The Abduction

Topaz, wearing a thin nightdress, gratefully climbed into her bed after a long day working in her farmhouse studio. It was a warm summer night in Nebraska, so she only pulled the sheet up to cover herself. She’d decided to leave the window wide open for ventilation, also. There wasn’t very much wind, so the fields of ripe wheat that surrounded her house made only gentle whispering sounds as their heads brushed against each other. Out in the fields, crickets chirped their nighttime communications. That susurration was quite soothing and Topaz quickly slipped into slumber.

Sometime later, the crickets hushed their melody, reacting to some stimulus.

The craft descended from the sky and silently aligned itself with Topaz’s bedroom window. Sensors probed the interior of the room. A dim beam struck the sheet covering Topaz, whereupon it gracefully and soundlessly folded itself to the foot of the bed. No one saw the beam, since Topaz was sound asleep and there was not another farmhouse for miles. That same beam then scanned up and down her recumbent form several times, as if measuring or calculating something. The beam vanished, and there was a long interval.

A slightly brighter beam of a different wavelength emerged from the craft and enveloped Topaz completely. Bathed in its eerie luminescence, she didn’t awaken. Perhaps some property of the beam even deepened her state of sleep. Therefore, she didn’t swim her way back to consciousness, even as the beam lifted her gently up above her bed. As the width of the beam decreased, Topaz rotated in the air until her head was pointed at the open window.

Careful now, Grendel. Don’t let her bump against the window,” Matrix said.

I’ve got it. I can handle this. I’m not an idiot, you know,” Grendel complained.

Perhaps it should be pointed out that their names were not Grendel and Matrix. But that’s as close as we can get to the strange sound patterns of their actual designations. Also, strictly speaking, they weren’t talking to each other using vocal speech. They were communicating in a manner that we humans would call mental telepathy. But it seems easier, for the purposes of the story, to act as if they were talking. Oh yes, in case you hadn’t figured it out by now – these two were aliens.

Grendel deftly maneuvered Topaz through the window and in through the open hatch of the craft. The hatch closed without a sound, and the craft lifted skyward. “See? I got her in just fine – not a scratch on her.”

Okay, okay! Can you rotate her vertically now?” The beam moved, activated by the controls being manipulated by Grendel. Topaz inverted into a head down position. “I meant the other way, stupid,” Matrix complained.

Well, you didn’t say!” Grendel rebutted. But careful manipulations of the beam followed, and soon Topaz was floating, head upwards. “There! Happy now?”

Yes, I think so. Now put those things… ummm… earthlings call them ‘feet’ I think… against the deck for balance and then carefully narrow your beam upward until it only covers the top part of her.”

You mean her head, don’t you? You may as well practice the correct designations.”

Yes, yes! Till the beam just holds her head, Grendel. You can be such a ojiwetz, at times, you know!”

Grendel controlled his anger at being called a ‘ojiwetz’ like that, because he needed to have a delicate touch on the beam controls. When its luminescence only covered Topaz’s head, he paused, feeling a bit drained, but triumphant. “Now what?”

Now I use this,” Matrix replied. Again the dim beam sprang to life and move to Topaz’s shoulders. The cloth of her nightdress started into motion, slipping slowly off her shoulders and moving downward. The smooth pink skin between her neck and shoulders was revealed, as was the skin over her collarbones. The beam slid lower, and the top of the nightdress followed it downward.

When the nightdress top reached the region of Topaz’s areolae, it seemed to snag. Matrix had to gently jiggle the beam until the cloth finally slid free of her nipples. Similarly, it took a little jiggling to work the material free when its sleeves reached her wrists and hands. Finally, the nightdress rippled down to the floor, leaving Topaz fully naked. Matrix used the beam to move her nightdress to a nearby bench.

OK,” Matrix said. “Can you get her onto the examination table?”

Piece of utzka,” Grendel said, confidently.

Well, if it’s so easy, then get on with it, instead of bragging about your prowess,” Matrix complained.

Grendel held his rebuttal, and concentrated on enveloping Topaz with the beam again, lifting her, rotating her, and floating her to land softly on top of the table. The beam vanished for the most part, leaving only a tiny spot on her forehead to keep her sedated, and they both gathered around their specimen.

They started methodically at the top, examining Topaz’s flame red hair, which fell in soft waves almost to her shoulders. Her eyes were closed, and they left them like that for the moment. Her nose, ears and mouth seemed to conform to the manual they were studying as they examined her.

This specimen seems to have excellent mammary glands,” Matrix remarked, pushing them gently from side to side.

Oh?” Grendel sort of mentally grunted. “And what are those for again?”

The manual says they’re for nourishing the young. They give off some form of liquid.” He scanned down the page. “A footnote says they also contain pleasure sensors, perhaps to insure that she spends enough time feeding her offspring.”

Grendel gave one of Topaz’s tits a firm, but careful squeeze. “I don’t see any fluid,” he complained.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe she has no young that she’s nourishing?” Matrix said, with overtones of smugness.

Grendel failed to rise to the challenge. He continued his examination down her torso, giving a cursory look at the curious indentation in the center of her abdomen, and moving lower. “Aha!” he almost crowed. “You picked a defective specimen!” He couldn’t help but sound both gleeful and disappointed.

What do you mean?” Matrix asked, a tinge of worry coloring his mental communication.

Look down here,” Grendel said, indicating Topaz’s rather untamed pubic bush. “This one lacks a sexual opening. See?” He practically shoved the manual at Matrix. “Right here on the diagram. It shows a sexual slot. This specimen has none! Crap! We wasted the trip! We’ll be a laughingstock.”

Matrix examined the area, covered with the matted flame colored hairs. He produced a couple of tools rather equivalent to forceps, except they were glowing bands of hardened light. Prodding extra delicately in the pubic forest, he said, “Wait… wait. Look. Look here. If I pull these back, like this… there! There’s her slit! It’s just concealed!”

Then why does it look so different on the diagram?” Grendel almost whined.

Maybe that’s why this craft comes equipped with the solution rack. Did you ever think of that?” Matrix offered. He carefully snipped off a few of the pubic hairs, collecting them. He also brushed off several flakes of her nearby skin. “Let’s test these samples.”

Grendel placed a hair, and some skin cells on a reaction plate, and added a drop of solution with the equivalent of the symbols ‘KHE32’ on its label. They waited. Nothing happened.

On another reaction plate, Matrix used a new hair and skin cells, and tried solution KHE65. In seconds, both the hair and the skin cells dissolved completely.

Too strong, idiot,” Grendel complained. He harvested some more pubic hairs, and skin, and tested them with solution KHE51. To their delight, it worked perfectly! The hair dissolved completely, but the skin cells were totally unharmed. “Yes! This is the right one! Make a note, Matrix.” A suction device snaked up from under the table and was placed close to Topaz’s sexual region. Grendel carefully sprayed the area with more KHE51, and, as the hairs dissolved in it, the resultant fluid was briskly sucked away. He then flushed the region with water, which also whisked into the vacuum.

With the suction device retracted, Matrix compared the diagram in the manual to the place where Topaz’s thighs met. The depilatory solution had performed perfectly – her sexual region was now fully exposed, and met all the proper criteria. Grendel was still holding the spray device. “Should we use this solution elsewhere? Like up here? Or in here?” First, he pointed at Topaz’s head, and then at her armpit.

Matrix did the equivalent of hemming and hawing. “I don’t really see any reason to make alterations at those places. Listen. We can’t keep her unconscious for much longer. Let’s do the rest of the initial inspection before we bring her out of it. Otherwise she might be squirming around or something.” Grendel indicated his agreement.

Strangely enough, as eager as they’d seemed to be to uncover Topaz’s sexual area, they both acted reticent to start looking there. Instead, they got magnification devices, and looked into her ears, nose, and mouth. They lifted her breasts in all directions, as if expecting to find something under them. They inspected the strange depression in the center of her abdomen, but remained clueless as to its purpose. They spent an inordinate amount of time examining her toes.

Finally, Grendel said, “What are we waiting for? You know what we really want to study!” He sounded a little exasperated, either with Matrix, or perhaps even with his own hesitation.

Matrix sighed mentally. “You’re right. You take that limb, and I’ll take this one. Let’s separate them for a better view.” He took hold of Topaz’s thigh and leg on one side, while Grendel lifted those on the other. As if the young woman was some fragile piece of fragulim, they gently pulled the limbs a little sideways, and lifted them up at the same time. This also caused Topaz’s pelvis to tilt towards her tummy.

It was probably a good thing that Topaz was unconscious. She’d probably have been mortified to have two perfect strangers staring at her most intimate area as it was thus revealed. The tilting of her pelvis brought her pinkish-brown ass hole into view. And the separation of her thighs had caused her labia to part, opening her slit.

Oh, Feiksowej! We’re breaking her!” Grendel exclaimed, seeing what looked like her flesh splitting open.

Language, Grendel! There’s no need to use such a swear word!” Matrix chastised him. “If you’d spent more time studying the manual, you wouldn’t be panicking. That opening is normal.”

Really? They come apart… or… I mean… they come open like that?” Grendel sounded astonished.

Matrix tried to keep a tone of smugness out of his communication. “Yes, yes. That’s the whole reason we came to this place. Look at it carefully.”

Grendel studied Topaz’s crotch. “Well, if I ignore the fact that it’s so… so… such a hideous pink color, it looks kind of nice, I guess. It’ll take some getting used to, though.” He looked closer. “I wasn’t expecting three openings. Why three?”

Matrix glanced at the open manual. “It says that this highly constricted one is for the release of solid wastes.” He indicated Topaz’s anus. She puts food into her mouth up there, and, after processing and assimilation, what’s left emerges from that opening down there. Similarly, this very tiny opening – right here – that’s for the release of liquid wastes.” He was, of course, indicating Topaz’s pee hole at that point.

OK, I get it, I think,” Grendel commented. “That leaves this larger one. So that’s the one where the offspring emerge?”

That’s correct,” Matrix agreed. “And it’ll be the focus of our experimentation. But let’s not forget – she also has sensors here, here, and especially here that we need to keep in mind.” He’d indicated, respectively, her mouth, anus, and clitoris.

That little thing? That’s important?” Grendel scoffed. “You can barely see it, almost covered by that yucky pink flesh.”

Don’t worry… you’ll learn soon enough,” Matrix said. “Now, we’re about ready to wake her up. Remember what the manual says about first encounters. We can’t let her see our true form – not right away. We’ll do this gradually, in steps. First we can look like humans.”

Right, right,” Grendel said, almost signaling boredom at this lecture. “Once she figures out she’s in a spacecraft, we’ll get a mental image from her of what she expects aliens to look like and then we’ll assume that form for a while. And once she acclimates to that, we’ll let her see what we really look like. But we might have to sedate her again at that point.”

Very good,” Matrix praised him. “So you were paying attention, at least to that part. I’m turning off the sedative beam, and putting her in a stasis field. I think having her upright will help her feel less panicked.” As, using a beam, he manipulated Topaz up against a bulkhead, the air around the two aliens shimmered, and their forms took on the appearance of two men in white lab coats.

Topaz blinked a few times as the fog in her mind lifted. “This isn’t my bedroom,” was her first clear thought. She seemed to be in a bright room with metal walls. Strange equipment was visible, here and there, and unusual sounds could be heard – sort of electronic sounds. The air seemed very fresh, almost like a Spring morning. There were two men in the room, and she was about to speak with them when she spotted something very familiar. Her nightdress. Over on a bench. She looked down. “Oh my god, I’m naked!” she choked out, covering herself with her hands.

The men moved closer, a look of concern on their faces. “Calm down, please. Everything is fine. You’re safe.”

Somehow, Topaz didn’t feel safe at all. She felt naked and vulnerable. She was so distraught that she didn’t immediately notice the loss of her pubic hair. She was too concerned as to why she was here, and who these men were. So she called out, “Who are you? Where am I? What do you want with me? And why am I naked!” Her tone of voice was a mixture of anger and hysteria.

The taller man spoke. “It’s OK, Miss. Really it is. We’re a scientific survey, and we’ve selected you as a specimen.”

Topaz’s eyelids flew up out of sight. “What? A specimen? Like for dissection?” Her voice was now filled with panic.

No, no! Nothing like that! I assure you. We’re just going to do some measurements.” He made a sound like he was clearing his throat. “Umm, and that’s why we had to remove that lower hair, in case you were wondering.”

She instinctively cupped her sex, and her touch reported how bald and smooth it felt. It was actually rather nice. But nice as it felt, it didn’t distract her from the key word he’d said. “Measurements?” Her hands dropped to her sides as she looked around the room more carefully. “Say, wait a minute. This isn’t some laboratory. When I went to sleep I was in my own bed. And there couldn’t be a laboratory like this for hundreds of miles. This is… this must be… a spaceship? And you must be aliens?!” She sounded actually curious now.

Meanwhile, Matrix and Grendel were getting strong mental pictures from Topaz about her assumptions of what aliens looked like. “Oh no,” Matrix groaned mentally, “not the big head idea – that looks so gross.”

Grendel sighed back, “It’s what she wants – what she expects. At least they’re green. Ready for transformation?”

Matrix thought back at him, “Yes, let’s do it.” To Topaz he said, “Yes, Miss. You saw through our ruse. It’s no sense hiding anymore.” The air around the two men shimmered, and they now looked smaller – alien – green skinned, large domed heads, skinny legs, and long prehensile fingers and toes. “Please don’t be frightened. We mean you no harm.”

Topaz was, of course, hearing his words in her mind. But the clarity of the communication was such that she didn’t even notice that only she was speaking aloud. “And you want to perform some measurements. And then I’ll be released, unharmed?”

That is precisely correct, Miss.”

You know, I’ve heard about these alien abductions, but I didn’t believe in them,” Topaz stated. “But I guess they’re true, though.”

They could tell she was relaxing, so they moved slowly forward and began running their fingers along her body. They were careful to touch her gently, because at first she was as skittish as a newborn filly, shivering wherever their fingers made contact. They were intrigued when goosebumps formed near their fingertips. Topaz might have been thinking they were measuring her, but they were actually feeling her up, and enjoying it greatly, now that she was alert and cooperating.

Her heart rate and breathing rate slowed as she calmed down. She liked the way her hair was being stroked. Those gentle tugs at her scalp sent soothing waves through her nervous system. And when one of them stroked the back of her neck, she almost purred with delight. Gradually, she felt caresses on her buttocks, thighs, calves, tummy, hips, flanks, neck and breasts. She was no longer thinking about measurements – she was awash in pleasure.

As her excitement grew, her breathing accelerated, as did the pumping of her heart. Her nipples engorged, stiffening, and the areolae that encircled their bases became all crinkled and pebbled, creating a fascinating texture. Grendel focused his attention there, exploring seemingly each and every one of those tiny pebbles with delicate fingertips, before grasping her nipples and tentatively squeezing them with a mild pressure. Topaz gasped and nodded.

Meanwhile, Matrix had become intrigued by her labia as they also engorged and became puffy. As he ran his fingertips along them, they reacted by opening of their own accord. A thin fluid began leaking out of her largest opening down there, and it gave off a mesmerizing scent. He knew he’d have to sample that fluid, sometime soon. It might prove to be the very essence of this being. But his attention was diverted at that point. Almost as if by magic, Topaz’s clitoris had slid into view, dark pink, swollen with hot blood, and visibly throbbing with each beat of her heart.

Even though it was pink, Matrix didn’t let that bother him. It was enchanting. Without really thinking about it, he took his fingertip and slowly stroked the clit’s shaft from its base to its tip. Topaz groaned loudly and shook. Worried, Matrix looked up and said, “Sorry, Miss. Did that hurt?”

Oh my god, no!” she exclaimed. “It felt wonderful. You guys may be aliens, but you’re really making me horny, touching me like this! Please measure that part again!”

Matrix obligingly stroked her clit again. After all, they were experimenting and gathering data. He learned that it took six more strokes like that before Topaz stiffened, and then started shaking uncontrollably, voicing strange syllables with her eyes squeezed tightly shut. They were seeing their first earthling in orgasm, and mentally sharing in her sensations – these novel thrills were exhilarating to the aliens. Her violent shaking made the nipples on her chest vibrate against Grendel’s fingertips in a most pleasing manner, he also learned.

After Topaz seemed to get her breathing back under control, Matrix said, “That takes care of the external measurements, I think.”

Topaz was getting her eyes back into focus. “The external ones?” she echoed. “Oh I suppose now comes the anal probe, I’ve heard about. Honestly, I don’t know what aliens find is so fascinating with our poop chute!”

Well, it’s not exactly an anal probe,” Matrix stated, manipulating the field that held her so that it bent her over at her waist. His garments dissolved like magic, and Topaz found herself faced with a pretty nice looking cock jutting from his loins. It looked like it was fully erect, and a perfect size, even if it was green.”

Topaz was still feeling blissful from her lovely climax, so she murmured, “Oh! It’s anal sex! Well, I guess I can’t stop you.” She actually giggled. “Now I know why those big macho guys that were abducted called it an anal probe! They didn’t want to admit to being buggered up their asses!”

Matrix decided he’d better humor her about the anal sex thing, even though the cock he was displaying was actually a prosthetic, as was the one Grendel was displaying. He dipped his cock briefly into her copious discharge of fluids, to make it slick, and then gingerly pressed it against her anal opening. He pressed softly, not having a clue as to how to work it through the tight opening.

Sensing his hesitancy, Topaz looked back and assured him, “I’ve been fucked in that hole lots of times. It don’t hurt me any. In fact, I like it. So grab a double handful of my ass cheeks and just poke it in hard!”

Matrix followed her explicit directions, and was gratified to hear her happy grunt as his cock drilled into her depths. He started pumping it in and out, wishing it had some sensation for his nervous system. But hopefully, that would come, soon.

Meanwhile, Topaz spotted Grendel just standing there with his stiff cock in his hand and graciously made an offer. “Say, little fellah. While you’re waiting for your turn at my backside, how about letting me suck on that for a while?”

This is exactly what we’d hoped for,” Matrix mentally communicated to Grendel. “Is it coated?”

Grendel thought back, “Yes. Not only is there a thin layer of the recommended solution coating it – I’ve also got it’s inner receptacle filled with more, and I can inject it into her mouth as she sucks!” Matrix sent the mental equivalent of a smiley face. They were ready.

The moment Grendel’s ‘cock’ touched her lips, a highly aroused Topaz started sucking eagerly on it. The taste was unusual – even alien – but she found she liked it. And the alien behind her was thrusting and thrusting, driving her toward yet another orgasm. She sucked harder, and fluid began filling her mouth. She swallowed it and wanted more, thinking, “I wish all the blow jobs I’ve given were as nice as this.” The solution was taking effect.

They could tell from her thought processes that Topaz was becoming contented and tractable from the solution she’d ingested. This was the moment of truth. “OK, Grendel,” Matrix thought. “Let’s allow her to see us as we truly are. If she freaks out, turn on the unconsciousness beam.”

Again the air shimmered around the aliens as they discarded the prosthetic cocks. Gone were the big heads with the bulging eyes. Gone were the arms and legs with their prehensile fingers and toes. The aliens were still green, but their main body mass was globular. Rising up from the body mass were three stalks with eyes atop each. Other than that, emerging from the body mass was a forest of tentacles! Long, sinuous, snake-like tentacles, moving in a satisfying weaving pattern through the air, never seeming to hold still, shifting and realigning.

Topaz blinked several times as her eyes took in the changes. Way, way back, shoved to the rear of her mind was some atavistic fear, but the solution was dampening it, suppressing it. Gradually, the weaving tentacles, strange as they were, took on a scintilla of beauty, which slowly magnified. Finally, Topaz got a lazy smile on her face. “Well, ain’t you the cutest little things I’ve ever seen?” she cooed. She focused on the ends of the tentacles. “Why some of them things you got look like they end in cocks, and others look like they end in mouths! Don’t that beat all!” She stroked one of Grendel’s tentacles, making him shiver with delight. “I sure hope we’re not done with those internal measurements, or whatever you call them, because I darn well wanna screw some more!”

She’s taking this even better than we’d dreamed,” Grendel thought at Matrix. “I’m going in!” One of his cock tentacles undulated over toward Topaz’s crotch. She smiled as she gripped it and guided it into her pussy. The thought waves of carnal joy that Grendel’s mind blasted into the ether as his true body extension was engulfed by that warm, buttery tunnel rocked Matrix on his supporting tentacles!

It’s really that good?” Matrix beamed at his brother.

Bet… bet… better,” Grendel mentally grunted, as his cock tentacle plunged happily in and out with deep, smooth strokes. He wrapped two prehensile tentacles around her waist for greater leverage. “Get in here, brother! She’s opening more, so there’s room for both of us. You won’t believe it until you feel it for yourself.”

Matrix eagerly complied. He was standing alongside Topaz, but angles didn’t matter one bit with their fluid sinuous tentacle movements. Two of his prehensile tentacles gripped her arms as one of his cock tentacles slithered over her dewy labia several times and then plunged inside her. The myriad sensors in his tentacle practically screamed with ecstasy as they reported their magnificent friction against Topaz’s tunnel wall. And that wall was alive and in motion, gripping and rippling! The two brother’s mental waves harmonized in a newfound rapture!

Topaz felt the strong grip of the tentacles at her arms and waist, but her focus was on the delicious sensation of the weird double fucking she was receiving inside her quivering pussy! “Ooohh!” she moaned. “You sure do know how to pleasure a gal! More! More! I’m almost there! Please don’t stop! No, no, don’t stop!” She groaned loudly. “My ass! Don’t forget my ass!”

The brothers did her bidding. Other tentacles gripped her legs, thighs, and elbows, while a cock tentacle from each brother squirmed their way forcibly through her anal ring and plunged farther up her rectum than any human cock had ever penetrated. Topaz’s eyes stared at infinity as this quadruple fucking rocketed her to a breathtaking orgasm! She was still in the throes of that orgasm when she managed to take a huge lungful of air and began to howl her release!

Matrix and Grendel, mentally connected with Topaz, shared and experienced that massive orgasm as their own! It was amazing! Their own seed spurted from the cock tentacles, conveyed in a warm yellow fluid that had the consistency of honey. Their emissions flooded her ass and womb, making her gasp and pant with delight. The fluid gushing into her pussy displaced much of Topaz’s cum, forcing it to drizzle out of her opening. Some of their mouth tentacles went down to the fluids escaping from her pussy, where they began sampling her juices. They found she was an acquired taste, and they quickly acquired it. Grendel remembered the way her nipples had engorged, so he sent a mouth tentacle to suck on a nipple. Matrix followed suit. The mouth tentacles also had tiny tongues, and those tongues got busy lapping at the very tip of each nipple as they sucked wetly.

Topaz’s mind was spinning out of control with lust from the overwhelming stimulation! She still felt the four tentacles fucking her pussy and ass, and the tiny tongues lapping at her labia. But now her nipples were being sucked and licked at the same time! She was arching and writhing with pleasure, moving so much that other tentacles wrapped around her body and limbs to let the aliens ravish her even more!

Being a traditional gal, she’d never experienced bondage before. True, these weren’t ropes binding her, but somehow being bound by their living ‘ropes’ was even more sexy! Since she was being rendered helpless like this, she found that she had to let go of any attempt at controlling her body, which allowed her to focus completely on their welcome, salacious assault. Mouth tentacles began lapping at her nape… down her spine… along her ass crack! She screamed joyously as another orgasm tore through her core! Again the aliens climaxed with her, injecting her with more of their semen.

Her scream reminded Grendel of the way in which Topaz had sucked at his prosthetic cock. He was in his own haze of bliss, but the notion entered his mind that maybe she’d want to suck on a cock tentacle, too. He tentatively presented one, touching it gently to her lips. Topaz focused for a moment and then greedily sucked the ‘cock’ into her mouth, washing it with fervent strokes of her tongue, pressing her lips on its shaft to give him better friction as he started moving it back and forth.

Matrix became aware of Topaz’s oral attention to his brother, since they were sharing her mental transmissions of arousal and pleasure. The more Topaz came, the more the aliens were treated to their equivalent of that experience. Matrix had mouth tentacles lapping at Topaz’s tummy, including that strange depression, but he diverted two downward, one to lap at her pee hole, and the other heading to her clit. Adjusting the latter’s diameter perfectly, he sheathed her swollen, throbbing clit with the tentacle mouth and started moving it forward and back. The effect was almost like her clit being a tiny cock, with his tentacle mouth as a receptive pussy. While doing this, he also let the tongue on that tentacle start to flutter on the very tip of her clit.

Topaz’s body experienced a new definition of ecstasy! Raw, undiluted ecstasy! Her brain became overloaded, with pleasure signals flooding every section. Neurons fired all over the place, and her body started shaking like she was having a seizure! In a way, she was afraid of such complete loss of control, but it felt so wonderful… so complete… that she also never wanted it to stop! She was having multiple orgasms, strung together explosively like the grand finale of a fireworks display.

Luckily, before any serious damage could occur, both Matrix and Grendel also went into fits of release, blinding in their intensity. This caused them to do the equivalent of fainting, which resulted in all of their tentacles going slack, and falling out of, and away from Topaz’s body. Their yellowish ejaculate began a slow oozing action, emerging from her mouth, pussy, and ass.

Since they were no longer entwined around her, holding her up, Topaz’s convulsing body started to go slack, and she would have fallen heavily to the floor, still trembling from her successive orgasms. But she didn’t, because a much larger tentacle wrapped itself around her waist, and prevented her from falling. She slumped like a rag doll in the embrace of that tentacle. She didn’t see any of this, because her eyes had rolled up in their sockets from the fantastic sensory overload.

The alien with the larger tentacle waited patiently for the trio to recover. Interestingly, Topaz was the first to regain her focus. She saw another alien was supporting her, similar in shape to Matrix and Grendel, but at least four times their size. Since she’d not been harmed in any manner, except perhaps for being ruined from ever finding sex with male humans being adequate, she wasn’t scared by this new being.

Hello,” Topaz said, smiling. “Have you been here all along?”

This alien had a deeper, more booming ‘voice’ as he answered, “No. My craft located this one and docked with it. Everyone seemed too preoccupied to notice my arrival and entry.”

Preoccupied,” Topaz echoed. She giggled, making her tits wobble enticingly as she made a fanning motion at her face with her hand. “Wooeee! I guess you could say that, all right! They were ‘preoccupying’ my brains out!”

During this chat, Matrix and Grendel raised their eye-stalks and blinked several times. When they saw the larger alien, their body color turned a deeper shade of green.

The larger alien said, “Hello boys. What’re you doing?”

Both smaller aliens diverted two of their eyes away from him, and they scraped their supporting tentacles on the deck in a movement that looked rather shy to Topaz. Matrix spoke in a mental mumble, “Just having a little fun, Dad.”

Playing with an earthling, I see. Well, you must’ve followed the manual pretty well, since she’s not screaming. But I guess you’d better put her back, now.”

Grendel sort of whined, “Awww, do we have to?”

Grendel,” his father replied, “judging by the amount of goo that I see dripping from her various orifices, it looks like you’ve had plenty of fun with her already.” His eye-stalks weaved around, scanning Topaz from various angles. “But she’s a very good specimen, I must admit.” He made a decision. “In fact, you don’t have time to return her, because you’ve got school tomorrow. I’ve pulled her home coordinates from your drive, so I’ll put her back while you two scoot home to your mother.”

It looked as if the boys were going to protest, so Rexstun held up a warning tentacle. “No protests, no arguments. Head for home – now!” He scooped up Topaz’s nightdress, and took it and her into his craft, sealing the hatch. He watched on a display to make sure his kids were obeying. Their craft zipped out of range, aimed accurately at their home planet.

He turned to Topaz and said rather apologetically, “I hope you don’t mind, Miss. Boys will be boys, you know. They’re the equivalent of what you might call ‘teenagers’ and their just having a little fun, sowing their wild gurnays, as most kids must, sooner or later. I’ll have you home in a jiffy, as you say.”

Topaz looked him over, eyeing his large tentacles, with their larger cock tips, and mouth tips. Her mouth, pussy and ass tingled just looking at them. “Ummm… are you in a real hurry, Mister?”

Well, no. Not really. This craft is a newer, more powerful model, so I could even get home well before they do. Why?”

Topaz blushed a little. “Well, I was just wondering… I mean… is it only young boys that need to sow their wild – whajacallem – gurnays? I mean… do you have any gurnays left in you that need sowing?” She blushed even more deeply.

Rexstun’s tentacles curled suggestively, and very soon Topaz found her pussy and ass impaled on his larger cock tentacles, while she suckled on the tip of another, pumping its gleaming length with both her hands. They copulated with lewd abandon. Several of his mouth tentacles were licking at her most erogenous locations, which included not only those that the boys had found, but also her toes and the backs of her knees. Before long she was writhing as a group of earth-moving, mind-shattering climaxes exploded inside her!

As she came, so did Rexstun, and his larger cock tentacles actually produced a series of ripples, almost like peristaltic waves, as he came. Each wave signaled a spurt of his hot, honey-thick semen being unloaded into her mouth, or ass, or pussy. What entered her mouth, she swallowed lustily. What entered her pussy forced its way into her womb. What entered her ass made its way deep up inside her, bathing her with an inner warmth. When he finally slipped free of her openings, he cradled her carefully with the gentle embrace of what felt like scores of tentacles.

Topaz had never felt so completely satisfied before, and Rexstun shared in that emotion of satisfaction. When they reached Topaz’s home, dawn was beginning to break, so Rexstun activated the craft’s cloaking device, even though there was little chance of anyone being nearby. Rather than using a beam to move her inside, he reached across the gap with his longer tentacles, and eased them both into her bedroom. Topaz was glad she didn’t have to walk, because, filled with so much alien semen, she was sure she’d make sloshing noises if she tried to move.

After setting her down gently, Rexstun held out some tentacles bearing a gold nugget, a good sized diamond and an egg-shaped ruby. “As a gift,” he began, “you can have any or all of these if you wish. They’re rather common on our planet, but I think people here on earth like them, and find them valuable. It’s my way of saying thanks for being so understanding about my boys.”

Thank you,” she said, accepting the gifts. She made a sound in her throat, “But…” She fell silent.

Yes?” he prompted.

She blushed. “Ummm is there any way…”

Is there any way, what?” he asked curiously.

Her blush deepened. She faced him. “Is there any way that I could signal either you or the boys to come and visit again? After all, they might need more practice… and… and… you might like to teach by example.”

Minutes later, she was at her window, watching his spacecraft flitting skyward. In her hand, she was clutching that precious signaling device, which he’d told her would glow with a yellow glow anytime it wasn’t a school night.


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