The Hostess – pt. 02

(continued from part 1)

On the arranged date and time, Stephanie showed up at our door.

Stephanie was the woman that had attended our dinner party, and shyly whispered into my ear, “Could you arrange for me to have a session with a dog like you just did?” From our ensuing discussions, she was curious, I knew, but also fearful. The fear of the unknown is a strong emotion. We finally decided she could bring along a friend for moral support, and more. I say ‘and more’ because the friend was also going to have a session – they wanted to experience this new thing together.

This is Helen,” Stephanie said, by way of introduction, as she indicated her friend. “Helen, this is our Hostess,” she continued, gesturing toward me. As I had informed Stephanie, I prefer the title ‘Hostess’ rather than being called by my real name.

Very nice to meet you, Hostess,” Helen said with a somewhat strained smile. I could not blame her for that, since she had not been present at our dinner party, and had not seen how serene a woman can be when mounted by a dog.

I’m glad to meet you, as well, Helen. It’s wonderful that you’re joining your friend on this adventure. I think you’ll both find great enjoyment here. Come and have a seat.”

I led them to the sitting room, where we all settled on comfortable chairs, in an intimate grouping. “Did Stephanie explain the rules I have about training?” I inquired.

Helen blushed in a most fetching manner. “Yes, Hostess. I believe she covered them all.”

Let’s reiterate them, to be certain,” I requested, looking first at Helen.

Her flushed deepened. “We must be nude during the training, and your husband and the servants may observe what’s happening.”

Excellent. Do either of you have a problem with that?” I asked.

They both shook their heads, and Stephanie explained, “We’ve seen each other naked often, and other people have seen us that way, too. Your husband was impeccably polite, and you must trust your servants implicitly, we’re sure.”

Yes, I do,” I assured her. “And the other main rule?” I asked.

We must obey you promptly, and not be afraid to handle the dog’s penis, use our mouths on it, or be mounted by him,” Stephanie replied, with an edge of excitement in her voice. I had high hopes for this one, given her boldness in asking me for this experience in the first place. I hoped her friend shared that boldness and enthusiasm.

What repayment do I require of you for this training?” I asked, looking from one to the other.

Stephanie answered, “You and your husband may use us sexually during our training, if you wish. In addition, if you deem us worthy, we’ll be called upon to put on a performance at a dinner party similar to the one I attended. As a special treat, the clothes we’ll be wearing will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, and the proceeds go to you.”

As I nodded my agreement to what she’d said, Stephanie asked, “Will those be our own clothes, Hostess?”

Oh, I’m sorry I didn’t make that clear. No. I’ll supply the garments. To make them special, though, the day before the party, you’ll come here, and get fucked by the dogs. Then you’ll wear the clothes throughout the remainder of the day. That evening you’ll not shower or bathe, so that the scent of the dogs will remain on you.” Since this concept shocked them a bit, I saw their pupils dilate.

The next evening, for the dinner party, you’ll don the clothes again for the auction. They’ll probably have dog semen stains on them, which will drive the bidding quite high, I’m sure,” I continued with a smile. “After your clothes are removed for the auction,you’ll be mounted by the dogs, while the party guests watch. Afterward, the guests will be invited to inspect you, both visually and by touch. Is all this understood and acceptable?”

Helen swallowed a tiny bit nervously, and asked, “The guests might touch us?”

My dear, I can almost guarantee they will,” I responded. “People are infinitely curious about these things, I have found. I expect you to exude charm, confidence, and control during these proceedings. My guests are never boorish – such people are never invited. Both my husband and I will see to your comfort and safety.”

I turned to Stephanie. “Remember that woman that asked if she might eat my cunt and make me cum?”

Stephanie smiled brightly. “I sure do. After I saw that, I wished that I’d been the woman to ask to do that to you.” She paused, then continued, “I also wished that I’d been in your place, the woman eating my cunt, and making me cum, while the people watched.” She too flushed a delicate pink, revealing these desires.

You may get such a chance, if some guest requests it. If a man at that dinner party had asked to fuck me, I would have granted his request graciously, as well. We want our guests to have a wonderful time, and I love sex, as you may have guessed.” I almost whispered the last part of my message conspiratorially, which made the two women giggle.

In summary, you’d be expected to take on the dogs, certainly, and perhaps even a male or female guest, while others watch. Does any of this concern you in any way?” I asked, making eye contact with each of them.

They looked at each other, ascertaining if either of them felt this was too much. Perhaps wanting to make certain that their friend would still respect them if they agreed to all this. I saw each of them nod slowly, and Helen spoke for them both, “We’re not concerned at all, it seems. Stephanie has experienced such a party, and if she’s OK with what happens, I am too.” Her nervousness appeared to have dissipated, given the straightforward discussion. If we’d used euphemisms, or spoken in a hazy manner, Helen might have gotten more nervous. I just wanted her to clearly know what she was agreeing to do.

I stood up. “Let’s begin. Disrobe, please,” I instructed them. I watched as they stood up, stepped free from their shoes, and unbuttoned and unzipped, their garments falling away. Soon they stood naked before me. I was pleased to see how proud of their appearance they seemed to be. They made no move to conceal their breasts or pussies.

I do have a question, Hostess,” Stephanie said.

Yes, dear? What is it?” I asked her.

She gestured at her mound and labia, drawing my attention to her pubic hair. I looked at her closely cropped blaze of red fur there. My eyes swung to her friend’s similarly trimmed patch of blonde pubic hair.

Do we have to shave these smooth?” she inquired.

Whether you do or not is completely up to you, ladies,” I responded. “If it were a tangled thatch, the dogs might have difficulty finding the right opening. I doubt you’d like the sensation of a dog’s cock pounding your asshole.” I smiled. “If you keep the hairs that short, you, I, or my husband can easily hold you open and guide the penis where it belongs. Personally, I think I like the colors you have down there better than smooth pink skin.

Both women smiled shyly at having their pubic hairs complimented so frankly. “If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask them at any time. Let’s go into the training room. Please follow me.”

The two women padded nakedly behind me as I lead them into the area where we would work. My husband was already there, having placed the chairs about ten feet apart near the room’s center. “You already know Stephanie, dear, and this is her friend Helen,” I informed him.

Greetings, both of you,” he said, warmly. “Please have a seat.”

The women chose their chairs and sat down. “These chairs have an unusual design,” Stephanie remarked. Indeed they did, with seats in a U-shape, with the open edge facing forward. In the back of each seat were two holes surrounded by thick rubber gaskets.

Yes, an idea of my husband’s,” I explained. He bowed with a smile, acknowledging my statement as I went to a side table and returned with two pairs of handcuffs.

What are those for?” Helen asked, with more curiosity than fear.

To help secure you both in position,” I explained. “You see, our dogs are highly trained, but you are not. Unless we can stabilize your bodies, you might do something inadvertently that would confuse the dogs, and set back their training. I assure you, if you wish to leave now, or be uncuffed later, you merely have to say so. No one is holding you here against your will. If you wish to continue, slide your hands and arms back into those holes at the back of your seat.

Without much evidence of hesitation, both nude women stuck their hands through the openings. I secured Helen’s wrists, while my husband did the same to Stephanie’s. The cuffs were then tied to an eye hook. Stepping in front of the women, I said, “Try to lunge forward, please.”

Each tried to throw her body forward. All that happened was their shoulders came a short distance forward, and their breasts swung and bobbed in a delightful way. “Wonderful,” I commented. “Are you both comfortable?”

Surprisingly, yes, Hostess,” Stephanie said, smiling. Helen nodded her agreement.

Now for your legs,” I continued, handing my husband one set of ropes, while keeping a set for myself. The naked trainees watched, wide-eyed, as my spouse and I tied their legs, from their knees to their ankles, to the front side legs of the chairs. “Can you close your knees together at all?” I inquired.

From their expressions, it was obvious that neither woman could move her legs one bit. “Perfect,” I commented. Turning to my husband, I said, “I think we better get their pussies nice and wet for the dogs.” He needed no further encouragement. His hands went to Stephanie’s thighs and began stroking her warm flesh. My hands did the same to Helen. Working in unison, he and I opened the labia of our respective trainees, and massaged those pussy lips gently.

Soon the women were moaning softly, as they began oozing fluids from their cunts. The floor beneath the front of their chairs darkened from their drips, since the cutout part of the seats left their cunts suspended in the air there. Their swollen pussy lips were parted, revealing the intimate recesses between them. “I believe they are ready, darling,” I told my husband.

He signaled, and another door opened. A servant entered with two dogs on leashes. My husband walked over and took the leash of the Rottweiler, while I went and took that of the Akita. Since I am more talkative, I performed the introductions.

Indicating the Rottweiler, I said, “This lovely Rottweiler is called Benny. He is the alpha male of these two.” Hearing his name, Benny turned his intelligent eyes toward me briefly, then went back to eyeing the women in the chairs. He was already sniffing loudly, and slowly wagging his undocked tail. Pointing to the Akita, whose soft gray and white fur, and eyes as black as night always thrilled me when I saw him, I continued, “This Akita is called Sky.” Sky pranced a bit, showing his eagerness, his tail curled up above his back waving like a flag.

The alpha male always gets first pick,” I explained. My husband unleashed Benny, who promptly trotted over to Helen and sniffed her crotch, pressing his cold wet nose against that exposed, sensitive area of her body. She emitted a muted shriek of surprise, but could not move a muscle.

Now you may understand why you are restrained, Helen,” I chortled gently.

Benny trotted to Stephanie, and practically shoved his nose into her pussy as he snorted. Taking his time making his choice, Benny returned to Helen, and this time his long, supple tongue lapped her from her asshole to her mound. Helen stared down at him, transfixed. Abandoning her, Benny returned to Stephanie, and began lapping her cunt.

We waited, watching, but Benny showed no signs of leaving Stephanie’s crotch. His lapping was focused on her now, as her face contorted into expressions of shock, surprise, astonishment, and even wonder. Her breathing accelerated, her chest heaving up and down with her deepening breaths.

Seeing that Benny was now fully occupied, I released Sky with a loving pat on his head. He knew that Helen was his, and wasted not a moment in romping over to her and burying his face in her crotch. My husband and I strolled nearer to watch our beloved dogs in action. The sounds of the dogs’ tongues working was loud in the room.

Cords from tightened muscles were playing under the skin of the women’s necks. I could tell they were holding back any vocalizations, perhaps fearing that they might startle the dogs. “It’s OK to speak, groan, scream, or whatever you wish, my dears,” I told them. “The dogs are used to females crying out as they experience what I like to call canine cunnilingus.”

Helen had her eyes closed, but she groaned, “OMG! This is fantastic!” Sky’s tongue was flashing in and out of her cunt at that point.

Stephanie had her eyes opened, but they seemed to be out of focus. “Oh shit!” she cried. “I’ve had men eat my pussy before, but it’s never been this intense! It’s… I’m gonna…” She stopped speaking as she took a deep breath, and screamed. We could tell she was cumming, because even though her legs were tied open, we could see her toes curling under, and her tits were shaking. Benny lapped wetly as her cum coated his tongue.

After a couple of minutes, Stephanie’s body relaxed. “I just came,” she informed us almost shyly, blushing. She looked over at her friend, Helen. “How are you doing?” she asked.

Helen didn’t answer. Her eyes were screwed tightly shut as if she was trying to lift something very heavy. Suddenly her eyes flew open, and, secured as she was to the chair, her hips began a rapid forward and backward rocking as her cum began spurting into Sky’s eager mouth. “I’m… I’m… I’m… cumming… oh… god… I’m… cumming!” she exclaimed, with each rock of her hips. Sky didn’t let much of her cum hit the floor beneath her.

The dogs kept licking, sometimes on the women’s surfaces, like their clits, or pee holes, or ass holes. Other times their tongues disappeared deeply into the women’s cunt tunnels. I knew that deep down in those tunnels, the tips of those tongues were flicking and curling, creating exquisite sensations that no human tongue or penis could duplicate.

We let the women each have three orgasms before commanding the dogs to come away and sit. Ever obedient, Benny and Sky came to us and sat, licking their chops and panting happily. The women were also panting heavily, with their smiles of contentment, and their hair plastered to their heads with their sweat. Red pubic hairs and blonde pubic hairs were matted on their labia with a mixture of cum and dog saliva. Their cunt openings dilated and contracted as they experienced orgasmic aftershocks.

They were lovely.

My spouse and I untied and uncuffed them, but even fully freed, they just sat as they were, probably mentally processing what had just occurred. We gave them time to recover. Benny and Sky sat on their haunches like good boys. I looked down the length of their bellies. Both dogs were aroused, with their pointed, veined cocks poking up out of their furry sheathes. With their butts on the floor, their swollen ball sacks were flattened out on the surface under them, one large testicle to either side of the sheath. My own pussy twitched, imagining their seed launching from those balls and filling me. But these loads were for our trainees, who gave signs of recovering now.

Come here to your dogs, ladies,” I called to them. They got up, stretched, and padded over bare footed on wobbly legs.

Kneel in front of your dog, and pet his head, praising him,” I instructed. The women did so, giggling when the dogs reacted by licking them on their lips with doggy kisses.

Excellent. Now gently touch the dog’s cock. Use just the tip of your index finger, to get used to the texture,” I said. I watched as the kneeling women did what I told them to do. Two lovely naked young women, kneeling humbly before those two noble looking dogs. Their hands trembling as they reached out to make contact with this forbidden portion of the dogs’ anatomy. Watching the apprehension on their faces change into pleasure as they stroked the warm, pulsating cocks.

Very good. You may now grasp the cock in your hand, and start slowly pumping it. Listen to the sound the dog makes – that will guide you into the proper pressure and speed,” I informed them. Looking at one another for reassurance, Stephanie and Helen began a slow, rhythmic manipulation of the now turgid genitals. Their faces were close to the dogs’ cocks, and I knew they were inhaling the musky scents. There is something about that scent that is an absolute turn on for me, and I hoped it was working its magic on the women.

As their tails started thumping on the floor, the dogs made whining sounds and their cocks began emitting tiny streams of fluid, almost fine as a vapor. Stephanie exclaimed, “Oh!” but she continued pumping.

That’s right, Stephanie. You’re doing fine. Benny is starting to give you some of his precum.” I told her. “He’s pleased with what you’re doing. Oh, and there goes Sky, Helen. He’s starting too. Go ahead and aim those streams at your tits, ladies. I think you’ll find that sensation quite erotic.”

Their giggles started at once, and within minutes their tits were glistening with precum. “You like that?” I asked. Both women nodded, still carefully pumping the dogs’ cocks. “OK, bend in closer and open your mouths. Aim the spray so you can taste some.”

Helen looked at me with an expression of shock, but she saw Stephanie obeying, so she shrugged and complied. I let them both sample the fluid for a while before asking, “Not too bad, is it?”

It just tastes salty, Hostess,” Helen answered. “It was only the thought of letting it enter my mouth that was scary. This seems so forbidden,” she concluded with a smile. She immediately went back to letting the spray enter her mouth, so I gathered she felt that once the taboo act had been done, doing it more was no longer an issue.

There sure is a lot of it,” Stephanie remarked, smiling at me. “Is this normal?” she asked, again opening her mouth to accept more of the spray as she awaited my answer.

Very normal. They seem to be able to generate quite a bit of it,” I agreed. My husband had been quietly setting up the apparatus for the final part of today’s training session. “OK, ladies, please stop pumping and stand up.” They seemed almost reluctant to let go of those cocks, I noticed.

The dogs were familiar with what was going to happen next. As I snapped my fingers, they eagerly ran up the training ramps and stood patiently over the holes in the sturdy shelves to which the ramps led. We took the women over to the adjustable stools that were placed beneath those holes.

Have a seat while my husband and I adjust the stools to the proper height,” I told our trainees. Their expressions of shy naughtiness indicated they had quickly understood our plans. As they sat on the stools, their heads rose up out of the holes, ending up under the dogs’ bellies. Tilting their heads only slightly, they felt the soft underfur caress their foreheads.

You want us to suck their cocks, right?” Stephanie asked with a sound of amusement in her voice.

Yes, dear. That’s correct. The hole is large enough for you to keep pumping the cocks as you suck, if you wish. Or you can just suck.” The women, with only minimal hesitation, had already opened their lips and sucked the pointed tip of the cock inward. “If you just want to suck, let as much of the cock into your mouth as possible. Your goal is to learn the difference between the taste of precum and the taste of cum.”

As I said this last statement, Stephanie swiveled her head slightly toward me to fix her eye on my face as she arched her eyebrow inquiringly, but she kept Benny’s cock in her mouth, and continued pumping it near the base.

Yes, Stephanie, you heard me correctly. We want you to make your dog cum, and we want you to taste that cum. You don’t have to swallow it all if you don’t want to do so. But notice the difference in tastes.”

Stephanie nodded her understanding, and turned her head back in line with Benny’s body. Her hand pumped the dog’s cock with a gradually increasing speed as she suckled. Helen was not pumping Sky’s cock. Both of her hands had come up through the opening to stroke the fur on the dog’s sides in a loving manner. His entire cock was inside her mouth, and I watched her cheeks rhythmically hollowing as she sucked the length of his cock. I imagined that both women were using their tongues to good advantage, as well. Their throats showed them swallowing copious amounts of precum.

Soon the dogs were not only wagging their tails – they were panting, tongues lolling, drooling, whining happily. Sky began humping his hips, fucking Helen’s mouth. I considered warning her, but I realized that her hands on his torso should be informing her of his movements and impending orgasm. Sure enough, Helen’s cheeks suddenly bulged with the first blast of Sky’s semen. A tiny bit dribbled from the corner of her mouth as her throat tried to keep pace with the dog’s spurts. She took it all, and pursed her lips as she eased her head back, striping the final fluids from within Sky’s cock.

She looked quite pleased with herself as I lowered her stool, and my spouse led Sky to a dog bed to let him lick his privates clean. “That was delicious!” she said, voice filled with amazement. “I thought it would be nasty, coming from an animal, but…” she paused, choosing her words. “But, it actually tasted better than any semen a man has ever shot into my mouth,” she concluded, grinning impishly. “Has Stephanie gotten hers yet?”

Not yet, but Benny’s close. Let’s watch,” I answered. I put my arm around Helen’s waist, savoring the feel of her smooth warm flesh under my arm and hand. She wrapped her own arms around me, and pulled herself close against me, her head on my shoulder.

Stephanie was sucking hard on Benny’s dick. She was no longer pumping, but she held her thumb and fingers in a ring shaped around the base of Benny’s penis. She didn’t have to pump at all, because Benny was now actively humping, fucking both her hand and mouth.

Go for it, Steph,” Helen whispered encouragingly. “You’ll love the taste, I bet. I did,” she told her friend. She watched, as did my husband and I, as the gorgeous Rottweiler began a rumbling howl, and started cumming. His first massive spurt was so voluminous that Stephanie’s little mouth could not hold it all. Her eyes flew wide open as the cum surged out around the edges of her lips and spilled down onto her chin and chest. A small amount even trickled out of her nostrils!

She started swallowing frantically, trying to keep up with his spurts. Fascinated, we watched her throat muscles rippling and rippling. Other than that first surge, she managed to handle the rest, and, when Benny’s movements stilled, let his cock lip from her mouth. That act was a bit premature, because Benny’s dick jerked once more, causing a splat of semen to strike Stephanie full on her forehead. She shrieked with surprise, and we broke out laughing at the sight.

As my husband led Benny to his dog bed, Helen and I pulled the dismayed Stephanie off of her stool to stand near us. Without needing to consult one another, Helen immediately began licking the dog semen from her chest and chin, while I licked it from her forehead, and very carefully from her eyes and nose. It was a wonderfully intimate moment.

As usual, the smell of fresh dog cum got me, for lack of a better word, edgy and aroused. A feeling of heat spread itself through my pussy. I hoped it had a similar effect on the two trainees.

My husband leashed the two dogs and took them back to the door from which they had entered, handing the leashes to a waiting servant. “We have one more thing to do today, ladies,” I remarked. “Please get down on your hands and knees.” As they did so, my husband made careful measurements, the most important of which was from the floor to their bellies. He nodded his satisfaction with the data.

Wonderful, you may get up and follow me now,” I informed them. I led them back to the sitting room, and sat down with them after they dressed again. Servants presented a light repast and some refreshments. My spouse joined us. As we sat there, eating, drinking, and chatting about everyday topics, everything looked so normal that a visitor arriving then might never have guessed what had just transpired.

You’ve now completed the first phase of the training,” I informed them, smiling, after they indicated they had had enough food and drink. “I want to congratulate you both on performing so well today – I’m proud of you both. You each have the choice of stopping now, or continuing. Phase two consists of actually being mounted by your dog. If you do that phase in a satisfactory manner, you’re committed to attending a dinner party, as we discussed. Do either of you have any qualms about moving onward?”

Stephanie spoke up. “Only one, Hostess. At the dinner party, you wore a stiff leather corset to protect yourself from the dog’s claws. Will we need such garments?”

A very good question,” I replied. “A corset like that isn’t easily obtained, and must be fitted exactly. But never fear, we have another way to make certain your skin will remain unblemished, as you’ll see. Any other questions?”

The two friends looked at each other for a long moment, then turned back to me, and slowly shook their heads.

Very well. But we’ll give you two full days to think this over. If you have questions for me in the meantime, please call me. Otherwise, you may return here in three days for phase two.” After saying this, my husband and I gave them each a warm hug, and escorted them to the door.

Two days passed, uneventfully.

To my delight, both Helen and Stephanie appeared at our door promptly at the time indicated, with bright, eager smiles on their faces. I actually laughed because, as soon as our door closed behind them, they immediately began removing their clothes, unbidden. “I guess you’ve truly been looking forward to this,” I chuckled.

I dreamed about Sky both nights,” Helen stated. “I can’t wait to see him again.”

The scent of Benny was in my hair the first day, and during the second, I thought I could still smell it, even though Helen said I was imagining it,” Stephanie told me. “I kept thinking how thrilling it was that he chose me,” she said, blushing in a most fetching manner.

It’s interesting that you find the dog’s scent such a powerful memory. Scent is very important to me, and my arousal,” I confided.

Since they were both naked now, and practically vibrating in their seats with anticipation, I said, “We’d better adjourn to the training room.” They knew the way.

As we entered, they saw the special padded benches that my wonderful husband had created from the measurements he’d taken. The benches were placed parallel to one another, about six feet apart. The trainees stared for a moment, then moved forward to examine them more closely. “These are for us?” Stephanie asked.

Yes, you’ll be more comfortable like this, I’m sure. The weight of a dog on your back can be surprisingly heavy, if you’re not used to it,” I answered. “Please kneel down, and press the front of your torso comfortably along the bench. Helen, this one is yours, and Stephanie, that one is yours,” I indicated, gesturing.

The trainees settled themselves into position. I worked with Helen, while my husband worked with Stephanie. First we cinched their lower backs down onto the benches with wide leather belts, much to each woman’s surprise.

Making sure we don’t run away?” Stephanie quipped. My husband responded by giving her bare ass a playful swat, which made her squirm and giggle.

Next, we bound their wrists to the front legs of the benches, which brought their outstretched arms forward at about a 45 degree angle, but still allowed them to brace their hands on the floor. Finally, we bound their knees and legs along runners that extended backward from the rear end of the benches. The ultimate result was that each woman was resting on her bench, but still taking a bit of weight on her hands and knees, and their splayed thighs couldn’t be closed.

My husband and I walked around both benches, admiring our work. We were also giving the women time to think about what was going to occur soon, in case they wanted to change their minds.

I remembered my first time. How my brain was thinking something like ‘this is wrong’ but my body’s needs were overriding those thoughts. I was a bit fearful – the fear of the unknown, but I was so super sexually excited that my tummy felt almost itchy. When that dog nudged against me, and began licking me, my mind was yelling, “Oh my god, this is so unreal – I can’t stop him. What if he fucks me?” My hips were making little jerks, my heart was in my mouth, and I felt like I had to pee really bad.

Still reminiscing, I could again feel his paws on my back, his face near mine was so warm, and his fur on my back was so soft. My mind was saying, “No, I don’t want this,” but my body was demanding, “Yes, you do!” His cock began nudging my ass crack, bumping and thrusting, seeking my cunt, and could feel his precum squirting all over my ass. At that moment I wanted him to fuck me so badly that all feelings of it being taboo went clear out of my head. The smell and warmth of his body, the softness of his belly as he humped me, the stick-like feel of his cock had me hooked – I demanded that he fuck me.

I hoped my trainees had similar feelings. Maybe some fluttering in their stomach as they waited for their dogs to appear. Their breathing rate had certainly elevated, obvious by the movements of their ribs. Their hearts had to be beating faster, to keep up with that accelerated flow of air. Were their minds warring with their bodies as the moment approached? Would one or both of them yell, “Stop!” and demand to be released?

Before we bring in your dogs,” I began, “we are going to try a little experiment.” Did I hear a sound of frustration? I smiled. “First, we’re going to check your level of wetness.” My husband and I opened their labia, and checked visually, and followed that by carefully inserting a finger. As I suspected, they were moist, but not wet. Their excitement was being tempered by some uneasiness or uncertainly, which tended to reduce the flow of cunt juices.

Now we produced two cloths, which we set on the bench in front of each woman. “Sniff or inhale the scent on those cloths,” I instructed them. Both women sniffed tentatively at first, but soon we could hear them inhaling deeply. The women turned their heads to look at me, dawning realizations showing on their faces. “Yes,” I confirmed. “That is the scent of your dog. That cloth has been in his bed all night.”

We checked the women’s pussies again. They were now so wet that the juices were forming small puddles on the floor beneath them. Such is the power of scent. My husband smiled at me, and said, “They’re ready.” I nodded my agreement. I knelt by Stephanie, while my spouse knelt next to Helen. We spread their labia wide apart, and held them open as the dogs were brought into the room and released.

Quickly, Benny padded over to Stephanie, while Sky padded over to Helen. They padded over, because their front paws were encased in soft leather booties, to prevent their nails from scratching the women’s skin. The sounds of their tongues going to work were loud in the otherwise quiet room. It was only quiet for a moment though, because the trainees started vocalizing almost immediately, with shrieks and moans of delight.

We no longer needed to hold the labia open – the dogs’ tongues were doing that now. “Everything all right?” I questioned.

He’s licking my ass hole so hard!” Stephanie managed to choke out. I could see her arm muscles straining.

Is that bad?” I asked.

Oh, noooo! It’s fantastic,” she groaned.

I called over to Helen, “And how are you doing?”

She did not answer immediately. Her eyes were closed. Then I noticed the position of Sky’s muzzle, and the tilt of his head. “Ah. I see. His tongue is deep up inside you, isn’t it, Helen?” She nodded vigorously. “Those tongues are so long they can easily swipe right over your cervix,” I remarked. Helen grunted agreement and started shaking. “Are you cumming, Helen?”

She sucked a large quantity of air, then screamed, “Yessss!”

Stephanie looked over at her friend, writhing in orgasm with a dog tongue inserted in her cunt, and that sight triggered her own. Stephanie stiffened briefly, and then began cumming also. Cleverly, Benny stopped lapping at her asshole, and lowered his tongue to lap the cum spurting from her cunt. Of course, this also sent his tongue coursing across Stephanie’s clit, whereupon her eyes flew wide open and she cried out, “Shit!” as her orgasm intensified.

Both dogs had their cocks fully extended and pulsating now, precum spraying and dripping. Sky withdrew his tongue from Helen’s cunt and began bouncing up, putting his front paws on her back. My spouse quickly grasped the dog’s dick, and placed it at Helen’s vaginal entrance.

Feeling the hot, wet dick probing for entrance, Helen called out, “Steph! He’s climbing on me!”

Stephanie swiveled her head, watching as Sky’s hips humped against her friend’s hips. “Is he in?” she asked.

Yes!” Helen gasped. But a moment later, Sky bounced down off her. “No!” Helen called out. “He pulled back out.” She sounded disappointed.

Patience, Helen,” my spouse said. “He’ll try again until he gets it right.” Sure enough, Sky immediately circled once, bounced back up, and, his cock guided again by my spouse’s hand, made a good connection this time. He started fucking Helen firmly, tongue starting to loll with apparent happiness.

I expected Helen to tell Stephanie that Sky had truly mounted her, but Helen was too much caught up in those sensations to worry about communication. I whispered, “Sky has claimed his new bitch,” to Stephanie. “I think Benny is about ready to mount you,” I added. “Are you ready?” Stephanie nodded, her eyes closed. I wondered if that meant she was having second thoughts, so I said, “If you want him to fuck you, dear, you’d better encourage him.” I know he needed no such encouragement, but I was curious as to how Stephanie would react.

She tried to look back over her shoulder as well as she could, and spoke with her voice trembling with emotion, “Benny. Come on, boy. Fuck me. Stick that lovely dick into me, boy. Please, Benny!”

Was it coincidence? Benny immediately reared up, planted his front paws on her back, and started poking along her ass crack with his seeping cock. “Good boy,” I cooed to him as I guided that magnificent cock into Stephanie’s fragrant, sopping pussy. He felt the entrance at the head of his cock, and instinctively thrust its entire length into the receptive bitch under him. His paws slid back to lodge where her narrow waist became her broader hips, which gave him leverage. Dogs have only one speed when they fuck – full speed. He began humping her hard and fast. His weighty balls slapped hard against her pussy lips. The impacts of Sky’s balls on Helen were more muffled by his soft fur. Occasionally, a ‘pussy fart’ could be heard from the women, because the vigorous fucking sometimes pumps in air, which cunt contractions then expel.

Stephanie gasped loudly as she felt that firm, stick-like cock fill her tunnel so suddenly. “OMG! It’s so hot!” she cried out. “It feels like it’s on fire!” Those were the only intelligible words she spoke. Her eyes went out of focus as her body reacted to the animal’s intense fucking.

I looked at both lovely women being dominated by their respective beasts. Sky and Benny were humping them like living jackhammers. Sky had also pinned his booted front paws against Helen’s hips. As I watched the two canines in motion, it almost looked like they were having a race to see who could breed their bitch first. Restrained as they were, the women could only toss their heads back and forth, and side to side as their bodies were filled with these new sensations. The women were probably oblivious to their hair – Stephanie’s flaming red, and Helen’s golden blonde – whipping against their faces and shoulders with their head movements.

From time to time, the friends glanced over at one another. It was wonderful, seeing them do that. They were treated to the sight of their friend, strapped to the padded bench, servicing a dog. I’m sure this made manifest the fact that they looked the same way. They certainly moaned louder each time this occurred. The reality was sinking in that these dogs had claimed them as bitches to be fucked and bred.

My husband pointed down underneath the dogs’ haunches. I saw what he was indicating. The swollen base of each dog’s cock – his knot – had emerged, and they were being pressed against the women’s vaginal openings. Once those were fully lodged inside the entrance, they would swell even more, sealing the opening to the cunt.

Stephanie had seen me knotted at the dinner party, so she may have been expecting this to happen. I was uncertain if Helen was aware of this aspect of a dog’s anatomy, but when Sky started shoving his knot into her, she called out, “What’s happening? What’s that?” My husband whispered a quiet explanation into her ear.

Shivering and gasping, Stephanie cried, “OMG! It’s huge! It’s… It’s… stretching me! Ahhhhh!” Benny’s knot was inside her now, and inflating. He stopped his humping, because violent movements now would hurt his cock. Sky also stopped humping a few moments later.

I knelt beside Stephanie’s head. “Benny has knotted you, so tell me what you’re feeling now,” I whispered. Familiar as I was to these sensations, I wanted her to focus on them more fully.

It feels like I’m so stretched open, I might tear,” she babbled. I assured her she would not, because our cunts are capable of amazing dilation. As I was stating this, she was taking several deep breaths to calm herself. She sighed. “Yes, it feels better now. And his cock feels like it’s softening, a little. Maybe that’s just because my opening is so big now.”

No. You’re right. The cock shaft does soften at this point,” I confirmed.

Suddenly, Stephanie stiffened and shrieked, “He’s cumming! OMG, he’s cumming! Everything is vibrating! His cock feels like a fire hose, whipping around inside my cunt with each spurt! It feels like I can feel his heartbeat in his knot! Oh shit! There’s so much cum!” Perhaps because she heard her friend vocalizing these things, Helen started to cum underneath Sky.

My cunt must be full! It feels like his cum is spreading right into my tummy!” Stephanie yelled. I was going to explain that she was probably feeling his sperm being forced through her cervix into her uterus, since it had no place else to go, but I decided to be quiet. I heard Stephanie’s bindings creak as her muscles bunched and went into spasms – she was in the throes of her orgasm!

Both women panted, sweated, and shivered as the dogs shot their copious loads of sticky dog cum into them. The dogs gradually stretched out along the naked backs below them, tongues lolling as they panted and drooled. Whenever a dog’s pelvis changed position or angle, he gave off a gentle whine, while his female partner winced, or whimpered. Shifting when fully knotted was painful. Both parties were stuck until the dog’s knot at least partially deflated.

After about 10 minutes, Sky scrambled and jerked backwards, pulling his cock out of Helen’s cunt with a squelching sound. I walked over and looked at her now gaping cunt hole, with globs of dog semen spilling out of it. My husband took a picture of Helen’s cunt at this moment, to share with her later. The scent of fresh dog cum is always intoxicating to me. I felt my knees get wobbly. If this had not been a training session for these new women, I might have tossed off my clothes and gotten down for Sky to use me, as well. But he was busy licking his cock and balls clean, anyway.

I had to have some of that cum. Kneeling behind Helen, I sucked at the stream of dog cum flowing from her cunt. Swallowing that, I opened my mouth wide enough to cover her dilated opening. Pressing my lips against her hot flesh, I sucked hard to get more of the cum out of her cunt. I also dug my tongue into her as deeply as I could, exploring her walls with it.

Rather than voice any disapproval, Helen moaned, “Oh yes… Suck me… Lick me… Oh god that feels heavenly.” My husband snapped a few pictures of me enjoying Helen. In the background, Stephanie, still knotted to Benny, was watching us, smiling blissfully. Eventually, I had cleaned Helen’s cunt as well as I could, tasting her cunt juices now mixed with Sky’s cum. I unbound the lovely blonde, and helped her sit up on her bench.

Maybe 7 minutes later, Benny began some impatient movements. He twisted around off of Stephanie’s back, and ended up standing behind her, his ass pressed against hers, and his cock pointing straight backwards into her cunt. Helen’s pupils dilated seeing this new position, perhaps unaware of how mobile a dog’s cock can be.

Benny started trying to walk away. Semen began seeping around the edges of his softening, deflating knot. When he finally yanked free, the squelching noise was loud indeed – Benny is a very well endowed dog.

My husband used his camera to document Benny’s cum flowing from Stephanie’s gaping cunt. I looked over and saw the front of his pants, tented by his stiff erection. Knowing my husband has a thing for redheads, I took the camera from his hands, saying, “I know you want her, dear. Get undressed. Do you want her face up or face down?”

He smiled at me, grateful for my understanding and acquiescence. “Face up, please, love,” he replied, starting to remove his shirt.

Carefully undoing the bindings that held Stephanie in place, I massaged her wrists as I whispered, “My husband’s going to fuck you, too. Please turn over and show him you want him.”

I’d love to have him, Hostess,” she replied, turning over onto her back on the padded bench, “if that’s all right with you. But my cunt feels so stretched open – will this work?”

I giggled softly, “Of course it will. He’s a man. He’ll make it work.”

Stephanie smiled at this, and looking into my husband’s face, shot him a beaming smile and opened her arms in a welcoming gesture.

He was fully naked, and even if his cock was not as big as Benny’s, it still looked magnificent, stiffly jutting forward above his lightly furred scrotum. Returning Stephanie’s smile, he straddled the bench, and slipped his cock into the valley between her thighs. Everyone watched, even Helen, who quietly stepped closer, as my husband’s cock disappeared out of sight into Stephanie. It entered her vaginal tunnel, still well lubricated with Benny’s cum.

I took a picture showing how his cock caused another huge glob of cum to be disgorged from her vagina. The image showed the flaming red pubic hair covering her mound and outer labia all matted in a lovely mixture of human sweat and cum and animal semen. Maybe her whole vaginal tunnel could not close over his cock yet – it would return to its normal diameter soon, if Stephanie didn’t make it a habit to fuck huge dog cocks – but my husband was rubbing his cock against her upper wall for friction.

Stephanie had the inspiration to move her thighs closer together, tightening her cunt’s grip on his cock, making my husband gasp with approval. I know her red hair inflamed his passion, and he was quickly losing control, given that fact plus the facts that he was fucking a new woman, and had an appreciative audience. His hips bucked and churned, making Stephanie moan with happiness. She started playing with her gorgeous tits, and began rocking her pelvis up to meet his thrusts.

Mere minutes later, my spouse uttered a wail of satisfaction as his cock began spewing inside his lovely fuck mate. His sperm mixed with Benny’s. There was no doubt that Stephanie was pleased with his gift, because as he stretched out on top of her, she wrapped her arms around his back and kissed him passionately.

While they were kissing and cuddling, I felt out of place, being the only one dressed at that point. Helen helped me free of my clothing, taking the occasion to caress my more intimate areas, in appreciation for my earlier attention to her cunt. The lovely wench knelt down in front of my exposed cunt, and latched her ruby lips to it. She seized my hips to hold me firmly in place as she ate my cunt, and did not let go until the fluids from my orgasm squirted into her mouth.

Shaking in orgasmic aftershocks, I was completely satisfied that our trainees had passed with flying colors. They were lusty, sensuous women, and not afraid to show that and act upon it. When I had somewhat regained control of myself, I said, “Let’s all head back to the sitting room. Food and drink await us there.” We remained naked as we strolled back to the sitting room to refresh ourselves, and plan a dinner party and auction.

(to be continued) link to part 03


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