I wrote some fantasy stories about bondage, and somehow a dog crept into the tale.

I could not tell if anyone was reading them, so a friend told me to move them to, where people not only read (and number of reads is recorded), but also can vote. Link to those stories here.

However, that site allows tales of werewolves, etc. – but not plain old dog (read “beastiality”) stories.

So those stories had to stay here. And just recently, they rejected a story I wrote at the specific request of a reader, because it was “too non-consenting” even though they never got to read part 02, or understand this is the fantasy HE found gratifying. Heavy, heavy sighs. So, you get to read “Martin’s Torment” here, if you wish.

I emphasize they are fantasy. I do not advocate trying any of this stuff.

In fact, the best fantasies often lose their magic, if a person tries to make them reality.

If even the thought of beastiality or heavy bondage bothers you… stop now… read no farther.

By the way. I have to alter the publishing dates on these, so they will be presented in the correct order. Postings actually started early in 2014. The numbers in parentheses indicate the order of creation.

Submissive’s Journey Beastiality Chapters

(01) Pets  (after Submissive’s Journey 11 )                       (02) Visit from Susan ( Submissive’s Journey 15)

(03) Susan and Bruno (the followup to Submissive’s Journey 15)


Trip to the Vet Series

(06)Trip to the Vet Part 01                                                (07) Trip to the Vet part 02

(08) Trip to the Vet part 03                                               (09) Trip to the Vet part 04

(10) Trip to the Vet part 05

Bob Series

(12) Bob Relates His Adventure                                       (13) Bob’s Call for help

(14) Bob Expands Her Duties                                            (15) Bob Gets More Active

(31) Lucy and Spike at Bob’s                                            (32) Bob and Sarah with Molly

Hostess Series

(16) The Hostess                                                                     (17) The Hostess, pt. 02

(18) The Hostess, pt. 03                                                      (19) The Hostess – Stephanie’s Story

(22) The Hostess and the Master’s Girl                      (23) The Hostess and Her Gift

(39) Honi and the Hostess                                             (40) Honi and the Hostess, pt. 02

Martin Series (BDSM)

Martin’s Torment – pt. 01                                            Martin’s Torment – pt. 02

Martin’s Torment – pt. 03                                            Martin Meets Molly

Martin and the Glory Hole                                         Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

Cuckold Stories

(24)  A Special Cuckolding                                                  (25) A Cuckold’s Ordeal

Incest Stories

(27) Single Dad                                                                      (28) Teasing Daddy

The New Editor Series

(33) Molly and the New Editor                                   (34) Molly and the New Editor, pt. 02

(35) Molly and the New Editor, pt 03                      (37) Molly and the New Editor, pt 04

Miscellaneous Stories

(04) The Dinner Party                                                        (05) The Visit (to Doug’s Mistress )

(11) Convinced by a Friend                                               (20) The Dog-Napping Adventure

(21) Kate’s Session                                                                (26) The Jewelers

(29) A Dom Submits                                                            (30) The Game of Sardines

(31) The Golf Widows                                                       (36) The Lawyer and Her Assistant      

(38) Selena’s Story                                                            (43) Second Life Meets Real Life

(44) Zoe Goes After a Story                                            (45) The Abduction

(46) The Collector, Ch. 03                                               (47) Trying to Get More Organized


(41) Amber’s Story, Pt. 1         


(42) Storm Time                                                              (48) A Visit to a Farm