Bob and Sarah with Molly

As she drove towards Bob’s house, Molly was nervously excited.

Sarah, Bob’s wife, was home from her extended trip.

Bob had told Molly that they still needed her help with the dog training, since their customer demand had increased so much lately. But she suspected, all right, she hoped, that there might be more involved. She remembered her bantering with Sarah on the phone. About which of them might be more ‘kinky’ – that they might need to have a contest. How Sarah said she thought that Molly is a ‘lovely woman’.

Molly blushed, and her heart raced as she remembered Sarah saying, “I’d love to strip you naked and have hot, nasty sex with you, Molly.” Also, Sarah had said she wanted Molly to join her and Bob in a threesome. She hadn’t actually seen Sarah naked yet, but she had a vivid imagination.

Not quite certain what to expect, Molly was wearing a little more clothing than she normally did when working at Bob’s. Yes, she still wore a simple sun dress, in a colorful floral print. The dress had a long zipper down her back, making it easy to unzip and remove. She wore her long hair in a ponytail, keeping it off the back of her neck and her shoulders. But today she opted to wear panties and a bra, both of them also in a floral design, and composed of a sleek, satiny material than hugged and caressed her skin. If she analyzed her choice, she might have realized that she was wrapping her body as a gift for Sarah, if she chose to receive that gift.

Parking near Bob’s house, Molly climbed out of her car, and smoothed down her skirt, hoping it wasn’t too wrinkled. She approached the front door. Before she could knock, though, it was smoothly opened and Sarah appeared in its opening. She was wearing a green silk dressing gown whose lower edges stirred in the gentle breeze moving through the open doorway. The gown was belted at Sarah’s waist, but the upper section had slid partway off her shoulders, revealing a generous amount of her cleavage. Her unfettered breasts moved gently inside the silk with each quiet breath. Molly guessed that the woman took a 36 or 38 D cup, if she ever wore a bra.

She’d only stared for a moment. Tearing her eyes away from Sarah’s chest, she looked up into her face, taking in her sparkling green eyes, perhaps made more vivid by the green silk. Sarah’s auburn hair tumbled in gentle waves almost down to her shoulders. Her mouth was curved into an honest smile of greeting. “Welcome, Molly,” Sarah said. “I’ve been so looking forward to finally meeting you!” She opened her arms wide, offering an embrace.

Molly stepped into the embrace and found herself pressed against warm flesh with a delicate, clean, feminine scent. Her own breasts nestled between Sarah’s. Both women held each other and just breathed for several beats. Then Molly realized she should be making some answering statement. “Thanks, Sarah. I’ve seen all those pictures of you in the house, but you’re even more beautiful in person. It’s wonderful to actually meet you in the flesh.” After she said the word ‘flesh’, she realized again how much of Sarah’s was on display for her.

In reply, Sarah brought her lips to Molly’s, and kissed her. They both had their eyes closed, tentatively checking if either objected to this display of affection. Gradually the kiss deepened, becoming more intimate, and more passionate. Their bodies pressed against one another even more firmly. As the kiss intensified, they subtly rubbed their bodies from side to side. Small sounds of need emerged from their throats.

Ultimately, Sarah broke off the kiss, saying, “I’ve got to get you inside and undressed Molly. As I told you back weeks ago, when we spoke on the phone, I want to strip you naked and do things with you.”

You’ll get no argument from me,” Molly replied, her eyes twinkling. “Lead the way.”

Sarah pulled Molly the rest of the way into the house, shut the door, and started walking toward the living room. Following along, Molly got a good look at Sarah’s long, fantastic legs, from her bare feet up to where they disappeared beneath the dressing gown. The gown clung enough that the motion of Sarah’s ass cheeks was enticingly obvious.

Entering the room, Molly saw that Bob was present. He got up from his chair and greeted Molly with a soft, almost chaste kiss, saying, “Welcome, sweetie. Sarah and I are glad you’ve joined us.” Giving her a hug, he went back to his chair, apparently to watch passively for the moment.

Sarah walked behind Molly, grasped the zipper on her sun dress, and lowered it carefully. Molly felt the cloth parting, revealing more and more of her back. Zipper all the way down, Sarah slid the dress off Molly’s shoulders, easing it downward, and helped her step free from it. Molly now stood in bra and panties before them both.

Do you like this bra and pantie set, Sarah?” Molly asked, looking over her shoulder.

Sarah walked slowly around Molly, viewing those garments from every angle. On her second pass, she let her hand glide across the bra material. On the third pass, that hand explored the panties themselves. Molly began shivering with excitement as Sarah’s hand moved across her mound.

You’re dampening her panties, love,” Bob pointed out to Sarah.

Sarah dropped to her knees right in front of Molly’s crotch, examining the satin there. “Oh yes. There’s a wet spot forming,” Sarah agreed. “I’d better take these off before they get soaked and stained.”

Molly signaled acceptance by widening her stance slightly as Sarah hooked her fingers in the waistband of the panties. Sarah slid them down almost reverently, bringing Molly’s patch of soft, dark brown pubic hair into view. Once Molly’s panties were off, Sarah threaded one of her hands between Molly’s thighs and raised it up to press it against Molly’s low back/hip area, holding her in place. Sarah turned her head sideways, and rubbed her cheek sensuously around and around on Molly’s furred labia, purring happily.

See Bob?” Sarah stated, turning to look at him. “If my pussy hair came in this soft and luxurious, I’d be much more likely to let it grow out once in a while.” She went back to rubbing one cheek and then the other against Molly. These soft caresses caused Molly’s labia to engorge even more, and as they puffed, they parted, opening her slit enough that some dewy, aromatic drops emerged. “Molly, I’d take off your bra, but your pussy is starting to leak, and I don’t want to miss catching your juices.” Her tongue lapped along Molly’s furrow, capturing the fluids.

Molly took the hint, reaching back and unsnapping her bra, which she tossed to a grinning Bob. Her nipples felt rock hard, so she pinched them to check. The combined stimulation of cunt and nipples made her moan loudly. Her thighs quivered.

Honey, better let Molly sit down before she falls down,” Bob advised.

Sarah reached around Molly’s hips to grasp both her butt cheeks. Keeping her face planted in Molly’s crotch, and still licking, Sarah hobbled forward on her knees, easing Molly backwards toward the sofa. When they got there, Molly used one hand on a sofa cushion for balance as she sank down, keeping her thighs spread wide open. Seated now, her pelvis tilted more, and Sarah was able to fasten her lips fully over Molly’s sex. Sarah started sucking at Molly’s cunt as she thrust her tongue deep into her vaginal tunnel, tongue tip flipping and exploring.

Molly rested her back against an upright sofa cushion, and started tugging and rolling the sensitive tissues of her areolae. Soon she was grinding her cunt against Sarah’s face as Sarah sucked at her pussy lips and clit, spearing Molly’s pussy with a long, hot tongue. Molly held back as long as she could, but Sarah was greedily insistent. With a long, drawn out cry, Molly began cumming, drumming her heels on the floor. Sarah ate her until Molly’s orgasm ran its course, leaving her slumped on the couch. Sarah carefully licked her clean, declaring, “I’ve waited weeks and weeks to eat your pussy! And it was even better than I ever imagined.”

Molly grasped Sarah’s head and pulled her up for a tender kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered. “That was delightful. I want to do you, once I gather up some energy.”

Sarah grinned. “We have all day, sweetie. And we also have some dogs to train. You up for that?”

Absolutely,” Molly replied. “I’m always up for a good dog fucking.”

Bob recognized his cue. He went out to the kennels and returned with Sparkie, a white Akita, and Thunder, a lovely German Shepherd. Both dogs trotted proudly in their leather booties, dark eyes gleaming with intelligence. “Which do you want, Molly?” he asked, giving the ‘guest’ first choice.

Here, Sparkie,” Molly called. The Akita walked over, nosed Sarah aside, and began licking Molly’s labia. Molly giggled, pleased by the dog’s quick attention.

Sarah pulled off her dressing gown as she stood up. Molly looked where Sarah’s thighs came together and observed the woman’s clean shaven pussy. Sarah’s labia were bright pink, shading to a darker pink-brown at the edges of their lips. Thunder immediately planted his snout there, claiming this bitch. He licked and nudged her, his cock starting to emerge from its hairy sheath. Sarah took the hint, getting down into breeding position on her hands and knees.

Thunder looked at Bob, silently waiting to be commanded. Licking and nuzzling the bitch’s crotch in greeting was one thing, but carrying it further into mounting her required the well-trained dog to be commanded. Bob smiled, nodded, and said, “Thunder. Mount.”

In seconds, the dog’s cock penetrated Sarah’s pussy, his aim aided by her hand. He began fucking her.

Meanwhile, Molly got into breeding position alongside Sarah, about a yard away from her. Sparkie heard Bob command, “Sparkie. Mount.” Molly gasped as the soft Akita fur brushed her ass and back. She gasped louder when Sparkie’s cock opened and filled her cunt.

OMG, Sparkie! What a good boy!” Molly moaned as she braced herself with her knees and forearms. Her cunt contracted, gripping the dog’s thrusting rod. She could already feel the wetness generated by his copious precum. She looked over at Sarah, being furiously hammered by the German Shepherd. As his haunches rocked rapidly back and forth, Sarah’s tits bobbed and swayed beneath her naked torso. Her eyes were closed, her head was up, and she was murmuring something Molly can not make out.

As Molly watched, Thunder gave a mighty heave, pulling Sarah’s waist backward with his front paws, and his knot buried itself halfway into her vagina. Sarah screamed as both she and the dog froze motionless. Molly heard Thunder give off a sound that combined a growl with a howl. He was cumming, breeding his bitch. Sarah bit her lip – she must’ve been feeling his seed filling her.

While Molly was gazing, open-mouthed, at Thunder and Sarah, Sparkie got her attention once again. It’s easy for a dog to claim your attention when he knots you! With a burst of pain, Molly felt the swollen base of Sparkie’s cock wedge itself in her pussy entrance. Once lodged, it even inflated, sealing her tight. She felt the very tip of the cock soften inside her, and then the flood that erupted from it. Semen filled her tunnel in an instant, and then forced itself into her womb, inflating it. Sparkie gave off a satisfied sound, while Molly moaned loudly, closing her eyes to focus on the sensations. She took deep, calming breaths.

When Molly opened her eyes to look toward Sarah, she found Sarah already looking at her, and grinning. It was obvious they were both knotted. Sparkie had draped himself along Molly’s back, motionless except for his panting, and licking the back of her neck. Thunder had swiveled himself off Sarah, so that the two of them were positioned ass to ass, still tied together. His bushy tail swept Sarah’s back from time to time as he waited to be freed. Again, Molly marveled that a dog’s cock could point straight behind him with no damage.

Gradually, the dogs’ knots deflated, and squelched their way loose, leaving the women’s cunts gaping and expelling globs of dog semen, with its characteristic ‘inky’ scent. The dogs ambled over to where Bob sat, plopped down, and started licking their sexual parts clean. Bob had thoroughly enjoyed watching, and what he saw next he liked even better.

Scooting toward Molly, Sarah told her, “Get onto your side, Molly.” As Molly did so, Sarah also got onto her side, facing the same direction. She then slid her cunt against Molly’s, looping her upper leg over Molly’s upper leg and planting her foot on the floor behind them. Their cunts firmly together, Sarah began rubbing her semen-coated pussy against Molly’s. Molly grabbed Sarah’s leg for leverage, and helped to grind their cunts together. Bob watched the two women scissoring, and began rubbing his cock through the material of his pants.

He could have danced a jig, naked, and the two women would not have noticed. They were completely wrapped up in their tribadism, savoring the intensity of the stimulation. Sarah’s smooth labia rubbed against the soft fur on Molly’s, but both sets of labia were coated and smeared with dog semen. Somehow, the feel and the smell of the semen was acting like an aphrodisiac, and the women experienced one orgasm after another, until they let go of each other’s legs, and collapsed on the floor. Bob applauded, momentarily startling the dogs, and then led Thunder and Sparkie back to the kennels.

Bob returned to the house, went to the kitchen, and prepared tea and sandwiches. The women were better rested after he served them this light repast. Still naked, they ate and drank at the dining table, with Bob finally joining them in their nudity.

When they were finished, Sarah whispered to Bob, “Do you think it’s time to show Molly just how kinky I am?” It was actually a stage whisper, so Molly heard her clearly.

Babe, I tell you. Molly’s as kinky as you are. I doubt you’ll shock her,” was his answer. “Look at how enthusiastically she acted on your cunt rubbing.”

Sarah smiled and nodded. “You’re right. Let’s show her.”

They began walking out into the secluded area behind the house, where the kennels were located. As they reached them, they went around the left side of the housing to a special area behind it. “Did you ever wonder how we begin the dogs’ training, Molly? How we decide which ones have potential?” Bob asked as they strolled.

Hmm. I never really thought about it, Bob,” she replied. “I know we get them used to being touched, and then mouthed, and ultimately to mount on command, during the training sequence.”

That’s true. But I’m talking about even before that,” Bob stated, smiling. He shared a secret smile with Sarah, who was beginning to quiver with excitement. The scent of dog was getting quite strong, which both women reacted to, viscerally.

They’d reached the special area, enclosed by wire fencing. Inside it was a strange looking object, sort of like a low, inclined bench, but with some padding, and a plethora of metal rings.

Molly had a suspicion about it, but she asked anyway, “What’s that? And what’s it for?”

Just watch,” Bob advised her.

Sarah complacently put herself face down along the bench, with her ass at the higher end. Her head and shoulder area was low, and her tits flattened on the upper surface of the bench. Bob draped what looked like canvas over Sarah’s back, and began tying her into place, using ropes that secured to the various metal rings. Soon, Sarah was completely trussed to the bench. Bob opened a small chest and brought out lubricant and a butt plug. Getting the butt plug slippery, he worked it into Sarah’s ass hole. Medical tape from the chest was used to tape her labia to her thighs, opening her cunt wide.

Molly was fascinated by these actions. She was even more fascinated when Bob led her out of the enclosure, and secured its gate. He pulled a rope, and a shutter slid upwards, uncovering an opening in the rear wall of the building. Five large dogs came running out, barking. Molly had never seen any of them before.

We just got this batch this morning,” Bob explained. “Now let’s see if they display any interest.” As he spoke, he had one hand on the gate, obviously ready to open it quickly, if needed. The dogs circled Sarah, sniffing and licking her face, legs, ass and torso. They were obviously interested in this unexpected presentation. When a few of them sniffed Sarah’s crotch, the pointed pink tips of their cocks peeked into view.

Are you scared?” Molly called out to Sarah.

Not a bit,” Sarah answered. “I’ve never been hurt by them, other than a few minor scratches on my legs. And my ass hole is protected, so I’m safe there. The only openings they can use are my mouth and my pussy. Once they actually begin, only one time has any of the new recruits used my mouth. We’re finding out if they show evidence of wanting to mount a hairless bitch – me. If so, we’ll train them. If not, we’ll find them a home. Right now, they’re figuring out dominance, establishing a sort of pecking order.”

Some sort of conclusion had apparently been reached because the big, black Rottweiler moved between Sarah’s thighs and began licking her rapidly. His cock was unsheathing, its pink rod veined in deep red lines already leaking precum. He reared up, planting his paws on Sarah’s back. Molly could swear she heard the air whoosh out of Sarah’s lungs as his weight pressed down on her. His haunches bucked forward and back, stabbing his cock against her thighs as he tried to find her hole. He failed, hopped off, licked his target, and mounted again. It took him three attempts to connect.

He’s in!” Sarah gasped. Molly and Bob watched the dog use her like a bitch in heat. His knot was enormous, but he just pressed it hard against her cunt opening as he squirted his semen into her. Satisfied, he hopped off and moved away, leaving Sarah’s cunt open and dripping.

A white Samoyed moved in, lapping away the semen, his cock becoming visible beneath his belly. Sarah moaned and twisted in the ropes, apparently having an orgasm, either from the fucking, or the licking. The Samoyed didn’t care. He mounted her and on his very first attempt coupled with her, maybe because her cunt was still dilated from the Rottweiler’s cock. He fucked Sarah with what looked like undisciplined savagery, but she was not complaining. “Yes, fuck me!” she cried. He did, and his ejaculate soon joined that of the Rottweiler’s.

Molly, shaking with emotion, pictured those dog sperm swimming in Sarah’s cunt, womb, and Fallopian tubes. Bob’s cock was rigid, dripping with precum of his own. Molly wanted that cock in her and she told Bob exactly that. “Please fuck me as we watch, Bob. I need to be fucked hard, in my cunt or ass – I don’t care which.”

A brown Akita was shoving between Sarah’s thighs as Bob commanded, “Then get on your hands and knees, Molly, and offer me that ass of yours! I’ll ream you good!” He was applying the same lubricant to his cock and her ass hole that he’d used on the butt plug.

Molly watched the Akita attempt to mount Sarah several times, until he finally connected. At that same moment, she felt Bob plow his dick into her ass. Since he was gripping her hips tightly, she braced on only one hand, and used the other one to diddle her cunt. She watched the Akita hammer his cock into Sarah’s pussy. His hip movements were the fastest of the three dogs that had used her thus far. Sarah’s ass cheeks were vibrating in harmony with the dog’s rapid thrusts. The Akita came. Sarah came. Molly came. Bob kept pumping his dick into Molly’s ass.

The boxer showed no interest in Sarah at all, so the Golden Retriever mounted her instead. As his dick plunged in, it displaced a massive amount of cum which gushed onto Sarah’s thighs and puddled on the cage floor beneath her, spreading out to her knees. The expression on the dog’s face looked like the characteristic smile that his breed displays. He apparently had no qualms about taking sloppy fourths with this bitch.

Molly was in the middle of a post-orgasmic aftershock when she felt Bob’s cock twitch deep inside her rectum. Then she felt the insistent ripples as his cock spewed spurt after spurt of lovely, hot cum into her bowels. She screamed with pleasure, and quickly finger-fucked herself to another orgasm, which made her ass muscles contract and suck at Bob’s cock, draining him dry. He stayed inside Molly until the Golden Retriever dismounted. The dog wagged his tail happily, as if thrilled to have taken part in the attempt to impregnate this bitch.

Bob went into the enclosure, herded the dogs back through the opening into the building, and slid the shutter closed. Molly, aware that her ass hole was leaking Bob’s cum, crawled over to Sarah. Sarah’s eyes were rolled back in their sockets, and she was panting, while quivering and moaning in either pain or ecstasy. Bob was dabbing at Sarah’s crotch with a soft towel, wiping away the lion’s share of what had leaked from her.

Molly began stroking Sarah’s hair, asking, “Are you OK?”

Sarah gulped some air, and her eyes rolled back into focus. “Oh, hi Molly,” she whispered. “I’m fine. Nothing to worry about.” However, she didn’t move as Bob untied the ropes that held her to the bench. She groaned as he carefully eased the butt plug from her ass and removed the tapes from her labia. “That is so amazing, Molly. Being used by one dog after another, like that. I feel so well fucked now. It’s indescribable,” she added.

Moved by a strange impulse, Molly kissed Sarah sweetly. “I’m glad you’re OK. That was a bit scary to watch, but oh so very, very hot! Bob fucked my ass as we watched.”

Sarah smiled. “I’m glad he did. And I’m glad you both got aroused, watching. I think I’m ready to get up now, if one of you will give me a hand.”

They both helped Sarah to her feet. As they walked her slowly back to the house, more gushes of dog semen emerged from Sarah’s cunt, drizzling down her bare legs into the grass. “How many used me, Bob?” she asked, her voice still sounding dazzled.

Four out of the five, sweetie,” he answered. “The boxer is a dud – the rest were very enthusiastic. We’ll find a home for the boxer sometime next week. The others can start their real training soon.”

Molly faltered a step, her eyes refusing to focus for a moment as her mind’s eye pictured four different breeds of dog sperm swimming merrily around inside Sarah. Sperm can live for days and days inside a woman.

When they reached the house, Sarah put on a thick pair of cotton panties as Bob wiped off her legs. “No sense tracking semen all the way to the bathroom,” Sarah explained.

All three of them went into the bathroom, and into the spacious shower stall. Sarah removed the panties under the spray, and Molly and Bob helped clean her. Bob washed off Sarah’s outer surfaces, while Molly was given the honor of scooping the dog semen out of Sarah’s vagina. Of course, as that tunnel was emptied, more seeped out of her cervix from her uterus, so Molly was under the warm spray, scooping, for quite some little time. That was actually good, because Sarah needed time to recover. Molly’s ass finished leaking Bob’s semen as she stooped under the shower of water, working on Sarah’s cunt.

As the women left the shower and began drying their hair, Bob quickly toweled off to fetch food and drink. They all needed replenishment – Sarah most of all. After eating, drinking, resting, and listening to some soothing music, the trio went into the bedroom.

You’ve seen me being kinky, Molly,” Sarah said, grinning. “Ready to be kinky WITH me, now?”

Raring to go,” Molly replied. “Watching you in action really got my kink engine running. What’ll we do?”

Just stand here with me,” Sarah answered, pulling Molly into a close embrace. Face to face, breast to breast, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, the two women wrapped arms around each other’s back. They kissed, eyes closed.

Molly felt the rope snug around them at their waists. Bob must’ve dropped a loop over them, and pulled it tight. He started circling them, putting several loops around their waists before tying it off. He carefully tied Molly’s wrists together behind Sarah’s back, then Sarah’s together behind Molly’s back. He secured the wrists to the waist ropes. Threading a rope through their four armpits, he loosely tied their chests together.

Excited?” Sarah whispered.

Can you feel my nipples poking hard into your tits, Sarah? Yes, very excited,” Molly whispered back. She inhaled the clean scent of Sarah’s neck. She wasn’t watching Bob, so the first swipe of the flogger across her ass caught her completely by surprise!

Yikes!” Molly yipped, pressing hard against Sarah in a vain attempt to move away from the shocking sensation.

The next slap of the flogger was on Sarah’s ass. Even though she was anticipating it, her body instinctively pressed against Molly’s.

A laughing, grinning Bob, circled them, flogging their asses over and over. He was not trying to hurt them at all. His goal was to make them hop up and down a bit, rubbing the fronts of their bodies together erotically. And they did. Sweat broke out, making their skins glisten as they hopped, pressed and rubbed. Breasts rubbed, bellies rubbed, and cunt and thighs rubbed. The two women began kissing passionately, caught up in the moment.

Bob pressed his hands between their cunts, moving them briefly apart, far enough to insert a double headed dildo between them and into their slick pussies. Now as they kissed and hopped and rubbed from the flogging, they were also fucking each other vaginally. Soon, Molly erupted in orgasm, her cry of release muffled in Sarah’s mouth. Feeling Molly cumming against her, Sarah also climaxed. Bob stopped flogging and just watched the women shudder and strain against each other.

Untying the ropes, Bob helped Molly over to the bed, stretching her out on her back, and placing her arms up over her head. Molly was totally compliant, still feeling the aftermath of that lovely orgasm. Bob held Molly’s hands up by the headboard of the bed, as Sarah closed the handcuffs on Molly’s wrists. The handcuff chain was looped behind one of the vertical metal bars of the headboard.

Feeling herself bound, Molly uttered a confused, “What?”

Don’t worry,” Sarah assured her. “If you want the handcuffs removed, just tell us. But please try this while being restrained. I think you’ll like it.” Saying that, Sarah scooted down the bed, coming to rest between Molly’s legs. She looped her arms over Molly’s thighs, bringing her hands under the woman’s ass, and her face against Molly’s cunt. Massaging Molly’s ass cheeks, Sarah began the most satisfying cunnilingus that Molly had felt in a very long time! That woman really knew how to eat pussy!

Using her lips and tongue, Sarah teased Molly to the brink of orgasm again and again. Bob held Molly’s hands in one of his so she wouldn’t strain too hard against the handcuffs. His other hand playfully toyed with Molly’s exposed, vulnerable breasts, as he watched his wife’s expertise at her crotch.

Molly was whimpering, moaning, and begging Sarah to let her cum. She felt like she was going crazy, being tormented like this. But she also found that she loved being restrained and vulnerable, ceding control to the lovely woman between her legs. She managed to loop her own feet over Sarah’s knees/leg region, thereby embracing her as best she could, under the circumstances.

When Sarah finally let Molly cum, the orgasm was so intense that Molly felt the top of her head was threatening to fly off. Wave after wave of release coursed through her as Sarah greedily drank Molly’s cum from her welling honey pot.

Sarah rolled off Molly, but before the handcuffed woman could move, Bob moved into position between Molly’s legs and plunged his cock into her churning cunt. The sensation was mind-blowing for both of them! Molly felt her cunt stretched and stuffed full in an instant, and Bob felt her heated, wet walls gripping and sucking at his dick. He started fucking her with long, deep strokes.

Sarah came up to the headboard, grabbing its upper rail, and straddled Molly’s head. Sarah used her fingers to part her labia, poised over Molly’s face. Molly looked up directly into Sarah’s vaginal tunnel. Her friend was obviously aroused from eating her, because Sarah’s pussy juices were drooling from Sarah’s vaginal entrance, while that same opening was contracting and dilating as its inner walls rippled. “Eat me now, Molly,” Sarah pleaded.

Molly needed no prodding to do so. The edges of Sarah’s musky cunt made contact with Molly’s lips, and Molly immediately sucked each of the labia into her mouth, almost chewing the delicate tissues as her suction engorged them even more. Sarah began moaning as Molly’s mouth pushed her outer labia aside, fastened to her inner labia, and began sucking. Bob was fucking Molly’s cunt, and Molly began fucking Sarah’s cunt with her tongue, using a similar rhythm.

Molly’s suction must’ve pulled more dog semen from the depths of Sarah’s womb, because Sarah’s pussy juices became flavored with a slightly sweet, inky taste of dog cum. Molly didn’t mind that one bit. She loved the taste of dog semen, and she found she loved the taste of Sarah, as well.

Bob was speeding up his thrusts, so Molly knew he was about to cum. She suckled gently on Sarah’s pussy, because for the moment, she wanted to focus on feeling Bob release in her pussy. Sure enough, a minute or two later, he grunted something unintelligible, shoved his dick into her to its full depth, stopped pumping his hips, and just spewed spurt after spurt, until he pulled out and rolled off her.

Now Molly wanted Sarah to cum. Shifting her head slightly, she let her tongue wash and flick over the woman’s pee hole, and then gave Sarah’s clit a tongue lashing. Sarah had been simmering, and this sudden loving assault on her swollen, throbbing clit sent her over the edge. Molly slid her lips down to Sarah’s cunt just in time to catch the first discharge of her cum as she yelled, “Oh FUCK! I’m CUMMING!”

Molly drank, used her tongue to stimulate anew, and drank some more, as Sarah moaned and mashed her cunt against Molly’s mouth. She prolonged Sarah’s orgasm as long as she could, until the woman rolled sideways, removing her quivering cunt from Molly’s still eager mouth. After taking time to catch her breath, Sarah went down to Molly’s cunt, sucked a huge gob of Bob’s semen from it, crawled back up Molly’s body, and fed it to her, mouth to mouth. Sharing Bob’s semen like this was very, very erotic, Molly decided. This was turning out to be a kinky, exciting threesome, more so than Molly’d ever imagined.

And the married couple weren’t done with their new playmate just yet. Bob held Molly’s feet while Sarah used a powerful vibrator to make her cum several times. Then Sarah held Molly’s feet while Bob place an electrical pad near Molly’s clit, and an electrode deep into her cunt. When he turned on the current to a low setting, Molly felt a peculiar sensation at her crotch. Sort of pins and needles, but pleasant. Bob changed the settings, and the sensations intensified. And intensified. Molly’s toes curled under and she screamed and bounced on the bed as a crescendo of orgasms, one after another, coursed through her body.

Finally, Molly fainted from an excess of pleasure.

She had no idea how long she’d been unconscious, but it was still light out when she opened her eyes. She tried to shift her body, but found she could not. She was face down. It felt like her back was covered in canvas. And she was tied to the bench in the special area behind the kennel building. Her ass was plugged with a butt plug, she could tell, and judging from the flow of air on her cunt, her labia were taped open.

Bob and Sarah were watching from outside the enclosure, pleased to see her awakening. “You can tell where you are, right?” Bob asked her. Molly nodded, her head being about all she could move.

Are you game to try this?” Sarah asked, eyes bright.

Molly thought it over. She’d seen Sarah taking on the dogs, relatively unscathed and apparently enjoying it. And Molly had a strong streak of curiosity. She really wanted to know what Sarah had experienced. And only four of the dogs had used Sarah, anyway.

She made her decision. “Release the dogs, Bob,” she told him. “I want you to, and I want to experience this.”

Bob grinned and opened the shutter. How could Molly have known that Bob had a second set of dogs that needed to be tested? Out came five new dogs! A black Labrador, followed by a Doberman, then a yellow Labrador. The fourth dog out she didn’t recognize, and was told later it was an Anatolian Shepherd dog. Her heart leaped into her throat when the fifth and final dog emerged – a Great Dane!

Bob and Sarah screwed as they watched all five of the dogs mount and breed Molly, one after the other. They lost count of her cries of orgasm as dog cocks hammered her cunt incessantly.

When all five dogs had finished and dismounted, and Molly could think more coherently, she mentally analyzed the experience. “That was as intense as Sarah had related, if not more so. I’m sure glad the Great Dane used me last, after the other dogs had opened my cunt and lubed it so well with their semen. That cock of his felt as enormous as some of the knots I’ve experienced, and it was only his shaft!”

Untying Molly after the dogs had been herded back into the building, Sarah asked, “Are you OK? How was that for you?”

A smiling, albeit dazed, Molly pondered a minute or two, then replied, “My cunt feels sore and well used. My tummy feels so awash in semen that I think I might slosh as I move. As far as being bound and taken by so many dogs in a row – you’re right, Sarah. It’s indescribable.” She paused, not speaking as Sarah and Bob helped her to her feet. Then her eager words tumbled out, “How often do we get to test new batches of dogs?”

Bob and Sarah laughed, embraced her in a warm cocoon of their flesh, and kissed her.


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