The Hostess

I stood in our bedroom, studying my image in the full length mirror.

The woman staring back at me had her dark brown hair swept up into an elegant chignon, which left her neck bare. The lovely diamond earrings dangling from her lobes caught the light and sparkled. Her makeup was impeccable, with her cheek and eye treatments giving her a regal, almost haughty appearance. Her crimson lip gloss immediately drew the onlooker’s eye to her sensuous mouth.

Pleased with what I saw from the neck up, I now considered the garment I was wearing. This was a corset, with vertical strips of alternating colors of leather: red and gold. They were neither thick, nor thin, a pleasing arrangement that invited the eye to scan up and down. The tough leather panels concealed the underlying whalebone rods that gave the shape to the garment.

My waist was not overly constricted, allowing me to breathe and move easily. Flaring open, the top and bottom of the corset were cut carefully to reveal my body. The top in front was cut lower, so that my breasts appeared to be on display on a leather shelf. But the leather top in the rear was slightly higher, covering some of my shoulder blades. The bottom flare hugged the top of my hips, leaving all my buttocks in view to my rear, while in front, my mound downward was fully exposed. Quite an erotic, fetching garment, indeed.

But I wanted my spouse’s approval. Turning to him, I said, “Darling, will this corset be acceptable, do you think?”

Unlike some automatic answer that another spouse might give, he walked over to me, and ran a critical eye over it. He looked at it from several angles, and even had me take several slow, deep breaths, watching how my breasts moved before saying, “It looks perfect, dear. What will you wear with it, do you think?”

I pulled a dark purple, almost black, gown from my wardrobe. “This gown, I think,” I told him. I stepped into it and turned my back so he could zip it up. Turning once again to face him, I continued, “As you see, it’s strapless, with the neckline running just above the corset. If that simple rear zipper is lowered, it will fall away dramatically, pooling at my feet, leaving me standing, clad only in the corset.

Wordlessly, he grinned his approval, and kissed my lips with passion, tempered with enough restraint to avoid smearing my lip gloss, for which I was grateful.

Retrieving the Jimmy Choo shoes whose color matched my gown, I slipped my feet into their open toed design, and secured the straps around my ankles. Their 4 inch heels added to my feeling of elegance. After one last look in the mirror, I told my husband, “I will just make certain that everything is ready for our guests,” even though I knew our servants could be relied upon. They knew this dinner party was to be a very ‘special’ one.

Descending our grand staircase, I entered the dining room to check the arrangements. The crystal chandeliers glowed cheerfully overhead. The table cloths were immaculately white. I noted the room was set up as we’d directed. The tables where the guests would eat were set up parallel to one long wall of the room. Normally, chairs would be set on both sides of these tables – but not tonight. Tonight, chairs were only set on the side toward the wall, so the guests would sit facing the other long side of the room. Currently, that side of the room had a single, large, very sturdy table.

The table in question also had a brilliant white tablecloth, currently covered with the ingredients for the guests’ drinks and scrumptious-looking hors d’oeuvres, with small plates, and napkins. Since the guests were due shortly, I gave the final instructions to the server and the barman who were in charge of this station.

Forty-five minutes later, the room contained our guests, all in semi-formal attire, chatting, drinking, and sampling the hors d’oeuvres. My spouse and I circulated, greeting the guests, making certain they had proper introductions to one another when necessary, and ascertaining that their needs were being met by the servants. Soft music filled the air. Laughter and merriment was all around us. The party was off to a splendid beginning.

After sufficient time had passed, a servant struck a small gong, and as the guests quieted, my spouse announced, “Please take your seats, indicated by the name cards at each place.” As they did so, the servants efficiently cleared away the few remaining hors d’oeuvres and the bar materials from the single sturdy table. Even its tablecloth was removed, leaving its gleaming wooden surface bare. A small series of steps was placed at one end of the table, to allow easy access to its top. My spouse gave me his hand, said, “Come, my dear,” and escorted me up the steps and onto the top of the table. The room had grown so quiet, I could hear the material of my gown swishing with each of my steps.

My heart was beating hard and fast in my chest from my excitement as I stood at the center of the table, gazing the short distance across the room to our seated guests. I could tell all eyes were upon me as my spouse stepped behind me, and gently took hold of my zipper. The ‘zzzzz’ sound of it slowly being lowered seemed loud in the hushed room.

As planned, when it was fully unzipped, the gown cascaded down my body, and pooled atop the table around my feet. Murmurs of appreciation rippled through the crowd as they drank in the sight of my tits, proudly poking out over the top of the corset. Smiling, I widened my stance and tilted my pelvis backward slightly, making sure that my guests all had a proper look at my genitals. After stepping free of the gown, with my spouse’s assistance, I raised my arms so my hands were about shoulder height and executed a slow turn in place, alternately shifting my hips from one leg to the other as I turned. Everyone got an intimate look at my backside, as well as my front.

Naked, except for the corset and my heels, I let my serene gaze travel across each and every one of my guests. I was primarily conveying to them that I was perfectly comfortable with letting them see my body on display like this, for their enjoyment. Not only happy to be displayed, but also happy to let them observe what was going to happen this evening – they had all been advised in advance. “I am thrilled you could all join us here for this event,” I informed them, with a smile. And I was, since by their very presence, my spouse and I had a tacit understanding with them that they wouldn’t disapprove of my performance.

Some were staring boldly, others were a bit shy about making eye contact with me. Several licked their lips, subconsciously ‘tasting’ what was about to occur. A few of the men had placed their arms behind the neck of a female companion, ‘accidentally’ letting their hand settle on the woman’s breast, I noticed. And here and there, a woman’s hand seemed to have found its way into her partner’s lap. Kindred spirits, indeed.

My spouse climbed off the stage, and stood by the steps. This was the signal for a servant to enter, leading a large dog on a leash. This canine was a magnificent specimen, trotting proudly, head held high, nails clacking subtly on the floor as he walked. He was of mixed pedigree, short-haired, with a shining coat midway in color between brown and fawn. His brown eyes glowed in the light from the chandeliers. He ignored the dinner guests, for the most part, and focused on my spouse, to whom he was being led.

The servant handed the leash to my spouse, and departed. Ceremoniously, my husband led the dog up the steps and toward me. I did a quarter turn, to partially face the approaching dog, but to still allow my front to be seen by most of the room. My spouse halted the dog with his muzzle about four inches in front of my pussy, and unleashed him, whispering a quiet word of encouragement.

As the dog moved closer and began lapping my labia with his warm, wet tongue, my husband left the stage to stand near its steps. I was the focus of the crowd’s attention, and I reveled in it. The dog’s tongue made subtle slurping sounds as it sampled my cunt juices. Standing with my hands on my hips, and my thighs spread open, I again surveyed our guests, smiling my enjoyment of the dog’s attentions. Many now had wide eyes, with dilated pupils. Apparently they’d never seen a dog perform like this in person, especially without the recipient of the tongue pushing the dog’s snout away, saying something like, “No! Bad dog!” The murmurs again started circulating around the room.

I was keeping an eye on my husband, waiting for his signal. “Now, my dear,” he commanded.

I petted the dog’s head, cooing “Good dog. Good boy,” whereupon he stopped licking and looked up at me. I knelt and kissed his nose in appreciation. He was perfectly positioned, standing sideways to the tables where the guests sat, so I commanded, “Stay,” and settled onto my left side, behind him in relation to the tables.

In my new position, I raised my right thigh into the air, planting my foot on the stage behind my other knee. This deliberately gave those guests that may have had a difficult time seeing my pussy while it was being licked a better view of it. This also gave the dog a view of the cunt he had just dined upon, and I imagined his keen sense of smell was enjoying my scent, wafting from my spread thighs.

My head was about level with his cock, whose pink pointed tip was poking a tiny bit from its furry sheath. Stroking the furry sheath carefully, I began teasing the cock to emerge even further. I kept my movements such that everyone could easily see his pink/white rod slowly unsheathing. Keen eyed observers may have been able to discern the rich network of bright red capillaries covering its surface. When enough of the cock had emerged, I began stroking its wet, slippery length with my fingertips.

My canine companion whined in an obliging manner the first time he felt my fingers touch his actual member. After a few minutes of stroking him, I perceived a fine mist starting to spray from the tiny hole in the pointed tip of his cock – the beginnings of his precum emissions. I lost sight of our guests as my vision filled with a closeup of the dog’s cock and underbelly as I moved my head under him, turning slightly to take his cock into my mouth. I could not see the people watching, but I heard their collective gasps.

The dog whined a bit more as I suckled his cock, tasting his salty precum. My lips curled into a smile as I heard the comments building in my audience. I was pleased that I had their rapt attention.

My spouse was watching carefully for the moment the dog started moving his hips, beginning to hump my mouth. We both knew the dog was fully aroused and ready, but I waited for my spouse’s command. Still sucking the dog, I heard the quiet tread of my husband’s shoes nearing us, and heard him say, “He’s ready, my dear.” Then he commanded me, “Get into position.” All this was spoken loudly enough for all to hear.

I, too, was ready. Sucking the dog’s cock, and tasting him, his animal musk heavy in my nostrils, had caused my body to react. My cunt lips were now swollen and open, my vaginal tunnel peeking out between them. My thigh was wet with the secretions from my sex, and I wanted desperately for the dog’s cock to slide into those secretions.

Turning onto my hands and knees, keeping my thighs vertical so my ass stayed high in the air, I lowered my shoulders so that my collarbone rested on the table top. I placed my cheek onto the wooden surface, watching our guests, so they’d be able to see my face. I kept my hands on the floor out to either side at the level of my shoulders, so the guests would have an unobstructed view. My naked ass was raised up as an offering to the beast.

The dog needed no encouragement to lunge up and place his paws on my back. The tough leather and whalebone of the corset protected my skin from his claws as he sought purchase with his paws. With a practiced hand, my husband quickly guided the tip of the dog’s cock to my cunt entrance, and then stepped away.

Feeling his cock touch the cunt of a receptive bitch in heat, the dog acted instinctively, thrusting his cock deeply with the very first stroke. I couldn’t stop a grunt from exploding from my lungs as I felt him suddenly fill me. Several women gasped aloud. He barely pulled back before ramming his cock again, hard and deep. I cried out from this impact. There was a sound similar to a roar from the guests as they witnessed this. My pose was one of absolute submission and acceptance, as the dog growled happily, feeling my cunt wrap itself around his cock. My mouth formed into an ‘O’ as I felt his fur caressing my bare ass.

He began humping with animalistic frenzy, his goal being to force not only all of his cock into my pussy, but also to force the huge expansion at the base of his cock – his knot – firmly into my cunt entrance, sealing it. His pounding threatened to drive me forward across the table. Pressing harder with my hands, I pushed back into the beast that had mounted me, my excitement growing as he used my cunt. I kept eye contact with my guests, fascinated by their various looks of horror, shock, admiration, pleasure, and even… envy. Being fucked like this, with people watching, intensified my excitement immensely. His knot hammered at my vaginal ring, demanding entrance. I shrieked loudly, my ass quivering against my canine lover, as this contact triggered my first orgasm, which now possessed my body. I reveled in the passion transmitted into my convulsing tunnel by the dog’s frenetic thrusting.

As my eyes came back into focus, I looked at our guests. Every woman I saw had pupils dilated with shock or lust. Several were slack jawed. One even had a tiny amount of drool at the corner of her mouth, apparently unaware of it. The men’s eyes too were wide, drinking in this obscene display. In their eyes, I saw nothing but lust and desire. Perhaps they wish they were fucking me as intensely as the beast.

The dog would not be denied claiming me, his bitch, who cunt was rippling rhythmically on his cock. Dragging me back towards him with his mighty paws, the dog gave an extra hard thrust, pressing his knot at my cunt entrance. Taking a deep breath, I relaxed that entrance, voluntarily permitting that grossly swollen cock base to stretch me open, and lodge itself into place. My facial expressions showed surprise, momentary pain, and then deep pleasure as he tied himself to me, and stopped humping and began a long, low, howling sound.

This was the magic moment.

Twitching inside my cunt, his cock tip softened slightly, and then began spewing prodigious amounts of his semen. The hot stream quickly filled my vaginal passage, with his knot preventing it from leaking out. More was ejected from his pulsating organ, so it had only one direction it could go – my womb! I could feel his warm seed entering, flooding, actually pressing against my uterine walls, the pressure inflating that intimate chamber. The heady sensation overwhelmed me, and I screamed as I peaked with a second, mind-blowing orgasm! At that moment, I was quite unaware of anything else – just the shuddering bliss of that release.

Later, my husband told me that when the dog stopped humping, he had said to the watching guests, “The dog stops humping when his knot becomes firmly lodged. Any further movements on his part would be painful to them both. This is also the moment that he cums. What you are witnessing now is his ejaculation of semen into her womb. His sperm now swim within her.”

He told me, with a smile, that he said this quite calmly, in a matter-of-fact tone, but the reactions of our guests were anything but calm. He heard statements such as “OMG!”, “Look at that!”, “I can’t believe it!”, “That’s amazing!”, “OMG! She’s cumming too!”, and the like. There was a minor uproar at that moment, to which I was completely oblivious. Other than my own body quivering in orgasmic shock, and the dog’s cock spewing into me, I was only aware that my canine lover was stretching his body atop me now. I could feel the warmth of his underbelly even through my corset. His muzzle, near my nape now, expelled sensuously warm breath on my skin. Drops of his drool struck the back of my neck, and he began licking them up as he panted. His hot tongue lapping at the back of my neck was so erotic that it gave me either a small but lovely third orgasm, or just prolonged my second one.

As my awareness of the room returned, my eyes opened and refocused. Some of our guests had shoved their chairs back and stood for a better look. With a smidgen of weariness, I smiled graciously at them, composed myself, and called out, “The dog and I will remain knotted for some small period of time. Please feel free to come closer and examine us, if you wish.”

As far as I could tell, virtually every one of our guests came forth during the ten or twelve minutes the dog and I stayed tied together. From their remarks, I gathered that the base of the dog’s knot was quite visible at my cunt entrance. One woman gasped, “It’s huge!” Two of the women, after asking my husband if it was OK, had the temerity to gently touch the exposed part of the knot, remarking on its heat. Someone’s fingers softly stroked my labia during the examination. A few of the men seemed more interested in a closer look at my breasts, spilling out of the top of my corset. Ever the proper hostess, I raised my shoulders slightly to accommodate their viewing pleasure.

During this part of the proceedings, a servant had unobtrusively brought a crystal fluted glass to the stage. Climbing the steps, he then placed himself on his belly so he could hold the glass under the point where I was joined to the dog, and wait. As the dog’s knot gradually deflated, his semen began leaking from me. My husband quickly took charge, helping the dog dismount me without stepping on the servant, or the glass. As he took the dog aside, he commented, “If you would, could one or two of you help spread my wife’s cunt open, so we can catch as much semen as possible?” In moments, eager hands grasped my ass and labia, pulling sideways.

Raising my shoulders higher off the table top, I lowered my head and looked down under my torso to where the glass was held. I watched as glob after glob of dog semen drizzled into it, aided by careful muscular contractions of my internal muscles. The semen in my vagina was easily discharged, but that in my womb would take hours to slowly seep out of the tiny opening in my cervix, I knew. Everyone seemed to be behind me at this point, some up on the table, all murmuring as they watched this process.

Glass about two-thirds filled, it was removed from beneath me, and my spouse gave me a hand to assist me in rising gracefully. The servant passed me the glass, and withdrew. I faced our guests and announced, “I know you are curious about all that has occurred. I want you all to feel free to ask me anything. And please don’t hesitate to examine and touch my body. Your enjoyment and complete satisfaction is our goal for the evening.”

These statements were met with smiles and polite applause. At first, our guests were perhaps a little shy about taking me up on my offers. No one appeared to be willing to be first. I took a sip of dog semen from the glass I was holding, and heard several spontaneous gasps. Both men and women were incredulous, seeing me do so. One woman finally choked out a question, “W… w… what does that taste like?”

It’s quite wonderful,” I answered honestly. “I love my husband’s semen, of course,” I continued, pausing to give him a loving smile and a wink, “but a dog’s semen has a slightly sweeter taste. It’s quite delectable. If anyone would like a sip from my glass, my lips, or even my cunt, just let me know.”

The woman who had been bold enough to ask, tentatively approached me. “May I taste it from your lips?” she whispered.

I nodded, took a tiny sip, letting some coat my lips, and we kissed. She hesitated, but then let her tongue travel along my lips, accepting the semen. She stepped back, considering for a moment, then her eyes widened and she nodded her agreement, much to the delight of the rest.

Other servants served the dinner appetizers, but formality was relaxed. People sat briefly to eat a few bites, and rose to circulate and talk. I knew the main course would not be served until the heightened curiosity of our guests had abated.

Perfectly composed, I walked among them, wearing only the corset and my heels. I basked in their forthright admiration. The men got bolder first, touching me as I walked past. Whenever I felt a hand on me, I paused to be explored. Again, touching my nether regions seemed to be a barrier for them, unaccustomed as they were to any women freely allowing such familiarity. My breasts were less forbidden, in their minds. Many male hands caressed me there, cupping my tits, lifting them, kneading my tender flesh. Some stroked my areolae and nipples, making me purr. Others pinched and twisted this region, making me gasp with undisguised delight.

The women seemed more interested in my cunt, kneeling and trying to peer at it as they asked things like, “Did that hurt?”, “Could you really feel that dog’s cock spurting as he came?”, and “How did you feel with us watching you as the dog mated with you?” – things uppermost on their mind. None asked me if that was my first time, I realized with a smile.

One woman was almost bug-eyed as she stated, “You mean what was drained into the glass was only a fraction of the load he gave you?”

I answered, “That’s quite true. Most of his semen was forced into my womb by the sheer pressure of the volume of his fluids. It’s quite indescribable, the feeling as that jet of his seed is forced through the tiny opening of my cervix. My uterus is quite bloated at the moment, giving me a sloshing sensation as I move. The overall feeling is… hmmm… it’s as if I just ate a little too much of a wonderful meal. His cum will be leaking from me for hours – a pleasant reminder of that intense fucking session.” I said the last sentence with a rather starry-eyed smile.

To prove my last statement, I asked some of the male guests to assist me in placing myself on my back on a thin mat at the edge of the performance table, with my buttocks near the edge. I raised my legs and held them wide apart, with my hands at the backs of my knees. My sex was on clear display, my vaginal tunnel still quite distended from the girth of the dog’s cock.

One woman swallowed hard upon seeing me thus, and uttered, “Oh my! Will your…” she tried desperately to think of a polite word, “…ummm… area return to normal size anytime soon?” She blushed furiously after asking.

I smiled at her, and winked, replying, “Oh, yes. The dilation will depart, and I will be once again nice and tight down there, as my husband can attest.” He nodded happily, and the guests laughed politely.

Now that I was so available, the men did take advantage of close scrutiny of the area, rivaling the inspections that the women had made as I walked around upright, although the women also joined in. Many cheeks brushed my inside thighs as they brought their faces close. Warm air from their exhalations washed over my pudendum. I heard some sniffing carefully, wanting to know how dog semen smelled. “You are permitted to touch, remember,” I reassured them. I delighted in being the star of the show, so to speak.

A finger touched my labia, then another. A hand cradled one of my ass cheeks. More fingers stroked the edges of my clit. A bold finger slid along my dog-semen-drooling slit before plunging inside me, stirring the doggy goo therein. As more and more hands touched and caressed me, I was in heaven. Some people took over holding my legs for me, allowing me to close my eyes, relax and focus on the sensations. Soon mouths joined in, as I felt lips on my thighs, my knees, my breasts. I wished that my corset would disappear, so those hungry mouths could find my belly also.

Lips tentatively brushed my pussy. When I made no protest, they returned, and pressed harder. I had no idea who it was, man or woman, and I didn’t care. A tongue entered me, prompting an appreciative moan from deep in my throat. Whoever it was, he or she was not adverse to the taste of dog semen, because I felt the suction drawing it from deep inside my cunt. The lips left, only to be replaced by a fresh set. I could tell they were new, even with my eyes closed, because of their difference in temperature. Later, my husband informed me, “Often one of those people sucked a bit of dog cum from you, and shared it with their partner – a very hedonistic display indeed. It got me quite aroused, my love.”

When the main course was served, our guests finally returned to their seats. Servants placed a curved lounge chair on the performance table, positioned so I could recline on it with my open cunt directed toward our guests. I felt not the least bit ashamed to let them continue to look at me. On their faces I saw no hint of censure – only relaxed acceptance. As they ate, a servant kneeling by my side fed me tasty finger foods. I didn’t want to eat much, still having that feeling of fullness that I always have after a good session with a dog.

Formality now completely abandoned, people felt free to interrupt their meal by asking me a question that had just occurred to them. Or to approach where I sat to fondle me again, which earned them a heartfelt thanks – I loved being caressed. A woman shyly whispered into my ear, “Please don’t tell anyone what I’m asking, but… could you arrange for me to have a session with a dog like you just did?”

I merely nodded an answer to her question without verbalizing about the nature of her query. But to cover for her, I stoked her cheek and said aloud, “Thank you, my dear. That was sweet of you to say.” She understood why I replied in such a manner, and since I had nodded, she did call me a few days later to make more detailed arrangements.

The finale of my evening came when one of the women went to my husband, and whispered something to him. As I watched his face carefully, I saw his eyes dilate with delight. I knew I’d better be ready for something naughty, judging from his expression. Tapping a dinner glass with his spoon, he got everyone’s attention. Pointing at the woman, his eyes twinkled, offsetting the solemn tone of voice he used as he announced, “This lovely woman has just confessed to me that she has never before tasted or felt another woman’s pussy, and certainly never attempted to bring one to orgasm. She has just asked permission to attempt this with my wonderful wife, saying she doubts she’ll ever have a better opportunity.”

I looked at her, and instantly wanted her hands and mouth at my cunt. Gesturing with my hand, I indicated my enthusiasm. I myself stood and shifted the lounge chair to an angle, so that all could watch more easily. The woman in question climbed the steps and went to the far side of the lounge chair. I draped my thighs wide apart, and said in a low voice, “Just the thought of your hands and mouth on me excites me. You’ll have no trouble making me cum. Trust me.”

Slightly reassured, the woman placed her trembling hands on my labia, and opened me. The way her hands shook was quite endearing. I whispered, but the whisper carried to the hushed onlookers, “Feel how puffy my pussy lips are. Touch my clit, please. Squeeze it gently and feel how it’s throbbing for you.”

She did as I asked. Her gentle caresses all over my intimate area set my heart accelerating. My breasts began heaving as I sucked air to keep pace with my now rushing blood. My cunt heated and reddened as more blood flooded it. Her face was close, watching my pussy change, mesmerized. I whispered again, “Go ahead, dear. Kiss me down there. Please. Please, I need your lips on me!” The last was said with a fervent moan.

She applied her lips, oh so carefully. Then with growing firmness and confidence. Soon she was kissing, licking, sucking – lost in the moment – her moment. She and I were joined in growing ecstasy. Her hands slid under my bare buttocks. She sank those hands into my firm flesh and pulled me hard against her mouth. Her upper lip was pressed against my clit, as her tongue speared my cunt. I felt my cunt muscles involuntarily starting to grip her tongue and knew my orgasm was close. “I’m about to cum,” I groaned in warning, in case she wanted to just finish me off with her fingers.

Instead, she pulled me even more firmly to her mouth, her tongue scooping and flicking inside me. She shifted her upper lip to include my clit in the suction generated by her mouth.

And I lost control.

I came, shrieking with joy, “OMG! You’re magnificent! I’m cumming! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” My sounds became unintelligible, but conversely completely understood by everyone present as that woman wrung a fantastic orgasm from my shuddering body. When she finally withdrew her now dripping face from my cunt, a wave of applause from the onlookers washed over us both. As I drew her into an warm embrace, slumped together with her on the lounge chair, huge, happy smiles on both our faces, it flitted through my mind to ask my husband if we could have dinner parties like this at least once a month.

(to be continued) link to part 02


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