now?” I inquired.

Yes, please,” she responded politely, and casually removed her clothes, unbidden.

We walked together into the training room. The benches for the women were still in position from their previous training session. Helen looked at her bench and asked, “Will you need to tie me to that bench again?”

How much do you think you need that?” I asked in return. I wanted to hear her thoughts on her readiness. My husband walked into the room, saw us looking at Helen’s bench, and understood my question from its context.

Benny looks like a very powerful dog,” Helen mused. “I’d like to learn to accept either of them without even needing the padded bench, eventually. But for this first time with him, maybe you could secure that leather belt across my back, and tie my knees open, please.”

A wise choice, I believe,” I praised, as I embraced her and gave her a kiss. “Darling,” I said to my husband. “Would you rather secure Helen as she requests, or find the servant to have him prepare Benny for her?”

To be honest, I’d rather secure Helen and play with her while she’s waiting for the dog. I had fun with Stephanie, before, but didn’t get much time with this fabulous blonde. Unless you’d prefer that I leave to fetch the dog, Helen?” he stated.

It was wonderful to see her blush so prettily as she considered being played with by my handsome husband. She almost whispered, “I’d love for you to get to know me better, Sir,” which made his face take on a roguish smile.

I left them in the training room, and sought out the servant who handles our dogs. Giving him instructions to get both Benny and Sky into their leather booties, I rejoined Helen and my husband. She was strapped to the bench at her back and knees, as she’d requested.

At that moment, though, both her hands were braced atop the bench, raising her torso off it. She was obviously offering her breasts to my husband, who was caressing them as they kissed. I watched him tease and tweak her sensitive flesh in a manner I knew very well from personal experience. Helen was responsively groaning into his sexy kisses.

Strolling up behind her, I knelt down and examined her labia. They were already puffing up as her passion rose. I stroked them with gentle fingertips, first along her outer labia, with her soft pelt of blonde pubic fur, then prodded them apart and revealed her glistening inner labia. Her scent perfumed the air around all three of us as I opened her. I knew Benny would zero in on this target quickly – any male would.

I caught my husband’s attention and beckoned him. He gently released Helen from his grasp and joined me behind her. His eyes lit up when he saw her opened cunt, her inner muscles already churning. In moments, he had scooped up some of her oozing cunt juices, using them to lube her ass crack. Turning his hand palm up, he slipped two fingers into her vaginal tunnel, while his thumb stayed outside to glide along her wet ass crack.

He spread his thumb apart from his fingers as they went into her, but he then closed them against one another as he drew them back out. This caused his thumb to glide firmly over the edges of her ass hole, while the fingers deeply stroked the tissues of her vaginal wall. I knew how erotically maddening this caress could be, and soon Helen was straining and panting from his actions.

I heard a discrete knock on one of the doors, and went to take Benny’s leash from the servant’s hand. Benny caught the scent in the room, and looked up at me, whining. I petted him reassuringly, saying, “Yes, Benny. Good boy. Your bitch is almost ready for you.” Since his gorgeous cock was already fully unsheathed, and was dripping precum, I could tell he was certainly ready for her.

Darling, send him over. I’m holding Helen open for him,” my husband informed me. As I released him, Benny bounded across the room, gave Helen’s cunt two perfunctory licks, and planted his leather covered paws on her back. I think I heard a ‘whoosh’ of air from her lungs as she took his weight. Practically simultaneously, Benny’s cock, expertly aimed by my husband, rammed deep into her wet, slippery cunt. Helen cried aloud from the surprise of her passage being both stretched and filled in the wink of an eye!

Holy shit!” her voice echoed in the room. “OMG! OMG!”

I was afraid she was in distress, but before I could ask or act, she continued, “Fuck me, you glorious beast! Fuck your new little bitch! Make me cum!” Her torso was flat down on the padding and she was gripping the bench hard with both hands as Benny rode her. His paws were gripping her waist near her hips as he hammered his cock into her dilated cunt.

It might have been the length of Benny’s cock, or its girth, or his balls rapidly slapping her cunt lips that did the trick. Whatever it was, Helen started howling, “I’m cumming!” It may have been my imagination, but it looked like Benny fucked her even harder as he heard her vocalization. He hadn’t knotted her yet, but I could tell he was trying hard to do so.

The smell of an aroused dog does something to me, something exciting. My heart races, my breathing deepens. Thinking to myself, “Why should Helen have all the fun?” I began undressing. Soon I was stark naked, playing with myself as I watched. My husband joined me, and caressed my tits and ass, knowing that I would soon be on my hands and knees. I didn’t have my whalebone corset handy, but I wouldn’t need it, since Benny had on those leather booties.

Benny rammed his knot against Helen’s pussy lips, not quite knotting her, but it was enough for him. He stopped humping and we could see his knot pulsating as he squirted spurt after spurt of his seed into her. She cried out, “Oh, fuck! He’s filling me!” We saw her ass muscles clench and release in a rapid rhythm as Benny’s ejaculation triggered Helen into another orgasm of her own.

Benny dismounted, pulling his cock free. Helen’s pussy erupted in a loud pussy fart as a huge glob of dog semen was disgorged from its depths. The smell of dog cum hit me like a physical blow and my knees buckled. My husband grabbed my elbow, and helped lower me to the floor without damaging myself. I don’t know if that reaction of mine is conditioned behavior, or reactions to canine pheromones, or what, but it gets me each and every time. I knelt so Helen would have a good view of Benny taking me as his bitch now.

He didn’t disappoint me.

With a low, excited growl he was quickly atop my back. From long habit, I reached back between my thighs and blindly guided his cock into my waiting cunt, already lubed from my excitement. He skewered me enthusiastically, and began pressing his knot firmly against me after just a few strokes. Helen’s eyes came back into focus and widened as she looked at the size of that knot, realizing that moments ago it was being shoved against her vaginal ring.

Using my palms flat on the floor for purchase, I angled my arms to demonstrate to Helen how to brace against Benny’s thrusts. I’d like to think that I’m Benny’s absolutely favorite bitch. Intellectually, I know that he’ll certainly fuck any receptive bitch. But his senses probably detect that I’m always in heat, so he breeds me every chance he gets. And he knows how to take me and use me efficiently.

Benny hooked his front paws against my waist and shoved extra hard with his hips. As his knot disappeared from sight, lodging itself into my entrance, I moaned with a mixture of need and relief. But Helen shook and called out, “OMG! You took all that!” I nodded, biting my lip as Benny stopped his humping and the throbbing began in his knot as his cock started the spewed delivery of dog semen. Sealed as I was, the flow filled my vaginal tunnel, and began flooding my womb. That sensation brought my excitement to a peak, and I shivered as wave after wave of a long orgasm swept through me.

Knotted, I knew I wasn’t going anywhere for a while, nor did I wish to. I love the feeling of this lovely dog atop me. His warm, furred underbelly stretched out comfortably along my spine. His warm breath panted at the side of my neck, as he erotically licked his drool from my nape. I could feel every beat of his heart, transmitted to my dilated cunt entrance each time his knot throbbed. I got that ‘full feeling’ that I get each time my womb is distended with dog sperm, sort of like after eating a little to much of a wonderful meal.

I looked over at Helen, her face still registering a slight amount of shock. “Don’t worry,” I assured her. “Benny’s not doing any damage to me. Our cunts are capable of dilating quite a bit with no injury. I’m a little sorry you didn’t get a chance to experience a true knotting with Benny, though. Are you ready to be mounted and bred by Sky?”

Helen had her upper torso raised up off the bench to get a better view of Benny and me. Therefore, when I asked that question, I was able to observe how Helen’s breasts quivered enticingly when her whole body shivered in anticipation. “Mmmm, yes,” she answered, “but may I make a request?”

Of course, dear. What is it?” I asked.

May I have my knees unbound now? I want to try taking on Sky like that, this time,” she explained.

I nodded to my husband, who proceeded to undo the ropes. “Do you want the waist belt removed as well?” I added.

No. I don’t think I’m quite ready for that yet,” she answered honestly. “But ultimately, I want to be able to service Sky just on my hands and knees, as you’re doing right now.”

That’s wonderful, Helen,” I told her. “I think the party guests will enjoy it more if you can move freely, as well.” While we were talking, my husband, having finished freeing Helen’s legs, led Sky up between them. Sky sniffed her deeply three times, and then started licking her intently. The lovely Akita seemed determined to clean all of Benny’s cum out of her before mounting her himself. I could tell that both Helen and Sky were getting quite aroused by his actions. Her cunt started ejecting globs of cum due to her internal muscle contractions, and his cock slid completely out of its furry sheath, dribbling precum on the floor beneath him.

That’s my good boy, Sky,” Helen cooed to him. “Lick me good, like the good boy you are. Your bitch Helen wants you to fuck her little pussy good and hard,” she moaned, her toes curling as his tongue disappeared deep into her tunnel.

OMG!” Helen cried out. “He’s making me… I’m about to… I’m gonna…” Whether by design or by chance, the moment Helen couldn’t speak another word, because her body was convulsing in orgasm, Sky broke off licking her, and put his front paws on her back. My spouse was expecting this, and got Sky’s cock dead on target with the dog’s first thrust. Helen uttered a long string of unintelligible syllables as Sky hooked his leather-clad paws onto her waist and humped her intently for about a full minute. It appeared Helen was cumming during that entire time.

When Sky finally sealed Helen’s cunt by ramming his knot into its opening, Helen shrieked with joy, arcing her torso up, and throwing her head back. Her face turned sideways to try to look back at her canine lover. His tongue lapped against her cheek, and then her lips. To my amazement, Helen’s lips parted, and their tongues touched. Locked with his bitch, Sky was no longer humping. He was cumming. As his balls emptied his semen into her, Helen started a satisfied-sounding growl deep inside her throat that finally emerged as a long, drawn out, “Yesssss!”

The room grew quiet, other than the sounds of panting dogs and panting women. Helen’s skin, like mine, showed a sheen of sweat from the exertions of our muscle contractions. There was an occasional sound of paws scrabbling on the floor surface, followed by whimpers from the dog and the woman knotted to that dog. Gradually, pussies began to seep mixtures of dog and female cum as the knots diminished, intensifying that heady scent of dog semen in the air around us.

Loud squelching sounds and pussy farts erupted as first Sky, and then Benny pulled their cocks free from our cunts. Dog tongues lapped at the oozing, gooey messes emerging from our gaping vaginal openings. My husband unbuckled the strap that had secured Helen’s waist in place. We knelt by our respective dogs, who had flopped onto their sides, still panting. With tender loving care, we licked and sucked those cocks until we could find no more traces of cum on them.

Helen and I padded, naked, into the sitting room for some refreshments. After a few minutes, my husband joined us there. He had entrusted the dogs back into the servant’s care, since they would need rest and feeding. Once he was in the sitting room, he began removing his clothing as well, rather than be the only person with clothes on. I noticed his fully erect cock was tangled in his underpants. “Helen, please go help my husband free that cock of his from his clothing,” I told the sweet blonde woman.

She seemed eager to be helpful, handling the cock perhaps quite a bit more than was absolutely necessary. Smiling, I said, “Darling, sit on the couch, and let Helen sit on your lap.”

As he was sitting down, I instructed Helen, “When you sit on his lap, I think you’d better tuck that stiff cock of his into the warm harbor of your cunt.”

She blushed in a very pretty manner, but did as she was told. At first, I imagine there was not as much friction as either of them would like, due to her stretched tunnel. But as time passed, and as she squirmed on his lap to help keep him erect, her cunt tightened. Soon, she was bouncing on his lap, facing him. I straddled his knees, sitting behind Helen, and reached around her to play with her bobbing tits with one hand, while my other softly strummed her clit.

When Helen started moaning loudly, my spouse put his hand into the hair at the back of her head, and pulled her lips to his for a passionate kiss. My lips were kissing the nape of Helen’s neck just as passionately. She stiffened for a moment and then began slamming her cunt up and down on his cock faster and faster. As she came, her rippling cunt muscles sucked a wonderful load of cum from his throbbing cock. Jet after jet of his semen shot up into her depths, and then cascaded out of her pussy opening, anointing her labia with a warm, sticky froth.

It was a lovely ending to our afternoon together.

This was so successful, we invited Stephanie to also visit several times before the scheduled date of the party. She and Helen trained with our dogs many times, gradually weaning themselves from needing the padded benches. Both women had occasion to use both dogs, getting used to their similarities and their differences.

During this training time, even though both of the women serviced both dogs, Benny and Sky, each woman had her favorite – her first one. So Stephanie preferred Benny, the Rottweiler, and Helen preferred Sky, the Akita. It was decided that at the party, Helen would go first, followed by Stephanie, since the guests might be more impressed by Benny’s cock.

The evening before the party, the two women arrived at our home, prepared to spend the night. Before we sat down to dinner, I showed them the guest bedrooms where they’d sleep. In each room were the garments that I selected for the auction. Each outfit consisted of 3 articles of clothing, all made from a luxuriant, absorbent cotton. Precise measurements had been made ahead of time, so the bra and panties fit beautifully, sensuously showing off their tits, pussy and ass.

The sleeveless dress slipped on easily, but still remained form-fitting, and was translucent enough that the bra and panties could clearly be seen beneath it. Their hems fell to the upper thigh, showing off each woman’s lovely legs and most of her thighs.

The women ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’ as they looked at the results in the full length mirror. Stephanie looked ravishing in her light green outfit, which emphasized her flame red hair. Helen looked equally delightful, with her blonde hair cascading onto the light blue dress she wore. Clothed as they were, they looked more erotic than simple nudity would have done.

Time to give your clothes their first anointing of dog cum, ladies,” I announced. “Please take them off, for the moment.” As the women stripped, Sky and Benny trotted into the room. Each dog approached his chosen bitch. Stephanie and Helen immediately dropped to their hands and knees, lowered their shoulders and raised their asses, presenting their sexes to the dogs.

The dogs reared up and planted their booted front paws on the women’s backs, unsheathing their cocks as they did so. With ease, the women opened their labia and used the same hand to guide the dogs’ cocks into their cunts. As before, the dogs fucked the women lustily, knotted them, and pumped them full of precum and sperm.

As I waited for the dogs to dismount, I instructed the women, “When his cock comes free, stay as you are on your hands and knees, and keep your thighs wide apart. Do you understand?”

Helen was apparently cumming, but managed to blurt out, “Stay as we are, but thighs wide open. Yes, Hostess.”

Stephanie was making a keening noise from the pressure of fluids Benny was injecting into her womb, but she nodded, eyes closed, to signal her understanding.

When each dog dismounted, pulling his messy cock free of the gaping cunt he had used, I was ready with the woman’s dress and bra. These I placed under her cunt, so that the gobs of cum dislodged from her vaginal passage would drop onto them. I knew the panties would get their own fair share of cum when worn, due to the residual semen oozing from the woman’s womb.

I even used the hem of the dress to wipe the labia clean on each woman, then I had them dress in their outfits, and come to dinner. Inhaling that scent of fresh dog cum, it took all my willpower not to have a servant bring me one of the other dogs. My own cunt quivered with desire, and my knees got wobbly, as usual when that aroma enters my nostrils.

After dinner, my husband raised Stephanie and Helen’s skirts, inspecting their panties. “Yes, they are quite soaked, my dear,” he informed me. It was time for their nighttime instructions. “The water is turned off in your guest rooms for the evening,” he told our guests. “You are not to bathe in any manner, because tomorrow, at the afternoon auction, we want your bodies reeking of the scent of dog.”

Hearing this, the faces of the women turned scarlet. “Ummm. What if we have to pee, or something?” Stephanie asked.

You summon a servant, using the push button next to your bed. The servant will take you to a working bathroom, where you can pee. Washing your hands and face is permitted, but nothing else,” he explained. “The servant will stay with you the entire time, and escort you back to your room, afterward.”

Stephanie and Helen exchanged startled glances, probably thinking about a servant standing around while they urinate and maybe even defecate. My spouse caught and interpreted those glances.

Don’t worry. We trust the servants implicitly, and there’s probably nothing they haven’t observed. They wouldn’t even be shocked if you asked them to wipe you, after you use the toilet,” he stated. “You might even enjoy such pampering,” he added, smiling mischievously.

The women’s faces turned bright red, just thinking about that scene. Clearing her throat, Stephanie asked, “Anything else?”

It was my turn to give them some instructions. “Yes. The dogs will spend the night with you. They can use the dog bed located in each room, if you wish. But we would prefer it if they slept in the bed with you, cuddled with you all night,” I started out. I was please to see their faces change to smiles of delight at the thought of having a bed companion.

Sleep wearing those outfits all night. Yes, I know they will get wrinkled, and that’s fine. Tomorrow morning, disrobe, and once again service your dog. After they dismount, make sure you place your bra and dress underneath your crotch as you kneel. We want fresh cum on your garments, in preparation for the luncheon party and auction. Then wear your clothes as you join us for breakfast. Is all of this quite clear?”

Helen spoke for both of them. “Yes, Hostess. Quite clear. You really do want us to reek of dog and dog cum, don’t you?” she asked, rhetorically. “Good night.”

My spouse and I kissed them both tenderly, and wished them pleasant dreams.

The next morning, when Helen and Stephanie appeared at breakfast, their flushed faces wore smiles of women that had been recently fucked, and fucked well. The smell of dog and fresh dog cum was fragrantly emanating from them as soon as they entered the room. The servants had reported that both women had been quite obedient, only washing their hands and faces. Their dresses were spotted with dog semen, some of it still wet. The dampness made the thin material even more transparent.

Good morning,” I greeted them. “Did you sleep well?”

I did,” Stephanie replied. “Benny snuggled me warmly all night.”

Sky’s fur is so soft,” Helen stated. “I wished that I could’ve been naked, to feel it all over my body, not just on my exposed arms and legs. He’s wonderful to have in bed with me.”

Well, after this party, if you want to visit and sleep with Sky, just ask,” I said, with a smile. “That goes for you and Benny, also,” I added, turning to Stephanie.

The women’s appetites were good, betraying no hint of nervousness about the upcoming event. The day was turning out to be warm and sunny, so we’d be able to hold the party in the yard as we’d hoped, rather than inside, in our ballroom.

We passed the time chatting, strolling through our gardens, as the servants set up the tables for the luncheon. Once again, there was a large sturdy table, its gleaming wooden surface bare, placed so the guests would have a good viewpoint. The same small series of steps that I’d used previously was placed at one end of this table, to allow easy access to its top. To keep the women from getting nervous, we walked and chatted in a section of the estate far from where the guests were gathering.

Stephanie and Helen appeared to be quite at ease when a servant approached to inform me that everyone had arrived. As I walked the women toward this group of strangers, I noticed Helen beginning to breathe faster. “Anything wrong?” I asked her, quietly.

Her face flushed as she whispered, “I smell, Hostess. What will these people think?” It was true that the aroma of dog and dog cum was strong around both of the women.

They will be enchanted, Helen,” I reassured her. “These people have been specially chosen for this gathering. They’re all thrilled and titillated by the notion and sight of women servicing dogs. The men will wish they could enjoy your bodies as the dogs do, and the women will wish they could also be on their hands and knees, receiving such lustful attentions. But most lack the courage to do so, and merely envy your bravery and composure. Remember how you felt at the dinner party, Stephanie?”

Stephanie replied, “Yes, Hostess. It’s true, Helen. I saw Hostess, virtually naked, and so confident in her femininity and power, even as she was mounted by that powerful beast, that I envied her. It took me almost a half an hour of fighting with myself to have the temerity to ask her to let me try this.”

The women stood up straighter, I noticed, looking very regal as they were introduced to the guests. No one laughed, held their noses, or made fun of them in any way. In fact, the looks on most people’s faces were those of awe, similar to expressions people use when approaching a famous movie star. Helen and Stephanie reveled in these looks, almost preening, after a while. Polite conversation abounded as we all shared a light luncheon.

The guests quieted as my spouse walked to the table ‘stage’ signaling the women to follow him. Ever polite, he help them climb the steps onto the gleaming wooden surface. I was pleased to see the expression of calm anticipation on their faces as they stood, elevated, before the gathering.

We’ll now commence with the auctioning of the wonderful garments these participants are wearing,” he announced. “The first item is this lovely green dress, worn by Stephanie.”

The bidding began, slowly, as is usual at the start of an auction, before bidding fever sets in. My husband waited until the bidding seemed about done, and then added, almost as if it was an afterthought, “Oh, yes. I forgot to mention. The winning bidder gets to help this young lady remove the article of clothing from her body, too.”

Must we be cautious in avoiding any contact with their body as we help them disrobe?” one gentleman asked. Polite laughter accompanied this question.

What do you think, ladies?” my husband asked, turning to them.

Stephanie spoke up, since it was her dress that was currently in question. “No caution is necessary, Sir,” she said with a calm smile. “It would be most awkward to avoid contact with these clinging garments. She looked over at Helen, and raised a questioning eyebrow.

I agree. In fact,” Helen added, “I will be very, very disappointed if some fondling fails to occur.” Her impish expression raised a cheer from the crowd, and the bidding intensified.

The man with the winning bid strode up onto the stage. “I need to lift this over your head, correct?” he asked Stephanie, who nodded and raised her arms gracefully. Facing her, he grasped the hem of the dress and lifted it, letting his hands glide up her outer thighs, waist, and torso. His hands grazed the outer edges of her breasts as he raised the thin material up to her armpits. She slid her arms free. He finished raising it up past her head and off her body. As he carried it off the stage, he gallantly brought the cloth to his nose, inhaling with appreciation.

Bringing Helen forward, my spouse informed our guests, “Next up for auction is this blue dress, made glorious by the way it hugs the curves of our lovely Helen. Who’ll start the bidding?”

This set of bids was between two gentlemen each vying to outdo the other. The remaining guests were apparently waiting for the more intimate bra and panties to be auctioned. Nonetheless, the winner almost romped up onto the stage with enthusiasm. He was taller than Helen, so he had her face the other guests as he stood behind her. Lifting her dress hem almost like a curtain being raised at the start of a play, he paused as her panties were fully revealed, resting his hands on her hips.

His hands then bunched the dress upward as his palms slid up her bare belly. When his hands reached her bra, he let them smoothly glide over the material there, feeling the warmth of her breast flesh through the thin cloth. The look on his face conveyed his thrill with regard to this contact.

The guests began applauding, and the applause intensified as Helen, mischievous as ever, bent forward slightly. This pressed her tits more firmly into his palms, and pushed her ass back against his crotch. She shifted her weight from one foot to the other, rubbing her ass against him. His face turned beet red, but his smile never faltered. He finished removing her dress, and left the stage with his prize.

I think it’s time we auctioned Helen’s bra now,” my husband stated. New bidders jumped in quickly. The winning bidder wasted no time in getting himself up onto the stage and standing in front of Helen. Sliding his arms around her, he gathered her into a close embrace, and just held her like that for a long moment. Helen tilted her head up and kissed his cheek as he unhooked her bra. Sliding its straps off her shoulders, he leaned forward and rested his head briefly in her cleavage. She, in turn, used her hands to press her tits against the sides of his face, to the delight of the onlookers.

The winning bidder for Stephanie’s bra walked behind her, indicating she should face the guests. Gingerly unhooking her bra, he left it in place as he pressed his palms at the sides of her chest between the bra and her skin. He moved his hands forward, keeping them beneath the material, until his palms cupped her breasts fully, hiding her areolae and nipples. “Slip the bra off and hold it, please,” he whispered into her ear.

As she slid the straps off her shoulders, and pulled away the material, his hands began a caress of the flesh they enclosed. Stephanie shivered with pleasure and moaned softly. The audience was spellbound. When he finally removed his hands, Stephanie’s fully engorged nipples stood out firmly from her darkened areolae. He left the stage, holding the bra triumphantly high in the air.

Oh my,” my husband said with mock surprise. “We have only panties left to auction off. These, of course, have been fully saturated with dog semen, so we expect the bidding to be spirited. Stephanie’s panties first, since she is standing right here.”

The bidding was much more enthusiastic. The numbers climbed. Both Helen and Stephanie had looks of surprise at the money involved. When the bidding ceased, and the winner was approaching the stage, Stephanie said to Helen in a mock whisper, which carried to the ears of all present, “I think we’ve hit upon a great way to fund our retirement. We just need to sell panties!” The crowd roared with merriment. We’d found perfect gems in these two women, and the auction was going better than I’d ever dreamed.

The winner had Stephanie again face the other guests, but he knelt beside her. With painstaking slowness, he lowered the front of her panties a tad, tilting his head to her front to look. Then he lowered the back a tad, and tilted his head to look behind her, watching. Very very gradually her pussy came into view for the other guests, but he was determined to have a private viewing of her ass for himself. When he finally helped her to step free of the panties, he did use his hands on her hips to turn her backside to the onlookers, finally giving them a view of her pert butt.

Well done, Sir,” my husband intoned, as Stephanie moved to the rear of the stage, and knelt there quietly. “Helen, if you would please step forward.” As she moved into place, he continued, “This is our final garment for today. Who’ll start?”

Again the men bid back and forth, higher and higher. But just as my husband was about to announce, “Sold!” a woman, who up until now had been quiet, jumped in with a bid that astonished everyone. The stunned silence dragged on – no one tried to top that.

Declared the winner, she was assisted onto the stage by my spouse. She walked directly in front of Helen, and knelt, with her back to the rest of the guests. In this pose, the top of her head was just lower than where Helen’s thighs joined. The other guests had an unblocked view as the woman raised her hands to Helen’s waist and took hold of the sides of her panties.

Carefully, she lowered the panties until Helen’s pussy was fully revealed. A hush fell over the crowd, because the woman was examining that pussy as if it was a great treasure, being unveiled. Looking up into Helen’s face, she asked quietly, “May I?”

It took Helen a moment to understand. “Oh! Yes! Of course – be my guest,” she answered, smiling down. She even tilted her hips backward, presenting her pussy more fully.

The woman, raised herself up slightly, and kissed Helen’s pussy softly, then, feeling Helen’s full acquiescence, more firmly. Showing a beatific smile, Helen reached down and stroked the woman’s hair as her cunt was worshiped by the woman’s lips. The audience gasped in appreciation. Satisfied, the woman finished lowering Helen’s panties, took them out from under her feet, and left the stage. Moving her hands to the small of her back, Helen stood naked, facing the guests, her tits thrust forward by her pose. Her pussy lips still glistened from the woman’s saliva.

Helen, since you’ll be servicing your dog first, please show our guests the pose with which you’ll be greeting him,” my spouse instructed her.

Gladly,” she replied. Turning her back to the guests, she got down on her hands and knees, separating her thighs from one another. The fine blonde hair on her outer labia shone in the sunlight. Helen lowered her shoulders, turning her head to her left, and pillowed her right cheek on her left hand. Reaching between her thighs, her right hand came up and parted her labia, giving everyone and excellent view of her moist, pink vaginal entrance.

Notice that people were straining for even better looks, my husband told them, “Rest assured, after she services her dog, you will all be invited for any sort of close examination that you desire.” I saw several men lick their lips subconsciously. Yes, she looked good enough to eat.

Thank you, Helen. You may now turn sideways and prepare,” he told her. As she shuffled to turn ninety degrees sideways, Sky, near the house, was released by a servant. That lovely Akita knew what was expected of him, informed by smell and by sight that his bitch was ready for him. He bounded up onto the stage, his leather booties making a padding sound on the wooden surface.

Sky sniffed Helen’s ass, walked to her head, and presented his own ass to her, following doggy protocol. Turning, he licked her face and lips in greeting, then padded behind her and began licking her with abandon from her clit to her ass hole. Helen sighed, moaned, and squirmed delightedly, holding her cunt open for his tongue. Her breath suddenly hissed and her body quaked in a silent orgasm, obvious from the expression on her face. Having her clothes being auctioned off of her body had certainly aroused her, and Sky quickly brought her to her first peak.

His tongue was not quite able to catch all the pussy juices, some of which dripped pungently onto the stage surface. As he lowered his head to lick the surface clean, his long white fur brushed sensuously against Helen’s inner thighs. When Sky’s tongue again began lapping at Helen’s sex, the dog’s cock smoothly emerged from its furry sleeve, its pointed tip dripping his precum. I saw several of the male onlookers adjusting their trousers, trying to alleviate the pressure on their own tumescent cocks.

Sky mounted Helen, guided by her hand. His cock disappeared inside her, the crowd gasping at the suddenness with which it happened. Helen’s eyes closed in ecstasy as she groaned, “Oh fuck! Yesss!” Sky humped his bitch the only way he knew how – full bore. Helen used both her palms on the table’s surface to brace herself. Sky fucked her intently for a full five minutes, his tongue eventually lolling from his open mouth and drooling to cool his body. His swollen knot was now bumping hard at her vaginal entrance.

From the sounds Helen was making, she was about to cum again. As her shuddering began, she called out, “I’m cumming!” and pressed back hard into one of Sky’s thrusts. Her now convulsing vaginal tunnel accepted his knot, which stretched and lodged itself into her opening. Sky stopped thrusting. Gasping, Helen screamed, “He’s cumming!” as her face contorted and reddened. The crowd murmured excited comments to one another as they watched the Akita breeding his bitch.

After a minute or two, Helen got a pleased smile on her face and slowly lifted her head and shoulders up from the table, until her back was parallel to its surface. At the same time, Sky lowered his body, pressing his soft, furry underbelly along Helen’s spine, coming to rest atop her. She turned her head to smile over her shoulder at him, feeling his warm panting breaths on her cheek. Her tongue came out to touch his in an amazingly intimate gesture. My own heart fluttered when I saw her do that.

When they eventually un-knotted, Sky was led away, leaving Helen kneeling and dripping dog semen from her cunt. My spouse addressed the woman that had bought Helen’s panties, “Madam, you were her highest bidder. Is there anything special you would like to do with her?”

The woman blushed scarlet, hemming and hawing. It was obvious she wanted to do something, but was shy about naming it. “Go on! This is your chance,” a female friend of hers encouraged. The woman finally got up from her seat, applauded by the throng for doing so. She whispered something to my spouse, who nodded his understanding.

They went up to Helen, and my husband scooped a good amount of dog sperm from the flow still emerging from her cunt. He smeared that semen all over Helen’s tits, dangling beneath her torso. The woman laid down on her back, slid beneath Helen, and began licking the dog’s cum off of her breasts. When all traces of semen were gone, the woman continued sucking Helen’s nipples for quite some time, perhaps unaware that her own skirt was showing a damp patch at the location of her crotch.

The man who had purchased Helen’s bra opted to sit by her side and use his hands on her breasts in a smooth milking action, which soon had her panting with desire. The man who had bought her dress was much bolder. Removing his pants and underpants, he knelt behind her and slowly eased his dick into the slimy mass of dog semen still filling her cunt. Scooting around to her head, he presented his sperm coated cock to Helen’s lips. With her tits still being milked, she eagerly sucked that cock deep into her mouth. Some men were muttering wishes that they had bid higher.

It was quite a tableau – Helen, naked on her hands and feet, having her tits milked at the same time her mouth was being fucked. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked. Using one of her hands at the man’s ball sack, she pressed and rubbed him there until, with a loud groan, he emptied his load of cum down her throat. The men returned to their seats as my husband helped Helen to her feet. She took a shaky bow, and then was helped onto a narrow reclining seat on the stage, which left her sex and tits on display as Stephanie stepped forward.

Stephanie executed a slow, graceful turn with her arms raised, letting everyone see her lovely nude body from various angles. Then, like Helen, she went down onto her hands and knees with her back to the guests, and also opened her thighs. Her flame red pubic hair drew all eyes like a beacon. Her fingers opened her cunt for their viewing pleasure – an erotic sight, indeed. People sighed like some spell had been broken when she turned sideways, preparing for her dog’s approach. She remained with her shoulders up, her breasts swaying provocatively beneath her.

Benny, released by the servant, trotted proudly across the lawn and up onto the stage where his bitch awaited him. He was the alpha male, and exuded confidence in every movement. The fact that his front paws were enclosed in leather booties didn’t faze him in the least – he made it look like the latest fashion statement. His cock was already halfway out of its enclosing sheath as he sniffed Stephanie’s ass. His musky scent was evident as he moved up to her head to present his own hindquarters to her. Everyone expected him to move back to Stephanie’s crotch and begin licking, as Sky had done to Helen.

Benny had other plans. He turned to face Stephanie’s head, reared up, and planted his front paws on her shoulders. His damp cock, with its pink surface patterned with scarlet blood vessels, slapped wetly against Stephanie’s cheeks as he wiggled his hindquarters.

Stephanie instinctively parted her lips, and Benny began fucking her mouth. Rather than acting startled or horrified, Stephanie curled her lips into a smile and hummed with pleasure as the huge Rottweiler ravished her mouth. The onlookers were absolutely silent, so Stephanie’s sounds of enjoyment were clearly audible.

Satisfied that his bitch remembered who’s boss, Benny dismounted from his current position, and trotted around behind the kneeling woman. One of the female guests uttered aloud, “OMG! There’s even more cock! I thought all of it was out before!”

Indeed, Benny now had the full length of his cock unsheathed, and his tumescence has swollen it to prodigious proportions – it rather resembled the end of a baseball bat. And Stephanie was bracing herself, lowering her shoulders halfway to the table surface, pressing her arms out in front of herself at about a 45 degree angle. She knew what was coming.

Benny slathered his long tongue twice the full length of his bitch’s private area, and lunged himself up onto her back. My husband had to guide his cock into Stephanie – she could not risk unbracing one of her shoulders to reach back between her thighs now. The air went out of her lungs with a loud whooshing grunt as Benny buried the full length and width of his dick inside her tunnel.

If people thought Sky had fucked Helen vigorously, they’d have to describe this fucking as savage. Transfixed, they watched Benny hammer his dick over and over into Stephanie’s pussy. They expected her to scream. And scream she did. But not what they expected.

Oh you lovely wonderful beast!” she screamed. “Yes. Yes! YES! Fuck me! Make me cum! Work your magic on me!” Her head whipped back and forth as she screamed, her red hair flinging through the air. She was fucking Benny almost as hard as he was fucking her. She looked magnificent! And she was cumming so fiercely that practically every muscle in her body went into spasm. Her cunt juices streamed out around the base of the dog’s cock, getting his knot wetter and more slippery.

That knot of his. The size of a small grapefruit. Bumping against her vaginal entrance. His heavy balls swinging forward with each thrust, slapping audibly against her cunt. Each impact shuddering through Stephanie’s body, making her tits swing forward and back like pendulums. Sweat trickling across her skin, augmented at her shoulders by drips of Benny’s drool. Benny lapped at his drool on the nape of her neck. That contact triggered another orgasm. Stephanie was vibrating like mad as she shrieked, “Fuuuuckkkk!” and let the experience take control.

The air was reeking with a mixture of human and animal musk, mixed with the sharp tang of Sky’s dog cum still oozing out of Helen. The male guests were rubbing their cock through their trousers. The women were licking and biting their lips as their own hands mashed their breasts or disappeared up under their skirts. Everyone was caught up in the intensity of what they were watching. It was as if Stephanie was sharing her orgasm with each of them.

I lost track of how long Benny had been fucking her. Suddenly, his paws slipped into the crease between her waist and her bent thighs, and he lunged extra hard into her cunt. In an instant, both dog and women froze in place, Stephanie’s eyes wide open, Benny raising his muzzle almost straight upwards. The throats of both woman and dog erupted in an eerie howl that sent the hairs up on everyone’s forearms. Benny was shooting his seed into his bitch, and both of them were howling in triumph!

Mouths gaped, the guests watching Stephanie’s lower belly distend as Benny’s sperm, trapped by the seal created by his knot, filled her vagina, forced its way through her cervix into her womb, flooded that, and even began seeping into her abdomen itself. There was no overt humping or thrusting now, just two bodies – woman and dog – shivering as wave after wave of sensation coursed through them.

I listened closely as I heard several women whispering to one another things like, “I have never seen anyone cum that hard” and “I’ve got to know what that feels like” – I sensed that after this party, more of these women might approach me, shyly asking if they could experience a session with one of our dogs. I smiled in anticipation. Some of the men were taking advantage of their companions’ arousal by unzipping their pants and placing the woman’s hand inside. The women had their eyes glued to the stage, but their hands were in motion inside those pants.

Benny was knotted so firmly inside Stephanie that my spouse knew they would be joined for quite some time. “People may come forward, if they wish, for a closer examination at this time,” he announced. The spell was broken. Hands were withdrawn from trousers, zippers were raised, and the guests streamed up onto the stage to look more closely at Stephanie’s amazingly stretched cunt, filled with the pulsating knot of dog cock. Some whispered gentle questions. Some stroked her red hair, all matted with her sweat. Some caressed her breasts, or her ass cheeks.

Other guests went over to Helen, and, with her gracious permission, examined her cunt visually and tactilely. Of course, their hands wandered over her thighs, belly, and breasts as they chatted with her. She seemed to be enjoying being the center of this small circle of attention, also.

Benny’s paws started scrabbling on the table surface. He was trying to break free from Stephanie, both of them whimpering softly with the pain of his movement. “Everyone please return to your seats, now,” my husband called out. “We need to give them room.” With each whimper, Stephanie winced, and, if a dog’s face can express emotions, so did Benny. Finally, with a loud, wet-sounding ‘pop’ his cock yanked free from Stephanie, and a great cascade of warm dog semen gushed from her gaping vagina. It looked like a pop bottle base could be inserted easily, at first, but as we watched, it began losing its dilation.

My spouse consulted with the three men who had won Stephanie’s garments in the auction. After a brief discussion, all four men nodded agreement. My husband spoke quietly to Stephanie, and we all saw her also nod, after a brief moment of consideration. “Get ready, gentlemen,” he informed the trio, as he led Stephanie to another reclining couch, placed almost sideways to the front edge of the stage. She settled herself onto her back, watching as the three winners disrobed, revealing fully erect cocks.

One of them approached her, gathered a handful of dog semen from her cunt opening, and drizzled it into the valley between her breasts. Straddling her body at that height he used what was left on his palm to lube his stiff dick. Stephanie used her hands to wrap her tits around his cock, while he began tit fucking her.

The second straddled her body at the region of her upper thigh, pushed his cock head downward with one hand while he held her pussy lips far apart with his other. Pressing his hips forward, he easily inserted his cock into her. As his cock head sank out of sight, it displaced even more dog semen from her cunt, pouring out onto the base of his cock, matting in the pubic hair on his groin and balls, and puddling between Stephanie’s thighs. He began thrusting in and out of her, causing obscene, squishy sounds.

The third man stood at the side of her couch, near her head. Stephanie obligingly opened her lips and accepted his cock as he began using her mouth as another cunt to be fucked. Soon all three men were thrusting lustily, encouraged by the onlookers. Stephanie’s hands were busy holding her tits together, and her vision was obscured by the pelvis of the man fucking her face. But I’m sure she was aware of the man fucking her cunt, because her toes could be seen to curl as he climaxed – one moment fucking her hard, and the next holding his cock as deep into her as possible as he unloaded his semen to mix with Benny’s. He pulled out, and noticed his luncheon companion beckoning to him by movements of her hand. He walked to her, and, after she sniffed, and tentatively tasted the semen mixture coating his cock, proceeded to suck it quite clean.

Meanwhile, the man fucking Stephanie’s tits cried out a warning, “I’m cumming!” But Stephanie’s head was turned and her mouth was preoccupied, so the blasts of semen that jetted from his cock head as it poked out from between the tops of her breasts painted the side of her neck, her cheek, ear, and hair. His white strands of sticky cum easily stood out against the redness of her hair. He stepped away from the couch and calmly dressed once again, sticky cock and all.

Her hands free now, Stephanie cradled and caressed the scrotum of the man fucking her mouth. Her other hand went around his thigh to a place somewhere behind him. It’s not quite clear exactly what she did with that hand, but in moments he groaned loudly. He pulled his cock back out of her mouth just far enough to let everyone see his spurts of semen splashing onto her lips and into her mouth. When he’d finished, she swiped the semen from her lips with a finger, pushing it also into her mouth. Her mouth closed, her throat rippled, and her mouth opened again. Looking into it, the man happily proclaimed, “It’s empty!”

Stephanie stood, helped Helen to her feet, and walked to the front of the stage with her. The two friends took a well deserved bow, accepting the applause and accolades of the guests. Then, arm in arm, they proudly walked back to the house, where warm showers and fresh clothes awaited them.

My husband and I chatted with the guests, thanking them for attending, and accepting their thanks and congratulations. After all had departed, I said to him, “I never expected the auction to raise that much money, darling. Let’s split it into thirds, one third each for Stephanie and Helen, keeping only one third for ourselves.”

That’s sounds wonderful to me, dear. I think they’ll be thrilled,” he responded.

Thinking back over what had occurred, I asked him, “How can we ever hope to top an afternoon like this?”

Why even bother trying?” he replied, with a twinkle in his eye. “We can’t top perfection.”


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