I wrote some fantasy stories about bondage, and somehow a dog crept into the tale.

I could not tell if anyone was reading them, so a friend told me to move them to, where people not only read (and number of reads is recorded), but also can vote. Link to those stories here.

However, that site allows tales of werewolves, etc. – but not plain old dog (read “beastiality”) stories.

So those stories had to stay here. And just recently, they rejected a story I wrote at the specific request of a reader, because it was “too non-consenting” even though they never got to read part 02, or understand this is the fantasy HE found gratifying. Heavy, heavy sighs. So, you get to read “Martin’s Torment” here, if you wish.

I emphasize they are fantasy. I do not advocate trying any of this stuff.

In fact, the best fantasies often lose their magic, if a person tries to make them reality.

If even the thought of beastiality or heavy bondage bothers you… stop now… read no farther.

By the way. I have to alter the publishing dates on these, so they will be presented in the correct order. Postings actually started early in 2014. The numbers in parentheses indicate the order of creation.

Submissive’s Journey Beastiality Chapters

(01) Pets  (after Submissive’s Journey 11 )                       (02) Visit from Susan ( Submissive’s Journey 15)

(03) Susan and Bruno (the followup to Submissive’s Journey 15)


Trip to the Vet Series

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Bob Series

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Hostess Series

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Martin Series (BDSM)

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Martin’s Torment – pt. 03                                            Martin Meets Molly

Martin and the Glory Hole                                         Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

Cuckold Stories

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Incest Stories

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Miscellaneous Stories

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(41) Amber’s Story, Pt. 1         


(42) Storm Time              


Beastiality 07 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 2

Soon after we arrived home (see: “A Trip to the Vet’s Office”) I got my next surprise.

I had removed my clothing leaving only my collar on, and was in the kitchen doing my chores, when I heard the doorbell. Strangely, Mistress did not command me to answer it, calling out to me, “I will get it, pet.”

I heard only a muffled conversation from our front room. After a few minutes, Mistress entered the kitchen carrying a leash. “Get down on your knees, pet. I want you crawling when you meet our visitor. I have engaged the services of a dog trainer to work with you.”

I was shocked speechless.

As I got down onto my hands and knees, Mistress clipped the lead of the leash to my collar. Giving the leash a slight tug, she said, “Come girl. Come and meet Miss Allen.” I obeyed, of course, but with some trepidation, my heart hammering in my chest. Crawling like a dog, I trailed behind Mistress, peeking meekly between her legs to both hide from and yet get a glimpse of this stranger I was to meet.

What I saw did not reassure me in the least. Miss Allen was a tall imposing figure, dressed in clingy black leather. Something in her body language, her sheer emanation of confidence, of dominance, frightened me. Her eyes raked over my body. I imagined that I saw stark disapproval in them. In that moment I found that I could not control my bladder. To my dismay,warm piss hissed down my thigh to piddle beneath me.

“Your bitch is not housebroken yet, I see,” intoned Miss Allen in a quiet voice.

I was mortified.

“Should I rub her nose in it? Swat her with a rolled up newspaper? Tell her what a bad girl she is?” Mistress inquired. It sounded to me that she asked these questions somewhat eagerly.

“You can, of course – but I would not recommend it. Those approaches are quite old school. As the owner, it is your job to clean up after your bitch. Get a rag, sop up the urine, and then rub it outside where you want her to normally go.”

I expected that Mistress would order me to clean up after myself. I went wide-eyed with astonishment to see her obey Miss Allen without a murmur of protest. Handing my leash over to the trainer, she marched to the kitchen in search of a rag.

Miss Allen gave the leash a slight tug and snapped her fingers down by the side of her thigh. I understood the signal, and crawled closer to her, away from the pool of piss. As I drew near her, she formed her hand into a fist, quietly commanding, “Sit”. Seeing the fist, I flinched and moved back slightly. “No,” she stated in that same quiet, calm voice. She repeated the word “Sit” making the hand gesture of a closed fist again. Since she had not struck me with the fist, this time I did not flinch or move away. I cautiously lowered my buttocks to the floor. “Yes,” she intoned with that steady voice of hers. A tiny bit of my fear melted.

Unhooking the leash, Miss Allen made a sort of soothing, clucking sound in her throat as she leaned over to position my body to her satisfaction. She pulled my knees farther apart from each other, and gently pressed my hands back farther under my torso just inside of my knees. When she finished, I was sitting on my haunches, with my back straight. My breasts were thrust out between the vertical pillars formed by my arms. I was certain that this open kneed stance also exposed my vulva to anyone standing in front of me.

“Good,” she commended, and held a small piece of cookie in front of my lips. Hesitantly, carefully I maneuvered my lips to pull it from between her fingers. I was being rewarded for good behavior!

Mistress reentered the room, carrying a rag. I turned my head to look at her. Miss Allen almost whispered ,”Sit. Watch me.” As I swiveled my head back in her direction, I again saw her making the sign of a closed fist. Off to the side, I could hear Mistress swiping the rag through the pool of urine. I was so incredulous that she was doing this that I again looked in her direction. Miss Allen made a guttural disquieting sound of disapproval in her throat and repeated, “Watch me.” Frightened as I was, that sound she made shook me to my core. Trembling slightly, I quickly looked back into her face. “Yessss,” she uttered, reinforcing my behavior.

There was a small rooftop garden adjacent to our dining area. Heading there, Mistress went through the edge of my field of vision, holding the urine soaked rag by two hesitant fingers as she carried it from the room. I tried to keep my focus on Miss Allen, but as time dragged on, my eyes started going to the doorway where Mistress had disappeared.

Miss Allen leaned over and tapped my neck to correct me. “Watch me,” she restated. As we waited, if my posture shifted or slumped in the slightest, she was quick to reposition me.

I heard the sound of running water from our kitchen, and assumed that Mistress was washing any remaining urine from her hands. Soon she stood next to Miss Allen.

“Have you docked her tail?” she asked Mistress. “I don’t see one.”

“I’m afraid I never thought of giving her a tail,” Mistress replied with an amused voice. “It would probably look very good on her. Where would I get one?”

“I brought one along in my bag, just in case,” Miss Allen answered with a slight chuckle in her voice. She reached into her bag and produced a butt plug, complete with a lifelike dog tail hanging from it. Looking down at me, she extended a flat hand, palm up, and raised it slightly saying, “Stand.”

A little confused, I began getting up onto my feet. Miss Allen stopped me cold by saying, “No.” Forming her hand into a fist, she whispered, “Sit.” Mistress watched carefully as I immediately dropped to my haunches and tried to get into my proper position. Miss Allen again adjusted my knee and arm placement to meet her requirements. Kneeling near my left side, she moved her left hand, palm up, in front of my face. Repeating, “Stand” she again raised her palm slightly. At the same time, she moved her right hand to my lower belly almost on my mound and gave me a slight lift in that region.

Acutely aware of how close her hand was to my sex, I nonetheless got the message to raise my hips up, getting onto my hands and knees. “Yessss,” Miss Allen stated, confirming that I had acted properly.

Absorbing what she was witnessing, Mistress inquired, “Should I be making hand gestures as you are doing?”

“Yes. You will find that your bitch focuses quite a bit on your body language. You need to keep your verbal commands to a minimum, and use a confident, assertive, firm but quiet tone of voice. After all, you are the pack leader, and she needs to understand that.”

Spitting on the butt plug, she smeared her saliva all over it. Placing its tip at my puckered anal opening, she grasped my mound to hold my position steady as she deftly inserted the plug deep into my ass hole. I whimpered as I felt it stretch and fill me. She made soothing shushing sounds to quiet me. “That’s a good bitch,” she praised me.

“Lovely,” Mistress commented, examining the results. I knelt there, blushing hotly, imagining what I must look like now. “Sit,” she commanded loudly, awkwardly shaking her fist at me. Startled, I crawled back a few inches.

“No, dear,” Miss Allen corrected her. “Less volume. Also, you merely close your hand into a fist as a signal. You do not threaten her with it.” I realized that this dog trainer was in actuality training both of us.

Mistress tried again. She closed her hand into a fist in front of her belly, and said quietly, “Sit.” I dropped into a close approximation of the correct posture, slightly surprised when the butt plug was driven more firmly into my ass by its contact with the floor.

Miss Allen showed Mistress how to fix my posture with gentle corrective pushes. “You must make these adjustments very carefully during the training. Soon the positions will be ingrained into her muscle memory. From that point on, her perfect compliance will become automatic.”

Stepping in front of me, Miss Allen pointed one finger at the floor and uttered, “Down.”

I looked at her quizzically. I was, after all, sitting down on the floor. I tried bending my elbows out to the side, so I could lower my shoulders.

Miss Allen shook her head slightly, and knelt down before me. Repeating the command, “Down,” and pointing downward with a finger, she reached out and grasped my wrists pulling them towards her. Ultimately, as she made further corrections, I ended up with my arms stretched out before me, my breasts pressed against the floor, and my thighs splayed out sideways so much that my mound also touched the floor. I felt very submissive like this – tilting my head up I could barely see up to the knees of someone standing before me. My limbs were aching from this unfamiliar positioning. When a hand came into view and slowly closed into a fist, I rose up to a fairly perfect sitting position almost without thinking.

“Yessss. See what a good little bitch she is turning out to be?” Miss Allen said.

“Amazing. You really have a gift of working with pets,” Mistress complemented her. “Have you encountered any difficult cases?”

“Rarely,” she replied. “But when I do, I find that if I use this, they quickly learn to settle down and obey.” Saying this, she reached into her bag and pulled out a circlet of metal links, each link having a tine ending in a knob pointing inward from it. “This is called a pinch collar. It does not harm the animal, but it quickly gets its attention.”

I shuddered visibly, imagining such a thing around my neck, digging into my sensitive flesh if I committed any misdeed. I resolved to be a very good bitch indeed. Without forethought, I raised myself onto my hands and knees and began pleading loudly with both Mistress and Miss Allen. “Please don’t! Please! I’ll be good. I promise!” I was begging so earnestly that I did not hear a command issued by Mistress. Miss Allen, noticing this, quickly pulled a squirt bottle from her bag and squirted me full in the face.

Startled, my tirade was broken. Miss Allen quietly said, “Sit,” and closed her fist. My body reacted, dropping me onto my haunches, knees apart, my spine and arms straight. “Yessss,” she stated approvingly. Turning to Mistress she explained, “With an outburst of barking like that, first you break the bitch’s concentration with the squirt bottle. Then you put it into some correct behavior, such as a sit. If you don’t tell it what you want it to do, it won’t know what to do except go back to barking again.”

“That was remarkable,” Mistress mused. “I may have to get a belt holster for a squirt bottle,” she said with a smile. “I was tempted to slap her, or clamp her mouth shut when she started doing that.”

“That is not a good idea,” Miss Allen explained. “That actually breaks the bond you are trying to establish as pack leader. Never raise your voice to the bitch, nor strike her. Also, use the word ‘no’ very sparingly – if it is used too often she may come to ignore it. Instead, sculpt her behavior by reinforcing her good actions. Simply saying ‘Yessss’ when she obeys correctly is a good positive reinforcement. Some people prefer to use a small hand clicker, clicking it when their pet does the right thing. When your bitch is especially good, you can feed her a treat.”

“A clicker,” Mistress considered. “I am imagining walking her in public, clicking at her every time she does something good. How delicious that would be,” she said with a grin.

I felt the heat spread from my cheeks to my neck, thinking about being on public display as a bitch.

“Yes, we need to work on having her walk in heel position by your side. But there are a few more commands we should cover first.” Saying this, she turned me to face the length of the room, keeping me in my sit position. Showing me her open palm, fingers pointing up, she intoned , “Stay.”

She gestured to Mistress to accompany her across the room. I felt my shoulders jerk slightly as I almost instinctively started to follow them. I caught myself in time and remained where I was.

Turning to look at me, and command my attention, Miss Allen stood motionless for quite some time. Finally, she raised her open hand with the back of it facing me. She pulled that open hand toward herself and at the same time quietly spoke, “Come.”

Smiling happily, I crawled toward her, feeling the hairs of the tail brushing the back of my thighs as I moved. In the back of my mind, I knew I looked a bit silly – naked and crawling around like a dog. But there was something about Miss Allen. Something mesmerizing. Maybe it was some pheromone she emits. Maybe the quality of her voice, or her body language. I just knew I wanted to please her as best I could. If she had told me to roll onto my back, arms and legs in the air, so she could rub my tummy, I would have complied immediately, I think. When I reached her, she said, “Yessss. Sit.”

As I dropped onto my haunches, she added, “Good bitch. That’s a good girl. Here,” and again pressed a piece of cookie to my lips. I knew Mistress was observing this interaction, learning along with me.

“Does your bitch have any toys?” Miss Allen asked.

“Toys. Toys. Let me think,” Mistress responded. “Oh,” she said, leaving the room. She returned with a small rubberized cylindrical vibrator. “Will this do?”

“That’s perfect,” Miss Allen chuckled. Taking it from Mistress, she knelt and rolled it across the floor saying, “Fetch,” and looked over to where I was sitting. I looked at her questioningly. She couldn’t mean… I could not believe that she would want me to… it seemed so ludicrous.

Miss Allen made that same guttural disquieting sound of disapproval in her throat, as her face displayed a look of disappointment. Hearing that sound, I flinched. Miss Allen went to the spot where the toy had come to rest. Locking eyes with me, she again rolled it saying, “Fetch.”

Reluctantly playing along, I crawled over to the vibrator and reached out to grasp it. Miss Allen uttered the disapproval sound and spoke a clear word, “No,” which froze me where I knelt. I got the message. Awash with humiliation I lowered my head and took the vibrator in my mouth. Since I had to clean the floors every day, it was thankfully free of dust and dirt. The taste and smell of rubber flooded my mouth and nose. I had reached a depth of submission that surprised me.

Down on one knee, facing me, Miss Allen gave the hand sign for ‘come’ and waited. Acutely aware of Mistress heeding my every movement, I felt a mild form of shame as I crawled over to Miss Allen clenching the rubber cylinder in my teeth like an obedient little doggie. I got within perhaps a foot of her and paused, searching her face for some cue. Smiling, she whispered, “Drop it, and fanned the fingers of her hand wide open. Gratefully, I open my jaw and let the rubber tube fall to the floor, where it bounced once and settled.

“Good. Good little bitch,” Miss Allen practically crooned. She stroked her hand through my hair as she said this, and without thinking my body leaned into her touch. As she continued stroking me, she brought her face very close to mine. My heart was thumping hard in my chest, reacting to her praise and touch. I have no idea where the impulse came from, but I found myself suddenly licking her lips. Mistress gasped audibly when she witnessed this. Instead of berating me, Miss Allen slowly pulled her face back and turned to address Mistress. “Don’t worry. That was perfectly normal behavior. If a bitch licks your lips, it’s a sign of her submission. When she does this to you, accept it gracefully, realizing what it means.”

Miss Allen stopped petting me and said, “I think it’s time for our final lesson for today, which is how to get your bitch to heel as you take her for walks.” She took advantage of our proximity to clip the leash to my collar, and then stood up. Since it was obvious that I had no idea what I was supposed to do, Miss Allen walked around me until I was in the correct position relative to her. “As you can see,” she explained to Mistress, “you want your bitch to be on your left side, with her right shoulder near your left leg. Hold the leash loosely. The more you tighten the leash, the harder your pet will try to pull away.”

I admit that I was listening very carefully to this explanation, my head turned up to look into her face as she spoke. She looked down into my eyes, smiled approvingly, and said, “Heel” and began walking slowly. I began shuffling forward on my hands and knees trying to stay near her left leg. “Yessss,” she coached me. I was feeling so pleased with myself that I failed to notice when she came to an abrupt halt. I crawled forward a foot or so before two things occurred – her disapproval sound and the leash growing taut as I came to the end of the slack. A little shamefaced, I shuffled back near her left leg.

After a moment or two, she changed direction, whispering, “Heel,” and off we went again. As we approached a doorway, I assumed we were going to pass through it, so I kept going. Mistress saw Miss Allen just stop where she was and wait patiently for me to realize my error and creep back to her left leg. I learned rapidly that I should not assume anything as I was being led on a walk like this. We walked together through several rooms, Miss Allen praising me with “Yessss” to encourage me when I was focused on her and stayed with her, and correcting me with the disapproval sound when my attention wandered. Mistress also had her turn, walking me in heel position. Miss Allen spent most of this time correcting her behavior, rather than mine. My knees were getting rather sore since I was unused to this amount of crawling.

I was grateful when Mistress closed her fist and quietly uttered, “Sit.” Hot, sweaty and shaky, I lowered my buttocks, forming myself into the proper pose. I was a little surprised as the butt plug poked deeper into my ass as it made contact with the floor – I had forgotten that I was wearing it!

“I think you’d better get her some knee pads if you are going to walk her anymore than a short distance. I hope you noticed that she was starting to limp near the end,” Miss Allen cautioned Mistress.

“Yes, I did notice, and I’ll get her some pads quite soon. It was thrilling seeing her heel like that. I am happy that she is being so obedient now. Thank you for such an entertaining and informative lesson,” Mistress said, giving Miss Allen a warm hug.

“My pleasure,” she responded. “I hope that after you work with your bitch for a while, you will invite me over so I can judge her progress.”

“Certainly,” Mistress assured her. “Let’s make it soon, in case I misunderstood any part of your directions, because I don’t want either of us to get into a bad habit that we will have to unlearn.”

At this point, I realized that hours had passed without a bathroom break for me. My bladder was signaling a sense of urgency. “Mistress. May I please go use the toilet?” I asked her.

To my surprise, Miss Allen made her sound of disapproval. “Go to the garden door, and scratch it gently while whimpering, little bitch. This lets your Mistress know that you need to go out.”

I shot a disbelieving look at Mistress. But she was laughing and clapping her hands with mirth. I had the sinking realization that she fully agreed with this idea. My bladder signals were getting more and more insistent. I briefly considered pissing right where I knelt, because I remembered that Mistress would be forced to wipe it up. But I instinctively knew that Miss Allen would give me that look of disappointment that she did so well. And, curiously, I wanted desperately to be ‘accepted by my pack’ – the canine instincts were getting ingrained already. Clutching my thighs together, I scuttled over to the door, whining and scratching at its surface.

Mistress got into her role perfectly. “Oh, does my little pet need to go out?” she inquired with a grin. Opening the door for me, she continued, “There you go. That’s a good girl.”

I scampered out as fast as I could with my thighs rubbing together, heading for the corner where I saw the rag she had used to wipe up my earlier accident. I had no idea if anyone in any of the other apartment buildings around ours might be looking toward our garden, but clearly the chance existed that someone might be. But I had to piss badly. I looked back to the doorway as I lowered my hips, spreading my thighs wide apart. Mistress and Miss Allen were watching, fascinated expressions on their faces. Mortified, I began pissing like the little bitch I was, the hot jet of urine hissing from my pee hole onto the grass beneath me. I could not bear to look at any of the other apartment windows, fearing I might see faces peering back. My embarrassment was mixed with the blissful relief emanating from my now emptied bladder. I kept my head down as I crawled quickly to the door leading back inside.

Once I was safely back inside, Mistress pointed a finger downward, reinforcing it with a firm, but low volume command, saying, “Down.” This was followed by “Stay” and the open palm signal, as she and Miss Allen began walking to the front door.

“Very well done,” Miss Allen stated. “I think you definitely have the basics.”

I was resting, almost dozing in my ‘down’ pose, so I may have misheard what Mistress said just as Miss Allen was leaving. Did she really ask something with regard to ‘breeding her bitch’?

Beastiality 08 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 3

The anticipation was getting intense.

This whole process had started with Mistress’ obsession with having me service her dog, Buster.

But I had not seen her dog since our visit to the vet’s office (see part 1). I had no idea where he was during this time. I did not know if I wanted to bring up the subject her Great Dane, since I was not certain I really wanted to remind her about him. He was a huge dog, and probably weighed more than I did. I had to imagine that his cock was proportionate to his size, and the thought of that penetrating me gave me the shivers.

When I would get up the courage to ask her about his whereabouts, she would just smile and reply, “Do not worry, pet. You will be seeing him soon enough.”

Meanwhile, she worked with me, getting me to obey the hand signals and verbal commands that Miss Allen had taught her (see part 2). To those basic commands of sit, watch me, stand, stay, come, down, fetch, and heel, she added a few of her own. For the command ‘roll over’ she would twirl her finger, and I was to drop to the floor and roll. The command ‘play dead’ was accompanied by both of her hands turning palm down. My response was to lay myself onto my back with my arms folded so my hands were in front of my shoulders. I did not mind this pose at all, because Mistress would often scratch my tummy when I did this. Well, to be honest, she often scratched a bit lower than my tummy, her fingers scratching gently over my mound and pussy making me moan ecstatically, much to her amusement.

The strangest new command was ‘hump’ whereupon she would rub her thumb and middle finger together as the hand signal. To obey this command, I had to straddle her foot and press my breasts against her knee, wrapping my arms around her leg. Looking up into her face, I would begin rubbing my cunt against the bottom of her leg and the top of her foot. Soon her shoe or boot would be slick with my juices, and buffed gleaming by my actions. When she finally petted my head, it was my signal to stop humping, and drop down and lick her footwear clean.

One day, the doorbell rang.

“See who that is, pet,” I was told.

It was a rare occasion in our household – I was dressed.

I opened the door.

Miss Allen stood there, dressed much as before, in a form fitting leather garment, this time with a lot of cleavage showing. She grinned at me, and asked, “How is our little bitch doing?” The tone of her voice indicated that she was not talking to me as a person. Her tonal qualities were those that she might use in speaking to a dumb animal, relying on that animal to perceive her mood rather than actually understanding what she was saying.

Upon hearing her voice, my knees buckled. I dropped to my hands and my knees, looking up at her, smiling, my body taking on a sort of fawning posture instinctively. It was all I could do to stop myself from wagging my ass at the sight of her. As an air current drifted in through the open door, I inhaled a strong scent of dog, which seemed to be coming from her clothing.

She reached out and petted my head, cooing, “That’s a good girl. Take me to your Mistress, girl.”

Even though I was fully clothed, I turned and started crawling toward Mistress, acutely aware of Miss Allen following me, observing my behavior. In hindsight, I suppose that might have been a ridiculous thing to do, but given Miss Allen’s voice, scent, body language – in short, her aura of dominance – I obeyed without thinking.

Mistress was not surprised at the arrival of our visitor. Greeting her warmly, she then turned to me and instructed, “Go to your room and transform, bitch. Be quick about it, and hurry back here.”

I rushed to my room, undressed, and inserted my butt plug with the tail. My collar with its dog tag was already around my neck. Crawling humbly, I returned to the living room.

Miss Allen had Mistress put me through my paces, watching both of us closely. She corrected Mistress once or twice, showing her how to make her hand gestures crisper and more visible to me. She made some miniscule corrections to my positions. She laughed when she saw the new tricks that I’d been taught, even deigning to rub me briefly while I was playing dead.

Mistress and Miss Allen turned their back to me while Mistress whispered something to her. Miss Allen nodded her understanding and crossed the room to sit in a chair. I was astonished when Miss Allen then gave the ‘hump’ hand signal! My face and cheeks felt very hot as I crawled to her, and began humping her foot. The heady aroma of leather and dog wafted around me as I anointed her boot. When her hand touched my head, I scooted back and gratefully licked her boot until it shone.

Miss Allen declared, “You have a very good, obedient bitch here. I think she is ready. Anticipating this, I brought Buster along with me. He is patiently waiting in my van. Leash your bitch, and have her sit at your feet.”

I heard her say ‘Buster’ and my mind went into a spin. I knew what she was talking about. The moment that I both longed for and yet at the same time dreaded was rushing upon me. I was in such a tizzy that I barely noticed Mistress clipping a leash to my collar. My body must have automatically gone into the sit position. I was forcing myself to take slow deep breaths of air so that I would not faint, as my lungs tried to keep up with the rush of blood surging out of my rapidly accelerating heart. I was sitting stock still, staring at the door. I was not looking down at my own body, but I could swear that my heart was jumping so hard in my chest that it was making my tits bounce.

The door swung silently open and Miss Allen brought in Buster. I gulped. He was even bigger than I remembered. He was heeling perfectly, placidly staying beside Miss Allen as she walked him to stand in front of us. He held his head up proudly as he walked. As I got a brief side view of him, I saw how in profile his torso swept from his large chest back to his comparatively narrow and delicate hips. Just in front of his hips I could perceive the furry stub housing his penis.

“Have her stand,” she instructed Mistress, nodding at me.

“Stand,” Mistress said, using the ‘up’ hand signal. I rose to stand on my hands and knees.

“Walk her forward about 5 feet,” Miss Allen commanded.

My body obediently followed Mistress’ lead as we moved forward.

“Have your bitch stand perfectly still. This introduction is quite important,” Miss Allen cautioned.

Taking no chances, Mistress knelt before me, and held my face in both hands, making a soothing sound in her throat. I trembled in her hands, wondering what was going on behind me.

Miss Allen brought Buster close enough that he could sniff my ass, as dogs do during a meeting. I felt his whiskers brush my ass cheeks. I heard the sniffing sounds, and felt the wind from his nostrils as he snorted after inhaling.

“You can let go of her head. It’s her turn now,” Miss Allen indicated. Mistress released me, and stood to one side, holding my leash.

Miss Allen maneuvered Buster so that his butt was practically in my face. “Go ahead, bitch. Sniff him. He expects it. You don’t want to refuse his offer,” she almost chided.

I brought my nose closer, sniffing delicately, worried it might be gross. To my surprise, he just smelled like a clean, healthy dog. I inhaled most robustly, and, after a moments thought, snorted air onto his ass as well. Protocol was satisfied.

I could not help but notice the huge ball sack that hung below his ass hole. His testicles bobbed and swayed with his movements as Miss Allen walked him away from me.

Miss Allen asked,“Where is Buster’s favorite part of your home? Where does he usually rest when not doing anything in particular?”

“Over in this corner of the main room,” Mistress replied, indicating with a sweep of her hand.

“Excellent. That is his domain, then. He will be most comfortable and secure if we start with him there.” So saying, she walked him over to the spot indicated.

“OK. Bring your bitch about 4 feet in front of him, and have her present her hindquarters. Normally, she would hold her tail to one side, to indicate her readiness, but since she has no muscular control of that ‘tail’ you will have to hold it out of the way.”

Mistress moved me into position, and grasped my tail, pulling it to one side, exposing my sex to Buster.

I looked back over my shoulder, wanting to see his reaction. As far as I could tell, he was looking at me with polite attention, but making no other movement, other than to occasionally glance up at Miss Allen, as if asking for commands.

“Open your cunt lips, bitch, and rub yourself. He needs to get your scent. He needs to know you are in heat, and offering yourself,” she directed me.

Blushing slightly at being told to display myself so wantonly, I nonetheless reached between my thighs. My fingers found the petal edges of my pussy lips, and I pressed them wide apart. I started sliding my fingers through the furrow between them, feeling the sensitive skin there prickle into life. As I continued toying with my clit, peehole, and vaginal opening, the glands within my intimate tunnel sprang into action. Fluids began welling up, ultimately reaching open air and starting to drip onto my hand. I smeared them all over my labia, and continued stroking myself. My submissive energies also took hold of me, and I even swayed my hips enticingly as I played, as if summoning a lover to come and sample my wares.

I lowered my head and shoulders until my torso rested on my tits, and became acutely aware of my scent, now wafting freely from my wide open, oozing cunt. Since dogs have a magnificent sense of smell, compared to humans, I was sure Buster was getting a snout-full. I heard him whine, and twisted my upper torso sideways enough to peer down my body to where he sat. He whined again, his eyes fixed on my cunt, and I saw his long pink tongue slip from his mouth and travel the length of his lips.

“You want to lick her, boy?” Miss Allen asked encouragingly. “You want to taste your little bitch?”

Buster barked once in assent, his forceful voice filling the room.

“OK, bitch. Stop playing with yourself. He understands your invitation. Keep your ass up high, your thighs wide apart.” She had not told me to come back up onto my hands, so I remained with my breasts pressed against the floor, hands stretched out in front of me. Heart hammering fast in my chest, I heard Miss Allen lead Buster toward me.

I waited an eternity.

Actually, it was only seconds later that I felt his hot, wet tongue rasp up across my wide open sex. I almost shrieked, because it felt so good! He was not dainty, or delicate. He licked me fast, letting his tongue gather my fluids like he was lapping water from his bowl. Once he had cleaned what he could find on the surface, he began darting his tongue into my vagina – the source of this treat. I felt that tongue not only plunge to my depths – I could swear I felt its tip curl up in a scooping action as it dragged copious amounts of fluid from my most intimate reaches.

Once or twice his tongue touched something so sensitive that I moaned loudly, barely able to keep my body from jerking. His tongue tip had flipped over the moist knob of my cervix! I may have imagined it, but it seemed that his tongue lashing accelerated when he heard the sound of my moan. His tongue slipped out of me and again began washing the entire surface of my privates, from my clit all the way up across my ass hole. My body began shuddering in orgasm, my cunt making a strange sucking sound as the muscles of my vaginal wall rippled. Perhaps drawn by that sound, his tongue speared into me once again as he feasted on my fresh flow of rich juices. I was glad that my upper body was fully pressed to the floor. Otherwise, the force of my orgasm might have knocked me over.

Miss Allen addressed Mistress. “See? Even though he has never done this before, his instincts are taking over.”

I turned my head to look over my shoulder, trying to focus through the curtain of bliss that I was still experiencing. I saw Mistress peering intently in the direction Miss Allen was pointing.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “His cock is beginning to emerge from its sheath! This is so exciting!”

After licking me a few more minutes, Buster finally stopped and began whining.

“I think he’s ready,” Miss Allen stated. “Now, since he’s never done this before, you and I will have to help him. Have your bitch hold her own tail out of the way. You will need both hands free.”

Mistress took the tip of the tail that emerged from the butt plug, and tucked it under my elbow.

“Lift him by his chest and fore-paw on your side, while I do the same on my side,and help me ease him forward,” Miss Allen commanded. I could feel the presence of Buster looming over me as they drew him carefully forward. Since I was holding my ass up high with my upper torso flat on the floor, my back was arched so much that Buster’s chest did not touch my back as the two women lowered him into place. His fore-paws ended up on the floor on either side of my neck with his front legs pressed against my collarbone. Something wet brushed one of my ass cheeks and then began rhythmically prodding against them.

“As you can see, Buster is having a difficult time finding her hole. The first few times that he mounts his bitch, you need to be prepared to assist him in locating his target,” Miss Allen pointed out. “With practice, his muscle memory will guide him during future breeding sessions.”

I admit I was mentally jolted when I heard the word ‘breeding’ spill from her lips. In both of their minds, I was a bitch – Buster’s bitch – and my purpose was to be bred by him! A wave of humiliation blended with perverse excitement washed over me, causing me to sink into one of the deepest levels of submission that I had ever experienced.

“Watch as I open up the bitch with one hand, and position his cock with the other,” Miss Allen instructed. I felt her fingers part my labia, and a moment later the tip of his cock was at my entrance.

Buster’s hips had been in constant motion this entire time, moving back and forth in a rhythmic humping action. With his next forward movement, his cock began burying itself into my now sopping tunnel. He growled in triumph as he wedged that stiff rod of flesh inward. Lubricated as I was, it was still no easy task, because his cock was bigger than even the largest dildo that Mistress had ever used on me.

I grunted as his first few thrusts stretched my opening. My grunts turned into loud groans as that massive penis burrowed its way farther and farther into my very core, forcing my vaginal walls to give way to this invasion. If I could have crawled forward, I might’ve been able to lessen the impact of his insistent hammering. But, pinned in place as I was by his front legs, I could not move forward – I could only submit.

And fluids. Lots of fluids. I became aware of fluids squishing out of my vaginal opening with each of his humping thrusts. The fluids at first trickled down my thighs, but soon became a fast flowing rivulet cascading down to pool at my knees. Upon seeing this, Mistress asked Miss Allen, “Is he cumming now? Is all that his semen?”

Miss Allen laughed, “Oh no. That is merely his precum!” She scraped her hand up my thigh, gathering a palm-full of the stuff. “Here, bitch. Taste it,” she said. As I opened my mouth, she tilted her hand to pour it past my lips, and also had me lick her palm clean. It was a thin, watery fluid, tasting mostly salty. Returning her focus to Mistress, she continued, “He can produce prodigious amounts of it. Sometime, when you feel like being entertained, have your bitch suck on his cock and watch how much she needs to swallow to keep up with him.”

Suddenly, Buster bounced the front of his torso upwards, bringing his fore-paws down onto my back. “Thank goodness his nails are trimmed,” I thought, as my shoulder blades accepted his weight. His movement also pushed his hips backwards, yanking his cock out of my sorely stretched tunnel. Precum was still spraying from his penis, arcing onto my back and into my hair, and painting a trail across my ass and the back of my thighs as he leapt sideways off of me.

I turned my head to look at him, and gasped. He was standing with his head turned back and his hips brought forward so that his tongue could lap at his exposed cock. I was not gasping at the fact that he could lick his own cock – I was gasping at the size of it! I was amazed that my tiny little cunt had been able to accommodate it. Its mottled red and pink surface glistened with a mixture of precum, saliva and cunt juice. My gaze traveled from its strangely pointed tip all the way back to where it emerged from its furry sheath. I was shocked to see something at its base that was the size of a large orange or a small grapefruit.

I was about to ask what that was. But I did not have to. Miss Allen was already standing near Buster and pointing at it. “This is his knot,” she explained to Mistress. “For a successful breeding, the male pushes this into the bitch’s vaginal opening, sealing it. This ensures that his semen is trapped inside her, and floods inward, directly entering her womb. His sperm then have a much shorter distance to swim in search of eggs. The sperm can live about three days inside the bitch.”

My heart leapt into my throat, forcing me to stop breathing for a moment. The thought of live dog sperm swimming around inside me for three days almost short-circuited my brain activity. What shocked me the most was how this perverted idea ultimately excited me. Unbidden, a low growl formed in my throat, and I saw Buster prick up his ears upon hearing it.

“But is Buster all done already?” I heard Mistress ask with a tone of dismay. “He got off of her so fast!”

“I don’t think he’s done,” Miss Allen assured her. “But I don’t think he was completely satisfied with the way the bitch is positioned for their mating. Try having her stand.”

Mistress moved to where she was certain she had caught my eye. She said, “Stand” as she gave the hand signal for that command. I was still somewhat dazed, and she had to give the command twice before my body finally reacted. Pressing with my elbows and hands, I raised my shoulders up level with my hips, and swiveled my head back to watch Buster’s reaction. He stopped licking himself, and panted quietly as he stared at my new pose. Within moments, he shuffled around behind me.

“Should we help him mount her again?” Mistress inquired.

“Let’s just see what he does on his own this time,” Miss Allen replied. “But hold her tail out of the way, and be prepared to assist his cock in finding her hole.”

Snuffling noisily at my cunt, with his whiskers tickling my butt, Buster inspected his bitch. Satisfied, he reared up and planted his fore-paws squarely on my back. His massive chest covered my back with intimate warmth. His chest fur pressed along my spine, moving as he breathed. Instinctively, I arched my back to conform to his shape against me. Once again I felt his cock prodding and probing. Swiftly, Mistress spread my labia apart. Either she guided him to my opening, or he got lucky with his probing. I felt his cock plunging into me as he claimed me as his bitch.

I was surprised at how good it felt this time as he stuffed me full. Apparently my pussy had adjusted itself to handle his girth. His precum was doing its job of making me slippery for him. Since I was now more upright, I had to brace myself to absorb the power of his hammering thrusts. My pleasure built and built. Never had I felt this well fucked before! It was not long before I cried out, “Yes!” to my doggy lover and began cumming hard, my tummy fluttering as my cunt muscles mixed my cum fluids with his precum.

I was vaguely aware of the two women watching me being used in this manner. It should have been mortifying, I suppose, but in my state of submission it had the opposite effect. It aroused me even more. My body began shuddering with either orgasmic aftershocks, or with a string of miniature releases, one following the other in rapid succession.

While I was in this state, Buster slid his paws off my back, tucking them around my waist, pulling my hips back more firmly into his thrusts. His embrace held me so strongly that I no longer had to brace myself with my hands. But in this position he was able to force his cock even deeper, its tip now occasionally poking my sensitive cervix. Each time contact occurred there, I yelped loudly. This seemed to excite Buster even more. With every yelp, he fucked me harder and faster. I was fairly oblivious to the passage of time at this point, but later Mistress said he fucked me for about 10 minutes like this!

Ultimately, I felt his knot now pressing at my opening. I remembered its size. It seemed impossible that my vaginal entrance could accept it without being torn. But Buster was not to be denied. Four things happened at the same time. My cunt began rippling with yet another orgasm. The thrill of the orgasm caused me to press my cunt more firmly onto his penis. Buster pulled me backward even more firmly with the massive paws he had wrapped around my waist. At the same time, he bucked his own hips forward a fraction more.

I howled as his knot popped past my vaginal ring, and lodged itself firmly in the entrance to my cunt! Buster stopped his earlier humping actions, since any large movements would cause pain to both of us. Instead, he held me in his tight embrace, and I became aware of a curious sensation in my cunt, unlike any I had ever felt before. He was squirting into me!

Miss Allen’s voice whispered in the now quiet room. “Ah! He has now knotted his bitch. You can tell because he is holding still, attached to her. This is when he starts cumming. His semen is now flooding into her. If you look closely at her mound and tummy, you might be able to see them distend somewhat.”

I didn’t know if they could see me swelling down there. But I could sure feel it! His semen kept spurting into me, and it had no place to go but inward! My vagina was quickly filled to bursting, and the fluid pressure forced the dog semen through my cervical opening and into my uterus – my womb! Once that was filled, his cum must have been forced up through my Fallopian tubes. From there, it flowed from their open ends and entered my tummy! I was amazed at how aware I was of the internal progress of this flow. Or maybe my fertile imagination was just visualizing its journey. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life.

Between spurts, Buster would make the tiniest of thrusts, and his cock would again spew another load. He was panting now, his drool and hot breath on the back of my head and neck. To my amazement, I felt him place his teeth at the back of my neck – not hurting me, just… just claiming me as his own! I felt deliciously submissive in this embrace. I was in no hurry for it to end.

That was a good thing, because now Miss Allen explained to Mistress, “While they are knotted, you must not try to separate them, or they may both be injured. Gradually, his knot will subside, and then he will pull free of her on his own. Do not try to rush this.”

“How long will they stay locked together?” Mistress asked.

“It varies, but I would expect the knotting to last about 15 to 20 minutes.”

After perhaps 10 minutes, Buster stirred, released his embrace on my waist, and slid sideways off of me. We both yelped as this action tugged painfully at the tissues that still joined us. He stood now facing away from me, our asses pressed against each other, his cock bent completely backward from his torso and still firmly embedded in my cunt. His tail occasionally brushed over my back as he wagged it. Again I lowered my shoulders to press my tits against the floor, assuming that very submissive posture. The posture of a lowly bitch, who had just received the fucking of her life from her alpha male dog. More time passed as we panted quietly, regaining our breath. My cunt entrance felt rather numb, so I could not tell if his knot was changing size at all. But I guess Buster could, because after a while he started pulling away from me, his feet scrambling on the floor. There was mainly a tugging sensation at this point, followed by a loud squelching sound as his cock finally pulled free.

Eyeing my backside, Mistress exclaimed, “Good grief! Look at her gaping hole! Will it ever be normal again? And all that goo gushing from it! What a mess!”

I felt my cheeks flush red hot with embarrassment, imagining what they both were seeing.

“Well, since you will have her servicing Buster on a regular basis, I doubt that her cunt tunnel will shrink back to the diameter that it was before. But that’s actually a good thing, since they both will experience less pain when they couple. As to the gaping – watch what Buster does now. I expect his instincts will kick in.”

Buster had been lying down on his side, licking himself clean. As he licked the fluids from his cock, it gradually disappeared back into its furry sheath. I watched this process with fascination, and saw him complete it with a thorough washing of his balls. After that, he got back onto his feet, and trotted over to stand behind me. Once again I felt his magical tongue lapping around my vulva. But this time, he did not plunge it into my depths. He concentrated on cleaning my outer surfaces. These mild sensations apparently caused my tissues to contract, easing my gaping hole closed, judging from the muttered comments between Mistress and Miss Allen as they watched. He concluded his performance by using his tongue to press my labia tightly against each other.

“See? It’s as I told you. He instinctively knows to close the bitch’s cunt, helping to keep his semen from seeping out,” Miss Allen explained. “He’s a bright boy. You could probably teach him to mount on command. And now that he has the idea, I suggest that you let him mount your bitch whenever he has the inclination. He may go a day or two between breeding sessions, or he may do several a day.”

I heard the words ‘mount on command’ and ‘several a day’ with mixed emotions. Just this one session had been rather exhausting. Would I have the stamina to handle several in a day? Perhaps my body would adapt, given time. As I focused on my body, I thought I could feel the wriggling tails of millions of dog sperm swimming inside my womb, and shivered with perverse delight.

Beastiality 09 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 4

Buster took his breeding task very seriously.

Whenever he was in the mood to use his bitch – me – he would growl and nudge me if I happened to be standing upright. No matter what position I was in, I learned to quickly drop down onto my hands and knees and present my backside to him. He was getting very skillful at mounting me, seldom needing assistance in finding my pussy with his wet, stabbing cock. Mistress had instructed me, “If Buster misses, reach between your legs and guide him to your hole.” I think it amused her to see me assisting him in my degradation.

Being a smart dog, Buster quickly learned the command sequence, “Buster… mount bitch.” In this manner, Mistress could initiate a breeding session whenever she felt the whim to do so. As if that was not enough, at times I was commanded to lick him, and use my mouth on him. He generated lots and lots of salty precum as I did so. Swallowing as fast as I could, I still had a hard time keeping up with his production rate, as I sucked his cock. Often precum ended up escaping the corners of my mouth and drizzling down my chin. Mistress chuckled gleefully at my dismay at getting so messy.

As promised, Mistress took me on a return visit to the vet. If you recall from my earlier story (see part 1), I was to receive an identification chip under my skin. As I knelt naked on the stainless steel table with Mistress holding my leash, she asked, “Where will the chip be implanted?”

He answered, “Here, on the back left side of the bitch’s neck,” touching me there with his fingertip. “It’s the normal location for it.”

I shivered slightly, from the combination of the cold air on my exposed body, and the anticipation of pain from the procedure. I was surprised when the veterinarian pinched the skin of the back of my neck briefly, and then said, “There. All done.” It was over that quickly. Taking a scanner, he passed it over my neck and discussed the readout with Mistress. “See, here is your name and phone number. This is followed by your bitch’s name and dog license number, plus the information identifying her breed and sex: fawn colored Great Dane bitch.”

Ignoring my flush of shame at this further confirmation of my lowly status as a dog’s bitch, Mistress replied, “Wonderful,” and gave me a reassuring pat on my butt, before taking me home.

In our household, if I am permitted clothing at all, I can wear just a simple blouse and skirt – never a bra or panties. This, of course, made me more available to Buster.

I could be sitting in a chair, and he would come over and nose up my skirt, and start licking my cunt. I was never to discourage him. Intelligent dog as he is, he quickly learned that if he licked me in certain ways, I would gush pussy juices for him to consume. Sometimes, after he fucked me, he would sidle up alongside me, lift one of his hind legs, and spray a small amount of piss on my outer thigh – marking me as his territory. I was not allowed to wash that off.

One day, Mistress informed me, “We are going for a ride in a limousine. The driver will be here to pick us up soon. Dress.”

As I was returning to the living room, Mistress’ smartphone emitted a gentle beep. She glance at its readout. “He’s here. Let’s go downstairs now.” She allowed me to walk normally, as she led Buster on his leash. I was a bit taken aback by the appearance of the limousine driver, Hans. He was sort of sleazy, and smarmy looking. He looked at the Great Dane on Mistress’ leash, and leered at me quite knowingly. He held the door for Mistress, and helped her load Buster into a special carrier built into the area behind the driver’s seat. We took our seats in the rear section of the limo, and the car pulled smoothly away from the curb.

I asked Mistress, “Where are we going, please?”

Her answer was rather mysterious. “You will see soon enough. We are going to what may appear to be a mansion. There is one major rule there: never make full eye contact with the Master of the home.”

We were driven to the outskirts of the city, into an area of palatial homes. The limousine pulled into a driveway with a guard post next to the gated entrance to this residential area. Obviously recognizing the limo, the guard opened the gates, and waved us forward.

As we stopped in front of one of the large houses, a servant open the car door and took Buster’s leash. He led him off to what I learned later was a special kennel area inside the house, with a lovely outer area for running around. After holding the limo door for us to disembark, Hans led us up to the front door, and opened it.

As we entered, Mistress turned to me and simply said, “Transform,” taking my butt plug tail from her purse.

A bit astonished, because the front door was still open, and Hans was right there, I nonetheless obeyed, removing my skirt and blouse. Naked in front of the open door, I dropped to my knees, well aware that the leering Hans was drinking in the sight of my now revealed body. Wetting the plug with my mouth, I reached back and inserted it carefully into my ass.

Mistress attached my leash, and led me into a large room, furnished impeccably. I was looking at the rich furnishings, the lush wood flooring, and the paintings on the walls unaware that Miss Allen was in the room until Mistress greeted her.

For a second, I thought this might be her home, but then remembered Mistress had said I should not make eye contact with the Master of the house, and a quick glance showed no male was currently present.

Mistress led me to a small rug, quietly commanding, “Sit.” When I was in position, she removed my leash and left me there as she walked over and sat near Miss Allen. The two of them began speaking so quietly that I could not overhear what they were saying. I was very nervous. My heart was racing, and I was trying not to shake.

I almost jumped when another door opened, and a man entered, his hand holding a leash attached to a naked woman, who crawled beside him in heel position. I was carefully looking only at his feet, and the woman, when he uttered a loud welcoming greeting to Mistress and Miss Allen. I recognized his voice! In my shock of recognition, I inadvertently raised my eyes to look fully into his face. It was my veterinarian!

As our eyes locked, I saw a look of disapproval appear on his face. I quickly dropped my gaze, but it was too late.

He called out across the room to Mistress, “Have you informed your bitch of my house rule?”

With a carrying voice, she assured him, “Yes, I did, on our ride here.”

He said rather imperiously to Miss Allen, “You know the punishment. See to it.”

Nodding, she rose and went to a nearby ice bucket. Selecting a large cube of ice, she brought it to where I sat. Raising my ass slightly, she deftly opened my pussy lips with one hand, and slid the ice cube deep up into my cunt, saying calmly and quietly, “Bad girl.”

My internal tissues yelled a message immediately to my brain: “COLD!” This was quickly followed by the message: “It burns!” That’s what it felt like as I held that ice cube in my cunt. I knew I was not permitted to dislodge it. I could only whimper as Miss Allen strolled away to rejoin the others. Cold water was leaking from my cunt onto the rug under me.

The naked woman the Master had led into the room had been placed in a ‘sit’ position on a rug next to mine. She looked at me sympathetically, and quietly stated, “That’s the standard punishment for eye contact with him here. The burning sensation will soon fade to numbness. If your pussy is hot from arousal, the ice melts rather quickly.” She gave me a small, reassuring smile. Apparently, we were permitted to converse in a low voice, as long as we did not disturb the Dominants on the other side of the room.

We shyly exchanged names, given the strange circumstances of our meeting. I learned her name was Alison, and that she lived in this house with the Master.

Forgetting that I was living in a similar manner, I asked, “You seem to be living as a bitch here. Why would you do that?” The moment the words left my mouth, I feared she might take offense, as if I was accusing her of acting badly, or making a bad choice.

But she smiled at me and replied, “I get to live in this wonderful house, with free room and board, and a generous stipend. I can go to movies and plays and go shopping when I wish. My only requirement is that I must service his two dogs, an Akita and a Rottweiler. I also must put on shows for his guests.”

I am sure my eyes widened in surprise as I asked, “Shows? What kind of shows?”

She grinned sheepishly and answered, “Sex shows with his dogs. People watch me as I am fucked by the dogs.”

I swallowed hard, pondering this. I went on to ask, “Ummm. Who attends these shows?”

She shocked me by answering, “I have no idea. I perform blindfolded the entire time. It could be for a single guest, or for twenty guests. Unless they speak, I never know.”

We chatted for a while, when suddenly Alison scurried quickly toward her Master. He had merely snapped his fingers, and she reacted so quickly that I was speechless. Even though she had been speaking quietly with me, she had obviously been focused on any possible command from him. I was glad I was now looking in the direction of the Dominants – avoiding eye contact though – because when Mistress gave me the hand signal for ‘come’ I was able to obey without pause.

When I reached her side, she gave me the command for ‘sit’ while positioning me so that I faced Alison, who was kneeling on her hands and knees beside her Master. Her backside faced us. Her Master leaned toward me with a riding crop in his hand, using it to prod my thighs more widely apart saying, “Wider, bitch.” Once he had my thighs where he wanted them, he pressed the crop against my chest to get me to sit with my back slightly arched, displaying my breasts more fully. Satisfied, he turned his attention back to Mistress.

“Here is the device that you will find useful in measuring your bitch’s cunt,” he said, holding up a tool that I later learned was called an inside caliper. He inserted the caliper into Alison’s vagina, and carefully screwed its jaws apart. Once this had been done, he slipped it out of her cunt, and held it against a ruler to get a reading of the inside diameter of her pussy.

I had no idea what the measurement would normally be, but Mistress exclaimed, “How on earth have you made her cunt that wide?”

“It’s quite simple,” he replied with the sound of a smile in his voice. “Fetch your toys,” he said to Alison. She scrambled from the room, intent on her errand.

As we waited, I realized my bladder was quite full. I looked up at Mistress with a pleading expression on my face, afraid to speak without permission.

Seeing my expression, she asked, “What is it, pet?”

“Mistress, may I please pee?” I begged her.

“Oh! Of course, my pet,” she said with a soothing voice. Pointing across the room, she continued, “See that sandbox over by that wall? That is where you bitches can relieve yourselves. But just squat and pee. Do not touch yourself. If you get any of the spray on yourself, you will be punished.”

With my bladder starting to signal urgency, I crawled over to the sandbox, almost clutching my thighs together as I moved. It was rectangular in shape, and oriented in such a manner that in order to straddle its sides, I would have to face where the Dominants were seated. I was sure this was deliberate. They would witness me further debase myself by urinating as they watched. I heard Hans puttering around in an adjacent room, and never knew when he might sneak a peek to ogle me.

Cheeks aflame, I stretched my thighs as far apart as possible, hoping this would spread my labia apart since I was forbidden to pull myself open. I began pissing. My relief was twofold: the relief from emptying my bladder, and the relief that the stream was not hitting my labia or my thighs. I tried to ignore the sounds of laughter from the Dominants as they observed this humiliating act. The laughter intensified as I shook my ass up and down, trying to make certain that the last drops of urine would not cling to me, since I could not wipe myself. I then scuttled back to Mistress’ side.

I suppose as a reward for not soiling myself, or maybe just as a reward for entertaining them, the Master tossed a dog biscuit down in front of me. After a moment’s consideration, I slowly lowered my head and used my lips to raise one end of the biscuit. My hands – paws – then trapped its sides, and I gnawed at it as a proper bitch would. The Master made sounds of approval, and patted my head. The biscuit actually did not taste half bad, and behaving like this gradually deepened my submission to what was happening.

Alison returned, crawling with the strap of a bag clenched in her teeth. The Master took it from her, and unzipped it. He drew out a succession of plug-like dildos, each larger than the last. None were very long, but they varied a lot in width. The largest one had a diameter similar to the bottom of a large champagne bottle! Showing them to Mistress, he said, “I keep my bitch’s vagina dilated all the time when she is here in the house. Notice that the base of each dildo has a screw eye installed. First I insert the appropriate dildo into the bitch’s cunt. Then I attach a belt to her waist, which has a strap that passes down across her mound, through the screw eye, and up again to attach to the back of the belt. This secures the dildo into place. Gradually, her cunt has expanded so much that it is perfect for the dogs’ use, and has ruined her for men. A man could stick his dick in her without it touching any of the walls.”

Alison’s facial expression did not change during this recitation, but I saw her skin flush pink when the Master described how voluminous her cunt had become. I saw the twinkle in Mistress’ eyes, and I feared she might be planning a similar fate for me. Eyeing the champagne bottle dildo, I silently hoped that my cunt would never be stretched that much.

“What size would my pet here require?” Mistress asked.

“Measure her and we will see,” the Master replied.

“Stand,” Mistress commanded, which brought me to my hands and knees pose. Turning my body to give all three Dominants a good view of my ass and cunt, Mistress picked up the calipers and pulled my labia aside to insert the tool into the hole between them. My body reacted to her touch, plus being on display like this. I felt aroused, with my labia beginning to engorge and heat, and the scent of my sex perfuming the air as Mistress fiddled with the tool in my depths.

The tool was withdrawn, and must have been placed on the ruler for measurement. The Dominants muttered in low voices, and finally the Master said decisively, “That cannot be an accurate reading. Let me show you how it’s done.” Fingers touched me, which I knew must be his. Somehow, this touch was a lot more erotic than when he had touched me on his examination table as a veterinarian. I bit my lip to stifle a moan, and tried my best not to drip the cunt juices that were beginning to well up deep inside me as he twisted the screw on the calipers, expanding them in my depths.

After he pulled the device out of me, there was a pause. He said, “There. I think that is a more accurate reading. But still, your bitch could stand having her vagina stretched out more than this. Perhaps this size will suffice.” He must have handed her one of the dildos. “You can take it with you, along with this belt, if you wish to start the process.”

“Thank you,” Mistress responded. “That is most kind of you.” Turning her attention to me, she had me turn to face the center of the room and muttered, “Sit.” I instinctively posed, with the Master gently prodding my inner thighs with his riding crop, to remind me to spread them a bit farther apart.

“Think nothing of it. Now, I think it’s time you watched my bitch in action,” he stated. His hand gestured to the servant, who silently left the room, and returned quickly with a lovely male Akita. The dog held his head high, eyes sparkling – the very picture of good health. Alison had moved to the center of the room, placing herself in breeding position where all could have a good view.

Radiating a possessive manner, the Akita trotted up to her nether region, nosed her, and began licking her labia lavishly. His pinkish cock rapidly slid forward out of its hairy sheath. Without further ado, he mounted Alison, pressing his furry underbelly along her back as his hips began bucking. His cock quickly found her pussy and stabbed inward. Alison began moaning and writhing beneath him, clearly enjoying what was happening to her.

As I watched, I imagined what it might feel like to have that fine fur moving over my spine as his cock rooted back and forth inside my cunt. I shivered with the excitement of the idea, my nipples hardening and my breath quickening. I believe my throat uttered a few low moans of its own as I heard Alison moan louder and louder. Suddenly she stiffened for a moment, and then began shaking as her orgasm swept through her body. The Akita, tongue lolling, looked in our direction, as if sharing his triumph of getting his bitch’s cunt to milk his cock in this manner. Then he raised his muzzle, and vocalized.

“He’s cumming!” Alison cried out, and bucked back into his thrusts, accepting his load.

The Akita didn’t knot her this time, though. As he dismounted from her back, which pulled his cock free from her hole, he was still spewing some of his semen, which splatted on her back and ass. He trotted back to the servant with a happy bounce in his step. The servant left the room with him.

Alison stayed where she was, still twitching and shaking.

Mistress patted my head. “Go clean her up, pet,” she commanded.

My stomach twisted into a knot as I crawled over to Alison. I do not mind the taste of dog semen – in many ways, it tastes better than the human equivalent. But… But Mistress wanted me to lick it off of Alison as everyone watched! Somehow, this intensified the humiliation by orders of magnitude. Trying to ignore the other people in the room, I extended my tongue and began licking the cum where it was oozing down her thighs. I was careful to position myself so that the audience could easily see my actions, though. I knew that I might be punished if I deprived them of a good view.

I cleaned her thighs, the mixed scents of dog semen and Alison’s secretions heavy in the air I was breathing. Licking across her ass cheeks, and up her spine, the eroticism of doing this act began exciting me so much that the feeling of humiliation evaporated. Carefully, I cleaned her back and ass.

I thought I had finished when Mistress’ voice rang out, “Cleaning her up includes emptying all the cum from her cunt, pet.” Hans entered the room at this point, and his big feet clumped across the floor to bring him close for a better angle of observing me as I moved behind Alison. A bit squeamish, I clamped my lips over the vaginal opening of this woman that I barely knew, and began sucking. Gob after gob of fresh dog semen emerged from her depths, quickly swallowed as they entered my mouth.

A strange sound reached my ears, seemingly originating from where Hans was standing, but I could not turn my head to look. Later Mistress explained with a laugh, “That pervert was rubbing his cock through his pants as he watched you.”

My ear was resting against Alison’s thigh as I sucked at her. As I began wriggling my tongue into her depths, scooping whatever remaining dog cum I could reach, I heard a sort of humming entering that ear. She was making a growling moan deep in her throat, and pressed her cunt more firmly against my face. Suddenly she was rocking as she climaxed, her cunt muscles rippling on my probing tongue. This pressed the last of the dog semen from her, washed out with the flow of her own cum. I found that I liked her taste as much if not more than the taste of the dog’s semen.

My task complete, we two bitches were ordered to sit on rugs again, this time closer to where the Dominants sat. We were both panting quietly at this point, not making any conversation. I assume Alison was savoring her orgasms, while I was blissfully floating in a state of complete submission by now.

“Ladies, let us have some tea,” the Master offered. He signaled, and within a few minutes another servant entered bearing the tea service. I noticed that the servant barely looked at Alison on display. She must have been a familiar sight to him. But I was ‘fresh meat’ so his eyes seemed to cling to every revealed inch of my body.

“Lemon? Sugar? Milk?” Master inquired of the women.

“I’ll just have lemon with mine,” Miss Allen replied.

“I prefer fresh milk from my pet in mine,” Mistress explained to the Master. “She requires milking at regular intervals, anyway, to prevent the buildup causing her pain. Would you care for some of her milk, also?”

“That sounds delightful,” he assured her. “Thank you for the offer.”

I was watching Mistress’ hands, carefully avoiding making direct eye contact with the Master. This was difficult, because they sat in low chairs placed nearby one another. I saw her give the ‘come’ signal with her hands, and crawled over to the space between them. They positioned their teacups on the floor underneath me.

“Position your teats over our cups, pet,” she ordered. Ever since she got this notion of making me into a bitch, she never called my mammary glands breasts, or even tits. She called them teats, or udders, always with amusement in her voice.

I positioned myself, trying to make certain that I had one teat over each cup.

She and Master began milking me into their tea. They were both well schooled in this, using a rolling action of their hands that ended at my nipples, expressing my milk. Even though they were pulling hard enough to cause some pain, the relief I got from having my swollen glands emptied more than made up for it. I moaned softly as the relief flooded through me. Then I realized the ‘flood’ seemed to be racing toward my cunt. I desperately did not want to drip, so I tried to think of nonsexual things: making a shopping list, or the book I was currently reading – anything to take my mind off what was happening to my body.

I made the mistake of looking forward, instead of down at the floor. There, in front of my eyes, was the very erotic sight of the naked body of Alison, who must have been silently signaled to come closer to observe. Also, Hans was there, his eyes glued to this activity. Next to him was the servant who had brought in the tea – grinning from ear to ear! I was completely mortified, blushing so furiously that the heat raced from my cheeks to my neck. At the same time, a rush of submissive acceptance seized me, and my cunt began churning furiously, expelling drop after drop of fluid onto the floor beneath me.

Obeying some signal I did not catch, Alison scooted around behind me, and from the sounds she was making, was obviously licking the floor clean beneath me. Her hair was brushing my inner thighs, so I could guess the location of her head. I must have dripped all over her hair as she licked below me, but there was nothing I could do about it.

“Your pet appears to be quite ready for breeding now,” Master remarked. He turned to the servant and commanded with a chuckle, “Put your eyeballs back in their sockets, and bring in the visiting Great Dane when we finish our tea.”

Without a word, the servant bowed slightly, and left the room.

After the Dominants had finished with their tea, the servant brought Buster into the room. Buster looked around this new location cautiously, but seemed to brighten up when he finally saw Mistress.

Miss Allen addressed me, “Buster will be nervous in this strange place, bitch. Suck him to get him into the proper mood. Continue until he has a full erection.”

As he was brought near me, I positioned my body at right angles to his. Placing my head underneath his belly, I turned my face toward his furry sheath. No cock was evident, so I placed my lips around the opening of the sheath, started a gentle suction, and probed the opening with the tip of my tongue. Without too much delay, Buster’s cock began to come out. I greeted his cock with my warm lips and mouth, washing it as it emerged. As its length became too much for me to fit fully in my mouth at this angle without gagging, my hands began caressing its base, and I felt my fingers brush the knot there. Buster whined and began humping my mouth.

“Let us see how well you have done in arousing him, pet,” Mistress called out.

I moved out from under him, holding his erection with my hand around the base of his knot, so all could see his now engorged cock.

I looked over at Alison, and was amused to see the shocked expression on her face when she saw the size of his erection. Buster is very well endowed, to say the least.

Mistress directed, “Get in front of him now, pet, and prepare yourself for mounting.” I scooted forward, presented my hindquarters to Buster, and lowered my shoulders so I was braced on my hands and elbows, with my ass held up high.

When I was positioned, Mistress intoned, “Buster… mount bitch.” Now apparently oblivious to the strange surroundings, his mind was focused on one thing: using my cunt for his carnal pleasures. With a low growl and a lunge, he mounted me, and speared that amazing cock deep into my sopping cunt. He wrapped his huge paws around my hips, pulling me hard against him. At the same time, he delicately closed his teeth against the back of my neck, and began hammering his cock rapid fire into my pussy. I lost track of time, my own mind in a whirl of sensation as my canine lover fucked me hard. When his knot began pressing against my labia, my body shook in my first orgasm.

Master and Miss Allen made comments to Mistress about what a magnificent beast she was raising, obviously referring to Buster. After a while, I heard Master teasing Hans, “I bet you’d like to fuck that little bitch yourself, wouldn’t you, Hans?” At least I hoped he was teasing. The very thought of being fucked by Hans was repugnant to me. It did make me aware that Hans was watching me acting like a bitch, as well as that servant with the big smile. I imagined their eyes were fully bugged out of their sockets as Buster gave his massive thrust, embedding his knot fully into my cunt entrance!

I uttered a mixture of a scream and a howl as he knotted me, both from the sudden stretching of my cunt to its fullest, and from the sensation of Buster’s cock, deep inside me, starting to spurt his copious load of semen. His cock jerk over and over, and each time it did a wave of dog cum flooded my insides – vagina, uterus, oviducts – all awash in his sperm. I am not certain how many times I climaxed during this breeding session.

After a while, he slipped his front paws away from my waist, and down onto the floor on either side of my torso, and stood relatively still, to avoid pain. I lowered my head and shoulders down nearer to the floor, waiting for his knot to recede so he could slip his cock from my cunt. He began licking the back of my neck and my spine, cleaning me of the salty sweat that was coating my skin. I loved the feeling of his tongue on my skin – I always do.

Hovering over my back in what felt like a protective embrace, Buster remained quite still so that his firmly lodged knot would not move and hurt either of us. It is difficult to describe how I feel at such moments, locked to my canine lover. Well fucked, still quivering with gentle aftershocks of my orgasms, the doubly full feeling of my cunt stuffed with cock, and my lower belly distended with his fluids – it is a time when I feel the most submissive; when I am plunged into the deepest sections of what is called ‘sub-space’ and float in a pleasurable feeling of total acceptance.

All too soon, although it may have been 20 minutes or so, Buster’s knot gradually lost its tumescence, and he pulled free of me with a gentle tug. He licked my ass briefly, and then fell to cleaning his cock with his wonderful tongue. When he was finished, the servant returned him to the kennel for a period of rest.

“That was quite an arousing performance,” Master stated. He then asked Mistress, “May I be permitted to use your bitch, also?”

When Mistress responded, “Of course, be my guest,” my heart leapt into my throat. He was going to fuck me also? As everyone watched? I dared not look up into his face to see if he might be joking, knowing the house rule. I watched his legs and feet, though. After a few moments, I saw his shirt being draped on a chair, and then his trousers being lowered to the floor as he stepped free of them. He was undressing.

“Do you want it up on a sofa, or something?” Mistress inquired. I realized the ‘it’ she was referring to was me.

“No. That’s not necessary,” he answered. “I am quite used to fucking bitches right here on the floor.” He was walking behind me as he said this. His hands grasped my ass cheeks, and his erect cock nudged my labia. My cunt made an embarrassing squelching, burping sound as his cock slid into its pool of dog cum.

“Its cunt is way too stretched out now from Buster,” he chuckled, driving me into a state of deep mortification. “But the dog semen will be a good lubricant for what I have in mind.” Before those words were able to fully register on my consciousness, he pulled the butt plug with my tail out of my ass. The opening gaped as the plug came clear – I could feel the air entering it.

But only momentarily, because moments later he rammed his cock deep into my anal tunnel. Slimy with dog semen, his cock slid easily into my dilated opening, filling, stretching. I groaned as his fleshy rod moved deeper and deeper. I knew he was fully planted in my ass when I felt his ball sack slap my labia.

Again I had an audience – Mistress, Miss Allen, Alison, Hans, and the servant – as the Master used me. Grunting, he held me in place with his hands grasping my hips as he vented his pent-up lust. Still aroused from Buster fucking me, and heightened by being on this humiliating display, I rocked with yet another orgasm as the Master squirted his warm semen into my ass.

When he had finished, he slipped his cock out of me, and before much of his cum could escape, inserted the butt plug once again, sealing his semen inside me.

Mistress pulled a tampon from her purse, and inserted it into my cunt, effectively sealing the dog sperm in my womb.

Sweaty and shaken, I knelt in place as the Master dressed again. The women rose from their seats to join him as they went to enjoy a light meal in another room. Mistress gave me the signal for ‘down’ before she departed, and I was grateful to lower myself to the floor and rest before our return home.

Beastiality 10 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 5

The day had arrived.

The day I had been looking forward to, and yet also dreaded. The day of my performance.

I prepared my body quite carefully. Mistress does allow me to shave my legs and underarms. However, she prefers me to keep my pubic hair – my ‘pelt’ as she calls it – so I could only groom that area to a controlled length, leaving a soft fawn-colored carpet there. I must admit I love running my fingers through my furry mound. My eyebrows were now nicely plucked, along with a few stray hairs I noticed on my teats – yes, Mistress has me thinking about my breasts using that word. Washing my body thoroughly, shampooing and conditioning my hair, and toweling my skin to a healthy glow, I did everything I could think of to make my body as presentable as possible. I wore very little makeup, since intense exertions and yes, crying, tends to make it run on my face.

Dressing did not take long, since I wore a simple blouse and skirt. I no longer wear a bra or panties when Mistress takes us places. Since she has me lactating, this can cause some embarrassment when leakage causes wet spots on my blouse. Even more embarrassing are the times that my teats engorge so much that Mistress takes me into public restrooms to relieve my discomfort by milking me into a sink. The loud gasps and the looks of surprise from the other women that wander in at such moments make my face turn crimson. I don’t know which is worse – the women that studiously avoid looking at us after that initial shock, or the women that come closer and observe the process closely. A few of them have had the temerity to ask Mistress if they can try milking me, and she always permits them, making sure they pull hard in the process. The feeling of a stranger milking me in public, I blush to admit, arouses me easily. But I digress.

On the day in question, even Buster knew something unusual was happening. All morning, Mistress had not given him the command to breed me, even though he looked into her face quizzically from time to time, emitting a questioning whine. This was a break from our usual routine.

Mistress took Buster’s head in her hands and said soothingly, “It’s fine, my lovely big boy. You will have your bitch very soon. I just want you extra horny today.”

Of course, Buster did not understand her words, but her tone of voice and body language seemed to reassure him. He then trotted a few paces away, and plopped down on the floor with his belly facing me. As his tongue came out to wash his balls, and then the tip of his cock as it slid forward out of its sheath, he seemed to be eying me with a smile of anticipation on his face.

When it was finally time to depart, Mistress clipped a leash to Buster’s collar and led us both down to the waiting limousine. My quivering legs propelled me along as I tried to keep my breathing composed and steady. As before, Hans the chauffeur held the door for Mistress, and assisted her in loading Buster into his riding carrier. Hans even held my hand to assist me into the car on this special occasion, although the leer he gave me indicated he would rather be touching other parts of my anatomy.

We were all driven to the Master’s mansion following the route that we had taken on our previous visit (see part 4). However, once we passed through the guard gate, we entered the area of the Master’s home from another angle, so I would be unable to see any cars that may have been parked there.

The servant with the huge grin, whose name I never learned, greeted us at the car and took Buster away to the prepared indoor kennel. Recognizing this place, and perhaps remembering what he had done here the last time, Buster perked up and began prancing as he was led away, throwing me knowing glances over his shoulder that made me shiver.

Mistress and I were led into a completely different door of the house, not the front door of our prior visit. As we entered, Mistress said, “Keep your clothes on for now, pet. You will not transform yet.”

I gradually realized the reason she had decided this. We were escorted for quite some distance through this large house, and my knees would have been raw from crawling such a long journey. It also would have taken us a lot longer to travel that far. I thought I could hear several voices off elsewhere in the house, people perhaps chatting casually, but I could not make out what they were saying.

With this verbal confirmation that I would indeed have an audience today, my heart began racing and fluttering in my chest. We ultimately reached and entered a small room. The voices, if anything, seemed closer now. I gave in to my nervousness, allowing myself to tremble.

Noticing this, Mistress exclaimed, “Oh, pet! Are you nervous?”

I could only bring myself to nod, the butterflies in my stomach flapping all around inside it.

Here. Transform yourself,” she said, handing me my tail butt plug. “Once you get into the role, you may feel better.”

Hesitantly, I stripped off my blouse and skirt, and worked the plug into my ass hole. Once naked and transformed, and without being told, I positioned myself in ‘sit’ position next to her knees. She reached out and stroked my hair, making soothing sounds. This reinforced my knowledge of how much she cared for me, and enhanced my trust in her.

Still I was glad when Alison came into the room, perhaps to allay my fears. She was almost naked , wearing only a belt, but she was not crawling. She walked upright, but slightly bowlegged. I looked between her thighs and saw that her cunt was distended by one of the dildo stretchers that her Master required her to wear while in his house, and not servicing his dogs. With a fresh lurch of my heart, I processed this further evidence that Alison was not destined to put on this show – I was.

Alison knelt next to me, so close that I could feel the heat radiate from her exposed flesh. “How are you doing?” she asked. “Excited?” She smiled into my eyes.

More afraid than excited, Alison. I have never done anything like this before.”

Listen to me. Do you enjoy being fucked by your lovely dog?” she inquired earnestly.

Certainly,” I asserted. “But I have never done it in front of a group of strangers.”

That’s the beautiful thing about this,” she responded. “You never see them, and they never see your face. In the darkness created by the blindfold, you can focus on Buster, and what he is doing to you. While that is going on, you need hardly be aware that there is anyone else in the room.”

She said this confidently and reassuringly, but I thought I saw a glance pass between her and Mistress. It was as if they knew something that I did not know. But before I could get up the courage to ask about it, the door opened and Master walked in with a greeting. I quickly dropped my eyes, not wanting to be punished for making eye contact with him, like the last time I visited. As Mistress whispered, “Stand,” I went obediently into my hands and knees stance.

It looks like your bitch is all ready,” he said to Mistress. “I expect the crowd will be quite thrilled seeing her in action.”

Crowd?” Mistress queried.

Crowd,” he echoed. “When my regulars got wind that a brand new bitch would be here today, every single one of them clamored to be present. We have all the seats filled.”

OMG!” I was thinking. “So many people!” A wave of jitters passed through me.

Alison leaned close and whispered, “Remember, when you are blindfolded, it does not matter if there is one person watching, or twenty. It makes no difference.”

I tried to reassure myself that she spoke the truth, but I was succumbing to stage fright.

Mistress said to Alison, “Now that your Master is here, I may tell you that he and I agreed that you would help my pet prepare for the performance. You may have noticed that her teats are swollen almost to the point of pain. We cannot have that interfering with a good performance. Suckle her teats to relieve her pressure.”

Without a word, Alison scooted under my chest and pulled a teat into her mouth and started sucking. Immediately, I felt my milk flowing into her mouth. The relief was palpable. In a brief period of time, both my teats were their normal size, and Alison scooted back out from under me, licking her lips happily as her eyes twinkled.

I see she is wearing the tail that she had last time,” the Master observed. “May I make a suggestion?”

Of course,” Mistress replied.

I know that the Great Dane typically has that long, thin tail, and their tails are seldom docked. But this means that your bitch, lacking tail musculature, has to reach back and hold her tail to one side during breeding. When she is blindfolded, she will be groping sightlessly for it. I propose that you have her wear this tail, instead.” So saying, he held out a butt plug low enough that we both could see it. It had a small, stubby, tail covered with a fawn colored fur. It resembled a short tail that might be seen on a boxer, I thought.

It looks lovely! May I?” Mistress asked, holding out her hand. Master passed it to her, and she had me lick it to make it slippery as she pulled the other plug out of my ass. Before my asshole could close too much, she inserted the new plug, which, being slightly larger in diameter, fit me quite snugly. There was no danger of it falling out as I crawled.

If it pleases you, you may keep it,” the Master explained.

It matches the color of her pelt perfectly. I bet you had it specially made with her fur in mind,” Mistress said with a smile.

The Master only chuckled in response. Without further ado, he affixed a blindfold over my eyes that was so dense that no light now reached my retinas. “Shake your head around, bitch. It should be unable to fall off,” he informed me.

I shook my head side to side and up and down. Tightly secured, the blindfold did not budge. I would definitely not get a glimpse of the crowd through or around this material.

Obviously speaking to Mistress, he said, “I believe we are ready. Please leash your bitch, and come this way.”

I felt her hands at my collar, and felt a tug, followed by a ‘click’ sound. Mistress said, “I know you cannot see my legs to keep my pace in ‘heel’ position, so I will shorten the leash, and we will proceed slowly. I doubt we will have to travel very far.”

We departed the room with the shortened leash pulling gently up and to the right as I crawled on Mistress’ left side Occasionally, her left leg brushed my shoulder as we moved. I was in total darkness. As we entered the hallway, the sounds of the strangers’ voices grew louder. My head and tummy sank lower and lower as we moved, perhaps in some instinctive urge to protect my vulnerable abdomen. Mistress whispered, “Straighten up, pet. Crawl proudly for me. You are a beautiful bitch, remember. I want the people to envy me, because you are mine.” Her voice, her manner, helped me to steady myself, and I raised my head back up, stiffened my spine, and even thrust my teats forward as best I could. I was rewarded with a soft caress of her hand as she ran it from my hair down my back. My fear of the unknown was still strong though, and I clamped my lips firmly together, holding back the whimpering sounds that were trying to manifest themselves.

Unable to see, my sense of hearing became more important to me. We turned, and the volume of the voices swelled, so I knew we were now in the room where the audience waited. From the way in which the voices rebounded from the walls, I could guess we were in a large room. In moments, the voices hushed as the people got their first impression of me, the new bitch they had been waiting to see. Dreading this moment of examination, a wave of relief passed through me as I heard the observers break into a round of applause. I tried to move my body in a sensuous, supple manner but I could not tell if I was succeeding at all.

The Master’s voice carried through the room, “Ladies and Gentlemen. As you can see, we have a fine specimen for your entertainment today. Her Mistress will now lead our new bitch through your ranks, so that you may have a closer look. Please remember to use the envelopes under your seat once you have finished your evaluation.”

It sounded like the people might be judging me in some manner, but I had no time to ponder this, because Mistress tugged gently on my collar and led me in a sort of parade around the room. Unable to see anything, when the first strange hand touched my flank I almost jerked away from it. But it was a soft caress, and was soon followed by others. People touched me in various places: hair, cheek, shoulder blade, spine, ass, thigh. A few even had the boldness to reach under me to brush my teats, which I admit made me tingle with pleasure. One person with a very soft, smooth hand – which made me speculate it could have been a woman – gave my labia an intimate caress as I passed. All the sensations were intensified since my vision was blocked – I was virtually ‘seeing’ with my skin.

By the time this parade through the crowd was over, my body was amazingly aroused. I felt my fluids trickling on my thighs, and smelled them easily. I imagined my scent trailed throughout the crowd as well. I heard the rustling of papers. People must have been using the envelopes that the Master had mentioned.

My arousal, coupled with the caressing by strangers had also taken me into a state of submission. Someone helped me up onto a large, raised surface – a stage of some sorts, I imagined. When Mistress knelt near my head, and whispered, “Breeding stance, pet,” I lowered my torso so that my hands, forearms, elbows and tits touched the floor, while I spread my thighs open and kept my ass high. I was ready. I wanted to be fucked. I wanted to be fucked hard and fast.

And here is our star for today. Buster!” the Master proclaimed. I heard the familiar sound of Buster’s paws on the floor as he was brought up behind me. “Mistress, please hold Buster back from mounting for a short period of time, so we can all witness his excitement.”

I moaned mentally, thinking, “I am so ready right now! They are going to make me wait?” I could not believe it. But just because the Master did not want me mounted yet, did not mean that Buster was going to be made to wait patiently as well. His long wet tongue suddenly lashed over my labia, causing me to cry out a bleat of happiness. Again and again his tongue found the target of my cunt, lapping at me like he was dying of thirst. His actions and my moans elicited a ripple of appreciative sounds from the watching crowd.

The sounds changed to unbelieving gasps when the Master said, “Mistress, please give everyone a good look at Buster’s equipment now that he is fully erect.” I could well imagine what they were seeing. Buster’s cock is both long and thick, and his knot is the size of a small grapefruit. I’m sure the people were having a difficult time believing that my cunt could deal with being fucked by it without damage.

I heard the words I had been waiting for – “Buster… mount bitch,” and braced myself. In moments his paws pranced up my back as his cock slid into my wet, slippery, receptive cunt. His humping actions not only drove his cock deep, they also started shoving me forward across the floor, so eager was Buster to fuck his bitch. After all, he had waited all morning to use me, and his animalistic lust was at its peak! I heard murmurs and exclamations from the crowd as I tried to brace myself against forward movement without much success. Buster outweighs me, and his hips can hammer like a pile driver.

Buster was vocalizing wildly. Sounds I had never heard from his throat mixed with growls of possession. His noises liberated me, and I joined him, uttering moans, groans, and also yips and screams whenever his cock jabbed me at unusual angles. When his frantic pounding forces me to arch my back in an attempt to remain in place, his stiffened cock often strikes painfully against my sensitive cervix. The resultant yips and screams when this occurred seemed to please him, and his vigor intensified.

I could tell he was getting desperate to knot me, but my forward slide was thwarting him. His paws slid to their now familiar position at my waist, embracing me and pulling me back toward him. I knew it would be painful to accept his knot, and in the back of my mind I knew it would be obscene to do this with all those people watching. But my own lust was peaking – Buster had fucked me into a state of multiple orgasms. As my body convulsed with climax after climax, I shoved back hard onto his cock and willed my cunt to open and accept that knot.

It obeyed.

Buster’s knot entered my opening, stretching it prodigiously. I let out a wild cry of pain and triumph. Joined and locked together, we both halted our movements. Buster’s teeth gently touched the nape of my neck, triggering yet another of my orgasms as his cock began spewing his cum deep into my womb. Both of us howled together. His howl I imagine, was from the pleasure of emptying his seed into his bitch – the relief of pressure from his huge, swollen testicles. My howl was from the pain/pleasure I was experiencing as his cum distended my cunt, womb and abdomen, sealed in by that massive knot of his.

As his flow ultimately ceased, we both stood in our embrace, panting. I became aware of the members of the audience talking now, voices colored with amazement at what they had just witnessed. I was sweating so hard, I could not tell if their comments were making me blush. I could perceive no change in heat at my cheeks.

After a few minutes, Buster dismounted from my back, executing that curious twist that male dogs can do while knotted to their bitch. We both yipped quietly as the movement tugged at our privates painfully, and then he settled, obviously facing away from me, since I felt his ass pressed against mine, and his tail flicking over my back from time to time.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the servants will be serving refreshments as we wait for our breeding couple to come apart. Please feel free to inspect them both more closely during this time,” the Master announced.

Now I was certain I was blushing. The heat of my lust had dissipated, and I could sense people coming for a closer look. Some even pried my ass cheeks apart to get a better look at Buster’s knot filling my vaginal opening, making comments as they did so. This feeling of abject humiliation fueled my current state of submission, though. My feeling of humiliation was well blended with the thrill of acceptance of what was happening. After all, I had no choice in the matter.

I did, however, have time to think. As much as I get pleasure from being Buster’s bitch, one thing troubles me deeply. Each time he fucks me, it seems to take longer and longer for my cunt to return to some semblance of normal size. His cock and knot stretch me out more and more. After a session with him, I have, in the past, been easily fisted in my cunt by women, and yes, even by men, with their even larger hands! I worry that ultimately no man will be able to find satisfaction in fucking my cunt! It will be ruined for that purpose! These dark fears washed through my mind as I knelt there.

Time passed. How long a time, I have no way of knowing. There was the clink of glassware as people sipped drinks. Buster tugged experimentally a few times, testing if he could release himself. Finally, during one tug, I felt seepage of dog cum along the edge of the knot, and Buster pulled himself free with a lewd squelching noise, followed by a cascade of dog semen gushing from my cunt and down my thighs. I heard Buster’s paws pad along the floor as he was led away.

I expected to be led back to the small room, where my blindfold could be removed, and I could clean up and dress. That is what I expected.

Instead, I heard the Master’s voice again as he addressed the crowd. “As you know, after the bitch was paraded before you, we held a sealed bid auction for the privilege of using this new bitch after her performance.”

I could barely believe what I was hearing. Someone was going to use me now, after Buster? But I remembered the first time I had visited this house. That time, the Master himself had used me to dispel the lust created by watching me get fucked by a dog. Apparently, this was a normal part of the proceedings. So this is what that mysterious glance between Alison and Mistress meant. They knew this was going to happen, and did not want to tell me about it ahead of time. After all, at that point I was so nervous I was shaking. Now, in my present state of acceptance, the idea of being fucked, blindfolded, before this crowd stoked my fires of exhibitionism. I waited in anticipation as the Master continued, fearful that the man chosen might blurt out how useless my cunt is!

This has never happened before in our auction. We have a tie – equal bids, and most generous bids they are, by the way. This bitch apparently impressed both gentlemen even before such a stellar performance as we all just witnessed. I bet at this point several more of you wish that you had bid higher. I will point out the winners, without, of course, naming names. You sir, and you sir. Please come forward. Disrobe as much, or little, as you wish.”

I heard chairs scrape, and footsteps drawing nearer, plus the hiss of zippers and the rustling of clothes.

To decide who goes first, we will have a coin toss,” the Master explained. “You, sir. Please call it in the air.”

A voice I did not recognize said, “Tails… because that is what I plan to use,” as a flicking sound indicated that the coin was arcing upward. This remark brought a polite titter from the crowd.

Tails it is,” the Master stated. “You can have your pleasure with it first.”

I felt hands seize my ass cheeks as a turgid cock slithered down my ass crack to plunge into the gaping hole of my vagina. I was mortified that I barely felt his cock touch my vaginal walls. The person would obviously get no friction in that hugely dilated opening, so I had to assume he was just lubing his cock with the mix of my own meager amount of cum mingled with the copious discharge of Buster’s. Someone pulled the butt plug from my tight ass hole, and the penis was shoved inward. I gasped aloud from the wonderful feeling of fullness in my nether hole and groaned happily as whoever it was started his fucking action back there.

My attention was caught by a whispered conversation taking place near my head. “Oh yes,” I heard the Master say. “You may use its mouth as you wait.”

Mistress whispered into my ear, “Open your mouth, pet. You are doing very well.”

I knew what was coming, so it was no surprise as another cock entered my mouth as soon as I opened it. I inhaled a musky male scent wafting from his crotch. A spicy masculine taste danced across my taste buds. My tongue greeted the head of the cock, exploring its rim. When it had entered, it was only partially erect, but my avid sucking, encouraged by the delicious sensation of the cock in my ass plunging in and out, soon had it fully turgid.

Hands now grasped my head, and their owner began fucking my mouth. Keeping my teeth well back, I tightened my lips around the shaft to give him more friction. I savored the blissful feeling of being fucked at both ends simultaneously. By this point, I was oblivious to the crowded room. My world of darkness consisted of four hands holding me tightly in position, and the cocks sliding along my sensitive tissues, along with the slap of ball sacks at my chin and pussy lips.

Mistress started whispering in my ear, “Oh what a naughty little bitch you are. Dog cum is oozing out of your pussy. And you have all these people watching these men fuck you.”

That triggered me into another orgasm, and my cunt started pressing even more fluids out onto my thighs. As my hips churned and my ass clenched the cock rooting around in it depths, the man behind me slammed his cock in as far as he could and held it there as it started squirting. “I’m cumming!” he yelled, as his semen heated my rear tunnel. As his flow slowed, he gave a couple of final thrusts before pulling his cock free and wiping it on my ass cheeks.

The cock that had been fucking my face disappeared from my mouth, and I heard footsteps and felt air currents disturbed as that man hurried around behind me. My ass hole must have still been dilated, and oozing seminal fluid, because that second cock rammed into me so fast and hard that I voiced a loud grunt as his balls slapped my sensitive pussy lips.

Already aroused from using my mouth, this person started fucking my ass using his cock like a jackhammer. I had been on my hands and knees when both ends of my body were being used. But these rapid jabs caused me to drop down to my elbows in an attempt to stabilize myself. Perhaps in a mimicry of how Buster used his paws, my ass fucker grabbed my waist with both hands, pulling my hips back into his pounding thrusts. Someone, I assumed it had to be my Mistress, began teasing my clit with a finger, and I exploded into a series of orgasms that felt like a string of firecrackers were going off! I howled and churned on those penetrations of my nether region as I experienced climax after climax.

Just as the penis in my ass started twitching and unloading another volume of semen into that tunnel, Mistress whispered, “Your teats are leaking your milk all over the floor under you.” The visualization of all those people seeing me cumming so hard that my milk was ejected sent me into a final massive convulsion that drained the cock of its last few drops. The now wilting penis slid from my ass, and I dimly felt it also being wiped on my ass cheeks. I must have presented quite a sight: body gleaming with sweat, teats leaking milk, cunt leaking dog semen, ass hole gaping and expelling human cum. What a mess!

As I knelt there in my personal darkness on hands and knees, I heard the Master. Speaking with a curious catch in his voice, driven by some emotion I could not quite identify, he said, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I think you must agree that we have never seen such a stellar performance from any bitch prior to this.”

This statement was greeted with positive acclamations and thunderous applause. The room rang with the sounds. As the commotion died down, the Master said, “Mistress, thank you very much for bringing your bitch here to perform for us. I, for one, certainly hope it is the first of many such performances.”

I was assisted off the raised platform. Someone re-inserted my butt plug tail, and Mistress clipped a leash to my collar and whispered, “Come, pet.” I blindly and wearily followed the tugs, feeling more dog semen leak down my thighs with each crawling movement. The liquid cooled, evaporated, and stuck to my body in a crust. Again I visualized what the crowd must be seeing as I left the room, and, with my lust dissipating, my sense of mortification grew, but this only added a piquancy to the entire experience.

After we entered the small room, Mistress removed my blindfold, leaving me blinking in what felt like a glare of light, but was actually normal room lighting. I had been in total darkness for almost 2 hours, I was sure. Not wanting me to befoul the limousine during our ride home, Mistress removed my ‘tail’ and directed me into a small shower unobtrusively placed in a corner of the room. I showered off as much of the cum as I could, even prodding both of my holes with my fingers to empty them of their deposits.

Toweled dry and dressed once again, I walked with Mistress as we retraced our steps to the door that we had entered. The house was very quiet, so I assumed the audience had departed while I was showering. I never learned who had been present, nor even how many people.

Mistress was in an unusually pensive mood during our drive home. “Did you enjoy that, pet?” she inquired.

Yes, Mistress,” I answered, feeling my face color brightly as I admitted what an exhibitionist slut I was. “Although, I am glad you were beside me during the time the men used me.”

She explained, “The Master charges those people a lot of money to attend these special performances. Plus, he makes money from the ‘auction’ also. I could tell he was quite pleased with the way you behaved and reacted. I would not be surprised if he invites you back for more.”

My pussy and ass tingled at the thought.

She continued, “He may even send you a monetary token of his appreciation.”

Sure enough, within a week, I received an envelope which contained a ‘stipend’ check from the Master. When I looked at the amount, my eyes bulged! I had never seen that many zeros on a check before!

The Hostess and the Master’s Girl

Darling, are you certain this is a good idea? We don’t want our guests to be disappointed, after all,” the Hostess asked, standing in her robe as she looked through clothing selections.

I understand, sweetheart. But the Master assured me that the submissive he’s bringing along is very obedient, and desires nothing more than to please him,” was the answer her spouse gave her. He was toweling his hair dry, his waist wrapped with another towel.

The Hostess fiddled with her necklace, fretting. “But still, my love. An untried female.”

Sweetheart, you know that Rex and Domino are the perfect dogs for this. They took to their training amazingly well. We tested them with both Helen and Stephanie, and they never balked,” her husband reminded her.

Well, if you say so. But if anything goes wrong, you’ll have to do the apologies, and I get to say ‘I told you so’ loudly and clearly,” she said with a fond, teasing grin. “And, I suppose I’d better be prepared to take on the dogs if the girl bolts, or something.”

As if that would be a burden for you, my love,” he teased.

You know that your loving teasing does things to me, husband. Wonderful things.”

Oh? Whatever do you mean?” he countered.

Sighing as if she was performing an onerous task, the Hostess opened the robe she was wearing, tilted her pelvis in his direction, and spread her labia apart, revealing the glistening, juicy treasure between them. “I mean this,” she said, with twinkling eyes.

Oh my,” he chuckled. “And you know what that display of yours does to me, jewel of my life.”

I think I know,” she laughed happily. “But please confirm my suspicions.”

Very well. If I must, I must,” he said with mock resignation. He unfastened the towel at his waist, letting it drop to the floor. His cock was more than three quarters turgid, and rising slowly to fullness.

The Hostess’ eyes lit up with happiness, seeing the effect she had on her spouse. She looked at the wall clock. “We have plenty of time, I think, before the Master and his girl arrive,” she stated. Shrugging her robe off her shoulders, she stepped to the bed, and placed herself on her back. Holding her knees up and apart with her hands, she looked down her naked torso and begged, “Please help me relieve some of my nervous tension, my love. I’m fully ready for you to take me.”

Her husband grinned. With a few quick strides he was between her thighs. With a long smooth thrust his cock claimed her cunt. Placing his hands on her shoulders and his mouth on her breasts, he proceeded to help her relieve her tensions. His warm lips and his supple tongue sent waves of ecstasy rolling through her. She freed her hands by wrapping her legs around his muscular torso, allowing her to stroke his head with caresses conveying her enjoyment.

She added verbal encouragement to her caresses, confessing, “That feels fantastic, my darling! You fuck me so well! I want to feel your balls slapping my ass!”

He increased the power of his thrusts, egged on by her words. His balls were now striking her rhythmically as her moans and groans filled their bedroom. With her legs hooked behind his back, she was lifting her pelvis, fucking him back, expressing her need.

Their mutual passion was like a feedback loop, each iteration magnifying the effect. Gasping, she whispered, “I’m… almost… there… love. Please, please, bite my nipples.”

From long experience, he knew exactly how hard to bite them – really a strong nibbling action, accompanied by almost animalistic growls. That did it. The Hostess howled as her orgasm took control of her body. “Aaaaaaaahhhhh!” Her howl had almost stopped when she heard her husband’s special sound that usually accompanied his climax. She felt his cock twitching inside her and the subsequent injection of his warm seed, flooding her. She shuddered with delight, and her pussy reacted with another, albeit smaller, orgasm that helped milk his cock empty.

He stayed inside her, atop her, embracing her as she lowered her legs to the bed. They relaxed, murmuring post-orgasmic words of endearment, enjoying the moment. Each knew that they had the perfect mate in their arms, and cherished the day they’d met.

Afterward, they didn’t bother to clean up before dressing, since the scent of sex hanging about them would be perfect for this evening. The Hostess did put on a pair of panties, to prevent the semen that would be leaking from her for a while from staining her dress. She didn’t don her leather corset, knowing that even if she was called upon to service the dogs that evening, they would be leather booted, to protect the skin of Master’s girl. It took her quite some time to work her hair into some semblance of order, after being so lovingly ravished by her husband.

It was a difficult decision, with so many dresses to choose from, but the Hostess finally decided on a slit dress in vivid red. Its top was held up, covering her breasts, by a single strap that looped over her right shoulder. Sleeveless, both sides of its top were open from her armpit to her waist, giving fleeting glimpses of the sides of her breasts as she moved. A soft, rounded cord of the same red material encircled her slender waist, and soft, shimmering folds of material cascaded from there to her ankles. A daring slit rose from the right side of its hem all the way up to the cord at her waist, revealing her leg and all of her thigh, and, truth be told, occasional peeks at her smooth labia. The red Manolo Blahnik suede ankle-tie d’Orsay pumps completed her outfit in a striking manner, adding several inches of height to her petite frame.

A servant appeared, and discretely announced the arrival of the Master and his girl, so the Hostess discarded her panties, which had absorbed the majority of her leakage by now. She and her husband descended the stairs to enter the sitting room. The Hostess’ husband said, “Ah! There you are, old friend,” as he gave the Master a warm handshake and a semi-embrace.

The Master was a tall, imposing figure of a man, impeccably turned out for this occasion. His tailored suit covered a white dress shirt, adorned with a golden power tie. This clothing encased a frame that was not bulky, but rather lithe, with fluid movements. The black hair on his head extended down into short sideburns that framed a smooth-shaven face with a rakish smile. His body language expressed confidence. His gray eyes flashed in appreciation as they took in the sight of the Hostess in her revealing red dress, as they were introduced.

I’d like you both to meet my girl, Shelley,” he stated, indicating the woman standing next to him. She was petite, a shade more petite than the Hostess, almost waif-like. She stood with her head and eyes lowered, and her hands folded perhaps nervously and protectively in front of her lower belly. Shelley wore a simple, but elegant, black V neck dress with cap sleeves. The dress descended far enough to cover her sex, unless she were to bend her body over. As the Master had her execute a turn, they noticed that the dress had a zipper down its back to the approximate location of the top of the girl’s ass crack.

You may greet them in the proper manner, girl,” the Master prompted.

Without a word, Shelley gracefully lowered herself to her knees, and crawled the brief distance to the feet of the Hostess’ husband. There, she raised her torso and embraced the man’s upper thighs with both arms, as she turned her head and rested her cheek against his thighs, close to his groin. He petted her head gently in acknowledgment.

Shelley then crawled sideways to the feet of the Hostess. Remaining with head humbly low, she covered one of the Hostess’ feet with soft, warm kisses everywhere that her footwear would permit this. The Hostess leaned well over, and stroked the girl’s short auburn hair. Shelley stood and returned to the Master, now looking straight ahead. When she raised her face, they could see her expertly applied makeup, and her intelligent green eyes, sparkling with vitality. Her mouth, however, signaled uncertainty and nervousness.

Attuned to his girl’s moods, the Master let her sit on a couch next to him, cuddled against his side, as they all took seats for refreshments and discussion.

Have you told your girl what to expect tonight?” the Hostess asked the Master.

The Master began, “Only in the most general terms. She knows she’s to be fucked in front of a crowd, little else. I believe you said she’d be performing a blow job, along with being fucked, for your guests’ amusement.” The girl blushed prettily, hearing this.

He continued, “As per your instructions, she has not been allowed to shower for 2 days, but since she is generally naked in my home, her overall scent is clean. Of course she’s not wearing any perfumes or deodorants. She also knows her limits will be tested this evening. You should be aware that she professes to have no limits, other than mutilation and death. But still she knows she can safeword if she feels she cannot truly handle what is happening, but she never yet has safeworded with me. Right girl?”

Shelley looked up at him, her nervousness blended with feelings of adoration for her Master. “That’s correct, Master. I only hope to please you in all things. You make me feel safe and secure, so I gladly cede my control to you.”

Well spoken,” he replied, giving her a gentle hug.

I’d like the opportunity to examine your girl’s body,” the Hostess said. Her husband nodded his similar desire. “Will you show us how you plan to present her to the crowd?”

Gladly,” the Master answered. “Up, girl,” he commanded, as they both got to their feet. “I’d like to place her, facing your guests, like this,” he began, turning Shelley to face her hosts directly as they sat in their chairs, watching. “Since this dress caps her shoulders, it’ll be best if her arms are down by her sides. About here,” he continued. He placed her arms down, with her hands perhaps 4 inches from her hips, out to either side.

I’d like to stand behind her,” he stated, stepping into position. “Watch as I merely lower the zipper.” They heard the characteristic sound of an opening zipper, but it was being done very slowly and dramatically. The ‘V’ at her neck slowly opened, as the material that had been capping her shoulders, released by the opening zipper, began sliding laterally off her shoulders.

The creamy skin at the tops of her breasts appeared as the dress material covering them slid downward. More sounds of unzipping. The roseate surfaces of her areolae seemed to be rising into view, perhaps aided by a subtle arching of Shelley’s back as she proudly straightened. The Hostess and her husband learned moments later why her stature was so proud.

As the dress material lowered even farther, it fairly leaped off of the magnificent breasts it had been concealing. Shelley’s tits may in reality have been large C-cups, but on her petite frame they gave the appearance of being D-sized, at least. Her nipples protruded more than half an inch forward, and looked as if they were begging to be touched and fondled.

The shoulder caps slid down to Shelley’s elbows, letting the central dress part reveal her toned abdomen, softly moving out and in with each inhalation and exhalation. The cap material reached Shelly’s wrists, and the Master’s hand was almost down to the level of her ass crack. Just as the unzipping sound stopped, the cloth cleared Shelley’s hands and the dress material quickly cascaded to her feet, dramatically uncovering her sex. Her auburn colored pubic hair was neatly trimmed into a heart shaped patch, which had a secondary effect of acting as a pointer to her clit and labial slit.

The Hostess and her husband both began applauding at how this presentation had been performed, plus their appreciation of Shelley’s captivating loveliness. “Bravo! Well done! Beautiful!” the Hostess exclaimed. Privately, she was hoping that Shelley could have such a presence and demeanor when faced with a much larger crowd of strangers.

May we examine her more closely?” the Hostess inquired of the Master.

Certainly,” he replied. Speaking to Shelley, he told her, “Girl, while we are guests here this evening, you will obey the commands of these people, your hosts, as if the words came out of my mouth. Do you understand?”

Yes, Master,” she answered, humbly. “I will obey them as I would obey you.”

Wonderful,” the Hostess said. “Come closer to us, and bend slightly, offering us your tits.”

Shelley promptly stepped forward, and bent her waist toward them while bringing her elbows tight against her hips. Her arms pushed her breasts forward, almost into their faces. Her scent was that of an unwashed, but clean woman – the essence of femininity. Both hosts reached up to explore the warmth and textures of Shelley’s tits. As their hands touched her, and began exploratory caresses, the young woman sighed with happiness. Her nipples stiffened even more.

Shelley’s skin was glowing when the Hostess said, “Very good, girl. Now show us your cunt.”

May I get on the floor to do this, Miss?” she inquired.

Yes, you may. And please just call me Hostess, girl. I prefer that,” the Hostess instructed her.

Thank you for correcting me, Hostess,” Shelley said, humbly. She promptly went down onto the floor on her back, and planted her feet more than shoulder width apart. Reaching down, she opened herself to their gaze. Her vestibule was a lovely shade of pink, and glimmered with moistness. Her finger slowly retracted her clit hood, letting that rod of firm flesh emerge. Releasing that, she used both her hands, slipping both her index and middle fingers into her vaginal opening, and pulled her hands sideways. Obviously, she wasn’t shy about displaying herself in this manner.

The Hostess’ husband spoke to the recumbent female. “This evening, you’ll be sucking an unfamiliar cock, and after that, you’ll be fucked by an unfamiliar cock. All of this will take place in front of a large group of our guests at this dinner party. Do you have any hesitations about doing this?”

I’ve never been used in front of a large group of people before, Sir,” she answered. “But my Master wishes me to do this, and I want nothing more in the world than to please him. I’ll do my best not to disappoint him, or you, my hosts. I’m ready to try.”

The Hostess’ husband unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. “Here’s an unfamiliar cock. Show me how well you can suck it.”

The naked submissive rolled over onto her hands and knees and crawled up to where he was seated. She parted her ruby lips, placed them around the crown of his cock, and inhaled, drawing the full length of his semi-turgid cock into her mouth. She’d shown no reluctance in these actions whatsoever, the Hostess noted.

Since Shelley was already on all fours, the Hostess moved behind her, to visualize how she’d be presented to the guests. Her ass was beautiful, creamy pink with arresting tan lines defining it. Her labia poked out slightly between her relatively closed thighs. The Hostess grasped her knees to move them apart, and the girl immediately shuffled herself into a more open posture, still sucking enthusiastically on the cock in her mouth.

With the girl’s thighs apart, her sex was much more visible. The Hostess again parted those now slightly swollen labia, revealing the damp pinkness between them. Inserting first one finger, then two, the Hostess dilated her vaginal opening, causing the girl to emit a happy sound from deep in her throat, somewhat muted by her currently full mouth.

Withdrawing her fingers, the Hostess noted with satisfaction that the girl’s vaginal tunnel stayed partly open, creating an amazingly erotic display. Turning to the Master, she said, “Perfect. The crowd will love seeing this view. We’ll make sure they see her backside when she’s on her hands and knees.” She winked at the Master, conveying that the girl would be presented to the dogs like this, also.

Looking toward her grinning husband, the Hostess said, “Darling, I think you should try out this cunt of hers. She can get the feel of your unfamiliar cock inside her, as a prelude to the evening.”

Excellent suggestion, my love,” he answered. “Turn around, girl,” he commanded.

Shelley let his cock escape from her mouth with a wet, popping sound, and then shuffled into an 180 degree turn, presenting her ass to him. He rose up from the chair, straddled her from behind, and guided his cock into her warm, receptive fuck hole.

The Hostess watched from the girl’s front, noting her expressions of not only acceptance, but also satisfaction, as her cunt was filled by that stiff cock. “Arch your back just a little more, girl,” she advised her. To the two men, she opined, “This girl apparently loves being on display, naked, and being fucked.”

Shelley blushed, but also smiled like a Cheshire cat, and remained silent, arching her back more and bracing herself against the carnal thrusts of that cock occupying her cunt. Her change in pose displayed her magnificent tits bouncing forward and back with each shuddering impact. It was a memorable sight. The guests should be thrilled to witness it.

The husband used the girl for his pleasure, fucking her fast, not wanting the girl to actually orgasm before the night’s event. Consequently, his actions brought him to his climax in just a few minutes. Ever thoughtful of his wife, he pulled out of the girl’s cunt to ejaculate his semen all over the top of her ass and lower back. “All yours, my dear,” he told his wife, panting and smiling.

The Hostess grinned, and stepped to the girl’s side. In order to kneel next to her, the Hostess had to open the side slit on her dress, pulling it to one side so it wouldn’t get caught under her knees. This exposed her cunt to the Master’s view, of course. She was glad to see the gleam of appreciation that appeared in his eyes as he looked. Turning her attention to the various splats of cum on the girl, the Hostess lapped and sucked up every bit of her husband’s offering. The salty taste of the girl’s sweat enhanced its favor, and the heat of her body kept the fluids nicely warm until they could all be consumed.

Rising and sitting on a chair, the Hostess told Shelley, “Get up now, girl, and sit here on my lap.” The Hostess kept her dress material out of the way, so the girl would press the bare flesh of her ass against the Hostess’ bare thighs and mound. She toyed gently with the compliant naked girl in her lap as they chatted over more refreshments, She wanted to keep the girl in a mildly aroused state, so that later, the dogs would be excited by the scent of this new bitch in heat. A servant discretely announced that the first guests were arriving, and being escorted to their places at the tables set up outdoors.

Let us know, as usual, when all have arrived, so we can make our entrance at that time. In the meanwhile, see to their needs concerning appetizers and drinks,” she instructed the servant. She bowed her understanding, and left the room.

It will not be long now, girl,” the Hostess said. “Are you excited?”

I have to admit I’m still nervous, Hostess,” the girl answered honestly. “You have such a grand house, I imagine your guests will be prominent people, expecting some sort of amazing performance for their entertainment. Merely seeing me suck a cock and be publicly fucked…” her voice trailed off as she pondered that. She concluded, “It seems rather tame. I hope I don’t disappoint things tonight. Your touches have me simmering, though, so I feel like I’m ready to take on a whole forest of cocks of strangers. Will they be wearing masks, or something?”

The Hostess laughed merrily. “No dear. No masks, or anything like that. Don’t worry. Your fresh beauty and enthusiasm will be quite gratifying. I’ve no worries about that at all.” Secretly, she was worried that the girl might freak out and balk when she learned the cocks in question would be attached to dogs, but that was what was making this event fascinating to see unfold.

The servant announced that all the invited guests were present.

Stand up, and put your dress back on, girl,” the Hostess told Shelley.

The men made certain that the ladies’ dresses looked perfect. With great composure, the Hostess entered the midst of the guests on the arm of her spouse. The Master and Shelley followed several steps behind them. After politely greeting the guests and thanking them for coming, the Hostess bade them to be seated.

Her husband directed the Master and his girl to the steps leading up onto the sturdy table that would act as the stage for this event. The Hostess watched the Master take his girl by the hand, and lead her up the steps. The girl was aware of all the eyes looking at her, so she squared her shoulders and kept her chin level as they rose to the top surface.

The Master turned her to face the crowd. “Good evening,” he said. “I have been asked by your gracious hosts to bring my girl to act as your entertainment for this gathering. This lovely creature is my submissive. I’ve had the honor to be her Master for almost a year now. During this time, she has shown herself to be obedient, responsive, and trustworthy. Working together, we have freed her inner slut.”

Hearing this, the girl blushed, smiled, and lowered her eyes. She was obviously both pleased and embarrassed to be so publicly praised. Her hands were shaking nervously at her side, so she clasped them together in front of her belly.

The Master continued, “Even though she has never performed in front of such a large group before, we have high hopes that her innate sensuality and, for lack of a better word, horniness, will allow her to do her best. I might add that she has only the broadest concept of what her performance tonight entails. Nevertheless, she accompanied me here willingly. Is that not so, girl?”

Shelley had been scanning all the faces, perhaps slightly mesmerized by their stares. For a brief moment, she appeared startled since she was not expecting to be called upon to talk. Recovering her composure, she straightened her spine, smiled, and replied, “Yes, Master. I’m here of my own free will, and to serve you. I want nothing more than to please you in all things. I always do my best to carry out your commands.”

There was a polite spattering of applause at the conclusion of her statement, which made the girl shyly lower her eyes. The Hostess was enchanted by her, and hoped she had the same effect upon her guests.

Now I think it’s time for me to reveal the splendor of this treasure of mine,” stated the Master. As he stepped behind her, she placed her hands out away from her waist in the same position she had taken during her earlier disrobing. Once again, the Master grasped her zipper and began slowly, very slowly, lowering it.

This time, the Hostess was more interested in seeing the reactions of her guests than in watching the dress slip down Shelley’s body. Everyone’s attention was riveted to the stage. People’s eyes seemed to dilate with excitement as the ‘V’ at the front of the girl’s dress opened. The Hostess heard soft exclamations of “Oooo” and “Ahhhh” as the dress fell away from her tits. A few people subconsciously licked their lips.

Everyone must have been holding their breath as the zipper reached its final few teeth. Their parting seemed abnormally loud in the still air. Then there was a whisper of cloth as the dress plummeted to the girl’s feet. As she stood there, her nude body fully revealed, the crowd broke out in thunderous applause, showing their approval. Shelley flushed scarlet down to the top of her breasts, but held her pose.

Various comments emerged from the guests: “She’s fantastic!”, “I would never have guessed that she possessed such mammaries!”, “Marvelous!”, “I wish I had a body like that!”, “Don’t we all?”, and so on. For his part, the Master spent this time enhancing Shelley’s display, by lifting her breasts, gently tweaking her nipples, running his hand down her taut belly, and even prodding her labia.

On your hands and knees now, girl,” the Master whispered. Still facing the crowd, she did as she was told. Once she was in that position, her ample breasts were framed by her arms in a most enticing fashion. The Master reached down and jiggled them with his fingertips, producing an involuntary giggle from the girl. “Hold your mouth open,” he whispered.

As Shelley opened her mouth, he ran his finger tip around her upper and lower lips, drawing everyone’s attention there. “Soon this pretty mouth of hers will be sucking hard on a dick as you watch.” Shelley’s body quivered slightly as he said this.

Placing a hand on her shoulder and hip, the Master pushed softly, maneuvering her slowly around until her ass faced one end of the seated area. He parted her thighs and then her labia fully, revealing the pink treasure that they concealed. “And soon thereafter, this gorgeous cunt of hers is going to be skewered repeatedly by a cock that she has never felt before. All for your entertainment,” he announced.

The Hostess was positioned so that she could see Shelley’s face at this point. The girl had screwed her eyes shut at this point. The Hostess could sympathize with her, knowing that a few minutes ago Shelley was standing like any other guest, and beautifully dressed, but now she was naked, on her knees, with her ass and cunt being shown to all these strangers.

She was considering stepping up and saying something to reassure the girl, but that proved to be unnecessary. In tune with his submissive, the Master became aware of her discomfort, and went down on one knee in front of her. With a soft, gentle voice, he said, “Open your eyes, my pet. You know you’re precious to me, and I’m here for you.” Everyone could see how much he adored his submissive.

Shelley opened her eyes, looked up into his face, and holding his gaze, began shuffling her knees sideways, slowly turning her body, and keeping her thighs wide apart. These movements treated the rest of the audience to an unrestricted view of her sex. She beamed a happy smile at her Master, seeing the look of pleasure and approval on his face as she obeyed.

He nodded, and since everyone had had a good look at her cunt, he turned her to once again face the guests. The crucial moment had arrived. The Hostess walked over to the steps and slowly ascended. Each step that she took opened the slit on the side of her red dress, giving an excellent view of her shapely legs and an occasional flash of her pussy.

When she reached the center of the stage, she stood on one side of the submissive girl, while the Master stood on the other. The Hostess signaled a servant, and Domino, a good-sized mostly brown bulldog, was led, trotting proudly, to the steps. His tongue lolled out of one side of his mouth, an area where his brown fur was interrupted with splotches of white and black. His wide set brown eyes sparkled with health, and his impressive testicles swung in and out of view between his rear legs as he moved.

Shelley’s face registered confusion, as she tried to comprehend why the gathering was being interrupted by the appearance of this animal. The Hostess gestured, and the well-trained dog climbed the steps and came over to sit at her feet, where he was petted and praised.

The audience watched Shelley’s face as comprehension dawned and the reality of her situation began to sink in. Her look of horror was priceless. It was patently obvious that the idea of an animal being involved in her performance had never crossed her mind. Her head swiveled from looking at the dog to looking at her Master. She didn’t speak, but her eyes were pleading with him. It was almost as if she was saying, “No. Please, Master. You can’t be serious. Suck on a dog? An animal? I want to please you, but this?”

The guests were fascinated, watching the submissive girl waging an inner battle. It was obvious she was torn between a knee-jerk reaction of revulsion to this idea, but also a deep desire to please her Master. Her emotions were heightened by the fact that she was being asked to do this in a public venue, rather than some intimate, private place.

Her Master merely looked down at her with a mild expression of inquiry. He knew that if this was too much for his girl – if she decided that this was a hard limit – she could invoke her safeword. If she did so, it would be the very first time. He was genuinely curious to see if she would take this step. Tension built. Finally, he knelt close to her and spoke so quietly that only she heard his words. “If you can’t bring yourself to do this, don’t worry. The Hostess will do it in your place.”

Shelley’s heart was pumping so hard and fast that she could hear and feel it. She looked at this man she trusted and adored, and felt relieved that he was giving her permission to opt out. Somehow, that knowledge transformed her feelings about the situation. She was not being forced to suck that dog’s cock – she was being given a choice. Another emotion rose up within her. It was a feeling that if that elegant woman, the Hostess, could and would put a dog’s cock in her mouth in front of all these people, well then, so could she.

Gathering her resolve, Shelley smiled at her Master, causing a murmur to stir among the onlookers. Turning her head, she smiled up at the Hostess, and nodded.

Comprehending the girl’s acquiescence, the Hostess pointed at a spot in front of Shelley and said, “Domino. Back.” The bulldog quickly rose up, trotted a few steps, and plopped himself on his back right beneath Shelley’s face. That simple command had a lot of Pavlovian conditioning behind it. In reaction to both the command and his current posture, the bulldog’s cock emerged from its furred sheath as if by magic.

Shelley’s pupils dilated visibly at the sight of that swollen pinkish rod with its deep red patterning of blood vessels. Its strangely pointed tip already had beads of moisture forming at its tiny opening. The pungent scent of dog wafted into Shelley’s nostrils, and began spreading out into the nearby crowd.

Mentally short-circuiting to prevent herself from dwelling on what she was about to do, Shelley opened her mouth, dipped her head, and engulfed the head of the cock. Hollowing her cheeks with suction, she let about half the shaft enter her mouth. A full third of the onlookers sympathetically sucked in lungfuls of air, while the rest, after a pregnant pause, burst into enthusiastic applause.

People quieted down thereafter, listening to the slurping sounds that Shelley was making as she bobbed her head up and down on the dog’s penis. Domino remained on his back, basking in the thrilling sensations the girl was creating at his undercarriage. He waved a paw from time to time, and his stubby, docked tail thumped on the stage intermittently. He made happy whining vocalizations, as if encouraging the girl.

For her part, the girl was amazed at the steady stream of salty precum emerging from the tip of his cock as she suckled. If it was anything like human precum, she couldn’t tell, because no man had ever filled her mouth with it like this dog was doing. She was swallowing continuously as she sucked and bobbed.

The dog began making a strange, different sound – sort of a deep rumble from his barrel-like chest. Slightly confused, the girl was caught off guard as the dog’s cock suddenly erupted like a garden hose turned on full! Her cheeks ballooned to their maximum extent in the twinkling of an eye, causing exclamations of surprise, and even some of sympathetic discomfort from the onlookers.

The force and volume of the cum blast made her choke and cough, forcing some cum to jet out of her nose. It’s doubtful that anyone noticed that, because as she starting coughing, she pulled her mouth free from his still ejaculating cock. Cum sprayed her entire face and neck. Fearing her Master and the Hostess might be displeased, she quickly reclaimed the cock tip, and, her face streaming with dog semen, managed to suck and swallow as fast as the fluid emerged now.

Shelley had consumed lots of her Master’s semen during the course of their relationship, so she couldn’t help but compared its taste to that of the dog’s. To her surprise, this canine’s semen tasted marginally better. It had an edge of sweetness to it, although its scent was strange. The scent had a quality that her mind could only label as ‘inky’ smelling, so the fact that it tasted this good didn’t exactly make sense.

As the flood of semen gradually ebbed, becoming a mere trickle before ceasing altogether, Shelley became aware of the audience once again. She’d been so closely focused on dealing with the dog’s ejaculation, she’d quite forgotten that a whole lot of wide-eyed people were watching her suck off a dog. She felt her face heat up with embarrassment as a wave of humiliation swept through her.

But after a few moments, she realized that the onlookers were not castigating her at all. Their murmurs were those of fascination, wonder, and amazement. Perhaps this was the first time any of them had seen this done in person. Some of those statements being made took a turn toward envy, because at that moment the Hostess hiked up the hem of her long dress all the way to her waist to facilitate kneeling next to Shelley. This briefly exposed her gorgeous pussy and ass to her guests, prompting good natured comments about what a ‘lucky bastard’ her husband was.

Placing her hand behind Shelley’s head to control its positioning, the Hostess proceeded to lick the dog semen off Shelley’s face and neck. The submissive felt her heart throbbing almost painfully inside her chest as that elegant woman performed this intimate act, uncaring about anyone watching it being done. That delicious tongue carefully bathed every bit of semen from the young woman’s face and neck, leaving her quivering in bliss.

Thank you, Hostess,” the woman whispered fervently.

My pleasure, my dear,” the Hostess replied, eyes twinkling. “We certainly couldn’t let that lovely stuff go to waste, now could we?” she asked, rhetorically. She nodded to her husband, who signaled Domino to follow him back to the house, and the waiting servant.

Now, girl, are you ready to be fucked while my guests watch?” the Hostess whispered.

Shelley didn’t immediately reply one way or the other. Her facial expressions telegraphed that she wanted to say something, or ask something, but felt uncertain that she’d be permitted to do so.

The Hostess intuited her discomfort in speaking, so she encouraged her, “Yes, dear? You obviously want to say something. Speak freely. What is it?”

Shelley started speaking so quietly that the Hostess had to place her ear right next to the girl’s mouth. “Hostess… Will I… I mean… the fucking… will it be by a man? Or…” Her voice squeaked slightly at this point. “Or by a dog?”

The Hostess graced her with a tender smile, answering, “A dog, of course, girl.”

Will it… can it… hurt?” the girl gasped out, trembling nervously.

I’ll be honest with you, girl,” the Hostess began. “There can be some momentary pain, because a dog’s cock is like a stick, and if he’s poking that stick against your ass flesh, seeking to find your hole, that can be uncomfortable. But I plan to guide his cock quickly to the right place to prevent most of that. Also, their claws can scratch us if we don’t take precautions, but this has already been done for tonight.”

The guests were patiently watching this interaction, this almost silent conversation. After all, Shelley was still on all fours, with her dangling tits still on full display. The men especially seemed mesmerized as they stared at them gently swaying whenever the girl spoke.

This dog’s cock is built so that your pussy will probably feel more filled than it ever has before, once he gets it inside. Dog’s fuck hard and fast, too, with much more stamina than I’ve encountered with most males. And your cunt opening will possibly be stretched more than you’ve ever felt before, as well,” the Hostess continued.

Stretched?” the girl said, with a voice tinged with both caution and curiosity. “Will it stretch me so out of shape that my Master will no longer find pleasure there?” she asked with all seriousness.

Grinning, the kneeling Hostess changed her position so that she was sitting, dress still hiked up to her waist, her thighs now opened, giving everyone – girl and guest – a good look at her cunt. Using fingers to splay her labia open, she informed the girl, “I fuck my dogs all the time. Does it look like my pussy is so distorted that men will find no pleasure here?” The guests were certainly finding pleasure looking at it. Everyone’s attention had snapped from Shelley’s tits to the Hostess’ cunt.

Shelley’s face took on an abashed smile. “No, Hostess. You have an absolutely gorgeous pussy into which any sane man would love to sink his cock,” she answered, frankly. She paused, then continued, “I really want to please my Master – not to disappoint him or you. I’m ready to be fucked, Hostess, but please help me. I’m still a bundle of nerves. This is so unknown to me that I’m afraid.”

Good girl,” the Hostess complimented her. “I adore honest answers. I’ll help you get ready, then. First, I think I’ll dilate your pussy with my fingers. Let me position you.”

The Hostess stood, allowing her dress to once again envelope her charms. An audible sigh arose from the guests as her pussy and legs disappeared from sight, making her smile. She turned the girl so that her ass again faced the center area for the guests, then shuffled her into a turn of about 45 degrees. In this manner, the guests at one end of the area had a direct view of the girl’s ass, while those at the other end saw her from her side. She lifted her dress only above her knees this time to kneel partially behind the girl. No one complained about either view.

The Hostess sucked two of her fingers, and eased them into the girl’s pussy. She was pleased that they slid inward with little restriction, indicating that the girl’s nervousness hadn’t dried her vaginal tunnel too much. The tunnel began getting wetter as the Hostess started fingering it, occasionally brushing or rubbing the girl’s clit. She even rubbed her own cheeks softly against the girl’s pert ass cheeks, all to aid in the girl’s arousal. During this, she gave Shelley quiet tips about being mounted. “Keep your ass up high, but lower your shoulders so that your tits press against or at least touch the surface under them,” she whispered.

While this was being done, three large screens above and behind the stage lit up. The various feeds from three cameras appeared. One screen showed the girl directly from her front, giving a good look at her face. The second showed a tight side shot of her kneeling body. The third was a closeup of her ass and cunt, seen from behind. Now all guests could see everything from whatever angle(s) they wished.

The Hostess’ husband also quietly informed the guests, “Feel free to leave your seats from time to time to see the actual performance more closely, as long as you don’t block the cameras.” He indicated their positions. “We’ll be recording this part of the event, and playing it back when we’re seated for dinner.”

By now, the Hostess had a wedge of 4 fingers inserted into the girl’s cunt. Her fingers were glistening wetly as she twisted her wrist left and right. The scent of the girl’s juices drifted into the area around the guests. The Hostess caught her husband’s attention, nodding that it was time to have Rex brought out.

Pulling her hand free, which gave the guests a lovely view into the girl’s gleaming depths, the Hostess whispered, “Oh yes. There is a doggy protocol you need to observe. Our dog Rex will be here in a few moments, and he will probably sniff your ass loudly. Then I expect he will come up to your head, and back into your face, so you can sniff his ass in return. This is a form of greeting, so please sniff loudly.”

A bit stunned, the girl nodded her understanding, but the redness was creeping back into her face. The face view screen showed it clearly. The thought of publicly sniffing a dog’s ass was sinking her into a deeper state of submission – ‘sub space’ – which she actually enjoyed. And somehow, the very fact that this was all so taboo in general society, and yet she was going to participate voluntarily, well, that added a further frisson of excitement.

A nervous titter ran through the crowd as Rex trotted into view. He was a magnificent Golden Retriever, covered in long golden red hair. He waved his tail proudly behind him as he pranced toward the stage. The dark black pools of his eyes glittered, and his dark nose, alive with movement as he scented the air, gleamed with moist health. His claws did not click on the ground, because leather booties, color coordinated with his dark gold coat, covered all four of his paws.

Pavlovian-type conditioning had taught Rex that when his booties were on, some bitch would be presented to him for breeding. His keen sense of smell guided him up the steps onto the stage and over to where Shelley knelt. The girl couldn’t see his approach because the Hostess’ placement blocked her view. The leather booties made it difficult to even tell how close he might be.

Consequently, when the dog inhaled with several loud sniffs, actually touching his cool, wet nose right against Shelley’s ass hole, her face registered wide-eyed shock, priceless to behold. The girl managed to stifle her shriek into a sound resembling ‘eeeep’ as she contracted her muscles to try to stabilize her pose. Seconds later, as he came around in front of her, Shelley’s facial expression morphed from surprise when she saw the size of the dog that appeared in her view, to one of mild disgust just before it was obscured by Rex shoving his ass into her face.

You could’ve heard a pin drop as the guests held their breath. Obediently, Shelley sniffed loudly not once, but twice. Rex let loose with a joyful bark, spun around, and licked her full on her face, before moving behind her once again. Blinking her eyes, she looked up at her Master, who’d moved on the stage to a point where he could see her face directly. This caused her to notice the three screens, and she realized how thoroughly all the onlookers would be able to observe her act of submission.

Curiously, time seemed to slow to a drag as the dog moved out of her field of view. She had ample time to visualize the obscene way she was posed. How her ass and cunt must be salaciously presented to all those people. Her mind was whirling with that inner turmoil of wanting to do anything to please her Master, battling with the fear of the possible pain, and overshadowed with the notions that sex with animals was a nasty thing, that only the sluttiest of the sluts might do.

With a snap, she realized she didn’t have to visualize her pose – she could see it if she looked up at the screen. “OMG,” she thought. “The Hostess really opened my cunt with her hands. I’ve never seen that deeply into myself before.” But she only had a moment to glance at that image, because Rex was now behind her, partially blocking that view.

Her face displayed startled apprehension as Rex flicked his long wet tongue the full length of her sensitive, exposed, sexual region. The tongue slithered all the way from her clit to her ass hole. He lapped several times, never letting his sharp teeth touch her delicate membranes. As her fear abated, Shelley’s face began radiating pleasure. She closed her eyes, with a huge smile on her face, as Rex continued a spirited cunnilingus on her, lapping merrily at the juices she was beginning to spill out of her cunt.

The audience was nearly breathless, so the sounds of the lapping dog, and the gradual utterance of soft moans from the submissive were clearly audible. One woman stated, apparently to no one in particular, “He’s licking her so forcefully.” Was there a tone of envy in her voice?

Writhing with pleasure now in response to the dog’s oral attentions, Shelley never noticed the collective gasp emerging from the guests. Her mind even had trouble piecing together the statements being made. “Look! Look at that,” one man said. A female voice said, “It’s enormous!” Another female voice choked out, “She’s never going to be able to handle that!” They were referring, of course, to Rex’s cock. His cunt lapping had aroused him to a prodigious, if not yet full, erection. The weirdly pointed tip on his scarlet, pulsating member was actually starting to spray precum onto the stage between the girl’s knees.

Things clicked into place in Shelley’s mind when the Hostess leaned in and whispered into her ear, “He’s about ready, girl. Are you ready to feel him enter you?”

Enter me?” she thought. The girl shuddered, since the moment of truth was upon her. “Should I do this? Master said I didn’t have to, if I chose not to. He said the Hostess would take my place,” went her inner dialogue. She flicked a glance at the side view screen. On it, she could only see her body, on all fours, and Rex’s head back by her ass, still licking her furiously. She couldn’t see the rest of his body. “Will Master be upset with me if I back out? Will the Hostess?” the girl asked herself. All this was flashing through her mind in an instant.

Finally, she asked herself the most important questions. “Will I be upset with myself if I don’t do this? Will I always wonder and regret passing up this chance?” She wasn’t even thinking about the many, many people watching, any longer. She just resolved that she had to find out what this was like. Especially if an elegant woman such as the Hostess had no qualms about this behavior.

She decided she’d better tell everyone her decision, so, trying to keep the quavering out of her voice, declared very loudly and clearly, “Yes, Hostess! I want the dog to fuck me! Please help me!”

Smiling, the Hostess gave the girl’s auburn hair a loving stroke, before positioning herself near the girl’s hips and grasping Rex’s cock with a firm guiding hand. Instinctively, Rex stopped lapping at his new bitch’s cunt, reared up, and planted his booted paws on her back. Shelley felt some air whoosh out of her lungs as the weight of the dog mashed her tits harder down onto the stage. She felt two other things: the Hostess’ fingers holding her cunt open, and a sort of wet poking sensation at the back of her thigh.

She looked up at the side view screen and was momentarily spellbound at the sight there. The Golden Retriever was partially atop her, and he was moving his haunches forward and back, rapidly. She could also see the hand of the Hostess wrapped around what looked like a gigantic cock, trying to control and aim it. The expression on the Hostess’ face was one of intense concentration. But that cock! Surely that cock wouldn’t fit inside her. She began to have second thoughts.

But she had no time to act on them.

At that moment, the tip of Rex’s cock found the yielding wetness of the girl’s fuck hole. His front paws angled, sliding down to lodge themselves on the shelf of the girl’s hips, giving him purchase. With a hard lunge, he buried the full length of his dick into her vagina. Before she could blink, the girl was stuffed full. She might not have been able to blink, but she did scream an incoherent, “AAAHHHHHhhhhh!!”

My god!” a male voice cried out from the audience. “He’s taken her!”

Rex wasted no time in beginning his thrusts. As with all dogs, he fucked her with the only speed he ever used – full speed. The force of his impacts threatened to shove Shelley across the stage, but her upper torso, mashed firmly against the surface beneath her, plus her braced arms and palms, anchored her well enough.

But she had never been fucked this violently! It was like being fucked like an animal, by an animal. Because that’s really what was happening. Her pupils were dilated as her sympathetic nervous system tried to help her cope with this furious assault. The face view screen zoomed in to catch that expression. The side view screen showed her body trembling and shaking with each massive thrust. The rear view screen was angled enough to see Rex’s soaking wet cock flashing in and out of the girl’s now puffy and red labia.

I’ve never been fucked that intensely,” one woman opined, talking almost half-distractedly to herself. Her voice was indeed tinged with envy and awe.

The rapid movements of the dog’s dick in and out of Shelley’s cunt pressed a great deal of air into her vaginal passage. As the pressure got too great, it exploded back outward in ‘pussy farts’, some like small ‘queef’ sounds, and others loud blasts of compressed air. She could feel the vibrations in her vaginal ring produced by this escaping air. Farting at the crowd like this was extremely mortifying, but there wasn’t a thing she could do about it.

The lewd performance, continued, and now Shelley’s body was accommodating to the violent coupling, and responding. Miraculously, she felt an orgasm growing inside her. She needed her Master’s permission to cum, though. Loud enough for him to hear, she cried out, “Master, may I cum?”

Smiling, he crossed his arms. He knew his girl, and although she was aroused, he knew she could do better. “No, girl,” he replied. “Let it build.”

Groaning, she held back, but her body became even more insistent. She begged, “Oh god! Please, Master please!” She gulped air, head shaking.

No girl, I know you can hold out longer,” he replied. The audience was spellbound.

Finally Shelley squealed, “Please, Master! I can’t hold it any longer! I beg you!”

He quietly answered, “Yes my pet. Cum for me now.”

His words registered, and her muscles contracted as she writhed in orgasm beneath the beast. Oblivious to her climax, the dog kept hammering her cunt, his swollen knot banging at her opening. His tongue lolled from his mouth, dripping saliva on the girl’s back as he panted to cool himself. The Hostess looked at her guests. Almost everyone was bug-eyed with concentration, and about half of the jaws were slack with shock, mouths hanging open. As the girl climaxed, loud gasps erupted among the onlookers.

Even though many of her limb muscles were contracting violently from her orgasm, conversely, her vaginal ring slackened at the same time. Animal instinct took over for Rex as he felt that opening yielding to his knot. Bracing his front paws at the girl’s hips, he thrust his cock forward with a powerful lunge, and his knot penetrated her vaginal opening, sealing it. She screamed as she felt her cunt opening stretched wider than ever before in her life. She began panting away the pain.

Now that he’d knotted his bitch, Rex stopped thrusting, but his knot swelled even more, ensuring a tighter seal. Shelley cried out, “It’s getting bigger!” before continuing in a weeping babble of nonsense. She was dimly aware that the stick-like nature of the front of his cock was softening deep inside her vagina. The pointed tip gently brushed against her cervix, making her shiver.

There was a pause.

Then the dog’s cock began spewing. And spewing. And spewing. Shelley’s babble turned into coherent sounds. “Fuck! He’s cumming!” she cried. “Shit! Damn! It’s like a hot water faucet…” her voice trailed off. The huge canine cock continued its copious spurting of the lava which was the dog’s hot semen. Shelley became barely coherent now. “Fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk oh god Master… haaaaaaa oh please… cumminggggggggggggggggg!” Once again, her body convulsed in a massive orgasm as the trapped semen forced its way through her cervix, and flooded her womb, filling it beyond capacity. Dog semen forced its way into her uterine tubes, a sensation completely novel to the climaxing girl. She screamed, “He’s still cumming!”

The face view screen showed her eyes rolling back in their sockets.

People’s eyes were flitting from the live scene in front of them, to the screen showing the girls face, to the side view, to the rear view. The face view showed a woman almost swooning in ecstasy. The side view showed her body vibrating, thrumming, covered by the Golden Retriever now pressing his belly along her back. Her tits shook from her orgasmic convulsions. Her lower belly seemed to be swelling as the semen occupied it. The rear view showed her cunt opening, grossly distended, but sealed by the dog’s knot. The knot rippled with each new ejaculation into his bitch.

Time stood still. The audience was silent, barely breathing as they watched this amazing spectacle. They heard a whisper from the girl, too soft to be intelligible. She whispered again. People tried to read her lips, watching the closeup of her face. The lips curled into a smile. She whispered louder, this time audibly. She was repeating, “So good… so good,” over and over again. Soft murmurs spread through the guests as they informed one another what she was saying.

After a short while, Rex began back pedaling, trying to detach from his bitch, now that she’d been fully bred. Both the girl and the dog whimpered quietly from the pain this caused them both, but Rex was determined, and his knot was deflating. With a weird squelching sound, he pulled clear and trotted to the Hostess’ husband, where he plopped down and began licking his cock.

Some of the guests, most of them female, watched him doing this, looking aghast at the size of his cock, even as it was deflating. The rest were staring at the gaping hole between Shelley’s labia. Her cunt was disgorging copious amounts of dog cum and air – pussy farts blended with dog semen. Her cunt was actually blowing sticky, slimy bubbles of dog cum, as she remained on all fours, head now pillowed on her arms since she no longer had to brace herself against the canine thrusts.

When she had recovered enough to speak coherently, she crawled to her Master’s feet. Embracing his knees, she looked up into his face, stating, “My god. Master… I loved it! If it pleases you, may we get a dog please?”

The guests roared with appreciation, applauding, hearing her words.

When the uproar died down, the Master asked, “You mean you want to be fucked by a dog on a regular basis, girl?”

Shelley’s face blossomed in a pretty pink blush, but her voice was steady when she answered, “If that would please you, Master… yes.” Her gaze traveled from his face down his torso to his crotch. She saw he had a raging erection, because his cock was tenting his pants so forcefully that the material threatened to rip. Her eyes lit up. “Oooo, Master! May I please suck your cock? I really, really want it in my mouth, if you desire that.”

Grinning, the Master opened his trousers, and freed his magnificent cock, which was indeed rampant, with its opening oozing his precum. “Then suck me, my dear pet. Let all these people watch you worship my cock.”

Shelley was still so turned on by her encounter with the dog that, without a hint of shame, she began to greedily suck on his offered cock. Her head bobbed, her hands pumped his shaft and caressed his balls. She quite lost herself in servicing her Master.

The Hostess studied her guests. Everyone seemed to be intently watching this act of worshipful fellatio. Whispered comments like, “I want you to do that when we get home”, “Damn, he’s a lucky man”, “I need a cock in my mouth right now, too”, “I can’t help it – I’m playing with myself” rippled through the crowd. The Hostess smiled happily, glad her guests were enjoying themselves.

Shelley could tell her Master was about to cum, so she took her mouth off his cock only long enough to ask, “Do you want me to swallow it all, Master?” and then returned to sucking him hard and deep.

His grunted response was, “No, Girl. I’m going to paint you with it… Now!”, whereupon he yanked his cock free from her mouth. It emerged with a hollow sound of a wet piece of flesh being pulled out of a vacuum, and began to spew. Both he and his submissive cried, “Ahhhhhh” as his semen spurted onto her face, and into her hair. Splat after splat of white, sticky cum struck and painted her. There was so much that Shelley began giggling softly, making her torso shake gently, causing many guests’ eyes to focus on her lovely, jiggling tits.

His painting of her face had spared her eyes. Still clinging to his knees as he tucked his now drooping cock back into his clothing, the girl looked into his face, beaming emotions of love and adoration. His own body quivering now in post-orgasmic aftershocks, the Master flatly declared, “If dog-fucking turns you on THAT much, girl, we’ll certainly consult our Hostess for which breed would be best for you.” Shelley wrapped her arms tightly around his thighs, whooping with joy. The guests applauded anew, and began louder discussions of all that had transpired.

The Hostess got everyone’s attention. As they quieted, she said, “I want to thank the Master, and especially his girl, for their fantastic performance this evening. I also want to thank all of you for attending this event, and being so attentive and respectful. As you can tell, it was this girl’s very first time with a dog. Even though she was not expecting it, and had no such experience, she was brave enough to rise to the challenge. We should congratulate her.”

The guests did so, even giving her a standing ovation. At first, Shelley blushed shyly, with downcast eyes. But gradually, as the recognition of her outstanding performance continued, she looked up, and scanned the crowd, allowing herself to accept their compliments. Even though her face and hair were still spattered with her Master’s cum, she radiated beauty.

As her guests gradually settled, the Hostess added, “I have high hopes that our next gathering will also be extra special.” Murmurs of speculation abounded, after this pronouncement. “It’s now time we all had our dinner. Please be seated. The Master and his girl will sit here, at the places of honor.”

As they dined on the scrumptious food, the guests also circulated, many coming up to Shelley and asking what that all felt like, and telling her how impressed they were with her, and how much they admired her. She felt like quite a celebrity, especially since the scenes of her interaction with Rex were being replayed on the large screens. Shelley was fascinated to see herself being mounted by the lovely animal, and looked wide-eyed at how it appeared from different angles. When her screen image went into orgasm, Shelley felt her cunt spasm again in a sympathetic reflex, remembering the intensity of that orgasm.

The Hostess too got her fair share of questions. Some people were trying to guess what the next event would be like. But the majority of the women were hinting to her that they might like, sometime, privately, to try… ummmm… and then they would blush and stammer, unable to actually articulate their request.

At this point, the Hostess would graciously assist them by whispering, “I think you’re asking if you can try being fucked by a dog.” This made them flush with embarrassment mixed with desire and curiosity, and they would nod.

Winking, the Hostess then answered, “Just give us a call, if you’re serious.”

A few of the men present were Doms. When they asked the Hostess if their girls could try a dog, like Shelley did, the Hostess would flash an enigmatic smile, and answer gently and teasingly, “Yes. Perhaps, if I deem them fit for our dogs.”

The Hostess and Her Gift


Sunday morning, after the dinner party featuring the Master and his girl, the Hostess was in her dressing gown, trying to decide what to wear, when her spouse entered the bedroom.

Sweetheart,” he began, “I need you to come down to the sitting room.”

What? Are Stephanie and Helen already here? This early?” the Hostess exclaimed, surprised.

No, darling,” he assured her. “They’re not due for another hour or so. This is another matter,” he continued.

She knew her spouse well. There was a certain twinkle in his eyes, and a quality in his voice that indicated although he was acting fully composed, inside he was bouncing up and down like an excited little boy. She was intrigued.

Offering her hand, she smiled, saying, “Lead on, my dear.”

He led her into their sitting room. Waiting there, with a warm smile on his face, was a dark-haired gentleman of medium build. He arose the moment they entered. As the Hostess approached him and extended her hand in greeting, he took it in his own, bowed, and kissed the back of her hand in an almost continental fashion.

Darling, I wish you to meet Carter,” her husband said, by way of introduction.

Her hand tingling from the press of the man’s lips, she said, “I’m very pleased to meet you, Mr. Carter.”

The man blushed a delicate pink as her husband explained, “It’s just ‘Carter’ my dear. He was the escort for Miss Thompson last night.”

Oh! Valerie’s guest! Of course, now I remember you,” she asserted. “Please be seated.” After they’d settled, she inquired, “What can I do for you, Carter?” Privately, she wondered if Valerie had sent him to inquire about whether she too could have a session with a dog. So many guests often did, right after a party.

Her husband cleared his throat, taking the floor. “Last night, all but two of your male guests secretly drew straws in a special contest. Carter here was the winner.”

That seems clear, so far,” she confirmed. “And what did Carter win?”

He won the privilege of being given to you as a gift for one week,” her husband explained. Carter nodded his agreement.

Given to me as a gift?” the Hostess said, confused. Then she broke out laughing. “What an amusing jest,” she chuckled. “No. Really. Why are you here, Carter?”

I assure you, Hostess – your husband told me to address you by this title, rather than Miss or Mistress – we aren’t joking. I won, so I get to be your gift.”

The Hostess was taken quite aback. She looked hard into both men’s faces, and saw no glint of humor. Their expressions were serious. “This isn’t an elaborate joke of some kind?”

No, my dear. We’re very serious,” her husband replied. “Carter desires to be your plaything for a week. In a way, he is my gift to you, for being such a wonderful wife.”

But honey,” she rebutted, “I train females with dogs. I’ve never had a male plaything before, darling. I admit it’s intriguing, but…” her voice trailed off.

Turning to face Carter, she asked, “Why ever would you want to do this?”

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging if I tell you that I’m a very influential lawyer, Hostess. I have a very high pressure job. When I watched you at the dinner party, I was smitten by your command, your control, and your poise. My heart was beating furiously as we all participated in the contest your husband proposed, and I was elated to win. I wish to be controlled by you for this week. It’ll be a relief to give up control and serve you. I’ve submitted to other women in the past, if that makes you feel any better about this.” His voice and sincerity were compelling.

Thinking quietly for a few minutes, the Hostess stated, “OK. I admit I’m fascinated. What did those other women have you do? How did they treat you?”

Carter cast his mind back to several different earlier such encounters. Ummm. They sometimes had me naked, or dressed in frilly feminine things. They might make me crawl around on a leash. I’ve had to service them or their friends orally. I’ve been commanded to do housework. They might tie me up. Abuse me verbally. Spank me. So much depended on their whims of the moment. It was quite exhilarating.”

The Hostess tried to visualize these things as he stated them. “Dressing him up might be fun,” she mused. “Having him crawl around like a dog on a leash, naked, would be enjoyable. The servants handle the housework, but maybe we could have him act the role in one room.” Her thoughts continued. “Oh! Maybe while I have some friends over for tea, or something. That might be impressive to them, and humiliating to him.” She began to see some enjoyable possibilities, now that she’d heard examples from his past. But there was something quite important she had to know.

There must be some sort of limits of what they were permitted. Right, shyster?” she inquired.

He quailed, hearing himself referred to as a shady attorney; her verbal abuse had begun, and a quiet thrill went through his body. “Yes, Hostess. Thank you for being thoughtful about this. Things can’t impact my job, such as the court case I have on Wednesday – I must attend that. And nothing permanent can be done to my body. No piercings, tattoos, etc. Otherwise, I’m in your hands.”

Determined to test his resolve, The Hostess slipped off her shoe. “Show me how you worship my foot, Carter,” she directed.

Quickly Carter knelt humbly, took her dainty foot in his hands, and rubbed his soft, clean shaven cheeks all over it. He kissed it tenderly, as if it was the most precious thing in the world. After that, he licked both the top and bottom of her foot. That’s when he started sucking her toes, making sounds of appreciation deep in his throat. Electric shock-waves of pleasure raced to her pussy as he suckled her toes passionately.

After several minutes, clutching the cushions of the seat on which she sat, the Hostess lifted her leg up over her other thigh. “You may include my calf in your worship, now,” she commanded.

Carter’s warm, soft lips climbed from her heel to the side of her knee. The Hostess bit her lip because of the unexpected intensity of the pleasure this produced. She looked at her husband. “You’re OK with this?” she asked. In response, she saw a huge grin on his face. Looking down at his crotch, she saw his trouser material was tented by his straining erection. She fancied she could see a drop of moisture seeping through, where the head of his cock bulged. “Hmmm. I see you’re not only OK, this really turns you on, seeing him worship me,” she commented.

Yes, my dear,” he confirmed. I love seeing the blissful expression on your face, and the way your body is shivering in delight right now.”

The Hostess took a very deep breath, making her breasts expand and strain at her dressing gown. Her body shook erotically and her hand dug harder into the cushions. “Very well, we’ll keep him,” she sighed. “Stop now, Carter.”

The submissive lawyer gently released her foot and leg, and sat back on his heels, saying, “Thank you, Hostess. I hope my service will be pleasing to you.” Her acceptance of him placed a twinkle of joy in his eyes.

The Hostess checked the clock. She knew her girls would be here any minute, due to their characteristic promptness. An idea bloomed in her mind to begin Carter’s ordeal of embarrassment.

Stand up…” she hesitated, trying to think of a demeaning label, finally settling on, “… worm.” She waited until he was on his feet again, then continued, “Unzip your trousers, and pull out your cock and balls. I want them completely free, dangling in front of you. When you’ve accomplished that, remain standing with your hands behind your head.”

Carter complied, struggling slightly to work his now erect cock free of his underpants through the opening in his pants. With more effort, he fished his scrotum also out through the opening, his testicles shifting slightly as they reacted to the cooler air. Carter’s face took on a red hue as he exposed himself to the Hostess and her husband. The couple whispered and chuckled to each other too quietly for Carter to make out their words, but they were both eyeing his sexual equipment. He was pretty certain he head the Hostess say the words ‘pencil dick’ which made his heart accelerate as her humiliation titillated him.

There was a sound outside. “I think I hear a car in the drive,” the Hostess stated. “It must be the girls. Stand up straight, and keep your hands behind your head to greet them, Carter. I’ll go to the door myself, darling,” she informed her husband.

She went to the door, waving the servant aside. Greeting Stephanie and Helen with warm hugs and kisses, she whispered a quick synopsis of the situation. Suppressing a giggle, she told the girls how she wanted them to greet Carter.

All three entered the sitting room together. Even though they’d been forewarned, the girls’ expressions registered surprise at seeing Carter standing like that. His erection had not waned one bit. “Stephanie, Helen, I want you to meet Carter. He’s going to be our plaything for this week,” the Hostess stated, grinning.

Stephanie stepped up within a foot of Carter. Looking right into his eyes, her right hand went out and grasped his cock. “Very nice to meet you, Carter,” she said, as her hand shook his cock up and down as if shaking hands. She stepped to one side.

Helen approached, and repeated Stephanie’s performance. Grasping and shaking his cock, she said, “Yes. It’s great to meet you, Carter.” Still holding and shaking his cock, Helen looked over her shoulder at the Hostess and said, “He’s got a very firm handshake.”

All three women laughed merrily as Carter’s face turned crimson. “However,” Helen added. “His skin is sweaty, or something. My palm is getting wet.” Everyone looked more closely. Helen’s palm was getting slippery from the precum now oozing out of Carter’s dick. Even though he was intensely embarrassed, he found his situation certainly arousing.

Then let’s cool him down,” the Hostess declared. “Undress him, girls. Carter, only move if one of my girls indicates she wants you to move.”

Carter swallowed visibly before saying, “Yes, Hostess.”

Stephanie undid his tie, and went to work on the buttons on his shirt and sleeves. Helen unbuckled his belt, opened the top of his trousers, and pulled both his pants and underpants down to his ankles in a smooth, swift movement. She untied his shoelaces, and in a trice had him step free of everything below his waist. Stephanie lowered his hands to his sides to pull his shirt off, them raised his arms again to yank his undershirt off over his head. The ‘influential’ lawyer now stood naked in a room otherwise occupied by clothed people.

Moving herself to a sofa, the Hostess told her girls, “Sit down on either side of me over here, and take your shoes off.” When they were all situated, she looked at Carter, saying, “Come here, naked toy boy. Kneel sideways on your hands and knees in front of us. Let’s see how good a foot stool he makes,” she told Helen and Stephanie. In moments, all three sets of feminine feet rested on his back.

Stephanie smiled. “It’s rather nice how his warm back is keeping my feet nice and toasty.” Helen nodded, agreeing.

I just hope he doesn’t dribble all over my clean carpet,” the Hostess said in a stage whisper, making the two girls titter merrily. “My dear,” she called out to her husband, “please get me paper and pen. I need to make a list of things we might need this week.”

Consulting quietly with her two girls, the Hostess formulated a list of items. When she handed it to her husband, he checked off a few things, stating, “I anticipated some of this. I’ll send a servant for the rest.”

Thank you, darling,” the Hostess said. “And thanks for such a thoughtful gift. I’m sure Stephanie and Helen will help me get a lot of joy, playing with it.” Carter quivered under their feet, realizing that not one, but three, women would be dominating him during this week. Submitting to three lovely women was more than he’d dreamed of since winning the contest.

Luckily, the women’s feet were not too heavy, so his back was not aching too much by being a footstool all morning. His neck, however, hurt from trying to hold his head up, so he found it expedient to let it hang down, staring towards the floor. From time to time, some woman’s foot left his back to slip under his torso and nudge his dangling manhood. Sometimes the toes would flex, softly caressing his sensitive flesh, but never enough to fully arouse him.

At lunchtime, everyone but Carter sat at the dining table, enjoying their repast. Carter got to eat the same foods, but they’d been cut up into bite-sized pieces, and served on the floor in a dog bowl, alongside a bowl of water. The Hostess, whose lifestyle dealt with canines, obviously felt most comfortable treating him like a dog. “When you drink, Carter, lap your tongue against the far side of the bowl, and try not to slop water on the floor. And don’t use your hands when eating.”

Yes, Hostess,” he acknowledged humbly. To his chagrin, the girls also made him sit up and beg for treats from their plates. Each time he reared back onto his haunches, to place his front ‘paws’ on either side of his mouth in a dog begging posture, they remarked how this exposed his jutting cock, which waggled beneath his belly. No doubt this is why the girls kept encouraging this behavior.

After lunch, the Hostess said, “Carter, you may get off your hands and knees for a while and take a rest. Sit on the floor with your back wedged into the corner of the room. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees wide apart.” Helen whispered something to her. “Oh yes. Good idea, Helen.” Addressing Carter once again, she added, “Pump your dick slowly as you sit there. Keep it nice and stiff, but don’t cum.”

Y… y… yes, Hostess,” he stammered, flushing a deep red as everyone watched him start pumping his cock. Stephanie and Helen licked their lips suggestively, eyes gleaming with interest.

After a brief interlude, a female servant entered, and handed the Hostess a large dog collar, a sturdy leash, and a rather hideous tie. If the servant was surprised to see a naked man, sitting on the floor, playing with his dick, she gave no evidence of it. The Hostess whispered something to the servant, who smiled and nodded her understanding before she left the room.

Approaching Carter, the Hostess secured the dog collar around his neck, and attached the leash to it. She added the hideous tie to his ensemble. “Back on your hands and knees now, Carter.”

A few minutes later, two servants led in Benny, the Rottweiler, and Sky, the Akita. Both well trained dogs trotted proudly over to their respective bitches: Benny to Stephanie, and Sky to Helen. The girls petted them, cooed to them and snuggled them joyfully.

The Hostess led Carter away from the wall, bringing his presence to the attention of the dogs, whose ears pricked up, seeing a stranger. The Hostess spoke, “Benny. Sky. Friend. Greet.” Benny approached first, shoving his snout against Carter’s ass hole, sniffing it, and then trotting in front of Carter, backing his ass into Carter’s face.

Carter, follow proper dog protocol. Sniff his ass loud enough that he can hear you doing it,” she commanded.

Mortified, Carter did as he was told. His nose was only millimeters from Benny’s puckered ass hole as he inhaled loudly. Sky was already sniffing Carter’s ass hole in greeting, and blasted his scrotum with warm air issuing from his muzzle as he half snorted, half sneezed. When Sky backed into Carter’s face, he was so enthusiastic that he bumped his ass hole hard against Carter’s nose as the lawyer was dutifully inhaling! The laughter this caused made Carter wish he could vanish.

It’s a beautiful afternoon, ladies,” the Hostess said. “Let’s take our animals for a long stroll through the gardens.” Helen took Sky’s leash, and Stephanie took Benny’s. The Hostess led the submissive lawyer outside on his own leash. They had to move slowly, because Carter was not used to so much crawling.

As he crawled, Carter noticed a servant sitting on a bench, watching the trio of women leading their ‘dogs’ around the pathways. And then another servant. And then a pair of them. Apparently the entire household was outside, watching him crawl around on a leash!

It was true. The Hostess had whispered to the servant who’d brought her the leash and the collar, “Tell all the staff to come outside and enjoy a break in the sunshine. I want them to see this silly naked man crawl around like a dog, and to make comments to humiliate him.”

Consequently, Carter heard someone on the staff say, “Looks like our employers have themselves a new dog.”

Yes, and it’s not nearly as lovely as Benny and Sky. Look at that forlorn, mopey expression. No pride at all. Just a common mutt.”

Is that its tail, drooping between his legs?”

No. That’s its dick. Pitiful looking thing, isn’t it? A shrunken pink rod of flesh, lacking a knot at its base.”

He’ll be useless to cover any bitches. Maybe he’s been neutered?”

He still has testicles. Look at them swaying under his butt. Poor, pitiful creature.”

OMG! Look at that tie the new dog is wearing! His sense of style is repulsive, as well. Yuck!”

With each comment, Carter’s embarrassment grew. His mind retreated into a deeper state of submission. Perversely, he found pleasure in this degradation. Gone were the cares of his work and career. He was truly ‘in the moment’ as the Hostess paraded him around. Suddenly, a biological urge struck. He stopped crawling. The Hostess, feeling the increase of tension on the leash, stopped and looked back at him, an expression of inquiry on her face.

Gritting his teeth, Carter whispered, “I’m sorry, Hostess, but I really need to pee badly all of a sudden.”

With a warm smile, she responded, “That’s not a problem. Come over here.” She tugged him over to a bush. “Lift your leg, and piss like a dog does,” she instructed him.

He was abashed. Several people were watching intently. But his bladder was demanding relief. Not daring to make eye contact with anyone, he lifted his leg, and released a long, hot stream of piss onto the bush. The humiliation of urinating in public in this obscene manner blended with the sheer pleasure of comfort obtained by the sensations of emptying that overstretched organ.

As the Hostess moved him away from the bush, a few dribbles still dripping from his cock, Benny quickly pulled Stephanie over to the same bush, raised his leg, and squirted his own piss atop Carter’s, marking the spot and making the fact that he was still the alpha male in this pack. Seeing this, the staff erupted in laughter, some of them holding their sides as they shook. Others laughed so hard that tears streamed along their cheeks. Carter’s humiliation peaked.

Finally, the Hostess led him back into the house, removed the leash and collar and told him, “Dress, Carter, but wear the tie I gave you until bedtime, as a clear reminder of what you’ve gotten yourself into, this week. I’m done with you for today. Be here tomorrow morning at 10.”

I will, Hostess. Thank you for your attention today. May I humbly kiss your foot before I depart?”

You may, Carter,” she replied, slipping off her shoe, and letting him press his lips to her instep. She watched him dress after that, and depart.


The next morning, Carter appeared promptly at 10 o’clock. The Hostess stopped him at her doorstep. “Remove your clothing right now, Carter. Put all your clothes into your car, and once that’s done, lock it. Then bring me the keys in your mouth, walking with your hands interlaced behind your head.”

Carter looked left and right. The gardeners were trimming hedges on either side of the door, but they stopped briefly to watch this well dressed gentleman strip himself completely naked, there in the bright sunshine. With as much dignity as he could muster, Carter gathered his clothing into his arms and strode purposefully to his car. He inadvertently mooned one of the gardeners as he leaned in to place his clothes on the car seat. Gripping his keys with his teeth, he placed his hands behind his head, exposing himself completely. His limp cock flopped ludicrously from side to side as he returned to give his keys to the Hostess.

A gardener muttered something that sounded suspiciously like ‘loco’ as Carter passed him. Carter’s second day of service was off to a nicely demeaning start. As he entered the sitting room with the Hostess, he noticed loose sheets of paper scattered all over the room.

Fetch all the loose papers to me, but crawl as you do it, and use only your mouth to pick them up and carry them,” she commanded him. She then sat regally on a chair, and watched the nude lawyer scurry around the room. He could only pick up one sheet of paper at a time, and could only do that if he wet his lips enough to make the paper stick to them. He almost had to nuzzle her lap to make the paper come loose from his lips.

The Hostess wondered if Carter could scent that her period had started that morning. Her dogs certainly indicated they could, taking an inordinate interest in her crotch earlier that morning. He mentioned nothing about it, intent on his task. The Hostess was merely keeping him occupied until the girls arrived. Therefore, when Carter had gathered up most of the papers, the Hostess flung a handful from her lap high into the air, and they drifted all over the room anew. She fancied she may have heard a groan of dismay from Carter when she did this. Actually, though, in a way, he was enjoying this mindless task, since focusing upon it took his mind off of his work.

Carter was still gathering papers with his mouth when Helen and Stephanie arrived. They giggled when they saw the task he was performing, making him flush a lovely shade of red. But the Hostess also noticed that Carter’s cock was reacting to the presence of the girls. It was elongating and stiffening, signaling his arousal at being seen nude by the two lovely young women.

Stephanie chortled, “Look at his micro-dick, trying to assert itself.”

Laughing, Helen strolled over to him, leaned down and slapped his dick sharply, saying, “Wake up, you pitiful example of a penis.” Carter winced, but obediently scurried away to pick up more papers.

When all the papers were finally gathered, the Hostess said to Carter, “Stand up to give your knees a rest, and walk with us into the training room.” Carter’s knees made creaking and popping sounds as he came erect, and he winced slightly.

As they entered the training room, they were greeted by the Hostess’ husband, who was holding Benny’s leash. The Rottweiler sat quietly, awaiting a command. The Hostess nodded at her husband, who unhooked Benny’s leash in response. The Hostess then snapped her fingers and Benny romped happily up the ramp that led to the sturdy training shelf with the hole in it.

Stephanie and Helen had been briefed yesterday after Carter left as to what was going to happen today. Stephanie, therefore, quietly walked over to stand beneath Benny. Helen went to stand under the training shelf next to that one.

Carter, crawl up the ramp onto the shelf above Helen. Position yourself over its opening,” she instructed her submissive. “Make sure you have a good view of Stephanie and Benny, also. I want you to watch her technique very closely.”

Perhaps uncertain that the ramp and shelf would hold his weight, Carter gingerly inched his way upward. Little did he know that those shelves had held fully grown male Great Danes, weighing in at close to 200 pounds. They were very, very sturdy – the Hostess would never risk the well-being of her precious dogs.

Carter watched as Stephanie reached up through the large hole in the shelf and began caressing Benny’s cock, seductively easing it forward from its furry sheath. His gaze was transfixed as the pink, pointed rod slid forward, its surface covered by a network of scarlet blood vessels. He gasped suddenly as Helen’s cool hands took possession of his own cock, gently pumping and stroking it.

I don’t think it’s fair, Hostess,” Helen complained. “Stephanie’s got a real cock to play with, while I only have this wretched excuse of a dick to work on.”

We all have our trials in life, Helen,” the Hostess said consolingly. She and Helen were smiling inwardly as they heaped scorn on Carter verbally.

The two young women were in no hurry to milk the semen from the cocks in their hands. They were enjoying the warmth and textures of the males’ members. From time to time they bent a dick downward to briefly wrap their lips around its head, giving it a minor suckle, and a swirl with their facile tongues. Then they’d let it pop out of their mouth, the wetness on its tip cooling, creating a delicious sensation. Both males were now leaking precum, but of course Benny was producing a lot more of it than Carter was. Such a thing is common in canines.

Time passed. Sensations built. Male pelvises started a reflexive humping action. They were getting close, and both young ladies knew it. So did the Hostess, who handed each woman a cup, one marked ‘Benny’ and the other marked ‘Carter’. “OK, my sweet girls. They’re ready. Milk them into those cups. I want you to catch every drop of semen that you can, and drain them to the best of your ability.”

Carter was afraid that if he began to orgasm, his eyes might close in ecstasy, and he’d miss seeing Benny’s ejaculation. And for some perverse reason, he really wanted to see that happen, maybe because of the intent but pleased expression on Stephanie’s face as she felt Benny’s reactions and listened to his warning whines. So he fought off his climax, eyes focused on the tip of Benny’s dick.

One moment nothing was happening. The next, several massive streams of semen jetted from Benny’s cock, expertly caught in the cup held by Stephanie. Since Carter’d been holding off his release, his sensation had built higher than he’d ever experienced before. With an overpowering surge, his entire manhood, from his testicles to the tip of his penis, seemed to undergo a massive contraction, causing a copious amount of semen to spurt into Helen’s cup. And that was only the first spurt. She kept milking his shaft, and he kept spurting, his entire body shaking and shuddering. His eyes did squeeze closed, as if by squeezing his eyelids together he could squeeze even more cum from his convulsing body.

Helen kept pumping his cock, even after it stopped emitting fluids. It’s hypersensitivity made Carter moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He felt as if his contractions were trying to force his testicles themselves out of his cock and into the cup below it. Finally, Helen gave a last stripping action to the length of his shaft, scraping the final drop from the head of his cock against the inner rim of the cup.

Benny had much more stamina than Carter did. A few minutes after he finished cumming, the Rottweiler trotted down the ramp, to be petted and praised by the Hostess, and then led away by a servant. Carter was allowed to remain slumped on his shelf for a good ten minutes, catching his breath and recovering control of his limbs. When he inched his way back down the ramp, he too was petted and praised by the Hostess, in an almost identical manner to the way she treated Benny.

Have a seat here, Carter,” the Hostess told him, indicating a chair. After he was seated, he was blindfolded. “Can you see anything at all, slut toy?” she asked.

No, Hostess. I see nothing but black,” he replied.

She silently signaled to Stephanie and Helen to exchange the cups. “Very well. Stephanie and Helen will take turns giving you sips of semen from their cups. You’re to compare and contrast them.”

Carter shook slightly, and gripped the arms of the chair. “But Hostess,” he sputtered, “one of those cups contains dog semen, doesn’t it?”

Yes, slut boy, it does. And what’s your point?” she said with a haughty tone of voice.

Carter’s Adam’s apple bounced up and down nervously in his throat before he finally answered, “Ummm. Nothing, Hostess. I’m sorry I spoke.”

Fine. Proceed, Stephanie,” she ordered.

Stephanie gave Carter a sip from the cup she was holding. Carter, thinking it was dog semen, made a strange expression with his lips as he tasted it, but stoically said nothing.

Helen, your turn,” the Hostess said.

Helen gave Carter a sip of the actual dog semen. Carter imagined it was his own, and after carefully swishing it around on his tongue, smiled tentatively as he swallowed.

So, Carter, which was preferable?” the Hostess asked.

I think the second one was, Hostess,” he whispered.

Oh? And why do you think that?” she queried.

Well, Hostess, it seemed a bit sweeter and sort of smooth tasting, I think,” he replied.

You don’t sound fully convinced. Stephanie, give him a better taste of the first one again. Let him drink most of it this time,” the Hostess told her.

Stephanie held the cup to his lips, carefully tilting it as he gamely swallowed the poorer specimen. When she tilted the cup back away, he was indeed making a disapproving curve with his lips as his throat worked to clear his mouth.

Now, Helen, give him quite a bit from your cup for comparison,” she instructed the grinning woman.

Helen helped Carter drink most of the remaining dog semen. When his throat stopped its swallowing actions, he declared, “I’m certain, Hostess. The semen Helen gave me was definitely preferable in flavor.”

The Hostess pulled his blindfold off. “Excellent,” she stated. “I’m so very pleased that you preferred the dog semen that Benny provided, over your own!”

Carter was shocked when he saw that the cup Helen was holding was clearly marked ‘Benny’. “OMG!” he said, aghast. “It can’t be!”

There’s still a little left in each cup, slut boy,” the Hostess said, chuckling. “Finish them, and compare as you do.”

Carter took the cup from Stephanie, drank what was left, and followed that by drinking what was left in Helen’s cup. He was speechless for a few moments, then said, “I never would have believed it. But it’s true.”

All three women burst out laughing at his incredulous tone of voice. They all went to the dining room, and this time, Carter was permitted to sit on a chair as the rest of them did, although he was the only one of them who was naked. They dined on a scrumptious repast.

When they were finished, the Hostess had Carter do their dishes. The kitchen staff were instructed to relax and enjoy the sight of a naked man doing the washing up for once. Carter’s cheeks were bright red as the staff pulled up chairs within touching distance to closely observe his actions. Truth be told, they were staring a lot more at his wobbling cock and balls than they were at what his hands were doing. It wasn’t every day that they got such a show.

After he finished washing and drying the dishes, the Hostess led Carter back to the training room. Once there, she put the dog collar back onto his neck and attached a leash. She had him get back down onto his hands and knees, and covered his face with a very realistic dog mask, which let him see clearly, but hid his identity. Lubing up a butt plug with a real-looking dog tail attached to it, she inserted this into his anus, causing him to grunt. Stephanie and Helen watched these proceedings with rapt attention.

Get ready, girls,” the Hostess told them. The two women adjusted their upper clothing to look eye-fetchingly provocative, removing their bras and leaving the top several blouse buttons undone. They all trooped out to a waiting car, which had two rows of seat for people, behind which was an open space that contained a large dog cage. Carter was loaded into the dog cage, not without some hesitancy on his part.

Helen sat in the front passenger seat, and Stephanie took the seat behind her. The Hostess planned to ride in the seat behind the chauffeur. But before she got in, she wanted to see what people viewing the car from its right side would see. Helen and Stephanie both had their windows wide open, and their seat belts didn’t prevent them from turning sideways to stack their breasts on display atop the window openings.

No nipples or areolae were on view for either the blonde in the front seat, or her red-headed friend behind her. But enough was visible to draw the eyes of onlookers. And, if they tore their eyes away from the women’s mammary displays, they would then see a naked man, cock dangling under his belly, wearing a dog mask and tail, kneeling in a dog cage. The Hostess imagined they would seriously doubt that they’d actually seen that, putting it down to some trick of the light.

She climbed in, and the chauffeur drove them in a long, circuitous route, weaving back and forth through city traffic along the many downtown streets. When they did have to stop at traffic lights, the girls struck up smiling conversations with curious onlookers, for the most part distracting them from looking hard into the rear of the car. But there were occasional loud gasps as Carter was ultimately spotted. Super mortified, he was grateful for the mask, and gradually became thrilled at participating in this strange, zany adventure.

When their journey ended, Carter’s mask was removed so he could kiss all three women’s feet, and was told when to arrive the next day. Just before he dressed to leave, he bent over in front of the women as the Hostess gingerly pulled the butt plug from his ass. It made a rude sound as it emerged, and his ass hole gaped slightly until it disappeared from sight beneath his underpants.


The next morning, the Hostess was alone when Carter arrived. “Strip, and kneel before me, knees well apart,” she told him.

When he’d achieved the proper pose, she asked, “How is your week proceeding, Carter? Is it all you’d hoped for? Please speak frankly.”

He cleared his throat, considering how to answer. He knew what he really wanted, but he was afraid of being too forward. On the other hand, she had requested that he speak his mind. He decided to start with praise. Looking into her eyes, he began, “Hostess, the last two days were amazing. You truly have a gift for creating embarrassing, humiliating situations for me. I get so lost in my emotions that it takes me completely into the submissive state that I crave.” He hesitated, lowering his eyes.

Smiling, she sensed there was something else. “Thank you, Carter. But I believe you’re leaving something out. What is it?” she asked, gently.

Well, Hostess…” His heart was pounding hard. He was praying she’d be OK with what he was about to say – that she wouldn’t get incensed, and perhaps even throw him out. “That first day, when you told me to worship your foot. I hope you could tell how much that thrilled me.”

Her smile broadened, as she remembered how tingly she had gotten when his lips were pressed with such fervor to her foot and calf. “Yes, I could tell how that moved you. So?”

S… s… so,” he stammered, “since then, other than a brief kiss on your foot, along with Helen’s and Stephanie’s, I haven’t had the opportunity to use my mouth on you at all.” Whether by coincidence or by design, at this moment his eyes were gazing at her crotch.

Oh?” the Mistress intoned, her brow arching. “You want to use your mouth on me somewhere else, Carter?” she asked softly. “Where?”

He mumbled an answer, not daring to look at her.

What? Speak up. I ordered you to speak clearly,” she reminded him.

Your… your pussy, Hostess. I’ve dreamed about using my mouth there. Please forgive me, if the thought of that offends you.”

I’m not offended, Carter,” she assured him. “But are you truly certain you want to do this? I’m not sure you’d really enjoy it.”

Heartened by her lack of censure, he boldly stated, “Other women have told me I’m fantastic at cunnilingus, Hostess. I’d love to eat you until you cum.”

Far be it from me to fail to test your skills, so clearly and passionately stated, slut boy,” she laughed as she stood up. She unhooked and dropped her skirt, and gracefully peeled down her panties, stepping free.

That’s when Carter saw the string dangling from her labia. She was wearing a tampon! She saw the look on his face. Standing arms akimbo, pelvis tilted back to give him a good look, she asked, “Want to change your mind, lowly slut boy?”

To his amazement, rather than repulsion, a perverse sense of excitement swept through him. This might be the greatest debasement he’d ever experienced. The almost taboo nature of eating out the cunt of a menstruating woman struck a chord that jangled through him like a sort of drug. “No, Hostess,” he said, his voice hoarse with rising passion. “I want to eat your cunt until you scream with pleasure.”

She heard the ring of sincerity in his voice, and was elated. She always felt more horny when she was flowing, and usually only her dogs helped her deal with it. Therefore, she sat well forward on a leather chair with her pussy dangling in front of its seat, parted her thighs, and said, “Come. Use your mouth on me,” in a husky voice.

Carter scooted forward on his knees, bent, and seized the tampon string in his teeth. Looking into her face, his eyes glowing with excitement, he leaned backwards, slowly drawing the bloody tampon out of her depths. She felt every thrilling millimeter of its movement.

When her tampon came free, the strong scent of her cunt was intense. Carter turned his head, and the Hostess was briefly worried that he was being put off by that odor. But he was merely turning his head to drop the bloody tampon into the wastebasket next to her chair, rather than risk soiling her floor. That task safely accomplished, his head swiveled back, and his magical lips covered her labia as his tongue began its torrid exploration of her womanhood.

He ate her vigorously. He ate her with obvious gusto. Those lips of his, which had sent shock-waves of pleasure to her pussy when he’d sucked her toes two days before, were much, much more effective on her cunt itself. As soon as he started to suck, lick, and probe with his talented tongue, she gripped the chair arms firmly and moaned long and hard.

His tongue was flipping, deep inside her when he shifted his mouth position slightly, letting his lips include her clit in the gentle suction of his mouth. The sensations peaked. She bucked once, twice, against his mouth, and came. Carter sucked and swallowed the entire time she shook and moaned.

Since he’d accomplished his stated goal of bringing her to orgasm, she expected him to stop at this point. If anything, he got more enthusiastic. Having been told to use his mouth on her cunt, he didn’t probe her with his fingers. But he did manage to slip his hands underneath her butt, cupping each ass cheek in a firm grip, and pulling her harder against his face. His tongue seemed to go deeper now. The Hostess’ eyes were going out of focus as her pleasure built, and perhaps rolling back, as her body was inundated with yet another orgasm. Her knuckles were white with gripping the arms of the chair to stop herself from falling over as she climaxed this second time.

But Carter still kept eating her pussy, relentlessly. “Is he trying to kill me with pleasure?” her mind shrieked, as her heart thudded loudly in her chest, and her lungs sucked massive quantities of air, trying to oxygenate her straining muscles. By now, Carter had lifted her ass completely up off the chair cushion, and he had his eyes closed as he concentrated on using his tongue in her depths, its tip occasionally flicking over her sensitive cervix. His lips were pressing and rubbing on her swollen, throbbing clit, sending jolts of excitement to her core.

Suddenly, the Hostess realized what Carter’s actual goal was. He’d stated it quite clearly. As this third, overwhelmingly massive orgasm crashed through her body, the Hostess took a deep breath, tilted her head back… and… held off for another critical few seconds… then…

She screamed, “I’m cumming!!!” and shrieked and shrieked as her body writhed and shuddered against his all consuming mouth and lips. Her orgasm prolonged… prolonged… and then she finally went limp in his hands. Carter smiled – he’d eaten her until she screamed with pleasure. He lowered her ass gently to the cushion, slid his hands out from under her, and began softly licking and kissing her still pulsating flesh. He was no longer trying to stimulate her – he was humbly cleaning her cunt free of her blood and cum.

Both of them sated, Carter rested his cheek on her warm inner thigh, and basked in the feeling of a job well done in pleasing her. They remained like this, drifting in a drowsy haze of enjoyment, until Stephanie and Helen arrived. A servant showed them into the room. Their eyes widened in surprise as they comprehended what had recently transpired.

Stephanie whispered softly to Helen, “He ate her cunt while she’s having her period!”

Helen responded, “I can see that. To be honest, the thought makes me feel a bit queasy. But they both seem happy.” Stephanie nodded, saying nothing more.

The Hostess gradually opened her eyes, and saw the two young women sitting quietly, watching Carter braced against her naked inner thigh. She smiled, saying, “Welcome, ladies. As you might have guessed, Carter just gave me an amazing performance of cunnilingus.”

Carter opened his eyes upon hearing his name, smiled bashfully, and straightened himself back onto his knees. His cock was more than half turgid, as the memory of his recent actions aroused his libido anew.

I feel he’s earned a reward for being so focused on pleasuring me. So, before we proceed to what I planned for Carter’s training today, I want to provide him with a special treat. Ladies, please disrobe.”

Stephanie and Helen had no qualms about nudity, either with or without Carter present, as the Hostess knew. In a few minutes, they were as naked as the day they were born, their clothing neatly folded and placed aside. “Everyone follow me into the training room,” the Hostess declared.

Her husband was waiting in the room. He grinned, realizing his spouse was changing her training plan as he saw her lead the trio to a padded bench, about the height of a piano bench, but wider and longer. “Helen, place yourself face up on this bench,” she said. She waited until Helen was positioned, then turned to Stephanie. “Now climb atop your friend, face down, and you can both embrace one another.” Stephanie happily complied, giggling and wriggling as she pressed her warm skin against her friend’s.

Turning to Carter, the Hostess said, “Your reward, Carter, is that you get to lick and finger their pussies until they’re quite wet and aroused. Then I want you to fuck them both to orgasm, and when you start to orgasm yourself, make sure each of them gets a spurt or two of your cum.”

Carter’s eyes lit up with glee. “Yes, Hostess! I’ll do my very best!” Helen and Stephanie looked up at him, winked, and giggled, waggling their pussies invitingly, indicating how favorable they were finding this assignment.

My dear,” the Hostess told her spouse, “please hold the girls’ ankles on that side, while I hold them on my side. We’ll keep their thighs open for easy access.” Her husband smiled his agreement, and the two of them spread the girls wide open.

Carter straddled the end of the bench, leaned over, and began licking the women’s labia. Their pussies were lined up, stacked atop one another in such a way that his tongue could plow its way in one continuous stroke from one furrow directly into the next, as if it was one long slit. His tongue not only washed their labia until they gleamed, it also forced the swelling labia sideways, exposing both pink vaginal openings.

Carter lifted his torso more upright, easily straddling the bench. His fingers began exploring those exposed tunnels, making the women squirm with delight. Their squirming actions made them grind against one another in a fetching manner. Soon they were kissing passionately as Carter’s fingers plunged in and out of them with loud squishing sounds. The air in the room was filling with the heady perfume of aroused cunts.

Carter shuffled slightly forward, pressed his now fully rampant cock downward, almost parallel to the top of the bench, and aimed carefully. Helen gasped into Stephanie’s mouth as she felt her vaginal ring stretch to accommodate the cock which smoothly slid inward, filling her. Carter pumped his cock inside her for perhaps a minute, then backed up a bit to slide free from Helen. Now it was Stephanie’s turn to gasp as she felt him enter her, and begin fucking her deeply for a minute or two, before re-entering Helen.

The women embraced each other more firmly, holding one another in place as their bodies were buffeted by his thrusts in this alternating fashion. Their cunts were lubricating like mad, drooling onto his cock and onto the bench beneath Helen. His thrusting motions were making their clits press and rub against one another. Their stiffened nipples pressed together, bending and rubbing from the motions of their bodies. They were kissing passionately now, tongues intertwined. The Hostess knew they were getting close to cumming.

Carter was fucking Stephanie when suddenly Helen broke off from kissing Stephanie to groan, “Oh wow! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Apparently, the combination of nipple and clit rubbing, plus Stephanie’s passionate kiss sent her over the edge. Indeed, her cunt gushed, spraying her cum onto Stephanie’s groin and Carter’s cock base and balls.

Helen’s cry and trembling triggered Stephanie’s orgasm. She stiffened, and moaned loudly, “OMG! I am too! Ahhhhhh!” Her body convulsed, and her cunt muscles tightened on Carter’s cock. This proved to be too much for him to hold back any longer.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Carter yelled as he pumped a hot spurt of semen into Stephanie. The Hostess watched as he dutifully yanked his cock free from her just as the second spurt jetted from the head of his cock, splatting all over the outer surfaces of the women’s stacked sexual regions. He managed to shove his dick into Helen, and she screamed with pleasure as she felt his cock twitch inside her as it spewed the next part of his load into her receptive cunt.

Blindly, Carter was now pulling his dick out of one woman, tilting his pelvis and shoving it into someone’s cunt. Sometimes he hit the same cunt twice in a row, and sometimes he spurted while still in transition from one to the other. Needless to say, the whole area was a sticky mess of cum before all three of them came to a shuddering halt. The women were still in a close embrace, kissing again, and Carter had his hands hooked on either side of their torsos, down where their torsos became their thighs. His dick was firmly planted into someone’s cunt, but he’d lost track of whose. Gradually, his cock softened, and slipped free as it went limp.

Go have a seat in a chair while you recover, Carter,” the Hostess commanded. With a grateful smile, he complied, slumping spent in the chair. She and her husband eased the women’s legs back together, in line with the length of the bench. Everyone had a rest.

After that, servants brought in Benny, Sky, and Domino, the bulldog Carter had seen with the Master’s girl at the party. The Hostess addressed the trio of dogs, “Benny, sit. Sky, sit. Domino, sit.” The dogs promptly sat where they stood, keenly watching their owner for further commands. “OK, ladies,” the Hostess began. “Teach Carter how to masturbate a dog. Carter, you’ll work with Domino.”

She watched as Stephanie and Helen began manipulating their dog’s cock, the naked women carefully showing Carter how to stroke, squeeze and fondle. Carter, blushing furiously, tried to imitate their actions, but it was obvious he wasn’t at all comfortable touching a dog’s penis.

The Hostess leaned close to his head and whispered loudly, “It’s not that different from jacking off your own cock, at which I’m sure you’re quite experienced.” The woman chortled as Carter shyly ducked his head, hating to admit that he indulged in such activity. But his hand grasped Domino’s cock more firmly, and the dog began making sounds of appreciation.

Soon, dog tails, stubby or not, were thumping merrily on the floor as the dogs panted and whined. Canine precum was spraying copiously from the tips of those strangely shaped cocks. A shuddering grunt emerged from Sky’s throat as his cock spewed cum onto Helen’s torso. Once he’d finished, she petted and praised him for being such a good boy.

Benny ejaculated on Stephanie a few minutes later, splattering her chin, neck, breasts, belly and mound. She was awash in canine semen, and beaming happiness. She wrapped her arms around Benny’s neck, hugging and kissing him in gratitude. His lolling tongue lapped her cheek in seeming thanks.

Both women scooted over to flank Carter on either side. “Come on, Carter. Pump him a little faster, and place your other hand around the base of his dick, and press it against his knot,” Helen advised. The women watched avidly as Carter followed those instructions. Carter was so shocked when Domino began spurting that he completely let go of the dog’s cock. No longer being controlled or aimed, dog sperm sprayed all three of them, right in their faces! Carter looked dismayed, but Helen and Stephanie began laughing so hard that they held their sides as they rolled on the floor. The Hostess grinned, happy to see them having such a good time.

After they cleaned up and returned to the sitting room, the Hostess said, “Carter, tomorrow is Wednesday, and you said you had to go to court, correct?”

Yes, Hostess,” he answered. “It’s my only unbreakable commitment for this week.”

And what time must you be there?” she inquired.

I should be at my office by about 9 am, Hostess. And then at the courthouse, starting at 11 am.”

Very well. Two things. Come over here,” she instructed him. As he stood next to her chair, she produced a metallic cock cage. It was gorgeous – gleaming stainless steel with thin, open parallel bars that ran the short length of a limp cock. Those bars arced together over the point where the cock head would be cradled, and united in a tiny round hole, strategically positioned to let the wearer piss freely. It had a ring through which the wearer’s scrotum could be threaded, and another ring to lock the device around the base of the penis’ shaft. Its overall shape included the slight downward curve typical of a limp, dangling cock. The Hostess took great pleasure in attaching the cage over Carter’s currently shriveled cock. His recent massive ejaculation had depleted it so much that it barely reacted to her touch as she adjusted it snugly on his manhood. She snapped the lock shut.

Carter pulled on his underpants and pants, and everyone looked at the bulge in his crotch. “Ummm. Hostess? I’m not sure I can wear this into the courtroom. The metallic cage shows through my trousers,” he pointed out.

Don’t worry, Carter. I said there were two things, if you’ll recall. The second is this. Helen will visit your office sometime around 9:30, and I will arrive at about 10:30. Make certain that we’ll be expected by your staff, no questions asked. Do you understand?”

Carter looked a little confused, but repeated back what she’d said, and confirmed that he’d see to it. He shifted his clothing uncomfortably, and headed out to his car. The women giggled together in quiet voices, watching his uncharacteristically awkward gait. Apparently, it would be a while before his body got used to having that sensitive part of his anatomy trapped in the weight of the steel.


The next morning, Carter was in his office when his intercom buzzed and his secretary announced, “Miss Helen is here. The lady you told me to expect, Sir.”

Thank you, Marcia,” he responded. “Please send her in.”

Helen appeared in his doorway, and carefully shut the door behind herself. She grinned when she saw how much trouble he was having merely trying to get up out of his chair. “Hi, Carter. How’s it hanging?” she said with a chuckle.

He blushed a delicate pink. “It’s very uncomfortable, to be honest, Helen. It was difficult falling asleep. Every time my body shifted, the weight of the cage tugged at me.”

Does anyone enter your office without knocking?” Helen asked.

No, they don’t. They know better than to barge in when I’m with a client,” he answered.

Then open your pants and let me see,” she instructed him, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

His blush deepened as he unbuckled, unzipped, and lowered his trousers and underpants. Helen gave his sexual equipment a close scrutiny, gently lifting the cage, and giving his ball sack a cursory caress, saying, “It looks wonderful on you.”

I wish you hadn’t touched me like that,” Carter stated. “Now I have the urge to pee.”

It doesn’t stop you from urinating, does it?” she asked curiously.

Well, n… no,” he stammered. “It just looks and feels so strange when I do.”

I see your office has a restroom for just such emergencies,” Helen said, pointing at its open door. “Step out of your pants and underwear, and come with me,” she ordered him.

Together, they entered the restroom, and Helen stood next to the now bottomless lawyer as he faced the toilet. “Go ahead. Piss,” she told him.

With you watching?” he said incredulously. She only nodded and stared at his cock, eager to see him do it.

It took a minute or two for Carter to relax his muscles in this unusual situation, but finally, a stream of yellow urine emerged from the slit in the head of his glans, passed perfectly through the metal ring that encircled that opening, and tinkled into the toilet bowl. Carter’s humiliation peaked as the strong smell of his piss became evident. Helen made no comment, though, merely enjoying the sight.

When they returned to Carter’s desk, Helen scooped up his trousers and underpants, and took them with her as she climbed under his desk. “Have a seat, Carter, and continue going about your business.”

He was about to complain, “With you under there?” but he knew what the answer would be. Sighing, he sat in his chair and rolled forward to his desk. He had to open his thighs wide to prevent bumping his knees into Helen. “I have to make a few phone calls, Helen,” he informed her.

You go right ahead, Carter. Just pretend I’m not here,” she giggled.

He began making his morning calls. As he was doing so, his body jerked when something whisked its way over his scrotum. Still talking on the phone, he peered beneath the desk and saw that Helen had produced a long, fluffy feather which she was using to tickle his exposed ball sack.

Gritting his teeth a bit, he continued gamely talking on the phone. Helen swooshed the feather back and forth, teasing his scrotum, then turned her attention to the shaft of his cock, much of which was available through the thin parallel bars that enclosed it. The tantalizing feather danced on his exposed flesh. The stimulated cock tried to swell, but the cage wouldn’t permit that. Its skin pressed hard against the lengthwise bars, and his glans bulged against the bars arcing together over it. This made more of the skin available to the feather.

As the stimulation intensified, Carter emitted a breathy groan right into the phone. There was a pause while the other party apparently asked him what was wrong. “Uh. I must’ve eaten something for breakfast that disagrees with my stomach,” was his hasty reply.

He groaned much louder when Helen took control of the cock cage with one hand, and, wetting the quill tip of the feather in her mouth, carefully used it to probe the slit in the head of his cock. His knees were shaking as he hastily concluded his phone call, telling the other party he’d recontact them when he felt better.

Putting down his phone, he slumped in his chair, gripping the edges of his desk as Helen went back to using the fluffy part of the feather slowly all over the available parts of his manhood. Even though he couldn’t get an erection, his cock could still leak precum, and it was drooling it in scant amounts. This gentle torture continued until his intercom buzzed, and his secretary announced the arrival of ‘Mrs. H’ which was the agreed upon announcement for the Hostess’ visit. A moment later, she swept majestically into his room.

Looking at his strained, sweating face, she asked, “Is Helen under your desk?” He merely groaned and nodded.

The Hostess came around and peered into his lap. She laughed when she saw her girl playfully applying her feather to his cock and balls. “That must be torture, Carter,” she chuckled. Taking pity on him, she said, “You can stop now Helen, and come out from under his desk. Carter, move your chair back and stand up.”

Carter rolled his chair back to let Helen escape from her ‘captivity’ and stood. He was still groaning in a mixture of pain and humiliation as his cock tried to swell, pressing against the stainless steel that confined it.

It looks like it’s not a good idea to get aroused when caged, Carter,” the Hostess observed, lifting his dangling ball sack for a better look.

Carter grunted and spoke, “I agree, Hostess. I was doing pretty well until your vixen started playing with me.” His voice wasn’t tinged with complaint – he was merely stating a fact.

The Hostess held up a key – the key. “Time to release you,” she said to him.

His expression conveyed deep gratitude. The Hostess inserted the key, gave it a careful twist, and all three of them heard the tiny lock snick open. She gently worked it off the shaft and head of his cock, and freed his ball sack from the encircling restraint, prodding his testicles one at a time through the opening. His cock, freed, inflated slightly. It had angry looking red lines where the skin had pressed hard against the cage bars.

Helen, look what you did to his cock,” the Mistress chided her. “Kiss it and make it all better.” Helen began lovingly using her mouth and lips all over his delicate penile flesh. Carter sighed with relief. “But don’t get carried away, Helen. He’s due in court soon, so no orgasm.”

Helen nodded, mouth still busy. When she stopped, she checked his dick from all angles, making certain that the red mottling had disappeared. “All fixed now, Hostess,” she informed the dominant woman.

The Hostess observed that Carter’s cock was now semi-turgid. It wasn’t curved up and rampant, but the extra blood it now contained made it’s head droop downward, almost to his mid-thigh region. “That’s perfect for what I have in mind now,” she said. While Carter watched with a shocked expression, the Hostess pulled out a roll of medical tape, and proceeded to tape his cock shaft to his left thigh. She wrapped the tape several times around his entire thigh, snugging his cock shaft firmly against that thigh. She deliberately left its head completely exposed.

You were worried that the cock cage would bulge against your trousers. Now nothing should bulge against your pants at all. Put your underpants and pants back on, and let’s have a look,” she told him.

By the time Carter leaned over to gather his underpants and stick first one foot and then the other through its openings, a tiny dribble of precum emerged from his glans and glistened on his thigh. “I think you find this method of trapping your cock arousing, Carter. Right?”

He was struggling to pull on his trousers as he quietly confirmed her assumption, saying, “Yes, I do, Hostess.” He stood fully upright, and there was no evidence of his trapped penis, other than the fact that his stance involved keeping his thighs apart a tiny bit more than usual.

Can you walk freely, Carter?” the Hostess asked.

He experimented, carefully moving around his desk, before replying, “I can indeed, Hostess. Thank you for asking.”

OK. It looks like its time you left for the courthouse. We’ll accompany you, and watch your performance from the visitors section.”

He made no protest, and all three of them went to the courthouse, where the Hostess and Helen watched the proceedings, fascinated by seeing Carter in his normal lawyer role. He appeared to be quite accomplished in his career, from what they could tell. He betrayed no problems with having his cock restrained against his thigh, probably because he was so focused on his job that no hint of arousal crept in.

Hours later, when court was adjourned, the Hostess led Carter to the back seat of her waiting car. The rear windows were darkly tinted, so Carter made no protest when the Hostess had Helen take down his pants, while she herself carefully unwrapped the medical tape, finally freeing his cock.

Carter was told when to show up at the Hostess’ house the next day, and each woman gave his dick a few soft kisses and loving pumps to thank him for being such a good sport. Pulling up and fastening his pants, Carter said good night to them, and headed for his own car.


The next day, Carter, dressed elegantly, arrived in the early afternoon, as scheduled. Entering the house, he dutifully stripped as per the instructions he received the day before, after his time in the courtroom. His clothes went onto hangers, to prevent them from getting wrinkled. Naked now, he knelt in the center of the room, knees well apart, exposing himself, as he awaited the appearance of the Hostess.

Perhaps ten minutes later, she walked in, wearing black leather thigh boots, and a well-fitting black leather corset. The corset emphasized her narrow waist, while pressing upward on her tits in such a manner that they threatened to spill out over its top. She watched his reaction as he drank in the sight of her. It was a very positive reaction. His cock, which had been drooping down over his ball sack, thickened and rose.

Carter hadn’t even noticed that Stephanie and Helen followed the Hostess into the room. This was remarkable, since both of those lovely women were stark naked. He seemed to only have eyes for the Hostess, especially since the region from the tops of her thigh boots to the bottom of her corset was devoid of clothing. He licked his lips, perhaps remembering his oral service to her days earlier.

Carter wasn’t able to ignore the two younger women for long, though. They ended up standing on either side of him as he knelt. Bending over, they positioned their bodies so that his shoulders touched their breastbones, and their tits ended up snuggling against both his back and his chest. Helen took hold of his cock, while Stephanie grasped his scrotum. “Good afternoon, slut boy,” they said in unison. Carter’s cock throbbed in Helen’s hand, and his testicles squirmed across Stephanie’s palm.

I think he’s glad to see us,” Helen reported, grinning.

And it feels like he’s got an especially big load in this,” Stephanie added, lifting his ball sack slightly.

He’d better,” the Mistress agreed. “He didn’t cum at all yesterday. Unless he masturbated last night. Did you masturbate yesterday or today, worm?” she asked him.

His crimson flush signaled that the whole discussion of such a private act was demeaning, but he mumbled, “No, Hostess. I didn’t.”

Cognizant of his discomfort, the Hostess pressed the issue. “Do you ever masturbate, slut? Do you ever touch yourself? Play with yourself?”

He squirmed, his face getting hotter and redder. “Yes, Hostess. Sometimes,” he whispered. The two young women draped on his shoulders giggled into his ears when they heard this confession.

Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t recently,” the Hostess stated. “We’re looking forward to a nice volume today. Oh, by the way, Carter. Have you ever been fucked in your ass?”

Carter’s mouth opened and closed. He was momentarily speechless. “Me? Fucked in my ass?” he choked out, incredulous. “No. No, I haven’t,” he protested, as if his manhood was on trial.

The Hostess grinned. “There’s always a first time. Follow us into the training room, you miserable piece of trash.” She was getting a little more comfortable with the verbal insults, since she knew Carter craved them.

Stand here, and bend over, bracing your hands on your knees, slut,” she told the submissive lawyer. “Two days ago, you got to fuck both of my girls. Today, it’s you that’s going to be fucked.” So saying, she began slathering his ass crack with cool lubricant.

Carter gasped and groaned as the Hostess started working the lube into his ass hole with her fingers. “May we help?” Helen asked.

Certainly, girls,” she answered. “Take over while I put on my strap-on. Work that lube deep inside him, and stretch his ass hole as wide open as you can with your fingers.”

Carter felt the indignity of having two women working their fingers into his nether region. He could imagine they were gleefully watching their fingers penetrate his puckered hole, whose muscles clenched in protest at this invasion. He swiveled his head, and saw the Hostess stepping into a harness, which seemed to have two dildos attached, one long and one short, pointing in opposite directions. He quickly learned why, as the Hostess inserted the shorter dildo into her own cunt, anchoring the harness into position, whereupon she fastened its waist belt just beneath the edge of her corset.

He’s staying very tight,” Stephanie complained, as Carter’s anal muscles again forced her finger outward.

The Hostess sauntered over behind him. Suddenly, there was a loud ‘crack’ sound of flesh on flesh as the Hostess’ palm spanked one of his ass cheeks, hard. Carter yelped in protest. “Hush up, and relax this opening, you unspeakable piece of excrement.” Her hand spanked his other ass cheek as she said this.

Carter felt tears of shame trickle down his cheeks, but his heart was thumping wildly. This sort of attention was what he truly craved and savored. Submitting, he willed his anal ring to relax as much as he could, and the two young women, adding more lubricant, were now able to get two fingers each into his anus, starting to dilate his opening.

The Hostess came around to his front. “Since you’re leaning over so nicely, you may as well get my dildo wet. You’ll find your saliva will make its insertion much more tolerable.” She placed the dildo before his lips.

He looked at it through his tears. It looked huge. He couldn’t believe it would fit into his ass. Opening his mouth, he had to stretch his lips around its bulbous head. He slobbered on it rather frantically. The distraction of the dildo in his mouth took his mind off the fingers shoving lubricant into his ass hole. Helen whistled appreciatively, saying, “There! It’s really opening now.” Indeed, she and Stephanie were able to peer quite a good distance into his anal canal now.

Excellent. Fuck toy,” she said, addressing Carter while pulling the dildo out of his mouth, “get up onto that bench over there, making sure your cock pokes down through its hole.”

Carter looked and saw a slightly elevated padded bench at the same time the women pulled their fingers out of his ass. He climbed atop it, and let his semi-flaccid penis dangle down through its opening.

Spread his ass cheeks for me, girls,” the Hostess demanded. Carter felt four hands sink into his buttocks, two into each cheek, and pull his flesh sideways. This not only exposed his puckered opening, it stretched it open significantly. “Perfect,” the Hostess purred, straddling both the bench and the back of his thighs. Carter briefly felt the hot, smooth skin of her inner thighs pressed against the back of his own thighs.

Then he felt the dildo.

He gave a guttural sound which blended a grunt and a scream as the dildo slid into an opening that up until now had only experienced things going out of it! The hands on his ass pinned him in place, so he couldn’t slide forward on the bench to escape the anal onslaught. There was no actual damage, since his opening was so well lubed, but the curious sensation of having his rectum stretched wide and filled from the wrong end was frightening. He started hyperventilating.

Calm down, you wretched thing,” the Hostess chided him. “Take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing and letting the dildo in. You might learn you enjoy being fucked. If nothing else, you’ll get some first hand experience in what anal sex can feel like to your female partners.” She addressed Helen and Stephanie, advising them, “You can let go of his ass now and get into position and start.”

Yes, Hostess,” both women chimed. Helen went sideways under the hole in the bench, placing herself on her back. Stephanie knelt down, straddling Helen’s face, and reached under the bench to grasp Carter’s cock, which seemed to have shrunk even more when the Hostess started fucking his ass. Her hands were beginning to massage his limp noodle as Helen gave her first tentative lick to Stephanie’s pussy.

After a few minutes, a rhythm had been established. The Hostess was grasping Carter’s hips and fucking and grinding against his ass. This also had the effect of shoving the smaller dildo around inside her cunt, and mashing her clit against Carter’s ass. Her cunt was leaking its juices down onto his thighs.

Carter was finally relaxing into a state of submission, mentally opening his ass to accept it being fucked by this gorgeous woman. His cock was recovering, engorging, enjoying the pumping actions produced by Stephanie’s hands, which also caressed his ball sack from time to time, urging his semen to rise. Even though intellectually he felt mortified at having his ass fucked, his body was awash with pleasure sensations now. He was actually moaning things like, “Oh god, I love this! Please keep fucking me! And pump my cock! Yes! Oh yes!”

Stephanie was in bliss. Not only did she have a fat, stiff cock in her hands to play with. Not only did she have an excellent view of the Hostess’ dildo plunging in and out of Carter’s ass. She also had the talented mouth and tongue of her friend Helen, teasing and tormenting her pussy in the most delicious way! Undoubtedly Helen’s face and hair were smeared with the fragrant juices dripping and drooling out of Stephanie’s cunt.

Helen didn’t mind one iota. She loved the opportunity to eat out her friend. Her juices tasted fantastic, and Helen was drilling deep into her friend’s vaginal well, seeking more and more to drink. She blindly reached up, one hand finding Stephanie’s clit, the other tweaking and caressing her nipples. Helen could tell Stephanie was about to cum, and wanted her to flood her mouth when she did.

Everyone was in an intensely aroused state. Lust became tangible. The Hostess was tasting the heady sensation of bucking her pelvis against Carter’s ass, watching his ass flesh wobble with each firm impact, and hearing him pleading for more. It seemed everyone was holding at the peak of their arousal, staving off their building climaxes for as long as they could, savoring the tingling energies expanding in their cores.

Stephanie finally lost it. She screamed, “OMG, Helen! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” As she discharged her pussy juices into Helen’s sucking mouth, her hand pumped Carter’s cock extra hard and fast, while her other hand milked and gave his scrotum carefully controlled squeezes.

Carter lost it at this point. As he gave out a howling cry of “Oh fuck!”, his cock started spewing copious discharges of his hot, sticky semen down onto Helen. Stephanie was aiming those spurts, letting them splat all over Helen’s generous tits. There was so much cum that, once Helen’s tits were coated, Stephanie pumped the remainder onto Helen’s tummy. Her belly button became a swimming pool for Carter’s sperm.

Helen was so aroused by Stephanie cumming into her mouth and Carter ejaculating onto her naked flesh that she also climaxed, her scream of release muffled by Stephanie’s cunt, which was still covering her mouth.

Hearing and seeing everyone else in orgasm, the Hostess pressed her strap-on all the way into Carter’s depths, and began grinding her pelvis against his ass. His ass cheeks quivered against her as they contracted rhythmically, trying to launch even more semen from his depths. The angle of the strap-on now pressed its head against Carter’s prostate, giving him an ecstatic sensation he’d never before felt. Trying passionately to keep feeling that sensation, he bucked back against the Hostess over and over, sending her over her peak. She cried out an unintelligible string of syllables as she gripped Carter’s hips and came.

Time was suspended as they all drifted in a state of bliss for a while. Stephanie watched the Hostess ease the strap-on out of Carter’s ass, listening to his groan, unable to determine if the groan was one of relief, or one of complaint that his anus was empty again. She herself lifted her cunt off of Helen’s face.

No longer straddling Carter and the bench, the Hostess smacked his ass playfully now, saying, “Get your lazy bones off this bench. Helen’s body’s all gooey with your cum, slut boy. Get down there and lick her clean.”

Sheepishly, Carter complied, tongue bathing the reclining woman, seeking every bit of his semen. His ass felt strangely open, air entering and leaving the still gaping hole.

When the Hostess was satisfied that he’d done a thorough job, she ordered the submissive lawyer to take a shower, so he could dress for dinner afterward. After a servant took Carter away for his shower, the Hostess told the girls, “You’re both hot and sweaty, and you smell like sex. Your dogs will love you.”

Benny and Sky were brought in, and they quickly covered their bitches, mounting and pounding their cunts, to the women’s delight. The women kept their asses up high, encouraging the males to knot their cunts and fill them with a plentiful amount of semen. The dogs cooperated. Once their knots diminished enough to disengage from the flooded cunts, a servant removed them as the Hostess applied a judicious amount of medical tape to their labia, sealing most of the dog cum inside. Carter knew nothing about what the girls had done.

The women then blotted the sweat from their bodies, and all three dressed for dinner. They had dinner reservations for 4 at the elegant ‘La Maison d’André’ – a very posh establishment, with its dim, candlelit ambiance, and long, low white tablecloths, and sparkling crystal ware and gleaming table settings. The Hostess wore a long, shimmering white gown that sheathed her to her feet. The younger girls wore exquisite dresses that ended at mid-thigh, revealing their lovely legs to great advantage.

Carter wore his suit, whose fine tailoring bespoke its quality. The staff of the restaurant greeted them warmly, and seated them at an intimate table. Service was excellent, but not obsequious, so they had privacy between courses. During such an interlude, the Hostess whispered to Carter, “Get under the table, and service my two girls orally until they cum. For each one, slip her panties off first, and hand them to me, then eat her cunt. If a waiter comes over, we’ll explain your absence, if necessary.”

In the dim light, Carter’s pupils dilated even more as the concept both shocked and excited him. Glancing around carefully, he slid quietly under the table. Stephanie felt his hands go under her skirt to grasp the sides of her panties, so she lifted her butt slightly to help him remove them. As he was placing Stephanie’s panties into the Hostess’ lap, the young girl quietly peeled off the tape that was sealing her labia shut. Consequently, when Carter brought his lips to her cunt, poked his tongue inside her, and began sucking, he got a mouthful of dog semen!

He recognized immediately what it was, by its sweet, smooth, almost ‘inky’ taste. Worried that if he unsealed Stephanie’s cunt even a little bit, the odor of dog semen would escape into the air of the restaurant, Carter sucked hard, trying to empty the woman’s cunt with vacuum.

Stephanie felt the amazing sensation of the fluids being pulled forcefully from her depths. Benny’s sperm had flooded not only her vagina, but also had filled her uterus to capacity. As Carter sucked all the dog cum from her vaginal tunnel, she could feel the weirdly erotic experience of fluids almost vibrating her cervix as the suction forced them to flow outward. She gripped the edge of the table with both hands, eyes closing, and head tilted back.

At this critical moment, the Hostess saw a waiter approaching. Thinking quickly, she lifted a wine glass to Stephanie’s lips, saying, “Now keep your eyes closed as you sample this wine. I want to to focus on its ‘mouth feel’ and give me your honest opinion.”

In response to the waiter’s inquiry as to whether they needed anything, the Hostess replied, “Thank you. We’re fine right now. I’ll signal if we need something.” The waiter bowed and moved away just in time. Stephanie could no longer hold back the groan that formed in her throat.

Carter was eating her frantically, worried that his absence from the table might be noticed. And for her part, she wasn’t holding back at all. The sexy feelings emanating from her cunt, and the naughtiness of being orally serviced in a public place, quickly sent her over the edge. She stifled a cry as she came, and her shaking was barely noticeable in the dim light.

Now it was Helen’s turn. She helped Carter remove her panties, and as he placed them in the Hostess’ lap, she too, undid the tape that was holding Sky’s cum inside her. This time, Carter was expecting to find dog cum in the woman’s cunt, and he wasn’t disappointed. He was still worried about being discovered – what if a curious waiter lifted the edge of the tablecloth and caught him eating Helen’s pussy? Think of the outrage! The accusations! The scandal! Curiously enough, those very thoughts aroused Carter to new heights of passion. Helen had never felt cunnilingus like this!

She slumped a little in her seat, widening her thighs, offering her fragrant cunt to his ravenous mouth. Closing her eyes to focus on the almost electrical currents of arousal Carter was generating at her cunt, she unconsciously raised one of her hands to cup and squeeze one of her breasts. The Hostess leaned over and used a napkin to ‘dab’ at Helen’s other breast, as if brushing something off. This not only shrouded what Helen’s hand was doing – it also stimulated her other tit as well. Helen growled a low, deep sound in her throat, and clamped her thighs against Carter’s cheeks as her cunt exploded into his mouth.

Carter felt Helen’s body shaking as the vibrations from those tiny convulsions were transmitted through her thighs into his cheeks. Gradually, Helen relaxed, and her thighs released his head from being mashed against her cunt. He licked her labia clean, as best he could, and felt the Hostess slipping a napkin under the table to him, to let him blot his face dry. She waited until an opportune moment, then whispered, “Come up now, Carter.”

He slid back up into his seat. His hair was quite disheveled, causing the women to grin. “What?” he asked.

Go to the men’s room and comb your hair, cunt connoisseur,” the Hostess ordered. Sheepishly pleased with his new appellation, he did just that. When he looked in the mirror, he saw why the women had found his appearance so laughable. He had a laugh about it, himself, as he adjusted his appearance to something presentable again.

The entire dinner was marvelous. Carter’s only regret was that after swallowing so much dog and female cum, he barely had room for dessert! As they parted, the Hostess told him, “Get a good night’s sleep, and show up at my house just after 1 pm. Oh, yes. Leave your clothes in your car.”


Carter arrived just before 1 pm, to give himself time to remove his clothing at his car. It was a cool, brisk day, so he shivered while he waited for 1 pm to pass, so he could arrive ‘just after’, as he’d been commanded. He was meticulous in such details. The Hostess, watching him through her curtains, smiled as she saw him hopping up and down naked, embracing himself to keep warm, glancing at his watch.

By the time Carter entered her house, his cock was quite shriveled from the cold afternoon. That was just as well, because she greeted him with that cock cage he’d worn two days earlier, easily securing it onto his tiny, limp dick.

Are you cold, micro-dick boy?” she asked, superfluously.

To be honest, yes Hostess,” he managed to reply, using teeth that threatened to chatter as he spoke.

She sat on the edge of a chair, drawing her skirt hem up to expose her bare thighs. “Position yourself across my knees for a spanking, worm,” she commanded.

Hastily, he complied, feeling the warmth of her thighs at his belly and upper thighs, as she let his caged cock dangle in between. She placed a hand between his shoulder blades to keep his head down, and his ass well up. He began to feel the blood rushing towards his inverted head.

The first crack of her palm across his buttocks was loud in the quiet room. He jerked and winced on her lap. She swatted him again. He groaned. “Remember, I’m not punishing you, boy,” she told him. “This is just to warm you up again.” She proceeded to spank his ass, keeping him pinned in place with one hand while she struck with the other. His ass got warm, and then hot. Blood rose in his buttocks until they glowed bright red.

It was at this point that the house maid entered the room, at the time the Hostess had specified.

Oh good, Veronica. You’re here,” the Hostess said in acknowledgment.

Carter had been oblivious to anything other than the impacts on his now heated ass. Hearing what the Hostess said, he swiveled his head and caught sight of the maid, standing there, watching. Knowing what she must be seeing – him naked, over the Hostess’ knees, being spanked – embarrassed him so much that his cheeks and neck took on the same red hue as his buttocks.

With a final slap on his ass, the Hostess told Carter, “Stand up now, and put your hands behind your head.”

He scrambled to his feet, feeling like he’d been caught doing something naughty. As he assumed the position, the maid’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the bright, stainless steel cage attached to his cock. However, she made no comment, just grinned at his discomfort.

Veronica, we need to dress this miserable excuse for a man in suitable attire for his duties this afternoon. Please give me your clothing, and we’ll see what’s feasible,” the Hostess explained. Of course, Veronica had been forewarned that this was going to happen, so, smiling, she nodded, set down her feather duster, and began disrobing.

She removed her traditional maid’s hat, unpinning it from her hair. The costume that she wore today was in two pieces, the bodice separate from the poofy, frilly skirt, which left her belly bare. She shrugged the bodice free from her shoulders, and lifted the black, silken material carefully off over her head. This revealed the black, lacy bra with its white trim, which encased her generous breasts.

Reaching behind her back, she grinned impishly as she unhooked her bra, and leaned forward to let the cups fall away, freeing her marvelous tits which swayed enticingly under her slightly shimmying torso. Veronica was enjoying this game.

Carter would have enjoyed the game too, if his cock hadn’t been caged. As it was, his male member was attempting to engorge, seeing this delightful woman stripping before his eyes. Attempting, and failing. The cage painfully prevented such an action.

Meanwhile, Veronica was unhooking and unzipping her skirt, and letting it drift to her ankles. Stepping out of the skirt, she turned her back to them both, looking over her shoulder, and with a slow, smooth movement bent over as she slid her panties downward, uncovering her ass in a very erotic manner. Stepping out of her panties, she spun around, tilting her pelvis back to display her pussy as she twirled those panties on her finger.

Wonderful, Veronica. Well done,” the Hostess complimented her. “You may leave your stockings on. They’ll never fit him. I think only the bra and the skirt will work. Please dress him in those, plus the hat.”

Carter had to stand there, passively, and suffer the indignity of having this virtually naked woman dress him like a maid. She managed to get the skirt to fasten around his slim waist. And the bra barely fit on his chest, held there by the very last hook on its rear strap. She pinned the frilly maid’s hat into his hair.

The Hostess looked at the results. “Good, but those bra cups look pitiful like that. Stuff them with tissues, please.”

In doing so, Veronica perhaps spent more time fondling his chest than was absolutely necessary. But eventually, the Hostess indicated being pleased with the effect. “Carter, thank Veronica for loaning you her clothes, and helping you dress.”

Thank you, Veronica,” he said, politely, even though he felt like a fool, being dressed like this.

No, you idiot. Not like that,” she chided. Pressing a hand down on his shoulder, the Hostess got Carter onto his knees, grabbed the back of his head, and pushed his face against Veronica’s pussy. “Thank her properly, cunt connoisseur.”

Carter got the idea. His lips fastened to the woman’s sex, and he began eating this exotic new pussy. Veronica widened her stance, and held his head against her groin, beginning to moan with pleasure. The Hostess helped brace the maid upright and watched as Carter brought her to a shuddering orgasm. As the woman gasped deep breaths, shivering in post-orgasmic shocks, the Hostess whispered loudly to her, “At least we found something he’s good at.” She gave the maid a fond kiss, and let her go take a rest.

Handing Carter the feather duster, she said, “Clean all the tables and bookshelves in this room. Oh, but wait. I forgot one detail.” So saying, she went to the training room and returned with a spreader bar. She attached this to his ankles, wide enough that his feet were more than shoulder width apart, making his movements more of an ordeal. She then sat comfortably, watching her new ‘maid’ struggling to move about the room, flicking dust off its many, many surfaces.

He was still doing this when the Hostess heard her friends’ car arriving. Going over to Carter, she detached the spreader bar, telling him, “I’ve invited several of my friends over for tea. You’ll go now to the door to greet them and invite them in. The normal doorman will be observing you, to see that you do this properly.”

Feeling quite ridiculous, he padded barefoot to the door. Opening it, he painted a strained smile on his face, while tilting his hips forward slightly, letting the skirt hide his caged cock. “Greetings, ladies,” he croaked from humiliation. Getting better control of his voice, he continued, “Welcome to the home of the Hostess.” He tried and failed to ignore their various looks of shock, surprise, and amusement, along with their gasps and laughter.

His face got heated as they scanned him up and down, taking in the costume. One of them said, “You’d think he’d opt for falsies in that bra, rather than tissues. What are we, back in high school?”

All the rest of them tittered at that comment, while Carter wished he could vanish from sight. Of course, his embarrassment was blended with the thrill he got from abject humiliation. The Hostess was still working her magic. He led them into the sitting room, where they were warmly greeted by the Hostess. The door servant nodded his approval to her, indicating that Carter had performed adequately.

One of the women said, “So tell us, my dear, who or what is this?” She pointed at Carter.

Oh, he’s one of my playthings,” she responded. “He’s actually a little sissy slut, as you can see. I hope you’ll find him entertaining. He’s actually rather worthless, though.”

Carter was mortified as all the eyes were trained on him. Time seemed to stand still as they looked.

But a few minutes later, all the women were seated comfortably around the sitting room, while tea and tea sandwiches were served by one of the staff. The Hostess handed Carter a small hand broom and a dustpan, saying, “Crawl around cleaning the floor here. I don’t want to find a speck of dust or a crumb on my carpet.”

He got onto his knees, holding the dustpan in one hand and the broom in the other as he crawled. He tried not to turn his back on anyone, fearing the poofy skirt’s angle would expose his still warmed ass cheeks. But it was impossible. The women were stationed all around the room. No matter which way he crawled, sweeping with his hand broom, his ass was on display to one or more of them.

At first, many looked away, shyly. But finally one of them noticed the steely gleam between his thighs. “What’s that between his legs?” she asked, curious.

Oh, that’s a cock cage. It keeps him out of mischief,” the Hostess explained.

May we have a better look?” her friend asked.

Certainly. Slut boy, stand up, come over here, and remain with your legs apart,” she commanded.

Carter struggled to his feet, his knees protesting. He walked to the spot indicated, and stood still, heart pounding with submissive excitement at once again being the focus of everyone’s attention.

Feel free to lift his skirt for a better look,” the Hostess said, graciously.

The woman who asked for a better look lifted his hem up to his belly. All of the women leaned in to view his tiny, trapped cock in its silvery cage. His ball sack drooped underneath the metal device. Sounds of ‘ooo’s and ‘aaa’s spread through the women as they gazed.

Another friend asked, “May we touch?”

Of course. You’re my guests, My toy is your toy,” the Hostess informed them, smiling.

Hands reached out. Carter felt fingers poking his cock shaft and head through the bars. Other fingers and palms were lifting his scrotum, rubbing it. Someone was delicately scratching his perineum with a long fingernail, making him shift his weight from one foot to the other.

The abject humiliation tripped an internal switch, and Carter sank into a deeply submissive state. He mentally opened himself to the probing, scratching, and ball fondling. His cock tried to swell, but the painful pressure of the cage soon made it go flaccid again. Examined and fondled by all these strangers – these lovely women – and he wasn’t permitted to get an erection! Torture indeed!

The Hostess’ friend Sally whispered something into her ear. The Hostess looked surprised. “You’d do that in front of all of us?” she asked, her eyebrows raised.

Sally blushed delicately, nodded and whispered, “You said your toy was our toy, and I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. Do you think he can make me cum?”

The Hostess murmured back, “He can try. He’s actually fantastic at cunnilingus. Do you want to remove your skirt and panties? Or just hold your clothing aside?”

As Sally began undoing her skirt as a reply, the other women’s eyes widened in slight shock. “Sally, what are you doing?” one of them asked.

You’ll see,” the Hostess answered. She went to the training room and fetched a training chair. The women noted its unusual design, with its seat in a U-shape, with the open edge facing forward. In the back of the seat were two holes surrounded by thick rubber gaskets. The Hostess seated Sally, who was now naked from the waist down, into the chair.

She then cuffed Carter’s hands behind his back. Placing him on his knees she made him hobble over to Sally’s chair. Knowing what was expected of him, he leaned in and started eating her pussy, his nose pressed against her mound for balance, his blasts of warm air from his nose washing over her clit as his tongue lapped her cunt.

Seemingly oblivious to the other women watching, Sally gripped the arms of the chair and tilted her pelvis slightly. Carter made loud, lewd noises as he ate her cunt with gusto. He really enjoyed this sort of submissive behavior, and he also wanted to please the Hostess, by making this stranger orgasm.

The Hostess was watching the faces of her friends. She saw that although one of them was exhibiting a sense of shyness, the rest were staring avidly, perhaps enviously. One of those, Cassandra, caught her attention and beckoned. As the Hostess approached, Cassandra whispered in her ear, not wanting to break everyone’s focus on Sally and Carter. The Hostess looked fully into Cassandra’s face a moment, making certain she was serious, then nodded her agreement. Without disturbing the tableau of cunnilingus, the Hostess went momentarily into the training room to fetch a piece of equipment.

When she returned, she found Sally shrieking, and bucking her cunt on Carter’s face, obviously cumming hard. The other women, even the shy one, were applauding and cheering. Sally vibrated in the chair as Carter drank her cum, and licked her carefully clean. When his mouth came away, everyone saw her puffy labia, capped by her still enlarged, gently pulsating clit. Sally’s hand came down to rub herself slowly, savoring the erotic sensations.

Meanwhile, Cassandra boldly stripped completely. Her nude body glowed with health and vitality. Carter’s eyes bulged when he noticed her standing like that. Cassandra and the Hostess helped Sally to a comfortable seat, and Cassandra took her place on the training chair. Scooting her pussy forward off the end of its seat, she fluffed up her auburn pussy hair, then used her fingers to part her labia. Her vaginal vestibule glistened with moistness.

While Carter was absorbed in that sight, the Hostess brought a special gag to his mouth, making him open his lips and teeth. The gag had a small penis pointing inward – this went into Carter’s mouth – and another, normal size penis, pointing forward. The Hostess strapped the gag firmly into place on Carter’s head.

Cassandra, exhibiting a streak of dominance, beckoned Carter with a finger, saying, “Come here, slut. Fuck my pussy with that dildo mouth of yours.” She pointed at her open cunt for emphasis. A collective gasp went up from the other women, hearing her confident control of the handcuffed, gagged male on his knees before her.

Carter, kneeling helplessly before this personification of dominant womanhood, was in heaven. He shuffled forward again, and began gently poking the tip of the dildo into the woman’s open wetness. She didn’t assist him, other than holding her labia apart, to provide him a clear view of his target.

Gradually, the tip of the penis dampened, sliding in deeper with each movement of Carter’s head. Cassandra demanded, “Come on, you wretched fucker. Fuck me with that thing! Put some effort into it, you lowly worm!” Carter’s heart accelerated, being verbally abused was such a turn-on for him. His breath whistled in and out of his nose as he clenched his teeth on the small penis in his mouth, and started pounding the dildo in and out of Cassandra’s cunt. She let go of her labia, sitting back.

What a view he had! Her gaping pussy, topped by her prominent clit getting larger and smaller as he thrust in and out. Looking up past her mound, he could see her gorgeous tits, bobbing and swaying as her breathing deepened. And up past those nipple-capped mountains, her face – her imperious expression, demanding that he worship her in this manner. His caged penis was crying out, trying to stiffen with his excitement, but he was so intent on making this seeming goddess cum, that he ignored that pain.

Cassandra was determined not to touch herself. She wanted this submissive man to do all the work. And work he did. His brow was sweating with effort. His shoulders were straining as he subconsciously tried to pull his arms forward, restrained from doing so by the handcuffs on his wrists. His head was jarring back and forth so rapidly that his maid cap flew off. His eyes gleamed with happiness and desire. Desire to make this woman climax.

Cassandra saw that look – that intensity – and it was as if a switch was thrown deep in her core. She felt her whole body begin coruscating as pleasure raced through her like an electrical shock. For the first time in her life, her cunt actually ejaculated! Exploded. Sprayed Carter’s face with her cum. Everyone gasped except Carter, whose mouth was gagged, and Cassandra herself, because she was busy screaming with wondrous delight.

He dutifully kept fucking her with the dildo until she reached down to grasp his head and say, “Enough.” The Hostess thought she detected a tone of fondness expressed in that single word. Indeed, Cassandra looked at the Hostess, and asked, “Will you please free his penis from that cage?”

If you wish, Cassandra. You’re my guest, so you only need to ask,” she replied.

In that case, can a servant fetch me some yarn or twine, and a plate?” Cassandra asked.

A few minutes later, Carter was standing, still handcuffed, as the Hostess unlocked and removed his cock cage, taking off the maid skirt at the same time, but leaving the bra on him. Cassandra, still nude and seemingly very comfortable in being so, had picked up the feather duster. She began flicking it teasingly all over Carter’s balls and cock. Soon the angry red marks on the cock’s shaft from the cage bars faded, and it achieved its full, rampant turgidity.

Cassandra then took the twine and began looping it around and around his ball sack between its top and the base of his cock’s shaft. Loop after loop of twine gradually forced his scrotum and testicles down and away from his cock. The skin on his scrotum, normally wrinkled, took on a smooth texture as it was stretched over his testicles. Cassandra tied off the twine.

Now please uncuff this wretch,” she told the Hostess.

Once Carter’s hands were free, Cassandra said, “Play with yourself for our amusement, slut toy. Make yourself cum on this plate. We’ll see if you have much juice in those ugly little balls of yours. Whatever you do have, you’ll be licking off that plate as we watch.” The Hostess was happy to hear how powerful Cassandra was in such a situation. She knew she could learn much from this friend, a newfound source of inspiration.

Carter was acutely embarrassed to be forced to put on a show for the women this way. Masturbating while they watched. Needless to say, he was thrilled by that embarrassment. He began stroking his shaft. But as his pleasure began, his balls tried to rise, and couldn’t. Their struggle upward against the encircling twine generated pain, exactly as Cassandra intended.

All the women had caught on that they were to verbally abuse this male. “Come on, slut boy! Jack it off!” someone demanded.

Yes, we don’t have all day, you know,” another added.

Is he always this hopeless?” someone asked rhetorically.

What are you waiting for, you smelly piece of scum? Spurt already!”

With each rude comment – and there were many many more – he pumped harder and faster, rocking his hips forward and back, egged on by the female mob. Soon he was flailing away, the pain at his ball sack competing with pleasure his hand was making on his shaft. Struggling to cum, abasing himself in front of this crowd, perversely carried him into a blissful state of submission.

Suddenly, he realized that he was deliberately delaying his orgasm, basking in the women’s abuse. At that moment, he happened to glance into Cassandra’s face, seeing her eyes demanding that he let go of control. He shuddered, and his cock began spewing hot, sticky strands of white cum onto the darker surface of the plate in front of his groin. He pumped himself dry as the women laughed at him.

The Hostess took control again, saying, “Now, you worthless piece of trash, clean up that mess you made on my nice clean plate. I don’t want to see any cum on it when you’re done. Start licking!”

Face burning with shame, Carter bent and licked and licked. Many of the women leaned close, fascinated to see a man licking up his own cum with his tongue, and sucking it up with pursed lips. While he was so engaged, Cassandra loudly asked the Hostess, “Can I borrow this miserable excuse for a man in a week or two?”

Carter jerked, sputtering when he heard this request. He kept licking intently, but in his mind he was crying out, “Yes, Hostess! Please say yes!”

The Hostess smiled at her friend, replying, “It’s certainly a possibility. We’ll talk.”

Other women – especially Sally – muttered among themselves, obviously considering asking the same thing.

After they all thanked the Hostess for a lovely afternoon and left, she untied Carter’s balls, and complimented him on a job well done. She told him, “Be here tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm. It’s the last day of your gift to me, and we’ll have a special set of guests for your performance at the dinner party.

Carter could barely manage to get to sleep that night, he was so keyed up and alive from all that had occurred that week.


Carter was highly agitated as he drove up to the Hostess’ house that afternoon. She’d scheduled him to arrive early, so that none of the dinner guests would see him ahead of time. As he entered her house, he saw her standing there, clad in form-fitting black leather from bust to crotch, with high heeled boots that left her knees and thighs bare. She held out her hand, saying, “Give me every stitch of your clothing, slut toy.”

With shaking hands, he removed all of his clothes, shoes too, and stood naked before her. She set his clothes aside, and led him into the sitting room, where Helen and Stephanie were already waiting. They were dressed in slutty elegance, in sleeveless, strapless gowns that were so low cut that the tops of their areolae peaked out. The side slits in the dresses went so high that it was obvious that neither woman wore panties. Carter felt his penis twitch as it began filling with blood.

There was a training chair placed near a corner of the room, and the Hostess said, “Sit there, and slip your arms back through the holes in the seat back.”

When he was seated, the Hostess tied his wrists together behind the seat back, while Stephanie and Helen tied his legs to the chair legs. Snugly secured, he sat, heart thumping, as the Hostess attached a dog collar to his neck. Meanwhile, Helen and Stephanie were attaching remote vibrators to his genitalia – one to the head of his semi-erect cock, and the other to his scrotum.

The women retired to comfortable seats, sipping tea, and nibbling tiny sandwiches as they waited for the guests to arrive, and be seated by the servants. Once again, it promised to be a lovely evening, so they’d be able to use the same outdoor stage that they’d used with the Master and his girl, last week.

From time to time, Stephanie or Helen would fiddle with the remote controls that were in their laps. When they twisted the dial, a buzzing could be heard from where Carter sat. The buzzing of one or both vibrators on his cock and balls. Each time this unexpected jolt would occur, Carter would gasp and squirm in his restraints. The women smiled at his sounds and actions.

Remember, girls,” the Hostess reminded Helen and Stephanie, “we only want him to simmer. No cumming.” The girls smiled and nodded. The further they twisted the dial on their remote control, the more intense the vibrations became. But they only triggered the vibrators in short bursts.

Carter was very aroused, therefore, and fully engorged, when a servant announced the guests had all arrived, and were enjoying drinks and appetizers. The young ladies removed the vibrators from his manhood, but left him bound to the chair for the moment. He knew his performance was going to start soon, and had no idea what it would entail. His mouth fell open as he saw the Hostess stand up, and, with the help of the young ladies, remove the garments and boots from her body.

Nude now, she toweled off, and enclosed herself in a stylish wrap-around dressing gown. The outfit both hid her charms, and enhanced them. All three women walked over to Carter and removed his restraints. He was allowed to rub circulation back into his limbs, then had to get down on his hands and knees.

Surprises began occurring. First both Stephanie and Helen attached leashes to his collar, one young lady standing on either side of him. Second, his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as the Hostess inserted a well lubricated butt plug into his ass – the butt plug with the realistic dog’s tail hanging from it. Third, Carter’s expression became an amalgam of surprise and confusion as Domino was led into the room. Fourth, Carter’s expression disappeared from sight as the realistic dog mask was secured over his face.

Fifth, the Hostess said, “Slut. Sit.” When Carter failed to move, the Hostess pressed down on his butt until he was on his knees, with his butt sitting on his heels. She placed his hands on the floor just outside his knees, and said, “Slut. Sit. Good boy,” and patted his head.

The Hostess took Domino’s leash, said, “Domino. Come,” and led them all in a sort of procession out to where the guests waited. Helen said, “Slut. Come,” and she and Stephanie pulled gently on his leashes. The Hostess walked in front with Domino, followed by a crawling Carter, flanked by the two young ladies, who proudly walked him on their leashes.

The five of them climbed the steps to the raised stage, where the Hostess turned them all to face the guests, saying, “Domino. Sit. Slut. Sit.” Domino and Carter both planted their butts down, the sides of their asses touching one another, causing a chuckle to arise from the staring guests. Carter was acutely conscious of the fact that his erection was fully visible beneath his belly. He wasn’t aware of it, but one of the cameras had a closeup of it displayed on one of the large screen behind him. The other two screens showed Domino, and alternated between showing the Hostess, and the young girls.

The Hostess, standing now behind Carter, announced, “This slut won last week’s contest and has therefore been my plaything for an entire week. I’ll have him recount some of his, shall we say, ordeal, but first, I’ll have him demonstrate a skill he learned.”

Leaning close to Carter’s ear, she whispered so quietly that only he heard her command. “Masturbate Domino with one hand, and yourself with the other, at the same time. I want you to make him cum, but you should not – just keep yourself excited.”

When Carter understood what she had in mind, his first impulse was to refuse. Play with himself in front of this crowd? That would be bad enough. But jacking off a dog at the same time? That’s so perverted! And then his submissive nature asserted itself, internally saying, “Wimp! This is exactly what you asked the Hostess to do! Humiliate you thoroughly! You know the very concept of such debasement really thrills you! Get to it!”

He closed his eyes, giving himself a false sense of privacy. He grabbed his dick with one hand, and blindly felt Domino’s undercarriage with the other. Using the techniques that Stephanie and Helen had taught him earlier in the week, he coaxed Domino’s cock out of its hiding place inside its furry sheath. Soon Carter had the warm, wet, almost slimy shaft of the dog’s cock in his hand, pumping it. Focusing on the pleasure coming from his own cock as he stroked himself, he found the courage to open his eyes.

Everyone was staring. Some had their mouths open, shocked. Others had a bemused expression on their faces. A few were chuckling quietly as they saw this double masturbation event. Several ladies had red cheeks, apparently embarrassed on his behalf. To say that Carter felt mortified would be an understatement. But this demeaning attention was exactly what he craved, he knew.

Torn between the shame and the need, he wanted it over with. He concentrated on doing things to Domino to which he’d learned the dog responded, especially bumping the dog’s knot as he pumped. Domino began to whine and emit the equivalent of doggy moans. The crowd found this to be hilarious. They were still laughing when Domino’s cock erupted in a series of long healthy streams of cum that splattered on the stage in front of him. Carter pumped the dog until he stopped cumming, and then released both cocks.

The Hostess praised them both, petting, and hugging, and calling them ‘good boys’ before a servant appeared to walk Domino back to the house. “Now, slut,” she began, addressing Carter, “tell these wonderful people some of the experiences you’ve had this week.”

Carter hemmed and hawed a little, but he began with his first memory – that of being told to worship her foot and calf, and how that led to being a naked footstool for three women. He explained that he spent a good deal of the time naked, like during his crawl on a leash through the gardens, accompanied by two other dogs. His voice rose with excitement as he related being dressed like a dog, as he was now, and being put into a dog cage in the back of a car and driven through the downtown streets.

Someone interrupted, asking, “You mean in full view, naked, in the back of a car?”

Yes,” he replied, “complete with mask and tail. But most onlookers were distracted by those two beautiful young women.” Here, he pointed at Stephanie and Helen. “They were showing so much of their upper bodies that most people were distracted.”

He mentioned the time he ate food and drank water out of dog bowls. His voice squeaked with nervousness as he reported having his cum milked from his cock by one of the young ladies into a bowl, while watching the other young lady do the same thing to a nearby dog. He paused, swallowed and fidgeted. The Hostess caught his attention and nodded encouragingly. “And then, blindfolded, I had to taste compare my semen, with that of the dog’s.”

A collective gasp rippled through the crowd when he made this revelation, making him shudder and blush fiercely. Since he’d ceased speaking, the Hostess asked him point blank, “And what was the result of the taste test, slut?”

I… I… I preferred the taste of the dog’s cum,” he stammered. Hearing this, one female guest fanned herself, perhaps to keep from fainting. But several others merely licked their lips, eyes gleaming.

He reported having his cock caged several times, and how that painfully prevented his erections. The Hostess noticed a couple of her male guests grimace and unconsciously cross their thighs protectively at this point.

The guests laughed when they heard Carter describe being dressed in a maid’s outfit while doing some house cleaning. But they sat in rapt silence as he described how he had to service various women orally, fucking some, being spanked on his bare ass, and being fucked in his ass by the Hostess.

When he appeared to be done with his report, the people peppered him with questions. The men usually asked for more details about the sexual acts, whereas the women usually asked more questions about how these things made him feel.

When everyone’s curiosity had been satisfied, the Hostess proclaimed, “You know that I love being fucked by dogs. Well this little doggy,” she patted Carter’s head fondly, “has been a good boy all week. So now he merits a reward.” She untied and shrugged off her dressing gown to stand naked before her guests. She knelt next to Carter to whisper, “Fuck me doggy style,” before turning sideways and getting onto her hands and knees.

She looked over her shoulder at him and said loudly, for the benefit of the onlookers, “Come on, good boy! Fuck your little bitch now!” Carter didn’t need to be cajoled into action. He came up behind her, and grasped her waist with his hands in a mounting action. She snaked her hand between her thighs, found his cock, and aimed it smack dab into her wet, receptive cunt. Trying his best to imitate the way a dog fucks, he hammered his dick into her hard and fast, making her yelp with pleasure.

The guests clapped with appreciation, watching closeups of the Hostess’ face on one screen, a side view of the coupling pair on the second, and the flash of his dick in and out of her cunt, along with the swing and slap of his balls against her, in closeup on the third. They fucked like animals for perhaps 10 minutes, the Hostess cumming twice, shrieking with joy, before Carter rammed his cock as deeply into her as he could and held it there as he unloaded his pent-up cum into her depths. The closeup showed his balls squirming and the fleshy tube that formed the underside of his dick rippling rhythmically with each of his ejaculations.

Both of them panting, Carter lowered his torso to stretch out along her spine. This was the perfect ending to his remarkable week. He whispered into her ear, “Thank you. Thank you so much. You’re an amazing woman. If you want me to be your pet again someday, just tell me.”

She turned her head to smile at him blissfully. “I may just do that,” she stated. “And it appears that Cassandra may have some ideas for you, as well.” She winked. “When you pull out of me, move sideways, so the camera can get a good look at my cunt. I want them all to see that you really came inside me.”

He chuckled quietly. “Unfortunately, I know I can’t deliver as much semen as one of your dogs. But I tried.”

She kissed him, saying, “You did fine, slut boy. Just watch.”

He dismounted and moved aside. Everyone stared at the Hostess’ pink, dilated cunt opening. In moments, a white stream of semen oozed forth, and began dripping. The applause was deafening.

Knowing this crowd had to be discrete about the Hostess’ goings-on, Carter chose to remove the mask and butt plug tail, and sat naked at the dinner table. He left his collar on, and chatted merrily with the guests. Several women kissed his cheek, praising his bravery and boldness. One even reached into his lap to stroke his cock gently as she kissed him on the lips. He had a wonderful time at dinner.

The Hostess wasn’t completely certain of what she thought she saw. Was her husband circulating among the guests, carrying straws? Were even some of the women involved? Maybe she’d need to turn the tables on him, she thought. “Maybe I ought to present him with a willing female subbe, to have as his plaything for a week? Hmmm,” she pondered.