I wrote some fantasy stories about bondage, and somehow a dog crept into the tale.

I could not tell if anyone was reading them, so a friend told me to move them to, where people not only read (and number of reads is recorded), but also can vote. Link to those stories here.

However, that site allows tales of werewolves, etc. – but not plain old dog (read “beastiality”) stories.

So those stories had to stay here. And just recently, they rejected a story I wrote at the specific request of a reader, because it was “too non-consenting” even though they never got to read part 02, or understand this is the fantasy HE found gratifying. Heavy, heavy sighs. So, you get to read “Martin’s Torment” here, if you wish.

I emphasize they are fantasy. I do not advocate trying any of this stuff.

In fact, the best fantasies often lose their magic, if a person tries to make them reality.

If even the thought of beastiality or heavy bondage bothers you… stop now… read no farther.

By the way. I have to alter the publishing dates on these, so they will be presented in the correct order. Postings actually started early in 2014. The numbers in parentheses indicate the order of creation.

Submissive’s Journey Beastiality Chapters

(01) Pets  (after Submissive’s Journey 11 )                       (02) Visit from Susan ( Submissive’s Journey 15)

(03) Susan and Bruno (the followup to Submissive’s Journey 15)


Trip to the Vet Series

(06)Trip to the Vet Part 01                                                (07) Trip to the Vet part 02

(08) Trip to the Vet part 03                                               (09) Trip to the Vet part 04

(10) Trip to the Vet part 05

Bob Series

(12) Bob Relates His Adventure                                       (13) Bob’s Call for help

(14) Bob Expands Her Duties                                            (15) Bob Gets More Active

(31) Lucy and Spike at Bob’s                                            (32) Bob and Sarah with Molly

Hostess Series

(16) The Hostess                                                                     (17) The Hostess, pt. 02

(18) The Hostess, pt. 03                                                      (19) The Hostess – Stephanie’s Story

(22) The Hostess and the Master’s Girl                      (23) The Hostess and Her Gift

(39) Honi and the Hostess                                             (40) Honi and the Hostess, pt. 02

Martin Series (BDSM)

Martin’s Torment – pt. 01                                            Martin’s Torment – pt. 02

Martin’s Torment – pt. 03                                            Martin Meets Molly

Martin and the Glory Hole                                         Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

Cuckold Stories

(24)  A Special Cuckolding                                                  (25) A Cuckold’s Ordeal

Incest Stories

(27) Single Dad                                                                      (28) Teasing Daddy

The New Editor Series

(33) Molly and the New Editor                                   (34) Molly and the New Editor, pt. 02

(35) Molly and the New Editor, pt 03                      (37) Molly and the New Editor, pt 04

Miscellaneous Stories

(04) The Dinner Party                                                        (05) The Visit (to Doug’s Mistress )

(11) Convinced by a Friend                                               (20) The Dog-Napping Adventure

(21) Kate’s Session                                                                (26) The Jewelers

(29) A Dom Submits                                                            (30) The Game of Sardines

(31) The Golf Widows                                                       (36) The Lawyer and Her Assistant      

(38) Selena’s Story                                                            (43) Second Life Meets Real Life

(44) Zoe Goes After a Story                                            (45) The Abduction

(46) The Collector, Ch. 03                                               (47) Trying to Get More Organized


(41) Amber’s Story, Pt. 1         


(42) Storm Time              


Beastiality 12 – Bob Relates His Adventure

The dog surprised us.

Sarah and I had been dating for about two months, and had developed an immediate rapport. On our third date, she came back to my place, and spent the night. That was the first time that we had sex. First times can be a little awkward, learning what the other person desires. So it was not a fantastic success, to say the least. We still laugh about our learning curve, but with patience and open, honest communication, our lovemaking gradually became mind blowing.

My bed, my sofa, and to be completely honest, my kitchen counter and also my stairway had been up till now our sites of mutual enjoyment. Oh yes, once we did it in my car – Sarah had a wild, adventurous approach to sex that I found very appealing. But this evening, circumstances led us to Sarah’s place, my first time there.

As she opened the door, we were immediately greeted by her German Shepherd, Ace. He was a little vocal at first with his barking, seeing me, a stranger. Sarah quickly explained to him, “Ace, friend. Bob is a friend, Ace. Be a good boy.”

Ace was very obedient. He calmed down immediately, and soon I was petting his head, and scratching him behind his ears. “I think you and I will become good friends in no time, fellah,” I assured him.

Introductions accomplished, Sarah said to me, “I need to get you out of those clothes, Bob. My bedroom is this way. Come with me.” Her eyes twinkled with promise and her lips curved into a sensual smile as she took my hand in hers.

“How can I refuse such an offer?” I said with a returning smile. Willingly, I followed her. Willingly, I let her undress me, and returned the favor, removing her shoes, dress, bra, stockings, and panties. Without a hint of embarrassment, she eased onto her back on top of her bed in the well lit room, and beckoned me to join her. I climbed onto the bed, and propped myself on my side alongside of her, a vantage point that would let me enjoy this lovely view as a precursor to our upcoming lovemaking. Anticipation adds zest to times like these.

Naked on top of Sarah’s bed, I was drinking in the sight of her luscious body. Her auburn hair framed her lovely face. Her green eyes twinkled invitingly. Her amazing breasts moved gently with each quiet breath, mesmerizing me by their motions. Other treasures were also on display, so I had to pay visual homage to her long, gorgeous legs, scanning from her delicate toes all the way up to the place where her thighs joined. The intimate valley there was covered with smooth, soft skin – Sarah preferred her pussy to be clean shaven. My eyes were drawn back to Sarah’s face by the motion of her licking her lips, wetting them. She pursed them in that way that begged me to kiss them. So I leaned in and did just that, giving her a long, passionate kiss, remarking to myself how lucky I was to have met this woman.

But as I said at the start, the dog surprised us. I was still kissing Sarah when the foot of the bed sagged slightly as Ace bounded up onto it. Before either of us could break off the kiss and say anything, Ace started licking Sarah’s upper thighs and mound.

Sarah rose up onto one elbow, and pushed at Ace’s head, saying, “No, Ace! Down boy!”

Ace was a large, powerful animal. His head barely moved at her push. In a moment, his snout was back in position, and his long pink tongue was lapping at her naked flesh.

I was recovering from my initial shock, and discovered that my shock was mutating into amazement and curiosity. Well, I also have to admit, a thread of arousal was also working its way into the mix of my emotions.

Sarah again tried to push Ace away, and again he ignored her command, perhaps drawn to that erotic perfume that arose from Sarah’s intimate region.

Shifting slightly on the bed, so that my mouth was nearer to Sarah’s ear, I whispered, “It’s OK,” and began stroking her hair.

“How can you say it’s OK, Bob?” she demanded. “I’m being licked down there by my dog!”

“Honest, it’s OK Sarah,” I whispered again. “If he’s not hurting you, just enjoy it.”

Sarah did not believe me at first, but gradually she relaxed and even opened her thighs wider. I held her and watched the dog’s actions with fascination.

Her face displayed a mixture of being upset, but also being turned on. Sarah kept asking me is this was really OK.

I kissed her deeply, reassuringly, coaxing her, “Just let it all go, Sarah. It’s OK with me. Honest it is.” And I was not kidding. The sight of her dog licking her cunt, thighs, and mound drew my eyes. The sounds of his slurping were loud in the room. I was getting almost as turned on as Sarah!

Sarah was starting to lose control now, her body vibrating. Ace sensed her excitement. I was wondering, even hoping, that Sarah would be able to cum this way. I stroked her hair, crooning, “Go ahead and cum, Sarah. You really want to. I can tell.” Ace’s nose was rubbing her clit now, as his tongue flashed out of sight deep into Sarah’s pussy. Sarah was beyond worrying about what was happening.

“I want to suck your cock, Bob,” Sarah moaned. “Please, I need you in my mouth!”

I had my doubts about how safe that might be, at this point. Sarah was shaking and quivering. I was afraid that in her highly agitated state she might inadvertently bite my cock, but I couldn’t say that to her.

Sarah twisted her body on the bed, sliding downward to bring her face near my crotch. Ace was surprised to have her cunt snatched out of his reach, and hopped off the bed. I was still on my side as Sarah ended up laying flat on her stomach, grabbing my hips to bring her mouth to my stiff, swollen cock. Her ass was near the bottom of the bed, with her legs dangling off.

Her eyes dilated in surprise and her suction increased as Ace trotted over behind her and started licking again. He started covering her ass and thighs with his hot, wet tongue. As the angle of his head changed, I could tell he was licking Sarah from her clit to her asshole, and all that lovely naked flesh that surrounded both areas. Sarah was sucking me rhythmically, blissfully. I was thrilled that Sarah was being licked again, and I wondered how hard she would cum from the dog’s attentions.

Things changed, though. Ace began whining and growling deep in his throat. He periodically broke away from his licking to turn his body in a circle at the foot of the bed. He was literally showing us how ‘turned on’ he was becoming. During these looping trots, I could see that his cock had slipped forward out of its furry sheath. The strangely pointed tip of his cock was emitting small sprays of fluid!

At the completion of one of his turns, Ace’s paw rose up and swiped across one of Sarah’s ass cheeks. She stopped sucking me and gasped as she felt that contact. Giving me an entreating look, she asked again,”Are you really OK with this?”

“OMG, yes, Sarah! I can’t describe how fucking arousing this is!” I replied.

“Then, will you do me a favor?” she asked, blushing a delicate pink. “Will you put double socks on his front paws? There are some in the top left dresser drawer that you can use.”

Internally, I initially laughed at how ridiculous that request sounded. But I dared not express mirth, lest the magic of this moment be shattered. And, after a moment’s reflection, I realized that it was a very sensible request. Those claws of Ace’s could cause some serious scratches from his excited movements.

I found the socks, and knelt next to Ace. What a sight. A naked man, kneeling next to an aroused excited German Shepherd, trying to cover his front paws with thick socks as he pranced, confused. Ultimately, Ace must have gotten the notion that I was not trying to deny him anything, since I was repeating, “Good boy. Good boy,” as I worked.

As soon as I let go of his paws, Ace went back to where Sarah dangled off the edge of the bed. I admired the amazing display she was presenting: her toes planted far apart on the floor, her calves contracted as they braced her in position, her thighs opened in an inviting upside down ‘V’ shape, her engorged, reddened, puffy pussy lips partially splayed open by Ace’s prior licking – and above all this, those gorgeous mounds of Sarah’s ass cheeks.

The sight vanished as Ace reared up and planted his front paws on Sarah’s back. He instinctively began humping his hips, his back paws dancing left and right. I moved more to the side so I could see his cock bumping against Sarah’s thighs and butt. His efforts at trying to find his target were proving futile. It became obvious to me that, although Ace was enthusiastic, this was probably not going to work.

Sarah confirmed, “He’s tried this before, but has never made it in.”

“What can I do?” I asked. “What do you want me to do?” I was rather freaked out by the idea of trying to grab his cock and aim it. In his frenzy, he might turn and bite me!

Sarah’s cheeks turned a darker shade of red. She turned her face away from mine, so she would not have to see my expression as she begged, “Please help him.”

Sarah wanted this, I could tell. Her pussy was wet and open. Ace was so close at getting his cock into her cunt at this point, that it actually turned out to be quite easy to nudge it into the proper opening. Sarah groaned something very inarticulate as she felt that huge cock invade her hole. I saw her hands clutch the bedcovers and tighten as Ace began hammering his dick into that tight cunt. He seemed to have only one rhythm – full speed!

I laid myself along the lower edge of the bed, my face near Sarah’s hips, watching everything up close.

I could see it all. Ace’s dick, whenever it partially emerged, was wet and gooey with his precum and Sarah’s juices. Sarah’s cunt was dripping with the same mixture. The base of Ace’s cock had a huge swelling – pink and red with dilated blood vessels – his knot. It was so large that it rather shocked me!

As busy as my eyes were, taking in this sight, my hands were busy as well. I was alternating between rubbing Sarah’s back in a tender, encouraging manner, and helping to keep Ace’s paws down by her sides. Whenever he planted them up higher, his hips threatened to move out of position. He still seemed a bit confused. Maybe he could not believe his good fortune in finding a bitch in heat like this.

Sarah certainly was in heat! Her hips were moving, churning, pressing back into his thrusts. He was humping her, and she was humping him back! I loved watching her move with her dog like that! Her head came up slowly, her body straining as she started to convulse on the bed. “Ohhhh! Bob! Bobbbbbbbb!” she cried out. I couldn’t believe she was moaning my name while Ace fucked her!

She was so aroused by this novel, risqué situation that she starting cumming right away. I was thrilled, seeing her go into a prolonged orgasm. Even after her climax abated, she kept moving, trying for yet another orgasm. Wanting to help, I reached under her to gently rub her clit. Ace’s tongue was lolling by now, panting, drooling – Sarah’s back was soaked with his saliva.

Suddenly Sarah screamed, “He’s going too deep! Stop him from going deeper!”

Sure enough, Ace was trying desperately to shove his knot into her cunt. To seal her cunt so he could shoot his seed into her womb. I was somewhat panicked. “What can I do?” I thought. “I’ve never faced this problem before.” Tentatively, I wrapped my thumb and index finger around the base of Ace’s cock, and turned my hand so that his knot wedged itself against my palm. I was letting my hand act as the entrance to Sarah’s cunt, and making Ace feel like he succeeded in lodging his knot into it.

“Is this OK?” I asked Sarah.

She only had a chance to cry out, “Wonderful!” before two things happened, almost simultaneously. Ace stopped his humping movements, but I felt his cock pulsating as it started to pump his semen into Sarah’s receptive cunt. It felt like he was pumping a lot of fluid, judging from the amount of twitching his dick was doing.

The hot spray of dog cum into Sarah triggered her second, fantastic orgasm! I have never heard anyone scream that loudly in my life! She uttered no words, just a long, drawn out, howling scream as Ace pumped a copious amount of doggy spunk into her, flooding her. She was cumming so hard that tears were streaming down her cheeks.

Finished with the job of impregnating his bitch, Ace pulled his cock free of her cunt, making a squelching sound, and then walked away to lay himself down and lick his cock clean. Cum was gushing from Sarah’s gaping cunt, puddling on the floor beside the bed.

Sarah pulled me to her, and curled up in my arms. I could tell that as she calmed down from her climax, she was upset that I’d witnessed this, because she burst into tears in my embrace. “Honey,” I said soothingly, “this is just between the two of us. This is a very private thing. I’m actually honored that I was here with you.”

Somewhat mollified, Sarah whispered as she clung to me, “I need you in me. Please. I really need to feel you inside me now.”

My cock was stiff and at full attention. I was not kidding about how arousing that scene had been. I gently helped her onto her back, and entered her. My cock slid into that warm pool of dog cum still filling her cunt, and rather than being a turnoff, that feeling aroused me even more. I looked into her face with eyes that I am sure were filled with love and lust. “I don’t think I can hold back very long,” I warned her. “I almost came just sliding into you.”

She looked back at me with pleading eyes, tears streaming down from her confused emotions. She blurted out, “Don’t worry about it, just cum. I need to feel you cumming inside me.”

I started to thrust, and she wrapped her arms around my back and held on tight. Both of us climbed fast, fucking hard. Sarah dug her nails into my back as she started convulsing in her third orgasm. Feeling her letting go again, with her cunt sucking at my cock, tipped me over the edge, and I spurted my cum into her churning depths. My cum mixed with Ace’s. I had this fleeting thought of our sperm, swimming side by side, flitting their way even deeper into the treasured recesses inside this remarkable woman.

Still locked in our embrace, we felt the bed sag slightly. Ace had recovered. His tongue began lapping at my ass cheeks, ass hole, and balls. To be honest, at first I was surprised at how good it felt. But I really wasn’t mentally prepared for what Ace was doing. I also feared that he might get so excited by licking me that he would try to hump me, as well. And I only have one opening for that, and was not about to find out how that would feel.

Sarah slipped out from under me, and locked Ace out of the bedroom for the night. He scratched at the door and whined from time to time, but we tried to ignore him.

We made love 2 more times that night, reassuring each other that everything was fine between us. I found it quite dramatic how confused she was about having me be a part of this. She was sobbing because I’d been there, but happy I’d been, all at the same time. Later I learned that she was afraid I’d never want to see her again, after that display. Actually, nothing could have been farther from the truth. I just wanted Sarah to know that she could enjoy anything with me.

In the morning, Sarah let Ace back into the bedroom. Calmer now, he acted less aggressive, just walking in a circle and then laying himself down to watch us.

Holding Sarah close, and looking into her eyes, I told her, “You do know it’s OK, right?”

In turn, she gave me a long, sweet kiss and said, “Yes, now I do.”

“If you want to cum again, I hope you’ll do it, and just let go completely,” I added. “Just let it all go, and enjoy.”

Sarah was wearing just a T-shirt at this point. It only reached to to upper edge of her mound, leaving her sex completely on display. Sarah sat on the edge of the bed, opened her thighs, and motioned for Ace to come over to her.

Ace padded over, sniffed her crotch, and immediately began licking her again.

I sat on the bed behind Sarah, letting her lean back into my embrace. My hands gently massaged her breasts as we both watched Ace happily lapping at her cunt. Sarah was leaning back in such a manner that Ace’s tongue could stimulate her from her ass hole to her mound. Ace was doing his best to lick everything she was offering.

Whenever I felt Sarah starting to tense up from embarrassment, I kissed her neck tenderly, reminding her gently, “Let it go, love. Let yourself go.”

When her orgasm finally coursed through her body, she closed her eyes and screamed her release, “Ahhhhhhhhh! OMG! I’m cumming!” She yelled so loud that Ace actually ran away! Sarah shook and quivered in my arms, experiencing her post-orgasmic aftershocks.

When her breathing returned to normal, she looked at the clock. We only had a little time before we had to dress and head for work, but Sarah knew how hard I was. Her back was pressed against my stiff, fully turgid cock.

Squirming away and turning, she grasped my cock and began pumping it fast. “I want you to cum for me now. We don’t have much time, so don’t hold back. Just cum, OK?”

I didn’t have a chance to agree, because at this point she bent down and started sucking the head of my cock while her fingers worked their magic on its base and my swollen ball sack. I could only moan loudly from the exquisite sensations as her hands pumped and her lips sucked. In minutes, I was jerking on the bed as my cock spewed its load into her greedy mouth. She took it all, swallowing fast. As my cock finished its twitching, she ran her hand from its base to its tip, squeezing out the last drops of cum and licking them out of its tiny slit. She gave my cock a cute little kiss, and we dressed to head for work.

On our way out, I gave Ace a special ear scratching and petting, telling him, “Thanks for being such a good boy, Ace. I hope we do this again, really soon.” Sarah and I headed for work, and it took quite a while before we could get our silly grins under control.

(to be continued) link to Bob, part 02

Beastiality 13 – Bob’s Call For Help

Molly was surprised to get Bob’s call.

They had been friends and lovers a year or so ago, but had lost touch when Bob got serious about Sarah. This was the first time they had spoken in months.

Hi Bob. It’s been quite a while. How have you been?” Molly inquired politely, if a little coolly.

I’ve been doing OK, Molly. Yes, I know we have not spoken recently. Sorry about that. My new business has kept me pretty occupied,” Bob answered.

And how is Sarah? Still ringing your chimes?” Molly asked with a grin in her voice.

No complaints there,” Bob responded, his voice settling into the kind you use with an old friend. “However, there’s been an illness in her family, so she had to take an extended trip back East. We expect she’ll be gone for a month or so.”

Molly got a tingling of suspicion. “Sarah’s out of town, so you immediately call me, Bob?” Her tone of voice betrayed her thoughts of his possible ulterior motives.

No, no. Nothing like that, I assure you,” Bob said defensively. “But in a way, I really am calling you because Sarah had to go out of town. She’s my assistant in my business, so I’m caught short for a while. Are you looking for any work these days?”

Molly thought of her current part time work at both the boutique, and the few nights she filled in at the Happy House – the small town’s legalized brothel. Neither paid very much, although Molly was keeping her head above water. “I’ve got a couple of part time jobs going at the moment. Nothing seriously time consuming,” she replied. “Have you got some work for me?” She was already thinking of a few things she’d like to buy if she could pull in some extra cash.

I just might,” Bob confirmed, with a smile in his voice. “Would you like to come over, and have some coffee or tea, so we can discuss it?”

Sure. I’d like that. When would you like?”

No time like the present, if you’re available, Molly. How about coming over now?”

OK, Bob. Do you still live at the same place?” she asked.

Oh no. Sarah and I moved out to the far east of town, sort of on a ranch. Let me give you the directions.” He proceeded to do so, and Molly jotted them down.

Following Bob’s directions led her to an area of the town outskirts that she’d never been to before. Passing some woods, she arrived at his home. It really looked like a spacious ranch. His was the only home in sight. Pulling into the driveway, she parked near the house. As she turned off the engine and got out of her car, she heard some dogs barking from somewhere far behind the house. She could see fencing running from the corners of the house towards its rear.

As she walked toward the front door, it swung open, and Bob stood there, framed in the doorway with a huge smile of greeting on his face. Molly’s heart gave a little lurch at seeing him again. He was even more ruggedly handsome than she remembered. As she walked toward him, he opened his arms invitingly. Without thinking, she entered his embrace and felt his familiar arms wrap around her.

Being held, she turned her face up to look into his. She did not know if she intended to offer him a kiss, but he responded by giving her a friendly kiss before releasing her and escorting her inside.

Please make yourself at home, Molly. Would you like tea or coffee?” he asked, perhaps to diffuse the situation somewhat.

Molly, mind a little flustered, replied, “Tea, please.”

Bob went into the kitchen. Molly could hear running water, and the clatter of spoons and tea cups as he prepared the tea. She strolled, looking around the room as she waited. “This is a very well appointed room,” she thought. “Bob must be doing well, and either he or Sarah has a good eye for decorations.” Here and there were framed photographs – pictures of Bob and Sarah enjoying themselves at various activities and locales.

Molly stopped short, looking at one picture. It was a picture of her and Bob, hugging and laughing into the camera. Why would this be here?

At this opportune moment, Bob strode into the room, carrying a tray with the tea things on it. “Bob… you have our picture here? Sarah does not mind?” Molly asked a bit incredulously.

He laughed. “Sarah’s not the jealous type. She’s the one who suggested I call you to help out while she’s gone. In fact, lately she’s been saying she’d like to get together with you.”

Oh, she wants to get together for tea or something? For a chat?” Molly asked with a confused expression.

Well, yes…” he answered with a pause. “But she’d also really like to get together with you,” he followed up, beaming with a lascivious smile.

Molly’s eyes widened as she grasped his meaning. “You mean…” she herself paused, trying to phrase it nicely. “Sarah is bi?” she finished.

Yes, she’s bisexual, Molly. In fact, she’s as kinky as you are. The two of you would hit it off well,” Bob chuckled.

Molly flushed slightly, and swallowed hard. Regaining her composure somewhat, she stated, “This obviously is not why you asked me over here, though, since she’s away at the moment.”

That’s correct. Sarah helps me with my dog training business, and I need a helper while she’s away.”

Oh! I did hear dogs barking out back when I arrived. Those are the dogs you are training?” she asked.

Bob nodded.

But I know nothing about training dogs, Bob. Why would Sarah suggest me as a temporary helper?”

Bob pondered a moment, choosing his words. Looking directly into Molly’s eyes, he asked, “Have you ever had sex with a dog?”

Molly was shocked. Her jaw dropped open and her face turned pale.

Sex… with a dog?” she stammered. “No! Isn’t that illegal?”

Not in this state, it’s not,” Bob assured her. “Our politicians are honest enough to vote with their cocks. That’s why we also have legal brothels, like the Happy House.”

Molly blanched even more. Did Bob know she worked there? Did Sarah? She had never noticed either of them visiting. Her mind whirled, trying to process this information. She realized he felt her blurted answer was incomplete. She continued, “I don’t know Bob. Sex with a dog. I’ve seen videos, of course, but I’ve no idea what that would be like. But why do you ask?”

My business is training dogs to be sex partners, mostly for bored, lonely housewives who don’t get much sex from their husbands. Some husbands know, and approve. But most are clueless,” he explained. “Sarah is the female they practice on during their training. So we need a female to fill in while she’s gone, and Sarah immediately thought of you.”

Despite working in a brothel, Molly had not been laid for quite some time. Most of the men visiting the Happy House only wanted a quick hand job or blow job, just to unload their balls and run. No commitment or anything. The thought of having a randy cock in her pussy made her muscles down there twitch in a reflexive pleading motion. The idea of dog sex was foreign to her, but not repulsive. The idea of just being fucked excited her. The idea that Bob would be watching, but not be the one doing the fucking was a bit humiliating, but also sort of attractively kinky.

Bob watched her face as various emotions warred openly in her expressions. “Maybe I can show you something that will help you decide, Molly. Be right back.”

Molly’s hand shook as she drained the last of the tea from her teacup.

Perhaps a minute later, Bob returned, accompanied by a large German Shepherd.

Molly, meet Ace, the dog that got this business started. Ace, greet Molly,” he said, pointing.

As Ace romped toward her, Molly could swear the dog was smiling. Reaching her, he immediately sniffed her up and down, wagging his tail.

After the greeting seemed to be complete, Bob commanded, “Ace. Side.”

The dog promptly flopped onto his side, belly toward Molly. She looked along the length of Ace’s underside, her eyes drawn to a tiny pink tip poking out of his sheath. The tip of his cock. Molly had never seen one in real life. She stared from her chair.

Have a closer look, Molly. Ace won’t mind,” Bob told her. Ace thumped his tail on the floor in agreement, head swiveled to look at her.

Molly got off her chair and knelt down. She looked closely at the pink tip. Intrigued, she leaned in very close and sniffed, wondering if it would smell rank. To her relief, it had a clean, although musky scent. It was not unpleasant at all. She looked over at Bob. “Would he mind if I touched it?”

Bob smiled. “He would probably be disappointed if you didn’t. Just be gentle.”

If it had been a man’s cock, Molly would not have hesitated in grasping it – she was quite familiar with those. But this – this was different. Was Ace actually grinning at her as she began reaching forward? Was his tail thumping faster?

Molly’s finger touched the strange pink structure. Her fingertip reported warm wetness. The texture was rather silky. As she explored this new sensation, running a soft fingertip over the delicate pink flesh, more emerged, sliding smoothly into view, growing longer… and longer.

He likes that,” Bob stated, perhaps unnecessarily. “You’re a natural, Molly.”

Molly knew he was flattering her, but her attention was focused on the magic in front of her eyes. Ace’s cock grew and grew, until it was slightly larger in length and girth than any human cock she had ever encountered. It was shaped differently, though. It had that pointy tip with a tiny hole in its center, and no evidence of a crown or frenulum. And at its base was a… well… a swollen lump, much larger in diameter than the shaft itself.

Molly’s fascination grew as she gently wrapped her hand around the shaft, and then slowly and carefully bent it in several directions, viewing the swollen cock from many angles. As she did this, the tiny hole began weeping droplets, occasionally interrupted by tiny sprays of a thin fluid.

He’s not cumming, is he?” she asked Bob, without taking her eyes off the cock in her hands.

Oh no. That’s just his precum fluids. They’re thin, watery, and taste sort of salty. The cum is both thicker and sweeter,” Bob explained.

Molly heard the word ‘tastes’ and realized she had a chance to find out for herself. Opening her mouth, she held the tip right at her opening, aiming inward, and waited. After a few moments, Ace obliged. His cock twitched slightly, and Molly felt the spray strike her tongue. As she closed her lips to taste the fluid better, more spray struck her closed lips. She licked that off with her tongue. The taste was not unpleasant at all, just mildly salty.

Bob must’ve knelt close to Molly, because he now whispered into her ear, “Ace loves being sucked, Molly. You can suck his cock, if you want to try it.”

Molly flushed a delicate pink, because as perverse as the idea seemed, she really did want to suck the cock that was twitching in her hands. Trying to ignore the fact that Bob was probably watching intently, she opened her mouth again, closed her lips over the cock’s tip, and began sucking. Ace made a sound that sounded like contentment, and laid the side of his head down onto the floor. Could dogs lose themselves in sensation?

Molly didn’t know, or care. She just sucked this responsive cock, whose sprays were turning into spurts of fluids. The amount increased with each spurt. Molly was swallowing intermittently at first, but gradually faster and faster until she was practically drinking the precum from Ace’s cock. Getting more used to the situation, she was gradually taking more of his cock into her mouth, angling it toward her throat.

Her eyes were closed, since all she could see was the fur of Ace’s underbelly anyway. She felt her lips finally touch that swollen knob at the base of Ace’s cock. She parted her lips to let more of that flesh be subjected to her suction.

Bob whispered, “That’s it. You’ve reached his knot. Better get ready.”

Molly was thinking, “Ready for what?” when Ace’s cock suddenly spewed a remarkable gush of sweeter tasting fluid. Most went right into Molly’s throat, threatening to choke her unless she swallowed faster. Some of the backwash filled her mouth, making her cheeks bulge.

He’s cumming,” Bob explained, as he saw Molly’s cheeks ballooning. “You did it! Your first dog cum!” He waited until Ace stopped spewing, Molly’s throat stopped bobbing with swallows, and her lips slipped free of the dog’s penis before asking, “Did you like it?”

Molly swished the last of the cum around in her mouth, considering. She cleared her mouth with a final swallow and grinned. “Yes. It’s really good tasting – at least Ace’s is. I must admit I could certainly get to enjoy this.”

That’s part of the dogs’ training. Learning to accept being serviced orally. Because, as you found, it’s fun sucking on a cock that shoots a sweeter cum, the owners report,” Bob confirmed. “But the main part of their training is fucking on command. Learning to mount their owners, and servicing them whenever they are horny. Would you like to see how that feels, Molly?” Bob asked with an almost lecherous grin.

Oh heaven’s YES!” her inner voice said. But not ready to reveal such eagerness to Bob, she murmured nonchalantly, “I guess that would be all right to try. When would we plan to arrange it?”

We’re right here. How about now?” Bob said merrily.

Now? With Ace? But he just came!” Molly protested.

Dogs don’t need the same recovery time that humans do,” Bob explained. “They can mount their bitches – I use the term loosely – several times in a row, if need be.”

Molly noticed her knees were quivering. It was ‘time to put up or shut up’. She amended that phrase to be ‘time to put out or shut up’. Bob would see her naked. But he had seen her naked before, so that was nothing new. Bob would see her fucking a dog. But Bob had apparently seen Sarah fucking dogs for perhaps a year, and he still seemed to respect her. Molly wished Sarah was here, to discuss this, but of course if Sarah were here, there would be no need for Molly’s assistance.

Mental debate concluded, Molly responded, “OK, Bob. You know me. Almost any kinky thing at least once. Do I need to get naked?

It’s safest if your dress comes off, and your panties, too. You can leave your bra on, if you wish. Ace just needs access to your pussy. While you’re undressing, I’ll get his booties. We use these to cover the dogs’ claws and prevent scratching.”

Bob was only gone a moment, fetching the booties. He knelt, seemingly ignoring Molly as he slipped them over Ace’s front paws, and secured them in place. Molly stood, and kicked off her heels while unzipping and stepping out of her dress. She had not worn a bra or stockings today, so when she pulled down her panties, she was fully nude.

What now, Bob?” she asked.

Bob tried not to ogle her beautiful body, unsuccessfully though. After relishing the sight of her naked body long enough to make Molly’s heart pound and her breathing deepen with sexual tension, he instructed, “Get on your hands and knees, with your knees wide apart.”

She got down into the position he indicated, noting that her pussy had reacted both to the cock sucking a few minutes ago, and to the fact that she was now naked and on display before two males: one human and one canine. Her labia were puffed and engorged, partially opening the slit between them. Her scent and pussy juices were emerging from her opening. Her body was begging to be fucked.

Bob gave a quiet command, “Ace. Lick.”

Ace promptly moved behind Molly and began licking her sexual region from her clit to her asshole, plowing his hot, eager tongue deeply along her furrow as his nose nudged her ass. Ace ate her with more enthusiasm than any human male had ever done, Bob included. Ace really gave this task his full attention.

Molly was moving her head slowly side to side, and forward and back, loving the oral attention her pussy was receiving. “Why did I wait so long in my life to let a dog lick me?” she wondered. Small moans and gasps escaped her lips as she savored the sensations.

OK, Molly. I’m getting ready to give him the command to get on top of you. You’ll feel his body weight on your back as he plants his front paws, so brace yourself for that. Also, you need to reach one hand between your thighs and spread your pussy open. Have that hand ready to grasp his cock and guide him to your cunt hole as he starts humping,” Bob advised her. “You ready?”

Molly shifted her left hand to be more underneath her chest, freeing her right hand. She placed her right hand at her pussy, spreading her labia wide open, now naughtily hoping that Bob’s eyes were glued to her vagina – the vagina he used to fuck so vigorously himself. “Yes. I think I’m ready,” she informed him.

Ace. Mount,” Bob commanded.

In seconds, Molly felt Ace’s tongue leave the region of her cunt, and his weight and soft underbelly fur on her back. His hips bumped her thighs as he started a humping motion. His wet cock was smacking against her left ass cheek. She grasped the stabbing spear of flesh, and dragged it to the right until she felt the warmth poking her opening. Relaxing her hand slightly, but keeping it like a guiding ring she felt Ace’s cock push into her opening, find purchase on her tunnel walls, and then thrust hard!

Hastily she withdrew her hand from between them, and brought it back forward to help brace herself. The dog began pounding her pussy with rapid strokes, like a piston moving in the cylinder of a race car engine! She could not believe how hard and fast he pumped! Taking a deep breath, she lowered her shoulders slightly, and raised her ass a small amount higher, aligning herself to him.

The angle was perfect! Ace fucked her with seemingly more passion than any human lover ever had. His cock action demanded that she cum! Molly let herself go completely, not trying to hold back, relishing this new experience. Ace’s fur along her back and ass and thighs was highly erotic. His muzzle was so close to her neck that she could hear his rapid panting. Spatters of dog saliva dripped from his lolling tongue onto the back of her neck, and she did not mind that one iota.

Ace bent slightly and licked his own saliva off Molly’s neck, and that contact sent her over the edge. She cried out, “Oh fuck! Oh fuck! I’m cumming!” Her cunt walls went into spasm, rippling on Ace’s canine cock. Molly, caught up in the throes of orgasm, began bucking back harder onto Ace’s cock, driving him even deeper inside her.

Only a small corner of her conscious mind realized that her cunt opening was suddenly being stretched even more. Molly’s bucking was pressing Ace’s knot hard against her vaginal ring. The dog responded with a strange sound deep in his throat, half whine, half growl. It was almost as if he was saying, “Oh, you want it, bitch? You want it all?” His front paws slid backwards down Molly’s back to hook and find purchase at the bend where her thighs met her torso. Ace arched up and drove his hips forward hard, at the same time using his body weight to pull Molly back into his thrust.

Molly screamed, her hands curling into tight fists as the pain erupted at her cunt entrance! Ace had managed to drive his knot fully into her, sealing her opening tightly. They ceased moving, since any movements now were painful to them both. Both of them were panting hard – Molly, trying to relax her cunt enough to adjust to this amazing stretch; Ace, breathing hard from his efforts at claiming his new bitch.

As Molly’s pain began to subside, she felt a new sensation deep in her core. The tip of Ace’s cock had softened as he knotted her, but now it was twitching around inside her as it began spurting warm fluids. Ace was howling joyfully as he unloaded his seed into the womb of this newfound bitch in heat.

To Molly, it felt like someone had lost control of a fire hose, which was thrashing back and forth inside her as it spewed. The amount of fluid was remarkable, and her cunt was firmly sealed by Ace’s knot. She could only kneel submissively as the sheer volume of semen filled her vaginal passage, and then forced its way through her cervix and flooded her womb! It felt like there was so much of it that her uterus was inflating, making her lower tummy bulge! Molly tried hard to keep her body from moving as a second, even more powerful climax surged through her, triggered by Ace’s ejaculation into her.

Bob was saying something, but in her altered state, she was having trouble concentrating, understanding him. “What?” she finally managed to gasp.

I said, Ace has knotted you. So try not to move until that swelling at his cock base subsides. Otherwise both of you will suffer some pain,” Bob repeated.

Molly licked her lips, finding that they had dried out from her heavy panting, and nodded. “Got it,” she breathed. Ace had replaced his paws on her back, and settled his full length along her torso now, resting. His presence was comforting.

Bob stroked her hair, asking, “How are you doing, Molly?”

In answer, she moaned happily. Happy from that fantastic fucking, and happy to feel Bob stroking her hair. Stirring herself mentally, but not really wanting to break the spell, she whispered, “How long will Ace and I be like this?”

It varies. Sometimes only five minutes, but it may be as long as fifteen. Ace knows what he’s doing. He seldom moves until his knot softens,” Bob said fondly.

Molly wondered if the fond tone in Bob’s voice was directed at her, at Ace, or at them both. She hoped it was the latter. She turned her head slowly, and saw that Bob was petting them both. She smiled. Her body was reporting a sensation now that she could only describe as ‘being full’, like after eating a large meal.

Bob may have been studying her expressions. “How do you feel right now?” he asked.

I feel very full and satisfied, albeit a bit uncomfortable, like I feel after eating a little too much,” she responded with a heavy sigh.

Ace can deliver some very big loads,” Bob chuckled with a tinge of pride in his voice. Molly suppressed a giggle, thinking that Bob was identifying closely with Ace, and mentally taking credit for injecting that large volume of semen into her.

After a time, Molly felt liquid seeping around Ace’s knot, and drizzling along her thigh. She was about to remark on this when Ace slipped sideways off her, tugging his cock free from her cunt with a loud burping sound. Gaping open, Molly’s cunt disgorged what felt like a massive quantity of dog cum, probably mixed with her own.

Sorry about your floor,” Molly apologized, as the semen puddled underneath her.

I’m not, and neither is Ace. You’re fantastic,” Bob said with a smile. He gently took hold of her chin and turned her to face him, then leaned in and gave her a long, tender kiss. As he finished the kiss, he noticed that Molly’s eyes were wet with tears. “You’re crying. What’s wrong?” he asked with a concerned tone of voice.

Nothing is wrong, silly,” Molly grinned. “Don’t you know tears of happiness when you see them?” After letting that sink in, she continued, “So this is what a dog training assistant has to do, huh? When can I start?”


(to be continued) link to Bob, part 03

Beastiality 14 – Bob Expands Her Duties

Molly was working with Fernando in the training room when the doorbell rang.

Fernando was a 9 month old Rottweiler, and Bob and Molly were getting him to understand the ‘Mount’ command. Fernando was enthusiastic but still a bit confused. He liked to lunge up onto Molly’s back, hump three or four times, then slide back off of her without connecting.

But this time, to Molly’s immense relief, his cock happened to hit her vaginal opening, and he shoved it in. Molly was grateful for the natural lubrication provided by her excitement of the idea of a good fucking, because Fernando started pumping hard and fast.

That was precisely when the doorbell rang. Fernando ignored it, happily humping his bitch. Bob had emphasized to Molly several times that during training, “When a dog is doing what we want, never confuse him by stopping his actions prematurely.” So Molly stayed in position under Fernando. That left Bob to answer the door. He left the training room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Molly whispered encouragingly, “Good boy, Fernando. Good boy. Keep fucking me. That’s a good boy.”

A few minutes later, the training room door began opening. Molly turned her head to ask Bob, “Who was at the door?” But the words were never spoken, stuck in Molly’s mouth, because Bob was holding the door open for a woman Molly didn’t know. The stranger, a tall redhead wearing a light blue dress, gasped audibly when she saw the dog fucking Molly. The woman’s eyes widened with shock, her eyebrows raised, and her rose colored lips formed an ‘O’ of surprise. She actually stopped, framed in the doorway.

Please go right in, Lucy. Molly doesn’t mind,” Bob assured her.

Molly does mind!” Molly thought, but did not articulate that thought. She was extremely embarrassed to be seen like this. Naked, on her hands and knees, her ass up, a dog drooling on her back, happily rutting his cock in her cunt.

For her part, Lucy was aghast. She had come to see Bob to discuss the concept of dog sex, yes. But she had not been prepared to walk in on it happening.

Lucy is thinking about getting a dog, and wanted to ask some questions,” Bob explained nonchalantly. “Since she arrived during a training session, I figured she should observe a dog in action.” Molly noticed he did not mention Lucy’s last name, nor did he furnish her with Molly’s, which suited her fine.

Fernando, apparently distracted by this talking, dismounted from Molly, briefly exposing her opened cunt to Lucy. However, to her relief, before she could instruct the dog to mount her again, he did so of his own volition, He was finally associating the command word with the action, and seemed determined to finish this breeding. The interruptions, however, had caused Molly’s excitement to ebb. She was probably not going to be able to cum for this sweet canine lover this time, not that the dog would actually care.

Molly knew that she had to let Fernando continue, even with this woman stranger watching. Her attention now more on the presence of this intruder than the cock hammering in her cunt, Molly looked more closely at the newcomer. She observed her facial features, petite breasts, narrow waist, and the lovely legs that showed from about three inches above her knees down to her feet, which were inserted into stylish heels that matched the color of her dress. The woman clearly had both money and good taste.

Thinking it over briefly, Molly was relieved this was a stranger, and not a local towns-person. She’d have to have a conversation with Bob about the likelihood of someone she knew showing up to see her like this. She focused her attention back to Fernando, softly crooning to him, lest he get distracted again.

But Fernando had regained his focus. Like most dogs, once he felt a cunt wrapped around his cock, his sole purpose in life became to fuck it and release his seed.

He pressed his knot against her, but in his inexperience did not actually shove it in. The contact of his knot with Molly’s cunt opening was enough to trigger him though. He started squirting his cum into her tunnel, discharging a fair amount for his first time. Molly knew his loads would increase with practice.

After giving her a final squirt of semen, Fernando hopped off her and went over to the wall, laid down, and started licking his cock clean. Molly scooted over to where he was, highly cognizant of the slimy trail of dog cum her cunt was drooling in her wake. Regardless of that, she knew if was important to praise the dog, to reinforce his correct behavior.

As she was petting Fernando, whispering what a good boy he was, Bob said, “I’ll take Lucy into the sitting room, Molly. Please join us there when you’re ready.” Both he and the woman left the training room.

In the bathroom, Molly first cleaned herself off with a towel, then used the toilet, and wiped away what had drained out of her as she sat, peeing. She inserted a tampon to stop any further leaking from her cunt, and donned the simple gray dress she used for training, since it slipped on and off easily. Fixing her hair, and giving herself a once over in the bathroom mirror, she padded barefoot to the sitting room, and sat on a chair facing Lucy.

So, what would you like to know?” she asked with a friendly tone.

Lucy was conflicted, embarrassed to ask what was uppermost on her mind. She started with more peripheral questions. “Do all dogs hump that fast?”

Molly grinned, “They do seem to have only one speed – full speed. They’re very vigorous lovers.”

You consider them lovers?” Lucy asked with a tone of disbelief.

Well, yes, I do. They greet me when they see me with those adoring eyes. They’ll cuddle me when I need cuddling. They have sex with me when I need it. They seem so focused on giving me pleasure. We don’t actually have ‘pillow talk’ together, but they have some very expressive vocalizations. They’re very good lovers.”

So they can cuddle with us?”

Smiling, Molly answered, “Yes. They can sense when we need their presence. If I am on my side, a dog may scoot into the embrace of the curl of my body, or may even press against my back, spooning me with his comforting presence.”

Lucy was getting comfortable enough to approach her real area of concern. She started with, “You make this sound very ideal, Molly. But when it comes to… shall I call it ‘love making’? That seems strange to say about a dog.”

OK, then,” Molly agreed, “let’s call it ‘fucking’ unless you find that word offensive.”

No, the word ‘fucking’ doesn’t bother me. It’s rather primal and earthy. So when you’re fucking with a dog – does it hurt?”

Molly wanted to giggle, since Lucy suddenly sounded so serious. But she understood why this woman, who had never been mounted by a dog, would be worried about this. Still, to lighten the mood, she decided to reply, “It can. Scratches on your back are not fun – or easy to explain. Did you notice that Fernando was wearing booties on his front paws to prevent this?”

I saw that, and immediately understood why he had them. But… but… what I meant was…” Lucy took a deep breath. “I meant does it hurt… um.. down there?” She pointed down at the general region where her two thighs met.

Oh… you’re asking if it hurts your pussy? It depends. How well do you lube, Lucy?” Molly asked, trying to adopt a delicate tone of voice.

Lucy paused to think how to tactfully answer such a direct, intimate question. After a bit, she replied, “My husband has not had sex with me for over 6 months. I think I’m usually rather dry down there.” She did not make eye contact with either Molly or Bob as she made this admission.

Molly answered truthfully, “Well, if a dog shoves his thick, stiff cock into any dry hole, that can be painful. If you’re really not lubing naturally, you might try squirting in a nice water-based lubricant first, just as a precaution. I personally find that dog sex is usually not painful, if I relax.” Molly followed this declaration with, “But, if the dog licks you for a while, you might cum from that, and your tunnel would be nicely wet and ready for his dick.”

Lucy uttered hesitantly, “The dog.. licks you?”

Oh my. Yes, they’re wonderful at oral sex. Would you like to experience it for yourself? Would that be OK, Bob? Molly said, turning to him.

Sure it’s OK. If Lucy wants to try it,” he answered helpfully.

Lucy hemmed and hawed, “Well, I don’t know.”

Molly could tell that Lucy was feeling shy. She smiled and stated, “Look Lucy. You saw me completely naked. You saw me on my hands and knees, letting a dog fuck my cunt. That sort of intimacy surely should break the ice, don’t you think?”

Well I… I guess so,” Lucy said quietly. “But.” She paused, her face reddening.

When, after a few moments she failed to continue, Molly asked her, “Yes Lucy? What is it? You’re among friends here. It’s OK to tell us.”

Would you.” There was another pause. Finally Lucy got the courage to burst out, “I’m kind of scared. Would you hold me while the dog does that? Am I asking too much of you?”

Molly smiled, and gently patted the woman’s hand. “You’re certainly not asking too much. I’d be happy to hold you. There’s room enough on the couch for me to sit behind you, with you sitting at the edge.” Turning again to Bob, Molly asked, “Which dog you recommend for this?”

I think Spike is the perfect candidate,” Bob replied. “I’ll go fetch him.” So saying, Bob went out the back door towards the kennels.

While he’s gone, I suggest you slip off your panties,” Molly instructed delicately.

Lucy swallowed visibly, still nervous, and nodded. Reaching up under her skirt without unduly raising it’s hem, her hands emerged, dragging down – what else – panties that exactly matched the hue of Lucy’s dress. She stepped free of them, and hastily stuffed them into her purse.

Before Bob returned, Lucy whispered to Molly, “Does Bob have to be present during this? I’m not certain I want him staring at my… my… ummm.”

Molly almost giggled. “Your privates?” she whispered back.

Lucy blushed a fetching shade of red and nodded.

No. He doesn’t have to be with us,” Molly assured her. “Spike’s a very good boy, and he’ll obey me.”

Molly walked over to the couch. She sat, scooted herself back, and hiked up her skirt to let her thighs separate far enough to create a space in which Lucy could sit. She opened her arms in an inviting gesture and said, “Please join me over here.”

Lucy obeyed, sitting rather primly at the edge of the couch between Molly’s legs. Minutes later, the door opened and Spike trotted into the room. Spike was a full-sized brown and white American bulldog, and his dark brown eyes sparkled with intelligence. Molly looked over Lucy’s shoulder as Spike approached the couch.

Spike. Sit,” Molly commanded. The dog promptly dropped down onto his haunches. She then addressed Bob, “Bob, Lucy has requested privacy for this experiment. I’ll call you when were done, OK?”

Bob’s eyes registered surprise, but he didn’t protest. The phrase ‘the customer is always right’ may have been what went through his mind as he responded, “Oh. OK. Just let me know.” With that, he left the room with as much dignity as he could muster, having been virtually dismissed by his assistant.

All right Lucy. I want to show you how obedient our dogs are. You see how nicely Spike is sitting, awaiting whatever command may be given. Before we begin, do you want to take your dress off completely?”

Lucy shuddered slightly, saying, “No. I don’t think I’m comfortable with that.”

That’s fine. But we don’t want to get your dress wet, so pull your skirt all the way up past your waist, to get it out of the way. Sit at the very edge of the couch on your bare butt with your thighs wide apart, OK?” Molly suggested.

Lucy didn’t vocalize an answer, but she grasped the hem of her dress, and lifted her pelvis slightly to move its material out from under her as she slipped her now naked butt forward a couple of inches. “Like this?” she asked.

Yes. You’re doing fine. Notice that even though you’re showing your pussy to Spike, and he’s eyeing it intently, he hasn’t moved. That’s because he hasn’t been given a command. You don’t want a dog acting up at an inopportune moment.”

Lucy laughed softly, understanding immediately what Molly was getting at. “I agree.” The laughter seemed to relax the woman slightly. She settled back against Molly, who wrapped her arms loosely around Lucy’s waist. “What now?” Lucy whispered.

Are you ready for him to lick you?”

Should I… you know… o… myself?” Lucy stammered.

You can, if you wish, but it’s not necessary. Let’s let Spike do the honors this time. Ready?” Molly inquired with a gentle tone of voice.

Lucy tensed slightly, grasping Molly’s thighs with hands that shook a bit, still fearing the unknown. But she gamely said, “Yes.”

Addressing the waiting dog, Molly commanded, “Spike. Lick.”

Spike walked forward between Lucy’s spread thighs. She first felt his fur brushing against her as he moved in close. Then his tongue flicked out several times, coursing along Lucy’s labia with their fine, reddish covering of pubic hairs. Within moments, the hair was matted down, and Spike’s tongue had found the slit between her labia.

That feels pretty good, actually,” Lucy said, her voice tinged with surprise. Then she jerked in Molly’s arms as Spike’s tongue plowed her furrow, causing a surge of sensations that shocked the woman in their intensity. “OMG!” she cried, digging her hands into Molly’s thighs. Molly tightened her grip around Lucy’s waist to stop her from falling off the couch.

Both women heard the slurping noises Spike was making as his tongue ravished the redhead. His cool, wet nose was pressed against Lucy’s clit as he drilled his tongue deeply into her vagina. Lucy groaned loudly as his sensuous tongue reached depths that she had never been able to reach with her own fingers. Her cunt reacted with the onset of a copious flow of juices.

Spike flicked the tip of his tongue over the deepest part of Lucy’s vaginal wall, and upward across the button of her cervix. She shrieked with pleasure, vibrating in Molly’s grasp. Spike’s lapping intensity increased as Lucy fed him her fluids. His tongue quickly forced her into her first orgasm.

OOOOoooooo, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Lucy howled. The dog continued licking her cunt as Molly held her tightly. The woman either did not know she should tell Molly when she wanted the dog to stop, or else she was greedy for yet another climax. Probably the latter, because without censoring her own actions, Lucy grabbed Molly’s hands and pulled them up to her breasts, as Spike continued wolfing down her fluids.

Molly enjoyed the feeling of cupping Lucy’s tits, loving how they filled her palms, but she was afraid Lucy would bounce her pelvis off the edge of the couch in her arousal. Quickly Molly lifted her bare feet up off the floor and hooked them over Lucy’s thighs, pinning her in place. Lucy lolled her head back into the space between Molly’s neck and shoulder, surrendering fully now. She closed her hands over Molly’s, pressing to encourage Molly to squeeze her breasts.

Molly had no qualms about doing so.

Wanting Lucy to fully give in to this new experience, Molly massaged the woman’s tits while using pressure on her thighs to hold her fully open to Spike’s tongue.

Soon a long, gasping, keening sound came from Lucy’s throat as her body rocked with another mind-blowing orgasm. Her writhing was amazing, forcing Molly to hold her extra tightly as she bounced in place, Spike never letting up.

Please. No more,” Lucy finally moaned softly. “I can’t handle another one like that,” she rasped with a throat dried out from her attempts to catch her breath.

Spike. Good Boy. Spike. Sit,” Molly said with a loving tone of voice. The dog promptly stopped licking, and planted his butt on the floor where he was. Lucy slumped completely into Molly embrace. Molly unhooked her feet from Lucy’s thighs.

After cuddling the woman for several minutes, Molly slipped out from behind her, easing her back to rest on the couch, eyes closed. Fetching a towel, she gently cleaned Lucy’s cunt and thighs, since they were still wet with Spike’s saliva, mixed with Lucy’s cum juices.

As Molly was cleaning her off, Lucy opened her eyes. She flushed with embarrassment when she realized how exposed she was to Molly’s eyes at this moment. But she had to say what was uppermost on her mind. “That was… amazing! Simply amazing, Molly! I’ve never responded to oral sex like that before.”

Grinning, Molly’s eyes twinkled as she stated, “You had a couple of very intense climaxes, that’s for sure. I wasn’t positive I could keep you from falling off the couch, you were bouncing so hard.”

Lucy looked abashed.

Noticing Lucy’s expression, she added, “That wasn’t a criticism, Lucy. Orgasms are really healthy, in my opinion. I’m glad you really got off from Spike’s attentions.”

Swallowing hard, Lucy inquired, “And a dog would do that for me – maybe once a week?”

Molly laughed merrily. “A dog would do that every day! Even more than once a day, if you needed it. They love licking like that.”

Lucy’s eyes glazed over a bit, thinking about cumming that hard every day. Gathering her thoughts, she asked, “What about sex? Is it that good?”

Let me put it this way, Lucy. Having a dog make me cum from licking my cunt is wonderful. But I prefer feeling his cock ramming my pussy with animalistic passion and fervor. Intellectually, I know that he’s really only trying to ‘get his rocks off’ as they say. But it feels like I’ve got a lover whose focused intensity has only one goal – to force me to cum over and over again.”

Lucy’s eyes squinted reflexively, hearing this, and imagining what that must be like. Molly noticed the woman crossing her thighs tightly in a subconscious gesture to apply pressure against her cunt.

So you usually cum when a dog fucks you? Lucy asked, her manner growing bolder now.

More than once, almost every time. And when the dog knots me…”

Wait! What does that mean? Knots you?” Lucy broke in.

By way of explanation, Molly began with, “You should ask Bob to show you the full length of a dog’s penis. At its base is a large swelling, called the dog’s ‘knot’ although I’m not quite sure why. Have you ever seen dogs fucking?”

Well yes, although I was not watching them closely,” Lucy answered almost defensively.

Did you notice if they sort of got ‘stuck together’ as they finished?”

Lucy grinned. “Yes, someone remarked about that, so I did notice it. They were stuck for about 10 minutes that way. The male had turned around, too! They were ass to ass – I thought that must be painful to his penis, being bent between his legs.”

Molly got a very impish grin on her face. “Maybe we should bring Bob in here and strip him. I bet we could place him on his hands and knees and bend his erect dick straight out behind him without causing him any problems.” She continued in a confidential whisper, “I’ve even made one or two of my lovers cum in that position, with no complaints at all.”

Lucy’s eyes widened as she laughed at that image.

Anyway,” Molly continued, “at such moments the dogs are sort of tied together, so I guess that’s why the word ‘knot’ is applied to that penis structure. Come to think of it, Spike is right here. I’m sure he’d be willing to show you. Spike. Side,” she instructed the dog.

Spike gracefully – for a bulldog – lowered himself onto his side. Since he was familiar with this pose being a prelude to cock play, the tip of his cock protruded from its furry sleeve.

Molly knelt behind his back, so she would not block Lucy’s view. Gently she tickled and stroked Spike’s cock, getting more and more of it to emerge. She looked up at Lucy, noting the woman was watching with avid attention. Spike’s knot finally emerged, and Molly stroked, teased and stimulated it, helping it engorge with blood. Lucy’s interested smile changed into a look of dismay when she saw the size of the resulting knot, held on display by Molly’s hand encircling its root.

That,” Lucy squeaked, “goes inside us?”

Molly got dreamy-eyed. “It sure does. But don’t worry. Look. It’s a lot smaller than a baby’s head, so it causes no damage to our vagina. The dog works it inside before its completely inflated. Interactions between it and our cunt muscles work the final magic. It finishes swelling up, sealing the cunt opening. The dog then instinctively stops humping – you saw Fernando stop his humping earlier. That is when the dog begins ejaculating his semen.

Usually lots of it. When men cum inside us, we can feel their cocks twitch and shudder, but often not really feel their semen. When a dog cums, your vagina fills, and since its entrance is sealed by the knot, that semen has no place else to go but through your cervix and then it floods into your uterus! The sensation is highly erotic, at least to me. The uterus itself can be filled, and bulge out against your belly right above your mound.”

And are you tied to the dog when this happens?” Lucy asked with a shaky voice. Molly could not tell if her shakiness was due to fear or excitement.

You can be, Lucy. Earlier, Fernando, who is still inexperienced, did not push his knot fully inside me, so we were not tied at all. He came, and immediately pulled out. But with some of the larger dogs, I have been knotted. The longest interval was, I would guess, about 20 minutes, but most times it is shorter than that.

But it’s no ordeal,” Molly explained. “Imagine it. There you are, with your pussy and womb filled with warm semen and cock. Your body is shivering with wave after wave of post-orgasmic aftershocks. You’re drifting in a state of bliss from that intense fucking. Believe me, when I’m like that, I’m in no hurry for it to end.”

Wow! That sounds really appealing, the way you describe it. You’re very kind to answer all my questions like this, Molly,” Lucy said effusively. “Before we get Bob back in here, I want to ask you one more question, just woman to woman.”

OK, what’s that?” Molly asked.

You seem so knowledgeable about this, and are so forthright and clear when you’re discussing it, with no hint of censure, that I want to ask you for a favor.”

Molly arched a brow inquiringly, signaling Lucy to continue.

If I get a dog, would you… would you be OK with helping me as I try to get him to mount me, the first few times? I don’t want to mess that up, and I don’t know anyone else I could possibly ask.”

Molly beamed. “That would be my pleasure, Lucy. I think it would be great fun, helping and watching. Thanks for thinking so highly of me.” Impulsively, Molly gave Lucy a kiss on her cheek.

Lucy surprised her by turning her head after that cheek kiss, and giving Molly an unconcealed, definite kiss on her lips. After the kiss, the two women paused with their temples pressed against one another. Lucy whispered, “Should I get Spike, if he’s available?”

Molly pulled back so she could look into Lucy’s eyes as she answered. “He’s available. Do you feel drawn to him?”

Lucy giggled like a carefree young girl. “How could I not be drawn to him, after that lovely session of cunnilingus? Is he also a good lover?”

Not only is he a good lover, Lucy. He also loves having his cock sucked, too, if the idea of that also appeals to you.”

Lucy swallowed. “It’s been a long time since I had a cock in my mouth. I used to love sucking on a cock, but I wasn’t especially fond of the taste of semen, to be honest.”

Dog semen tastes better than human. Maybe because it’s sweeter, at least from what I’ve tasted. Come to think of it, it may depend a lot on the dog’s diet. Maybe Bob can shed some light on that. I’ll go get him, and you can ask.”

Molly found Bob in his study, reading. She briefed him on what had occurred and been discussed, and then decided to make them all some tea while he spoke with Lucy.

By the time she entered carrying the tea tray, it seemed that Lucy had concluded her questions and business with Bob. As they sipped, Bob said, “I think Lucy and Spike will be a wonderful match. I gather you agreed to have a couple of training sessions with both of them. For the time being, Spike will continue boarding with us and Lucy will visit to learn how to work with him.”

That’s wonderful!” Molly cried.

When Lucy arose to leave, she pulled Molly into a warm embrace and again gave her a kiss – this one rather lingering. Molly felt the other woman press her breasts and pelvis firmly against her as they held each other. “See you soon,” Lucy said with a breathy sigh before she departed.

After Lucy pulled out of the driveway, Bob remarked, “That was the quickest, smoothest sale I’ve ever had! Molly, I’d like you to have a question and answer session with every customer, from now on.”

Still feeling Lucy’s kiss on her lips, Molly declared, “It’ll be my pleasure, Bob.”


(to be continued) link to Bob, part 04

Beastiality 15 – Bob Gets More Active

Molly was getting Max, the new black Labrador used to having his penis touched when the land line phone rang.

I’ll get it,” Bob called out, walking into the room. “I see your hands are busy.”

Molly stuck out her tongue, playfully, and returned her focus to her canine companion. “See Max? Molly won’t hurt you. Molly will make you feel good,” she crooned softly. In response, Max thumped his tail on the floor, and finally rested his head down, less wary now.

Molly continued her gentle, whispering strokes on the small amount of his cock that was unsheathed. She also petted Max’s head, and stroked his back and belly, things designed to keep him calm and trusting. His brief training session for the day was almost completed. She didn’t want to overdo it – too much, too fast, could irritate him. It was better leaving him wanting a little more each time.

Ceasing her stroking, and resting her hand on his withers, she complimented him, “Good boy, Max.” Turning her attention to Bob’s side of the conversation, it quickly became obvious to her that he was speaking with Sarah. Part of it was his tone of voice, and part of it was the growing bulge in his shorts.

If that’s really Sarah, this may be an opportune time to ask her those questions,” she thought. She waved her free hand to get Bob’s attention.

Yes, Molly?” Bob inquired as he covered the mouthpiece with his hand.

Is that Sarah, Bob?

Yes. Why?” he asked.

If she has a few minutes, I’d like to ask her a couple of things when you two are done talking,” Molly explained.

Oh. OK. I’ll check,” he responded with a smile. “Sarah, will you have time to speak to Molly for a few minutes when we’re done?” he said into the now uncovered mouthpiece. Listening, he looked back at Molly and nodded with a smile. He returned his concentration to his conversation with her. Molly took Max out to the kennels in the back yard, and retrieved Rex, a Great Dane, leading him into the house for his turn at training.

As she entered, Bob spoke into the phone, “Yes, here she is.” Holding out the phone to Molly, he said, “Sarah has time to talk now.”

Thanks, Bob.” Taking the phone from him, she greeted Sarah, “Hi Sarah! How are you doing? How’s your relative coming along?” Bob began working with Rex, reinforcing the ‘sit’, ‘side’, and ‘stand’ commands.

After catching up with Sarah’s current status and familial situations, and relating how the dog training was coming along, Molly steered the conversation to her real reason for wishing to speak with Sarah. “Sarah, I realize that you told Bob to ask me to fill in for you here while you were gone. Thanks, by the way. I really needed the job, and working with the dogs is actually fun.”

No problem, Molly. You’re welcome. Bob and I knew we needed someone, shall we say ‘kinky’, to take on that job. I knew from some of Bob’s tales about your adventures that you’d be perfect.”

Molly felt her face warm from a gentle blush. “Yes, Bob said that I’m as kinky as you are.”

Oh, he did, did he? Only ‘as kinky’? We might have to have a contest, to settle that,” Sarah teased.

Molly laughed. “Any time. You name it.” She was feeling more comfortable getting to her main point. “I admit I was surprised to see a photo of me and Bob on display in your living room.”

Why, Molly? I know you and Bob were lovers, and I’m not jealous of that at all. Besides, in my opinion, you’re a lovely woman. I think I enjoy looking at the picture as much as Bob does.”

Molly’s blush deepened at hearing Sarah’s compliment. Gathering her courage, she went on, “Bob even said that you’d… that you’d like to… ummm… get together with me sometime?”

‘Get together with you’ – that was his wording?” Sarah giggled merrily. “What a turn of phrase! He probably meant that I told him I’d love to strip you naked and have hot, nasty sex with you, Molly.”

You… you really would?” Molly almost squeaked.

Absolutely, if you’re up for it, honey. I’m licking my lips just thinking about it. Since we’re being bold, speaking openly about it, what do you think?”

I think,” Molly began. “I think I can’t wait for you to get home, Sarah! I hope it’s soon.”

You’ve certainly given me an incentive to hurry things along,” Sarah chuckled. “Anything else on your mind, sweetie?”

Well yes. Errrr… Sarah, I know Bob is yours. I’ve no doubts in my mind about that. And I don’t want to come between you two, or in any way damage your relationship. But…” Molly’s voice trailed off as she hesitated.

But,” Sarah chimed in. “But, you’d like to jump in the sack with him? Honey, I’m surprised he hasn’t dragged you into our bedroom yet. The man has needs. You and I both know that. I don’t mind you having sex with him in the least. I’m just sorry I’m not there to join you in a threesome… yet.”

Molly pictured the three of them in bed together. All that naked flesh rubbing together. The kissing, licking, sucking, fingering, fucking. Her knees went weak.

Molly, you still there?” Sarah asked with a smile in her voice.

Yes. Yes, I’m still here. Sorry, I just got a mental flash of the three of us having sex. Wow,” she ended in a throaty whisper.

Sarah giggled. “Wow, indeed. For a moment, I thought maybe you stopped talking because your mouth was full of Bob’s cock. Speaking of whom, please let me speak with him again. And remember, you’ve my blessing. Go get him, girl!”

Thanks Sarah. I look forward to trying to make you very happy when you get back home here. Bye for now. Here’s Bob,” she said, as she handed the phone back to him.

As Bob listened to Sarah, Molly turned to Rex. “Rex, side,” she commanded. The obedient dog immediately flopped over on his side and slid perhaps half his cock forward from its sheath. Even half his cock was daunting – Great Danes are indeed well endowed. Molly began stroking his cock, enjoying its warm, smooth texture. She heard Bob say a loving goodbye to Sarah, and blushed prettily, thinking over how bluntly forthright she’d been in speaking with her. But she had to know if Sarah agreed with what Bob had intimated.

Bob walked close to her, stooped down and chuckled, “So. You wanted her permission to have sex with me?”

Molly swallowed hard, and couldn’t make eye contact. “Well. Ummm… I sorta… That is… Fucking the dogs is great, but…” she stuttered. She thought to herself, “Why, oh why am I so tongue-tied about this? Speaking with Sarah seemed so easy.” She inhaled, and caught Bob’s spicy, masculine scent, since he was so close. “Oh. Sarah is states away, and he’s right next to me. That makes a big difference,” she informed herself, mentally.

Fucking the dogs is great, but you want a human cock, once in a while? Specifically, my cock?” Bob asked, smiling broadly. He was reveling in this.

Since the words were now hanging in the space between them, Molly finally turned to look at him and simply said, “Yes.” She watched his expression, and was relieved to see it transform from amusement to tenderness.

I’d…” Bob started. He cleared his throat, which suddenly was blocked by emotion. “I’d like that, too. You’re even more lovely than I remembered when we were together.”

You’re aware that I have no intentions of taking Sarah’s place in your affections, right?” Molly asked, wanting to clarify the ground rules.

Quite aware… love. Please don’t freak out if I use terms of endearment, though. I have fond memories of our times together, and you have a piece of my heart, but Sarah has, and will have, the lion’s share,” Bob said softly.

Molly was amazed to hear a male speak so openly about his thoughts and feelings. She figured it had to be due to the bond they had forged together long ago, and she was not about to question it. “OK, as long as that’s understood. Sarah indicated she wants us in a threesome when she gets back, and I want to have a clear conscience, if that happens.”

Bob heard the magic word ‘threesome’ and groaned softly, as the crotch of his pants slowly tented.

Molly saw that result and impishly whispered the word ‘threesome’ with her most sensuous voice.

Bob groaned again, and had to stand up to try to untangle his now swollen cock from his underwear, pulling his pants this way and that.

Still fondling Rex’s cock, Molly intoned, “Awww. Does Bob have a stiffie?” and broke into a giggle.

It’s not funny,” he responded with mock seriousness. “It’s hard to untangle this thing,” he said, still pulling at his clothing.

I have an idea that will make it easy, Bob. Just take your pants off.” Her final sentence was said with a challenging voice.

Oh yeah?” he replied in kind. “I think I will. So there.” So saying, he carefully unzipped his fly and lowered his pants.

Molly laughed to see that his erection was indeed well tangled in his underpants. She watched as he carefully fished his rod of flesh free, finally lowering the offending underpants and stepping out of them.

Are you laughing at this?” Bob said, pointing at his cock.

Oh no, Sir,” Molly replied humbly. “This girl was only laughing at the way your clothing seemed to want to keep it captive.” After a pause, she added, “My mouth feels the same way.”

Oho!” he practically chortled, getting into the game. “So you want this in your mouth, do you?”

Turned on by Bob’s partial nudity, and by the throbbing dog cock in her hand, Molly slowly nodded.

Oh no,” Bob informed her. “You have to do better than that. Tell me clearly that you want this dick in your mouth, my little slut.”

Molly felt a shiver of thrill race through her at being called a slut in such a loving, passionate manner. “Please Sir,” she began, “would you deign to place your magnificent erection in my slutty mouth?”

He pondered a moment, rubbing his chin. “Well, since you asked so humbly…” He stepped close and slid his cock toward her lips, which immediately parted to accept it. Once the cock was well inside, her lips closed on it, and she began sucking greedily.

Even after a year or more, his taste was familiar. The slit in the head of his cock was as sensitive as she recalled, making him jerk each time her tongue tip probed it. His precum juices started flowing soon after her sucking began, and she hummed happily as she drank them. Her hands were still caressing Rex’s cock, which was now fully exposed and engorged.

For his part, Bob had removed his shirt as Molly serviced him orally, and now stood nude. This was a turnabout – Molly clothed, but Bob naked. He was making happy sounds of satisfaction as he gently fucked her sucking mouth. His sounds turned to a mild exasperation as Molly pulled her head back, leaving his wet cock bobbing in the air of the room.

Rex is ready, Bob, and is being very patient with us. It’s time I sucked his cock,” she reminded him. When she saw the resigned expression on his face, she winked. “Wouldn’t you rather bury that lovely dick in my pussy, instead?”

Hell yes!” he cried. Rex pricked up his ears at the sudden exclamation.

Then please help me out of this dress,” she begged. “I left it on because Rex’s training schedule states he’s only supposed to cum in my mouth today.”

Bob carefully unzipped her dress, and helped her pull her free arm out of its sleeve. She switched the hand caressing Rex’s cock so her other arm could be similarly freed. Molly rose to a bending position, one hand and both feet planted on the floor, other hand still stroking the dog’s cock, as Bob worked the dress down over her butt to pool at her feet. She cautiously stepped out of it, keeping her balance.

Kneeling again, Molly positioned herself on all fours, bent her head down to Rex’s belly, and gently began sucking the strangely pointed tip at the end of his penis. The dog’s musky scent filled her nostrils as he began squirting small sprays of precum into her receptive mouth. She hummed gratefully, a signal to the dog that she was pleased by his behavior. The precum began to increase.

Meanwhile, Bob moved behind Molly, knelt between her calves, and grasped her hips, his warm hands gripping her firm flesh. He leaned over and kissed each ass cheek several times. While he was kissing, he moved one hand to the small of her back, holding her in place, while his other hand went up between her thighs to cup and rub her sex.

Her mouth full of dog cock, Molly moaned deep in her throat as she felt Bob’s hand exploring her intimate area. Rex, who had laid his head down, enjoying Molly’s canine blow job, wriggled his ears and looked briefly at her, wondering if she was growling. But as her lips and tongue continued stimulating him, he settled back down in doggy bliss. Molly shuffled her thighs a little wider apart, letting Bob know he was welcome to explore and use her like this.

Bob took her cue. He worked two of his fingers in and out of her ‘honey pot’, stirring the honey inside it until it drooled into the palm of his hand. Smearing that fluid all over his cock, lubing it, he placed the cock head at Molly’s slit, gliding it up and down. Swipe after gentle swipe, the gliding motions parted her labia until he could feel his cock head positioned at her warm, wet, entrance. “Here it comes,” he told her. Holding his cock at its base with one hand to aim it, and his other hand at the small of Molly’s back to hold her steady, he pressed forward.

Molly felt her sensitive entrance stretch open, quickly followed by that sensation of her tunnel being dilated and simultaneously filled with Bob’s cock. It was a heady, wonderful sensation. It was gratifying. “This is why I have a pussy,” she thought. “It’s being used for its proper purpose – the first step on its journey of fulfillment.” She almost choked, giggling, on Rex’s cock as she considered that word: fulfillment. After all, Bob’s cock was certainly FILLing her pussy FULL at the moment! FULL-FILL-ment indeed!

Her levity quickly transformed into heightening arousal, though, as Bob grabbed her hips and began pumping his cock in and out of her cunt with long, satisfying strokes. “He seems to have a lot of pent-up sexual energy. After all, Sarah has been gone for a while. I bet his cock has not felt the snug walls of a pussy for quite some time,” Molly mused, half distracted by the dog’s cock in her mouth, and his fur brushing her cheek.

As she felt Bob screwing her lustily, Molly indicated her encouragement to him by moaning happily on Rex’s cock, while swallowing his canine precum. There was no indication that her moaning upset or confused the dog at all, since his cock produced more and more fluids. Some dribbled from her lips when Bob’s cock stroked an extra sensitive place, making her gasp.

You’re a fantastic fuck, Molly,” Bob exclaimed in a breathy voice, as his vigorous pounding made her breasts and ass jiggle enticingly. Normally, he would have paced himself, but Molly was mischievously flexing and relaxing her cunt muscles, making her cunt feel like a grasping/relaxing hand wearing a velvet glove, driving him into a frenzy.

Molly wanted Bob to cum. She wanted to feel him dump his load into her depths. She didn’t want him to hold back one iota. She had been craving being fucked with passion. Of course, the dogs had been fucking her hard and fast, with animalistic intent. But they were really being driven by a biological imperative: impregnate the bitch. She could fool herself into feeling their intensity was passion, well enough to enjoy it.

But hearing Bob’s ragged breathing, the thumping of his heart, his incoherent utterances as she felt him seize her hips and use her cunt as his personal fuck toy – this was passion. Passion of a former lover, and a good friend. Now a ‘friend with benefits’ in her mind, apparently with Sarah’s blessing. Her head and shoulders were lowered to permit her to service Rex orally, placing her in a very submissive posture before Bob’s eyes.

Bob had watched Molly suck dogs and fuck dogs. He had been aroused by seeing her naked body in all its glory as she knelt to be mounted. And now she was kneeling submissively before him, lifting her ass up into his grasp, offering her cunt to be used for his pleasure. She had overtly invited him to do so, saying she wanted his dick in her pussy – flexing that pussy to milk him. His sensations peaked with no warning. “Unnnnngghhh,” he cried out as his cock began hosing Molly’s cunt.

Molly didn’t need a verbal confirmation from Bob that his ejaculation had begun. The telltale twitching of his dick inside her had signaled that his cock was about to spew. That twitching was coupled with the fact that, like most males, he stopped pumping his cock in and out at that moment. He drove his cock as deeply into her cunt as he could, and held her steady as his cock spurted and spurted.

Since she was intent on pleasuring him at the moment, she was not caught up in the throes of her own orgasm. This allowed her to consider, “He probably stops like this to savor the feel of the discharge of his seed into me. I’ll have to ask him later about that. Whatever the reason, it lets me be more aware of receiving his cum, too.”

Even though the volume of Bob’s cum was significant, not much spilled out – Molly’s tilted torso drained his fluids to the bottom of her cunt and into her womb.

Sorry I came so fast, Molly,” Bob apologized. “It just felt so damn good, I couldn’t stop.”

Interrupting her sucking briefly, Molly replied, “It’s OK, Bob. I was deliberately forcing that first load out of you as fast as possible. If you can stay inside me while I suck off Rex, please do.” She stretched her lips quite wide to re-wrap them around the dog’s huge cock, and began sucking and swallowing anew.

To keep his cock firm, Bob began pumping inside her pussy again. He had to pump a little harder than earlier to get enough friction to stimulate himself and maintain his erection. His pelvis bumped against Molly’s ass a split second before his ball sack slapped against her pussy lips. The jostling of her body in this manner caused Molly’s lips to bob back and forth on Rex’s cock, as if he was fucking her mouth.

Rex made a growl/groan sound and began humping his hips, setting up his own mouth-fucking rhythm.

Molly could not get a good angle to take the entire length of Rex’s cock into her mouth and throat. Instead, she carefully created a partial ring with the thumb and fingers of one hand, and let that begin bumping Rex’s knot. This gave the dog the illusion that his knot was finally poking its way into his bitch’s vaginal opening. His humping motion increased, and Molly tightened the ring around the top of his knot.

Rex stopped humping and began squirting such a rush of semen into Molly’s mouth that her cheeks bulged from the sudden pressure. Swallowing as fast as she could to prevent choking, she was still not able to contain the massive torrent. His semen spurted between her lips and his cock, and even out of her nose, pooling on his belly.

She drank everything remaining in her mouth, licked Rex’s cock fairly clean, and then began sucking and licking the pool of semen on his belly. Rex tolerated this briefly, then scuttled out from under her head, retreated a short distance away, and settled down to do his own cock and belly cleaning with his long tongue.

Molly raised her head and shoulders, but remained in her hands and knees stance, focusing now on the feel of Bob’s cock sliding inside the recesses of her cunt. Looking over her shoulder, she caught his attention saying, “Now, Sir, will you please fuck me until I cum? Please? Your cock feels so good inside my pussy. Ooooooo! I feel your warm cum oozing out as you fuck me!”

Inspired by Molly’s plea, especially when he heard words like ‘fuck’, ‘cock’, ‘pussy’, and ‘oozing’, Bob felt his dick stiffen. He pulled his cock backwards, looking at it as it emerged. It was all slimy with his cum, mixed with Molly’s cunt fluids. He could smell the heady aroma of that mixture – the scent of lust! Knowing his erection was firm again, he pulled his cock all the way out of Molly, to see her mildly gaping cunt hole. What a sight! Puffy labia formed soft pillows around the pink, wet opening.

Several times, he jabbed his cock to its hilt within that dilated hole, smacking the puffy pussy lips with his balls, and then again pulling his cock all the way out. Each penetration fueled his passion for this woman kneeling before him. Each penetration caused a lewd squishing and sucking sound that thrilled them both.

Molly grunted with delight at each deep poke of his cock. In her mind’s eye, she visualized how her cunt was staying open, inviting the cock to re-enter each time it vacated. The imagined scene of her raw sex on display for Bob excited her as much as did the feeling his cock slam home, with the resultant ball slap to her labia. “Yes! Yes! Fuck me!” she groaned.

Spread your ass cheeks apart, you little slut,” he commanded affectionately. “Let me get as deep as I can!”

Molly turned her head sideways and lowered her shoulders to the floor once again, freeing her hands. Reaching behind her, she grasped her butt firmly, and pulled sideways. She felt air touch her ass hole as her actions parted her central crack, and knew her display was even more obscene now. “Like this?” she gasped.

Just like that, you little minx!” Bob chortled. Gleefully he plowed his cock all the way into her sheath, feeling the cock head bottom out as her ass slapped against his pelvis. Leaving his cock deep inside her, he began grinding against her, leaning forward to reach under her and cup her dangling tits. As he massaged them, feeling their engorged nipples poking out of their crinkled areolae, he heard sounds of satisfaction murmured from Molly’s lips. He looked at her face, seeing her eyes closed in blissful concentration, focused on the stimulation of cunt and tits.

Oh Bob, this is fantastic! I’m getting close! Please don’t stop! Please keep fucking. Yessss…” her voice trailed off. She was panting hard now, and had to wet her lips, her pink tongue tip appearing, sweeping along each lip, and vanishing again.

Bob remembered that tongue on his cock earlier. How its tips had probed his cock slit. The almost electric stimulation that Molly could produce with that tongue. His cock head swelled a little more, and he began pistoning her cunt once again.

Abruptly, she raised herself back up onto her hands and knees, using her hands to brace against him as she began humping his cock with her cunt.

This new position allowed Bob to shift one hand away from her tit to slide it underneath her torso, down her belly, past her mound, seeking the place where her labia joined. When he got close, he moved his finger sideways to pick up some fluids that leaked from the place where his cock stroked in and out with an incessant rhythm. His now-lubed finger searched and found its ultimate target, probing delicately at her folds, feeling the tiny, firm rod of her clit. He teased it with his moistened finger.

OMG!” Molly cried out as Bob began stimulating her clit, her outburst making Rex prick up his ears in confusion. The dog noted the two humans; noted that nothing much had really changed; noted that the bitch was just being vocal when mounted; gave the equivalent of a canine shrug, and went back to the important task of fastidiously licking his cock and balls.

Molly’s toes curled. “Almost! Almost!” she gasped as she felt her tummy muscles starting to flutter.

Bob himself was close, but he was determined to make his friend and coworker cum before he did. He focused less on the sensations coming from his cock, and more on those coming from his finger at Molly’s clit. He blindly, but carefully, moved his finger along the clit shaft, barely grazing its sensitive head, knowing such tiny touches would drive Molly wild.

It worked.

Her whole body stiffened momentarily, then began shaking as she shrieked, “OHHH! FUCK!” signaling the onset of her climax. Bob softly pressed his fingertip on her clit head. Well, as softly as was possible with Molly thrashing on the end of his cock. She rammed her ass back against his pelvis, her ass cheeks vibrating up and down as her cunt swallowed his cock completely. The contractions created by her vaginal tunnel muscles created such a milking, sucking action that Bob was unable to hold back any longer. Nor did he want to. He joined Molly in orgasm, his balls unloaded again, drenching her cunt with semen.

An onlooker, such as Rex, would discern no movement by the couple at this point, other than the contortions of their faces as they came. Each wanted to be deeply joined to the other as Bob spurted his seed into Molly’s womb, so their bodies were rigidly locked for this timeless moment. True, an onlooker would hear them though. Hear them making incoherent sounds of pleasure. Hear them panting, sucking greedy gasps of air, due to their exertions. And also see their bodies glistening with the sweat generated by their intense muscle action.

After a while, Bob’s cock softened, and he could not stop it from slipping out of her pussy. Once it came free, air that had been forced inside her by his cock burped out of her now unplugged opening with the wet, bubbling sound of air trapped in semen. Molly looked over her shoulder at Bob and giggled, unembarrassed. He smiled at her and laughed along with her merriment. They both felt wonderful.

As Bob climbed off her, Molly gratefully rolled over and settled down on her back, sighing. “Wow, that felt good!” she exclaimed. “It’s been a long time, but that was well worth the wait. Thank you.”

No, sweetie, thank you,” Bob countered. “That was amazing, simply amazing. Thank you for inviting me to unload these swollen balls like that,” he said, pointing at his groin. “Your passion for fucking never ceases to amaze me.”

Molly looked at his soft, sloppy, cum-covered cock. “Come here and dangle that cock of yours into my mouth,” she whispered. “I want to clean it, but I’m too spent to get up right now.”

Never one to pass up such an offer, Bob did as she asked, almost doing a kneeling push up as he straddled her face sideways, and lowered his cock into her waiting mouth. He felt her begin sucking and licking it clean. The sensations were pleasant, but he himself was too spent to get another erection at the moment.

As Molly was occupied, Rex stood up and trotted over to her. Molly heard his paws on the floor, but could not see anything – her view was blocked by Bob’s pelvis. Rex sniffed Molly’s sex. Molly felt the air movement and the touch of some whiskers on her thigh. Her lips on Bob’s cock formed into a smile.

I bet I know what Rex wants,” she thought to herself. She parted her thighs in invitation. Rex needed no command to be told to lick semen from a bitch’s cunt. It was something he did naturally after breeding them. Apparently it did not matter to him if the semen was canine or human. His tongue flipped out and he began lapping. Molly’s resultant moan of pleasure vibrated Bob’s cock, still deep in her mouth.

Bob turned his head to watch Rex. “He’s really going to town, Molly,” he told her, unnecessarily. Unnecessarily, because she could feel how rapidly Rex was lapping at her. She could feel him dig his tongue deeply into her cunt, curling its tip to lap the cum out of her. Maybe it did matter that it was human cum. Maybe Rex was saying, in his own fashion, “Hey, get this foreign seed out of my bitch!” Whatever was his imperative, he ate Molly’s cunt thoroughly, seemingly determined to get every dram of Bob’s cum out of her.

When Rex’s tongue found the sensitive button of Molly’s cervix, it must’ve detected small dribbles of cum leaking out of her uterus and back into her vagina. He redoubled his efforts, washing that sensitive little mound of flesh with his soft, hot tongue. Molly suddenly pushed upwards on Bob’s hips to free her mouth for a scream. “Oh shit, Rex! I’m cumming, you lovely beast!” she cried. Her heels hammered on the floor, but Rex’s snout pinned her in place until her cunt flooded with a fresh load of her bitch cum.

Giving Molly a few, tentative final licks, Rex snorted, as if satisfied with a job well done, and trotted away, circled twice, and settled to the floor again. Molly slumped like a rag doll as her orgasm ebbed away. Without a word, Bob signaled Rex, and padded naked out into the yard to take the dog to his kennel. Returning, he scooped up Molly, took her over to the comfortable sofa, pulled her into an embrace, and covered their nude bodies with a soft blanket. They dozed together, replete for the moment.

Lucy and Spike at Bob’s

Lucy arrived for her third training session with Spike, greeted at the door by Molly. The two women embraced warmly. Lucy had loosened up considerably from the shy, uptight woman she’d appeared to be when Molly first met her. She wore a simple sundress, whose bright yellow color looked wonderful against the wavy red hair that tumbled loosely against Lucy’s shoulders. Her hazel eyes sparkled with mischief as she pressed her body against Molly’s. Molly’s hands told her that Lucy wasn’t wearing a bra, and she guessed this vivacious woman probably wasn’t wearing any panties, either.

Following Molly, Lucy walked into the training room, where Spike awaited her, cared for by Bob. “Hello, Lucy,” Bob said in greeting. “Spike’s all ready for you.”

Hi Bob!” Lucy called out. Without waiting for his response, she dropped to her knees, arms opened invitingly, and commanded, “Spike. Come.” She was obviously thrilled to see her dog again.

Spike promptly trotted over to her, looking smug as only a bulldog can. His large frame moved easily, and his brown and white fur shone with health. His dark brown eyes seemed to light up with pleasure at seeing his Mistress, who would also be his bitch. Would be, because he’d not yet mounted Lucy, but today was to be the day.

As Lucy and Spike greeted one another, Molly cast her mind back to Lucy’s earlier sessions with Spike.

The first training session they’d had together, two weeks ago, was mostly about commands. Commands like ‘sit’, ‘come’, ‘side’, ‘heel’, ‘down’ – pretty standard stuff. But that training served to establish that Spike should obey Lucy now, in addition to Molly and Bob. Not completely standard dog training, though, because Lucy also learned how to touch Spike’s cock during that session. Lucy learned how to gently, softly coax his cock out of its sheath. Once it was extended, Lucy stroked it, and fondled it. She learned how it felt, and her face was close enough that she found out how it smelled, too, and was gratified that she liked its rather earthy scent. But they took her training no farther than that for that session.

The second session, last week, reinforced all the things that Lucy’d covered in the first one, but this one added having her use her mouth on Spike. Both women got naked, in case things got a little messy. As a measure of Lucy’s progress in feeling comfortable with both Molly and Bob, this time she didn’t mind the fact that Bob was in the same room with them as she took off her clothes. At first, Lucy was too tentative with Spike’s cock. Molly knelt beside her, watching and suggesting. Then Molly took the dog’s cock in her mouth, demonstrating how to apply the proper amount of pressure with her lips, giving some idea of the amount of suction, and the bobbing head movements that Spike expected.

Lucy tried again. This time she had more success, since Spike began spraying precum from the tip of his cock. Both women were gratified to hear his soft vocalizations of pleasure as Lucy suckled him. Lucy was pleased as punch when the precum flow started, but quickly grew amazed as the flow intensified. Molly watched Lucy’s pupils dilating in surprise as she had to swallow faster and faster to keep up with the gradual torrent of salty fluid.

It was a good thing they were both naked, because Lucy took the cock out of her mouth to ask Molly, “Does he always give off this much precum?” before wrapping her lips back around it. Even that brief time was long enough for the pointed tip of Spike’s cock to spray them both on their faces and dangling tits. Molly laughed as the warm spray struck them, and Lucy signaled merriment with her eyes, since her mouth was occupied again.

Yes, Lucy,” she answered. “I don’t know how they do it, but dogs usually provide us with what feels like quarts of precum. You wouldn’t think they could possibly have that much fluid stored in their bodies, but they seem to. Personally, I think it might not be all that much, but it’s sure more than any man can provide.”

Bob, who was pretending to be doing paperwork, but in all likelihood was ogling the naked asses of the two women as they bent over the dog’s belly, protested, “Hey! I’m sure I give off lots of precum, Molly!”

Oh yes, Bob,” Molly said, contritely. “I wasn’t referring to you. You’re the exception to the rule.” Her face was turned away from Bob as she spoke, so he couldn’t see her expression as she rolled her eyes after saying that. But Lucy could see, and she almost choked on what she was swallowing, trying not to laugh.

Lucy continued suckling her dog’s cock, easier now that he’d rolled completely onto his back. This complete exposure of his vulnerable belly indicated that Spike now trusted Lucy implicitly. Molly was gratified that the two of them were bonding so quickly.

With his knot fully visible now, Spike began rocking his hips, paws waving in the air above him. He was obviously trying to fuck Lucy’s lips, signaling his excitement.

Spike’s motions indicates he wants to cum, Lucy,” Molly informed her. Taking Lucy’s hand, she formed the redhead’s thumb and index finger into a circle around the base of Spike’s dick. “Let his knot bump against your fingers, giving him the illusion that his cock is lodging in a pussy. Be prepared for his rush of cum. Understand?”

Lucy’s pupils dilated somewhat, either from fear or desire or some blending of those emotions, but she nodded her understanding, still sucking Spike’s thrusting dick. Her fingers pressed against his knot. In seconds, Spike rocked hard into Lucy’s mouth, pressing his knot against her fingers. Legs quivering, the dog gave off a sound that resembled a moan.

Lucy’s cheeks ballooned outward as her eyes bulged in shock and surprise, but she gamely started swallowing. Molly watched the ripples moving rapidly down Lucy’s throat as the redhead valiantly kept up with the dog’s discharge of semen. Very little leaked from the corner of her mouth. After a bit, Lucy’s throat muscles ceased rippling, and she straightened up, letting the dog’s cock slip from her lips. Her cheeks were still bulging. She was holding a mouthful of dog semen, finally having the opportunity to stop and discover what it really tasted like. Her expression of evaluation transformed into one of delight.

She swallowed some of what was in her mouth, and let the remainder drool into the palm of her hand. She stared at the semen critically, sniffed it carefully, and then ran her tongue through it, carrying a glob into her mouth. “You’re right, Molly. It’s quite different than human semen – much tastier. What some?” She held out her hand.

Molly promptly licked up a glob for herself, smiling. After swirling it in her mouth, sampling it, she swallowed, and said, “Thanks for sharing, Lucy. I agree. Delicious.” Lucy was licking her hand clean as Molly spoke.

Lucy petted, praised, and fawned over Spike, telling him what a very good boy he was. Spike wallowed in her adoration. That was the gist of the second training session.

But today was to be the third, and most likely the last, training session, unless Lucy decided that something more was needed. Spike was to go home with her today. Bob tried to remain unobtrusive, perhaps fearing that Lucy would demand he leave the room during this session. He didn’t want to miss seeing this though, so he let Molly handle the details.

You’re not wearing any perfume, or deodorant, right Lucy? And you’ve not bathed with soap for a day or two? Dogs can be quite sensitive to foreign scents. It’s much better to have nothing but your natural scent,” Molly reminded her.

I’ve only rinsed myself off with water, since you told me I don’t actually have to be dirty, just unscented,” Lucy confirmed.

Molly sniffed her closely, something an onlooker would have found strange. Only smelling what Molly would describe as ‘woman’ scent, Molly was pleased. “You’ve done a great job at following instructions, Lucy. Spike will be enthusiastic, I’m sure.”

Lucy blushed as only a redhead can blush, knowing what ‘enthusiastic’ signified. She felt an erotic tingle at her pussy, imagining being mounted by her dog. Imagining submitting to him as his bitch. She could hardly wait, shifting from leg to leg nervously.

Molly picked up on her nervousness. “It’ll be fine, Lucy. You’ll see,” she assured the woman. “Spike’s a great lover, and you two are bonding wonderfully. He’ll be thrilled to claim you as his bitch,” she added, grinning as she watched the redhead’s blush deepen even more. She knew that Lucy wasn’t offended by the word ‘bitch’ at all, given her glowing eyes and radiant smile.

At that moment, Bob happened to be out of the room, but Lucy motioned to Molly to bring her head closer. Speaking quietly, Lucy related, “I wanted to tell you about a dream I had last night. In the dream I was walking through a park when three large dogs approached me. One knocked me onto my hands and knees, and they all tore my clothes away with their claws and teeth, magically not touching my skin. Then each of them mounted me in turn, ravishing me. And, rather than being frightened at all, I was so turned on, being used like that, that I had orgasm after orgasm. When I woke up, my crotch was soaked. What do you think the dream meant?”

I think it meant you need to buy two more dogs,” Molly replied, chuckling. “Seriously, Lucy, I just think it means that you, your body, and your mind are all ready to mate with your canine lover. I’m really happy for you.”

Molly produced some dog-paw-sized leather pouches. “Fit these booties onto his front paws. This is a further reinforcement of his upcoming duties. He associates those booties with mounting behavior,” Molly explained. “The beauty of this is that he’ll be less likely to act in an untoward manner in company, if he doesn’t have his booties on. If he gets excited and flashes his dick in company, you can laugh that off as typical masculine behavior. Men like showing off their equipment after all.”

Lucy laughed, relaxing slightly, as evidenced by her change in body language, as she put Spike’s booties on.

I haven’t forgotten my promise to help you with your first mounting or two, Lucy,” Molly asserted. “We should get these clothes off.” Molly wiggled her way out of her dress, then grabbed the hem of Lucy’s sun dress and lifted. Lucy giggled and lifted her arms, helping. She didn’t protest or flinch when Molly stroked her fingers through Lucy’s well trimmed fur of red pubic hair, parting her labia slightly. Molly’s finger came away damp, confirming Lucy’s excitement.

Bob re-entered the room, spied the two naked, smiling women, and retreated to a quiet corner to watch. His sense of smell was nowhere near as good as Spike’s, but even from across the room he was aware of the scent of aroused females. His cock stirred inside his shorts.

Molly continued with her instructions to Lucy. “Get on your hands and knees, with your butt towards Spike. Spread your knees a little apart, and look over your shoulder at him. At the same time, reach between your thighs and spread your labia open. Tell him to lick you, giving the proper command.”

Lucy’s hands shook slightly as she got down onto her knees. She looked over her shoulder at Spike while she moved her knees apart and spread open her cunt. The well trained dog’s body was still. He merely rotated his head to look back and forth between the two women, as if communicating, “That’s a lovely display, and she smells delicious – won’t one of you give me a command to do something with her?”

Finally ready for phase one, Lucy spoke, “Spike. Lick.”

The dog promptly got off his haunches and trotted up behind her ass. He sniffed deeply, twice, and then his tongue began lapping her from clit to ass hole. The sounds produced by his tongue were the only sounds in the room at first, other than Molly’s heavy breathing. She was always turned on by canine cunnilingus, even if she wasn’t the recipient.

The recipient, Lucy, soon was groaning, moaning, and tossing her flame red hair from side to side as the glorious sensations from her pussy coursed through her body. “Oh, you magnificent, good, good doggy!” she moaned. “That’s right! Lick your Momma, boy!” She quivered, trying to hold her body in position for that long tongue, which now disappeared from sight as Spike dug it deep inside, avid for her fluids.

Molly leaned close to Lucy’s head and whispered, “If you want to cum from his tongue, go ahead. It’ll lube your pussy really well.”

Lucy nodded her understanding, eyes closed in concentration. Moments later, her head rose, making her lovely tits poke out more. “I’m… already… THERE!” Lucy cried as her body was rocked by an orgasm. She shook and quivered as Spike wolfed down her cum juices, still licking. When Lucy caught her breath, she remembered that he’d continue until commanded otherwise. “Spike. Good boy. Sit,” she gasped.

The dog stopped licking and dropped to his haunches again. Molly was pleased that Lucy had the presence of mind to remember to command him. She watched the woman panting on her hands and knees, her belly going in and out with her gulping breaths, her petite breasts gently swaying under her torso.

It’s good to give yourself a respite, if you need to,” she told Lucy. “For future reference, Spike could go directly from licking to mounting, if you wish. That can be quite a rush – one moment his tongue is in you, and the next, his cock. Catch your breath. When you’re ready, issue the command for him to mount you. Make certain your hand is ready to guide his cock. I’ll kneel close by your hip to watch if you need assistance.” Molly moved into position.

Lucy put her left forearm flat on the floor to brace herself. Facing straight ahead, she placed her right hand next to her pussy, ready to blindly feel for Spike’s cock. She checked that her labia were still well apart from his licking, and spoke, “Spike. Mount.”

The dog sprang up and planted his front paws on Lucy’s back, which depressed slightly as she bore his weight. His cock began thrusting against the back of her thigh as he tried to find her hole. Molly watched as Lucy quickly grasped the thick, pink rod and guided it to her vaginal opening. In a flash, the two were joined.

Spike began hammering his dick into her tight, wet tunnel. Lucy shrieked in surprise. “OMG! That was so sudden!” She now had both her forearms flat on the floor, fingers spread wide, trying to brace her body back against Spike’s heavy thrusts. Molly moved closer to Lucy’s shoulders, in case she needed to help brace the woman.

Spike continued what looked like a furious assault on Lucy’s vagina, but was actually his normal fucking speed. Molly tended toward anthropomorphism when regarding dogs’ expressions. As she looked at Spike’s face, she fancied he was signaling, “Wow! This is a nice, tight cunt my new bitch has! She feels great on my dick! I’m gonna breed her good. She’ll be my bitch from now on, and I’ll fuck her a lot!” Molly smiled as she imagined this, remembering that first time she had dog sex with Ace, the German Shepherd.

Deciding she should check in with Lucy, Molly asked, “How are you doing, Lucy?”

Lucy answered with a long, drawn out howl! Molly was briefly concerned, thinking Lucy might be in pain. Then she realized that the redhead actually was articulating an impressive orgasm that was rocking her to her very core. The fluids puddling on the floor beneath Lucy’s crotch were some of her cum fluids. If Spike was impressed that he’d made his bitch cum, he gave no sign of it. His humping kept its familiar rhythm, his knot beginning to touch Lucy’s labia. Molly heard the regular slapping of the dog’s heavy testicles against Lucy’s flesh. She looked back to where the dog and the woman were joined together.

I’m… fine,” Lucy managed to gasp. “In fact… I’m… fantastic! I’ve never been fucked like this before! In fact, I’m… again,” she groaned. Her head started thrashing and she screamed, “I’m cumming!” Her body shook beneath the dog. Her breathing changed to a pattern of gasping and panting as her cunt juices got Spike’s knot wet. She was bucking and pressing back into his thrusts, her body instinctively wanting even more stimulation.

Spike’s front paws pressed on Lucy’s body, levering his torso forward just enough. Molly’s pupils dilated as she watched Spike’s knot half swallowed by Lucy’s cunt as the dog wedged it home, sealing her opening.

Lucy hyperventilated. “What?… What?… What’s happening?” she gasped.

He’s knotted you, Lucy,” Molly explained. “Keep calm and hold still. Notice he’s stopped humping? His knot is stretching your opening. Everything is fine.” Her eyes were glued to the knot-filled vaginal opening. She’d felt this many times, but had never seen it while it was happening.

It hurts,” Lucy whimpered. “I can’t move.”

It’s OK,” Molly said soothingly. “Your pussy is just stretched, not injured. Take slow deep breaths and try to relax down there. His knot will still inflate a bit more, so that’ll probably feel strange.” Sure enough, Molly watched as the knot enlarged. Then she saw a rippling pulsation.

OMG!” Lucy shrieked. “He’s… omg… he’s cumming, I think!” She groaned, biting her lip. “His dick is spewing and spewing! I feel completely full, but he’s STILL cumming! I think his cum is being forced into my womb!” Suddenly, Lucy’s body writhed in place. “OH FUCK!” she yelled. “I’m cumming! I’m fuckin’ cumming again!” Her sounds became unintelligible as her cum mixed with that of her canine lover, both fluids being shoved under pressure through her cervix into her uterus.

Molly looked critically at Lucy’s vaginal opening. No fluids were escaping. The knot still evinced rippling pulsations. Woman and dog were both panting. Spike’s tongue was lolling and drooling as he tried to cool himself. His spittle rained down on Lucy’s bare back. Lucy’s eyelids were open, but her eyes were somewhat rolled back in their sockets. Spike lapped his saliva off Lucy’s back. Lucy moaned with delight.

Molly looked at Lucy’s lower abdomen, which appeared distended due to the copious influx of semen. Molly glanced over at Bob, who was sitting in a chair with his cock so swollen and stiff that it shoved the front of his shorts upward like a lone tent pole inside a tent. She smiled at him sympathetically.

Lucy’s eyes were returning to normal. “Oh Molly. This is so delicious. No wonder it’s so hard to describe. I feel like I’ve eaten a little too much of a meal of my favorite food. I’m so full it’s a bit uncomfortable, but I don’t regret eating all that I did one bit. I only regret I can’t eat any more. I feel so wonderful!”

Molly watched Spike slowly lower his body until his weight was stretched out along Lucy’s spine. The dog sighed happily, contentedly.

Awww, now my lovely boy is snuggling with me,” Lucy almost purred. “His fur and warm belly feel so good along my back! Good boy, Spike,” she praised. The dog panted and sighed.

Remember not to move now, Lucy. Movement will be painful for you both,” Molly advised. “You’re tied together until his knot deflates. You’ll feel wetness as fluids start weeping out around it as it loosens. Then Spike will pull free. Your dilated pussy opening will probably disgorge a good wave of cum at that moment, so don’t be surprised.”

Lucy nodded, eyes closed now, and a smile on her face, still braced on forearms and knees.

Bob cleared his throat. “Ummm, Molly? Could we do something about this?” he asked, pointing at the tent in his lap.

Molly grinned. “Lucy, is it OK if Bob fucks me while we wait for Spike to untie from you?”

Lucy answered with a voice clouded in a blissful haze. “That’s fine with me. You two go right ahead. Don’t mind us.”

Molly beckoned to Bob. “Come over here and fuck me, Bob. Do me doggy style right next to our mated couple.” She waited, naked on her hands and knees.

Bob whipped off his shirt and shorts. His swollen cock bobbled from side to side as he strode across the room to place himself behind Molly. He found her labia swollen and coated with evidence of her arousal at all she’d witnessed. Bending his cock down, he rubbed it up and down Molly’s furrow, using her slippery cunt juices to lube it. Then he pressed his glans to her opening, and slipped his entire dick into the hot, wet sheath of her cunt. They both sighed with satisfaction at their joining. Lucy opened her eyes to watch.

Bob grabbed Molly’s hips and began pumping himself in and out of her receptive pussy. After a few slow strokes, his fucking intensified. If Spike thought that Bob wasn’t hammering his dick into Molly’s cunt fast enough, he kept that criticism to himself. He seemed more focus on snuggling along Lucy’s back. Lucy, although she was definitely watching Molly’s coupling with Bob, reveled in the warmth and fullness from her canine lover’s body and semen.

Molly was already excited before Bob even entered her. His cock, rooting back and forth inside her felt exquisite. “I’m… almost,” she moaned to Bob. Bob grabbed her ponytail in one hand, and placed his other hand on her shoulder, using both to pull Molly back hard against his plunging dick.

AAAAHHHHHH!” Molly cried, as she climaxed on Bob’s cock. “Oh fuck, yes!” she told the room. “That feels so fucking good!” she informed no one in particular.

Bob himself was close, feeling Molly’s cunt muscles squeezing him as she gave into her orgasmic convulsions. He glanced over at Lucy. At the nude display of her body under the bulldog, especially the side view of her tit. At the smile on her face as she saw him looking at her with appreciation. She looked squarely into Bob’s face as he fucked Molly and… winked sensuously.

Bob lost control, ejaculating so hard into Molly, that he was gritting his teeth together as his seed spurted. His mind was whirling with witnessing dog sex, combined with erotic redheads, and the feel of Molly’s cunt gripping his twitching cock. He groaned and pumped.

Molly felt his eruption, and experienced an echo of her earlier climax. Either that, or a lovely post-orgasmic aftershock. She shuddered under Bob. Ironically, they were still locked in their intimate embrace when Spike pulled free from Lucy with a scrabbling sound of his feet and a squelching popping sound from her cunt. A glob of dog semen plopped onto the floor under Lucy. Lucy kept her head and shoulders low, and her ass up high, trying not to drip any more than that.

Bob pulled free from Molly’s cunt with a softer, liquid-like suction sound, and went over to drop down into his chair, grinning with satisfaction.

Molly looked at her friend kneeling next to her. “Can I suck some of Spike’s semen out of your cunt, Lucy? It looks like he gave you plenty.”

Lucy grinned back at her, eyes twinkling. “Yes, on two conditions,” she answered. “First, I want to suck some of Bob’s semen out of your cunt. And second, I want you to feed some of Spike’s semen to me after that, for comparison.”

Deal,” Molly giggled. “Roll onto your back. If you got on top, I might drown.” Both of them laughed. Bob looked on with interest, but Spike, having licked his cock clean, looked like he might be snoozing.

Molly climbed atop Lucy in the 69 position, and Lucy placed her lips against Molly’s labia, sucked briefly, and began drinking Bob’s semen, mixed with Molly’s cum, as it started to flow. Molly began sucking at Lucy’s cunt, easily getting mouthful after mouthful of Spike’s semen to emerge. Molly feasted on the sweetish fluid, blended with the redhead’s cum juices as a wonderful flavor enhancement.

After several minutes, Molly sucked up a healthy mouthful of dog semen, and reluctantly lifted her cunt up away from Lucy’s mouth. Swiveling, cheeks bulging, she positioned her lips directly above Lucy’s. Lucy understood and opened her mouth wide. From across the room, Bob could see Molly open her lips carefully, drizzling a steady stream into Lucy’s opened mouth. When the stream became a mere trickle, Molly shut her mouth, sat up and swallowed what remained.

Lucy also sat up, petite tits wobbling enough to grab the attention of both Molly and Bob, for a brief moment. Then their attention focused on Lucy’s face as she swished the dog cum across her taste buds. Her throat rippled several times as she swallowed, emptying her mouth. With a smile at Molly, she stated, “Dog semen definitely tastes better.” She swiveled her head to look at Bob. “No offense meant, Bob.”

None taken, Lucy,” he replied with a tender smile. He was elated, both from the current visual display, and from draining his balls into Molly.

Molly handed Lucy a towel, so she could wipe off. She also handed her a highly absorbent feminine pad, which Lucy inserted inside the panties she pulled from her purse. “You’ll probably leak a lot on your drive home,” she told Lucy, who was now donning her sun dress again. Molly undid Spike’s booties while Lucy made herself presentable to the outside world. The booties went into Lucy’s purse.

Lucy looked at herself in a nearby mirror. “Spike. Heel,” she commanded, as Molly walked them to the door. The dog followed obediently, looking up adoringly at his owner who was also his new bitch.

Still naked, Molly decided to walk them out to their car, grateful for the fresh air and sunshine, and comfortable with the seclusion afforded by the house’s location. Once Spike was in Lucy’s car, Molly gave him lots of hugs, pats, praises, and kisses goodbye.

Turning to Lucy she gave her a spare set of booties for Spike. Hugging the woman warmly, she whispered, “I’ll miss both of you, you know.”

Can Spike and I visit, sometime?” Lucy asked, with a mischievous gleam in her eye.

Leaning back in their embrace to catch Lucy’s expression, Molly brought their faces together, and gave her a long, sweet kiss, and replied, “I’ll look forward to it. Please make it soon.”

Bob and Sarah with Molly

As she drove towards Bob’s house, Molly was nervously excited.

Sarah, Bob’s wife, was home from her extended trip.

Bob had told Molly that they still needed her help with the dog training, since their customer demand had increased so much lately. But she suspected, all right, she hoped, that there might be more involved. She remembered her bantering with Sarah on the phone. About which of them might be more ‘kinky’ – that they might need to have a contest. How Sarah said she thought that Molly is a ‘lovely woman’.

Molly blushed, and her heart raced as she remembered Sarah saying, “I’d love to strip you naked and have hot, nasty sex with you, Molly.” Also, Sarah had said she wanted Molly to join her and Bob in a threesome. She hadn’t actually seen Sarah naked yet, but she had a vivid imagination.

Not quite certain what to expect, Molly was wearing a little more clothing than she normally did when working at Bob’s. Yes, she still wore a simple sun dress, in a colorful floral print. The dress had a long zipper down her back, making it easy to unzip and remove. She wore her long hair in a ponytail, keeping it off the back of her neck and her shoulders. But today she opted to wear panties and a bra, both of them also in a floral design, and composed of a sleek, satiny material than hugged and caressed her skin. If she analyzed her choice, she might have realized that she was wrapping her body as a gift for Sarah, if she chose to receive that gift.

Parking near Bob’s house, Molly climbed out of her car, and smoothed down her skirt, hoping it wasn’t too wrinkled. She approached the front door. Before she could knock, though, it was smoothly opened and Sarah appeared in its opening. She was wearing a green silk dressing gown whose lower edges stirred in the gentle breeze moving through the open doorway. The gown was belted at Sarah’s waist, but the upper section had slid partway off her shoulders, revealing a generous amount of her cleavage. Her unfettered breasts moved gently inside the silk with each quiet breath. Molly guessed that the woman took a 36 or 38 D cup, if she ever wore a bra.

She’d only stared for a moment. Tearing her eyes away from Sarah’s chest, she looked up into her face, taking in her sparkling green eyes, perhaps made more vivid by the green silk. Sarah’s auburn hair tumbled in gentle waves almost down to her shoulders. Her mouth was curved into an honest smile of greeting. “Welcome, Molly,” Sarah said. “I’ve been so looking forward to finally meeting you!” She opened her arms wide, offering an embrace.

Molly stepped into the embrace and found herself pressed against warm flesh with a delicate, clean, feminine scent. Her own breasts nestled between Sarah’s. Both women held each other and just breathed for several beats. Then Molly realized she should be making some answering statement. “Thanks, Sarah. I’ve seen all those pictures of you in the house, but you’re even more beautiful in person. It’s wonderful to actually meet you in the flesh.” After she said the word ‘flesh’, she realized again how much of Sarah’s was on display for her.

In reply, Sarah brought her lips to Molly’s, and kissed her. They both had their eyes closed, tentatively checking if either objected to this display of affection. Gradually the kiss deepened, becoming more intimate, and more passionate. Their bodies pressed against one another even more firmly. As the kiss intensified, they subtly rubbed their bodies from side to side. Small sounds of need emerged from their throats.

Ultimately, Sarah broke off the kiss, saying, “I’ve got to get you inside and undressed Molly. As I told you back weeks ago, when we spoke on the phone, I want to strip you naked and do things with you.”

You’ll get no argument from me,” Molly replied, her eyes twinkling. “Lead the way.”

Sarah pulled Molly the rest of the way into the house, shut the door, and started walking toward the living room. Following along, Molly got a good look at Sarah’s long, fantastic legs, from her bare feet up to where they disappeared beneath the dressing gown. The gown clung enough that the motion of Sarah’s ass cheeks was enticingly obvious.

Entering the room, Molly saw that Bob was present. He got up from his chair and greeted Molly with a soft, almost chaste kiss, saying, “Welcome, sweetie. Sarah and I are glad you’ve joined us.” Giving her a hug, he went back to his chair, apparently to watch passively for the moment.

Sarah walked behind Molly, grasped the zipper on her sun dress, and lowered it carefully. Molly felt the cloth parting, revealing more and more of her back. Zipper all the way down, Sarah slid the dress off Molly’s shoulders, easing it downward, and helped her step free from it. Molly now stood in bra and panties before them both.

Do you like this bra and pantie set, Sarah?” Molly asked, looking over her shoulder.

Sarah walked slowly around Molly, viewing those garments from every angle. On her second pass, she let her hand glide across the bra material. On the third pass, that hand explored the panties themselves. Molly began shivering with excitement as Sarah’s hand moved across her mound.

You’re dampening her panties, love,” Bob pointed out to Sarah.

Sarah dropped to her knees right in front of Molly’s crotch, examining the satin there. “Oh yes. There’s a wet spot forming,” Sarah agreed. “I’d better take these off before they get soaked and stained.”

Molly signaled acceptance by widening her stance slightly as Sarah hooked her fingers in the waistband of the panties. Sarah slid them down almost reverently, bringing Molly’s patch of soft, dark brown pubic hair into view. Once Molly’s panties were off, Sarah threaded one of her hands between Molly’s thighs and raised it up to press it against Molly’s low back/hip area, holding her in place. Sarah turned her head sideways, and rubbed her cheek sensuously around and around on Molly’s furred labia, purring happily.

See Bob?” Sarah stated, turning to look at him. “If my pussy hair came in this soft and luxurious, I’d be much more likely to let it grow out once in a while.” She went back to rubbing one cheek and then the other against Molly. These soft caresses caused Molly’s labia to engorge even more, and as they puffed, they parted, opening her slit enough that some dewy, aromatic drops emerged. “Molly, I’d take off your bra, but your pussy is starting to leak, and I don’t want to miss catching your juices.” Her tongue lapped along Molly’s furrow, capturing the fluids.

Molly took the hint, reaching back and unsnapping her bra, which she tossed to a grinning Bob. Her nipples felt rock hard, so she pinched them to check. The combined stimulation of cunt and nipples made her moan loudly. Her thighs quivered.

Honey, better let Molly sit down before she falls down,” Bob advised.

Sarah reached around Molly’s hips to grasp both her butt cheeks. Keeping her face planted in Molly’s crotch, and still licking, Sarah hobbled forward on her knees, easing Molly backwards toward the sofa. When they got there, Molly used one hand on a sofa cushion for balance as she sank down, keeping her thighs spread wide open. Seated now, her pelvis tilted more, and Sarah was able to fasten her lips fully over Molly’s sex. Sarah started sucking at Molly’s cunt as she thrust her tongue deep into her vaginal tunnel, tongue tip flipping and exploring.

Molly rested her back against an upright sofa cushion, and started tugging and rolling the sensitive tissues of her areolae. Soon she was grinding her cunt against Sarah’s face as Sarah sucked at her pussy lips and clit, spearing Molly’s pussy with a long, hot tongue. Molly held back as long as she could, but Sarah was greedily insistent. With a long, drawn out cry, Molly began cumming, drumming her heels on the floor. Sarah ate her until Molly’s orgasm ran its course, leaving her slumped on the couch. Sarah carefully licked her clean, declaring, “I’ve waited weeks and weeks to eat your pussy! And it was even better than I ever imagined.”

Molly grasped Sarah’s head and pulled her up for a tender kiss. “Thank you,” she whispered. “That was delightful. I want to do you, once I gather up some energy.”

Sarah grinned. “We have all day, sweetie. And we also have some dogs to train. You up for that?”

Absolutely,” Molly replied. “I’m always up for a good dog fucking.”

Bob recognized his cue. He went out to the kennels and returned with Sparkie, a white Akita, and Thunder, a lovely German Shepherd. Both dogs trotted proudly in their leather booties, dark eyes gleaming with intelligence. “Which do you want, Molly?” he asked, giving the ‘guest’ first choice.

Here, Sparkie,” Molly called. The Akita walked over, nosed Sarah aside, and began licking Molly’s labia. Molly giggled, pleased by the dog’s quick attention.

Sarah pulled off her dressing gown as she stood up. Molly looked where Sarah’s thighs came together and observed the woman’s clean shaven pussy. Sarah’s labia were bright pink, shading to a darker pink-brown at the edges of their lips. Thunder immediately planted his snout there, claiming this bitch. He licked and nudged her, his cock starting to emerge from its hairy sheath. Sarah took the hint, getting down into breeding position on her hands and knees.

Thunder looked at Bob, silently waiting to be commanded. Licking and nuzzling the bitch’s crotch in greeting was one thing, but carrying it further into mounting her required the well-trained dog to be commanded. Bob smiled, nodded, and said, “Thunder. Mount.”

In seconds, the dog’s cock penetrated Sarah’s pussy, his aim aided by her hand. He began fucking her.

Meanwhile, Molly got into breeding position alongside Sarah, about a yard away from her. Sparkie heard Bob command, “Sparkie. Mount.” Molly gasped as the soft Akita fur brushed her ass and back. She gasped louder when Sparkie’s cock opened and filled her cunt.

OMG, Sparkie! What a good boy!” Molly moaned as she braced herself with her knees and forearms. Her cunt contracted, gripping the dog’s thrusting rod. She could already feel the wetness generated by his copious precum. She looked over at Sarah, being furiously hammered by the German Shepherd. As his haunches rocked rapidly back and forth, Sarah’s tits bobbed and swayed beneath her naked torso. Her eyes were closed, her head was up, and she was murmuring something Molly can not make out.

As Molly watched, Thunder gave a mighty heave, pulling Sarah’s waist backward with his front paws, and his knot buried itself halfway into her vagina. Sarah screamed as both she and the dog froze motionless. Molly heard Thunder give off a sound that combined a growl with a howl. He was cumming, breeding his bitch. Sarah bit her lip – she must’ve been feeling his seed filling her.

While Molly was gazing, open-mouthed, at Thunder and Sarah, Sparkie got her attention once again. It’s easy for a dog to claim your attention when he knots you! With a burst of pain, Molly felt the swollen base of Sparkie’s cock wedge itself in her pussy entrance. Once lodged, it even inflated, sealing her tight. She felt the very tip of the cock soften inside her, and then the flood that erupted from it. Semen filled her tunnel in an instant, and then forced itself into her womb, inflating it. Sparkie gave off a satisfied sound, while Molly moaned loudly, closing her eyes to focus on the sensations. She took deep, calming breaths.

When Molly opened her eyes to look toward Sarah, she found Sarah already looking at her, and grinning. It was obvious they were both knotted. Sparkie had draped himself along Molly’s back, motionless except for his panting, and licking the back of her neck. Thunder had swiveled himself off Sarah, so that the two of them were positioned ass to ass, still tied together. His bushy tail swept Sarah’s back from time to time as he waited to be freed. Again, Molly marveled that a dog’s cock could point straight behind him with no damage.

Gradually, the dogs’ knots deflated, and squelched their way loose, leaving the women’s cunts gaping and expelling globs of dog semen, with its characteristic ‘inky’ scent. The dogs ambled over to where Bob sat, plopped down, and started licking their sexual parts clean. Bob had thoroughly enjoyed watching, and what he saw next he liked even better.

Scooting toward Molly, Sarah told her, “Get onto your side, Molly.” As Molly did so, Sarah also got onto her side, facing the same direction. She then slid her cunt against Molly’s, looping her upper leg over Molly’s upper leg and planting her foot on the floor behind them. Their cunts firmly together, Sarah began rubbing her semen-coated pussy against Molly’s. Molly grabbed Sarah’s leg for leverage, and helped to grind their cunts together. Bob watched the two women scissoring, and began rubbing his cock through the material of his pants.

He could have danced a jig, naked, and the two women would not have noticed. They were completely wrapped up in their tribadism, savoring the intensity of the stimulation. Sarah’s smooth labia rubbed against the soft fur on Molly’s, but both sets of labia were coated and smeared with dog semen. Somehow, the feel and the smell of the semen was acting like an aphrodisiac, and the women experienced one orgasm after another, until they let go of each other’s legs, and collapsed on the floor. Bob applauded, momentarily startling the dogs, and then led Thunder and Sparkie back to the kennels.

Bob returned to the house, went to the kitchen, and prepared tea and sandwiches. The women were better rested after he served them this light repast. Still naked, they ate and drank at the dining table, with Bob finally joining them in their nudity.

When they were finished, Sarah whispered to Bob, “Do you think it’s time to show Molly just how kinky I am?” It was actually a stage whisper, so Molly heard her clearly.

Babe, I tell you. Molly’s as kinky as you are. I doubt you’ll shock her,” was his answer. “Look at how enthusiastically she acted on your cunt rubbing.”

Sarah smiled and nodded. “You’re right. Let’s show her.”

They began walking out into the secluded area behind the house, where the kennels were located. As they reached them, they went around the left side of the housing to a special area behind it. “Did you ever wonder how we begin the dogs’ training, Molly? How we decide which ones have potential?” Bob asked as they strolled.

Hmm. I never really thought about it, Bob,” she replied. “I know we get them used to being touched, and then mouthed, and ultimately to mount on command, during the training sequence.”

That’s true. But I’m talking about even before that,” Bob stated, smiling. He shared a secret smile with Sarah, who was beginning to quiver with excitement. The scent of dog was getting quite strong, which both women reacted to, viscerally.

They’d reached the special area, enclosed by wire fencing. Inside it was a strange looking object, sort of like a low, inclined bench, but with some padding, and a plethora of metal rings.

Molly had a suspicion about it, but she asked anyway, “What’s that? And what’s it for?”

Just watch,” Bob advised her.

Sarah complacently put herself face down along the bench, with her ass at the higher end. Her head and shoulder area was low, and her tits flattened on the upper surface of the bench. Bob draped what looked like canvas over Sarah’s back, and began tying her into place, using ropes that secured to the various metal rings. Soon, Sarah was completely trussed to the bench. Bob opened a small chest and brought out lubricant and a butt plug. Getting the butt plug slippery, he worked it into Sarah’s ass hole. Medical tape from the chest was used to tape her labia to her thighs, opening her cunt wide.

Molly was fascinated by these actions. She was even more fascinated when Bob led her out of the enclosure, and secured its gate. He pulled a rope, and a shutter slid upwards, uncovering an opening in the rear wall of the building. Five large dogs came running out, barking. Molly had never seen any of them before.

We just got this batch this morning,” Bob explained. “Now let’s see if they display any interest.” As he spoke, he had one hand on the gate, obviously ready to open it quickly, if needed. The dogs circled Sarah, sniffing and licking her face, legs, ass and torso. They were obviously interested in this unexpected presentation. When a few of them sniffed Sarah’s crotch, the pointed pink tips of their cocks peeked into view.

Are you scared?” Molly called out to Sarah.

Not a bit,” Sarah answered. “I’ve never been hurt by them, other than a few minor scratches on my legs. And my ass hole is protected, so I’m safe there. The only openings they can use are my mouth and my pussy. Once they actually begin, only one time has any of the new recruits used my mouth. We’re finding out if they show evidence of wanting to mount a hairless bitch – me. If so, we’ll train them. If not, we’ll find them a home. Right now, they’re figuring out dominance, establishing a sort of pecking order.”

Some sort of conclusion had apparently been reached because the big, black Rottweiler moved between Sarah’s thighs and began licking her rapidly. His cock was unsheathing, its pink rod veined in deep red lines already leaking precum. He reared up, planting his paws on Sarah’s back. Molly could swear she heard the air whoosh out of Sarah’s lungs as his weight pressed down on her. His haunches bucked forward and back, stabbing his cock against her thighs as he tried to find her hole. He failed, hopped off, licked his target, and mounted again. It took him three attempts to connect.

He’s in!” Sarah gasped. Molly and Bob watched the dog use her like a bitch in heat. His knot was enormous, but he just pressed it hard against her cunt opening as he squirted his semen into her. Satisfied, he hopped off and moved away, leaving Sarah’s cunt open and dripping.

A white Samoyed moved in, lapping away the semen, his cock becoming visible beneath his belly. Sarah moaned and twisted in the ropes, apparently having an orgasm, either from the fucking, or the licking. The Samoyed didn’t care. He mounted her and on his very first attempt coupled with her, maybe because her cunt was still dilated from the Rottweiler’s cock. He fucked Sarah with what looked like undisciplined savagery, but she was not complaining. “Yes, fuck me!” she cried. He did, and his ejaculate soon joined that of the Rottweiler’s.

Molly, shaking with emotion, pictured those dog sperm swimming in Sarah’s cunt, womb, and Fallopian tubes. Bob’s cock was rigid, dripping with precum of his own. Molly wanted that cock in her and she told Bob exactly that. “Please fuck me as we watch, Bob. I need to be fucked hard, in my cunt or ass – I don’t care which.”

A brown Akita was shoving between Sarah’s thighs as Bob commanded, “Then get on your hands and knees, Molly, and offer me that ass of yours! I’ll ream you good!” He was applying the same lubricant to his cock and her ass hole that he’d used on the butt plug.

Molly watched the Akita attempt to mount Sarah several times, until he finally connected. At that same moment, she felt Bob plow his dick into her ass. Since he was gripping her hips tightly, she braced on only one hand, and used the other one to diddle her cunt. She watched the Akita hammer his cock into Sarah’s pussy. His hip movements were the fastest of the three dogs that had used her thus far. Sarah’s ass cheeks were vibrating in harmony with the dog’s rapid thrusts. The Akita came. Sarah came. Molly came. Bob kept pumping his dick into Molly’s ass.

The boxer showed no interest in Sarah at all, so the Golden Retriever mounted her instead. As his dick plunged in, it displaced a massive amount of cum which gushed onto Sarah’s thighs and puddled on the cage floor beneath her, spreading out to her knees. The expression on the dog’s face looked like the characteristic smile that his breed displays. He apparently had no qualms about taking sloppy fourths with this bitch.

Molly was in the middle of a post-orgasmic aftershock when she felt Bob’s cock twitch deep inside her rectum. Then she felt the insistent ripples as his cock spewed spurt after spurt of lovely, hot cum into her bowels. She screamed with pleasure, and quickly finger-fucked herself to another orgasm, which made her ass muscles contract and suck at Bob’s cock, draining him dry. He stayed inside Molly until the Golden Retriever dismounted. The dog wagged his tail happily, as if thrilled to have taken part in the attempt to impregnate this bitch.

Bob went into the enclosure, herded the dogs back through the opening into the building, and slid the shutter closed. Molly, aware that her ass hole was leaking Bob’s cum, crawled over to Sarah. Sarah’s eyes were rolled back in their sockets, and she was panting, while quivering and moaning in either pain or ecstasy. Bob was dabbing at Sarah’s crotch with a soft towel, wiping away the lion’s share of what had leaked from her.

Molly began stroking Sarah’s hair, asking, “Are you OK?”

Sarah gulped some air, and her eyes rolled back into focus. “Oh, hi Molly,” she whispered. “I’m fine. Nothing to worry about.” However, she didn’t move as Bob untied the ropes that held her to the bench. She groaned as he carefully eased the butt plug from her ass and removed the tapes from her labia. “That is so amazing, Molly. Being used by one dog after another, like that. I feel so well fucked now. It’s indescribable,” she added.

Moved by a strange impulse, Molly kissed Sarah sweetly. “I’m glad you’re OK. That was a bit scary to watch, but oh so very, very hot! Bob fucked my ass as we watched.”

Sarah smiled. “I’m glad he did. And I’m glad you both got aroused, watching. I think I’m ready to get up now, if one of you will give me a hand.”

They both helped Sarah to her feet. As they walked her slowly back to the house, more gushes of dog semen emerged from Sarah’s cunt, drizzling down her bare legs into the grass. “How many used me, Bob?” she asked, her voice still sounding dazzled.

Four out of the five, sweetie,” he answered. “The boxer is a dud – the rest were very enthusiastic. We’ll find a home for the boxer sometime next week. The others can start their real training soon.”

Molly faltered a step, her eyes refusing to focus for a moment as her mind’s eye pictured four different breeds of dog sperm swimming merrily around inside Sarah. Sperm can live for days and days inside a woman.

When they reached the house, Sarah put on a thick pair of cotton panties as Bob wiped off her legs. “No sense tracking semen all the way to the bathroom,” Sarah explained.

All three of them went into the bathroom, and into the spacious shower stall. Sarah removed the panties under the spray, and Molly and Bob helped clean her. Bob washed off Sarah’s outer surfaces, while Molly was given the honor of scooping the dog semen out of Sarah’s vagina. Of course, as that tunnel was emptied, more seeped out of her cervix from her uterus, so Molly was under the warm spray, scooping, for quite some little time. That was actually good, because Sarah needed time to recover. Molly’s ass finished leaking Bob’s semen as she stooped under the shower of water, working on Sarah’s cunt.

As the women left the shower and began drying their hair, Bob quickly toweled off to fetch food and drink. They all needed replenishment – Sarah most of all. After eating, drinking, resting, and listening to some soothing music, the trio went into the bedroom.

You’ve seen me being kinky, Molly,” Sarah said, grinning. “Ready to be kinky WITH me, now?”

Raring to go,” Molly replied. “Watching you in action really got my kink engine running. What’ll we do?”

Just stand here with me,” Sarah answered, pulling Molly into a close embrace. Face to face, breast to breast, belly to belly, cunt to cunt, the two women wrapped arms around each other’s back. They kissed, eyes closed.

Molly felt the rope snug around them at their waists. Bob must’ve dropped a loop over them, and pulled it tight. He started circling them, putting several loops around their waists before tying it off. He carefully tied Molly’s wrists together behind Sarah’s back, then Sarah’s together behind Molly’s back. He secured the wrists to the waist ropes. Threading a rope through their four armpits, he loosely tied their chests together.

Excited?” Sarah whispered.

Can you feel my nipples poking hard into your tits, Sarah? Yes, very excited,” Molly whispered back. She inhaled the clean scent of Sarah’s neck. She wasn’t watching Bob, so the first swipe of the flogger across her ass caught her completely by surprise!

Yikes!” Molly yipped, pressing hard against Sarah in a vain attempt to move away from the shocking sensation.

The next slap of the flogger was on Sarah’s ass. Even though she was anticipating it, her body instinctively pressed against Molly’s.

A laughing, grinning Bob, circled them, flogging their asses over and over. He was not trying to hurt them at all. His goal was to make them hop up and down a bit, rubbing the fronts of their bodies together erotically. And they did. Sweat broke out, making their skins glisten as they hopped, pressed and rubbed. Breasts rubbed, bellies rubbed, and cunt and thighs rubbed. The two women began kissing passionately, caught up in the moment.

Bob pressed his hands between their cunts, moving them briefly apart, far enough to insert a double headed dildo between them and into their slick pussies. Now as they kissed and hopped and rubbed from the flogging, they were also fucking each other vaginally. Soon, Molly erupted in orgasm, her cry of release muffled in Sarah’s mouth. Feeling Molly cumming against her, Sarah also climaxed. Bob stopped flogging and just watched the women shudder and strain against each other.

Untying the ropes, Bob helped Molly over to the bed, stretching her out on her back, and placing her arms up over her head. Molly was totally compliant, still feeling the aftermath of that lovely orgasm. Bob held Molly’s hands up by the headboard of the bed, as Sarah closed the handcuffs on Molly’s wrists. The handcuff chain was looped behind one of the vertical metal bars of the headboard.

Feeling herself bound, Molly uttered a confused, “What?”

Don’t worry,” Sarah assured her. “If you want the handcuffs removed, just tell us. But please try this while being restrained. I think you’ll like it.” Saying that, Sarah scooted down the bed, coming to rest between Molly’s legs. She looped her arms over Molly’s thighs, bringing her hands under the woman’s ass, and her face against Molly’s cunt. Massaging Molly’s ass cheeks, Sarah began the most satisfying cunnilingus that Molly had felt in a very long time! That woman really knew how to eat pussy!

Using her lips and tongue, Sarah teased Molly to the brink of orgasm again and again. Bob held Molly’s hands in one of his so she wouldn’t strain too hard against the handcuffs. His other hand playfully toyed with Molly’s exposed, vulnerable breasts, as he watched his wife’s expertise at her crotch.

Molly was whimpering, moaning, and begging Sarah to let her cum. She felt like she was going crazy, being tormented like this. But she also found that she loved being restrained and vulnerable, ceding control to the lovely woman between her legs. She managed to loop her own feet over Sarah’s knees/leg region, thereby embracing her as best she could, under the circumstances.

When Sarah finally let Molly cum, the orgasm was so intense that Molly felt the top of her head was threatening to fly off. Wave after wave of release coursed through her as Sarah greedily drank Molly’s cum from her welling honey pot.

Sarah rolled off Molly, but before the handcuffed woman could move, Bob moved into position between Molly’s legs and plunged his cock into her churning cunt. The sensation was mind-blowing for both of them! Molly felt her cunt stretched and stuffed full in an instant, and Bob felt her heated, wet walls gripping and sucking at his dick. He started fucking her with long, deep strokes.

Sarah came up to the headboard, grabbing its upper rail, and straddled Molly’s head. Sarah used her fingers to part her labia, poised over Molly’s face. Molly looked up directly into Sarah’s vaginal tunnel. Her friend was obviously aroused from eating her, because Sarah’s pussy juices were drooling from Sarah’s vaginal entrance, while that same opening was contracting and dilating as its inner walls rippled. “Eat me now, Molly,” Sarah pleaded.

Molly needed no prodding to do so. The edges of Sarah’s musky cunt made contact with Molly’s lips, and Molly immediately sucked each of the labia into her mouth, almost chewing the delicate tissues as her suction engorged them even more. Sarah began moaning as Molly’s mouth pushed her outer labia aside, fastened to her inner labia, and began sucking. Bob was fucking Molly’s cunt, and Molly began fucking Sarah’s cunt with her tongue, using a similar rhythm.

Molly’s suction must’ve pulled more dog semen from the depths of Sarah’s womb, because Sarah’s pussy juices became flavored with a slightly sweet, inky taste of dog cum. Molly didn’t mind that one bit. She loved the taste of dog semen, and she found she loved the taste of Sarah, as well.

Bob was speeding up his thrusts, so Molly knew he was about to cum. She suckled gently on Sarah’s pussy, because for the moment, she wanted to focus on feeling Bob release in her pussy. Sure enough, a minute or two later, he grunted something unintelligible, shoved his dick into her to its full depth, stopped pumping his hips, and just spewed spurt after spurt, until he pulled out and rolled off her.

Now Molly wanted Sarah to cum. Shifting her head slightly, she let her tongue wash and flick over the woman’s pee hole, and then gave Sarah’s clit a tongue lashing. Sarah had been simmering, and this sudden loving assault on her swollen, throbbing clit sent her over the edge. Molly slid her lips down to Sarah’s cunt just in time to catch the first discharge of her cum as she yelled, “Oh FUCK! I’m CUMMING!”

Molly drank, used her tongue to stimulate anew, and drank some more, as Sarah moaned and mashed her cunt against Molly’s mouth. She prolonged Sarah’s orgasm as long as she could, until the woman rolled sideways, removing her quivering cunt from Molly’s still eager mouth. After taking time to catch her breath, Sarah went down to Molly’s cunt, sucked a huge gob of Bob’s semen from it, crawled back up Molly’s body, and fed it to her, mouth to mouth. Sharing Bob’s semen like this was very, very erotic, Molly decided. This was turning out to be a kinky, exciting threesome, more so than Molly’d ever imagined.

And the married couple weren’t done with their new playmate just yet. Bob held Molly’s feet while Sarah used a powerful vibrator to make her cum several times. Then Sarah held Molly’s feet while Bob place an electrical pad near Molly’s clit, and an electrode deep into her cunt. When he turned on the current to a low setting, Molly felt a peculiar sensation at her crotch. Sort of pins and needles, but pleasant. Bob changed the settings, and the sensations intensified. And intensified. Molly’s toes curled under and she screamed and bounced on the bed as a crescendo of orgasms, one after another, coursed through her body.

Finally, Molly fainted from an excess of pleasure.

She had no idea how long she’d been unconscious, but it was still light out when she opened her eyes. She tried to shift her body, but found she could not. She was face down. It felt like her back was covered in canvas. And she was tied to the bench in the special area behind the kennel building. Her ass was plugged with a butt plug, she could tell, and judging from the flow of air on her cunt, her labia were taped open.

Bob and Sarah were watching from outside the enclosure, pleased to see her awakening. “You can tell where you are, right?” Bob asked her. Molly nodded, her head being about all she could move.

Are you game to try this?” Sarah asked, eyes bright.

Molly thought it over. She’d seen Sarah taking on the dogs, relatively unscathed and apparently enjoying it. And Molly had a strong streak of curiosity. She really wanted to know what Sarah had experienced. And only four of the dogs had used Sarah, anyway.

She made her decision. “Release the dogs, Bob,” she told him. “I want you to, and I want to experience this.”

Bob grinned and opened the shutter. How could Molly have known that Bob had a second set of dogs that needed to be tested? Out came five new dogs! A black Labrador, followed by a Doberman, then a yellow Labrador. The fourth dog out she didn’t recognize, and was told later it was an Anatolian Shepherd dog. Her heart leaped into her throat when the fifth and final dog emerged – a Great Dane!

Bob and Sarah screwed as they watched all five of the dogs mount and breed Molly, one after the other. They lost count of her cries of orgasm as dog cocks hammered her cunt incessantly.

When all five dogs had finished and dismounted, and Molly could think more coherently, she mentally analyzed the experience. “That was as intense as Sarah had related, if not more so. I’m sure glad the Great Dane used me last, after the other dogs had opened my cunt and lubed it so well with their semen. That cock of his felt as enormous as some of the knots I’ve experienced, and it was only his shaft!”

Untying Molly after the dogs had been herded back into the building, Sarah asked, “Are you OK? How was that for you?”

A smiling, albeit dazed, Molly pondered a minute or two, then replied, “My cunt feels sore and well used. My tummy feels so awash in semen that I think I might slosh as I move. As far as being bound and taken by so many dogs in a row – you’re right, Sarah. It’s indescribable.” She paused, not speaking as Sarah and Bob helped her to her feet. Then her eager words tumbled out, “How often do we get to test new batches of dogs?”

Bob and Sarah laughed, embraced her in a warm cocoon of their flesh, and kissed her.