I wrote some fantasy stories about bondage, and somehow a dog crept into the tale.

I could not tell if anyone was reading them, so a friend told me to move them to, where people not only read (and number of reads is recorded), but also can vote. Link to those stories here.

However, that site allows tales of werewolves, etc. – but not plain old dog (read “beastiality”) stories.

So those stories had to stay here. And just recently, they rejected a story I wrote at the specific request of a reader, because it was “too non-consenting” even though they never got to read part 02, or understand this is the fantasy HE found gratifying. Heavy, heavy sighs. So, you get to read “Martin’s Torment” here, if you wish.

I emphasize they are fantasy. I do not advocate trying any of this stuff.

In fact, the best fantasies often lose their magic, if a person tries to make them reality.

If even the thought of beastiality or heavy bondage bothers you… stop now… read no farther.

By the way. I have to alter the publishing dates on these, so they will be presented in the correct order. Postings actually started early in 2014. The numbers in parentheses indicate the order of creation.

Submissive’s Journey Beastiality Chapters

(01) Pets  (after Submissive’s Journey 11 )                       (02) Visit from Susan ( Submissive’s Journey 15)

(03) Susan and Bruno (the followup to Submissive’s Journey 15)


Trip to the Vet Series

(06)Trip to the Vet Part 01                                                (07) Trip to the Vet part 02

(08) Trip to the Vet part 03                                               (09) Trip to the Vet part 04

(10) Trip to the Vet part 05

Bob Series

(12) Bob Relates His Adventure                                       (13) Bob’s Call for help

(14) Bob Expands Her Duties                                            (15) Bob Gets More Active

(31) Lucy and Spike at Bob’s                                            (32) Bob and Sarah with Molly

Hostess Series

(16) The Hostess                                                                     (17) The Hostess, pt. 02

(18) The Hostess, pt. 03                                                      (19) The Hostess – Stephanie’s Story

(22) The Hostess and the Master’s Girl                      (23) The Hostess and Her Gift

(39) Honi and the Hostess                                             (40) Honi and the Hostess, pt. 02

Martin Series (BDSM)

Martin’s Torment – pt. 01                                            Martin’s Torment – pt. 02

Martin’s Torment – pt. 03                                            Martin Meets Molly

Martin and the Glory Hole                                         Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

Cuckold Stories

(24)  A Special Cuckolding                                                  (25) A Cuckold’s Ordeal

Incest Stories

(27) Single Dad                                                                      (28) Teasing Daddy

The New Editor Series

(33) Molly and the New Editor                                   (34) Molly and the New Editor, pt. 02

(35) Molly and the New Editor, pt 03                      (37) Molly and the New Editor, pt 04

Miscellaneous Stories

(04) The Dinner Party                                                        (05) The Visit (to Doug’s Mistress )

(11) Convinced by a Friend                                               (20) The Dog-Napping Adventure

(21) Kate’s Session                                                                (26) The Jewelers

(29) A Dom Submits                                                            (30) The Game of Sardines

(31) The Golf Widows                                                       (36) The Lawyer and Her Assistant      

(38) Selena’s Story                                                            (43) Second Life Meets Real Life

(44) Zoe Goes After a Story                                            (45) The Abduction

(46) The Collector, Ch. 03                                               (47) Trying to Get More Organized


(41) Amber’s Story, Pt. 1         


(42) Storm Time              


Beastiality 01 – Pets

I probably should’ve seen it coming. In hindsight, there were a lot of clues. Barbara had me wearing my collar for longer and longer periods. More and more, she called me pet, rather than my name. She enjoyed clipping a leash to my collar and making me walk around on all fours at her side – inside the house, and in good weather, often in darkness, outside around the house. So I should not have been surprised the evening that I returned home from work and was summoned to the basement. There, to my chagrin, I found that Barbara had installed a cage for me – actually, it looked more like a kennel! And sure enough, there was a water dish on the floor. And next to it there was a food dish, containing my supper! Barbara had me put on my leash (I did not wear it to work), strip to my underwear, and get down on my hands and knees. Then I had to eat my dinner without using my hands, while Barbara watched, highly amused. As I pressed my face into my food dish, I have never felt so humiliated in my life. I felt that the only thing that could make me sink lower would be having an audience, also watching. This gave me the horrifying idea that Barbara might take my food and water dish to the bondage club sometime, and have me feed in front of a crowd. My heart hammered in my chest, and my face and cheeks flushed a deep red, as I considered this. I sincerely hope that Barbara cannot read my mind.


When it came to be bedtime, I received the ‘privilege’ of sleeping in my kennel. That first night, Barbara did not lock me in – she just demanded that I remain in my kennel until she called me in the morning. Thank goodness she supplied me with lots of blankets. The basement can be rather cold, and it is certainly dark when the light is out, and the strange noises were rather unsettling. But I guess a person can get used to almost anything. Over a period of time, my kennel became familiar to me. And gradually, it became my home within our home. It felt safe to be enclosed in it. I want to emphasize at this point that this is not all that Barbara and I were doing. Rather, I am focusing on how this aspect of our relationship developed.


As the weather outside became nicer, Barbara became bolder. She began taking me for walks in the nearby woods. Thank goodness she supplied me with pads for my hands, my knees, and my feet. Walking on all fours for extended periods of time was arduous enough, without having to deal with abrasions. We did not spend much time on the well-traveled trails – we struck off into the isolation of the deeper woods. This suited me fine, both from the standpoint of the humiliation I would suffer if we encountered anyone – me being walked like a dog on a leash; and from the standpoint that as the weather got hotter, Barbara had me wearing skimpier and skimpier clothes. And, since we never seemed to encounter anyone – ultimately she had me walking naked, except for my pads!


And then she got the brilliant idea of taking other dogs along with us on our walks! She tested the idea by offering to walk the dogs of some of our friends – just to see how this worked out. So sometimes I shuffled through the forest trying to keep up with Barbara, who had a dog straining on a leash before her. And of course, the dog wanted to move a lot faster than I could. Barbara encouraged me to keep up – first by using whatever branch she might encounter on the forest floor – twitching it crossed my bare ass; later, she took to carrying a riding crop with her for this purpose. Many times I returned from our walks with brightly reddened butt cheeks!


Barbara tried taking two dogs along on our walks a couple of times – but this did not work out well. Trying to control two tugging dogs, while also trying to drag me along proved fairly impossible. And of course, the two dogs well out in the lead, were pissing and marking territory as they went. And many times I had the awful feeling of crawling through some suspiciously wet patches on the ground. For the most part, the dogs ignored me – too excited to be outdoors on such nice days. I suppose in their little doggie brains, they may have been curious why a human was crawling down at their level on these trips. But other things – like scents that only they could smell, or the scurrying of chipmunks and squirrels – held more interest for them.


It was not too long before I came home one day to find two surprises. One was a new kennel down in the basement next to mine. The second was Bruno, a good-sized German Shepherd – our new dog, and my kennel mate! I have no idea where Barbara purchased him. She merely said it was from a dog trainer friend of hers. Bruno, no longer a puppy, was already house broken. And he did seem well behaved. He offered me his paw to shake hands when commanded to do so. He sat quickly and eagerly on command, his bright eyes glancing back and forth from Barbara to me, awaiting our bidding. He even licked my face in a doggie kiss when I sat on the floor near him. Now Bruno and Bruno alone accompanied Barbara and me on our walks in the woods. And after his initial excitement at exploring this new territory, he settled right down like a good boy and seemed content to just walk by my side as I crawled along. So Barbara seldom had to encourage me to move faster, which spared me from getting my ass whipped so often. So all seemed to be working out well.


And then I got my period.


And quickly Bruno got very interested in my crotch. I could be walking upright around the house and he would come over and press his nose up between my thighs and sniff furiously. The first time he did this, it surprised me so much I shrieked and leapt into the air! Luckily, I was wearing a pad, so his cold wet nose only touched that and my inner thigh. Later that day, on our walk, he ambled even more slowly – falling slightly behind me. My all fours position made my crotch very available to his inquiring muzzle. Barbara seemed amused by his interest, and did nothing to dissuade him. And once, when he nudged me a little too ambitiously, I turned my head in his direction to say “Bruno! Stop that!” My eye caught what seemed to be a flash of scarlet under Bruno’s belly. I had never seen a dog’s cock before, so I was not quite sure what it was that had flashed before my eyes. I was soon to learn!


Several days later, my period had passed – the pads and tampons were gone. I thought that perhaps Bruno would now lose interest in my crotch, but I was wrong. Time and time again he would come up and press his muzzle between my thighs, and now his cold wet nose did indeed bump my sex! Barbara, seeing this, made me sit naked in a chair. She had me scoot my ass forward to the very edge of the chair seat, place my thighs wide apart, and hold my labia open with my fingers. Bruno looked at this display quizzically, tilting his head from side to side. Barbara said “It’s okay, boy. Have a good sniff.”


Encouraged, Bruno shuffled forward, butting his nose right against my clit, and inhaled deeply. He then snorted, his hot breath washing over my open cunt! This made me jerk slightly. But I jerked a lot more when his long hot tongue suddenly slurped out of his mouth and smacked wetly along the entire length of my sex! I shrieked and started to move when Barbara’s command rang out: “Hold still!” I froze in the chair. Bruno, not having been chastised for licking me, must have understood this to indicate approval. He continued to lick my cunt, lapping happily away enthusiastically! He was very thorough, his tongue reaching as low as my ass hole, and as high as my clit, covering all the territory in between. I was mortified – allowing an animal to lick my most intimate parts! The hot flush of embarrassment that started in my face quickly spread down my neck, and across my chest. Barbara merely acted surprised and amused by what was happening. It was only later that I learned the truth about Bruno.


My initial shrieks of dismay were gradually turning into moans of pleasure. My pussy had been kissed and licked many times in my past – but never like this! Never with such a long wet tongue, which was now plowing deeper between my labia, now darting in and out of my vagina! And never, never, this enthusiastically! My moans of pleasure turned into a groan of dismay when Barbara suddenly said “Enough, Bruno” and pulled him – with some effort – away from my groin. I sat in the chair, shaking – torn between the embarrassment of what it just happened and the perverse desire for more. I did not have long to wait.


Barbara made me lay down on the floor on my back, and again spread my thighs apart. Bruno needed no more encouragement, rushing to his target the moment Barbara released him. And that magic tongue again went to work! I did not have to hold my labia open for him – his tongue quickly plowed them wide apart, and dove again deeply into my vagina. Over and over again his tongue speared into me! He danced from side to side, changing his angle of attack, apparently trying to find the best angle to scoop out my innermost fluids, which by now were flowing freely! My heart was racing, my breath was ragged – I felt my fists clenching and unclenching, my tummy muscles fluttering! Bruno was about to make me cum! My head was slowly thrashing from side to side. At one point, when I was looking to my left, Bruno also danced his torso to my left, and then I saw it clearly! From the furry sheath that hung under his belly, a long, glistening scarlet cock had emerged! It waved back and forth with his dancing, and his excitement was evident by the drops dripping from the hole at its tip! I’m ashamed to say it, but the sight of that cock triggered my orgasm! I cried out loudly as my pussy convulsed, pumping my nectar into Bruno’s face! His tongue quickly jerked out of my cunt, so he could more easily lap up all the juices spewing from me! I think the intensity of my orgasm must’ve made me faint – the room spun as I sank briefly into unconsciousness. When I came to, shortly thereafter, Bruno was licking both me and the floor more slowly, cleaning up every drop he could find. Barbara was staring at this performance, wide-eyed, with a huge smile on her face.


Having finished with his cleanup duties, Bruno sat down on his haunches. To my amazement, that scarlet cock of his was still out of its sheath. Barbara caught me looking intently at that cock, and said “Go ahead, my pet, touch it!” I have always had a strong streak of curiosity, so I did not hesitate very long before I slowly reached out. I was watching Bruno carefully, alert to any sign that he might object strongly, perhaps viciously, to my touching him there. My fingertip made contact with the shaft of the cock, and gently stroked along its length. Bruno did not jerk away, did not growl. He made a strange whimpering sound, which I ultimately decided was a doggy equivalent of a moan. Emboldened, I began stroking his cock with several fingertips. The texture felt like warm velvet – rather intoxicating. It was also hot, engorged with blood as it was, and as I squeezed it gently between my fingers, I could feel it throbbing with his heartbeat! What an amazing feeling!


But then Barbara said something that made me gasp! “Go ahead, my pet, lick it!” In my mind, I was thinking: “Touch my tongue to a nasty dog cock? Eeeeeeeuuuwwwww!” But out loud I just said “Please Mistress, not that!” She retaliated: “Why not? It’s only fair. He licked you. Now you lick him.” I started to object further “But…” And I was shocked when her hand quickly slapped my face and she said “This is not a debate! I gave you a command! Lick that cock now!” I felt the fire in my cheek from the slap, as I slid my body closer to Bruno. I was rolled up on my side, my face fairly close to his cock. But still I hesitated, sniffing carefully, trying to judge from the scent what the taste might be like. Apparently, Barbara was getting exasperated by my hesitancy, because suddenly her open palm cracked harshly across my upper ass cheek! “Get to it!” she commanded.


My ass smarting, I extended my tongue, and carefully licked the shaft. My first impression was saltiness, and there was an earthy mustiness scent around his cock. The surface was smooth and warm – not disagreeable at all. Bruno again made that whimpering sound, which encouraged me to continue licking. I felt terribly naughty, but the more I got into the experience, the more erotic it became. Doing something so completely forbidden! And Barbara too was making sounds of encouragement, telling me what a good job I was doing. And then she said to me “Suck it.” In an instant, I realized that that is exactly what I wanted to do – I had just been waiting for an excuse. I licked my way up to the tip of the cock, to where the tiny hole was dripping a clear fluid. I slipped my mouth around the head of Bruno’s cock, engulfing a couple of inches of it. Bruno made his whimpering sound, and scooted his hips forward slightly. Barbara came forward and began petting his head, steadying him and telling him he was a good boy. I began sucking, tasting the clear fluid leaking from him. Barbara warned me not to touch his balls, and I obeyed without thinking – only wondering later how she knew that. But at that moment I was lost in the sensations I was experiencing – the warm, smooth rod throbbing in my mouth, the earthy smell of dog filling my nostrils, the texture of his cock skin sliding over my lips as I bobbed my head while sucking, the taste of the tiny trickle of fluid passing over my tongue and down my throat.


I don’t know how much time passed as I sucked on that marvelous cock. There may have been some warning sign, but if there was, I was completely unaware of it. Suddenly, Bruno came, catching me completely by surprise! His jet of cum hosed into my mouth! The blast was so voluminous that I felt my cheeks puff out, trying to contain all that fluid! Since I had been sucking, I inadvertently swallowed some of it before I knew what was happening. I was even more surprised to learn that Bruno’s cum was rather sweet tasting – in some ways, better tasting than a man’s cum! (Yes, I have tasted cum from various men – more about that in some future story.) When Bruno’s cock stop spurting, I slipped my mouth off of it, pursing my lips tightly to not spill his semen on the floor. I turned and looked at Barbara, who began laughing, see my cheeks puffed out like a chipmunk. She said “I guess you’ll just have to swallow it – all of it.” I’m sure my eyes widened in shock at this command, but my throat started working. Swallow after swallow – sweet dog cum traveling down my throat into my stomach. Barbara watched intently – observing the working of my throat muscles, and the gradual diminishing of the puffing of my cheeks. When I stopped, she told me to open my mouth. I did, and she looked inside. Seeing that I had emptied it completely, she patted my head saying “Good girl.” She then patted Bruno’s head, saying “Good boy.” And after feeding and watering us, she put her pets away in their respective kennels for the night.


The next day, around midday, Barbara brought out a low padded bench. She had me strip and kneel down next to it, and stretch my torso face down onto its surface. She then cuffed and chained me, so I was completely restrained. Then she brought Bruno into the room. I had a premonition of what was about to occur, and I began shaking, looking over my shoulder at the two of them. Now Bruno was straining at his leash, and Barbara gave him a little slack, enough to let his muzzle approach my behind. He began licking me with that long, marvelous tongue. When I was thoroughly wet, and not just a little bit aroused, Barbara pulled Bruno back and made him sit. Looking over my shoulder, I saw her raise a whistle to her lips. When she blew it, I heard nothing but some air emerging from the whistle, but apparently Bruno could hear it. He romped forward, lunged his front paws onto my back, and I felt his wet hot cock stabbing blindly between my ass cheeks! Barbara came forward, leaned down, and, as if it was the most natural thing in the world, guided Bruno’s cock into my pussy!


Once he found the hole, he knew what to do! His cock surged into my vagina, and he began hammering away! I had never felt anything like this before! His hips banging into my ass with a rapid rhythm, each jerk ramming his cock deep inside me! I screamed when he first plunged into me, and might’ve tried to pull away if I had not been so securely bound. But his pre-cum fluids, mixing with my vaginal fluids, quickly lubricated my tunnel. And the initial pain of being taken so violently quickly gave way to intense pleasure! Soon I was moaning and shaking, and trying to assist Bruno in fucking me – his new bitch! It felt so good, I try to hold back my orgasm – but the rapid fire fucking I was receiving sent me spiraling over the edge, and I started howling as the orgasmic release overpowered me! Through the convulsions coursing through my body as I came, I was dimly aware that Bruno too had reached his peak. His cock began spewing his hot jizz into my rippling, sucking cunt! And then Bruno dismounted, his cock slipping from my hole – dog semen starting to ooze from its gaping opening! I heard a clicking sound, and turned my head to see that Barbara was snapping pictures! A wave of mortification swept over me as I realized she had probably photographed the entire event! My heart leapt into my throat as I began to wonder who might see those photographs someday.


And so I learned that Bruno was a specially trained dog. Barbara’s dog trainer friend was raising and training ‘sex dogs’. Bruno’s signal was that silent whistle that Barbara used. And then MY training began. I cannot hear the whistle – I can only hear the rush of air as Barbara blows it. But when she does, Bruno makes a special growl and bumps into me. I learned that when he does this, Barbara wants me to drop to all fours, ready to be mounted. If I am wearing panties, which admittedly is a rare event, I must strip them off fast – Bruno gets very impatient. I also learned to quickly reach behind myself and guide Bruno into the proper hole. He doesn’t care much which hole takes, as long as he can penetrate me. And that huge cock feels better in my cunt than in my ass! After he scratched my back a couple of times in his enthusiasm, Barbara had me create small booties for him, to pad his paws. Once he seem to associate the booties with sex, he made no objection to wearing them on a regular basis.


One day we were on our woods walk, and I was completely naked except for the pads on my hands, knees, and feet. Suddenly, unexpectedly, Barbara blew the whistle. I was already on all fours, but I stopped and lowered my head and shoulders even closer to the ground, raising my ass up – a position I found that made it easy for Bruno to mount correctly. He lunged up onto me, and speared me beautifully – his burgeoning cock ramming directly into my cunt! He started fucking me furiously, perhaps invigorated by the fresh air and being out in nature! His delicious hammering at my sex seemed even faster and harder than usual. And his hind paws were digging into the earth, propelling him forward on my back as he screwed me. And then I felt something completely new – the knot at the base of his cock started pushing at my vaginal entrance! And with a huge push and a lunge, he shoved the knot completely inside my vagina, stretching it painfully! I suppressed a shriek, clapping my jaws tightly together, and trying to relax my vaginal muscles! Bruno had knotted me! Barbara had warned that this could happen sometime, and cautioned me that if it ever did I should make no attempt to immediately free myself. Doing so could injure both me and Bruno. So I held myself perfectly still, tears leaking from my eyes as he continued to fuck me.


After only a couple more thrusts, he began to cum! My cunt was sealed! His scalding jet of dog semen had no place to go but deeper inside me! There was so much fluid, it almost felt like he was pissing into my pussy! I imagined that if anyone was looking at my belly, they would see it swelling with his cum! And then he stopped, slipping off of my back, both of us panting. He managed to turn around, so that his ass bumped against my ass, his cock still locked in my cunt. He gave a tiny tug, which must have pained us both, because we both winced, and then stood still. Then I had an incredulous sensation – even though he was not pounding into me, Bruno started coming again – squirting even more semen into my sealed womb! I was beginning to wonder if my private parts could explode from so much pressure when we heard the voices! People were walking near us in the woods, talking with each other! At any moment they might come upon us and see me like this! A naked woman on her hands and knees stuck on the end of a huge dogs cock! Obviously a dog fucking bitch! I thought I had been humiliated earlier in my life, but nothing approached this! Barbara had knelt down by Bruno’s head, holding him and keeping him quiet. The voices got louder and nearer. My heart hammered in my chest, my face and neck were hot with blood from the shame I felt. And then the voices started to fade away – the people were passing us by, and had not seen us. I wanted to heave a sigh of relief, but I was afraid to make a sound. The next 10 or 15 minutes – the time it took for Bruno’s knot to deflate and finally slip out of me – seemed like an eternity. Barbara seemed very unconcerned about our close call. Needless to say, that was not the last time that Bruno fucked me in the woods.


Beastiality 02 – A Visit From Susan

It started out as a fairly ordinary day. That is, if you consider it ordinary to find yourself kneeling, collared, on your hands and knees, naked, as your Mistress uses you as a footstool while she reads the paper. I was enjoying the sensation of her bare feet resting on my back, occasionally brushing my buttocks as she crossed her long, shapely legs from time to time. Sunlight was streaming through the window, warming the room, and the soft rustling sounds of her turning pages were lulling me into a drowsy state. And then there was a knock on our door. Bruno, our dog, was resting in our cool basement in his cage. Even if he heard that knock, he had been trained not to bark unless commanded to do so. Of course, that is not the full extent of his training, as you well know if you have been reading my stories.

Answer the door, pet,” my Mistress ordered, and moved her foot to give my butt a gentle push as she removed her feet. She had not told me to crawl to the door, so I use the opportunity to stand up, rubbing my knees to return more circulation to them. As I approached the door, I suffered a brief qualm, glancing down at my unclothed body. I had no idea who was on the other side of that door – a neighbor? A delivery man? Someone selling something? It could be anyone. My Mistress seemed very nonchalant about my nudity. Trying to hide most of my body behind the door, I turned the knob and slowly opened it a tiny amount to peek outside. I knew that whoever was there would still be able to see my collar, but I hoped they would assume it was just an ornate choker.

I could not contain my gasp of surprise at the sight that greeted my eyes! Standing on our doorstep, smiling her great beaming smile, was Susan! What a fantastic surprise! Without hesitation, I threw the door wide open, and dropped to my knees to greet her. “Mistress Susan is here!” I called out. “Greetings, Mistress.”

Barbara called out “Come on in, Susan!” Susan stepped inside, and the moment she did, I bent forward to her feet, holding each one between my hands, and lovingly kissing its instep. It did not even occur to me that the door was wide open, and anyone walking by would have a very good chance to see a naked girl kneeling, and kissing the feet of the woman before her. I actually doubt I would’ve cared very much, I was so happy to see Susan again.

Once I let go of her feet, Susan walked past me to greet Barbara with a big hug, leaving me to close the door, and follow. They then set down on the sofa to chat and catch up with one another. Without being told to do so, I scrambled over before them, and again knelt down on my hands and knees in my footstool position. Without a break in their conversation, they both casually placed their feet up onto my body – Barbara’s bare feet, alongside of Susan’s feet, still encased in her lovely black leather pumps. Susan asked how my training was coming along, and I blushed delicately as Barbara recounted some of our more lurid adventures. I knew that it was inevitable that sooner or later Barbara would mention Bruno, and I trembled at that thought. I knew that Susan was tolerant of many things – but I feared she might find that aspect of my life disgusting. Since Barbara had kept me awake most of the night, amusing herself with me, I soon found myself dozing off in the warm sunshine.

But I snapped fully alert when I heard Susan say, “A dog? Really?”

“Yes,” Barbara replied. “Would you like to see?”

“Oh yes! I would love to.”

Barbara then addressed me, “Pet, crawl and fetch Bruno.”

“Yes Mistress.” I moved out from under their feet and started crawling towards the basement on my hands and knees, acutely aware that both women were probably eyeing my naked buttocks as I moved away from them.

“Oh, and bring him on his leash.”

“Yes Mistress”, I answered, and continued my journey, down the basement steps – not easy to do on my hands and knees. Bruno was happy to see me, and seemed to smile as I snapped his leash to his collar. Since I was crawling, I had to take the other end of the leash between my teeth. I began crawling up the basement steps, Bruno trailing behind. His position made it easy for him to sniff my ass in his doggy way, and once or twice be surprised me with a quick lick. I crawled over to Barbara, and she took his leash from my mouth.

She introduced Susan to Bruno, letting him sniff her hand, informing him she was a friend. “He is very well trained,” Barbara remarked.

Pet, get in position for Bruno to drink,” Barbara commanded me.

I moved to the center of the room, swung around from a crawling position to a faceup-sitting position, and leaned back onto my elbows. I then spread my legs and thighs wide apart, exposing myself fully, feeling hot flush creep from my face down my neck as a result of this obscene display. Bruno focused his attention on me, but sat motionless, awaiting Barbara’s command. Barbara let some time pass with this tableau, enjoying her control of her two pets. Finally she said “Bruno, drink.” Quickly the dog moved between my legs, and his long wet tongue began lapping at my sexual folds. I’m sure my flush deepened with my awareness of Susan’s eyes focused on Bruno’s tongue lapping at my pussy.

The first beads of my nectar began to emerge from between my labia, and I moaned as Bruno intensified his efforts – his tongue now prying my lips apart, and spearing deeper into my tunnel. Occasionally, as his muzzle moved forward, his cold wet nose bumped against my rapidly swelling clit. Barbara can read me well, and she was watching carefully. Just as I felt the beginnings of an orgasm, she called out, “Bruno – enough! Come here!” He obediently stopped and went to sit at her feet, leaving me splayed open, moaning like a bitch in heat! Both Barbara and Susan were wearing huge smiles at my dismay, bringing back memories of earlier times when they were both tormenting me.

Susan asked Barbara, “Does Bruno do more than lick?”

“Certainly,” Barbara answered. “Let me show you. Pet, turn over onto your hands and knees.” Aroused as I was, I did not hesitate, assuming the position, orienting my backside toward the sofa. “Better make it elbows and knees,”  Barbara amended.

“Yes Mistress.” I lowered my upper body toward the floor, going down onto my elbows. I rested my cheek against the floor, my breasts now pillowed against it, and my wide apart thighs holding my ass up high.

Barbara did not pause very long this time, soon giving Bruno the command. “Bruno – Mount!” I was able to look backward along my body, watching Bruno move towards me. I heard a gasp escape Susan’s lips as she saw Bruno’s glistening scarlet cock beginning to slip out of its furry sheath. Bruno paused briefly to lick my cunt lips apart, and then I felt the weight of his paws on my back and the hot wetness of his cock beginning to stab at my crotch, seeking my tunnel. Being well practiced, in seconds he found his target! I groaned aloud as his thick hot cock rammed deep into my vagina, stretching its walls! And then he began bucking his hips, pounding into me hard and fast! Sensing a question that was rising fast in my mind, Barbara told me, “Yes my pet – you may cum. Put on a good show for Susan – cum as many times as you can.”

It did not take long.

My first orgasm erupted deep in my core, making me scream with the intensity of it! Bruno was used to making such sounds rip from my throat – his fucking did not miss a beat! And my second orgasm followed quickly, as I felt Bruno’s cock twitch inside my cunt, and begin spewing his doggy cum, flooding it! When he finished, he slipped off my back, withdrawing his slippery cock from my vaginal tunnel, leaving it gaping open in plain sight of both Barbara and Susan. My inner walls were still rippling and spasming, and I could feel these movements causing his cum to ooze from my opening, drizzle down my slit, and drip onto the floor between my still-spread knees. What a sight I must have presented – a moaning bitch, freshly used. But Bruno was not finished with me – not by a long shot! He turned in a tight circle, and again mounted my back. His rapidly thickening prick again drilled into my still oozing hole. He rammed it deep, pulling at my hips with his paws. I felt drops of his saliva sprinkling onto my back from his lolling tongue, as he panted above me. At first, I felt the fur of his cock sheath nudging at my labia.

But soon I moaned loudly because I felt something different – the swollen knot at the base of his cock began pressing at my opening. As it touched me, some instinct triggered within him, and he growled and shoved really hard with his hips. I did not even have enough time to scream at the sudden stretching pain before I felt the knot pop into me, sealing my opening! Bruno’s hips still moved with effort, but his cock was now wedged inside me, and could produce very little internal movement. But there was still enough movement for it to grind against some of my most sensitive spots, and my belated scream from the knot penetration quickly turned into a series of howls! Howls of pleasure as orgasm after orgasm began rumbling through my body! And somewhere, during them, Bruno began to cum again – but this time my cunt was sealed – there was no place for his sperm to go but inward! It flooded what little space remained in my vagina, and then surged further inward, filling my womb to capacity! It may have been my imagination, but there was so much dog semen being pumped into me, that it felt like my belly was distending! Dully, through the haze of my orgasms, I wondered if Barbara or Susan could see me swelling. Finally, Bruno seem to have spent all of his seed – his hips stopped moving. Tied to me by his knot, he could not dismount – he just lowered his torso down along my back, panting quietly, slumped on his freshly fucked bitch.

Resting now with my eyes closed, I heard Barbara and Susan get off of the sofa and walk over for a closer look. From the location of her voice, Barbara must’ve been stooped near my head, petting Bruno’s head, telling him what a good boy he was. And then my humiliation deepened as I felt a pair of hands, which must’ve belonged to Susan, prodding my labia apart. Obviously, she wanted a good look at how Bruno’s knot looked, buried in my pussy! She tugged at my labia making soft ooing and ahhing sounds as her examination continued. At one point her fingertip inadvertently nudged my still quivering clit, making my hips move involuntarily, producing a “yip” from Bruno, and a “yelp” from me at the pain that this movement caused. “Sorry Bruno”, Susan said, perhaps more concerned about him than me. “How long will they stay locked together?” she asked Barbara.

“It varies,” was the reply. “But usually no longer than a half an hour, sometimes much shorter. Maybe we should have a cup of tea while we wait,” Barbara suggested. So off they went to the kitchen, leaving me and my doggie lover locked in our embrace.

After a bit, Bruno slid off my back. And, in a manner I still don’t understand, was able to turn his body to face away from me – standing now with his butt against mine. And so we waited, until his cock swelling subsided enough for his knot to finally pull out of my pussy with a loud sucking, squelching sound, as he scrambled away from me, his paws churning on the floor. As his cock pulled free, a gush of trapped fluids – his mixed with mine – cascaded from my vaginal opening, and down my thighs. I turned slightly, and probably turned a bright beet red, as I saw both Susan and Barbara sitting on the sofa again, calmly sipping their tea as they eyed my messy, well-used, body. I also knew that in a few moments, Barbara was going to tell me to clean up the mess. What I did not know, was whether she would command me to clean it using a sponge and a bucket of water – or – to clean it using only my tongue. Given that she had an audience, I had a sinking feeling which method she would choose.

To be continued…

Beastiality 03 – Susan and Bruno

One day, Susan arrived for a visit with us, and I noticed two things right away when she arrived at our front door. First of all, she was wearing clothes. I know that does not sound unusual to most readers, but you may recall that our Mistress usually demanded that Susan enter our house naked. More importantly was the strange expression on her face – and for that matter, the strange color of her skin. Her complexion was almost ashen. That, combined with the expression I was seeing, drove it home to me – Susan was frightened! “What is wrong, sister?” I asked her, as I took her coat to hang it up. I heard her swallow a couple of times, trying to find her voice, and I saw to my surprise that her hands seem to be shaking.

She finally stammered out, “Mistress says that today…” and her voice trailed off.

“What? I could not hear that, sister.”

In response, she opened her arms and I instinctively stepped into them, embracing her. Her body trembled against mine, and she finally whispered into my ear, “Mistress says that today I will service Bruno.”

At first, I could not comprehend what the fuss was about. Service Bruno? I had done that more times than I can count – well, not that many times I guess – but I had stopped counting. “So?” I asked quizzically.

Susan replied, “Sister – I’m scared. I saw how brutally Bruno took you that time! He’s an animal – a rather savage animal!”

Oh no! You have that all wrong! Bruno is a good dog – an obedient dog. He does exactly what is told to do, when he is told to do it. He does not attack me without provocation, or do anything like that.”

But he leapt on you – I saw him do it! And then he hammered into you as you screamed and screamed!”

Sister, sister – he mounted me when Mistress told him to – that is nothing like leaping on me. And he hammered into me, as you say, because that is the way he fucks – vigorously, as any dog does. And my screams were not of dismay – they were screams of enjoyment! I cannot even try to describe what it feels like to be fucked so wonderfully!”

But he…” she paused, and then tried again. “But he… got stuck inside you. I remember.”

Yes,” I answered with a gentle smile. “That is called being knotted, because dogs have a swelling at the base of their cock which is called a knot. But that does not always happen – usually after he cums, he just slips out. If he does knot you, you just need to remain stationary until his swelling goes down. If you try to move it will hurt both of you. He knows that very well, and he does not like being hurt in such a sensitive area, so he will remain motionless also, until the slips free.” I did not think it was time to mention to her that on rare occasions when he knotted me, his cock would sometimes continue to ejaculate into my pussy from time to time, and that I could feel it every time his cock throbbed and squirted! I figured she was worried enough without knowing about that possibility.

But in our discussion, we had lost track of the fact that Mistress was waiting for us. Her voice rang out, dripping with impatience! “Pet! Bitch! Get your asses in here!” We did not even stop to think – we ran! We threw ourselves at her feet, slamming our upper bodies flat on the floor in abject apology.

Sorry, Mistress. Please forgive us, Mistress,” we implored.

And what was the reason for the delay?” she demanded. Between the two of us, in an admittedly disjointed fashion, we tried to explain what we had been discussing. Once she finally understood, her first comment was, “Humpfff – afraid of our lovely Bruno?” At this point, of course, Susan was still dressed. “Bitch – if those clothes are not off of your body in 15 seconds, whatever is left will be torn from you.” I have never seen Susan disrobe that fast! She leapt to her feet and her clothes virtually vanished!

Good,” Mistress said as she nodded. “Now stand still. Pet, go fetch the pads, and strap them to your sister.” I skittered quickly away, not wanting to incur her wrath. I grabbed the pads and raced back. Kneeling next to Susan, I attached them to her legs.

Now, my bitch – get on all fours!” Her tone of voice indicated no hope of discussion, let alone disobedience. Susan dropped to her knees, and fell forward onto her hands. The pads that I had attached to her protected her knees against the hard floor. “Pet – go fetch Bruno.”

I believe I heard Susan gasp, perhaps in dismay, but I had no choice – I went into the basement, and removed Bruno from his sleeping quarters. He was happy to see me, going up onto his hind paws, resting his front paws on my shoulders, and giving me a wet lick on my cheek. “Good boy,” I said to him. “Upstairs now.” He dropped to the floor and obediently trotted up the steps. Following his body up the steps, I watched him trot into the room and go to our Mistress, sitting down and looking adoringly into her face.

Barbara smiled, and petted him. “Such a good boy,” she said. “Today you get a special treat.”

I saw Susan visibly tremble at these words. Honestly, I could not really understand her fear, having serviced Bruno so many times myself. But the fear of the unknown can be a strong fear. I figured that in a few minutes Susan’s fears would dissipate. I was wrong.

Barbara then picked up a book, and started reading – ignoring Susan as she knelt naked on all fours. Bruno, being a well-trained dog, sat quietly watching Barbara, waiting for her commands. I have said earlier that Bruno responded to silent whistle commands, and verbal commands. Recently, Barbara had trained him also to respond to hand signals, so he was watching her hands closely. She did give a hand signal, but it was to me – to kneel where I was. So here was our tableau – one naked woman kneeling, another naked woman down on all fours, our Mistress sitting on the sofa – reading, and the rather large dog sitting at her feet, watching her every movement. It was so quiet I could hear the clock ticking in the other room. And Susan, still trembling slightly, awaited her Mistress’ pleasure.

After a while, Barbara looked at me and said, “My pet, I think you ought to show your sister what Bruno’s cock looks like up close.”

“Yes Mistress,” I quickly replied, and scrambled over to the area of Susan’s head.

Mistress signaled Bruno to go to me. When he reached us, I whispered to Bruno the word “display”. He promptly laid down on his side in front of Susan. I reached for his furry sheath, being careful not to touch his scrotum – he gets upset being touched there. But he likes my hands on his sheath – I could feel his cock starting to stiffen inside it, and in moments the scarlet colored tip started to emerge. I looked into my sister’s eyes as she stared at the cock, revealing itself. Her eyes widened into a startled expression. The only other time that she had seen Bruno’s cock, it had been buried in my cunt, so she really had no idea of its dimensions. And they are impressive. As he gets excited it gets both longer and thicker. I love the warm, smooth feel of it in my fingers. I carefully pushed the sheath back out of the way until finally Bruno’s knot came into view. I kept my fingers encircling the base of the cock and its knot, holding it for my sister’s perusal. I saw her visibly swallow several times, and I assumed that her mouth had gone dry, and she was trying to wet it.

What do you think, bitch?” Mistress asked her.

It’s – huge, Mistress,” was her stammered reply.

You may as well get used to it,” Mistress told her. “Sniff it.”

Susan obediently lowered her face close to the cock, and inhaled several times.

“Well?” Mistress inquired.

I thought it would smell bad, Mistress – but it’s scent is quite pleasant.”

Good – now kiss it.”

I saw Susan swallow anew. But then she brought her lips to the center of the cock shaft, planting a delicate kiss. Bruno whined appreciatively. As Susan pulled her lips back away from the cock, I saw her tongue dart out, tentatively tasting the surface of her lips. I knew she was wondering what his cock tasted like.

Mistress knew that also. “Bitch – you may kiss and lick it – really get to know it.”

“Yes Mistress,” she whispered. She began a series of gentle kisses up and down the shaft. She seemed very tentative as she approached the swollen knot area – but she kissed that also. Then she began licking. Her delicate pink tongue stroked over the deeper mottled scarlet colored cock surface, making it glisten with her saliva. Bruno laid very still, with only his tail lightly thumping the floor, and emitting little happy doggie whimpers. His cock swelled even larger and longer, with tiny drops forming at the tip.

Lick off those drops, my little bitch,” Mistress commanded. “I don’t want anything spilled on my floor.”

Susan made a face that I don’t think that Mistress could see from her angle, but she obeyed. Her tongue lapped carefully at the drops, and then I saw a look of surprise on her face. I don’t know what she expected them to taste like, but I know from experience that they are delicious – at least to me.

Then Mistress said, “You are doing well my little bitch. Now take the head of his cock all the way into your mouth.”

I saw Susan tremble, but in moments her lips parted and she turned her head a little bit sideways and, closing her eyes, slipped the cock into her mouth. Feeling his cock engulfed in her wet warm, Bruno whined happily. My hand was still holding his cock at its base, and I could feel surges of fresh hot blood throbbing into it.

“It does not appear that you are sucking on that cock, are you, bitch?”

Susan did not remove the cock from her mouth, but she shook her head from side to side with tiny movements, indicating ‘no’.

“Well, start sucking then – but very gently – and let your tongue stroke it inside your mouth. Understand, bitch?”

Susan nodded slowly, and I saw her cheeks hollow a tiny bit as she applied a gentle suction. Bruno whined loudly at this. Susan, still down on all fours, sucked gently on that cock for several minutes, most of them with her eyes closed. I assumed she felt humiliated being in this position, and perhaps not staring at the furry underbelly of the dog helped her deal with some aspects of that humiliation.

My hand wrapped around the base of Bruno’s cock felt something occurring, bringing me fully alert. I suddenly saw Susan’s cheeks bulge, and her eyes flew open with a startled expression! Without much warning, Bruno had shot a massive load of dog semen into her mouth! I rather expected her to spit it all out in disgust, but she just knelt there, cheeks all distended with fluid! Later she explained to me that she was very aware that Mistress had said that she did not want anything messing up her floor. She was in a quandary. If Bruno came again – and there was no way that Susan could guess whether he would or not – she would be unable to hold any more of his cum. She also told me later how surprised and pleased she was at the taste of his thin fluid – sweet, with a spicy undertone. Finally, as the shock of his sudden ejaculation wore off, Susan’s throat started working. I could see swallow after swallow coursing down her throat, as the bulge in her cheeks gradually subsided. Mistress, from her vantage point, could see all of this also. A strange smile played across her face as she watched her submissive bitch feeding on her first load of dog cum.

Good job, my little bitch. When that cock is completely clean, you may remove it from your mouth.”

I saw Susan’s mouth and lips moving for about a minute. She must’ve been using her tongue to wash the cock head and shaft. Then she slipped her lips free with a soft sigh.

“Take Bruno outside, pet, and make sure he has food and water.”

“Yes Mistress,” I acknowledged, and led him out the back door into our secluded backyard. I clipped his collar to his running line, and checked his food and water dishes. Then I returned to the room where Susan remained kneeling.

Feed your sister in the same manner, my pet.”

I knew what this meant. I fetched two bowls, pouring water into one, and food into the other. I placed them both beneath Susan, within easy reach.

“Go ahead,” Mistress commanded. “Eat and drink.”

Susan flushed a deep shade of scarlet – it looked like her cheeks were on fire. I saw her hesitate, but apparently not long enough for Mistress to get angry. She lowered her face and began slurping at the water, and then moving her head into the feed dish – eating like a dog! When she was finished, I took away the bowls.

Mistress told Susan, “If your arms are getting tired, you may rest the side of your face and your shoulders on the floor, but always keep your ass well up into the air.”

Susan must’ve been tired by then, because she immediately let her head sink to the floor with a sigh of gratitude. Later I was told to bring Bruno back into the room. He bounded in happily, looking keenly and adoringly at his Mistress, awaiting her command. Susan tensed visibly the moment the dog entered the room. Mistress gave Bruno the hand signal for ‘lick’. He immediately went behind Susan, and his long pink tongue began plowing its way along her slit. She shrieked slightly at the initial contact. The lapping sounds created by his tongue filled the quiet room. Those sounds were gradually joined by low moans escaping from Susan’s lips. Then Mistress signaled Bruno to stop, and sit, which he did promptly. I thought that Mistress would signal Bruno to mount Susan now, but I was wrong. Instead, she let minutes pass, gradually stretching into almost an hour, intermittently signaling Bruno to lick – getting Susan aroused – and then stop and sit again. I could not really feel sorry for my sister, even though I knew in a certain way she was being tormented. But Bruno is a fantastic cunnilinguist – better than any man I have ever had. And Susan was getting the benefit of his talents over and over again.

I wondered why my Mistress was taking this approach. Finally, it became obvious to me. Susan, who had started the day fearing being fucked by our dog, began begging and pleading with Barbara. I could hardly believe my ears – she was now begging her Mistress to, “Please, please, please let the dog fuck me!” Every time Bruno licked her, her pleading became louder and more intense!

Are you sure, my little bitch? You really want that big hot dog cock shoved into your wet little pussy?”

Bruno was lapping fiercely at her labia as Susan howled, “Yes, Mistress – please!”

Barbara looked at me and nodded, so I scooted to kneel next to Susan’s hip, ready to assist Bruno’s aim. Barbara finally issued the command, “Bruno, Mount!” Bruno immediately stopped licking Susan, and reared up to place his paws on her back. His bright red cock was already slipped forward out of his sheath, and I grasped it and aimed it at Susan’s soaking wet vaginal opening as Bruno started dancing his hips forward and back. The cock head found the hole, and plunged in deep and fast. Susan screamed loudly as she felt his rod skewer her! He began hammering at her with an intensity that is always astounding! Susan made some minor adjustments to the position of her knees, and she also moved her hands further in front of her to help brace herself against his thrusts. Then, to my astonishment, Susan, shaped into a wanton little whore by the events of the day, began yelling encouragement to her beastly lover! “OMG! Yes!” she cried out. She moaned. She groaned. “Fuck me, Bruno!”

There were loud squishy sounds emanating from her pussy as his cock plunged over and over deep into her wetness. She could not possibly try to push back against his cock, or meet his rhythm – he was pounding too fast for that! She just braced herself, arched her back, and presented herself as a canine fuck toy! “Yes, yes! I am your bitch, you fantastic fucker!” She shook with her first orgasm, babbling something unintelligible as she came! Bruno, tongue lolling from the side of his mouth, dripping his saliva onto her back, just kept bucking against her ass cheeks! Susan’s body stiffened, her head snapped up, and her eyes flew open, as her mouth sucked in air – to let her give voice to her second orgasm!

A few moments later, Susan cried out again, but this time she screamed, “He’s cumming! OMG – he’s cumming!” And sure enough, Bruno’s cock began squirting his hot cum deep inside her! He had not knotted her – his seal on her cunt opening was not tight – some of his thin semen spurted out, running down her labia and then along her inner thighs! This either triggered another orgasm in Susan, or prolonged the one already wracking her body! Bruno dismounted from his new bitch, his cock easily slipping out of her well lubricated tunnel. He sat and began licking his cock clean, and I could swear I saw a big doggie smile on his face.

Susan, still quivering, let her head and shoulders descend to the floor, keeping her ass well up in the air as Mistress had commanded. Her distended vaginal opening still gaped between her labia. Her vaginal muscles were probably still rippling inside her, because as I watched, more dog semen oozed out, its scent strong in the room. Susan moaned as she felt the hot fluids trickling down her body. Some of it went down her thighs, but because of the tilt of her torso, more of it flowed across her mound and her tummy, pooling between her breasts where they were flattened against the floor.

After several minutes of listening to Susan gasp and moan, Mistress said to her, “Well my little bitch, I see you managed to mess up my floor after all. Go ahead – lay yourself down in it!”

Susan’s cheeks flushed crimson with blood and heat at hearing this, but she obediently let her knees slip backwards, settling her body into the pool of dog cum. What a mess she was! But when she recovered her breath, she looked up at our Mistress with a radiant smile. “Thank you, Mistress, for giving me such an amazing experience!” Her body was still quivering gently with aftershocks as she went on to say, “I will gladly service Bruno at any time that you wish, Mistress.”

Barbara smiled back at her, saying, “Of course you will.”

How I envied my wonderful sister at that moment. I envied her more a little while later, because she got to share a joint shower with Mistress, also naked, to cleanse her body, while I was left to clean up the floor!

Beastiality 06 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office

Obsessions can be curious things.

For instance, my Mistress became obsessed with the idea of having me service her dog, which by the way, I was not adverse to doing. She had recently purchased a magnificent male Great Dane named Buster, unneutered, of course. Deciding that I was to be his bitch, she had scheduled an appointment with her veterinarian. Not for the dog – for me.

That morning, she gave me a rough idea of why we were going. “The vet will examine you to see if you are clean enough for Buster. While we are there, he will also give me a general assessment of your condition.”

I was fearful. I did not know this person. He would be seeing my privates. Even worse, he would know my interest in dog sex. I was also curiously excited by this prospect. Perhaps the worst part of the preparation for the vet visit occurred when Mistress casually mentioned, “Oh yes. We also need to take a sample of your stool. Here is a plastic bag for you to collect some when you use the toilet.” Collecting some of my own fecal material is not something I prefer to do on a regular basis. But I did as I was told, blushing furiously as I handed her the sample. Without a word, she slipped it into her purse.

Get ready to go, my pet. Wear that raw silk blouse, along with the short miniskirt and the slippers that I have laid out for you,” she said, pointing at them. “There is no need for a bra, panties, or stockings. We must make sure we are there on time. This office caters to a rather exclusive clientèle, and appointment times are strictly enforced.”

Just before we left our apartment, Mistress put my black suede leather collar on me. From a distance,  it resembles a choker, but up close it is obviously a collar. Mistress told me, “During our journey, you will heel like a good bitch. If you fail to do so, I shall leash you.” I certainly did not want to be taken through the busy city streets on a leash, so I focused on keeping step with her.

Descending several flights of stairs, we left our apartment building and walked to the corner to wait for our bus. The trip to the veterinarian’s office would involve several bus changes, and every time I had to step up high to climb into a bus, my skirt would lift, causing me to flash my cunt and ass. Anyone nearby had a brief but satisfying peek at my private parts. I know they did, because several men made comments, causing me to flush with embarrassment.

We arrived early, rather than be late. Since we had some free time, Mistress had us take a table at a nearby outdoor cafe, and we sat and sipped some refreshing drinks. She has a rule that I must always sit with my knees 12 inches apart. However, she also had me turn my chair so she could see my lap, and had me slide my skirt hem up enough to let her gaze at my cunt as she sipped. Judging by the quick double takes of some of the gawking passersby, I think a few other people noticed what I had on display, as well. The men usually grinned or smiled, but I also got a few dirty looks from old ladies.

A few minutes before our appointed time, Mistress moved quickly through the sidewalk crowds towards our destination. I had to move quite quickly to keep up with her, my skirt flying up every which way as I hurried, twisting and turning through the bodies jostling me as I desperately kept my heel position next to her. Ultimately, we entered the building where the  veterinarian’s office was located, and proceeded to the proper door. Discretely positioned over the door was a dark hemisphere which must have contained a security camera. Mistress pressed the door buzzer, and looked up at the camera. The door quickly buzzed its unlocking sound.

Expecting a roomful of clients, I braced myself as we entered the plush office, but no one was in evidence.  A discrete sign announced the clinic hours, and, with some relief, I noted that the office was not open for business yet. Mistress sat on a leather armchair to wait, and I stood next to her chair.

Punctually, a red headed receptionist wearing a lab coat appeared at the counter as the opening hour was reached, and made eye contact only with my Mistress. With a professional smile, the receptionist greeted her, but requested, “Please Madam, keep it on a leash for the safety of our staff.” I realized that I was the ‘it’ she was referring to! A wave of humiliation washed over me.

Mistress replied, “Oh yes, sorry.” She clipped her leash onto my collar.

Did you remember to bring the stool sample?” the receptionist inquired.

Digging into her purse, Mistress found the plastic bag. Dropping the leash as she turned toward me, she made a hand gesture and said in a commanding voice, “Stay!” loud enough for the receptionist to hear. I felt very embarrassed, but obeyed as Mistress walked to the counter. She handed the sample of my stool over as if it was the most natural thing in the world. The receptionist accepted it in the same manner.

Handing Mistress a clipboard and a pen, she said, “Please fill out these forms Madam. We will be with you shortly.”

Mistress returned to the chair, where she sat and began writing on the forms. Being on the short leash, I had little choice. I sat down on the floor next to her feet. I must always sit with perfect posture, but my skirt was not long enough to tuck completely underneath my butt. The cold tiled floor came into contact with my warm flesh. Down this close to the floor, the smell of dogs was fairly strong. I could tell that this was truly a veterinary office with normal canine patients, and I was being relegated to their status!

After a few minutes, the receptionist came out into the waiting room stating, “I will take your bitch into the examination room, and you can join us there when you are done.” As Mistress handed her my leash, the girl leaned down to stroke my hair, and said, “Come.” I was fearful at leaving Mistress, but also sort of turned on that this stranger with a very Domme attitude was now in control of me.

Holding my leash with one hand at its handle, and her other hand near my collar, she kept me on a short leash as she led me back through a corridor, and into the examination room. Occupying the center of the room was a raised gleaming stainless steel table with a smooth surface. Above it was a bright light source. There were charts of dog anatomy on the walls of the room. Through a large glass window, I could see cages with dogs in them, and past the cages were supplies, such as dog food in large plastic tubs. One wall had a large mirror. Glass fronted cabinets displayed strange vials, jars, and instruments. The smell of some antiseptic cleaner wafted into my nostrils. 

Addressing me, the receptionist said, ”Strip off your clothes,” with a commanding voice as if she was often faced with this situation. I wondered how many other girls in this city were also being treated as if they were animals, as I slipped off my blouse and skirt and stepped out of my slippers.

Once I was naked, the receptionist said, “Hop up here on the table, and get on all fours.” It felt very surreal as I scrambled up onto the cold metal surface and came to rest on my hands and knees under what felt like a spotlight. The receptionist moved to the side of the table,and pressed on my shoulders until I was down on my elbows with my ass still raised up high.  Satisfied with my pose, she patted my butt, saying, “You are a good, pretty little bitch. The doctor will be here soon.” I was scared now, and a little chilly. The receptionist stayed with me, obviously acting also as the veterinarian’s assistant. She began opening and closing various drawers. I held my pose, trying not to shiver.

After a few minutes, my Mistress entered the room and, noticing my nervousness, spoke softly and soothingly to me. If I had had a tail, I would have wagged it with happiness at seeing her. I started to speak, but she held her finger to my lips making a shushing sound.

The assistant said to her, “Take hold of your bitch’s leash, please.” As Mistress did so, the woman walked behind me and stuck a thermometer up my ass. It was cold and gooey with lubricant – very unpleasant. I had had my temperature taken that way before, but it’s very different being in that position with a stranger doing it. After an appropriate amount of time, she pulled it back out, read it, and noted her findings on a clipboard.

Ages seemed to pass before I heard the dogs in the other room start to bark, and a man in a lab coat finally entered the room. The vet was a slightly stout middle-aged man. He and Mistress knew each other, since she had brought Buster to him earlier for his checkup and shots. His voice boomed in the small room, “Hello again. Good to see you.” He washed his hands while managing to fix me with an intent look. He remarked to Mistress, “What a pretty little bitch you have here. It looks like she will be a good breeder. You’ll be glad to know that the stool sample appeared completely free of parasites, but we will perform more thorough checks now.”

I was a bit stunned by the casual manner in which he referred to me as one of his normal animal patients.  Taking hold of my head, he started his examination by looking into my ears, reporting, “Its ears show no sign of infection.”  This strange mesmerizing feeling of being turned into a true canine bitch right before their eyes was reinforced as the vet peeled back my lips, explaining, “I’m checking for tartar buildup on its teeth. Yes, they look fine for now. Make certain it gets healthy things to chew on.”

Once he took his hands away from my lips, I got complacent. Suddenly, his hands tipped my head back, pried my jaws slightly open, and slipped in a pill! Holding my mouth shut, he then stroked my throat until I was forced to swallow. I had seen Mistress do this same maneuver when she was getting Buster to swallow one of his dog pills. “That was a pill for deworming,” he informed Mistress. “We can never be too careful.”

A deworming pill! I had lifted myself up on hands and knees, and my mind was reeling, trying to process that information. Would it make me nauseous? Was I to have diarrhea from it? Was it really just a sugar pill, given purely to shock me? I was so caught up in these questions, that I did not notice him slip a band of rubber around my upper arm. But I did feel the prick of the needle as it went into my vein. Anticipating that I might jerk from that sensation, the assistant had efficiently seized my shoulders to hold me in place.

We are taking a small blood sample,” he stated. “This will allow us to do more thorough blood work checking for parasites.” He always directed his comments to Mistress, never to me. After all, I was just a dumb animal in his care. The band of rubber was removed from my arm as my blood flowed into the collection tube. Sample taken, a small wad of cotton and a bandage was placed over the tip of the needle as it was removed.

Handing the sample to his assistant, he walked around behind me. As I glanced sideways into the mirror, I realized that I had a fairly good view of what was being done behind me. Since I doubted the canine patients cared much about watching the procedures, I knew this was to heighten my embarrassment, and deepen my submission. Naked, and surrounded by three Dominants, two of them virtual strangers, my feeling of being transformed into a true bitch dog continued. This was further enhanced when he asked Mistress, “Can you get it to lower its front end again?”

Mistress whispered to me, “That’s my good pet. Lower yourself down onto your elbows and raise your ass.” Somewhat mortified, I complied, at the same time hearing the vet snap latex gloves onto his hands.

The vet produced what I later learned was called a Bardex inflatable enema device. Its lubricated tip was inserted into my ass hole, and was then inflated to lock it into place. The swollen tube was uncomfortable but not painful. I felt warm water flooding into my colon, and gritted my teeth as the sensation of being stretched passed farther and farther up into me. Mistress stroked my cheek making calming sounds.

After an eternity of holding that water, with my anal muscles pushing, trying to dislodge the tube, the device was deflated and fluids gushed from my ass. The vet carefully examined the effluvium, making comments about its contents, color, and consistency that I really did not want to hear. I was very grateful when that portion of the examination was completed, and he tossed the latex gloves into the trash.

I am now checking it for fleas,” he explained as he ran his fingers through the soft furry pelt of my pubic hair. To be doubly sure, he got out a powerful flashlight, using it as his fingers carefully parted my pubic hairs. His face was so close to my pussy that I could feel his breath. “No sign of any,” he assured my Mistress. I noted that he did not bother checking the hair on my head.

He pulled on my labia quite forcefully, and remarked, “It has good skin tone and elasticity. That will be beneficial for breeding.” I could not keep a moan from escaping my lips as he grabbed me there. His assistant handed him a speculum, and someone again grasped my labia, tugging me wide open. The cold metal jaws slid deep into my cunt, and it was ratcheted open. As he beamed the flashlight into my well distended opening, he remarked, “It has had some sexual partners before, but it has never carried a litter.” The assistant handed him a sterile swab, which he dabbed against the deepest parts of my vagina, making me squirm slightly from the strange contact. “Hold it still, Becky!” he ordered his assistant. She promptly clamped both her hands firmly on my buttocks, immobilizing my hips.

After the swabbing was done to his satisfaction, the vet said, “Keep holding it steady.” He released the jaws on the speculum, and pulled it out of me, giving me a moment of relief. This did not last long, because his next action was to insert two of his fingers deeply into my cunt, and feel around inside me. I felt his fingers skim over and probe my cervix, the entrance to my uterus. Very flushed, I felt my skin reddening as this man felt around inside me. I was totally embarrassed, but at the same time very keyed up with excitement, and also ashamed  – a curious mixture of emotions. “What breed is the bitch’s mate?” he asked.

Mistress replied, “The Great Dane I had you examine last time.”

He smiled, confirming, “This bitch’s cunt is of average depth. It should be fine for servicing a Great Dane. Make a note of her breed on her chart, Becky.” I was so wet by this point that he remarked, “It’s reacting perfectly for a breeder. Her cunt seems to be begging to be used.”

Concluding his examination of my pussy and ass, he moved to my side, and lifted me back onto my hands and knees. He reached under my chest and began manipulating my breasts from base to nipple. He spent a lot more time doing this than I deemed necessary. He finished this teat examination by gathering all the tissue of my areolae against my now distended nipples and firmly tugging downward.

The medication that Mistress had been giving me had caused my breasts to begin producing small amounts of milk. I moaned in dismay as his manipulations had caused small droplets of milk to drip to the table surface beneath me. “I see its teats are getting functional. It can certainly feed some pups if you get it lactating more,” he informed my smiling Mistress. I turned bright crimson as I feel my nipples continue to slowly leak. I was breathing heavily as I felt all eyes in the room gazing at my dangling teats.

As I knelt there, the vet engaged Mistress in an informational lecture about dog sex. “The male will, at first notice the changes in scent of his bitch as she enters her heat.”

Mistress asked, “Does this mean the bitch’s cunt should remain uncovered at all times?”

Yes, precisely. Whenever he sniffs her crotch, the bitch should open her thighs and permit him. And if he gives the bitch’s cunt a lick, you should praise him each time, to reinforce this behavior. Move the bitch into this pose you see on the table, giving the male the idea that she is also ready for mounting, if he finds her acceptable.”

Catching my eye, Mistress asked, “Do you think it’s a good idea for the bitch herself to show any interest in his cock?”

I’m glad you brought that up,” he replied. You have a young male there, so he does need to learn the pleasure possible from his cock nerve endings. This bitch should be taught to lick and suck his cock often. At first, he will only squirt precum, a thin salty fluid – lots of it, by the way. But gradually, he will begin cumming in her mouth, jetting a thicker, sweeter fluid as he humps her lips. From there, it’s quite natural for him to begin mounting her. 

“If you examine his cock, you will note the swelling at its base, referred to as his knot. In the excitement of his intense fucking, he will usually force that into the bitch’s pussy, sealing her opening tight. You may then notice he will stop humping, and you may be under the impression he is finished. On the contrary, at this point he starts ejaculating, pouring copious amounts of semen into the bitch. Since her opening is sealed, the semen is forced through her cervical opening, and into her womb. When they are knotted in this fashion, do not try to pull them apart. That could injure one or both of them. Instead, let the male’s knot subside normally, even if that takes a half an hour or so.”

Mistress sounded astonished, “You mean that the male and his bitch might be tied together by their sex organs for that long?” 

Oh yes. Sometimes as the male dismounts, he swivels around, and stands tied to his bitch, ass to ass. His erect cock can swivel 180 degrees.”

I was listening closely, fascinated. This discussion, though clinical in nature, generated such erotic images in my mind that my body instinctively reacted. I felt my cunt dribbling fluid in a trickle down my thigh. I tried to clench my cunt muscles to stop the flow, but that only succeeded in pressing even more out! I thought, “Oh god, I’m getting so turned on I’m dripping in front of this guy.”  I hoped no one would notice, but the sharp-eyed vet did. Without commenting, he got a tissue, and wiped me. This of course drew everyone’s attention to my highly aroused state, confirming what a bitch I am.

As the visit drew to its conclusion, the assistant again grasped my buttocks, pinning me in place as the vet gave me a vitamin shot in my rump. “This should help it keep its eyes bright and its coat shiny.” As he fixed a metallic object made of brass to my collar, he spoke again to Mistress, “I know you are aware how important it is to have a chip implanted in the more valuable pets. Most of them contain a unique chip ID, owner contact information, pet name and description, veterinarian contact information, and an alternate emergency contact designated by the pet owner. They are usually inserted under the skin at the back of the neck. We will send you some brochures of various models. Once you have decided which type of microchip you want for it, make an appointment with Becky for its implantation. As usual, we’ll be mailing you our invoice.”

Thank you, Doctor. It’s always a pleasure working with you – you have such a wonderful manner with animals,” Mistress said, shaking his hand.

The vet then swept my knees forward, under my tummy, hooking his forearm under my butt. He slid his other forearm under my breasts. Scooping me up in that position, he carefully lowered me to the floor. His actions were the same as if he was making certain that a large dog would not jump off the table and injure itself. Giving me a pat on my head, he praised me, “You have been a very good bitch.” He offered me a dog treat at this point, apparently a reward for being docile and cooperative. I hesitated a moment or two before taking it between my teeth.

The veterinarian and his assistant left the room. I expected Mistress to tell me to get up and get dressed. But she scooped up my blouse, skirt and slippers, and tugged on my leash, pulling me toward a different door. I crawled  naked out of the room and down a long corridor on her leash, feeling more dog-like than ever. We came to a large exit door with a release bar on it. I could not believe Mistress was going to walk me out in public like this. But without any pause to speak of, she pushed on the release bar for the exit door, and pulled me forward. Trembling with a building sense of abject humiliation, I was led into…   a small private room, where I was allowed to stand and dress before re-entering the real outside world.

We boarded a bus for the return to our apartment. After finding my seat, I pulled the compact from my purse, and used its small mirror to look at the brass object hanging from my collar. Since the words were displayed backwards, it too me a while to puzzle them out. It was a dog license tag! A real one! It stated my dog license number, name, and the designation: fawn Great Dane bitch! I was stunned! I was wearing this in public, where anyone could read it! Crimson faced, I felt like shriveling down in my seat, but as I related earlier, I must always sit with perfect posture. So I had to sit upright, head elevated, neck clearly on display for the entire journey, which seemed much longer than usual. When we reached our home, I was given the rest of the afternoon to reflect on what was, for me, a very humiliating but exciting time. Soon I will be getting my chip. The dog treat did not taste half bad, by the way.

Beastiality 07 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 2

Soon after we arrived home (see: “A Trip to the Vet’s Office”) I got my next surprise.

I had removed my clothing leaving only my collar on, and was in the kitchen doing my chores, when I heard the doorbell. Strangely, Mistress did not command me to answer it, calling out to me, “I will get it, pet.”

I heard only a muffled conversation from our front room. After a few minutes, Mistress entered the kitchen carrying a leash. “Get down on your knees, pet. I want you crawling when you meet our visitor. I have engaged the services of a dog trainer to work with you.”

I was shocked speechless.

As I got down onto my hands and knees, Mistress clipped the lead of the leash to my collar. Giving the leash a slight tug, she said, “Come girl. Come and meet Miss Allen.” I obeyed, of course, but with some trepidation, my heart hammering in my chest. Crawling like a dog, I trailed behind Mistress, peeking meekly between her legs to both hide from and yet get a glimpse of this stranger I was to meet.

What I saw did not reassure me in the least. Miss Allen was a tall imposing figure, dressed in clingy black leather. Something in her body language, her sheer emanation of confidence, of dominance, frightened me. Her eyes raked over my body. I imagined that I saw stark disapproval in them. In that moment I found that I could not control my bladder. To my dismay,warm piss hissed down my thigh to piddle beneath me.

“Your bitch is not housebroken yet, I see,” intoned Miss Allen in a quiet voice.

I was mortified.

“Should I rub her nose in it? Swat her with a rolled up newspaper? Tell her what a bad girl she is?” Mistress inquired. It sounded to me that she asked these questions somewhat eagerly.

“You can, of course – but I would not recommend it. Those approaches are quite old school. As the owner, it is your job to clean up after your bitch. Get a rag, sop up the urine, and then rub it outside where you want her to normally go.”

I expected that Mistress would order me to clean up after myself. I went wide-eyed with astonishment to see her obey Miss Allen without a murmur of protest. Handing my leash over to the trainer, she marched to the kitchen in search of a rag.

Miss Allen gave the leash a slight tug and snapped her fingers down by the side of her thigh. I understood the signal, and crawled closer to her, away from the pool of piss. As I drew near her, she formed her hand into a fist, quietly commanding, “Sit”. Seeing the fist, I flinched and moved back slightly. “No,” she stated in that same quiet, calm voice. She repeated the word “Sit” making the hand gesture of a closed fist again. Since she had not struck me with the fist, this time I did not flinch or move away. I cautiously lowered my buttocks to the floor. “Yes,” she intoned with that steady voice of hers. A tiny bit of my fear melted.

Unhooking the leash, Miss Allen made a sort of soothing, clucking sound in her throat as she leaned over to position my body to her satisfaction. She pulled my knees farther apart from each other, and gently pressed my hands back farther under my torso just inside of my knees. When she finished, I was sitting on my haunches, with my back straight. My breasts were thrust out between the vertical pillars formed by my arms. I was certain that this open kneed stance also exposed my vulva to anyone standing in front of me.

“Good,” she commended, and held a small piece of cookie in front of my lips. Hesitantly, carefully I maneuvered my lips to pull it from between her fingers. I was being rewarded for good behavior!

Mistress reentered the room, carrying a rag. I turned my head to look at her. Miss Allen almost whispered ,”Sit. Watch me.” As I swiveled my head back in her direction, I again saw her making the sign of a closed fist. Off to the side, I could hear Mistress swiping the rag through the pool of urine. I was so incredulous that she was doing this that I again looked in her direction. Miss Allen made a guttural disquieting sound of disapproval in her throat and repeated, “Watch me.” Frightened as I was, that sound she made shook me to my core. Trembling slightly, I quickly looked back into her face. “Yessss,” she uttered, reinforcing my behavior.

There was a small rooftop garden adjacent to our dining area. Heading there, Mistress went through the edge of my field of vision, holding the urine soaked rag by two hesitant fingers as she carried it from the room. I tried to keep my focus on Miss Allen, but as time dragged on, my eyes started going to the doorway where Mistress had disappeared.

Miss Allen leaned over and tapped my neck to correct me. “Watch me,” she restated. As we waited, if my posture shifted or slumped in the slightest, she was quick to reposition me.

I heard the sound of running water from our kitchen, and assumed that Mistress was washing any remaining urine from her hands. Soon she stood next to Miss Allen.

“Have you docked her tail?” she asked Mistress. “I don’t see one.”

“I’m afraid I never thought of giving her a tail,” Mistress replied with an amused voice. “It would probably look very good on her. Where would I get one?”

“I brought one along in my bag, just in case,” Miss Allen answered with a slight chuckle in her voice. She reached into her bag and produced a butt plug, complete with a lifelike dog tail hanging from it. Looking down at me, she extended a flat hand, palm up, and raised it slightly saying, “Stand.”

A little confused, I began getting up onto my feet. Miss Allen stopped me cold by saying, “No.” Forming her hand into a fist, she whispered, “Sit.” Mistress watched carefully as I immediately dropped to my haunches and tried to get into my proper position. Miss Allen again adjusted my knee and arm placement to meet her requirements. Kneeling near my left side, she moved her left hand, palm up, in front of my face. Repeating, “Stand” she again raised her palm slightly. At the same time, she moved her right hand to my lower belly almost on my mound and gave me a slight lift in that region.

Acutely aware of how close her hand was to my sex, I nonetheless got the message to raise my hips up, getting onto my hands and knees. “Yessss,” Miss Allen stated, confirming that I had acted properly.

Absorbing what she was witnessing, Mistress inquired, “Should I be making hand gestures as you are doing?”

“Yes. You will find that your bitch focuses quite a bit on your body language. You need to keep your verbal commands to a minimum, and use a confident, assertive, firm but quiet tone of voice. After all, you are the pack leader, and she needs to understand that.”

Spitting on the butt plug, she smeared her saliva all over it. Placing its tip at my puckered anal opening, she grasped my mound to hold my position steady as she deftly inserted the plug deep into my ass hole. I whimpered as I felt it stretch and fill me. She made soothing shushing sounds to quiet me. “That’s a good bitch,” she praised me.

“Lovely,” Mistress commented, examining the results. I knelt there, blushing hotly, imagining what I must look like now. “Sit,” she commanded loudly, awkwardly shaking her fist at me. Startled, I crawled back a few inches.

“No, dear,” Miss Allen corrected her. “Less volume. Also, you merely close your hand into a fist as a signal. You do not threaten her with it.” I realized that this dog trainer was in actuality training both of us.

Mistress tried again. She closed her hand into a fist in front of her belly, and said quietly, “Sit.” I dropped into a close approximation of the correct posture, slightly surprised when the butt plug was driven more firmly into my ass by its contact with the floor.

Miss Allen showed Mistress how to fix my posture with gentle corrective pushes. “You must make these adjustments very carefully during the training. Soon the positions will be ingrained into her muscle memory. From that point on, her perfect compliance will become automatic.”

Stepping in front of me, Miss Allen pointed one finger at the floor and uttered, “Down.”

I looked at her quizzically. I was, after all, sitting down on the floor. I tried bending my elbows out to the side, so I could lower my shoulders.

Miss Allen shook her head slightly, and knelt down before me. Repeating the command, “Down,” and pointing downward with a finger, she reached out and grasped my wrists pulling them towards her. Ultimately, as she made further corrections, I ended up with my arms stretched out before me, my breasts pressed against the floor, and my thighs splayed out sideways so much that my mound also touched the floor. I felt very submissive like this – tilting my head up I could barely see up to the knees of someone standing before me. My limbs were aching from this unfamiliar positioning. When a hand came into view and slowly closed into a fist, I rose up to a fairly perfect sitting position almost without thinking.

“Yessss. See what a good little bitch she is turning out to be?” Miss Allen said.

“Amazing. You really have a gift of working with pets,” Mistress complemented her. “Have you encountered any difficult cases?”

“Rarely,” she replied. “But when I do, I find that if I use this, they quickly learn to settle down and obey.” Saying this, she reached into her bag and pulled out a circlet of metal links, each link having a tine ending in a knob pointing inward from it. “This is called a pinch collar. It does not harm the animal, but it quickly gets its attention.”

I shuddered visibly, imagining such a thing around my neck, digging into my sensitive flesh if I committed any misdeed. I resolved to be a very good bitch indeed. Without forethought, I raised myself onto my hands and knees and began pleading loudly with both Mistress and Miss Allen. “Please don’t! Please! I’ll be good. I promise!” I was begging so earnestly that I did not hear a command issued by Mistress. Miss Allen, noticing this, quickly pulled a squirt bottle from her bag and squirted me full in the face.

Startled, my tirade was broken. Miss Allen quietly said, “Sit,” and closed her fist. My body reacted, dropping me onto my haunches, knees apart, my spine and arms straight. “Yessss,” she stated approvingly. Turning to Mistress she explained, “With an outburst of barking like that, first you break the bitch’s concentration with the squirt bottle. Then you put it into some correct behavior, such as a sit. If you don’t tell it what you want it to do, it won’t know what to do except go back to barking again.”

“That was remarkable,” Mistress mused. “I may have to get a belt holster for a squirt bottle,” she said with a smile. “I was tempted to slap her, or clamp her mouth shut when she started doing that.”

“That is not a good idea,” Miss Allen explained. “That actually breaks the bond you are trying to establish as pack leader. Never raise your voice to the bitch, nor strike her. Also, use the word ‘no’ very sparingly – if it is used too often she may come to ignore it. Instead, sculpt her behavior by reinforcing her good actions. Simply saying ‘Yessss’ when she obeys correctly is a good positive reinforcement. Some people prefer to use a small hand clicker, clicking it when their pet does the right thing. When your bitch is especially good, you can feed her a treat.”

“A clicker,” Mistress considered. “I am imagining walking her in public, clicking at her every time she does something good. How delicious that would be,” she said with a grin.

I felt the heat spread from my cheeks to my neck, thinking about being on public display as a bitch.

“Yes, we need to work on having her walk in heel position by your side. But there are a few more commands we should cover first.” Saying this, she turned me to face the length of the room, keeping me in my sit position. Showing me her open palm, fingers pointing up, she intoned , “Stay.”

She gestured to Mistress to accompany her across the room. I felt my shoulders jerk slightly as I almost instinctively started to follow them. I caught myself in time and remained where I was.

Turning to look at me, and command my attention, Miss Allen stood motionless for quite some time. Finally, she raised her open hand with the back of it facing me. She pulled that open hand toward herself and at the same time quietly spoke, “Come.”

Smiling happily, I crawled toward her, feeling the hairs of the tail brushing the back of my thighs as I moved. In the back of my mind, I knew I looked a bit silly – naked and crawling around like a dog. But there was something about Miss Allen. Something mesmerizing. Maybe it was some pheromone she emits. Maybe the quality of her voice, or her body language. I just knew I wanted to please her as best I could. If she had told me to roll onto my back, arms and legs in the air, so she could rub my tummy, I would have complied immediately, I think. When I reached her, she said, “Yessss. Sit.”

As I dropped onto my haunches, she added, “Good bitch. That’s a good girl. Here,” and again pressed a piece of cookie to my lips. I knew Mistress was observing this interaction, learning along with me.

“Does your bitch have any toys?” Miss Allen asked.

“Toys. Toys. Let me think,” Mistress responded. “Oh,” she said, leaving the room. She returned with a small rubberized cylindrical vibrator. “Will this do?”

“That’s perfect,” Miss Allen chuckled. Taking it from Mistress, she knelt and rolled it across the floor saying, “Fetch,” and looked over to where I was sitting. I looked at her questioningly. She couldn’t mean… I could not believe that she would want me to… it seemed so ludicrous.

Miss Allen made that same guttural disquieting sound of disapproval in her throat, as her face displayed a look of disappointment. Hearing that sound, I flinched. Miss Allen went to the spot where the toy had come to rest. Locking eyes with me, she again rolled it saying, “Fetch.”

Reluctantly playing along, I crawled over to the vibrator and reached out to grasp it. Miss Allen uttered the disapproval sound and spoke a clear word, “No,” which froze me where I knelt. I got the message. Awash with humiliation I lowered my head and took the vibrator in my mouth. Since I had to clean the floors every day, it was thankfully free of dust and dirt. The taste and smell of rubber flooded my mouth and nose. I had reached a depth of submission that surprised me.

Down on one knee, facing me, Miss Allen gave the hand sign for ‘come’ and waited. Acutely aware of Mistress heeding my every movement, I felt a mild form of shame as I crawled over to Miss Allen clenching the rubber cylinder in my teeth like an obedient little doggie. I got within perhaps a foot of her and paused, searching her face for some cue. Smiling, she whispered, “Drop it, and fanned the fingers of her hand wide open. Gratefully, I open my jaw and let the rubber tube fall to the floor, where it bounced once and settled.

“Good. Good little bitch,” Miss Allen practically crooned. She stroked her hand through my hair as she said this, and without thinking my body leaned into her touch. As she continued stroking me, she brought her face very close to mine. My heart was thumping hard in my chest, reacting to her praise and touch. I have no idea where the impulse came from, but I found myself suddenly licking her lips. Mistress gasped audibly when she witnessed this. Instead of berating me, Miss Allen slowly pulled her face back and turned to address Mistress. “Don’t worry. That was perfectly normal behavior. If a bitch licks your lips, it’s a sign of her submission. When she does this to you, accept it gracefully, realizing what it means.”

Miss Allen stopped petting me and said, “I think it’s time for our final lesson for today, which is how to get your bitch to heel as you take her for walks.” She took advantage of our proximity to clip the leash to my collar, and then stood up. Since it was obvious that I had no idea what I was supposed to do, Miss Allen walked around me until I was in the correct position relative to her. “As you can see,” she explained to Mistress, “you want your bitch to be on your left side, with her right shoulder near your left leg. Hold the leash loosely. The more you tighten the leash, the harder your pet will try to pull away.”

I admit that I was listening very carefully to this explanation, my head turned up to look into her face as she spoke. She looked down into my eyes, smiled approvingly, and said, “Heel” and began walking slowly. I began shuffling forward on my hands and knees trying to stay near her left leg. “Yessss,” she coached me. I was feeling so pleased with myself that I failed to notice when she came to an abrupt halt. I crawled forward a foot or so before two things occurred – her disapproval sound and the leash growing taut as I came to the end of the slack. A little shamefaced, I shuffled back near her left leg.

After a moment or two, she changed direction, whispering, “Heel,” and off we went again. As we approached a doorway, I assumed we were going to pass through it, so I kept going. Mistress saw Miss Allen just stop where she was and wait patiently for me to realize my error and creep back to her left leg. I learned rapidly that I should not assume anything as I was being led on a walk like this. We walked together through several rooms, Miss Allen praising me with “Yessss” to encourage me when I was focused on her and stayed with her, and correcting me with the disapproval sound when my attention wandered. Mistress also had her turn, walking me in heel position. Miss Allen spent most of this time correcting her behavior, rather than mine. My knees were getting rather sore since I was unused to this amount of crawling.

I was grateful when Mistress closed her fist and quietly uttered, “Sit.” Hot, sweaty and shaky, I lowered my buttocks, forming myself into the proper pose. I was a little surprised as the butt plug poked deeper into my ass as it made contact with the floor – I had forgotten that I was wearing it!

“I think you’d better get her some knee pads if you are going to walk her anymore than a short distance. I hope you noticed that she was starting to limp near the end,” Miss Allen cautioned Mistress.

“Yes, I did notice, and I’ll get her some pads quite soon. It was thrilling seeing her heel like that. I am happy that she is being so obedient now. Thank you for such an entertaining and informative lesson,” Mistress said, giving Miss Allen a warm hug.

“My pleasure,” she responded. “I hope that after you work with your bitch for a while, you will invite me over so I can judge her progress.”

“Certainly,” Mistress assured her. “Let’s make it soon, in case I misunderstood any part of your directions, because I don’t want either of us to get into a bad habit that we will have to unlearn.”

At this point, I realized that hours had passed without a bathroom break for me. My bladder was signaling a sense of urgency. “Mistress. May I please go use the toilet?” I asked her.

To my surprise, Miss Allen made her sound of disapproval. “Go to the garden door, and scratch it gently while whimpering, little bitch. This lets your Mistress know that you need to go out.”

I shot a disbelieving look at Mistress. But she was laughing and clapping her hands with mirth. I had the sinking realization that she fully agreed with this idea. My bladder signals were getting more and more insistent. I briefly considered pissing right where I knelt, because I remembered that Mistress would be forced to wipe it up. But I instinctively knew that Miss Allen would give me that look of disappointment that she did so well. And, curiously, I wanted desperately to be ‘accepted by my pack’ – the canine instincts were getting ingrained already. Clutching my thighs together, I scuttled over to the door, whining and scratching at its surface.

Mistress got into her role perfectly. “Oh, does my little pet need to go out?” she inquired with a grin. Opening the door for me, she continued, “There you go. That’s a good girl.”

I scampered out as fast as I could with my thighs rubbing together, heading for the corner where I saw the rag she had used to wipe up my earlier accident. I had no idea if anyone in any of the other apartment buildings around ours might be looking toward our garden, but clearly the chance existed that someone might be. But I had to piss badly. I looked back to the doorway as I lowered my hips, spreading my thighs wide apart. Mistress and Miss Allen were watching, fascinated expressions on their faces. Mortified, I began pissing like the little bitch I was, the hot jet of urine hissing from my pee hole onto the grass beneath me. I could not bear to look at any of the other apartment windows, fearing I might see faces peering back. My embarrassment was mixed with the blissful relief emanating from my now emptied bladder. I kept my head down as I crawled quickly to the door leading back inside.

Once I was safely back inside, Mistress pointed a finger downward, reinforcing it with a firm, but low volume command, saying, “Down.” This was followed by “Stay” and the open palm signal, as she and Miss Allen began walking to the front door.

“Very well done,” Miss Allen stated. “I think you definitely have the basics.”

I was resting, almost dozing in my ‘down’ pose, so I may have misheard what Mistress said just as Miss Allen was leaving. Did she really ask something with regard to ‘breeding her bitch’?

Beastiality 08 – A Trip to the Vet’s Office, Part 3

The anticipation was getting intense.

This whole process had started with Mistress’ obsession with having me service her dog, Buster.

But I had not seen her dog since our visit to the vet’s office (see part 1). I had no idea where he was during this time. I did not know if I wanted to bring up the subject her Great Dane, since I was not certain I really wanted to remind her about him. He was a huge dog, and probably weighed more than I did. I had to imagine that his cock was proportionate to his size, and the thought of that penetrating me gave me the shivers.

When I would get up the courage to ask her about his whereabouts, she would just smile and reply, “Do not worry, pet. You will be seeing him soon enough.”

Meanwhile, she worked with me, getting me to obey the hand signals and verbal commands that Miss Allen had taught her (see part 2). To those basic commands of sit, watch me, stand, stay, come, down, fetch, and heel, she added a few of her own. For the command ‘roll over’ she would twirl her finger, and I was to drop to the floor and roll. The command ‘play dead’ was accompanied by both of her hands turning palm down. My response was to lay myself onto my back with my arms folded so my hands were in front of my shoulders. I did not mind this pose at all, because Mistress would often scratch my tummy when I did this. Well, to be honest, she often scratched a bit lower than my tummy, her fingers scratching gently over my mound and pussy making me moan ecstatically, much to her amusement.

The strangest new command was ‘hump’ whereupon she would rub her thumb and middle finger together as the hand signal. To obey this command, I had to straddle her foot and press my breasts against her knee, wrapping my arms around her leg. Looking up into her face, I would begin rubbing my cunt against the bottom of her leg and the top of her foot. Soon her shoe or boot would be slick with my juices, and buffed gleaming by my actions. When she finally petted my head, it was my signal to stop humping, and drop down and lick her footwear clean.

One day, the doorbell rang.

“See who that is, pet,” I was told.

It was a rare occasion in our household – I was dressed.

I opened the door.

Miss Allen stood there, dressed much as before, in a form fitting leather garment, this time with a lot of cleavage showing. She grinned at me, and asked, “How is our little bitch doing?” The tone of her voice indicated that she was not talking to me as a person. Her tonal qualities were those that she might use in speaking to a dumb animal, relying on that animal to perceive her mood rather than actually understanding what she was saying.

Upon hearing her voice, my knees buckled. I dropped to my hands and my knees, looking up at her, smiling, my body taking on a sort of fawning posture instinctively. It was all I could do to stop myself from wagging my ass at the sight of her. As an air current drifted in through the open door, I inhaled a strong scent of dog, which seemed to be coming from her clothing.

She reached out and petted my head, cooing, “That’s a good girl. Take me to your Mistress, girl.”

Even though I was fully clothed, I turned and started crawling toward Mistress, acutely aware of Miss Allen following me, observing my behavior. In hindsight, I suppose that might have been a ridiculous thing to do, but given Miss Allen’s voice, scent, body language – in short, her aura of dominance – I obeyed without thinking.

Mistress was not surprised at the arrival of our visitor. Greeting her warmly, she then turned to me and instructed, “Go to your room and transform, bitch. Be quick about it, and hurry back here.”

I rushed to my room, undressed, and inserted my butt plug with the tail. My collar with its dog tag was already around my neck. Crawling humbly, I returned to the living room.

Miss Allen had Mistress put me through my paces, watching both of us closely. She corrected Mistress once or twice, showing her how to make her hand gestures crisper and more visible to me. She made some miniscule corrections to my positions. She laughed when she saw the new tricks that I’d been taught, even deigning to rub me briefly while I was playing dead.

Mistress and Miss Allen turned their back to me while Mistress whispered something to her. Miss Allen nodded her understanding and crossed the room to sit in a chair. I was astonished when Miss Allen then gave the ‘hump’ hand signal! My face and cheeks felt very hot as I crawled to her, and began humping her foot. The heady aroma of leather and dog wafted around me as I anointed her boot. When her hand touched my head, I scooted back and gratefully licked her boot until it shone.

Miss Allen declared, “You have a very good, obedient bitch here. I think she is ready. Anticipating this, I brought Buster along with me. He is patiently waiting in my van. Leash your bitch, and have her sit at your feet.”

I heard her say ‘Buster’ and my mind went into a spin. I knew what she was talking about. The moment that I both longed for and yet at the same time dreaded was rushing upon me. I was in such a tizzy that I barely noticed Mistress clipping a leash to my collar. My body must have automatically gone into the sit position. I was forcing myself to take slow deep breaths of air so that I would not faint, as my lungs tried to keep up with the rush of blood surging out of my rapidly accelerating heart. I was sitting stock still, staring at the door. I was not looking down at my own body, but I could swear that my heart was jumping so hard in my chest that it was making my tits bounce.

The door swung silently open and Miss Allen brought in Buster. I gulped. He was even bigger than I remembered. He was heeling perfectly, placidly staying beside Miss Allen as she walked him to stand in front of us. He held his head up proudly as he walked. As I got a brief side view of him, I saw how in profile his torso swept from his large chest back to his comparatively narrow and delicate hips. Just in front of his hips I could perceive the furry stub housing his penis.

“Have her stand,” she instructed Mistress, nodding at me.

“Stand,” Mistress said, using the ‘up’ hand signal. I rose to stand on my hands and knees.

“Walk her forward about 5 feet,” Miss Allen commanded.

My body obediently followed Mistress’ lead as we moved forward.

“Have your bitch stand perfectly still. This introduction is quite important,” Miss Allen cautioned.

Taking no chances, Mistress knelt before me, and held my face in both hands, making a soothing sound in her throat. I trembled in her hands, wondering what was going on behind me.

Miss Allen brought Buster close enough that he could sniff my ass, as dogs do during a meeting. I felt his whiskers brush my ass cheeks. I heard the sniffing sounds, and felt the wind from his nostrils as he snorted after inhaling.

“You can let go of her head. It’s her turn now,” Miss Allen indicated. Mistress released me, and stood to one side, holding my leash.

Miss Allen maneuvered Buster so that his butt was practically in my face. “Go ahead, bitch. Sniff him. He expects it. You don’t want to refuse his offer,” she almost chided.

I brought my nose closer, sniffing delicately, worried it might be gross. To my surprise, he just smelled like a clean, healthy dog. I inhaled most robustly, and, after a moments thought, snorted air onto his ass as well. Protocol was satisfied.

I could not help but notice the huge ball sack that hung below his ass hole. His testicles bobbed and swayed with his movements as Miss Allen walked him away from me.

Miss Allen asked,“Where is Buster’s favorite part of your home? Where does he usually rest when not doing anything in particular?”

“Over in this corner of the main room,” Mistress replied, indicating with a sweep of her hand.

“Excellent. That is his domain, then. He will be most comfortable and secure if we start with him there.” So saying, she walked him over to the spot indicated.

“OK. Bring your bitch about 4 feet in front of him, and have her present her hindquarters. Normally, she would hold her tail to one side, to indicate her readiness, but since she has no muscular control of that ‘tail’ you will have to hold it out of the way.”

Mistress moved me into position, and grasped my tail, pulling it to one side, exposing my sex to Buster.

I looked back over my shoulder, wanting to see his reaction. As far as I could tell, he was looking at me with polite attention, but making no other movement, other than to occasionally glance up at Miss Allen, as if asking for commands.

“Open your cunt lips, bitch, and rub yourself. He needs to get your scent. He needs to know you are in heat, and offering yourself,” she directed me.

Blushing slightly at being told to display myself so wantonly, I nonetheless reached between my thighs. My fingers found the petal edges of my pussy lips, and I pressed them wide apart. I started sliding my fingers through the furrow between them, feeling the sensitive skin there prickle into life. As I continued toying with my clit, peehole, and vaginal opening, the glands within my intimate tunnel sprang into action. Fluids began welling up, ultimately reaching open air and starting to drip onto my hand. I smeared them all over my labia, and continued stroking myself. My submissive energies also took hold of me, and I even swayed my hips enticingly as I played, as if summoning a lover to come and sample my wares.

I lowered my head and shoulders until my torso rested on my tits, and became acutely aware of my scent, now wafting freely from my wide open, oozing cunt. Since dogs have a magnificent sense of smell, compared to humans, I was sure Buster was getting a snout-full. I heard him whine, and twisted my upper torso sideways enough to peer down my body to where he sat. He whined again, his eyes fixed on my cunt, and I saw his long pink tongue slip from his mouth and travel the length of his lips.

“You want to lick her, boy?” Miss Allen asked encouragingly. “You want to taste your little bitch?”

Buster barked once in assent, his forceful voice filling the room.

“OK, bitch. Stop playing with yourself. He understands your invitation. Keep your ass up high, your thighs wide apart.” She had not told me to come back up onto my hands, so I remained with my breasts pressed against the floor, hands stretched out in front of me. Heart hammering fast in my chest, I heard Miss Allen lead Buster toward me.

I waited an eternity.

Actually, it was only seconds later that I felt his hot, wet tongue rasp up across my wide open sex. I almost shrieked, because it felt so good! He was not dainty, or delicate. He licked me fast, letting his tongue gather my fluids like he was lapping water from his bowl. Once he had cleaned what he could find on the surface, he began darting his tongue into my vagina – the source of this treat. I felt that tongue not only plunge to my depths – I could swear I felt its tip curl up in a scooping action as it dragged copious amounts of fluid from my most intimate reaches.

Once or twice his tongue touched something so sensitive that I moaned loudly, barely able to keep my body from jerking. His tongue tip had flipped over the moist knob of my cervix! I may have imagined it, but it seemed that his tongue lashing accelerated when he heard the sound of my moan. His tongue slipped out of me and again began washing the entire surface of my privates, from my clit all the way up across my ass hole. My body began shuddering in orgasm, my cunt making a strange sucking sound as the muscles of my vaginal wall rippled. Perhaps drawn by that sound, his tongue speared into me once again as he feasted on my fresh flow of rich juices. I was glad that my upper body was fully pressed to the floor. Otherwise, the force of my orgasm might have knocked me over.

Miss Allen addressed Mistress. “See? Even though he has never done this before, his instincts are taking over.”

I turned my head to look over my shoulder, trying to focus through the curtain of bliss that I was still experiencing. I saw Mistress peering intently in the direction Miss Allen was pointing.

“Oh yes!” she exclaimed. “His cock is beginning to emerge from its sheath! This is so exciting!”

After licking me a few more minutes, Buster finally stopped and began whining.

“I think he’s ready,” Miss Allen stated. “Now, since he’s never done this before, you and I will have to help him. Have your bitch hold her own tail out of the way. You will need both hands free.”

Mistress took the tip of the tail that emerged from the butt plug, and tucked it under my elbow.

“Lift him by his chest and fore-paw on your side, while I do the same on my side,and help me ease him forward,” Miss Allen commanded. I could feel the presence of Buster looming over me as they drew him carefully forward. Since I was holding my ass up high with my upper torso flat on the floor, my back was arched so much that Buster’s chest did not touch my back as the two women lowered him into place. His fore-paws ended up on the floor on either side of my neck with his front legs pressed against my collarbone. Something wet brushed one of my ass cheeks and then began rhythmically prodding against them.

“As you can see, Buster is having a difficult time finding her hole. The first few times that he mounts his bitch, you need to be prepared to assist him in locating his target,” Miss Allen pointed out. “With practice, his muscle memory will guide him during future breeding sessions.”

I admit I was mentally jolted when I heard the word ‘breeding’ spill from her lips. In both of their minds, I was a bitch – Buster’s bitch – and my purpose was to be bred by him! A wave of humiliation blended with perverse excitement washed over me, causing me to sink into one of the deepest levels of submission that I had ever experienced.

“Watch as I open up the bitch with one hand, and position his cock with the other,” Miss Allen instructed. I felt her fingers part my labia, and a moment later the tip of his cock was at my entrance.

Buster’s hips had been in constant motion this entire time, moving back and forth in a rhythmic humping action. With his next forward movement, his cock began burying itself into my now sopping tunnel. He growled in triumph as he wedged that stiff rod of flesh inward. Lubricated as I was, it was still no easy task, because his cock was bigger than even the largest dildo that Mistress had ever used on me.

I grunted as his first few thrusts stretched my opening. My grunts turned into loud groans as that massive penis burrowed its way farther and farther into my very core, forcing my vaginal walls to give way to this invasion. If I could have crawled forward, I might’ve been able to lessen the impact of his insistent hammering. But, pinned in place as I was by his front legs, I could not move forward – I could only submit.

And fluids. Lots of fluids. I became aware of fluids squishing out of my vaginal opening with each of his humping thrusts. The fluids at first trickled down my thighs, but soon became a fast flowing rivulet cascading down to pool at my knees. Upon seeing this, Mistress asked Miss Allen, “Is he cumming now? Is all that his semen?”

Miss Allen laughed, “Oh no. That is merely his precum!” She scraped her hand up my thigh, gathering a palm-full of the stuff. “Here, bitch. Taste it,” she said. As I opened my mouth, she tilted her hand to pour it past my lips, and also had me lick her palm clean. It was a thin, watery fluid, tasting mostly salty. Returning her focus to Mistress, she continued, “He can produce prodigious amounts of it. Sometime, when you feel like being entertained, have your bitch suck on his cock and watch how much she needs to swallow to keep up with him.”

Suddenly, Buster bounced the front of his torso upwards, bringing his fore-paws down onto my back. “Thank goodness his nails are trimmed,” I thought, as my shoulder blades accepted his weight. His movement also pushed his hips backwards, yanking his cock out of my sorely stretched tunnel. Precum was still spraying from his penis, arcing onto my back and into my hair, and painting a trail across my ass and the back of my thighs as he leapt sideways off of me.

I turned my head to look at him, and gasped. He was standing with his head turned back and his hips brought forward so that his tongue could lap at his exposed cock. I was not gasping at the fact that he could lick his own cock – I was gasping at the size of it! I was amazed that my tiny little cunt had been able to accommodate it. Its mottled red and pink surface glistened with a mixture of precum, saliva and cunt juice. My gaze traveled from its strangely pointed tip all the way back to where it emerged from its furry sheath. I was shocked to see something at its base that was the size of a large orange or a small grapefruit.

I was about to ask what that was. But I did not have to. Miss Allen was already standing near Buster and pointing at it. “This is his knot,” she explained to Mistress. “For a successful breeding, the male pushes this into the bitch’s vaginal opening, sealing it. This ensures that his semen is trapped inside her, and floods inward, directly entering her womb. His sperm then have a much shorter distance to swim in search of eggs. The sperm can live about three days inside the bitch.”

My heart leapt into my throat, forcing me to stop breathing for a moment. The thought of live dog sperm swimming around inside me for three days almost short-circuited my brain activity. What shocked me the most was how this perverted idea ultimately excited me. Unbidden, a low growl formed in my throat, and I saw Buster prick up his ears upon hearing it.

“But is Buster all done already?” I heard Mistress ask with a tone of dismay. “He got off of her so fast!”

“I don’t think he’s done,” Miss Allen assured her. “But I don’t think he was completely satisfied with the way the bitch is positioned for their mating. Try having her stand.”

Mistress moved to where she was certain she had caught my eye. She said, “Stand” as she gave the hand signal for that command. I was still somewhat dazed, and she had to give the command twice before my body finally reacted. Pressing with my elbows and hands, I raised my shoulders up level with my hips, and swiveled my head back to watch Buster’s reaction. He stopped licking himself, and panted quietly as he stared at my new pose. Within moments, he shuffled around behind me.

“Should we help him mount her again?” Mistress inquired.

“Let’s just see what he does on his own this time,” Miss Allen replied. “But hold her tail out of the way, and be prepared to assist his cock in finding her hole.”

Snuffling noisily at my cunt, with his whiskers tickling my butt, Buster inspected his bitch. Satisfied, he reared up and planted his fore-paws squarely on my back. His massive chest covered my back with intimate warmth. His chest fur pressed along my spine, moving as he breathed. Instinctively, I arched my back to conform to his shape against me. Once again I felt his cock prodding and probing. Swiftly, Mistress spread my labia apart. Either she guided him to my opening, or he got lucky with his probing. I felt his cock plunging into me as he claimed me as his bitch.

I was surprised at how good it felt this time as he stuffed me full. Apparently my pussy had adjusted itself to handle his girth. His precum was doing its job of making me slippery for him. Since I was now more upright, I had to brace myself to absorb the power of his hammering thrusts. My pleasure built and built. Never had I felt this well fucked before! It was not long before I cried out, “Yes!” to my doggy lover and began cumming hard, my tummy fluttering as my cunt muscles mixed my cum fluids with his precum.

I was vaguely aware of the two women watching me being used in this manner. It should have been mortifying, I suppose, but in my state of submission it had the opposite effect. It aroused me even more. My body began shuddering with either orgasmic aftershocks, or with a string of miniature releases, one following the other in rapid succession.

While I was in this state, Buster slid his paws off my back, tucking them around my waist, pulling my hips back more firmly into his thrusts. His embrace held me so strongly that I no longer had to brace myself with my hands. But in this position he was able to force his cock even deeper, its tip now occasionally poking my sensitive cervix. Each time contact occurred there, I yelped loudly. This seemed to excite Buster even more. With every yelp, he fucked me harder and faster. I was fairly oblivious to the passage of time at this point, but later Mistress said he fucked me for about 10 minutes like this!

Ultimately, I felt his knot now pressing at my opening. I remembered its size. It seemed impossible that my vaginal entrance could accept it without being torn. But Buster was not to be denied. Four things happened at the same time. My cunt began rippling with yet another orgasm. The thrill of the orgasm caused me to press my cunt more firmly onto his penis. Buster pulled me backward even more firmly with the massive paws he had wrapped around my waist. At the same time, he bucked his own hips forward a fraction more.

I howled as his knot popped past my vaginal ring, and lodged itself firmly in the entrance to my cunt! Buster stopped his earlier humping actions, since any large movements would cause pain to both of us. Instead, he held me in his tight embrace, and I became aware of a curious sensation in my cunt, unlike any I had ever felt before. He was squirting into me!

Miss Allen’s voice whispered in the now quiet room. “Ah! He has now knotted his bitch. You can tell because he is holding still, attached to her. This is when he starts cumming. His semen is now flooding into her. If you look closely at her mound and tummy, you might be able to see them distend somewhat.”

I didn’t know if they could see me swelling down there. But I could sure feel it! His semen kept spurting into me, and it had no place to go but inward! My vagina was quickly filled to bursting, and the fluid pressure forced the dog semen through my cervical opening and into my uterus – my womb! Once that was filled, his cum must have been forced up through my Fallopian tubes. From there, it flowed from their open ends and entered my tummy! I was amazed at how aware I was of the internal progress of this flow. Or maybe my fertile imagination was just visualizing its journey. It was one of the most erotic moments of my life.

Between spurts, Buster would make the tiniest of thrusts, and his cock would again spew another load. He was panting now, his drool and hot breath on the back of my head and neck. To my amazement, I felt him place his teeth at the back of my neck – not hurting me, just… just claiming me as his own! I felt deliciously submissive in this embrace. I was in no hurry for it to end.

That was a good thing, because now Miss Allen explained to Mistress, “While they are knotted, you must not try to separate them, or they may both be injured. Gradually, his knot will subside, and then he will pull free of her on his own. Do not try to rush this.”

“How long will they stay locked together?” Mistress asked.

“It varies, but I would expect the knotting to last about 15 to 20 minutes.”

After perhaps 10 minutes, Buster stirred, released his embrace on my waist, and slid sideways off of me. We both yelped as this action tugged painfully at the tissues that still joined us. He stood now facing away from me, our asses pressed against each other, his cock bent completely backward from his torso and still firmly embedded in my cunt. His tail occasionally brushed over my back as he wagged it. Again I lowered my shoulders to press my tits against the floor, assuming that very submissive posture. The posture of a lowly bitch, who had just received the fucking of her life from her alpha male dog. More time passed as we panted quietly, regaining our breath. My cunt entrance felt rather numb, so I could not tell if his knot was changing size at all. But I guess Buster could, because after a while he started pulling away from me, his feet scrambling on the floor. There was mainly a tugging sensation at this point, followed by a loud squelching sound as his cock finally pulled free.

Eyeing my backside, Mistress exclaimed, “Good grief! Look at her gaping hole! Will it ever be normal again? And all that goo gushing from it! What a mess!”

I felt my cheeks flush red hot with embarrassment, imagining what they both were seeing.

“Well, since you will have her servicing Buster on a regular basis, I doubt that her cunt tunnel will shrink back to the diameter that it was before. But that’s actually a good thing, since they both will experience less pain when they couple. As to the gaping – watch what Buster does now. I expect his instincts will kick in.”

Buster had been lying down on his side, licking himself clean. As he licked the fluids from his cock, it gradually disappeared back into its furry sheath. I watched this process with fascination, and saw him complete it with a thorough washing of his balls. After that, he got back onto his feet, and trotted over to stand behind me. Once again I felt his magical tongue lapping around my vulva. But this time, he did not plunge it into my depths. He concentrated on cleaning my outer surfaces. These mild sensations apparently caused my tissues to contract, easing my gaping hole closed, judging from the muttered comments between Mistress and Miss Allen as they watched. He concluded his performance by using his tongue to press my labia tightly against each other.

“See? It’s as I told you. He instinctively knows to close the bitch’s cunt, helping to keep his semen from seeping out,” Miss Allen explained. “He’s a bright boy. You could probably teach him to mount on command. And now that he has the idea, I suggest that you let him mount your bitch whenever he has the inclination. He may go a day or two between breeding sessions, or he may do several a day.”

I heard the words ‘mount on command’ and ‘several a day’ with mixed emotions. Just this one session had been rather exhausting. Would I have the stamina to handle several in a day? Perhaps my body would adapt, given time. As I focused on my body, I thought I could feel the wriggling tails of millions of dog sperm swimming inside my womb, and shivered with perverse delight.