Lucy and Spike at Bob’s

Lucy arrived for her third training session with Spike, greeted at the door by Molly. The two women embraced warmly. Lucy had loosened up considerably from the shy, uptight woman she’d appeared to be when Molly first met her. She wore a simple sundress, whose bright yellow color looked wonderful against the wavy red hair that tumbled loosely against Lucy’s shoulders. Her hazel eyes sparkled with mischief as she pressed her body against Molly’s. Molly’s hands told her that Lucy wasn’t wearing a bra, and she guessed this vivacious woman probably wasn’t wearing any panties, either.

Following Molly, Lucy walked into the training room, where Spike awaited her, cared for by Bob. “Hello, Lucy,” Bob said in greeting. “Spike’s all ready for you.”

Hi Bob!” Lucy called out. Without waiting for his response, she dropped to her knees, arms opened invitingly, and commanded, “Spike. Come.” She was obviously thrilled to see her dog again.

Spike promptly trotted over to her, looking smug as only a bulldog can. His large frame moved easily, and his brown and white fur shone with health. His dark brown eyes seemed to light up with pleasure at seeing his Mistress, who would also be his bitch. Would be, because he’d not yet mounted Lucy, but today was to be the day.

As Lucy and Spike greeted one another, Molly cast her mind back to Lucy’s earlier sessions with Spike.

The first training session they’d had together, two weeks ago, was mostly about commands. Commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘side’, ‘heel’, ‘down’ – pretty standard stuff. But that training served to establish that Spike should obey Lucy now, in addition to Molly and Bob. Not completely standard dog training, though, because Lucy also learned how to touch Spike’s cock during that session. Lucy learned how to gently, softly coax his cock out of its sheath. Once it was extended, Lucy stroked it, and fondled it. She learned how it felt, and her face was close enough that she found out how it smelled, too, and was gratified that she liked its rather earthy scent. But they took her training no farther than that for that session.

The second session, last week, reinforced all the things that Lucy’d covered in the first one, but this one added having her use her mouth on Spike. Both women got naked, in case things got a little messy. As a measure of Lucy’s progress in feeling comfortable with both Molly and Bob, this time she didn’t mind the fact that Bob was in the same room with them as she took off her clothes. At first, Lucy was too tentative with Spike’s cock. Molly knelt beside her, watching and suggesting. Then Molly took the dog’s cock in her mouth, demonstrating how to apply the proper amount of pressure with her lips, giving some idea of the amount of suction, and the bobbing head movements that Spike expected.

Lucy tried again. This time she had more success, since Spike began spraying precum from the tip of his cock. Both women were gratified to hear his soft vocalizations of pleasure as Lucy suckled him. Lucy was pleased as punch when the precum flow started, but quickly grew amazed as the flow intensified. Molly watched Lucy’s pupils dilating in surprise as she had to swallow faster and faster to keep up with the gradual torrent of salty fluid.

It was a good thing they were both naked, because Lucy took the cock out of her mouth to ask Molly, “Does he always give off this much precum?” before wrapping her lips back around it. Even that brief time was long enough for the pointed tip of Spike’s cock to spray them both on their faces and dangling tits. Molly laughed as the warm spray struck them, and Lucy signaled merriment with her eyes, since her mouth was occupied again.

Yes, Lucy,” she answered. “I don’t know how they do it, but dogs usually provide us with what feels like quarts of precum. You wouldn’t think they could possibly have that much fluid stored in their bodies, but they seem to. Personally, I think it might not be all that much, but it’s sure more than any man can provide.”

Bob, who was pretending to be doing paperwork, but in all likelihood was ogling the naked asses of the two women as they bent over the dog’s belly, protested, “Hey! I’m sure I give off lots of precum, Molly!”

Oh yes, Bob,” Molly said, contritely. “I wasn’t referring to you. You’re the exception to the rule.” Her face was turned away from Bob as she spoke, so he couldn’t see her expression as she rolled her eyes after saying that. But Lucy could see, and she almost choked on what she was swallowing, trying not to laugh.

Lucy continued suckling her dog’s cock, easier now that he’d rolled completely onto his back. This complete exposure of his vulnerable belly indicated that Spike now trusted Lucy implicitly. Molly was gratified that the two of them were bonding so quickly.

With his knot fully visible now, Spike began rocking his hips, paws waving in the air above him. He was obviously trying to fuck Lucy’s lips, signaling his excitement.

Spike’s motions indicates he wants to cum, Lucy,” Molly informed her. Taking Lucy’s hand, she formed the redhead’s thumb and index finger into a circle around the base of Spike’s dick. “Let his knot bump against your fingers, giving him the illusion that his cock is lodging in a pussy. Be prepared for his rush of cum. Understand?”

Lucy’s pupils dilated somewhat, either from fear or desire or some blending of those emotions, but she nodded her understanding, still sucking Spike’s thrusting dick. Her fingers pressed against his knot. In seconds, Spike rocked hard into Lucy’s mouth, pressing his knot against her fingers. Legs quivering, the dog gave off a sound that resembled a moan.

Lucy’s cheeks ballooned outward as her eyes bulged in shock and surprise, but she gamely started swallowing. Molly watched the ripples moving rapidly down Lucy’s throat as the redhead valiantly kept up with the dog’s discharge of semen. Very little leaked from the corner of her mouth. After a bit, Lucy’s throat muscles ceased rippling, and she straightened up, letting the dog’s cock slip from her lips. Her cheeks were still bulging. She was holding a mouthful of dog semen, finally having the opportunity to stop and discover what it really tasted like. Her expression of evaluation transformed into one of delight.

She swallowed some of what was in her mouth, and let the remainder drool into the palm of her hand. She stared at the semen critically, sniffed it carefully, and then ran her tongue through it, carrying a glob into her mouth. “You’re right, Molly. It’s quite different than human semen – much tastier. What some?” She held out her hand.

Molly promptly licked up a glob for herself, smiling. After swirling it in her mouth, sampling it, she swallowed, and said, “Thanks for sharing, Lucy. I agree. Delicious.” Lucy was licking her hand clean as Molly spoke.

Lucy petted, praised, and fawned over Spike, telling him what a very good boy he was. Spike wallowed in her adoration. That was the gist of the second training session.

But today was to be the third, and most likely the last, training session, unless Lucy decided that something more was needed. Spike was to go home with her today. Bob tried to remain unobtrusive, perhaps fearing that Lucy would demand he leave the room during this session. He didn’t want to miss seeing this though, so he let Molly handle the details.

You’re not wearing any perfume, or deodorant, right Lucy? And you’ve not bathed with soap for a day or two? Dogs can be quite sensitive to foreign scents. It’s much better to have nothing but your natural scent,” Molly reminded her.

I’ve only rinsed myself off with water, since you told me I don’t actually have to be dirty, just unscented,” Lucy confirmed.

Molly sniffed her closely, something an onlooker would have found strange. Only smelling what Molly would describe as ‘woman’ scent, Molly was pleased. “You’ve done a great job at following instructions, Lucy. Spike will be enthusiastic, I’m sure.”

Lucy blushed as only a redhead can blush, knowing what ‘enthusiastic’ signified. She felt an erotic tingle at her pussy, imagining being mounted by her dog. Imagining submitting to him as his bitch. She could hardly wait, shifting from leg to leg nervously.

Molly picked up on her nervousness. “It’ll be fine, Lucy. You’ll see,” she assured the woman. “Spike’s a great lover, and you two are bonding wonderfully. He’ll be thrilled to claim you as his bitch,” she added, grinning as she watched the redhead’s blush deepen even more. She knew that Lucy wasn’t offended by the word ‘bitch’ at all, given her glowing eyes and radiant smile.

At that moment, Bob happened to be out of the room, but Lucy motioned to Molly to bring her head closer. Speaking quietly, Lucy related, “I wanted to tell you about a dream I had last night. In the dream I was walking through a park when three large dogs approached me. One knocked me onto my hands and knees, and they all tore my clothes away with their claws and teeth, magically not touching my skin. Then each of them mounted me in turn, ravishing me. And, rather than being frightened at all, I was so turned on, being used like that, that I had orgasm after orgasm. When I woke up, my crotch was soaked. What do you think the dream meant?”

I think it meant you need to buy two more dogs,” Molly replied, chuckling. “Seriously, Lucy, I just think it means that you, your body, and your mind are all ready to mate with your canine lover. I’m really happy for you.”

Molly produced some dog-paw-sized leather pouches. “Fit these booties onto his front paws. This is a further reinforcement of his upcoming duties. He associates those booties with mounting behavior,” Molly explained. “The beauty of this is that he’ll be less likely to act in an untoward manner in company, if he doesn’t have his booties on. If he gets excited and flashes his dick in company, you can laugh that off as typical masculine behavior. Men like showing off their equipment after all.”

Lucy laughed, relaxing slightly, as evidenced by her change in body language, as she put Spike’s booties on.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to help you with your first mounting or two, Lucy,” Molly asserted. “We should get these clothes off.” Molly wiggled her way out of her dress, then grabbed the hem of Lucy’s sun dress and lifted. Lucy giggled and lifted her arms, helping. She didn’t protest or flinch when Molly stroked her fingers through Lucy’s well trimmed fur of red pubic hair, parting her labia slightly. Molly’s finger came away damp, confirming Lucy’s excitement.

Bob re-entered the room, spied the two naked, smiling women, and retreated to a quiet corner to watch. His sense of smell was nowhere near as good as Spike’s, but even from across the room he was aware of the scent of aroused females. His cock stirred inside his shorts.

Molly continued with her instructions to Lucy. “Get on your hands and knees, with your butt towards Spike. Spread your knees a little apart, and look over your shoulder at him. At the same time, reach between your thighs and spread your labia open. Tell him to lick you, giving the proper command.”

Lucy’s hands shook slightly as she got down onto her knees. She looked over her shoulder at Spike while she moved her knees apart and spread open her cunt. The well trained dog’s body was still. He merely rotated his head to look back and forth between the two women, as if communicating, “That’s a lovely display, and she smells delicious – won’t one of you give me a command to do something with her?”

Finally ready for phase one, Lucy spoke, “Spike. Lick.”

The dog promptly got off his haunches and trotted up behind her ass. He sniffed deeply, twice, and then his tongue began lapping her from clit to ass hole. The sounds produced by his tongue were the only sounds in the room at first, other than Molly’s heavy breathing. She was always turned on by canine cunnilingus, even if she wasn’t the recipient.

The recipient, Lucy, soon was groaning, moaning, and tossing her flame red hair from side to side as the glorious sensations from her pussy coursed through her body. “Oh, you magnificent, good, good doggy!” she moaned. “That’s right! Lick your Momma, boy!” She quivered, trying to hold her body in position for that long tongue, which now disappeared from sight as Spike dug it deep inside, avid for her fluids.

Molly leaned close to Lucy’s head and whispered, “If you want to cum from his tongue, go ahead. It’ll lube your pussy really well.”

Lucy nodded her understanding, eyes closed in concentration. Moments later, her head rose, making her lovely tits poke out more. “I’m… already… THERE!” Lucy cried as her body was rocked by an orgasm. She shook and quivered as Spike wolfed down her cum juices, still licking. When Lucy caught her breath, she remembered that he’d continue until commanded otherwise. “Spike. Good boy. Sit,” she gasped.

The dog stopped licking and dropped to his haunches again. Molly was pleased that Lucy had the presence of mind to remember to command him. She watched the woman panting on her hands and knees, her belly going in and out with her gulping breaths, her petite breasts gently swaying under her torso.

It’s good to give yourself a respite, if you need to,” she told Lucy. “For future reference, Spike could go directly from licking to mounting, if you wish. That can be quite a rush – one moment his tongue is in you, and the next, his cock. Catch your breath. When you’re ready, issue the command for him to mount you. Make certain your hand is ready to guide his cock. I’ll kneel close by your hip to watch if you need assistance.” Molly moved into position.

Lucy put her left forearm flat on the floor to brace herself. Facing straight ahead, she placed her right hand next to her pussy, ready to blindly feel for Spike’s cock. She checked that her labia were still well apart from his licking, and spoke, “Spike. Mount.”

The dog sprang up and planted his front paws on Lucy’s back, which depressed slightly as she bore his weight. His cock began thrusting against the back of her thigh as he tried to find her hole. Molly watched as Lucy quickly grasped the thick, pink rod and guided it to her vaginal opening. In a flash, the two were joined.

Spike began hammering his dick into her tight, wet tunnel. Lucy shrieked in surprise. “OMG! That was so sudden!” She now had both her forearms flat on the floor, fingers spread wide, trying to brace her body back against Spike’s heavy thrusts. Molly moved closer to Lucy’s shoulders, in case she needed to help brace the woman.

Spike continued what looked like a furious assault on Lucy’s vagina, but was actually his normal fucking speed. Molly tended toward anthropomorphism when regarding dogs’ expressions. As she looked at Spike’s face, she fancied he was signaling, “Wow! This is a nice, tight cunt my new bitch has! She feels great on my dick! I’m gonna breed her good. She’ll be my bitch from now on, and I’ll fuck her a lot!” Molly smiled as she imagined this, remembering that first time she had dog sex with Ace, the German Shepherd.

Deciding she should check in with Lucy, Molly asked, “How are you doing, Lucy?”

Lucy answered with a long, drawn out howl! Molly was briefly concerned, thinking Lucy might be in pain. Then she realized that the redhead actually was articulating an impressive orgasm that was rocking her to her very core. The fluids puddling on the floor beneath Lucy’s crotch were some of her cum fluids. If Spike was impressed that he’d made his bitch cum, he gave no sign of it. His humping kept its familiar rhythm, his knot beginning to touch Lucy’s labia. Molly heard the regular slapping of the dog’s heavy testicles against Lucy’s flesh. She looked back to where the dog and the woman were joined together.

I’m… fine,” Lucy managed to gasp. “In fact… I’m… fantastic! I’ve never been fucked like this before! In fact, I’m… again,” she groaned. Her head started thrashing and she screamed, “I’m cumming!” Her body shook beneath the dog. Her breathing changed to a pattern of gasping and panting as her cunt juices got Spike’s knot wet. She was bucking and pressing back into his thrusts, her body instinctively wanting even more stimulation.

Spike’s front paws pressed on Lucy’s body, levering his torso forward just enough. Molly’s pupils dilated as she watched Spike’s knot half swallowed by Lucy’s cunt as the dog wedged it home, sealing her opening.

Lucy hyperventilated. “What?… What?… What’s happening?” she gasped.

He’s knotted you, Lucy,” Molly explained. “Keep calm and hold still. Notice he’s stopped humping? His knot is stretching your opening. Everything is fine.” Her eyes were glued to the knot-filled vaginal opening. She’d felt this many times, but had never seen it while it was happening.

It hurts,” Lucy whimpered. “I can’t move.”

It’s OK,” Molly said soothingly. “Your pussy is just stretched, not injured. Take slow deep breaths and try to relax down there. His knot will still inflate a bit more, so that’ll probably feel strange.” Sure enough, Molly watched as the knot enlarged. Then she saw a rippling pulsation.

OMG!” Lucy shrieked. “He’s… omg… he’s cumming, I think!” She groaned, biting her lip. “His dick is spewing and spewing! I feel completely full, but he’s STILL cumming! I think his cum is being forced into my womb!” Suddenly, Lucy’s body writhed in place. “OH FUCK!” she yelled. “I’m cumming! I’m fuckin’ cumming again!” Her sounds became unintelligible as her cum mixed with that of her canine lover, both fluids being shoved under pressure through her cervix into her uterus.

Molly looked critically at Lucy’s vaginal opening. No fluids were escaping. The knot still evinced rippling pulsations. Woman and dog were both panting. Spike’s tongue was lolling and drooling as he tried to cool himself. His spittle rained down on Lucy’s bare back. Lucy’s eyelids were open, but her eyes were somewhat rolled back in their sockets. Spike lapped his saliva off Lucy’s back. Lucy moaned with delight.

Molly looked at Lucy’s lower abdomen, which appeared distended due to the copious influx of semen. Molly glanced over at Bob, who was sitting in a chair with his cock so swollen and stiff that it shoved the front of his shorts upward like a lone tent pole inside a tent. She smiled at him sympathetically.

Lucy’s eyes were returning to normal. “Oh Molly. This is so delicious. No wonder it’s so hard to describe. I feel like I’ve eaten a little too much of a meal of my favorite food. I’m so full it’s a bit uncomfortable, but I don’t regret eating all that I did one bit. I only regret I can’t eat any more. I feel so wonderful!”

Molly watched Spike slowly lower his body until his weight was stretched out along Lucy’s spine. The dog sighed happily, contentedly.

Awww, now my lovely boy is snuggling with me,” Lucy almost purred. “His fur and warm belly feel so good along my back! Good boy, Spike,” she praised. The dog panted and sighed.

Remember not to move now, Lucy. Movement will be painful for you both,” Molly advised. “You’re tied together until his knot deflates. You’ll feel wetness as fluids start weeping out around it as it loosens. Then Spike will pull free. Your dilated pussy opening will probably disgorge a good wave of cum at that moment, so don’t be surprised.”

Lucy nodded, eyes closed now, and a smile on her face, still braced on forearms and knees.

Bob cleared his throat. “Ummm, Molly? Could we do something about this?” he asked, pointing at the tent in his lap.

Molly grinned. “Lucy, is it OK if Bob fucks me while we wait for Spike to untie from you?”

Lucy answered with a voice clouded in a blissful haze. “That’s fine with me. You two go right ahead. Don’t mind us.”

Molly beckoned to Bob. “Come over here and fuck me, Bob. Do me doggy style right next to our mated couple.” She waited, naked on her hands and knees.

Bob whipped off his shirt and shorts. His swollen cock bobbled from side to side as he strode across the room to place himself behind Molly. He found her labia swollen and coated with evidence of her arousal at all she’d witnessed. Bending his cock down, he rubbed it up and down Molly’s furrow, using her slippery cunt juices to lube it. Then he pressed his glans to her opening, and slipped his entire dick into the hot, wet sheath of her cunt. They both sighed with satisfaction at their joining. Lucy opened her eyes to watch.

Bob grabbed Molly’s hips and began pumping himself in and out of her receptive pussy. After a few slow strokes, his fucking intensified. If Spike thought that Bob wasn’t hammering his dick into Molly’s cunt fast enough, he kept that criticism to himself. He seemed more focus on snuggling along Lucy’s back. Lucy, although she was definitely watching Molly’s coupling with Bob, reveled in the warmth and fullness from her canine lover’s body and semen.

Molly was already excited before Bob even entered her. His cock, rooting back and forth inside her felt exquisite. “I’m… almost,” she moaned to Bob. Bob grabbed her ponytail in one hand, and placed his other hand on her shoulder, using both to pull Molly back hard against his plunging dick.

AAAAHHHHHH!” Molly cried, as she climaxed on Bob’s cock. “Oh fuck, yes!” she told the room. “That feels so fucking good!” she informed no one in particular.

Bob himself was close, feeling Molly’s cunt muscles squeezing him as she gave into her orgasmic convulsions. He glanced over at Lucy. At the nude display of her body under the bulldog, especially the side view of her tit. At the smile on her face as she saw him looking at her with appreciation. She looked squarely into Bob’s face as he fucked Molly and… winked sensuously.

Bob lost control, ejaculating so hard into Molly, that he was gritting his teeth together as his seed spurted. His mind was whirling with witnessing dog sex, combined with erotic redheads, and the feel of Molly’s cunt gripping his twitching cock. He groaned and pumped.

Molly felt his eruption, and experienced an echo of her earlier climax. Either that, or a lovely post-orgasmic aftershock. She shuddered under Bob. Ironically, they were still locked in their intimate embrace when Spike pulled free from Lucy with a scrabbling sound of his feet and a squelching popping sound from her cunt. A glob of dog semen plopped onto the floor under Lucy. Lucy kept her head and shoulders low, and her ass up high, trying not to drip any more than that.

Bob pulled free from Molly’s cunt with a softer, liquid-like suction sound, and went over to drop down into his chair, grinning with satisfaction.

Molly looked at her friend kneeling next to her. “Can I suck some of Spike’s semen out of your cunt, Lucy? It looks like he gave you plenty.”

Lucy grinned back at her, eyes twinkling. “Yes, on two conditions,” she answered. “First, I want to suck some of Bob’s semen out of your cunt. And second, I want you to feed some of Spike’s semen to me after that, for comparison.”

Deal,” Molly giggled. “Roll onto your back. If you got on top, I might drown.” Both of them laughed. Bob looked on with interest, but Spike, having licked his cock clean, looked like he might be snoozing.

Molly climbed atop Lucy in the 69 position, and Lucy placed her lips against Molly’s labia, sucked briefly, and began drinking Bob’s semen, mixed with Molly’s cum, as it started to flow. Molly began sucking at Lucy’s cunt, easily getting mouthful after mouthful of Spike’s semen to emerge. Molly feasted on the sweetish fluid, blended with the redhead’s cum juices as a wonderful flavor enhancement.

After several minutes, Molly sucked up a healthy mouthful of dog semen, and reluctantly lifted her cunt up away from Lucy’s mouth. Swiveling, cheeks bulging, she positioned her lips directly above Lucy’s. Lucy understood and opened her mouth wide. From across the room, Bob could see Molly open her lips carefully, drizzling a steady stream into Lucy’s opened mouth. When the stream became a mere trickle, Molly shut her mouth, sat up and swallowed what remained.

Lucy also sat up, petite tits wobbling enough to grab the attention of both Molly and Bob, for a brief moment. Then their attention focused on Lucy’s face as she swished the dog cum across her taste buds. Her throat rippled several times as she swallowed, emptying her mouth. With a smile at Molly, she stated, “Dog semen definitely tastes better.” She swiveled her head to look at Bob. “No offense meant, Bob.”

None taken, Lucy,” he replied with a tender smile. He was elated, both from the current visual display, and from draining his balls into Molly.

Molly handed Lucy a towel, so she could wipe off. She also handed her a highly absorbent feminine pad, which Lucy inserted inside the panties she pulled from her purse. “You’ll probably leak a lot on your drive home,” she told Lucy, who was now donning her sun dress again. Molly undid Spike’s booties while Lucy made herself presentable to the outside world. The booties went into Lucy’s purse.

Lucy looked at herself in a nearby mirror. “Spike. Heel,” she commanded, as Molly walked them to the door. The dog followed obediently, looking up adoringly at his owner who was also his new bitch.

Still naked, Molly decided to walk them out to their car, grateful for the fresh air and sunshine, and comfortable with the seclusion afforded by the house’s location. Once Spike was in Lucy’s car, Molly gave him lots of hugs, pats, praises, and kisses goodbye.

Turning to Lucy she gave her a spare set of booties for Spike. Hugging the woman warmly, she whispered, “I’ll miss both of you, you know.”

Can Spike and I visit, sometime?” Lucy asked, with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Leaning back in their embrace to catch Lucy’s expression, Molly brought their faces together, and gave her a long, sweet kiss, and replied, “I’ll look forward to it. Please make it soon.”


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