Second Life Meets Real Life

Rachel opened her laptop at the appointed time. She was due to meet a friend in Second Life for some sexy play, and she could really use it. She’d been horny all day, dreaming about some fun with him, online. The problem was, even though she normally had privacy at this time of day, on this particular day, she did not! Her uncle was there to let in the painters, since Rachel’s parents were unavailable. And her uncle didn’t want to be bored, so he had some friends over, too. She was 23 years old, and still lacked privacy when she wanted it! It was maddening!

Rachel quickly dashed off an instant message to her waiting friend. “I can’t play in Second Life now. I’m not alone. My uncle is here, with a few friends. I’ll try to contact you in maybe an hour, and if you’re not there, I’ll understand. Sorry!” She quickly logged out before anyone might notice. Her pussy ached for attention, so she clenched her thighs tightly together, trying to ease the discomfort.

An hour later, the boisterous men showed no signs of breaking up their impromptu ‘party’ so Rachel took her laptop to her bedroom, and closed the door. She logged on.

I’m back. But those people are still around!” she typed.

Her online friend and Dominant, Bootstrap, was still there. He typed, “You don’t have privacy?”

A bit,” Rachel answered. “I took my laptop to my room, but they’ve been drinking, and having fun, and roaming, so I’m not sure if they’ll respect my privacy. Also, I should mention, the house is having some of its rooms painted, so there are two painters here as well. That’s why my uncle is visiting.”

Come and join me anyway,” her Dom commanded. He issued a teleport command, and Rachel’s collar whisked her into his presence. He noted how her avatar was dressed. “It’s much nicer chatting with you when our avatars are together and I can see you. Your avatar is dressed in a red sweater and gray skirt. You often match your avatar’s clothes to your outfit in real life. Is this how you’re dressed today?”

Yes, Sir,” she answered humbly. “In real life, I also have on a red sweater and gray skirt – the biggest difference is that my Second Life avatar has on a white blouse under the sweater, but in real life my blouse is gray.”

Hmmm, then I think you’re giving your uncle and the others there a hard time, because that skirt comes above your knees. So I imagine you’re giving them some excellent looks at your long, shapely legs. They may even be getting glimpses of your panties. A very arousing sight!”

Rachel giggled. “Yes. I think I might’ve made it a bit difficult for them. I wore this outfit because I was scheduled to see you, and I’m terribly horny in real life! I was hoping that our play would quench this fire between my thighs!”

Bootstrap’s avatar walked closer to Rachel’s on the computer screen. She saw his words appearing. “Walking up to you, I raise my hand and trail a fingertip over the skin of your arm, starting near your wrist, and traveling upwards.” Reading, Rachel felt goosebumps rippling up her arm. She licked her lips, waiting for more.

When my finger reaches your shoulder, I carefully brush back your long, silky blonde hair, to get a better look at your pretty face.” Subconsciously, Rachel brushed her real life hair off her shoulder, baring the side of her face and neck. She continued reading, “I gaze at your lovely collar – so erotic in its design – a symbol of your submission to me. I touch it, and open its menu. In seconds, I’ve hooked a leash to that collar.”

Rachel was so beguiled now that she could swear she felt a collar around her neck, and the tug of that leash.

So, you still have people around?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes, Sir. They’re still here, drinking. I can hear them.”

Can they see you?”

No, Sir.”

He invoked the command to make her avatar stand upright, legs apart, hands behind her head, as for inspection. “Excellent. I now trail my fingertip from your shoulder downwards, gliding it lightly down your chest, letting it climb the swell of your gorgeous breast, so palpable even through the sweater, blouse and bra.”

Rachel gulped at that scene, and quickly typed a fuller answer to his question. “I’m upstairs in my bedroom, with the door shut. I said I had some work that I had to get done. I was glad to leave the room, because they were getting a little too ‘friendly’ with me.”

Bootstrap replied, “I can imagine how they looked at you, with the alcohol lowering their inhibitions. They were probably undressing you with their eyes.”

Rachel laughed softly, and typed, “Yes. A couple of them were sure doing that.”

Bootstrap expanded on his thought. “They were imagining their hands on you. Not on that sweater or blouse or skirt, but on your bare skin… feeling you… exploring your body.”

Rachel shivered. “I suppose they were doing that, all right. That’s why I left them downstairs.” But even as she typed that, her pussy clenched again, as if it wanted something to grab onto – something to fill it. And not just virtually. Really. She wondered why she’d moved upstairs so precipitously, when she had such needs building inside her.

Bootstrap’s words now broke into her reverie. “Do you think that in their heads they were imagining having sex with you?”

She looked down at her outfit, and answered, “They might’ve had such thoughts, seeing what I’m wearing. The skirt is short, as you mentioned, and the sweater is rather tight, hugging my curves.” After typing that, she ran both her hands over her tightly confined tits, feeling her nipples respond to that touch.

How does that make you feel, guessing they’re having lewd thoughts about you, Rachel?”

She couldn’t bring herself to directly answer that question, because she was having mixed, confusing thoughts about it. Instead, she typed, “They all might be a lot more forward with me, if they saw what we’re talking about here in Second Life, and saw me leashed and standing for inspection like this.”

Bootstrap typed, “Grinning, I trail my fingers more firmly over the form of your other firm breast. Do you feel what I’m doing?”

Rachel was mimicking what he’d typed by running her own hand over her breast in real life. “Yes,” she answered.

Stay right where you are,” he ordered her. Lengthening her leash, he walked over to the couch and sat down to observe her. After a pause, he typed, “You are perfect! You look magnificent! I want to see more of your avatar’s fantastic body, which I’m so sure looks like your real life one. Same long blond hair, sparkling blue-green eyes, luscious breasts, and long, lovely legs. So now take off your clothes. Also take off something in real life – your panties, for example – to make this more erotic.”

Before she had time to strip her avatar, he pulled her body close and had his avatar gently fingering her crotch.

Rachel typed, “Okay… I’ve… oops!” (a knock at my door!)

Quick, change your screen!”

There was a pause, while Bootstrap waited to hear what transpired. Then Rachel typed, “I couldn’t change my screen! I had no time!”

Bootstrap laughed. “They saw us?”


What did they say?” he asked.

They want to know what game this is,” she replied.

Good thing we weren’t already fucking. What did you tell them?” he typed. Then suddenly, he continued, “Wait! Want? Not wanted? They’re still there?” he asked, seeking clarification.

I explained it’s a chat game,” she answered. “And yes, they’re still here.”

Are you feeling embarrassed?” he wanted to know.

Yes. I think my face is all red and hot. They want to see more, and they’re also looking around my bedroom!”

They’re looking now?! There… in your bedroom? Come on… throw them out!”

I can’t. One is the painter, and my room needs to be redone, so he has to check it. And the other came along, not wanting me to be alone with him. Apparently my uncle had to make a quick run to the shops, so his friends stayed, waiting for his return.”

And the painter and other are around now?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes. And they want to know who is my friend on the screen right now. When I told them your name is ‘Bootstrap’ they laughed, and asked what sort of name that is. I told them it’s just a screen name.”

So they’re watching closely. I guess this pose isn’t very appropriate now, is it?” he asked.

Maybe change to a cuddle pose?” she suggested.

Okay.” He made the change of pose, placing them both on the sofa. Then he typed, “I like this. So… the painter can see us?”

Yes, Sir,” she answered. “He’s looking, as is the other guy. Is this okay with you?”

It’s not a problem for me, Rachel. But how does it make you feel?”

Secretly, once her initial shock of being discovered had faded, Rachel’s horniness was manifesting itself again. She saw her avatar on the screen, remembered Bootstrap fondling her crotch, and imagined the men in the room were wishing they could do that to her in real life. Her pussy and clit throbbed, thinking about it. But she tried to be nonchalant as she typed, “I don’t mind. The painter’s ‘oldish’ – probably over 50, as is the other guy. They’re standing behind me, and they just want to watch a little while.”

Bootstrap had a naughty impulse, so he typed, “This would be a good moment for me to remove the sweater from your avatar.”

Rachel’s eyes felt like they bulged a little when she read that. She typed, “You’re going to do that?”

Bootstrap responded, “If you don’t want me to do something like that, tell me to stop now.” He paused, giving her a chance to demand he not do it. When she didn’t, he typed, “Hmmm. I knew you were a daring girl. I’m helping you remove your sweater here. If you had nobody in your room with you, I’d ask you to take off your sweater in real life at the same time.”

After a moment, Rachel reported, “One of the guys is asking what game this is. He read that you’re commanding me to do things, and he said I should obey, and take off my real sweater, too.”

Seeing this, Bootstrap laughed and typed, “Are they reading what’s on your screen?”

She responded, “Well, one of them saw you removing my sweater in the game, and yes, they noticed your command. We can stop, Sir, if you want to do so.”

Bootstrap typed again, for clarification, “They’re actually reading my lines?”

Rachel answered, “Yes, they’re standing very close.”

Bootstrap pondered that for a moment. Then he typed very carefully, “I’d like to strip you naked, here in the game. But I don’t want to compromise you there, in real life. But if you don’t stop me, I’ll continue.”

He saw her type, “Now they’re both saying I should take off my sweater here.”

Meanwhile, Bootstrap had typed the emote, “Bootstrap opens the buttons of your blouse, now that the sweater is gone. Once it’s fully opened, he pulls it off. He quickly unfastens the bra and discards it.” He used her collar to make the blouse and bra vanish, leaving her avatar topless now.

Rachel typed, “And they’re watching closely what you’re doing.” She added a smiley face indicator.

Bootstrap asked her seriously, “DO you like the idea of taking off your real sweater?” He actually felt his heartbeat speeding up while he waited to see how she’d answer. He thought the idea might be turning her on, but he wanted to be sure. He wanted her honest reaction.

Her words appeared on his screen. “Do you command me to remove my sweater in real life, Sir?”

By using the words ‘command’ and ‘Sir’ she was signaling her willingness to submit to him in this matter. That was a pretty clear signal that the idea was arousing. But he wanted to be sure about something. He typed, using the special out-of-character indicator, “((are you safe… I mean… they can’t harm you?))” After all, he had no clear understanding of her real life situation, there in her bedroom.

She responded, “((it’s OK))”

Satisfied, Bootstrap typed, “Then take your sweater off in real life. I want you to do that for me!” He waited about 30 seconds, and followed up with, “Sweater off now?”

She responded, “Yes, Sir. I took it off.”

He asked, “What were you wearing under it?”

A shirt, Sir. Not as sexy as the one you see in Second Life.” There was a pause. She added, “They say that they like the bed.” Hopefully, she was referring to the bed they saw on the computer screen. She may have been blushing, because she had an idea of why they’d made that remark.

Who is in your room with you right now?” Bootstrap asked.

She answered, “They’re both still here. And they want to see more action on the screen they say.”

Bootstrap prompted, “The painter and…?”

She responded, “The painter and the other guy, Brian. They say they like my breasts in Second Life.” She was thinking, “Trust men to bring the discussion to tits!” She clicked the ‘stand’ button to move up out of the embrace of Bootstrap’s avatar to better show what her avatar looked like.

Bootstrap typed, “Hmmm. I like that they’re seeing your sexy avatar like this. And I like that you dared to show them a better view of your avatar. That’s why you stood up, right?”

She replied, “Yes. Also because I think they want me to sit on your bed.”

It was obvious to Bootstrap that Rachel was feeling okay with the way their roleplay was developing. He emoted, “Bootstrap reaches for your skirt… and removes it.” He used the RLV command in her collar, and her avatar’s skirt vanished, leaving her wearing only panties.

She typed, “They’re asking what’s on my neck.” They both knew she meant on her avatar’s neck.

He started to type, “Tell them…”

But she had already typed, “I told them that it’s a collar, worn by a submissive.” It must’ve been either obvious to the men what that meant, or else she explained it more fully, without bothering to type about it.

Bootstrap grinned, and moved his avatar to join Rachel’s, on the bed. He chose a pose where his avatar was stroking hers. The screen showed his hands caressing her, with only her panties preventing her from being fully naked.

He emoted, “I’m sliding my hands over your smooth young body… feeling your warm skin under my fingertips. I bend over and caress your breast with my lips… and start licking your nipple.”

Rachel was falling under the spell of the scene, becoming immersed with her avatar – feeling Bootstrap’s hands and lips on her. Her pussy was dampening, and her nipples were pressing hard against the material of her bra and blouse. Even her breath was quickening as she watched and read. The men in the room with her may or may not have noticed her reactions, but they wanted to get Bootstrap’s attention.

He saw her typed words, “They both say hello to you.”

He found it interesting, even exciting, that she had two men watching the interplay of their avatars. So he typed a friendly reply. “Hello back!” which indicated he knew they were watching, and was fine with it, if Rachel was.

Then Bootstrap typed, “I want you naked now.” Rachel gasped quietly, almost daring to believe he was commanding her to get naked in real life. But then she noticed the panties on her avatar disappear as Bootstrap removed them. She breathed a soft sigh of relief, but with her current level of horniness, she was experiencing complex emotions. She almost was hoping and praying he’d tell her to strip in real life, and maybe play with herself, regardless of the men present. But she also wondered if he did command that, would she have the courage to obey?

Meanwhile, Bootstrap had typed, “This is such a turn on… seeing you naked beside me. I take your hand and we both slide it between your thighs… together, we touch your soft folds… we gently tease your clit…”

Rachel knew that if she’d been alone, she’d indeed be touching herself like that. Her panties were quite wet now, and she blushed a deeper red, wondering if the men standing so close could smell the fragrance of her released pussy juices. She could tell they were breathing heavier, but that reaction might’ve been due more to what they were seeing on the screen, rather than an awareness of her aroma.

Bootstrap had changed the pose, after removing his avatar’s clothes, and revealing a stiff erection. His avatar began fucking hers there on the bed. But then he saw Rachel type, “Brian would like to chat with you.”

Bootstrap sighed, because he’d really been getting into the roleplay. So much so that he’d been stroking his real life erection as he watched the avatars fucking. He typed back, “What would he like to say?”

I don’t know, Sir. Can he sit down and write to you directly?”

Bootstrap laughed at the situation which was becoming slightly surreal. “Sure! Let him!”

Hello,” appeared on Bootstrap’s screen.

He typed back, “Hiya.”

This is not her,” appeared next.

I understand,” Bootstrap assured him.

I do not want to disturb your game,” the stranger typed.

But Bootstrap saw this as an opportunity to gather some information. He typed, “Is Rachel as pretty in real life as she is on the computer screen?”

The man replied, “She’s a cutey… yeah! And you’re fucking her now on the screen, I see.”

Bootstrap grinned as he typed, “Yes. On the screen… in this game… she has a very naughty side. You must know that!”

Show us more,” the man typed.

But Bootstrap was already typing something, because he wanted the man to understand Rachel even better. “She likes to read erotic stories. Did you know that?”

Their messages crossed, because the man was also typing, saying, “Maybe we can do the same here.”

Slightly confused, Bootstrap asked, “More what?”

The man typed back, “Show more positions… because we’d like to do them to her here.”

Bootstrap asked, “Does Rachel want to be fucked now?”

The stranger replied, “I would, and my friend, Tom, too.”

Bootstrap typed, “Hmmm. A threesome? I think that’s one of her fantasies! Many girls dream about having a threesome.”

Perhaps the man didn’t quite understand that, because he typed, “Yes. We’ll take her in turns. I’m enjoying watching you do this on the screen already.”

Oh? Would you like to have sex with her in this position? Ask Rachel which poses are her favorites.” He figured if he asked that, Rachel would have a chance to either state positions she wanted, or stop this line of possibility completely. Bootstrap was not quite certain that Rachel was consenting to have sex with those men, after all.

Are you going to use the bench, Rachel says,” Brian typed.

Since the bench was probably not on their screen right then, this was a good indication that Rachel had actually asked for the bench. Which happened to be a bondage type bench, with restrained poses. He moved her avatar there, as he typed, “Those are her favorites? I’ll have a look.” After re-positioning Rachel’s avatar, he said, “Okay. I’ve got her on tied the bench now. Do you see it?”

Awesome,” came the reply. “My friend is getting her undressed right now.”

Bootstrap could hardly believe what he was ‘hearing’ from Rachel’s computer. He typed, “You’re taking off her clothes in real life?”

Yes, Tom’s doing that.”

Is her blouse off?” Bootstrap asked.

Yes,” was the tantalizing reply.

Bra off? And skirt too?” Bootstrap asked, subconsciously licking his lips.


Does she want this?” Bootstrap asked, thinking how hot this was getting!

The stranger typed, “You go ahead and give her a good fucking, there on that bench.”

But Bootstrap was now caught up in Rachel’s situation, imagining what was happening – needing to know what was occurring in real life, so he typed, “It’s now more interesting what’s happening where you are. Tell me what you’re doing!” His mind was screaming, “Please! I want details!”

Since Rachel’s avatar was tied to the bondage bench, it must’ve prompted this statement, “My friend wants her tied to the bed too.”

Bootstrap was thinking, “Tied to the bed? Does he mean her own bed in real life?” But first he had to ask, “Is she naked in real life now, there with you?”

Only her panties are on right now. Shall we tie her to the bed here?”

Bootstrap was thinking, “Oh my god. They mean to really tie her down, I think.” He wanted absolute verification. “Tie her to her bed in real life, you mean? It would be great if she wants that.”

The man must’ve taken that as a virtual command, because he typed, “Okay. I’ll tell my friend what has to be done.”

Bootstrap was curious about the ropes, though. “Where are you getting ropes to tie her with?” And, as an afterthought, he added, “And put her panties in her mouth,” thinking that Rachel might want the sexy taste of her panties, she might want a muffling gag if she had an orgasm, and finally, it would make certain that the men stripped her completely naked. He had to admit to himself that he was having lecherous impulses.

Okay. And she says she has the ropes here in her room, because sometimes when you tie her up in the game, she binds herself as best she can to feel the same.”

Bootstrap wished he was present in the room with those men, and seeing what they were doing. Acting on an impulse, he said, “When she’s tied to the bed, make a photo of it. She knows later how she can show it to me.” He figured if she didn’t want to share the picture, she could ‘lose’ it.

Okay,” the man typed.

After waiting a few minutes, Bootstrap typed, “I have her totally naked here on my bench. How do you have her there?”

She’s still in panties. He’s just finishing tying her wrists.”

Bootstrap figured they were keeping her panties on until just before tying her ankles… letting her have a little modesty until the final moments. He decided to ask, “Who will fuck her first?”

Tom will.”

That’s only fair, since its sounds like he’s doing most of the work tying her. How old is he?” Why Bootstrap wanted to know this was anyone’s guess.

He’s 57.”

Hmmm. Has he ever fucked such a pretty young girl before?” Bootstrap asked.

His question was not answered, because the man typed, “Her uncle has just gotten back from the shops. He’d run out of drinks.”

Does he want to fuck her too?” Bootstrap asked, feeling almost as horny now as Rachel did.

No,” the man typed, although that was obviously only his opinion – he’d not had time to ask the man. “And he’s calling for us. What should we do? You know best. Any ideas?”

Ask Rachel,” Bootstrap quickly typed.

We won’t say anything,” the man typed.

What does Rachel say?” Bootstrap wanted to know.

She says we shouldn’t say anything. She’s still on her bed, tied down. Helpless. So good! Tied there, naked!”

I’d love to see that!” Bootstrap typed, heart racing. “You can finger her, maybe!”

I have to get going now, since her uncle wants us. But we’ll try to sneak back up here if he’s distracted again. We’ll make sure she’s freed before we leave.”

Bootstrap was on pins and needles, watching his screen. Waiting. Imagining his horny submissive. Tied. Naked. Vulnerable. Maybe with her panties in her mouth. Maybe struggling with the ropes. Would the painter and the other guy return?

Time passed.

Then words appeared on his screen. “Hello there.”

Heart in his throat, Bootstrap typed, “Rachel?”

No. She’s still tied on her bed. I’m Tom, the painter. She’s sure a good fuck!”

You fucked her?” Bootstrap typed.

Yeah. I had my turn. Now Brian has his.”

Did she cum when you fucked her? Do you know?”

I’ll ask.” After a pause, the next words appeared. “I asked her, and she nodded hard.”

Good! I hope your friend makes her cum, too.”

He’s certainly trying hard. It’s good the panties are in her mouth, because she wants to make a lot of noise as she’s fucked.”

I can imagine,” Bootstrap agreed. “She’s always seemed to be a vocal, horny slut when we play.” He waited for more comments, but minutes went by. Finally, he typed, “Hello? Are you there?”

Moment,” came the reply.

After a very lengthy pause, finally new words appeared on Bootstrap’s screen. “Hello. This is Brian, again.”

Oh. Hello again. So, are you done with your turn fucking Rachel?”

Yes,” he typed. “She bucked and bucked on my cock, cumming and cumming, and managed to drain me dry. It was the best fuck I’ve had in years.”

That makes me happy, for both you and for Rachel. So, she’s untied now? Coming back to the computer?” Bootstrap asked.

Well not exactly,” the guy typed. “You see… with all that bucking, the bed was making noise, and her uncle came up to investigate!”

Oh no!” Bootstrap exclaimed.

Yes. I didn’t even know he’d opened the door and was seeing me. It was just as I was climbing off her. He accused me of rape! So I told him she asked us to do this.”

Did he believe you?”

Not really. He went to Rachel, and pulled the panties out of her mouth and asked her directly.”

What did she say?”

She was blushing beet red, and looked very ashamed. She would probably have tried to hide her breasts and pussy, but tied as she was, all was very visible. She whispered that she had indeed asked to be tied up and fucked by us. That she’d been very horny, and she is an adult, and can have sex with anyone she wants. I felt so relieved when she told him that!”

How did he take it?” Bootstrap wanted to know.

He saw the semen leaking out of her cunt, and asked if she was at least using birth control. She told him that of course she was. He scooped up some semen, and smeared it on her tits and belly, asking her if she liked having that done.”

He actually touched her cunt and breasts?” Bootstrap typed, incredulous.

Yes. And Rachel didn’t flinch. She even moaned with delight. And then said yes – that was exciting. Her uncle stated that if she was such a slut, maybe he should invite all his friends downstairs to come up and use her!”

Bootstrap’s mouth went dry, imagining her hearing that question. Before he could ask her answer, more words appeared. “She actually whispered yes – she’d like that. Her uncle’s face went red, and he asked if she wanted him to fuck her, as well. To my surprise, the horny little slut told him that yes, she wanted him, too!”

So…” Bootstrap typed.

So right now, Rachel has her uncle fucking her pussy. The panties are out of her mouth, because one of her uncle’s friends is kneeling by her head, feeding his cock into her mouth. Meanwhile Rachel has formed her thumbs and fingers into ‘sleeves’ as other guys have spit on them, and are rubbing their cocks in those sleeves.”

She’s servicing 4 men at the same time?” Bootstrap asked, his mind spinning.

Yes. Well.. 3 now. One guy just came in her mouth and climbed off. But the two guys fucking her hands plan to use her pussy, after her uncle finishes. Everyone is quite horny now, so I think I’ll be untying Rachel within the next half hour or so, if you want to wait to hear from her.”

Thank you. I’d like that. I’ll wait. Keep her safe, please.”

I will, Bootstrap. And thanks for showing us this game.”

Bootstrap waited, having taken Rachel’s avatar back to his Second Life bed to cuddle her there. It was more like 45 minutes, before his screen displayed, “Hi Bootstrap. It’s Rachel again.”

How are you?” he immediately asked.

She giggled. “Thoroughly fucked, and exhausted. I took a quick shower after the men all finished, and I’m wrapped in a warm bathrobe.”

So you’re all right? The men didn’t harm you or anything?”

No! They were all so thrilled to use me that they were careful not to hurt me at all. I do have rope marks on my wrists and ankles, but that’s my fault for pulling so hard each time I came.”

Wow! How many times did you cum?”

Bootstrap… I have no idea… I really lost count! I’ve never had so many, intense orgasms! It was amazing!”

So, all in all, you’re glad you did it?” Bootstrap asked.

Rachel typed, “It was so enjoyable that we’ve made arrangements to get together at my uncle’s place next weekend. He said he has a padded bench to tie me on, and this time I can be face down, if I want.”

Bootstrap’s jaw fell open in real life. He was completely speechless, for once in his life.


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