The Hostess and Her Gift


Sunday morning, after the dinner party featuring the Master and his girl, the Hostess was in her dressing gown, trying to decide what to wear, when her spouse entered the bedroom.

Sweetheart,” he began, “I need you to come down to the sitting room.”

What? Are Stephanie and Helen already here? This early?” the Hostess exclaimed, surprised.

No, darling,” he assured her. “They’re not due for another hour or so. This is another matter,” he continued.

She knew her spouse well. There was a certain twinkle in his eyes, and a quality in his voice that indicated although he was acting fully composed, inside he was bouncing up and down like an excited little boy. She was intrigued.

Offering her hand, she smiled, saying, “Lead on, my dear.”

He led her into their sitting room. Waiting there, with a warm smile on his face, was a dark-haired gentleman of medium build. He arose the moment they entered. As the Hostess approached him and extended her hand in greeting, he took it in his own, bowed, and kissed the back of her hand in an almost continental fashion.

Darling, I wish you to meet Carter,” her husband said, by way of introduction.

Her hand tingling from the press of the man’s lips, she said, “I’m very pleased to meet you, Mr. Carter.”

The man blushed a delicate pink as her husband explained, “It’s just ‘Carter’ my dear. He was the escort for Miss Thompson last night.”

Oh! Valerie’s guest! Of course, now I remember you,” she asserted. “Please be seated.” After they’d settled, she inquired, “What can I do for you, Carter?” Privately, she wondered if Valerie had sent him to inquire about whether she too could have a session with a dog. So many guests often did, right after a party.

Her husband cleared his throat, taking the floor. “Last night, all but two of your male guests secretly drew straws in a special contest. Carter here was the winner.”

That seems clear, so far,” she confirmed. “And what did Carter win?”

He won the privilege of being given to you as a gift for one week,” her husband explained. Carter nodded his agreement.

Given to me as a gift?” the Hostess said, confused. Then she broke out laughing. “What an amusing jest,” she chuckled. “No. Really. Why are you here, Carter?”

I assure you, Hostess – your husband told me to address you by this title, rather than Miss or Mistress – we aren’t joking. I won, so I get to be your gift.”

The Hostess was taken quite aback. She looked hard into both men’s faces, and saw no glint of humor. Their expressions were serious. “This isn’t an elaborate joke of some kind?”

No, my dear. We’re very serious,” her husband replied. “Carter desires to be your plaything for a week. In a way, he is my gift to you, for being such a wonderful wife.”

But honey,” she rebutted, “I train females with dogs. I’ve never had a male plaything before, darling. I admit it’s intriguing, but…” her voice trailed off.

Turning to face Carter, she asked, “Why ever would you want to do this?”

I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging if I tell you that I’m a very influential lawyer, Hostess. I have a very high pressure job. When I watched you at the dinner party, I was smitten by your command, your control, and your poise. My heart was beating furiously as we all participated in the contest your husband proposed, and I was elated to win. I wish to be controlled by you for this week. It’ll be a relief to give up control and serve you. I’ve submitted to other women in the past, if that makes you feel any better about this.” His voice and sincerity were compelling.

Thinking quietly for a few minutes, the Hostess stated, “OK. I admit I’m fascinated. What did those other women have you do? How did they treat you?”

Carter cast his mind back to several different earlier such encounters. Ummm. They sometimes had me naked, or dressed in frilly feminine things. They might make me crawl around on a leash. I’ve had to service them or their friends orally. I’ve been commanded to do housework. They might tie me up. Abuse me verbally. Spank me. So much depended on their whims of the moment. It was quite exhilarating.”

The Hostess tried to visualize these things as he stated them. “Dressing him up might be fun,” she mused. “Having him crawl around like a dog on a leash, naked, would be enjoyable. The servants handle the housework, but maybe we could have him act the role in one room.” Her thoughts continued. “Oh! Maybe while I have some friends over for tea, or something. That might be impressive to them, and humiliating to him.” She began to see some enjoyable possibilities, now that she’d heard examples from his past. But there was something quite important she had to know.

There must be some sort of limits of what they were permitted. Right, shyster?” she inquired.

He quailed, hearing himself referred to as a shady attorney; her verbal abuse had begun, and a quiet thrill went through his body. “Yes, Hostess. Thank you for being thoughtful about this. Things can’t impact my job, such as the court case I have on Wednesday – I must attend that. And nothing permanent can be done to my body. No piercings, tattoos, etc. Otherwise, I’m in your hands.”

Determined to test his resolve, The Hostess slipped off her shoe. “Show me how you worship my foot, Carter,” she directed.

Quickly Carter knelt humbly, took her dainty foot in his hands, and rubbed his soft, clean shaven cheeks all over it. He kissed it tenderly, as if it was the most precious thing in the world. After that, he licked both the top and bottom of her foot. That’s when he started sucking her toes, making sounds of appreciation deep in his throat. Electric shock-waves of pleasure raced to her pussy as he suckled her toes passionately.

After several minutes, clutching the cushions of the seat on which she sat, the Hostess lifted her leg up over her other thigh. “You may include my calf in your worship, now,” she commanded.

Carter’s warm, soft lips climbed from her heel to the side of her knee. The Hostess bit her lip because of the unexpected intensity of the pleasure this produced. She looked at her husband. “You’re OK with this?” she asked. In response, she saw a huge grin on his face. Looking down at his crotch, she saw his trouser material was tented by his straining erection. She fancied she could see a drop of moisture seeping through, where the head of his cock bulged. “Hmmm. I see you’re not only OK, this really turns you on, seeing him worship me,” she commented.

Yes, my dear,” he confirmed. I love seeing the blissful expression on your face, and the way your body is shivering in delight right now.”

The Hostess took a very deep breath, making her breasts expand and strain at her dressing gown. Her body shook erotically and her hand dug harder into the cushions. “Very well, we’ll keep him,” she sighed. “Stop now, Carter.”

The submissive lawyer gently released her foot and leg, and sat back on his heels, saying, “Thank you, Hostess. I hope my service will be pleasing to you.” Her acceptance of him placed a twinkle of joy in his eyes.

The Hostess checked the clock. She knew her girls would be here any minute, due to their characteristic promptness. An idea bloomed in her mind to begin Carter’s ordeal of embarrassment.

Stand up…” she hesitated, trying to think of a demeaning label, finally settling on, “… worm.” She waited until he was on his feet again, then continued, “Unzip your trousers, and pull out your cock and balls. I want them completely free, dangling in front of you. When you’ve accomplished that, remain standing with your hands behind your head.”

Carter complied, struggling slightly to work his now erect cock free of his underpants through the opening in his pants. With more effort, he fished his scrotum also out through the opening, his testicles shifting slightly as they reacted to the cooler air. Carter’s face took on a red hue as he exposed himself to the Hostess and her husband. The couple whispered and chuckled to each other too quietly for Carter to make out their words, but they were both eyeing his sexual equipment. He was pretty certain he head the Hostess say the words ‘pencil dick’ which made his heart accelerate as her humiliation titillated him.

There was a sound outside. “I think I hear a car in the drive,” the Hostess stated. “It must be the girls. Stand up straight, and keep your hands behind your head to greet them, Carter. I’ll go to the door myself, darling,” she informed her husband.

She went to the door, waving the servant aside. Greeting Stephanie and Helen with warm hugs and kisses, she whispered a quick synopsis of the situation. Suppressing a giggle, she told the girls how she wanted them to greet Carter.

All three entered the sitting room together. Even though they’d been forewarned, the girls’ expressions registered surprise at seeing Carter standing like that. His erection had not waned one bit. “Stephanie, Helen, I want you to meet Carter. He’s going to be our plaything for this week,” the Hostess stated, grinning.

Stephanie stepped up within a foot of Carter. Looking right into his eyes, her right hand went out and grasped his cock. “Very nice to meet you, Carter,” she said, as her hand shook his cock up and down as if shaking hands. She stepped to one side.

Helen approached, and repeated Stephanie’s performance. Grasping and shaking his cock, she said, “Yes. It’s great to meet you, Carter.” Still holding and shaking his cock, Helen looked over her shoulder at the Hostess and said, “He’s got a very firm handshake.”

All three women laughed merrily as Carter’s face turned crimson. “However,” Helen added. “His skin is sweaty, or something. My palm is getting wet.” Everyone looked more closely. Helen’s palm was getting slippery from the precum now oozing out of Carter’s dick. Even though he was intensely embarrassed, he found his situation certainly arousing.

Then let’s cool him down,” the Hostess declared. “Undress him, girls. Carter, only move if one of my girls indicates she wants you to move.”

Carter swallowed visibly before saying, “Yes, Hostess.”

Stephanie undid his tie, and went to work on the buttons on his shirt and sleeves. Helen unbuckled his belt, opened the top of his trousers, and pulled both his pants and underpants down to his ankles in a smooth, swift movement. She untied his shoelaces, and in a trice had him step free of everything below his waist. Stephanie lowered his hands to his sides to pull his shirt off, them raised his arms again to yank his undershirt off over his head. The ‘influential’ lawyer now stood naked in a room otherwise occupied by clothed people.

Moving herself to a sofa, the Hostess told her girls, “Sit down on either side of me over here, and take your shoes off.” When they were all situated, she looked at Carter, saying, “Come here, naked toy boy. Kneel sideways on your hands and knees in front of us. Let’s see how good a foot stool he makes,” she told Helen and Stephanie. In moments, all three sets of feminine feet rested on his back.

Stephanie smiled. “It’s rather nice how his warm back is keeping my feet nice and toasty.” Helen nodded, agreeing.

I just hope he doesn’t dribble all over my clean carpet,” the Hostess said in a stage whisper, making the two girls titter merrily. “My dear,” she called out to her husband, “please get me paper and pen. I need to make a list of things we might need this week.”

Consulting quietly with her two girls, the Hostess formulated a list of items. When she handed it to her husband, he checked off a few things, stating, “I anticipated some of this. I’ll send a servant for the rest.”

Thank you, darling,” the Hostess said. “And thanks for such a thoughtful gift. I’m sure Stephanie and Helen will help me get a lot of joy, playing with it.” Carter quivered under their feet, realizing that not one, but three, women would be dominating him during this week. Submitting to three lovely women was more than he’d dreamed of since winning the contest.

Luckily, the women’s feet were not too heavy, so his back was not aching too much by being a footstool all morning. His neck, however, hurt from trying to hold his head up, so he found it expedient to let it hang down, staring towards the floor. From time to time, some woman’s foot left his back to slip under his torso and nudge his dangling manhood. Sometimes the toes would flex, softly caressing his sensitive flesh, but never enough to fully arouse him.

At lunchtime, everyone but Carter sat at the dining table, enjoying their repast. Carter got to eat the same foods, but they’d been cut up into bite-sized pieces, and served on the floor in a dog bowl, alongside a bowl of water. The Hostess, whose lifestyle dealt with canines, obviously felt most comfortable treating him like a dog. “When you drink, Carter, lap your tongue against the far side of the bowl, and try not to slop water on the floor. And don’t use your hands when eating.”

Yes, Hostess,” he acknowledged humbly. To his chagrin, the girls also made him sit up and beg for treats from their plates. Each time he reared back onto his haunches, to place his front ‘paws’ on either side of his mouth in a dog begging posture, they remarked how this exposed his jutting cock, which waggled beneath his belly. No doubt this is why the girls kept encouraging this behavior.

After lunch, the Hostess said, “Carter, you may get off your hands and knees for a while and take a rest. Sit on the floor with your back wedged into the corner of the room. Keep your feet flat on the floor and your knees wide apart.” Helen whispered something to her. “Oh yes. Good idea, Helen.” Addressing Carter once again, she added, “Pump your dick slowly as you sit there. Keep it nice and stiff, but don’t cum.”

Y… y… yes, Hostess,” he stammered, flushing a deep red as everyone watched him start pumping his cock. Stephanie and Helen licked their lips suggestively, eyes gleaming with interest.

After a brief interlude, a female servant entered, and handed the Hostess a large dog collar, a sturdy leash, and a rather hideous tie. If the servant was surprised to see a naked man, sitting on the floor, playing with his dick, she gave no evidence of it. The Hostess whispered something to the servant, who smiled and nodded her understanding before she left the room.

Approaching Carter, the Hostess secured the dog collar around his neck, and attached the leash to it. She added the hideous tie to his ensemble. “Back on your hands and knees now, Carter.”

A few minutes later, two servants led in Benny, the Rottweiler, and Sky, the Akita. Both well trained dogs trotted proudly over to their respective bitches: Benny to Stephanie, and Sky to Helen. The girls petted them, cooed to them and snuggled them joyfully.

The Hostess led Carter away from the wall, bringing his presence to the attention of the dogs, whose ears pricked up, seeing a stranger. The Hostess spoke, “Benny. Sky. Friend. Greet.” Benny approached first, shoving his snout against Carter’s ass hole, sniffing it, and then trotting in front of Carter, backing his ass into Carter’s face.

Carter, follow proper dog protocol. Sniff his ass loud enough that he can hear you doing it,” she commanded.

Mortified, Carter did as he was told. His nose was only millimeters from Benny’s puckered ass hole as he inhaled loudly. Sky was already sniffing Carter’s ass hole in greeting, and blasted his scrotum with warm air issuing from his muzzle as he half snorted, half sneezed. When Sky backed into Carter’s face, he was so enthusiastic that he bumped his ass hole hard against Carter’s nose as the lawyer was dutifully inhaling! The laughter this caused made Carter wish he could vanish.

It’s a beautiful afternoon, ladies,” the Hostess said. “Let’s take our animals for a long stroll through the gardens.” Helen took Sky’s leash, and Stephanie took Benny’s. The Hostess led the submissive lawyer outside on his own leash. They had to move slowly, because Carter was not used to so much crawling.

As he crawled, Carter noticed a servant sitting on a bench, watching the trio of women leading their ‘dogs’ around the pathways. And then another servant. And then a pair of them. Apparently the entire household was outside, watching him crawl around on a leash!

It was true. The Hostess had whispered to the servant who’d brought her the leash and the collar, “Tell all the staff to come outside and enjoy a break in the sunshine. I want them to see this silly naked man crawl around like a dog, and to make comments to humiliate him.”

Consequently, Carter heard someone on the staff say, “Looks like our employers have themselves a new dog.”

Yes, and it’s not nearly as lovely as Benny and Sky. Look at that forlorn, mopey expression. No pride at all. Just a common mutt.”

Is that its tail, drooping between his legs?”

No. That’s its dick. Pitiful looking thing, isn’t it? A shrunken pink rod of flesh, lacking a knot at its base.”

He’ll be useless to cover any bitches. Maybe he’s been neutered?”

He still has testicles. Look at them swaying under his butt. Poor, pitiful creature.”

OMG! Look at that tie the new dog is wearing! His sense of style is repulsive, as well. Yuck!”

With each comment, Carter’s embarrassment grew. His mind retreated into a deeper state of submission. Perversely, he found pleasure in this degradation. Gone were the cares of his work and career. He was truly ‘in the moment’ as the Hostess paraded him around. Suddenly, a biological urge struck. He stopped crawling. The Hostess, feeling the increase of tension on the leash, stopped and looked back at him, an expression of inquiry on her face.

Gritting his teeth, Carter whispered, “I’m sorry, Hostess, but I really need to pee badly all of a sudden.”

With a warm smile, she responded, “That’s not a problem. Come over here.” She tugged him over to a bush. “Lift your leg, and piss like a dog does,” she instructed him.

He was abashed. Several people were watching intently. But his bladder was demanding relief. Not daring to make eye contact with anyone, he lifted his leg, and released a long, hot stream of piss onto the bush. The humiliation of urinating in public in this obscene manner blended with the sheer pleasure of comfort obtained by the sensations of emptying that overstretched organ.

As the Hostess moved him away from the bush, a few dribbles still dripping from his cock, Benny quickly pulled Stephanie over to the same bush, raised his leg, and squirted his own piss atop Carter’s, marking the spot and making the fact that he was still the alpha male in this pack. Seeing this, the staff erupted in laughter, some of them holding their sides as they shook. Others laughed so hard that tears streamed along their cheeks. Carter’s humiliation peaked.

Finally, the Hostess led him back into the house, removed the leash and collar and told him, “Dress, Carter, but wear the tie I gave you until bedtime, as a clear reminder of what you’ve gotten yourself into, this week. I’m done with you for today. Be here tomorrow morning at 10.”

I will, Hostess. Thank you for your attention today. May I humbly kiss your foot before I depart?”

You may, Carter,” she replied, slipping off her shoe, and letting him press his lips to her instep. She watched him dress after that, and depart.


The next morning, Carter appeared promptly at 10 o’clock. The Hostess stopped him at her doorstep. “Remove your clothing right now, Carter. Put all your clothes into your car, and once that’s done, lock it. Then bring me the keys in your mouth, walking with your hands interlaced behind your head.”

Carter looked left and right. The gardeners were trimming hedges on either side of the door, but they stopped briefly to watch this well dressed gentleman strip himself completely naked, there in the bright sunshine. With as much dignity as he could muster, Carter gathered his clothing into his arms and strode purposefully to his car. He inadvertently mooned one of the gardeners as he leaned in to place his clothes on the car seat. Gripping his keys with his teeth, he placed his hands behind his head, exposing himself completely. His limp cock flopped ludicrously from side to side as he returned to give his keys to the Hostess.

A gardener muttered something that sounded suspiciously like ‘loco’ as Carter passed him. Carter’s second day of service was off to a nicely demeaning start. As he entered the sitting room with the Hostess, he noticed loose sheets of paper scattered all over the room.

Fetch all the loose papers to me, but crawl as you do it, and use only your mouth to pick them up and carry them,” she commanded him. She then sat regally on a chair, and watched the nude lawyer scurry around the room. He could only pick up one sheet of paper at a time, and could only do that if he wet his lips enough to make the paper stick to them. He almost had to nuzzle her lap to make the paper come loose from his lips.

The Hostess wondered if Carter could scent that her period had started that morning. Her dogs certainly indicated they could, taking an inordinate interest in her crotch earlier that morning. He mentioned nothing about it, intent on his task. The Hostess was merely keeping him occupied until the girls arrived. Therefore, when Carter had gathered up most of the papers, the Hostess flung a handful from her lap high into the air, and they drifted all over the room anew. She fancied she may have heard a groan of dismay from Carter when she did this. Actually, though, in a way, he was enjoying this mindless task, since focusing upon it took his mind off of his work.

Carter was still gathering papers with his mouth when Helen and Stephanie arrived. They giggled when they saw the task he was performing, making him flush a lovely shade of red. But the Hostess also noticed that Carter’s cock was reacting to the presence of the girls. It was elongating and stiffening, signaling his arousal at being seen nude by the two lovely young women.

Stephanie chortled, “Look at his micro-dick, trying to assert itself.”

Laughing, Helen strolled over to him, leaned down and slapped his dick sharply, saying, “Wake up, you pitiful example of a penis.” Carter winced, but obediently scurried away to pick up more papers.

When all the papers were finally gathered, the Hostess said to Carter, “Stand up to give your knees a rest, and walk with us into the training room.” Carter’s knees made creaking and popping sounds as he came erect, and he winced slightly.

As they entered the training room, they were greeted by the Hostess’ husband, who was holding Benny’s leash. The Rottweiler sat quietly, awaiting a command. The Hostess nodded at her husband, who unhooked Benny’s leash in response. The Hostess then snapped her fingers and Benny romped happily up the ramp that led to the sturdy training shelf with the hole in it.

Stephanie and Helen had been briefed yesterday after Carter left as to what was going to happen today. Stephanie, therefore, quietly walked over to stand beneath Benny. Helen went to stand under the training shelf next to that one.

Carter, crawl up the ramp onto the shelf above Helen. Position yourself over its opening,” she instructed her submissive. “Make sure you have a good view of Stephanie and Benny, also. I want you to watch her technique very closely.”

Perhaps uncertain that the ramp and shelf would hold his weight, Carter gingerly inched his way upward. Little did he know that those shelves had held fully grown male Great Danes, weighing in at close to 200 pounds. They were very, very sturdy – the Hostess would never risk the well-being of her precious dogs.

Carter watched as Stephanie reached up through the large hole in the shelf and began caressing Benny’s cock, seductively easing it forward from its furry sheath. His gaze was transfixed as the pink, pointed rod slid forward, its surface covered by a network of scarlet blood vessels. He gasped suddenly as Helen’s cool hands took possession of his own cock, gently pumping and stroking it.

I don’t think it’s fair, Hostess,” Helen complained. “Stephanie’s got a real cock to play with, while I only have this wretched excuse of a dick to work on.”

We all have our trials in life, Helen,” the Hostess said consolingly. She and Helen were smiling inwardly as they heaped scorn on Carter verbally.

The two young women were in no hurry to milk the semen from the cocks in their hands. They were enjoying the warmth and textures of the males’ members. From time to time they bent a dick downward to briefly wrap their lips around its head, giving it a minor suckle, and a swirl with their facile tongues. Then they’d let it pop out of their mouth, the wetness on its tip cooling, creating a delicious sensation. Both males were now leaking precum, but of course Benny was producing a lot more of it than Carter was. Such a thing is common in canines.

Time passed. Sensations built. Male pelvises started a reflexive humping action. They were getting close, and both young ladies knew it. So did the Hostess, who handed each woman a cup, one marked ‘Benny’ and the other marked ‘Carter’. “OK, my sweet girls. They’re ready. Milk them into those cups. I want you to catch every drop of semen that you can, and drain them to the best of your ability.”

Carter was afraid that if he began to orgasm, his eyes might close in ecstasy, and he’d miss seeing Benny’s ejaculation. And for some perverse reason, he really wanted to see that happen, maybe because of the intent but pleased expression on Stephanie’s face as she felt Benny’s reactions and listened to his warning whines. So he fought off his climax, eyes focused on the tip of Benny’s dick.

One moment nothing was happening. The next, several massive streams of semen jetted from Benny’s cock, expertly caught in the cup held by Stephanie. Since Carter’d been holding off his release, his sensation had built higher than he’d ever experienced before. With an overpowering surge, his entire manhood, from his testicles to the tip of his penis, seemed to undergo a massive contraction, causing a copious amount of semen to spurt into Helen’s cup. And that was only the first spurt. She kept milking his shaft, and he kept spurting, his entire body shaking and shuddering. His eyes did squeeze closed, as if by squeezing his eyelids together he could squeeze even more cum from his convulsing body.

Helen kept pumping his cock, even after it stopped emitting fluids. It’s hypersensitivity made Carter moan in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He felt as if his contractions were trying to force his testicles themselves out of his cock and into the cup below it. Finally, Helen gave a last stripping action to the length of his shaft, scraping the final drop from the head of his cock against the inner rim of the cup.

Benny had much more stamina than Carter did. A few minutes after he finished cumming, the Rottweiler trotted down the ramp, to be petted and praised by the Hostess, and then led away by a servant. Carter was allowed to remain slumped on his shelf for a good ten minutes, catching his breath and recovering control of his limbs. When he inched his way back down the ramp, he too was petted and praised by the Hostess, in an almost identical manner to the way she treated Benny.

Have a seat here, Carter,” the Hostess told him, indicating a chair. After he was seated, he was blindfolded. “Can you see anything at all, slut toy?” she asked.

No, Hostess. I see nothing but black,” he replied.

She silently signaled to Stephanie and Helen to exchange the cups. “Very well. Stephanie and Helen will take turns giving you sips of semen from their cups. You’re to compare and contrast them.”

Carter shook slightly, and gripped the arms of the chair. “But Hostess,” he sputtered, “one of those cups contains dog semen, doesn’t it?”

Yes, slut boy, it does. And what’s your point?” she said with a haughty tone of voice.

Carter’s Adam’s apple bounced up and down nervously in his throat before he finally answered, “Ummm. Nothing, Hostess. I’m sorry I spoke.”

Fine. Proceed, Stephanie,” she ordered.

Stephanie gave Carter a sip from the cup she was holding. Carter, thinking it was dog semen, made a strange expression with his lips as he tasted it, but stoically said nothing.

Helen, your turn,” the Hostess said.

Helen gave Carter a sip of the actual dog semen. Carter imagined it was his own, and after carefully swishing it around on his tongue, smiled tentatively as he swallowed.

So, Carter, which was preferable?” the Hostess asked.

I think the second one was, Hostess,” he whispered.

Oh? And why do you think that?” she queried.

Well, Hostess, it seemed a bit sweeter and sort of smooth tasting, I think,” he replied.

You don’t sound fully convinced. Stephanie, give him a better taste of the first one again. Let him drink most of it this time,” the Hostess told her.

Stephanie held the cup to his lips, carefully tilting it as he gamely swallowed the poorer specimen. When she tilted the cup back away, he was indeed making a disapproving curve with his lips as his throat worked to clear his mouth.

Now, Helen, give him quite a bit from your cup for comparison,” she instructed the grinning woman.

Helen helped Carter drink most of the remaining dog semen. When his throat stopped its swallowing actions, he declared, “I’m certain, Hostess. The semen Helen gave me was definitely preferable in flavor.”

The Hostess pulled his blindfold off. “Excellent,” she stated. “I’m so very pleased that you preferred the dog semen that Benny provided, over your own!”

Carter was shocked when he saw that the cup Helen was holding was clearly marked ‘Benny’. “OMG!” he said, aghast. “It can’t be!”

There’s still a little left in each cup, slut boy,” the Hostess said, chuckling. “Finish them, and compare as you do.”

Carter took the cup from Stephanie, drank what was left, and followed that by drinking what was left in Helen’s cup. He was speechless for a few moments, then said, “I never would have believed it. But it’s true.”

All three women burst out laughing at his incredulous tone of voice. They all went to the dining room, and this time, Carter was permitted to sit on a chair as the rest of them did, although he was the only one of them who was naked. They dined on a scrumptious repast.

When they were finished, the Hostess had Carter do their dishes. The kitchen staff were instructed to relax and enjoy the sight of a naked man doing the washing up for once. Carter’s cheeks were bright red as the staff pulled up chairs within touching distance to closely observe his actions. Truth be told, they were staring a lot more at his wobbling cock and balls than they were at what his hands were doing. It wasn’t every day that they got such a show.

After he finished washing and drying the dishes, the Hostess led Carter back to the training room. Once there, she put the dog collar back onto his neck and attached a leash. She had him get back down onto his hands and knees, and covered his face with a very realistic dog mask, which let him see clearly, but hid his identity. Lubing up a butt plug with a real-looking dog tail attached to it, she inserted this into his anus, causing him to grunt. Stephanie and Helen watched these proceedings with rapt attention.

Get ready, girls,” the Hostess told them. The two women adjusted their upper clothing to look eye-fetchingly provocative, removing their bras and leaving the top several blouse buttons undone. They all trooped out to a waiting car, which had two rows of seat for people, behind which was an open space that contained a large dog cage. Carter was loaded into the dog cage, not without some hesitancy on his part.

Helen sat in the front passenger seat, and Stephanie took the seat behind her. The Hostess planned to ride in the seat behind the chauffeur. But before she got in, she wanted to see what people viewing the car from its right side would see. Helen and Stephanie both had their windows wide open, and their seat belts didn’t prevent them from turning sideways to stack their breasts on display atop the window openings.

No nipples or areolae were on view for either the blonde in the front seat, or her red-headed friend behind her. But enough was visible to draw the eyes of onlookers. And, if they tore their eyes away from the women’s mammary displays, they would then see a naked man, cock dangling under his belly, wearing a dog mask and tail, kneeling in a dog cage. The Hostess imagined they would seriously doubt that they’d actually seen that, putting it down to some trick of the light.

She climbed in, and the chauffeur drove them in a long, circuitous route, weaving back and forth through city traffic along the many downtown streets. When they did have to stop at traffic lights, the girls struck up smiling conversations with curious onlookers, for the most part distracting them from looking hard into the rear of the car. But there were occasional loud gasps as Carter was ultimately spotted. Super mortified, he was grateful for the mask, and gradually became thrilled at participating in this strange, zany adventure.

When their journey ended, Carter’s mask was removed so he could kiss all three women’s feet, and was told when to arrive the next day. Just before he dressed to leave, he bent over in front of the women as the Hostess gingerly pulled the butt plug from his ass. It made a rude sound as it emerged, and his ass hole gaped slightly until it disappeared from sight beneath his underpants.


The next morning, the Hostess was alone when Carter arrived. “Strip, and kneel before me, knees well apart,” she told him.

When he’d achieved the proper pose, she asked, “How is your week proceeding, Carter? Is it all you’d hoped for? Please speak frankly.”

He cleared his throat, considering how to answer. He knew what he really wanted, but he was afraid of being too forward. On the other hand, she had requested that he speak his mind. He decided to start with praise. Looking into her eyes, he began, “Hostess, the last two days were amazing. You truly have a gift for creating embarrassing, humiliating situations for me. I get so lost in my emotions that it takes me completely into the submissive state that I crave.” He hesitated, lowering his eyes.

Smiling, she sensed there was something else. “Thank you, Carter. But I believe you’re leaving something out. What is it?” she asked, gently.

Well, Hostess…” His heart was pounding hard. He was praying she’d be OK with what he was about to say – that she wouldn’t get incensed, and perhaps even throw him out. “That first day, when you told me to worship your foot. I hope you could tell how much that thrilled me.”

Her smile broadened, as she remembered how tingly she had gotten when his lips were pressed with such fervor to her foot and calf. “Yes, I could tell how that moved you. So?”

S… s… so,” he stammered, “since then, other than a brief kiss on your foot, along with Helen’s and Stephanie’s, I haven’t had the opportunity to use my mouth on you at all.” Whether by coincidence or by design, at this moment his eyes were gazing at her crotch.

Oh?” the Mistress intoned, her brow arching. “You want to use your mouth on me somewhere else, Carter?” she asked softly. “Where?”

He mumbled an answer, not daring to look at her.

What? Speak up. I ordered you to speak clearly,” she reminded him.

Your… your pussy, Hostess. I’ve dreamed about using my mouth there. Please forgive me, if the thought of that offends you.”

I’m not offended, Carter,” she assured him. “But are you truly certain you want to do this? I’m not sure you’d really enjoy it.”

Heartened by her lack of censure, he boldly stated, “Other women have told me I’m fantastic at cunnilingus, Hostess. I’d love to eat you until you cum.”

Far be it from me to fail to test your skills, so clearly and passionately stated, slut boy,” she laughed as she stood up. She unhooked and dropped her skirt, and gracefully peeled down her panties, stepping free.

That’s when Carter saw the string dangling from her labia. She was wearing a tampon! She saw the look on his face. Standing arms akimbo, pelvis tilted back to give him a good look, she asked, “Want to change your mind, lowly slut boy?”

To his amazement, rather than repulsion, a perverse sense of excitement swept through him. This might be the greatest debasement he’d ever experienced. The almost taboo nature of eating out the cunt of a menstruating woman struck a chord that jangled through him like a sort of drug. “No, Hostess,” he said, his voice hoarse with rising passion. “I want to eat your cunt until you scream with pleasure.”

She heard the ring of sincerity in his voice, and was elated. She always felt more horny when she was flowing, and usually only her dogs helped her deal with it. Therefore, she sat well forward on a leather chair with her pussy dangling in front of its seat, parted her thighs, and said, “Come. Use your mouth on me,” in a husky voice.

Carter scooted forward on his knees, bent, and seized the tampon string in his teeth. Looking into her face, his eyes glowing with excitement, he leaned backwards, slowly drawing the bloody tampon out of her depths. She felt every thrilling millimeter of its movement.

When her tampon came free, the strong scent of her cunt was intense. Carter turned his head, and the Hostess was briefly worried that he was being put off by that odor. But he was merely turning his head to drop the bloody tampon into the wastebasket next to her chair, rather than risk soiling her floor. That task safely accomplished, his head swiveled back, and his magical lips covered her labia as his tongue began its torrid exploration of her womanhood.

He ate her vigorously. He ate her with obvious gusto. Those lips of his, which had sent shock-waves of pleasure to her pussy when he’d sucked her toes two days before, were much, much more effective on her cunt itself. As soon as he started to suck, lick, and probe with his talented tongue, she gripped the chair arms firmly and moaned long and hard.

His tongue was flipping, deep inside her when he shifted his mouth position slightly, letting his lips include her clit in the gentle suction of his mouth. The sensations peaked. She bucked once, twice, against his mouth, and came. Carter sucked and swallowed the entire time she shook and moaned.

Since he’d accomplished his stated goal of bringing her to orgasm, she expected him to stop at this point. If anything, he got more enthusiastic. Having been told to use his mouth on her cunt, he didn’t probe her with his fingers. But he did manage to slip his hands underneath her butt, cupping each ass cheek in a firm grip, and pulling her harder against his face. His tongue seemed to go deeper now. The Hostess’ eyes were going out of focus as her pleasure built, and perhaps rolling back, as her body was inundated with yet another orgasm. Her knuckles were white with gripping the arms of the chair to stop herself from falling over as she climaxed this second time.

But Carter still kept eating her pussy, relentlessly. “Is he trying to kill me with pleasure?” her mind shrieked, as her heart thudded loudly in her chest, and her lungs sucked massive quantities of air, trying to oxygenate her straining muscles. By now, Carter had lifted her ass completely up off the chair cushion, and he had his eyes closed as he concentrated on using his tongue in her depths, its tip occasionally flicking over her sensitive cervix. His lips were pressing and rubbing on her swollen, throbbing clit, sending jolts of excitement to her core.

Suddenly, the Hostess realized what Carter’s actual goal was. He’d stated it quite clearly. As this third, overwhelmingly massive orgasm crashed through her body, the Hostess took a deep breath, tilted her head back… and… held off for another critical few seconds… then…

She screamed, “I’m cumming!!!” and shrieked and shrieked as her body writhed and shuddered against his all consuming mouth and lips. Her orgasm prolonged… prolonged… and then she finally went limp in his hands. Carter smiled – he’d eaten her until she screamed with pleasure. He lowered her ass gently to the cushion, slid his hands out from under her, and began softly licking and kissing her still pulsating flesh. He was no longer trying to stimulate her – he was humbly cleaning her cunt free of her blood and cum.

Both of them sated, Carter rested his cheek on her warm inner thigh, and basked in the feeling of a job well done in pleasing her. They remained like this, drifting in a drowsy haze of enjoyment, until Stephanie and Helen arrived. A servant showed them into the room. Their eyes widened in surprise as they comprehended what had recently transpired.

Stephanie whispered softly to Helen, “He ate her cunt while she’s having her period!”

Helen responded, “I can see that. To be honest, the thought makes me feel a bit queasy. But they both seem happy.” Stephanie nodded, saying nothing more.

The Hostess gradually opened her eyes, and saw the two young women sitting quietly, watching Carter braced against her naked inner thigh. She smiled, saying, “Welcome, ladies. As you might have guessed, Carter just gave me an amazing performance of cunnilingus.”

Carter opened his eyes upon hearing his name, smiled bashfully, and straightened himself back onto his knees. His cock was more than half turgid, as the memory of his recent actions aroused his libido anew.

I feel he’s earned a reward for being so focused on pleasuring me. So, before we proceed to what I planned for Carter’s training today, I want to provide him with a special treat. Ladies, please disrobe.”

Stephanie and Helen had no qualms about nudity, either with or without Carter present, as the Hostess knew. In a few minutes, they were as naked as the day they were born, their clothing neatly folded and placed aside. “Everyone follow me into the training room,” the Hostess declared.

Her husband was waiting in the room. He grinned, realizing his spouse was changing her training plan as he saw her lead the trio to a padded bench, about the height of a piano bench, but wider and longer. “Helen, place yourself face up on this bench,” she said. She waited until Helen was positioned, then turned to Stephanie. “Now climb atop your friend, face down, and you can both embrace one another.” Stephanie happily complied, giggling and wriggling as she pressed her warm skin against her friend’s.

Turning to Carter, the Hostess said, “Your reward, Carter, is that you get to lick and finger their pussies until they’re quite wet and aroused. Then I want you to fuck them both to orgasm, and when you start to orgasm yourself, make sure each of them gets a spurt or two of your cum.”

Carter’s eyes lit up with glee. “Yes, Hostess! I’ll do my very best!” Helen and Stephanie looked up at him, winked, and giggled, waggling their pussies invitingly, indicating how favorable they were finding this assignment.

My dear,” the Hostess told her spouse, “please hold the girls’ ankles on that side, while I hold them on my side. We’ll keep their thighs open for easy access.” Her husband smiled his agreement, and the two of them spread the girls wide open.

Carter straddled the end of the bench, leaned over, and began licking the women’s labia. Their pussies were lined up, stacked atop one another in such a way that his tongue could plow its way in one continuous stroke from one furrow directly into the next, as if it was one long slit. His tongue not only washed their labia until they gleamed, it also forced the swelling labia sideways, exposing both pink vaginal openings.

Carter lifted his torso more upright, easily straddling the bench. His fingers began exploring those exposed tunnels, making the women squirm with delight. Their squirming actions made them grind against one another in a fetching manner. Soon they were kissing passionately as Carter’s fingers plunged in and out of them with loud squishing sounds. The air in the room was filling with the heady perfume of aroused cunts.

Carter shuffled slightly forward, pressed his now fully rampant cock downward, almost parallel to the top of the bench, and aimed carefully. Helen gasped into Stephanie’s mouth as she felt her vaginal ring stretch to accommodate the cock which smoothly slid inward, filling her. Carter pumped his cock inside her for perhaps a minute, then backed up a bit to slide free from Helen. Now it was Stephanie’s turn to gasp as she felt him enter her, and begin fucking her deeply for a minute or two, before re-entering Helen.

The women embraced each other more firmly, holding one another in place as their bodies were buffeted by his thrusts in this alternating fashion. Their cunts were lubricating like mad, drooling onto his cock and onto the bench beneath Helen. His thrusting motions were making their clits press and rub against one another. Their stiffened nipples pressed together, bending and rubbing from the motions of their bodies. They were kissing passionately now, tongues intertwined. The Hostess knew they were getting close to cumming.

Carter was fucking Stephanie when suddenly Helen broke off from kissing Stephanie to groan, “Oh wow! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Apparently, the combination of nipple and clit rubbing, plus Stephanie’s passionate kiss sent her over the edge. Indeed, her cunt gushed, spraying her cum onto Stephanie’s groin and Carter’s cock base and balls.

Helen’s cry and trembling triggered Stephanie’s orgasm. She stiffened, and moaned loudly, “OMG! I am too! Ahhhhhh!” Her body convulsed, and her cunt muscles tightened on Carter’s cock. This proved to be too much for him to hold back any longer.

Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Carter yelled as he pumped a hot spurt of semen into Stephanie. The Hostess watched as he dutifully yanked his cock free from her just as the second spurt jetted from the head of his cock, splatting all over the outer surfaces of the women’s stacked sexual regions. He managed to shove his dick into Helen, and she screamed with pleasure as she felt his cock twitch inside her as it spewed the next part of his load into her receptive cunt.

Blindly, Carter was now pulling his dick out of one woman, tilting his pelvis and shoving it into someone’s cunt. Sometimes he hit the same cunt twice in a row, and sometimes he spurted while still in transition from one to the other. Needless to say, the whole area was a sticky mess of cum before all three of them came to a shuddering halt. The women were still in a close embrace, kissing again, and Carter had his hands hooked on either side of their torsos, down where their torsos became their thighs. His dick was firmly planted into someone’s cunt, but he’d lost track of whose. Gradually, his cock softened, and slipped free as it went limp.

Go have a seat in a chair while you recover, Carter,” the Hostess commanded. With a grateful smile, he complied, slumping spent in the chair. She and her husband eased the women’s legs back together, in line with the length of the bench. Everyone had a rest.

After that, servants brought in Benny, Sky, and Domino, the bulldog Carter had seen with the Master’s girl at the party. The Hostess addressed the trio of dogs, “Benny, sit. Sky, sit. Domino, sit.” The dogs promptly sat where they stood, keenly watching their owner for further commands. “OK, ladies,” the Hostess began. “Teach Carter how to masturbate a dog. Carter, you’ll work with Domino.”

She watched as Stephanie and Helen began manipulating their dog’s cock, the naked women carefully showing Carter how to stroke, squeeze and fondle. Carter, blushing furiously, tried to imitate their actions, but it was obvious he wasn’t at all comfortable touching a dog’s penis.

The Hostess leaned close to his head and whispered loudly, “It’s not that different from jacking off your own cock, at which I’m sure you’re quite experienced.” The woman chortled as Carter shyly ducked his head, hating to admit that he indulged in such activity. But his hand grasped Domino’s cock more firmly, and the dog began making sounds of appreciation.

Soon, dog tails, stubby or not, were thumping merrily on the floor as the dogs panted and whined. Canine precum was spraying copiously from the tips of those strangely shaped cocks. A shuddering grunt emerged from Sky’s throat as his cock spewed cum onto Helen’s torso. Once he’d finished, she petted and praised him for being such a good boy.

Benny ejaculated on Stephanie a few minutes later, splattering her chin, neck, breasts, belly and mound. She was awash in canine semen, and beaming happiness. She wrapped her arms around Benny’s neck, hugging and kissing him in gratitude. His lolling tongue lapped her cheek in seeming thanks.

Both women scooted over to flank Carter on either side. “Come on, Carter. Pump him a little faster, and place your other hand around the base of his dick, and press it against his knot,” Helen advised. The women watched avidly as Carter followed those instructions. Carter was so shocked when Domino began spurting that he completely let go of the dog’s cock. No longer being controlled or aimed, dog sperm sprayed all three of them, right in their faces! Carter looked dismayed, but Helen and Stephanie began laughing so hard that they held their sides as they rolled on the floor. The Hostess grinned, happy to see them having such a good time.

After they cleaned up and returned to the sitting room, the Hostess said, “Carter, tomorrow is Wednesday, and you said you had to go to court, correct?”

Yes, Hostess,” he answered. “It’s my only unbreakable commitment for this week.”

And what time must you be there?” she inquired.

I should be at my office by about 9 am, Hostess. And then at the courthouse, starting at 11 am.”

Very well. Two things. Come over here,” she instructed him. As he stood next to her chair, she produced a metallic cock cage. It was gorgeous – gleaming stainless steel with thin, open parallel bars that ran the short length of a limp cock. Those bars arced together over the point where the cock head would be cradled, and united in a tiny round hole, strategically positioned to let the wearer piss freely. It had a ring through which the wearer’s scrotum could be threaded, and another ring to lock the device around the base of the penis’ shaft. Its overall shape included the slight downward curve typical of a limp, dangling cock. The Hostess took great pleasure in attaching the cage over Carter’s currently shriveled cock. His recent massive ejaculation had depleted it so much that it barely reacted to her touch as she adjusted it snugly on his manhood. She snapped the lock shut.

Carter pulled on his underpants and pants, and everyone looked at the bulge in his crotch. “Ummm. Hostess? I’m not sure I can wear this into the courtroom. The metallic cage shows through my trousers,” he pointed out.

Don’t worry, Carter. I said there were two things, if you’ll recall. The second is this. Helen will visit your office sometime around 9:30, and I will arrive at about 10:30. Make certain that we’ll be expected by your staff, no questions asked. Do you understand?”

Carter looked a little confused, but repeated back what she’d said, and confirmed that he’d see to it. He shifted his clothing uncomfortably, and headed out to his car. The women giggled together in quiet voices, watching his uncharacteristically awkward gait. Apparently, it would be a while before his body got used to having that sensitive part of his anatomy trapped in the weight of the steel.


The next morning, Carter was in his office when his intercom buzzed and his secretary announced, “Miss Helen is here. The lady you told me to expect, Sir.”

Thank you, Marcia,” he responded. “Please send her in.”

Helen appeared in his doorway, and carefully shut the door behind herself. She grinned when she saw how much trouble he was having merely trying to get up out of his chair. “Hi, Carter. How’s it hanging?” she said with a chuckle.

He blushed a delicate pink. “It’s very uncomfortable, to be honest, Helen. It was difficult falling asleep. Every time my body shifted, the weight of the cage tugged at me.”

Does anyone enter your office without knocking?” Helen asked.

No, they don’t. They know better than to barge in when I’m with a client,” he answered.

Then open your pants and let me see,” she instructed him, her eyes gleaming mischievously.

His blush deepened as he unbuckled, unzipped, and lowered his trousers and underpants. Helen gave his sexual equipment a close scrutiny, gently lifting the cage, and giving his ball sack a cursory caress, saying, “It looks wonderful on you.”

I wish you hadn’t touched me like that,” Carter stated. “Now I have the urge to pee.”

It doesn’t stop you from urinating, does it?” she asked curiously.

Well, n… no,” he stammered. “It just looks and feels so strange when I do.”

I see your office has a restroom for just such emergencies,” Helen said, pointing at its open door. “Step out of your pants and underwear, and come with me,” she ordered him.

Together, they entered the restroom, and Helen stood next to the now bottomless lawyer as he faced the toilet. “Go ahead. Piss,” she told him.

With you watching?” he said incredulously. She only nodded and stared at his cock, eager to see him do it.

It took a minute or two for Carter to relax his muscles in this unusual situation, but finally, a stream of yellow urine emerged from the slit in the head of his glans, passed perfectly through the metal ring that encircled that opening, and tinkled into the toilet bowl. Carter’s humiliation peaked as the strong smell of his piss became evident. Helen made no comment, though, merely enjoying the sight.

When they returned to Carter’s desk, Helen scooped up his trousers and underpants, and took them with her as she climbed under his desk. “Have a seat, Carter, and continue going about your business.”

He was about to complain, “With you under there?” but he knew what the answer would be. Sighing, he sat in his chair and rolled forward to his desk. He had to open his thighs wide to prevent bumping his knees into Helen. “I have to make a few phone calls, Helen,” he informed her.

You go right ahead, Carter. Just pretend I’m not here,” she giggled.

He began making his morning calls. As he was doing so, his body jerked when something whisked its way over his scrotum. Still talking on the phone, he peered beneath the desk and saw that Helen had produced a long, fluffy feather which she was using to tickle his exposed ball sack.

Gritting his teeth a bit, he continued gamely talking on the phone. Helen swooshed the feather back and forth, teasing his scrotum, then turned her attention to the shaft of his cock, much of which was available through the thin parallel bars that enclosed it. The tantalizing feather danced on his exposed flesh. The stimulated cock tried to swell, but the cage wouldn’t permit that. Its skin pressed hard against the lengthwise bars, and his glans bulged against the bars arcing together over it. This made more of the skin available to the feather.

As the stimulation intensified, Carter emitted a breathy groan right into the phone. There was a pause while the other party apparently asked him what was wrong. “Uh. I must’ve eaten something for breakfast that disagrees with my stomach,” was his hasty reply.

He groaned much louder when Helen took control of the cock cage with one hand, and, wetting the quill tip of the feather in her mouth, carefully used it to probe the slit in the head of his cock. His knees were shaking as he hastily concluded his phone call, telling the other party he’d recontact them when he felt better.

Putting down his phone, he slumped in his chair, gripping the edges of his desk as Helen went back to using the fluffy part of the feather slowly all over the available parts of his manhood. Even though he couldn’t get an erection, his cock could still leak precum, and it was drooling it in scant amounts. This gentle torture continued until his intercom buzzed, and his secretary announced the arrival of ‘Mrs. H’ which was the agreed upon announcement for the Hostess’ visit. A moment later, she swept majestically into his room.

Looking at his strained, sweating face, she asked, “Is Helen under your desk?” He merely groaned and nodded.

The Hostess came around and peered into his lap. She laughed when she saw her girl playfully applying her feather to his cock and balls. “That must be torture, Carter,” she chuckled. Taking pity on him, she said, “You can stop now Helen, and come out from under his desk. Carter, move your chair back and stand up.”

Carter rolled his chair back to let Helen escape from her ‘captivity’ and stood. He was still groaning in a mixture of pain and humiliation as his cock tried to swell, pressing against the stainless steel that confined it.

It looks like it’s not a good idea to get aroused when caged, Carter,” the Hostess observed, lifting his dangling ball sack for a better look.

Carter grunted and spoke, “I agree, Hostess. I was doing pretty well until your vixen started playing with me.” His voice wasn’t tinged with complaint – he was merely stating a fact.

The Hostess held up a key – the key. “Time to release you,” she said to him.

His expression conveyed deep gratitude. The Hostess inserted the key, gave it a careful twist, and all three of them heard the tiny lock snick open. She gently worked it off the shaft and head of his cock, and freed his ball sack from the encircling restraint, prodding his testicles one at a time through the opening. His cock, freed, inflated slightly. It had angry looking red lines where the skin had pressed hard against the cage bars.

Helen, look what you did to his cock,” the Mistress chided her. “Kiss it and make it all better.” Helen began lovingly using her mouth and lips all over his delicate penile flesh. Carter sighed with relief. “But don’t get carried away, Helen. He’s due in court soon, so no orgasm.”

Helen nodded, mouth still busy. When she stopped, she checked his dick from all angles, making certain that the red mottling had disappeared. “All fixed now, Hostess,” she informed the dominant woman.

The Hostess observed that Carter’s cock was now semi-turgid. It wasn’t curved up and rampant, but the extra blood it now contained made it’s head droop downward, almost to his mid-thigh region. “That’s perfect for what I have in mind now,” she said. While Carter watched with a shocked expression, the Hostess pulled out a roll of medical tape, and proceeded to tape his cock shaft to his left thigh. She wrapped the tape several times around his entire thigh, snugging his cock shaft firmly against that thigh. She deliberately left its head completely exposed.

You were worried that the cock cage would bulge against your trousers. Now nothing should bulge against your pants at all. Put your underpants and pants back on, and let’s have a look,” she told him.

By the time Carter leaned over to gather his underpants and stick first one foot and then the other through its openings, a tiny dribble of precum emerged from his glans and glistened on his thigh. “I think you find this method of trapping your cock arousing, Carter. Right?”

He was struggling to pull on his trousers as he quietly confirmed her assumption, saying, “Yes, I do, Hostess.” He stood fully upright, and there was no evidence of his trapped penis, other than the fact that his stance involved keeping his thighs apart a tiny bit more than usual.

Can you walk freely, Carter?” the Hostess asked.

He experimented, carefully moving around his desk, before replying, “I can indeed, Hostess. Thank you for asking.”

OK. It looks like its time you left for the courthouse. We’ll accompany you, and watch your performance from the visitors section.”

He made no protest, and all three of them went to the courthouse, where the Hostess and Helen watched the proceedings, fascinated by seeing Carter in his normal lawyer role. He appeared to be quite accomplished in his career, from what they could tell. He betrayed no problems with having his cock restrained against his thigh, probably because he was so focused on his job that no hint of arousal crept in.

Hours later, when court was adjourned, the Hostess led Carter to the back seat of her waiting car. The rear windows were darkly tinted, so Carter made no protest when the Hostess had Helen take down his pants, while she herself carefully unwrapped the medical tape, finally freeing his cock.

Carter was told when to show up at the Hostess’ house the next day, and each woman gave his dick a few soft kisses and loving pumps to thank him for being such a good sport. Pulling up and fastening his pants, Carter said good night to them, and headed for his own car.


The next day, Carter, dressed elegantly, arrived in the early afternoon, as scheduled. Entering the house, he dutifully stripped as per the instructions he received the day before, after his time in the courtroom. His clothes went onto hangers, to prevent them from getting wrinkled. Naked now, he knelt in the center of the room, knees well apart, exposing himself, as he awaited the appearance of the Hostess.

Perhaps ten minutes later, she walked in, wearing black leather thigh boots, and a well-fitting black leather corset. The corset emphasized her narrow waist, while pressing upward on her tits in such a manner that they threatened to spill out over its top. She watched his reaction as he drank in the sight of her. It was a very positive reaction. His cock, which had been drooping down over his ball sack, thickened and rose.

Carter hadn’t even noticed that Stephanie and Helen followed the Hostess into the room. This was remarkable, since both of those lovely women were stark naked. He seemed to only have eyes for the Hostess, especially since the region from the tops of her thigh boots to the bottom of her corset was devoid of clothing. He licked his lips, perhaps remembering his oral service to her days earlier.

Carter wasn’t able to ignore the two younger women for long, though. They ended up standing on either side of him as he knelt. Bending over, they positioned their bodies so that his shoulders touched their breastbones, and their tits ended up snuggling against both his back and his chest. Helen took hold of his cock, while Stephanie grasped his scrotum. “Good afternoon, slut boy,” they said in unison. Carter’s cock throbbed in Helen’s hand, and his testicles squirmed across Stephanie’s palm.

I think he’s glad to see us,” Helen reported, grinning.

And it feels like he’s got an especially big load in this,” Stephanie added, lifting his ball sack slightly.

He’d better,” the Mistress agreed. “He didn’t cum at all yesterday. Unless he masturbated last night. Did you masturbate yesterday or today, worm?” she asked him.

His crimson flush signaled that the whole discussion of such a private act was demeaning, but he mumbled, “No, Hostess. I didn’t.”

Cognizant of his discomfort, the Hostess pressed the issue. “Do you ever masturbate, slut? Do you ever touch yourself? Play with yourself?”

He squirmed, his face getting hotter and redder. “Yes, Hostess. Sometimes,” he whispered. The two young women draped on his shoulders giggled into his ears when they heard this confession.

Well, it’s a good thing you didn’t recently,” the Hostess stated. “We’re looking forward to a nice volume today. Oh, by the way, Carter. Have you ever been fucked in your ass?”

Carter’s mouth opened and closed. He was momentarily speechless. “Me? Fucked in my ass?” he choked out, incredulous. “No. No, I haven’t,” he protested, as if his manhood was on trial.

The Hostess grinned. “There’s always a first time. Follow us into the training room, you miserable piece of trash.” She was getting a little more comfortable with the verbal insults, since she knew Carter craved them.

Stand here, and bend over, bracing your hands on your knees, slut,” she told the submissive lawyer. “Two days ago, you got to fuck both of my girls. Today, it’s you that’s going to be fucked.” So saying, she began slathering his ass crack with cool lubricant.

Carter gasped and groaned as the Hostess started working the lube into his ass hole with her fingers. “May we help?” Helen asked.

Certainly, girls,” she answered. “Take over while I put on my strap-on. Work that lube deep inside him, and stretch his ass hole as wide open as you can with your fingers.”

Carter felt the indignity of having two women working their fingers into his nether region. He could imagine they were gleefully watching their fingers penetrate his puckered hole, whose muscles clenched in protest at this invasion. He swiveled his head, and saw the Hostess stepping into a harness, which seemed to have two dildos attached, one long and one short, pointing in opposite directions. He quickly learned why, as the Hostess inserted the shorter dildo into her own cunt, anchoring the harness into position, whereupon she fastened its waist belt just beneath the edge of her corset.

He’s staying very tight,” Stephanie complained, as Carter’s anal muscles again forced her finger outward.

The Hostess sauntered over behind him. Suddenly, there was a loud ‘crack’ sound of flesh on flesh as the Hostess’ palm spanked one of his ass cheeks, hard. Carter yelped in protest. “Hush up, and relax this opening, you unspeakable piece of excrement.” Her hand spanked his other ass cheek as she said this.

Carter felt tears of shame trickle down his cheeks, but his heart was thumping wildly. This sort of attention was what he truly craved and savored. Submitting, he willed his anal ring to relax as much as he could, and the two young women, adding more lubricant, were now able to get two fingers each into his anus, starting to dilate his opening.

The Hostess came around to his front. “Since you’re leaning over so nicely, you may as well get my dildo wet. You’ll find your saliva will make its insertion much more tolerable.” She placed the dildo before his lips.

He looked at it through his tears. It looked huge. He couldn’t believe it would fit into his ass. Opening his mouth, he had to stretch his lips around its bulbous head. He slobbered on it rather frantically. The distraction of the dildo in his mouth took his mind off the fingers shoving lubricant into his ass hole. Helen whistled appreciatively, saying, “There! It’s really opening now.” Indeed, she and Stephanie were able to peer quite a good distance into his anal canal now.

Excellent. Fuck toy,” she said, addressing Carter while pulling the dildo out of his mouth, “get up onto that bench over there, making sure your cock pokes down through its hole.”

Carter looked and saw a slightly elevated padded bench at the same time the women pulled their fingers out of his ass. He climbed atop it, and let his semi-flaccid penis dangle down through its opening.

Spread his ass cheeks for me, girls,” the Hostess demanded. Carter felt four hands sink into his buttocks, two into each cheek, and pull his flesh sideways. This not only exposed his puckered opening, it stretched it open significantly. “Perfect,” the Hostess purred, straddling both the bench and the back of his thighs. Carter briefly felt the hot, smooth skin of her inner thighs pressed against the back of his own thighs.

Then he felt the dildo.

He gave a guttural sound which blended a grunt and a scream as the dildo slid into an opening that up until now had only experienced things going out of it! The hands on his ass pinned him in place, so he couldn’t slide forward on the bench to escape the anal onslaught. There was no actual damage, since his opening was so well lubed, but the curious sensation of having his rectum stretched wide and filled from the wrong end was frightening. He started hyperventilating.

Calm down, you wretched thing,” the Hostess chided him. “Take slow, deep breaths and concentrate on relaxing and letting the dildo in. You might learn you enjoy being fucked. If nothing else, you’ll get some first hand experience in what anal sex can feel like to your female partners.” She addressed Helen and Stephanie, advising them, “You can let go of his ass now and get into position and start.”

Yes, Hostess,” both women chimed. Helen went sideways under the hole in the bench, placing herself on her back. Stephanie knelt down, straddling Helen’s face, and reached under the bench to grasp Carter’s cock, which seemed to have shrunk even more when the Hostess started fucking his ass. Her hands were beginning to massage his limp noodle as Helen gave her first tentative lick to Stephanie’s pussy.

After a few minutes, a rhythm had been established. The Hostess was grasping Carter’s hips and fucking and grinding against his ass. This also had the effect of shoving the smaller dildo around inside her cunt, and mashing her clit against Carter’s ass. Her cunt was leaking its juices down onto his thighs.

Carter was finally relaxing into a state of submission, mentally opening his ass to accept it being fucked by this gorgeous woman. His cock was recovering, engorging, enjoying the pumping actions produced by Stephanie’s hands, which also caressed his ball sack from time to time, urging his semen to rise. Even though intellectually he felt mortified at having his ass fucked, his body was awash with pleasure sensations now. He was actually moaning things like, “Oh god, I love this! Please keep fucking me! And pump my cock! Yes! Oh yes!”

Stephanie was in bliss. Not only did she have a fat, stiff cock in her hands to play with. Not only did she have an excellent view of the Hostess’ dildo plunging in and out of Carter’s ass. She also had the talented mouth and tongue of her friend Helen, teasing and tormenting her pussy in the most delicious way! Undoubtedly Helen’s face and hair were smeared with the fragrant juices dripping and drooling out of Stephanie’s cunt.

Helen didn’t mind one iota. She loved the opportunity to eat out her friend. Her juices tasted fantastic, and Helen was drilling deep into her friend’s vaginal well, seeking more and more to drink. She blindly reached up, one hand finding Stephanie’s clit, the other tweaking and caressing her nipples. Helen could tell Stephanie was about to cum, and wanted her to flood her mouth when she did.

Everyone was in an intensely aroused state. Lust became tangible. The Hostess was tasting the heady sensation of bucking her pelvis against Carter’s ass, watching his ass flesh wobble with each firm impact, and hearing him pleading for more. It seemed everyone was holding at the peak of their arousal, staving off their building climaxes for as long as they could, savoring the tingling energies expanding in their cores.

Stephanie finally lost it. She screamed, “OMG, Helen! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” As she discharged her pussy juices into Helen’s sucking mouth, her hand pumped Carter’s cock extra hard and fast, while her other hand milked and gave his scrotum carefully controlled squeezes.

Carter lost it at this point. As he gave out a howling cry of “Oh fuck!”, his cock started spewing copious discharges of his hot, sticky semen down onto Helen. Stephanie was aiming those spurts, letting them splat all over Helen’s generous tits. There was so much cum that, once Helen’s tits were coated, Stephanie pumped the remainder onto Helen’s tummy. Her belly button became a swimming pool for Carter’s sperm.

Helen was so aroused by Stephanie cumming into her mouth and Carter ejaculating onto her naked flesh that she also climaxed, her scream of release muffled by Stephanie’s cunt, which was still covering her mouth.

Hearing and seeing everyone else in orgasm, the Hostess pressed her strap-on all the way into Carter’s depths, and began grinding her pelvis against his ass. His ass cheeks quivered against her as they contracted rhythmically, trying to launch even more semen from his depths. The angle of the strap-on now pressed its head against Carter’s prostate, giving him an ecstatic sensation he’d never before felt. Trying passionately to keep feeling that sensation, he bucked back against the Hostess over and over, sending her over her peak. She cried out an unintelligible string of syllables as she gripped Carter’s hips and came.

Time was suspended as they all drifted in a state of bliss for a while. Stephanie watched the Hostess ease the strap-on out of Carter’s ass, listening to his groan, unable to determine if the groan was one of relief, or one of complaint that his anus was empty again. She herself lifted her cunt off of Helen’s face.

No longer straddling Carter and the bench, the Hostess smacked his ass playfully now, saying, “Get your lazy bones off this bench. Helen’s body’s all gooey with your cum, slut boy. Get down there and lick her clean.”

Sheepishly, Carter complied, tongue bathing the reclining woman, seeking every bit of his semen. His ass felt strangely open, air entering and leaving the still gaping hole.

When the Hostess was satisfied that he’d done a thorough job, she ordered the submissive lawyer to take a shower, so he could dress for dinner afterward. After a servant took Carter away for his shower, the Hostess told the girls, “You’re both hot and sweaty, and you smell like sex. Your dogs will love you.”

Benny and Sky were brought in, and they quickly covered their bitches, mounting and pounding their cunts, to the women’s delight. The women kept their asses up high, encouraging the males to knot their cunts and fill them with a plentiful amount of semen. The dogs cooperated. Once their knots diminished enough to disengage from the flooded cunts, a servant removed them as the Hostess applied a judicious amount of medical tape to their labia, sealing most of the dog cum inside. Carter knew nothing about what the girls had done.

The women then blotted the sweat from their bodies, and all three dressed for dinner. They had dinner reservations for 4 at the elegant ‘La Maison d’André’ – a very posh establishment, with its dim, candlelit ambiance, and long, low white tablecloths, and sparkling crystal ware and gleaming table settings. The Hostess wore a long, shimmering white gown that sheathed her to her feet. The younger girls wore exquisite dresses that ended at mid-thigh, revealing their lovely legs to great advantage.

Carter wore his suit, whose fine tailoring bespoke its quality. The staff of the restaurant greeted them warmly, and seated them at an intimate table. Service was excellent, but not obsequious, so they had privacy between courses. During such an interlude, the Hostess whispered to Carter, “Get under the table, and service my two girls orally until they cum. For each one, slip her panties off first, and hand them to me, then eat her cunt. If a waiter comes over, we’ll explain your absence, if necessary.”

In the dim light, Carter’s pupils dilated even more as the concept both shocked and excited him. Glancing around carefully, he slid quietly under the table. Stephanie felt his hands go under her skirt to grasp the sides of her panties, so she lifted her butt slightly to help him remove them. As he was placing Stephanie’s panties into the Hostess’ lap, the young girl quietly peeled off the tape that was sealing her labia shut. Consequently, when Carter brought his lips to her cunt, poked his tongue inside her, and began sucking, he got a mouthful of dog semen!

He recognized immediately what it was, by its sweet, smooth, almost ‘inky’ taste. Worried that if he unsealed Stephanie’s cunt even a little bit, the odor of dog semen would escape into the air of the restaurant, Carter sucked hard, trying to empty the woman’s cunt with vacuum.

Stephanie felt the amazing sensation of the fluids being pulled forcefully from her depths. Benny’s sperm had flooded not only her vagina, but also had filled her uterus to capacity. As Carter sucked all the dog cum from her vaginal tunnel, she could feel the weirdly erotic experience of fluids almost vibrating her cervix as the suction forced them to flow outward. She gripped the edge of the table with both hands, eyes closing, and head tilted back.

At this critical moment, the Hostess saw a waiter approaching. Thinking quickly, she lifted a wine glass to Stephanie’s lips, saying, “Now keep your eyes closed as you sample this wine. I want to to focus on its ‘mouth feel’ and give me your honest opinion.”

In response to the waiter’s inquiry as to whether they needed anything, the Hostess replied, “Thank you. We’re fine right now. I’ll signal if we need something.” The waiter bowed and moved away just in time. Stephanie could no longer hold back the groan that formed in her throat.

Carter was eating her frantically, worried that his absence from the table might be noticed. And for her part, she wasn’t holding back at all. The sexy feelings emanating from her cunt, and the naughtiness of being orally serviced in a public place, quickly sent her over the edge. She stifled a cry as she came, and her shaking was barely noticeable in the dim light.

Now it was Helen’s turn. She helped Carter remove her panties, and as he placed them in the Hostess’ lap, she too, undid the tape that was holding Sky’s cum inside her. This time, Carter was expecting to find dog cum in the woman’s cunt, and he wasn’t disappointed. He was still worried about being discovered – what if a curious waiter lifted the edge of the tablecloth and caught him eating Helen’s pussy? Think of the outrage! The accusations! The scandal! Curiously enough, those very thoughts aroused Carter to new heights of passion. Helen had never felt cunnilingus like this!

She slumped a little in her seat, widening her thighs, offering her fragrant cunt to his ravenous mouth. Closing her eyes to focus on the almost electrical currents of arousal Carter was generating at her cunt, she unconsciously raised one of her hands to cup and squeeze one of her breasts. The Hostess leaned over and used a napkin to ‘dab’ at Helen’s other breast, as if brushing something off. This not only shrouded what Helen’s hand was doing – it also stimulated her other tit as well. Helen growled a low, deep sound in her throat, and clamped her thighs against Carter’s cheeks as her cunt exploded into his mouth.

Carter felt Helen’s body shaking as the vibrations from those tiny convulsions were transmitted through her thighs into his cheeks. Gradually, Helen relaxed, and her thighs released his head from being mashed against her cunt. He licked her labia clean, as best he could, and felt the Hostess slipping a napkin under the table to him, to let him blot his face dry. She waited until an opportune moment, then whispered, “Come up now, Carter.”

He slid back up into his seat. His hair was quite disheveled, causing the women to grin. “What?” he asked.

Go to the men’s room and comb your hair, cunt connoisseur,” the Hostess ordered. Sheepishly pleased with his new appellation, he did just that. When he looked in the mirror, he saw why the women had found his appearance so laughable. He had a laugh about it, himself, as he adjusted his appearance to something presentable again.

The entire dinner was marvelous. Carter’s only regret was that after swallowing so much dog and female cum, he barely had room for dessert! As they parted, the Hostess told him, “Get a good night’s sleep, and show up at my house just after 1 pm. Oh, yes. Leave your clothes in your car.”


Carter arrived just before 1 pm, to give himself time to remove his clothing at his car. It was a cool, brisk day, so he shivered while he waited for 1 pm to pass, so he could arrive ‘just after’, as he’d been commanded. He was meticulous in such details. The Hostess, watching him through her curtains, smiled as she saw him hopping up and down naked, embracing himself to keep warm, glancing at his watch.

By the time Carter entered her house, his cock was quite shriveled from the cold afternoon. That was just as well, because she greeted him with that cock cage he’d worn two days earlier, easily securing it onto his tiny, limp dick.

Are you cold, micro-dick boy?” she asked, superfluously.

To be honest, yes Hostess,” he managed to reply, using teeth that threatened to chatter as he spoke.

She sat on the edge of a chair, drawing her skirt hem up to expose her bare thighs. “Position yourself across my knees for a spanking, worm,” she commanded.

Hastily, he complied, feeling the warmth of her thighs at his belly and upper thighs, as she let his caged cock dangle in between. She placed a hand between his shoulder blades to keep his head down, and his ass well up. He began to feel the blood rushing towards his inverted head.

The first crack of her palm across his buttocks was loud in the quiet room. He jerked and winced on her lap. She swatted him again. He groaned. “Remember, I’m not punishing you, boy,” she told him. “This is just to warm you up again.” She proceeded to spank his ass, keeping him pinned in place with one hand while she struck with the other. His ass got warm, and then hot. Blood rose in his buttocks until they glowed bright red.

It was at this point that the house maid entered the room, at the time the Hostess had specified.

Oh good, Veronica. You’re here,” the Hostess said in acknowledgment.

Carter had been oblivious to anything other than the impacts on his now heated ass. Hearing what the Hostess said, he swiveled his head and caught sight of the maid, standing there, watching. Knowing what she must be seeing – him naked, over the Hostess’ knees, being spanked – embarrassed him so much that his cheeks and neck took on the same red hue as his buttocks.

With a final slap on his ass, the Hostess told Carter, “Stand up now, and put your hands behind your head.”

He scrambled to his feet, feeling like he’d been caught doing something naughty. As he assumed the position, the maid’s eyes widened in surprise when she saw the bright, stainless steel cage attached to his cock. However, she made no comment, just grinned at his discomfort.

Veronica, we need to dress this miserable excuse for a man in suitable attire for his duties this afternoon. Please give me your clothing, and we’ll see what’s feasible,” the Hostess explained. Of course, Veronica had been forewarned that this was going to happen, so, smiling, she nodded, set down her feather duster, and began disrobing.

She removed her traditional maid’s hat, unpinning it from her hair. The costume that she wore today was in two pieces, the bodice separate from the poofy, frilly skirt, which left her belly bare. She shrugged the bodice free from her shoulders, and lifted the black, silken material carefully off over her head. This revealed the black, lacy bra with its white trim, which encased her generous breasts.

Reaching behind her back, she grinned impishly as she unhooked her bra, and leaned forward to let the cups fall away, freeing her marvelous tits which swayed enticingly under her slightly shimmying torso. Veronica was enjoying this game.

Carter would have enjoyed the game too, if his cock hadn’t been caged. As it was, his male member was attempting to engorge, seeing this delightful woman stripping before his eyes. Attempting, and failing. The cage painfully prevented such an action.

Meanwhile, Veronica was unhooking and unzipping her skirt, and letting it drift to her ankles. Stepping out of the skirt, she turned her back to them both, looking over her shoulder, and with a slow, smooth movement bent over as she slid her panties downward, uncovering her ass in a very erotic manner. Stepping out of her panties, she spun around, tilting her pelvis back to display her pussy as she twirled those panties on her finger.

Wonderful, Veronica. Well done,” the Hostess complimented her. “You may leave your stockings on. They’ll never fit him. I think only the bra and the skirt will work. Please dress him in those, plus the hat.”

Carter had to stand there, passively, and suffer the indignity of having this virtually naked woman dress him like a maid. She managed to get the skirt to fasten around his slim waist. And the bra barely fit on his chest, held there by the very last hook on its rear strap. She pinned the frilly maid’s hat into his hair.

The Hostess looked at the results. “Good, but those bra cups look pitiful like that. Stuff them with tissues, please.”

In doing so, Veronica perhaps spent more time fondling his chest than was absolutely necessary. But eventually, the Hostess indicated being pleased with the effect. “Carter, thank Veronica for loaning you her clothes, and helping you dress.”

Thank you, Veronica,” he said, politely, even though he felt like a fool, being dressed like this.

No, you idiot. Not like that,” she chided. Pressing a hand down on his shoulder, the Hostess got Carter onto his knees, grabbed the back of his head, and pushed his face against Veronica’s pussy. “Thank her properly, cunt connoisseur.”

Carter got the idea. His lips fastened to the woman’s sex, and he began eating this exotic new pussy. Veronica widened her stance, and held his head against her groin, beginning to moan with pleasure. The Hostess helped brace the maid upright and watched as Carter brought her to a shuddering orgasm. As the woman gasped deep breaths, shivering in post-orgasmic shocks, the Hostess whispered loudly to her, “At least we found something he’s good at.” She gave the maid a fond kiss, and let her go take a rest.

Handing Carter the feather duster, she said, “Clean all the tables and bookshelves in this room. Oh, but wait. I forgot one detail.” So saying, she went to the training room and returned with a spreader bar. She attached this to his ankles, wide enough that his feet were more than shoulder width apart, making his movements more of an ordeal. She then sat comfortably, watching her new ‘maid’ struggling to move about the room, flicking dust off its many, many surfaces.

He was still doing this when the Hostess heard her friends’ car arriving. Going over to Carter, she detached the spreader bar, telling him, “I’ve invited several of my friends over for tea. You’ll go now to the door to greet them and invite them in. The normal doorman will be observing you, to see that you do this properly.”

Feeling quite ridiculous, he padded barefoot to the door. Opening it, he painted a strained smile on his face, while tilting his hips forward slightly, letting the skirt hide his caged cock. “Greetings, ladies,” he croaked from humiliation. Getting better control of his voice, he continued, “Welcome to the home of the Hostess.” He tried and failed to ignore their various looks of shock, surprise, and amusement, along with their gasps and laughter.

His face got heated as they scanned him up and down, taking in the costume. One of them said, “You’d think he’d opt for falsies in that bra, rather than tissues. What are we, back in high school?”

All the rest of them tittered at that comment, while Carter wished he could vanish from sight. Of course, his embarrassment was blended with the thrill he got from abject humiliation. The Hostess was still working her magic. He led them into the sitting room, where they were warmly greeted by the Hostess. The door servant nodded his approval to her, indicating that Carter had performed adequately.

One of the women said, “So tell us, my dear, who or what is this?” She pointed at Carter.

Oh, he’s one of my playthings,” she responded. “He’s actually a little sissy slut, as you can see. I hope you’ll find him entertaining. He’s actually rather worthless, though.”

Carter was mortified as all the eyes were trained on him. Time seemed to stand still as they looked.

But a few minutes later, all the women were seated comfortably around the sitting room, while tea and tea sandwiches were served by one of the staff. The Hostess handed Carter a small hand broom and a dustpan, saying, “Crawl around cleaning the floor here. I don’t want to find a speck of dust or a crumb on my carpet.”

He got onto his knees, holding the dustpan in one hand and the broom in the other as he crawled. He tried not to turn his back on anyone, fearing the poofy skirt’s angle would expose his still warmed ass cheeks. But it was impossible. The women were stationed all around the room. No matter which way he crawled, sweeping with his hand broom, his ass was on display to one or more of them.

At first, many looked away, shyly. But finally one of them noticed the steely gleam between his thighs. “What’s that between his legs?” she asked, curious.

Oh, that’s a cock cage. It keeps him out of mischief,” the Hostess explained.

May we have a better look?” her friend asked.

Certainly. Slut boy, stand up, come over here, and remain with your legs apart,” she commanded.

Carter struggled to his feet, his knees protesting. He walked to the spot indicated, and stood still, heart pounding with submissive excitement at once again being the focus of everyone’s attention.

Feel free to lift his skirt for a better look,” the Hostess said, graciously.

The woman who asked for a better look lifted his hem up to his belly. All of the women leaned in to view his tiny, trapped cock in its silvery cage. His ball sack drooped underneath the metal device. Sounds of ‘ooo’s and ‘aaa’s spread through the women as they gazed.

Another friend asked, “May we touch?”

Of course. You’re my guests, My toy is your toy,” the Hostess informed them, smiling.

Hands reached out. Carter felt fingers poking his cock shaft and head through the bars. Other fingers and palms were lifting his scrotum, rubbing it. Someone was delicately scratching his perineum with a long fingernail, making him shift his weight from one foot to the other.

The abject humiliation tripped an internal switch, and Carter sank into a deeply submissive state. He mentally opened himself to the probing, scratching, and ball fondling. His cock tried to swell, but the painful pressure of the cage soon made it go flaccid again. Examined and fondled by all these strangers – these lovely women – and he wasn’t permitted to get an erection! Torture indeed!

The Hostess’ friend Sally whispered something into her ear. The Hostess looked surprised. “You’d do that in front of all of us?” she asked, her eyebrows raised.

Sally blushed delicately, nodded and whispered, “You said your toy was our toy, and I haven’t had an orgasm in weeks. Do you think he can make me cum?”

The Hostess murmured back, “He can try. He’s actually fantastic at cunnilingus. Do you want to remove your skirt and panties? Or just hold your clothing aside?”

As Sally began undoing her skirt as a reply, the other women’s eyes widened in slight shock. “Sally, what are you doing?” one of them asked.

You’ll see,” the Hostess answered. She went to the training room and fetched a training chair. The women noted its unusual design, with its seat in a U-shape, with the open edge facing forward. In the back of the seat were two holes surrounded by thick rubber gaskets. The Hostess seated Sally, who was now naked from the waist down, into the chair.

She then cuffed Carter’s hands behind his back. Placing him on his knees she made him hobble over to Sally’s chair. Knowing what was expected of him, he leaned in and started eating her pussy, his nose pressed against her mound for balance, his blasts of warm air from his nose washing over her clit as his tongue lapped her cunt.

Seemingly oblivious to the other women watching, Sally gripped the arms of the chair and tilted her pelvis slightly. Carter made loud, lewd noises as he ate her cunt with gusto. He really enjoyed this sort of submissive behavior, and he also wanted to please the Hostess, by making this stranger orgasm.

The Hostess was watching the faces of her friends. She saw that although one of them was exhibiting a sense of shyness, the rest were staring avidly, perhaps enviously. One of those, Cassandra, caught her attention and beckoned. As the Hostess approached, Cassandra whispered in her ear, not wanting to break everyone’s focus on Sally and Carter. The Hostess looked fully into Cassandra’s face a moment, making certain she was serious, then nodded her agreement. Without disturbing the tableau of cunnilingus, the Hostess went momentarily into the training room to fetch a piece of equipment.

When she returned, she found Sally shrieking, and bucking her cunt on Carter’s face, obviously cumming hard. The other women, even the shy one, were applauding and cheering. Sally vibrated in the chair as Carter drank her cum, and licked her carefully clean. When his mouth came away, everyone saw her puffy labia, capped by her still enlarged, gently pulsating clit. Sally’s hand came down to rub herself slowly, savoring the erotic sensations.

Meanwhile, Cassandra boldly stripped completely. Her nude body glowed with health and vitality. Carter’s eyes bulged when he noticed her standing like that. Cassandra and the Hostess helped Sally to a comfortable seat, and Cassandra took her place on the training chair. Scooting her pussy forward off the end of its seat, she fluffed up her auburn pussy hair, then used her fingers to part her labia. Her vaginal vestibule glistened with moistness.

While Carter was absorbed in that sight, the Hostess brought a special gag to his mouth, making him open his lips and teeth. The gag had a small penis pointing inward – this went into Carter’s mouth – and another, normal size penis, pointing forward. The Hostess strapped the gag firmly into place on Carter’s head.

Cassandra, exhibiting a streak of dominance, beckoned Carter with a finger, saying, “Come here, slut. Fuck my pussy with that dildo mouth of yours.” She pointed at her open cunt for emphasis. A collective gasp went up from the other women, hearing her confident control of the handcuffed, gagged male on his knees before her.

Carter, kneeling helplessly before this personification of dominant womanhood, was in heaven. He shuffled forward again, and began gently poking the tip of the dildo into the woman’s open wetness. She didn’t assist him, other than holding her labia apart, to provide him a clear view of his target.

Gradually, the tip of the penis dampened, sliding in deeper with each movement of Carter’s head. Cassandra demanded, “Come on, you wretched fucker. Fuck me with that thing! Put some effort into it, you lowly worm!” Carter’s heart accelerated, being verbally abused was such a turn-on for him. His breath whistled in and out of his nose as he clenched his teeth on the small penis in his mouth, and started pounding the dildo in and out of Cassandra’s cunt. She let go of her labia, sitting back.

What a view he had! Her gaping pussy, topped by her prominent clit getting larger and smaller as he thrust in and out. Looking up past her mound, he could see her gorgeous tits, bobbing and swaying as her breathing deepened. And up past those nipple-capped mountains, her face – her imperious expression, demanding that he worship her in this manner. His caged penis was crying out, trying to stiffen with his excitement, but he was so intent on making this seeming goddess cum, that he ignored that pain.

Cassandra was determined not to touch herself. She wanted this submissive man to do all the work. And work he did. His brow was sweating with effort. His shoulders were straining as he subconsciously tried to pull his arms forward, restrained from doing so by the handcuffs on his wrists. His head was jarring back and forth so rapidly that his maid cap flew off. His eyes gleamed with happiness and desire. Desire to make this woman climax.

Cassandra saw that look – that intensity – and it was as if a switch was thrown deep in her core. She felt her whole body begin coruscating as pleasure raced through her like an electrical shock. For the first time in her life, her cunt actually ejaculated! Exploded. Sprayed Carter’s face with her cum. Everyone gasped except Carter, whose mouth was gagged, and Cassandra herself, because she was busy screaming with wondrous delight.

He dutifully kept fucking her with the dildo until she reached down to grasp his head and say, “Enough.” The Hostess thought she detected a tone of fondness expressed in that single word. Indeed, Cassandra looked at the Hostess, and asked, “Will you please free his penis from that cage?”

If you wish, Cassandra. You’re my guest, so you only need to ask,” she replied.

In that case, can a servant fetch me some yarn or twine, and a plate?” Cassandra asked.

A few minutes later, Carter was standing, still handcuffed, as the Hostess unlocked and removed his cock cage, taking off the maid skirt at the same time, but leaving the bra on him. Cassandra, still nude and seemingly very comfortable in being so, had picked up the feather duster. She began flicking it teasingly all over Carter’s balls and cock. Soon the angry red marks on the cock’s shaft from the cage bars faded, and it achieved its full, rampant turgidity.

Cassandra then took the twine and began looping it around and around his ball sack between its top and the base of his cock’s shaft. Loop after loop of twine gradually forced his scrotum and testicles down and away from his cock. The skin on his scrotum, normally wrinkled, took on a smooth texture as it was stretched over his testicles. Cassandra tied off the twine.

Now please uncuff this wretch,” she told the Hostess.

Once Carter’s hands were free, Cassandra said, “Play with yourself for our amusement, slut toy. Make yourself cum on this plate. We’ll see if you have much juice in those ugly little balls of yours. Whatever you do have, you’ll be licking off that plate as we watch.” The Hostess was happy to hear how powerful Cassandra was in such a situation. She knew she could learn much from this friend, a newfound source of inspiration.

Carter was acutely embarrassed to be forced to put on a show for the women this way. Masturbating while they watched. Needless to say, he was thrilled by that embarrassment. He began stroking his shaft. But as his pleasure began, his balls tried to rise, and couldn’t. Their struggle upward against the encircling twine generated pain, exactly as Cassandra intended.

All the women had caught on that they were to verbally abuse this male. “Come on, slut boy! Jack it off!” someone demanded.

Yes, we don’t have all day, you know,” another added.

Is he always this hopeless?” someone asked rhetorically.

What are you waiting for, you smelly piece of scum? Spurt already!”

With each rude comment – and there were many many more – he pumped harder and faster, rocking his hips forward and back, egged on by the female mob. Soon he was flailing away, the pain at his ball sack competing with pleasure his hand was making on his shaft. Struggling to cum, abasing himself in front of this crowd, perversely carried him into a blissful state of submission.

Suddenly, he realized that he was deliberately delaying his orgasm, basking in the women’s abuse. At that moment, he happened to glance into Cassandra’s face, seeing her eyes demanding that he let go of control. He shuddered, and his cock began spewing hot, sticky strands of white cum onto the darker surface of the plate in front of his groin. He pumped himself dry as the women laughed at him.

The Hostess took control again, saying, “Now, you worthless piece of trash, clean up that mess you made on my nice clean plate. I don’t want to see any cum on it when you’re done. Start licking!”

Face burning with shame, Carter bent and licked and licked. Many of the women leaned close, fascinated to see a man licking up his own cum with his tongue, and sucking it up with pursed lips. While he was so engaged, Cassandra loudly asked the Hostess, “Can I borrow this miserable excuse for a man in a week or two?”

Carter jerked, sputtering when he heard this request. He kept licking intently, but in his mind he was crying out, “Yes, Hostess! Please say yes!”

The Hostess smiled at her friend, replying, “It’s certainly a possibility. We’ll talk.”

Other women – especially Sally – muttered among themselves, obviously considering asking the same thing.

After they all thanked the Hostess for a lovely afternoon and left, she untied Carter’s balls, and complimented him on a job well done. She told him, “Be here tomorrow afternoon at 4 pm. It’s the last day of your gift to me, and we’ll have a special set of guests for your performance at the dinner party.

Carter could barely manage to get to sleep that night, he was so keyed up and alive from all that had occurred that week.


Carter was highly agitated as he drove up to the Hostess’ house that afternoon. She’d scheduled him to arrive early, so that none of the dinner guests would see him ahead of time. As he entered her house, he saw her standing there, clad in form-fitting black leather from bust to crotch, with high heeled boots that left her knees and thighs bare. She held out her hand, saying, “Give me every stitch of your clothing, slut toy.”

With shaking hands, he removed all of his clothes, shoes too, and stood naked before her. She set his clothes aside, and led him into the sitting room, where Helen and Stephanie were already waiting. They were dressed in slutty elegance, in sleeveless, strapless gowns that were so low cut that the tops of their areolae peaked out. The side slits in the dresses went so high that it was obvious that neither woman wore panties. Carter felt his penis twitch as it began filling with blood.

There was a training chair placed near a corner of the room, and the Hostess said, “Sit there, and slip your arms back through the holes in the seat back.”

When he was seated, the Hostess tied his wrists together behind the seat back, while Stephanie and Helen tied his legs to the chair legs. Snugly secured, he sat, heart thumping, as the Hostess attached a dog collar to his neck. Meanwhile, Helen and Stephanie were attaching remote vibrators to his genitalia – one to the head of his semi-erect cock, and the other to his scrotum.

The women retired to comfortable seats, sipping tea, and nibbling tiny sandwiches as they waited for the guests to arrive, and be seated by the servants. Once again, it promised to be a lovely evening, so they’d be able to use the same outdoor stage that they’d used with the Master and his girl, last week.

From time to time, Stephanie or Helen would fiddle with the remote controls that were in their laps. When they twisted the dial, a buzzing could be heard from where Carter sat. The buzzing of one or both vibrators on his cock and balls. Each time this unexpected jolt would occur, Carter would gasp and squirm in his restraints. The women smiled at his sounds and actions.

Remember, girls,” the Hostess reminded Helen and Stephanie, “we only want him to simmer. No cumming.” The girls smiled and nodded. The further they twisted the dial on their remote control, the more intense the vibrations became. But they only triggered the vibrators in short bursts.

Carter was very aroused, therefore, and fully engorged, when a servant announced the guests had all arrived, and were enjoying drinks and appetizers. The young ladies removed the vibrators from his manhood, but left him bound to the chair for the moment. He knew his performance was going to start soon, and had no idea what it would entail. His mouth fell open as he saw the Hostess stand up, and, with the help of the young ladies, remove the garments and boots from her body.

Nude now, she toweled off, and enclosed herself in a stylish wrap-around dressing gown. The outfit both hid her charms, and enhanced them. All three women walked over to Carter and removed his restraints. He was allowed to rub circulation back into his limbs, then had to get down on his hands and knees.

Surprises began occurring. First both Stephanie and Helen attached leashes to his collar, one young lady standing on either side of him. Second, his mouth formed an ‘O’ shape as the Hostess inserted a well lubricated butt plug into his ass – the butt plug with the realistic dog’s tail hanging from it. Third, Carter’s expression became an amalgam of surprise and confusion as Domino was led into the room. Fourth, Carter’s expression disappeared from sight as the realistic dog mask was secured over his face.

Fifth, the Hostess said, “Slut. Sit.” When Carter failed to move, the Hostess pressed down on his butt until he was on his knees, with his butt sitting on his heels. She placed his hands on the floor just outside his knees, and said, “Slut. Sit. Good boy,” and patted his head.

The Hostess took Domino’s leash, said, “Domino. Come,” and led them all in a sort of procession out to where the guests waited. Helen said, “Slut. Come,” and she and Stephanie pulled gently on his leashes. The Hostess walked in front with Domino, followed by a crawling Carter, flanked by the two young ladies, who proudly walked him on their leashes.

The five of them climbed the steps to the raised stage, where the Hostess turned them all to face the guests, saying, “Domino. Sit. Slut. Sit.” Domino and Carter both planted their butts down, the sides of their asses touching one another, causing a chuckle to arise from the staring guests. Carter was acutely conscious of the fact that his erection was fully visible beneath his belly. He wasn’t aware of it, but one of the cameras had a closeup of it displayed on one of the large screen behind him. The other two screens showed Domino, and alternated between showing the Hostess, and the young girls.

The Hostess, standing now behind Carter, announced, “This slut won last week’s contest and has therefore been my plaything for an entire week. I’ll have him recount some of his, shall we say, ordeal, but first, I’ll have him demonstrate a skill he learned.”

Leaning close to Carter’s ear, she whispered so quietly that only he heard her command. “Masturbate Domino with one hand, and yourself with the other, at the same time. I want you to make him cum, but you should not – just keep yourself excited.”

When Carter understood what she had in mind, his first impulse was to refuse. Play with himself in front of this crowd? That would be bad enough. But jacking off a dog at the same time? That’s so perverted! And then his submissive nature asserted itself, internally saying, “Wimp! This is exactly what you asked the Hostess to do! Humiliate you thoroughly! You know the very concept of such debasement really thrills you! Get to it!”

He closed his eyes, giving himself a false sense of privacy. He grabbed his dick with one hand, and blindly felt Domino’s undercarriage with the other. Using the techniques that Stephanie and Helen had taught him earlier in the week, he coaxed Domino’s cock out of its hiding place inside its furry sheath. Soon Carter had the warm, wet, almost slimy shaft of the dog’s cock in his hand, pumping it. Focusing on the pleasure coming from his own cock as he stroked himself, he found the courage to open his eyes.

Everyone was staring. Some had their mouths open, shocked. Others had a bemused expression on their faces. A few were chuckling quietly as they saw this double masturbation event. Several ladies had red cheeks, apparently embarrassed on his behalf. To say that Carter felt mortified would be an understatement. But this demeaning attention was exactly what he craved, he knew.

Torn between the shame and the need, he wanted it over with. He concentrated on doing things to Domino to which he’d learned the dog responded, especially bumping the dog’s knot as he pumped. Domino began to whine and emit the equivalent of doggy moans. The crowd found this to be hilarious. They were still laughing when Domino’s cock erupted in a series of long healthy streams of cum that splattered on the stage in front of him. Carter pumped the dog until he stopped cumming, and then released both cocks.

The Hostess praised them both, petting, and hugging, and calling them ‘good boys’ before a servant appeared to walk Domino back to the house. “Now, slut,” she began, addressing Carter, “tell these wonderful people some of the experiences you’ve had this week.”

Carter hemmed and hawed a little, but he began with his first memory – that of being told to worship her foot and calf, and how that led to being a naked footstool for three women. He explained that he spent a good deal of the time naked, like during his crawl on a leash through the gardens, accompanied by two other dogs. His voice rose with excitement as he related being dressed like a dog, as he was now, and being put into a dog cage in the back of a car and driven through the downtown streets.

Someone interrupted, asking, “You mean in full view, naked, in the back of a car?”

Yes,” he replied, “complete with mask and tail. But most onlookers were distracted by those two beautiful young women.” Here, he pointed at Stephanie and Helen. “They were showing so much of their upper bodies that most people were distracted.”

He mentioned the time he ate food and drank water out of dog bowls. His voice squeaked with nervousness as he reported having his cum milked from his cock by one of the young ladies into a bowl, while watching the other young lady do the same thing to a nearby dog. He paused, swallowed and fidgeted. The Hostess caught his attention and nodded encouragingly. “And then, blindfolded, I had to taste compare my semen, with that of the dog’s.”

A collective gasp rippled through the crowd when he made this revelation, making him shudder and blush fiercely. Since he’d ceased speaking, the Hostess asked him point blank, “And what was the result of the taste test, slut?”

I… I… I preferred the taste of the dog’s cum,” he stammered. Hearing this, one female guest fanned herself, perhaps to keep from fainting. But several others merely licked their lips, eyes gleaming.

He reported having his cock caged several times, and how that painfully prevented his erections. The Hostess noticed a couple of her male guests grimace and unconsciously cross their thighs protectively at this point.

The guests laughed when they heard Carter describe being dressed in a maid’s outfit while doing some house cleaning. But they sat in rapt silence as he described how he had to service various women orally, fucking some, being spanked on his bare ass, and being fucked in his ass by the Hostess.

When he appeared to be done with his report, the people peppered him with questions. The men usually asked for more details about the sexual acts, whereas the women usually asked more questions about how these things made him feel.

When everyone’s curiosity had been satisfied, the Hostess proclaimed, “You know that I love being fucked by dogs. Well this little doggy,” she patted Carter’s head fondly, “has been a good boy all week. So now he merits a reward.” She untied and shrugged off her dressing gown to stand naked before her guests. She knelt next to Carter to whisper, “Fuck me doggy style,” before turning sideways and getting onto her hands and knees.

She looked over her shoulder at him and said loudly, for the benefit of the onlookers, “Come on, good boy! Fuck your little bitch now!” Carter didn’t need to be cajoled into action. He came up behind her, and grasped her waist with his hands in a mounting action. She snaked her hand between her thighs, found his cock, and aimed it smack dab into her wet, receptive cunt. Trying his best to imitate the way a dog fucks, he hammered his dick into her hard and fast, making her yelp with pleasure.

The guests clapped with appreciation, watching closeups of the Hostess’ face on one screen, a side view of the coupling pair on the second, and the flash of his dick in and out of her cunt, along with the swing and slap of his balls against her, in closeup on the third. They fucked like animals for perhaps 10 minutes, the Hostess cumming twice, shrieking with joy, before Carter rammed his cock as deeply into her as he could and held it there as he unloaded his pent-up cum into her depths. The closeup showed his balls squirming and the fleshy tube that formed the underside of his dick rippling rhythmically with each of his ejaculations.

Both of them panting, Carter lowered his torso to stretch out along her spine. This was the perfect ending to his remarkable week. He whispered into her ear, “Thank you. Thank you so much. You’re an amazing woman. If you want me to be your pet again someday, just tell me.”

She turned her head to smile at him blissfully. “I may just do that,” she stated. “And it appears that Cassandra may have some ideas for you, as well.” She winked. “When you pull out of me, move sideways, so the camera can get a good look at my cunt. I want them all to see that you really came inside me.”

He chuckled quietly. “Unfortunately, I know I can’t deliver as much semen as one of your dogs. But I tried.”

She kissed him, saying, “You did fine, slut boy. Just watch.”

He dismounted and moved aside. Everyone stared at the Hostess’ pink, dilated cunt opening. In moments, a white stream of semen oozed forth, and began dripping. The applause was deafening.

Knowing this crowd had to be discrete about the Hostess’ goings-on, Carter chose to remove the mask and butt plug tail, and sat naked at the dinner table. He left his collar on, and chatted merrily with the guests. Several women kissed his cheek, praising his bravery and boldness. One even reached into his lap to stroke his cock gently as she kissed him on the lips. He had a wonderful time at dinner.

The Hostess wasn’t completely certain of what she thought she saw. Was her husband circulating among the guests, carrying straws? Were even some of the women involved? Maybe she’d need to turn the tables on him, she thought. “Maybe I ought to present him with a willing female subbe, to have as his plaything for a week? Hmmm,” she pondered.


Martin’s Torment – pt. 01 (BDSM) He went too far.

(written at the request of my good friend, Martin)

Strapped to the vertical table, Martin wondered what had happened to him.

Because of the full length mirror that he faced, he could see the tough leather straps that held him tightly to the table. One strap went horizontally across his slim, 5′ 9” body just above his hip bones. His hands were positioned perhaps two hands width lateral to each ear. Other straps threaded through narrow slots in the table to hold him at wrist, elbow, and upper arm. Straps at his thighs, just below his knees and ankles held his lower body in place with his feet slightly more than shoulder width apart.

A hard rubber bracket behind his head and a strap across his forehead prevented his head from moving – he could not turn side to side, only look straight ahead. Even if his head had been freed, he would not have tried to move it very much, due to the rope threaded forward from behind the table, across his throat, and threaded again out of sight behind the table. The rope was firm against his throat, but did not hinder his breathing.

His hands were encased in latex mittens, as were his feet. His suit coat was missing, as well as his power tie. As far as he could tell, he was otherwise clothed in the impeccable pale blue dress shirt and dark navy suit pants that he was wearing when he… What had he been doing? He remembered parking his car in the lot, and then strolling toward the club. Things were hazy after that.

Oh yes, that’s right,” his fuzzy brain registered. Cindy, one of his submissives, had stepped out of the shadows to confront him. Her face showed a bruise from where he had slapped her the day before for not obeying him quickly enough. His Dom pride was piqued whenever one of his three girls was slow or disobedient. Cindy had enraged him enough that he had tied her, naked, face down on her bed and caned her ass and thighs until a few of her welts opened and drops of blood showed. He had left her like that, crying her eyes out for a half hour before untying her and heading straight home. Lesson learned.

But Cindy could not have done anything to me. She was standing in front of me the entire time, practically yelling at me for being a bastard. I remember wondering where she had found a backbone,” he thought. “My other two girls, Paget, and my wife Sally, would never have the guts to talk to me that way. And Sally was waiting for me in the club, I’m sure, since I was giving her a little treat because she had apologized so very sweetly for making me tie her to that wall hook in our bedroom and whip her with my leather belt last week.” A powerful man, Martin liked reminding his women who was boss.

Could Paget have been involved some way?” he mused. “She’s the most stubborn of the three, having the temerity to sass back at me, even though she knows the consequences.” He pictured her in his mind, the last time he saw her. “Kneeling in front of me, with her hands covering her lowered face as she wept. Her brunette hair cascading forward to cover her hands as her body was wracked with sobs.” He smiled, remembering. “I think I finally broke her spirit that night. I know I broke the handle of that hairbrush, spanking her bare ass. I loved pinning her over my lap, swatting her ass until it was deep purple with bruises like that. That sure taught her not to question my commands.”

He felt his cock stir inside his trousers as he revisited these fond memories. At age 14, he used to get erections just looking at pretty girls walking by. But now, at age 32, he found that he got the best erections by abusing women. Not young teenyboppers. They had to have some maturity, but not be too old either. Women in their mid 20s to mid 30s seemed perfect these days. Sally, Cindy, and Paget were prime examples of the victims he loved mistreating the most.

But where am I?” he asked himself, coming back to his current situation. “How did I get here?” He looked up, down, right and left as far as his head restriction would allow. He could not even see the ceiling, so the room had to be big. It was well lit. He could not hear a sound, not even traffic. Wracking his brain, his last memories were still Cindy confronting him in the parking lot.

He stewed for a while, tugging at his restraints to no avail. Then he heard a door opening, rather far away. There were soft, scuffling footsteps – lots of them. “Sssshhh,” he heard several times. A bizarre sight came into view: five obviously female figures, three of them wearing masks and the other two wearing black hoods that completely covered their heads. Two of the masked women were leading the two that were wearing hoods, who obviously could not see.

When they got near the mirror, the masked women carefully removed the hoods from the women that they had been leading, revealing the faces of two complete strangers. These strangers were fresh-faced young blonde girls, probably no older than 18 years of age. Upon seeing Martin, they both briefly looked surprised and then huddled together giggling and whispering as they pointed in his direction. One had dirty blonde hair, streaked with green; the other’s blonde hair glowed so brightly, it was probably from a bottle.

One of the masked women spoke to them, “See? We keep our promises. There he is, and we’re going to have some fun with him.” Martin immediately recognized her voice. It was his wife, Sally, who was speaking. She continued, “So now you see why we couldn’t let you learn where this is located. I know you promised not to tell anyone, but it’s easier if you really don’t know where you were taken. He’s obviously being held here against his will.”

You’re damn right I’m being held here against my will!” Martin shouted. He pulled at the leather straps, wriggling. “Let me out of this!”

Sally stepped up in front of him. “Now now, dear. We can’t have you making all this ruckus.”

Martin was shocked when Sally grabbed his nose, squeezing it shut. As he opened his mouth to breathe, she stuffed a rag into it, while another of the masked women ripped off a piece of duct tape, and pressed it over his mouth, sealing it shut. Sally released his nose, and he gratefully took a lungful of air through it.

Addressing the young blondes again, Sally said, “That’s so much better, don’t you think?”

Martin made unintelligible mumbled sounds of protest through the gag and tape, which sent the young blonde girls into another giggling fit. Their body language indicated that they were rather shy about being there.

I know you don’t have much time to be here this evening,” Sally told the girls. “So we better get started. You told us that you’d never seen a penis before, and we promised that we’d show you one.”

But Ma’am?” one piped up timidly. “He’s all dressed up. Are you going to unzip him or something?”

Oh no,” Sally chuckled. “We’ve something much more fun in mind. Watch.”

One of the other masked women stepped forward, brandishing a pair of scissors that looked extremely sharp. As she stepped beside him, her face turned slightly and he noticed the ugly bruise there. “OMG,” he thought, “she’s Cindy! Can the other one, the one standing with her arms crossed, possibly be Paget?” He tried shouting at them with his gagged mouth, but all his sounds just came out as grunts.

Now hold real still, honey,” Cindy admonished. Her brown eyes glared through the holes in her mask into his normally blue ones, now shading green due to his stress. “I’d hate to cut you with these,” she continued, snipping the scissor jaws open and closed.

The blondes covered their eyes, but peeked through open fingers, watching in a very girlish manner as Cindy carefully inserted the scissors between Martin’s neck and shirt collar and snipped the collar through cleanly and easily. She continued snipping from his neck to his shoulder, and then along his arms. When she reached each leather restraint, she tugged the cloth hard enough to pull it out from under the leather, and continued cutting. In very little time, she finished one arm, and swiftly repeated her actions on the other arm. She had cut deeply enough that most of his undershirt was severed, as well. Sally helped her rip the scraps off him, leaving his upper torso bare.

My turn,” the brunette with the crossed arms said. She was indeed Paget. Now that she had spoken aloud, she knew Martin was probably aware of their identities, so she removed her mask. Cindy handed her the scissors and stepped back, removing her own mask now, as did Sally. Paget pulled at his suit pants at the side of his hip and inserted the scissors. Martin watched in the mirror as Paget made a careful incision down the side of his trousers from hip to ankle, tugging material out from under the restraints as Cindy had done. When she finished, she deftly pulled his pants away. She’d been very careful – his jockey brief underwear was completely intact.

Turning, Paget held out the scissors. “OK, girls, who’s first?”

They both covered their mouths, hunched over, giggling frantically, with blushing red faces. “You do it!” the one on the left said, giving her friend a shove.

No! You talked me into this! You do it!” rebutted her friend, returning the shove.

You both are going to do it,” explained Paget. Pointing at the girl on the left, the shining blonde, “Come on,” she said in a reassuring tone.

After a bit of hesitation, the girl crept forward, and took the scissors from Paget with a quivering hand. Martin’s now greenish eyes widened in fear when he saw how shakily the scissors were being held. “What do I do?” the girl asked Paget.

Hook your finger in the side of his underpants, right here,” Paget said. Martin felt her finger yanking his elastic waistband sideways, confirmed by what he saw in the mirror. “Then carefully cut straight down the side.”

The girl took her place, pulled at his underwear, and aimed the scissors downward. Martin held his breath with fear. Awkwardly, as if she had never held scissors before in her life, the young blonde sawed apart the material along the designated path. As it parted, that edge of his underpants drooped down, almost uncovering his cock. The material snagged though, in his bushy pubic hair.

Paget retrieved the scissors from the girl, and pointed at her friend. “You now,” she instructed. “Go to his other side.”

The girl shook her head, tossing her dirty blonde hair around. “I might hurt his wiener.” Martin could not stop himself from rolling his eyes, thinking, “How old are these brats? ‘Wiener’ she said. Who calls a penis that anymore?”

Paget said, “No sweetie. You’re just going to cut his underpants down the side, nowhere near it. It’s safe. It won’t bite.”

Her friend chimed in, “Chicken! I did it!”

OK, OK,” the dirty blonde said in a tone of exasperation. She strode forward quickly, like she wanted to get an undesirable task done as quickly as possible, She grabbed the scissors, yanked and snipped the material almost without looking. Martin, reacting much too slowly, shrieked in fear moments after the girl had finished her task.

His underwear completely fell forward, dangling by the rear section trapped under his butt. His cock, shriveled by his fear, came into view. The girls looked at it briefly, and then scrunched up their eyes, both saying a sound like, “Eeuuuuuwwwww!” They looked away, but kept stealing glances at his exposed dick out of the corners of their eyes. Martin was mortified, being on obscene display like this. His humiliation intensified as he looked into the mirror and saw how limp he was. As his embarrassment increased, his dick seemed to shrivel even more.

So that’s it?” one of the girls finally said. “That’s a… a… penis? That’s what all our friends whisper about?”

Yes, dear,” Sally confirmed. “But this is a rather sad example of one. Come and get a closer look,” she said, pulling his shredded underpants out from under his butt and tossing them aside.

The girls advanced slowly, curiosity overcoming their repugnance. They got so close, bending down, that Martin could not see them, other than in the mirror. One of them whispered, “Can I touch it?”

By all means. Go right ahead,” Sally chortled.

Martin felt cold fingers tentatively grasping the shaft of his dick. “Oooo! It’s all squishy,” the girl said, closing and opening her fingers slightly. “And so wiggly,” she added, making it flop left and right with her fingers. All the women laughed long and loud. Sally whispered something into the girl’s ear. “Really?” the girl said. Her fingers pressed into the skin just behind his glans and pressed toward the base of his cock. His wrinkled foreskin slowly peeled back, revealing his tiny pink, shiny, cock head. “Eeuuuwwww,” the girls chorused together once again. The girl pushed the foreskin back into place.

Let me try,” her friend said, taking the cock shaft in her fingers. She gleefully peeled and covered his cock head over and over. She also made it flop left and right, slowly at first, then gradually faster and faster. Really getting into it, she flipped it back and forth so fast it became a blur. To Martin’s abject dismay, he found none of this manipulation arousing – his dick stayed very limp and shrunken. The women laughing at his discomfort did not help any. When the girl let go of his shaft, the cock dangled straight down, nestling against his scrotum, his balls visible on either side of it.

One more thing before you go, girls,” Paget told them. She held out a riding crop. “You need to spank this bad man with this, for a bit.”

The girls looked startled. “Hit him with that? Where?” one asked.

Hmmmm,” Paget considered. “The sides of his hips will do, for a start. Like this.” So saying, she gave Martin two quick flicks on each of his sides, where the hip was becoming a thigh. He made a garbled protest through the gag, and squirmed.

I guess I can do that,” the dirty blonde said, getting braver, now that the cock touching part was done. She took the crop, and swatted Martin in both the places Paget had indicated.

Harder, sweetie. He’s a big tough he-man,” Paget informed her.

She grinned and swatted much harder. Martin flinched. She apparently liked that, because she repeated the swats, maybe 2 inches higher, catching the sides of his lower torso.

Give me that,” her friend commanded. “That looks like fun!” she said with rather childish glee. Receiving the crop, she slapped Martin briskly along his sides.

Good work, girls,” Paget commended them. “Now you need to finish up by swatting his dick and balls.”

Ummm… but Ma’am, won’t that hurt him too much?” asked the blonde still holding the crop.

Hurt him too much? Hurt him too much?” Paget stated, her voice clouding with anger. She pointed at Cindy. “Show them.”

Without a word, Cindy turned her back to the girls and grabbed the bottom of her dress. Dramatically, she lifted it higher and higher, until the angry red cane marks came into view, with their glaring red and purple raised welts. Here and there a glistening drop of red blood seeped from some of the welts as Cindy’s flesh was distorted by the raising of her arms.

The girls stared at the mass of injured flesh covering Cindy’s ass and thighs, mouths agape. Nothing was said for perhaps a minute. Martin saw Cindy’s display, too, out of the corner of his eye. It was one thing to do that to a woman in private; it was completely different having his handiwork on public display.

He… He did that!?” the dirty blonde choked out.

Lowering her dress carefully, wincing, Cindy turned to her and said, “Yes. And left me tied up after that, crying, for at least half an hour. This bastard has no remorse.”

The spell broke. Incensed, the blonde with the crop swiftly drew her arm back and slapped Martin’s cock with about all the force her arm could generate. Her muscles were not very developed, but the pain of that blow made Martin almost choke on the gag, trying to scream. The girl hit him several more times. His eyes were watering so badly, he could not see.

Give me that!” the dirty blonde demanded. “You’re missing his balls!” Her first blow, delivered right on one of his testicles, caused such intense pain that he almost fainted. Fainting would have been a blessing, because she landed several more punishing blows on both of his testicles before Paget could finally grab the crop away from the highly angered girl. Martin was sobbing, his sexual area feeling like it was on fire. He wondered if he’d been permanently damaged.

Thank you, dear,” Paget said, calmly. “I think you both have chastised him enough.”

Enough? When he did that to her?” the dirty blonde almost shrieked. “He ought to have his wiener cut off and flushed down a toilet!”

Paget and Sally embraced the two shaking girls, whispering soothing sounds to calm them down. When they were rational again, Cindy formally thanked them for punishing him so thoroughly on her behalf. Turning to the dirty blonde, she winked, saying, “By the way, you can call it a ‘cock’, ‘penis’, or ‘dick’ rather than a ‘wiener’, now that you have such intimate knowledge of it. That broke the emotional chill, and soon all five women were laughing together again, ignoring Martin.

The girls had to get home, so Cindy and Sally helped them put their hoods back on, and led them out of the room to the car for that journey. Paget stayed, pulling up a chair where Martin would be able to see her. She watched the tears still streaming down Martin’s face. After a moment, she stood up, yanked the duct tape roughly off his mouth, and dragged out the cloth gag. She sat down again, smiling.

Martin barely noticed the pain from the duct tape being removed so roughly. His attention was riveted to the agony coming from his groin. He moaned and sobbed like a baby, eyes so tear-filled he was blinded.

Finally, Paget said disgustedly, “Oh shut up! You can dish it out, Mr. he-man. But you sure can’t take it. What do you think it feels like when you kick us in our cunts? Or do to us what you did to poor Cindy?”

She began an explanation, speaking slowly, as if to a child, or to a person whose native language wasn’t English. She knew she had time to pass before Cindy and Sally returned.

I saw you and Sally sitting together at the movies maybe 3 months ago. I had no idea she was your wife, but I was curious. When she went to the ladies room, I followed her in and we got to talking. She was understandably upset that you were fooling around with me, too. She started following you when you went out, and saw you visiting with Cindy. After you left and went to a bar, she doubled back, and met Cindy – she even helped Cindy with the broken lip and black eye that you’d given her. The three of us have been comparing notes ever since.”

Martin blubbered with misery, both from the pain and from hearing how he’d been found out.

We knew we had to teach you a lesson. What you did last night to Cindy was the last straw, beating her raw like that, and leaving her tied up. When Sally heard, she mentioned the club where she was to meet you for dinner. We set it up quickly, putting the plans we’d formulated previously into motion.

Cindy confronted you in the parking lot. I came up behind you quietly and tasered you as you started to reach out to hit her again. You went down like a felled ox, jerking. Sally pulled the car up, and in moments, you were in the back seat with me, while Cindy got in.

A quick drive to this deserted warehouse, that I rented under an assumed name, and we had you strapped to this special table. This place is well stocked with all we need for a while. The three of us went out for drinks, and ran into those two ditzy blondes, who were not having any luck with their fake IDs. On a lark, we bought a couple of extra beers and took them out to the car to chat. They asked what we were doing tonight. When they heard we were going to play with the penis of a guy all tied up, they laughed and said they’d never even seen a penis for real. So we invited them along, making sure they could never find this place again.

We only put on our masks to make you wonder for a while who held you captive. Once you heard our voices, there was no reason to hide our faces any longer. Understand, you arrogant ass hole?”

Martin looked miserable. The pain in his groin had abated a little as Paget had drawn out her lengthy story of the events leading up to this moment. Forgetting his predicament, he tried to nod in response, and could not move his head. “Y… y… yes,” he blubbered.

And now you are ours, you jerk,” Paget said, with venom in her voice. “No one comes near here. You can cry for help, scream, whatever. It’ll do you no good at all.”

What… what are you going to do to me?” he fairly sniveled.

Just think back to all those things you’ve done to Cindy, Sally, and me,” she smiled grimly. “Payback’s a bitch, so they say – in your case, three bitches. We can do just about anything we wish, short of killing you. Luckily for you, you’ve never maimed one of us, so we feel that’s off the table, too.”

Martin’s heart sank. He thought of the many, many indignities he’d heaped on these women. He was about to reap what he’d sown. He wasn’t looking forward to it. “Please let me go, Paget. I promise to be good to you all, now. Honest. Please believe me.”

Paget liked hearing him plead. It was music to her ears. Too bad the other two women had not yet returned to hear him whining and pleading. “Oh, we’ll let you go,” she assured him. After a nice pause, she added, “when we’re quite done with you.” Her voiced dripped with threat.

How did these women get the balls to do this?” Martin thought frantically. “They were always so cowed in my presence. I would never believe they could do something like this.”

Almost as if she was reading his mind, Paget stated, “I bet you’re wondering how we could pull this off – plan this. It never even occurred to you to ask what I did for a living. To you, I was just a piece of meat, to play with as it suited you. Well, buster, I’m an engineer – and a damn good one. I designed several objects that we’ll use with you. For instance, that table that you’re bound on. That’s a design of mine. Watch.”

She stepped up to the table, did something under it, and then pressed on it above his head. The world tilted! One moment he was looking forward at the mirror, and the next moment he was staring up at the ceiling far overhead! Paget locked the table in the now horizontal position.

Nice, huh?” she inquired with a smile. I can even tilt it farther, so you’re upside down. And it’s very stable. She dragged over a small set of steps, and stepped up onto the table, straddling him. She walked toward each edge of the table, and it barely vibrated. “I’m proud of this design. I may patent it.” She stepped back off, leaving him on his back. Now he couldn’t see much of anything, unless a person loomed over the table. With less information of what was transpiring, his sense of helplessness increased.

A distant door opened and closed. Footsteps echoed, coming closer. “I see my wonderful husband is on his back now,” Sally said, the word ‘wonderful’ uttered with sarcasm.

Yep, just getting him ready,” Paget confirmed. “We can change now.” After a brief pause, she added, “Oh here, Cindy. Before you put that on, let me apply some more of this salve on your welts. Hopefully, by morning, you’ll feel much better.”

Martin strained his ears, hearing the rustling of clothing, wondering what the women were doing.

Oh! I really like that on you, Paget,” Cindy exclaimed.

Thanks. I got it specially for this occasion,” Paget purred.

Pinned to the table, naked and vulnerable, Martin wondered what they were talking about.

OK, Stand here so you’ll be behind the table when I pivot him,” Paget told the other two women. Again, she manipulated the table’s mechanism, and Martin’s world pivoted until he faced the mirror again. He could only see Paget’s hand at the top of the table, guiding it into position.

After a momentary pause, Paget stepped into view, walked between the mirror and the table, and turned to face him. She wore a sleeveless black dress, with bare shoulders, neck and upper chest. The top edge of the dress skimmed along her breasts just above the upper edge of her areolae. The soft looking material clung to the curves of her waist and hips, and cascaded down to her ankles. Shiny black leather stilettos with perhaps 5 inch heels could be seen at the edge of the dress.

Martin was a little disappointed that the dress covered Paget’s lovely legs so thoroughly. But she then smiled, striking a sultry pose, flinging back her lustrous brunette hair, placing her hand on one hip and extending the leg on her other side forward. The dress had a slit, and Paget’s leg, knee, and almost all of her thigh were revealed in their splendor. Martin’s cock tried to stir at this sight, but the pain inflicted by the girls made him wince as blood made a vain attempt to engorge it.

Cindy stepped out from behind the table and into Martin’s line of sight. She had combed her dark brown hair to one side, partially covering her face, hiding the bruise there. Her torso was clad in a tight green bustier/corset, which pushed her waist inward. This same garment flared wider at both top and bottom. Cindy had chosen it, because the flared bottom put no pressure on the raw marks from the caning she had received. For panties, she had donned a translucent silky-looking material through which he could see a hazy image of her slit. She stood in platform heels, and when she struck her own sultry pose, she leaned forward. Her lovely tits almost spilled out of the wider bustier top – there was a hint of the darker brownish-pink flesh of each areola visible.

Martin actually moaned slightly at this display, since his cock was trying again to stiffen, causing him renewed pain.

Then it was Sally’s turn to come forth. The first thing Martin saw was her hot pink short-shorts, tightly clinging to the globes of her ass cheeks as she wiggled her way to stand with the other women. Indeed, the bottom edges of both ass cheeks were visible as she crossed the floor in matching hot pink pumps. Her whole back was uncovered, almost as if she was topless. The soft waves of her brunette hair hid the small pink string that crossed behind her neck. When she turned to face him, he saw she wasn’t topless, but virtually so. Hanging from the pink string coming down either side of her neck was a draping of some silky material, still in the hot pink theme. This draping almost reached the shorts at her waist, but had a plunging center that revealed the inner half of each of her tits, and exposed her navel. She shimmied slowly side to side, tantalizing him as the material shifted left and right, offering him brief glimpses of more of her breasts.

Martin’s cock would not be denied by this display provided by these three young, slim, sexy women. It began the currently painful process of erection, causing Martin to groan pitifully. Tears welled up in his eyes, and trickled down his cheeks. He feared his sexual equipment was ruined for life.

As he cried, the three women stared at him. Through his tears he saw no evidence of mercy on any of their faces. They actually grinned at his dilemma. Paget, standing in the center was obviously in charge. She embraced the other two women and pulled them closer to her. Each turned their face to hers to receive a passionate kiss from her. Her hand brushed one of Sally’s panels sideways, fully revealing her breast, which she softly caressed. Cindy scooped one of her breasts up out of the bustier, offering its nipple to Paget’s lips. The women kissed and caressed while Martin’s cock engorged until he was gasping in pain. He finally shut his eyes to stop the visual stimulation, but he could still hear the sounds of kissing and sucking.

Shutting his eyes might have been a bad idea, because he was startled when his manhood was grasped harshly right at the base of his shaft by a hand squeezing it hard. His eyes flew open in shock, to see Paget gripping him there. She leaned over, and he could not stop himself from looking down into the valley this revealed between her breasts.

Sally stepped up, and bent forward; the pink material drifted forward as well, revealing both her breasts. As she did this, she seized his ball sack in her hand, and grinned mischievously as her thumb and fingers pressed his testicles firmly against one another, and then pulled them straight down as far as they would stretch. He choked and cried out at the discomfort this caused.

Cindy strode up, and with great deliberation, began swatting the head of Martin’s cock, covered by his foreskin. Martin yipped with each swat.

Paget said, “Just a moment, Cindy. Let me give you a better target.” She released her grip at the cock base, and grabbed up higher on its shaft. Pressing her hand slowly back toward his pubic hairs, she and the other two women watched as his foreskin peeled back, revealing his darker, sensitive glans. “There. He’ll feel it more there.”

As Cindy started swatting his now unprotected glans, Martin’s eyes bulged out, and the veins on his neck stood out as he shrieked with each painful blow. His body squirmed, instinctively trying to evade the impact of her hand. It didn’t help a bit. The leather straps held him firmly in place. His cock didn’t go limp from pain this time, since Paget’s firm hand held the blood trapped in it. Cindy growled, “This is nowhere near as bad as that caning, you fucker!” She added, rhetorically, “But remember all the times you laughed as you used a crop on our cunts and clits?”

After what seemed to be an eternity to Martin, Cindy stopped, explaining, “My arm is tired.” Sally gave Martin’s scrotum an agonizing twist, and let go.

Paget told the others, “His pubic hairs are scratchy. They have to go.” Quickly fetching shaving cream and a safety razor, she lathered him from his navel to the base of his penis, and also his inner thighs. With what seemed to be a practiced hand, she held his cock head in her hand to keep it out of the way while she applied the razor in smooth strokes of varying length. The other two women crowded in to watch, once again giving Martin a glimpse of their tits as they leaned forward.

When his lower abdomen was bald, Paget cleared the hairs from his inner thighs, the other women assisting by holding his ball sack up and to the side, out of the way. Paget wiped away the soap residue with a warm, wet cloth. “Notice that I left the hairs on his scrotum, and that he has some fine, stray hairs actually up on the shaft of his dick?” Paget asked. The others nodded. “I could use the razor there, but I have another idea – a better one.”

Martin, who was squeamish about a razor being anywhere near his sexual equipment, was partially relieved, but also fearful about what ‘better’ might mean to Paget, in her current mood.

She equipped herself with a small pair of scissors, and, pulling his scrotum this way and that, trimmed his long, errant pubic hairs down to a length of about one half of an inch. Martin couldn’t look directly at what she was doing – he could only watch in the mirror, and try not to jump with each tug and snip of the scissors. He sighed in relief as Paget set down the scissors.

But then she wheeled into place a large magnifier with a light all the way around its brim. Holding his cock by its head, she moved it up, down, and to each side, delicately plucking the hairs off its shaft with tweezers. Each pluck felt like a tiny pin prick as she did this, quite tolerable in his opinion, compared to what had been done to him thus far.

Then she started on his scrotum itself.

Each pluck of these hairs, firmly embedded in the thin sensitive skin there, was like a bee sting. Martin hissed out a breath with each sharp tug. His cock started to sag.

Pump him, Sally,” Paget demanded. “Keep that cock stiff and out of my way, please.”

Sally’s cool hand working on his now smooth cock shaft had the desired effect – his penis stiffened again. The stinging plucks went on. And on. At one point Cindy asked, “Should it bleed like that?” Martin’s eyelids flew up wide hearing the word ‘bleed’ being said.

Yeah,” Paget answered. “Sometimes the hair bulb itself is yanked out, and it has a tiny blood vessel attached to it. Nothing to worry about. The bleeding stops almost instantly.”

When one woman tired, another took over. Martin was in a blaze of agony, tinged with the excitement of having his cock stimulated constantly to full turgidity. Hours passed. His scrotum had a lot of hairs. The women even managed to pluck what hairs they could reach that encircled his ass hole, by pulling up hard on his cock and balls. Those were certainly the most agonizing! The women laughed at his protestations, and finished their work. His entire sexual area was completely devoid of hair.

We need some rest,” Sally said. “It’s bedtime.”

I have a nice big bed here for the three of us,” Paget replied. “But you, Mister, will stay as you are. Since I’m feeling generous, I’ll let you doze on your back.” She tilted the table to horizontal again. “But let’s keep this stiff all night,” she said, snapping a tight leather cock harness onto his cock and balls. “The pressure will prevent the blood from draining away. It’s better than Viagra.”

The women sarcastically saluted Martin’s ‘flagpole’ and then strolled far away from him to settle into bed together. The lights overhead went out. He could only see a dim glow that might be located in a far corner of the huge room. He slept fitfully, his erect cock throbbing from its trapped blood. His dreams were plagued by the memories of what he had done to them, and what they were likely to do to him in revenge.

(to be continued) link to part 02

Martin’s Torment – pt. 02 (BDSM) The following day.

(continued from part 1)

Martin awoke to the sound of giggling.

He opened his eyes, and found that the lights were once again on in the large room. On his back, he could only see the ceiling overhead. The giggling continued, sounding very familiar. Then he remembered where he had heard it before. The blonde teenyboppers. The women must have brought them back while he slept.

Paget’s face appeared above him. “Good morning, Martin. I hope you slept well,” she said, with a trace of irony. “It’s late on a lovely Saturday morning, not that you can tell inside here.” Her hand touched his aching, turgid cock. “I see the harness did its work. This is still nice and firm. It’s time to greet your visitors.” She swiveled the table so Martin faced the large mirror once again.

Sure enough, there were the two young blonde girls, watching shyly. Paget walked over to where they stood. As she came fully into view, Martin saw Paget was wearing a navy blue top whose scant amount of material had its collar buttoned at her throat, then was open until its two sides tied together in a knot just under and between her tits. The rest of her torso was bare, down to where a brief skirt rode just below her hips. The skirt only barely covered her cunt, leaving her long, long legs on display, sheathed in black fishnet stockings, attached to garters that disappeared up under her skirt.

I’m afraid we overlooked proper introductions yesterday evening,” Paget announced. Placing her hand on the shoulder of the girl with the shining blonde hair, Paget said, “This is Monica.” Monica smiled and nodded briefly. She was wearing sort of a tank top in pale blue, with narrow shoulder straps and a deep scoop in front of her neck. The result was that the sides of her breasts protruded out from either side of the material. The fit was tight enough that Martin could tell where her nipples and areolae were, by the way they poked forward against the silky smooth surface. She also had on a pale yellow skirt with pleats that covered only her upper thighs.

Paget turned and put her arm around the waist of the girl with the dirty blonde hair streaked with green. “And this is Samantha.” Samantha wore a very short, black belly shirt whose sleeves slipped down leaving her shoulders bare. A belly stud twinkled in her navel. Her lower torso was bare down to her low slung cutoff jeans with ragged torn legs at the level of her crotch. Samantha glared at him, rather than smiling. Martin remembered how angry she’d been yesterday and mentally flinched. Paget saw her expression and said, “It’s OK, Samantha. We punished him pretty well yesterday – he cried most of the evening. Besides, Cindy feels much better today. Don’t you, Cindy?”

Cindy stepped into view. Martin started his observation of her down at her legs, clearly visible through transparent black pull-up stockings that clung to her middle thighs. Above that, she wore the briefest of black silk panties that barely covered her cunt in front, and her ass crack in back. These panties were easily visible through the thin black baby-doll style top she had on – this billowed out from just beneath her breasts, hanging down to just beneath her ass. The cups that contained her tits were translucent as well, allowing a veiled view of her nipples.

Yes, indeed. I feel wonderful today! Paget’s salve worked a miracle.” She lifted the hem of the baby-doll top up to the height of her breasts, displaying her back, ass, and thighs. The cane marks no longer looked angry purple – they had faded a great deal.

Samantha crossed her arms, but begrudgingly said, “Well, OK. I guess.”

Martin was amazed that the women were displaying their bodies to each other so freely. But he was not prepared to see what his wife Sally was wearing. Her outfit looked like a series of thin, dark red ribbons. Some were vertical, like the one that descended from between her tits, passed over her navel, wrapped under her crotch, and came up along her ass crack to end between her shoulder blades. Others were horizontal, like the ones covering her nipples, or crossing her belly at her navel, or hugging the shelves of her hips. Even as she moved, the clever construction of this garment clung to her firmly, giving an onlooker a hope that something intimate might flash into view, but not quite allowing it.

Samantha, looking at the three older women, voiced clearly what was on Martin’s mind at that moment. “God, you all look so damn sexy!” Samantha told them. The women all smiled and blew her a kiss as they shimmied invitingly.

Martin’s body finally got his attention, frantically signaling a biological need. He swallowed hard, and fought the urge as he tried to decide which woman would be most merciful. He decided to take a chance with his wife. Clearing his throat, he asked quietly, “Sally, can I whisper something to you?”

Bemused, Sally glided close and cocked her ear near his mouth. “Yes?”

Honey, I need to pee,” he whispered. “Real bad. Please get them to let me go, so I can.”

She smiled an ambiguous smile. “I’ll see what I can do,” she said. “You just hang in there,” she chuckled, as she walked away. The women huddled up, and Sally spoke to them quietly.

Martin knew she was explaining his plight, and he was humiliated that even the teenyboppers were becoming aware of his urgent need to piss. It was bad enough that his naked body, with his obscene erection, was fully on display in front of this crowd. But urination and defecation were very private acts, done behind closed doors. He prayed that there was a bathroom with a toilet nearby. He was also grateful that he had not eaten dinner last night, or anything this morning. He had no urge to defecate at all, thank goodness. But his bladder was screaming for relief.

The huddle broke up, and all the women walked up to form a close semicircle around him. Without a word, Cindy, standing in the center of the semicircle, held out a clear mason jar, placing its wide opening right under the end of his cock. Sally grabbed his cock shaft and pushed on it to peel his foreskin back, uncovering his purplish glans. She pressed slightly down on his cock to point his urethral slit opening into the jar. “OK, lover. Piss.” she said, quietly.

OMG! No!” I can’t piss with all you watching!” Martin cried. “Please, please, turn me loose so I can use a bathroom!”

Nope,” Paget said succinctly. “You either pee, like this, with us watching, or I tilt the table to horizontal, and we all sit around and watch your cock until you fountain urine all over yourself. Which do you choose?”

Martin imagined himself on his back, losing the fight to keep from pissing. He imagined the yellow stream of hot piss jetting from his erect cock, arcing through the air to splash on his belly and chest as the women watched and laughed. Shamefaced, he whispered, “I’ll do it this way.” He closed his eyes, focusing on trying to relax his sphincter muscle. Even with his eyes closed, he was acutely aware of the five pairs of eyes staring at the tip of his cock, waiting for his stream to start. His sphincter stubbornly refused to open, knowing he was not in private.

Ultimately, his distended bladder won.

With a low groan, Martin felt the floodgates open, and his urine came gushing forth in a solid stream. Monica and Samantha cheered and clapped their hands, sounds that mortified Martin. But once his stream started, he couldn’t stop it, even if he’d wanted to. Urine swirled in the mason jar as it filled and filled. The air was full of the smell of his urine.

What if it overflows?” Sally asked loudly.

Don’t worry,” Paget answered. “There’s a drain right under the table. Just tilt the bottle forward if it threatens to overflow, and let it pour into the drain.”

Monica chimed in, “I thought men couldn’t pee with a stiff cock.”

Samantha giggled, “Apparently they can if they have to pee badly enough.” She joined Monica in a fit of laughter. “We’re sure learning a lot about wien… cocks, I mean,” Samantha corrected herself.

Monica added, “And Paget promised we’d learn a lot more today.” This led to another fit of giggling.

Martin sighed in relief, eyes still closed, as his bladder finally reached empty. Whether it would’ve been better that he have his eyes open is hard to judge. If he had them open, he perhaps would’ve been fractionally more prepared for what happened next. Paget had silently signaled the women to step back, taken the jar from Cindy, and dumped the contents over Martin’s head! Hot piss streamed through his hair, down his face and neck, and along his entire body, ending up in the drain beneath him.

The women laughed uproariously, watching him sputter in shock.

After she let him stew in his own urine for a bit, Paget brought a hose and gently washed the urine from his body down into the drain beneath him. “Don’t worry about the leather straps tightening or anything,” she reassured him. “I waterproofed everything.”

But you poured my piss all over me!” he cried, indignantly.

Oh, don’t be such a baby,” Paget chided him. “It won’t hurt you. Not even if you drink it. I guess a demonstration is in order.” She whispered something to Sally, then tilted the table back to horizontal. When the table was secured, Paget climbed atop it, and carefully placed her feet just inside of each of his forearms.

Looking up under her tiny skirt, Martin quickly became aware that she wore nothing under it. The room was bright enough for him to see the folds of her pussy lips protruding slightly from her slit. The view became even better as she opened her thighs wide to squat over him. Her cunt filled his field of vision and became even more glorious to behold as she reached between her thighs and spread her labia wide apart, revealing her vaginal opening. He forgot about everything, staring into her cunt.

Therefore he was surprised when Sally suddenly pinched his nose shut. Unable to breathe through it now, Martin opened his mouth and got a breath of air. Paget had been waiting for this moment. Martin had been staring at her vagina, forgetting the tiny hole of her urethral opening just above it. Out of this opening shot a stream of piss, landing squarely in his open mouth. Without thinking, he closed his mouth, swallowed, and opened his mouth again to breathe.

You can let go of his nose now, Sally,” Paget said. “He swallowed some, like a good boy.” Her piss continued to rain on his closed lips and neck. Martin couldn’t even turn his head, secured as it was. “You can drink some more, if you want to, Martin,” Paget chuckled. But he kept his lips firmly closed until her stream had stopped. Actually, he was surprised that the urine that he had swallowed didn’t taste all that bad. It was more the fear of its taste that bothered him, rather than the actual fluid.

Unbeknownst to him, Monica and Samantha had watched this display, wide eyed. Their education in kinkiness was advancing in leaps and bounds.

Paget climbed back off the table, set it vertical, and hosed him clean again. She even dried him off a bit, paying special attention to his still rampant erection. When she had finished, she turned to the blondes. “OK. Yesterday, you only saw and felt a man’s limp penis. Now feel the difference.”

Much bolder than they had been yesterday, Monica and Samantha quickly stepped forward and began fondling his dick. “Oooo,” Samantha said, “it’s so much firmer now!”

Yes,” agreed Monica. “And it’s hotter too! Must be all that blood in it. But are erect cocks always this purplish?”

No,” Paget answered. “If the blood stays trapped too long, it loses oxygen,” she explained. “Watch.” She unsnapped the penis harness, and began massaging Martin’s cock. It quickly changed color, becoming a natural pink once again. She reattached the harness, showing the girls how the harness worked. “With an uncircumcised cock, like this one, only the glans part – the very head of the penis – should be purplish.” She peeled the foreskin away in demonstration. The girls nodded their understanding.

Before we move on to the next major part of your education, do you girls want to see what this cock tastes like?” Paget saw them freeze, hearing this question, pupils wide open. “Look, girls. It’s not poisonous.” She leaned over, put about half of Martin’s cock into her mouth, and hollowed her cheeks as she sucked on it briefly.

Martin groaned loudly with need. The fresh blood in his cock had taken away some of its numbness, and he was very aware of Paget’s mouth and tongue. He tried looking into the mirror to see better, but the women’s bodies blocked the view of his reflection.

Paget slid her mouth off his cock, which still poked straight forward, gleaming wetly with her saliva. Judging that Monica was the least timid at this point, she told her, “Just in case you’re worried about my saliva on it…” She took Monica’s chin gently in her hands and planted a deep kiss on her lips, opening them with her tongue, and they intertwined tongues for half a minute or so. Paget broke off the kiss and said, “There. We’ve shared saliva now. Nothing more to worry about.”

Monica grinned, and proceeded to mimic Paget’s sucking on Martin’s cock. As she did so, Samantha stuttered a bit, asking, “W… w… will it… ummm… spit as we suck it, Ma’am?”

You mean, ‘will he ejaculate into our mouths?’ in plain words, Samantha?” Paget inquired with a tolerant smile. Samantha nodded. “That might happen with a high school kid, or junior college – some, young, inexperienced man. They can cum just thinking about sex, at that age. But not with a seasoned veteran like Martin – he takes a lot more stimulation than a quick suckle. How are you doing, Monica?”

Monica removed her mouth, and wiped her lips with a smile. “It was fine. The salty taste was very pleasant. Thanks for this opportunity – it’s a lot less scary now.”

OK, Samantha. Your turn,” Paget said with a smile.

Wait! What about my kiss, Ma’am?” Samantha asked, turning her face to Paget’s. Paget immediately complied, giving Samantha a long, searing French kiss.

But when they came up for air, Paget laughed merrily and told Samantha, “It’s Monica’s saliva on his dick now, so you’d better kiss her to share spit.”

Martin was treated to the sight of the two blondes embracing and indulging in a passionate kiss. His erect cock bounced up and down with excitement, much to the amusement of the three other women.

After her kiss with Monica, Samantha dropped to her knees, and not only took Martin’s cock into her mouth – she started bobbing her head forward and back rapidly as she sucked. The sounds that this evoked from Martin were so loud that they caused an echo in the large room.

Paget tapped Samantha on her shoulder. “If you do that too much, his cock will really spit into your mouth. If you want that, fondling his balls will speed the process up.”

Samantha quickly yanked her mouth off the cock, making Martin groan with frustration. “Oh, no!” the blonde said. “I’m not ready for that yet. But you’re right, Monica. That salty taste is kind of nice.”

All right,” Paget said, rubbing her hands together. “Are you two ready for the next step?” Both blondes nodded so enthusiastically, that Sally and Cindy clapped their hands. “OK, then. Here we go,” Paget chuckled, as she tilted Martin’s table to horizontal again. His cock was still quite turgid – his erection standing almost straight up. To his surprise, someone loosened the leather strap on his forehead, and the rope at his neck. He was able to move his head, finally! He rocked it side to side and tipped it up and down, gratefully. He could now look down his torso and see from his cock to his toes.

Sally and Cindy brought over several small sets of steps. They watched from the sides of the table as Paget, Samantha, and Monica climbed up to kneel next to Martin’s groin. Paget was holding a condom packet, and showed the teenagers how to carefully open it, and pull out the condom. The blondes watch with rapt interest as Paget demonstrated how to pinch its tip, holding that at the head of the cock, and then smoothly unrolling it to fully sheath the cock’s shaft. “Understand?” she asked. They nodded. “OK, who wants to go first?” Paget asked.

I guess since I sucked him first, I should go first,” Monica said, a bit timidly.

Do you want to do this with your skirt on, or off, sweetie?” Paget asked her. “In either case, please strip off your panties, to make this easier.”

Monica looked at the bevy of scantily clad women around her. She laughed, “Oh, what the hell. Why should I be a prude, with all the rest of you displaying your charms so openly?” She stood up on the table, and removed her skirt and panties. She even shifted the center panel of her tank top so that her breasts hung out fully from either side of it. The other women applauded her as, virtually naked now, she stepped to straddle Martin’s hips.

Paget turned to Martin, observing his dilated pupils as he drank in the sight of the lovely, nubile female towering over him. “Two things you need to know, Martin,” she said in a matter-of-fact tone. “First, you are not deflowering her, or Samantha, even though they’d never seen a penis before yours. Both girls have used dildos for years, so you’re not going to break any hymens today. Second, you’re not allowed to cum. If you do, the punishment you received yesterday will seem like child’s play. So if you start feeling like you might cum, cry out a warning. Understand?”

Martin recalled the pain inflicted on his cock and balls the day before. His mouth went so dry he had to swallow several times before he could get his voice working. “Yes,” he finally choked out. He was a bit terrified. It was plain Monica was going to ride his cock, and she looked so luscious that he feared he might cum the moment her cunt slid down over his swollen cock.

Paget seemed to know what he was thinking. “Don’t worry too much, Martin. I plan to help you.” She held up a violet wand. “This can deliver tiny, painful shocks. It won’t really harm you, but the mild pain should help you control your orgasm.”

Martin stared at the device, heart thumping hard. “Honest, Paget, I’ll warn you if I feel anywhere near close to cumming. Please don’t use that thing.” In truth, the excitement generated by his anticipation of fucking Monica had dissipated quite a bit.

Paget chuckled, seeing the expression on Martin’s face. “He’s ready,” she told Monica. “Hold your pussy lips wide open, and sink down onto him. Pretend that cock is your dildo and you should do fine.”

Monica opened her labia, as everyone else, standing down on the floor, looked up and watched. The tender pink hole of her vagina came into view. Martin gasped, despite his concern about the wand. Monica spat in her hand, and rubbed her spit over her opening as she knelt down above his hips. Holding her labia with one hand, she grasped his sheathed dick with the other. Blindly rubbing and poking the head of the dick along her sex, she finally found the spot, and sank downward. Her sigh of satisfaction was heard by all as her eyes widened with pleasure.

Ahhh. This doesn’t feel like my dildo at all!” she groaned. “It’s warm, and sort of firmly pliable.” She was directing most of this report at her friend, Samantha, who in turn subconsciously licked her lips, anticipating her own chance at feeling it. Monica started rising carefully upward until she sensed the cock was about to pop out, then sank down again. At first she leaned on Martin’s lower chest to get her balance, but ultimately mastered humping up and down on his cock, hands free.

Martin watched, mesmerized as the young lady rode him. Other than his head, he couldn’t move a muscle, bound as he was. It was a strange sensation for him, being used as a fuck toy like this, with a crowd watching, and unable to do a thing about it. As Monica experimented flexing her cunt muscles on his cock, gripping it more tightly to heighten her pleasure, the sensations generated caused him to murmur, “OMG! It’s too much!”

Paget calmly zapped his nipple with the violet wand. “Yowch!” he cried out, but the wand did the trick. His arousal ebbed, even though his cock stayed firm.

Monica started playing with her tits with one hand, and her clit with the other. In moments, she bucked, shivered, and moaned loudly as her body reached a lovely climax on Martin’s cock. Sally helped support her as she threatened to fall sideways in her post-orgasmic slump. The women helped her off the table, and Cindy held her in a warm embrace as she was catching her breath.

Raring to go, Samantha had already stripped off her jeans – no panties under them – and whipped off her belly shirt, getting completely naked. She climbed up onto the table top. Meanwhile, Paget had removed the condom from Martin’s dick, and handed Samantha a fresh condom packet, so the girl could practice.

To Martin’s dismay, Samantha knelt at his side facing his feet. As she bent over to concentrate on placing the condom over his dick, her sweet cunt was shoved quite near his face. He could smell the wonderful spicy scent of her current arousal, and the touch of her fingers on his cock sent further waves of blood into it, filling it to the point of bursting. It was excruciatingly lovely!

Task completed, Samantha spun around, straddling him. The excited blonde didn’t need to spit on her hand, since her pussy was already drooling. Watching Monica cum had aroused all four of the other women immensely. Samantha opened herself and quickly impaled her cunt on Martin’s rigid shaft. Gasping with pleasure, she bounced fervently on his dick, galloping heedlessly toward her own orgasm. Paget gave Martin a tap with the violet wand on both his nipples, to remove his focus from the cunt sliding up and down on his cock. In just a few minutes, Samantha threw her head back and candidly screamed out her orgasm for all to observe.

Again, Sally came to the aid of the teenager as her body thrashed and twisted, holding her safely in place until she was ready to dismount and climb off the table. Samantha murmured something that sounded like, “So much better than my dildo.”

Paget peeled off the condom once again, gave Martin a quick zap on his balls to distract him, and removed the cock harness. She massaged his cock flesh back to normal pinkness, then harnessed it once again. While Paget was doing this, Sally and Cindy removed the latex mittens from Martin’s feet and hands. Using the step stools, Sally straddled Martin’s left foot, inserting his toes into her cunt, using them as a dildo to pleasure herself. In counterbalance, Cindy placed her pussy on Martin’s right hand, letting him finger her squishy depths.

When Sally and Cindy were satisfied, Paget tilted the table back to upright position, and gave Martin some water to drink from a bottle, using a straw. He was parched from his heavy breathing, much of it brought on by the thrill of fingering Cindy’s cunt, and thanked Paget humbly for the water.

The women gathered together on a blanket between Martin and the mirror to have a late picnic lunch. Monica had put her translucent yellow panties back on, but left her tits hanging free on either side of her tank top. Samantha had not wanted to put her heavy jeans back on, so someone had given her a thin pink chemise to wear, which hid neither cunt nor tits. Sally had removed her astounding ribbon outfit, opting for a purple lacy garment that revealed more than it concealed. Cindy kept her comfortable baby-doll outfit on. Paget donned a thin black negligee.

Martin’s eyes threatened to bulge out of their sockets, seeing such pulchritude on display. The women ate, sipped, and chatted, but every once in a while someone would walk over to him and feed him some tasty tidbits, and help him drink more water. Each woman managed to brush against him with part of her anatomy, transferring her lovely scent to his skin. Each gave his cock and/or balls a lovely caress before rejoining the others. His jutting cock fairly hummed each time it was touched. Sally cooed about how wonderful his smooth, naked ball sack felt and wondered out loud why she hadn’t plucked it clean years ago, which made the others grin.

If it looked like he was getting too excited, Paget fixed him with a stern eye and reminded him, “If you cum without permission, Martin, it will go very badly for you.”

Martin was in a quandary. Never had he gone this long with an erection without the release of orgasm. His balls, which the women now also rubbed, licked, sucked, and stretched during their teasing caresses, were screaming to be unloaded. After some particularly playful attention from Monica, which included her sucking on his dick like she was trying to suck a thick milkshake through a straw, Martin groaned pitifully. “Please, please, may I cum, Paget?” he pleaded.

Not yet,” was her reply. “Do you need a touch of the wand?”

No! Please! Not that! I’ll be good!” he cried, in response.

Honestly, what a wimp,” Paget commented, scooping one of her tits free of the negligee, and letting the others watch her zap it with the wand. She barely jumped, showing them how truly harmless it could be. Of course, Martin didn’t know she’d dialed back its strength somewhat from the setting she’d used on him.

This intermittent torment went on for a couple of hours, part of which time Martin wore four clothes-pegs with spring jaws on his scrotum. He yelped when they were applied, but he screeched later, when they were removed, since removal is more painful than application. But these sensations also helped him stay aware of his erection. As did the lubricants they smeared on his cock to pump it more easily. Also some sort of liquid was applied to his denuded ball sack that went on cold, but gradually warmed in a wonderful way. His cock stood up even prouder with the warmth flowing through his balls.

When they weren’t actively tormenting him, the women were getting to know each other on the blanket in front of him, where he could watch. The familiarity started with kissing, progressed to undressing and caressing, and built up to full blown, carefree sex. Martin watched, lusting, as the women kissed, licked, sucked and fingered one another, in groups ranging from pairs to a complete fivesome! He had never before observed so many hot, steaming, undulating bodies in the throes of passion. He kept pleading piteously to be allowed to cum.

Sally had Paget tilt the table horizontal again. She then strapped a special gag onto Martin. It had a plug that went into his mouth, but sticking up from his face was a dildo that looked like a real penis. Fully naked, Sally lubed the artificial penis carefully, squatted as she slipped her cunt down onto it, and rode that dildo to orgasm, the other women watching and clapping to encourage her. Martin looked up along her torso, and watched her lovely tits bouncing and swaying from an angle and distance he had never seen before. His humiliation at being used like this intensified when Sally climaxed. Her cum spewed into his face, getting into his nose and eyes.

Paget tilted him back upright, to hose him off, but not before lifting his cock and ball sack high enough to work an inflatable butt plug into his ass. She inflated it enough to make him wince, but he couldn’t protest, since the gag was still in his mouth. Now he was bound to the table with two ‘cocks’ jutting forward – one from his groin and one from his face. Added to that, his ass hole was filled and stretched by the intruding plug. Sally took pictures from several angles. Monica and Samantha asked for copies of them.

At this point, something profound changed in Martin’s attitude. Prior to this, he had vague thoughts like, “Just wait until I get free. These bitches are going to pay for this.” He had thoughts of retribution. But now… now he felt different. His Dom energy was drained away. He could never let news of this humiliation get out. He would be ruined in his career, and his relationship with his friends. Those pictures Sally was taking, shared among these women, gave all five of them power over him. Even though he was not overtly stating the fact, his eyes were informing Paget that he was entering a state of submission. Submission to any and all of them.

Ever vigilant, Paget noticed the change. She looked into Martin’s eyes, and liked what she saw there. Gone was the glare of anger, mixed with indignation. That was replaced with the softness of acceptance. She removed the dildo gag from his mouth and shocked him, but this time, not with the wand. She shocked him by pressing her lips to his in a sweet kiss. “Good boy,” she whispered. “You’re finally coming around.” She smiled at him and continued, “And speaking of cumming, I think its about time you did. Don’t you?”

Oh yes, yes, yes,” he pleaded. “Please let me cum. My cock and balls are aching. I’ll do whatever you want. Even with everyone watching.”

Paget inserted ear plugs into Martin’s ears, and secured them in place with headphones, through which he could hear faint strains of music. While Martin watched, the five women huddled together and conferred. Although he could see them talking, gesturing and smiling, he could not hear a word that was being said. Ultimately, there was nodding all around the group. Something had been decided.

Paget returned to him and unblocked his ears. “OK, Martin. Samantha and Monica have decided that they want to know what semen tastes like,” she said, beaming a smile. His heart beat faster, looking at the curvaceous bodies they displayed. “However,” she went on, “they don’t want to actually have you spurting into their mouths and onto their faces. So neither of them is going to suck you off.”

Like most males, Martin had selective hearing. He heard the phrase ‘suck you off’ out of context, and groaned with excitement, imagining them kneeling before him, mouthing his cock. He licked his lips with anticipation, oblivious to the fact that he had not heard her correctly. The penny finally dropped when Paget went on, explaining what really was about to happen.

So, instead of either of them giving you a blow job, they decided they’d rather suck your cum out of my cunt. They know what my juices taste like, so they want to taste my juices flavored with your cum this first time,” she explained.

That means,” Martin whispered, “I get to fuck you?”

Well, properly speaking, I’m going to be fucking you, since you can’t move much,” Paget giggled. “And that’s the good news.”

Martin swallowed nervously. Hesitantly he asked, “Does that mean there’s bad news?”

I’m so glad you asked,” Paget said with a huge grin. She signaled the other women to draw close. “Remember the time that you had me tied up,” Paget began for all to hear, “and you forced me into one orgasm after another after another, ignoring my pleas for you to stop? My body was literally exhausted, and you still kept going. You’re now going to get a taste of your own medicine, sweetie.”

Turning to the blondes, she explained, “After a guy cums, his cock usually gets very sensitive. So if you are giving a boyfriend a blow job, or you’re pumping him off, don’t be surprised if he pushes you away from his dick right after he ejaculates. He’s not being mean, or anything. It’s just that further touching can be painful. We females can often cum several times in a row, and then we just get exhausted, not super sensitive.”

Monica, half raised her hand to inquire in general, “Just checking. When you say blow job, you really mean sucking it – you don’t actually mean blowing, do you?”

That’s right. Putting his dick into your mouth and trying to blow on it doesn’t do much good,” Sally agreed. No one laughed, knowing that the two young blondes were just trying to learn.

Adjusting the table to horizontal once again, Paget stripped off her wisp of a negligee, and climbed onto the table. The other four women stood at its edge, two on each side, close enough that Martin could see them all. But his eyes were drawn to Paget’s pussy, watching her place it above his groin. She unbuckled and removed the cock harness, briefly massaging his freed flesh. With a smooth, practiced movement, she skewered his dick into her cunt, leaned forward to dangle her tits against his mouth, and started humping him.

Martin took her cue, and started sucking her nipple, his lips trying to stuff an areola into his mouth so his tongue could bat her nipple from side to side, just the way he knew she loved it. She fed him one nipple, then the other, letting her excitement rise, and letting him feel her cunt warmly gripping his dick as she bucked atop him.

Soon, body glistening now, she leaned back on her hands, which made the head of his cock rub against her vaginal wall just deep to her clit. She was more interested in causing his ejaculation this time, not her own. She wanted the young blondes to get a good taste of semen, rather than a predominance of cunt juice. With rapid up and down movements of her hips, she was actually using her cunt to masturbate Martin’s cock.

And he responded.

His body strained against the leather straps, trying to lift his hips and drive his cock as deeply into Paget as possible as he exploded. The pent-up flood of cum jetted up into her cunt, painting her tunnel with copious amounts of hot, sticky semen, as Martin cried out an echoing, “AHHHHH!!”

Her mission accomplished, Paget smiled and leaned back far enough to let Martin’s cock squelch its way free of her tunnel. Swiveling, she gracefully left the table, and placed herself on the blanket on her back, knees up, and thighs wide apart. Monica and Samantha followed her.

Meanwhile, Sally started pumping Martin’s cock with her hand, and ran a sensuous feather across his pelvis and lower belly. Cindy pressed a buzzing vibrator to the underside of his ball sack, and gently wiggled the butt plug still filling his ass. This stimulation was designed to keep him stiff.

At the blanket, Monica and Samantha took turns sucking carefully at Paget’s honey pot, brimming with that load of Martin’s semen. Each took a tentative sip at first, rolling the strange fluid around in her mouth, letting her tongue sample and evaluate it. Their first impression was slightly negative, since it was so unlike anything they’d ever tasted before. But, trusting Paget’s word on the matter, they sampled again, and then again, acquiring a taste for it. Soon, they were sucking lustily at her opening, scooping and swallowing.

Paget blissfully closed her eyes, and played with her tits as the teenagers ate Martin’s seed from her cunt. Therefore, she wasn’t certain who was doing the eating at the moment her body peaked, convulsing in a lovely orgasm. When she opened her eyes, both their mouths were side by side, drinking her flow of cum. Each girl had a hand on Paget’s inner thigh, holding her wide open as they greedily consumed her juices. She gratefully patted them both on their heads. She then learned that the girls had been fingering their own cunts as they ate, and had also reached orgasm at nearly the same time as she did. The damp spots on the blanket, perfumed with their scents, attested to the intensity of their climaxes.

After a short rest, embracing, all three staggered to the table on slightly wobbly legs to see how Sally and Cindy were doing. They became aware of Martin begging, “Please stop!” as the two women were doing a rather painful, torturous job of keeping his erection firm, even after his huge ejaculation into Paget. His sensitive cock was reddened by their attentions.

Paget snapped on a latex glove, and lubed her index finger with a water-based lubricant. “Here, let me show you something, girls,” she said, deflating Martin’s butt plug and pulling it free. She worked her hand between his thighs, Sally helping her by lifting his ball sack up high as she continued to pump him. “I’ve got my finger up inside his rectum now, and I’m curling its tip toward the front of his body. There’s a firm bump right here, which is his prostate gland. If its stroked gently, men can get quite excited.”

Almost as if he’d been cued, Martin began moaning.

Now, I could just rub that gland and milk it without giving him a real orgasm. If I did that, we’d see a clear, sticky fluid oozing from that hole in the head of his cock. But we want more. Cindy, Sally. Who wants the honors?”

Me,” said Cindy. She climbed up by Martin’s hip and started sucking hard on his cock.

Owww! Please! Too sensitive! That hurts!” Martin moaned.

Ignoring his cries, Paget kept stimulating his prostate, while Cindy sucked and pumped his cock into her mouth. Sally documented all this with her camera. After perhaps five minutes or so, Martin groaned and twitched. Cindy stopped pumping, just letting her mouth collect his semen as he spurted. Paget had felt his prostate contract, so she eased her finger out of his ass, and tossed the glove away.

Did he give you a mouthful, Cindy?” she asked.

Cindy nodded, keeping his cum in her mouth.

Girls, do you want to taste Martin’s cum from Cindy’s mouth? If so, just give her a kiss with your lips parted a little, and she’ll feed you some. If not, she’ll just swallow it all,” Paget informed them.

Both blondes approached Cindy and kissed her, sharing more of the unfortunate male’s semen. Unfortunate, because while they were doing this, Paget moved Martin’s table to vertical. She wheeled over a weird looking machine, with a motor, a crank, and an off-center crankpin attached to a connecting rod – the sort of thing you might see for a piston. But instead of a piston, Paget had mounted a fleshlight there. Harnessing and freely lubing Martin’s cock, she inserted it partway into the slit in the face of the fleshlight. As she switched on her machine, the fleshlight began moving slowly forward and backward, almost completely swallowing Martin’s dick, and then almost freeing it again.

All the women watched, fascinated. If Martin’s hips had been in motion, he would have been fucking the artificial pussy formed by the fleshlight. As it was, the fleshlight was fucking him! Normally, the sensation for him would have been delightful. But he had just ejaculated, and for the second time! This extra stimulation was beginning to feel like a post orgasmic torture. Martin grimaced as the machine stroked and pumped his cock.

Orgasm is a great thing, unless you’re a male, trying to have too many in a row,” Paget chuckled, above the whirring sound of the machine. She paused the machine and drizzled more lube on Martin’s cock. They all noted that his dick showed no signs of sagging yet. Paget switched it back on, and set the speed faster. In addition to the whirring sound, there was now the squishing sound where the fleshlight flashed back and forth on Martin’s aching cock.

Will he cum like this?” Samantha asked. “And if he does, how will we know?”

See this clear plastic tube, dangling from the far end of the fleshlight?” Paget said, pointing. “When he cums – and he’s staying on this machine until he does – his semen will trickle down into that tube.”

All the women watched, at first. Then, slightly bored, they took turns watching. The young blonde girls passed some time tickling Martin’s nipples with the feather during their watch, about 25 minutes into Martin’s current ordeal. They heard him making a curious series of grunts, and lo and behold, the plastic tube now contained semen! They cried out, “He’s cumming!” and the other women wandered over to look. Paget switched off the machine, and pulled it back out of the way. His raw-looking, reddened cock popped out of the fleshlight with a sucking sound. There was a tiny drop of semen still clinging to the central opening of his foreskin.

Martin moaned, “Thank god that’s over.”

Paget agreed, “Yes, that’s over. That was a long 25 minutes. Let’s see if you can do better this time.” She had unbuckled the leather cock harness, and was inserting a plug with a wire trailing from it into his ass as she spoke. She picked up a tiny harness, which fit nicely over his glans, once she’d peeled back his foreskin. The harness had a little metal bead that rested against his cock’s frenulum, at the underside of the crown between its glans and shaft.

What’s that?” Sally asked, with confusion in her voice. Martin, trying to focus after his latest forced orgasm, was wondering something similar. His cock happily started to go limp, even with Paget touching it.

Oh this?” Paget replied with a smile. “This is an electrosex device. It sends a current from inside his ass, through his prostate and seminal vesicles, along his cock shaft and scrotum, to terminate at this most sensitive part of his penis, right here.” She tapped the tiny bead. “The fleshlight took almost half an hour to make him cum. Watch what this does.” She dragged a blanket over in front of Martin, and had the blondes get naked and lay themselves face up on it, watching from there.

She switch power to the device, and twisted a few dials, setting the current strength, and the pulse frequency.

Martin at first felt nothing. Then a gentle tingling. An adjustment of the machine, and he suddenly felt waves rippling from deep inside his ass all the way out to the tip of his cock. “OMG!” he vocalized, along with other unintelligible sounds, as his body began twitching.

The women watched, spellbound, as his cock, stopped drooping, and rose up again until it was more rampant than they had ever seen it before! Its shaft grew in girth, its glans swelled and strained at the harness, pressing the bead deeper into his frenulum. At about three and a half minutes, Martin began to howl. At four minutes, he screeched as semen flew out of his cock! It arced through the air and splatted down about a yard in front of him. All the women gasped, seeing the strength of this, his fourth ejaculation in a row. Not just the force propelling it – the amount was prodigious! The blondes’ gasp became a happy shriek as his semen rained down on them, giving them their first cum bath!

Laughing joyously, Cindy and Sally knelt down to rub the cum around on their tits and bellies as they rocked and giggled on the blanket. They certainly no longer had any fear of semen. Their education was nearing completion. As Paget switched off the current and began disconnecting the electrosex device, Sally and Cindy began licking the semen off the giggling teenagers, with much merriment.

By the time they looked up, Paget had placed Martin on his back, with a new device dangling over him. Cindy, who had spent her childhood on a farm, looked at it with dawning recognition. “Paget, is that a… a milking machine?” she queried.

Same principle, Cindy. But this is only good for one ‘teat’ – in this case, his cock,” she chortled.

No, no. Please, no,” Martin whimpered.

Yes, yes. Definitely, yes,” Paget replied, mocking his terminology. “We’re going to let this machine suck your cock, milking you, for one hour. Then your ordeal will be over, and we’ll let you go. Sally, make sure you get some good pictures of this. Not only of his cock being milked, but also his facial expressions.”

Will do,” Sally said, smiling.

Paget climbed up next to Martin, placing some soft pillows alongside him. She settled down beside him. Bringing her face close to his, she whispered, “I know you can do this. Will you be brave, and do this for me? Or should I just let you go right now? If we start this, I’ll not stop it for one entire hour, you know.”

Martin felt the warmth from her body where it touched his. His emotions warred within him. His cock hurt, true. The prospect of having it sucked for an hour was daunting. But he had now gotten some idea of how badly he’d been treating these women, and he was ashamed. Enduring these ordeals seemed to be, in some small way, making amends for his bad behavior. And he was seeing Paget in a whole new light – a strong, capable woman. He also respected Cindy and Sally more than he had before. Hardening his reserve, he decided. “I’ll be brave, for you, Paget. I’m ready,” he whispered back, his body trembling with mixed emotions.

I’m so glad,” she murmured. “I’m proud of you, Martin.” She gave him such a loving kiss that his body tingled all the way down to his toes. She slid the sleeve of the milker downward, until his cock was fully inserted into its tube. She touched a button on it, and the rhythmic suction began. She noted the starting time.

Martin gasped as the machine cycled, sucking and releasing, sucking and releasing. Swallowing several times, he tried to relax and let the machine take control. To his surprise, Paget didn’t abandon him at this point. Once again she stretched her naked body out alongside his, holding him in her embrace, kissing him. His heartbeat accelerated, and not just because of the excitement building in his groin. He was oblivious of Sally taking pictures of his current submission.

After a while, Paget felt Martin’s muscles tensing, and saw his eyes open wide as his mouth sucked several deep breaths of air into his lungs. She watched his rather silent orgasm, smiling. She nodded at Cindy.

Cindy climbed up onto the table, and spent a few minutes licking and sucking Martin’s hairless scrotum. She enjoyed the smooth clean texture of that thin skin, noting how much more fun it was to play with balls this way. She settled herself along Martin’s other side, skin to skin as much as possible. Paget and Cindy kissed each other right in front of his face. Stroking Martin’s hair, ears, and cheeks, Cindy took over for Paget. Paget climbed off the table as Cindy began kissing Martin, whispering, “You’re such a good boy now. I really love licking and playing with your balls, you know.”

Martin felt the warmth of a blush filling his face and traveling down his body, blending with the warmth he felt emanating from Cindy’s bare skin. Something rippled through him, like a miniature orgasm. He couldn’t tell if his cock had spurted into the relentless intermittent suction of the milking machine. He closed his eyes, sort of drifting in a daze.

More warmth touched his other side as Sally slid into place there. Even with his eyes closed he knew who it was, because he smelled her familiar scent. She leaned in and kissed his lips. He was amazed at the passion she put into the kiss – she had been rather coolly withdrawn from him for months. He opened his eyes, and found himself looking into hers as she pressed her breasts to his chest, her face hovering over his. The look of affection he saw there struck him hard, and the machine sucked another offering from his cock as he vibrated in his restraints.

Sally watched his face as he came, kissed him lightly, and said, “The girls want some time with you too, sweetie.” She climbed off the table and for a few minutes, he was alone with the constant, insistent sucking at his manhood. Only for a few minutes though. Suddenly, his vision was filled with the sight of the two naked blondes standing on the table at about the level of his hips. They were grinning impishly as they displayed their bodies to him. Since they were only about 18, their breasts were still small, with the amazing puffy areolae of young nubiles. They boldly pulled their labia open, revealing their sweet treasures, as they swayed tantalizingly.

With sweet tittering sounds, they settled down upon him, their breasts pressed against his and each others. Covering his face with happy kisses, they snuggled with him. “Thank you for being instrumental in our education,” Monica said.

Martin looked at her with surprise in his eyes. At first, he had thought these were empty-headed teenyboppers. What a difference a day can make. They were taking on an air of maturity and wisdom. Of course, he might have been slightly biased at that moment, because they were also kissing and gently sucking his nipples as they each had a hand blindly exploring his scrotum.

You were our first in so many things, you know,” Samantha confided to him. She paused to make certain she had eye contact with him. “And, perhaps, if you’re willing sometime, you can be the first to actually fuck us.” Monica nodded enthusiastically. Samantha continued, “We feel comfortable with you, and Paget said you might like to do it. Yesterday, I thought you were a nasty, evil man. But you don’t seem to be like that anymore.”

It was true. This experience had a profound effect on Martin. It was like some horrible driving force had been burned out of him. He couldn’t feel any impulses to harm, or get even. It pleased him to find out that these two, lovely, relatively inexperienced women wanted him – wanted to learn more about sex with him. Trusted him. He had to say something. “Samantha,” he said, looking into her eyes, “and Monica,” he turned to include her, “I’m touched – I’m honored – I don’t know exactly how to express this. I’m willing to help your education in any way that I can.”

The two blondes reacted to this heartfelt declaration by wiggling against him with joy, rubbing their soft, wet pussies against his hips as they took turns kissing him deeply. After several minutes of this, Martin groaned loudly as the milking machine again brought him to an orgasmic peak. The girls gently cupped and held his balls, feeling the muscles there straining to eject their contents.

They were still snuggling with him when Paget announced, “Time’s up.” She switched off the machine, and gently pulled its tube up and off his cock.

Ooooo,” Samantha cooed, looking at his glistening dick as it slowly deflated and rested against his ball sack. “May we kiss it, if we’re really, really careful?”

Martin wasn’t sure that was a good idea. But, very tolerantly, in an almost avuncular voice he said, “Yes. Go ahead.”

The two girls each gave his dick the sweetest, gentlest kiss he’d ever felt there. Rather than hurting, their lips seemed to apply a soothing balm. Martin sighed with relief.

Paget examined his testicles with a critical eye. With a smile in her voice, she said, “These look a bit like shriveled walnuts. You Sir, are fully drained, in my opinion.” Checking the machine’s reservoir, she announced, “Looks like we got about a tablespoon of semen during that hour.”

Martin was amazed. He was sure he’d had about 5 or 6 orgasms during that hour. He must have climaxed several times with his muscles doing their ejaculation convulsions, but with no emission of semen. Each of them had been earth shatteringly satisfying, though. He sighed and stretched his arms and legs to ease any cramping as Paget undid the leather straps that had confined him to the table.

She helped him over to where the women sat on a fluffy blanket, against cushions propped against the wall behind them. She had Martin rest, face down on the same blanket where all of them could prop their feet on his naked body. They remarked how good his warm skin felt under their feet as they embraced or held hands.

Martin examined his emotions now, feeling both relief from his ordeal, and a sense of ‘rightness’ about being submissively under their feet. He drowsily listened to the women as they chatted, discussing all that had transpired during these two days. They answered more of Samantha and Monica’s questions. Then Monica asked an innocent, but critical question, “Can we do this again?”

Paget considered the question. She nudged Martin with her toe, asking, “What do you think, Martin? Want to do this again?”

He thought back on his ordeal, about being held in those restraints, about being used as their toy. He considered the agony, but also the ecstasy – about cumming and cumming like that. He visualized all their naked bodies before him. He remembered the feeling of a warm cunt or a demanding mouth embracing his rigid cock. Seeing his cum arc through the air, splatting on the blondes’ naked flesh, covering them with a cum bath, made him smile in recollection. And then watching them playfully smearing his cum all over their smooth bodies. He felt his poor cock stirring again, under his pelvis, tired, oh so tired, and yet – demanding more. His mouth opened, and these words spilled out, “Yes, please, Paget. I want to be the sex toy for all of you. Anytime. I’m yours.”

(to be continued) link to part 03

Martin’s Torment – pt. 03 – A month later.

(a month after part 2)

Martin arrived at the warehouse at the time designated.

Paget had been very specific as to when he was to arrive, and what he was to do while waiting. His cock was already semi-erect, because she had told him the group had something special in mind for today. The group consisted of Paget, Cindy, and Sally (his wife), plus the two young blondes, Samantha and Monica. Everyone was now trusted, and knew the warehouse location, because everything that happened here was completely voluntary.

Martin was thrilled to be a submissive to these women. His life was much more satisfying, being at their whim. The month since his first visit here seemed to fly by. His life revolved now around being of service to them.

In his mind, he heard Paget say, “As soon as you’re inside the door, undress, and fold your clothes neatly.” Off came his shoes, socks, shirt, pants and underpants. He noticed a small damp patch on the underpants where his cock head had rested.

Paget’s next words of instruction were, “Put on the black leather collar you’ll find by the door, and attach the leash to it. Kneel next to the door, holding the end of the leash in your upturned palms, ready to offer it to us.” The collar and leash were where she said they’d be. Buckling the collar around his neck, he found its metal ring by touch, and snapped the dog leash to it. When he went down into kneeling position, he found it most comfortable to scoop his scrotum upward, and let his balls rest on his closed thighs. His cock waved in the air above his balls, tip still moistened.

He positioned the leash end in his palms, and waited, staring straight ahead, trying to calm himself. The problem was that his mind kept flitting to memories of what the women liked to do to him in this place, and those memories were anything but calming. They were erotically stimulating.

Struggling to regain his composure, he lost track of the time. He was startled out of his reverie by the sound of a car pulling up. Being near the door, he could not only hear the car, he could also hear the happy chattering of the women as they climbed out of it. All of them had come in the same car. Hearing their voices made his cock jerk in anticipation.

The door opened, and the women filed in, all dressed in normal looking dresses, still conversing with one another. But as they entered, almost as a ritual, each woman lifted her skirt in front of his face. None were wearing panties. He knew he was to lick each one for as long as she offered her cunt to him. Each woman had a unique taste and scent, and he loved them all. He made a bet to himself that even blindfolded, he could tell them apart, as long as he could sniff and lick them.

During this process, Martin’s cock stiffened to full attention. Monica remarked, “Looks like he’s very happy to see us. And doesn’t his ball sack look cute like that, nestled on his thighs?”

Martin blushed as the women giggled at Monica’s remark. As he knelt at rigid attention, the women leaned or knelt down to touch, stroke, and pinch his cock and balls. His heart rate accelerated during these attentions, and he had to take deeper breaths to keep up with it.

Finally, Paget picked the leash out of his hands, and commanded, “Come, Martin. Crawl beside me.” She started walking languidly toward the inner, main room, giving him time to shuffle along on hands and knees beside her lovely legs. Her dress swished gently against his shoulder. The other women walked behind them both, making comments like, “Look how he has to keep his thighs apart to prevent squishing his balls,” and “His balls look like they’re pretty swollen. I think he’s got a nice load in their for us.” This caused laughter, while Martin silently acknowledged that his balls were indeed full.

As they entered the main room, Martin saw a large, sturdy table set with a white table cloth that covered just its surface, leaving its corner legs in full sight. At first, from the end, it looked like a normal table. But as they neared it, he saw that the center section had about an 8 to 10 inch gap.

Get onto the table, and place yourself face down, Martin. I want your genitals dangling through that center opening,” Paget informed him.

With a little careful wiggling, Martin was soon placed as she’d ordered. The women set to work, looping ropes under his armpits, and attaching those ropes to hooks on the short end of the table near his head. Other women were busy tying his ankles together, using another rope to secure them to a hook at the short end of the table near his feet. Someone took his wrists into the small of his back, and deftly tied them together. Unable to support himself now with his hands, Martin turned his head to one side, resting his cheek on the tablecloth.

Paget tapped his shoulder. “OK, Martin, struggle a bit for us. How well can you move?”

He couldn’t use his hands for purchase on the table top, so he arched his back, successfully pulling his torso upward a few inches, but the armpit ropes prevented any further movement. He tried moving his feet, but he could barely budge them. He tried rocking his body side to side. This was the most motion he could achieve, rolling almost up on to one hip, and then the other. “I can’t move very much, Miss,” he reported, rotating his head to face her.

While he was watching, Paget handed Sally a long cord, about the thickness of a shoelace. “You do the honors,” she told Sally.

Sally climbed under the table. Martin felt her hands touching his scrotum. He couldn’t see what she was doing, but from the sensations, thought she must be wrapping the cord several times around the place where his scrotum hung beneath his cock. The cord was isolating his ball sack from his cock, making the skin of his scrotum tighten and smooth out.

From under the table, Sally asked, “Where should I secure this?”

Paget looked under and pointed, “That tiny screw eye right there.”

Oh yes,” Sally remarked. “I see it now.”

Martin felt tension as his ball sack was pulled towards his feet as Sally tied off the cord.

As Sally emerged from under the table, Paget instructed Martin, “Now try to rock like before, Martin.”

He obediently started a tiny rocking movement, and immediately winced with pain as the movement yanked at his ball sack. “I cannot, Miss,” he said, hoping she would not demand he try harder.

Perfect,” Paget purred. “You’re ready.”

Trussed up, helpless, unable to move much, Martin found that he was very aroused at this point.

Cindy patted his butt. “Now you be a good boy as we finish our set up.”

He was answering “Yes, Miss,” when someone slipped a sleep mask over his eyes, blindfolding him. He was left in darkness as the women bustled around, doing unknown things. He heard the scraping of metal on the floor, and the rustling sounds as the women changed their clothes. He thought he smelled some sort of food nearby.

His blindfold was removed. His head was resting on his right cheek, so he was looking sideways to his left. All the women were standing there, on display. His eyes first focused on Paget, since she was a little closer to him.

Paget was wearing thin black lingerie. A black webbing covered her tits like a see thru tube top. Straps from her waist and her hips converged to hold a diamond shaped piece of that same netting against her mound and cunt. He lifted his head off the table to change his sideways view to a vertical one. After letting him get a good look at her front, she executed a slow turn, and his heart almost stopped. Her ass was virtually bare, with only a strap crossing her hip line, and a wisp of black transparent material hugging the very bottom of her ass cheeks. Her ass crack was completely exposed! He moaned longingly, and rested his head on his cheek again.

Monica stepped forward, getting his attention. She had on a bright yellow top with thin shoulder straps that were holding up a bra, whose breast cups left the top half of her tits uncovered. Transparent panels of yellow material cascaded down from the cups in a curving sideways path that stopped at her hips. Her belly was fully exposed, and so were the thin panties that barely concealed her sex. He again lifted his head for a better look, before resting it again.

It was Sally’s turn. Martin had never seen her look that sexy. Her purple outfit started with a ring held between her tits with purple strands that descended from the sides of her neck and forked to lovingly follow the upper curve of her breasts. One strand went to the center ring, the other strand went to the outer edge of her breast, just below her armpit. That outer strand, plus the ring, stretched a thin purple band of material horizontally across her tits. The narrow width of this material permitted both the top and bottom curves of her breasts to bulge into view. The thinness of the material allowed the dark shadow of her areolae to show through. Another panel of thin purple material traveled from the center ring down over her navel – also visible through the panel – to some sexy purple G-string panties.

Martin wondered if these women were having some sort of contest to see who could dress the sexiest, because now Cindy stepped forward, wearing a bright red sleeveless one piece garment that covered her from neck to crotch – but it looked like it had been sprayed on her! Nipples, areolae, navel, tiny strip of dark pubic hair, valley between her outer labia – all of it was clearly visible – a delight to his eye.

Samantha had opted for a blue corset. Her narrow waist was built for this garment, fitting her like a glove. Her ample breasts threatened to spill out over its top. And her panties… Martin’s eyes bulged from their sockets… she wasn’t wearing any! In the front, her pussy lips pouted between her graceful thighs. She turned and gave him a long, lascivious look at her completely bare ass, grinning over her shoulder.

Martin realized at that moment that all the women had a clear view of his fully engorged cock, hanging beneath the table. The women went behind the table on Martin’s right side, and took their seats. With his head still looking to his left, he noticed a camera and a monitor. The image on the monitor was a tight shot of his cock, from the side.

Swiveling his head to his right, he saw Paget sitting there, with a plate of food in front of her – fruits, vegetables and dip. She had a remote control for the camera. Grinning, she manipulated the controls, nodding that he should look back to his left.

Turning his head, he saw the same view that the women could see as they sat on their side of the table, looking over Martin’s naked body at the video monitor. Paget had zoomed back, showing the length of the underside of the table now. Clearly visible were 5 pairs of lovely feminine legs. Those legs were open, and all 5 pussies were exhibited. As he stared at them, Paget was zooming in, and panning the camera from one gorgeous cunt to the next. His cock was thrumming underneath him, its bulbous head swinging like a metronome. His mouth went dry with excitement.

Lift your head, Martin, and look straight ahead,” Paget told him.

Doing so, he saw a camera and monitor that gave a view down the long axis of the table, with only a side view of their legs, and his cock pointing toward the camera at an oblique angle. It took him a lot of effort to lift his head like that. Neck hurting, he put his head back down. He couldn’t see why that camera and monitor were placed where they were.

OK, we’re all set now. Martin, in case you haven’t figured it out, we women are going to dine on some delicious tidbits and watch as we play with you. To take turns, we’re going to cut cards. The high card wins,” Paget explained.

He heard cards shuffled, and one by one, the women cut the deck, showing the others her card. None spoke, leaving Martin in suspense.

Samantha crowed with joy, “I win!”

You lucky girl. You’ll probably get the biggest load,” Cindy spoke in mock complaint.

Everyone, even Martin, watched as Samantha crawled under table. He had a heart throbbing moment as she had her naked ass pointed at the camera before she settled herself in place.

Martin felt a hand at his balls, then another at his shaft. Watching in the monitor, he saw Samantha’s face move toward his cock as he felt her warm mouth engulf its head. Paget had zoomed in, so the monitor had a wonderful view of Samantha sucking his cock.

She seemed hungry and eager. She pumped him fast, sucking hard, playing with his balls. He wanted to hold back, but there wasn’t any way he could control it. In a remarkably short period of time, her ravenous mouth claimed his first load. The other women watched his buttocks contract and relax, and knew he was using his muscles to help propel his semen from his dick.

A few minutes later Samantha came out from under the table, her eyes wide, her cheeks bulging like a chipmunk.

Are you holding that load?” Monica asked, rather incredulously.

Samantha nodded.

All of it?” Sally asked.

She nodded again, coming around the table toward them.

Oh… I think she wants to share. Do you?” Cindy asked, with a happy tone of voice.

Samantha nodded vigorously. She kissed each of her friends, one after the other, drizzling fresh cum from her mouth into theirs. Martin could only guess what that looked like, because the monitor only showed his dangling cock, still fairly turgid, gleaming with Samantha’s saliva and a pearl of his cum at its tip.

Everyone having received a share of that fresh load of cum, Samantha swallowed what remained in her mouth and sat down. The cards were shuffled again, and this time Sally won. As she climbed under the table, she remarked, “Watch closely, ladies. I know this cock very well.” She carefully peeled back his foreskin, as Paget brought the camera image to a tight closeup. They all watched, riveted, as Sally started rubbing his frenulum area softly with a dampened finger, just gentle teasing whispers of contact. “This drives him crazy,” she said with a smile.

Soon Martin’s face was strained, although they were not looking at it, and he was making a strange keening sound, very audible in the quiet room. Sally lifted a small bowl into camera view, holding it beneath his cock head. Grasping his shaft, she proceeded to milk his semen into the bowl. When his spurting, huffing and puffing died away, she crawled back out from under the table and announced, “Now we have another dip for our fruits and vegetables!”

The other four women applauded merrily. “Great idea!” Cindy chortled. Paget zoomed the camera well back, so Martin could watch. They all took either a small piece of vegetable or fruit into their hand, dipped it in his cum, and sampled it. There was a uniform consensus that this enhanced the flavor. Soon they were dipping pieces of food and feeding each other in such erotic ways that Martin’s cock showed no signs of going limp. He was enjoying the view too much.

It’s a good thing his cock stayed stiff, because this time, when they cut the cards, Monica exclaimed, “I win! There! Finally! I’ve been on the pill since we first started playing here. It’s safe now for me to actually get fucked. And I’m going to!” She walked around the table, standing where Martin could see both her and the monitor. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. Martin saw her do this from the front, and also from behind, as his eyes darted from here to the monitor and back. The filmy yellow side panels were attached to the bra, so now she was completely topless.

Mischievously hooking her thumbs into her panties’ waistband, she slid them down, bending as she did this. Martin watched her pussy fully appear in front, and, as she bent over, the glorious globes of her ass in the monitor. He was mesmerized, because he heard what she said she wanted.

Stark naked, Monica asked, “Paget, will you help me?”

Sure, sweetie,” she replied.

With Paget guiding her, Monica went under the table, facing the same direction as Martin, got on her hands and knees, and lifted her ass up. The rest of the women watched the monitor avidly as Paget maneuvered Monica’s cunt into position. Opening the young blonde’s labia, Paget held Martin’s cock steady as Monica backed onto it.

As she felt her cunt being stretched and filled, Monica emitted a long sigh of satisfaction. “Mmmmm. This feels so good! Better than I guessed it would!” She started slowly rocking her pelvis forward and back. But that jarring against Martin’s manhood made the cord on his balls yank harshly at them, causing hisses of pain to escape his lips.

Paget realized instantly what the problem was. Quickly, she untied the cord from around Martin’s scrotum. Now his masculine equipment could bump forward and back freely. She moved out from under the table, and moved close to Martin’s head. “Martin, look at the forward monitor,” she whispered.

Martin lifted his head, straining his neck to see. As he did so, Paget put a small pillow under his chin to help him remain like that. In the monitor, he saw Monica’s face, smiling, her tits dangling and swaying as she moved, making him slide in and out of her pussy. Now he could watch her fuck herself on his dick. He even saw his face when he raised it up off the table, so he was aware that Monica could see him, as well.

Paget spoke a little louder, for everyone’s benefit, “I untied your balls for now. You still can’t move much, I know. But do your best to fuck her. Remember, yours is the first cock that has been inside her pussy. Make sure she enjoys it.” The last sentence was said with a fond smile, and a pat on his head.

Encouraged, and to be honest, with a heart swelling with pride, Martin started rocking his pelvis, tilting it forward and back. This drove his cock more firmly into Monica, who gasped with pleasure, feeling the cock become more alive inside her.

She responded, driving back harder, matching his rhythm.

You go, girl!” Samantha cried out, clapping her hands.

Make your pussy swallow that cock,” Cindy said, voice filled with inspiration.

I bet if you cum, he’ll start to spurt, too!” Sally advised her. “Tell him when your cumming!”

The now quieted room was filled with the slapping sounds of flesh impacting flesh as they fucked. Other sounds could be heard, like Monica moaning with pleasure as her cunt was finally being used in the manner intended by nature. Martin, still with his hands tied behind his back, and roped to the table by his armpits and ankles, was grunting as he frantically arched his back and rocked his pelvis as much as possible to make his hips move. He was watching the monitor, feeling and knowing his cock was buried in the cunt of the lovely girl who was smiling at him. When her eyes were open, she looked at his face. When particularly powerful stimulations rippled through her body, she squeezed her eyes shut to focus on them.

She began bucking faster.

OMG!” she cried. “I’m gonna…” She sucked air. “Oh, FUCK!” she screamed. “AAAAAAAAHHHH!” she bellowed as she started cumming. Grabbing another lungful of air, and bearing down on the dick skewering her cunt, she gasped out, “Oh fuck, I’m cumming! I’m cumming hard!”

Martin emitted an incoherent shriek, with sweat pouring from his forehead into his eyes. He stopped rocking, his body arched as his cock injected a load of his seed into her vaginal embrace. Both he and Monica froze in position, holding their pose, as his warm fluids bathed her intimate recesses for the first time. Monica’s face, eyes closed, had a glorious expression of bliss. All the women smiled fondly as they witnessed this act of consummation. Samantha and Cindy instinctively closed in on Monica’s torso from either side, and gently supported her, lest her knees buckle. Martin settled back down flat on the table surface, panting from exertion.

After Monica recovered and let Martin’s cock slip from the warm embrace of her cunt, Sally put the leather harness on his cock and balls to prevent him from going limp. The women helped Monica out from under the table, and Paget told the girl, “Sit on the edge of the table near Martin’s hip, but on this side, toward the camera. Monica moved into that position. “Now spread your thighs apart, and hold your knees to keep your legs up,” Paget said. As Monica went into this pose, Paget spoke to Samantha, “Go spread your friend’s pussy lips wide open, dear. We want to capture this moment for her.”

Samantha didn’t hesitate to do as she was told. The two friends weren’t strangers when it came to touching each other intimately. She gently stretched and spread Monica’s labia wide apart, and pressed them to her inner thighs, where sweat help secure them in place. Monica’s vaginal opening was now fully visible, and in seconds, Martin’s semen appeared at that opening, and that white goo began drooling out, seeping downward toward her ass crack. Paget adjusted the camera to get a closeup of Monica’s dripping cunt, and Martin’s glistening, stiff cock hanging beneath the table, seemingly between Monica’s spread legs.

Everyone, except Martin, complimented the image. Martin seemed to be dozing. But when Samantha said, “The first time Martin actually fucks me, I want a picture like this, too!” Martin’s eyes opened wide, and he smiled wearily. “But not today,” Samantha continued. “I want him fresh and vigorous for my first fucking.” Martin smiled wider, nodded, and then dozed again.

Monica dried herself off, and put her pretty yellow outfit back on. The women went back to snacking, rousing Martin enough to feed him a small amount. The main thing he wanted was water, which was provided with a long straw. Of course, drinking water made Martin aware that he had to pee, so Monica kindly held a bottle under his penis. He didn’t hesitate to urinate into it as the women watched – he was getting used to them seeing this.

When the women were ready to cut cards again, only Paget and Cindy hadn’t yet had their turn with him. Cindy looked sad when she unhappily drew a four. But Paget drew a two, so Cindy’s frown turned into a big smile when she realized she’d actually won. “I’m glad you showed us that technique that drives him crazy,” she told Sally. “It’s going to be handy for what I plan to do to him. I’m going to teach Monica and Samantha how to give a guy what’s known as a ruined orgasm.”

Samantha and Monica looked at her quizzically. Samantha asked, “How can an orgasm be ruined? That doesn’t seem to make sense.”

You’ll see,” Cindy answered as all three of them went beneath the table. Martin’s cock was still at full attention, due to the leather harness. They were positioned behind the cock, with regard to the camera, so Paget and Sally could watch from where they sat.

Cindy gave Martin’s cock and balls a light, gentle stroke with the palm of her hand. The young blonde girls watched closely, eager to learn. The look of concentration on their faces was cute to see. Paget hugged Sally, expressing her happiness at how this group had become a family.

Meanwhile, Cindy had carefully, slowly pulled back Martin’s foreskin. As it retracted, she drew the girls’ attention to the underside of the cock, right where the glans met the shaft. They could see how the foreskin seemed to attach here in an almost triangular fold of lighter skin. “This area is called the frenulum of the penis,” she explained. The blondes could be seen silently mouthing the word, as if committing it to memory. “This is what Sally was rubbing. Right, Sally?” she called up to the woman seated behind her.

Yes, that’s the spot,” Sally confirmed. “He’s so sensitive there, I barely have to make contact with it.”

Cindy wet her finger and began a feathery caress on the spot she’d indicated. Martin’s cock reflexively jerked up from the contact. “See how it reacted?” Cindy asked. The blondes nodded, almost owl-eyed with fascination. “Now, you remember the sounds he made earlier, just as he was about to cum when Sally rubbed there?” Again both blondes nodded. Those were unusual sounds indeed – very impressive. “Well, at that point Sally grabbed his cock and pumped him over the edge, catching his cum in that bowl. We’re going to do something different. Watch.”

She placed one hand on the top of Martin’s cock, to prevent it from jerking upward, and started performing more feathery, whispering touches to his frenulum with a dampened fingertip. Everyone listened to Martin’s breathing as the stimulation from his cock flooded his senses. He moaned happily as his cock received such wonderful attention.

After a few minutes, his moans were replaced once again by the strange keening noise, and his breathing deepened. “Now we know he’s about to cum, right?” Cindy asked her ‘class’ of avid observers. Samantha and Monica both answered, “Yes,” almost simultaneously. “This is the point at which Sally pumped his cock hard. But instead of that, I’m going to take him to the point of no return, when his body is fully engaged in the start of his ejaculation… about… now!”

Cindy suddenly removed her hands from Martin’s cock. His keening sound changed to a cry of “Nooooo!” His cock jerked, bounced, as if it was seeking contact with something, anything! But it hung in space before their eyes. Finally, it gave off a dribbling sort of spurt of cum. Martin’s muscles jerked his cock harder, fighting to make him finish his orgasm. The cock gave off another feeble squirt of cum, with so little force behind it that it just clung to the tiny hole from which it had emerged, hanging down in a 4 inch sticky stream of white goo. Further futile jerks of his cock produced no more cum, they just made the suspended cum swing back and forth before the astonished eyes of the young blonde girls.

He sort of… half came,” Monica whispered in amazement.

That’s right,” Cindy agreed with a smile. “He had an orgasm, but it was ruined, because the stimulation he needed for a full launch was withdrawn at a critical moment.”

Everyone crawled out from under the table. No one bothered to wipe the hanging goo away. The camera got a lovely closeup of Martin’s ruined orgasm’s results. Samantha went close to Martin’s head to ask him curiously, “How did that feel, Martin?”

Martin was groaning with frustration, but composed himself to try to answer her honestly. “It’s hard to describe, Miss,” he began. “It’s like being held on the edge of orgasm, but with no real relief. I could tell my cum was leaving my cock, but my muscles weren’t working right somehow, so it felt like it only dribbled out. Overall, it was very frustrating, Miss.”

Your cum did dribble out, a bit,” she confirmed. “It looked ludicrous. I have never seen a cock shoot so poorly like that,” she added with a grin. Martin blushed red with shame and groaned with frustration some more.

Paget gave Martin’s bare ass a slap with her hand. The surprise of that made him twitch, causing the string of cum to finally flip off the end of his cock. That same twitch caused the cord to yank his ball sack, and he yelped.

Don’t worry, slut boy,” Paget said. It’s finally my turn, and I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a complete orgasm this time.”

Thank you, Miss,” Martin said, humbly. “I’m your slut boy, here for your pleasure.” He meant these words. There was something about Paget’s mannerisms that made him sink into a calm state of submission. He wondered what she had in mind, though. Each woman, so far, had used him in different ways.

Unbeknownst to him, and out of his line of sight, Paget was busy putting on a strap-on cock – a very lifelike one – attaching it with straps that encircled her thighs and waist. She had removed the wisp of clothing that had covered her mound and pussy. This strap-on had a dildo that was inserted into the wearer’s pussy to help stabilize it, and also to pleasure the wearer herself. Its base plate pressed against her clit perfectly. She lubed it liberally, while the other four women watched her with excitement gleaming in their eyes. Wiping her hands on a towel, she also pulled off the thin, black webbing of a tube top that had contained her tits. She was now naked, except for the strap-on.

Martin’s first inkling of what was about to happen occurred when he felt a cold liquid drizzling on his ass crack and ass hole. He swiveled his head to look at the monitor and saw what looked like a naked Paget standing behind the table at his waist level, tilting a bottle of lubricant above his ass. She had zoomed the camera back to give him a better view. Placing the bottle down, she used her fingers to smear the lube around and around his ass hole, holding his ass cheeks apart with her free hand.

Her finger pressed its way through his tight anal ring.

His body’s instinct was to clench that muscle to prevent what could be perceived as a rude invasion. But this finger belong to his Miss, and he knew he needed to submit. Actually, he wanted to submit. Therefore, even though he involuntarily groaned as the finger entered him, he also sent messages to his anal muscles to relax. As Paget poked deeper, forcing lubricant into his nether tunnel, Martin took several slow deep breaths, trying to relax his ass muscles with each long groaning exhalation.

Good boy,” Paget praised. She could feel him opening himself for her. She added another finger, spreading Martin’s ass opening wide enough to pour lubricant directly into it. Martin felt the strange sensations of cool liquid moving the wrong way in that back passage. He then realized that everyone in the room was seeing his ass opened, either directly, or on the monitor. He blushed with perverted pleasure at this thought. “Oh, yes. Monica, please untie his balls at this point,” Paget said. Monica did so, quickly and efficiently.

Paget was now easily able to corkscrew three of her fingers left and right in Martin’s ass. “You’re ready,” she told him. “See how ready he is, ladies? His ass is virtually begging to be fucked.”

Martin heard the word ‘fucked’ and shivered. Paget was going to fuck him? He looked at the monitor and saw her climbing onto the table, naked except for the cock-like dildo poking forward from her sex. His heart beat faster as he saw and felt her thighs straddling his. He held his breath as she aimed her ‘cock’ at his well lubed ass hole. He felt it touch his opening, and tried to prepare himself. But when Paget leaned forward, skewering her ‘cock’ into his rectum, Martin gasped loudly.

The watching women giggled and chuckled. They applauded as Paget began rhythmically fucking Martin’s ass. As he accommodated, she fucked him harder, and even a little deeper. At first, she was kneeling and bending over him, braced on her hands. But after a while, she stretched herself sensuously out along his back. He felt her weight on him, and adored that feeling. Her warm breath cascaded onto the back of his neck. Her bare breasts snuggled warmly against his back. Her body pressed against his low back and ass. She was rocking her hips to thrust her ‘cock’ in and out of his ass. He was breathing hard now, and gasped out between breaths, “OMG! Yes! Please fuck my ass, Miss!”

Paget made no reply to this plea, but she kissed the back of his neck passionately. After that, she called out, “OK ladies, you know what to do.”

Laughing merrily, the other four women scrambled under the table. One of them removed the leather harness. With his cock completely available to them now, all four of them began caressing it. They fondled his balls, licked, stroked and sucked all of his dangling sexual parts. Only one or two faces could be pressed in close at the same time, so they took turns. But hands were always present, stimulating him.

Martin was having his ass fucked by the beautiful woman atop him, while four other lovely beauties caressed his penis and testicles. Looking into the monitor, he could see it all happening. He was in heaven. He honestly tried to hold back his orgasm as long as he could, but it was terribly difficult to do so, given his circumstances. He didn’t know that as Paget was fucking him with that strap-on, the device was also fucking her cunt and pressing and rubbing her clit. All he knew was that her ‘cock’ was rooting back and forth inside him, a very heady sensation.

As she neared her own orgasm, Paget reached under Martin’s chest and found his nipples. She placed her palms so these hard little nubs of his pressed into their centers as she clung tightly to him. Bucking her hips harder and faster, she began shuddering. Since she was pressed tightly against him, Martin clearly felt her body quivering. He knew she was about to cum, and so was he. The women beneath him were doing amazing things to his cock and balls. He heard them chanting under the table, “Cum… cum… cum… we want your cum!” But still he held back.

Paget released. She screamed, “I’m cumming!” and shook, clinging tightly to him. The juices from her cum escape from around the base plate of the strap-on, and anointed his ass and thighs. But it was her vocal announcement of her orgasm that triggered his. He joined her in orgasmic ecstasy. Below the table, the women shrieked as his cock suddenly let fly with spasm after spasm of cum! Since they were tugging his cock every which way, his semen flew every which way. The women giggled as globs of cum splattered against their faces.

Paget rested atop Martin until her breathing returned to normal. She kissed the back of his sweaty neck, and eased the strap-on out of his ass, which to him felt strangely empty now. That feeling persisted for quite some time. Despite the fact that he had just ejaculated a hefty amount of cum, his dick didn’t go limp, because one woman or another suckled on it, until it could be re-harnessed.

He put his head down, and closed his eyes, somewhat exhausted. While he was resting, the women cleaned up, part of which involved carefully licking their friends’ faces free of dripping semen. They changed back into the ‘normal’ dresses that they had worn in the first place.

Martin felt two things that happened almost simultaneously. His hands were untied, and at the same time something was slipped over his dangling, still fully erect cock. The ‘something’ turned out to be the sleeve of the milking machine, which was then activated. He groaned a happy groan as the machine began that wondrous alternate sucking action on his dick. Still tied to the table by his armpits and ankles, he brought his freed hands under his cheek to pillow his head, eyes closed.

He smelled the familiar scent of Paget’s perfume as she leaned in close to his head. “Martin,” she said. He opened his eyes and smiled at her. “We’re going out for a couple of hours.” He now noticed that they were all dressed again. “Here is the switch that can shut off the milking machine,” she continued, placing a remote control under one of his hands. “Leave that machine milking you for as long as you can stand it. If you switch it off, the milking tube will fall off your cock, so don’t switch it off until you absolutely have to, understand?”

Yes, Miss,” he answered with a groan, since the machine’s insistent sucking was once again driving him toward an orgasm.

Keep track of the number of times you think you cum,” Paget instructed. “We want to hear the count when we get back, and we’ll check how much semen you actually gave us.” With that, each woman gave him a loving kiss as they filed out. The door closed.

Martin was left, tied to the table, with the machine rhythmically sucking at his cock. His first orgasm was building. His cock was threatening to spew its fluids into the sucking maw of the milking machine tube. The urge built and built. Ultimately, he came, his balls aching from their efforts to expel more of his seed. “One,” he moaned, half in pain, half in pleasure, keeping count. He felt the controller for the machine under his hand. Faced with being like this for ‘a couple of hours’, he wondered how long he could last, before switching it off. The tube continued sucking at his dick. He felt the twinges of another orgasm come into being, and wept from pleasure.

Martin Meets Molly

Martin was happy to meet Molly.

Paget introduced her to him. Paget, who’d become Martin’s dominatrix, had to leave town for several weeks. She didn’t want her little submissive slut boy to get bored or sloppy, so she called upon the dark brown-haired Molly to fill in for her.

Getting to know one another was a fun time for them both. Molly craved sex a lot, so Martin was called upon to attempt to fill her almost insatiable desires. After teasing Martin’s cock to full, rampant turgidity, Molly would mount him and ride him, rocking her pelvis and undulating her torso, giving herself one orgasm after another. Martin especially liked it when she undulated, because it made her pert 34B (on a good day, maybe 34C) tits wobble enticingly.

Sometimes, Molly was greedy for several orgasms, regardless of whether Martin had cum or not. He was expected to keep his dick as stiff as possible, and let her ride it, even though his post-orgasmic cock flesh was so sensitive that sometimes he wept from the intense sensations. For some reason, Molly started really enjoying seeing Martin’s expressions and sounds during these times, so she did them more often, and longer – much longer.

One day, she tied Martin face up on the bed, naked, arms stretched straight up to the headboard, feet stretched straight down together toward the foot of the bed. This allowed her to easily straddle his hips. He, in turn, was so aroused that his cock stood straight up like a flag pole. Inserting his dick into her wet pussy, Molly rode him until she’d had 3 orgasms. Martin himself had ejaculated into her demanding cunt during her second orgasm, so he moaned and groaned all during the time she pounded herself into her third climax.

As she dismounted, Martin heaved a sigh of relief, but that proved premature. “I’ve had three delicious orgasms,” Molly reported with an impish grin. “It doesn’t seem fair that you’ve only had one. We’ll have to get you caught up,” she giggled.

He blurted out, “No, that’s fine, Miss. You don’t have to bother.”

Oh, it’s no bother at all,” she retorted, grasping his cock firmly. She began to pump it. “Come on. I’m sure you find my hand exciting. Let’s have your second load.”

Martin’s face contorted with mixed expressions of pleasure and pain as Molly worked his dick. Her other hand caressed what little of his inner thighs she could access in his trussed up state, plus his fully accessible ball sack. Martin moaned, groaned, wept, and bucked, his face turning red with effort as Molly manipulated his cock to greater, fuller turgidity. It took about 10 minutes of intense pumping, but finally Martin, raising his hips upward by arching his back, spurted a reasonable amount of semen onto his belly. Some dribbled onto Molly’s hand, as she clutched his reddened cock shaft.

Never one to let good semen go to waste, Molly leaned down and began licking the puddle on Martin’s belly. Lifting his head, he stared down his torso, watching her pink tongue lapping along his skin. Each time her tongue gathered a dollop of his cum, it disappeared back into her mouth, carrying its ‘treasure’ out of sight. He could see her lips closing in a contented smile each time. He sighed happily, glad that he’d provided her with what she sought.

When Molly’d finished licking his tummy clean, she sucked the cum dribbles off her fingers. Holding Martin’s cock upright with a firm grip on its base, her tongue traveled from her hand upward to his cock head, turning her head and shoulders to get all of its surface clean. Martin’s eyes were drawn to Molly’s breasts as she did this, because the turning of her torso made them bob and sway in an beguiling manner.

He was smiling, still watching those amazing breasts, when they began bobbing faster. At the same moment, Molly’s head began bobbing up and down, and Martin felt her soft lips and warm mouth engulf his still highly sensitive penis. He moaned loudly and pulled at the ropes restraining his wrists and ankles as Molly began a gentle suction on his tortured, throbbing flesh.

As her fellatio continued, Molly felt Martin’s cock once again stiffen to its full engorgement, despite his groans and strange vocalizations. Letting go of the base of the cock, both of her hands were free. With one, she began massaging Martin’s scrotum, playing gently with his testicles. She managed to work the other hand underneath him, between his butt and the bed, and let her fingers begin exploring the furrow between his ass cheeks. As she did this, Martin arched up so violently that his cock was driven into the back of her throat. Rather than choke or gag, Molly merely began making swallowing motions, which created a strange sensation on his cock head.

That’s when her finger managed to part his ass cheeks enough that it slid over his clenched anal ring, sending an explosion of sensation into his core. Her finger pried gently at Martin’s anal ring, seeking entrance. Her touch on that highly erogenous tissue, combined with the sucking, swallowing action at his cock head proved too much for Martin to hold back any more. His cock twitched in an agonizing orgasmic release. It didn’t deliver much fluid into Molly’s throat, but his telltale scream, plus the vertical pumping of his hips as he came, satisfied her.

Waiting until his pumping and twitching stopped, she kept a vacuum in her mouth as she let his cock shaft slowly emerge, glistening, from her now ascending face. Sweating and shaking, Martin watched, fascinated, as his partially limp dick finally popped free from her mouth, and plopped in a collapse onto his tightly cropped nest of pubic hair.

There,” Molly grinned. “We’re even now. I knew you could catch up with me.” Taking his shriveled dick between her thumb and index finger, she waggled it like a limp noodle. “Looks like we’ll have to wait a bit before we can have any more fun with this, though,” she giggled.

She placed her naked body alongside his, embracing him. “Am I being too tough on you, Martin?” she asked solicitously. “You sounded like you were in real pain.”

He thought a moment, figuring out how to answer. Finally, he began, “I admit there’s pain, having my cock handled right after I come like that.” He blushed, and stammered a bit, “B… b… but I like it. I have this deep need inside me to endure post orgasmic cock torture, Molly. I don’t really understand why, but it’s real.” He paused, then continued, “I’ll probably beg you to stop while its occurring, but in my heart, I don’t really want you to stop, if that makes sense.”

It makes sense, if that’s essential to fulfilling this need of yours,” she replied. He nodded vigorously. “But I need to have some way of knowing if it ever really becomes too much for you, so we need to agree on a safeword. If you say ‘red’ to me, or ‘redred’ or any string of that word, it means that you seriously need me to cease what I’m doing. Agreed?”

I understand, Miss, and I do agree,” Martin assured her. “But I hope I never have to use it. I want to experience as much of this as you can give me.”

You may think otherwise in the future, slut boy,” Molly stated with an impish grin. Lifting his still limp cock in her hands, she went on, “I can be quite ingenious in finding ways to ‘torture’ this little appendage of yours.”

Martin blushed, but he also smiled.

He was still smiling, two days and twelve orgasms later, although his cock was looking a bit red and raw, even though Molly smeared it with soothing ointment after particularly strenuous ordeals.

Today, Martin found himself face down on a lightly padded table surface. The table had a hole for his face, so he could look at the floor below him. It had another hole at his groin, through which his genitals dangled. He was held there by a series of straps that pinned his entire body to the surface, and his hands to his sides. He felt quite helpless.

After securing him in place, Molly left the room. Martin wondered what she had planned for today. The fact that his sexual equipment was so available was a good indication. A door opened, and the displaced air currents moved over his skin. He heard more than one pair of footsteps entering the room. Curiosity got the better of him, so he raised his face from the hole, craning his neck to see who was present.

His breath stalled. Strolling in, along with Molly, were Monica and Samantha! As if that wasn’t enough of a surprise, all three women were dressed in the sexiest lingerie he’d ever seen! His eyes bulged, and the veins in his neck stood out as he drank in the sight. The lingerie was virtually transparent – everything naughty was covered, from tits to pussy – but everything was also fully on display. Erect nipples poked thin material forward. Darker areolae shifted beneath the material as breasts bobbed with each step they took. Focusing his concentration, Martin could swear he could see the crinkles in each areola.

Shifting his gaze downwards, each woman’s trimmed patch of pubic hair showed through the wisps they wore as panties. Molly’s dark brown patch contrasted with the shining blonde patch at Monica’s sex. Samantha’s pubes were a dirty blonde, intermediate in coloration from the other two. Subconsciously, Martin was drooling by now, and his cock had engorged enough to point down and forward in its fleshy curve beneath the table.

Monica and Samantha tittered, “Glad to see us?” almost in unison.

Molly pointed at Martin’s cock, saying, “Does that answer your question?” All three women laughed merrily. Martin’s neck was complaining, so he finally had to lower his head, with his face looking through the hole. He wasn’t certain if his revelation to Molly earlier in the week, about how much women in lingerie turned him on, was a good idea or not. Three lovely women, dressed in such a manner, boded torture, indeed.

The women spread a blanket on the floor beneath the table, and Samantha crawled onto it, placing herself on her back, giving him a fantastic view. Molly spoke, apparently to Monica, “I’ll hold this glass under him to catch his semen when he cums. Your job is to milk him into it. Try to give me some warning when you think he’s close.”

Martin felt Monica’s hands on his cock and balls, and the process of milking him began, while Molly positioned the glass. Meanwhile, Samantha began playing with herself, giving Martin a live erotic show. Her hands traced the edges of her areolae, while she planted her feet, allowing her to raise and lower her hips suggestively. Getting turned on herself, she pushed her panties to one side, letting her fingers dart in and out of her wet folds. She managed to free one tit from its material, and pulled and rolled her taut nipple, wetting her lips with her tongue.

Monica’s hands were pumping his cock insistently, and Samantha turned her head in such a fashion that Martin was certain she was staring at his dangling cock. He started moaning a warning.

Monica told Molly, “Get ready. I think he’s about to blow his load.”

And blow his load he did! Straining at the straps, Martin’s body vibrated as his cock gushed a respectful volume of semen. Molly managed to catch it all, even scraping a hanging drop off the slit in his cock head. Monica used her hands to perform a stripping action from his cock base to its tip, making sure she had every bit out.

OK, I’ll take over his cock. Monica, you climb under the table now, and Samantha, come and hold this glass.” The girls quickly moved into position, as Martin felt Molly’s hands grasping his semi-turgid dick. Those hands started a milking action, and a delicious agony rippled through Martin’s body.

No! Please, no! It’s too sensitive now,” he cried.

Molly ignored his pleas, focused on her rhythmic stroking of his shaft. She applied some oil to her hands, and started mimicking the stripping action that Monica had done, starting one hand at his cock base the moment the other slipped off his cock’s head. It was almost like some erotic machine was manipulating his fleshy rod. It stiffened.

Martin was looking down at Monica, who was impishly flashing her downy, glowing blonde pubic hair at him. She then lowered her wispy panties to her knees, and opened her labia, showing her delicate pink tunnel. Wetting her fingers, she inserted two inside her cunt, moving them in and out and around, Within minutes, she had four fingers inside and her thumb tucked into her fist, and it looked like she was trying desperately to fist her own cunt! Her hips were raised high, and as she opened her thighs wider to try to press her knuckles through her vaginal opening, her panties tore off one knee, dangling now from the other.

Monica was panting hard, sweat plastering her hair to her head, tits heaving with each deep inhalation and gasp. Unconsciously, Martin was panting with the same rhythm, synchronized with her. He was barely aware of Molly’s hands working his throbbing penis. But when Monica screamed as her orgasm crashed though her, his cock spurted in sympathy. Molly and Samantha were caught off guard, but the glass Samantha was holding was fortunately in the right position. More of Martin’s spunk joined his first emission.

Monica was slumped, babbling happily in her post-orgasmic tremors. Martin was post-orgasmic as well, but Molly was still pumping and tugging on his cock, which sent pleasurably painful sensations rippling from his crotch to his brain. “OMG! It hurts, Miss! Please stop! Stop! Stop! Stop!”

Still pumping him, Molly leaned close to his ear and murmured questioningly, “Red?’

Martin flushed and groaned. “No, Miss. Owwww. I didn’t mean it.”

It was amazing to hear him moaning in pain, and yet not really asking her to stop. She marveled at his need to be treated like this, and fortunately, there was one woman left to help out. “Samantha, your turn to get a load out of him. Monica, come and hold the glass. My turn to put on a show.” They changed positions.

Samantha grabbed Martin’s reddened, raw-looking cock, and stretched it out. Holding it like that, she started rubbing his up-till-now neglected balls. Molly got onto the blanket, placing two realistic looking penis dildos next to her. She began undulating her body on the blanket, performing a horizontal strip tease beneath Martin’s face. Soon she was fully naked, her skin glowing as she writhed sensuously.

Despite the pain, Martin’s cock had stiffened again, and Samantha, rarely delicate in her actions, was pumping it forcefully with a well lubricated hand as she played with his ball sack. He was mewling piteously as she worked on his privates. But his eyes were glued to Molly’s body because she was displaying her tits, ass, and cunt, locking her gaze on his face. Her cunt was glistening as it dripped her juices, and more juices were displaced as she pressed a dildo deep inside and worked it around.

When the dildo was well lubed, putting herself on her side, she felt blindly for the pink, puckered opening of her ass hole. When her finger touched it, she moaned quietly, and used her other hand to position the cock head at her tight back door. She didn’t stifle a loud groan as she pushed the dildo deep into her ass. Not stopping, she shoved the second dildo into her cunt, giving Martin a great view of both of her holes, now in use.

Eying him in almost a challenging fashion, she started fucking both her openings in a sexy manner. Her eyes almost seemed to be saying, “I bet I can make myself cum before you do.”

Seeing this display, Martin wanted to cum, he really did. But his cock hurt so much now, and after two loads, his testicles must surely be depleted. Samantha was still pumping him in an insistent manner – she didn’t want to be the only one to fail to get a load out of him. Tears in his eyes, Martin blubbered, “I want to cum, Miss, but I can’t. I can’t. I can’t. I can’t.” His body shivered on the table top.

Molly ignored his pitiful confession, working her body toward what promised to be a glorious orgasm, given the double penetration she was experiencing. Her body was covered with a sheen of sweat, and her side-lying position allowed her top boob to sway in several directions as her body shook, splitting Martin’s attention between her chest and pussy/ass.

Molly began howling as her orgasm claimed her. Martin was straining his pelvis hard down on the table, as if he was trying to fuck the woman writhing beneath him. Samantha was tugging his cock. Monica was holding the glass poised, just in case. Suddenly, Samantha thrust her long index finger deep into her own sopping cunt, getting it quite slippery. Then without warning, she shoved it into Martin’s ass hole. Feeling her fingertip press against his prostate gland, she started rubbing it.

Martin’s howl drowned out Molly’s as his ass cheeks contracted hard on Samantha’s finger and his cock spewed such a load of cum that both Samantha and Monica felt their eyes bulge in surprise. Martin gasped, squirmed, sputtered and spurted, flailing under the straps like a fish out of water. When his ejaculation finally came to an end, his cock went completely limp in Samantha’s hands. Molly’s eyes came back into focus, and she laughed as she saw Samantha flipping the flesh colored shriveled noodle hanging from Martin’s crotch in a back and forth fashion.

Climbing out from under the table, Molly said to Monica, “Let me see how much cum we collected.” She smiled when Monica handed her the glass, seeing the copious amount it contained. “Keep holding his cock,” she told Samantha, as she handed the glass and a small paint brush to Monica. “Monica, start painting the back of his body with his cum,” she instructed the blonde woman.

But before she let the brush dip into the whitish, sticky fluid, Molly dipped her index finger in, getting a good sized, gooey glob. Going under the table by Martin’s face, she pinched his nose tightly shut with her free hand. When he opened his mouth to breathe, she inserted her semen coated finger, letting go of his nose, saying, “Suck my finger clean, slut boy.”

Martin could tell by the smell what it was. He made a face, but started sucking his cum off of Molly’s finger. While he did this, Monica started painting. “Feel that brush moving over the back of your body, Martin?” she asked.

He nodded, still sucking. “Monica is painting you with your fresh loads of semen. Smearing that sticky goo on your neck, back, ass, and legs. Making your skin shine with your cum loads.”

Samantha gasped. Molly looked at her, asking, “What?”

His cock is stiffening. Something is turning him on right now,” Samantha reported.

Molly looked into Martin’s eyes. “I wonder what it might be? The taste of your cum? The feathery feel of the brush bristles? The fact that your body is being covered with your semen?”

It twitched again, Miss,” Samantha informed her. “Right when you mentioned his semen going onto his body.” All three women giggled.

He’s pretty well covered now, Miss,” Monica told Molly. “And there’s still about half of it left.”

I have an idea,” Molly stated, pulling her now clean finger out of Martin’s mouth. Fetching a plastic funnel, she told Monica, “Help me spread these,” as she pulled one of Martin’s ass cheeks sideways. Monica pulled the other aside, and Martin’s ass hole was partially opened as his ass cheeks parted. Molly wet the funnel tip with her spit, and then eased it into his anus. Once it was fully seated, she poured the rest of Martin’s cum into the funnel. It slowly drained inward.

Molly went back to where she could see Martin’s face. “That’s your own cum you can feel drizzling into your ass now, Martin. You’re inseminating yourself.”

Martin’s eyes bulged when he heard this, and he try to shift his pelvis, but that only let the semen drain faster into his rectum. Martin’s actions might have been trying to signal distaste for what was happening, but his cock told a different story. “OMG!” Samantha cried. “He’s fully erect again!”

“So, slut boy. You like cum in your ass, huh?” Molly chortled. “Maybe next time it’ll be some other guy, delivering it in its original container.” Martin moaned, whether in displeasure, humiliation, or excitement, or in a mixture of all three, it was difficult to tell.

Since he’s hard again, Samantha, you and Monica may as well jack him off again. No need to catch the cum this time. Either let it go onto the floor, or your tits, or your mouths – your choice.”

Tittering merrily, the two younger women went under the table beneath Martin’s groin. Soon he was groaning, and whimpering as four soft hands worked on his manhood, trying to make him cum yet again. “Noooo!” he cried. “Please. It hurts! I can’t cum again! I can’t!” he complained. But he didn’t invoke his safeword. He endured about 15 minutes of painful pleasure while Molly watched, amused.

Finally, with an incoherent stream of sounds, Martin contracted his ass cheeks as his cock dribbled out his fourth load of this session. Monica’s mouth happened to be in position to catch his seed. Samantha worked at getting every last drop from his reddened, raw, rod of flesh, stripping it into Monica’s waiting mouth. After Samantha stripped the last drop from Martin’s rapidly deflating cock, she and Monica kissed deeply. Molly saw both of their throats working as they swallowed the shared load of semen.

She could taste Martin on their lips as they gave her a goodbye kiss before leaving. Molly let Martin stay strapped to the table for more than an hour, letting him rest.

The next afternoon, Martin was upright, bound spreadeagled to a St Andrew’s cross. A thick belt across the top of his pelvis immobilized him against the padding behind his upper ass and lower back. Molly wanted his genitalia nice and smooth, so she’d lathered his crotch and carefully shaved every hair away from the base of his cock, his scrotum, anal area, and his pubic area. Toweling him off, she ran her hands all over the surfaces, checking for stubble. There was none. “Smooth as a baby’s bottom, as they say,” she reported, smiling.

Martin’s cock was slightly engorged from her handling, she found, as she proceeded to step two of today’s ordeal. This consisted of smearing a generous amount of olive oil all over his genitals. Martin watched, interested, wondering what she had planned.

Molly then produced an ‘Original Powerbox’ along with various leads and attachments.

Martin swallowed hard enough that Molly heard it. “What’s that, Miss Molly?” he asked, meekly.

Have you heard of e-stim, Martin? Electrical stimulation?” she asked. His pupils enlarged as he nodded. “Good. Well, this is the power supply. This is a cock ring. And this is a cock head cap. They should suffice for today’s session. The cock ring goes here,” she continued, strapping it all the way around both his cock base and scrotum. That pressure and confinement made the wrinkles in his scrotum surface smooth out completely.

As she attached the cock head cap, she felt no explanation was necessary – its name said it all. She attached the electrodes to the power box, and left the device, inert, as she went to change. This also gave Martin time to anticipate what was going to happen to him. He’d never experienced e-stim, so he could only speculate.

After about 10 minutes, she returned, wearing a black negligee that was so visually stimulating that his cock danced. She spread out a towel and pillow on the floor in front of him, and sat down comfortably, taking the power box into her hands. “I wore black for a good reason, my little slut boy, as you will hopefully see.”

With that cryptic statement, she switched on the power and adjusted some knobs. Martin gasped, because it felt like a swarm of bees were starting to sting his cock, but with velvet stingers! His cock slowly engorged, stretching out in front of him to its fullest length. It felt sort of like the nicest vibrator in the world was buzzing his cock. It was exciting, but as the minutes wore on, Martin realized the stimulation was not quite enough to make him cum, though mentally, looking down at Molly, he desperately wanted to do so.

He moaned, “I can’t cum, Miss. Please help me to cum.” He tugged at the restraints that bound him, but couldn’t even move his hips much, although his cock bobbed up and down, the electric current running from his balls to the very tip of his cock.

Don’t worry, boy. You’ll cum all right. When I want you to. This is called ‘edging’ – keeping you close to the brink,” Molly explained, grinning impishly.

Time passed, maybe 20 or 30 minutes like this. Martin’s whole attention was now focused on his cock. The sensations were exquisite, but maddening. Therefore, he didn’t notice Molly twist a dial on the power box. In moments, with a loud shriek, he ejaculated strongly, his cum flying from the tip of his cock into an arc that rained down on Molly beneath him. The first splat hit her square on her left tit. She giggled as splat after splat struck her, hitting her face, belly, and thighs.

Martin had closed his eyes from the intensity of his internal contractions as he launched his seed. When he opened them and looked down, he understood why Molly had chosen black for her sexy outfit. His white blobs of semen showed up well against the dark material. He could see it dripping off her tit. On her up-tilted thigh, the white goo oozed until it pooled on the black wisp of panties that barely concealed her pussy. He imagined his minuscule sperm thrashing their way through that material and into her vaginal tunnel, starting their long journey. Molly made no move to wipe anything away.

Martin had forgotten that his cock was still wired to the power box. The vehement climax he’d experienced had rendered his tissues down there numb. But when Molly switched the impulses to a lower frequency, the numbness vanished. It felt like tiny needles were jabbing his newly awakened cock flesh. He whimpered, but his cock stiffened anew. Molly let the post-orgasmic agony continue for the eternity of 5 minutes or so, then switched the frequency again.

Martin barely had time to moan joyfully before his cock twitched, bobbed, and once again spewed semen down onto Molly. She was leaning back more this time, letting his cum bathe most of her torso. Again the numbness struck, and again the frequency was changed to painfully awaken his cock to fullness. The torment went on for a deliciously long time, with only short breaks to re-anoint his genitals with olive oil. “The oil assures a good electrical contact,” Molly explained as she poured and rubbed it on.

Martin was beginning to wonder if Molly would ever tire of the cum shower she was receiving. It certainly looked like there weren’t any non-spattered areas left on the front of her body, from her hair to her toes. He’d lost count of his orgasms, but he was aware that the last two times that the feeling of a climax coursed through his body, his cock throbbed, but no fluid emerged.

Molly noticed, also. “You’re completely drained, I see. Time to send you home to rest and recover. You’ve got a big day the day after tomorrow. I need tomorrow to prepare for it.” She undid the cock cap and cock ring. Martin sagged in relief. But Molly seized his sore cock, pumping it to make certain she had his undivided attention. “No masturbation tomorrow.” She grabbed his scrotum. “I want this fully reloaded for my enjoyment. Understand?” she almost growled.

Martin gasped and winced, replying, “Yes, Miss. I’ll only eat and rest all day. I want to please you.”

She gave him a tender kiss, whispering, “Good boy.”

He could taste his semen on her lips, and smell it everywhere as her body heat caused its more aromatic components to waft into the air around them. Wearing that black negligee that was now rendered virtually transparent by the fluids soaking it, and dripping with his seed, Molly looked to him like the most erotic woman in the world. His libido tried to make his cock stiffen, but it was a feeble attempt, at best. He dressed and hobbled out the door.

Two days later, Martin was trussed up, naked, in a standing position, bound to a vertical board behind him. In front of him were display screens, darkened at the moment. He was wearing headphones, currently silent. Molly had already applied a generous amount of olive oil to his crotch, and attached the e-stim cock ring around his cock base and scrotum. But she attached a slightly different looking electrical connection to his cock itself. This encircled the cock’s ‘crown’ – the space between the top of his shaft and the base of his glans. This also had a slender metal electrode that pointed straight up as Molly held his cock out horizontally.

Molly fondled Martin’s balls, perineum and ass crack enough to get him fully aroused. His cock now stood up at an angle. She positioned a stand, holding another electrode in such a manner that the vertical cock electrode pressed firmly against it. Martin watched, still mystified.

Seeing his expression, Molly broke into an explanation. “Two days ago, you learned the power of e-stim, Martin. Today’s setup is very similar, except the stimulation will only take place when you’re erect. If your cock is limp, it will dangle down, and no contact will be made. When you stiffen, and the two electrodes touch, the current will flow.” She stated all this with a dreamy smile on her lips, mentally beginning to enjoy his upcoming anguish. Even though he was wearing those headphones, he could hear her clearly.

Martin’s mouth went dry. He licked his lips, trying to moisten them. Then he croaked, “But, Miss. When the current flows, that stimulation will continue giving me an erection, won’t it?”

Yes, Martin. That’s the beauty of this setup. Your own arousal will continue to torment you, while I, and possibly others, watch.”

P… P… Possibly others?” he stammered.

Oh yes. I forgot to tell you. For this special occasion, I’ve invited several of my friends to join us here. In fact, I think I hear their car now,” she laughed. Martin’s cock began to droop as Molly left to answer the door. She returned with five other women, none of whom Martin knew. “See? I promised you a good show. Here’s Martin, my little slut boy for the moment,” Molly informed them, gesturing at him. He felt acutely embarrassed as they looked over at him. After all, he was bound stark naked to the board behind him, with his oiled up genitals strapped with those strange e-stim devices.

Not shy at all, the strangers clustered close around him, as Molly explained the apparatus. Their various scents – some natural, some enhanced by judicious applications of perfume, played havoc with his libido. He tried to take deep calming breaths, but he could feel his cock stiffening and rising. Several strange hands were touching him. Those hands whispered over his chest, arms, thighs, legs and feet. Some touched the sides of his butt. One very forthright woman actually lifted and rolled each of his balls, causing him to try to rise up onto his toes.

The electrode on his rising cock finally made contact with the electrode on the stand, and… nothing happened. His inquisitive gaze swung to look into Molly’s eyes. She was chuckling, because she knew what Martin was silently asking. “I haven’t switched on the power box yet, my silly little slut boy.” The other women tittered at this appellation. Martin’s cheeks heated as a deep red flush spread across them.

Let’s allow him to calm down before the show begins, my friends,” Molly told the other women. In agreement, they settled down to refreshments and chatting. During this time, Martin relaxed, since no one seemed to be looking at him, and his cock slowly deflated. He was half dozing when he became aware that the women had surrounded him again. Molly was placing a large funnel under him, telling him, “No matter whether you spurt, or dribble, we’ll catch every bit of your spunk.”

I’ll turn on the power box now,” Molly stated. “I guess I should tell you what gets Martin aroused. He gets turned on easily by women wearing sexy lingerie and underwear, especially if they display their ass.” Seeing one of her friends from England make a confused face, she amended, “In your case, it would be sexy knickers and showing your bum.”

Comprehension dawned. Her friend said, “Oh, you mean like this?” and turned and raised her skirt high, showing Martin a wonderfully pert ass, covered with a filmy wisp of purple cloth. He groaned, and his cock twitched upward.

Molly laughed, “Yes, exactly like that.”

Another friend asked, “Does wearing a thong qualify?” She promptly displayed her thong, nestled into the crack of her ass – an ass so perfect that Martin’s mouth started watering as he imagined biting and licking it. His cock twitched even higher.

Judging from the reaction of his ‘peter meter’ I’d say yes, it qualifies. But he also likes seeing women spanked. May I?” Molly asked.

The woman in the thong held her skirt a little higher and bent over. “All in a good cause, Molly. Be my guest.”

Giggling, Molly began spanking her bare ass cheeks with merry slaps of her palms. Martin didn’t want to watch, but of course he did, his cock swelling more… rising more. The friend’s ass cheeks reddened and warmed before Molly stopped.

Of course, one thing my slut boy can’t resist is seeing a woman tied up and forced to orgasm,” Molly chuckled.

Before she’d quite finished making that statement, an attractive brunette shot her hand up, saying, “Me! Me! Please, me! I haven’t had a good cum in days!” To emphasize her willingness, she was already unzipping and stepping out of her dress, ending up in bra and panties that made Martin’s eyes bulge with desire. Molly fetched some rope and a spreader bar. She attached the bar to her friend’s ankles, and locked her thighs open.

As Molly was tying the woman’s wrists together in the small of her back, the other women slid her bra down her chest, exposing her luscious tits, and her panties down her thighs far enough to expose her pussy. They turned their ‘victim’ so that her back was to Martin, and then a little more, so he would also see the side of her torso. Molly looped a long rope across the back of her friend’s neck, and tied it to a ring in the center of the spreader bar, forcing her to bend over enough to display both her ass hole and pussy to Martin’s gaze.

Then all five women went to work on the helpless volunteer.

They kissed, licked, nipped, fondled, spanked, and suckled her. Where? Her lips, neck, arms, hands, tits, ass, and thighs. They caressed. They fingered. When her cunt got sopping wet, one of them even started fisting her. They had to support her to keep her from falling down as she began to convulse and shake.

Her orgasmic screams were so loud that they missed Martin’s cry as the electrode on his rapidly stiffening cock finally made contact with the other electrode, completing the circuit. The frequency was set at the height of edging, and he began thrashing in his restraints. One woman noticed, and nudged the others. Molly released her panting, glowing, satisfied friend from the ropes and spreader, and they all moved closer to him to watch.

Now that the electric current was sending sensations of pleasure through his cock and balls, Martin was no longer embarrassed or shy. He looked down at his rampant erection rather proudly. He didn’t suppress his vocalizations, either, moaning and making keening noises as his climax approached. At first, a clear sort of goo emerged from his cock slit, typical of prostate fluid. Minutes later, a whiter fluid drooled out – either precum, or a little bit of cum. His glans was quite swollen, and the women stared at it, mesmerized, some of them rubbing themselves with excitement.

Martin gasped and strained. His cock began a series of jerks as it began expelling jet after jet of semen. He was cumming, and cumming hard! “Oh fuck!” he cried. “Fuck, fuck fuck,” he moaned with each subsequent spurt. When the woman overcame their initial shock at witnessing this, they broke into spontaneous applause. Martin’s seed, caught by the funnel, drained slowly into the collecting jar under it. His cock, a bit numb now, sagged, and the electrodes lost contact. He panted to catch his breath during this respite.

Is that it, then?” one woman asked. “One shot and he’s done?”

No, I certainly hope not,” Molly assured her. She walked over and activated the screens in front of Martin. They sprang to life, displaying a series of erotic images. One screen was devoted to women wearing sexy lingerie in a variety of poses. Another showed women who were bound with ropes in various ways, and being either spanked or manipulated into obvious orgasms. The third screen showed a series of rather more personal images. Pictures of Monica, Samantha, Cindy, Sally, and Paget making Martin cum during earlier sessions, and subjecting his cock to post-orgasmic torture. And now added were images of Molly doing similar things to him.

As soon as he saw all those images, Martin’s cock quickly engorged, the electrodes made contact once again, and current began coursing through his post-orgasmic sensitive tissues. He moaned, but this moan was tinged with pain. He shut his eyes, but the electrical stimulation was enough that his cock remained turgid. It took longer than the first time, but once again his cock spewed semen into the funnel. And this time, with all those visually stimulating images before his eyes, Martin’s cock failed to sag, and the electrical buzzing continued its stinging sensations through his genitals.

Seeing the naked, bound male moaning and straining his way toward yet another climax, the British woman commented, “Randy little bugger, isn’t he?” The rest laughed their agreement. “But what if he just shuts his eyes?”

I’m glad you asked,” Molly replied. “See the headphones he’s wearing? When I switched on the display, those activated as well. Martin’s listening to the sounds of sex, not just the splatting, squishing sounds of intercourse, but the sounds of turned on women, and also some demanding women. The demanding women are jeering at him, commanding him to cum from time to time. The auditory stimulation alone is enough to keep him aroused.”

It was true. Molly left Martin connected to the e-stim apparatus for about two hours. For Martin, it was an eternity. His cock would spasm as he ejaculated, go numb for a minute or two, and then the painful prickling would start. He’d grit his teeth, enduring this torture, until it gradually transformed through painful pleasure, to pure pleasure, to another orgasm. All that time, he was subjected to the visual and auditory stimulation that Molly had provided.

At the onset, Molly’s guests couldn’t get enough of watching Martin’s cock in action, gasping and commenting about each ejaculation. But they gradually lost interest, especially when he seemed to run out of semen to expel. He’d shout, “I’m cumming!” and his cock would jerk, but no fluid emerged. He really was experiencing orgasms, but his body had no more semen to provide, try as it might. His balls looked shriveled.

The women settled back to their chatting and refreshments for maybe an hour, then thanked Molly for a wonderful show, and departed. One of them gave Martin a sensual kiss and ran her tongue across his lips before she left. He moaned and panted as she broke off the kiss.

After her friends left, Molly curled up in her chair, reading a book as Martin completed the second hour of this ordeal. Checking her watch, Molly got up, and switched off the display screens, the earphones sounds, and the power box to the electrodes. She moved the electrode stand aside, and removed the cock ring and the electrode attached near his glans. Every touch to his manhood was painful. His cock felt like it had been put through a wringer.

As Molly was freeing Martin from his bonds, Paget walked in, just in time. Molly was finding that Martin was too exhausted to hold himself upright as the bonds came loose. Paget helped her get him to the bed.

With an amused tone of voice, Paget stroked him, asking, “Has Miss Molly been keeping you busy, slut boy?”

Beyond my wildest dreams, Miss Paget,” he managed to wheeze out.

Both women stripped naked and cuddled against his sides in the bed. Martin drifted off to sleep with a blissful expression on his face as the two women carefully and lovingly rubbed a soothing ointment onto his cock and balls. His dreams dealt with the decision of whether or not to ask Miss Paget if Miss Molly could visit them more often.

Martin and the Glory Hole

Martin had become addicted to post orgasmic cock torture.

That’s what he called it anyway. Right after he had an orgasm, his cock became very sensitive to any sort of stimulation. Having it touched was uncomfortable. Having it stroked was painful. Having it pumped was excruciating. But he needed it. When it was being done to him, he wasn’t physically thrilled about it. And yet, he was psychologically thrilled. Some need of his was being fed.

Therefore, he had constantly begged Miss Paget for new experiences in this area. In the past, Miss Paget had devised several ingenious devices to do so, but Martin had been given to a new Mistress, Miss Beth. Miss Beth was an excellent Mistress, but she soon ran out of fresh ideas for cock torment. So she turned to their mutual good friend, Molly, and explained the situation.

I’ve got an idea that I think might work,” Molly stated. “Let me check in with a friend of mine. I’ll get back with you.” Before she left, Molly took a tape measure and recorded several measurements of Martin’s body.

Molly was as good as her word. A few weeks later, at 7 AM, Molly picked up Martin from Miss Beth’s place. He’d been told to wear only a T-shirt, shorts, shoes and socks. Martin was both excited and scared. He remembered how creative Miss Molly could be, and trembled as he climbed into the car. Molly drove them both downtown, and parked in a parking garage attached to one of the many ritzy Galleria shopping malls that had sprung up in major cities across the US. These malls were known for their many exclusive boutiques.

Molly led Martin to one of the boutiques that sold women’s clothing. It was too early for it to be open for business, but she tapped on the glass door and in moments a lovely smiling woman opened the door for them, and locked it behind them. The woman, Monique, and Molly were old friends and greeted each other warmly, with hugs and kisses. Turning and pointing at Martin, Molly said, “Monique, this is the slut boy I told you about.” She didn’t even bother to mention Martin’s name, as if he was not important enough to warrant it.

Hello, slut boy,” Monique said with a grin. She was obviously enjoying the look of discomfiture on Martin’s face.

Martin didn’t know how to reply, given the situation, so he just nodded. His cheeks reddened with embarrassment at being put on the spot. What Miss Molly had planned for him was a complete mystery. Why they were in a women’s clothing shop he couldn’t fathom. The gentle scent of some sort of perfume heightened his anxiety for some reason.

I’d better get him set up,” Molly told her friend. “I know you have to get ready to open the shop.”

You go right ahead,” Monique said. “I’ll be along in a little while to see if you need any help.”

Molly led Martin back into the area of the dressing rooms. There were six rooms, three on each side of the corridor. Rather than curtains over their doorways, these rooms had actual doors. Molly took Martin to the farthest door on the left. The door had a sign saying ‘Under construction – Sorry for the inconvenience’ on it. “In here, slut boy,” Molly commanded. Once they’d entered, Molly closed the door to the corridor.

Before Martin had much of a chance to look at the bewildering layout of the room, Molly ordered him, “Look directly at me, and stand up straight.” As Martin did so, Molly continued, “Take off your T-shirt and shorts, but leave your shoes and socks on.”

With an audible gulp, Martin quickly stripped. Once he was naked, Molly took a cock ring, and attached it to Martin’s genitals. The ring was designed to allow blood to enter Martin’s penis, but restrict the flow of blood from it. It only took a minute or two before his cock was fully turgid. Even fully erect, his foreskin continued covering the head of his cock.

While Martin’s dick was engorging, Molly lubricated a butt plug and inserted it into Martin’s ass hole. Taking several lengths of medical tape, she used them to securely fasten the butt plug in place. “We can’t take the risk of having you defecate in this lovely room, Martin,” she explained. “Plugging up your ass should do the trick.”

The butt plug was humiliating, as well as strangely stimulating. If he shifted his weight, the tip of the butt plug nudged his prostate gland. He wondered if people would see him on display with his ass plugged like this. He was only partly right.

Using Martin’s cock as a handle, Molly dragged him over to the wall that separated this dressing room from the one adjacent to it. There was a hole here. The hole was about 5 to 6 inches in diameter, and it was positioned in height perfectly. Molly had carefully measured the distance from the floor when she created this hole, based on the height of Martin’s crotch. Therefore, when she pressed his belly against the wall, his cock and balls protruded through the opening, as she’d planned. She’d carefully lined the opening with a rubbery gasket-like ring for protection.

Martin was shocked! This was a sort of glory hole! He WAS on display – but only his genitals. “How many people are in the room next door?” he wondered. “Are there women there? Men?” flashed across his mind until he realized the store wasn’t open… yet.

There were several belt-like straps attached to the wall. Molly pulled the first belt straight across Martin’s ass cheeks, securing it to the other side, and snugging it up. This insured that Martin couldn’t move his pelvis back away from the opening. “There are handles screwed into the wall above your head, Martin,” Molly said. “Can you see them?”

Martin tilted his head back away from the wall to look up. “Yes, Miss Molly. I see them,” he answered.

Good. Grab hold of them,” she instructed him. “They’ll help hold you up, keeping you from sagging.” Once Martin had grasped the handles, Molly applied several more straps – across his arms, upper back, lower back, and thighs. Martin was now firmly affixed to the wall, and even if all of his muscles went limp, the straps would still hold him into place. Molly was smiling, quite pleased with her work in setting this up.

Inserting an ear bud into Martin’s ear, Molly explained, “With this device, I’ll be able to whisper into your ear, if I need to do so.” As she attached a throat mike, she stated, “Any sounds you make will be audible in the next room, so be careful what you say, slut boy.” She secured a bottle onto a hook near Martin’s armpit, and ran a thin tube up from it, clipping to to the wall near his mouth. “You’re going to be here for a while, so you can suck on this tube for fluids to keep from dehydrating. We’ll start with water, but if you want a sugary drink for energy, just let me know.”

Martin’s cheeks flamed red as he had a thought. “Miss Molly, what if I have to pee?”

If you do, make certain you give me ample warning. We don’t want you pissing on the floor of the next dressing room,” she answered. “I’ll be right back.”

Molly went out into the corridor and into the room next door. She grinned as she saw Martin’s cock and balls on prominent display. She hung a large sign that stated: ‘This cock and these balls are here for your enjoyment. You can ignore them, examine them, touch them, fondle them, slap them, kiss, lick, suck – pretty much anything you’d like, except no permanent damage, please’ in a clear bold, font. She hung a smaller sign near a push button on the wall that read: ‘Please press for ice, if desired, or maintenance, if necessary’ in a more restrained font.

She checked the camera placement and sound pickups before leaving the room. She had a camera pointing at the door, to catch a person’s expression when they entered. Another camera looked down on the glory hole from above. A third camera was positioned at the height of the hole, giving an angled view of it.

Out in the hallway, she attached a final sign on the door to this special dressing room. The words read ‘Adult dressing room – Security cameras in use’ so that no one using the room could complain about an invasion of their privacy. Monique approached at this time.

How are things going, Molly?” she asked.

Great, Monique. I think I’m all set. Would you take a test run as a ‘customer’ after I go back into my room? You know… go in… see him… talk… interact a bit. Then you can come into our room and see the setup.”

Be happy to,” Monique replied. She waited until Molly had been back in her room for about a minute, then turned the handle, and entered the Adult dressing room.

Molly saw Monique enter, and could easily see her friend’s eyes widen in surprise as she caught sight of Martin’s manhood, poking through the opening. Her gasp was audible on the speaker near Molly’s monitor. Molly adjusted the sound downward, so there was even less chance it would carry back through the substantially soundproofed walls. Martin’s body, up against the gasket, blocked sound from passing through the hole, of course.

My, my. What have we here?” Monique roleplayed. “An uncircumcised cock? How rare!” Her voice came through the speaker, audible to both Molly and Martin. Martin tensed, hearing Monique’s voice and knowing that she was in the room next door now. Monique read the signs aloud.

Martin gulped at hearing what strangers were being invited to do with his vulnerable manhood. Unlike a normal glory hole, where the guy inserted his cock, had his orgasm, and left, here the opposite was true. The customers would enter, do whatever they felt like, and then leave, and Martin was stuck in place. His mind reeled at Molly’s depraved idea. Reeled, and marveled at it.

While he was pondering this, Monique grasped Martin’s cock and squeezed it gently. He jumped in surprise at being touched unexpectedly, but the restraints held him fast. Monique pressed the button, and a small light flashed on Molly’s desk, as planned. Everything was working fine.

Monique left the Adult dressing room and joined Molly in the end room. Upon entering, she burst out laughing, seeing a now nude Martin hanging tightly against the wall. He could clearly hear her laughter, since she was now in the room with him. His flush of embarrassment stained his neck red. “You’ve got him trussed up like a turkey, Molly!” she chortled. “And four monitors, I see. Three for the room, and, oh wow! One in here, so you can watch his face!”

Yes, I expect his expressions throughout the day to be priceless,” Molly answered with a grin. “Is the store about to open?”

Monique checked her watch. “Yes. Actually, we opened a minute or two ago. My two sales assistants are handling things, but I’d better join them. I’ll also try to steer a customer in your direction. See you later.”

It took about 10 minutes. Molly watched on the monitor as the door to the Adult dressing room opened and a well-dressed, middle-aged woman entered, carrying a dress on a hanger. She closed the door, and hung the garment on a wall hook, then turned to set her purse down on the counter. That must’ve been the moment she spotted Martin’s cock apparently sprouting from the wall. Her body language signaled a startled reaction, but she quickly regained her composure. She took a while reading the sign on the wall. Molly whispered into Martin’s ear piece, “You have your first visitor, slut boy. She’s reading that statement about the availability of your sexual equipment.” Martin’s body went tense, and he gripped the handles tighter, his knuckles whitening.

After she finished reading the sign perhaps twice, the woman went to the door of the dressing room, opened it, and called out, “Monique?” with an imperious note to her query. Moments later, Monique joined her in the dressing room, and its door was again closed.

Is this some sort of joke, Monique?” the woman asked, her tone of voice indicating she would not take kindly to being the butt of some prank. Her conversation came through on the voice pickups, clearly audible to Molly and Martin.

Absolutely not, Madam,” Monique replied, sounding a bit obsequious. It was obvious that this was an important customer. “As the sign says, this penis is being provided for your enjoyment, Madam.”

But, but what am I supposed to do with it?” the woman almost sputtered.

Monique smiled as she replied, “Well, Madam, it depends on what you feel like doing with it. For instance, you could stroke it like this.” Her fingers whispered along the cock, making Martin moan quietly. “Or you could slap it like this.” The flat of her palm whacked the side of the cock, making it bounce. This time, both women could hear Martin groan on the other side of the wall, so it was obvious this was not a fake cock. “His ball sack is also here, so you could scoop it up in your fingertips like this. and then juggle his balls by moving your fingers.” She demonstrated. They could see his testicles bouncing up and down on her fingertips.

The woman bit her lip, thinking, before speaking, “Could I…” she hesitated, blushing. Then spoke in a rush to get out the words, “Could I make him… you know… spurt?” She flushed a deeper red.

Of course, Madam,” Monique assured her. “Madam will notice that we have these disposable cups, in case you wish to catch it, and there are tissues over here in case any gets on your hands. And please don’t worry if some gets on the floor. This is treated hardwood. It will not bother it one bit. Just press the button and someone will attend to the clean up. Any other questions, Madam?”

The woman nervously licked her lips. “No, Monique. Thank you for the explanation. That will be all.” Closing the door behind the departing Monique, the woman pressed the button on the door handle, latching it to ensure privacy. Molly wasn’t worried about that, because she’d been given the tool to override the latch, if things got out of hand. And she could always easily remove Martin’s butt belt, pulling his cock back out of the hole. She doubted that such a refined clientele would cause any problems anyway.

Molly watched the woman approach Martin’s cock again. Her hand came out to gently explore it, as if making certain it truly existed. Martin’s ass muscles tensed up as he felt her strange, cool hand touching his intimate areas. He had no idea who this woman was – no idea of her age, no idea of what she looked like. That, in and of itself, was exciting to him. “Does she look like a model? A crone? A stout matron? I’ll never know!” he thought.

The woman grasped Martin’s scrotum, and squeezed it gently several times. She smiled broadly when she heard the resultant moans of pleasure he gasped. She brought her other hand to the shaft of the cock, and pumped it several times. Martin’s arousal was obvious, since the head of his cock leaked precum from its slit as she pumped. Obviously pleased, the woman let go of his scrotum and used a fingertip to smear the precum around and around the glans of the penis, making Martin quiver in his restraints. She kept pumping and smearing. Once the glans was fully coated with glistening precum, she took both her hands away, and Martin groaned in frustration.

Molly watched the woman delicately sniff the precum on her finger, but, rather than tasting it, she went and grabbed a tissue and wiped her finger clean. While there, she picked up a disposable cup with a determined look on her face. Molly licked her lips in anticipation. There seemed to be only one reason the woman would return to the swollen, throbbing cock while carrying the cup.

Sure enough, the woman began pumping Martin’s dick hard and fast! The onslaught caught him by surprise as his sudden gasp caused him to aspirate a bit of saliva, making him cough loudly. The woman paid no attention, focused on her task. Maybe it had been a long while since she’d had a cock in her hands, or maybe she was just naturally rough in handling them. Whatever the reason, Martin was groaning loudly in a blend of pleasure and pain as the woman forced him into ejaculation, gleefully grinning as his semen spewed into the cup she was holding.

Even after his spurts ceased, she kept up the harsh pumping, as if ascertaining if anything remained. Maybe the fact that his cock refused to go limp confused her – she may have had no experience with cock rings, after all. Whatever the reason, Martin was getting his first taste of post orgasmic cock torture, and he was howling in physical dismay. The woman finished playing with his dick, tossed the cup into the trash receptacle and cleaned her hands carefully.

While she tried on the dress she’d brought into the room, the woman glanced at Martin’s penis several times, as if checking to see if it had gone limp yet. Each time she looked, Molly whispered into Martin’s ear bud, “It looks like she might grab your dick again, slut boy.” And each time she told him, Martin’s muscles bunched up, as if he was trying to pull his dick back out of the hole, since it was still sensitive.

Finally, the woman left, discretely leaving the dressing room door slightly ajar behind her, so others would know it was now unoccupied. That made Molly wonder what chaos might ensue if the door was left wide open, leaving Martin’s cock on display for everyone passing by in the corridor. She mentally shrugged, knowing there was little she could do about that.

Within a minute or two, an elderly woman entered, carrying hangers with two dresses. She closed and latched the door, but immediately noticed the male appendage thrust through the wall opening. Placing the hangers on wall hooks, she shuffled over with a disgusted look on her face. After reading the signs, she gave Martin’s dick two strong slaps with her hand, saying, “Pervert!” Martin winced, his face registering shock, with each slap. His dick was so sensitive that he gave out a stifled howl.

Hearing that, the elderly woman smiled, satisfied that she’d made her point. However, during the time she tried on the two dresses, Molly counted that she also returned to the cock to slap it harshly five more times! The last slap was accompanied with the statement, “That should teach you, you damned pervert!” She left.

Molly whispered to Martin, “She sure seemed to have some issues.”

Martin moaned piteously in agreement. It was becoming obvious that this would not be a day of unrelenting pleasure at all. “I’ve never felt more helpless,” Martin mentally whimpered. “Blind and vulnerable!”

The next woman was middle aged, and looked like a tired housewife. Perhaps she was splurging, giving herself a treat by browsing in the various boutiques. When she saw the penis sticking through the wall, she giggled. After reading both signs, she pressed the button, muttering, “Having some ice could be fun.”

Molly scooped a few ice cubes from a cooler into a Styrofoam cup and went into the corridor, where the woman was waiting with her door open. “You wished to have some ice, Madam?” Molly asked.

Yes. Thank you,” the woman replied, accepting the cup and closing the door.

Molly went back to the monitors, where she watched the woman take an ice cube into her fingers and raise it slowly toward Martin’s dangling balls. She giggled merrily as the balls began rising, shifting, apparently trying to avoid the cold. Martin hissed as the ice touched here and there on his scrotum. The woman shifted her tactics, touching the ice at random places along his cock shaft. She laughed aloud as she heard the sounds Martin made as she pressed the ice firmly against the head of his cock. Martin squirmed and squirmed, but there was nothing he could do about this.

Playfully, the woman slipped her warm lips around the cold dick head. Martin sighed in relief. Then she applied the ice again. He shrieked. Then her lips again. She switched the ice to her other hand and used her now freed dominant hand to start pumping his cock. Ice. Warmth. Ice. Warmth. Constant pumping. The woman added suction to the times her lips wrapped around his cock head. This was obvious by the hollowing of her cheeks as she sucked.

Martin moaned out a throaty warning, “Oh god, I’m gonna cum.” His throat mike conveyed his statement into the adjacent room.

Hearing that, the woman removed her lips from his dick, still pumping. But as his first jerk of muscular spasm began, she removed her hand, and shoved the ice against his ball sack. Martin screamed a mixture of surprise and dismay as he experienced what is known as a ‘ruined orgasm’ at her hands. His semen dribbled from his cock as he strained to pump it out unaided. The woman removed the ice cube and just watched, eyes gleaming with excitement. When his dribbles stopped. She pumped him again vigorously, just long enough to start a secondary orgasm, which she also allowed to be ruined. Martin now could be heard whimpering piteously. The woman left him like that, now trying on the clothing she’d brought to the dressing room. She left with a satisfied grin on her face.

As Molly went next door to clean Martin’s dribbles off the floor and his cock, she wondered how many women today might be ‘working out their issues’ on Martin’s vulnerable equipment. She smiled as she considered whether she and Monique might need to charge the customers for these therapy sessions. Since several hours had now passed, Molly pulled off the cock ring, squeezing the trapped blood out of the cock, letting it go limp. Thus having prevented serious damage, she reattached the ring again, letting the cock stiffen anew. She made a mental note to do this at least every 4 hours.

Going back out into the corridor, she encountered Monique, who was obviously coming to see her. “Word is spreading, Molly,” Monique said, excitedly. “More and more women are coming to my boutique. Rather than having a long line of women waiting their turns for the special dressing room, I’ve issued numbered tickets, dictating their order for its usage. Meanwhile, they’re browsing more than ever, waiting for their number to be called. The other dressing rooms are also in great demand, and sales are going through the roof! This is amazing boost to my business! We may have to do this again, if that’s all right with you.”

Molly replied, “Maybe in the future, we could change the layout, placing a cubicle within the room, with a willing male trapped inside it. That way, all six dressing rooms could be back in action. Martin, or several of my other male submissives, might be game to try this. We’d probably have to have a female observer present in each room, for assistance and maintenance.” Monique’s eyes were bright with joy, thinking of the possibilities.

Oh yes,” Monique continued, “my two adorable sales assistants asked if they could have a turn in the special dressing room. I said that I was sorry – that all these customers are keeping us so busy that I couldn’t spare their time off the sales floor. The girls looked disappointed, pouting a bit, and I couldn’t blame them. I said that, once we close the store at 8 PM, if they wanted to stay after for a little while, they can have their turn then. Both girls beamed smiles, immediately perking up, and went back to work with a will. Is that OK with you?”

Certainly, Monique,” Molly replied. “That only seems fair to them. What shape Martin will be in by that point… well, your guess is as good as mine.” Molly grinned. They hugged, and each went back to her proper location.

Next, two 20-something girls entered. “OMG!” the brunette exclaimed. “A cock with a foreskin! I’ve never seen one in the flesh, before!” She pressed the skin of the cock shaft downward, and they both watched the foreskin peel backward, exposing his glans. “Wow!” she said, gleefully, covering and uncovering the head of his cock several times, fascinated.

They got out their cell phones and started taking pictures. Unsurprisingly, they took selfies with the cock, both with the foreskin in place, and also with it retracted. They dared each other to pump it, then took pictures pretending to stick it in their mouth, then while actually sticking it in their mouth. Next they had to wrap their bare breasts around it, which was a bit tricky, with the wall in the way.

Molly was informing Martin, using his ear bud, “You lucked out, slut boy. These two young women, a blonde and a brunette, could be fashion models. You should see their tits – so firm and perky! They just got done tit-fucking your dick, you know.”

Martin’s mind conjured up images of the two most perfect women he could imagine. That was one advantage to not being able to see them – he could visualize them in any manner he chose.

Finally, the brunette challenged the blonde to back up into it, letting the cock head poke into the opening of her pussy. But when that young woman took on the challenge, she found that it felt so good, she decided to start bucking her ass against the wall, fucking the cock while her girlfriend made a video of it. “I don’t want him to cum in me,” she said, as she pulled her pussy away from the penis, leaving it vibrating in the air, smeared with her fresh pussy juices.

Oh gee!” the brunette exclaimed. “We probably shouldn’t leave him like that, since you got him all excited now.” The blonde giggled, and nodded mischievously in agreement. The brunette continued, “You had your fun, so I guess it’s my turn.” She started pumping Martin’s cock with her hand, while her friend started massaging his balls. Martin was moaning and pulling at the handles with his hands, trying to arch his back, trying to push his penis even further into the hole as his excitement built. Soon he started spurting, catching the girls by surprise.

It’s getting on the floor!” the blond shouted. Acting quickly, the brunette planted her lips over the head of the cock, letting the rest of the spurts fill her mouth. Then, rather than swallowing it, she drooled it into one of the disposable cups, and wiped her lips with a tissue. The two girls didn’t bother to wipe Martin’s cock, though. They just left.

Before the door was pulled shut behind them, another woman quickly entered and said to no one in particular, “I heard there was a cock in here to play with, but I won’t believe it till I see it with my own eyes.” She walked over to the wall. “Here it is. And it looks like it’s still dripping cum. Those randy girls must’ve used it well,” she muttered to herself. “I used to make my husband cum several times in a row. I wonder if I still have the skill?”

This woman was a quite attractive middle-aged strawberry blonde, but Molly whispered to Martin something very different. “Oh my, slut boy,” she started, trying to put dismay into her voice, “what a hideous crone of a woman I’m seeing. I bet your cock would shrivel if you saw her.”

The woman took hold of the cum-smeared cock and started pumping it. Martin started groaning and whimpering, but the woman was determined. She pumped and pumped, switching hands when one got tired. A little sweat was breaking out on her brow as she worked and worked the cock in her hands. Martin’s groaning transformed into a moaning sound. Encouraged, the woman pumped him even harder! Martin’s face was screwed up into a display of pain mixed with pleasure. Molly’s eyes were darting from the monitor of Martin’s face to the one showing the woman pumping his cock. Finally the cock jerked and spat a glob of semen several feet, as Martin gave off a guttural grunting sound from the effort of his ejaculation.

Molly thought the woman would be satisfied at her success, but was wrong. The woman spoke, as if to the cock itself, “You’re still stiff, even though that’s probably two for you. Now give me a third.” She put about half the cock into her mouth and started sucking it hard, her cheeks hollowing. One of her hands was pumping the base of its shaft, and her other hand was busy mashing his testicles up against his crotch. Molly imagined the woman’s tongue was stimulating the cock near its crown.

Martin’s post-orgasmic moans changed into a loud keening sound. His eyes were screwed shut, his teeth were clenched, and sweat was pouring down his body from the heat generated by his tightened muscles. His face registered agony as his cock received this intense stimulation. He gasped, and cried out, “Nooo… I can’t!”

The woman must’ve heard him, because she pulled her head back off his cock only long enough to say, “Yes, you can, stud! I want a mouthful of cum, and you’re gonna give it to me!” She went back to sucking, pumping, and mashing, redoubling her efforts.

Martin’s knuckles were white as he gripped the handles tightly. He whimpered, writhed, and strained. Each time his ass muscles clenched, they drove the tip of the butt plug firmly against his prostate gland, sending shock waves of sensation through it. After several minutes of this loving torture, his head went back slowly, and he moaned, “OMG! Take it!”

Watching the monitor, Molly saw the woman stop pumping. Maybe she imagined it, but Molly thought she saw Martin’s cock make several rippling movements, as if someone was stripping it from its base toward the woman’s lips. When Martin stopped spewing, and slumped against the wall, the strawberry blonde tightened her lips as her head moved back and off his cock. She was careful not to spill what was in her mouth, tilting her head back. Molly saw her throat muscles act, as she swallowed Martin’s cum. Smiling happily, she started licking Martin’s now very reddened cock clean, her tongue lapping it all over. Molly grinned as she thought of Martin, imagining his dick was being licked by a ‘hideous crone’ of a woman.

After that woman left there was a lull. Checking the clock, Molly noticed it was about 3 PM. Maybe this would be a good time to remove the cock ring, briefly.

Just then, though, Martin whispered, “Miss Molly, I need to pee. I’m not sure I can hold it much longer, especially after that last release. Please help me.”

Molly picked up a bucket, and went to the Adult dressing room door, starting to put a sign on it which stated ‘Closed for maintenance’. But before she could enter the room, a woman with hair the color of ebony, and violet colored eyes, walked up exuding a cloud of delicate expensive perfume, and said to her, “A sales woman told me that there’s a… male sex part… in this room that I could play with? I waited so long for my turn. Why’s it being closed for maintenance?” She sounded very disappointed.

It’s OK, Madam,” Molly whispered. “You’ll be able to play with it soon. It’s just that he has to urinate. That’s why I’m going in to do the maintenance.”

The woman looked slightly startled, but then said, “Call me Bianca, please. Can I watch, if I’m quiet?”

Certainly Bianca. Come with me,” Molly answered graciously. Molly undid the cock ring and pointed Martin’s penis into the bucket. She knew he could feel her hand wrapped around his cock, and that he could hear her say, “OK, slut boy. Time to piss. It’s safe, so let loose. Oh, and by the way, another woman is in here with me, watching.”

Martin had been about to pee when what Molly said registered. Some stranger was in there, staring at his cock? Peeing is such a private act! His urge to piss warring with his desire for privacy, it took Martin perhaps two minutes to work the complicated internal magic of opening his sphincter. Finally, he let loose, sighing, as his dark yellow stream hissed into the bucket.

The woman started out with a slight look of repulsion on her face, but that changed into fascination as she watched the penis performing one of it’s two primary functions. By the time he was finished, Martin’s cock had gone limp again. Molly squeezed the last drops of urine out of it into the bucket and even wiped the slit at the end of the cock with tissues. “There you are, Bianca. All yours now,” Molly informed her. Seeing the look of disappointment on the woman’s face, she asked, “What’s wrong?”

Bianca replied, “Now it’s all limp and shriveled. To be honest, it doesn’t look like much fun.”

Oh, don’t worry. I’m going to put this back on,” Molly told her, holding up the cock ring.

What’s that? What’s it for?” Bianca inquired.

It’s a cock ring. It will help him get and keep an erection.” Molly demonstrated this fact by slipping it into place on Martin’s cock. The two women watched his dick inflate. Laughing, Bianca whispered conspiratorially, “I may have to get one of those for my husband. He’s been having a harder and harder time keeping it up.”

Molly chuckled and left Bianca to play with her toy. Martin was sweating and howling by the time Bianca had finished wringing two orgasms from his dick. That woman had demonstrated the skills of a dominatrix, making him perform. Molly wondered if she’d truly never seen a cock ring before, or was merely playing the innocent.

The afternoon grew into evening, with occasional lulls in the action, to Martin’s relief. Martin’s fluid bottle had to be replenished, as he quenched his thirst from so much sweating and the loss of other bodily fluids. Molly watched many more women interacting with his male genitalia throughout the day.

Some women examined it closely, without touching it, as if touching it might contaminate them in some manner. One woman used a golden pen rather than her fingers to lift his cock up farther for a better look at his testicles. Some briefly touched his equipment, apparently seeking a thrill, judging by the sounds they made as they did this. Some slapped his cock, or tormented it and/or his balls with more ice – they may have been acting out something that they wished they could do to their husbands, but had repressed – Molly couldn’t tell. But none hit him hard enough to really harm him in any manner. But when the slaps occurred after another of his many orgasms, they were especially excruciating, she was sure. Painful as they were, they must’ve been feeding Martin’s needs, because he never safeworded.

Some women commented aloud about his genitals – their size, or shape, or texture, or smell. Many had never seen a cock with a foreskin before, so they spent a good deal of time peeling it back, exposing his glans, commenting to a friend how differently the texture of this glans felt, compared to their husband’s or boyfriend’s. Martin endured all this stoically, although Molly had never seen him blush so deeply before. He had no idea what all these strangers looked like, as they critiqued the appearance of his manhood.

One woman pulled the dress she’d brought into the dressing room off its hanger, and then hooked the empty hanger over Martin’s erect dick while she tried on the dress. Molly’d never thought about a penis as being used as a wall furnishing.

One notable event was a mother deciding to educate her daughter about sex. She virtually dragged the young thing into the dressing room. “Come on, girl. This is my chance to explain a few things to you,” the dark haired woman said.

Oh, Mother!” her daughter stated, with a drawn-out tone of exasperation.

Molly whispered into Martin’s ear, “Oh dear! Slut boy, it’s too bad you can’t see these two people. It’s a mother and daughter. The daughter is delectable – long dark hair, pert tits straining at her blouse, a short skirt that goes barely to mid thigh, and lovely legs that you’d love to have wrapped around you. And her mother looks good enough to eat, as well. You’re missing it all.”

Martin’s flesh quivered as he created his own picture of the two females now in the room with his penile display. His hands grasped the wall handles reflexively.

Don’t be like that,” the mother chided her daughter. “You’ve only gone to that all girl high school for four years, where they neglected to give you any sex education. You haven’t dated. You don’t have any boyfriends. And you’ve assured me that you’re not a lesbian, having played with a girl or two experimentally.”

Hearing that, the girl’s face turned crimson. “Mother, please!” she hissed. “You don’t have to blab about my personal life! Who knows who can hear you?”

Hush,” the mother rebutted. “You’re going off to college in a few weeks, and there’ll be boys there. If you’re a normal, healthy girl, you’ll be interested. You’ll want to experiment with them. I’m well aware of what hormones can do. I accept that fact, and that’s why you’re on the pill now. I’ve seen videos online of wild sex parties at colleges. If you try any of that, make certain you’re having safe sex, with condoms. Sex is one thing, and diseases are something else.”

The crimson deepened on the daughter’s cheeks and neck, as her mother pulled her over to where Martin’s erect cock thrust through the wall opening. The daughter averted her gaze, frantically, trying to pull away.

Stop fussing, and take a look, dear. It won’t bite you,” the mother demanded.

When the daughter caught sight of the penis, she made a strange, strangled sound, as her sharp intake of breath to gasp caused her to aspirate some of her saliva. She had a brief fit of coughing, resulting in watery eyes. Her mother turned her, to help pat her back. When the daughter’s vision cleared, she found herself facing the displayed male equipment from a distance of about one foot. Her pupils dilated in shock or fear, staring at the rod and sack of flesh. But she didn’t look away.

Strange looking, isn’t it?” her mother asked. The girl nodded slowly. “This is why I wanted to give you a lesson about it. Suppose a boy you like finally showed you his penis, and upon seeing it, you froze, like you just did. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing?”

I suppose so,” the daughter answered reluctantly, still staring.

Then let me explain,” her mother continued. “I want to point out that this penis is not circumcised, but I expect most of them you may encounter will be. You see that the tip or head of this penis is covered in a wrinkly flesh?” Molly saw Martin’s face take on an expression of mortification, hearing his cock described in such bald words. “That’s the foreskin, rather like the hood that covers your clitoris. If I press the shaft’s skin down, like this, the foreskin peels back, revealing a smooth and sort of purplish head, or glans section. I’m guessing that most boys that you’ll meet will have the glans of their penis completely uncovered, because their foreskin, was surgically removed.”

A doctor cuts part of their penis off?” the daughter asked, incredulous.

Only the covering over the glans,” her mother clarified. “Some males will still have it, like this one, so if you occasionally see a glans covered with skin, don’t panic. That’s normal, as well, but it’s so rare to find around here that you may be caught off guard. If the boy has a foreskin, and you grasp the shaft of his cock and press down toward his cock base, like I just did, you can watch the foreskin peel back. That can be quite fun to play with, too, and many boys would find it arousing to have a girl doing that. Just keep an open mind about it.”

Like any modern young lady, the daughter pulled out her smart phone, and entered ‘foreskin’ into Google images. Mom looked over her shoulder, and pointed out a couple of good pictures of intact foreskins. The daughter then switched over to YouTube, and quickly found ‘A Woman’s Guide To Men’s Foreskins’ and bookmarked it for later study.

Her mother continued, “This penis is fully erect – standing up all stiff like this. If it wasn’t it would probably look all shriveled, and be hanging limply down on his scrotum. That’s this part,” the mother explained, lifting Martin’s ball sack to draw her daughter’s attention to the right location.

Feeling his balls being handled caused Martin to emit a pleased moaning sound, which must’ve carried to the women, because the girl startled visibly. The mother noticed.

Yes, there’s a real person attached to this – this is not a plastic lab model. His reactions will help indicate if we’re doing things he likes, a good thing to keep in mind. Now, about this scrotum. This one is hairless, so he must shave it like you shave your legs. Don’t be surprised if you encounter ones covered in bushy pubic hair similar to what covers your pussy. Inside here there are usually two testicles – his balls – kind of oval structures that make the sperm. Here, feel them,” she said.

The daughter shook her head so quickly that her dark hair whipped about. But her mother took her hand and pulled it until that hand cradled the ball sack. At this point, Molly could tell the daughter was becoming interested, because she stopped struggling. She could also see that Martin’s muscles tensed even more, feeling a different hand touching him.

It’s soft and warm!” the girl whispered.

Yes, it should be,” her mother agreed. “Can you feel his balls?”

Impulsively, the girl closed her hand – too fast and too hard! Martin screeched in response, and the girl quickly released his scrotum and pulled her hand back. “I hurt him,” she groaned.

It’s OK, sweetie,” her mother reassured her. “You didn’t do any permanent damage. But I’m glad you didn’t do that to a potential boyfriend,” she said, smiling. “Try again, but more gently.”

As the daughter began a careful tactile exploration of Martin’s sack, she reported, “Oh yes! I feel two things inside now. They feel like they’re moving around. Is that normal?”

Yes, they move in response to temperature and stimulation. So now you’ve found one sensitive area on the man. Since it’s so sensitive, it’s a nice place to give him pleasure, with your hand or mouth.”

With my…” the daughter snatched her hand away. “Mouth?”

Her mother smiled. “Certainly, watch.” She leaned forward, opening her mouth. Her tongue emerged and began licking Martin’s sack. The daughter covered both her eyes with her hands, but soon parted her fingers, peeking from curiosity. Meanwhile, her mother had advanced to sucking one of Martin’s balls into her mouth, humming and sucking, stretching it out a small amount. Martin’s moans of pleasure were clearly audible to them both.

Mother,” the girl whispered urgently. “Isn’t that a naughty, obscene thing to do? I mean, using your mouth on him seems so… perverted.”

Her mother let Martin’s ball pop free from her mouth with a wet sound. “Not at all, sweetie. Mouths and tongues are usually used in foreplay, helping the partners get ready for actual intercourse. Sometimes the oral action is the main event, like in fellatio and cunnilingus.”

Like in what?” the girl asked, confused by the strange sounding words.

Fellatio is when the woman sucks on the man’s dick, and cunnilingus is when the man uses his mouth on the woman’s pussy,” her mother explained. The girl’s cheeks, which had lost their flush of embarrassment, colored again as she thought about such acts. “Now it’s your turn,” her mother continued. “Try licking and sucking his balls, and see if you can get him to make happy sounds.

With much less reluctance than Molly expected, the daughter leaned in and carefully, softly licked Martin’s scrotum, and carefully mimicked how her mother had sucked on his ball. Martin guessed from the dialogue that he was being sucked by a young, very attractive, college-aged girl. His pleasure sounds rang out, and he gripped the handles more tightly.

The girl released the testicle from her mouth, smiling with a sense of achievement. “That wasn’t bad at all,” she reported. “It tasted a little salty, and…” she paused, swallowing nervously before admitting, “… and I liked how he smelled.”

Mom hugged daughter, pleased. “Excellent. Now let’s talk about the penis itself, which should be referred to by the more non-clinical words like ‘cock’ or ‘dick’, but it has a lot of other euphemistic names. In fact, many men give their cocks pet names, as if they’re a separate entity.”

Her daughter giggled, shaking her head at the foolishness of men.

Mother continued with her daughter’s training. Peeling the foreskin back, she pointed at the urethral orifice in the top of the glans, and said, “This slit is where his piss comes out, and also where his semen comes out.”

Both from the same hole? Euuuww!” the daughter exclaimed.

Yes. But not at the same time. If his cock is erect from sexual stimulation, it’s quite unlikely he’d be able to pee. Or even want to do so. And this tiny raised lip of tissue around that opening is quite sensitive also. Usually even more sensitive when the glans is protected by a foreskin.” Wetting her finger, the woman tapped gently directly on Martin’s slit, causing him to moan and writhe against the wall. “See?”

The daughter immediately moistened her own finger, and rubbed the area softly rather than tapping it. Martin’s moans intensified, and clear fluid began leaking, oozing onto the girl’s finger. “Oops,” she said. “Am I making him pee?”

Does it smell like pee?” her mother asked. The girl sniffed carefully, and shook her head. “It’s not,” her mother explained. “It’s called precum, and it’s a sort of lubricant. It lubricates his internal plumbing, preparing his tubes for ejaculation. It can also lubricate his glans, somewhat, and even your vaginal passage. Smear it all over his glans, and then suck your finger clean.” When her daughter looked at her with an expression of disbelief, the mother swiped some precum onto her own finger and sucked at it. “It’s safe.”

The daughter did as she was told, rubbing the glans. and soon had Martin’s cock head glistening. Then, screwing up her face in disgust, she tentatively stuck her finger into her mouth. After sucking a moment or two, her expression softened, and she even had a second taste. “It’s not bad at all, Mom,” she stated.

I’m glad you’re keeping an open mind about this, dear,” the mother complimented. “This region, where the shaft meets the glans is the crown. Lots of wonderful nerve endings here for stimulation, but especially this region.” She pointed at the underside of the crown. “This little triangle of whitish tissue is called his frenulum, and it’s probably the most sensitive area of all. Gentle rubbing here with almost anything warm and moist may drive him to orgasm.”

The girl moved her head so that Martin’s frenulum was perhaps 2 inches from her eye, studying it intently. “Got it, Mom,” she asserted.

Good. Moving on to the topic of safe sex, this is a condom,” Mom explained pulling a small packet from her purse and opening it. “Your pill might help prevent pregnancy, but it won’t protect you from a sexually transmitted disease. Condoms help with that protection. Here’s how you put it on him.”

The mother demonstrated, unrolling it. Then she rolled it back up and handed it to her daughter, who carefully applied it in the manner she’d been shown.

If a boy refuses to wear one, you may want to experiment with someone else,” the mother advised her daughter. “You’re using tampons for your periods, so I know your hymen is gone, dear. Take off your skirt and panties now.”

The girl’s pupils dilated very wide. “You mean you want me to…” She couldn’t finish the sentence.

You may as well find out what it feels like. We have a nice specimen here, all wrapped and safe now. I’ll even help you get it inside. The first few times can be awkward. We don’t want you fumbling around when trying this with someone important in your life. He may be inexperienced, as well, and need your help.”

Almost as if in a trance, the daughter stripped off her skirt and her panties, revealing her bush of pubic hair.

Pointing at her daughter’s pubes, she said kindly, “Your pubic hair is lovely, dear. But if you want to learn to shave that, we can have a lesson about that as well, sometime. For now, use your fingers to spread your pussy lips open.” She helped her daughter bend over and back up into the cock, easing it inside.

Molly clearly heard the daughter gasp as her cunt was filled with an actual cock for the first time. Molly mused, “Why couldn’t I have had a great mother like this one? She’s really helping her daughter climb the learning curve astronomically! I doubt she’ll have many awkward moments when it comes to sex, after all this.”

Does it feel like a tampon?” the mother asked her now impaled daughter, grinning.

OMG, no, Mom! Warm, pliable, and bigger! Much better,” the daughter reported.

Good. Go ahead and ride it a bit. It’s OK to touch yourself, on your breasts… on your mound… and near or on your clit. If you’re going to have sex, you may as well enjoy it to the fullest. Brace yourself on my shoulder with one hand,” the mother instructed.

The mother directly watched her daughter bucking back onto Martin’s dick, while Molly watched indirectly via the monitor. As the daughter got really aroused, her mother touched her also, helping her have her first orgasm from intercourse. After the daughter stopped shaking, and managed to catch her breath, she got onto her knees and hugged her mother tightly.

Thanks, Mom,” she whispered hoarsely. “That was wonderful!”

Now watch,” her mother advised. She rolled the condom off Martin’s cock, and started sucking on it. The girl watched, owl-eyed with surprise, as her mother demonstrated sucking and pumping a cock at the same time. For the sounds coming through the wall from Martin, her mother was showing great expertise at fellatio.

The mother stopped, pulling her mouth free, and said, “OK. Finish him off. You may as well see what semen looks like, feels like, smells like… even tastes like. Because guys may want hand jobs and blow jobs. By the way, during a blow job, you suck, you don’t blow. I was demonstrating a blow job. A hand job just involves the pumping action – no mouth. Go ahead – peel his foreskin back, and suck him until he cums, then let his semen drool from your mouth onto my hand. I’ve gotten him close, so this shouldn’t take long.”

The girl hardly hesitated. She wrapped her lips about half way down Martin’s dick, started sucking, and pumped the portion of his shaft not inside her mouth. Martin’s moans intensified to a near howl. Suddenly, the daughter did something different – she’d remembered about the frenulum, and used her tongue tip to rub it. It was obvious that this drove Martin over the edge, because he gave off a high pitched keening noise, and the girl’s cheeks bulged with his semen! She paused, feeling his spasms, holding his seed in her mouth. When it was clear he was done, she pulled her head back, leaving her lips forming a small ‘o’ as an opening.

Mother had her palm ready, under her daughter’s mouth. The white fluid flowed out and pooled in the center of her palm. Mother and daughter spent several minutes studying the semen, feeling its silky stickiness, inhaling its characteristic aroma, and tasting it off their fingers. Finally, the mother sucked up and swallowed half of it, and generously let her daughter drink what remained. Mother gave Martin’s cock a tender kiss while her daughter dressed again. They both said the words ‘Thank you’ loudly to the unknown man on the other side of the wall.

After the store closed for the day, Molly joined Monique and the two sales girls in the special dressing room. Molly was pleased to see Miss Beth also in the room. She’d entered the store right at closing time, as planned, so she could collect Martin and take him home.

Martin’s cock was still stiff, but it looked a little red and raw. Martin was in agony and ecstasy. Agony from so many people playing with his sensitive tissues all day, and ecstasy because this was exactly the sort of post orgasmic cock torture that he craved.

So girls,” Molly said. “There’s the cock you’ve been hearing about all day. What do you want to do with it?”

They both blushed a delicate shade of red and giggled softly. Huddling, they whispered to each other and then nodded. The blonde with the golden highlights boldly announced, “We want to fuck that cock until we cum.” Martin groaned loudly hearing this, uncertain he could bear it. The girl continued, “We’re willing to help one another, to make it go faster.” Saying that, they both stripped off their clothes, unabashedly getting naked in front of Molly, Beth, and Monique.

Molly wondered if she should lubricate Martin’s cock, but glancing at the girls’ pussies realized that they’d been thinking about this all day, and they were well lubricated already. The blonde went first, backing up and guiding Martin’s cock into her pussy. Her friend knelt in front of her so the blonde could brace her arms on the friend’s shoulders for support as she started rocking back and forth against the wall. Meanwhile, her friend reached up and caressed the blonde’s tits with one hand and her pussy with the other. She seemed to know her friend’s body very well, because it only took about 5 min. before the blonde shrieked in orgasm!

She pulled herself free from Martin’s cock and knelt down by her friend giving her kisses and thanks, and she whispered, “Your turn.” The auburn haired sales girl mimicked what her friend had done. She backed up, guided the cock into her pussy, and leaned on her friend’s shoulders. The blonde diddled her friend’s pussy and tweaked and rolled and tugged her nipples as she rocked back and forth on the cock. She too exploded in orgasm, perhaps taking a minute or two longer than her friend had – certainly not longer than that.

Monique told them, “I think you should thank Molly here for bringing you this playmate.”

The girls were dressing but they turned to Molly and said, “Thank you, Molly” in unison. The blonde added, “That was fantastic. I hope we can do it again sometime!”

As the two sales girls left, Molly turned to Monique and asked, “Before I let him loose, do you want to do anything?”

Monique licked her lips. “I want to see if I can manage to suck him off after he had all those orgasms today. It should be quite a challenge,” she said with a smile.

Be my guest,” Molly grinned.

Monique exhibited exemplary skill in fellatio. Her busy mouth, tongue and hands had Martin gasping and panting loudly into his throat mike. With a long, drawn-out growl, he released his seed into the shop owner’s mouth. Monique showed Molly and Beth his load on her tongue before swallowing it noisily.

When Monique finished with Martin, his cock looked even more red and raw from the day-long usage. But Beth whispered to Molly, “No one mentioned that I’m here. I want to see if I can force one final orgasm from that ravaged cock of his.”

Monique and Molly watched, mesmerized, as Beth took control of Martin’s manhood. She manipulated his balls, spat on his cock as a quick lubricant, and started pumping.

No! No! Please, no more! I can’t!” Martin pleaded, his throat mike picking up all the nuances of desperation in his tone of voice.

Molly called out, “I know you’re in agony, Martin, but you’d better find it in yourself to cum one more time, no matter how painful the orgasm is, and no matter how little fluid you can muster up. For your own good, trust me on this. Scream if you have to, but cum!”

Martin’s sobs turned into moans – moans turned into howls as his pain rose – howls turned into screams. Through the hole in the wall, the portion of his groin that was visible was shaking and quivering with effort. Miss Beth pumped her slut boy relentlessly.

Martin must’ve released the handles and was pounding his fists on the wall as his muscles bunched and strained. “Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” he screamed, as his cock started jerking. “I’m cumming,” he gasped, not sounding thrilled about it at all. His cock spat a tiny dribble of semen, which clung to his glans. That was all he had left.

Beth knelt down and sucked that semen into her mouth. That contact made Martin shriek, but with no force left to give the shriek any intensity of volume. He slumped into a faint.

The three women went into the last dressing room. Beth viewed how Martin was trussed, noting that even though he was currently unconscious, the binding held him fast in place. Coming around, Martin stirred and moaned as he took stock of his body’s aches and pains, as Molly and Beth removed his bindings, along with the throat mike, ear bud, and cock ring as they took him down from the wall.

I think I’ll have to have a dinner party with all of my closest female friends over, and have most of Martin in another room. You can guess what part of him will be in the room with us, and what we’ll be doing to him,” Beth chuckled.

Make sure you invite me,” Molly laughed. The two Dominants hugged. Molly covered the wall opening temporarily with a locking plug, and helped Beth dress Martin. Beth had decided he’d wear the butt plug taped into his ass all the way home.

Monique locked up the store behind them as they went out, and gave Molly and Beth hugs, whispering to Molly, “Don’t forget about setting up more of these events, please. Let me know if you want to redesign the dressing rooms – the women, for the most part, were ecstatic about playing with this living toy. And we had our best day of sales of the entire year! I’ll have to restock!”

Molly promised Monique that she’d return early the next morning to put the dressing rooms back in order for the time being. She then helped Beth as they assisted Martin’s exhausted body out to Beth’s car. He was asleep in the car seat before his Mistress even buckled his seat belt – but the smile on his face as he dreamed was one of pure bliss.

Martin and the Glory Hole, pt. 2

A week ago, Monique had called Molly. “Molly, please come by and see how I’ve arranged your space. I think you’ll like how it turned out, and I can’t tell you how many customers are asking when we’ll be offering our ‘special service’ again. I hope we can do it very soon, because that last event made our sales go through the roof!”

Of course, Monique was referring to the time that Molly had brought Martin to Monique’s boutique, and made his sexual equipment available to Monique’s customers, by tying him against a wall with a special glory hole. Molly and she had discussed how improvements could be made, and Monique was all too glad to make internal alterations to her space to accommodate them. Molly had hurried over, viewed the results, and approved them wholeheartedly, with one final suggestion for an addition, because she knew she had three volunteers, rather than two.

And now the day of the event had arrived. Molly, wheeling a good-sized suitcase behind her, appeared at the store a full hour before it was due to open. Accompanying her were her three friends, Martin, Pete, and Rush. All three men were submissives, but only Martin, who was again on loan from his Mistress Beth, thought he knew what they were truly about to experience. He expected something similar to his earlier glory hole adventure. He should’ve known that Molly was not about to merely repeat something that had been done before.

Monique greeted Molly with a huge smile and an enthusiastic hug and a kiss. When their embrace ended, Molly whispered into Monique’s ear, “Slip off one of your shoes, dear friend.”

Monique looked puzzled, but easily slid her foot free from one of her shoes.

Molly reminded Monique, “You’ve already met Martin, here.” Turning to him, she commanded, “Slut boy, get down on your knees and kiss this lovely woman’s foot.”

Martin turned a delicate pink, but he grinned and did as he was bid. His lips kissed Monique’s foot firmly, after which he sank back onto his heels, looked up, and said, “Wonderful to see you again, Miss Monique.” He then shuffled sideways, clearing the area in front of her, remaining sitting on his heels.

Monique replied, “So you have a name, Martin. I never learned it the last time you were here. Welcome back.”

Molly turned to Pete. Pointing at him, she said to Monique, “This is my slut boy Pete.” Addressing him, she ordered, “Greet Miss Monique as Martin did.”

Pete looked as he’d been caught off guard, and blinked several times. Ultimately, he lowered himself slowly to his knees where he stood. Too late, he realized he was too far from Monique’s offered foot, so he shamefacedly had to crawl forward until he could press his lips to her instep. He shuffled over next to Martin, who subtly nudged him. Pete looked confused for a split instant, but then said, “Nice to meet you, Miss Monique.” His face darkened with embarrassment at being slow on the uptake.

Molly continued, “And this slut boy of mine is Rush. Rush, you know what’s expected of you.”

Rush was almost like an eager puppy. He dropped onto his hands and knees, and crawled quickly forward to Monique’s foot. He took her foot in his hands and kissed it several times, covering its entire upper surface, and then the tip of each toe. His enthusiasm made Monique giggle. She was blushing a little herself as Rush looked up and exclaimed, “I’m thrilled to be here and to meet you, Miss Monique.”

Monique gently reclaimed her foot from his hands, and re-inserted it back into her shoe. “You’re all very welcome here,” she directed to the men. “Shall we all head to the room now?” she asked Molly.

Yes, we should get changed and set up,” Molly agreed. Turning to the submissives, she said, “It’s a good distance, so you may all walk behind us.” She and Monique set out together, Molly not bothering to look back, confident that she’d be obeyed. The familiar gentle scent of some sort of perfume, characteristic of this boutique, wafted into Molly’s nostrils, triggering vivid memories of the first time she’d brought Martin here. She wondered if the aroma had a similar effect on him.

They came to the door of the modified dressing room. It displayed a charming sign that proclaimed that this was an adult-themed, communal dressing room. It advised patrons that they must speak to the owner before attempting to enter. This was for the benefit of any newcomers who were not privy to the activities that had taken place several weeks ago. Of course, most of Monique’s regular customers not only knew what had transpired – they were the ones clamoring for even more.

Monique led them into the well-lit room. Her boutique dressing rooms had been spacious before, but now two such rooms had been combined into one large room, by the removal of the intervening wall. At the far wall were two booths or closets. Near the left wall was a large, sturdy table. The walls had mirrors and clothing hooks, typical of a changing room. The lighting was indirect, and there were a few comfortable chairs here and there. It was a charming room.

It’s lovely, Monique!” Molly gushed. “It turned out even better than I expected.”

Monique blushed again, smiling. “I’m glad you like it. Do you need any help getting set up?”

Molly’s expression turned impish, her eyes twinkling. “Yes. You can supervise my slut boys as they strip naked, while I change. It shouldn’t take them long, since they’re only wearing minimal clothing. Oh, one other thing. Here are their cock rings. If you have any trouble applying them, I’m sure the slut boys will teach you how it’s done.”

Four sets of eyes widened in owlish surprise – Monique’s, staring at the three nonplussed men, who stared back at her.

Molly ignored them, whipping off the simple dress she was wearing, and bending naked to open her suitcase. In the back of her mind, she acknowledged that if the men saw her naked ass and pussy between her thighs, it might get their erections started. It worked, even though she didn’t look over her shoulder to check the results. She did hear the rustle of their clothing, and the sounds of shoes quietly going ‘thunk’ on the floor.

Ignoring that, Molly hooked a slender, black, lacy garter belt above her hips, and sat on the edge of a chair to draw netted stockings slowly and carefully up her shapely legs. After hooking the stockings to the garter belt, she stood and shimmied into a tight, black leather skirt that clung smoothly to her hips and hung just low enough to cover her sex.

Checking its fit and placement in the mirror, she then picked up a black leather bustier that zipped up its front. Holding the left edge against her tummy, She reached behind herself and caught the right edge, drawing it to the front. Joining the zipper ends together, she slowly and carefully zipped upwards, inhaling at the proper moments to ease the zipper’s movements. It was a tight fit. The zipper ended, centered, near the under-curve of her breasts. Pulling at the edge of each leather breast cup, she used her other hand to carefully stuff her tit into the cup. She managed to just barely work each areola out of sight, but a generous amount of tit flesh still bulged above the top edge of the cups, making it look like Molly had increased from a B cup to a C cup.

It’s a good thing the breast cups held firmly, because Molly had to lean over to step into supple black leather boots that zipped up to her mid thighs. Straightening, she completed her ensemble with a black leather long-sleeved shrug, whose connecting panel barely covered her back from her neck to just above her shoulder blades. From behind, her torso was bare from below the shrug to where the bustier crossed her mid-back. Satisfied that everything was in place, Molly turned to look at Monique and the trio of men.

Monique was dressed. The men were naked. But all four of them were staring, slack-jawed at Molly. What effect she might be having on Monique was not apparent, but she was pleased to see all three men had firm erections. Molly laughed. “What? Haven’t you ever seen a Dominatrix before?” she asked, but ended in a fit of giggling. “We’re creating an illusion here, you know.”

She walked closer to them, and noticed Monique was still holding the three cock rings in her hands. Taking one from the apparently dazed Monique, she said, “Here. Let me show you how this goes on.” Monique shook herself, and paid careful attention as Molly trapped Martin’s cock in the cock ring. “See? Just like that. You do Pete, while I do Rush. We still have to get them situated.”

Quickly, the other two cock rings were put into place. Molly led Pete and Rush to the area of the new closets. Each had a good sized hole at groin level, obviously there to allow their cocks and balls to protrude out into the room. What was less obvious was a central, vertical slit, starting near what would be head height, and going upward for 8 or 10 inches.

Looking at her watch, Molly said to Monique, “We need to speed this up a bit. You take Rush over to the other closet, and get him strapped in as best you can. I’ll check him after I secure Pete in this one.” Monique nodded, and beckoned Rush to have him follow her. Molly was secretly pleased that her friend was taking a more active part in working with these naked submissives.

Placing Pete up against the glory hole, Molly eased his cleanly shaven cock and balls through the opening. Unlike the other two cocks in the room, Pete’s was circumcised, so his smooth, naked glans formed a bulb at the top of his shaft. Straps were already secured on the wall, so Molly was able to speedily bind Pete up against it. First, she had him grab the handles set to either side of his head. Then she began securing the straps. Straps went across his ass cheeks, and across his arms, upper back, lower back, and thighs. The idea was that even if his muscles gave out, he’d not fall.

Molly knew that the cock ring should keep him turgid for hours, but she still lubed a butt plug and Pete’s ass hole liberally, and listened to him grunt as the plug stretched his hole, before its bulbous section passed through his anal ring, and seated itself in his depths. She’d found that the stimulations caused by a butt plug in a guy’s ass, either from its mere presence, or from its presses on his prostate gland whenever he shifted his hips seemed to help him maintain an erection. She examined the outside front of the booth, and noted the two sturdy handles, positioned so a woman could easily hold her pussy against the erect cock, if she chose to do so.

Leaving Pete and his booth for a moment, Molly went to see how Monique was doing. She saw that Monique had lined up Rush’s cock and balls with the hole perfectly. His uncircumcised cock topped a ball sack covered in soft, light brown pubic hairs. Molly couldn’t help running her fingers across his furry ball sack. She then checked inside the booth. Other than a loose strap across Rush’s upper back, which Molly tightened more securely, Monique had done an excellent job. “Great work, honey,” Molly congratulated her. “Now, do you want to lube up his ass, and put in his butt plug?”

Monique’s face turned crimson, and Molly could feel the heat from that influx of blood as Monique quickly shook her head, answering, “No, I couldn’t. I just couldn’t.” But after a pause, she added in a choked whisper, “But I’ll watch you do it.”

Giggling quietly, Molly showed her friend how the lube was applied to the plug, and how she used her fingers to place lubricant all around Rush’s anal ring, and then used those same fingers to stuff the lubricant deeply into his tightly puckered hole. Rush moaned quietly as he felt those fingers, and moaned even louder as his ass was stuffed by the plug. Molly watched her friend’s blush deepen when she suggested, “Maybe you’ll want to try that with your boyfriend, if you want to spice up the bedroom action.”

Monique laughed and playfully swatted the leather stretched tightly over Molly’s ass.

Now the funnels. I’ll need your help with these,” she instructed Monique. Molly picked up a plastic funnel, with a plastic tube, mouthpiece and harness attached to it. The plastic of the funnel and tube she held was transparent. Together, she and Monique attached the apparatus to Rush. From outside the closet, the end of the tube with the mouthpiece was inserted through the vertical slit, and into Rush’s mouth. Molly held things in place as Monique attached the harness to the back of Rush’s head. Then Monique held the funnel high as Molly carefully placed strips of tape across the outside of the slit, from the bottom upward, until only the top inch or two was still open. Finally, she taped the funnel securely into place.

During this ordeal, you might get a bit dehydrated, Rush,” she informed him. “The funnel will allow us to give you things to drink.” She took a small cup of water. “If you rotate your eyes upward, you can see me pouring in this water, I hope. So you won’t be shocked when it trickles into your mouth. Start swallowing as soon as you see me pour. We don’t want you choking.” She poured in a small amount of water.

Monique reported, “I can see that he’s swallowing. Everything looks OK.” She was poised to quickly undo the harness if anything went wrong.

Molly also told him, “I think you’ll be able to speak through the funnel, also. Try saying something like, ‘I understand you, Miss’ through the tube, Rush.

What they heard was his voice saying, “Ahh unnershaand yaahu, isss.”

Close enough,” Molly giggled. She tickled his cock and balls, smiling and listening to the inarticulate noises that emerged from the funnel as she did so. “One more thing. With that funnel in place, it’ll be difficult for you to safeword. But there’s a buzzer you can reach with your hand. If things get to be too much, press the buzzer. Go ahead and test the buzzer now.” The harsh sound of the buzzer gave a brief blast. “Perfect,” Molly stated. Then she and Monique repeated the funnel attachment, instructions, and testing with Pete.

I’ll finish up with Martin,” Molly told Monique. “Even though your assistants are getting the rest of the store ready, I know you have some things you need to do, also. This is the signal switch, here?” she asked, pointing to what looked like a switch plate for a light.

Yes,” Monique answered. “It lights up a bulb I can see from anywhere in the store. As long as you have it on, I know I’m free to let more people enter this room. If it’s getting too crowded, just flip the light off, until you’re ready for the next wave.”

It’ll be interesting to see how the women act when there’s more than one of them in this room at a time. They have three slut boys to choose from, so we should at least be able to handle groups of three, if not more,” Molly mentioned.

As Monique left, Molly led Martin to the area of the table. “Bend over and spread your ass cheeks for me, slut boy,” she commanded him. After a quick but generous lubing, Martin’s ass hole was also filled with a butt plug. Molly spread out a soft blanket on top of the table. “Get up here, on your back, Martin,” she commanded. As he did so, she started placing a black leather hood over his head.

What’s this for, Miss?” he asked, with a hint of suspicion in his voice.

Molly laughed. “In case you haven’t thought about it, Martin, you’re not hidden behind a wall. This is to help you remain anonymous.” He gave no further protest as she slid it down over his head, and zipped it up the back. His nose emerged from one hole in its front, and the other hole ended up by his lips. It had no holes for his eyes, though, so he was plunged into darkness.

Try sticking your tongue out, Martin,” she told him. His tongue slid easily into view. “Excellent. So you can breathe easily through the nose hole, and you’ll be able to lick things, if called upon to do so,” she pointed out, grinning. She wasn’t certain, but it looked like Martin’s cock jerked slightly when she mentioned ‘licking’ things. Quickly she strapped him down, firmly securing him into place on the table top. Caught on his back as he was, his rigid cock was sticking up like a flag pole. It was time for final instructions.

You can all hear me, I’m sure. During this session, I’ll be removing your cock rings from time to time, to prevent the blood from stagnating. During that time of removal, as your cock goes limp, if you have the urge to pee, let me know, and I’ll hold a jar for you to piss in,” Molly informed her submissives.

Unlike the first time she’d brought Martin here, no sound system or cameras were needed. And no signs to instruct the visitors. This time, Molly would be available to assist and answer questions. She checked the contents of a small ‘toy chest’ that was out of sight behind her chair, which was placed between the two closets. Satisfied that all was ready, Molly flipped the light switch, and settled herself into her chair, to await their first visitor.

Within perhaps two minutes, the first person of the day entered the room. Molly wasn’t surprised by the prompt arrival, since apparently so many of the customers had been clamoring for another event. She was surprised, however, by who the visitor was. It was the very same well-dressed, middle-aged woman that had been the first person to visit with Martin the last time Molly had brought him here. Unlike that first time, when the woman had thought it might be some sort of joke, this time she was fully aware of what was being offered.

After smiling at Molly, and scanning the room, the woman exclaimed, “My, my! We have a plethora to choose from this time, don’t we?” She wasn’t carrying any clothes on hangers this time, so Molly knew what she was after. She went to Pete’s cock, studied it and fondled it, stroking its shaft and lifting and gently kneading the balls, listening to the rather strange sounds issued from the funnel. “He’s speaking from that?” the woman asked Molly, pointing at the plastic funnel and tube.

Grinning, Molly answered, “Yes, Madam. The mouthpiece makes his words a little garbled, but I don’t think your actions were eliciting any words, anyway. Those were more like noises of pleasure.”

The two women smiled conspiratorially, and the woman walked over to Rush’s closet. She repeated her actions on his cock and balls, causing more sounds of pleasure to be voiced from his funnel. She proceeded to the table upon which Martin was bound. “This is new and different,” she stated, looking toward Molly.

Molly arose from her chair and approached. “Indeed it is, Madam. A little variety in our presentation, this time.”

The woman was idly pumping Martin’s erect dick, her hand moving up and down, given his current position. Martin’s entire body was showing his reaction to her touch. His muscles were visibly contracting beneath his skin as the straps holding him down creaked from strain. Neither woman could see Martin’s facial expression, masked as he was, but his gasps were clearly audible from his mouth slit.

I’m not certain I could identify a man merely by his genitals,” the woman confided to Molly. “Are any of these three the same person as the last time?”

Yes, Madam,” Molly answered. “The one you’re currently touching was the plaything last time.”

Ah. Then I wish to try a different one this time,” the woman whispered, giving Martin’s cock a final squeeze. “Perhaps this one over here,” she stated, walking over to Pete’s booth. “Do you have any of those cups, my dear?”

Certainly, Madam. Here you are,” Molly replied, handing the woman a clear plastic cup. “If you wish, you may return the cup to me when you’re done with it. And there are boxes of tissues at several places around the room.” As she said this, two younger girls entered the room together.

Molly glanced in their direction, then did a double take. One of them was that same young girl who’d been dragged into the room last time for some real sex education by her mother. Molly recognized her face, framed by her long dark hair. Her form was memorable, also, with those lovely legs, traveling up to an even shorter skirt than last time. This time, the girl was wearing a T-shirt with nothing under it, judging by the way her pert tits wobbled gently as she walked, and the way her nipples were poking tiny, raised mounds of it’s material forward.

She was pulling at her friend’s hand, saying, “Come on, Liz! See? I wasn’t kidding.” She pointed at Pete’s booth, where the middle-aged woman was pumping his firm shaft. “A real cock, to learn about.” But as she scanned the room, she stopped in her tracks. “OMG! Three cocks this time! Look!” She pointed at Rush’s booth, and at Martin on his table. “We have to see this one over here!” She dragged her friend over to Martin.

Liz said, “He looks really creepy with that thing over his head, Jen.”

What? He has something on his head?” Jen asked, tearing her gaze away from Martin’s engorged cock. “Oh. I hadn’t noticed. Ignore it, and come down here. This is your chance to see and play with a real penis.”

As Liz moved down to join Jen as Martin’s waist, she stammered, “P… p… play with it? You mean actually touch it?”

Yes, and probably more,” Jen replied with a grin. Molly watched as Jen began giving Liz a lesson in male anatomy, very similar to the one she’d received from her mother, at Martin’s earlier visit. She listened as Jen explained about the foreskin that some men have, and showed her friend how that peels back to uncover the glans. Since they were peers, the two women quickly got lost in the lesson, evincing very little shyness. Molly was amazed at how fully Jen remembered all that her mother had taught her, and how clearly she was now teaching her friend. They’d reached the part of the lesson where Jen was showing Liz how to carefully play with Martin’s balls.

Checking the room, Molly saw the well-dressed woman still slowly pumping Pete’s dick, apparently in no hurry this time. Looking at Rush’s booth, Molly was surprised to see a woman with flaming red hair holding his cock between thumb and index finger, and bending it this way and that, examining it closely. Perhaps she was fascinated by seeing a cock that lacked circumcision, since they’re relatively uncommon these days. Molly returned her attention to the two young girls.

Jen was coaxing her friend to use her mouth on Martin’s penis, so she’d taste it, along with his now streaming precum. Martin was obviously aware that two young women were examining and touching his cock, and even though he couldn’t see them, he was straining at his bonds, highly aroused. Molly heard his moans clearly as Liz finally started sucking his dick. She heard Jen explaining the word ‘fellatio’ to Liz.

When Liz removed her mouth, taking a breather, Molly saw that Jen was holding the cock so that its glans was fully uncovered, its purplish head glistening with Liz’s saliva. They’d apparently gotten to the part about actually feeling the sensations of fucking, because Jen asked Liz, “So, are you ready to climb up and ride this penis?” Hearing this, Martin jerked, his cock twitching in Jen’s grip.

Liz blushed a fetching shade of pink, blinked several times, and finally nodded. But she turned to Molly, feeling the urge to ask permission. “Is it OK if I do that, Miss?” she asked.

Absolutely. These cocks are here for your enjoyment. If you want to ride it, go ahead. But do you need a condom for it?” Molly inquired.

Jen opened her purse, and pulled one out. “I came prepared, Miss. My Mom wants me to carry a few at all times, just in case.” She grinned a very impish grin, which made Molly think she’d probably already used several of them with some lucky boyfriends.

With big, luminous eyes, Liz watched as Jen opened the condom package, and skillfully placed the latex sleeve atop the glans, and rolled it all the way down the length of the cock. “Take your panties off, Liz,” she suggested. “In fact, why not strip all the way down, so you can play with your tits as you ride? You’ll enjoy it more.”

Me? Be naked in this room, with all these other people milling about?” Liz whispered. “I don’t think I can.”

But Jen was already removing her own clothes. “You won’t be alone… I’ll be naked too. Come on! Strip! Don’t be a fraidy-cat!”

Liz laughed aloud, hearing that childish challenge. But she too peeled her clothes off, until both friends stood naked alongside the table. “Now what?” Liz asked.

Climb up on this chair, and then onto the table, and straddle his hips,” Jen advised. Martin’s cock was practically vibrating as he heard all this. He couldn’t see, but he was clearly listening intently and visualizing. Jen helped Liz scramble atop the table. From where she stood, Molly could see how puffy Liz’s labia had become from her anticipation.

Now hold your pussy lips apart as you stoop down,” Jen ordered. “I’ll help guide him into you.” She watched, her head sideways, holding Martin’s dick, as Liz lowered her hips over him.

Liz’s gasp as a cock entered her virginal pussy was echoed by the red-haired woman at Rush’s booth. She was watching the two young girls, and pumping Rush’s dick faster and faster as her excitement mimicked theirs. Rush was groaning through his funnel, about to spew his load.

Molly quickly gave the redhead a cup, murmuring, “Just in case.” The redhead thanked her absentmindedly, still watching Liz as Jen encouraged her to kneel next to Martin’s pelvis, so she could rock up and down more easily. Molly walked back to the table.

Addressing Jen, Molly said, “You’re doing a terrific job, explaining things and helping your friend learn.” Jen flushed and smiled, hearing such praise. Liz was wide-eyed, her hands braced on Martin’s chest as she rocked up and down. Her cunt was emitting her feminine scent, and making tiny squishing/sucking sounds as she moved. Still looking at Jen, Molly continued, “I think you deserve a reward. Why not climb up and straddle his face?”

Jen’s stunned look was priceless. “You mean… you mean…” Her voice dropped to an intimate whisper. “You mean let him lick me… down there?” She pointed at her pussy for emphasis.

Sure,” Molly confirmed with a smile. “You and Liz have sucked his dick. He’d love to return the favor, I’m sure.” Leaning close to Martin’s head, Molly said clearly, “Slut boy. If you want to lick this young lady’s pussy, stick out your tongue.”

Jen was shocked at the alacrity with which Martin shoved his tongue up, poking it out of the mouth slit in the hood. The three of them could hear Martin’s breath, accelerating and wheezing from his nostrils, poking up out of the nose hole. He wanted that pussy very badly, it was clear. Getting the message, Jen climbed onto the table and gingerly lowered her opened pussy over his tongue.

Molly watched as Martin blindly flipped and scooped his tongue along Jen’s vulva. Moaning, Jen moved her hips in tiny adjustments, forward and back, until the tongue was right where she wanted it. Looking at Liz, who was now vigorously bouncing on Martin’s dick, she groaned, “This feels better than I ever could have guessed, Liz! Are you close to cumming?”

Liz was sweating and straining now. Molly could tell she was close, but not quite able to trigger her orgasm. Molly whispered to Jen, “Remember how your Mom helped you to cum?”

Jen looked confused, then thoughtful, remembering, then her eyes grew huge. “Oh yes!” she whispered back. “I hope Liz doesn’t mind me doing this.” She wet her finger, and carefully placed her palm on Liz’s upper, inner thigh, so that it moved up and down in rhythm synchronous with Liz’s bounces. Her damp fingertip began gently stroking the region near Liz’s pulsating clit.

OMG!” Liz cried. “Yes! Yes! Please don’t stop!” She bounced several more times, and then soundlessly experienced her first such orgasm. She slammed her cunt down hard, swallowing Martin’s dick fully, and shook and shook, her tits dancing on her torso as the climax ripped through her. She’d been silent because the orgasm hit right as she’d exhaled, so she had no breath to scream. But finally she had to draw a breath, and it was a deep one, and then she was able to howl, which brought on a second wave of shaking.

Perhaps without thinking, Liz reached out with one wide open hand and found Jen’s dangling breast. Her palm pressed against the nipple, and her spread fingertips began scooping together along the smooth mound of tissue until they converged on the edges of the breast’s areola. Instinctively, they dug in, grasping the darker colored tissue, bunching it, and trapping Jen’s swollen nipple in the center. The fingers began tugging and rolling the sensitive, captive flesh.

Martin’s tongue was deep inside Jen’s cunt, spearing and swirling. She’d angled her pelvis so that her clit was pressed against the underside of his tongue, receiving stimulation with every tongue movement. Jen had her eyes closed in concentration, so she only became aware of Liz’s hand when it actually made contact. Never opening her eyes, Jen bleated a long, drawn out, “Yessss!” as Liz tugged and rolled her trapped nipple. Jen’s orgasm triggered, and Martin’s face was drenched by her cum. Braced on one hand, Jen brought her other hand up to the back of Liz’s neck, and drew her forward for a deep kiss. The sight was fantastic.

After admiring the two friends’ intimacy, Molly turned her attention to Rush and Pete. She’d forgotten about switching the entry light off, so Monique had permitted more women to enter. Molly was surprised to see three women around Pete’s booth, and two over by Rush’s. The women seemed to be getting along, so Molly sauntered closer, to observe.

The redhead seemed determined to make Rush cum, since she was pumping his dick so intently. Her companion was watching, mesmerized, and holding a cup near the end of Rush’s dick, ready to catch his ejaculate.

At Pete’s booth, the well-dressed woman was apparently holding a mini-workshop on how to keep a man at his edge. She was pumping Pete’s dick very slowly, and stopping at certain points. Molly heard her say, “See? He’s about to cum. I can tell by his sounds and movements. So I pause, like this. Hear that moan of frustration?” The other two women nodded. “If you keep a man like this for hours, when he finally orgasms, it’s spectacular.” She looked at her watch. “Unfortunately, I can’t stay for hours. In fact, I was having so much fun that I lost track of the time.” She stopped pumping, and gave Pete’s cock a playful slap. “Would either of you like to take over?”

Both women eagerly reached out at the same time. All three women laughed merrily, and the well-dressed woman took her leave. The remaining two started playing with Pete’s hairless equipment. They took turns, one pumping while the other fondled his balls, and then switching. The stimulation was so intense, that Pete was crying out a warning, distorted by the funnel and tubing. But the women got the message, and one quickly positioned a cup to catch Pete’s semen as the other woman pumped and aimed. Spurt after gooey spurt splashed into the cup.

When they were certain Pete was done, the woman holding the cup looked at Molly, asking, “What should we do with this?”

Molly grinned. “If neither of you want it, I’ll be happy to recycle it.”

The women stared at her quizzically, handing her the cup. Molly went up on tiptoes, and carefully poured Pete’s semen into his funnel. “Here comes a drink,” Molly warned him.

The women were enthralled as they watched the white fluid streaming down the tube. “You mean that leads to his mouth?” one asked. Molly nodded. The woman whispered, “Does he like drinking his own cum?”

Through the funnel, the three of them heard sounds of dismay. “I guess not,” Molly answered with a smile. “I guess not everyone feels that recycling is the right thing to do. But he’ll get used to it. After all, we have all day.” The two women chuckled, thanked Molly, and left. Another woman was waiting her turn to get at Pete’s cock.

One of the women that had been playing with Rush’s cock approached Molly and tapped her on the shoulder. “We just pumped this out of that uncircumcised cock at our booth,” she explained, showing Molly semen in the cup she held. “Can we feed it into his funnel?”

Sure, but warn him to get ready to drink,” Molly answered, grinning and walking back with her to Rush’s booth. The other woman was stooped down, licking the tip of his cock, which made Rush moan eerily out of the tube and funnel.

We’re pouring you a drink,” the woman holding the cup stated. After a moment’s pause, she tipped the glob of semen into the funnel, and they watched it slide down and disappear out of sight as Rush sucked it down and swallowed.

Molly went back to the young ladies playing with Martin. “Did he cum yet?” she asked them. She knew the answer, because the condom being unrolled and removed from his cock was empty.

Not yet, Miss. I was going to let Liz discover what semen tastes like. It’s her turn to find out, and she’s willing.” Liz’s flush of embarrassment spread to her collarbones.

Let me wipe him off first,” Molly advised. “You probably don’t need to taste any residual latex.” Looking at Jen, she added, “Your Mom got rid of that taste with her mouth when she was teaching you, I recall.” She ran a warm, damp washcloth over the twitching male appendage waving in the air. “There. That should do it. Go ahead.”

Liz had sucked on the cock earlier, so she didn’t hesitate putting her mouth over it and started to suck. Jen began pumping the shaft of Martin’s cock, and scratching his balls lightly. Martin started bellowing almost at once. The earlier feel of Liz’s pussy contracting in orgasm on his dick, plus the taste of Jen’s cum on his lips must’ve been driving him crazy. In a very short time, Liz’s eyes dilated as her cheeks suddenly bulged! Martin had shot a massive load, instantly filling her mouth!

Liz lifted her head, pursing her lips tightly together, and started frantically flapping her hands at her wrists.

I think she’s wondering what to do with the semen in her mouth,” Molly interpreted for Jen.

Liz, just start swallowing slowly, It’s OK. In fact, when it’s about half gone, press your lips to mine and feed me some, please,” Jen begged her friend.

They watched as Liz cautiously worked her throat muscles, swallowing, eyes still dilated in surprise. Soon she beckoned Jen with her fingers, and the two young women pressed lips together in what looked like a kiss, but was actually a feeding. Molly watched Jen’s throat muscles begin working, accepting her friend’s offering.

Another woman was stripping as she waited next to the table, getting ready to ride Martin’s cock – this time bareback – no condom. Jen and Liz dressed and left, chattering excitedly about their adventure. Other women had entered and gone to play with Rush’s cock and Pete’s cock. The smell of semen filled the room.

Since they’d just ejaculated, Martin, Rush and Pete were all groaning loudly, vocalizing a mixture of excitement, pleasure, and pain from having their cocks played with right after orgasm. Martin was twitching on his table. The booths that contained Pete and Rush were vibrating as the bound males jerked inside them, trying to pull their aching dicks away from the women fondling them.

There were six women in the room at this point, two at each station. Molly flipped the switch to turn the light off, preventing any more entry for a while. She walked over to Martin’s table. Two slightly overweight women were now making good use of him, one sitting on his tongue, the other impaled on his cock. Martin was groaning quietly as he licked the sopping pussy covering his tongue, since the riding woman was doing her best to pump a second load from his partially depleted balls.

At Rush’s booth, two women were playing with his cock and balls. His male equipment gleamed with lubricant, which the women must have applied lavishly. Their hands were pumping his cock, and slowly stretching his balls until the lubricant made them slip free from their hands. Judging from the sounds being emitted from the funnel, Rush was in agony and ecstasy from their actions.

A woman coming from Pete’s booth approached Molly. Blushing, she asked, “Would you happen to have a condom I could use? I want to try out that smoothly shaved cock and balls,” she said, pointing at Pete’s displayed manhood, which the other woman was tickling and jerking. “It feels so silky smooth to my touch – I want to feel it in me!”

Chuckling, Molly handed her a condom packet. “Be our guest,” she said. She watched the woman practically romp back to Pete, in her excitement, tearing open the packet. The second woman helped her roll the condom onto Pete’s dick, and helped aim it as the first woman ditched her skirt and panties and grabbed the handles. Soon the second woman was helping the first to fuck herself on Pete’s cock, by helping to push her hips forward and back. The woman holding the handles was arched back a little, getting maximum stimulation from each thrust. Molly hoped her friend would support her if her orgasm caused her knees to buckle. (She did, and after a brief rest, they switched positions, leaving the condom in place. When they finished and pulled it off, its end sagged with a load of semen.)

Meanwhile, the heavyset women using Martin had switched positions. Molly noted that as he tongued the pussy now positioned over his face, he was digging his own semen out of her cunt. Martin also moaned in pain as his latest ejaculation was virtually sucked out of his cock by the woman now riding his dick. She was very determined to not go home dry, apparently. Molly smiled, knowing that Martin reveled in such post-orgasmic stimulation, and went back to Rush.

The women there were wiping their hands clean of the lubricant they’d used. One showed Molly a collection cup, with a small pool of Rush’s seed at its bottom. “It took a lot of pumping, but we finally managed to get this out of him,” she reported. “You should’ve heard his pleading, garbled by that funnel system. All sorts of gasps and cries.”

Looking at the raw redness of his dick, I’m guessing he was in some pain from that draining,” Molly concurred. “But not to worry – he never sounded his buzzer, so he must’ve gotten enjoyment out of it. Do you want me to dispose of his seed?”

The two women flushed and stammered, clearly embarrassed, but also determined. Finally, one blurted out, “We’d already made a pact that if we got some semen out of a guy, we’d anoint each other’s chests with it, as a souvenir.” Their faces heated even more once this had been articulated.

That sounds like fun,” Molly giggled. “Go ahead. Unless you’d like me to apply it?”

With a pleased shock on their faces, the women whispered to each other quickly, then nodded. “How about if you do one tit on each of us, while we do the other?” one asked.

Sounds like a plan,” Molly laughed merrily. The women quickly bared their breasts – neither was wearing a bra. Dipping fingers into Rush’s ejaculate, Molly and one woman polished the breasts of the other. The flesh felt smooth and warm in Molly’s hand, and virtually fondling this stranger’s breast was highly erotic. This pattern was repeated until the tits of both women glistened with Rush’s cum. The smell of fresh semen was redolent now as the women buttoned up their blouses and departed.

The room was emptying, so Molly flipped the switch to signal readiness for more guests, and the festivities continued. Unlike the first time with Martin, these women were expecting cocks to play with. This time, none tortured any dick, crying out words like ‘pervert’ as they struck. But there was some cock slapping and ball slapping, but always done playfully. Of course the men could not foresee the slaps, so they cried out through a hood slit or funnels every time this happened, causing general merriment.

Several women were amazed at the sustained erections, so Molly had to explain about the use of the cock rings, and more than one woman asked where she could buy one. Molly made a mental note to tell Monique to lay in a supply of cock rings behind her counter, since there seemed to be a good demand for them. Women watched as Molly helped the men quench their thirst with sips of water fed down their funnels. Martin had to drink from a straw, unable to sit up.

Looking at her watch, Molly made an announcement. “Ladies, it’s time for these men to have their 4 hour break. I need to release the blood trapped in their cocks, to prevent permanent damage. I expect they’ll go limp, and also probably need to urinate. If you’d like, I can call you back into this room when this has been accomplished.”

One gray-haired, almost mannish woman caught Molly’s attention, saying, “Is there any reason we have to leave during this? I, for one, would be fascinated to watch.” This statement was followed by general murmurs of agreement around the room. It appeared that everyone wanted to witness this event.

Her friend spoke up, “You’re right, Hetty. I’ve never seen a man pee. They’re so secretive about it around women, it seems.”

Molly considered for a moment, then asked Hetty, “Would you like to lend a hand? I could use a couple of people to hold the bottles in place.” She held up a couple of empty, clear, one liter bottles with their tops lopped off to create a larger hole.

Hetty grinned, and reached for a bottle. A curvaceous blonde woman grabbed the other before anyone else could. Molly gave a merry, tinkling laugh and led them both to Pete’s booth. She told Pete, “I’m going to pull off your cock ring, to let your cock go limp. All the woman are watching, and eager to see you piss into a bottle. One of them will hold a bottle in place and tell you when it’s safe to empty your bladder. Understand?”

Yethh Mittthhh,” emerged, a bit garbled, from the funnel. Molly gently stripped off the cock ring, and the gray-haired woman positioned the bottle. Pete’s cock was already losing its trapped blood, and sinking.

Molly and the blonde started toward Rush’s booth. Behind them, they heard Hetty calling out, “OK, stud. It’s safe. You can piss now.” The women in the room went still, except for Molly and the blonde, who gathered around Rush’s red, pulsating dick, sticking out of its hole.

Molly repeated the situation and instructions to Rush, and got a garbled acknowledgment that he understood, followed by syllables that sounded like ‘thnnk’ ‘oo’ ‘ayy’ ‘eed’ ‘oo’ ‘isssh’ ‘aahd’ which Molly translated into her head that Rush needed to piss very badly. She told the blonde, “When I get his cock ring off, you’d better grab his dick and aim it into the bottle. He might start pissing immediately.”

The blonde nodded, and placed her hand right above the base of Rush’s cock as Molly worked the cock ring off it. The moment Molly’s hands were clear of the cock, the blonde seized it, pressing downward, and shoved it’s head into the bottle opening. And not a moment too soon. Even though his cock was still turgid, Rush’s urgency overrode what would normally have prevented him from urination. A stream of hot yellow piss started hissing into the depths of the bottle. The women sighed appreciative ‘ahhh’ sounds.

Pete started urinating also, and the women clustered around both booths, watching the sight. Molly moved over to Martin’s table, stripped off his cock ring, and quickly bent his cock from its pole-like ninety degree angle to an angle of about 30 degrees, aiming its head into a third bottle she’d picked up from beneath the table. Speaking loudly, so Martin would hear with his ears blocked by the hood, she said, “Safe to piss now, Martin.”

Martin’s voice arose, distorted only slightly through the hood’s mouth slit, saying, “Thank goodness. I feel like I’m about to burst.” His cock vibrated in Molly’s hand as the urine raced through its tube, splashing into the bottle. She also felt it softening as he relieved himself.

Looking around the room, Molly saw that the other two men were about done urinating, and their cocks were shrinking and softening. Hetty gave Pete’s cock a final shake and a squeeze, and handed the bottle to a woman standing nearby. She shocked the women by then engulfing Pete’s dick with her mouth, and obviously washing it with her tongue and lips. They fell speechless.

Finally, one of them piped up, “Won’t you be getting urine in your mouth, doing that?”

Hetty let Pete’s cock, glistening now with saliva, pop free from her lips, and smiled, saying, “A little pee never hurt anyone. I’m just cleaning him off. Besides, I like being able to get all of a soft cock into my mouth. I figure a bit of mouth massage will help his dick get right as rain, and this way, he’ll be ready for more fun, sooner.”

Hearing that, a woman with hair black as night, standing near Rush, shrugged and dropped to her knees. She sucked his shriveled cock completely into her mouth, and from movements at her cheeks, it was obvious she was sucking, while completely exploring it with her tongue. No one was at Martin’s table at the moment, so Molly herself suckled his cock until it was squeaky clean. Job done, she reattached the cock ring and watched its restriction of blood flow cause his dick to inflate rapidly to full erection again.

A brunette wandered over, and shyly asked Molly, “Ummm… if we play here, do we have to actually ride his cock? That’s what I saw the others doing.”

Oh no, Ma’am! Not at all!” Molly replied. “He’s here to be your plaything. If you want to pump him off, and watch his spunk shoot up like a fountain, go ahead. If you merely want to give him a good dick-slapping, be my guest, but don’t hurt him too much. If you just want to sit on his face, and have his tongue lick your pussy or your ass, that’s fine, too.”

The woman’s eyes bulged. “My ass? You mean he’d stick his tongue up my ass?” she choked out.

Certainly! If you’ve never tried that, this is your chance, Ma’am. He can’t see who you are. He’ll always wonder whose sweet ass he speared with his tongue,” Molly answered, giggling mischievously. “Stick out your tongue, slut boy,” Molly commanded, tapping Martin.

Looking almost dazed by this idea, the woman reached under her skirt, and dragged off her panties. Climbing up onto the table, she draped her skirt with decorum around Martin’s head as she lowered herself toward his extended tongue. Her skirt prevented Molly from seeing exactly what she placed on Martin’s tongue, but Molly heard him start to slurp as the woman made tiny adjustments to her placement. Her mouth formed silently into an ‘O’ shape as the tongue found whatever target she was offering. Her breathing accelerated rapidly.

Molly left her to her new-found ecstasy, and checked on Rush and Pete. It was time they had their cock rings attached again, and the onlookers watched Molly’s technique carefully. More women were entering the room, since Molly hadn’t turned off the entry light. She was amazed how the room took on the atmosphere of a party. Women were chattering, watching each other play with the cocks and balls. They exchanged ideas. They shared. One woman might be sucking, or pumping, or even impaling herself on a stiff dick, while someone else at the same booth or table massaged its balls, or sucked on them, or plucked at and twisted them playfully.

In this orgy-like setting, women were loudly comparing the cocks on display to those of husbands or boyfriends, or men they’d known in the past. There was a lot of mirth, sharing stories of male inadequacy in the bedroom. Some were fascinated by Rush’s foreskin – few of them had ever seen a real one before. It was drawn forward and back, forward and back, by lots of warm, feminine hands. There was some discussion comparing tastes, too. Tastes of the men’s precum, and tastes of their ejaculate. Molly wondered how much of this her three submissives were hearing. She also wondered if they could keep their minds focused on these discussions as their male equipment was constantly toyed with. She doubted it.

The cocks spit semen from time to time. The men attached to them moaned, groaned, cried, pleaded for them to stop, and begged to be allowed to rest. But none of them used their buzzer, or in Martin’s case, his safeword. Even though their cocks might be in painful agony, as more and more semen was demanded by the lusty women, Pete, Rush, and Martin were apparently coasting in ‘sub space’ with overwhelming bliss mixing with that pain. After all, their dicks were getting more action in this one afternoon than perhaps they’d had in years! And action from a bevy of laughing, chattering women! Molly guessed that the men were visualizing the most tantalizing females their minds could dredge up, and seeing naked pussies, tits, and asses in their mind’s eye, along with ruby lips and pink tongues.

The room was a sea of sex and sensuality.

One woman pointed at Rush’s dick and said to Molly, “His dick looks almost inflamed.”

In response, Molly fetched some ice from her ice chest, and handed the woman a piece of it. “Massage his tissues with this, but don’t leave it in one place too long,” she advised the woman. She watched as the woman first applied the ice to the dick itself, listening to Rush’s garbled comments as he felt the chill. Then she experimented with gently touching his scrotum with the ice. Everyone watching laughed to see Rush’s balls rise, trying to evade the cold.

Of course, everyone wanted to play the ice game for a while, so the three men got a respite from ejaculating for a while, although they had to endure the cold shocks as the women giggled and laughed.

Ultimately, the day drew to its end, the women leaving the room and departing the store. Molly unbound the sweaty shaking bodies of Rush and Pete, and let them sit and drink water for a rest. She untied Martin from the table, and removed his hood so he could see and join the other two men, for a rest and a drink. They still wore their cock rings, and Molly left them like that, to have a brief chat with Monique.

When she returned, she put Martin’s hood back on his head, covering his eyes once again. She also put similar hoods on Pete and Rush, surprising them, but they remained submissive and accepting. She was applying condoms to each rampant dick as the door opened. Monique and her two best saleswomen, the ones from the earlier adventure, strolled in, licking their lips.

Molly whispered to the trio to strip and get on their hands and knees. They were expecting this suggestion, and quickly complied. Molly let Monique have first pick, and she, as fascinated as the earlier women, picked Rush, with his uncircumcised penis. After all, she’d experienced Martin during his previous visit. Rush was new to her. The other two women quickly indicated their choices between Pete and Martin – there was no squabbling.

Molly smeared a small amount of water-based lubricant on Rush’s condom, and led him blindly to kneel between Monique’s legs. She guided his dick into her cunt, and his hands onto her hips. Monique sighed happily as his dick slid into the depths of her warm, snug tunnel. “Stay as you are,” Molly ordered Rush.

Molly performed the same actions with the two saleswomen, and their chosen studs. When all three men were cock deep in those receptive vaginas, Molly said loudly, “All right guys! Last fuck of the day! You get to screw these lovely ladies until they cum. You might not be able to cum again today, but at least you get to fuck them doggy style, instead of being tied down.”

She watched the men take firmer grips, hands sinking into the women’s hips. The hips of the men started moving forward and back, slowly at first, perhaps because they couldn’t see. But they found the angles and the rhythm, and picked up the pace. Soon they were pounding the pussies that they could only feel, panting for breath through their nose and mouths. The women were moaning and demanding loudly that they be fucked harder as their excitement built. The slapping sounds of ball sacks striking wet labia were loud in the room.

The saleswomen were bracing themselves with hands planted on the floor in front of their shoulders and were bucking back into the men’s thrusts in a counterpoint rhythm, working themselves into a frenzy. The men couldn’t see that raw sensuality now on display, but they could smell it, and feel the women’s muscles contracting – hip muscles as they helped impale themselves on the flashing cocks, and cunt muscles, starting to ripple.

The saleswoman with Martin finally cried out, “Oh! Oh! Oh! Yes! I’m cumming!” and she vibrated and shook as she climaxed. He moaned and moaned, obviously trying to join her in orgasm. The sounds triggered the other saleswoman, and her cunt also rippled and sucked at Pete’s dick as she rammed her hips back hard against his pelvis and quivered. Pete’s body responded by sucking his balls tight up against his torso, in attempt to launch semen into the cunt its cock was filling.

Monique had changed the angle of her body, keeping her ass raised, but lowering her shoulders to the floor, and turning her head sideways to suck air. This posture freed her hands, and she was playing with her tits and clit as Rush fucked her with swift, deep strokes. His hands must’ve reported the change in angle of her pelvis, because, unseeing, he changed from kneeling to a position straddling her knees, with his feet now flat on the floor.

The new angle and freedom of hip movement permitted Rush to start fucking Monique very intensely. She shrieked with joy and rubbed herself with abandon, as everyone else in the room watched, riveted. They coupled in a frenzy for several minutes, and then Monique squirted hard as she came. Her howls were just that – howls. No words. Just raw emotion. Rush responded in kind.

Each woman savored the cock filling her cunt for a while, grinning with eyes closed. When they felt replete, they moved their hips forward, sliding free of the still stiffened dicks. Molly eased each man back onto his heels, and removed the condoms and cock rings. Martin’s and Pete’s condoms were dry, although they swore later that they’d achieved orgasm during the doggy style fucking – their balls were thoroughly drained.

Rush’s condom showed a tiny pool of semen at its tip. Monique’s cries and motions had been exciting enough that Rush’s balls had found some tiny, scant remaining amount of semen to launch, but it was obvious that was the last he had.

The women dressed, and hugged and kissed Molly in thanks. The two saleswomen left discretely, never letting the men see their faces. After they were gone, Molly and Monique removed the men’s hoods, and set them to work, wearily cleaning up the room. Still naked, with shriveled cocks that drooped, they looked absolutely exhausted. However, sheepish smiles kept rippling across their faces as they thought over all they’d experienced. They were quite grateful when Molly finally pulled out their butt plugs, and let them dress.

Molly addressed them. “You went through a lot today, and none of you used your safeword. I know you’re completely knackered now, but if we gave you a few weeks to recover, who’d like to return, and do something like this again?”

The hands of all three men immediately shot up. One even waved enthusiastically.